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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  December 8, 2021 3:00am-6:00am PST

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time as always. thank you very much. >> great to be with you guys. carley: a tomi tuesdaying. todd: it is tomi tuesday but it is wednesday. carley: great to be with you despite the news of climbing crime across the country. report the news on "fox & friends first." what's going to happen now. todd: i believe in 4 seconds, 3 seconds, fox and friends starts now. carley: bye-bye. >> president biden threatened major economic penalties if russia takes aggressive action against ukraine. >> only real deterrence would be real force i don't think biden will do that. >> vac sin mandate dealt another major reality check. >> when a federal judge in georgia issued nationwide injunction federal contract. >> all of these junction are saying that spind exceeding his authority. >> jussie smollett back on the stand trying to pretend his fake hate crime was real. >> today he complained about his career being in ruins. maybe you should make a movie about frauds, justy, you will
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have a believable role. >> debt ceiling without g.o.p. support. >> the president and his woke allies think they can borrow us into prosperity. they can't and i'm not going to be a part of doing that. >> >> oh my goodness. what a goal. >> he lobbed it off the back of the player. >> good morning, everybody, it is studio m, wednesday december 8th, 2021, normally during the christmas program we start by showing outside shot of our all-american christmas tree on fox square but last night, shortly after midnight, somebody climbed up in the tree and lit it on fire. it's beginning to look a lot like arson. right now there is somebody who
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is in custody and is being interviewed by local police. ainsley: who sets a christmas tree on fire? brian: it's just part of the rampant no city is safe, no person is safe from the subway on down. here you are 48th and 6th. midtown, manhattan, it's become a tourist attraction. every year it gets more and more people. and just one psycho goes up, ignites this thing. thank goodness we have excellent security within two seconds he was tackled to the ground. he was subdued. and then they find out he is under arrest right now, massive investigations through the night that took place just after midnight last night. shannon bream's show was covering it from washington, d.c. ainsley: so sad. we have security tape around the tree right now when you walk in. no more music, no more tree. brian: yeah. ainsley: infuriating. brian: it tells the bigger story. this city is so out of control. ainsley: so out of control. city used to love.
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brian: yesterday we are covering story about recall palace raids in california. 48th and sixth this is a tourist attraction from around the globe. and they sit there and they have this one lunatic who is able to penetrate in and in a matter of seconds ignite that tree on fire. thank goodness there is not other structures around it. but our whole lobby was full of smoke evidently. >> think about it, who to ainsley's earlier point who sets a christmas tree on fire. ainsley: a tree toe unites us, brings us together. it's about the christmas spirit. it's about the holiday season. it's about jesus, it's about hanukkah. everything we stand for as a country. freedom and being able to worship the way that you want to worship. it makes me so mad. steve: well it, does. it goes to the larger issue of safety. we have been talking for a very long time this time this city has gone south when it comes to safety. we don't feel safe when we come to work in the morning. we don't feel safe when we go home at night finance just one
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of those things. when you look at that symbol. so many we were talking about this yesterday. through the years, hundreds of thousands of tourists have come to new york city to celebrate the christmas season and they walk up and down fifth avenue. ainsley: all we have left, right? steve: they look at the lights. today there are no lights because somebody burned down our christmas tree. brian: i hope we put it back. ainsley: i hope we build it back bigger and better. brian: christmas tree lighting. ainsley: let's do another lighting. i agree. brian: early indications are the guy is psycho. ainsley: homeless? brian: how soon until he is out again? there is a combination of who do what you want, defame, defund the police. then you go into -- get processed and before the paperwork could even be done you are out again. how soon until this psycho is out gotten burn somebody else's tree counsel or grab some weapon
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and harass somebody in the subway. steve: well, we don't know the sphsk details yet the police report has been filed. we just know what some of our security has said. we will keep you updated as day breaks and the light comes up and the sun comes up, we will be able to get a better look at what happened. the christmas tree is done with. brian: virtual meeting between vladimir putin and the president of the united states. they went on two hours through translation. it was probably about an hour of substance. where at which time the made it clear their big worry is that nato is going to expand doorstep to ukraine. surk associate member right now. let's back up a second. one of the things that happened with the break up of the soviet union the ukrainians have a deal if they give up their nuclear weapons, their security would be -- their borders -- their integrity of their borders would be sustained. that obviously didn't work. no one is ever going to give up
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nuclear weapons between libel i can't and ukraine. having said that, when they had a russian stooge as a leader, they was overthrown by the people of ukraine. when he decided he wanted to bring that country closer to russia. the problem is, the ukrainians want no part of it. so they reached out to the west and they wanted to be an associate eventual member of nato. vladimir putin upset by that takes crimea infiltrates and holds a portion of that country. now he wants to, perhaps, take the rest of it, which led up to that summit yesterday. steve: right. let's update you what happened yesterday. joe biden we have heard said to putin don't invade or we will tank your economy. jake sullivan was reluctant to tell reporters what exactly that means how we would bankrupt them. however, up on capitol hill, behind closed doors, lawmakers were told that apparently the german government has told russia if you do any invading,
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we will stop taking oil through the nord stream 2 pipeline, and that means money out of vladimir putin's pocket. here is a little bit about what jake sullivan had to say regarding that yesterday. >> the fact is that gas is currently not flowing through the nord stream 2 pipeline which means it's not operating, which means that it's not leverage for putin. indeed, it is leverage for the west because if vladimir putin wants to see gas flow through that pipe library he may not want to take the risk of invading ukraine. ainsley: dana perino says vladimir putin holds all the cards. listen to this. >> they have been through many administrations. they are super patient. they have been through clinton and bush and obama and trump and looking at biden -- what we really want is ukraine back. but, we might settle for ukraine
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not getting into nato right now. i bet he gets that. to me only real deterrence is you are not going to do the swift transaction piece for russia would be show of force. i don't think biden is going to do it. putin holds all the cards and all the leverage. brian: what dolls it -- are you going to finish up? ainsley: i was going to say in july germany reached a deal to allow the completion of the nord stream 2. the biden administration says that that agreement should allow germany to stop the flow of the gas through the pipeline if putin invades ukraine. that's our bar daning. if he invades we stop the flow of the gas, germany has to agree to that, too. steve: here's the thing. we hear on capitol hill lawmakers were told that is leverage. right there, that's there. nord stream 2. we will turn off the pipeline vladimir putin, if you do any invading. you know what? according to the russia says
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nord stream 2 never came up in the conversation with putin yesterday. once again up joe biden biden didn't bring it up when he talked to president xi never brought up olympics or issues of covid. when it comes to the really big issues, whether they are face to face, joe biden, once again, didn't bring it up. ainsley: is he scared? is he weak? what's the reason. brian: this the is same people that brought you the 2014 i will do nothing when you invade ukraine and took crimea. russians came in with all their military force and we did absolutely nothing. they are the people that got into office and pulled out the missile shield from eastern europe without even telling our allies that took tremendous heat by putting it in there. these are the guys that wanted to reset the relationship. same people they are just back again to screw it up again. and vladimir putin smells weak nez. the only thing he understands is strength and that has been the
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story. and part of the reason ukrainians not in nato they have not hit the criteria because the rampant corruption in that country. on your point with germany. their prime minister in waiting would not even confirm that they -- that he, this new guy, would actually put the nord stream pipeline on the take. and keep in mind, this is the last time there is leverage for the west and nord stream 2. because once the oil starts flowing, they need it. they need it for oil and gas. they can't -- they don't have a reserve through the dead of winter to replace russian oil and gas. that is the astounding thing about this pipeline. it sir couple events and alienates and leaves out ukraine, goes through germany under the baltic sea and it's not in their security interest to be dependent on russia. that was so befuddling to donald trump as a candidate and leader. that's why he stopped it and now
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we're seeing that joe biden was doing a favor for vladimir putin not standing in the way of it believe it or not, republicans and democrats in the senate and house might rally together to push joe biden to be tough on this. and actually sanction the north stream 2 pipeline before it's done. steve: well, let's see what happens. ainsley: european regulators have not given the go ahead. steve: 6:11 in new york city. one controversial vaccine mandate under a blockenned another under review and a bunch on ice right now. a look how the courts are acting on a check it forcing americans to get the jab or lose their job. brian: left wing cities like new york facing exodus. the it policies driving people away. are they going to come and screw up the red states? ♪
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a month toward your internet service and equipment. for even more value, switch to xfinity mobile, and you could pay as little as $15 a month for wireless. click, call, or visit a store to learn more. steve: welcome back. okay his way out the door the city of new york, what a mess. ainsley: vaccine mandates. steve: yeah, no kidding. mayor de blasio 19 days from today will go into effect a vaccine mandate where every private business, 180,000 private businesses are going to have to have their employees vaccinated. this includes businesses where people work outside. they might not work with anybody. ainsley: vaccinated. steve: that's just four days before he is out the door. in the meantime, a federal judge
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yesterday blocked the biden administration coronavirus mandate when did comes to private government contractors. people who do business with the government. you know, joe biden said everybody is going to have to get the shot if you want the federal money. now this judge said you can't do that right now. clearly these things are heading toward the supreme court. ainsley: that was the first one for the contractors, for nypd, the police officers and the city workers. a judge says he will hear that challenge in the middle of january. brian: by the way, staten island has filed their class action suit on behalf of the unvaccinated workers against him. keep in mind, de blasio basically, 71% of cops have gotten vaccinated, the other 29% would be fired. firefighters the same thing, as well as sanitation workers, just wait until they get to the corrections officers about 60% of them. they have already under staffed dramatically. he is probably saying who cares? i'm not going to be mayor
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anymore, too. the mandate mania has turned off two democrats senator jon tester of montana as well as senator joe manchin. they are combine with every single republican and push back on this mandate. then it go l. go to the house. the pelosi does not pick up mandate ban but she will be forced to if the majority in the house sign a discharge petition to require a floor vote. and it's conceivable because there is a lot of people looking at off year election. a lot of so-called moderates and the problem solver's caucus. they will say yeah, i don't think this is really going to help me. the mysterious thing is, by these polls though, 50% to 47% are in favor of mandates as long as it's coupled with testing when it comes to businesses and when it comes to agencies. ainsley: about half and half. brian: about half and half. we will see where you stand. >> jonathan turley said this about what president biden continues to do.
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>> all of these judges are saying that president biden is exceeding his authority. that he is using these powers to achieve indirectly what he couldn't do directly. and this is to impose a national mandate on the country. president biden has gone back and forth he didn't have that authority. eventually he admitted he didn't have the authority. and then his chief of staff retweeted a statement that they found a, quote, work around he announced this to the country and said we have a work around where we will be able to achieve a national mandate without the authority effectively. steve: you know, a year ago, when we were in the throws of the pandemic, and we still had not been getting the vaccine, you know, there were extraordinary measures being taken. now, fast forward a year, the vaccine is available to pretty much everybody. boosters a available to almost everybody, but apparently they are really hard to get these
3:20 am
days. i have heard from a couple of people they can't schedule the booster shot for over a month. what happened during the, you know, in the run-up to where we are right now? the gration obviously once they took power over extended what is legally allowed by law. and that's where we are today. the court system is saying if you want these mandates to go forward you have got to change the law, right now you exceeded the law. ainsley: aren't we at a point where people want the vaccine or booster can get it. steve: a lot of people who still want the booster can't get it. ainsley: trees true. if you haven't had it right now you probably aren't getting it, right? brian: unless you are forced to. steve: the omicron variant a lot of people will get it. ainsley: you are right. parents are saying i'm not
3:21 am
giving to my child unless my child can't go to school without it. brian: important for everyone to know. the omicron is coming. omicron is coming. however you say it. it is a runny nose and 99 fever. run for the hills. the market tanked for a thousand points and banked 100 percent back. by the way, that's exactly what the south african health authorities told us but it didn't stop anthony fauci and company from panicking the world and banning 8 african countries from traveling further hurting their stressed economy. ainsley: i'm actually kind of okay with that until we figure out what this looks like he said it takes two weeks. i don't want people coming in our country if it's going to be a bad virus or variant. brian: i know what you are saying and that's valid but i do worry about constantly stressing countries because of a variant
3:22 am
when it's transparent about saying i'm not worried about it i want to tell you what i found. and if i'm botswana or nigeria or a country with a struggling economy finally standing up. i'm not going to say anything next time. ainsley: did it with china and ended up beneficial. steve: think about where we were a year ago. the faster we turned off international travel the better handle we got on it. brian: good point. what did china do not tell us the truth. steve: that's why joe biden should be asking. brian: never tell us the truth. what does south africa do? tell us the truth. we treated them like they just should be discarded we did not take them at their word and look at the science. instead we hurt 8 nations that had no sign most of which had no sign of this variant and no serious symptoms.
3:23 am
can we stop reacting to everything. steve: to point it two weeks to figure out. we have come a long ways. pfizer yesterday said apparently the omicron virus, their vaccine doesn't work as well with omicron. worry now mutations and that's going to be a problem going forward. ainsley: mutates over and over and over for years. we are stuck with this. steve: absolutely. brian: we can't keep overreacting to this for the next 10 years. we have to get better at this and have people level with us so when they level with us we can't slap them the worry is the mutation nope work and dying in big numbers again. >> ainsley: we cannot let that happen. we have been there a few years ago, last year it was awful. those type of remarks do nothing because they are not based on
3:24 am
reality. what they have told us. steve: we don't know. brian: keep mutating make it easily spreadable but the symptoms get less and less. unless they want to change that narrative and freeze everybody's economy and destroy everybody's lives. every wednesday for the next 20 years i think we have got to be a little bit more mature about the whole thing. steve: they don't know what the future holds. brian: we have to live with it, that's the future. >> ainsley: do you know what gives me hope though though this new variant is milder than the other variant. brian: that's what they told us. ainsley: continue to make it milder and milder won't do back to that stage we were two years ago. brian: the african officials told us and 100 percent correct. steve: they found parts of the common cold now in parts of this particular variant. the worry is that other parts of more substantial illnesses glom on to it. brian: everybody can worry and we live in a cave and we will. steve: we want to be careful. brian: what has it gotten us we can't be so careful we can't
3:25 am
live our lives. can't keep destroying people's lives like this. ainsley: i agree. we all agree. brian: closing arguments are set to begin in the jussie smollett trial. ainsley: former empire actor taking the stand for a second day on tuesday reiterating claims that he is the real victim ever the hate crime. steve: despite what we heard earlier in the week. todd piro joins us with a look at smollett at times contentious testimony. todd, how did he do? >> if i am being objective, not well. jussie smollett getting combative with prosecutors when questioned about instagram messages one before the brothers is he accused of paying to orchestrate the alleged hoax. smollett losing his cool when special prosecutor red aloud one of the messages that included a dog tror term. smollett said kuu kuu spell the word or not say it out of respect for the african-american. he apologized and had the actor read the messages instead. at one point the judge telling
3:26 am
smollett just answer his questions without arguing. smoltd alerting brothers plane into chicago was delayed so they could better time out the attack. while the defense says smollett was just letting them know he would be let for a workout. smollett called the brothers liars after they testified they were paid by smollett to staged attack. closing arguments for both sides set to begin later this morning. the jury could get the case as soon as today. smollett facing six felony counts of disorderly conduct and could face up to three years in jail if is he convicted. and for a second night in a row, cnn host don lemon failing to address his conviction to the high profile trial. smollett revealing smollett texted him relaying information that police did not believe smollett's account of what happened. and steve you asked me who i think is winning the reason smoltd did not have a good day yesterday any time prosecutors can get the witness to say the words in his own words out of his own mouth, i think that impacts a jury much more than if the prosecutor said it himself.
3:27 am
brian: jury is going to go in that room 1, 1,000, 2-1,000. 3-1,000 let's go now. ainsley: how do you think it will go. todd: in the in the courtroom and seeing the reaction. based upon the evidence presented it seems like he will be found guilty of those crimes. but you never know. ainsley, a jury is always unpredictable. ainsley: it only takes one. that's right. how many jurors are there? todd: i believe 12 in this one. >> i believe this is a 12. brian: did they use a laugh track during the testimony? todd: something new you are seeing in the courts these days. no it is not. i don't want my bar rescinded i worked too hard for that in 2003. ainsley: what's your retainer? todd: again, i work on smiles. steve: we just made your quarter hour. he is accuse wanted of lying to the police. brian: and using police resources and investigators. meanwhile lawlessness in a city -- cities where progressives are determined to defund the police.
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>> man: what's my safelite story? my my livelihood. so when my windshield cracked... the experts at safelite autoglass came right to me... with service i could trust. right, girl? >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ steve: frightening footage outs of minneapolis camps criminals with guns breaking into and looting a car in a mcdonald's
3:32 am
parking lot showing how brazen america's crime crisis has become. it was captured by a journalist in an area of town she says was completely safe two years ago. and even worse she says, she called the police but they never showed up that journalist rebecca brandon joins us from minneapolis. rebecca, good morning to you. >> good morning, thank you for having me. >> i know you have been tracking crime in minneapolis, it's been, you know, skyrocketing there. what brought you to that mcdonald's parking lot? >> well, i was doing what i do. i track crime and i was going to meet one a police officer hanson running for sheriff. i didn't connect. i was going to call. just when i let my guard down that i witnessed this happen. steve: so, you were sitting in one -- you are sifting in the car, obviously, these are your images. right here. and sue see these guys, what are they doing no. >> you know it, took my brain five seconds to register what
3:33 am
was happening. it just put the vehicle into park. and my brain said is that a gun? and no sooner than two seconds these things happen sod fast he shot it into the air. and i instinctively grabbed my phone but i knew i had to play it very cool i already had made eye contact with these guys in the parking lot when i pulled around. and i had to pretend i was eating. that i was actually cool with it. there were other individuals in the parking lot that kind of laughed it off. and i mean this is what the most disturbing part to me was. it was normal. nobody walls going to mess with these guys. so i pretendedsed to eat and try to videotape what i could. steve: it must have been terrifying though because you know that when you lock eyes with somebody who is breaking the law, they are thinking what should i do about that person who seen me commit this crime right here? can right, like i said, i had to play it off and go with the other individuals in the parking lot. kind of smile at them and pretend not to look.
3:34 am
not to look their way and eat my food. you know. you were just there eating your fries. you called the police and they never showed up. what is going on in your town? >> correct. i think it has to do with the movement of defunding the police. i know technically we did not defund the police in minneapolis. i would argue that we have dismantled them. we have hard time hiring. just this past monday we had a police chief retire. we had our 94th homicide. it will criminals are emboldened. that's what we have been dealing with two years now just steady crime wave on a normal day-to-day basis. it's the routine. steve: just how brazen it is, you know, once upon a time criminals would a little more discreet but now it's all out in the public. you talked to people in your town, are they freaked out? anybody thinking about, you know, i love the twin cities but maybe it's time to go to florida? >> the area has changed so
3:35 am
dramatically. it's unpredictable. i know residents even in the suburbs they feel vulnerable. a lot of the crime has recently in the last couple of months gone into the suburbs, with car chases, pursuits and a lot of times police are calling off the puffer suits because there is so much happening and shortages. people are not, you know, they are feeling vulnerable. steve: well, we thank you very much for sharing your images with us. they are jaw-dropping. rebecca bran none, an independent photo journalist. >> thank you. steve: rebecca, thank you. long time new yorker friend of this show packing up and moving to florida. karol markowicz spells out the reasons behind her big move. she's coming up next. ♪
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♪ ♪ experience the power of sanctuary at the lincoln wish list event. there is so many things going wrong in new york city right now. the key thing to me we have put kids last throughout the pandemic and continue to do that
3:41 am
today. it's a city that really treats kids like an after thought. i have to get my kids out of that we can't stay. brian: you have three kids in school and you are seeing them in masks every day. you feel you thought this was going to end. it doesn't. they don't seem to care. european cities and countries they don't have their. they know kids in masks is stupid. so, now, you are seeing a delay in your kids' development. >> yeah. so my 6-year-old has been in masks his entire school and career so far. he is in first grade. is he not reading yet. i wrote about him this week. my other kids reading quite early very veracious readers. i see a change. i really do see it's because of the masking. is he a shy kid. he doesn't repeat himself. he stunt is enunciate very well. it's a giant issue. the fact that we ignore this is going to be a problem is a problem to me. like the pretense in a year we
3:42 am
are not going to accept these masks cause actual problems for these kids is ridiculous there is a reason why you exhale expel now it's going back in your face, 33,000 new yorkers have moved to florida over the last 10 months you are now one of them. was it hard finding housing? what was it like when you went down? i hear real estate is through the roof now. >> yeah. i mean, real estate is on fire there. we are heading in a few weeks but we haven't quite left yet but we have already secured housing down there and, yeah, it's extremely popular. and it makes sense because it's a place where if you want your family to have 2019 normalcy, ron desantis is there to ensure that you do. i keep saying it's not about one individual leader. although he sets the tone for the state.
3:43 am
but it's floridians have decided they want their normal lives. they are not going to stay suspended in this masking theater. they are not going to stay suspended in this covid restriction theater and they are going to move on with their lives and ron desantis is there to guide them through it. we want to be a part of that. brian: think about what your governor just did, or the governor of new york just did. hearing about a variant in south africa she immediately stopped elective surgeries and called it an emergency situation. again, everyone's life grinds to a halt in some way, shame, or form. >> right. brian: you are fired as a healthcare worker unless you are double vaccinated as a cop, soon-to-be as a firefighter and now yesterday, two days ago you hear about this massive private industry get vaccinated or be fined as a company. >> that's right. and, you know, you have this governor and i keep referring to her as a geriatric governor going around the state. she is never in a mask. never. my 6-year-old in a mask from morning until the end of the school day. he gets to take it off for 20 minutes for lunch and that's it.
3:44 am
even outdoors during recess. i know people across the country listening to this right now thinking they still wear masks outdoors. yes, my kids have to wear masks outdoors even today december 2021. and our governor doesn't. she has these lofty ideas but she doesn't live by any of them. brian: absolutely. karol, a lot of people really struck by your column when the new york columnist says i'm leaving new york and still write for the paper and your company supports you, you know how desperate things are it's being a parent first karol markowicz thank you so much. >> thank you so much. brian: we will still have you on even from florida. i like to toss to carley shimkus who is still in new york. carley: that's right. sure am, brian. good morning to you. stunning video shows men wearing police style gear robbing a los angeles homeowner. they reportedly followed home as crime surges in california. also a security guard is blasted with bear spray in a spate of
3:45 am
smash and grab robberies continue to target retailers across the safety one criminal in san francisco bragging about how ineffective antitheft measures have been. listen to this. >> i think that they are not very good because i have personally been able to from here with relative ease. >> are you kidding me? san francisco reporting 600 commercial burglaries this year areason. fired cnn anchor chris cuomo will not receive severance according to the network's president jeff zucker who told witness he wishes he had acted to suspend cuomo earlier when the governor's scandal first came to light. the new york reports already hired lawyers and going to sue over the $18 million left on four year contract. meanwhile, harper collins has canceled releasing a new book by the former host. the book called deep denial was
3:46 am
supposed to be released in october kyle rittenhouse responds after nba star lebron james mocked his emotional testimony in court lebron james tweeting last month what tears? i don't see one. man, knock it off. that boy ate some lemon heads before walking into court. rittenhouse saying this listen. >> you were a lakers fan before he said that. >> i liked lebron and then i'm like you know what? [bleep] >> rittenhouse went on to say despite the hurtful comments, he does not plan to sue. australia joining the u.s. in diplomatically boycotting the beijing olympics. the decision comes as mounting concerns grow over the disappearance of chinese tennis star. foreign ministry spokesman the u.s. will pay a prize for wrong practices. immediately to will also not send diplomats to the games. the country, however, pointing to the pandemic as a primary
3:47 am
concern. brian, over to you. brian: carley, if you don't mind, i would like to check in with janice dean. janice: i always love it when you introduce me, brian, so thank you for that i take this okay 8 degrees in fargo, 26 in chicago. you know what? a warm-up is on the way for the central u.s. we will break records again, my friends. look at that from dallas all the way up to the midwest, crazy time. let's look at it. 90 in laredo today. holy moly that's for thursday. an anglo 80 degrees. what is happening? there your forecast today. we will get those warm temperatures moving northward and eventually eastward we could set some records this weekend for new york city. that coastal low is moving offshore not going to be a big deal. the west coast more big weather on the way with over a foot of snow in some of these areas from the syria, nevada through the intermountain west and colorado rockies this will be great news for skiers and of course that snow back does help with the drought as well. brian kilmeade, back to you.
3:48 am
i know you have some book dates coming up. brian: write this down, janice i need you to follow me. fort worth, texas on thursday. and american gardens. people telling you it's sold out it's not go. to brian tyler, texas i will do that at noon. long view the same day on december 10th. long view mall. i'm going to do some shopping. tulsa, oklahoma, oklahoma a great affiliate out there krng. book as million and over to oklahoma city. it's not that far and full circle bookstore. president and the freedom fighter is doing great. abraham lincoln and frederick douglass in their battle to save america's soul. it was great seeing everyone yesterday right after work. at schools grapple with nationwide staffing shortage one principal is stepping in to help in the classroom cafeteria even as a janitor. that's whats it comes to. that's coming up next. ♪
3:49 am
3:50 am
3:51 am
3:52 am
3:53 am
30,000 school staffers resign september alone. forcing some district to take pretty desperate measures. next guest principal filling in where needed. serving food, vacuuming the hallways and even cleaning the restrooms. the school principal joins us along with school literacy specialist. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> joseph, i will start with you, because you are the principal and now you are cleaning bathrooms and vacuuming the hallways, you are teaching class. what is the reason for this? what are all your additional jobs and why? >> our job is to become the instructor leaders of the school building. make sure our teachers are able to teach at high level of instruction. when we are short of substitute
3:54 am
teachers, short-staffed with support staff, custodial, my job is it just to step in when needed. so some of the things i have done is just as you mentioned, i have vacuumed hallways after school. before school. on the weekend. i have helped out in the calf fear i can't, i substitute taught quite a few times. different grade levels. i have taken out trash. usually we do it after school. or even on the weekends when there is nobody around and but, you know, at school we have accepted this mindset is all hands on deck. wherever there are holes are. whoever is available fills in for that particular task. ainsley: god bless you. i hate the phrase it's not my job. i think you are an amazing person for taking on the task of other professions jewels so you can keep these kids in school and you have their, you know, their best interest in mind.
3:55 am
you are a literacy and language intervention specialists. my teachers at daughter's school say this is the worst they have seen in 25 years because we have all been on zoom are you seeing that it's hard to teach these kids how the to read, literacy, language? >> yes, i am. because our students lost their foundational skills. if they were a kindergarten coming into first grade this year they lost a lot of foundational because they need to be successful in first grade and going into second grade. they lois a lot of the foundational part because distance education and learning virtually looking into a computer screen for four and five, six hours a day, it was hard on our elementary school students. ainsley: custodial assistants $13 family dollar pays $18 per hour hour. we have 30,000 tea parties that resigned in september. is that the reach?
3:56 am
is it the low pay? one of the reasons. a lot of variables in play here. mainly the pay, yes. i don't have any power. i have not in the collective bargaining table negotiating for salaries, what i can do is somehow make your job a little bit more easier if you will. if you want to call that easier and make sure that they're coming to work happy and comfortable. a few of them have issues at home, family taking care of kids sick, family members sick. i tell them take care of your family and we will take care of your kids in school. ainsley: you are heroes and i know you are tired. god bless you. keep going fight the fight for those kids. >> thank you. ainsley: more "fox & friends" coming up.
3:57 am
3:58 am
3:59 am
4:00 am
♪ >> president biden threatening sanctions against russia i would be more impressed if we were arguing continue aggressive democrats down playing the crime surge. >> we are seeing a lot of these allegations of organized are not actually panning out. >> we don't agree it's a serious concern. >> the border crisis taking a brand new toll on arizona thousands of migrants illegally entering daily. >> as things stand right now, this crisis will not be resolved as long as joe biden is our president.
4:01 am
>> kyle rittenhouse breaking silence after nba star lebron james mocked emotional testimony. >> i was really pissed off because i like lebron i'm like you know what? [bleep] him. >> thank you for being a friend. >> golden girls there is a convention that is being announced for 2022. it's a three-day event being called golden con. ♪ ♪ brian normally we start off over the last i guess two and a half weeks qui are have been talking about fox square building up the christmas tree songs walk by a real tourist attraction. this happened last night shannon bream was on the air when she was able to take this shot sadly and this is real. that is our christmas tree that went up in flames. ainsley: someone came in set it on fire. brian: someone in with paper and went into the tree and lit the whole thing on fire in a matter
4:02 am
of seconds. mike, one of our security guys tackled him to the ground. the cops came from everywhere. our security guys are fantastic. they were able to jump right on him. a lot of retired detectives. in come the fire department. in came the police through the night. arson investigators but, this is beyond tragic and angers everywhere. and that smoke by the way filled up our entire lobby. ainsley: so sad. steve: we officially lit the christmas tree. there is santa. lawrence jones is going to be joining us shortly. he was there for the lighting. ultimately it comes down to, what kind of a person lights a christmas tree on fire. apparently he climbed up according to some of the eyewitness accounts, that we have heard. haven't seen the police report yet. apparently the guy is still being interviewed by the arson squad, beginning to look a lot like arson. he climbed up about halfway up because there is a metal super structure underneath it, he had a bunch of newspapers under his arm, lit them on fire and then
4:03 am
went down and watched it burn. ainsley: don't worry, don't worry. do not be deterred. we will not be. we are going to rebuild it and we are going to build it back better. steve: the christmas tree, the holiday tree here in the square is a symbol to so many people in so many different ways. it's symbolic that we rebuild. look, that was a one of a kind tree. we don't know exactly what tree is going to be out there. but there's going to be another tree pretty quick. and right now we -- you know, we do have to thank the fire department of new york and the police department and our security, they did a fantastic job. brian: right. steve: we will have a christmas tree in front of this building as soon as we possibly can. ainsley: this is vandalism. fox it to pay for this tree. fox it to put all the ornaments on it fox gives so much joy to all of you when you come to new york and you see it or when you see it on tv or you walk into the building or you are walking around the building and you hear the might have been. and someone did this to spoil
4:04 am
our christmas. but that's not going to happen this scrooge is not going to get away with it. brian: i get it nbc around forever. every year the christmas tree has been around since tv was black and white. i understand that. over the last few years this has become a huge tourist attraction. ainsley: it has been. brian: stay a little bit later the last few weeks i can't believe the size of the crowds. >> music is attraction. people want to get their picture taken in front of it. this is part of the bigger problem. crime surge in this country. i'm just going through taking notes to think what are we going to do on crime today from chicago to philadelphia to los angeles, to san francisco, to beverly hills on down. there is so much crime in places that were always safe including 48th and sixth here. this is emblematic of the city out of control. defame and defund the police and this bail reform that has these men and women, these assailants, these suspects out before they even can finish off the paperwork. this is what you get if you have
4:05 am
these left wing d.a.s and officials runs these major cities. you get chaos. steve: just when you thought it couldn't get any worse, somebody burns down a christmas tree. ainsley: just listen to that. steve: perfect transition what we are talking about. ainsley: crime is surging out of control in these big cities all across the country because of the failed soft on crime policies. steve: one city leader in a very blue city placing the blame on the retailers. she is blaming the retailers who are actually the victims. brian: griff jenkins joins us live as the white house publicly breaks with progressives over their responses to the crime uptick. frame it out for us, griff. griff: that's right, brian, ainsley and steve. good morning. the white house is starting to distance itself from progressive democrats who have been down playing the crime spree of smash and grabs across the country.
4:06 am
the progressives, including alexandria ocasio-cortez who, if you remember first, was saying it wasn't organized and then now chicago's mayor lori lightfoot blaming literally as you mentioned, steve, the retailers, watch. >> a lot of these allegations of organized retail thefts are not actually panning out. >> i believe it's a walgreen's in california cited it what their data didn't back it up. >> . so retacialsz downtown in michigan avenue i will tell you, i'm disappointed that they are not doing more to take safety and make it a priority. for example, we still have retailers that won't institute plans like having security officers in their stores, making sure that they have got cameras that are actually operational. griff: when asked about those comments yesterday press secretary jen psaki previously blamed the crisis on the pandemic starting to sing a different tune. >> does the president believe that organized retail theft is really happening and should it
4:07 am
be on the stores themselves to take action to prevent it. >> well, we don't agree. retailers state and local leaders gavin newsom have identified this as a serious concern. we agree. >> meanwhile crime is spiraling out of control in california. the oakland city council voting to police standoffing to combat the rising crime after voting to cut the police budget by 18 million just a month ago. and check this out. in san francisco, a brazen shoplifter says he is having no problem grabbing anything he wants because retailers aren't stopping him. >> i think they are not very good because i personally have been able to shoplift from here with relative ease. >> meanwhile, the president's poll numbers continuing to take a hit in a new "wall street journal" poll just 27% of americans believe the country is headed in the right directions. the president will head to kansas city today where he will
4:08 am
continue to sell his infrastructure package, brianly ainsley, steve? steve: griff, you just mentioned the president's overall job approval and that we are heading in the ditch according to the public perception. but, when you look at, you know, you brought up the fact that jen psaki last week, essentially blamed the smash and grab stuff on the pandemic, and then she walked it back the next day, when it comes to crime, and when it comes to inflation, those are two things that impact people on a daily basis and the president's poll numbers are heading south on both of them. griff: well, that's right. and in that "wall street journal" poll, is he just 41% approval rating. and i think there is a sense that the white house that they have got to find places that they can begin to pick things up by not the president out on the road to sell his infrastructures package but perhaps also changing their tune. brian: policies. griff: on the crime spree which is delivering an episode every single day as you mentioned the
4:09 am
tree there in fox square as well as that bray zen shoplifter we just showed from san francisco. brian: thank you so much, griff, appreciate it pretty amazing. what did aoc think when we showed the footage over and over again of the smash and grab organized. the smash goes in, pull out the high end apparel. do they think they are some of the eenacters that joined kamala harris during her space kids program? what does she think this is? ainsley: what about lori lightfoot. brian: blaming lack of investment in security in stores. ainsley: even if you have security in store, they know they can't go after criminals for stealing goods. they have to stand there and watch it. and take it. it's not their faulted. and then she said they need to have security cameras up. really? what if louis vitton who lost, what, $120,000, what if they will send that security camera video to her? do you think she would do anything? steve: apparently some cameras
4:10 am
somewhere we don't know because she was vague about it some video camera was not recording. the nerve to say they need to have more security. the taxes in chicago are really high to help pay for the police to guard the building. and it's not just the outside of the building, it's the inside of the building. she is suggesting these private retailers they need to take some of the money and they need to put guards inside. however, in chicago, and i'm unfamiliar exactly with the rules there but i'm sure that a lot of them like that private security guy right there. who looks like he just got. >> maced bear spray or something. >> they are not allowed to carry guns. that's why we were telling you last week about how certain localities they have started to hire off duty sheriff as officers and police officers so they can stand inside the stores. we are talking about california. brian: shoot them? >> no. simply to see a guy with a gun. it's deterrent. because you can't use -- you
4:11 am
can't use force over a property crime. brian: that only helps marginally. if you have 100 people run in the front door, even with a cop in w. a gun they are going to come in and loot and take up to $1,000. steve: the larger point is the retailers have got to take money out of their pocket to provide for security, which should be provided by the high taxes they pay. instead the cops know that, you know, why crack down on these people because we know with the no bail stuff they will be out in no time. that's pot dispensary completely unloaded. brian: legalize pot and they steal the legal pot. fantastic. most of these major cities, very liberal d.a.s are the ground to create loot of this anarchy and chaos in the streets. i think it's fascinating to see the administration turn on the squad. because if you have cori bush right now. ask her. she will defund the police in a second.
4:12 am
aoc put a mic in front of her face it's not a big deal. these smash and grabs aren't organized. that's your party. larry krasner the attorney general, the d.a. over in philadelphia. comes out and says this is not a big deal. this is not a lot of crime. not a big spike in violent crime. lawlessness does not exist. michael nutter, the former mayor and a democrat says it tanks audacity and ignorance and white privilege to say that now monday night 520 souls van distinguished monday derderian in our city and saying the blowed is on his hand this is democrat against democrat. ainsley: steve interviewed rebecca brannon earlier. she is in los angeles sitting in her car eating her food. steve: she tracks crime. ainsley: watching these guys break into cars. steve: brazenly. ainsley: other people are watching and the guys are doing it and they don't even care who is watching. this is the in the middle of a town. there is a restaurant behind
4:13 am
them it looks like. steve: absolutely. it's minneapolis it goes to show you how far things have devolved there. brian: reimagine the police. ainsley: defund them, right? steve: can you see somebody get out a long rifle which she described as an assaulted weapon. ainsley: where is that we saw it in the video? steve: we saw it a minute ago. shoots it in the air. this is a town she loves. people love minneapolis but it's hard to love that town these days when it has devolved into such bad way. here she is. i just put the vehicle in park my brain said is that a gun. no sooner than two seconds happened so fast he shot it in the air. i incontinuingively grabbed my phone. i knew i had to play cool i had already made eye contact with these guys in the parking lot when i pulled around. i had to pretend i was eating that i was actually cool with it i think it has to do with the movement of defunding the police
4:14 am
and i know technically we do not defund the police in meamtion. i would argue that we have dismantled them. officers are demoralized. criminals are emboldened. this is what we have been dealing with two years now. just steady crime wave. steve: and there had to be a moment of absolute terror in her heart when she realized that she is sitting in the car at mcdonald's eating her fries and the guys with the guns see her sitting there and she is taping it. and they meet eyes and she just pretends she is just eating and nothing else. and they leave her alone. thank goodness. ainsley: that's how far we have come. like the criminals used to care if you were taping them or if you are watching them do this. now they don't care. brian: right. now, in portland yesterday, the police responding to priority one and priority two calls there are incidents in which a life may be in immediate danger. that's the only way they will come in. new york city, did you see this? a homeless man, in new york city charged with beating a man subsequently set free on bail and then beat up two women in
4:15 am
unprovoked attacks yesterday happened again. how is that no cash bail thing working out in new york? it's not a earth that of democrat or republican. it is right and wrong situation has never been clearer how much more are we going to take as a country and set to. forget the ds and rs. democrats have to stand up to their left wing. ainsley: not going to do that that's why everyone is moving to red states. brian: jen psaki, the former democratic mayor of philadelphia do it. i think there is going to be eric adams my fingers are crossed. ainsley: hopefully. brian: else is a democrat. is he a common sense democrat is he running at. people like carol ford out there that are embarrassed, i believe, by some of these left wingers. steve: that is why the white house is distancing themselves from people who talk about defunding the police, about lori lightfoot saying they needed
4:16 am
more security and apartment oc saying what smash and grab? the white house is saying it is a problem very telling that it is democrats calling other democrats on what they're using. ainsley: we do these stories every day of minneapolis, of san francisco, of lank, of new york, this is personal to you two at home now. >> the fox christmas tree vandalized. arson. steve: arson, burned down. ainsley: personal to you, personal to us. this is an american icon this sour christmas tree. something setting fire to it. what is happening to our country. it's so terrifying as a mother. and someone who loves this country and loves the re, white, and blue, what is happening? steve: not just about property or stuff. it's about safety and ultimately that -- every person in america needs to worry about their personal safety. ainsley: it's about us going out on the plaza. it's about safety for us. >> this is a public street, this is avenue of the americas, american flags everywhere. central park. it's christmas time. there is rockefeller center.
4:17 am
steve: avenue of the americas. such a symbol and the symbol went up in smoke last night. ainsley: correct. really disheartening. brian: you look at philadelphia, los angeles, and san francisco. what do they have in common? they have d.a.s that are absolutely in denial about what is happening. they got elected in that spot. actually fueled by george soros and company. there is no election too small for you to pay attention to from school board on down. that's one of the theories and one of the themes right now. ainsley: in minneapolis, that woman who recorded it, she said it took cops an hour to get there because i i guess when you call 911 there they defunded and defunded whatever they have done. the cops, they don't have the manpower. here on the plaza, they t the guy. brian: our guys tackled the guy. ainsley: they did. steve: woman in minneapolis called the police. the police never came. brian: that's when you reimagine the police. imagine that they are there because they are not. 17 minutes after the hour.
4:18 am
hey, carley. carley: i'm sure that people living in rural areas have never felt smarter, right? brian: right. carley: they feel safe. brian: run for the open field. carley: the principal of oxford high school in michigan says the campus will remain closed into january. students, teachers and staff taking time to mourn after four students were killed in a shooting on campus. the parents of suspected shooter ethan crumbley are hiring the same private attorney who defenderred convicted gymnast doctor larry nassar while their son ethan is relying on a public defender. apple air tags meant to find lost tech are being used in carjackings steal them. officers in canada say they have investigated five incidents since september. thieves are hiding the tags underneath cars and behind
4:19 am
covers. wow. will a mom in california in exchange for pizza at school. she says her son came home with a vaccine card. she told the local outlet, quote it hurt to know he got a shot without my permission without know, without signing any papers for him to get the shot. the l.a. unified school district did not respond to fox digital's request for comment. listen to this: oklahoma state senator bill coleman is working to dedicate just three inches of a highway to former oklahoma university football coach lincoln reilly. this jab is in response to reilly leaving the sooners high and dry last month after five seasons usc trojans. coleman plans to plan to pay for the highway high jinx himself. he wants to dedicate the last three inches of that road as a jab saying last inches of leaving the highway. he also left the team as well,
4:20 am
guys. brian: mass exodus of football coaches at the end of the season including notre dame. it's crazy. we will discuss that. carley: my thoughts exactly. brian: that's who i talk sports with now. ainsley: sports girl. she is nice, adorable and beautiful and tall. and perfect. and she talks sports. she is married though. she is married. she is already taken. brian: you know you are saying all of that out loud. ainsley: i love her. carley: i love you, too. brian: okay you two. more than a is hundred l.a. firefighters on leave and could lose their job because of the city's vaccine mandate. how will this effect the department when the department is already severely under staffed? ♪ note it's my woke-up-like-this migraine medicine. it's ubrelvy. one dose can quickly stop my migraine in its tracks within 2 hours.
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♪ brian the battle againsts vaccine mandates is heating up. not just in the courts but in real life. with 8008 los angeles firefighters now on unpaid leave for refusing to get the vaccine. if they don't comply by decembee fired. isn't that a nice christmas present. our next guest says the department is already short 300 people and can't afford to lose even one more firefighter. the president of the unite the firefighters of new york city freddy escobar joins you now. how does it come to this? >> well, we got to this point the city imposed last best and final offer to all city employees and essentially said the mandate is on. and, unfortunately, they walked away from the table. we have been trying to fight
4:26 am
this legally and we are coming to the head december 18th on it. brian: so you have 83% are vaccinated. so the small number is not. and imagine within that small number there is a lot with the antibodies and right now you guys have a situation where you test if you are not vaccinated. why can't that continue? >> that's a great question that's what we are asking. that's what we're asking for. a lot of the residents of los angeles don't realize we don't have that option to test the last, best and final offer from the city was a mandate by december 18th now. they pushed the date back. we are coming to head on that. and what we're asking for is simply the governors of california's ordinance. that's to either be vaccinated or have a testing option. brian: here is a statement from the los angeles fire department you represent. lapd ensure staffing ambulances and fire trucks are ready to respond times. we accomplish daily staffs with
4:27 am
assigned 24 hour shift. supplemented with firefighters working overtime it seems to go on deaf ears even though you have a union. why don't people bring a human element to this? >> another great question and, again, that's what we are asking all we are asking for the members, the brothers and sister that's represent in the city of los angeles want to work. i'm vaccinated over 83% the members i represent as you stated are vaccinated and for the members that choose not to for medical, religious or practical reasons, whatever they may be, i respect but to have termination on the table for the members that were there for the residents of los angeles 20 months ago when they exposed themselves to unknown health conditions is simply, practically, ethical morally
4:28 am
wrong. it has to be another. >> firefighter and e.m.t. comes in not vaccinated and they have the virus. they could get everybody in that house sick. what do you say to that? >> well, i could tell you that there is no nexus to one instance that lafd has transmitted to any residents. we wear ppes, masks, goings, some form of out irprotection. we are safe not only at the residence when we call 911 but also at the firehouse. we have a very, very robust protection system that we have to wear. brian: cops have to deal with the same thing, right? are they looking at being fired as well? >> yes, our police officers, first responders, all city employees in the city of los angeles and practically it's wrong and also a play on words. the city of los angeles saying hey, we're not closing any fire station. well, they are absolutely correct. they north closing any fire stations but we have companies
4:29 am
close on a daily basis. we have ambulance close, fire engine close, trucks close, they are running short. it's a play on words. there are apparatuses, the city of los angeles is getting less service. brian: yeah, when you call 911 and no fire truck there or blabs in front of your house, you know exactly who to blame a governor who is now going on a book tour rather than want to stick around and deal with smash and grabs and firefighters who just want to be able to work and save people's lives. unbelievable. freddy, thanks so much. sorry you are going through this. freddy escobar lafd captain, 32 year veteran who by the way is vaccinated but in 83% are. but they just can't find a way through this. thanks, freddy. >> thank you. thank you very much for your time. brian: you got it yesterday we asked former states department spokesperson morgan ortagus what he said on phone call with vladimir putin. did the president meet those standards?
4:30 am
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about america's leverages. listen. >> the fact is that gas is not currently flowing through the nord stream 2 pipeline. which means that it's not operating. which means that it's not leverage for putin. indeed, it is leverage for the west because if vladimir putin wants to see gas flow through that pipeline, he may not want to take the risk of invading ukraine. brian: right, former state department spokesperson more gang ortegas here to contract. that's an interesting take. steve: good morning. >> yeah. brian: once they finish it they have leverage over all their customers. morgan, how did he do yesterday? >> let me just say that first of all jake sullivan, the national security adviser is not the 42-year-old wonder boy that the
4:35 am
mainstream media sold him out to be that's moronic. right? our leverage on nord stream 2 is before its built. not afterwards our leverage that president biden could have come to the meeting with yesterday are the new start treaty, they just automatically ratify when biden came into office. we were trying to he renegotiate it under the trump administration under nomp. why does all of this matter? let me set the staining when these meetings happen. come to the table and know biden and putin are not going to agree on ukraine. you also look for areas where you do we agree can we work on iran together in the readout they talked about that. what happened behind the scenes really what is said in that room to me is almost inconsequential. we talked about this yesterday, brian. what matters is does putin believe anything that's coming out of president biden's mouth? does he think that there is teeth behind the threat of economic sanctions? and it's hard to trust and
4:36 am
believe the president on ukraine when his national security adviser reportedly held up aid earlier this year. it's hard to believe what's coming out of president biden's mouth when these are the same people that putin dealt with in 2014 whenever he invaded crimea and everyone said really strong words. and issued really intense tweets. but really nothing else happened. steve: sure, you know, leverage. the thing about nord stream 2 the pipeline, that's going to be a lot of money in putin's pocket. and apparently on capitol hill yesterday. behind closed doors, lawmakers were told that the german government, which we have been in alliance with. told the russians if you invade, we will pull the plug on the nord stream 2. russian media apparently says that the nord stream 2 never came up in the conversation with putin. you know, once again, that's our leverage. and president biden didn't bring it up. just like when he sat down for
4:37 am
the video stream with president xi, he never talked about the origins of covid. and he never talked about an olympics boycott over their human rights abuses. it seems like when they are face to face and it's a really tough conversation, this president leaves the really tough stuff out of the talking. >> well, first, let me say that we can't trust anything that comes out of the russian media. they are just state propagandists. and they are a joke. so who knows if that's true or not. i doubt it. but, let me also say i don't think we really got an explanation of why this is a video call. and why does that matter? these little nuances that i bring up things like for the fact that president biden hasn't spoken to zalinsky the president of ukraine or are hasn't met with him in person or done a video call in few months. why do all these little things matter in diplomacy? it matters because one-on-one meetings are incredibly important for leader to leader. there is only so much that you can get accomplished.
4:38 am
right? we all hate zoom. i hate being in this slap and not being on set with you guys. that's what we have to do in a post covid world. in diplomacy, whenever you are trying to resolve incredibly intense situations, you have got have leaders in the room. i don't know why they are not in the room. i think that really matters. things like not talking to the ukrainian president for the past few months, putin knows that, right? putin knows whenever you start to threaten about ukraine, is he thinking well you could have had a call with him last week before you met me but you didn't. ainsley: yesterday you said every russian soldier who crosses the ukrainian border will come back in a body bag, we will sanction will each american company you hack and don't think about killing the russian opposition leader. morgan, thank you so much. those are great points. hopefully he will stick to that but we are not sure if he is tough enough. >> thank you. ainsley: jussie smollett gets testy. the line of questioning that made him snap. brian: lawrence jones sounds off with a crime wave hitting home this morning.
4:39 am
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presume brian welcome back closing arguments set to begin today at the trial. the former empire actor taking the stand for a second day. indicating his claims of a victim of a real hate crime. what smollett said on the stand yesterday. todd? >> brian, jussie smollett getting combative with prosecutor text messages orchestrating. losing his cool when special prosecutor dan webb red aloud one of the actor's messages that included a derogatory term smollett saying can you just spell the word or not say it out of respect for every african-american in this room. apologized and had the actor read the messages instead. the judge telling smollett to quote just answer his questions without arguing. prosecutors say smollett was alerting this the brothers that his plane into chicago was delayed so they could better
4:44 am
time out the attack while the defense says smollett was just letting them know he would be late for a workout. smollett called the brothers liars after they testified they were paid by smollett to stage the attack closing arguments for both sides set to begin later this morning. the jury could get the case as soon as today. smollett facing six felony counts of disorderly conduct for lying to police and could face up to three years in jail if is he convicted. an for a second night in a row, cnn host don lemon failing to address his connection to the high profile trial. smollett revealing that lemon texted him allegedly relaying information that police did not believe smollett's account of what happened. brian, back to you. brian: all right. thanks so much. let's go downstairs to steve. steve: thank you, brian. this morning, a suspect it is in custody. look at these images. he is accused of torching our all-american christmas tree shortly after midnight right in front of our fox news world headquarters. it happened last night just days after we joined our next guest for the special tree lighting.
4:45 am
"fox & friends" enterprise reporter lawrence jones seen right there lighting the tree. last night somebody else lit the tree. it's terrible. >> it's terrible, i mean, come on, this is new york city. this is philadelphia, this is atlanta, this is every progressive city in the country, and it's even spill out to the suburbs now as well. i mean, many people were saying could it get any worse? well, yeah it's going to continue to get worse until they stop defunding the police and until they stop having these progressive district attorneys, these liberal judges that believe that everyone should be back on the street. these liberal police chiefs. they will support their men and women in blue. everybody wants justice right now. we have had that conversation. we've will continue to have those conversations when they arise. just allowing people to get away anything. this guy has a rap sheet and we don't know his motivations or anything like that. but, what motivation do you need but a criminal wanted to commit
4:46 am
arson. steve: what kind of person tries to burn down a christmas tree. a christmas tree is a symbol to so many people around the world for different reasons. it's symbolic. we are on the avenues of the america. we had the biggest christmas tree on avenue of the americas. we are trying to figure out how to bring back another christmas tree as soon as possible because it is a symbol. last night it became a symbol of the safety issue in new york. it will become a symbol of the season once again because, lawrence, we are bringing it back. we will not be deterred by a guy with a lighter. lawrence: we won't. christmas is my favorite holiday. what about all the communities and all the people that can't build back? i mean, there are many towns that have had their entire block torched on fire. what about the loved ones of the people that are being shot and killed. they can't bring those people back. i know some people would like to
4:47 am
simplify this to just a christmas tree. this is crime, being allowed in one of the largest city in the country, and there's a lot of folks, especially in police forces that are saying you know what? we have got to step back. if we do be proactive then we are going to be the criminals. steve: to your earlier point about there are other people who have been impacted by crime, who cannot build back, we have talked a number of times to business owners, for instance, in kenosha, who were burned out of their businesses, and the democrat leaders from the state and the city came in and they said we are going to help you build back. over a year later, that one day when the tv cameras were there, that was the only day they got any help. they will didn't get any help. lawrence lawrence you had karol on earlier today she is moving because of the mandates happening in the city. at love the people are moving out of the city because of the crime and the fact that they don't feel safe. you know, we are going to build it back. we are going to figure out how
4:48 am
to make it' ha. i don't want to minute be mize this to just simply destroying the christmas spirit or just our tree. steve: it hasn't broken our spirit. lawrence: this is a big issue in this country. steve: all right, lawrence, thank you for joining us live. lawrence: you bet. steve: janice dean joins us right now indoors for the "foxcast." janice: yes. and thanks to all of our brave first responders who put the fire out. let's take a look at it 5 degrees in fargo. 27 in chicago. it's cold but going to warm up over the next couple of days. we are going to set some records here. we do have showers and residual snow from this area of low pressure that started in the southeast not a big deal. the west though, you are going to get socked in with more coastal rain for california and feet of snow for the mountains so this is a good news situation for the skiers and of course building that know pack for the drought situation. this is going to be our big weather maker for the next couple of days and into the weekend. temperatures are going to go up for much of the country.
4:49 am
we are going to set some records here in the northeast for saturday. wow, 70 degrees for parts of virginia and to see the 60's around the new york city area. that's pretty incredible as well for this time of year. steve, back to you. steve all right, janice, thank you very much. 11 minutes now before the top of the hour. straight ahead french president emmanuel macron refusing to surrender to wokeness. his stern response to the eu's effort to cancel christmas. plus, reaction from our friend, author douglas murray, next live from new york city. you get advice like: just stop. go for a run. go for 10 runs! run a marathon. instead, start small. with nicorette. which can lead to something big. start stopping with nicorette. as a dj, i know all about customization. that's why i love liberty mutual. they customize my car insurance, so i only pay for what i need. how about a throwback? ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪
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4:53 am
ainsley: the french president emmanuel macron ripping into the woke european union and the far left push saying, quote, a europe that comes to explain to people what words they should or shouldn't say is not a europe to which i totally adhere. it's nonsense. this comes after the eu was forced to roll back a ban on gendered word such as man-made and ladies and gentlemen and use with phrases like human indued and dear colleagues instead of ladies and gentlemen. the guideline included replacing christmas with holiday season.
4:54 am
douglas murray joins us. what's your opinion. >> not the first time that macron has done something like this. he said earlier this year that it's very important that france and the french republic cut itself off effectively from the worst successes of american woke culture and that's kind of new. there are bad ideas that have come from the past from europe to america that is very significant chunk of european, mainstream politicians like macron, terrible woke ideas going around in america and we have got to cut ourselves from importing them. he said that before prominent figures and he said this before. this is strongest. he's criticizing the european union for imposing the american woke nonsense language. that is new, by the way, one other thing that you need to say, he's in an election season. ainsley: right. >> france in election season at the moment is unlike almost any other country. france, the election is now really the motive is on the right and between the real right
4:55 am
and real conservativeses and real people on the far right. ainsley: when we think europe, we think liberal. >> france is a real exception. the french people in recent years sustained terrorist attack after terrorist attack. they have seen mass migration change the nature of their country. many ways for the worst. there's a lot of security fear in france and -- >> ainsley: lockdowns. >> lockdowns. they've had the huge vaccine suspicion. the french -- the election is really next time between figures of the traditional right and the traditional far right in france. so in that macron, centrist needs to position himself to make sure he doesn't lose that huge chunk of the right which nowadays is majority of the french population. ainsley: do people like him in france? >> we are going to see. he's not loved and define populist if you throw around the
4:56 am
world populist a lot. he was a one-man show. he didn't have a party by the time he got to the presidency last time. he's a very unusual figure, very important figure but definitely not to the right. this is a really interesting intervention because, you know, britain, of course, vote today leave the eu partly because talk-down organization that thinks they can tell us how to speak, tell us how to do everything. we didn't want to be part of it from britain, but across the eu there's always been this issue, for instance, what are the roots of europe, john paul the second raised about the constitution, why doesn't it mention the christian roots of europe, why can't they do that? it's another iteration of that. the eu never wants to admit to own origins and doesn't want to talk about christmas. this is the latest version.
4:57 am
ainsley: thank you.
4:58 am
4:59 am
5:00 am
>> that's a awe of smash and grab robberies continue aggressive, democrats downplaying the crime surge. >> we are seeing a lot of the allegations of organized -- were we don't grew. >> biden vaccine mandate was dealt yet another legal reality check. >> when a federal judge in georgia issued nationwide injunction for federal contract. >> all of the judges are saying that president biden is exceeding his authority. >> president biden threatens various economic penalties if russia takes aggressive action
5:01 am
against ukraine. >> what it said in the room is inconsequential. what matters is does putin believe anything that is coming out of president's mouth. steve: she's moving to florida. >> if you want your family to have normalcy ron desantis is there. ♪ ♪ ♪ ainsley: well just after midnight last night our tree was burned by an arsonist. you can see the metal structure. steve: the skeleton. ainsley: up in flames last night. who could burn a christmas tree? steve: exactly. the christmas tree we just lit it a couple of days ago on fox
5:02 am
square, it's a symbol that so many people around the world and there's the 3, 2, 1 where we lit the tree on sunday night. it is a symbol and here we are on avenue of the americas, the tallest tree of the americas and if you have been watching fox for the 25 years, one guy with the lighter is not going to stop us. we are going to rebuild that tree. we are going to have a new one out there as soon as it's humanly possible because, you know, we -- during the christmas season, it's important to see things like that especially here. ainsley: you can't burn us down. brian: as you see the crowd not only for the lighting but on the daily basis getting bigger and bigger because two blocks away is the tree in rockefeller plaza and this was huge tourist spot and looks like this guy, this
5:03 am
psycho just running into the tree with papers and lit the tree on fire in a matter of minutes one of our guys here tackled him to the ground, word is the guy looked obviously mentally unstable and when they finally got ahold of him, cops were here in seconds, fire department was here right away. and didn't stop the first floor from being overwhelmed with smoke. thank goodness it wasn't close to a building. it's kind of isolated up there but now you have additional security to watch our tree and i'm very curious to see if lawrence schedule is available and everyone is available when we go to light the tree. we will put that on fox nation as well. ainsley: represents symbolism, tradition, you all have one in your house probably. we bring those into our homes to represent the holiday season, to represent christ, represent christmas and it's so fun to decorate them so for someone to burn that down it's
5:04 am
disheartening and so sad, avenue of the americas and the all american christmas tree. steve: we are looking at christmas trees all across america. we can't show you our christmas tree today because it was burned down last night but somebody and we don't know their motivation. but our tree is gone. but the tree meets -- as we look at the important trees in various cities all across the country, you know, tens of thousands of people during the holiday season have come together to stand at the base as the people in their town went 3, 2, 1 and there's our christmas tree before it was -- brian: right. steve: we are going to rebuild that and it's going to be better than ever and mean different because we lost our tree and we are going to have another tree. we are lucky to be able to have a do-over but as lot of people during particularly the seasons don't necessarily always get a do-over but we will. brian: the big picture this is
5:05 am
emblematic of crime hitting place that is you'd never expect. it's hard to believe that other companies aren't saying, we will back off the crowd from trees because it can be your corner, your building, whether it's minnesota or whether it's south carolina, you have security on a tree to make sure because if that's a -- if your tree is real in a crowded area, you can blow -- burn down city blocks but emblematic of a city's -- cities across america, they are out of control from philadelphia to san francisco to waukesha to a parade that's no longer a safe place in the afternoon on a sunday for you to march with your kids of all ages and then you have a situation where da's in los angeles, san francisco and the other places are letting crime get out of control and i find most disturbing, they are not acknowledging it. ainsley: we will build it back and find a way to give back to a charity because we are going the make this a good thing and turn this into a good thing. my parents were here last weekend. my whole family was and we went
5:06 am
to rockefeller center to see the rockets can all the kids and came to fox to see our tree and this is deeply personally to all of us not just the folks that work at fox but it's red, white and blue, it reps the holiday season and we are embracing that right now and we need that so much right now. ainsley: my dad is texting me telling me what he wants to do with the suspect. he wants the guy to be locked up forever. steve: it's not just our tree, it's your tree exactly and it will be back before christmas. in the meantime, talking about this, safety, crime is surging out of control in big cities across america because of in many cases soft on crime policies. brian: democratic city leader placing the blame on the retailers. ainsley: what? griff jenkins joins us as the white house basics over responses of the crime uptick, hey, griff? >> good morning, ainsley, steve and brian, the white house
5:07 am
distancing itself from not just leafs from the northern brawn but also progressive democrats like representative alexandria ocasio-cortez in chicago's mayor lori lightfoot downplaying this smash and grabs denying organization behind it and actually blaming the retailers for getting robbed, watch. >> these allegations of organized retail theft are not actually panning out. i believe it's a walgreens in california cited it but what the data didn't back it up. >> some of retailers and downtown in michigan avenue, i will tell you i'm disappointed that they are not doing more to take safety and make it a priority. for example, we still have retailers that won't institute plans like having security officers in their stores, making sure that they've got cameras that are actually operational. >> when asked about the comments yesterday, press secretary jen
5:08 am
psaki previously blamed the crisis on the pandemic taking a harder stance now. >> does the president believe that organized retail theft is really happening and should it be on the stores themselves to take action to prevent it? >> well, we don't agree. both major retailers as well as state and local leaders like governor newsom have identified this is a serious concern. we agree. griff: crime continues to surge in california just yesterday in san francisco, a braising shoplifters admitting he's having no problems getting what they want because nobody is stopping them. >> they're not very good because i've been able to shoplift with relative ease. griff: the president's poll numbers taking another hit in wall street journal, 27% of the country saying we are headed in the right direction. the president will head to
5:09 am
kansas city, missouri to sell infrastructure package, brian, ainsley and steve. steve: griff, what's the noise at the white house? griff: leaf blowers, quite thorough operation. 3 leaf blowers and john deere tractor, they are doing a great job of that. ainsley: reporters live throughout the day. brian: the suspect is 49 year's old craig that burned town our tree. charged with criminal nuance, endangering others, criminal trespass and disorderly conduct and he's expected to present in court today. two for drug possession and one more public intoxication. ainsley: will he be out tomorrow? brian: maybe now. steve: first he has to appear in court. i heard he was still talking with the arson investigators as a little while ago.
5:10 am
going back to what griff was talking about, it's interesting where some of the democratic politicians are blaming the retailers. you didn't have enough cameras, you didn't have security guys, why don't just blame the retailers for having in the store stuff that people would want to steal ultimately. ainsley: you have nice things, what do you expect, the guys should come in and take your things? brian: so many people leaving major cities especially this one. one of which is -- >> ainsley: everybody is getting fed up. you walk to fox and the tree is burned. blaming retailers. brian: high taxes and you have a situation where you have these oppressive leaders, mayors and governors who just keep clamping down whether they canceling elective surgeries because of a variant that's not a threat here or they continue to get kids out of school and put them in school and make them eat outside and
5:11 am
wear masks all day and carol, fox news contributor, 33,000 new yorkers that has left and gone to florida, here is why? >> there's so many things going wrong in new york city right now but the key thing for me is that we have put kids last throughout the pandemic and we continue to do that today. it's a city that really treats kids like an afterthought and i have to get my kids out of that. we can't stay. if you want your family to have 2019 normalcy, ron desantis is there to ensure that you do. floridans have decided that they want their normal lives. they will not stay suspended in this masking theater and they are going to move on with their lives. steve: sure. one of the things particularly it's hard to work in new york city. i mean, you want to park nearby, it's $50 an hour. if you can get into a garage. the taxes are so high and in many cases, you pay all that money in taxes and in the schools where a lot of people
5:12 am
don't feel comfortable sending kids for public schools for safety and education. when you live in new jersey or connecticut or new york, there are a lot of parents who not only pay the high taxes but then they wind up paying another tax because they wind up not sending their kids to the public schools but they put them in private or parochial schools. if you can get them into a charter school that's one thing. ultimately she's moving to florida because they've got good schools that you pay the high taxes but at the same time the kids can actually go to the public school. ainsley: it's so disheartening because you love the city and the city is almost trying to force -- i love it but it's very hard and expensive to live in and it's almost like they want to push you out, push you away because it is so pricey. you're right, you can't send kids to public school here. you have to send them to private school and most areas it's dangers, crime is through the roof. steve: nice place to visit but a lot of people no longer want to
5:13 am
live here. ainsley: everyone tells me that. brian: if you bring a kid unvaccinated, you will not go to a restaurant. ainsley: you can't take them to go see elmo. steve: that's not a problem in florida. that's why she's going. brian: meanwhile in new york city they are hearing a -- a judge will hear a challenge thankfully to mayor de blasio's effort to force nypd and city workforce get vaccinated or lose their job pending a hearing, keep in mind, they put it off but corrections barely over 50% with shots, they can't lose one correction person let alone lose half of that staff. now the federal -- that is local side. so a judge will hear it but it's not stayed the order yet but my hope is the judge is sane and this is insane and they have to
5:14 am
-- natural immunity and didn't know where the virus was coming from. steve: joe biden administration said all of the employers who are going to have to have employees get vaccinated or testing and stuff like that, yesterday a federal judge blocked the biden vaccine mandate regarding businesses that do business with the federal government. joe biden said, you know, it's one thing for him to say if you work for the federal government you have to get a shot, those people have had to get the shots ultimately but if you're a private business that does business with the federal government, you have to do it like this. he has stopped that. ultimately what has happened is it looks like the biden administration overstepped the law and the courts in various
5:15 am
localities are saying, you overstepped the law, you went too far. this ultimately is going to wiped up before the supreme court but nonetheless it's all on us on localities to try to figure it out. ainsley: the judge is going to hear in the middle of january whether or not they have to have a vaccine and the federal judge blocked the mandate for the contractors. here is freddie escobar, president of the united firefighters of new york city and blasting the governor threatening to fire them, listen. >> we are asking for is simply the governors of california's ordinance that's to either be vaccinated or have a testing option. i'm vaccinated. over 83% of the members that i represent as you stated are vaccinated. and for the member that is choose not to for medical, religious or practical reasons, whatever they may be, i respect but to have termination on the table for the members that were
5:16 am
there for the residents of los angeles 20 months ago when they exposed themselves to unknown health conditions is simply, practically, ethically and morally. ainsley: most expensive restaurant in the country. brian: second democratic senator in the senate obviously. john tester joins joe manchin in joining republicans to vote against the federal mandate on vaccines. now, that will pass the senate. for it to go to the house, i'm not even taking this up, however, if some sane democrats in the house will go ahead and be moderates or the problem solvers that will force her to vote if a majority in the house signed a discharge petition to
5:17 am
require four votes, four or five depending on who is sick or out or absent or retired in between elections you get 4 to 5 and force her to have a vote and return liberty and freedom to the country. ainsley: we know manchin, he's more moderate. tester? brian: more maryland rate. steve: that's in the senate. it would be interesting if it comes up for a vote in the house. i doubt it would because if nancy pelosi does not want to hand the president a loss on his own mandate. ainsley: right. brian: night not be up to her. there's plenty of people bucking the president we know in the house and we know if they step up and sign a petition because they have to look out for themselves. nancy pelosi has 8 months left and going to retire to florida. these people want to keep their jobs. ainsley: you think she's done? brian: i don't see her going to the minorities in her 80's.
5:18 am
ainsley: 25 million. steve: big house. we are not going to florida, we are going to carley. carley: you have update on withdrawal from afghanistan, more than 30,000 afghan refugees are living on 7 military bases in the u.s. 3 months after the botched afghanistan withdrawal. the u.s. airlifted nearly 82,000 afghans out of kabul before the taliban took complete control. so far the u.s. has pledged over $13 billion to refugee settlement efforts. fired cnn anchor chris cuomo will not receive severance according to president jeff zucker who told employees he wished he acted sooner when scandal came to light. cuomo has hired lawyers and preparing to sue over the more than 18 million-dollars left on four-year contract.
5:19 am
meanwhile harpercollins has canceled releasing a new book by the former host. the book called deep denial was supposed to be released in october. kyle rittenhouse responds after nba star lebron james mocked emotional testimony in court. lebron james tweeting last month, quote, what tears, i don't see one, man, knock it off. that boy ate lemon head before walking into court and rittenhouse saying this. >> i was a lakers fan too before he said that. i was really pissed off because i liked lebron and then i'm like -- >> carley, he does not plan to sue lebron. the record-breaking bottle an 1874, fetching $57,000. wine makers say the 147-year-old champagne should be quite tasty but it may not be all that
5:20 am
bubbly anymore. 57,000 bucks for a bottle of champagne. steve: how many glasses can you get out of the bottle? ainsley: champagne glasses are small. steve: i will divide to figure out the cost. carley: say 8. steve: every glass of the champagne will be $7,175. ainsley: turn to europe. one glass to champagne or trip to europe. >> carley: same year new york city annex the bronx. steve: i think it was the button. carley: yes.
5:21 am
ainsley: 5,000 or 7,000 to go to europe but 20,000 to go to disney world. carley: i love disney world. ainsley: the most expensive place on earth. begging president biden to confront the border crisis, bill live from the border with the latest. steve: the song you can't get out of your house, santa has a dirty job coming up.
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>> crisis will not be resolved as long as joe biden is our president. mr. president, do something. ainsley: doug doozy is pleading with the biden administration to do something, to do anything he says about the border crisis. he's sending additional 24 national guard members to the border himself and he says that
5:26 am
the agents are completely overwhelmed. bill live in la joya, texas as the southwest reels from yet another surge in illegal immigration, bill. bill: ainsley, good morning to you. that's exactly right. arizona has been heating up and as usual the activity in the rio grande valley always busy as usual. dhs source telling us yesterday during 24-hour span more than 1,800 apprehensions of illegal immigrants so we will show you that activity. take a look at the wild video by texas dps, a recent human smuggling pursuit that they were involved in in roma, texas an hour away from where we are now. a trooper pursuing a human smuggler who has confirmed gang member inside of her vehicle. what you are going to start seeing here, illegal immigrants will start bailing out of the car while moving, they are jumping out. hit the asphalt and start rolling and they take off into
5:27 am
the night in an effort to get away. texas dps has been involved in more than a thousand pursuits so far this year but what's wild about this one, you will see the driver in an attempt to escape she tries to go back into mexico, you will see her pull up to the port of entry in roma and drive law the barricade and she just disappears off into mexico and disappears into the night, but didn't work out for her, if we can pull up her photo right here. she's an american citizen. she was later arrested when she tried coming back to the united states. she was on supervised release, on parole for human smuggling when this happens. she got arrested coming back into the u.s. and take a look at one of the guys who was in the vehicle with her. this was one of her passengers. take a look at the guy, confirmed member of lo serrenos, most popular street gangs in the united states according to texas dps but a lot of activity.
5:28 am
take a look at the video we shot right here where we are standing. this is a group of a dozen runners who were caught near train tracks right here in la joya train tracks. what happens the people cross the rio grande and they will hide in the brush and the trees and literally run away from law enforcement, speaking of which take a look at this piece of video right here. this is a different area, this was a different runner that they caught. you can see this guy is dressed in camo, all tatted up, they found the guy in middle of residential neighborhood where families live. this is the type of things that happen down here in rio grande valley but you mentioned arizona off the top. let's talk about that for a second. if we can pull up this video, this is yuma, arizona, sunday, there were upwards of 5,000 illegal immigrants who showed up and walked through the border wall there and border patrol there doesn't have a whole lot of infrastructure so they were overwhelmed for quite a bit. there were several thousand immigrants in custody.
5:29 am
there were hundreds of them camping kind of by the border wall, camping waiting to be apprehended and arizona governor doug doozy wasn't happen about it. take a look at his message for president biden. >> mr. president, do something, do anything to show that you care about the safety of americans and the safety of these migrants. bill: pretty startling statistics to share with you. according to dhs source, just in october in the sector more than 105,000 migrants apprehended. that's 165% increase over the same period last year and so far upwards of potentially 10,000 known got aways so far just in this sector since october. ainsley: bill, you've been covering this. those numbers will continue to skyrocket because you can tell governor doozy's comments, the president is not doing anything. he says, mr. president, do
5:30 am
something, do anything, anything is better than nothing. thank you so much, bill. >> thanks. ainsley: they were the heros of the pandemic and now healthcare workers are fighting back against vaccine mandates and we will hear from two medical employees who were fired for not getting the shot even though they have natural immunity and have religious exemption.
5:31 am
>> man: what's my safelite story? my my livelihood. so when my windshield cracked... the experts at safelite autoglass came right to me... with service i could trust. right, girl? >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪
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brian: remember this, they were the heros of the pandemic and jobs of healthcare workers across the country are on line for vaccine mandates. prestigious cancer hospital. here in new york city who were fired despite having natural immunity and religious exemptions. registered nurse anna marie cosma joins with pet technologist marsha bell. you knew you had the virus already and working endless hours through the hard -- the entire pandemic, how did you find out that you were fired? >> well, everybody at memorial needed to be vaccinated according to our policy. it was a mandate on us from the
5:35 am
doh and we -- we had no choice. it was either vaccinate or get terminated. brian: right. marsha, for you same choice and you have a religious exemption. >> i applied for religious exemption. it was never accepted or declined. it was always pending. brian: so what's it been like? >> the date kept changing. it was originally i think september 28th and we were granted injunctive release with temporary restraining order from the court case from northern new york and that bought us a little bit of time and they changed the date and final date was decembe. brian brain all nurses are available, everybody wants to job. how long have you been there, anne? >> over 20 years. brian: helped save countless lives especially during the pandemic. how were you treated in the last few months, where did you eat
5:36 am
lunch? >> well, that's a good lunch. we weren't allowed to eat in designated lunch area. so basically i was going into my car to eat lunch or in a closet where we changed. brien: second-class citizens off over the last few weeks? >> we can't attend live meetings meanwhile employees with medical exceptions following the exact same protocols. brian: how were you fired? >> we were warned if we weren't vaccinated by 5:00 p.m. friday we were going to be terminated. i received a phone mall monday morning. i've been there 5 years. i opened that site in new jersey. brian: you will have to leave the state to get another job. >> i live in new jersey, thankfully i have two job interviews this week. brian: you're the one with the experience. how do you feel about this? >> it's very stressful.
5:37 am
i have anxiety through it and i feel like we've been wronged and we've been unjustly fired from a job where we should still be working. we shouldn't be fired because we didn't vaccinate. it's our human right, it's our right here in the united states that we don't have to vaccinate if we feel we -- it's not fit for us. brian: they were clapping for you as you walked to work in the pandemic and everyone stayed home and where are those crowds now when you don't have a job? >> crickets. >> yeah. not here. brian: so you're not vaccinated. you have the natural immunity and you aren't able to get and ad yens and not have a conversation about it? >> not at all. brian: do you know what you're going to do next? >> well, i might have to leave the state to get another job. i do -- i did get licensed in another state and i might be headed there. brian: wow. like the 33,000 new yorkers
5:38 am
headed to florida. >> exactly. brian: i've known you since maybe fifth grade and unbelievable soccer player from soccer family. it's so unfair. that's what happens in new york. terrible leadership, thank you. >> thank you, brian. brian: ladies, we reached out to memorial like they didn't want to talk to you, they didn't want to talk to us. such a shame, thanks, ladies transgender smashing records after competing as a man. does this seem fair to you? travis will weigh in. ♪ ♪ ♪
5:39 am
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5:42 am
steve: controversy at the university of pennsylvania where a transgender swimmer is smashing records in the u.s. women's competition.
5:43 am
lial thomas who competed as a man as recently as 2018, 38 seconds ahead of closest rival. clay travis joins us now with reaction. where would you like to start with this, clay? >> well, i think it's important to point out that this swimmer was for 3 years a member of the men's swimming team and was down right really good, so this swimmer trained her entire life as male swimmer, dominated and then takes a year off and comes back as a woman swimmer and the ncaa says that's eligible after a full year but clearly when you're winning races by 38 seconds over the person who is in second place, by 15 second.
5:44 am
when you start to look at how dominant the results are, the ncaa issues that that allow this to occur don't seem to be actually reflective and the bigger issue here is it threatens to destroy all of women sports. men, this is not sexism, this is biology, are bigger, stronger and faster than women, that is why we separate men's and women's athletic. if you're going to allow highly trained and highly skilled men to decide to compete against women, the women are not going to win and this is a monster issue that threatens to become major for many other sports as well. steve: briefly, you're a lawyer. i know there were legal challenges in connecticut a year or so ago, the high school level. >> yes. >> steve: are there going to be legal challenges on this? >> that's a great question and the real big challenge associated with that is are any of these women who are attending
5:45 am
ivy league schools that are primarily losing here going to be willing to file a lawsuit or even speak out publicly for fear of what this might mean to academic standing and also to their career future because immediately they'll be branded, you know how this would work by online twitter mob as trance transphobic because i think the majority believe that men should be competing against men and women competing against women and that's the sanctity. steve: -- we have not heard back. >> top stories everywhere and a teaser. i think we may have comments with people affiliated with the ivy league and the university of pennsylvania before all is said
5:46 am
and done because there are many people deeply upset by what is going on as you mentioned steve, 38-second win and also a 15-second win for people who don't pay attention those are seismic differences in terms of first and second place. steve: soon she could break all the records. >> that's right. she could own every single women's record after 3 years and a lifetime as a man, suddenly one year later, the best swimmer of all time. it can happen. steve: more stories to check out in >> thanks a lot, steve, appreciate it. steve: on this wednesday check with jd on the fox cast. >> area of low pressure that's bringing a little bit of snow to the interior snow east. not a big deal, though. scattered storms along the trailing coast and big system moving out west and that's going
5:47 am
to bring quite a bit of snow like the sierra nevada, west and the rockies. this will be our biggest thursday as we get into thursday and friday. record heat with temperatures look at this laredo texas, 90 degrees today. dallas will be 80 on thursday and will flirt with daytime records for san angelo. on monday i went to north bellmar on long island to join tunnel for towers. their toy drive, 15 fdny members, headed to louisiana to deliver supplies in areas hard hit by hurricane ida. i know a lot of the guys retired fdny and the stiller foundation have been doing this since katrina and toys to local school shops, brought their trucks for free, so we love all of the good things that they do at the stiller foundation, this is just one of them is bringing toys to christmas families this year
5:48 am
that won't have much of one because they were devastated by hurricane ida. steve, back to you, my friend. steve: janice, you were at the big gala for tunnel to towers. >> we love them. we love our first responders. steve: we do, indeed, how you can get back down santa has a dirty job. here with top hit. first hit with dana job -- dana got a dirty job. >> i have a job and i'm happy to it. new polls are no bueno for president biden especially with independents, 36% approve, how can the president pull from the nose-dive, two years ago the first reported case of covid-19 was reported in china. pandemic spread from there and we still don't have cooperation from the chinese. senator rand paul will be here with us and 53% of americans choose surge or synagogues preschool for children but did you know that religious preschools would be discriminated against in biden's
5:49 am
build back better bill and suspect arrested for lighting our christmas tree on fire. see you at 9:00. to an unborn b. don't take entresto with an ace inhibitor or aliskiren, or if you've had angioedema with an ace or arb. the most serious side effects are angioedema,
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low blood pressure, kidney problems, or high blood potassium. ask your doctor about entresto. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ experience the power of sanctuary at the lincoln wish list event.
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♪ brian: the chart topping and by downloading santa has a dirty job by john rich and mike row you are giving back to two great causes. ainsley: beating adele, can you believe that? mike row recipients of the scholarship, kelly hudson. steve: we heard the song when we were doing the awards down in florida and we predicted it would be number 1 and congratulations, you've had a story career but now you're number 1 recording artist with john wright. >> it is so weird. john called me, i'm looking at charts, it never happens. [laughter] >> it's always mike row. we've been watching it go up the
5:54 am
charts. we've been raising money for our foundations and honestly it wouldn't happen without the kick in the pants from you. so thank you. brian: we love kicking you in the pants. ainsley: chloe -- >> i was going to reduce course load or renavigate what i was going to do -- >> steve: what were you doing? >> i was working in maintenance in south carolina. i was going to a vocational school for welding and so i was paying for out of pocket, you know, how most people do and it was $758 a month plus everything else i had to pay for. i paid for everything and so they came at a time where i was either going to have to -- put it on the back burner, they paid for an entire semester for me.
5:55 am
i made it through the semester, graduated early, graduated cum laude so i was great, it was wonderful. brian: this way you did it. >> there's a scholarship plan out there for everything from academic, to athletic to artistic but to affirmatively reward work ethic means looking for people like chloe who are willing to go in the direction that they want to go but show up early and stay late and she's an unbelievable welder. i mean, she's the toast of joe gibbs aerospace. >> in my last year of high school i took it just to fill some credit hours for me and fell in love with it. the practicality of it all and it really did turn into an art for me, i well titanium.
5:56 am
steve: i took it in high school. it's good. in case i need to, i can always become a welder. mike, so many people these days are talking about supply chain issues and they need help and stuff like that. ultimately, this is the kind of infrastructure supply chain we need to find more people for. >> it is, and it's also a great example of how there is art in everything and it's so easy to forget that when you talk about the skill trades but chloe first and foremost is an artist and her brush is really hot but she's holding -- she is literal i will providing the connective tissue that's holding civilization together and the way she represents her craft and the way she presents herself and talks about what she loves is important. brian: a couple of things come to mind because there's not enough, you get paid more. number two, do you feel that women should be expose today greater numbers and you could do
5:57 am
something like that by being almost being out there and going to trade shows? >> this was never my goal. i never called myself a trailblazer. i'm not a female welder, i'm a welder. if my competition was other females in the trade there would be known i'm the only female that works and if i'm a conduit for some people to say it's possible and i don't have to change anything about myself i just have to be good at my trade, then wonderful. never a trailblazer but you put me in the spotlight. [laughter] >> first thing she said to me, look, this is not about being the best female welder. >> not at all. >> being the best welder. from my perspective what we try to do at mikerowworks keep people from pursuing the trades,
5:58 am
chloe does not look like your traditional welder. she shatters all of that. brian: i never had a question thoroughly rejected. you had no problem doing it. >> i don't remember what you asked. [laughter] ainsley: is she better than the men? >> yes. ainsley: she is. what's the reaction when you meet guys because that's not what they expect, they don't expect to say i'm a welder? i think it's so cool. >> everybody wants to say that, you know, i'm the dream girl until i'm better at welding and strike down the ego. [laughter] >> and then it goes straight from there and can you fix something for me. steve: we are talking about the competitive nature of it. kind of a little bit of competition, you would like to see 50,000 downloads of the santa has a dirty job because the benefits go to mikerowworks
5:59 am
foundation and folds of honor and when you do that a little bit of every song goes into helping somebody like chloe finish their education. >> it's the simplest -- every year we do something different to try and raise money and this is the simplest thing that we have ever done, a buck 29. the money has a huge impact and the song will stick in your brain like a splinter in your mind. brien: one last thing. i know that you know time, i want you give you time to comment on the christmas tree because it ticked you off. >> my message to that guy goes a little something like this, you're a mean one, grinch. you're a bad banana with greasy black peal.
6:00 am
[applause] >> you're a vile one. certainly 9 verses. brian: dirty job the musical. >> it's coming back, january 2nd, just saying. ainsley: guess what we do when someone burns our tree, we build it back. >> we build it back greener. thanks, guys. merry christmas.


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