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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  December 7, 2021 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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a heart condition... or high blood pressure before taking it. don't take breztri more than prescribed. breztri may increase your risk of thrush, pneumonia, and osteoporosis. call your doctor if worsened breathing, chest pain, mouth or tongue swelling... problems urinating, vision changes, or eye pain occur. for real protection, ask your doctor about breztri. ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening. welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." here's something that we need to internalize. just because something is far-fetched or crazy or seems totally destructive to core american interests doesn't mean the u.s. government won't do it. that's the main lesson right now. with that in mind, do not discount no matter how far-fetched it it would seem is a hot war with russia.
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yes, this is a lunatic idea.ia there is nothing we could gain from a military confrontation with vladimir putin and very much we could lose include many thousands of american lives. that doesn't mean joe biden won't do it. biden is unpopular, he's incompetent and desperate. more than anything, joe biden is weak. he's a pawn of his staff and the hard-idealogues that surround him. many of biden's aides are pushing the united states to get involved militarily. among the many, many ironies here is the ukraine crisis was largely created by joe biden's own aides and many people like them throughout all levels of the u.s. government. so here's the russian position. for russia, the core question is nato. nato is the post-war military alliance created in 1949 to keep the soviets from invading western europe. and it worked well for 40 years. the soviet union has not existed in more than three decades.
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it's part of history now. nato lives on, better funded than ever. it's an army without a purpose. so, at this point, nato exists to torment vladimir putin,ut who has no intention of invading western europe. vladimir putin doesn't want belgium. he just wants his western borders secure. that's why he doesn't want ukraine to join nato. and that makes sense. imagine how we would feel if mexico and canada became satellites of china. w we wouldn't like that. in russia's case, a nato takeover of ukraine would compromise russia's access to the black sea fleet and the only connection to international waters. if russia lost the naval base, it would be "the biggest military geo political defeat of russia in the last thousand years." so for vladimir putin that's unacceptable.
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it is a disaster. he will not let it happen and won't let it happen. for the united states, there would be no benefit either. the united states would gain precisely nothing from taking over ukraine. why would we want to do that? at best, we would be driving russia and we are in fact deeper in to the arms of the government of china. now it would be disaster for the united states and a disaster for the world. t so why are we doing this? why is the u.s. government pushing ukraine to join nato? well, god knows why. but we are doing this, both parties are doing this. the neocons around joe biden are for it, as they are nor every sinister and stupid idea. so is former secretary of state mike pompeo, a smart man.pi so is ohio senator rob portman. so are many republicans. so this is a bipartisan sort of insanity. the question is can joe biden stand upni to it. the answer is come on, biden has always been more lobbyist than leader. once it was the credit cards in delaware that wrote his scripts.
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now it's the neocons at the state department.. it's the same idea. biden spoke with vladimir putin by video call. according to the white house, he informed the russian leader that the united states plans to control ukraine no matter what. secretary of state and struggling pop musician tony blinken threatened to send troops there. here's his spokesman. >> if russia chooses to move forwardus with any plans, it may have developed to continue with military aggression or to agress militarily upon ukraine, to violate ukraine's sovereignty, territorial integrity, we and our allies would be prepared to act, beer prepared to act resolutely. >> tucker: such children. ukraine's territorial integrity. that's what this is really about they're telling us. because if there's one thing that the biden white house cares
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about, it is secure borders. at least in eastern europe where borders are not racist. ukraine's borders must be defended. it would be immoral to open those borders to the world ande' allow, say, tens of thousands of unemployed haitians to go across. we can't allow that. in fact, we will send troops ton ukraine to prevent that. that's only allowed in texas and arizona. in california and anywhere other potential democratic voters. but ukraine?e? no. it's a god given right to territorial integrity and american soldiers will die to defend that territorial integrity. that's our official position as a country. now according to cnn, we mustte stop these russian attacks on the sacred borders of ukraine because if we don't stop, then what we could have here is what cnn is calling a dire security situation. now that phrase apparently comes from joe biden's undersecretary of state, toria newland who gave
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a "gloomy briefing" to u.s. senators last night. she's strongly in favor of war with russia. what is amazing is that anyone anywhere is still listening to her. no serious person could take victoria newland seriously. she's a not only is she obviously unimpressive as a person and she's not pro-american, by the way, she's one of the architects of the disaster in iraq. so why is she still talking about foreign policy? is the guy who designed chernobyl still building nuclear reactors?he probably not. only in washington where failure is assiduously rewarded could someone like victoria newland wield power, which she does. it's scary when you think about it. victoria newland is driving our ukraine policy, which is being justified by our broader support for "democracy." keep that in mind as you listen to this. this is the same -- the same victoria newland who was caught on tape scheming about how to end democracy in ukraine.
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here's newland in a leaked audih recording plotting the overthrow of ukraine's democratically elected president. listen as she rattled off a list of puppets to install in place of the democratically elected president. >> i think yatz has the governing experience. what he needs is book on the outside. he needs to be talking to them four times a week, you know. i just think, going in, he's at that level working for him. it's not going to work. >> yeah. i think that's right. okay. >> tucker: it's just not going to work. what about the voters of ukraine who thought they were engaged in democracy? no. if they'll do it there, they'll do it here. you're hearing this same state department goon who worked to organize a coup in ukraine telling us we need to go to war with russia to preserve democracy in ukraine. these people have no shame. so the question is what is this
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really about? of course it's not about democracy for which they have zero respect. in part it's a hangover from the lunatic russia hoax that absorbed washington for three years.m everything about vladimir putin is bad so let's have a war with them.x a lot of people think that. there's a deeper cause here rarely noted. for years, ukrainian interests have pumped millions of lobbying dollars into washington d.c. to change american foreign policy.m at one point, they employed the president's own son for talking points. so tens of thousands of dollars a month to tell us russia is bad and we need to stand with ukraine because democracy, even as we work to overthrow democracy in ukraine. so with that in mind, now you know that, maybe you're not so surprised when joe biden concluded that vladimir putin doesn't possess a soul. >> he said you know he doesn't have a soul. >> i did say that to him, yes. and his response was we understand one another.hi i wasn't being a wise guy.
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i was alone with him in his office. that's how it came about. it was when president bush said he looked in his eyes and saw a soul. i looked back and i said i don't think you have a soul. and he looked back and said we understand each other. >> so you think vladimir putin is a killer? >> mm-hmm, i do. >> tucker: these people are children. children pretending to be leaders. "vladimir putin is a killer." presumably unlike every other head of state on earth on through all human history. but honestly, that is not the relevant question. vladimir putin's soul? who cares. we can leave that to his priest assuming he has one.s the only question that matters, the only quesetion, is how does intervening in ukraine help the core interests of the united states? that is the one question no one in washington is asking. tst watch the pentagon's obediant little flak, with so little dignity he will say whatever he's told to say. brag about the equipment we're sending to ukraine.
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watch this tape that he never thinks about explaining why we would be sending that military equipment. t t >> we have provided millions of dollars worth of lethal and nonlethal assistance to ukraine in just the last ten months, 11 months. nothing has changed about our commitment to making sure that ukraine has what it needs to defend itself.ed >> tucker: so say what you will about donald trump and his twitter account, maybe you liked him, maybe you were appalled by his personal style. in retrospect, if there is one thing that donald trump deserves eternal credit for is keepingg idiots like that in their box for four years. there were no pointless wars under donald trump. that is not a small thing in recent history. in fact, it's rarely happened over the past century. but to unwavering determination for which he's not gotten credit, donald trump pulled that off. he resisted again and again when
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members of congress, guys from raytheon pushed him to go to war here, there, and everywhere, donald trump resisted that. in washington, above all, they hated him for that. in the end, they impeached him for it. >> one witness put it in the impeachment inquiry, the united states aids ukraine and her people so that we can fight russia over there and we don't have to fight russia here. >> tucker: really? we're going to fight russia adam schiff, of course, a dumb person and a partisan democrat. what is so interesting and ought to make you sit up and pay attention, the suddenly partisan republicans are making identical noises. just this afternoon, senator roger wicker, not a genius, but a sitting republican senator, went on fox news to say we may need to send american troops to ukraine and possibly
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because this isn't insane or anything, think about the use of nuclear weapons. got that in our back pocket. roger wicker, sitting u.s. senator. nobody laughed at roger wicker. this is so crazy that no one seems aware of how crazy it is. they're all just sitting back and listening to victoria nuland tell them what we need to do. how much has this penetrated the psyche of washington d.c.? here's a sad piece of tape, this is joni ernst. affable, nice republican, sort of reasonable on most things from the midwest now sounded like a war monger. sounded like adam schiff when she talks about that dastardly vladimir putin. >> he needs to say to vladimir putin that we are no longer going to allow you to continue with the nordstream 2 pipeline. we need you to know and understand that we will defend 2 ukraine, we will provide them assistance. he needs to make that very clear. >> tucker: putin is so bad we're going to cut off natural gas to western europe in retaliation
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against him in december. we're going to freeze germany and luxembourg and that willce teach vladimir putin. again, what you just saw there is a child who has no idea what she's talking about but keeps talking anyway. we will defend ukraine, says joni ernst. remember this is a senator from iowa. what happens if we don't defend ukraine? will kids in des moines grow up to speak russian? nobody asked her about that. they're all reading from the same talking points from adam schiff to roger wicker to joni ernst. turns out that foreign lobbying campaigns work pretty well. j that's why the ukrainians paid for one in washington.ha so where is all of this going? what can we expect over the next month or two? colonel douglas mcgregor has thought a lot about this enjoins us not to assess. where is this going, do you
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think? >> well, based upon your monologue, it's hard to tell. but certainly the destination is the land of the stupids. what is really disturbing thiss. is the eve of the 80th anniversary of pearl harbor. an event that dragged us in to a two-front war for which we were completely prepared. listening to the comments by wicker and others, it strikes me that joe biden has lots of friends on the hill, all of which are living with him in the early 1990s. they seem to think that russia is prostrate. that russia has no alternative but to submit to whatever we tell it to do, which is ridiculous. if we challenge russia on its doorstep, and by doorstep, i mean eastern ukraine, militarily, we will be defeated. if we're stupid enough to consider the use of nuclear weapons to rescue our conventional failure, then we're courting the destruction of the known world, frankly.
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that is something that we should avoid. we have really only one you asked the key question. what is our interest in ukraine or russia for that matter? we have one interest, tucker. to prevent a war from breaking out between ukraine and russia. a bloody war with implications involving refugees and millions of people being displaced from their homes, moving west in to europe. we have an interest in preventing that. we have an interest in preventing a war in that region that could spread across the black sea and involve turkey, involve iran, we don't know. so we have an interest in doing that. we know if we can prevent it, we have to compromise. compromise is the way to ensure that ukrainians, the majority of them, who are ukrainian, will live in a free and independent ukraine. we're not doing any of those things. we're bent on some sort of
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revenge mission, which makes no sense, to humiliate and harm russia. why? it's beyond me. this is not the soviet union. this is russia. a a russian state that rests on the foundation of orthodox christianity. it's back to what it has been for a thousand years. we should celebrate that, not try to destroy it. >> tucker: maybe that's one of the reasons we are trying to destroy it. >> could be. >> tucker: could be. douglas mcgregor, a wise man. wish you were in charge. thanks for joining us tonight for that analysis. >> thank you. >> tucker: so all of a sudden biological men are competing in women's sports. that was a theory. it seemed radical a few years ago.o. now it's the state of play, so to speak. so what is the result of that? well, in one case, a biological male swimmer dominates the fields completely as a woman. not everyone thinks that is fair. very few are brave enough to say it
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one joins us after the break with her view. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> tucker: so a few years ago, they told us that sex differences weren't real. you thought "i took biology. i know men and women are physical categories and i am one so i know it's true." they said "relax. it's only about being sensitive to a small percentage of the population who are different and don't want to judge them. you're not a bigot. are you?" "no, i'm liberal-minded. let people live how they want to live. it's not going to affect my life." oh, but it is. in fact, it's going to re-order society completely. here's the latest example of it. at the university of pennsylvania, a biological man has decided to say that he's a woman. he's a a swimmer. and he's destroyed the women's swimming record. of course, because he's a man. this swimmer goes by the name om leah thomas.
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competed three years as a man identify as a women.nt he just won a 500-yard freestyle by a full 14 seconds. now, if you swim or ever been to a swim meet, 14 seconds? that's time enough to get a beer and come back. there's no 14-second differences between swimmers. but there are now. thomas' closest rival was 38 seconds behind. that's a different country. so one person that did predict this at great personal cost, she's really hated for saying i but she's right, is tara danski, the president of the women's human rights campaign and long-time card carrier of the american left. but a very brave person. thanks for coming on. you must feel a little vindicated. when we had these conversations years ago, you predicted things like this and people attacked you for being crazy.y. w >> thank you for having me. and yes, i mean, a lot of us saw this coming down the pike.
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a woman named beth steltzer will be speaking with your colleague, laura ingraham later tonight. many of this saw this coming.l it's important that we understand that situations like what we're seeing in pennsylvania at the university of pennsylvania are not anomalous. this is happening all over the country. as i know you know. >> tucker: it's amazing that people put up with it. if you have a kid that swims, 38 seconds doesn't happen. in competitive swimming. that's a different sport. so this has totally upended a spot for over 100 years. where are the parents, the coaches, the swimmers? why isn't anybody saying anything? >> a lot of people are saying things, a lot of parents are speaking out. i think a lot of students are scared of speaking out because saying, look, this isn't appropriate. we shouldn't haveng men in womes sports is a very unpopular to say.
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the other thing i want to say, this is often framed as having so-called transgender athletes participating in women's sports. i want us to get away from that language. the truth of the matter is that he's a man. he's been allowed to compete in women's sports. part of the problem is that a lot of this is happening because of a series of orders that the biden administration issued over the course of the first six months of the administration impacting title 9, among other federal administrative laws. and it essentially says that throughout federal administrative law, the word "sex" has to be redefined to include the words "gender identity." that is a disaster for women and girls including women who are on the u penn women's swimming team. >> tucker: it just eliminatess women and girls as a meaningful category. they don't exist anymore. how can you do this?in you covered this stuff. i'm from washington. you changed something like that. nobody changes it back, right?
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>> well, there's currently a lawsuit pending that was filed by 20 states. i'm proud to say the u.s. chapter of the women's human rights campaign submitted a brief in that case, arguing that redefining sex to include the nebulous, nonsensical concept of gender identity also constitutes sex discrimination. and so i'm very happy to be involved in that lawsuit. i also want to note what i unpack in the book shows this goes far beyond w sports. we're seeing, for example, and we have talked about this before, too, states like california, washington, and other state as cross the country are allowing convicted male rapists and murderers to be housed in women's prisons on the basis of their gender identity. we're seeing the total invasion of women's spaces, prisons, bathrooms, locker rooms, and changing rooms and sports by men on the basis of their so-called female gender identity. and what i really want everyone to understand is that words like
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"gender identity" don't have any meaning. a they really don't. i mean, they're defined variously, inconsistently and vaguely, in ways that don't make any sense. every single human being is either a male person or a female person. everything else is a lie. >> tucker: man, if you ever have an hour, i'd love to sit down and hear what your life has been like since you started saying obvious truths like that on television. i would love to hear about it. in the meantime, thank you. >> if i could make one plea. can i make one plea? >> tucker: of course. >> so i have one plea to make, which is this. as tucker knows, i'm a registered democrat. as he said in my introduction. i made common cause with many republicans that are fighting back against so-called gender ideology. one thing that has frustrated me is across the political spectrum, people are still of the view that the phrase "transgender people", "transgender athlete," or
10:28 pm
"transgender student" or "transgender prisoner" has some sort of coherent meaning. my plea to your viewers in particular, i know it'st republicans who are holding the line. i don't like it but i know it's republicans are holding the line on material reality. all of that goes out the window when you use the word like "transgender." it just doesn't exist. i'm begging viewers to stop using it. >> tucker: so smart. the language matters. thanks so much. v so if you live in the city, you know things have gotten dangerous. people like a.o.c. with body guards and need therapy from january 6th say it's not real. you're imagining it. that's straight ahead. ♪ ♪
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we must defend ukraine. meanwhile, in this country, been to a city lately? there's never been more criminals on our streets than right now. that's the result of government policies the rest of us sit back and allowed to happen.n. not all of the criminals are adults, by the way. families have fallen apart. a lot of them are kids. they know they're not going to face any consequences. here's dozens of young people beat a bus driver for no apparent reason. [indistinct screaming] >> tucker: too bad it's not in ukraine or january 6th. the worst attack since the civil war. just days ago, a student at
10:35 pm
temple university in philadelphia was murdered bringing his car home. they shot him. why? no reason. the wrong kind of guy. why is this happening? one man, the d.a. in philadelphia, got the help of george soros and is pretending this is not happening. >> notion that there's a big spike in crime. there's not. that's not true. there's also not a big spike in violent crime. neither one of these things is true. basically we don't have a crisis of lawlessness. we don't have a crisis of crime. we don't have a crisis of violence. that is a category that includes gun violence. >> tucker: stop with the air quotes, soros puppet. meanwhile, sandy cortez, who commands a disproportionate amount of attention, who knows why, but she is surrounded by federally funded bodyguards that
10:36 pm
you are paying for. she is still in therapy for the trauma she experienced on january 6th. she wasn't there. she's telling you your city is decaying and you can get shot to death going to walgreen's is not a problem because there's no crime problem. really. >> we have to talk about the specifics because, for example, we're actually seeing a lot of these allegations of organized retail thefts that are not panning out. like, i believe it's a walgreen's in california. cited it. but the data did not back it up. >> tucker: another out of touch puppet of the ruling class. if you're a revolutionary, sandy cortez, you'd be on the side of the people, which is people unlike you that have no rafael manguel spent a lot of time thinking about those people. he's a senior fellow at the institute and an expert on what's happening in our cities. he joins us. thanks for coming on. when you hear people like sandy cortez telling us we're imagining this, how do you
10:37 pm
respond to that? >> it is a mind bogglingon exercise in gas lighting the american people. it's an insult to our intelligence. anyone who has even glanced at the data would know that the crime spike is painfully obvious. what i would want to see about what krazner said, when he took office in 2018, if you look at 2018 to 2020, 112 additional people every year died in that city compared to the three years prior to him taking office. this year as you noted, the city just broke the all-time homicide record. so really is frustrating tord someone that follows this data and watches these trends to see two really prominent figures in the public square come out and just tell the american people to not believe their lying eyes. i'm starting to think this is going to be one of the sort of main tactics that people that i are nervous about mainstream american voters, connecting the dots here and seeing the policy led to this. what they're trying to do isin
10:38 pm
basically tell us this is all a figment of our imagination. >> tucker: yeah. ignore the body. really quickly, since you're immersed in the data, murder statistics are the one government statistic you can believe, right? you either have a body or you don't. >> that's exactly right. one of the reasons that criminologist focus on homicide data is it's hard to manipulate those statistics.d a dead body is a dead body. if it has holes in it, you have a homicide on your hands. one of the things we see is that 2020 showed the single largest one year spike in american history, a 30% year ofe year increase in homicides. never happened before. a lot of people will try to tell you this isn't a big idea, a big problem because if you go back to the 1990s, we had a higher murder rate back then. this is another tactic that they like to use in addition to simply denying reality. what i'd say to that, that represents an aggregation of all of the country's homicides
10:39 pm
weighted against the entire population. the problem with that is we don't live in the aggregate. there's a list of cities that have surpassed their 1990s highs including philadelphia. >> tucker: we should take sandy cortez's federally-funded body guards away tonight. i wod say. just my view. rafael, thanks for your work. >> thank you. >> tucker: so just a few days of bill de blasio running new york city, he's burning down the play on the way out. he says everybody should get experimental medicine that they don't. will that hold up in court? b do courts even matter? attorney,te harmeet dhillon, fame similar rights attorney would know. thanks for coming on. can this guy with days left force people to get medicine that they don't want? >> well, the answer, tucker, he shouldn't be able to get away with it, but the courts havein been deferential to local types of ordinances and rules like this. so a lot of people have asked me this question because i'm
10:40 pm
leading "the daily wire"'s litigation against the federal osha mandate. but this is different. under state and local laws, there's emergency powers granted to a local mayor like this. courts are reluctant including this mayor and this order himself in october, he survived a challenge by business owners including african american and latino business owners who challenged the mandate for vaccination to eat in the restaurants and work in the restaurants on the basis off racial disparities, a lot of people of color in our country, based on their history, have decided to hold off one vaccination. the court rejected that challenge and allowed his decree to stand. what is scary about this policy and may be one aspect that may be challenged, he's saying children as young as 5 as december 14th must be vaccinated in order to enjoy the entertainment venues in new york.
10:41 pm
a week later children have to be vaccinated in public and private schools to enjoy the fun stuff. the so-called high risk extracurricular activities. with respect to private schools you may be able to challenge that. i did a case that went up at the united states supreme court.t. our nonprofit won a case that there -- the ninth circuit that said that the private school parents have a right to control what is happening in the private schools. but for public school parents, they're kind of outt of luck. this is going to be -- this only goes into effect fully i december 27th. so it may never end up being enforced at all. >> tucker: civil disobedience. i would say. harmeet dhillon,n, thank you for leading the charge. i appreciate it. >> my pleasure. >> tucker: so the biden white house doesn't think they get enough fawning they live in another universe. so they sat down with the media companies to get more favorable coverage of a declining economy. that actually happened.
10:42 pm
brit hume will assess what it means. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> tucker: jussie smollett was back on the stand today trying to convince us his fake crime was real. matt finn was in court for that, no cameras, but matt finn committee is here to tell us what he saw. >> tucker, i asked jussie smollett how he felt walking out of the courthouse. he did not respond but he did put up his fist in the air. he testified under oath that he has a scar under one eye and a permanent bruise under another from the alleged attack. the prosecutor pushed back asking smollett if he watched back his own "good morning america" interview. implying smollett looked fine. smollett say he was given hollywood makeup and lighting and a tense moment today. smollett interrupted webb and he read messages with the n word in it. t smollett asked him to spell it
10:48 pm
out loud out of respect for african americans in the room. webb complied and asked smollett to read his own messages allowed with the n word in it, tucker. >> tucker: if the glove fits, you must acquit. matt finn, thanks for reporting that for us. i appreciate it. so inflation is absolutely real. you know it if you buy anything. people don't like inflation because it means they're getting poorer. the biden administration isnf thinking hard about inflation. they're trying to change the coverage. according to cnn, "senior white house and administration officials have been holdingio briefings with new rooms as they try to reshape economic coverage." over at the ever-obedient "washington post," one of the "post" columnists, dana millbank says the real problem is an unfair and hostile media. he wrote a piece saying the media treats joe biden worse than donald trump.
10:49 pm
what planet? brit hume is fox news senior political analyst who has been watching this stuff for many years, longer than we've been alive. so do you think -- i'm asking you a straight forward question, do you think the media are tougher on joe biden than on donald trump? >> no. they're tougher on joe biden than i thought they would be,ha but they're nowhere near as tough as they were on donald trump, who was hated with as passion from the beginning of the election campaign in 2016 through his presidency and until today. i have never seen anything like it. trump is a flamboyant character and worthy of a lot of the dislike that he has. he can't see past himself. and all the rest of it. but compare the coverage that biden has got in bad moments, afghanistan, the inflation. the lawlessness in the street and so with what trump got is absurd. it was done by some artificial intelligence program that they
10:50 pm
ran data through and proceeded to argue that proof had been induced that biden was getting rougher treatment. he's not. >> tucker: it's insane. so you ran news organizations. you ran fox news newsgathering in the washington bureau. if the white house sat down with you on a subject like inflation, which is measurable, because we know what a 2 x 4 cost, they said the real problem is your reporters are not being fair to us, you would see yourself as being spun, wouldn't you? >> well, yeah. you wouldn't -- look. there's nothing unusual about white house people trying to convince reporters to see it their way. >> tucker: of course. >> it's spinning. it goes on all the time. that's what washington runs on. it's not unusual and won't make much difference. i hope it doesn't. while the administration has a story to tell, jobs are being created and the economy is growing, and the stock market is
10:51 pm
going to the moon every day. we're living in good times. the fact of inflation affects so much of that. people are earning more, doesn't help if you're earning more and paying for less. that's what everybody knows. just what you are pointing out. it's politically one of the most injurious things that can happen to an administration, to have an outbreak of inflation. the administration says the thing we need to do now to get it under control is to pass another gazillion dollar spending bill. which is economic glossolalia. >> tucker: economic glossolalia. i love that. >> it's a big word. >> tucker: thanks, brit hume. great to see you. economic glossolalia. this is a remarkable new study that you'll think we're making up but we're not. alzheimers disease, one of the worst things that can happen and growing in the number of the people in the population. tonight, there might be a drug i
10:52 pm
scientists have isolated that can cut your risk for alzheimer's by 70%. not clear there's ever been a drug like that. turns out it's viagra. are we making it up? no. dr. siegel joins us to explain and the show has designed a 2021 christmas ornament. we believe in christmas. "don't fauci my christmas." you can get it shipped to your home by going to and click on "shop." no amazon involved. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪
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>> tucker: getting alzheimers is one of the cruellest fates that can behall a human being. if you've seen it, you know. scientists have been working out how to prevent it. an amazing new study at the cleveland clinic that says that viagra may cut the risk of
10:58 pm
getting alzheimers by 70%. is that true? if so it's amazing. dr. marc siegel, is it true? thanks for joining us. is it true, doctor? >> tucker, i think it's true. i'll take you back to the 90s when this drug, viagra, was first developed. we developed it for high blood pressure. in studying it, nurses noticed a very significant finding. which led to its current use. but it was used for lung disease and now being used and studied to treat heart disease. it has more and more uses because it dilates blood vessels and improves flood flow. in britain they studied it in mice and improved brain function in mice, viagra did, and then harvard studied it last year and found that in fish, zebra fish, it improved brain function and decreased -- improved getting i rid of waste in the brain. improved overall brain function.
10:59 pm
along comes cleveland clinic. they give it to seven million people. they monitor seven million people that are getting it. they found 69% decrease in alzheimer's disease over just six years. incredible numbers. over seven million people, 69% decrease. tucker, critics have said wait a minute. when people are on the verge of alzheimer's, they decrease sexual activity. they don't want viagra. it's a prejudiced study. i don't agree, tucker. i think they're big numbers and cleveland clinic is going to go ahead and prove it to give it more people going forward to see if it works. if youo don't develop alzheimer, there's every reason to believe it works. it worksif on the brain. but i will tell you one thing, even if i'm wrong, people will have a really good time finding out, tucker? >> tucker: that's right. celibacy is a chronic condition. we have been arguing that for
11:00 pm
years, it's true. thanks, dr. marc siegel. thanks for that hope-filled segment. thank you. >> i think it works. thanks. >> tucker: of course viagra cures everything. we could have known that. we'll be back at 8:00 p.m., the sworn enemy of lying smugness and group think. have a wonderful night with the ones you love. here's sean hannity. ♪ ♪ >> americans held hostage behind enemy lines. day 115. >> sean: it's hard to believe, right? 115 days, biden's cowardess and afghanistan is having a snow ball effect around the world. all of america's international foes, every hostile regime are trying to take advantage of joe and his obvious cognitive decline, his appeasement policies and sheer incompetence. he's turned the page he tells us. what about the families that he left behind?


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