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tv   Hannity  FOX News  December 8, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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staff mark meadows just sued nancy pelosi, liz cheney and all the rest of the buffoons on the january 6th committee. is he on laura's show to explain why he did it 10:00 p.m. eastern. we are going to be watching. hope you will watch 8:00 p.m. the show. the great sean hannity takes over now. >> sean: good for mark meadows. >> sean: welcome to "hannity." tonight we are tracking multiple stories, including news concerning hillary clinton, sadly, kind of pathetically, public spotlight, now openly fantasizing about her presidency that never happened. really pathetic remarks coming up. also, it is the media mob trying to cancel dr. oz? i mean, literally cancel "dr. oz." that's ahead. and tonight, and sadness. very own beautiful 50-foot
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fox news christmas tree was destroyed earlier this morning by a suspected arsonist. he apparently skilled the tree, and ignited it on fire, and injuring hundreds of people in and around our fox news headquarters. crime in new york city under comrade de blasio is so out of control. this is what you get with a billion-dollar cut to the nypd. and now, by the way, he could be out on bail as early as tomorrow thanks to, of course, new york state's generous reform laws where there is no bail. first, can somebody please remind joe biden, pretty please come up with sugar on top, that our fellow citizens are still trapped in afghanistan? joe has not mentioned these americans not one time in over 100 days.
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>> the 116. >> sean: they 116, 129 days since joe promised he would not do this, abandoning our fellow american citizens and turning his back on them, and green card holders, and military families and, by the way, our afghan allies on top of it. tonight, either joe biden doesn't care or doesn't remember. after all, well, he has good days and mostly bad days. unfortunately today was another real struggle for this declining president. take a look. >> where are my? >> right here, sir. >> president of the business -- to -- as well. i mean, this guy has done it all. [applause] look, look, as the man said, we are in a situation where we have known that our infrastructure had problems for a long, long
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time. under the leadership of mayors like, you know, our mayor here. this is the united states of america, for god's sake. >> sean: this is not fun anymore. the guy who was supposedly standing firm against pruden and president xi, that is the guy who is now tasked with keeping america safe, defending our interests around the world? joe biden can barely complete a coherent sentence. his cognitive state seems to be now deteriorating daily. and here is a question. does anyone in the biden white house, anybody, do they care at all how bad this is for him personally? do they care how bad this is for this country? did they care how dangerous it is for this country and for the entire world? how long is that one in the white house going to pretend that he's not a cognitive mass, which we all know he is? and get this, today, a pathetic
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week, joe biden excellently revealed his strategy to deal with the hostile actor, vladimir putin, and his hostile liturgy meant hostile activity, and the wait is to accommodate them, pretty much kiss their ass in any way possible. >> we are having meetings at a higher level, not just with us, but with our major nato allies and russia to discuss the future of russia's concerns relative to nato and whether or not we can work out an accommodation as relates to bringing down the temperature along the front. >> sean: joe, you are the president. you're not a concierge at a five-star hotel. you don't need to accommodate vladimir putin. and i need to say this. if you are an american in ukraine and somehow you hear my voice, get out now. if you have loved ones, my
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advice is get them the hell out of there as quickly as possible. i have no faith, and neither should anyone else, that joe can prevent carnage in eastern europe, our enemies and allies all know that joe biden is in a severe cognitive decline and is in way over his head. the american people also now know and realize that joe biden is not fit for this job. according to a poll published in "the boston herald" yesterday, only 22% of americans now support any biden reelection. get this, kamala harris, pulling even lower at 12%. shows that half of all likely voters have a very unfavorable opinion of. meanwhile, "wall street journal" poll reveals a massive 30-point swing among hispanic american voters who are now evenly split in a head-to-head rematch between trump and biden.
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the same poll shows a majority of voters are pessimistic about biden's leadership, the economy, a variety of other issues. in other words, biden is one of the worst-performing presidents of all time and it is getting worse. where do we get that cbo scoring, doesn't include the sunset provisions that democrats want? in other words, the fake accounting. getting friday's inflation numbers, i imagine we stated 31-year high. don't worry, the administration knows just how to right the ship. they decided what we really need is a rebranding campaign and debate the media to sell our build back better nonsense for us. by the way, no big signs with the sign's "building a better america," that will follow joe biden all over the country as he touts his many great achievements. i can't name one, but whatever they are. the biden administration laughably believing their poll numbers are so low because, what, the messaging is bad?
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they need a madison avenue campaign? if they just messengered it better, they would do better? these numbers are low because the policies are that bad. it's simple. execution is even worse. agenda is even more destructive. they are great green new deal at socialist marxist ideas are insane and their leader, joe, is cognitively declining by that day, and the results are palpable. in 2020, we warned everyone that joe biden was not competent in any way. i honestly wish we were wrong. sadly, it might be worse than we thought, and his radical staff is now hell-bent on ramming his socialist agenda, if he even knows what it is, at the bernie-biden manifesto, through congress. here's an idea, let's talk to the republican leader in the senate, mitch mcconnell. he said for two months that republicans would not help the democrats raise the debt ceiling, and he did just that, and now he's doing it again.
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mitch mcconnell needs to stop bailing the democrats out. mitch mcconnell is breaking his word. mitch mcconnell is lying to every republican, and he is scheming with pelosi and schumer behind the scenes and he is giving them a lifeline when they totally, completely, have kept republicans out of the budgetary process. he gifted them with more time to raise the debt ceiling after two months of saying he wouldn't, giving them a window to pass build back better socialism. he promised he would never do it again, and guess what, mitch mcconnell, now ready to capitulate one more time. he just needs nine other senators to help him. lindsey graham jeanette was furious. take a look. >> to the leadership on both sides, like you. senator mcconnell has been a great republican leader. minority leader, majority leader. but this is a moment where i want to be on the record to say, i don't like this.
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what we've done is allow the house of representatives to change a senate rule. no matter what the subject matter, that's not a good idea. we set in place a process that allows our democratic colleagues to raise the debt ceiling without using reconciliation, the budget process. >> sean: we have ari fleischer along with former massachusetts senator scott brown. ari fleischer, it's interesting, lindsey graham in that speech was right. he said, if you make a promise like mitch mcconnell made and then you go against your prominence, you're betraying the american people, betraying your base, helped create donald trump in the first place, and i agree with lindsey graham on those comments. >> i think what senator mcconnell would respond to you is that he made a promise that he would democrats alone vote to raise the debt limit, that is, in essence, what he has done. but lindsey graham is also -- >> sean: ari. ari, i love you, but they are
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creating a one-time a new rule to make this happen. >> that was my second point that i was making there. we have traditionally raise the debt limit as a part of reconciliation, but it also shows, sean, a more fundamental issue. it is meaningless. no limit on the debt. we have a choice between -- no one has gone after the spending program, new attacks but medicare, social security, meaningfully cutting spending, nobody in either party, really. the debt limit is obscure, an excuse to get into the last-minute over default. it serves no practical purpose anymore. it never limits the debt. >> sean: in reality, government never shuts down either. not essential services, what have you. social security checks go out. the military stays working. we don't shut down the government and then a bunch of government employees -- then they get voted back pay.
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that's what almost always happens. this is my mitch mcconnell, and my view, it shouldn't be the majority leader anymore. he breaks his word, he's not been very good about keeping promises. he represents, to me, the quintessential swamp creature that makes backroom deals with schumer and pelosi, bills that democrats when he had no business bailing them out, and only buys them more time to push socialism on the country. >> sean, that is why we have 50/50. between a rock and a hard place, respectively. when i was there, $9,000,000,000,000.000000000000 debt, almost up to $30 trillion. just spending, spending, spending, and ari, no one looking at it. respectfully, the lead senator had a book like this of all the stuff we could have gotten rid of, the duplication, trip location, waste, fraud, abuse. our country's financial mess right now. stock market is going great.
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if you are one of those wonderful people that can afford to be in the stock market, that's great. if you look at home heating oil, food prices, inflation, the pocketbook and mall issues, this country is hurting and the biden administration and the policies are out of control. the socialist agenda is taking away individual rights and freedoms, taking away our ability to compete on a worldwide basis, it's just a recipe for disaster. >> sean: and, ari, the worst part about this, all republicans need to do is sit down and shut up and do nothing. democrats are imploding. every poll shows that nobody is happy with biden's job. there is no job approval rating worth looking at for joe biden. kamala harris is worse. the same with speaker pelosi. they are basically handing over the house and senate to the republicans if the republicans would just get out of the way and let them implode, that's
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what makes this so infuriating. >> i agree, on the way to implosion, but there is a different element when you're dealing with debt limit. >> sean: ari, they have the house, senate, and white house. they are not allowing to have a sample budget. >> but they were going to pass the debt limit increase with democrats only. >> sean: because of a one-time new law, 1-10 new rule that mitch gave them. that's a lifeline. >> and i think you can oppose that, sean. that's my point. i think mitch would say he honored his promise to make sure that only democrats voted for it. but traditionally, as it has always been done on reconciliation, lindsay makes good point there. but when it comes to standing out of the way of letting democrats implode, want to go back to the way you began this with zelensky and russia in the ukraine. it occurs to me, sean, doesn't matter what joe biden said in
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the summit meeting with vladimir putin reading off of index cards. they have a dossier on joe biden, and it shows that joe biden will cut, run, and retreat when it comes to foreign policy. we saw it in afghanistan, somebody oppose the rescue mission to take out usama bin laden. we saw it in iraq, when he supported the war in 2003, as soon as it got bad, he cut and ran. he opposed the original persian gulf war. he wanted to divide iraq into three pieces. everything military, foreign policy, for his career, has been weakness and cut, run, and retreat. it doesn't matter what biden says on the south lawn of the white house, it's his track record, it's the dossier that the russians know about biden and his weakness, and that's why, if they invade, going to know, it's the weak american president. >> sean: dealing with one other thing, a compromised biden family syndicate. got a dossier on hunter too, i
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guarantee it. scott brown, i would argue putin is -- not ms 175,000 drips on the board of ukraine without the intention of going in there. i would argue right after the winter olympics in china, you can watch china take over taiwan as they have shown to be so aggressive in their efforts to "reunify," meaning takeover, taiwan. >> sean, absolutely right. after afghanistan, that debacle, we lost all credibility when it comes to foreign policy, secretary gates is right on that. been wrong in every other major policy decision. then you have what is happening, you're right, with china, after the olympics, going to go in with taiwan. the problem is that there is a complete lack of respect now after president trump paid by the way, your viewers may not know that president trump single-handedly put on the most draconian sanctions against russian and make russia, the
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so-called russian collusion. draconian sanctions that can only be removed by congress, and to think we have already taken military options off the table, we allow the pipeline that russia is promoting, giving them that lifeline in their economy. as you remember, when we lose for a load, the economy was about to crash. we can still make economic hits and make them hurt and feel the pain for what they are doing, but we need to have a strong president, and respectfully, i feel badly for our country. it is not this biden-harris administration. and we have a choice in a few months, about a >> sean: all right, scott brown, ari fleischer, good to see you both. breaking earlier today, former trump white house chief of staff mark meadows is now suing, thankfully, the january 6th commission, calling the subpoena is "overly broad and unduly burdensome." as of yesterday, mark meadows is no longer cooperating with this partisan, predetermined witch hunt in any way. here with more is the author of
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"do what you said you would do," by the way, mitch mcconnell, get a copy of this book and read it. ranking member of the house judiciary committee, jim jordan, who was not allowed to participate in the january 6th commission come along with former trump white house chief of staff reince priebus. once you were taken off and jim banks was taken off the committee, and liz cheney and adam kinzinger, the two biggest, you know, let's purge the republican party of all things trump in your place, i realize this is a predetermined outcome. ark meadows tried to cooperate, they don't want to hear it. >> you are exactly right, sean, this is a total political committee. the national security advisor, the the highest level of execute privilege with the president of the united states. the one who has the closest relationship is mark meadows coffee on the chief of staff, and he was still willing to work with my committee to answer questions he is permitted to answer but they said "no, no,
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no, we want you to answer every single question we ask and violate that fundamental privilege that has always existed in our country." that shows you how partisan. this is no different than adam schiff, anonymous whistle-blower, doing depositions and impeachment proceedings in the bunker, in the basement of the capital. it is the same kind of effort and it is clear for everyone to see. mark meadows is a good man was doing to do the right thing and this committee said no, we want you to answer everything that he was forced to take this action. i think the reason they are doing it all is because they are afraid, they are going after mark, they are going after president trump because they know president trump is going to run again in 2024 and he is going to win and they are trying to do anything to stop that. >> sean: i agree with that analysis completely. there is a predetermined outcome. i think people like liz cheney, why isn't liz cheney looking into the 500 plus riots that took place in cities all across the country in 2020? thousands of americans, reince priebus, killed,
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thousands of cops injured, billions of dollars in property damage, arson, and looting, not a word. they kicked jim jordan off the committee, jim banks off the committee, they put trump haters on there like liz cheney, who has one mission. she has now aligned herself with the people that called her father a war criminal, a murderer, and a crook. and now supports the weakest foreign policy in american history, just to purge the party of trump. any part of that wrong? >> no. reality is that the january 6th committee is a show. a lot of the congressional investor congressional investigatory committees are just a show, and i think people forget the u.s. attorney in the district of columbia by the name of mike sherwin already investigated all of this. and the department of justice, u.s. attorney, has looked at all of it. do you remember the "60 minutes" interview he did several months ago? this has already been done. this is a show for the american
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people. here is the deal. no one is buying into it. these are not issues registering with the american people. kamala harris you said earlier is at 12% approval, biden is at 38% approval, and i will tell you what, when the administration first started, it was kamala harris who was hiding from biden. now biden is hiding from kamala harris. in 2024, what is going to happen, and aoc-approved candidate is going to come along. they are going to fire up the left side. biden has appeased the left in this country. he has appeased our enemies abroad. and i'm telling you, what is going to happen is the democrats are going to become even more insane in 2024, but we are going to clean their clocks and hopefully this is all going to come to an end. >> sean: reince, there's not one thing he can point to that they are successful at. give me the one area where they are successful. >> well, i mean, getting
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horrible poll numbers. winston churchill had a great quote. he said that "an appeaser is a person who feeds a crocodile hoping it will eat him last." that is what joe biden is doing. he appeased aoc at the beginning. he appeased her on the border, appeased her on keystone, appeased her on the trillions of dollars giving it away, now he is appeasing putin, appeasing china, he has appeased putin on the nord system, that is all this guy is about, is appeasement and weakness and all the things we have been talking about. it is sad for the country. that is the problem with all of this. >> sean: sad for the country? sad for the world. >> it is sad for the country. this is not a good way to win. this is a bad way to win for america. >> sean: looked, afghanistan has been a disaster. he does not know what to do with putin, he does not know what to do with china, he lifted sanctions on iran, then we have border chaos, more people dead of covid in 2021 then 2020,
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jim jordan. we lost energy independence. he is begging opec and russia to produce more energy. all of this combined, inflation at a 31 year high and getting worse. >> sean, americans want to save cities, portable gas, and freedom. instead democrats have given record crime, record inflation, and dr. fauci, and now because the record is so bad, they are going to violate a fundamental principle -- trying to violate a fundamental principle, getting the chief of staff to come by, executive privilege, and answer every one of the questions because that is the only thing they've got to talk about. they cannot talk about any other issue so let's go after president trump from his chief of staff, because we know he is going to run again in 2024 and we know he is going to win so we've got to do something. that is their playbook but it is not going to work. 's be on reince priebus and jim jordan, thank you. straight ahead, last night, and arsonist carried out an attack against this news channel and well, they burnt down our christmas tree. very dangerous situation. we will bring you the latest.
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and also surging crime all across america. by the way, you can think written liberal democrats for this, no bail laws, defunding, dismantling the police, this is what you got to be judge jeanine, geraldo rivera next. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> sean: now late last night into the early morning, the 50-foot tall christmas tree right here at fox square, new york city, was lit on fire in an apparent arson attacks. the suspect was spotted climbing the tree, setting it ablaze, before being captured by police vehicle look at that. thankfully no one was injured. the fdny, nypd quickly arrived on the scene. we do thank them for their swift response, keeping everyone at fox news headquarters in new york safe. tomorrow night, there will be another tree lighting ceremony
6:28 pm
that you don't want to miss. now the 49-year-old suspect believed to be homeless has a long rap sheet, what a shocker, including a previous arrest for drug possession, and while he is facing a slew of charges, including arson, legal experts are warning that because these crimes don't qualify for bail, he will be back out on the street in a matter of hours. if i get this, "the new york times" describes the arson as, oh, let's see, a tree catching on fire. no, he didn't catch on fire, it actually was put on fire. unfortunately, it's one of many examples of just how weak far left crime policies are leaving so many cities less safe, less secure, all over the country, and we are also learning that a homeless man in new york now charged with severely beating another man last year was released on zero bail and now has allegedly beaten two other women and has been released yet again.
6:29 pm
meanwhile, out in san francisco, not to be outdone, a woman who has been charged 120 times for alleged shoplifting has been arrested once again. and of course, in the city of chicago, you've got mayor lightweight blaming everyone but herself for the city's continued crime surge there. actually blaming the retailers for not doing enough to secure their stores. it is your fault, the smash and grabs her happening. >> i'm disappointing they are not doing more to take safety and make it a priority. for example we still have retailers that will not institute plans like having security officers in their stores, making sure that they've got cameras that are actually operational, locking up their merchandise at night, chaining high and bags and purses needs to be something that is attracting a lot of attention on organized retail theft units. >> sean: here with reaction, the host of "justice," judge jeanine pirro come along h
6:30 pm
fox news correspondent at large, geraldo rivera. let me start with you. first of all, it didn't just go on fire, somebody put it on fire, but this is now happening all across the country. this is not -- you don't have to go to harvard, yale, princeton to figure this out. let's see, you defund the police in new york city by a billion dollars, you dismantle the police and other cities. you have no bail laws like in new york state and other places. this is the natural consequence of that stupidity. it is utter stupidity and a predictable and also preventable. >> you know, geraldo, what is amazing about all this is that you start your show every night with "hostages in a foreign country" -- >> sean: that's not geraldo, that is sean. you said geraldo. don't worry. >> yeah, yeah, sean. we have hostages -- >> we are often confused. >> and we are -- but i'm being
6:31 pm
serious, guys, come on. there is a hostage situation going on in this country where we have a revolving door of justice, when we have a revolving door where people mentally ill are being let out a american citizens are being victimized time and time again by a criminal justice system that doesn't recognize the crime that hits victims like a thunderbolt, and this mayor, mayor lightfoot in chicago, when she says literally the purses are attracting a lot of organized retail theft crime, is she saying that the purses are really responsible for the crime and not the criminals? i mean, this is all out of whack. and until we get these bail laws reframed so that people with bench warrants and arrest warrants are kept in jail or people who are bail jumpers like the individual in the christmas day -- that christmas parade, until those people are kept in jail, we are all going to be victimized. >> sean: and by the way, you worked many, many years on
6:32 pm
behalf of victims rights, when you were ada, judge. geraldo, there is the mental illness component. i mean, you famously exposed how despicable some of those facilities are. i think we can make exceptions for people that are mentally ill, but if you just let them back out on the street, you are going to get the same result. >> the mentally ill are people who have been denied all kinds of services. the institutions that held the mentally ill as opposed to the developmentally disabled were also closed, but there were no services given to these mentally ill, but i don't want to forgive this guy yet, this craig -- an asian guy come apparently, 49 years old, with at least three prior's in york, three more priors in texas, reportedly. this guy is really off the deep end. and what his motive was, we don't know. did he intend to kill people? did he intend to hurt people?
6:33 pm
if you showed the smoke shot again of the tree, you see the wind was blowing from the west, blowing the fame know my flames away, what if the wind was blowing the other direction toward our headquarters? could have started a fire that really imperiled many, many people. this was a wretched act of civic malice. this guy polluted the holiday spirit, he frightened new yorkers and visitors alike, everybody should be outraged. what you do with him now, i mean he is charged with criminal mischief, arson, reckless endangerment, criminal trespass, disorderly conduct. most are misdemeanors, true, but the arson charge could be a felony depending on intend, for instance, did he use an accelerated? under ute new york law if he used kerosene or gasoline, that makes the crime of more serious. where lives endangered? i think this time, they may
6:34 pm
have -- the least of his problems his homelessness. he is a junkie, an attention seeker according to his dad, he exposed himself at the ghislaine maxwell trial, according to "the new york post." he took his pants down and showed his privates to some female reporters. i mean, this guy is really off the deep end, but i cannot believe that even with the liberal policies in manhattan county, in a new york county, the district attorney will allow this guy back on the streets where he will be a peril to the other residents of this town and to himself, as well. >> sean: judge, last word. >> why can't you believe that? geraldo, why can you believe it? there are people out right now who are being raped and subways, assaulted while being walking down the street, women are being assaulted with their babies, why can't you believe it? this is the nature of law enforcement in the
6:35 pm
united states now, with soros-funded prosecutors. they don't believe in taking care of the victims. they only believe in the criminal. this is -- thank god this didn't involve any human injury. but at the same time, everyone who walks outside anymore is subject to some kind of violent crime, and until we get the liberal, progressive leftists out of office, until we change that ridiculous so-called bail reform law, we are going to continue to have this kind of problem, and that guy, as horrible as he is, routing christmas, the peace, tranquility, and happiness we got from that tree, there are people in hospitals, people who have been shot and stabbed and beaten and brutalized, and they let them out. people run over by cars driven by criminals. and this isn't about mental illness. as far as i know, it is about evil. it is about good versus evil, period. >> sean: and there is a lot of evil that is getting away with a lot of crime. thank you both.
6:36 pm
when we come back, in a bizarre stunt, hillary clinton decided to read what was her 2016 victory speech to her, you know, master class subscribers. she became quite emotional. she had an alec baldwin moment. we will play it next. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> sean: all right, hillary clinton is finding even more bizarre ways to be in the spotlight. tonight teaming up with a group of masterclass to teach what she is calling "the power of resilience" and in the class, clinton read what she says it is for 2016 would-d victory speech. it has been over five years since her crushing loss to donald trump, but hillary still can't move on. take a look. >> i dream of going up to her and sitting down next to her,
6:41 pm
taking her in my arms, and saying "look at me, listen to me. you will survive. you will have a good family on your own. and three children. and as hard as it might be to imagine, your daughter will grow up and become the president of the united states." >> now that is powerful. >> sean: not really. of course, those baffling remarks immediately prompted -- [laughs] productive all mockery across social media. one twitter user writing "she will be teaching you how to wife an email server with a cloth." another "is this a masterclass on avoiding wisconsin, peddling collusion hoaxes, paying russians to meddle in our elections, deleting emails, or being a sore loser, and hillary, does your speech mentioned anything about 18 usc 793, most
6:42 pm
what that is the espionage act. doesn't mention anything about deleting subpoenaed emails, the steele dossier that we used to spy on your opponent, donald trump. here with reaction, author of the best seller "laptop from hell," fox news contributor miranda devine along with fox news legal analyst gregg jarrett. i don't even know, miranda, what to make of that except i am for a little less crying on television. of late, between her and baldwin, i can't take it. >> i mean, it is quite hilarious. what is most hilarious is she has billed this as some sort of master classes that people are supposed to pay for, and it just looks like a masterclass in self-pity and delusion or may be a master class in how to lose an election. that speech is just shocking, and you have to notice that she
6:43 pm
is very emotional about this loss from five years ago, but she wasn't as emotional, she was quite callous, actually, when she was testifying about benghazi, so i just look at those tears and they leave me cold. i normally feel a little sorry for people who are overcome by emotion, but not in this case because it is so self engrossed. >> sean: but gregg jarrett come i don't even know what to say about this. the fact that we now know steele lied, it was an unverifiable, ironically, russian dirty dossier, used to spy on her political opponent, and that transition team, and a president, and she got away with it, and she used it to distract from the email scandal, the server, that she wiped clean, and had her devices busted up with hammers, you did it, miranda did it, i did it, we go to jail. she does it, nothing.
6:44 pm
>> hillary could teach a master class in cluelessness. i had the misfortune of watching all of it, it was pathetic and embarrassing. and actually nauseating. i kept thinking, "what kind of a person does this?" well, a person who yearns for relevance, to be sure, but an embittered person who refuses to accept personal responsibility for her own failure. she lost because she ran a hideous campaign with unpopular policies and came across as unlikable, and yet she is obsessed with blaming others. she wrote an entire book blaming everybody else but herself. people like this, sean, you know, can't stand defeat. they can't stand criticism. she seems like a classic case of narcissistic personality disorder, this overwrought sense of entitlement, an exaggerated sense of self-importance, and no sense of self awareness, but on top of it, as you point out,
6:45 pm
scandal and malfeasance followed her everywhere she goes. miranda is right. she didn't give a damn about the murdered americans in benghazi. she said what difference does it make? she disseminated a russian hoax and lied about it. but she insisted she did nothing wrong about her email scandal and fight about that. her so-called charity. that is a quid pro quo personal enrichment scheme. you know, hillary clinton, so deceived of her own demise, when she looks in the mirror, there is no reflection there. she is like the picture of dorian gray, who sold her soul and distorted herself. >> sean: pretty amazing stuff. anyway, gregg jarrett and miranda devine, thank you both. straight ahead, blm backing jussie smollett and his hoax as the jury begins deliberations. i have a pretty good idea where i think this is headed. leo 2.0 terrell and l.j., lawrence jones, our next, straight ahead.
6:46 pm
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♪ ♪ >> sean: now jury began deliberation today in the jussie smollett trial, where prosecutors say the actor staged a hate crime hoax and a bizarre effort to gain leverage and salary negotiations on the show "empire," and despite the overwhelming evidence and testimony, pointing to smollett's lies about being targeted by trump and maga supporters in chicago, black lives matter is still in his corners, saying police cannot be trusted. of course, the extremism inside the democratic party doesn't stop there. as vice president harris met with a radical activist this week in washington, once said, "f white women." here with reaction, leo 2.0 terrell come along with
6:51 pm
"fox & friends" reporter and occasionally a "hannity" reporter, started as a "hannity" recorder, stolen by "fox & friends." former friend -- [laughter] and coworker, l.j. sorry, i am just telling the truth. i don't hold back. l.j., if anyone ever said anything in reverse, that is called racism, and it has gotten away with. the evidence to me in this case has been fairly overwhelming against jussie smollett that the day before he goes through a trial run, got the text messages, the direct messages on instagram, whatever you call those things, back and forth between people involved in this, i think the evidence was pretty overwhelming. thoughts? >> yeah, it's pretty overwhelming, but sean, i think -- look, there's obviously the wrongdoing that he did, but there is something really demented, that you have a guy that cost resource -- i mean, 59 people were shot just in chicago over the weekend, nine people
6:52 pm
dead, then you have $130,000 that was paid for the detectives, two does and just the overtime, so they dedicated the entire police force based on a lie, meanwhile people are being gunned down, day in and day out in chicago, they have no resources going that way. >> sean: you make a great point. l.j., as you know, since 2009 on this program, i have scrolled the names that people never hear, of the people shot, the people shot and killed in chicago on a weekly basis. nobody ever hears their names. you covered a case for us, a little girl shot on fourth of july, on her grandma's front lawn. that little girl. leo, you are a lawyer. you watch the evidence. where is this verdict headed? >> well, it should be jussie smollett is guilty of sin. he is guilty. he is hoping for one juror to invalidate the jury's verdict and make it a mistrial.
6:53 pm
let me say this. this black lives matter nonsense is nonsense. they carry no weight, and you cannot trust the police, you cannot trust black police officers, black chief of police, you can't trust the police, that race card has left the station. 50 years ago. you got diversity in all these democratic cities, with black mayors, black police chiefs, black officers, black lives matter has no credibility and what they are doing right now is further trying to distract what the issue here. jussie smollett lied to the american public. a black man lied about being attacked, and what black lives will do is throw him a lifeline. he's going to sink because that jury should do the right thing. find him guilty. >> sean, we tested the theory of rhetorical years. we got rid of the police. they were hands-off, and now there is crime all across -- we predicted this when i was doing correspondent work on this show for three years, we talked about
6:54 pm
the liberal crisis. if there is injustice, we have covered that, as well, but the fact is they want to get all the cops off the street, and now you've got people lighting up christmas trees, shootings happening in philly, chicago, baltimore, every city that we have covered that are run by progressives, so we have tried their plan of action and it is just not working. >> sean: and leo, what about this meeting with an activist who says "f white women" with the vice president harris? >> let me be very clear. i don't understand -- the democratic party have a problem with white americans, and for kamala harris to basically sanction the comments of a woman who says "what are f white women," that is ridiculous. i cannot understand this hatred for white americans within the democratic party. it is just completely illogical, and it is crazy. kamala harris, she apologized for her conduct and associating
6:55 pm
with that woman. >> sean: what happened to judging people by the content of their character, a color-blind society? thank you both. coming up, the left is coming after dr. oz. they want to cancel him. we will tell you how and why straight ahead. ♪ ♪
6:56 pm
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6:59 pm
♪ ♪ >> sean: the media mob out of pennsylvania candidate dr. oz night with some new sites. apparently refusing -- refusing now to call him dr. despite 4,000 heart surgeries and him being a doctor. but remember how definitely the mob covered it when talking about first lady joe my joe biden. she has a doctorate in education. watch. >> he clearly does not consider her great and up to call her dr. biden out all. >> this is not just about sexism for jill biden, it's a very personal thing for her. >> let's be clear about it.
7:00 pm
she worked hard. she raised her kids, she went to school, she went to night school. she got degrees. she earned everything she has. that is the american way, that's the american spirit. >> sean: yet dr. oz went to medical school, four years, 4,000 heart surgeries. he deserves to be called doctor. please set your dvr and never miss an episode. that's all the time we have left. let not your heart be troubled. laura ingraham, hello. how are you? >> laura: hannity, i was up late at night when that news broke about the tree. i was going to text me saying are you watching this or filming this course? run down to row some marshmallows. the whole thing was just a real. >> sean: horrible. hang on. i've double the subgrade "the new york times." i love headline. they actually said -- you cannot make this up. it says "fox news christmas tree catches fire." it didn't catch fire. it was arson. it was put on fire. what is wrong with those