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tv   FOX News Primetime  FOX News  December 8, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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donation to answer the call which provides financial assistance to the families of fallen service members of fire and police departments in new york. thank you all for your service. tomorrow on "special report," president biden's covid policy questions about testing, now some democrats are souring on vaccine mandates. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for "special report" fair, balanced and still unafraid. freedom hosted by tammy bruce tarts starts right now. hey, tammy. >> tammy: indeed. thank you very much, bret. i appreciate it good evening and welcome to freedom. i'm tammy bruce. and tonight as you heard from bret the biden policy crime wave continues unabated. we will get into the christmas tree shortly. democratic rhetoric pushing division and distrust and inflicting daily consequences on all americans as it plows along targeting you, your family, and businesses across the country. another example of the want on chaos comes to us again in indeed from new york city. when our all-american christmas
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tree on the fox plaza was burned down in the early morning hours, i think it was just a bit after midnight. we have seen, of course, also the torching of small businesses in blue cities. we have watched an abject horror as molotov cocktails have been tossed into police cars as steve and other leftist rioters threw liquid concrete he into the faces of journalists and others who dare their tactic the christmas tree a symbol of unity during the holiday season. don't worry about us at fox news though, we are fine. we are rebuilding our tree. it will be relit tomorrow. and it will be bigger and more beautiful than before. and our security team is, in fact, the best in the business. but, these are the benefits of being a major corporation. most americans don't have this luxury. no one should have to plan their lives around professional security. body guard and all of us face the impacts of this crime wave.
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but this is indicative of where our society indeed is headed. under the careless leadership where crime runs rampant and you are scared to leave your home. fear is what the democrat want to prevail. they want you to be afraid to live your life, too afraid to get involved or too afraid to stand up to them certainly. and they are already failing with that goal. now in chicago, mayor lori lightfoot is blaming the smash and grab lootings in that city on the stores. >> she is complaining they are not doing enough to protect themselves from the mob. >> some of the retailers downtown and michigan avenue i tell you i'm disappointed that they are not doing more to take safety and make it a priority for example, we still have retailers that won't institute plans like having security officers in their stores. making sure that they have got cameras that are actually operational. >> tammy: there is so much to
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say, politicians continue to create untenable and violent environment and then blame the victim and it's not just about the local crime wave, joe biden's attempts to trash the constitution with vaccine mandate after mandate is at least being thwarted by federal judges for the menace that they are as a federal district judge in georgia just this week blocked biden's vaccine mandate for federal contractors meaning that nearly every single biden vaccine mandate has been blocked nationwide. as judge stan baker wrote in his ruling "studio b" tuesday: even in times of crisis this court must preserve the rule of law and ensure that all branches of government act within the bounds of their constitutionally granted authority. isn't that what all of us have been saying? but that doesn't seem to matter to the village troll flipper fauci in love with being on tv as he continues to abandon science and threatens americans with political opinions based on guesswork. he again insisted personal
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freedom is way overrated and dangerous to totalitarian mandates is the only way to be safe. >> when you are in the middle what you have we call a historic experience, of the worst pandemic of a respiratory disease in the last 100 years, we have to put the communal responsibility ahead of individual preferences. sometimes you got to do things that are unpopular but that clearly supersede individual choices. >> tammy: wow, of course to the left and to the extreme democratic party, the rule of law, the constitution and the separation of powers is an after thought because, remember, this isn't the first unconstitutional power grab the democrats have tried to ram down the throat of the american public. remember this fall when biden's eviction moratorium was struck down by the supreme court after joe biden so much as admitted it was unlikely the order was pass legal scrutiny. lying power grabs, reckless efforts to infringe on your
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personal liberty and sovereignty well it's just another day in joe biden's washington. but thankfully our judicial branch, along with millions upon millions of common sense americans are standing up. they are standing up against medical tyranny standing up on tax separation of powers. agenda obsessed with trying to regulate every single aspect of your day-to-day life. all of these things should now be a top priority for every american. now, the good news: americans all across the country are, in fact, doing this and the -- and they are coalescing around the idea that america is a fundamentally good nation rejecting the radicalism being foisted upon us by the far left progressive opposition. it's why we see americans taking to the streets to protest mandates even willing to lose their jobs to preserve fundamental principles of autonomy of freedom of choice. why we see a wave of retirements among democrats ahead of the 2022 midterms. isn't that funny? so what's the democrats' answer to seeking approval and
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cratering credibility? to fuel more hysteria. more panic, and more speculation about everything and anything covid for example here in new york are halt elective surgery despite no evidence that the new omicron variant is more deadly actually evidence to the contrary exists from the south african epicenter. of course the worse variant of them all is called leftism. hell bent on grabbing power, attacking individual liberty. destroying our sacred institution so tonight let's remember to never give up our sovereignty. to always preserve our dignity. you know, they may think that burning things down will make them disappear. but like, with everything else, they under estimate the american people and our resolve. so, the fox christmas tree, like american businesses will be back. and the tree's return is the reminder that the american dream will not be intimidated or destroyed. here to react our friends liz
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pete, fox news contributor and chief james craig, former detroit police chief and michigan gubernatorial candidate. liz, thanks for being here. let me just say you are a new yorker, you are involved in the culture here. we know that this matters to the quality of everyone's lives. we now are watching this overflow of violence and fear in this city but also across the country tell me your thoughts. >> torching of the christmas tree is symbol all that is wrong not only in new york but across blue cities across this country. this is all about bad policies. it isn't mysterious that we suddenly have a tremendous crime surge. make no mistake, we have a huge crime surgeon in this country, homicides were up 30% last year. up again this year. back to the levels of the early 1990s. it is that violent crime and also now this huge wave of looting that democrats are
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terrified of. why? because it is going to hurt them next year in the midterm elections. women, suburban women that they're counting on to come out and vote for them are increasingly polling negative on joe biden. negative on democrats. and very negative on crime. this is a big, big problem for democrats. thankfully, voters are standing up to it, as you have pointed out. in new york we elected a mayor who ran incredibly on stop and frisk and making our streets safe again. that's what voters have to do. exactly right. atlanta did the same thing very recently. a pro-safety new mayor. it's very promising. >> tammy: speaking of police officers and individuals who know big cities and the trouble. chief, when we are talking about the nature of when something happens to a corporation or big entity it's one thing issues average people are facing every single day that's what america
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is the average person. what's been your experience certainly detroit but we know that reflects every great great american city in this country. what's your take on this. >> i have got to tell you. so disappointing, so many moderate democrats are complicit when they let their progressive side of their party dictate the posture of the day. let me just say this. the new york mayor should be embarrassed. you know, bank of america executives are warning their staffers right now to be careful should be embarrassed. the core responsibility of a governor, a mayor, a police chief is to keep people safe, he has failed miserably. then you have got mayor lightfoot out in chicago. what does she say? she is blaming the retailers. let me tell you i was in chicago, i don't know, several months ago. and she said they need better security. i went in their so-called miracle mile. there were off duty cops in
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every main store. some of the stocious still with windows covered. it's ridiculous. so, it's not the retailers. what it is is the mayor. she is a failure. the new york mayor is a failure. and thank god there is a new mayor come in. hopefully he understands his role as a ceo of the city. he has got to keep the city safe. >> tammy: that is it. liz, a lot of people know you from the fox business channel, our sister channel and your, again, involvement in the city of new york is multileveled, certainly with cultural institutions. isn't there an issue when it comes to especially with small businesses the argument is oh well there needs to be security. but, you know, there is fewer people in the city, tourists are afraid to travel, it's expensive to travel now. businesses can't afford their own private security at this point. when you are in a crunch.
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speak to that would you? people are forgetting the economic cost of. this it's billions and billions of dollars that are being looted from stores. and here's another thing. in new york right now, in good neighborhoods, if you go into a cvs, everything is behind glass or plastic. >> tammy: great point. >> you have to ask someone to come and get your toothpaste. toothpaste is behind a bashier so it won't be shoplifted. what does that mean? it means the next thing you do is you go home and order on amazon. academic tammy right. >> this is a quality of life issue for new york. our new mayor eric adams has said rightly we will not recover economically until our streets are safe and people are happy to come back. people don't have to live in new york now, tammy. that's a big problem. they can work remotely, a lot of people have moved to the suburbs. some are coming back. not all. so, you know, they have to fix this. this is the number one issue. and it's going to be number one issue, i think, for voters going forward. >> tammy: indeed.
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chief, at the same time, we are looking at some things like bail reform and just the rhetoric we hear condemning the police, condemning polices condemning rich. creating divisions of resentment and entitlement resulting in violence against -- it could be just your ghash or the local shop owner. an entrepreneur. these are the people in the inner cities, businesses owned by people of color primarily. women in these major american cities. do you think that kind of rhetoric needs to stop from the democrats and is that going to be able to be reversed? >> well, more importantly it needs to stop. let me break it down very simply. those so-called moderate democrats and i said it earlier about the progressive side, that say, you know, bail reform, rogue prosecutors that are allowed to not charge folks, judges that are not keeping
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people off our streets and the people that suffer the real victims are the folks that live in our vulnerable communities. >> tammy: exactly right. >> nobody speaks for them. nobody is speaking up for them. so i'm here to tell you, look, let's face it, a university professor out of columbia, there was a violent stabbing that resulted in a fatality. >> tammy: that's right. >> he said it's sad and shocking but, guess what? he then went on to say let's talk about police brutality. what does it have to do with the death of someone? >> tammy: yeah. >> he's the victim. see, we got it wrong. and what about the individual who drove that car through a holiday parade. >> tammy: yeah. >> what about him? >> tammy: sir. >> other news stations what did they say? they said oh the car did it. >> tammy: yes. with that, we are got to move on through here but i just want to thank you for your great comments and your perspective. liz, thank you very much for joining me tonight. >> thank you.
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>> tammy: thank you very much. moving on, coming up, vaccine mandates, blowing up in the democrats' faces but fauci doesn't care. but, first, it all comes down to the jury. we'll bring you the latest on the jussie smollett trial so don't go anywhere. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ experience the power of sanctuary at the lincoln wish list event. [microwave beeps] [ahh] ♪ ♪ ♪ i'm so defensive, i got bongos thumping in my chest ♪
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>> tammy: closing arguments for the jussie smollett trial concluded today now we wait for a verdict. matt finn was in the courtroom today and he is here now with the latest. >> tammy, the case went to the jury around 2:4 o0 p.m. central time. the jury deliberated a little more than two hours and went home at 5:00. before the jury went home, they asked for a calendar of events of what happened on which day. and that was a piece of evidence
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from the prosecution. and in closing arguments today special prosecutor dan webb presented the jury with six points he said destroyed smollett's correct. in short, the prosecution and police allege that smollett withheld critical evidence like cell phone data because he never wanted the alleged hoax to be solved. the prosecution also telling the jury that smollett mislead police about his attacker's i.d. he lied about tampering with that news and lied about the nature of his communication with osundairo brothers. the prosecution also alleging medical records corroborate the osundairo brothers testimony that they held back their punches. northwestern doctor testifying under oath that smollett had no known injuries. smollett's defense telling jussie had anti-motive here historic black gay page and impending music video shoot. did he not want his face damaged and paid the osundairo brothers for training not the hoax. telling the jury you don't have to feel pressured to convict just because chicago police
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spent thousands of man hours on this case. the defense reminding the jury that a security guard testified under oath he saw at least one white person run away from smollett's scene backing up claim one of his attacker was its was white. if convicted smollett faces up to three years of prison, probation and community service are on the table. we will be back here tomorrow morning and keep you updated, tammy. >> tammy: looks like tomorrow might be the day. thank you very much, matt, appreciate it the covid autocrats were handed a another major loss today after manhattan court public employees like everybody, right? and this shouldn't be a surprise. their draconian measures are federal judge ruled vaccine mandates for government contractors. the left's agenda to control you is clearly falling apart and, of course, the media is here to blame it all on trump.
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vaccine mandates contractors healthcare workers and large private employers have been temporarily blocked from the courts and by the way in most instances, the judge responsible was a judge that was appointed by former president trump. so, in some cases republican governors seem to be encouraging people to defy employer mandates. >> tammy: don't forget flip flop fauci who doesn't care about what the court has to say about your individual freedom. >> i would prefer and we all would prefer that people would be voluntarily getting vaccinated but if they are not going to do it. sometimes you have got do things that are unpopular but that clearly supersede individual choices. >> tammy: all right now here to react the host of making money on fox business, our friend charles payne. charles, thank you for joining me tonight. this is a fascinating thing to watch unfold, i would argue, that all of this no longer really has anything to do with healthcare or our health or managing the impact of covid it now has turned into something
4:23 pm
almost exclusively political, that involves the economy and businesses, freedom of movement, the choices americans with makes a individuals, the demonizing of sections of public. it's like -- it's like a totalitarian society dividing up and separating all of us. what is your take on that? >> well, i agree a thousand percent with that, tammy. and also, once you get that power, right, you know, the old saying about power being corrupt absolutely. they are not going to let it go. i mean, it's really ultimately going to take a supreme court decision for them to let this go. >> tammy: right. >> and, you know, i do find it interesting. i had the good fortune very recently of sitting on a plane next to a top doctor. and he explained something to me i hadn't even thought about before. he said doctor fauci is a lab guy. he has always been a lab guy. typically loners measure success in test tubes and microscopes. it's not about human beings.
4:24 pm
it's about the experiment. right? they can experiment on animals that you and i would consider house pets and we all benefit to it to a degree but by the same token he doesn't even understand that personal freedoms, individual freedoms is what keeps the community safe ultimately. it keeps us safe from tyranny. it keeps us safe from abuse. where we get our freedoms ultimately is from individual freedoms he would like to usurp from us -- here's another thing that really bothers me. science is supposed to be. it's only settled science when they want to force an agenda down our throats whether it's climate change or vaccines. other that be that it's never settled and excuse to keep going on, keep more experiments, keep going further, keep spending the money. final we are there. it's gotten us this far. this science isn't settled, you call him flip flop fauci we know
4:25 pm
he himself is going to have a different theory depending on what he sees under a microscope tomorrow or what he thinks the government mandates should be, government marching order. >> tammy: that's what's interesting. he may have been a lab guy. i agree they are except disconnected from society all the reason why when they move into politics and saying things that destroy business, destroy small businesses, destroy mental health, destroy sobriety, destroy the quality of life because you might have your health but if there is nothing to live for, what's the point? >> yeah. >> tammy: when we think about this with the economy and the nature still of what we are seeing, people not going to work, the small businesses that were burned down or had to close likely are not coming back. how do you see this moving forward once we get out of this dynamic, we reject the nature of this kind of thing, can these small businesses whether we
4:26 pm
regenerate the enthusiasm we had precovid. >> something that happened last year a boom in entrepreneurship. animal spirits so unique to america bulling yourself up by boot straps one of the oath those we should never use as a nation is still there. >> tammy: excellent. >> you are right though, tammy. these attempts to be locked downs and the isolations not only is there the mental health issues but they harm the economy. go in front of the american public print up another $2 trillion to get them out. it's a self-fulfilling things. i think dr. fauci and janet yellen and others are going against something in their heart to heart they know they are pushing the envelope. i'm trying to be kind mere. even she is doing and saying things with respect to printing money she knows as a trained great economists have actually backfired. we have gone too far and that's why inflation is the biggest problem in this country.
4:27 pm
>> tammy: they are saying it could go through not just next year and into '23. they really seem to indicate they are not quite sure what's happening that they are stumbling around trying to find these answers. gasoline up 40%. the inflation going crazy. the supply chain crisis. charles, you deal with all of this over at fox business on your show. it's at 2:00, yes, making money. >> 2:00 yes, every day. >> tammy: thank you, sir. great seeing you don't. >> you too, thanks. >> tammy: merry christmas. according to the media one of these people is an american hero and the other is the covid angel of death. which one is which? find out for real after the break. ♪ >> man: what's my safelite story? my my livelihood. so when my windshield cracked... the experts at safelite autoglass came right to me...
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[uplifting music playing] you are greater than your bipolar i. ♪ i had a dream that someday ♪ ♪ i would just fly, fly away ♪ >> tammy: welcome back. now, when you look at our nation's response to the pandemic, no one has got more criticism from the left than florida governor ron desantis. his approach has been very simple protect the people while allowing them to keep their freedoms. what a concept. right out of the gate desantis
4:33 pm
resisted mask mandates, vaccine passports and senseless shut downs and because of that he became public enemy number one to joe biden and, of course, the left wing media. so go back in august when the sunshine state experienced an increase in covid cases, made worse by misleading numbers from the cdc. vanity fair then jumped at the opportunity to slander him. in an article they labeled desantis as the angel of death. they blamed him for prolonging the pandemic and increased number of hospitalizations. i bring this up because if we follow the media's standards there is a new angel of death to be mad at. michigan governor gretchen whitmer but, of course, you won't hear any attack campaigns on her. after all she has been doing the exact opposite of ron desantisand put in place by lore troll fauci and other democrats. look at what is happening. last week michigan saw the highest number of covid hospitalizations to date.
4:34 pm
according to the state health department there, more than 08% of total hospital inpatient beds and 84% of intensive care unit beds were full and michigan just keeps breaking records, not the good kind of as of monday the state recorded 16,590 confirmed cases of covid within a three-day period which is the most active cases it has seen throughout the entire pandemic. the numbers are so horrible. so why isn't whitmer being vilified like ron desantis was? well, because, of course, the media is not driven by facts. it's driven by double standards and politics. joining me now to unpack all of this pulitzer prize winning journalist charlie leduff. thank you very much for being here. >> hey, tammy. >> tammy: i laid out the numbers for you it's really perplexing, florida is doing well and gretchen whitmer the great state of michigan are in a lot of trouble. tell me your thoughts about this. >> i could care less.
4:35 pm
ignore the devil. here's the fact. covid comes and it goes. sometimes during the year it fitz hits we all out there for this. michigan gets, this north dote gets it the difference is what did you do? desantis left the state open. whitmer closed the state down. what's the reaction now you know tammy it's a political year. whitmer up for re-election. it's a spectacle year. she is now behaving like desantis. this place is wide open. the governor is nowhere to be found. she is criticizing biden's vaccine mandates. she is taking trips to arizona, won't tell us where she went. you would think if you are a leader in a pandemic, even if you are vaccinated you know that you can carry it, you can catch it, you can spread it, just lead. stay put. michigan is very beautiful in the winter time. but we're not getting that.
4:36 pm
fact of the matter is this: we you and i out there, we are all smart. of the people getting covid now, how old are they? what are the -- you know, predisposition? are they immune compromised? do they have bad lungs? are they over 65? click it. we don't know. they won't tell us. so i will say this, tammy, i know you want to ask me something. i can't find it. i'm a pretty good reporter. so i went to the university of michigan. not a shabby hospital. 72% of all people in the hospital have, you know, they are older, they have disorders. number two, 40% of them are vaccinated. so, is this a pandemic of the non-vaccinated? i don't think so. and if you are a political leader you certainly don't talk that way about fellow human being. >> tammy: there is nobody -- nobody is getting on her about
4:37 pm
the nursing home crisis. she was right there along with cuomo, all these others who are doing this. you have been dealing with it you know what those numbers are. you know what this was. tell us about your investigation and what you took from it. >> well, here's what is going to happen. it took the auditor general of michigan is he compiling all the data and going to see how many people died that were residents of long-term care facilities, shorthand nursing homes. >> tammy: right. >> these aren't props. >> tammy: not a white board. you are not going to bring up a white board for me? okay, good. >> remember what cuomo did. they knew some people died in the nursing home and some people from the nursing home died in the hospital and they conveniently swept that aside. i got it we have no idea how many people died in the hospital to this day michigan, with all -- you remember that? data and science. we have no ability to track who died in the hospital.
4:38 pm
>> tammy: because i can tell you, charlie, we know that cuomo is under investigation for messing around with those numbers. >> cuomo is a clown. >> tammy: they didn't like that. sounds like clearly michigan and whitmer has the same kind of problem. thanks to you we have more information and background on that. thank you for joining me tonight. i appreciate. >> it merry christmas. >> tammy: crazy times. merry christmas to you, sir. up next the left's unhinged racial agenda coming to a city near you. why one school is segregating class. by race. all in the name of equity. that and more next on "primetime." superpowers from a spider bite? i could use some help showing the world how liberty mutual customizes their car insurance. ow! i'm ok! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ only in theaters december 17th. [ sneeze ] ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ are you ok? oh, it's just a cold. if you have high blood pressure, a cold is not just a cold. unlike other cold medicines, coricidin provides powerful cold relief without raising your blood pressure be there for life's best moments with coricidin.
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4:44 pm
experiences, his explicit experiences as a 10-year-old child were displayed prominently next to the holy bible. it's not just books. in new york city a junior high school racially segregated students during discussions of social justice and identity to, quote: undo the legacy of racism and oppression in this country that impacts our school community. here now nicole mele president of parents defending education, sounds like a good thing to me. her group has filed a complaint against new york city public schools for that segregation of students. and dave rubien, host of the rubin report. thank you very much. nicole, level start with you. >> because what i have described here with what the library is doing, which, of course is meant to -- they don't want to be next to the bible. it's meant to be insulting, these are describing crimes. this is criminal right? molesting children is a crime. it's not romantic and it's not acceptable and also by the way not about being gay either. right? tell me when you are dealing
4:45 pm
with this kind of thing in schools, you have got your hands full. tell me about your priorities now and what you guys are working on. >> sure, so we have a tip line and this is one of the tips that come in. i mean, honestly, the price of liberty is a vigilance. this was a public librarians trolling families controversy going in fairfax county. didn't if it wasn't for one mom kept at monitoring the situation people wouldn't know about it. it puts a whole new spin on the phrase ho ho ho. we deserve better. the fact this is taking place under our noses is really disrespectful because, remember, this something done with our tax dollars to our children four neighborhood. >> tammy: that's great point. we have got this dynamic where i think clearly the left is trying to make it so people would be afraid to confront this when it's obvious not just that the school boards and the crt but these kind of things. it's childish but it's also damaging and dangerous. what's your take? >> yeah, well, tammy, look, we
4:46 pm
live in clown world at this point. every day we wake up and some other an absolutely pass at any timely ridiculous story like this is breaking and we know this is happening in schools across america. by the way, the left loves to pretend. they love their semantic game that critical race theory is not taught in schools and then we see them segregating students or see this off chute with all this weird gender stuff and your point about fear is like this will continue, everyone watching this should know this will continue until we all say enough. you mentioned virginia. youngkin winning in virginia people have had it. parents don't want this nonsense. they will push and push and push until we say no, that's it. they will just keep coming. >> tammy: that's a great reminder, nicole. because a lot of people might not know watching this show i'm gay woman. and this is not about whether you are gay or not. it's not even about left and right. this is nonpartisan. this is about individuals being
4:47 pm
able to raise their children the way they want to and, yet, your other project your other focus on racially segregating children to talk about ending racism. how does that work and how is it -- the lawsuit that you filed; is that right? >> sure. we filed the complaint with the department of education's office of civil rights. >> tammy: good. >> you can file complaints if you feel that discrimination has taken place on the basis of race, on the basis of gender. that is exactly what's going on here. this is immoral. and it is unconstitutional. this is a relation of brown vs. board of education. >> tammy: great point. >> the cool can say all it wants. this is voluntary. do you know who else tried to say this is voluntary? jim crow businesses in the south. this is not okay. we actually have a lawsuit. we sued wellesley public schools because they have this exact policy going on. this is not okay. it is time to tell schools this is not okay in 2021 to treat our children differently on the basis of skin color. serious. >> tammy: this is, again, we come back down to, dave, this argument that as this
4:48 pm
expectation that you aren't supposed to push back in an environment that is one of authority like a school room to say that anything is bunk will especially dealing with children. what would you say that people with do to push back here? >> we saw what happens when parents show up to school board meetings. videos go viral. you give people bravery. the simple fact is this. it's the people who purport to be anti-racist. who are the racist in america in 2021. there is no one in america, no mainstream person in america who doesn't want the history of america to be taught properly. who doesn't want people to know about slavery. who doesn't want people -- doesn't want people to be taught about martin luther king jr. civil rights or anything else. the only people who are obsessed with race, who want to erase our history, who want to change our founding from 1776 to 1691 and whatever that project is, 1619.
4:49 pm
it's the woke leftists. they are here to burn down the system and when we all say enough, as i just said, when we all say enough, they will stop paper tiger. >> tammy: there are. >> we have few of them. tell people where they can reach you and your work. >> our website is defending we have a tip line. almost all the tips we get in people want to be anonymous. people are scared. >> tammy: sure that's okay. >> slings and arrows this bad behavior must be exposed. >> tammy: defending >> yes. >> tammy: okay, great. thank you both. appreciate it minerals and happy holiday season here. coming up, i'm not cryings, you're crying. what has hillary clinton bawling her eyes out? find out after the break, you don't want to miss it. ♪
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>> tammy: the democrats' plan for 2024 is in shambles. know it and i know it. so does the rest of the country. according to a recent poll only 22%, o god of americans want joe biden to run for re-election. that's a statement and rightfully so he so and his possible successor are even worse kamala harris and pete buttigieg once darlings are of the party are floundering and proving how unready they are to lead on a daily basis. if not them, who? how about an old friend who recently dusted off an old unread victory speech from 2016.
4:56 pm
>> my fellow americans, today you sent a message to the whole world, as hard as it might be to imagine, your daughter will grow up and become the president of the united states. >> oh hillary if you ran again in 2024 democrats would be crying too. joining me now is chris degal columnist and host of this chris degal show along with lara trump, fox news contributor and trump 2020 campaign senior adviser, lara, i would just start and ask that whether or not in fact this could be trying to prep us for hillary's return but i think she might even been fake crying. even that was fake like everything else about her. do you think she might want to come back? >> oh my gosh, well, if she would like to jump back in, we will have a redo of 2016 all over again. i would love to see that happen. you know, tammy, when i first saw this at first i kind of felt
4:57 pm
sorry for hillary, this is very depressing. this is so desperate and so embarrassing on so many levels and then i quickly remembered she was the start of the russian collusion hoax and cost taxpayers tens of millions of dollars, two years of our lives, so much chaos in our country so i quickly got over that. but, this whole thing is sort of like your exthat you broke up with, you moved on, you married somebody else, you have a couple of kids and they still have the photo of you sort of in the entry to their home? like it is time to move on. and don't forget we were all told tammy in 2016 the reason we had to vote for hillary clinton was for one reason because it was time for a woman to be president. how do we feel like that identity politicking worked out with our current vice president kamala harris one of the lowest approval ratings in the history of america right now. if they would like to try it, bring it on. >> tammy: it hasn't worked out very well, chris. this is for all of us, this is amazing, she either thinks that
4:58 pm
we still want her, people around her aren't making it clear or she is in a diluted kind of state and just obsessing on this. >> i think bill did it just to get her out of the house this is apatiently part of a master's class she is teaching now. wrote this speech to deliver as part of a master's class. no joke. i actually have the syllabus from master class some other courses, tammy, if you would be interested in what she is teaching. wiping servers and smashing cell phones 101. hot sauce and no ways tired. shameless pandering to voters of color. that's another course. grad program making it look like suicide which i thought was kind of curious but it's on the sill bus. >> tammy: there is always something. it's like learning from people who have done things, this is what you would watch if you wanted to learn how to lose without dignity. these are the kinds of things, lara, especially as women, i want women in power but this has been embarrassing and it feeds
4:59 pm
into the stereotypes of some people say that women can't handle policy or leadership. we know, of course, certainly with margaret thatcherrer that, in fact, is incorrect many republican and conservative women. wouldn't you agree we need a redo? >> oh my gosh. look, there is nothing that says that women have -- don't have the ability to do these incredible jobs of course we do. the thing i find frustrating some women do they shove it down our throat that is the only reason you should be voting on people. it should be based on merit. none of us want a job based on how we look, that's absurd. let's get back to giving people jobs based on merit instead of all this pandering nonsense like we have seen the democrats continually do. >> tammy: we all deserve better. certainly women deserve better. that's why when somebody says don't ask any questions that's exactly when we should, thank you very much both of you for being here merry christmas.
5:00 pm
>> tammy: thank you for watching freedom. thank you for being fox fans. i'm tammy bruce. find out more about me at tammy always an honor. thanks for being supporters of us and we love you back. tucker carlson is next. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." my block, my hood, my city is a nonprofit organization in chicago. it's designed to teach kids how to become responsible citizens. we can't tell you if the program actually works but we do seem to be aiming in the rights direction. last saturday afternoon four members of this group went to chicago's to hang christmas lights. pretty nice thing to do. once the center of chicago's black


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