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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  December 9, 2021 3:00am-6:00am PST

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watching as well. carley: if you have a daughter or granddaughter this book would serve such inspiration for them in their lives as well. kayleigh mcenany thank you for joining us this morning and congratulations on the book. >> thank you so much. todd: congrats to you, kayleigh. with that busy show here and busy show ahead on "fox & friends." it starts right now, bye-bye. ♪ ♪ >> skyrocketing violent crime gripping the country. >> 12 major cities now have hit all-time homicide records. >> this is happening because democratic leadership have pushed policies like defunding police. >> senate republicans, with the help of a couple of democrats vote to block president biden's federal vaccine mandates for private employers. >> businesses have told me, you know, it's put them in a heck of a bind. they should have some relief. >> blm backing jussie smollett as the jury begins deliberations. >> black lives matter has no credibility what they're doing right now is further trying to
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distract. >> lawmakers instagram after damning reports on the site's impact on children. >> you are the new tobacco whether you like it or not. you have got to stop. >> hillary clinton launched a master class. this was supposed to be the victory speech that i would have delivered. looks like self-pity and how to lose an election. ♪ it's beginning to look a lot like christmas ♪ everywhere you go ♪ ainsley: that is one of our trees inside studio m. brian: that's not on fire. ainsley: right. the one outside has been taken down, the remains of it, and we are going to light another tree during "the five" tonight and we'll all be here for the tree lighting ceremony. steve: it will be great. cardinal dolan will be here. members of the fire department of new york and the police department who helped apprehend the guy. we will all be there.
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and it is a big story. it is the cover of the "new york post," treeson. grinch sets fire to fox's y'all display he is free on bail despite a long rap sheet. greg tomahana. after he was arraigned yesterday he said i didn't do it. he denied the arson, then he hurled obscenities at the reporters before asking the reporters hey, does anybody have a cigarette? brian: right. his family knows he's crazy. he also -- they are probing whether he is trying to light up the rockefeller center christmas tree. they are looking into that. he was outside the maxwell trial. and evidently walks around this block all the time and is he probably going to come back and thank goodness guy was able to tackle him to the ground right after. can you imagine if he got await a minute video of that exists. video of him doing this exists. and, yet, no judge could find a way to keep this guy locked up.
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it's unbelievable. ainsley: he wasn't eligible for the bail under these new liberal reform laws. steve: that's right. brian: the judge could have found a way to keep him locked up if he felt as though he was a threat to society. note to judge, he's a threat to society. steve: here's the thing. in new york, under the new liberal policies of bail reform, arson is only a felony. you can only be held if it's a felony if the suspect tries to harm a person or commit as hate crime. and apparently lighting a christmas tree on fire is not a hate crime. brian: it is. ainsley: a lot of people could have been injured. steve: here's the thing. brian: who says it's not a hate crime against us, against fox news? steve: here's the thing, what we do know for sure -- we don't know the guy's motivation. brian: the judge could ask and be under suspicion and keep him locked up. steve: he might have. according to the "new york post" co-owned with us. that christmas tree was half a million dollars. this guy torches half a million dollars worth of property and he gets to walk?
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we have been talking about out in california. ainsley: million dollars. steve: steal half a million dollars worth of stuff and not end up in jail. here you can torch half a million dollars worth of property and he is out and about this morning. unbelievable. ainsley: fox is donating $100,000 to the answer the call foundation. it's where families who have lost firefighters or lost police officers, that money will go help those families. brian: so the police commissioner is going to be retiring dermot shea one where he working alone. mental illness a factor. we are looking at all of that of course it's a factor. why wouldn't they keep him under observation. burn a tree no one is hurt. what about these-out other story yesterday, two days ago a guy gets beat up by some lunatic. they let him out and then he just beats up two women the next day. and then they let him out again. so, we have a christmas tree,
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thankfully no one was hurt. but they smoked out the whole first floor. without these people being assaulted repeated lid by the same people and judge is letting them out? this story is emblematic what's happening. ainsley: 12 cities set annual murder records with three weeks still to go. already hit these records and three more weeks in this year. steve: what's interesting about when you look at the commonality, the thread, all of these cities are for the most part democrat led. and they supported defunding the police, bail reform, they let dangerous offenders out. also, one of the big problems with all of the crime and you look right there, look at that philadelphia, we're going to talk about philadelphia throughout the day because in philadelphia, they shattered a 30-year record. they have had more murders than new york and l.a. and filly only has 1.5 million people. it's half the size of l.a. and one fifth the side of new york. these are the cities right here seeing a record. app. parentally we have not
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shattered a record here in new york city. apparently one of the other problems is people -- there's a sharp decline in the number of people who have being arrested and then they are not winding up being detained before their trial. and so they are out and about. and they have got guns and that's why we see have seen this murder rate going through the roofer. brian: 30% jump in homicides. add this in. the retirement rate of police departments knifed jumped 45% from 2020 to 2021. another 18% of officers resigned. that according to the police executive research forum. so, even if you decide to fund the academies, and continue to fund the police, even though many of these cities didn't because you thought it was the thing to do people are saying keep your job because you are not backing me. our guy puts his life on the line. we don't know if he is armed or not. tackles him to the ground. now he is let out. think about the police officer
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putting his life on the line or her life on the line every day after you are done with the paperwork he is out again. can't rationalize to my family no one has my back. ainsley: retired chief of detectives for the nypd no one is getting arrested anymore. getting picked up for gun possession and getting let out over and over again. here is what mollie hemingway had to say. >> violent crime is rising and rising in those areas where democratic leadership of local government has pushed policies like defunding the police, no cash bail the election using left wing billionaire money of liberal d.a.s who refuse to prosecute crimes. so, in these communities and in the neighboring communities that are of course ad by it, people understand this is. >> it is real we have heard so many times the gun violence is related to gangs and retribution. here's the thing, innocent
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people are getting shot and in many cases they are getting killed. in indianapolis they have a democratic mayor, a fellow by the name of joe hog seth. he is blaming the gun violence on a public health crisis. the mayor of austin texas, austin is stale safe city and he said our per capita murder rate is one of the lowest. ainsley: white house is saying the same thing blame it on the pandemic. steve: we heard that before from jen psaki. brian: what's the direction of the country when asked 30% feeling good about it the rest of the country who is sober, 66% think we are on the wrong track. sometimes things happen like the pandemic that china won't own up to, still. and it effects everything, sometimes you get hit by war, 9/11, i get it but this is a totally self inflicted wound.
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criminal justice reform was something totally different that president trump passed. these cities reforming their bail laws, no cash bail laws have hurt the most vulnerable. that's the working class areas and now it's literally bleeding into the upper class areas. and now i'm wondering if enough rich people are forced to deal with what many working class are dealing with they will finally say i'm going to use my common sense and start electing people that are going to watch my back. that's why eric adams has such an opportunity. he says i'm a common sense democrat. trying to recruit new yorkers back to new york from florida. and trying to say i'm going to put that criminal unit that under cover criminal unit anticrime unit back in to these major cities that de blasio nearly defunded and the black lives matter protests began. so i think there is a real opportunity for democrats to step up and sober up like what we saw with joe manchin and jon tester yesterday when it came to getting rid of the vaccine
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mandate. just show some common sense and stop being so political. and then you realize that people are dying because you are trying to be politically correct. it's not going to comply anymore with the american people. ainsley: the american people are worried about the direction of this country. we are worried about our children and our grandchildren. and we just want the best for them. but, when crime is like this, this we are very worried we have open borders where fentanyl is coming in. we see what's happening in afghanistan. it's just so disheartening to see our country go in this direction and our men and women fighting overseas questioning whether or not they should have been there at all. it's just everyone -- everyone feels this christmas is such a different christmas. steve: yeah, no kidding because people don't feel safe. because you can't walk the street. you know, so this homeless guy lit our christmas tree on fire. remember it was a homeless guy last year who sucker punched rick moranis the movie star honey i shrunk the kids and stuff luke that ghostbusters. walking 7:00 in the morning out to get a coffee. and this homeless guy does this
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to him. ainsley: the riots, we're burning christmas trees, we're burning american flags and churches. sawed st. john's church in d.c. with the rioting. these are american symbols. steve: that's why joe biden suddenly they are walking away from the super progressive left, talking about defunding the police and, you know, all those things we have heard so much of over the last year, they are walking away. they are trying to push law and order, too. well, let's see if the american people feel that it's affecting them because right now what they really feel is inflation. every time they fill up the tank. ainsley: midterms are a year from now. steve: tick tick. ainsley: senate democrats join a g.o.p. led push to block biden administration's vaccine mandate. we will tell you the left leaning lawmakers crossing the aisle and where the mandate goes from here. steve: tensions flair from new york city incoming and outgoing mayors. wait until you hear what mayor elect eric adams' camp says about mayor bill de blasio 11th
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from injuries suffered during a training accident in virginia is identified. seal team 8 commander brian fell while fast roping down a helicopter. the navy says the circumstances of his fall are still under investigation. he dedicated more than two decades of his life to the navy. he leaves behind a wife and five children. he will be honored at this saturday's army-navy football game. god bless him. jussie smollett's fate lies in the hands of the jury. the actor is facing six felony counts of disorderly conduct for allegedly staging a hate crime to further his career black lives matter is pledging solidarity with smollett no matter what verdict the jury reaches. organization's co-founder saying this: quote: jussie has been courageously present, physical and vocal for the struggle in black freedom. it's not about a trial or verdict decided in a white supremacist charade. we can never believe police.
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dirty job star mike rowe has landed his first billboard number one thanks to his collaboration with john rich on santa's got a dirty job ♪ don't you know that santa claus has a dirty job ♪ santa claus has got a dirty job ♪ and he does it all night long. carley: instant holiday classic hitting the top spot on billboard digital songs chart meaning it outsold heavy hitters like adele. also topped the country sales chart. john rich will be joining us a little later to talk about how his hit song is giving back to the community and the success of the song is, of course, all because of fox news fans. steve: absolutely. ainsley: reminds me of what happened in virginia for some odd reason. it's like america is tired of the famous people, of the lawmakers that have been. carley: that's a great analogy.
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brian: because you don't think mike rowe is famous. carley: can you please direct that to ainsley. ainsley: set man of the people. steve: brain worm feature where once you hear it it's just there for all dale and it's a benefit. all the money goes to folds of honor and also goes to mike rowe works foundation. it's terrific. brian: almost, how many times can you hear white christmas? you need something different. right? steve: there are a lot of holiday songs. they have a whole category on billboard and this song is number one. ainsley: congratulations to them. we love those guys and happy for them. brian: thank you, carley. i don't know if they're backed in or not. if joe manchin or jon tester are any indicates people are getting tired of the vaccine mandates. you might be pro-vaccine. getting tired of people breaking their word when anthony fauci and joe biden come out and say we can't mandate vaccines in america. six months later they are mandating vaccines in america. and little by little they are getting into private business. remember, if you have more than
3:20 am
100 employees you have to get vaccinated. that was stayed in court. the senate decided to take it up anyway and try to get president biden's mandate vaccine mandate lifted. and they had a vote in the senate. here's what significant. joe manchin and jon test voted with the republicans. questions to the house where nancy pelosi won't take it up if there is a petition and majority to vote for that she will be forced to put it to a vote. ultimately it could go to the president's desk where he will veto it. steve: exactly, so it's dead. should not be surprising that these two democrats from very red states joined all the republicans. here are both of them on why this vaccine mandate across the country is not a good idea. >> i don't think the government has to make every decision for the private sector. >> i have heard a lot from my businesses in the state of montana and they have told me, you know, it's put them in a heck of auto bind. i think they should have some
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relief. steve: right. they are not the only high profile democrats who suddenly are joining a bunch of republicans. in the state i live, in new jersey, phil murphy, the governor there, just before he unexpectedly had that awfully tight race against the republican jack ciattarelli, he backed away from having mandates on teachers and also public workers. and then you have got, you know, you have got governor whitmer who was considered for a while to be vice president for joe biden. and now she says when it comes to business, mandates are bad. ainsley: now she is saying that because she is about to, you know, go through another election. steve: it's funny how that works. ainsley: this is what she said to a group of business leaders, she said we are an employer, too. the state of michigan is, i know -- i know that -- i know if that mandate happens, wee are going to lose state employees, that's why i haven't proposed a mandate at the state level. some states have. we have not. we are waiting to see what
3:22 am
happens in court. but we have a lot of the same concerns that you just voiced. and it's going to be a problem for all of us. charlie leduff, the pulitzer prize winning journalist he says she is now trying to be like governor desantis because she is up for re-election. brian: very curious, the polls show majority of people for the mandates and most people we talk to and people in business they don't want any part of this because we have this whole thing called freedom and liberty imbued in our country. we were told by our leaders this would not be done but while still recommending vaccination you wouldn't demand it while not taking in natural immunity. this is having a ripple effect. for example, in new york city in particular, yesterday we find out that mayor de blasio wants every small business to vaccinate all their employees and make it mandatory but he gave absolutely no details. by the time this kicks in he has four days left. so it's a big challenge for eric adams. he labels himself a common sense
3:23 am
democrat. if he has common sense he won't do it. he said this to the "new york post" for the spoke person i think for the outgoing mayor to announce something like this, knowing that the implementation and enforcement would entirely be the responsible of the next mayor is a big f.-u to eric adams. he denied that yesterday the useless mayor i'm a big support everywhere of his we are in constant contact. according to the post he could just leave it to the honor system and that's where the speculation is. ainsley: eric adams is right. he's the one that will have to implement this with only four days this is the mandate. this is what every business, private and public have to do and here it is. you take over, eric. steve: in your lap. well, obviously, mayor de blasio, you know, this is supposed to go into effect -- it's going to impact 180,000 small businesses in new york city. and the businesses are furious. it's like there are no directions. how do you run this thing? it doesn't come with an
3:24 am
operating manual and what are the penalties because there aren't any yet because the mayor wants to run for governor. and so he is trying to appeal to the super left the people who love the mandates and everything else to say look how i am in your column to provide safety to the people of new york city. brian: his lack of communication with governor cuomo cost thousands of lives. they hate each other's guts. enough to you have a situation where mayor de blasio is letting you know this mandate mania is all about politics. he implemented something unimplementable gain he perceives in his small mind. he says i have no details regarding this small policy. if you are a business owner, ignore this next they are coming for your kids. they will want to make sure before you bring your kid to a restaurant or theater they're vaccinated. ainsley: i hope he doesn't do what biden did and sit at the desk and start signing executive orders saying this is not going to happen. steve: because it's really not written down in any way other than we have heard the mayor say
3:25 am
it. it sounds what will happen the next mayor will come in and they are just never will be any enforcement. if somebody is breaking the mandate? you know what? there is not going to be a penalty because we will just move on. speaking of just move on, hillary clinton has not moved on past that loss to donald trump where donald trump beat her by 74 electoral college votes although she won by, i think close to 3 million more popular votes. she is doing a master class on the streaming platform. it's going to be released later today in its entirety. but a snippet was released yesterday and she is really not over it. ainsley: she is reading the speech that she was planning on delivering if she won the election in 2016. listen to this. she gets emotional. >> my fellow americans, today you sent a message to the whole world our values endure, our democracy stands strong and our
3:26 am
motto remains e pliewr business iewn numb. out of many one. i have met little boys and girls who didn't understand why a woman has never been president before. new they know and the world knows that in america every boy and every girl can grow up to be whatever they dream, even president of the united states. if i could go back in time and tell anyone in hills industry about this milestone, who would it be? my mother dorothy. and as hard as it might be to imagine, your daughter will grow up and become the president of the united states. i am as sure of this as anything i have ever known, together we will make america even greater than it has ever been.
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brian: remember, barack obama had to call her and tell her to concede and say this is over. it's done. and she never really did. she did interviews, wrote two books afterwards. never conceding. bob dole just passed away, he lost -- he went on long-term the next day and said listen, that's it. he showed great personality and was extremely magnanimous. steve: she revealed she did not have a concession speech written. but, here's the thing. every losing politician has that speech. but they never ever read it out loud because they lost. miranda devine sums it up. why did she do it? says this. >> what is most hilarious is that she has billed this as some sort of master class, i think the people are supposed to pay for, and just looks like a master class in self-pity and delusion or maybe a master class in how to lose an election.
3:28 am
that speech is just shocking. and, you know, you have to know that she is very emotional about this loss from five years ago. but, she wasn't as emotional -- she was quite callus, actually, when she was testifying about benghazi. i look at those tears and there a little cold. i usually feel sorry for people overcome by emotion not in this case so self-engrossed. rachel: getting raked over the coals in twitter. the nelson master class how to wipe email server with a cloth on one on avoiding wisconsin and paying rugs to meddle in our elections. brian: how the mighty have fallen jeffrey epstein come out bill clinton frequent flier miles he acquired on that plane back and forth on the island with the teen girls. then you see him he was so high and mighty, now he has crashed and burned. he toxic.
3:29 am
the clinton foundation she a woman without a party right now sitting there feeling bad for herself. i have never seen -- well, not never, but it's rare when you see two people fall so precipitously. add to that where is the clinton foundation and good works they are doing. as soon as they lose influence and power that foundation was pure politics. it's pretty clear. no one 'will put a dollar in thoorgs because did nothing. steve: in addition to sitting on the speech which she will read which she did not win she has said in the past she is spending a lot of time with her family, her grandkids. she is taking walks in the woods. she says she has organized her closet. here's the important part. she says i won't lie, chardonnay helped a little. [ laughter ] ainsley: all right. 6:29 on the east coast, awoke library display sparks backlash as sexually explicit books are featured alongside the bible. virginia dad says the move only creates division sounds off.
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car carve we are back with this. a brazen shooting is caught on camera in new york city. a warning, the video is disturbing. the shocking footage shows two gunmen opened fire on another
3:34 am
car in the bronx. one of the shooters firing from the sun roof. police say the driver of the other car was shot in the head and killed. and his teenage passenger was injured. so far, no arrests have been made. a woman dies after her car somehow gets caught in rushing rapids near the niagara falls, video shows the car stranded just yards from the edge. now, her body was recovered by the coast guard lowering a diver by helicopter. authorities are still investigating how her car got into the river. lawmakers tearing into the head of instagram during a hearing yesterday says the site does not do enough to protect teenagers. >> new tobacco whether you like it or not. you have got to stop selling the tobacco in quotation marks. kids, don't let them have it don't give it to them. >> but instagram ceo adam saying other sites like tiktok and youtube are also responsible for
3:35 am
keeping kids safe. lawmakers are working on bipartisan legislation to protect, to better protect kids online. those are your headlines. guys, brian, over to you. brian: thanks, carley. outrage in northern virginia again after this time two explicit books placed near the bible in a holiday reading display fairfax county, virginia. the books titled gender queer and lawn boy sexual contact involving minors. here to react is the president of the thomas jefferson teacher association harry jackson. harry, how did you discover this. >> i discovered this when i saw a tweet by stacey langston when she identified those books were in the totally madison regional library. really a smack in the face of parents in response to these books being pulled out of fairfax county public school libraries and acs review committee. get, this bribe, the review committee consisted of diversity, inclusion and equity at this time officer, a high school administrator, two
3:36 am
parents and two students where they claim that the books specifically gender queer didn't contain images of pedophilia. what that committee failed to do is it failed to show how those books align with the two purposes within the libraries and how do they meet any one of the three goals that a book must meet to be included in the library. what we did as parents, we didn't take this standing down. we actually held an open forum discussion we invited members both for and against inclusion of these books in the library. we had members of the leadership represented from the lgbtq y plus community to fairfax president robert rigby on a session december 3rd where we actually went through these books and what we discovered is that members from the lgbtq i plus community denial not even read these books. when we showed them these graphic images, illustrations depicting pedophilia they agreed with us particularly in the case of gender queer that book should not be in the library and no amount of editing where you
3:37 am
could possibly make it acceptable. brian: who put it there? who in the library system put it there? it could be one librarian, right? >> yes, the librarians are responsible for putting the displays together and it was there for two days. brian: listen to what they said, their statement in response to you the dolly madison holiday reading display was inhe frey dom to read and library patrons have more time to do. so not the intention of the staff to create a display that could be construed as offensive. the display has been removed. so, construed is interesting word. it is. and it's been removed. did you win? >> well, a partial victory. you still need to hold someone accountable. you can't say construed as offensive whether you have two books that depict children, minors as young as 10 and 11 in sexual acts next to the bible. could you imagine if that was brian: harry, thank you.
3:38 am
>> thank you. brian: still ahead on this show, the united nations is in hot water for i was role in the border crisis. the stunning new claims that the u.n. is giving money to migrants illegally entering the u.s. sickening. plus, homicides in austin, texas reaching all-time high, texas congressman lance gooden reacts to the impact of the defund the police movement rd. you get advice like: try hypnosis... or... quit cold turkey. kidding me?! instead, start small. with nicorette. which can lead to something big. start stopping with nicorette my retirement plan with voya keeps me moving forward. they guide me with achievable steps that give me confidence. this is my granddaughter...she's cute like her grandpa. voya doesn't just help me get to retirement... ...they're with me all the way through it. voya. be confident to and through retirement.
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3:43 am
congressman, good morning to you. >> good morning. thanks for having me. steve: you bet. what is the united nations doing, exactly? >> the united nations is working with countries like mexico and facilitating the invasion our nation. they are providing debit cards with around $400 every two weeks to migrant families. they are setting up these camps. they are instructing them on how to navigate our asylum system and using united states taxpayer dollars that we give to the united nations. we provide over 20% of their budget annually, i believe. they are helping them to come into our country. and providing them a road map to staying here. steve: and then how are the ngos the nongovernment organizations figuring into this equation. >> well, they are working with various ngos primarily on the u.s. side of the border once they get here. the ngos take over and help facilitate moving them around the nation. but what is so absurd is that
3:44 am
the united nations is operating south of our border and henning facilitate these caravans. helping facilitate migrant families coming up to the southern border of the united states and getting into our country. the fact that they are using our own money to bring people into our country is appalling. steve: that's something a lot of people didn't realize. congressman, we have heard in the past, that when pressed upon it, joe biden is all worried about covid vaccine mandates for businesses and things like that. but there is no mandate when you come in the country. but the white house says you know, they are being tested. but the federal government is not testing them. there are these nongovernment organizations like catholic charities and things like that, they're being paid by the federal government to do that when they can. but the migrants can say, you know what? i don't want to get tested. i don't want to take the shot. i just want to get on the bus. but at the same time now, you are saying that the united nations is using u.s. tax dollars that they had been given
3:45 am
by the federal government to give a debit card to the migrants so once they come north to the border they have got a way to live in the united states. it sounds like indefinitely. >> well, these debit cards they start long before they get to the border. they are helping them get across mexico from whatever nation they are starting in and facilitating these migrant caravans. and, you know, the u.s. tax dollars are being used. the chinese contribute to the u.n. and some of our adversaries are helping to facilitate this as well with quite a bit of money to the u.n. it's appalling that we're actually supporting and funding this working against this. steve: since you are from texas. i wanted to call attention to our lead story today, and that is crime. and now in austin, austin is one of a dozen major u.s. cities that has broken the homicide record this year, the previous homicide record was back in 1948, 59 homicides and so far, 88 this year. and they are still, what three
3:46 am
three weeks left in the year. that's just crazy. what else going on in austin, texas? >> well, first of all, austin, texas, was once a wonderful place to visit and live and it has deteriorated. the homeless camps across the city have increased crime. the outpouring of anti-police rhetoric from their head of government, the mayor there, who, remember, he was the gentleman that was vacationing in cabo while he was telling everyone in austin to stay home and hunker down during the covid crisis there's a total lack of leadership. and austin has really become the hot spot for not only crime but for the anti-place movement in texas. thankfully, it's not that great of a population center compared to the rest of the state. it's certainly the liberal hot spot of texas. the rest of the state, i don't believe, is on board with the way of people of austin have pushed police out of theirs lives. you get what you pay for. unfortunately, the people of austin that run that city have
3:47 am
worked very hard to talk down to the police and push them out of the city. steve: they certainly have their hands full in texas between the border and crime in austin. the murders in austin, it's jaw dropping. congressman lance gooden, thank you for joining us today. >> thank you. steve: all right, 13 minutes now before the top of the hour. janice dean joins us out on the street where tonight at 5:00 we are going to relight that brand new christmas tree. janice: there is a lot of heavy duty machinery in front of me, steve. i'm not going to show you what's happening because you need to tune in at 5:00 p.m. during "the five" to see our all-american christmas tree back up and running. take a look at the maps. it's going to feel a little like christmas in the new york city area for our tree lighting this evening. 34 right now in new york. 30 in chicago. but i have got to tell you, much of the country is going to be flirting with record highs today. especially across the south, 10 to 20 degrees above average in some cases south texas close to
3:48 am
90 degrees. and that's going to continue to kind of move across the mississippi, tennessee river valley into the east coast on saturday. really incredible temperatures for this time of year there's the record heat. we could break records in laredo and waco and dallas, texas 82. tomorrow. so here's your forecast today, we do have a big storm system by the way, not everywhere is feeling the heat. big snow for the rockies. that's going to move into the mississippi river valley tomorrow, ahead of warm temperatures the threat for severe storms including tornadoes. we will keep you up to date. can you hear the heavy machinery in back of me steve doocy? steve: can i hear it yes indeed. janice: progress. steve: a coalition of college professors fighting back as takes aim at advanced math classes. educator fighting to keep woke politics out of the equation joins us next on "fox & friends" live from new york city. ♪ a little town
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3:53 am
. ainsley: ivy open letter they argue reducing access to advanced mathematics and elevating trendy but shallow courses over foundational skills would cause lasting damage and exacerbate inequality by diminishing access to the skills needed for social mobility. college professor acre smith co-founder of free black thought and he joins us now. good morning to you. >> good morning. ainsley: who do you agree with here do you agree with professors they say it's dumbing down math. >> free black thought has featured this story on twitter feed last three days strongly suggest i agree with the professors. this is dumbing down, at best, it's gauging the particular students in front of you and acting accordingly. however, if you are creating a form of education specifically for one group of kids because they can't learn like everybody else, that's just another iteration of the soft bigotry of low expectations. ainsley: this was a original
3:54 am
headline "u.s.a. today" says is math racist as many students of color struggle with the subject. schools instruction sometimes amid's debate. they changed that deadline is math education racist? debate how u.s. teaches the subject. how can math be racist, eric? >> well, it can be racist if you abide by this new movement on the quote, unquote, woke left, that says that reason and rationality and even scientific method itself are inherently white therefore racist to expect from black students. this is just of that. ainsley: go ahead. >> yes. i'm sorry. ainsley: the proponents say it makes math more inclusive. critics say it dumgs down math. hartford public schools in connecticut eliminated honors algebra, evanston in chicago detracting math, english and science classes offering a precalculus and a.p. calculus
3:55 am
class for students who identify as black. your reaction? >> i think it's more separatism. i think it's more segregation and i think it's unnecessary. that article also says that there are parents and teachers out there who just provide more resources for your students. and that's really all they need. you know, regressing in the stereotypes to teach certain groups of people is going backwards culturally. ainsley: in that letter that the 1100-plus professors wrote. they said we all share the urgent concern that the benefits of a robust mathematical education and the career opportunities it opens up should be shared more widely between students of all background regardless of race, gender and economic status. their concern is when these kids aren't taking these advanced classes they go to college and they're not prepared. >> yes. and that is the danger of this new far left version of legislation period.
3:56 am
readings and writing instruction. when they do get into college, it's not a good fit because they are in, you know, a situation that they haven't been prepared for. and it just sets them up for more failure. ainsley: what's your site. >> free black it's that simple. ainsley: erec thanks for coming on with us. >> thanks for having me. ainsley: president of guatemala making a startling revelation about his relationship with the biden administration. we will bring you his comments after the break. ♪ this is the sound of nature breathing. and this is the sound of better breathing. fasenra is a different kind of asthma medication. it's not a steroid or inhaler. fasenra is an add-on treatment for asthma driven
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4:00 am
>> 12 major cities now have hit all time homicide records. >> does the president think the crime is up because of the pandemic. >> i think many people have conveyed that. >> president biden will speak with ukrainian president salad mere zelensky. zalinsky.put in play bad guy tro test him every turn. >> jussie smollett jury begins deliberations. >> black lives matter has no credibility what they are doing right now is further trying to distract. >> president telling fox news he has had little communication with border czar kamala harris. >> is the biden administration not speaking with you.
4:01 am
>> [inaudible] aside from that no. we haven't had. >> santa claus got a dirty job. >> dirty job star mike rowe has landed his first billboard number one thanks to his collaboration with john rich on santa has got a dirty job. >> merry christmas john boy. ♪ rosenbachering around the christmas tree ♪ christmas party hop. steve: live from new york city on this thursday december 9th it's 7:00 in the morning. that is a site where yesterday morning we showed you how our christmas tree the night before had been burned down. well, this morning, out of the ashes our brand new christmas tree will rise on fox square. 5:00 tonight, we will officially relight the tree with the help of cardinal dolan and we have invited members of the new york city police and fire departments and we're making, the channel is
4:02 am
and fox news media a big donation to the answer the call foundation to the tune of $100,000 to help families of firemen and policemen in new york city. ainsley: that's right. we have had so many comments. so many people around the globe have actually written us talking about this. i have a friend in france who wrote me and said are you kidding me? someone burned down the fox christmas tree? the people are talking about it y'all are talking about it y'all have been sending in your pictures of your christmas trees just to show that you are with us. you stand with us. look that the beautiful tree. steve: very nice. flags all over. >> we have, very nice. brian: we have to give credit to our security within a matter of seconds they were out there and mike was able to tackle this guy before he was able to get away. who knows what kind of speculation there would have been forever to find out who did this. but able to get the guy? here's the bad news, he's out. and his own family knows he is nuts. we know that he flashed himself in front of the maxwell trial a couple of weeks ago.
4:03 am
i guess flashing means i guess is he dropping his pants. and he was arrested. ainsley: tell him what he asked the reporters. brian: he asked the reporters for a cigarette. said he didn't do it. he was tackled on the ground in front of the building after doing it this is an example of what is going on in this city and every city. mentally ill this guy is evidently homeless. his family, i guess is, helpless to stop him. so we have to deal with him on a regular basis. he could strike again somewhere else. and also report in that story that he was trying to get the -- they are trying to investigate the rockefeller plaza to see if he was trying to get that tree first. effortly they were able to stop him or trying to see if it's the same guy. steve: those images of our christmas tree going up in smoke probably the most viral video images in all of the world yesterday. and the reason you sent us the pictures is because it touched a cord. you know, what kind of a person
4:04 am
destroy as christmas tree. who starts a christmas tree on fire. brian: we hope no mentally deranged person burns your tree. bigger story of hope if as long as you can control your streets, and maybe stop the next break-in or follow-home for would be criminals who now feel free to do whatever they want. ainsley: how sad is it that he is back on the streets and now we have to hire security to stand around our tree so he doesn't come back and do it again. brian: everybody should. right now if you are in a city or a town, think about waukesha. i'm going to do a parade at 12:00 noon to start the holiday season, and some lunatic that should never have been out of
4:05 am
prison, steam rolls all of you, and families that will never be the same and six children are dead. now, you have to wonder if you can do anything without hiring additional security. double your budgets to do something of tradition. steve: for what you have said the easy thing then would be to just take down the skelton of the old tree and just forget it for this year. but, instead, it's not just our tree. it's your tree. this is a symbol for people all across the country. it's the all-american christmas tree and that is why it has been so important to our ceo suzanne scott to make sure that we got a new tree up for everybody as we close in on the christmas season as quickly as possible. and they have turned it around, they are going to have one up by 5:00 today, and you will see it right here on the fox news channel. ainsley: we are coming back to work for it we will be there too. steve: we will be there along with the cardinal.
4:06 am
ainsley: so glad he is a part of it. steve: and a rabbi from new york city as well. brian: is he my number one cardinal. if i was to rank cardinals which i do every year. he always comes out number one. the a.p. and coaches poll. steve: he lives closer. brian: he likes it here. always in a good mood. steve: meanwhile the president of the united states joe biden is going to talk to the president of ukraine today to follow up on video call with vladimir putin to tell him the stuff that we didn't hear through the press. ainsley: the two leaders are going to discuss russia's growing forces that are there at the border in ukraine. brian: they are still on target to invade in january according to reports. peter doocy is live at the white house as biden's foreign policy is put to the test as crime surges here at home. peter? pete: good morning, yes. two days after president biden talked to president putin about not invading ukraine. is he going to talk to the urken leader to tell him what he heard that comes as president biden hosts a sum mid for democracy
4:07 am
mostly via zoom to try to convince developing countries that when russia or china call offering money or goods for this or that, not to side with the authoritarians but, instead, to team up with democracies like the u.s. and western europe. domestic headaches though remain at least a dozen cities led by democratic lawmakers, are setting homicide records and organized groups of criminals continue looting retail outlets as part of a wave of smash and grab robberies. officials here say they are using federal resources to monitor these activities that they call unacceptable and that they are directing money from the american rescue plan to keep cops on the beat. that is the covid stimulus because officials here believe the basis for all of this is covid. >> a huge group of criminals organizes themselves and they want to go loot a store, a cvs, a nordstrom, a home depot until the shelves are clean, do you think that's because of the pandemic.
4:08 am
>> i think a root cause in a lot of communities is the pandemic, yes. >> crime might be threatening big cities now but we have not heard any officials around here describe it as an existential threat. that would be climate change and that is why the president is announcing a new executive order to make sure that the whole federal fleet is fully electric within the next 30 years by 2050. back to you. steve: peter, after jen psaki told you that you know, the smash and grabs related to the pandemic, they walked that back like the next day, didn't they? >> they have not said that they believe covid not the root cause but they have filled in a lot of the blanks that were left there by saying that the justice department has this task force and local p.d.s are getting this kind of assistance, but the main point remains that they think covid is when they say that that is a way of them blaming the trump administration for
4:09 am
allowing some of this to happen because the pandemic started before they got here. steve: todd piro was just asking about your trip to kansas city yesterday where you got some really good barbecue from a legendary spot. >> i did. we had arthur bryant's. i literally tailgated waiting to go in to buying. i dropped a tiny piece on the floor in the parking lot and it was -- that was the low point of the day. steve: arthur bryants is great. peter, thank you very much. ainsley: thank you. steve: very good barbecue. ainsley: i wish he would bring us some back. steve: the sandwich for about 1 bucks had a lot of pulled pork on it. ainsley: you can save some for the next day. steve steve absolutely. brian: one we are going to get this pandemic under control control the virus that didn't happen. more deaths there than ever before. the defund the police movement. he quickly realized candidate joe biden from his basement say i was never for defunding the
4:10 am
police but never put a stop on it every time there seems to be a conflict he seemed to side with the suspect. now -- against police. now we see that more and more policemen and women are turning in their badge if they are not defunded, specifically, and we see the crime rates going through the roof. if you ask members of the squad, would they defund the police, almost every one of them will say right now yes. even though every democrat recoils that wants to get reelected at that prospect. congressman lance gooden was asked about that and how it affected the crime rates that are rising in places once listed as the best place to live like austin, texas. listen. >> total lack of leadership. and austin has really become the hot spot for not only crime but for the anti-police movement in texas. thankfully, it's not that great of a population center compared to the rest of the state. it's certainly the liberal hot spot of texas. but the rest of the state, i don't believe, is on board with
4:11 am
the way the people of austin have pushed police out of their lives. and i think that you get what you pay for. and unfortunately, the people of austin that run that city have worked very hard to talk down to the police and push them out of the city. brian: homeless through the roof there. steve: the reason the congressman was talking about austin is because our lead story in the 6:00 hour is how there are a dozen democrat led cities, major cities here in the united states. they have smashed their previous murder records. they are all democrat-led. defund the police has a lot to do with the bail reform. they simply let the offenders out and there has been a sharp decline in arrest and pre-trial detention. and you can see the red spots right there. those are the record -- those are the cities with the record number of homicides for 2021 and we are not even done with the year yet. you see philadelphia at the top. shattered a 30 year record. more murders in philly than new
4:12 am
york and in los angeles. even though it is a fraction of both those cities size. ainsley: robert boise says no one is getting arrested anymore. people are getting picked up for gun possessions and just let out over and over again. the fbi crime data shows the number of arrests nationwide has gone down 24% in 2020. number of arrests 7.63 million in 2020. that is the lowest in 25 years. steve: why would the police arrest somebody? because they know they are going to be out on the street in 15 minutes. brian: retirement rate among police departments has jumped 45% between 2020 and 2021. another 18% of officers resigned. so they will see. you have defund, they quit, not a good combination along with judges and no cash bail that lets everybody out. we are the victims of this heinous ugly bloody mix. steve: when we were talking to the congressman lance gooden, we were also talking about the fact
4:13 am
that there is a surge in people on the southern border. is he from texas, of course. this administration seems to be turning a blind eye to the problem down there. and to as it turns out the congressman said that essentially the united nations is using u.s. tax dollars that we're giving the united nations to put into the pockets of the migrants heading into the united states. they give everybody a debt card with 400 bucks on it obviously what we have heard from this administration over and over again, we have got to deal with the root causes. the point person on that is the vice president. ainsley: is kamala harris. she vowed to address the root causes. and she has not aberrantly even talked to the guatemalan president in seven months. steve: talked to him once. ainsley: i haven't heard from her since last june. john roberts sat down with him. >> other than your meeting with kamala harris, in june. >> the only one. >> that is the only communication you have had with the biden administration about
4:14 am
illegal immigration? >> yes. >> does that strike you as being odd? >> that between my presidency and the white house, actually, no. i spoke once with joe biden because i [inaudible] then we had the vice president of vice president harris and on matters of state, migration, we had visit will alejandro mayorkas, aside from that direct communication, no. we haven't had it. steve: he has spoken to the u.s. ambassador. brian: absolutely telling the big difference between administrations. you had the homeland security secretaries and we had a few of them during the trump years going back and forth and a lot of them they were confrontational saying we are going to cut off aid unless you start enforcing your border. we are going to reinstall that aid when you start doing it. guess what? it all worked. especially mexico they enforced their southern border and we handled our southern border and together able to stop it along
4:15 am
with addressing some of the needs of central americans. but, also, i think president trump's threat to start off really ended up being effective. they ended up having a lot of mutual respect between their ecuador, not nicaragua but el salvador and other surrounding countries, it hasn't happened since. steve: one of the root causes as well now that we just learned about is apparently the united nations is essentially paying people to head north. ainsley: he said the drug cartels largefully mexico smuggling guatemalanings $4 billion business for these criminals. brian: before we toss over to todd, i have -- in long island has been flooded with illegal immigrant kids and they have no idea not informing the principals and superintendents they show up in class. one of -- a friend of mine, whose wife does not feel comfortable speaking out says -- and eight kids in the last three weeks. none of which speak any english. and if you complain, they move you out of the school.
4:16 am
think about that. you are a teacher, not making a zillion dollars, you have 8 kids there your class is now more challenging, the kids don't speak english and they don't have any rear sources to buy any pencils, paper or anything like that. steve: time to go to the school board meeting. worked in virginia. ainsley: true. brian: you can't stop the flood. you have got to stop the federal government. even the governors have no say in that. steve: that's something. brian: go over to todd. todd, you have the latest on the jussie smollett trial. todd: yeah, that's right. obviously we have been following this story for you for a while. smollett facing multiple felony counts of disorderly conduct for allegedly staging a hate crime against himself to further his career. yesterday special prosecutor daniel webb rounding out his case against smollett branding the actor a serial liar. webb leaving no round for group claiming there is no question whether smollett orchestrated the 2019 quote hoax race attack.
4:17 am
brothers osundairo claim the brothers paid him $3,500. maintain that the osundairo are sophisticated criminals it try to hurt his client. told police his attackers were white. he later called them peal. get this, i this is the biggest take away from eddy. black lives matter now pledging solidarity with smollett, no matter what verdict the jury reaches. the organization's co-founder saying, quote: jussie has been courageously present, physical and vocal in the struggle for black freedom. listen to this line, folks, it's not about a trial or verdict decided in a white supremacist charade, never believe police. we could see a verdict as early as today. back to you steve thank you very much. black lives matter is backing jussie smollett. leo terrell had this observation with sean. >> the black lives matter nonsense is nonsense. they carry no weight.
4:18 am
you cannot trust the police? you cannot trust black police officers? black chief of police? you can't trust the police? that race card has left the station 50 years ago. you got diversity in all these democratic cities with black mayors, black police chiefs, black officer, black lives matter has no credibility and what they are doing right now is further trying to distract what the issue here. jussie smollett lied to the american public, a black man lied about being attacked. and what black lives will do is throw him a lifeline. i have got news for you he is going to sink because that jury should do the right thing, find him guilty. steve: the jury has got the case. could come back with a verdict later today. brian: i feel the same way with black lives matter could be al sharpton when you have legitimate problems with police and african-americans. if you want to have credibility, call out the ones when they make up a total fictional account of people acting badly and lying. he wasted millions of dollars
4:19 am
worth of resources and man hours on his case that obviously is total fiction and for black lives matter to back it unjust because he is black makes them lose credibility. who is going to w. a clear mind think they are helping the black community by writing a check to an organization that would make that statement? steve: it's frustrating but now ultimately the jury is going to decide whether or not he was telling the truth. ainsley: no matter what they decide black lives matter still supports him. brian: and we all know he is not telling the truth. although you only need one juror. steve: up to the jury. brian: he is lying. steve: 7:19 carley joins us with more news. carley: that's right. we will begin your headlines with a live look at capitol hill where the senate voted to repeal president biden's vaccine mandate on businesses. two democrats joe manchin and jon tester vote against. the legislation brought to the senate floor executive review of the president's executive order is unlikely to make it through the democrat controlled house.
4:20 am
listen to this: secular activists are targeting the charity wreaths across america for laying what they i sees a a symbol of christianity on veterans graves. for nearly 30 years wreaths across america has gathered volunteers across the country of to honor the fallen during the holidays. now the military religious freedom foundation wants them to stop saying in part: we have no problem if people reach out and want a wreath on their devriesed veterans grave but to put them everywhere without permission of the surviving families is unconstitutional, an atrocity and a disgrace. wow. well, move over mariah, there is a new diva on the scene. she has a message for the san diego county board of supervisors on covid policies. listen. ♪ make my dreams come true ♪ and the state of emergency
4:21 am
ends acknowledge treatment carley: that performance by a san diego woman who thinks natural immunity needs to be recognized. the board later extended the protocol despite that heart felt performance. those are your headlines. steve: even if they didn't agreer with h i hope they gave her a standing ovation it takes a lot of courage to do it. ainsley: she has a pretty voice. brian: thanks, carley. meanwhile we telling you about philadelphia's record homicide rate. the progressive d.a. says there is no crisis. ainsley: next guest an activist whose brother was gunned counsel a decade ago and says the city's soft on crime approach is an utter failure. ly pay for what we need. -hey tex, -wooo. (vo) subaru and our retailers believe in giving back. that's why, in difficult times, we provided
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♪ >> we don't have a crisis of lawlessness, we don't have a crisis of crime. we don't have a crisis of violence. steve: really? well, that's phil d.a. larry krasner insisting there is no crime crisis despite, look at this, the city's record number of murders this year and we're not even done with the year. former mayor democrat michael nutter firing back demanding an apology to the victim's families and asking, quote: what kind of messed up of wild wokeness krasner is living in to have so little regard tore human lives lost, many of them black and brown. how many more have to be gunned down to meet your definition of a crisis? our next guest' brother alexander martinez was shot and killed in philadelphia almost 10 years ago. his murder unsolved. roselyn picharo joins us live. roselyn, good morning to you. >> hi, thanks for having me.
4:27 am
again he is the top law enforcement officer. if there was a crisis he would look bad. >> there is definitely a crisis here in the city of philadelphia. we're up to 523 homicides. and how dare him say that the loss of a mother's child is not a crisis. you know, every e.r. in this city is saturated with homicides. these streets are overwhelmed with death. and for him to say that there is no crisis is insane. steve ross lind, who do you blame in your heart, what's going on in philly? >> what's going on across the country there is a lot of issues going on with gun control. legislation is not helping with
4:28 am
gun control either so the blame is across the board. you have got d.a.s who let criminals out on crime and then with gun possession and then they come out and then they murder someone's kid like samuel from delco. he was a wonderful kid. murdered on the streets of philadelphia. like many hundreds of kids murdered. it's across the border. it's gun control. it's how folks it's the media on how they portray communities there was a mass shooting in philadelphia, and no media outlet has covered it. none. it was six shootings. in one location and no one covered it. it is across the board. it's the d.a. it's how the media portrays the violence that's happening and how we're not -- in philadelphia and how that wasn't even recognized. it's a lot of different you know, situations here in philadelphia. and across the country.
4:29 am
gun control is definitely one of them. steve: without a doubt. gun violence is really right at the apex of the problem. but, rosalind why wouldn't the philadelphia media cover it? >> the media covered it in philadelphia but nationally it was not heard of. steve: we are covering it. >> when something like that happens in philadelphia, where it effects black and brown folks that is not covered. i mean, i have never heard of did in national news. it was not covered. and that's unfortunate, but it was like a situation, this is unfortunate, sandy hook was covered. columbine was covered. the mass shooting in philadelphia was not covered. and that's one of those things, you know, in order for people to know that there's a problem, it has to be covered across the board. no matter what party we're in
4:30 am
democrat, republican, black, white, asian. it doesn't matter. a life is a life. steve: you're absolutely right but then again, according to your d.a., a democrat, there is no crisis in philadelphia but you are here to say he is wrong. rosalind, founder -- >> he is wrong. steve: founder of operation save our city. good luck to you and thank you very much for coming on and telling us your story. >> thanks for having me. steve: you bet. all right. it is 7:30 now here in the east. it has been, what, coming up on five years since hillary clinton lost the presidential election to donald trump so why is she reading her victory speech after she lost? >> might be to imagine your daughter will grow up and become the president of the united states. steve: she lost to donald trump. lara trump is going to react coming up next. ♪ i won't give up on us
4:31 am
♪ even if the skies get rough ♪ >> there's room to grow... >> ...and lots of opportunities. >> so, what are you waiting for? >> apply now... >> ...and make a difference. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ >> man, i love that song!
4:32 am
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4:35 am
the government expects to rest its case by the end of the week. maxwell is accused of grooming minor force sexual abuse why jeffrey epstein. former pilot took the stand testifying he flew epstein and his young companions passenger logs aligning with accusers who have testified against epstein and maxwell. a major discovery in a 45-year-old cold case alabama police finding human remains in the car of a missing college student last seen in 1976. kyle vanished after leaving a georgia bar where he worked to head back to auburn university. passersby discovered his car submerged in a creek. police are still working to confirm the identity of the remains. a dog rescue freezing cold water is caught on camera. two police officers in spain braising a frozen reservoir to save a dog stuck inside the officers used a tree branch to
4:36 am
help break through the ice where the dogs fell through. police say the dog was trapped for hours before being rescued but was able to make a recovery, wow, a harley riding santa claus police escort spreading christmas cheer and raising money for kids. >> the annual charity ride raising donations for the children's at the national institute of health. the funds go to operational costs and families of children at the inn to helptay together at no additional cost. the institute saying the event looks a little different because of the pandemic but families are still excited to see santa and his harley. those are your headlines over to you. ainsley: thank you so much. carley: you bet. ainsley: years since crushing loss hillary is still getting emotional check choking up as she read the victory speech as she prepared for presidency that never saw the light of day. >> as hard as it might be to imagine, your daughter will grow
4:37 am
up and become the president of the united states. i am as sure of this as anything i have ever known. ainsley: here to react is fox news contributor and former trump campaign adviser lara trump. hey, lara. >> hey, good morning, ainsley, wow. ainsley: what did you think? >> i thought it was very cringe worthy. it was hard to watch. as a viewer, it made even me uncomfortable and very clearly we know who i voted for in 2016. it was not hillary clinton. i guess she hasn't gotten over the loss, ainsley. and i don't have to tell you this because we are both from the same area of the country. we grew up in the carolinas. all i could think is bless her heart. i mean, this is just really so clearly self-involved and a little bit deluded.
4:38 am
when you have people telling you this is your time, it's your turn to be president, remember we were all told we were supposed to vote for her because it was time for a woman to be president as ridiculous of a statement as that is, i guess this is the result she has clearly never processed it she has never gotten over it and so now we are all subjected to this master class. i'm not sure master class in what, i don't know what we are learning from this when else have you ever seen a former presidential candidate go out, read their supposed victory speech and then cry about it as far as it goes for women in politics i didn't think this was great on that front either. so from start to finish, cringe worthy, uncomfortable. >> i guess she is trying to stay relevant. i don't know we haven't heard a lot from hillary, probably wasn't the right way to do it. ainsley: i was wondering why she did it what do you think the motivation was? does she want to get back in politics? she wants to stay relevant you
4:39 am
mentioned? >> yeah. i think we are all wondering why would you do this? why would you drag this -- you know, speech that you were supposed to give upon your grand win of the presidency. it's almost like if you almost call someone ainsley the wrong name and then you catch yourself, you don't go back and call them the wrong name again. you just move on. you move forward. it's as though it never happened. i don't know why she is doing this some people are suggesting it's perhaps because this slate of candidates the democrats had going into 2024 is so poor, maybe hillary is waiting in the wings again to get another shot, if that is the case, yes, we would like a redo of 2016. please let's have that happen again. but i don't really know. i know. i guess maybe she is trying to stay relevant. get her name back out there. gosh, i hope we don't have to see any more of this because man, is it tough to watch. ainsley: earlier this year she said she would never get out of the game of politics. we will see. thank you, lara. great to see you. >> thank you.
4:40 am
ainsley: vaccine requirements are being blocked left and right. not stopping democrats like bill de blasio for pushing for more. joe piscopo owns gyms in new jersey and follows might follow lead. here with his concerns. ♪ love to keep me warm ♪ can't remember ♪ worst december ♪ what those
4:41 am
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4:45 am
new jersey governor phil murphy who looks exactly like that picture now has to decide if he will follow new york city steps mandates. joe piscopo owns gyms in new york city and outstanding radio talk who he is host, what's your reaction what's your reaction to the having a bit of a push back? >> please, we went through the pandemic. we have retrofitness gyms in new jersey. bethlehem, pennsylvania we bought another territory, you know, no more mandate. we did. it cost us a more fun masks and cleaning. the gym was cleaner than my house. kept having to sterilize everything. brian: make the members do it. >> you know what? enough with the mandates. enough with the masks. enough with mandating anything in jersey particularly. it's overregulated. too many rules and regulation, as a business it's impossible. so i think and i leave it to governor murphy. is he a nice guy as you know. i leave it to governor murphy
4:46 am
not to slam us with any more mandates. leave us alone. i think new years he is going to do something. surprise everybody. do you know what the aassembly and senate and great state of new jersey that i love they are all left leaning, which i fine but they don't understand business. steve: joe and i were talking in the green room because we both live in new jersey. >> great care rotted cake by the way how did you do that? steve: my wife and i are working on a new cookbook. we turned the green room into the test kitchen. anyway, we were talking about how in new jersey a couple of weeks ago in the general election for governor jack ciattarelli came really close unseating democrat phil murphy that says a lot about governor murphy. >> jack looks like a folk hero now, he did really really good. we talked about also 4 million people in new jersey eligible to vote that do not show up. how do you awaken that sleeping giant? brian: right. >> that's how you get the state
4:47 am
back. brian: you listen to howard stern show. >> howard. brian: is he pro-mandate. how dare you got get vaccinated. it's almost 50/50. is it changing now? do you think more people are saying this is too owe prison? --oppressive? i think it is too oppressive. i'm a hypochondriac. i will stay six feet. i'm at the store don't breathe down my neck if i'm at the grocery store. i got vaccinated once, twice, three times. i will wear the mask on the plane. i have no qualms about it. you can't tell people can't be overbearing. we have freedom and we have medicines and great, great therapies that can help out this terrible, terrible virus. ainsley: joe, brian mentioned you are on fox nation. tell us about your special. >> big shoutout. you guys are doing such a great job and honored to be here frankly, brian, you are great on the radio. the book is great.
4:48 am
fox nation is the feast of the seven fishes, where else on what media outlet with a major network is going to italian americans and the feast of the seven fishes. we celebrated it it's like a film on fox nation it dropped go to fox nation got come. steve: let's watch a little snippet. here is joe piscopo feast of the seven fissures. an italian tradition. >> all about the family. >> i was literally sitting at a high top in my grandmother's kitchen infatuated watching her go, go, go all day from cut the garlic to make the pasta to it was an all-day process and it was all about family. family and camaraderie. that was the biggest thing i remember. ainsley: that is great. >> so proud and so grateful to fox nation and fox news for caring about the great italian american tradition. steve: just below you on the screen qr code scan that right
4:49 am
now for an inside look at homemade italian recipes. brian: you are 100 percent. >> 100 percent you are half. let's go this is really good, great. brian: fishing net? >> fish of the seven fishes christmas eve a tradition. mom makes scallops to die for and big shoutout to fox nation all the producers who did such a stellar job. brian: rob got a promotion. that was not in the prompter. you meant that i love you mom. >> momma mia. ainsley: is she? new jersey with you. >> yes, god bless. ainsley: she had five kids. i love italians, i should have been italians. i love faith, family, everything happens in the kitchen. brian: in the break find out why ainsley is not italian. brian: good to talk to you and see you. please don't touch me,. [laughter]
4:50 am
been more than 100 days since president biden promised to get all americans and allies out of afghanistan. congressman dan crenshaw reacts to the commander-in-chief failure to follow through. ainsley: stop breathing down my neck, brian. brian: i'm sorry. ainsley: the nfl playoffs sideline reporter jen hale breaks down this week's crucial match up. brian: why does joe keep hitting me? ♪ ♪ what the he- -henry? ♪♪ thanks! if it's “out decorating the neighbors” season, it's walgreens season. ...
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>> good morning, fox weather i'm janice dean, and i've got jimmy falo along with me and scott hannah, we've got a whole bunch of listeners from the dakotas and minnesota in back of me here. >> [applause] >> but first we have to do a little bit of weather jimmy have you ever done the weather? >> i've never done the weather. i be honored. >> here is potential record highs today go ahead. >> wow, so we've got potential record highs through saturday, 75 records could be broken, new orleans looking at 81 degrees, v ixburg mississippi 80, memphis, tennessee 75 but here in new york it's freezing and that's great because you can't smell the city. thank god. >> [laughter] >> that was amazing and if you like america's weather go on to fox and download the app. i know you have right so you're here because you're on one of
4:55 am
the affiliate stations. >> scott is here with the flag listeners. they listen to fox across america and janice dean comes on , let's do this. >> all right, scott tell me about this trip with all these wonderful faces. >> we come every year to new york city, and fortunately the christmas trees are normally not burnt but anyway. >> it's coming back better than ever. yes exactly. >> janice is going up to central park with an axe after this and she will be back with a tree. , that's right. >> we feed the world, we power the world, second biggest oil producing state in the nation in north dakota and our hearts are warm, right? freedom loving constitution revering americans. >> well you come to our tree lighting ceremony at 5 p.m. tonight? we're going to do this up again, obviously, we've had unfortunate news with the tree down from yesterday, but we're going to build back better than ever! >> [applause] >> all right, do you love being here what's your name? >> ellen. >> where are you from? >> herman, minnesota where all the bachelors are from.
4:56 am
>> [laughter] >> and you guys are bachelors? >> that would have been a good thing for fox nation i think, right, jimmy? all right, well thank you so much for coming. merry christmas. join us at 5 p.m. today for our all-american christmas tree lighting we're going to do it again it's going to >> carlie, hey, carlie, there you are, carley shimkus. great job on tv this morning. i'm still emotional thinking about it. merry christmas, everybody we'll see you at 5:00 for the tree lighting. >> [applause] >> i can't wait to meet all of them. >> there we go. >> very nice. >> we've gotta switch to quick headlines, boston celtics center , enes kanter says the nba begged him to take off his free tibet shoes over a response from china and he tells the post he would not comply and he is an outspoken critic of china's human rights abuses the nba denies any employee asked him to remove his shoes. >> tiger woods is set to return
4:57 am
to the golf course next week and will compete in the pnc championship with his son charlie. woods tweeting in part, i'm playing as a dad and couldn't be more excited and proud. his return to competitive golf comes 10 months after the car crash that left his ability to play in jeopardy. okay. brian over to you. brian: all right thank you very much, carlie. it's week 14 of the nfl season this sunday the dallas cowboys faceoff against the washington football team, that's one of the games you can catch on fox television. ironically we have fox nfl side line reporter jen hale here to breakdown the big matchups this weekend and let's start if we can, jen, as we do, start with thursday night football. the steelers are dramatic victory, they hold on, when the ravens take a gamble to get to and win the game in regulation, they fail, therefore the steelers win and they take on the vikings a must win for both teams isn't it? >> absolutely, if they want to
4:58 am
keep playoff hopes alive and brian if you like to watch opposing defenses get after quarterbacks this is the game for you. steelers number one in sacks, vikings number two i'm taking the vikings and this one by three, i think it's going to be a really close game, because of the desperation, you've got two quarterbacks who like to stay in the pocket, they are mobile, so how the offensive line handled those defensive rushes, that's going to be huge. this will be a fun one to watch tonight. brian: absolutely meanwhile dallas is going to the washington football club, who might be the hottest team in football, with the journeyman quarterback named tile or heineke, who by the way was in the xfl a short time ago how do you explain his success? >> it's such a great story isn't it, brian? so a spicy rivalry and yes, the cinderella story with taylor heineke. i've had him a couple times this season and he's so detail- oriented, so dedicated to his craft, and so much fun to watch him, washington on a four-
4:59 am
game win streak more importantly than keeping it alive tonight, is the fact that they could really move into position to try to grab that number one spot in the nfc east away from the cowboys which is critical for post-season hopes. all right, i think this one is going to be closer i'm going with a field goal it's going to be a great one to watch both teams desperate in this one. brian: absolutely and you have the seattle-houston game, the texans have been one of the worst shows in the nfl, the seahawks showed life last week. she thank you did, russel wilson is back to his old self, i predict they win two in a row, vegas says 7.5 i think it's a much larger margin. i'm going by two touchdowns especially considering seattle' defense is playing so great. brian: if you're there i'll watch and the fox bet super 6 is still out there, correct? >> still out there, we gave away $100,000, split six ways last week.
5:00 am
tonight, $30,000, all you gotta do is predict the games correctly. hope fully i gave you a couple of tips, down to the fox bet super 6 app. brian: jen hale thanks so much always great to face time with you. >> thanks for having me this morning. brian: meanwhile where does the time go, the final hour of fox & friends starts now. >> skyrocketing violent crime gripping the country. >> 12 major cities hitting all-time homicide records. >> there's definitely a crisis. you've got da's who let criminal s out when they murder someone's kid. >> senate democrats join a gop -led push to block president biden's vaccine mandate for private businesses. >> its put them in a heck of a bind so i think they should have some relief. >> activists are targeting the charity wreaths across america saying in part to put them everywhere, unconstitutional and a disgrace.
5:01 am
steve: college professors fighting back as the political left takes aim. >> you're creating education specifically for one group of kids because they can't learn like everybody else? that's just another iteration of low expectations. >> hillary clinton is now launching a new master class. >> so this was supposed to be the victory speech that i would have delivered. >> all i could think of is bless her heart. i mean, this is just cringe- worthy. >> ♪ brian: you know, our guys work so hard to put that original tree together, and it burned to the ground 48 hours ago and then within one day, we had a new battle plan. it was to rebuild it right away, so took down the crime scene tape, put up the bike racks, surrounding us a little bit of security and by tonight, before the sun goes down, you will see a brand new tree on fox plaza. steve: i think we're going to wait until the sun goes down because its got to be dark when
5:02 am
they turn on the lights and on the fox plaza -- brian: it'll be done before the sun goes down. steve: i hope so, we've got all this stuff that goes together to create the all-american christmas tree in those boxes on fox plaza. 5:00 join us during it, we'll all be there along with cardinal dolan, rabbi from new york city, members from the fire department who put out the fire, the police department who keep us safe and were right on the scene, our security team and our boss suzanne scott, who, by the way, made a donation of fox news media to $100,000 to answer the call foundation, which helps the fallen members of new york city's fire and police department. ainsley: it was one of the top stories yesterday, everyone was talking to us about it, everywhere we went people were talking about the christmas tree it was a dark moment when you walked in and you saw someone could actually burn down a christmas tree, an iconic symbol , but, we're relighting it , we're not going to let him ruin christmas for us here at fox and we're donating money and
5:03 am
make it a good thing. brian: it's conceivable that guy who burned the tree down could be there, because he is now out. this craig tomahana, he was tackled to the ground by our great security team before he could do more damage but the tree went up in flames. this guy gets arrested, gets questioned, and then gets released, because they said it wasn't, i guess, he didn't create any physical harm but he's allowed to walk about. this guy is a danger according to his own family, but not to the judge, and new york city no cashless bail law. ainsley: his charges were not eligible for bail under these new liberal reform laws. steve: arson is only a felony if the suspect tries to harm a person or commits a hate crime, a member of the new york city police department told the new york post. ainsley: then he said he didn't do it. he blamed the women for abusing their children, and then he asked reporters for a cigarette. steve: priorities, and well, i wonder apparently he was found with a lighter. he probably didn't have a
5:04 am
lighter at that point, so he needed somebody to light it. brian: interviewed the detective that tackled him and we have it on video. other thing to keep in mind too is that this guy is a menace, he's been arrested two times this year, he flashed the press outside the maxwell trial two days ago, and they are investigating whether the fact that he was casing the rockefel ler center tree to burn that real tree down to the ground can you imagine maybe because it's closer to skaters and nbc be different and if arson is not a reason to keep somebody in jail, maybe it be different if the judge had his house burned down maybe they might feel a little bit differently about it. how could it be okay to let this guy go, but you wonder if he's allowed to go how many other people who are assaulting people on the subways in the streets in your city are out and about again because there's no reason to keep them and how many assailants are not even arrested because the cops know they can't keep them. steve: luckily fox news figured a way to get a brand new
5:05 am
christmas tree, they are assembling it here because we are not going to let a guy with a lighter ruin christmas, the all-american christmas tree, which will be lit tonight, watch at 5:00 right out here, 48th and 6th avenue, crossroads of the world. ainsley: maybe we can get mike rowe to come back and sin "the grinch." brian: he's still here, has one jean shirt, he just has to press it. ainsley: it's 8:05 on the east coast and today president biden is focusing on the green agenda as crime is spiraling out of control in big cities. brian: he will discuss efforts to make the federal government more echo friendly. steve: yesterday he was in kansas city with peter doocy talking about infrastructure, today peter strzok at the white house wherefore en policy is next on the platter. reporter: and after two days talking to vladimir putin about not invading ukraine is talking to the ukrainian leader and he's already given away some of his talking points he's saying he's not considering sending u.s. troops into ukraine to stop
5:06 am
russia from invading that and it's something putin is apparently in position to do next month. russia and china are both trying to become super powers to rival the u.s. , and today president biden is going to try to stop that with a big zoom, convening a virtual summit for democracies , where he's going to urge developing countries not to take money or favors from authoritarian countries but instead to team up with western europe and the u.s. , but within our borders crime is rising, all-time record homicide rates and a dozen cities with democratic leaders, and organiz ed gangs of criminals are still looting retail shops with smash-and-grab-style robberies. white house officials say the doj is working to address these unacceptable crimes, and that they're hoping to use covid stimulus money to keep cops on the beat, because they think this all starts with covid. >> huge group of criminals organizes themselves and they want to go loot a store, a cvs, nordstrom, home depot, until the
5:07 am
shelves are clean. you think that's because of the pandemic? >> i think a root cause in a lot of communities is the pandemic, yes. reporter: president biden's poll numbers on most every big issue are upside down, so now he's trying to go back to the basics of progressive promises that he made during the campaign with this new executive order to guarantee every vehicle in the federal fleet will be electric within the next 30 years. back to you. steve: where are they going to plug them in, peter? reporter: it's a great question and also the president's vehicle , the beast, reportedly weighs like 20,000 pounds without a giant battery underneath it. brian: don't worry that we'll work it out. i'll get right on that, thanks, peter. the other thing is mitch landrew , in charge of taking the 1.2 trillion and putting it to a good cause on that so-called infrastructure bill, he's going to focus on instead of bridges and tunnels he's going to focus on climate and equity, fantastic. is that why we gave our money? isn't infrastructure something like i thought our trains had to
5:08 am
go faster, they had to get nicer , i thought our roads and bridges were falling apart. instead we're going to look at equity and climate, and blue collar jobs that are all union, fantastic. steve: well as peter was talking about in that interchange with jen psaki about the smash-and-grabs you seen so much property crime across the country, we had property crime in front of our building about 36 hours ago. there are, there's a bunch of records being shattered across the country. a dozen major u.s. cities have smashed their annual murder statistics, more people killed there, murdered than ever in history. they have done it in philadelphia, they are at the top of the list. right now philly is beating new york city and los angeles which is just a fraction of their size we spoke to just about an hour and a half ago, a woman whose brother was fatally shot in philadelphia, and she was reacting to the fact that the d. a. there, this guy by the name of larry krasner says there's no crime crisis here.
5:09 am
she begs to differ, watch. >> there is definitely a crisis here in the city of philadelphia we're up to 523 homicides, and how dare him say that the loss of a mother's child is not a crisis. you know, every er in this city is saturated with homicides. these streets are overwhelmed with death and for him to say that there's no crisis, it's insane. so the blame is across the board you've got da's who let criminal s out on crime and then with gun possession and then they come out and they murder someone's kid. ainsley: that's because look what happened with the good it with the christmas tree. there's a crime and then they get out immediately, one of the retired chief of detectives for nypd said nobody is getting arrested anymore. people are getting picked up for gun possession, and they are just let out over and over again let's bring in, you want to say something? brian: yeah, the d. a. in
5:10 am
philadelphia larry krasner, he says there's no crime problem in philadelphia but the former mayor whose a left wing guy, michael nutter says larry krasne r owes an apology to the 521 families of homicide victims he finds inexcusable as do we. ainsley: let's bring in congressman dan crenshaw from the great state of texas to react. we're seeing crime going up in austin too. >> yeah, that's right. america's most beautiful cities are indeed being ruined by liberal policies, it's a direct line between death and decay and liberal policies. now those liberal policies include defunding the police. this is indeed what happened in austin. there's a police shortage, but it's also the bail reform. there are prosecutors, there are judges funded, by the way, by people like george soros. that makes the left really mad when they hear that they'll attack me on twitter but then just provide the news stories that say exactly what i'm saying they are deliberately doing this they want prosecutors who won't prosecute, judges who will let
5:11 am
criminals out. the criminals laugh in the back of a police car because they know they are going to be out the next day back to committing crimes. this is a problem for people who actually pay taxes and actually live there, and they are absolutely ruining america's greatest cities and we should be out raged about it. brian: dan, republicans don't run anybody in these cities and their political infrastructure is just not there. is this an , i know you're a national u.s. congressman, but is there an opportunity here for the republican parties to amount to serious effort to compete in these cities, like new york, philadelphia, los angeles, san francisco, and do you see that happening? >> i wish i could give you a little bit more optimism on that , but the voters don't seem to want that change and so we have to be persuasive to these voters and ask these voters directly, what are you getting from these democrats being in charge? honestly, how has your life become better. everything that has become better in your life is usually a result of some kind of private enterprise, or your state government in the case of texas that is actually doing what it's supposed to be doing to protect
5:12 am
your rights and protect your freedoms and protect your future prosperity. it is never the democrat policies. they tell you things that make you feel good but don't do any good. steve: well, not only is crime a problem but so is covid. across the rotunda from you, in the senate chambers yesterday, the senate voted to overturn the administration's vaccine mandate on private businesses to democrats, joined all of the republicans, of course they are from red states. listen to joe manchin and john tester. >> the government has to make every decision for the private sector. >> i've heard a lot from my businesses in the state of montana, and they've told me that it's put them in a heck of a bind and so i think they should have some relief. steve: so congressman, the senate voted on it but nancy pelosi probably not in a million years is going to bring it up for a vote, and even if they did pass it out of the house, joe biden's going to essentially veto it within 15 seconds. >> right, so like i was saying, there's a direct line from
5:13 am
democrat policies to infringing on your freedoms and liberties and rights and as you can see this is just yet another example. it's great news that the senate passed that, really proud of joe manchin and john tester, pelosi will not put our legislation on the floor. i have introduced legislation to repeal the vaccine mandate, many republicans have introduced similar legislation, but there aren't really those moderate democrats in the house that take a stand against pelosi. it's very unfortunate, it's good news for everybody. this vaccine mandate has been destroyed by the courts, so i'm one of the optimistic that it will never really be in place. ainsley: let's talk about afghanistan, because there are still 30,000 afghans living on seven different military bases. its been three and a half months since that withdrawal, two and five are eligible because one of their family members or their family actually aided our troops when they were over there. others are family members of u.s. citizens and green card holders, journalists, human
5:14 am
rights activists and other at risk humanitarian workers. what does the future look like for them? >> well, it's hard to say. i don't have great numbers on who's who in that. i get the sense that it's probably not a lot of those siv 's that already have their paperwork and already have their processing done. you know, this is why we were advocating for the administration months before the afghan withdrawal happened to speed up the siv process and get their affairs in order and of course this administration refused to do that. i would say a lot of people are worried that these people aren't vetted, that we have no idea who came on those planes and that, look, that could be true. there's a danger in that, i would say the good news is that they're actually being vetted and actually still on these bases going through that process that's about the only good news i can think of here, but it's not clear what the future holds for them. brian: congressman they collapsed the embassy and they stopped the program right there , anybody doing paperwork they left it and the afghans had a chance to go through it.
5:15 am
>> it's worse than that. brian: i spent the weekend with somebody that was part of that vetting process and he said that president biden said i'm tired of these empty planes leaving kabul air base, and put anybody on them. so they were throwing anybody on these planes, and even when they got to that third country, they still were unable to get the biometrics to find out who they are so they said all right, keep going, go to the u.s. bases and now, how many people do you think are still left behind between u.s. citizens and people that helped us out that we wanted to get out? what number do you have, how often do you hear about this? >> well as far as u.s. citizens , it's probably in the dozens and maybe hundreds there's easily tens of thousands of siv applicants people who helped us, soldiers who helped us that fought along our side, interpreters, contractors easily thousands left behind but it's the siv problem and the processing is even worse than you're pointing out because back home, here in the united states, they were also supposed to process those but they wouldn't do it because of covid. the state department employees
5:16 am
were staying at home for like a year and then they couldn't access the networks they needed to access in the office to actually process so it's one of the reasons it wases so slow and all they had to do was say come into the office. that's it. steve: yeah. as a former navy seal, i'm sure, you know, you heard the news on tuesday that a navy seal commander for team 8 followed by the name of michael burjuwa apparently was killed during a training fast rope training evolution from a helicopter. you know, he had dedicated his life to serving as a navy seal, served for , i think, approaching 20 years. >> yeah, this was hard to hear. this was tragic to hear. it's close to the holidays, the commander has five kids, and he's a commander of a seal team, so his family was probably not expecting this. it's unusual that he be fast- roping during an exercise. it was probably one of the final
5:17 am
exercises he was probably doing it with the team to build moral like a good leader does, and that rope, we don't know why, the investigation is ongoing, but that rope was cut too early, while he was still on the top of it and when we say fast-roping, what we're referring to is we drop a rope out of a helicopter and we slide down it like it's a fireman's pole so you're not attached to anything. it's not repelling. that's different. there's no harness. you're just sliding down the rope on to what's usually i'm not sure what it was in this case but usually it's a moving ship, and it's dangerous, it's not one of the most dangerous things we do but if somebody cuts the rope too early , or the rope fails, and either one of those things happened in this case, it's devastating. so people need to remember, we take those risks but the family doesn't really agree to take those risks and now the families hurting, and they should really be in your prayers. steve: not only that, but a
5:18 am
gofundme page has been setup for the family for his wife and five children. if people would like to donate go to and we will link you to that particular gofundme page, congressman. >> that's excellent. steve: it is. all right, thank you very much for joining us from our nation's capitol. >> thanks for having me. brian: congressman dan crenshaw , meanwhile carley shimkus you have the other news. >> that's right from remembering one hero to another. today former kansas senator bob dole will lie in state in the u.s. capitol rotunda. the ceremony for the former republican presidential candidate will be invite-only due to covid safety measures. it will be followed by a memorial service tomorrow in washington d.c. and another in his home state of kansas on saturday. dole died in his sleep sunday after battling stage iv lung cancer and he was 98 years old. >> nearly 500 los angeles school staff are fired for not complying with the
5:19 am
district's vaccine mandate. the country's second largest school district said they maybe eligible to get their jobs back if they choose to get vaccinated against covid. meanwhile 34,000 students in the district have reportedly missed the vaccine deadline. they'll be forced to enroll in independent studies or will have to leave the district altogether according to the la times. >> the owner of a pennsylvania chick-fil-a gives her employees christmas gifts of a lifetime. listen to this. these gifts range from one month 's rent, $1,000, a big screen tv, even a car, each gift was given out through a lottery system. the restaurant onrushes wanted to payback her workers for their hard work through the pandemic and staffing shortage. there's obviously a nationwide staffing shortage, not at that chick-fil-a. ainsley: awesome. steve: i was reading the account from pennsylvania about this owner of the chick-fil-a franchise there and she said she had been saving her pennies through the last year and she said she was so excited it was
5:20 am
hard to keep it a secret. reporter: i'll bet. how amazing. ainsley: did you see the guy they were shaking like yeah, great job! reporter: i think he won a car. ainsley: we should have her on and some of the winners. steve: we're already working on it. ainsley: good. reporter: ainsley is filled with great ideas. ainsley: apparently someone else had it first. [laughter] brian: meanwhile the never- ending pandemic just got a little bit more complicated. former cdc director robert red field joins us live as there's now a variant, the omicron variant. steve: plus it's the holiday hit , we can't stop singing, but did you know the christmas song "santa's got a dirty job" is also raising money for two great charities? john rich joins us live with the gift that just keeps on giving because santa's got a dirty job. >> ♪ [narrator] this is steve.
5:21 am
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steve: there are growing concerns this morning, as a new form of the omicron variant is reported in multiple countries including canada. how worried should we be about that? here with what we know so far former cdc director and current a.m. llc senior medical advisor dr. robert redfield. doctor, good morning to you. >> good morning. thanks for having me, steve. steve: okay, so scientists have spotted another type of omicron. they are referring to it as omicron's sister. tell us about that. >> well, steve, what we're going to see and we're going to continue to see more and more variants of covid-19 occur. some of those variants are going to evolve to be a variant of concern. that concern will really be driven by largely increased transmissibility and the potential to escape our
5:26 am
counter measures and this is what we should expect and we should expect this to continue, so the omicron variant really is the first variant that has shown that it can outcompete delta, which learned how to outcompete the uk variant which learned how to outcompete the original wuhan variant, and when these viruses evolve, what they do is they evolve to learn how to be more transmissible. at the same time, they evolve usually to become less pathogeni c. now that can be a problem, as you look at the current variant, the omicron variant, in that many of the people that seem to get it are much less symptomatic, but if symptoms is what is sort of the signal for them to stay home, they don't get that signal, and therefore, it's more transmissible. it's very very probable that in the next six to 12 weeks, this variant will become the dominant variant in the united states, and then there maybe sub-variants like you mentioned that have been recently reported. what are they actually going to
5:27 am
transmission advantage over the parent variant or not is, you yet to be known, but the omicron variant can do it because really since the beginning of november where it first appeared in south africa already now it makes up over 70% of all the infections in south africa. steve: well, one of the apparently one of the side effects, doctors are warning that in children, who had the omicron, apparently it's showing up as a rash or something. >> it is important that the symptoms seem to be different, you know, the original wuhan strain, we saw high fevers and we saw pulmonary symptoms and constitutional symptoms. this virus seems to be more characterized not by cough and high fever, but more like aches, pains, fatigue, and as you mentioned in children, about 15% of children develop a rash, which is very common when
5:28 am
children get sick they develop a sort of a viral rash, so this is going to be one of the challenge s to really for clinicians and families to recognize, in fact, that covid infection is there, because it is going to be less symptomatic. steve: doctor, we'll quick exit question and that is i know they are already talking about a fourth shot, the two fully vaccination shots and then a booster shot and now the ceo of pfizer says a fourth covid vaccine dose maybe needed sooner than later. >> yeah, i think it's important , steve, that we learn how to move away from this term "fully vaccinated." what we really want to do is is the vaccination or is the immunity status of the individual either by natural infection or vaccine such that it's protected against a new infection? and it's very very probable. natural immunity from this infection is limited and to a short-term, maybe four or six
5:29 am
months but so is vaccine-induced immunity so based on the vaccine s that we have available today, we should anticipate that you're going to have to be vaccinated every probably six months or so until we solve the problem of getting a more durable vaccine. steve: to your earlier point this thing is going to be around here for a long long time. doctor, thank you very much for joining us today. >> thanks a lot, steve, god bless. steve: god bless you. 29 minutes after the top of the hour, gary sinese, the actor honoring our heros who cannot be home for the holidays the patriotic actor is going to join us live next with his mission to support gold star families this christmas season. >> ♪ before nexium 24hr, anna could only imagine a comfortable night's sleep without frequent heartburn waking her up.
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brian: you know the holidays can be really difficult for those who lost loved ones, just because it wasn't last year doesn't mean you ever get over it especially for the children of fallen verse member, one day they're here, next day they're not that's why every december, the gary sinise foundation hosts the snowball express bringing 1,500 gold star families to
5:34 am
disney for a special retreat and last years event was virtual due to covid-19 but just as special with so many more joining in, because what gary is involved with they want to be involved with and gary sinise joins us, gary you're back at it again, you'll not be kept down, even covid won't keep you away. how are you calling it again for these families? >> well, we had to make a decision, brian, about traveling the children to orlando a while ago, because we had to prepare for the virtual event, so we made the decision last summer that, you know, just taking over a thousand kids to disney world wasn't going to be possible this year, so we're going virtual again. we have a wonderful show. it's a day-long event so we prepared this day-long event with lots of things going on. big opening that actually was
5:35 am
shot at disney, we have my band closing the show, it's a day- long event that starts in the morning for the kids we'll have over 2,000 of year snowball gold star families tuning in, so many children, lots of fun things for them to do throughout the day. they can click on this and click on that and go to this room and go to that room and there's all kinds of activities throughout the day, all kinds of special guests tuning into send messages of support to them, lots of entertainment, it's going to be a fun, fun day for the families and really it's an opportunity for them to kind of come together as well. what's so special about snowball express is that you have all these gold star families from all over the country, and they coming together as one big giant family, they all, all the kids see that they're not alone in what they're going through and it's very healing, very bonding for them, they make friends, and we bring a lot of joy to these
5:36 am
kids and we want to do that virtually this year. brian: usually people look forward to holidays because of family but when you lose someone in your family it actually has the opposite effect a lot of those times. do you find that? >> yeah, yeah, that's a difficult thing. that's why it was started, it was started back in 2006 and right before christmastime, bring the kids together at the happy place of disneyland, and then we eventually moved the event from disneyland. i got involved very early on, we moved it to dallas, american airlines is our major travel sponsor, they provide all the travel to the event when we do travel the kids providing maybe a dozen airplanes to fly the kids from all over the country. obviously we're not doing that this year, but we have so many things that are traditional to the snowball express event that are going to be included online as well, so it's really just going to be a fun day for the kids and a way for them
5:37 am
to see each other online and a lot of entertainers sending good messages to them of support. brian: gary, i know you've wrote about it in your book but for people just tuning in for the first time, what about the military really resonates with you and your family? >> well, family members who served in the military first of all. on my side of the family and my wife's side of the family, many many family members, so it starts there with me. i got involved with vietnam veterans in the 80s, i played one in the 90s in forest gump, he was a wounded veteran that started me working with our wounded back in 1994, supporting them through the disabled american veterans organization and then september 11 happened and i just, i turned the corner, and there's a chapter in my book called "turning point" and it's the september 11 chapter, and really, it was a turning point for me. it turned me towards service in a way i never imagined before, and that has llc senior snowball
5:38 am
ed into just so many initiatives that the gary sinise foundation we're spreading our outreach all over the country and across the world, in military bases, everywhere and supporting these military families. brian: right and your band, the snowball express is the name of this program, the lt. dan band is the one performing so go to the gary sinise foundation.or g and find out how you can support gary, he's given his time, money, energy, gary thanks so much always great to talk to you. >> you bet, brian, take care. brian: gary sinise. meanwhile still ahead, the white house wants to go carbon-neutral by 2050 but it's going to cost a lot of green, yeah your green. the jaw dropping price tag on the president's new plan in just a moment. we can't zoom anymore. >> ♪ from the beginning, newday has been the mortgage company for enlisted veterans, helping thousands
5:39 am
buy a home, get cash, or lower their mortgage payments. we start by asking one simple question: how can we help that veteran? with more ways to help more veterans, no bank, no lender, no one knows veterans like newday usa.
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ainsley: joe biden setting in motion his plan to make the federal government carbon neutral under a new executive order the white house will spend billions of dollars on electric cars, power facilities with wind , solar energy and sustainable building materials, consensus president and author of that book right there, "false alarm" is a long time critic of the democrat's climate agenda and he's here to react to this , good morning to you, bjorn. >> good morning, ainsley. ainsley: good morning, so what do you think is it possible his goal is to be carbon neutral by 2050? >> well fundamentally, you first of all have to realize, it's going to be incredibly expensive and hit very very hard remember, there's going to be another possibly seven presidents and 14 congresses before you get to 2050 and they're not going to accept huge cost. remember, in new zealand, they estimate the cost of going netzero is going to be equivalent to about $5 trillion for the u.s. every year by 2050 and a new study nature indicates that just getting to 80% will cost you more than
5:44 am
2 trillion, possibly twice as much if you try to get almost to 100%. people are not willing to pay that amount of money. there's a majority that's paying $24 per person to try to do this , so yes, he has a good intention but no, you're not going to go about that by making it incredibly expensive. ainsley: there is a new report out that shows the push for these electric cars is actually killing the rainforest in the philippines. the nickel mines have to expand in order to make these lithium batteries and it's causing the eradication of the rainforest there. i thought these cars were supposed to be green? >> yeah, and what you have to remember is any sort of system that's going to power humanity will have negative impacts but the crucial bit, of course is to recognize how much of negative impact and how much good is it going to do. the problem with electric cars is actually that especially the battery takes up an enormous amount of energy to produce so yes, if they're powered on green
5:45 am
grids they will reduce emissions a little bit, maybe 10 tons over their lifetime, but that's worth about $60 in pay you could have paid for other agencies to cut their carbon emissions, yet biden is talking about spending $10,000 or more. that's just in credibly in effective, so it's not, again, the goal. it's good to work about this real problem with climate change, but they are doing it incredibly ineffectively. ainsley: so how much of a problem is it? you said in order to do this there is going to be, there are going to be problems but how big of a problem is that to destroy the rainforest? >> so it's obviously bad to destroy the rainforest. the point is to remember that this is going to impact on a wide range of areas, we know of a lot of negative impact in the congo where you, sorry, you dig for a lot of the materials that are going to go into the cars, but the fundamental problem is that you're basically making most of these electric batteries with lots and lots of coal fired power in china, and so the net effect is that you
5:46 am
emit a lot more than what you think, so you drive around but in reality, you just emitted about 10 tons of co 2 in china before you even sat down in the electric car. we have to remember, this is a significant issue, climate change, but we should not be doing dumb and ineffective things that just cost a fortune. ainsley: that's very interesting , bjorn, thank you so much for coming on with us. 8:46 on the east coast it's an instant holiday classic but santa's got a dirty job is much more than just a great song. still ahead john rich will preview the amazing charity work his hit is actually funding, because of you. but first let's check in with bill hemmer for what's coming up bill: good morning to you ainsley nice to see you merry christmas. schools are closing again, going virtual. teacher burnout we're told but what about the kids? we'll talk to a parent whose had it with all of this we'll get to that momentarily, also police in chicago have warned about more smash-and-grab incidents we'll talk to the cops in the windy city about that, no bail, no
5:47 am
problem, except crime, and a lot of it, and remembering a real american hero, bob dole received a rare honor next hour, we'll show it to you, join dana and me , 10 minutes away top of the hour here coming up.
5:48 am
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5:51 am
, and we are talking about new york weather, with a couple of folks here what's your name? >> dan. >> where are you from? >> caramel, indiana. >> rick, caramel. >> nice and indiana, and? >> barbara, staten island. >> we are representing this morning, let's take a look at the maps it's feel feeling like christmas, we have our all-american christmas tree that's going to go up today and we're going to light it official ly at 5 p.m. on the five , temperatures feeling a lot like christmas but do you know what? we'll break some records today across the south, 91 in laredo, and waco, 82 that warmth spreads eastward, even towards the northeast on saturday 20-30 degrees above average can you believe it? it's incredible. it is not warm though, where it's snowing across the rockies and some of that low pressure is going to move into the mississippi and ohio and tennessee river valley, over the next 12-24 hours and we're going to have the severe threat tomorrow including large hail, damaging winds and some tornado es, we get the clash of the two air masses, my friends, so know what to do if there's a watch or warning in your area
5:52 am
and we'll see some flooding in the region as wellment there are your winter weather alert, holy moley across the rockies in towards the northern plains where we could get several inches of snow and heavy rainfall along with that severe weather tomorrow for friday and saturday, so if you're traveling just keep that in mind. fox weather, by the way, you could download it at foxweather .com it is the best weather app in america, say hi to steve, ainsley and brian. >> hey guys how are you doing? steve: good morning. ainsley: good morning. >> mom, dad, love you, michelle >> quite a list. >> baby charlotte. >> did we get everybody? >> i have to stop there i'll save some for others. >> [laughter] steve: thank you, j. d. back to the studio. meanwhile it's the chart-topping christmas hit americans can't get out of their heads once it's there, doesn't leave. >> ♪ don't you know that santa claus has a dirty job, santa claus has a dirty job, santa claus got a dirty job, and he
5:53 am
does it all night long ♪ ainsley: did you also know that downloading santa's got a dirty job by john rich you're also giving back to two great causes. brian: john rich joins us live with the head of one of the charities folds of honor lt. colonel dan rooney, we know them both so as soon as you heard john rich was writing with mike rowe were you keeping your fingers crossed he's not only going to help you with whiskey but music? >> yeah he just makes things better, period. before we start though, we all saw that commander borjwa was killed, the navy seal, and he has five kids and we got together last night and we raised a bunch of money for folds of honor but we want to take a moment to remember his sacrifice and what the folds of honor mission is and we will be there to stand with his spouse and his five kids, making sure that they get an education and we know that freedom isn't free and this guy understands that, as well as anybody i've ever met he is a god-fearing unbelievable
5:54 am
patriot that's using his platform, his whiskey, his influence to help folds of honor take care of heroic military families and their christmas is never going to be the same, as we all celebrate this holiday season, we're excited to be with our families and we talked about that when he made me breakfast here at mount richmore this morning, but we're blessed to have him on the team and folds of honor is standing with the commander's family. brian: is there a special section where we could donate right to that family on folds of honor? >> yeah, folds of, you can go out to that website and make a tribute donation and we will make sure we restrict 100 cents of every dollar raised to go to his family this morning , so thanks for asking, brian. steve: that's great. ainsley: so sweet, great. so john, tell us about the song. can you believe its hit number one in all this money, 100% of the proceeds going to charity. >> no, ainsley, i can not believe it.
5:55 am
it's crazy how people are downloading the song. mike and i got together and we said do you know what? somebody's got a dirty job, you probably never thought about mike rowe says whose that, john and i said santa claus and he said i never thought about that that is a dirty job. we write this silly little song, you guys have shed a lot of light on it here on the network that we greatly appreciate, and this song, now this is the 11th day in a row that it is the number one most downloaded song, not in only country music, of all genres of music throughout the world and 100% going to folds of honor and mike rowe works foundation and we'll split it exactly, so if you don't have it yet go download it and play it when you open up your presents. steve: absolutely, so what about big kenny? you've done a lot of numbers with that, with him, is he a little jealous, hey why wasn't i in the christmas outfit? >> [laughter] actually, kenny is all about this song, you know, what's cool about kenny. kenny does stuff and i support him, i do things he supports me
5:56 am
and then we do big & rich together so this is really all about folds of honor. when you look at lt. colonel dan rooney, we actually had an event at my house last night and i don't know the final number but i think it was somewhere around $300,000. steve: wow. >> that got raised for the folds of honor so this is a mission i'm proud to be apart of. if my music can help it, if red neck riveria whiskey can help, it all counts, they are the ones that make the biggest effort. steve: and the oakridge boys are on it too right? >> yeah, the oakridge boys so when you hear santa claus got a dirty, got a dirty job, that's the oakridge boys, it's like a little el vira in the mix, this track is so fun. >> the other beautiful thing about this guy is his whiskey which we had a little bit of last night. >> [laughter] >> outfits this morning on the set on each other's clothes. brian: yeah, look at this. >> but over $1 million donated from redneck riveria whiskey, to
5:57 am
folds of honor and what a great way to start the holidays off to drink, which i drank the honey apple. >> he loved it. >> steve you would love that one. >> 10% of everything sold goes back to folds of honor, over 1 is million dollars they've donated to help fund scholarship s for spouses and kids that we assist, and this guy, he's the real deal. made us breakfast this morning, it's like will you please get out of mount richmore in my house and go back to tulsa? it's so fun you don't want to leave, but we're just blessed and another great way to support folds is get redneck riveria whiskey. brian: had ehad a built in stage at his house, a concert ready to happen and a secret door behind the bar, which you told me not to say anything about it but we'll keep it between us. ainsley: what's back there? brian: i can't tell you. ainsley: what's behind the bar? brian: i can't tell, right, john? ainsley: john you have to tell us now? >> ainsley that's where brian stays when he comes to nashville
5:58 am
ainsley: in the safe room? >> he didn't want to tell you that part. brian: dan just on your foundation in particular a lot of people doing their taxes rosenstein it now for the year. that's when you donate, because as you do your taxes, your money , this is a good time to put money aside right before christmas, not only good cause, but the calendar year. do you get a lot of, do you get a surge on that? >> we get 50% of our donations in december to take care of families next year, we have 7,000 families in school right now, so about $35 million out the door for this fall semester, and another great thing too is we struggle to find a quality in this country in a positive way that 46% of our recipients are minorities. a lot of people don't realize that about the folds of honor mission, so great way to support military families, great way to find a quality through the gift of education, and again, you guys are throwing the website up there,, go out there and make a donation and john and i both have folds of honor gear on and i didn't ask him this but anybody that joins our squadron right now which is
5:59 am
$13 a month at folds of honor, we will send you a t-shirt, and john will sign it. >> [laughter] >> we did this , when we did this over veterans day we had over 400 people join the squadron. steve: that's great. >> so $13 a month, we'll send you a signed folds of honor t-shirt like the one i've got on and i'll send all to john's house for christmas and he'll sign them and we'll ship them out. i just made that up and i'm sorry. >> hey, i'm good for it. steve: santa's got a dirty job, john will have a sore hand, but because of the number one hit now, will it be rich and rowe or rowe and rich with the next hit? >> well, so that's a good question. i talked to mike and i asked him that, is this rich and roe or rowe and rich? he said you're the singer, so listen mike rowe, what a patriot he's all about hard work, they put kids into college that want to do trade school, incredible. so if you don't have the song,
6:00 am
go download it now it's everywhere it's number one, santa's got a dirty job and he does it all night long, guys. >> [applause] ainsley: thank you y'all so much , thanks for everything you do for others. >> thank you guys we love you, god bless. steve: they are having a hat contest. ainsley: we'll light the new christmas tree and be back at the 5:00 hour.


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