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tv   The Five  FOX News  December 9, 2021 2:00pm-3:00pm PST

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behind this am in a contract out to see a thing and finish the work that i throw my house. it's a very uplifting message. it's just a reminder that during this holiday season no matter where politics or views, good things can happen from bad things. this one minute away is proof. his musical >> it is the five and it's an all-american christmas tree lighting. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> greg: excellent work i will see you after the show. it take that arsonist we are live here at fox square. for a reason. as you know it yesterday a cowardly christmas creep burned down our all-american christmas tree. we put the tree up outside of our building out for ourselves, but for all of you. the nypd, they arrived at the scene to help put out the flames
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and make sure everyone was safe. at a time when law enforcement is constantly criticized and disrespected we are once again shown how important their work really is. we are grateful for their service. yes. we want to take this moment now to give a special shout out to the officers who quickly apprehended the suspect, they are actually here tonight to join us in the relighting. we are joined by members of the -- i speak for everyone here want to say thank you for all your sacrifice to keep us safe. and even though the arsonist is already out on the streets, probably working at cnn. we want the bad guy to know but you can keep burning down our trees, because are just gonna up another one because that is the real holiday spirit. >> fox want to create a space for people from all over can come together without fear and celebrate this joyous holiday season.
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because when you take away all of the parties and all the presents come all the decorations, what really matters? it would be left with? the answer is simple. it look around you. it is the people that truly make this time of year special. >> dana: when our beautiful tree was burnt down by a repeat offender arsonist we knew that we couldn't let it stop us. we knew that we wouldn't be deterred and we were determined to rebuild. some memories can once again be made right here on fox square. in rebuild we did in record time. >> as we relate the all-american christmas tree along with members of the nypd and the fdny. in fox news contributor are also
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here to share remarks in a moment. we're so grateful for the overwhelming support from our viewers corporate colleagues right here in midtown manhattan and our fellow fox employees, thanks for the hard work of so many including the american christmas company, we are now standing in front of a brand-new tree. that is right. at the holiday season's bears us as a reminder that at the end of the day there will always be more that unites us than divides us. before we like this nutri the silver lining in an act of kindness during the holiday season. but fox news media and fox corporation have made it $100,000 donation to answer the call which provides a pregnant financial assistance to the families of fallen servers members of the nypd and the fdny. also the people who responded immediately to our emergency. so thank you fox for doing that.
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>> it's amazing no one stopped working for the last 36 hours to make this happen. >> greg: i think after thank dana and the fellow elves. >> dana: it builds back better. >> jesse: it you are that much shorter than you greg. >> jesse: think it all the technical staff and the producers of the five. you guys did a great job and it's a real honor to host this relighting and we are just also thankful for the security team that tackled this punk. the firefighters who put out the blaze, very, very quickly. and the police showed up very quickly. thank you very much. >> and thank you all of you for coming out there's a lot of people. welcome to fox square. what you think janine? >> i think this is great and here's the bottom line, we are
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united ended join christmas holiday together and we won't give up it doesn't matter what they do to us. >> they go. speak to it we now want to welcome our first guest of the evening fox news contributor. >> somebody asked me why are you here. i'm here because these colors do not run. 80 years ago this week as they tried to extinguish the darkness in a place called pearl harbor. we didn't fold then, and we will not fall now because we have come this far by faith. in our tradition we say this little light of mine. i'm going to let it shine. the red, the white, and the blue and the light of america we are going to it shine.
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and so we go to the throne of grace together. our father and our god, the god of abraham. we come before the throne as humbly as we know how to say thank you. we remember the reason for the season and our faith. we have a faith that the fire cannot incinerate. we have a faith that bullies cannot frighten away. we have a faith that madman cannot terrorize. we come to say thank you and merry christmas. we asked that you would bless the greatest country on the planet, we asked that you will help us and bless us. and god bless america and together the best is yet to come. the men and women who love god said, amen. and the men of thehoanom love god said? >> amen.
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>> thank you reverend. also with us today is fdny chaplain rabbi joseph. >> thank you. i'm here for diversity. i want to say the words united and untied a spell with the exact same letters if they here together because we live in the united states of america, not the unkind states of america. i said to frank and the foundation, shortly after 9/11 we observe hanukkah and christmas at ground zero. the christmas tree arrived at 2. a group of carpenters all of whom were christian volunteered to build a platform so that the conical menorah in the christmas tree would be at the exact same
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height. we live in a country where hanukkah and christmas can stand together as equal partners. i'm here to say that an act against christianity as an act against judaism. we are united, we are not untied. so you have christmas, we have hanukkah, you've easter we have passover. together united we have thanksgiving. we are thankful we live in a country where we can believe in different faiths. we can belong to one family, amen. >> thank you rabbi now we welcome timothy dolan the cardinal. >> folks i've got the high honor and honor which i'm very grateful blessing the nutri. are you ready let us pray. lord our god we praise you for the light of creation.
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the sun the moon and the stars of the night. we praise you for the light of israel. the law the prophets and the wisdom of the scriptures. we praise you for jesus christ your son, he is immanuel god with us the prince of peace. who fills us with the wonder of your love. our lord let your blessing come upon us as we soon illumined this tree, made the light and sherry gives be a sign of the joy that fills our hearts. by all who delight in the streak come to the knowledge and joy of salvation. we ask this through our lord, amen. alleluia, blessed christmas. there you go. >> thank you cardinal dolan. >> jesse: let's go talk to some people here. cardinal, i haven't seen you since confession. [laughs]
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>> i was funny. >> jesse: so what is the symbolism of a relighting of a christmas tree here? >> with the purpose of the season is that light always conquers darkness. this can be setbacks we saw that in the petty act of an unfortunate fellow who did this. but we don't let this stop us. it god's way, god's providence, always triumphs. like conquers darkness, that's hanukkah, that's christmas, alleluia we need a little christmas at this very moment. >> jesse: after this can we baptize him? only we can use eggnog. steve i know you have to get to bed soon we will make this quick. your thoughts on the ceremony? >> it's very nice and very happy that everyone was able to come out tonight. it think so much for everyone showing up. at foxborough tonight. we are not going to let one guy
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with a lighter ruin christmas. >> jesse: backup and 24 hours what a miracle. >> i'm just so happy to be here i'm happy that were building up back in there so many people who have turned out when i pull up tonight. i was just in awe of all of our fans and people who have come from all parts united states and all over the world to come and celebrate this night with us. and you're right recoleta grinch steel or christmas. we are or better than ever and god bless all of you. >> jesse: god bless. i think this crowd is bigger than the crowd at the rockefeller tree. we have that right? all right. >> greg: it's a better looking crowd. >> jesse: it's because you're here greg. you guys did a great job last week with the light were just gonna do it again. >> i was saying earlier at such a blessing to be here because it's rare that all of us get to be together. because everyone has different schedules right? i think we could take the fox news christmas card tonight
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in front of the tree. this guy it lit the tree on fire, but he reignited the light in every single one of us is over the holiday season so, it's good to be here again were thankful for all of you guys back here everyone to shut up tonight. >> jesse: where the number one recording artist america right now. mike is gonna be joining us on the five after this. he wants more attention would like to same thing with your beautiful voice? >> i was out here last night around 12:30, i do know where you were? you should've seen the men with power washers and welders working, it was freezing cold. start up a dirty job. those guys get it done right in the got it on first. >> jesse: ask about the song that he sign on "fox & friends" yesterday. >> let's talk to one of these guys the chief here first of all. thank you so much the response
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time was phenomenal how did you graduate so quickly? >> thanks for having us, and thanks for acknowledging the good work that the fdny and the men and women of the nypd do day in and day out. they help to protect the citizens of this great city. >> jesse: no injuries were summer governments are looking very festive. >> anytime i can wear a hat you know meant to do so. can also say on behalf of the fdny family, i am married to a battalion chief of the fdny. i think a two-year service of course to all of the police officers here tonight. we are so grateful for your service more grateful for your protection and thank you all, merry christmas. >> jesse: merry christmas. all right, are you guys ready to get this started? all right, before we get to that fdny see who responded were supposed to join us tonight. they can't be here because they are responding to another fire.
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are you guys ready to light it up or what? [cheers and applause] >> greg: were talking about the tree? >> you are so bad, you are so bad. >> jesse: were in a a button and the borough commander is here service over the countdown. ten. nine. eight. seven. six. five. four. five three. two. one. >> it is beautiful. it is stunning. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> it's amazing to be here tonight. >> first of all i just think that the tree is beautiful, i'm thrilled that it's back up and you know what? we are as happy as we were two days ago. it were not to let anybody dampen our spirit. >> her due date is six days from
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now so it can be a wonderful christmas baby out here. >> this is like my christmas. it was great to hear the story also about lifting the menorah on 9/11. this can be like christmas tree ever. >> he get all just to a round of applause for our ceo and president of. thanks so much of forever want to help this happen. it is a very good-looking tree. please enjoy some hot chocolate. we appreciate you all coming out to see this happen. another big thank you to everyone involved, the hardworking people who have to get this done in record time. the american christmas company and our lighting and technical crews. the religious leaders for the remarks, for the most we want to thank the fdny and the nypd where the heroes want a you so much. greg is cold so we have to go inside. ready to go back inside and do the rest of the five stay tuned.
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>> magically back like that were back on site and welcome back to the show. it would amount zing lighting ceremony for new lemay american tree. i loved it what you think?
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>> i was walking on the street i found the lights. what is happening? i walked over and i got pulled up and i'm here. >> we giving other dirty job sitting right here on the five. >> to christmas marriott. >> greg: you're sitting next to dana that's a dirty job. her leg which is so course. she is filthy, just a filthy person. >> all right let's get get this back on track. >> that is a really deep voice. mike rowe. so we talked about mike? >> it's is able to set a judge can get stranger. this santa got a dirty job thing is the number one downloaded song in the world. >> jesse: let that happen? >> it's art about music and never talk about dirty jobs coming back and he said micro. you can call me mike. santa claus, so to sing a song.
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he walked at the bathroom during the break and came out he had his iphone his hand and he had recorded the course of a song. in the bathroom. >> that's an important detail. at [laughs] >> jesse: where i do my best work. >> i can hear everything that's going on. like you got to be kidding me. it two weeks that recorded it and he called me oak ridge boys. they came in and they same. and he called his people and also number one hit. >> the nurse second number one hit that you had with somebody. >> jesse: that is sure we did have a little thing and it was for charity. this is for charity too. >> half goes to me and half goes to full's of honor which is his foundation which is terrific. were very nice people. >> people might see you as this hero of the working class, dirty jobs. and i hear that you were an opera singer, it's almost like you're a renaissance man or you're a schizophrenic i'm not
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sure. >> greg: everything is nonbinary. i'm not binary identifies mike rowe. at [laughs] >> that's where it gets weird. once again to get weird? is usually when you start talking. >> how to go from opera to a dirty job? >> it's a super crooked road, but once you're in front of people singing at the top of your lungs it's only a matter of time before someone says they want to crawl through a sewer for the early hundred dollars and then you say yes and that are sitting with you guys. the business is strange. >> jesse: did you ever find a hot dog on the street? >> the night is still young. >> i can actually say where the best hot dogs in the nearest vicinity. >> you can smell everywhere. >> can ask you what it was like what you two were up on the stage and you're out a little higher so you to see the crowd that was gathered. but was a lie? >> honestly, sick at the farm and behind unit of the clergy in
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front of you. good all these familiar faces all around you. you got the giant christmas tree behind you and you guys are doing your thing. what i set up there i meant. it left on midnight i was just walking around as one does greg. yes. i'm watching the guys tear down the old rig and you should've seen it. power washers, welders, guys hanging from the superstructure sparks flying all over the place. if john rich had a been there over gone santa claus at a dirty job. but he wasn't so i didn't. >> musselman interesting because he's gatorade voice and you got a great voice. >> john is more than a good singer is a producer. he really understands his fans. so he literally rode this song come i hope the little bit, but it was mostly him. he did in about 10 minutes. literally an hour later we are in the booth. and in the oak ridge boys are there. i said you don't out the way and
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let john do what john does. and here we are. >> i think i did the cloud may be a few times. i screamed but you do a lot of the heavy lifting. [laughs] >> greg: i've a question for you i was thing about, can we start a new tradition like a speed tree trimming contest? because that is got to be a guinness record. at 24 hours. imagine if you did that at some common event every year we pitted hoops of people to trim the tree. figure how could i possibly go wrong? >> greg: it could be like an olympic event. it's way better than arla big events. >> looked the big story to me and went about stories, this is the classic when you get london's you make lemonade. you made the lemonade fast like super fast. >> greg: i often make it fast.
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[laughs] >> doesn't even matter that it's a holiday. >> jesse: i think greg might've lit some thing else while we were out there. >> greg: can you believe the dude got released? today. >> he is the only arson reichel reckless endangerment. with a criminal record. let me explain what supervisory means. means that you're supposed to call up or visit someone. usually you call up they don't answer and you visit they're not there. it's a make-believe world. >> if there's a lot that could be changed, or city law or state? >> this is a state law. it is a bail law. so everyone was and i will think about the criminal justice system, it's really easy. it change the law so there isn't mandatory release upon arrest. lock him up, and if they can
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afford it you let them out depending upon the seriousness of the crime interconnections to the city. this guys almost. he's got no connection. >> what about allowing judges have discretion. use their judgment as to what it is a danger. >> yes, the law was founded in a particularly good concept and then at some places you have someone extremely poor staying in jail for an order and amount of time because i had some sort of judge was a jerk or some d.a. who was a jerk. the truth is that when i was a judge i have no money, all right. i'll make sure you can return to a pretrial release. they stay in touch with you. here's the bottom line, the dirtbags out. you might want to hire him. >> it would get you out of your shell, you could have a bold and exciting future. [laughs]
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>> what we a verdict. >> you might want to cigarette for this. >> if the verdict is and here's the issue, the verdict has been reach what is going on is that they are all of the attorneys, the judge is making sure that the jurors are ready and about to come out and speak. here comes the defendant apparently. and now they're going to read and they're going to hand out the verdict seat sheet for the judge. they're going to look at it and make sure that she discovering all of the charges that they've answered every one of the blanks before they allow the jury to speak. then the defendant will stand up. whether they've reach a unanimous decision. >> oberg and allowed mike to get out of here and going do the rest of your work. it is we've got news. speak about you think? >> i think it's not the six. and here i am. [laughs]
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>> they said i can let you go. >> a notch to make any trouble. he won't shut up about it. >> said i just never walk away? >> thank you so much. >> thing so much. >> merry christmas. >> merry christmas >> good to see you. >> go get that hot dog. [laughs] >> don't go to subway. >> jesse's millay who had a trial last two weeks for a hate hoax trial. he testified in his own defense the jury deliberated for how long? i think eight hours in total. the verdict is in and of course we don't know with the verdict is but they will be making their way to the courtroom. do you think it will will get this news before he does it at 6:00? >> absolutely. at what is happened in the past sometimes it would take a long time to get all the lawyers and the court stenographers, and the
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family. this judge knows that its deliberations and they should be able to be returned to the court and be able to read the verdict. as long as the judge has seen the sheet the sheet is complete, it's time to ask for the verdict. as long as the attorneys are there that is enough. >> a member in the kyle rittenhouse child asked of everyone not be more than 10 minutes away from the courtroom. is that about right? >> the ponds on the judge. in some cases if the defense of another job he may have a 30 minute, or an hour break. you just a lot quicker short response time. doesn't appear that is a hung jury as we would've heard some charges in the jury to go back and deliberation to make sure that you all agree. this tells me it based upon what we have not heard at the verdict is unanimous. whether it's guilty or not guilty. it doesn't appear to be a hung jury. and of course wrong jury all you need is just one juror to not agree to the other 11.
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it must be unanimous on every count beyond a reasonable doubt by all 12 jurors. those jurors can be question individually whether or not they agree with the verdict and they will either -- they have to agree or disagree. they want a real mess. this is relatively quick. a relatively quick. and they got the case yesterday for two hours. just enough time for them to figure out what rules they're going to use. how they're gonna break it up, how they're gonna discuss the count. and how they go down the counts. today was the final. so this among but waiting for? speak to the knower to come by guilty he's a narcissist he testified himself. what a hail mary, so cocky that he thinks he can get up there and act. you some of "abc news" interview. he gets up there almost like in our prime time interview.
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he cries, he says they beat me up because i went after 45. i went hard after donald trump. they did this to me. this guys a great actor, now currently there's like a film crew following him around. must a must've rehabbed his career. he's obviously a talented actor. but he is so delusional that he things and go up there and sway this jury. of the jury is looked at text messages, video evidence. >> jesse: they got the two eye witnesses testifying against the guy. they've got the defense. at the d.a. hammered him under cross examinations. this case. a judge would know more about what the repercussions are gonna be. this easy to clean record the nonviolent crime. but the fact that he wasted so many man hours which cost so much money in the murder capital of the country. chicago, spinning their wheels over some hate crime hoax with a crib and locking up real hard-core criminals. gang members. shooters. narcotics traffickers.
2:35 pm
to waste her time on this punk. the judge has to send a message here. when they do the sentencing. if they give them something besides a fine and community service. >> the county case where he probably is going to get probation because he is a clean record if he's found guilty. but here's the thing, the judge can also mandate as a condition of his probation that he payback for all of those police hours. so that's 3,000 hours. >> 3,000 hours, paid back. he got down on the stand any double down on it. there's no remorse. >> and he's a rich man. so the punishment here so does do jail time. >> greg: that's what they got hurt him, they've got get him some jail time. into the point of doubling down come on nicole my friend and squash partner jonathan turley. he didn't try to convince the jelly jury that he was innocent. he didn't even bother trying. it would try to do was get them to believe the judgment to
2:36 pm
acquit him with a decision against injustice overall. never mind that this was a hoax. it never mind that i'm lying to you. you have to do this to protest systematic racism and systemic injustice. so it is no longer even about him being guilty. this is bigger than me. just why he sucked so bad. he didn't care. >> assigned their statements that they said they can never believe the police. or get a comment about you. >> memory of that, interesting it is. people who take believe be supportive of black lives matter's. it's pretty clear that he hopes this thing. it is not the time nor the place to be talked about police timewise or not. enemies are coming from people who would typically be allies. >> let's try to get an update who's been covering the trial.
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matt you are alive at the courthouse in chicago with the latest we can you tell us? sue bobby see a lot of buzz right now. were to sweep into this courthouse that there is a verdict. the jury deliberated for seven hours today. to train hours. 9 hours in total. were not made aware of any questions or difficulties with the jury. everything was very quiet here today. before the jury left yesterday. they had one simple question. it may ask for a copy of the prosecution's calendar which had red x marks on it. indicating important dates in this case. jesse's. he locked arms with his ugly mother and his brothers and sisters. today him and his team decided to wait until there was a verdict. another is one the judge told him his attorneys that he would like the attorneys and team with him here in 30 minutes. after the announcement of a verdict. so we hope to see them walk to the spelling in any moment.
2:38 pm
he is charged with felony counts of lying to police. they say that represents a time that he lied to them. six different incidents. there are varying charges here. there's lying about hate crimes because he is a black gay man. there's lying about a battery because he was injured. it there's lying about an aggravated battery because attackers were wearing masks. as lead attorney told the jury yesterday before they headed into deliberation room that he quote wanted constitutional warriors and that deliberation room. the defense challenging the jury to accept that it was a real hate crime victim. tell the jury that he still has a scar on her one of his eyes and a permanent black eye as a result of his attack. the prosecution told the jury before they went to deliberation room that he not only lied to police, but he also lied to them under oath. if convicted he faces up to three years in prison. as you buy matching there's the possibility of probation. and committee service. we will keep you updated. >> rinsing around the table for
2:39 pm
questions coming with her for the entire time. it judged to you have anything from that? >> on the question of the jury asking for the calendar did the judge simply send the calendar into the jury? did he have the jury come to the jury room and look at it? were they able to take it back so they could have discussed it? >> my understanding is that they were provided the calendar. i'm not sure if the judge provided them with it himself or was sent to the jury room. we do not hear any objection for that request for that exhibit judge. >> jessica? >> the point of that is at their some judges who will not allow the jury to actually take exhibits into the jury room that they would have to actually look at it in the courtroom so that both attorneys might be able to at least look at how they're looking at it if there were to be a conviction that an appeal based on that the long interpretation or something. >> jessica? >> matt also if you talk a little bit about about the vibe there. obscene been there for a while.
2:40 pm
as a mood shift at all? to the end of the trial, how are people feeling? >> he had a very large team walking at this courthouse with them every day. as of the new mother who at times had trouble walking, i think all five of the siblings were in the courtroom at one point. his one sister is pretty famous if you will. she is an emmy-nominated actress. so there is that presence. his family walking into the house. so at a large team with him. some activists here. some guy in front of these very cameras until news crews that they felt of the chicago department is racist. that they feel that the judge is biased. they were not holding back on it. they feel like that's why he is here. that would kind a group. because as the days go on. the representative's continue to reinforce how they felt about why they are here. >> jesse: i'm very jealous that you were there and i was
2:41 pm
not. some of the reporting out of this trial especially his testimony just looks like comity. it was his demeanor when he was testifying? was he deliberate? was he defensive? how would you describe it? >> you could tell that he spent a majority of his life in front of cameras in front of people. during direct examination. he was a very warm when it started about his mother and his siblings. as upbringing. talk about his craft. his love of his art. then during cross-examination. you're pretty snarky. he got pretty irritated. there several times the judge had to step in and tell him that he was only allowed to give a "yes" or "no" answers. to the prosecution. so his mood varied. greatly. across the 2 days that he was on that stand. while he was on the courtroom. there were times or he was upset and times or he would go back to his team and his attorneys. during breaks.
2:42 pm
he'd be very frustrated you could see in his face he would turn right at times. and after almost every break or the first things you do is he to rush over to his elderly mother put his arms around his elderly mother to comfort her. survive a question about that matt because every day we saw's family walking with him. i set a wonder, do you get the sense that they believe what he was saying on the witness stand? >> what's that? it's without is one of the seem to actually believe what he was saying. i know they walk in there every day with him. jonah was like in the courtroom because it all just sounds so farcical. it may be his family could keep a straight face but maybe the rest the room? >> yes, they clearly believe their brother. at the eldest brother got up in front of his cap cameras and said that is very difficult to listen to the brother be charged with something that is false. each and every day. nearly all of these siblings walked in this courtroom and
2:43 pm
sadness coordinate room and shook their heads in disbelief. and so on the surface the try not send the message that i do believe in their brother. they sent by the brother. there are social media accounts i think it's called coalition for jessie. they're trying to get that to gain traction each and every day. the posting things on social media. suggesting what they think it is an accurate in this trial. same at the chicago police were lying. saying that they are racist. so he has built a coalition here. his family is definitely supporting him. at least the will suggest that. >> greg: i read somewhere and click on the article because i'm lazy. that he shook the hands of the jurors, can he do that? that was a headline i that. "national enquirer"? >> matt do you have a question for that? >> greg: i read with i'm not
2:44 pm
prepared. i read that he shook the hands of the jurors. is that true? >> i do not see that. i'll say one thing winners in the courthouse when dales asked him what he was thinking i was feeling? he put his fist in the air. that was a response i got from him greg. >> thank you so much for all your work out there. the verdict i guess we'll be in any moment so we'll have to get back to you in just a moment. it will take around the table just a moment. give any additional comments? >> he is lying the groundwork to say that these police are terrible and you can't trust the police. there's a sense that he was snarky or arrogant when he was on the witness stand. my question is if black lives matter is saying that this is such an important case is even bigger than him. his organ to be any kind of reaction if he's found not guilty? you think you get a team out there that really believes the sky was a victim.
2:45 pm
>> greg: i realize i missed red summing. ended in jurors hands. a [laughs] i miss read it one word. all that eggnog. [laughs] i love the show. >> so when you think? do you think this can be some kind of reaction because black lives matter. >> i don't think so. i don't think so. >> greg: he has been mocked by the black community immerses leslie. at some very high profile athletes. to shamelessly destroying the sky. >> like dave chappelle. >> throughout the land and the desire to be any violent or crazy reactions. i'm a should to see when he does walk and if he's got this huge
2:46 pm
disfiguring scar on the side of his eye and he claims that he got the speed down because we've never seen it. never saw it in the abc interview. we haven't seen him coming in on the courtroom. says he's disfigured to put the physician who examined him right after said there's barely a little laceration on his wrist. and that's the only thing he has. i think i was another lie. if you were beaten up that these two body builders. the valves beaten up by two guys i look like that, i probably have broken bones throughout my body. bring it on. >> they were in that bathhouse together. >> of course they were friends. >> a lot of people to bathhouse together. to go the thing i'm interested to see if the media covers the verdict russian mark e-cig a look back at the initial media coverage when he first came up with this in january 2019. spook on like that is being put on the media that this is a
2:47 pm
possible hate crime. >> a lot of questions in this case but i know that he is a really good guy. i just want justice to be served in this case. >> in the media has really cast so much doubt on a story which i find so personally offensive. >> he is given a detailed account, a account that chicago police have said has been consistent. he has not changed his story. that's so that is credible. police also said that. and that he is been very cooperative. >> some reporters get a story wrong he talked to a source. >> greg: what i just did now when i'm in a mistake i told you with the stake was, i was wrong and i'm never embarrassed to be wrong. it feels really good to be wrong because you get better at it. the so many people in the media who can't report stories anymore because they were wrong. and you can go with a russian collusion. you can go with jesse. if report the actors with the story now,: a question everything you said before. that's why cnn cannot touch him,
2:48 pm
can't touch russian collusion. especially that. because they were the ones pushing that stuff. some of the funding of the police. so there's a big thing when you're wrong about summing that you made up versus a source. this is how a lot of these mistakes happen. you will intention reporters. they have gone out and they're talking to people who may be have shown up for them before. and suddenly they have better information. the ownership of it is first of all liberating. because it is scary when you say something and you're unsure about it. on air. to be able to have the opportunity been say hold on, googled it i read one world wrong. i wasn't right there. i will sing about that that's been almost 2 years of this. lola go out with? will be a bang, whimper? a byline and of all there was a incident and that's it. >> there probably in a tribe sweep this one under the rug.
2:49 pm
>> let's see if he covers it on the show. >> another thing to watch her as we have an initial interview. the long form interview he did robin roberts at abc. let's watch them here. >> turned around and i said believe what you say to me? the attacker. mast. he said this is maca country [bleep]. as a second person who was kicking me in my back i looked down and see that there's a rope around my neck. >> who says in chicago is maca country? chicago in the middle of the night it's freezing. it's maca country. not a chance.
2:50 pm
so much skepticism to the initial coverage. >> greg: and some of the media all raising doubts. [laughs] the media exists in a bubble that primes that belief. if you told over over again that he is racist you prime these people. they want to believe it. the funny thing is he can lie well. because he can maintain eye contact really well. it's hard to do that. he does it to be just had a more practical approach. >> i didn't see anything under his eyes. >> i've never seen anything under his eyes but to your point and he brought it up just a bit hit. he was very smooth when he was testifying. it is a trained actor.
2:51 pm
he's very nice around people to be warm, and can be bubbly. and he can be convincing. new earth the jury comes back with a guilty. he will still insist that this was a real thing. >> we live in a culture where we like to fill up space and time with interesting things. having this guy guilty you might want to him as a guest. mount a work of them just for the car crash element of it. >> can be my guest cohost. >> is only 39 years old so it was a lot of change. it's also enough to know better. >> dave chappelle and his social from oster he talks about this. if you go up on youtube which is dave chappelle. it's 4 minutes of the few seconds and i think it expensive perfectly. >> he is fantastic. for like like the saddest part
2:52 pm
of all this is that for those who believe him, it creates further division in this country. so when i look at him is not just the question of his lying to the police six times. at the question of his further chipping away making sure that there is more division in this country. coming back, the pulling back the scab. of racism in this country. that's even more damaging. deadline to the police. it's a terrible thing to that he did. >> jesse: one of the political leadership of the left, pamela harris, and joe biden himself. just make this so much worse and painful for the country. and i can hear anything from them. i think our very own steve doocy motive to ask. i just ran into the other. >> where's the biden tweet, we
2:53 pm
have it somewhere. >> jesse: the present united states and the vice president. this is blown up in their face. >> says what happened today must never become tolerated in this country. we must stand up and demand that we know longer give this harbor. we are with you. what if the president came out and said that he was wrong. what a president bunting came out tomorrow and said oh, i was wrong. >> greg: he didn't do about the drinking bleach are all the other that he said. he doesn't even remember what he just lied about. >> jesse: are you think he types that tweet. >> we are waiting and the time in my ear and unseen thing. they're just awaiting him to go into the courtroom. >> are we waiting for so long? he should be the first person that should be in there waiting for that verdict. why she so far away?
2:54 pm
>> jesse: 's probably getting dressed to play nicely and make sure that the scar is showing proudly. [laughs] see also morgan to get this verdict i think she is not really a report candidate. >> we've got 6 minutes. >> jesse: so with that the deliberate for how long? >> nine hours. >> nine hours is not a long time. this is a guilty verdict. >> no son a long time because he had six counts. i looked at everyone's opinions. it makes it that they agreed and yes they slept on it. today they said we've got nothing else. it's a long process. jurors are very deliberative. they really try very hard. i really believe that. and all the years that i did this. whether it's a litigator or a judge. they try hard. speak on the makeup of the jury
2:55 pm
do we know nothing about that? >> 5 a white women. 5 white men. >> he is on the courthouse and chicago. what is the hold up on him getting into the courtroom? >> where waiting for him. the special prosecutor just walked by us so we had any comment you the odyssey did not. of the attorneys not to make any comments as usual. to the ongoing trial. we are waiting for him. at the 30 minute clock is ticking i just specifically said yesterday that he wanted everyone here within 30 minutes. he doesn't want to stick around once there is a verdict in. he will say throughout the trial get the jury here as late as 8:00 at night. this judge has been known to challenge the jury late into the evening hours. so here we are about 5:00. this is not that way for the judge. he like to keep things moving. it is like to. we expect to see him any moment. >> we'll be any consequences if he is late?
2:56 pm
>> no, the judge is gonna be smart enough if there is a verdict of guilty to not let this. the judge will be furious because the judge were sent to 8:00 at night this judge likes to move his calendar. that's a can a judge who tolerate people being late especially people with the very reason that everyone is being imposed upon in the first place. >> that's a good point. show disrespect everyone involved in this case to show up late the giving 30 minutes. >> greg: he manages been attacked. [laughs] >> are they still in chicago? >> he is no longer with us. >> jesse: he was such a nice young kid. designed to show. >> greg: yes. >> who goes out at two or three in the morning for eggs?
2:57 pm
he said he needed to for his work out can get the eggs. >> so he went to subway and ate bread instead because bread is better for his diet? >> jesse: who hires your judge to be personal trainer? you don't hire brothers to trainer will hire one guy. >> remember the other thing that they tried that the brothers are wanting a security guard to be able to protect them when he was back and forth on the empire set. >> jesse: because you want to be up the guy that you want to hire you to provide security. he is no injuries from getting up. >> the people who beat him up or pale skin. >> greg: there were white they changed in the be pale because he thought it would and sensitive.
2:58 pm
>> jesse: he was about to put in a white chrome and every white supporter in the country. but he don't want to be sensitive. >> if i was the judge i'm sitting here on the show, but if i was the judge i'd be furious right about now. >> jesse: are we a 30 minutes right now? >> we are at 30 minutes right now. >> greg: i would add add one yearto the sentence. >> it has been a bit of a showboating courtroom. >> did anyone ever try to blame -- this isn't going on for a couple weeks.
2:59 pm
it's aggravated, it's disrespectful. >> greg: you knows educated in all this? the nigerian pierces. we always make fun of their emails, this is the first american eskimo nigerians. when an american try to scam the nigerians. talk about a spare play. >> we have one minute left when i can get the verdict. a darn shame. where can you get it soon because the clock is ticking this verdict is in a committed any minute. >> it's very interesting we have all this focus which i love them criminal justice with its rittenhouse, or. >> we haven't even talked about it. >> there's not much to talk about because there's nothing that's come out of there that we don't already know. >> did you see the pictures
3:00 pm
yesterday? >> foot rub, that's not sick to you? it's big who stake in the of him with his foot in her chin. >> stayed with fox for the breaking news and the jesse verdict. it was a wonderful reletting of the christmas tree. we love being there that's it for christmas tree we loved being there. "special report" is up next. you lucky guy, bret, you get the verdict. here we go. ♪ >> bret: good evening. i'm bret baier. breaking tonight just minutes ago word that the jury in the jussie smollett case has now reached a verdict the actor is accused of staging a fake hate crime against himself. he took the stand to defend himself in this case and now you will hear from the judge and the jury with a verdict. in chicago, correspondent matt finn has been covering this case from the very beginning. he has the latest right now. matt? >> good evening, bret. we got word about 45 minutes ago that a verdict was in. so far we have seen special prosecutor d


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