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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  December 9, 2021 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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>> tammy: all right. we are out of time. great job. keep it going. thanks for watching fox news. this is prime time. one more night tomorrow night. tucker up next. >> ♪ ♪ >> tucker: breaking news out of chicago. a resolution to the jussie smollett case, the attacker was convicted on 5 out of 6 count. who is the attacker? him. a lawyer will tell us what the verdict means. welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." last christmas eve after 1 in the afternoon a woman katie
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lawson tried to pull her car out of the mall in boston. a woman in a chevy tahoe was yelling. the woman rolled down her window to scream at lawson. i will write you a ticket. today is not the day to try me. the woman turned on the emergency police strobe lights on her suv. lawson was rattled. clearly this was a mentally ill police officer. lawson asked a friend in the passenger seat to take a photo of the license plate and called the police to let them know they had an unbalanced officer. the woman was not a police officer. she was just impersonating a police officer. no power to arrest lawson or write her a ticket who had not broken any law. the woman should not have had
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cop lights on her car. it turns out she was rachel rollins who was elected the suv county prosecutor. rollins compared herself to till, the 14-year-old boy lynched in mississippi in. the implication that lawson was a klansman. a news crew from local fox boston 25 tracked rollins down to hear her story. they did not shoot any images of her homeor family but rollins became hysterical anyway. watch this. -->> you are in front of my house. >> we just pulled up here. >> how do you know where i live? >> it's on the record. >> that's unbelievable. my kids are inside.
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>> we never even knocked on the door. someone saw you here. >> [muffled audio].
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>> tucker: for the record because the facts matter. rollins herself posted pictures of her children on the internet something the news crew was not doing. what was most interesting is rachel rollins's fixation on race. she describes lawson's story as the rantings of a white woman. and describes herself as a black woman in this moment in this country. you note the whiny self-pity. rollins is not a black woman. her father was irish. like barack obama rachel rollins is every bit as much white as black. but we are all required to pretend otherwise. like obama rollins had a privileged childhood. played lacrosse in an expensive private cool and like obama grew
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up to become an angry bigot. we know it's unacceptable to have a racist working as a federal prosecutor in this country. if you think race is a moral category and rachel rollins does think that, you should be nowhere near our justice system. justice is colorblind. it must be or it's not justice. it's just vengeance. every american citizen has a right to be judged equally under the laws of the united states regardless of what they look like, piered. -- period. dna can may no role in our justice system. so rachel rollins should be disqualified from administering laws. she sees race first. she is a racist and can't be fair. this is all very obvious or should be obvious. yet amazing rachel rollins has
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just been promoted. this week the united states senate confirmed that woman as a new u.s. attorney in the state of massachusetts. rollins is in charge of enforcing all federal laws in the state of 7 million people. no republicans supported her. there was a 50-50 vote and kamala harris broke the tie. it's heart breaking to report this. rachel rollins is a living attack on our ancient system of justice which is the best and most important thing the united states still has. rollins has views that earlier generations would have compared to the nazi race theory. here's rollins in february of last year at a panel discussion with other lawyers. at one point the u.s. attorney for california scott dared to suggest that prosecutors ought to enforce laws.
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here's how rachel rollins responded. >> i will say as one of less than 1% of people with melanin in this role, i don't have much time for more white men telling me what communities of color mean. >> [applauding]. >> tucker: shut up white man. you have to be the same color as the people you oversee. that was rachel rollins's legal argument. it's almost impossible to believe that is the person now administering all federal law in massachusetts but it is. it's not just rollins's creepy race theorys that make her unfit for this job. she was a disaster as a prosecutor in massachusetts. when she was elected the d.a. in boston she promised not to enforce the law.
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she refused to prosecute offenses like trespassing, shoplifting. breaking and entering, destruction of property and drug dealing and resisting arrest. we asked rachel rollins in 2015 to explain why it's a good idea not to prosecute theft. >> $50,000 to house somebody in the house of corrections. a shoplifting charge will have multiple court dates. we will have 3 months this person can't afford their bail. it will cost us $12,500 to house them in the house of corrections. i believe we could have them doing community service or returning the item itself. we have to think creatively about solutions. it's fiscally responsible.
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>> tucker: it's your fault law abiding taxpayers. that's the argument she is making. the question is in real life, how does this work out. suffolk county, massachusetts. last year murders were up 50%. it's not just theft that rachel rollins isry -- refusing to prosecution, violence cases too. a lawyer was attacked walking her dog and suffered a brain injury she is recovering from 2 years later. rachel rollins's prosecutors allowed the attacker to avoid prison time. in another case that the boston globe reported on rachel rollins shocked the judge asking for no bail. no time in a case involving
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a burglary suspect who broke into buildings. why are rachel rollins prosecutors cutting these deals? because rachel rollins told them to. she believes violence and theft should be legal as long as the people doing those crimes are the right color. she said that during the blm riots last summer. watch this. >> it's ironic to have to say to you don't be violent. keep your coys down. please be silent and comply with all the police's requirements when it's those very people that murder us with impunity. >> tucker: riot all you want. white cops are the real murderers. that was her message. even in the state of massachusetts which is progressive, this was too much. a number of prosecutors in the
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state including some on the left complained about rollins's behavior and her rhetoric. one was a district attorney who wrote an op-ed pointing out it's not the prosecutor's job to eliminate laws. that's the prerogative of the legislature. we called that democracy. a fundamental concept in this country. unknown to rachel rollins. how did she respond? we will give you three guesses. she denounced it as racism. and her own racism was getting less veiled by the day. we didn't make these up.
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these are actual videotapes. this is when rioters burned around the country. >> police officers black lives pay taxes to fund this position. shoot us in the street as if we are animals. to the white community waking up to see this rage, we have been telling you this forever. we have been saying this since colin kaepernick took a knee. saying this for decades. you did not listen to us. >> tucker: we says the half irish rachel rollins. those whites didn't listen and are getting what they deserve. she said that out loud. you will find people like that, mal-contents and haters in every society. every culture has its fringes. it's not restricted to america or any certain color.
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advise people are out there. -- crazy people are out there. you can't make people like that into federal prosecutors. if you do your system will fall apart. why? no one will believe that justice is on the level. unfortunately they will be right. katie lawson met rachel rollins trying to leave the parking lot in boston. she joins us tonight. what i was struck by and offended by was her attack on you on twitter suggesting that you were a racist. comparing you to people who killed till. was this a racial component in any way? >> absolutely not. this was about abusive power. the narrative written by be rachel rollins is absurd. my fiance was in the passenger
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seat. he is african-american and she was in his face because her car was against his side of the car. the narrative she is writing i am going after her because she is a black woman or anything like that is absurd. she impersonated a police officer. i thought she was a police officer. >> tucker: of course. she had the cop lights on her car. she is suggesting your fiance is like the people who murdered till. does it make you uncomfortable this person who attacked you, screamed at you and impersonated a police officer and call you and your fiance racist is in charge of administraing federal law in your state? >> it's disturbing. she handled over her badge to hecklers. all of these stories are on tv
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daily news. she is dangerous. calling me a racist is probably the least offensive thing she's done. i know who i am and who i am not. >> tucker: right. it's crazy. it's beyond belief. i appreciate your coming on tonight. katie lawson. hope you have a better christmas eve this year. >> i will. >> tucker: forest cooper joins us tonight. the concern is not there is a crazy prosecutor out there. we have seen that before. if you get enough people like rachel rollins, nobody believes in your justice system and that's worth worrying about. >> i think it's definitely worth worrying about. i don't think it's an accident. black women makeup about 7% of the population of the united states. how is it that we manage to pick
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one of the most unhinged persons that we could find for this particular position? what we are saying is, the people that actually hate our criminal justice system, the people that hate americans, it's the victims that these positions are supposed to be the supporters of. it's not the attackers. it's the victims. if she is worried about the cost of housing these people, why doesn't she support stronger, stricter, more severe punishment? our framers understood that you are supposed to hold criminal behavior accountable. her vision is the exact opposite of that. what it's going to do is open it
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up so that people start taking justice for themselves. that is not civilization or progress. it's heading in the opposite direction. >> tucker: that's insight'll. that's the end stage of this -- people who have no choice but to administer their own justice and it's back to the stone age. >> we absolutely have a person that wants to say she is a first. she is a first all right. unhinged. having to be brokered having the vice-president brought in to cast the tiebreaker vote. this president is remarkage. he bcs -- picks kamala harris incompetent and this person. who is going on is this we
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should be paying attention because it's serious. >> tucker: it is serious. especially when it infects the justice system. great to see you. the jury in chicago reached a verdict in the jussie smollett case. we will let you decide straight ahead.
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of the 6 charges. the prosecutors don't care he was not found guilty on the 6th charge. fox inappropriately rescued herself from the case. he said he would not comment on fox's office dropping the charges but said the verdict speaks for itself. webb felt cook county deserved a trial. smollett is disappointed but confident about an appeal. they said the jury can't find smollett guilto some count but not others. the attorney for the brothers says she forgives jussie smollett and is asking him to come clean. this case gained international attention because a gay black man asked brothers to pretend to
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be trump supporters that beat him. he is free on bond until his sentencing. >> tucker: thank you very much. we want to remind because we hate to forget things and history matters. when this fake hate crime first happened. joe biden was running for the presidency tweeted this: what happened to jussie smollett must never be tolerated in this country. we are with you. is the president of the united states still with jussie smollett? for a recap on what we just saw will cane from fox and friends on the weekend and a lawyer. what have we learned? >> i don't think you called me in for great legal analysis.
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you called me in to analyze my cousin vinnie. it's not to kill a mockingbird. jussie smollett took the stand which is shocking but he's been performing his way through life. he sat down with robin robertson and put on an amazing performance and tried to put that on with the jury. but they are more intelligent. we have seen that is jussie smollett and kyle rittenhouse and ahmaud arbery. trust the american justice system. >> tucker: that's a wise point. this is about narcissim. will you expand on that? >> yes, i think everybody in this entire mellow drama is
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playing for their own benefit. joe biden and kamala harris, they were not coned. they were accomplices to a race hoax with jussie smollett. smollett could only achieve so much fame by starring in "empire." he played to be the victim of a race crime to put you on the highest pedestal. so did joe biden and the america media. they played it for their own benefit. both were willing to sacrifice the victims of real race crimes and sacrifice tearing this country apart along racial lines for their own benefit and validation. >> tucker: man, is that smart. i am pounding the desk. a lot of impressive people come out of fox and friends and weekend am that was so great.
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thank you. it's hard to overstate the severity and craziness of what is going on in australia. we are about to talk to australian legislator who was criticized covid restrictions and was forceed into a quarantine camp even though he tested negative for covid 4 times. our next documentary the trial of kyle is out next week. get access to it for free on fox news by going to tucker
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australia has a beautiful place full of nice people which it is. it's beyond conception what is happening. an australian woman spent 2 weeks in a coronavirus intern.
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camp. >> you feel like you have done something wrong. it's inhumane. you are literally nothing -- because i was so distressed. please let me out for a walk or a run. i was in a little box and i can't move. i am anxious. i am feeling not well. i need to get out. they said we will get some valium prescribed to you. >> tucker: just medicate it away. this is happening to a lot of people in australia. a senator critical of covid restrictions was forced into a quarantine camp despite testing negative for covid repeatedly and the government of australia she criticized sent
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a $4,000 bill while in detention. thanks for coming. everything about this is impossible to believe given the warm and positive feelings most americans have for your country. over stating any of it? >> the only thing is i have not gotten the bill yet. that's a sideline issue. i have been concerned about the bureaucracy in this country. i have been seeking documentation from [inaudible]. it was upscaled to a higher body before a week i was told upon my return to my job in washington i would be asked to come into
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a hotel which is a hotel which has been turned into a detainment facility. that was completely out of step with which was done to my previous trips. here's the kicker: -- i got a call from a journalist who knew all of the details. when i arrived at the airport there was a camera crew and journalist to capture that this was real. if they can do this to me, they can do it to anyone. i have never been more concerned about things going on in this country. >> tucker: it's beyond belief. you don't have covid and tested multiple times. if you can force an opposition politician into an internment camp for no reason i don't want
5:37 pm
to attack australia. that's not the way we understand democracy at all. >> just to correct that. i am a member of the government. >> tucker: i meant to say someone who criticized the policies. >> i have. the issue is this is the related to the united states. parliaments across the country in australia have gifted unrivalled powers to their democrats. they did so on the basis there would be lockdowns and mandates. the bureaucrats across the world and in australia it's true am they never like to get out of the warm bed of power -- they don't do it here. they are holding on for dear life. across the country the viewers are seeing pictures out of victoria where the police are
5:38 pm
breaking strike techniques against children and women. the parliament just gifted the premier powers. he can do whatever he wants in relation to the pandemic sponse. the young lady in the northern territory was taken from her house because she was walking outside of her house after being around somebody who tested positive for covid. >> tucker: we are grateful you are here with us tonight. god bless you -- thanks. if you watch american politics there does the republican party keep nominating people who don't chair views that are close to republican primary voters. part of the reason is there are
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groups that throw money into the senate races that don't represent republican voters. we have a specific example. we will tell about that in a minute. a new christmas ornament sold out. people with a sense of humor. these are not made in a sweatshop by oprah. the people making these are americans and making real wages. they are making more and you get more at tucker we'll be right back.
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>> ♪ ♪ >> tucker: if you don't live in d.c. you probably have not heard the name. this is a republican event planner in washington and organized appearances for bob dole. when dole died he was the obvious choice to manage the
5:45 pm
funeral and he would have done that if mitch mcconnell had not gotten involved. mitch mcconnell is the republican leader of the u.s. senate but on the issues that matter mitch mcconnell is an instrument of the left. mcconnell knew that tim helped organize donald trump's political rally in washington. there was nothing illegal about that. it's a constitutionally protected behavior. the partisan lunatics on the january 6th committee objected to this and mitch mcconnell took their side as he has from the beginning. he convinced the dole family to cancel tim's contract and he made sure the story made the "new york times" and knew this piece would destroy tim's life and it will. it will mean no more corporate
5:46 pm
clients and no more business and no more income for tim. even by mitch mcconnell's standards of viciousness, this was a cruel thing to do. it was crushing the weak on behalf of the strong and for no real reason but simply because he doesn't like trump. this is hardly something that mitch mcconnell has done something vicious. going forward we will tell you about it. why wouldn't we? if you wondered why there is a massive disconnect between republicans and legislators who represent them. ask the people who raise money on the republican side. a group that raises the most money are involved in senate races and in ohio and running
5:47 pm
ads against a candidate vance because 5 years ago he criticized president trump. he no longer does. what is interesting at the same time they are going after vance for criticizing trump, they were criticizing trump and more aggressively than vance did. here's the president of the club for growth taking credit for trump's declining poll numbers in iowa. >> donald trump got hit in iowa. your group is responsible for this? >> that's right. >> tucker: maybe it's not really about trump. maybe this is a smoke screen. maybe a lot of donor organizations don't like populist politics and are happy with the chairman of commerce version of politics and using trump as a cover to destroy
5:48 pm
anyone who violate the unspoken pact. that republicans will do the bidding of big business. charlie is the founder of turning point usa. no one in the country comes into personal contact with more republicans voters than him. we will ask his view. nothing personal about this. why do so many republican letting legislators have no idea what their voters think. is this connected to that? >> it is. i endorsed jd the ohio race -- the people doing the attack they were more vicious. they ran ads against donald trump. what bothers me if the club for growth said what jd's positions
5:49 pm
were on crushing the corporate oligarch and making america self-sufficient. most ohio voters would say i agree. voters in ohio want the 2 major issues to be addressed that the bipartisan agreement ignored, which is we need to manage immigration and especially on the southern border but also legal immigration and also why is it we don't make vitamin-d in our country anymore and advances willing to say we should put tariffs on goods from china. he is not dodging the question so he received unfair attack ads. >> tucker: that's touch a great it point. there is something so sleazy about this attack. if people would assess a candidate on his positions, maybe we could have a meaningful
5:50 pm
conversation on where to take the country. why don't they do that? >> well, i think that's because the voters of the republican party are disconnected with the kind of chamber of commerce direction of the party. the voters of the republican party are paying more for products. in ohio corporations said we will send this manufacturing plant to wuhan to get opioid and cheap plastic from ohio. this is why brown resonates in highway ohio and vance would be a bull dog for trump. it's time to hear the truth. >> tucker: i appreciate your perspective. vance sat for an hour on tucker
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carlson. in the middle east camels are disqualified from beauty pageants for getting botox. a lot of questions. we will address them next.
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>> tucker: congressmaner icloves 2 things. having unnatural sex with chinese spies and riding camels in the middle east with no shirt on. we have news for him. the super bowl of camels is underway in the united arab emirates. >> -- this is south africa. the super bowl of camels. each december 25,000 camels descend on this remote area of
5:57 pm
the western region. owners come here from across the gulf with the hope their camels will be crowned most beautiful. winning camels attract huge fan bases. some have their own #s on instagram and some people write poems about their beauty. >> tucker: the problem is not all camels are beautiful. some of them get plastic surgery. across in the border in saudi arabia there is a camel beauty pageant under way and they were caught getting plastic surgery. a wild life biologist joins us. you have a camel who is just unattractive. you think i will fix this with
5:58 pm
a lip tuck or ear pin. should that be allowed? >> well, you could ask the same question about your dog? they get cropped tails and ears pinned. it's a pet you are altering. >> tucker: you make a wise point that never occurred to me. i think from the western perspective camels look the same. do you see a wide variety in camels? >> absolutely? >> it's like your dog at home. some people have show quality dogs -- and others are less fortunate. i live in southern california. i have seen humps enlarged and lips blown up every day. it's not unnatural here.
5:59 pm
now it's a problem over there on camels. it's a double edge there. >> tucker: that's a smart point. don't tell me they are getting hump implants in saudi arabia? >> it's a different kind of hutchins. -- humps. they are inflating the humps and doing plastic surgery to enhance the beauty of the camels. the prize money is million dollars. >> tucker: can they -- terrible personalities on the camels. can they fix that? >> no, they are jerks. they are really are. you are not wrong. every now and then you get a sweetheart. they are all beautiful. if you get an ugly camel love it for its personality. >> tucker: sorting out this problem in the middle east.
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we appreciate you coming on. as we told you we have our american manufacturing teamworking overtime for fauci ornaments at tucker have a great evening. >> sean: welcome to "hannity." evidence was overwhelming. actor jussie smollett found guilty on 5 of 6 charges. 2 years after staging a fake hate crime against himself. tonight he is guilty of lying to a police officer about a hate crime. he is guilty of lying to the same police officers about getting assaulted and making same fake claims to a second officer and repeating these lies to police several hours later. smollett is a


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