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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  December 8, 2021 12:00am-1:00am PST

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evening. you make this show possible. please set your dvr so you never miss an episode of "hannity." in the meantime i have great news. let not your hearts be troubled. "the ingraham angle," laura ingraham is next up. i will see you tomorrow night. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> laura: i'm in the graham angle from a busy washington. we have a lot to unpack. the collaborators are the focus of tonight's angle. the biggest long-term threat to america is not russia or iran or north korea though they need challenges. it is certainly not the
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democrats on the hill, the biden administration are focused on. >> do you agree with your predecessor that white supremacy extremists remain the most persistent threat? >> i do believe they do it this time. >> the top domestic extremist threat we face comes racially your ethically motivated violent extremists specifically those who advocate the superiority of the white race. >> the biggest threat facing our democracy and our way of life is the chinese communist party. under biden we find ourselves trying to play catch up or blocking the ccp in their efforts to expand their power base across the globe. according to the wall street journal, classified american intelligence report suggest china intends to establish its first permanent military presence on the atlantic ocean in the tiny central african country of equatorial guinea, a threat that is setting off alarm bells at the white house and the pentagon. the alarm bells should have gone
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off 20 years ago. 's and straight up and between red china and the west the communist regime has grown richer and more powerful year after year. it now has the largest number of active military personnel in the world with a 2.1 million troop size compared to our 1.4 million. by 2024 is poised to have the biggest economy in the world which has our elites licking their chops. the ccp basically owns big business in america. shocking documents obtained by the information detail a secret $275 billion deal struck five years ago between china and the apple ceo, tim cook. now we know why he became a ccp apologist and how apple recently became the top-selling smart
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phone in china. the company owes much of that success to ceo tim cook kool-aid the foundation years ago by secretly signing an agreement with chinese officials promising apple would do its part to develop china's economy and technological prowess through investments, business deals and worker training. anything else? that is not all the ccp got from cook who has a huge influence operation in washington. apple lobbied to water down key provisions of an anti-chinese slave labor bill which would hold us companies accountable for using leaguer forced labor. most american billionaires dismiss criticisms of china using words like how it is counterproductive and destabilizing to do so. and sometimes it's hard to tell the american elite from chinese
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propagandists gender investor ray pollio. >> i looked at the united states and what is going on in the united states, because other things, our own human rights issues, what they have is an autocratic system, one of the leaders described it, he said the united states is a country of individuals and individualism. china is an extension of the family. a top-down country what they are doing is that the strict parent. >> that's what they say they are. he tried later to walk back but you can't walk back those remarks, we know exactly what he said and why he said it. 's hedge fund just raised one and a quarter billion dollars for its china funds. can't let a few hundred thousand people being tortured get in the way of that windfall but it is one thing to buy off wall street, they are policymakers, their allegiance is to
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stockholders. what is disturbing is the spell the ccp cast in our political class. we learned a chinese front group called the china united states exchange foundation handed $5 million to the foundation founded by george h w bush's son neil bush which axes are put in june the funding was meant to bolster the bush china foundation efforts to promote a bilateral relationship that is functional, constructive, commercially robust, mutually beneficial and politically sustainable. this isn't surprising given the bushes overly optimistic and warm relationship with china. george w. bush is the one who granted permanent normal trading relations with china in 2001.
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and how has that worked out for us? of course it hasn't worked out for us, as well as the war in afghanistan, but to be fair every president except trump misunderstood china's ambitions or chose to look back brutal crackdown on human rights but given the sordid history no one should be surprised that so few are willing to deny xi a global propaganda victory in hosting the winter olympics. for the most part elites in both parties just don't care. >> given human rights abuses -- >> let me say everybody can call it what they want to call it but when you use diplomatic boycotts that brings people back to 1980 and we are not. the athletes will be participating, we will be rooting for the athletes from home. i'm an olympic success person, we felt we could send a clear message by not attending an official us delegation. >> in the 1980s russia's economy
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slower proportionally to where china's economy is which is giant. xi is watching all these bozos and laughing as if he cares if kamala harris or some assistant secretary of state shows up to watch the curling. what the ccp wants is a world where almost everyone is afraid to criticize president xi for his murderous genocidal policies. here on fox news you can hear commentators who are willing to tell the truth about china but how many fortune 500 companies will tell their officers to sell the truth, how many universities flush with chinese cash would allow their professors or administrators to expose the ccp's ruthless past, present and future plans? what about the nba or other major american sports leagues, or a takedown of mao? will we ever see a james bond
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like character go up against the ccp? even the secretary of defense is afraid to tell the truth about china? >> china presents a challenge but they are not 10 feet tall. laura: every day the message spreads. if you criticize china it can hurt your career. you can criticize catholic church, evangelical christians, compare statutes, melt them down, spread anti-american propaganda but do not criticize china. as more americans are silenced for self censored, we will soon realize the notion of free speech becomes meaningless just like president xi wents. this is the real crisis of american democracy. the constitution prevents americans from accepting titles
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of nobility from foreign governments because the founders want america including our elites to be loyal to this country but the ccp doesn't need this. it has enough money to bribe almost everyone it wents. the american collaborators are the cheapest states around and that is the angle. joining me is florida senator rick scott who served on the senate armed services committee. money kind of trumps the problems with human rights abuses, trade cheating, genocide, every single time. >> absolutely whether it is the nba or nike or delta, they are all focused on how they make more money. heck with human rights. they would like to criticize everything that happens in this country but god for bid they do anything to make a profit.
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this is a bare minimum to send diplomats. they need to be clear, these olympics should never be held in china, they should be doing this the entire time they are in office. >> how is this any more defense of bold to send our athletes over there to compete and nothing is equally comparable but didn't want to give hitler his propaganda victory and you can't get xi is propaganda victory. we didn't want to. >> we are giving communist china, communist china, the communist party of china a platform, the nba, they are going to change, they are never going to change, xi made a
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decision, he wants to take every americans human right, all their jobs away, we start standing up for learning mandarin. i am sick and tired of american politicians that are worried about making more money or offending somebody, i want to fight for the freedom of this country, for standing up. he's not going to have a job next year because he understands the importance of freedom. why do all these people care about the freedom of this country? >> he was pressed on china's human rights record today? >> can a business leader speak out on humans rights issue in china? >> i try to stick to business and leave policymakers to set policy. if we get into a debate, our
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business is responsible for that we are in a complex place. i don't think any of your advocating that is where we want to go? >> they say jesse owens went to 36 games in that set a great example for minority rights and that was a great moment for america but still gives the propaganda victory at the time to a brutal dictator and business executives say today, we can put our products and businesses out there, make contacts in china and we don't do policy but in the end it is good for everybody to engage economically and so forth, your reaction? >> first off the same business leaders want to tax our run our country and things that happen in our country but the only reason, they make money off of china. they put profits over human rights. think about it. what is going on in china. they are put in prison just for
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their religion. we have prisoners taken from them involuntarily, they took away the basic rights of hong kong citizens and every time xi opened his mouth he violates another agreement he made so xi is a thug, a murderer, call him what he is and what american companies want to do is don't want to have any accountability, don't take any responsibility, they want to attack us for everything that happens in this country but god for bid they might make a little less money. i will fight for my family and your family and every family, i the same rights for chinese citizens that we have in this country. >> takedown robert ely, melt that down, not supposed to feel great about that here but mousing >> just fine in the business world. >> these are bunch of cowards, they are cowards, cowards, cowards, the nba is owned by the communist party. xi tells them when to jump and
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how high. all these companies doing business over there, xi controls them completely, it is all about money, can't take it with you. >> great to see. speaking of china, one of the great atrocities, the latest variant of the virus appears to be week begging the question should we let the strain overtake the delta variant? since none of the control freaks in charge actually won the pandemic to end they are refusing to consider it. >> you are talking about something really dangerous, you're talking about let a lot of people get infected to see if you can protect them, something almost all infectious disease people with any knowledge of infectious disease would not say that is a good idea.
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>> something that spreads fast, not a mutation -- another mutation may come. of 19 shocking the pfizer ceo doesn't want to put the end, jointly is the school of medicine professor and epidemiologist. what do you make of this? yes, it is a week variant but no, we don't want it to spread. >> of the week variant and wrong about it being more transmissible, less transmissible, the fact is the transmissibility indexes been studied by a smart professor who calculated its transmissibility is comparable to the alpha and beta variant and about a third of what delta is so it's less transmissible delta and we have a lot of herd immunity in the united states, 2 thirds of americans have had covid, it is not going to be fertile ground to spread against delta. as much as we might want to use
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it is virtually infectious vaccine it is not going to do that. very likely will not take over delta but just be on its own. >> cnn's favorite fearmonger was doing what he does best, about the kids. >> is the delta wave ripped through the south we saw thousands of pediatric hospitalizations, that is going to happen again with this new delta wave as it goes through the rest of the country into the winter so the most important take away, vaccinate our kids. the other thing we are not even close to addressing is all the neuropsychiatric consequences of longer covid in kids. >> has he ever talked about the consequences for kids in all the shutdowns, this guy has been wrong about so many aspects of this pandemic, no one ever calls him on it but i have had it with this. >> i feel the same way, we know
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that what he said with hospitals filling up our children's hospitals filling up with children who couldn't get care for other chronic conditions they had during parts of the covid year-end a half so now they are getting their care. they have conditions that are tested and found to have covid, half or fewer or less or because of covid as opposed to having covid in testing. is not epidemic in children. laura: one of my friends we've gotten to know told me a lot of the vaccine mandates in the healthcare system have shrunk the staff and so you simply can't staff the hospitals as they would like to so that is adding to the problem. they have created these problems by stopping elective surgeries
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and the mandates, the hospitals, are they going to be crunched on occasion? >> they run on a very thin margin, they don't want any function the most cost-effective. that when they lose that margin may have problems. >> great to see you, but vaccine mandates keep getting blocked by the court so why are they still doubling down on them? professor jonathan truly has reaction to that plus the past few days we've seen explicit collusion between the white house and the media. and banks has shocking details in moments.
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♪ ♪ >> laura: biden is now 0 for 4 laura: by ms.-numfour when it comes to vaccine mandates. a federal judge issued a nationwide injunction against biden's vaccine mandates for federal contractors. this comes after two judges blocked the mandate for healthcare workers and government contractors in three states.
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federal feels court ordered private companies force their employees to get vaccinated but the white house does not see the writing on the wall. >> the reason we proposed these requirements is we know they work and we are confident in our ability to make these happen across the country. the department of justice will vigorously defend, we know it works, that's why the president and the administration will press for it. laura: she doesn't sound like she believes that at all. jonathan turley, george washington university law professor, fox news contributor. your response to what you just heard? >> that confidence seems to be based more on hope than experience, when you have four rulings across the country, these mandates are now frozen in amber until they can break them free on some type of appeal but
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they all have one similarity. they are 3 different areas. all of these judges are saying president biden is exceeding his authority, that he is using these powers to achieve indirectly what he couldn't do directly, to impose a national mandate on the country. president biden has gone back and forth, he suggested he did have that authority, then admitted he didn't have the authority and his chief of staff retweeted a statement they found the, quote, workaround and he announced this to the country, we have a workaround where we are able to achieve a national mandate without the authority effectively. among the people that read that retweet are these judges including the fifth circuit that actually quoted ron klink in a footnote and said this might be a workaround to you but we don't
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see the original authority that you need to do this. laura: this lame-duck, mayor deblasio announcing businesses, all businesses have to vaccinate their workers so there is a problem. >> who is the person, you check with each company to make sure all employees are vaccinated, find companies that don't? >> we have experience with the private sector, restaurants and others, we had almost no finds. there was a lot of cooperation. at the permit of health with work with the business sector. laura: houses workable on any level? the only reason they got quiet is a lot of people, a lot of kids get what they get off the internet and put on their phone, go right ahead.
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>> really it is really an almost delusional statement by deblasio. you have a city with a huge number of people that don't have proof of vaccination and yet he joyously celebrates the fact that we've had no violations at all. it means restaurants are not taking quell to this, they are letting people come in, show anything that could look like a vaccination card or proof but doesn't address the underlying problem, a significant number of people don't have vaccinations, high percentage in minority populations and you are tightening the circle, making it more difficult, you have greater evasion. we've seen the black market of vaccination cards. we've seen a lot of them across the country. what is the end game? new york can rely on the
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jacobson decision on the supreme court's, unlike president biden, the states did win that one in terms of vaccination mandate but a lot of questions out there. >> that smallpox, quite a different situation, transmissibility and death rate, what we are dealing with today, it is great to have you one tonight, thank you. biden is not just losing in court but begging the media to shift the narrative on the economy. the white house has been reported wielding secret meetings with major media outlets with cnn noting the conversation has been productive. joining me now is indiana congressman jim banks, congressman banks, they love calling fox state run media when trump was in power but exactly what they have engaged in for years and right up to this day. >> instead of doing something to
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improve the economy or addressing inflation they are trying to spin us and lied to the american people, that inflation is good for american families when it will take more than that kind of spending to convince anybody in america they are better off today than they were a year ago but should we be surprised president biden's friends in the media are going to bat, when they put a 5-year payroll tax cut in the build back better bill for journalists, they bought them off, holding secret meetings with them to - nobody is surprised by this. laura: at the same time they are out trying to spin the economy they were also spinning the washington post writer dana millsbank who claims in a column the media is treating biden
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worse than they treated trump. right on q the media gives them a platform to promote that inanity. >> run coin suggesting we all should read this washington post story. >> there's a real problem when we are being just as africa real with a guy who's impassable is when a guy is trying to overthrow democracy. >> we are in a different game here. it is not democrats against republicans. it is small deed democrats against authoritarians. >> authoritarian, what are they talking about? authoritarian? who is that? apparently not xi, that's who he is not talking about. >> one of those laughable things i've heard in a year of the biden presidency, their friends in the media are always going to go to bat for them and this is another example of what happens in russia and china where the media is controlled by the
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state, by the powers and influence of the government so of 5-year payroll tax cut in the back better bill for the media. this is absurd, nobody is buying it, everyone is laughing at claims like this. everyone knows it is not true. laura: appreciate seeing you tonight. a transgender swimmer at the university of pennsylvania just smashed another record, how long will be allowed this joke to continue? the founder of state women sports reacts and matt walsh's new book discloses the transgender indoctrination of our kids in what is now the number 4 children's book on amazon. he is next. ♪♪
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♪ ♪ laura: leah thomas of the university of pennsylvania dominate women -- record after record. one problem, thomas competed for two seasons as a man most recently in 2019 before the transition. the ncaa says it is totally fair for thomas to compete against women, underwent hormone suppression for a year. the founder state women's sports, this is total insanity. why not have a separate transgender category of swimming and that would be more fair but how does this make sense?
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>> it is absolutely absurd if you ask me. another category would be the right answer but the right answer for sure is males do not belong in women's sports. it is not right for privacy, safety or fairness and i to thank you for having me on tonight and continuing to shine a light on this issue. if not for me watching you i would not have the courage to start speaking out because it is a toxic environment and grateful you are highlighting women's voices here. laura: a lot of female athletes are afraid to speak out. >> so true. >> i was an athlete in a school and i really respect what goes into competing at that level. it's really hard and it is great for women. >> we were not going to sponsor
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you if you don't stay quiet about this, we have women losing their jobs even over the simple language that a man can't be a woman and that's where we are coming up with these problems is the conflation of gender identity and sex when biden administration insisted that in there, he raced what a woman was and when you we raise the definition how do you protect us? >> hormones and so forth may make some difference but the size of your internal organs, the size of your shoulders, your hips, none of that changes, that's all biological fact. >> your survey. women are not a hormone level. we are born. >> what we are thomas told local paper last summer was being trans is not affected his ability to do the sport, being able to continue is very rewarding. it is rewarding for the athletes
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but not for the women who themselves used to be breaking records. >> this mail we are talking about has gotten records, but huge records and there's no showing that for future generations of females that was set by a male and that's why it's not attainable, not that they are not pushing themselves hard enough but that was a man, be honest with our language. the emperor is not wearing clothes and it's time for everyone to step out and an average woman can help other people to get the courage to speak up too. a free website to getting laws made in our name in two years, what can you do? laura: we need female athletes and former competitors and former olympians who might not have gotten their olympic gold, bronze or silver if the situation had been different when they competed, they need to speak out. this is all for girls and women
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and that's what we are talking about, we want them to succeed and be happy but something remarkable is happening in the world of publishing. matt walsh has written a book called johnny the walrus which captures the cartoonish nature of the transgender debate and it is ranked number 10 on the amazon bestseller list, number 4 in children's books. here is matt walsh, host of the matt walsh show. first we have to knows wallace -- walnut -- walrus awareness week is happening, so the meteoric rise is well times. why is this being gobbled up? >> we didn't try to coincide with walrus awareness week which was fated to be in a lot of ways. i think people are buying the book because we need a little bit of sanity in our culture especially in children's books
12:42 am
which any parent, we know if you go to the children section at barnes & noble and look at the titles it is like being at an antifa rally with all of the left-wing propaganda and to have something that is a response to that is resonating with people. i should mention amazon listed it as an lgbt book and currently the last few days i have a top-selling book on amazon, the top-selling lgbt book so i'm an lgbt author and one of the leading lgbt voices in the country according to amazon. laura: what is an lgbt book? is that an author who is lgbt or book that touches on lgbt resident combo? >> i don't know. my book is about a walrus. who knows? >> the children's book publishing industry, most parents don't give a lot of thought but from the books that are assigned, i can say this from junior high to high school,
12:43 am
elementary school, what kids have available in their school curriculum, so much of it is never going to withstand the test of time and that is putting it charitably. >> a lot of it, there's a lot of racial indoctrination, antiracist baby, critical races theory and that sort of thing, so much is general ideology and general ideology is so absurd they realize if they want to convince people that they have to get to them when they are very young and not able to establish between fantasy and reality and making commonsense judgments and that's why it is important to brainwash the kids early and important for us to protect our kids from that brainwashing. >> one teacher describes his classroom have it. >> i teach high school and most days of the week i come to school in stilettos to create an exclusively queer space for all
12:44 am
of my students. that way they know this is a place for them, buy them. >> what is this teacher talking about? >> this is a narcissist who thinks kids go to school to learn about him. when i went to school i didn't know anything about my teachers much less their sex life or anything like that but that's what teachers do, that the kids are there to learn about me, not about any subject and that's another reason parents should consider other options like maybe teaching your kids yourself, homeschool. >> more parents are doing that precisely because of these developments. congratulations on the book and thanks for coming on. the diversity, equity and inclusion scam taking republican universities is costing you millions. i'll congressman jim jordan reacts to the shocking revelations out of his state. stay there. you can sell your policy - even a term policy - for an immediate cash payment. call coventry direct to learn more. we thought
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>> public universities are not just forcing these woke lesson plans and students that are amassing armies of diverse cigarettes. i ohio state alone has hired hundred of them according to data compiled by economists mark perry. these woke bureaucrats have an average salary of 77,$000 a year
12:50 am
in total payroll consuming an estimated $13.4 million. in case you're wondering that's enough to pay in-state tuition 1100 students for joining me as ohio congressman jim jordan, house judiciary committee ranking member. why should any american taxpayer be on the hook for this? >> you wonder why college education costs so much. think about, americans want save cities, affordable gas, we get increased crime, increase record inflation and diversity counselors so maybe we wouldn't have to cancel student debt if we weren't paying for things like this. >> in my hometown right near my hometown in connecticut just so happens a friend of mine sends me an advertisement for a new
12:51 am
diversity, equity director in connecticut. i click on it and it says you have to have a diversity, equity and inclusion certificate to apply. i don't know what that is. the salary is 112,$000 a year. in one connecticut town. think about the racket this is. >> it is ridiculous. it is part of the cancel culture mentality, the attack on first amendment and free-speech rights and that's what troubles me the most because in the end this is where the left wants to go in they control the democrat party. they want to limit people's, first amendment liberty. we see with fauci, colleges and universities, the entire left and the entire cancel culture mob out there, whose sole purpose is to go after conservatives who want to speak out and speak the truth and that is me as much as the waste of money that is part of this
12:52 am
attack on free speech. laura: permanent bureaucracy to enforce the new speech code, if you transgress the speech code, you will be canceled from public life. columbia university is encouraging students to snitch on classmates for ms. jen during. >> asking for and using correct pronouns is a way to respect those around you and create an inclusive environment, intentionally miss gender ring someone by refusing to use the correct pronoun is a violation of the columbia university nondiscrimination policy. laura: they tell you, whether you believe it in biologically or religiously, they tell you what is correct or else. >> got to use some preferred pronoun, guys and girls sports,
12:53 am
all kinds of craziness going on, i'll an attack on the first amendment and if you disagree, want to exercise first amendment liberties on college campus and speak out and speak the truth you are not allowed to, you have to agree with the left and if you don't they will try to cancel you and if you try to talk at all and have a debate they will call you a racist and the mom will attack, what barry race called the digital thunder zone, you will face if you speak the truth, if you speak commonsense in this, the free-speech caucus, greg murphy, colleagues of mine doing great work working with college students to stand up for people's ability to exercise first amendment liberty. laura: you've got to get back into power, take all the funding away from the schools and the same thing going back to what i said in the angle about collaborators with china is another danger. earlier this year and ask ohio state professor was sentenced to 37 months in prison for sharing
12:54 am
work with china, admitted he lied on applications, nih grants, rheumatology etc. we've got to crack down on this. they are infiltrating every prominent university across the country. >> the biden center at the university of pennsylvania is where we have to focus because we know they are getting, there have been stories on this, there needs to be oversight and investigation done on that as well if the american people do what they are ready to do which is put us back in power. laura: thank you for sharing your thoughts, leave it to democratic leaders to shame the victim. the last bite will explain next.
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laura: with crime wave city liberal enclaves across the country would expect leaders to lend a sympathetic ear but lori lightfoot doesn't see it that way. >> what are your concerns about the blue to protect the retail environment? >> i'm disappointed they are not doing more to take safety and make it a priority.
1:00 am
we have retailers that won't institute plans like having security officers in their stores, locking up their merchandise at night, chaining high impact, you need these retailers to step up. laura: the businesses have got to look elsewhere for political representation. chicago, you got to wake up, gutfeld is next. >> i have personally been able to shop with relative ease. >> you shoplifted here? >> yes. >> you are saying this doesn't deter you? >> yes. carley: a shocking admission as democrats crime crisis keeps getting crazier. even the white house is admitting it is concerned about it. todd: some progressives downplay and even the night the existence of a crime crisis. we are seeing it


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