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tv   America Reports With John Roberts Sandra Smith  FOX News  December 8, 2021 10:00am-12:00pm PST

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watch. >> you knew you were taken care of. i can't wait to read the roast. >> congratulations. we are thrilled for you. go purchase your signed copy. here's "america reports." >> ♪ ♪ >> sandra: an all right letter kicking off "america reports." the alarms are going off for democrats. dismal new pole numbers for president biden threatening to take the rest of his party down with him. welcome. i am sandra smith in new york. we made it to wednesday, john. >> john: we over the hump. i am john roberts in washington. the president on his way to kansas city at this hour. he tries to build support for the massive social spending bill. it comes as some democrats in washington are worried amid rising inflation and growing economic pain for millions of
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americans. senator majority whip dick durbin said biden's recent poling is scary. >> sandra: the "wall street journal" showing 61% of americans believe the economy is headed in the wrong direction and the numbers don't look better for wynned. -- biden. 57% approval rating. >> john: we will speak to ronna mcdaniel in a moment. we begin with peter doocy in kansas city. hopefully you got a belly full of barbecue. >> i just had a brisket sandwich the side of my head. we are awaiting the president on his way to missouri. to pitch the extra base hits bill he made to a state that trump won by a lot. we talked to one of missouri's
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republican senators who doesn't get why the president is on his way here. >> it wreaks of desperation and to change the subject. what his visit will highlight in missouri is how bad his policies have been. i can't figure out what the president has against working people. he doesn't want them to buy cars or be fired if they don't get the vaccine. doesn't want them to have a say in school boards. he doesn't think much of working people and their families. >> voters do not like what they see. 63% polled by the "wall street journal" said the country is going in the wrong direction and republican leaders said biden and company are spending too much money on the wrong things. >> upside down on the economy. the reckless spending spree the
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democrats are planning next, the less they want anything close to it. >> there is a lot going on. crime causing problems in cities. russia causing problems in eastern europe. omicron variant causing problems with christmas plans. the president is focussing on his big win: from fra. -- infrastructure. what that means for climate change. >> the investments will help kansas city's zero emissions plan to reduce pollution and provide free public transit. >> we will see what president biden addresses when he arrives here shortly. >> john: peter doocy running on a platform of barbecue for everyone. >> sandra: rnc chair woman ronna mcdaniel. a lot of changing polls numbers. you are highlighting them in
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your piece on fox and predicting a red wave is coming. you said democrats have every reason to worry. what is the prediction you are making today about the 2022 mid-terms? >> based on what we saw a few weeks ago in virginia and pennsylvania and new jersey, we will take back the house and the senate and the american people want a change. biden is under water. harris's approval surround 30%. republicans are more trusted on 3 key issues. the economy, inflation and crime. these are issues we are seeing every day on our streets and around our home and communities. look at the christmas tree just burned down. this is a huge problem for democrats and a key indicator is biden is under water with hispanic voters. 54% disaprove of president biden. this bodes well for republicans heading into 2022.
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>> sandra: chris christie agrees with you. he is suggesting to capitalize on this, your party, the key is to talk about the future. what do you do other than highlighting what democrats are doing today, the mistakes and failures of this administration? how do you show what republicans will do for this country tomorrow? >> well, we have to talk about the future. we can talk about the past. we can talk about president trump's energy policy and the fact we had gas prices low and record low employment numbers. we know what republican leadership can do. we just saw and know how quickly is eroded for joe biden. trump passed him a baton of a vaccine and an economy rising. how quickly it's been squandered is upsetting the american people. part of biden's bad poll numbers
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they know how well they were doing under president trump. >> sandra: we have up on the screen the long list of 19 house democrats retiring or leaving office. the new republic headline: the 2022 mid-terms will be a blue wave of retirement. favoring the gop in a toxic environment on capitol hill. more democrats are leaving the house. will that also benefit your party? >> it will. a lot of these retirements are in battleground districts. the blue wave the democrats don't have faith they are going to win and are leaving. democrats are continuing to spend money and put money into this economy and not recognize that the image of inflation that every american right now is dealing with, higher gas prices
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and for groceries, everybody is feeling this pinch. it's hurting the working class and the poor more than anybody. their build back better broke plan, the secondest biggest part is a huge tax cut for the rich. how will the democrats sell that? >> sandra: biden touted it as a big win with the infrastructure. the social spending bill is split. he is having a very hard time selling this massive social spending bill. last thought? >> i want to say the things you are seeing in the polls i see on the streets and at home. people are very, very concerned. they have a lot of stress right now. the biden administration is contributing to that. that's why voters are turning to republicans because they recognize that we will be the right party to lead them out of
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this and restore economic prosperity. >> sandra: and the report this morning over 4 million americans quitting jobs and 11 million open jobs. a changing environment happening right now. ronna mcdaniel, your piece this morning caught us eye. appreciate you joining us. thank you. more coming up on the problems. inflation and economy and the jobs market. tough for businesses to hire. not because people are not available but people don't have incentive to go back to work. art will weigh in on that. >> john: and the "wall street journal" poll finding that hispanic voters are split 37-37 democrats to republicans. that's huge that will give them real problems flecks year.
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-- next year. in addition to smash and grab there is a nationwide warning of carjackings. mike emanuel has the details. it's exploding. >> were. a lot of the suspects are teenagers and cutbacks in police funding had an impact. this took place at a gas station in broad daylight. 3:39 in the afternoon. a car full of suspects pulled up along a silver mercedes and guns are drawn and the owner gives up the car. in 2020 chicago carjackings were up 134% with 1416 people removed in their vehicle. this trend has continued in 2021 with chicago seeing a 44% increase and washington, d.c. up 45%.
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new york 81% increase. a police chief in washington talked about this crime surge. >> a lot of these incidents were occurring as crimes of opportunity whether you were pulling up to an atm or a gas station. they saw the opportunity to take advantage of a victim. they took those opportunities. >> it's not just major cities. carjackers you hitting the suburbs with a troubling trend over the past year. >> january 2019 to september 2020 there was an average of [inaudible]. that jumped to 5.6. >> being aware of your surroundings and park in well lit areas. if you feel uneasy get out of there. >> john: talking about lighted
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areas. that gas station in the middle. afternoon. lit by sunlight. you can't get much better lighting than that. mike, good to see you. >> sandra: in the next hour special counsel john durham's team and defense lawyers for hillary clinton and her campaign attorney will head back to court to set a trial date. sussmann is accused of lying to the fbi in 2016 about allegations of a secret back channel between the trump organization and a russian bank. sussmann's attorneys say new evidence contradicts the special counsel indictment and want the trial to tart as soon as possible. durham's investigation into the origins of the russia probe began 2.5 years ago. so far 3 indictments but those with knowledge of the investigation tell fox to stay tuned. we will. >> john: there is a tease. a clear warning from the white house to the kremlin.
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listen here. >> i would look you in the eye and tell you as president biden background putin in the eye and told him things we didn't do in 2014 we are prepared to do now. >> john: president biden putting pressure on putin to stay out of ukraine. will the warnings work? dan is just ahead. >> sandra: convicted killer scott peterson returning to court to get a new sentence for murdering his wife laci peterson. career. . ♪ you are my sunshine ♪ ♪ my only sunshine... ♪ rybelsus® is a pill that lowers blood sugar in three ways. increases insulin when you need it... decreases sugar... and slows food. the majority of people taking rybelsus® lowered their blood sugar and reached
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deliberating today. prosecutors said he lied about his alleged racist attack. two brothers said smollett paid them to carry out a fake attack. smollett testified it was not a hoax. they are going for 1 juror to hung it and he either get a retrail or gets off. >> sandra: closing arguments under way. scott peterson will be resentenced today to life in prison for the murders of laci peterson and their unborn child. prosecutors say scott killed her on new year's eve. first to laura ingle who joins us live outside of the
10:18 am
courthouse in california. >> the hearing just getting under way. 17 years since scott peterson stepped foot inside this courthouse. that was the day he was sentenced to death in 2005. at this hour he has gone back into the same courtroom where he was convicted of those crimes. he will be facing laci peterson's family members once again in this courtroom. it's happening now. we are keeping an eye on it. scott peterson is expected to speak at today's resentencing. he never testified at his double murder trial in 2004 or sentencing in 2005. his death sentence was overturned after the california supreme court ruled that the trial judge excluded potential jurors who opposed the death penalty. he may also get a new trial next year over jury misconduct. yesterday we reunited 2 of the jurors from the trial to get their perspective on these new
10:19 am
developments. i asked mike if he still stands by his verdict and what he thought peterson might say today. >> he will play on emotions. scott is a manipulator. i loved my wife. we went through 5.5 months of a trial. >> scott said a burglary was connected to the laci going missing and they have prove that someone other than scott peterson killed laci and her son. >> we can't walk out of here in a year or a week or 10 years from now and say, man, i don't know if he was really guilty. in our hearts he was guilty. in our beliefs, nobody else did this. he committed the crime.
10:20 am
>> an emotional day in court expected again. scott peterson set to make his first statement and sharon, laci peterson's mother will speak directly to scott peterson in court today with another victim impact statement. >> john: let's bring in fox news legal analyst mercedes. he was sentenced to death row in 2005. the california supreme court overturned that death sentence on appeal but the conviction still stands. what was the basis for overturning the death sentence? >> during the jury -- the rather the selection process, there were individuals that were in that jury pool that said they opposed the death penalty. even if there was going to be a conviction, they could not give him the death penalty following the deliberation process on. that basis, the judge and on the
10:21 am
appeal dismissed those jurors. that was determined to have robbed scott peterson of a fair outcome in the trial. he does have that point. there are motions that the defense attorneys will is the forth and said there was a jury who sat in the panel did not disclose they were a victim of domestic abuse which was important to the defense. she doesn't disclose it. she was considered by the defense attorneys to be a stealth jury and could have robbed scott peterson of a fair trial. >> john: the judge presiding over this, she will have to decide whether or not there could be a retrial based on that challenge from scott peterson's defense of the one jury not disclosing her experience.
10:22 am
what do you think the chances of that would be and what might that look like? >> well, that's a great question. it's extraordinarily difficult to overturn a jury decision. just to hear how passionate two sitting jurors feel about what they endured sitting through 5.5 month trial. it's difficult to overturn a conviction with a jury. the standard is that scott peterson was robbed of a fair trial because of the stealth jury, it's very difficult and unlikely will happen. he will live behind bars for the rest of his life. >> john: in there were another trial, a name from the past will come up again. amber frey who was scott peterson's girlfriend while he was married to laci peterson. she said she is prepared to
10:23 am
testify the same way we did during the initial trial. that would be something. >> she was devastating to the defense. when she took the stand, she said i didn't know that scott peterson was married. number 2, what he said to me that his wife had died. that resonated through the courtroom. laura ingles and i covered it every night. that was really a game exchanger for the prosecution and the death knell to the defense. >> john: 32 seats reserved for the family of laci peterson and scott peterson. we will see what happens in the court. mercedes, thank you. amazing that we are back here where we were in 2004. >> sandra: we covered it every day then. laci peterson and her family have been through so much. >> john: and getting put through
10:24 am
it again. >> sandra: a navy seal commanding officer died following an incident during training. the 43-year-old led field team 8. he died yesterday from injuries sustained during a training session on saturday. a navy commander called him one of our very best leaders who . he served in the u.s. navy since may of 2001 and leaves behind a wife and five children. >> john: u.s. job openings rising again as more than 4 million americans quit their jobs in october. we heard that before. why is this trend continuing to worsen. former reagan advisor will weigh in on the breaking economic news. >> sandra: and guatemala dealing with a worsening migrant crisis.
10:25 am
has anything improved since vice-president kamala harris back in june and pledged to root out corruption? an exclusive interview with the president of guatemala. he will sit down with john.
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10:30 am
at a police stop. the defense said she meant to use her taser. >> john: pfizer says its booster is effective against the new ornament. scan the qr code and be kick. >> sandra: fox news alert. u.s. job openings surgeing to a near record high. 11 million while 4.2 million workers left their jobs in october. labor stats showing there are more jobs open than there are americans seeking work. all of this has new polling shows americans have losing faith in joe biden's handling of the economy. art, great to see you. i look forward to picking your
10:31 am
brain. those are shocking numbers. while these are the latest numbers, this is a trend we have seen for a while. why do we have len million job openings in this country that are not getting filled? what is happening. >> just before the pandemic today there are 4 million fewer people working. if you look at the gdp before the pandemic, we are way below the trend and the current numbers are disappointing. 2% level weakly are not catching up to where we should be., we ap
10:32 am
to where we should be. biden gave people tons of money and they don't have to go to work. 4 million less people employed today than in february of 2020. that's shocking! all of these openings are sitting there because demand is way up because we have given them all of this money to buy stuff, but taken away their incentive to work. it's a catastrophe leading to inflation and supply chain problems and immigration into the country. that's the problem in a nutshell. >> sandra: and the quit rate. 4.2 million americans quit their jobs in october. the labor market -- i don't know, some economists are floating the idea we are seeing a permanent changes as far as philosophy and labor environments in this country.
10:33 am
do you think things are changing permanently as a result of the pandemic and not going to a job every day? >> if you pay them why should they go to a job. it's the spoiled brat synd dream -- syndrome of taking care of everybody. we will just write checks. it's the worst thing you can imagine for the prosperity of america. >> sandra: talk to those who say we are still in a pandemic. men and women are having a hard time juggling household duties when child care is difficult. not only difficult to find work also different to pay them. rates are sky rocketing. people are still afraid of covid. some are going to the workplace unvaccinated. what do you say to them on how you get us out of this problem?
10:34 am
the polling says most americans say republicans are best suited to get us out of this. how do you provide incentive while addressing the concerns in the workplace? >> going to work has always been difficult. whether you are a male or a female with children or not with children. daycare centers are difficult. working is a problem. you get paid to do that because it's not easy. that's why you have it. now what we are seeing is the government is trying to put it all in here and give people all of these things. well, i won't work. that's the real problem. the republicans are far better than the democrats if you judge democrats by joe biden to take care of the problem. we do tax rate cuts and they do increasing. we do controlled spending. they go into a 3 trillion dollars or 6 trillion dollars and it's along partisan lines. if you look at regulations it's
10:35 am
shocking. >> sandra: i want to dig into the numbers. you wonder what will give here. there is a huge demand out. there a lot of american families are sitting on savings that have only grown during the pandemic. they want to travel and go to the movies. the most job openings right now. transportation and leisure and hospitality. 1.1 million job openings in education and healthcare service over 76,000. what will give here. the demand is there for these services? >> well, sure. if the government gives you money, net household wealth is high because of stimulus checks. people want to buy things. sooner or later it will break for the democrats as it now is. you can't keep getting more and more consumption for people and not having anyone work.
10:36 am
you have to bring people back to the labor force. that's not happening. it's very scary to me. >> sandra: and there are consequences at the battle box. ronna mcdaniel predicted a red wave in 2022. the voters are pessimistic about what is going on. they feel the inflation and looking for change. final thought? >> i agree with you totally. the inflation is happening as you said and people are unhappy. they don't like their jobs. that's not a good scenario for the future of this country. >> sandra: you are looking for a job it's a red hot job market. >> it's wonderful. >> sandra: a lot of availability. art, good to have you.
10:37 am
>> john: the trump white house chief of staff mark meadows deciding not to cooperate with the january 6th committee. he failed to appear for a deposition. mark meadows said it's best to honor the executive privilege and leave it up to the courthouse. he silent third person to face contempt proceedings from that day committee. >> sandra: philadelphia's district attorney say there is is no crime crisis in his city despite a record high murder rate. this is the los angeles district attorney faces another recall attempt. lawrence jones will be here to react. >> john: and president biden warning of a strong response if russian president vladimir putin invades cran. will he back it up. dan hoffman on that next.
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10:43 am
charges. instagram. the hearing comes just a day after instagram announced new parental control features in response to critics say the app has a toxic impact on teens. i believe there will be high interest in this, john. pick the brain. the head of instagram taking questions from lawmakers. you turn to every parent in this country that has or will be dealing with the pains ever social media. i might be speaking to one, right john? >> yes, this stuff is designed to be addictive. social media is the new tobacco. we have to understand that. >> sandra: we will listen for this. >> john: departh for kansas city earlier today president biden says he warned vladimir putin against invading ukraine promising the u.s. will respond
10:44 am
strongly. >> i was polite but made it clear if he invades ukraine there will be severe consequences. the u.s. will use force to confront russia invading ukraine is not in the cards right now. >> john: right now? the former cia chief and a fox news contributor. your job was to get inside the heads of foreign leaders. what do you think putin's game is. is he planning on invading the ukraine or trying to use that as leverage to get concessions from night nato countries?
10:45 am
>> vladimir putin is playing a game of chess. put 100,000 troops on the border knowing it would induce a response from the united states. it did. he is prepared to invade if he needs to but also prepared to use troops as leverage. putin made it clear where his redline is. he doesn't want ukraine to join nato and wants a legal guarantee that ukraine won't do so. that's russia seeking to exercise soviet-like control over another state and velting their independence. that's what vladimir putin wants.iolating their independence. that's what vladimir putin wants. putin is negotiating with the united states but ukraine doesn't have a seat at the table. i wish the biden administration
10:46 am
included their president in these meetings. >> john: one thing we know about vladimir putin he subscribes to the staying proceed with bayo nets. if you are met with mush proceed, with steel stop. linhere. >> i will look you in the eye and tell you as president biden looked president putin in the eye and told him today that things we did not do in 2014 we are prepared to do now. in terms of the specifics, we would prefer to communicate that directly to the russians and not negotiate in public. we are laying out for the russians the types of members we have in mind. >> john: what might they have in mind, dan? >> well, no question the biden administration is not going to send u.s. troops to fight the
10:47 am
russians. we would not even keep a few thousands troops in afghanistan to prevent it from being the terrorist threat its today and the threat it is to the home land. if they were doing it right the biden administration would have asked the intelligence community: what needs to be done in order to deter a russian attack. if that's what the assessment is, so be it. i would be concerned it might not be enough. sanctions never altered vladimir putin because ukraine is a threat not because of missile or tank. it's about liberty and freedom. if ukraine joins nato as a full fledged member. that's a call to putin's own
10:48 am
opposition he is repressing. that's the question. weep don't know the answer. stay tuned. >> john: you heard the president say on his way to the helicopter deploying u.s. forceses to the area is not in the cards right now. jake sullivan suggested yesterday that should russia invade ukraine increasing our troop presence in nato nations through article-5 might be in the cards. listen to what he said. >> obviously many of our partners are baltic allies. they will be concerned about the security and integrity of their countries. they will seek additional capabilities and deployments and the united states will look to respond positively to those things in the eent event they are moving into the ukraine.
10:49 am
>> john: that sounds like u.s. forces might be headed to the region is not engaged with russia. >> that's after the fact. ukraine has already been invaded. it doesn't sound like we will accomplish the objective to preserve ukraine's independence. i found it interesting he referred to the eastern front. that's a reference to world war ii. an odd one since we are not at war there right now. we need to make it clear to the russians or they will change their calculus and act in ukraine. >> sandra: the supreme court hearing oral arguments in a case that could impact school choice for parents. >> john: president biden announcing a boycott of next year's beijing olympic over human rights abuses in china. does this go far enough?
10:50 am
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call 833-317-4673, or live chat at today. >> sandra: the supreme court hearing arguments that could affect school choice across the country.
10:54 am
jillian. >> this case carson versus macon comes in a moment when parents nationwide are claiming they want a greater say over where their kids go to school and what they are being taught while there. in this case the carson family is alleging maine violated the constitution's religion and equal protections causes denying them permission to use tuition assistance to send their daughter to a religious school. chief justice john roberts said the government should remain neutral for schools religion and nonreligion schools. >> there are 65 religions or more in this count row. they believe a lot of different things. what is worrying me is that if
10:55 am
these state must give money to the schools, they will get into all kinds of religious disputes. >> school choice is more important now. >> parents are not happy with that they have seen. >> parents assumed that they will be focussed on math, science, reading and writing and history. >> enrollment in public schools over the last years down by 3%. over1.5 million students. these complaints coming from parents is not anectdotal. >> sandra: is talking over the
10:56 am
leaf blower. >> john: i thought leaf blowers were confined to the white house. vice-president kamala harris pledged to work with the guatemala government about illegal immigration at the border. i sat down with the nation's president in an exclusive interview. what he said and more. plus senator lindsey graham and dr. mark siegel and lawrence jones in a jam-packed hour.
10:57 am
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11:01 am
olympics. even allies accusing president biden of dropping the ball. >> john: fox news exclusive. we sit down with the president of guatemala. who says with the broken u.s. border the biden administration has itself to blame. his experiences working with vice-president harris as reports pop-up questioning her leadership. >> vice-president harris, do you believe she's done enough to address the problem? >> john: his answer coming up. >> sandra: we will speak to senator lindsey graham one of china's most outspoken crit 60s. does he think president biden's boycott goes far enough.
11:02 am
>> john: i am john roberts in washingtons. >> sandra: i am in sandra smith in new york. this is an fox news alert. the crisis at home. >> john: it's a development bound to happen as spread crimes coast to coast. police in portland, oregon, warning they can't keep up with the criminals. if you call 9-11 you could be on your own. >> sandra: scary thought. increased crime hasn't stopped progressive prosecutors for pushing the policy critics say is causing this crime surge. a district attorney will hold a news conference to discuss the success he's had enacting those controversial policies. in philadelphia the d.a. under fire for saying the city's record high murder rate is no cause for alarm. brian is live. and lawrence jones is here with
11:03 am
his reality check. >> john: we kick off for hour 2 of "america reports" with dan springer on the warning from overwhelmed police in portland. what is this all about? >> on monday portland police told the public that police would only be able to respond to priority 1and 2 calls because of a staffing shortage and big crime rate. this shift in 9-11 response is happening 1 to 2 times a week not just with a string of carjackings and a murder at the same time. portland has blown past its own record for murders. the district attorney filed only chargers a fractions of the rioters. the police are beyond frustrated. >> we have a community that is
11:04 am
desperate for help. >> among the many 9-11 calls that don't get a police response, vandalism in progress and suspicious person on private property. homeowners have to vend for themselves. >> john: that's scary. >> sandra: not everyone believes the rising crime rate is a cause for alarm the district attorney in philadelphia made remarks that the former philadelphia mayor is calling the most ignorant comments. brian live. >> we still have 3 weeks left but philadelphia hit a record number of homicide. 523 murders this year. look at the numbers. a 13% jump and already more than the record 500 homicides from back in 1990. philadelphia's democratic district attorney claims there is no crime crisis in the city. >> basically, we don't have
11:05 am
a crisis of lawlessness. we don't have a crisis of crime or of violence. that include gun violence. gun violence is through the roof. that is a crisis. crime in general is not a crisis. it's been level. >> just in the last 2 weeks a 21-year-old student was killed and shot in a parking lot. a 14-year-old was shot 18 times waiting for the bus after school. just now there is a press conference with the philadelphia police commissioner and the mayor. this is her responding to the district attorney's comment. >> any type of commentary or action that undermine our ability to be successful, [muffled audio]. my hope is moving forward we can be working on the same page.
11:06 am
>> 59 children have been gunned down in philadelphia and died. the mayor said philadelphia is experiencing a gun crisis. >> sandra: horrific reality for the residents of that city. >> john: now to los angeles where the district attorney george gascon is about to hold a news conference. not about the city's rising crime. he is set to take a victory lap touting his success using progressive policies that critics say are to blame. let's bring in lawrence jones. even the white house is breaking with progressives here in washington, d.c. and across the country saying they don't agree with their stances on crime. the white house is aware that this could be a real losing issue for democrats next year. >> it looks like i lost john. >> sandra: talking about the
11:07 am
political consequences of the crime coast to coast. >> i don't think there is any consequence so far because the voters have not completely rejected. we see the polling numbers. in the liberal cities they keep putting these people back into office. for the people who think this is just something that just started to happen, i have been doing reports on this for 3 years on fox news talking about the cities in crisis. these are crimes of opportunity. these are d.a.s that believe though one should be locked up. this is a new criminal justice reform that says no one is a risk to society. we will continue to see things we saw even last night at the fox news channel which someone set our christmas tree on fire. he saw an opportunity to commit a crime. it's allowed in new york city or
11:08 am
baltimore or dallas -- anywhere there is liberal leadership they get away with this. >> john: you got me now? >> i got you. >> john: these progressive policy are pith democrat against democrat. larry is underfire for saying philadelphia is not in a crime crisis.larry is underfire for s philadelphia is not in a crime crisis. i wonder what kind of messed up white wokeness he is living in while he advances his own national profile as a progressive district attorney. they are not looking at statistics. >> the portland mayor is right. the people who are impacted by this in major cities are black and brown. he needs to extend his comments
11:09 am
to more than just the mayor there. this is a national issue. joe biden and kamala harris are not condemning it. the democrats are not condemning it. these major cities are runs by democrats. a former official saying maybe it is white privilege but it's his party with these policies on the ground. there are many of us who are advocates for criminal justice. what we are seeings right now is a pattern of crime. california is telling citizens they can steal less than $1,000. now there is a national criminal enterprise selling these products on ebay and on amazon. this is out of control. they are lighting up trees, shooting people and stabbing people in subways and raping people in broad dayalate. -- daylight.
11:10 am
maybe because you defunded the police and you are painting people in the same category as the bad cops when 99% do their job. a lot of us for justice and want reforms to happen, we can't have that conversation if we don't have public safety. it will take the president of the united states to set the tone and say the american public won't take being vandalized and threatened and shot. >> sandra: jen psaki was asked about it yesterday. he said the president wants to make sure that the police forces have the funding they need to protect their districts. guess what? it would help if those police that retired over the course of the pandemic were there for that funding. many left because they didn't feel the support. these stories are so personal for you for so many years. you have covered the crime
11:11 am
crisis on the ground across the country and reporting from these cities. and the christmas tree lighting that you did out on the plaza it and it burned down last night. you got the news this morning with all of us. it's hard. in this moment we look forward. as a company we will put that tree back up. >> we will rebuild it. it's not just a fox news tree. this was america's tree. our audience come across the country and internationally to see this tree. it was a moment of unity. this appears to be a guy that was a repeat offender who wanted to set something on fire. he was not targeting fox news, he was targeting the country. invokes free from the public when these things happen. >> sandra: this is the rebuilding of the christmas tree. already begun.
11:12 am
that tree will go right back up. >> that's what i am talking about. we can't be deterred. it will take more. we will have a lighting tomorrow. i hope with this lighting that the criminals watch that and say there are a lot of americans that are standing up and saying they won't take this anymore. >> sandra: good for you, lawrence. we will be watching that lighting and be happy to see it go back up. >> john: it's about how you respond to adversity. great thoughts. >> sandra: two power players in the foreign policy front are sitting down with "america reports." senator lindsey graham is here with how president biden should handle growing threats from russia and china. >> john: the president of guatemala talks about dealing with vice-president harris and why it was so different than dealing with president trump. people everywhere living with type 2 diabetes
11:13 am
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11:18 am
>> ♪ ♪ >> i will look you in the eye and tell you as president biden looked president putin in the eye and told him today things we did not do in 2014 we are prepared to do now. >> john: jake sullivan on president biden's warnings to vladimir putin promising if putin invades ukraine the punishment will hurt more than than under president obama. >> sandra: is president biden more bark than bite. the boy cot of the beijing games still allows americans to compete. senator lindsey graham on that in a moment. >> john: first benjamin hall. >> there does no doubt china is watching to see how the u.s.
11:19 am
responds to the russia and ukraine crisis and how forceful president biden is. this comes after a series of incursions by china over taiwan. blinken said there would be terrible consequences if china tries anything. yesterday jake sullivan said the administration is using diplomacy to make sure the taiwan scenario never happens. many feel more is needed. the nightmare scenario is simultaneous attacks on taiwan and ukraine. china and russia have strenghtened their relationship this year and condemned u.s. actions. they call for the end of a one
11:20 am
china party. they called for full recognition of taiwan which would be a very big move. >> john: interesting times. >> sandra: republican senator lindsey graham who served on the judiciary committee. we look back at a tweet you put out. this was dated march 16, 2021. in 1936 olympics legitimized hitler's germany. this is not the venue to uphold the olympic spirit. you were waving the red flag back in march. if president biden diplomat boycott going far enough or should he do what tom cotton says, the athlete should not go either. listen.
11:21 am
>> china will take hostage and disappear one of its own tennis stars, what will they do to one of our athletes? we should not send them to compete. >> i think we should do everything we can do everything to marginalize the olympic in china because of the chinese behavior. if you could go back in history and knowing what we know now, was it a good idea to allow the olympics to be held in berlin? if i could can back in time jesse owens would not be the star we know today. if the world said to hitler we won't come to your hometown while you are putting jews in bad conditions and taking territory around you. what china needs to understand. if you want to be recognized
11:22 am
a the world in a good fashion, you have to do good and not bad. quit destroying the agreement you made with hong kong. when the british left hong kong and turned it back over to china there was an agreement to allow democracy to flourish in hong kong. they broke that agreement. they disputed with vietnam and the philippines and using military force to make a territory claim. they are talking about invading taiwan this we stood behind for years. what is at risk? if we don't stand up for taiwan and the ukraine we are not standing up for democracy. ukraine gave up lethal weapons in the late '90s with the understanding the world would guarantee their integrity. if putin goes into the ukraine it sets in motion people taking property of others by a force of arms. what does it mean when a mob
11:23 am
goes into a store and cleans the place out and nobody gets prosecuted. if you allow china to hold olympic games u will get more bad behavior. >> sandra: do we put you down for a senator urging the biden administration to ban the athletes from going? ? >> yes, i would encourage the world to not participate in the beijing olympics. not just the united states. you are legitimizing a regime destroying the rule of law and has concentrations campus for a recession minority. 50 years from now, i think you would be well served not to legitimize this regime. >> sandra: your thoughts on how the biden administration is handling russia and ukraine and this one-on-one with the president had yesterday with vladimir putin.
11:24 am
what did you take away from that? >> i think the reason that these troops are on the border is they are testing biden. after afghanistan, he put in play, in motion, bad guys trying to test him at every turn. if i were president biden i would tell putin it's not just me that will be upset. it's the congress. democrats and republicans can work together. democrats wanted to invade russia when they said they were meddling in the election. they are quiet now. hit russia hard if they invade ukraine. if i were president biden i will inlist the congress to give him some juice he didn't have today to let putin know it's not just me upset with you. i will work on a resolution laying out what congress should do if there is an invasion. you are not just dealing with biden, you are dealing with the
11:25 am
entire federal government. >> sandra: getting ahead of it compared to where we were after the afghanistan withdrawal and how that was botched. this is an abc headline. 12 major cities hitting all time homicide records. worse than a war zone said a police official quoteed in that abc news piece. they dug into the numbers here. that is astounding. we will put the 12 cities up on the screen dealing with record homicide. it breaking news your heart. baton rouge and philadelphia and portland. they are battling crime rates. what are we doing about it? >> the people in charge of the cities sent a signal to criminals you can get away with
11:26 am
it. when you condone this behavior, you get more of it. you can imagine the russians threatening ukraine when reagan or donald trump was president? the public is frustrated. iran is on the verge of breaking out and acquiring nuclear weapons. if iran gets nuclear weapons all of the arabs in the middle east will that want nuclear weapons and we will have a nuclear arms race and the survivability of the israel is at risk. the iranians will test biden.
11:27 am
>> sandra: ronna mcdaniel was on predicting a red wave in 2022. your prediction based on what is happening? >> a wipe out. >> sandra: thank you. >> john: domestic issues including immigration. the biden administration says the cause of the border crisis lies way south in central america. corruption and poverty in guatemala, until they are solved we can't solve the problem here. what does guatemala's president say in response? that's next.
11:28 am
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11:32 am
to stop the crisis at the southern border hinges on central american countries including guatemala. the white house's plan is to address the root causes to stop
11:33 am
illegal crossings. how is the white house doing? we sat down with the president of guatemala to check in 6 months after vice-president harris paid him a visit. good to meet you. >> nice to meet you too. >> john: i want to talk about immigration. that's one of the biggest issues facing the united states relating to central america. 6 months ago in june, vice-president kamala harris came down to meet with you to address the root causes of the illegal immigration. in the 6 months since that meeting with you, do you believe she has taken the steps necessary to address the problem? >> frankly i must say there is much to be done. first of all, migration can't be stopped on the basis of circumstance. causes. it needs to be stopped on the
11:34 am
basis of structaur causes. it's a big business to run traffic schemes. it's a $4 billion business for these criminals. >> [speaking foreign language]. >> another thing i would like to act. something we told vice-president harris during the visit. she was a prosecutor before. that's to turn trafficking the coyotes's illegal activities into a federal crime. then the u.s. can ask us to extend our extradition conditions and the coyotes would land in a federal prison. this is something that drug traffickers fear. >> that's the only communication
11:35 am
you had with the biden administration about illegal immigration? >> yes. >> does that strike you as being odd. >> [speaking foreign language]. >> well, we had many conversations with the ambassador, but my presidency and the white house, no. i talked once to joe biden myself. then we had the visit of vice-president harris. on matters of state and migration. we had mayorkas. aside from that direct communication, no we have not had it. >> john: who did a better job of controlling illegal immigration president trump or president biden? >> [speaking foreign language]. >> i believe this is something for the united states to state and not us. >> john: these are presidents you have worked with. i wonder who you think did a better job. >> [speaking foreign language]. >> i worked for one year with
11:36 am
the trump administration and by now almost one year with the biden administration. with the trump administration the communication was more direct. maybe we're not if agreement all the time. we would have a conversation and we will finally reach a consensus. in fact we talked a lot. sometimes the occasion came when we raised our voices even. however, in the end, we could reach concrete decisions. the question is now: who do we speak to? >> john: a summit for democracy is going on this week in washington. the administration said guatemala was not invited because there is rampant corruption in guatemala and
11:37 am
criminal gangs that are committing violence against people. when you take all of that together, do you blame guatemala for wanting to leave the country and come to the many excuses. the ones you listed are not something i have heard. the biggest corruption source is drug trafficking. the largest drug consumer is the united states. >> john: do you agree, mr. president, for many people in guatemala there is little economic opportunity? this is much violence that diabeticing perpetrated on the quality quality people. looking for a better life in the united states because they can't find it in guatemala? >> there is a misconception there.
11:38 am
people do it for poverty reasons. i am not the same idealogy of the current administration. they expressed great happiness with the change that recently occurred in the election inside honduras with the new president-elect. [inaudible]. we are an ally of taiwan. we have our ambassador in jerusalem. we are allies of u.s. allies, but we are surprised that there is so much happiness with the new president-elect of honduras. perhaps it's my difference in idea they don't approve to.
11:39 am
>> john: with economic development and lifting guatemala out of poverty, do you feel like you have a partner with president biden in doing that? >> the day i meet him personally i will ask him. >> john: do you have any idea when you might meet with him personally? >> i don't know. >> john: have they told you if you do this we will meet you with? >> no. >> john: you sit and wait. i said it was great to speak with him. maybe we can catch up after his meeting with president biden. he said we may be waiting a long time to meet. >> sandra: he is not wrong. i keep track because he was
11:40 am
appointed the czar of the border fiasco. kamala harris 259 days ago. >> john: he makes the point the immigration problem is not just the northern triangle of countries. honduras and guatemala and el salvador. people are coming all over the world. coming from south america and ecuador and from brazil and venezuela and countries in africa. and haiti. all over. this is a much bigger problem. >> sandra: great stuff. an exclusive interview. an update on the covid omicron variant strain. dr. siegel will break down the news next.
11:41 am
11:42 am
if you used shipgo this whole thing wouldn't be a thing. yeah, dad! i don't want to deal with this. oh, you brought your luggage to the airport. that's adorable. with shipgo shipping your luggage before you fly you'll never have to wait around here again. like ever. that can't be comfortable though. the smart, fast, easy way to travel.
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11:45 am
>> ♪ ♪ >> john: omicron variant the friday after thanksgiving. trading on monday more than 2 trillion dollars was wiped out on wall street. now word omicron variant is not a big deal. dr. fauci said it's less deadly than the delta variant. dr. siegel join us now.
11:46 am
omicron variant may not be susceptible to the 2 dose vaccine but to the booster. was there a big over reaction when omicron variant was publicized? >> yes, evidence from south africa said it was milder if you had a vaccine or a booster. even for breakthrough infections, they were milder. i spoke to the head virologist who said there was evidence this virus was around since 2020. did not evolve from alpha, beta or delta variant. that was probably percolating in africa in a while. it was too mild to be detected until south africa got ahold of it. it's been a vast overreaction that caused tremendous economic
11:47 am
damage. to the point about the vaccine. i want to make an important point this has been a hyperfocus in the media on neutralizing antibodies that we track to see how well the vaccine is working. from are t-cells and b-cells. that's what your body remembers from the vaccine. it amps up when it sees the virus and produces more antibodies that go for the variant. that's why you are seeing mild breakthrough cases. i am for the booster shots but if you are vaccinated or over covid and got a vaccine you are protected against anything other than a mild case. >> john: that's good news. i want to raise this with you. the surgeon general said america's youth face a mental
11:48 am
health crisis from the covid lockdowns. the media and teachers unions said we have to get the kids back in school. those chickens are coming home to roost now. >> boy, are they. for a year and a half we have been talking about the damage to children from keeping them at home. i pointed out many months ago. you are more likely to spread covid at home among families. in school you can test kids and monitor this and do mitigating strategies. this was not a surprise. there was a study in august that said twice as much anxiety and depression in kids due to decreased mobility. kids sit home and look at social media and feel insecure.
11:49 am
anxiety ramps up. that causes tremendous anxiety and depression. i am glad the surgeon general is coming out on this but hardly in front of problem. plenty of evidence from europe showed we should not close schools. >> john: dr. mark mac siegel. >> sandra: scott peterson is back in court for a brand new sentencing. we will explain next.
11:50 am
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would be for my family. this season give the most meaningful gift for just $129 ok everyone, our mission is to provide complete, balanced nutrition for strength and energy. whoo hoo! ensure, with 27 vitamins and minerals, now introducing ensure complete! with 30 grams of protein. >> sandra: a news alert.
11:54 am
we're getting word from jacqui heinrich that the russian foreign ministry sent a note to the u.s. embassy in moscow warning of consequences of provocation near russia's borders. the spokesperson is remarking on that. jacqui heinrich on the baking news. jacqui? >> hi, sandra. we've heard vladimir putin telling the u.s. basically to stop running missions close to its borders for the last few days. this note sent to the u.s. embassy comes after the putin-biden summit. putin told biden that the russian build-up of troops is purely defensive. they're trying to spin it as russia is facing aggression from nato country. the idea that they would invade ukraine is fake news. that's the russian spin on it.
11:55 am
but they detailed what the note includes. it says in connection with these provocative actions, moscow sent a warning about the dangerous consequences of reckless behavior enumerating recent incidents that didn't end in tragedy due to the luck of the pilots. so they're trying to get out in front and say we are holding firm on our stance that we are purely in a defensive mode and pushing back on what you're seeing come from france, from the u.k., from biden here in the u.s. and from italy banding together to push russia, not to invade ukraine. sandra? >> sandra: thanks, jacqui. thank you. john? >> john: we were talking ant scott peterson being back in court. he was just resentenced to life in prison without parole minutes ago for the 2002 murder of his wife, lacy peterson.
11:56 am
claudia cowan joins us now with the latest on this. claudia, this was not unexpected. >> no, the outcome was determined. it was the only legal option after scott peterson's death sentence was overturned. nevertheless, it was an emotional hearing. we heard from several of lacy peter son's family in particular from her mother, sharon roach. just heart breaking victim impact statement. she says she misses lacy every day and grieves for the grandson she never met. she called scott an evil coward and pointed out 19 years ago today, he was planning to murder his wife that loved and trusted him. last year the california supreme court overturned his death sentence after ruling the original injured wrongly excluded potential jurors opposed to capital punishment. but there could be a redo of the whole case because of alleged juror misconduct. there will be a hearing about
11:57 am
that next year. if it happens, it would be a redo of one of the most sensational murder trials in history. >> john: thanks. >> sandra: let's bring in laura. your thoughts on this. >> yeah, it's been incredible. 17 years after we left here when he was sentenced back here and to see him in the courtroom with lacy peterson's family. as claudia mentioned, a dramatic day. we expected to hear scott peterson speak. the judge didn't let him. so we spoke to a couple of jurors on the original trial about how they feel after all of this time, watching this go down, the resentencing, the death penalty that they gave him off the table now and the fact that he could be looking at a new trial.
11:58 am
i said do you feel the right personal is behind bars? they said yes. when i spoke to juror number 1 about the motive in this, here's what he had to say. >> i personally believe when she got pregnant, that was her death sentence. he didn't want a child. >> and as for what the smoking gun was, a lot of people talking about amber frye, the woman that he was having an affair with. one of the key moments for juror number 4 is listening to the tapes at the trial. we heard if there's another trial, amber frye is prepared to do it all over again. one of the key moments in the trial is when he heard scott peterson talking to her when he presented to be in paris when he was at a candlelight vigil presenting he was somewhere else. listen. >> in what planet -- detached? that's the word that keeps
11:59 am
coming to my mind. detached. you know, dude, it kind of put him in a light that maybe he just didn't care. >> and both jurors said look, if he gets another trial, they believe if another jury is seated, it will have the same outcome once again. sandra? >> just an awful story. laura ingle, thanks for that. john, powerful words from lacy peterson's sister in the courtroom. amy. she said she feels cheated out of a relationship with her sister who would have been 49 today. her unborn son who she would have named connor would have been 18 wednesday. >> john: it was a horrific crime. if there is another trial, which we don't know if there will be on not, that will be in february. we talked with mercedes colwin. amber frye is prepared to
12:00 pm
testify against him again. so all of that could be dredged up if this does back to a retrial. >> sandra: great to be with you. a jam packed two hours. thanks for joining us. i'm sandra smith. >> john: day in and day out, the news just doesn't stop coming. thank you all for joining us between 1:00 and 3:00 eastern. i'm john roberts. "the story" with martha starts right now. >> martha: good afternoon. i'm martha maccallum in new york. some say it's not happening. you can see it with your own eyes and you can look at the actual numbers, the data, which this does not lie. the ambush of on the steps of a california home, the guy went home from dinner, got ambushed on the steps. you can see the thieves taking over, not letting him go in his house. that was los angeles. then you have shoplifters that just brazenly go in to the scores, smash and grabs


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