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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer Dana Perino  FOX News  December 8, 2021 6:00am-8:00am PST

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certainly 9 verses. brian: dirty job the musical. >> it's coming back, january 2nd, just saying. ainsley: guess what we do when someone burns our tree, we build it back. >> we build it back greener. thanks, guys. merry christmas.
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>> dana: it had 10,000 ornaments and 100,000 lights. you know, because it gets dark around 4:00 or 5:00, when we're sitting on "the five" we can see the tourists and families and workers stopping by to get a photograph in front of this most beautiful tree and then to wake up this morning and find out that happened overnight was devastating but he is caught. 49 years old. >> bill: said to be homeless lived in brooklyn or from brooklyn. we've been doing this free for a couple of years but the best we've ever done it. great music that goes with it. more and more people come every year and love to share it with
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the community and tourists and the people who live in new york to come by check it out. we'll figure a way out of it. >> dana: it will be redone and we'll not be defeated. he will be charged. charges are expected. go to this. inflation an your front doorstep. most americans are pessimistic on the economy and think president biden is the wrong man to right the ship. new survey shows nearly 60% of americans are feeling the strain of rising prices as the white house tries to sell the american people on even more spending. peter doocy is in kansas city where the president will give a speech on infrastructure this afternoon. sure to be a barn burner, peter. >> dana, you look at everything else we've been talking about, crime is threatening big cities. russia is threatening to invade u.k. covid variants are threatening christmas and president biden is coming here to kansas city
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to talk about the infrastructure package on climate change. >> they will also help kansas city's ambition zero missions plan to reduce pollution and provide free public transit. >> turns out that's not what a majority of americans want to hear. 57% polled by the "wall street journal" disapprove of president biden's job right now. only 27% believe the country is headed in the right direction. president biden believes the right direction is a multi-trillion dollar social spending plan. democratic leadership call it build back better. some influential democratic lawmakers don't think the leaders are being honest about what it will really cost >> if you don't intend for it to last what's the cost. we'll either debt finance or come back and change the tax
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code again to try to get the revenue. something has to happen. >> this is the first one of these trips to pitch the infrastructure package that president biden has taken to a state that trump won in 2020. so he has been to a bunch of states that he won and now branching out. dana. >> dana: thank you. >> bill: let's bring in former white house chief of staff reince priebus to talk about this. what do you make of that now today? >> well good morning to you both. sorry about the christmas tree. it's ridiculous thing to happen. look, i think the word of the day on this issue is the word weakness. when you have weakness at home and you have all these things that are going wrong, whether it be inflation, covid, gas prices, the border, afghanistan, weakness invites aggression, weakness makes you vulnerable which is why we're talking this week about two things.
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talking about russia and ukraine and we're talking about inflation, gas prices, and the implosion of joe biden. and when you become weak your friends in places like montana and west virginia and arizona and other states like that start suddenly looking around and say you know what? i don't think i want to go down with this ship. that's what's going on with joe biden. everything around him in imploding and it is all because of weakness across the board. >> dana: one of the poll numbers inflation causing financial stress in major minor concern. 56% said a major concern. the other number in the poll i noted is 36% of independents approve of the president. big elections. independents matter. is there anything you think from a strategy position instead of blaming the communicators. i don't think it's their fault.
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is there something they could do to try to pull out of the nose-dive as they round the corner on this year? >> they'll have to look at what the american people are saying. the reality of all of this is not -- this is not a result of the democrats making mistakes and kind of falling into these problems. these decisions that were made by the democrats were intentional. they intentionally decided to let people run across the border. they signed six executive orders on inauguration day which weakened our position on the border and threw more money into the economy after being warned and then created a job crisis, a wage crisis, inflation. they intentionally cut off the keystone pipeline which then created other energy issues which then created high gas prices. the only way this could be reversed is for the democrats to say you know what? maybe our policies aren't working for the american people and the american people aren't
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buying it. what the democrats unfortunately believe, dana, is that they're not selling what they are doing properly to the american people. the reason why these poll numbers are the way they are is that they don't do a good enough job getting out and telling people what they in fact are doing in washington, which is why joe biden is in kansas today. so they are just walking toward this finish line which is not going well for them. >> bill: he is the number one guy to sell it. "wall street journal" poll. inflation causing financial stress. major or minor concern. you are at 56%. you are heading into 2022 into a new year, into a mid-term election year with americans feeling that way. reince, thanks to see you this morning. come back soon. reince priebus with us today out of washington mentioned joe manchin. "wall street journal" had -- did you see the list of people?
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ran from musk to manchin and here is what manchin said whether he is staying a democrat or moving off. watch. >> i'm caught between the two. the bottom line is you have to be caucusing somewhere. if they would ask me to leave, i would just have to say i guess we'll have to abide by your wishes. i don't know. i don't think that will happen. i don't intend to leave. >> dana: i followed this question to him very closely the past several years. that is a different answer than what he usually gives. usually says i'm a democrat, life long democrat. the first time i've heard him say if they ask me to leave i might consider going. might be movement. >> bill: west virginia a state trump won by 40 points and the other thing he said about these programs in build back better, i think many of them go three years. and he is saying they have to go 10 years. there is a substantial difference in money and cost between 3 years and 10 years
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and if that's the case today, joe manchin is a long way from a yes. >> dana: it's dishonest to tell the american people these programs will only be a three-year cost that's not true. the biden administration restarting from their remain in mexico policy but not at the busiest sectors and raising questions about stopping the surge of immigrants. it comes as the police chief of tucson, arizona is confirmed to run border protection. we're live in la joya, texas. what's going on down there, bill? >> good morning to you. if you guys want to take a look at the fox drone now we'll show you what is happening 100 yards away from where i'm standing. this is a group of runners who have just been caught by border patrol. several men on the ground taken into custody and several other immigrants inside the border patrol vehicles. the runners, the guys that don't want to be caught and trying to get away from law
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enforcement. border patrol agent the last few days have been some of the busiest of his entire career. we want to show you some of this wild video given to us by texas dps. what you are looking at is a human smuggling pursuit that happened in roma, texas, an hour away from where we are now. a trooper pursuing a human smuggler with a confirmed gang member inside her vehicle. what you see happening in the pursuit some of the illegal immigrants will start bailing out of the vehicle as it is still moving. they jump out and hit the asphalt and roll and run into the night. you'll see this female driver in an effort to escape goes to the port of entry and literally blasts through the barricade with her vehicle. breaks the arm that goes up and down and drives back into mexico trying to get away. it didn't work out for her. pull up the photo here. an american citizen. she got arrested trying to come back into the united states later and here is the kicker.
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she was out on parole on supervised release for human smuggling. already charged with it and she gets caught doing it again. take a look at one of her passengers if we can pull up the photo. one of the guys in the vehicle with her. he is a confirmed member of a mexican street gang, one of the biggest ones in the united states according to texas dps. we talk about all the runners, one last piece of video to show you here. a dozen that were caught yesterday right here where we are in la jolla, tons of runners recently. back live you mentioned off the top cbp has a new commissioner. chris magnus. finally confirmed by the senate yesterday after initially being nominated in april. his views line up with the biden administration when it comes to immigration. he refused to call this a crisis during his confirmation hearing but he said a border wall could work in some areas which the administration does not agree with. we'll send it back to you. >> dana: governor doug doocy
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had different words yesterday saying the federal government needs to do a lot more. thanks, bill. >> bill: no one officially confirmed, another one backing out. to run the banking regulator post. she faced pushback from both sides of the aisle. lawmakers grilled her over the positions taken as a professor and as a college student in moscow in the soviet union. the third controversial biden nominee to pull out. a withdrawal. >> dana: prediction. this has happened a couple of times. neera tanden was one of the first, senate pushed back. they pulled her out. what happens is then people like omarova, tan den they get jobs within the white house. i bet that will happen with her somewhere within the administration and the next one to withdraw will be the nominee
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for the sec. maybe 2022. >> you're on the record. >> dana: i'm on the record and usually right. >> bill: from chicago now, the mayor. >> i'm disappointed that they are not doing more. we still have retailers that won't institute plans like having security officers in their stores. lorking up their merchandise at night. chaining high-end bags. >> dana: you heard that right. lori lightfoot blaming store owners across the city saying they should do better to protect their businesses from being robbed and ransacked by mobs. >> bill: it's their fault, right? the store owners' fault. back on when that in a moment. the man sent to death row in 2004 for the murder of his pregnant wife before a judge in california today. why the state supreme court overturned his death sentence last year. >> dana: closing arguments in the jussie smollett trial expected to begin next hour
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>> dana: former empire actor jussie smollett after testifying yesterday in his own defense standing accused of staging a racist attack on himself. next hour both sides give their closing arguments in the case placing his case in the hands of the jury. let's talk to leo terrell. who do you think has the upper hand? has his team been able to sew reasonable doubt whether this was a hoax? >> i this i the prosecution has the upper hand. i will tell you now the defense
6:20 am
jussie's team only wants one juror for a mistrial so he can basically claim vindication because that's what he wants. his story is unbelievable. the only person who believes the story of jussie smollett is his family and himself. it is a false narrative. dana, more importantly, he has made a mockery of the civil rights laws. those laws were there to protect people who were true victims. jussie smollett is not a true victim. >> dana: one of the entities that did believe him initially was the media. let's look back at how they initially covered it. >> i don't like that it is being put out in the media this is a possible hate crime. >> a lot of questions in this case. jussie smollett is a really good guy. i want justice to be served in this case. >> the media has really cast so much doubt on his story which i find so personally offensive. >> he has given a detailed account. an account that chicago police have said has been consistent.
6:21 am
hasn't changed his story and said it is credible. police have said that and also he has been very cooperative. >> dana: it almost seems like the media is reluctant to cover the story and this trial, a doozy. >> they're embarrassed. you look at that interview robin roberts did. it was embarrassing and she won't even acknowledge it. don lemon is trying to cover the story yet he had personal involvement. the left does not care about the truth. it is their narrative the. wanted an anti-trump to divide this country based on race and it is shameful and overwhelming evidence that when the left does not get what they want, they will ignore it, dana. that's what they are doing. they are ignoring this trial because they were absolutely wrong. >> dana: i don't know if we know enough about the don lemon connection. since he did know him and he was perhaps trying to get more information about the story. we'll let him decide that. i wanted to quote this from kyle smith from national review.
6:22 am
he wrote who can believe one word jussie smollett says? smollett compared the attack to a looney tunes cartoon and i think we know who the whiley coyote of this saga is. the rest of the column is hilarious. how long do you think the jury will deliberate? >> closing arguments. the trial was no more than two weeks. i submit you'll have a verdict probably friday if possible, no later than monday. jurors don't want to go through the weekend so don't be surprised -- >> dana: do you think they have that much to discuss and to think about? >> no, i will tell you now let me be clear. it will be -- jussie smollett has only one hope. he is looking for one juror to nullify the verdict because i would submit to you that 10 or 11 jurors believe that he made
6:23 am
this story up. i think one juror. >> dana: leo terrell have a great wednesday. good to see you. >> bill: we like to play that parlor game. when is the verdict? 8:00 in chicago. >> dana: when does the jury get it? today? >> bill: yeah. >> dana: i say friday morning by noon. >> bill: i'll say thursday at 1:00 eastern. noon in chicago. all right. scott peterson, remember him? back in court today. 17 years after he was sentenced to death in the murder of his wife and unborn son. why is he back in court today? senior correspondent live in california. good morning. >> we know scott peterson will be sentenced to life without parole. no mystery there. there will be drama as lacey peterson's family endures the
6:24 am
pain of facing him in the courtroom once again after all these years. last week scott peterson was transferred from death row at san quentin to the jail here. he is now 49 years old. looking pretty much the same. last year the california supreme court overturned his death sentence after ruling the original trial judge wrongly excluded potential jurors opposed to capital punishment. when peterson was originally sentenced in 2005, lacey's heartbroken mother called him an evil murderer who deserved to burn in hell for all eternity. sharon may address her again today. no cameras allowed in court. we'll tell you what happens. meantime in another legal twist there could be a do over of the whole trial because of alleged juror misconduct. peterson's lawyer says during jury selection in 2004 one of the women on the jury lied about being the victim of domestic violence and say she did that intentionally to get
6:25 am
onto the jury to punish scott peterson. in the months ahead a judge will decide if there was juror misconduct and if scott peterson deserves a whole new trial. if that happens it would be a redo of one of the most sensational murder trials in recent history. but today, bill, the resentencing and what will almost certainly be some very emotional victim impact statements from lacey's family and friends. >> bill: 17 years and counting. thank you, claudia could you wen. >> dana: no limit to the breakdown of law and order. even the all american christmas tree outside our studios is fair game set on fire. a crime wave sweeping the nation next. a woke city facing a crisis of a whole new level. what portland police are saying about 911 calls that is causing so much anxiety. >> portland is now on their own. our leaders have spent the last 18 months working on trying to defund the police rather than trying to figure out how to
6:26 am
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so he can enjoy the game. super poligrip. >> dana: we're learning more about the man arrested for an arson attack on the all american christmas tree in mid town, manhattan. eric shawn is live from fox square. >> that suspect who police say is a homeless man with three prior arrests has been charged with setting on fire the all american christmas tree. the tree behind me right here on fox square sits in front of fox news headquarters as a celebration of the season. it was just after midnight when the tree suddenly went up in flames. police arrested a brooklyn man. he is 49 years old now charged with criminal mischief, reckless endangerment, arson and other counts. he has a record for drug possession and public intoxication.
6:32 am
authorities are trying to figure out the motive. they don't think it was premeditated. the police commissioner said vandalism is an example of the failure of the city's criminal justice system. >> the motive i don't think is clear at this point. it's an individual that is known to us. he has a series of low level arrests and drug arrests. he was issued some earlier this year some appearance tickets and didn't come back to court which is something we see all too often. >> 50 foot tall tree here on fox square was dedicated this past sunday. part of fox's celebration of the christmastime, it has 10,000 glass ornaments and had 100,000 lights. in a statement fox media president called it a malicious arson attack saying, quote, we won't let this deliberate and act of cowardice deter us. we're in the process of installing a new tree as a message there can be peace,
6:33 am
light and even joy during a dark moment like this. we can see the charred remnants of the tree behind me being worked on. this is the third such attack in our country recently. the tree in oakland was also attacked and a tree in chicago has been attacked, gone up in flames. this time the third year in a row that has happened there. back to you, dana. >> dana: thank you so much. i think a couple key points out of that, bill, repeated arrests and somebody who had recently recorded as homeless and bill deblasio thinks he wants to be governor of new york has done so little to combat this problem and here is one of the consequences. >> bill: the issue of the homelessness has gotten worse since covid started to decline in the city. more accurately and if you are coming to new york, just look on any sidewalk, any corner, any street, it everywhere. we need to do something about
6:34 am
it and figure it out. >> dana: good to know we'll rebuild the tree. >> bill: i found this in oklahoma. they have 140 foot christmas tree there saying it is the tallest one in america. it got split in half this past week. we're taking ideas. >> dana: i have friends who grew up there in oklahoma. >> i show it to you at home if i had time. that's the tree. right on, check it out in oklahoma. pacific northwest. dangerous new reality for the people in portland. the police department saying 911 call response times may be delayed due to staffing shortages and sheer number of quote critical incidents. am this nou. announcement coming as the democratic run city breaks the record for homicides with weeks still to go until the new year. jason rantz from seattle radio talk show host. hello to you, sir. they thought they had this thing figured out in portland.
6:35 am
this thing has gone 180 degrees back in their face. >> look, portland is dealing with a staffing crisis that the city created. you had a mayor and council defunding the police by over $15 million. they ended up villainizing these cop. allowing antifa radicals to attack them without the ability to actually defend themselves. huge numbers of these officers quit the force. they're down 150 officers. the truth of the matter is they only have 855 cops in that police department for a city the size of portland and as you point out dealing with record high homicide rates they need several hundred more than that. the police department believes they need 1100 officers to keep the city safe. at the same time what you saw was a huge decrease in 911 call operators to the point where you are waiting up to five minutes in some cases to get an emergency call just picked up. so you are already delayed calling 911. the delay is significant and
6:36 am
officers getting to the site of the emergency. this is a recipe for disaster. >> bill: june of 2020 they wanted to cut the police budget by $15 million. that's a lot. then they reversed themselves and upped it $5 million to hire 200 officers and safety officers. they need to figure it out. it is endemic. in seattle you have these issues. we talked about bail reform and how well or not that's going. you have a case to seattle. what happened with this person who gouged the eye out of a cop? >> the suspect is tyler martin, homeless, prolific offender and accused of gouging a seattle officer's eye. it is early so it will be stomach churning. according to the documents this guy in the scuffle with police jammed his finger so deep into the officer's eye and it came to hemorrhaging. had to see an eye specialist
6:37 am
for treatment. not the first time the suspect was accused of attacking a police officer. now he is out on the streets. low bail to begin with. only $1,000 imposed but thanks to an organization from the community fund they bailed him out and they bail out people who they say are marginalized. whatever that means in a certain situation, it doesn't mean they deserve to be bailed out. this is a guy who has a history not just attacking cops but not showing up to court cases. so i'm willing to bet that this guy doesn't show up to his next court hearing. >> bill: i think you're right on that. 27 years old. we'll keep an eye on the northwest community bail fund. that is an interesting group. >> it is a dangerous organization. they are making our lives more dangerous. >> bill: you are right. we've been talking about the story for years in seattle and portland as well. thank you, have a good day and we'll speak again soon.
6:38 am
>> i appreciate it. >> dana: president biden warning russian president vladimir putin not to invade ukraine. will the kremlin take the threat seriously. america's opioid crisis up close and personal. how one woman overcame her addiction. she will join us next. record pace to take advantage of the newday 100 va loan. you can borrow up to 100% of your home's value to upgrade the kitchen, add a pool for the grandkids, or have the security of cash in the bank. with an average cash out amount of $60,000, you can do more.
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>> bill: 43 past the hour now. fox news alert. president biden voicing deep concerns during a high stakes video call with russian president vladimir putin yesterday that lasted two hours. the white house says biden made clear the u.s. would impose sanctions if russia invades ukraine. while putin demanded guarantees that nato would not expand eastward into ukraine further.
6:44 am
griff jenkins from the white house brings us up to date on developments now. >> two hours and one minute that call and just moments ago at a press conference president putin called the call open and constructive. this after national security advisor jake sullivan said president biden sent a russian leader a firm message. >> we still do not believe that president putin has made a decision. what president biden did today was lay out very clearly the consequences if he chooses to move. >> via the call at the top of the meeting coming from russian state media sullivan says biden made no concessions on putin's demand to block ukraine from joining nato but did not talk about the sanctions threat should putin invade which could include targeting russia's biggest banks. he acknowledged they're prepared to go further than what was imposed. sullivan also suggested the nord stream 2 pipeline could be
6:45 am
used as leverage. >> gas is not currently flowing through the nord stream 2 pipeline which means it is not operating. it is leveraged for the west because if vladimir putin wants to seek out flow through that pipeline he may not want to take the risk of invading ukraine. >> satellite images show putin's forces massing tens of thousands of troops as gop lawmakers sound harsh criticism. >> putin is a wolf. i think he thinks that president biden is weak. i think he thinks that president biden is a sheep in sheep's clothing, particularly after afghanistan. >> getting -- at a press con for instance the ukraine president said the call was a positive step. the president will speak with
6:46 am
zelensky. >> you are going through this 15 times. do you know what an opiate antagonist is? a shot once a month. makes you immune to getting high. >> is it safe? >> are you kidding me? now your body is a temple? >> you have to be clean for at least a week. >> dana: let's talk about inspiration, a clip from the movie four good days and tells the story about how amanda became addicted to opioids and her long fight on the road to recovery. she is a former addict and joins us now. this movie was brought to our attention by one of our producers and she loved it. we've watched it. your story is incredible.
6:47 am
maybe tell people how this first happened? there was a snowmobile accident and then what happened? >> yeah. i got into a snowmobile accident around 16 and the doctor gave me vicodin for the pain and it just took off from there. i kept going back to the doctor more and more and before you know it i was up to 180 a month, two or three different doctors a month. and that went on until i was about 22 or 23 and then i couldn't find them -- find the pain pills anywhere so i turned to heroin and it just took off from there. i became -- i lost everything. real quickly. >> dana: you did. there was some terrible times that you went through and your mom went through. but there is a possibility in your message today is that one, the stigma against addiction should end and there is a way to recover. tell us your thoughts on that.
6:48 am
>> yeah, we do recover. i'm a living testament to that. it is a struggle to get clean. i went to more than 20 different rehabs but it wasn't until i put -- i got on vivitrol and stayed on that and with therapy and meetings recovery is possible. my life is beautiful today. so there is another side to this. >> dana: tell us a little more you said about the medicine that you are on. for families watching who might not have heard this way to treat, it might be news to them. give us more on that. >> it's a once a month shot called vivitrol. it makes you numb to any kind of opiate. even if you do go into it you are numb to it. i needed that to stay clean. even four years later when i am having a hard time, you know, a couple months ago i went and got the shot. it is a crutch. it is not right for everybody
6:49 am
but it was right for me. it truly does help, you know. i couldn't do it without that. >> dana: what are you looking forward to this christmas season? >> spending it with my family, you know. it is just great. i have such a close relationship with my whole family now. >> dana: your mom really stood by you through all of this. >> yes, she did. she is my light. >> dana: amanda, i think you are a very bright light. thank you for sharing your story and maybe this information can help others who are dealing with this. it is happening all across the country. 100,000 people died of overdoses last year. it takes many years to get to that point and you lose a lot in the process. i wish you a very merry christmas from all of us at "america's newsroom" and fox news, thank you, amanda. >> thank you, dana. >> bill: sweet woman and strong woman. fox news alert now we've seen them time and again on camera smash and grab robberies on the
6:50 am
rise and looters are brazen about it. watch. >> i think that they are not very good because i've personally been able to shoplift from here with relative ease. >> bill: talking about security guards and cops. some are saying we aren't in a crisis of violence. why would that be? was the nationwide response to the omicron variant an overreaction from our u.s. government? kentucky senator rand paul as a take on that and coming up live next.
6:51 am
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6:56 am
australia will go to the games and very embarrassing for the chinese and they're mad about it. one of the things they said they will retaliate but they didn't say how. let's wait and see. >> bill: we'll watch it. the games are about two months away. i think it will be really awkward moment for the world when they get it underway. here we go. five minutes before the hour. kentucky senator rand paul is arguing the biden administration had a knee jerk reaction to the omicron variant with little facts. here is what he wrote at biden/fauci assumed the worse with omicron instead of making rational scientific decision. rand paul, a doctor himself is with us. why do you think they jumped the gun on this? >> it shouldn't surprise any of us. dr. fauci routinely ignores the science and causes hysteria and creates fear. the opposite of what you want as far as someone leading the public health effort.
6:57 am
the omicron variant, doctor who discovered it we should be proud of her in south africa she reported it and discovered it was a new variant and wrote an op-ed yesterday as well. she said no one has been hospitalized in south africa. so far no one has died from this disease. it is an hysterical overreach to ban travel. we're also banning travel after we've found this in over 20 states in our country. it is in 40 different countries. you are banning travel which will destroy economically tourism and travel and have great hardship for the world but you are doing it for something that's not scientifically sound. it is not going to do anything to stop the spraeftd variant. it is already out there. we also don't know yet whether it be more deadly or less deadly. initial reports what we know so far is it looks like it will be less deadly. we'll no more in two weeks but that's what i think we might want to make decisions after we know the facts rather than before. >> bill: you make good points here. you say rather than freaking
6:58 am
out take the next week or two to see what comes of it. dr. marc siegel informed us is world health organization on monday all got together in a video zoom call. i don't know if you like the world health organization anymore or not. but they pretty much said the omicron is contagious but not as deadly as delta. siegel makes the point, once that's established the virus could indeed be dying out. instead of mutating and getting stronger it could be mutating and getting weaker which would be the best sign of all for everybody around the world. >> this could be the silver lining. everybody has been freaking out about all the mutations. it could be bad but also could be something you're right that ends the pandemic. the delta variant came around may or june but then within three months dominated. almost everything is delta. if omicron pushes aside delta and becomes the dominant virus it may be this is what ends it. in 1918 when we had the spanish
6:59 am
flu, we never knew where it went, it just went away. maybe it become a less lethal virus and people didn't know because we didn't do the testing. maybe people were getting kolds again and not deadly flu. it may be what happens here. i'm hopeful but we don't know yet. it is premature for fauci and biden to go crazy and try to destroy commerce again. the testing they are advocating that you have to be tested the day of travel to travel internationally is very onerous but realize the rapid test if you have no symptoms is not very accurate. it is accurate about one in three times. so it is not a very good test if you don't have symptoms. >> bill: we've learned that together as we went. last point we mentioned the beijing games get underway in two months' time. you are dealing with a communist government. and two years ago today they believe is when they found the first case in wuhan. will we ever know the origins,
7:00 am
do you think, senator? >> they say the first case was two years ago but about two years ago and about a month they were some very sick people with covid-like symptoms in the wuhan lab. they don't admit to that. i think we know a lot of the truth nou. i don't think china will ever help but we do know they looked at 80,000 animals in the wet markets and never found it. they looked at 9,000 samples of blood from chinese people who had flu-like symptoms in 2019. didn't find covid. all of this indicates it didn't come from animals. it came from a lab. the one thing we could do is quit funding their damn lab. fauci is intend on sending money to the chinese. a month ago he said we have to do research in china. we should fund it. i don't think they've shown themselves to be trustworthy and it should end immediately. i will everything in my power to stop anymore money from going to china.
7:01 am
>> thank you for your time and see where it goes from here. >> dana: new police stats just released for new york city confirming what is plain to see. dramatic rise in criminal activity as big cities across the country struggle with violent crime this holiday season. welcome to a new hour of "america's newsroom." i'm dana perino. >> bill: you look nice in your christmas red. you match the poinsettias behind you. how do you pronounce it? >> dana: what's accurate? >> bill: is it omicron or omicron. >> dana: oem if you're in the u.k. >> bill: police are doing their best uphill battle with cities with far left prosecutors and soft on crime that put offenders back on the street to strike again. bryan llenas has the latest on that today. good morning. >> good morning. the nypd data says overall crime in new york city is up
7:02 am
3.4% compared to last year. now murders are down slightly by half a percent but robberies are up 3.8%, felony assaults are up nearly 9%. auto grand larceny spiked more than 14% and the number of hate crimes in the city are up 97%, nearly doubling this year compared to 2020. the commissioner says the city's bail reform laws releasing criminals back onto the streets is part of the problem. >> we're seeing a little bit of mental illness. we see disregard for common decency but when you have mass amounts of people put back on the streets that have traditionally been held in jail, you are seeing some of that permeate here as well. that's just a fact. >> this as cities experienced organized smash and grabs at retailers in chicago and san francisco. but democrats like new york
7:03 am
representative alexandria ocasio-cortez are now underfire for casting doubt that these crimes are actually even occurring. yesterday white house press secretary jen psaki said the biden administration does not agree with ocasio-cortez. >> we have seen some of these extremely disturbing videos showing retail theft in both major retailers and state and local leaders have identified it is a serious concern. we agree. >> cities like philadelphia are experiencing record homicide rates. there have been 523 murders this year in philly, up 13% compared to last year and breaking the previous record set in 1990. the city democratic district attorney claims this is not a crisis. >> basically we don't have a crisis of lawlessness. we don't have a crisis of crime. we don't have a crisis of violence. that is a category that
7:04 am
includes gun violence. >> he is now being pressured including by democrats to apologize or resign. >> bill: more on that now. thank you, bryan llenas in new york. >> dana: let's bring in the president of the philadelphia fraternal order of police. philly homocides are up 13%. also we had this from a former philly mayor. he said the d.a. owes an apology to the 521 families of philly homicide victims and says i have to wonder what kind of messed up world of white wokeness he is living in to have so little regard for the human lives lost while he advances his profile as a progressive district attorney. interesting to watch crassner's press conference. he said everything you think you are seeing is not really true, sir. >> well, i'm glad that now
7:05 am
people are starting to hold him accountable because he has been getting a free ride for the last couple of years. he blames everybody but his own self. just this year in his office people that he hired when he took over, he has lost 130 employees in that office just since last january. a couple years ago he was blaming trump for all the problems. last year it was the pandemic and covid. now it's the media. he just does everything if his possible power to let people out of jail, to cut sweetheart deals with the court and now the city is suffering. he is ignorant and arrogant and doing what he wants to do. i'm glad people are starting to wake up and call him out. >> he said i would like to ask crassner how many black and brown people would have to be gunned down to meet your definition of a crisis. say that in chicago. we've been covering that for years now, sir. >> we're only half the size.
7:06 am
if you turn around and look, he is saying philadelphia is safe, he is welcoming visitors. there is no violence. i don't know where he is living. just down the street while he was holding that press conference a senior citizen was beaten half to death in a shopping parking lot. again, he can deflect but people are starting to wake up in the city and hopefully they push back and we can do something to be able to get this under control here. >> dana: as elected leaders try to find someone to blame, your take on this. this happened in chicago. mayor lori lightfoot basically saying the blame is on the business owners. watch. >> i'm disappointed that they aren't doing more to take safety and make it a priority. for example, we still have retailers that won't institute plans like having security officers in their stores. making sure that they've got cameras that are actually operational. >> dana: what happens if we go down this road instead of trying to fix the crime problem
7:07 am
we start blaming the business owners? >> these business owners pay taxes, very hefty taxes and now you want them to institute things? in philadelphia you can walk into a store here and clear the shelf walk out and nothing happens. you walk away with it. that's what they are doing. we had it happen five times just on the day after thanksgiving. people walking into a nordstrom and clearing the shelf and walking out because he doesn't prosecute retail thefts. doesn't happen. crime down? assaults are up, shootings are up. we've had over 2200 shootings this year. over 520 homicides. aggravated assaults are up. i don't know where he is saying philly is not a violent city and safe to come here. it is not. wake up. merry christmas. >> bill: if you are a politician you will eventually pay the price. people won't support you the next time your name is on the ballot. we talked about philly and chicago. here is an apparent looter in
7:08 am
san francisco talking about how easy it is. watch. >> i think that they are not very good because i've personally been able to shoplift from here with relative ease. >> bill: you hear that and think people are making a living off this now, aren't they? >> i think that's what these democratic-controlled cities with the progressive d.a.s, they know nothing will happen to them and they know they won't be held accountable. why not roll the dice and see what they can get and walk out with. even if they do get caught they are likely not to be prosecuted. even if they are they won't get nothing but a slap on the wrist. why not roll the dice? >> dana: is this demoralizing for police? >> i can tell you our officers, we're down probably 600 to 700 officers with people just resigning, leaving, retiring.
7:09 am
and they are going to work every day taking the guns off the street and still arresting people. yet they are being second guessed by people that are sitting in leadership positions, so-called leadership positions in the city of philadelphia and meanwhile they are just shrugging their shoulders saying when does this end? >> bill: thanks for coming on today. >> dana: good to see you again. >> bill: we hope it ends soon and you don't have to endure it much longer. >> so do i. >> bill: best of luck to you and the folks living in your town. we have had crime sprees in america before. it has happened. we got over them and we figured out a way to handle them. we haven't had cameras before. when you see this whether on iphone or security camera it really brings it home when we have the opportunity to share stories like these with viewers and people like him down in philadelphia. it is a problem. >> dana: people can see it on the news on their social media feeds and it gets to be a critical point where you might see change. >> bill: how about the scene in pacific palisades in l.a. over
7:10 am
the weekend? they were standing in the front door space of a home in california and they were emptying the pockets of people who lived there. stunning stuff. back on that in a moment. from chicago 10 minutes past. closing arguments today in the hate crime of the hoax trial of jussie smollett, the actor maintained his innocence as he took the stand in his own defense this week but they are coming down to a closer today and matt finn has the late st on the arguments we expect today. >> closing arguments scheduled for any moment now. the case will likely go to the jury today. trial phase lasted a week and a half and in summary jussie smollett testified that he was wealthy, famous, and actually did not like attention. so the chicago police department and the prosecution are wrong when they allege that this was all a hoax for more notoriety. smollett testifying under oath
7:11 am
he paid the brothers 3500 for fitness training. the brothers testified the exact op said saying their fitness plans are less than $100. nowhere near 3,500 that smollett paid them and he intentionally plotted for the hate crime hoax to happen underneath a surveillance camera that the actor thought would capture it to share it with the world through the press and social media. they testified they instructed him to appear as donald trump supporters and hold their punches when they pretended to beat him. police asking smollett why he decided to keep the noose around his neck for so long as a symbol of hate? he said he wanted to make sure police saw it on him. there were some jaw dropping moments during testimony. he told the jury he had a sexual affair with one of the brothers who he also paid for cocaine. that is an allegation that the brother denied under oath and he dramatically interrupted
7:12 am
webb as he was reading a text message that contained the n word asking webb to spell that word out of respect for the african-americans in the courtroom. he is charged with six low level felony counts of lying to police. the jury is majority white and middle age. a single black man seated. we'll keep you updated throughout the day. >> bill: thanks matt finn back in chicago. >> dana: have you heard jesse watters is so jealous matt finn gets to cover the trial? he said it's the trial of the year and wants to be there to be able to cover it. >> bill: we mentioned cameras all over america. one interesting case to have a camera in the courtroom. >> dana: the camera didn't work for smollett and why he was so mad at the brothers. >> bill: the op-ed last hour. who can believe one word smollett says? he could have pleaded guilty two years ago and punished with a light brush on the knuckles and well on his way to become the great american redemption story by now.
7:13 am
it is probably accurate. we'll wait what the jury decides in chicago. >> dana: there is also this scary thing. watch. >> they're trying to get into a vehicle. they are getting -- they're trying to steal a vehicle. >> dana: surge in carjackings in big cities nationwide. what is behind the very unsettling trend? >> bill: a former minnesota cop charged in the fatal shoongt of a young black man goes on trial today. how will the mainstream media cover this story? will kim potter get a fair shake amid widespread anti-police sentiment? we'll talk to joe concha coming up. >> dana: while president biden talks about childcare funding religious groups say it leaves their schools out in the cold. kids learning remotely are falling further behind according to a new study.
7:14 am
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7:19 am
>> bill: suspected michigan high school shooter ethan crumbley has been appointed a public defender. he is accused of killing four students and injuring seven others when he opened fire inside of oxford high school in michigan a week ago. his parents who have also been charged of four counts of involuntary manslaughter have retained a pricey legal team including shannon smith who represented the disgraced gymnastics dr. larry nasser. that proceeds in michigan. tough story to watch last week. >> dana: one of the reasons that the younger ethan crumbley the shooter is getting the public defendant because it is obvious he did it and a straight forward defense. they just manage how much time and punishment he will have in his life. the case against the parents is more novel. >> bill: take the resources and put it toward -- >> dana: the resources they have. they are up on $500,000 each. they will stay in jail they can
7:20 am
figure that out and i imagine a novel case and the lawyers want to get a shot at it because there is a question of whether the parents should be charged or if they will be held accountable. opening arguments today in the trial of a former police officer in minnesota. kim potter is charged with manslaughter after shoongt and killing a 20-year-old black man during a traffic stop in april. she said she was going for her taser but grabbed her gun by mistake. mike tobin live in minneapolis. mike. >> those statements should get underway any minute now in the case of this veteran police officer kim potter. another case which the public has already seen the most compelling evidence. that is video from a body camera worn by potter herself. the video shows a traffic stop on april 11. we know daunte wright was pulled over. once he was pulled over potter and trainee officer discovered he had an outstanding warrant
7:21 am
for failure to appear in another case. when potter and the trainer went to take wright into custody he resisted. she can be heard clearly warning she intended to use her taser on wright. she pulled a service revolver instead and killed him. was this a mistake with severe consequences or is kim potter criminally negligent? trial witnesses include the mother of daunte wright on the phone with him during the encounter of police. it will make potter intends to testify in her own defense. >> at this time it is your wish to testify in this case? >> i wish to testify >> okay. >> the charges are first degree manslaughter and second degree manslaughter. first degree doesn't necessarily imply intent. under minnesota law a person can be con viktd of first degree if the act is committed at the same time as a miss demeanor.
7:22 am
a major element that inflamed the case is that it happened while the trial of derek chauvin was taking place in the very building. it led to a week of riots outside the brooklyn center police department. >> bill: want to bring in joe concha now. joe, good morning to you. how do you see this in this media age with media coverage in this case? >> well, we live in a media age where the race of the defendant and/or the victims plays a major role in media coverage. we saw it in waukesha, wisconsin. some moved on from the christmas parade mask aker. that seemed to be because of the race of the suspect and not jiefg with the desired narrative of some in traditional media. here the kim potter trial if precedent is an indicator will be seen through the prism of race.
7:23 am
potter is white. the man killed is black. he had a warrant for his arrest. he did appear to resist arrest in this case. it doesn't justify any sort of shooting here. potter thought she was reaching for her taser, instead her gun. there is body cam footage here complete with audio so you can hear her shock that she used her gun instead of her taser. less ambiguity is a good thing. this as minneapolis tensions are still high given the george floyd case, black lives matter activist was already arrested recently or charged with attempting to intimidate the judge. jury is mostly white which if potter is acquitted will be blamed for making the wrong decision unfortunately because we view everything through the prism of race. >> there is audio on it and she is saying taser, taser, grabbed the wrong weapon on her at that time. another question for you, joe, instagram hearing today on the hill the head of it is adam --
7:24 am
about the potential harm that instagram ex acts on american teenagers and teenagers around the roll. an executive director of fair play that aims at marketing targeted at kids. if you can't be certain that your content is recommending harmful content to teenagers then you shouldn't use them on teenagers. how do you think it will go? changes made or not? >> well, you know, you would hope in some capacity that we would see that in this situation because look, i can speak anecdotally here. i have two kids and during covid we got them ipads with the intention of helping them learn because they were home a lot and couldn't go anywhere. instantly they found other ways to get off the education apps and find things like youtube to entertain themselves. when you try to take away that ipad think of the exorcist and the kid spinning his head.
7:25 am
these nice children became angry. researchers bill show that social media is a lot like drugs. a lot like where your brain gets that shot, it gets that dose and it wants it over and over again. and instagram could put up a notification saying hey, you've been on here for a long time. perhaps take a break. go exercise. but it is a lot like a snooze button that adults use, i don't think so. i think i'll keep going and going. you look at the ramifications, bill, and kids just aren't exercising the way they used to, right? obesity is at an all-time high among teens. 37% according to a new england journal and harvard study found that 37% of teens will be obese by the time they're 35. so they are on their phones more, they are on the instagrams and face books and twitters more and not doing the things that we were doing more when we were growing up, getting out and doing things. you hope this would lead them
7:26 am
there. i don't hold out any hope. it is truly addictive. >> bill: as a father speaking with the evidence you are not alone on this. two things quickly. member of the "wall street journal" had facebook files. 32% of teen girls said when they felt bad about their bodies instagram made them feel worse. comparisons on instagram can change the view of young women. features, take a break, that will allow users after prolonged viewing sessions. parental controls can set time limits. all very important. parental education will control launching in march an educational hub for parents. they are making changes. see whether or not it is satisfactory for the lawmakers today. nice to see you, sir, talk soon. thank you, joe. dana. >> dana: as if america's crime wave wasn't bad enough now you can add carjackings to the latest concerns of law enforcement, plus this.
7:27 am
>> debt will kill us. it is an impending bomb for the economy. it will get worse. >> dana: senator rand paul sounding the alarm on america's spiraling debt. how the mountain of red ink is taking a toll on president biden. ♪♪♪
7:28 am
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mortgage rates are starting to climb nationally, but newday is holding the line at just two and a quarter percent, 2.48 apr, still the lowest in their history. if you're one of the thousands of homeowners with va loans who haven't yet refinanced, one call to newday is all it takes. there's no appraisal and no out of pocket costs. save an average of $3,000 a year. >> bill: disturbing trend on american streets, cities seeing a dramatic rise in carjackings. mike emanuel has more from washington, d.c. as you look at the percentages in chicago, new york, and d.c. mike, good morning there. >> good morning. one expert blames the pandemic creating a perfect storm of conditions with unemployed young people and pro-active policing being cut back due to budget constraints. here in washington this recent incident took place at a gas
7:33 am
station in broad daylight. 3:39 in the afternoon. a car full of suspects pulls up alongside a silver mercedes at the gas pump. guns are drawn and the owner then gives up the car. the trends in major cities are disturbing according to the national insurance crime bureau. in 2020 chicago carjackings were up a staggering 134% with 1416 people being forcibly removed from their vehicle. the trend has continued in 2021 with chicago seeing a 44% increase, washington, d.c. up 45% and new york an 81% increase. these bold attacks are spilling over into the suburbs as well. the police chief of nearby montgomery county, maryland. calls them crimes of opportunity at places like gas stations, car washes or atms with many of the suspects teenagers. >> they have a lot of young people, younger people, juveniles involved in these types of incidents which is very disturbing in its own
7:34 am
right. and that -- the youngest we arrested someone was around 14 years of age. >> in terms of advice one expert said park in a busy area where you can be seen. when possible, travel with someone else especially at night. if you get attacked, try to remember what the carjackers looks like such as the hair, eye color, and clothing. >> bill: you can be so vulnerable in a moment. mike emanuel, thanks in washington >> the democrats have written their toddler takeover in ways that would turn family's finances upside down and make already expensive childcare even costlyer. >> dana: mitch mcconnell slamming president biden's childcare plan in his massive social spending package saying
7:35 am
the price tag will squeeze american families harder. conservative religious groups are expressing concerns. monlt see alvarado is here. one of the reasons i wanted to talk about this is because if you hear the phrase universal pre-k it sounds good. when you start looking under the hood, there is a lot that would raise eyebrows. one of them is the fact that religious pre-schools would be discriminated against. 53% of american families according to the bipartisan public policy center choose religious-based pre-schools for their children. tell me what's in the bill that would make that no longer possible for them. >> that's exactly right. people of faith want to build back and want to be part of the solution but it makes it impossible when you have all of these little provisions that say that you are discriminatory and the reality is people of faith want to bring their faith with them when they serve the public and give them the
7:36 am
childcare they need so people can get back to work and america can get back to what it used to be. people of faith can't do things like hire people that don'ts spouse their values when dealing with young children. these are examples of the kind of provisions in the bill so problematic and lock people out who are of faith and want to serve america. >> dana: one of the things also the bill says you would have to have somebody the bureaucracies approves on staff in order to insure there were no basically things that they don't want taught in schools like jewish synagogue pre-school. catholic charities pre-school, lutheran preschool. there is a reason families are choosing that for their childcare. adding bureaucracies and government into it seems to be to me unconstitutional if you decide to carve them out and not give them a part of the subsidy. how do you see that? >> it's definitely unconstitutional and the supreme court has said many
7:37 am
times that people of faith need access and should have access and have the right to access to neutral programs. so this is really one of those moments where you are seeing the administration and this government not understand people of faith. giving them a scarlet letter for believing. that's not right. you are right about the policing issue. you are policing what people are trying to teach, trying to pass on the faith to the next generation and that is not subject to government control. that is something that's in our hearts and minds and as free people in america we get to do. no scarlet letter here, please. we want to build back as well. >> dana: a couple of senators, senator manchin and sinema skeptical about the spending provisions but are you trying to get people to look at this issue as well as build back better is something the president wants passed before christmas? >> this is an issue that hurts people who are low income, who are minorities, who rely on these centers. they rely on their choice, their individual choice to use a faith-based center and for sure it would be great to have
7:38 am
something like this done by christmas but we want americans to have their freedom all the time. whether it's christmas or right now it needs to happen. >> dana: another issue is they would have to hire 40,000 new teachers and the bill says they would have to have four year college degrees. you think it is not going to go up in price? great to have you here. more to discuss in the future. thanks for being here today. have a good one. >> bill: important topic. alec baldwin getting into a heated confrontation with a reporter on the streets of new york. watch here? >> this is not -- are you >> this is a private home. >> bill: how this end epidemiology -- ended in a moment. how remote learning affects academic achievement. the answers are not encouraging. e with your home equity. veterans are calling newday at a record pace to take advantage of the newday 100 va loan.
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>> dana: here is someone who doesn't have the holiday spirit. look what happens when a reporter asks a question alec baldwin. >> please go away. >> this is not -- are you -- >> this is private home. >> this is public property. >> go away. >> did you really not pull the trigger? >> baldwin rushing at the reporter as he carries an umbrella. baldwin's wife holding him back before he finally turned away. the actor says he never pulled the trigger that killed a crew member on the movie set of rust. some experts have been skeptical about that claim. >> bill: woody has to answer the door faster. a big house, that's right. as we've seen in the past sometimes alec can't resist.
7:45 am
>> dana: in that interview that week i still can't believe he said that but he did. >> we have no more to say about this for now. >> dana: until the next time. >> bill: surgeon general sounding the alarm on a serious issue about the mental health crisis in america's youth. young people are grappling are w a number of issues made worse by the pandemic. martha maccallum is here to discuss it. suicide rates in kids. adolescent girls went up 51% in 2021 compared to 2019. it was only 4% for boys but still an increase nonetheless. 51% is staggering. >> it is heartbreaking and one of the things that needs to be part of this discussion was the closure of schools and isolation of teenagers as they dealt with this pandemic and i think that's a really important element of all of this. one of the interesting studies that has also come out and written about is this issue
7:46 am
that it didn't really spread in schools. i think what's going to happen, and i've been saying it for a while. i think in a couple of years you'll see a headline that says study proves lockdowns and masks maybe didn't work the way we thought they would. a tiny headline because we haven't done enough research to understand what's going on. we've spent all this effort and time and talk about interpreting this covid virus and its impact on america but when you look at this -- these devastating numbers and the impact of children. i have seen it in my own world, in my own family with kids' friends as well and the ripple effects of it are still occurring. even college kids who are just now realizing i didn't really have any normal college experience. and they realize that gap for them. not the mention this "wall street journal" study that i thought was devastating, which talks about the loss of
7:47 am
learning. and this is something that went almost unrecognized for a year. >> dana: 14% down in math. 6% down in language arts. and there was a headline in the atlantic that said we opened the schools recently and it was fine. which means as you look back and if we go through this again the lockdowns are devastating to children. the parents were telling everyone the mental health problems were really real. i know there is not scientific data and control group and all of that but you have to trust what parents are telling you. >> absolutely. when you look at the numbers you read about the increase in suicide which is the most devastating, heartbreaking impact of this, right? and then go backwards from that to just anxiety that is experienced by so many kids across the country and one of the things that gives kids anxiety is when they feel overwhelmed. they can't teach themselves at home on their computers. it doesn't work very well, the study talked about in the journal pointed out. remote learning doesn't work.
7:48 am
you need to be in the classroom and with your teachers so they get anxious and frustrated what they don't understand. they go back to school and things are overwhelming. i don't know why the department of education isn't having a national conversation about anxiety in students and how to address it and how to catch them up. we look ahead to this year to 2022. perhaps we need extended school hours. catch-up time for kids falling behind. >> dana: some are saying let's not have school on fridays because teachers need more time to plan. >> the kids need to have benchmarks. they have to catch up and give them opportunities or summer or vacations. this is a desperate situation as a country we have fallen behind. kids are depressed and they're behind in their work which puts us behind as a whole country. >> bill: great points. as a mother of three you would
7:49 am
know. well done on that. same poll joe biden talked about anxiety. disapproval numbers 57%, four and five, guys, number four, here is five. direction of the country 63% say it's going in the wrong direction 10 months in. my theory is that on some of these issues they are starting to pivot. they are pivoting away from some of the far left decisions they've made previously. remain in mexico, om rove yeah withdrawal. mexico had to agree to it and they had to finalize the handshake on that. on some of these things i think the pivot has begun. >> you look at independents. they wanted a different kind of president than president trump. they wanted calm, more quiet. remember people using buzz words konk the election. i want to take a breather. but what they didn't bargain for was a very progressive-leaning president. when you look at joe biden's
7:50 am
instincts as a senator and before, his instincts were towards being tough on crime, right? then he talked back that i wasn't for the 94 crime bill but those were his instincts to be tough on crime. he backed off on that. even ukraine, he had argued for lethal force allowing more aggressive help on the part of the united states to ukraine and he writes if his book as vice president how president obama talked him back from that. maybe he needs to lean on his own instincts and be the person he is and not be swayed by all of this and perhaps those numbers would improve more. >> bill: disapproval 57%. >> dana: he has a lot of time. >> this -- we're still a long way from the mid-terms. news cycles move quickly. a lot can happen between now and then. >> dana: a lot can happen between now and 3:00. great to sigh. one year since california
7:51 am
courts overturned scott peterson's death sentence. he is back in court where the judge is set to decide and why.
7:52 am
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at these rates, you may never need to refinance again. >> harris: president biden is not tough enough is what republicans are saying about him after his meeting with russian president vladimir putin yesterday. democrats are divided when it comes to the crime wave gripping our cities. those of them you can convince that it is actually happening. what the white house is saying about comments by the most far left in the party. and from bad to worse, when it comes to new polling for president biden and his party ahead of the mid-term elections. senator cruz, jason chaffetz, "the faulkner focus" top of the hour. >> dana: scott peterson is back in court today 17 years after being convicted of murder in the death of his pregnant wife, lacey, and their unborn son. he was initially sentenced to death row in 2005.
7:57 am
that ruling was overturned last year and today stands before a judge to face resentencing. laura engel has the details outside the courthouse in northern california. >> the last time scott peterson set foot inside this courthouse was in 2005, the day he was sentenced and today he will be back again not only to be resentenced but also to face lacey peterson's family nearly two decades later. so this is like deja vu for a lot of people here as they return to the courtroom to watch him go from death row inmate to receiving life in prison without the possibility of parole. scott peterson is expected to speak at today's resentencing hearing for the first time in a court proceeding. he never testified at his double murder trial in 2004 or sentencing in 2005 which brought international attention to this case. his death sentence overturned after the california supreme court ruled that the original trial judge wrongly excluded
7:58 am
potential jurors who opposed to death penalty which gave him the rare chance to leave san quentin prison and return here to the jail. he may get a new trial over juror misconduct. a lot going on here. i spoke with two jurors yesterday their thoughts on these new developments after they spent months deciding peterson's guilty verdict and sentence. >> i don't think that the outcome will change. i think it will be the same. the information that we were given and i believe that if they were to retry this, would only point to one person. >> we sat there and we went through every little bit of evidence and testimony that was provided in that courtroom. i couldn't have voted guilty if i had any doubts not only reasonable doubt. >> i spoke to peterson attorney pat harris about his hope for a new trial so he can prove a defense theory about a burglary that took place across the street from the peterson home
7:59 am
the day she vanished. listen. >> now we know a lot more. we have more evidence and we are absolutely convinced that not only did the burglars take and kill lacey but that we can prove it. >> lacey peterson's mother, expected to give victim impact statements today. the last time that happened it was a devastating scene inside the courtroom with tears. we'll see what happens again today. >> dana: thanks for following it for us, thank you. all right. before we go. >> bill: there it is. before we go. >> dana: all right. you have been reading? >> bill: yesterday dana had a chance to give me a hard time about my story. today i get to give her. you are so sweet and nice but i found something you don't like. that you hated. i never really liked how the grinch stole christmas. my sister loved so so much. >> dana: my sister loves the grinch. >> bill: it has a great ending. >> dana: when peter and i first
8:00 am
met in august and he came from england for christmas and we were in denver. my sister was 21. i hear she made him watch the grinch to see how his, you know, >> bill: whether or not she accepted and liked him. >> dana: he just said he liked it. >> bill: all american christmas check it ut. >> harris: we begin with a fox news alert. president biden with a warning to russia don't invade your neighbor. who wants to tell biden not sure if russia cares what he thinks. russia, president vladimir putin, is rolling with thousands of troops massing along the ukrainian border. i'm harris faulkner. the zoom call lasted 2 hours and 6 who seconds. from what little information we got from the white house on it, topic.know ukraine was a big president


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