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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  December 10, 2021 3:00am-6:00am PST

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day for us, we are appreciative. go out there and have a great weekend thank you comma, joe. >> bring your own tree. byot. carley: "fox & friends" starts right now. glo a pointed a just attorney list of crimes one with could commit without any consequences. >> how is it that you managed to pick one of the most unhinged persons? >> jussie smollett has been found guilty on five of six charges. two years after staging a fake hate crime. >> do you know kamala harris, joe biden, black lives matter, they have played the race card to a point where it's sickening. >> democratic controlled new york city counsel style allow hundreds of thousands of non-sins to vote.
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>> as an immigrant i don't think immigrants should be allowed unless they're united states citizens. >> yuma county mayor declaring a state of emergency. >> [inaudible] >> 3, 2, 1 lights. [cheers] ♪ fa la la la la la la la la ♪ sitting around the christmas tree ♪ presents hanging for you and me ♪ lights all shining merely ♪ christmas a week away. steve: well a little more than a week away. good morning, everybody, it's friday, december 10th, 2021. that's more like it. we relit the christmas tree last night about 5:15 during "the five" or actually probably should have called it the 5 lurks. about 500 people here in midtown manhattan to watch us throw the switch after you know what
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happened a couple of days ago. ainsley: we had a big crowd out there. we all counted down and lit the tree together. we had a rabbi from fdny. we had timothy cardinal dolan, it degraff a fox news contributor. all gave spiritual messages about fighting back. we didn't fold in pearl harbor we aren't going to fold now. we have faith that a mad man can't terrorize. will: beautiful moment. if you missed it, you can watch it on fox good morning both to of you. ainsley: good morning, will. you are filling in for brian. will: filling in for brian. ainsley and i are going to hit the slopes. ainsley: i wore this into work today i really like it keep it on and find cream colored pants. will: i like it. ainsley: fun and vibrant and reminds me of christmas. steve: we are 15 days away from christmas day. ainsley: that's right. steve: breakfast time for a lot of folks.
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this morning, lawrence jones is live at the pan creek pantry in nashville where it looks like things are already cooking, lawrence. lawrence: that's right. good morning, family. we are at the pancake pantry, 60 year tradition. going to be talking about how to make those pancakes. what else the secret sauce. they may give me a little bit of that. we will be talking about the president's approval rating. still under water. crime in america, the border crisis and how it is impacting citizens. marsha blackburn and bill haggertyy joining us later in the program. we will have a good time today, guys. will: you have a nice turnout already. before we run we need to say something. ainsley: we do 1, 2, 3. happy lawrence. lawrence: that was good. steve: one other thing that goes with it. ainsley: we are so glad you were born. lawrence: okay. thank you, sister, i appreciate
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that. will: i like that response. ainsley: that's what my mom always said to us on our birthdays and i know your mom is probably watching. so proud of you both your parents are down in texas. lawrence: thank you all. my mom did the whole midnight birthday phone call and she goes so where are you in the country today? i love my job so i love working on this day. will: you took that call at midnight when you were getting up at what did you get up at 3:300? ainsley: he was tree lighting ceremony. on the show tomorrow nashville. i'm catching the 9:00 flight. will: oh, wow. steve: speaking of the christmas tree, we told you yesterday that the guy who was charged with arson, did a bunch of other stuff, was immediately let go. because it was -- it does not rise to the level of being a felony here in new york. because new york reformed their bail, no cash bail. if you are on a certain list of things, it's not a felony.
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so he walked. and, in fact, we have geraldo that apparently last night after we lit the tree he was across the street. will: really? ainsley: i was looking for him last night in the crowd. didn't see-there were a lot of people there. when i walked into work this morning, we were told that he was sitting across the street. he was wearing the same outfit that he was wearing when he came out of court. steve: when he was arraigned. ainsley: i saw the picture wearing the same blue coat. he was sitting on the sidewalk across the street next to the deli watching us light the christmas tree again. steve: the reason he is out and about and across the street watching the new christmas tree that you know, where he torched our previous tree, is because there are prosecutors here in new york that are soft on crime. and they reformed the bail process here. we're going to tell you about one of these soft on crime prosecutors up in the commonwealth of massachusetts. her name is rachel rollins and just this week she was approved,
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confirmed by the u.s. senate as the new u.s. attorney for massachusetts. now, before this, she was the suffolk county d.a. in the commonwealth of massachusetts. and as it turns out, there's an instance that for whatever reason, we're just now finding out about, where it sounds like on christmas eve or -- while christmas shopping, a person up in massachusetts crossed cars with her, and she essentially got out and chewed her out. ainsley: this girl's name is katie lawson. and the local news crew there, the fox crew, fox 25, they heard from katie lofton. she says i was shopping christmas eve at this mall. and our cars, we were both trying to merge together into the same parking area, and we had a confrontation. this is what katie lofton told that local news crew back in january. keep in mind, this was a year ago. this is what she told the local
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crew. steve: she said she pulled her car about 3 inches from my car and she said do you want me to write you a ticket? because i will write you a ticket. put on the sirens, put on the strobe likes for probably like a couple of seconds i 1,000% thought she was a police officer because the only person i know that can write you a ticket is annual actual police officer. so she implied in my opinion she implied that she was a police officer. here's the thing. she was not a police officer. she was the district attorney but she was not a cop. she was on with tucker last night and said look, this is an abuse of power. watch. >> care about abuse of power and the narrative that has been written by rachel rollins in regard to the incident is absurd because she fails to mention that my fiancee was in the passenger seat. he is african-american, and she was actually in his face because her car was up to his side of, you know, her car was against his side of the car. so, the narrative that she is writing is that i'm going after her because she is a black woman
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or anything like that is absurd. she impersonated a police officer. i thought she was a police officer. will whale we're talking about here is an incident of road rage for the would be attorney general of the commonwealth of massachusetts. road rage though to which then metastasized into this sort of impersonating an officer. exercising your authority, and then also cloaking yourself in victimhood when it comes to race. now, would rachel rollins be above all of this? this is a run-in she had with a local television crew who wanted to interview her after this road rage incident. and you get to see for yourself well, the way rachel rollins behaves. >> can we speak to you for one second, ms. rollins? >> you are in front of my house with my children. >> we literally just pulled up here. >> how do you know where i live? >> oh it's public record, ma'am. >> as a black woman in this moment in this country, you are going to put my [bleep] house on
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the screen. >> no, no, ma'am. we are just here approaching you to ask you a question. >> get away from my family. speak to me at my job. if i get hurt or harmed because of this, you are on the record for that my kids are [bleep] killed, who do you think you are? get -- this is private property. get out of here. and do you know what i will do? i will call the police on you and make an allegation. >> okay. steve: so that is the woman just confirmed by the u.s. senate as the u.s. attorney for the commonwealth of massachusetts. keep in mind, the vice president of the united states, kamala harris, had to cast a pair of senate votes to confirm her. she has been praised in the past by elizabeth warren and also ayanna pressley, a member of the squad. and this is the person who has a history of being soft on crime is and obviously it sure looked like she was abusing her power or was she impersonating a cop? you saw the video. you geraldo the stuff right there. that's the person who is now one
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of the most powerful law enforcement people in the united states. ainsley: she went on howie carr show and he asked her about this. she said i then hit a siren, and her head snaps up and i say stop, you are in the wrong row of traffic. then guy back to my life. that is the extent of the encounter. absolutely no truth to me putting blue lights on and flying around south bay, which is the mall. steve: well, that's her side of the story. will: albeit to berate someone, use her power inappropriately, far be it from her to ever do that. ainsley: what happened in a original road rage incident, the girl katie lawson says her fiance got out -- i don't know if he got out but he took a picture of her license tag, so the local news reporters went to her office to see if they could find her car just to verify that was her. they couldn't find her car that's why they went to her street in front of her house. steve: it was a government vehicle. it was the suv. so it wasn't that hard to figure out who it was licensed to.
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the woman filed a complaint with the boston police and the state attorney general claiming that that woman right there, the new u.s. attorney overstepped her authority. ainsley: there are republicans accusing her of being too progressive and soft. steve: and have been since the summer. ainsley: she says it's working in the boston area. so this is horace cooper reacting to the pointment. >> how is it that we manage to pick one of the most unhinged persons that we could find for this particular position? what we're saying is the people that actually hate our criminal justice system. the people that hate americans. by the way, it's the victims that position supposed to be
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spokesman for. our framers understood that you are supposed to hold criminal behavior accountable. her vision is the exact opposite of that. steve: um-huh. so, after this road rage incident, the local press goes to ask her some questions, and she bites their head off and then she tries to spin it as best she can. nonetheless, democrats in lock step supported her and she has been confirmed as the new u.s. attorney for massachusetts. great. will: kamala harris, as you pointed out, casting the deciding vote. ainsley: 6:1 here on the east coast. steve: meanwhile, the fda has approved boosters for your kids if they are 16 and 17 years old. the first look at the brand that just got the go ahead. will: plus, justice for jussie smollett at his trial. the jury finds the former empire actor guilty of making up a hate crime hoax.
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xfinity rewards are our way of thanking you
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just for being with us. enjoy rewards like sing family fun nights! rent sing for $1, then belt out all your favorite tunes from the movie with sing karaoke. plus, see sing 2 in theaters with buy-one-get-one free fandango tickets. join over a million members by signing up for free on the xfinity app. our thanks. your rewards. carley: demareous thomas is found dead in suburban atlanta home. his death appears to be related to a medical issue but provided no further details. thomas spent most of his career with the denver broncos. he last played in the nfl back in 2019 with the new york jets. he officially announced his retirement in june. thomas was just 33 years old.
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today the funeral for former senator bob dole will take place at the national cathedral. presidential candidate at the invite only event. at the the funeral a public ceremony will be held for the army veteran at the world war ii memorial his body lied in state at the capitol rotunda on thursday. bill died in his sleep after battling stage 4 lung cancer. he was 98 years old. the fda approved the pfizer covid booster shot for 16 and 17-year-olds. first for that age group. opens up eligibility for 2.6 million teenagers previousl the booster was only approved for those age 18 and up. fans stormed the court after unranked rutgers takes down number one purdue on a buzzer beater. watch that. ron harper jr. hitting the three from the rutgers logo to get the
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70 to 68 victory. harper finished with a game high 30 points in the upset. victory marks rutted gears first win over a top ranked team in school history. so congratulations to them. you love to see that. steve: they were being cheering last night. will: the verdict is in. jussie smollett found guilty of five of six charges for staging his own hate crime in 2019 and lying to chicago police. ainsley: the disgraced actor facing 20 years behind bars. remember when biden and harris rushed to defend smollett? steve: that's right. here with reaction, fox news contributor and constitutional law expert jonathan turley. good morning to you. >> good morning. steve: in that intro we mentioned the biden and harris tweet so we're going to read those first. joe biden when he was running for president said what happened today to jussie smollett must never be tolerated in this
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country. we must stand up and demand that we no longer give this hate safe harbor that homophobia and racism have no place on our streets or in our hearts. we are with you jussie. that was in 2019 as was this. ainsley: kamala says this jussie smollett is one of the most kindest, gentle human beings i know. i'm praying for his quick recovery. this was an attempted modern day lynching no. one should have to fear for their life because of their sexuality or color of their skin. we must confront this hate. what's your reaction to that then? what do you think they are thinking this morning and then blm is still saying they support him even if he is guilty. >> well, you know, what's really striking about the verdict is how much better this jury is than our leaders in dealing with evidence and showing circumspection and responsibility. from the very beginning, these allegations by smollett were implausible to the point of being ridiculous. that you know had this roaming couple of maga hatted ruffians
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who are just attacking any black individual on the streets of chicago and screaming probably for the first time in history that chicago is maga country. it was all implausible. and, yet, once again, you have our leaders who rushed to fill the narrative. they weren't that concerned with the evidence. president biden has done this repeatedly. if you recall with the border patrol agents, he declared them guilty of flogging will my grants at the water's edge before the investigation started. in that courtroom it's a different place. i mean, this is the worst review smollett has ever gotten in his career and the reason is you could be the greatest actor in the world, but you can't improve a lousy script. he was talking nonsense. the result was not just that this jury rejected it, but he is now going to have to face a judge who listen to the him what's called a jury
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nullification argument. essentially he was telling that jury ignore my guilt and just acquit me anyway. well, that didn't go over well with the jury. it's going to go over even worse with the judge. will: jonathan, one small correction to your recap of jussie's story. he didn't suggest these people were attacking any black man. he was suggesting they recognized him from empire. even more implausible that they recognized this random actor from a show i'm sure they are big fans of. >> correction noted. will: i like what you said about the worst review of his career because we now have two high profile cases jonathan we have been covering with rittenhouse and smollett where the victim took the stand. that's a rare act. that's brave act. kyle rittenhouse clearly felt like he was standing on a foundation of truth. what do you think jussie was doing trying to perform his way through a not guilty verdict? what was his motivation to take the stand? >> this is a classic jury nullification argument. people said oh my gosh this
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seems so ridiculous you are asking the jury to ignore your alleged co-conspirators' testimony, videotapes and frankly logic in order to acquit you. and the reason that he wasn't trying to do that he didn't think that people were going to believe his story. he wanted them to vote him innocent or not guilty regardless of the evidence. that's jury nullification. there is some figures who support jury noification, particularly for nonviolent crimes by african-americans. and, you know, this was that pitch. but it comes at a great risk because as a first offender, he might have been able to get out of this without jail time but one of the big factor ares that judges look to at sentencing is whether you show remorse, whether you accept responsibility. well, you are not going to be able to do that if it's just on the stand saying this was one giant conspiracy of the legal system against him. so, he is going to have
3:24 am
literally nothing to argue for a reduction of sentencing. i think is he a prime candidate to do time. will: to do time. ainsley: he says he is going to appeal. why the not guilty in that one charge? >> you know, that is a really bizarre low charge. for aggravated battery, you are essentially saying that you said someone was wearing a mask. the jury may have just found that on that issue they weren't quite as confident and, you know, the defense is saying we're going to show that you have to convict us on everything or nothing. the counter of appeals is more likely said you should have been convicted on everything. we will just go with the ones you have got. steve: this is the cover of the "new york post" jus-tice. will: not a small eligible to do time. ainsley: do you think so he get 20 years? will: most of these guys get probation with these kind of conviction so to do time would
3:25 am
be a statement. >> yeah. these will run concurrently really looking at a horizon of three years and back step from there. is he not looking at massive time. but i think that any judge in this case would think that some jail time is warranted. will: jonathan turley, thank you so much for getting up with us this morning. >> thank you. will: local emergency declared in huma, arizona as migrants pour in by the thousands. taking a look at the administration's inaction along the border. steve: plus, we showed you the pictures, smash and grabs are on the rise. law enforcement say the white house not listenerring to their calls for backup. the head of the national sheriff's association sounds off. you are going to want to hear him. it's great. coming up next. ♪
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thousands of children are waiting. ♪ steve: well, the national sheriff's association is claiming that the biden administration has sent zero
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central resources to help them even as crime and theft surges across the country. but the white house is pushing back saying, quote: the president delivered historic levels of funding for anticrime measures through his covid-19 rescue plan. it comes as the doj just awarded millions of new grants to fight crime but is it enough? joining us right now is the president of the national sheriff's association in fayette county the sheriff there vernon stam forth joins us from columbus. sheriff, good morning. >> good morning. thank you for having me. steve: on tuesday, jen psaki was asked about the crime across the country. she says that the administration is working with local law enforcement to help curb retail theft. how are they helping you? >> i believe that she is has confused old data with the new environment of crime we have across the country right now. she has talked about in her comment was $300 million was
3:31 am
being given to local agencies to help in this. that was money given for other purposes $300 million. $300 million across every jurisdiction across the country would equal $18,000 per jurisdiction. how would that help? i don't think so. steve: people see the smash and grabs and people think why isn't anybody stopping them? >> they have a debacle on the border. they have yet to get that under control. and now the crime rate across america is hitting every jurisdiction, every community, in my small community and i'm a very small community in central ohio, we had a smash and grab just two days ago. two women walk into a store, took to 4,000 to $5,000 worth of clothing items out of the store in a matter of seconds. this and the larger jurisdictions this is going on with 20, 30 people coming into a
3:32 am
store overwhelming the store security, the store clerks. who are typically just 18, 19-year-old teenagers working their way through college and they can't stop this. steve: yeah. >> there is no resources out there for the local jurisdiction to handle this on this level. and we are looking for assistance and i don't believe there is any assistance that's come out of the federal government. i have looked at agencies across ohio. i have asked the question. has the federal government contacted you for assistance in the rise in crime in these metropolitan areas? zero. we have asked the question to other sheriffs and other police chiefs across the united states. we have yet to find an agency that's had assistance and the surgeon of crime by the federal government to the magnitude that's needed. steve: vernon, some of the news yesterday about two dozen of the ceos of the biggest retail organizations, companies in america have written a letter to
3:33 am
congress saying hey you have got to help us pass this thing called the inform act which makes it harder to sell the stolen stuff online. in other words, the sellers are going to have to identify themselves because right now apparently as we see these stores getting cleaned out, they take the stuff out of that fancy store in chicago, next thing you know it's online getting sold at a fraction of the price. >> i'm not an it person. but i hear this term algorithm they know everything you are doing. you can't tell me that social media, when you have a major retail theft of thousands and thousands of dollars of televisions and clothing items and jewelry that they can't figure out in that geographical area all of a sudden within 24 hours we have a population on our -- on the websites of stolen items that's now being sold. that they can't figure out, bring that back down to figure
3:34 am
out who put that information on the site. that's where the federal government and the technology come in and help local governments. that's where the resources have to be thrown at. and they need now to take the further step and let the fbi do that work. let the marshal service expand the marshal services task force on fugitive so we can go into the communities and find these bad guys and put them in jail. steve: sounds like it would be easy for the administration to help you with. just have the administration direct the fbi to give you guys a hand because right now they are not. >> yeah. and if they would -- if they can make the harper valley pta mom a domestic terrorist then why can't they determine that these roaming criminal groups, retail criminal groups are not domestic terrorists as well? and put the power of the federal government behind these individuals so when they are caught, they face stiff
3:35 am
penalties. steve: right. >> and if they use a gun, that's even stiffer. they don't get bail. they stay in jail. and the penalty and the consequences for that is -- would be off the chart. that would stop a lot of that activity. steve: indeed. if somebody finds something online at a fraction of the cost. if it's brand new, they have got to figure it is stolen. and you don't want to be part of that. >> and, remember, that's 100 percent profit for the bad guy. steve: 100 percent right. vernon, thank you very much for joining us today from ohio. good luck to you, sheriff. >> thank you, sir. steve: 25 minutes now before the top of the hour. will julian assange finally be extradited to the united states? we have breaking news this morning out of london. first, who is hungry? lawrence jones serving up breakfast for friends all morning long at the pancake factory in nashville. what's cooking lawrence? >> hey, steve, we're talking about the president's low approval ration and crime in
3:36 am
america. but, first, we cut the ribbon for the grand opening of the downtown location of the pancake pantry. that's coming up on "fox & friends." ♪ safelite story? my my livelihood. so when my windshield cracked... the experts at safelite autoglass came right to me... with service i could trust. right, girl? >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ nicorette knows, quitting smoking is freaking hard. you get advice like: try hypnosis... or... quit cold turkey. kidding me?! instead, start small. with nicorette. which can lead to something big. start stopping with nicorette
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♪ steve: all right. on this friday, let's get in the way back machine. ever since 1961, the pancake pantry has been dishing out their iconic pancakes, obviously, with special syrups from special secret family recipes. will: and today, the iconic national staple is celebrating its 60th anniversary. ainsley: congratulations. "fox & friends" enterprise reporter is there having breakfast with friends. they are not going to give us that recipe are they. lawrence: no, family. i don't think they are going to do it. i may try to do some convincing. we have chip the managing
3:41 am
partner. what is the secret sauce for have people here for over 60 years. >> it's the iconic brand that we built back in 1961. and just our secret recipe for our pancakes, our compost, our cinnamon cream. they are tried and true. so they're delicious. people love it people stand in line for it and we give great southern hospitality. lawrence: that's how we do it in the south. after 60 years you guys decided to open this location. why? >> you know, we see the growth that is down in hillsborough village and the lines are always down the block. and with downtown growing in the way that it is, we just thought it was the right move to really come downtown for all the locals and the tourists alike here in nashville. it's a great opportunity to be in downtown nashville. lawrence: obviously you guys have a demand issue because you got folks that are literally
3:42 am
lined up outside and that's why you guys decided to do this second location. what about the supply chain crisis? how have you guys been able to navigate that? >> sure. so that's really been a -- the supply chain has been really tough with some days i can get ketchup some days chocolate chips. we are using multiple broad liners to support us. and when it comes to con can destruction, of opening a new place, it's been tough. you know, one day i can't get this piece of equipment. the next day i have to scramble and find a piece of equipment so we can open on time. so, it's been tough. but we're here now. and we're ready to roll. lawrence: we're yesterday to roll. let's go cut this ribbon. >> let's do it. lawrence: hopefully share a little bit of the recipe for me. let's go do it. we will head back to the kitchen where all the magic happens and cut this ribbon. look at this live tv. this is all the folks that make this happen. hey, guys, how are you all doing? let's do it the moment we have
3:43 am
all been waiting for. i'm going to hand this to bailey. all right. let's do it. >> 1, 2, 3. let's do it. oh, there we go. all right, guys. these are the men and women. let's go ahead and see what you guys do right here i'm going to do it? grab this right here just one time. here we g how did i do? all right, guys, thank you. i will send it back to you guys in new york. ainsley: exciting. will: how beautiful. ainsley: with that tiny little pancake. lawrence: fill it up, there are hungry people out front. one pancake. >> there we go. steve: lawrence, lawrence. they don't have to be so far apart. >> you are hired.
3:44 am
lawrence: i'm hired, guys. will: i heard that. ainsley: pancakes for my 6-year-old. will: see you, lawrence. ainsley: that's cute. will: sharpen those scissors. steve: one dose of pancake powder. carley: can cook and kind good for lawrence. today some students in oxford michigan school district will return to the classroom after the deadly shooting at their high school. funeral services were held for justin shilling one of the four students killed that tragedy. the families of two shooting survivors have filed $100 million lawsuits against the district claiming school administrators ignored several red flags, including a direct threat. the suspect made on social media the day before the shooting took place. the oakland county sheriff says so far investigators have not found any evidence to suggest the suspect was bullies.
3:45 am
alec baldwin it first event since shooting. taking the stage at the ripple of hope award gala just hours after releasing an open letter from his crew members on the shootings of cinematographer halyna hutchins. refreshes hutchins at the heart of the production. baldwin's wife taking to instagram saying alec has suffered from ptsd for a very long time even before the shooting took place. the high school -- the high court in lowden -- london ruling today that co-founder of wikileaks, julian assange could be extradited to the u.s. to face espionage charges. the decision overturns a previous ruling that assange could not do -- be extradited due to mental health concerns. assange will likely appeal the ruling further. assange has been in a maximum security prison in london since 2019. well, the goat crown as new goat. tom brady offers high praise to bucs teammate ron gronkowski.
3:46 am
>> greatest tight end to play the game. still doing it his ability to block run game, block routes in pass game. win against smaller players and very clutch. ainsley: asked about his connection with the future hall of fame quarterback he said brady was a, quote, meany pants to him his rookie season until he realized the tight end's potential. now they are buddies, guys. that's all you need to know about that. steve: bromance. carley: meany pants. steve: thank you very much, carley. will: what a season the patriots are having. she is a goat. greatest of all time. janice dean fox weather forecast. janice: look at that, our all-american christmas tree behind me. what a great evening last night and wonderful to see. the crowds that came. it was incredible. so thanks to all that put it together last night and, of course, to our first responders
3:47 am
who came and helped the day that the tree burned down but we are back better than ever, baby. let's take a look at the temperatures. do you know what? breaking records across the south, houston, that's spelled wrong, i apologize, it's houston. new monthly record for them. and look at the record heat we will see today or feel today in new orleans, oklahoma city. memphis, tennessee. with that heat we have an area of low pressure that's going to crash into the warm temperatures and bring the threat for severe storms, my friends. that means we are going to see tornado watches and warnings for the mississippi, the tennessee and ohio river valley later today in through the overnight. have a way to get those watches and warnings. okay? and that's going to continue through the overnight into tomorrow. and then on the cold side of this storm, you have got the snow forecast and some cases a foot of snow. you know what you need to do? go to fox and download the app. they will give you the latest watches and warnings especially if you live in those spots that
3:48 am
we think we are going to see some severe weather today. all right will and ainsley and steve, back to you my friend. ainsley: thank you, janice, great job. border agents across the southwest, overworked as you know, they are overwhelmed as thousands of migrants are pouring into our country. tom homan on the impact of the sudden surgeon in arizona. that's coming up next. will: philadelphia's soft on crime da is in damage control after dismissing the city's crime crisis. rachel campos-duffy and pete hegseth react at the top of the hour ♪ deck the halls with the boughs of holly. before discovering nexium 24hr to treat her frequent heartburn... claire could only imagine enjoying chocolate cake. now, she can have her cake and eat it too. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts for all-day, all-night protection. can you imagine 24 hours without heartburn?
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will: under staffed and overwhelmed the yuma county mayor forced to declare a state of emergency as border patrol struggle to happen prehead the hundreds of illegal migrants crossing into the united states every day. here to react is fox news contributor and retired acting ice director tom homan, great to see you this morning, good morning to you. what's going on in yuma in particular that there has been this massive spike over the past
3:53 am
week? >> look, i think the cartel is taking advantage of yuma. they know yuma does not have the staffing that rvg has. in del rio they hundreds of border patrol agents. yuma is being overwhelmed. i have had them calling meal and saying at one time they had 4,000 in custody. another thousand stationed at the south of the border. they don't have the facilities to handle that many people. every agent was pulled off the line to process which means there are several hours where nobody was on the line. they said several hundred crossed the border unimpeded just walked across the border and walking through the city of yuma with no arrests at all. the border patrol agents are overwhelmed as you said earlier, they are overworked. there is no relief in sight. dhs rather than sending additional resources there, what are they doing? they're forcing the agents to take diversity, equity and inclusion training on top of this historic surge, it's just ridiculous the position these agents have been put in by this
3:54 am
administration on purpose because they want open borders. will: it's 4,000 migrants in as many days, tom, some are saying a thousand a day crossing over. take a rook at this year compared to last in october of 2020. 787 crossings, now 21 -- 2647% it's up, tom. i want to ask you about incentive. many are suggesting the sudden rush in yuma because the potential return here. the incoming return -- remain in mexico policy. if that's ---first i'm curious if you buy that if that's the case doesn't that reveal the incentive of repealing that policy to your point of happening under this administration? once that policy was repealed, it showed you can cross. now it's potentially coming back, in better get in now. >> look, there is a lot of reasons they are coming across. that's a small part of it. at the same time, you have got congress talking about wanting amnesty. at the same time ice was
3:55 am
decapitated. number one reason people come to this country is to get a job. secretary instructed ice you will no longer conduct worksite enforcement operation. people know you get a job here you will never get arrested because ice can't do worksite enforcement operations anymore. not only that the cartels are selling the fact you will be released. all these thousands in yuma not being turned over to ice. i talked to ice leadership. ice isn't getting any phone calls putting anybody in detention. they are being released at the border. so all of these messages being sent down south are causing the surge. you are going to be released. ice has been decapitated even if you lose your case, no one is looking to remove you. and they talked another amnesty plan as part of this budget package, this administration is sending the wrong message. and they also know this administration hasn't done anything to slow the flow and take enforcement action. you mentioned the remain in mexico program. they have been dragging their feet for months and ignored the
3:56 am
court's order. how many people have been removed remain in mexico program? about 50. will: oh, man. i know you know, this tom. i have had the privilege to see the issue. the impact on that local community in yuma cannot be overstated 1,000 people a day going into that community. all right, tom. thank you so much. good to talk to you. >> thanks for having me. will: turning tragedy into hope. friends, loved ones and ones of law enforcement paying tribute to raffaele ramos. keil joins us on the effort to bring police and the community together. ♪ what the he- -henry? ♪♪ thanks!
3:57 am
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4:01 am
public event since the deadly rust movie set shooting. his wife taking to say he suffers ptsd. >> hartford for the win. [cheers] at the buzzer. ♪ you will get a sentimental feeling ♪ when you hear ♪ voices singing let's be jolly. ainsley: that the is gorgeous all-american christmas tree. it's back up, folks, red, white, and blue. the music was on out there. it was wonderful to come to work. so many people at the crack of dawn yesterday rebuilding that quickly because we had to have it up by 5:00 for the 5:00 p.m. show last night. there we all are celebrating. steve: absolutely. some guy with a lighter is not going to ruin our christmas. we relit it last night. it's not just our tree it's america's tree. will: one might say we built it
4:02 am
back better. if you missed that lighting, that tree lighting ceremony, can you catch it on fox ainsley: it actually is worth watching because there is more to it than just 1, 2, 3 and you see the lights. we heard from a rabbi. we heard from cardinal dolan, we heard from reverend jacques degraff who was wonderful. they were so inspiring. weren't their messages great in. steve: as you watched what happened, yesterday, during the day, they were able to put it up in no time there are some of the folks who wound up showing up. so get 50's, there is mike rowe the number one recording artist in the world, he and his partner from nashville, john rich have the number one song with santa has got a dirty job. ainsley: harris was there lawrence was there janice was there you were going to be there, will. you were flying in from texas. will: pete and rachel were there. ainsley: with her baby. steve: lawrence jones was there
4:03 am
he is at the pancake pantry a legendary spot in nashville. lawrence, i'm looking at the menu there. and if i was there, i would try the candied bacon. it's five pieces of bacon with brown sugar and maple syrup. ainsley: look two down what does he always get? steve: biscuits and gravy he always has that and the other thing i love the idea of, they have got something called the caribbean pancake. five pancakes covered in pecans, coconut, sliced bananas and a cherry on top. lawrence: i already put that order in. we will be tasting that later on in the show. y'all know i'm not going to miss a good meal for a work event. there's a lot going on. because we had a little fun earlier there are some serious issues. lower approval rating for the president of the united states. we will be talking about that today. crime in america. doj saying they are going to send money to the local level. how is that going to impact you? plus, the supply chain crisis.
4:04 am
a lot of business folks here that we're going to be talking about later on in the show. so we have got three big issues impacting the country. you will be here all morning on this beautiful -- what is it december the 10th. steve: 15 days to christmas. will willing it's his birthday. steve: that's right, happy birthday, lawrence. ainsley: happy birthday, lawrence. we love you. we are so glad you were born and part of our family. steve: what does 35 feel like? will: 35? lawrence: it's 29, brother. don't start adding years. ainsley: i'm telling you your 30's are better than your 20's, lawrence. you will see. lawrence: i'm waiting for it, ainsley. i'm waiting for it. ainsley: you have a pretty good life now. your 30's, maybe you will get married and have some babies. is he like hold on. steve: one step at a time. his mom called him at midnight. lawrence: i know. ainsley, let's not rush it, okay. when she is out there, i'm going to find her and maybe you will
4:05 am
coordinate the wedding. ainsley: i would love to. we have talked about this. lawrence, because we all love lawrence, lawrence you are such a catch. i'm on the road all the time. what kind of a relationship could i have? [laughter] will: i feel awkward for you right now. lawrence: right, i know. you are all making me blureb onn tv. steve: from the pancake pantry. lawrence: thanks, guys. steve: he said he is going to talk about crime. when you look at smash and grabs across the country. talking to a sheriff from ohio, he told us about an organized crime wave of smash and grabs in near columbus, ohio that we had never heard about. but this is happening all over. close to 70% of retailers saw a spike in organized retail crime in 2021. will: meanwhile the white house is suggesting they already reached out to local law enforcement to help address what they have to recognize at this point which is a rising rate of
4:06 am
crime. now, steve, you spoke with vernon stanforth the national association president he said i'm not seeing this aid from the federal government. watch. >> crime rate across america is hitting every jurisdiction. every community. in my small community and i'm a very small community in central ohio, we had a smash and grab just two days ago. two women walked into a store, took 4,000 to 5,000 worth of clothing items out of the store in a matter of seconds. we're looking for assistance. and i don't believe there is any assistance that's come out of the federal government. i have looked at agencies across ohio. i have asked the question, has the federal government contacted you for assistance in the rise in crime in these metropolitan areas? zero. steve: one of the things he suggested was while the white house from the podium they are spinning it because they have got say yeah, we are giving them money although he says they haven't seen any money. he said if the fbi could help
4:07 am
them coordinate using their algorithm, the fbi's algorithm they could figure out who is stealing all this stuff and putting it online to sell it. that's why close to two dozen of america's top ceos wrote a letter to congress saying please pass thin form act which essentially makes it impossible for feel fence stuff online because these are some of the retailers calling for action from the federal government you have to identify correctly the seller. right now essentially ghosts. ainsley: look at the bottom of the screen neiman marcus i was in neiman marcus on long island girl walks in and looking at all these fancy pursies and grabs all five pocketbooks. everyone is screaming to stop her. the police weren't able to. they say it's not worth it we are told by the company not to do it. you feel so sorry for the people who own these corporations because they had to buy the merchandise. thousands -- we heard. steve: they are publicly held corporations. that means all of us are
4:08 am
stockholders if you have got a 401(k). ainsley: yeah. will: steve, i have to wonder whether or not it's a lack of ability to enforce these crimes or a lack of willingness. as we see d.a.s across this country decline to prosecute. as we see legislators in places like california. minimize crime, not enforce crimes. under $1,000 a theft. not enforced in california. i question whether or not it's a lack of ability but rather a political will. ainsley: some say it's not organized. there are groups of dozens of them they come in all at once. steve: then they put the stuff online, if you are buying a very fancy handbag online from ebay or something like that and looks unbelievably cheap. there is a real good possibility it's stolen. will: let's bring in my "fox & friends weekend" co-host rachel campos-duffy and pete hegseth when i'm alone. they get an a block in "fox & friends." >> i was talking about
4:09 am
willingness to enforce laws. philadelphia d.a. larry krasner he said on monday that there is no crisis of crime in america. this despite -- we can put this up on the screen when it comes to murder rates across the united states, including in philadelphia with three weeks to go, you have already surpassed your not just 2020 numbers but historic numbers. you can see there the record set in 1990. now we have already surpassed that i see a lack of willingness, pete. pete: yeah. and do you know what larry krasner in philadelphia sees is alaska accountability. he was recently reelected as a democrat run city. is he a democrat. he doesn't believe voters will hold him accountable for it part of the reason points to not the action of the individual or the catch and release policies that means they are briefly temporarily arresting the same person. he points to guns and says guns off the streets that's not
4:10 am
sufficient instead of looking at family break downs and gang violence instead of looking at the kind of education that lifts people up and out of poverty the lack of opportunities, the dependency that's created through more and more government programs. the fact we are going at people reselling -- that's not how it works. we should go at that. the issue is you can't own and operate a store in a big city today without believing that a significant portion of any of your nice merchandise tenable, is it, he says don't believe your lyin' eyes. ainsley: rachel, this is the flashback of the d.a. on. steve: on monday. >> i think it's important we don't let this become mushy and bleed into the notion that there is some kind of a big spike in crime there isn't. there is not a big spike in crime. that ♪ true. there is also not a big spike in violent crime.
4:11 am
neither one of these things we don't have a crisis of lawlessness. we don't have a crisis of crime. we don't have a crisis of violence. ainsley: so he was raked. steve: wrong, wrong, and wrong. ainsley: especially when the numbers came out and he was at the top of the list. rachel he was asked about it because everyone has been complaining and saying that's not true. he said i know that some inarticulate things i have said earlier this week offended people. message conveyed through media soundbites is not at all what i meant. steve: it's our fault. ainsley: wasn't like we spliced it together took cuts. it was a speech in front of the podium. evidence said there is not a big spike in crime. we don't have a crisis of violence it's just not true. rachel: he is not alone. remember alexandria ocasio-cortez also said there is not a spike in crime and that the media is making all this up. it's crazy because we have video footage, all these stores have videos of this happening. i feel sorry for the stores. ainsley you mentioned that.
4:12 am
i feel sorry for the employees as well. this is frightening and terrorizing. and they afraid for their lives this. is so wrong on so many levels. and i see those young men coming through there and stealing this stuff, i think they have no moral conscience. this is oso deep. this is about as pete alluded to. about family break down, about a spiritual and moral break down in our country. and we must do something about it. and there are people, there are forces that are encouraging this and will, had you talked about it which are these d.a.s, and thee d.a.s are being funded by george soros and eric holder. this is an absolute philosophy that they're pushing that you should not be in jail, you should not give them cash bail and basically releasing them. there is a philosophy and there
4:13 am
is a reason these things are happening. primarily in democratic cities. unfortunately this crime wave is spreading and it's hurting even small towns as well. steve: this is real crime unlike what happened in chicago where the headline of the "new york post" today jusstice the way he spells his name. convicted of hate crime attack and hoax. he made it all up. pete, the jury has spoken, the post writes this. in his selfish quest for money and frame he made a mockery of real hate crimes. instead black lives matter put out a statement defending jussie saying the trial was a white supremacist charade. >> yeah, that tells you everything you need to know. one of my big takeaways is i have a lot of faith and appreciation for the brilliance
4:14 am
of our 12 juror system. for the brilliance of common sense people who look at evidence and make a decision hopefully without intimidation and come out and reach a verdict based on the the facts. the second part is we never got the honest assessment of the. border patrol whips. remember that one? brett kavanaugh the steele dossier, what the media doesn't care about is getting it right. i'm talking about media other than fox. the left wing media. they don't care about getting the facts right. what they care about is the narrative. and the narrative that is advanced at the moment that it's advanced if it's rittenhouse, it's guns, if it's smollett it's a racial crime. if it's sandman an arrogant white kid with a maga hat. bubba wallace same thing. they want to imprint on the mind viewers and readers america is a racist terrible place.
4:15 am
and it trump supporters are bad people. if they are shown to be false they don't care their narrative did the damage when they had it and buried the headline later on in. this case the jury revives my faith in the justice system in this country. steve: rachel? rachel: i would love to see what robin givens and all the people who gave jussie smollett all this air time and cried with him. what are they going to do now? are they going to go back and retract what they said? i doubt it. you are absolutely right. there was a cold snap by the way when jussie smollett claimed that this happened, nobody was on the street. i remember that time, practically a polar vortex. the evidence was clear all the way around and everyone knew joe biden kamala harris, and youth media, all the people commented understood that this was really shady from the get go. and they went with it because i think there was the maga hat that was part of the story at this time we have to look at the context. they were trying to take down
4:16 am
trump. they were trying to shame trump voters and make anyone who thought they might vote for donald trump make them feel like they were a racist. they all went with this story, knowing it was false. seeing all the holes in the story. and that's why they did it. and the question is now that we know that it's a lie, now that we 12 jurors did the right thing, will this get buried as pete said, in the other media outlets? i think that's the question because we really need to put an end to this culture that we have that actually rewards people for lying and painting our country and our people as racist. will: there was a hate crime committed jussie wasn't the victim he was the perpetrator. rachel: exactly. steve: last night listening to the cbs evening news after i was here at the tree relighting their lead story they knew the verdict. they led with covid for about five minutes and then also in other news jussie smollett. pete, what's happening. rachel: where does america go
4:17 am
back to get its name? you know, where does it get its reputation back the media needs to and they are responsible for it. ainsley: it goes back to family values. it's a commandment do not steal. we are looking at smash and grabs. do not lie. he is lying to the press. he lied and just continued that lie all the way to the end hoping that someone would believe him, i guess. we know people who lie and those people who do lie they just lie and lie and lie and they almost convince themselves that it's true. will: pete, what's coming up this weekend on "fox & friends"? pete: what's coming up? i'm a little tired, will. i hope like you -- there is the lineup, jim jordan, dan bongino, leo 2.0 and the big guy. not that big guy the other big guy, santa claus will be on "fox & friends weekend" this weekend. it's phenomenal. i don't know if you are tired like me. i had to stay up and watch the vikings, we tried our best to blow it but we didn't blow it i need to you beat the redskins.
4:18 am
big win last night over the steelers. will: one of my favorite things is watching pete's early -- i can see did he stay up late or not. i knew the vikings were playing i had a suspicion he stayed up anyway. steve: rachel and pete. pete: absolutely watched the vikings. steve: we will be watching you this weekend. ainsley: great to see both of you last night christmas lighting and your daughter is preciousz. will: it was awesome. rachel: thank you. it was fun. steve: carley, amtrak just got a whole bunch of money but now they are cutting things back. carley: yeah, concerning news for people who use amtrak. listen to this. president biden federal covid vaccine mandate impacts his favorite mode of transportation. amtrak will be forced to cut services nextier because of workers refusing to get the shot. this is it president obama promised to improve rail travel. >> talk with members about improving cross state and interstate passenger rail, something i know a little about.
4:19 am
you are looking at mr. amtrak here. carley: amtrak says it won't have enough employees to operate all its trains when the mandate takes effect. the woman who died after crashing her car into niagara river drove into the water deliberately. the woman in her 60's has not been identified now her car is still trapped in the freezing water sling closer and closer to the edge of the falls. first responders are working to remove it. the new york city council voting to approve a bill that would allow some 800,000 non-citizens to vote. that includes daca recipients, green card holders and people with work permits. the big apple is the first major city to approve such a measure. opponents vowed to fight it in court saying it violates the state's constitution. mayor bill de blasio has questioned the legality of the measure but said he would not veto it. naturally. the nation's cream cheese shortage is being traced back to a cyberattack.
4:20 am
bloomberg reports wisconsin dairy giant was hacked in october. the attack compromising its plants and distribution center. now, the company forced to close for days which set back production, the sabotage playing a huge part in empty shelves in the dairy aisle which is pretty crazy. so what happened is i guess there was this hack and then people started to panic buy and the truck driver shortage and now a cream cheese shortage. steve: company was a day behind on their processing and it just had a ripple effect across the country. carley: sure did. steve: come on got to fix this before christmas because we have got to have christmas cheesecake. ainsley: thanks, carley. steve: coming up, president biden is trying to reassure the country of ukraine that the united states has its back. is he offering empty promises in the fails of a russian invasion. general jack keane addresses that threat and the white house response coming up next. ainsley: this veteran taking home thousands of dollars of terry bradshaw from the fox bet
4:21 am
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♪ will: president biden finally speaking with ukraine's president zalinsky yesterday discussing tensions with russia amid fierce of an invasion. after that phone call biden kicked off a virtual summit with nato allies sounding the alarm about the recession of democracy amid rising authoritarianism worldwide. listen. >> will we allow the backward slides of democracy to continue unchecked or will we, together,
4:26 am
together have a vision and courage to once more lead the march of human progress and human freedom forward? will: is the president practicing what about he preaches on the world stage you know, this concept of practice what you preach it's interesting, as a campaigning would be president general, president biden promised to be tough on russia in a way that he held out that president biden president trump was not. one of the first tactics he seems to be taking is encourage ukraine to compromise with russia, to give away some of its land to russia. what is president biden doing? >> well, first of all, let me just say at the outseth, i mean, there is no coincidence, will, that russia, china and iran during the last 11 months, all of that time during the biden
4:27 am
administration have increased their aggression, rather significantly, directly or indirectly against the united states and our partners. i also believe as a result of the collapse of afghanistan, that has in a since became a an is ler rabbit. here we have putin 110,000 troops on ukraine's border growing to 175. he was here in march and april about 80,000 troops doing the same thing that he was posturing only. now is he threatening an invasion. i believe the aggression of these three countries and particularly putin's most recent aggression are all tied to their perception that this administration is more about appeasement and accommodation that be it is about confrontation and countering their strategic objectives. i think that's the elephant in the room here. as when it deals with certainly with ukraine itself, i mean, what we're telling the ukrainians, three presidents, so
4:28 am
let's just get this so the american people understand it three presidents have said this is obama, trump, and now biden that we're not going to defend ukraine the way we would defend the nato country because ukraine is not a nato country. they are not aligned. they want to become one, and that's only part of the reason for putin's aggression. to stop them from joining nato. that's the same reason he went into georgia. that remains a significant issue for them. we need to give them anywhere near what they have requested. and i also believe when putin moved troops into march and april time frame, we should have began to readjust our nato forces to the east. to make certain that putin understands that in those were aligned. we're going to stand tall and protect them. and this is one of the moves we should be making now as far as i'm concerned as a result of this recent aggression.
4:29 am
will: so, general, you make an important point. you know, after years of hearing how donald trump could be compromised by vladimir putin, vladimir putin makes his move not just when joe biden is president but also dating back to when barack obama was president. specifically in ukraine taking land in crimea. he seems to see his opportunity during democratic administrations, i don't think that's a political statement. that's an objective observation. then under obama general, that led to the reclaiming of crimea. what does it lead to this time? >> well, we're not certain if he has made up his mind to invade. i think he wants some major concessions here. what he has put on the table and told president biden but he want us and the nato countries to stop arming ukraine. he also wants to make certain that the nato countries that are
4:30 am
on his border, these are eastern european countries, former soviet union states that fell under the up brann's of nato he doesn't want offensive missiles and large troop concentrations on his border in those nato aligned countries, given his aggression that's exactly what we should be doing and not con he'ding to him what he wants here. and the other factor is that you put your finger right on it. when he smells weakness he sees that as opportunity. that is taking place before our eyes today. that really is the issue. he is trying to get away with as much as he possibly can. will: it's clear when he smells that weakness, general. good to talk to you this
4:31 am
morning. i thank you for your insight. >> great talking to you, will. will: but, first, it's now time to work up an appetite. lawrence jones is having breakfast with friends at the pancake pantry in nashville. he is talking the state of america heading into christmas. we'll talk to lawrence when we come back. ♪
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steve: it's breakfast time and pancake pantry is nashville staple serving up flap jack and syrup they have been making by hand at home since 1961. >> celebrating the grand opening of a new location in nashville. ainsley: lawrence jones is there now having breakfast with our friends. lawrence: hey, family, i'm going to try those pancakes steve suggested earlier. first talk with some folks about some issues. i want you to meet doug and becky, they are newlyweds. you were telling me a little bit about your story. >> we got married on 9/11. so we are nolle beds. we just moved in our new home. lawrence: you both sold your homes and now moved into new home two weeks ago.
4:36 am
we want to talk about some of the issues of the day. we saw the approval rating of the president of the united states joe biden is dropping like a rock. you had some comments on it you say he is not doing so well. >> no, i don't think they are doing real well right now. i'm very upset about the economy. i'm upset about afghanistan. and the border. and all these issues, no one is handling properly. it's making a disaster for our country. can. lawrence: do you think that the president can recover from these issues? >> >> no, i don't. i really don't think he can. lawrence: becky, what about you? >> i would agree with everything doug just said. things are not going well. i don't think inflation is the problem when you go by the gas pumps and see how gas prices are going up. that's a concern for a lot of americans i'm sure. lawrence: the white house says the gas prices are going down though. >> i don't know if they're looking at the same gas stations i'm looking at. >> they need to get out of washington and go buy some gas. lawrence: guys, that's exactly right.
4:37 am
we continue to hear this from folks the reality biden administration what they see and feel here on the ground and what the administration continues to tell us. maurice you were at the original opening and now you are here today why? >> i'm here today because i support quincy mcknight. quincy has great plans moving forward for this country. and i really support him. especially when it comes to representing our people. we want to make sure our people are represented not only here locally in nashville but worldwide nationally. lawrence: you say that he has been able to recruit more people into the republican party. what do you think about the current president of the united states right now his approval rating continues to go down. crime is a major issue. and it's starting to hit nashville as well. >> i think he could do better. i'm not here to particularly bash anything in particular but i think things could be definitely done much more better. and quincy mcknight, again, is he a guy who can do that is he going to take us in the right place moving forward.
4:38 am
>> thank you so much. quincy mcknight is a local candidate running for congress. we will be talking to folks all morning today, marsha blackburn and bill haggertyy in the next hour. send it back to you in new york. >> when you are heating pancakes? i was ready to hear about them. when are you eating them? lawrence: next hour, brother. don't you wait. will: i'm ready to see those pancakes. ainsley: tell the folks hey. 7:38 on the east coast. gala inspired by chris kyle held in honor of fallen nypd officer. she is going to join us to discuss her husband's big heart and tort bring police and the community together. get groceries, gifts, & more fast and easy so last minute guests are the only thing you'll be waiting on ♪ ♪ joy. fully.
4:39 am
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4:42 am
>> foundation if he would first ever black tie gala honoring new york's finest paying tribute to raffaele ramos killed seven
4:43 am
years ago along with his partner wengian lu while sitting in patrol cars. joining success taya kyle widow of chris kyle cortez the president of the ramos foundation and mta officer marine corps veteran and actor who played detective on the tv show gotham. thank you for being here. >> thank you for having us taya, your husband had a conversation with back stage. >> it was fascinating. they were on stars and stripes together. chris was partnered with dean cain also there last night. j.w., tell your words i know he inspired you and why you got involved. >> what does service look like outside of uniform and chris said j dubs if you can do something serving us do it. it was like i get it now. >> what did you do with that advice? >> i set tout do whatever i could whatever i could with
4:44 am
military organizations, boot campaign, simplify fund and when ramos was executed i called him up and said hey, you don't know me you have got me whatever it takes and now the president of the amazing foundation. >> what does the foundation do? >> sets tout bring change, bring cheer. en be there for people and help change their narrative of what is out there right now we are still the good guys. toy drives and backpack drives it's cops in uniform bending over giving this child this gift, this backpack or whatever it is that they need. hopefully that will pay dividends for you was in the future. ainsley: how does that make you feel and your kids. i'm sure you have conversation dad making a difference. >> they do. i think it's incredible. i love that they are taking this awful thing that happened in this neighborhood and they are giving back to the children in that same neighborhood blocks from where he was executed, he had are bringing goodness in.
4:45 am
for me that's the spiritual battle played out in a way we can see. evil makes its move and beautiful act of god comes in and says we are going to love bigger than hate and for me that just makes me honored to be affiliated to come out and do whatever they can. ainsley: that spiritual component we were talking about in the green room before this. tell us about his family. how are the kids doing? i know he left behind two boys. he was very active in his church christ tabernacle? >> yeah, you know i think yesterday was a tough day. yesterday would have been his 47th birthday. so it was a lot of emotions that the gala, of course, i think it's day-by-day for them. marisa is putting on her best face and some days a little harder than others. she is the wind in our sales. she is keeping us going and keeping this mission going. ainsley: has she gotten remarried and found love. >> no, not quite yet. i'm sure god has someone incredible to help her with that. ainsley: what's her reaction that you have started this foundation in his name? >> you know, i think there
4:46 am
was -- i think taya, you might be able to speak to this better than i can, but having to relive the most awful day, right, of your life and to put on a face and kind of persevere i stepped in because it was a bit too much. so when she said hey, i need some assistance here, say no more. right? so i will gladly take on that burden. it doesn't feel like it's a burden. it's right thing to do. ainsley: i'm sure boys look up to you and need that father figure in life. thank you for stepping up to that cause and bedside community needs it so much. the fundraiser you said went off beautifully last night. we will make this an annual event? >> i think. so. >> needs to be. taya killed it last night. ainsley: i heard. >> nypd drum line was there tawas amazing. marisa, to your point, it's the birthday of her husband who has been killed, so, she shared with me it was an emotional day for her and it was very hard. but then you come in and see all of this good. for her, he was on his way to be
4:47 am
honorary chaplain for the nypd. he was officer at school to give back to the school it's like the man behind the badge that lives on. for me i totally believe that. ainsley: officer at the schools and then promoted and going on to become the chaplain in school for that. >> yeah. ainsley: i'm glad his memory still lives on in both of you. thank you for being here. merry christmas. >> merry christmas, thank you. >> go to the ramos for more information and to give money to this wonderful organization. let's check in with senior meteorologist janice dean for fox weather forecast. hi, janice. janice: we had so many people for all-american christmas tree lighting and they came to do the weather with me this morning. hi, guys. did you have a wonderful time last night. >> i loved it, i loved it. janice: did you love seeing the christmas tree. >> fabulous. absolutely fabulous. ainsley: we made lemonade and lemons. >> and quickly. janice: thank you all for coming. we have live performances and we
4:48 am
will be here the whole gang is going to come out, knock maybe steve doocy will buy all of us coffee? [cheers] janice: let's hope that happens. take a look at the temperatures. it's very warm here in new york city comparatively speaking. we have a snow storm across the great lakes back through the plain states over a foot of snow is happening. and then on the warm side of this storm, as this cold front moves across the ohio, tennessee, mississippi river valley the threat for severe storms, okay. we are going to see tornadoes, tornado watches and warnings. so, if you want the latest in weather, i want you to go to fox, download the app., you will get all of the warnings and warnings and behind that we have winter weather advisories where we are going to see over a foot of snow. a lot of weather happening. fox say hi to everybody. say hi to will, and steve and ainsley. there is just ainsley. we love ainsley. ainsley: i love all of you. thank you so much for your support. merry christmas. a couple of country stars help us get into the christmas spirit. rodney atkins and rose falcon are going to perform live on the fox square. but, first, this veteran won a
4:49 am
share of terry bradshaw's massive nfl sunday challenge jackpot and he is going to join us along with tom shillue who has details on how you can win big too. ♪ caught up in the country ♪ the only way i want to be ♪ somewhere where the road is ♪ out there where the creek bends ♪ that's where you can find me ♪ go for 10 runs! run a marathon. instead, start small. with nicorette. which can lead to something big. start stopping with nicorette. ...
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ainsley: this sunday fox bet super 6 is giving you a free chance at another $100,000 and terry bradshaw's money. steve: last sunday, steven joseph, a navy vet, became one of six lucky winners to split a $100,000 jackpot. look at the surprise. will: on his face but now it's on fox & friends because steven joins us with fox nation host tom shillue to preview this weeks quiz show questions, but first we have to start with you, steven. $100,000. i understand this wasn't the first time you played the fox bet super six game. >> this is actually my 21st time. steve: [laughter] oh, it's a charm and to win, you actually had to bet against your beloved bears, didn't you? >> yes, sir, that was a hard one but i knew they were going up against a challenge with the
4:54 am
cardinals so i'm like i had to. steve: uh-huh. ainsley: you said your work colleagues they want you to adopt them, and they said please adopt me. >> yes, ma'am. ainsley: what are you going to do with the money? >> actually part of it is going to go to two veteran organizations. i really want to give back to my veteran community. i think it's very important, and the rest is probably going to go to my wife. steve: well i tell you what, steven. you've already won once, one of six winners of $100,000. now, tom shillue, we've got $5,000 on the line with this week, tommy. >> the fox bet super 6 quiz show you have to predict the future with six questions and i've got them right here. steve: and team, you play with us. >> question one. how many nfl teams will have at least nine wins after week 14? three, four, five, six, seven or more than eight? steve: steve, you get to choose first. >> okay, i pick seven. >> i do too.
4:55 am
will: i'm with steve. steve: all right ainsley: the majority picked four. how many stocks in the dow will close today in positive territory? on friday, that's today. less than five, six to eight, nine to 11, 12 to 14, 15 to 17 or 18-plus? steve: steve? >> i did 12-14. steve: i'm going with him. >> whatever he says i'm going with him. will: a good strategy. >> who will win ufc 269? >> i'm going against the grain, so i'm going to go to three to five. steve: me too. >> yeah, there we go, okay which city, warmest temperature on saturday? boston, new york, dallas, cincinnati, san francisco, or tie? steve: will, come on. will: dallas. it was 80 yesterday. >> that's what i'm leaning for , dallas all the way. >> how about this which artist
4:56 am
will be highest on amazon's top new releases? >> well with adele just releasing her new album, i think she will crush it. steve: fantastic, steven thank you very much for joining us. these are the exact questions you could win $5,000 with. >> not that he needs the 5,000, but it couldn't hurt. will: thank you. >> yes, ma'am. merry christmas to you all. thank you all. ainsley: merry christmas. you too, sir. steve: straight ahead on this friday's show, senator chuck grassley of iowa, dana perino, geraldo, joey and at the conclusion of the hour, rodney atkins and a whole lot more, you're watching fox & friends live from new york on a friday. >> ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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as i got older, my hearing was not so good so i got hearing aids. my vision was not as good as it used to be, got a change in prescription. but the thing missing was my memory. i saw a prevagen commercial and i thought, "that makes sense." i just didn't have to work so hard to remember things. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. >> smash-and-grabs are on the rise and law enforcement says the white house not listen ing to their calls for backup. >> we've yet to find an agency that had assistance by the federal government. >> the white house just appointed a new far left u.s. attorney. >> a list of crimes that one could commit without any consequences. >> how is it that we manage to pick one of the most unhinged persons. will: the verdict is in, he's found guilty. >> they don't care about
5:01 am
getting the facts right and what they care about is the narrative >> three, two, one, lights! >> [applause] >> ♪ i'll be home for christmas , if only -- ♪ will: good friday morning to you on december 10, 2021 welcome to fox & friends looking at the all new, all-american christmas tree shining bright on fox square, after a tree lighting ceremony last night. it was a wonderful ceremony. everyone was in attendance, almost everyone in the fox family was in attendance as we hope were you. steve: it was lovely. ainsley: we had that arsonist at the beginning of the week who lit our christmas tree on fire. he says he didn't do it but we have cameras out there, and last
5:02 am
night, i walked in this morning and i heard that he was there at the ceremony last night across the street just sitting on the sidewalk watching. steve: this morning rodney atkin s who is singing right now, you can hear his voice, he's singing out on the square near the tree, on this friday morning ainsley: we built it back. steve: we did indeed. in fact, if you missed the tree lighting last night you can watch a replay on it was all part of the five or as i mentioned earlier, probably more called the 500 because there were that many people in front of the building. will: earlier this morning, ainsley earhartdt just went up in my book by a huge amount. ainsley: why? will: so earlier this morning in the 6:00 eastern hour i made fun of ainsley's sweater and i said we're going to hit the slopes and she reminded me you can make fun of me again. ainsley: i've gotten so many text messages about it saying i like your 80s ski outfit. will: i love it. ainsley: but i wore it in this morning because i leave all my dresses in my office here and
5:03 am
so i just thought well i kind of like it and it's bright and something different. i'll just wear it with pants today. will: i loss love that you allow me and encourage me to make fun. ainsley: you can make fun of me. steve: because we're one big happy family just like lawrence jones always refers to us as a family, and today, he's live at the pancake pantry in nashville, where earlier, he shed was going to try their special pancake that's got coconut and bananas on it and it's time for the taste test. lawrence: you're exactly right, steve, and good morning to you all, family. look, i'm not going to lie. i was going to wait until i got on the air but i already tried it. i already tried it and it's good so i have the banana nut with this , look at this. you see how it is? it's amazing. and the caribbean pancake. steve, it's good, but the trick is, you've gotta get it with the banana, so there's a little coconut on top and if my lips look glossy, it's the greasey
5:04 am
bacon i've been chow ing down on, guys. later on today we'll have marsha blackburn to talk about the issues of the day. guys, the economy, how is it affecting the people of tennessee, plus crime is a big issue and the biden administration is denying it. they've already talked about the doj, giving funding to the local levels, to go against their whole defund the police movement, but is that going to set the tone for what's happening in the country and that's on the local level so we'll be here all morning, on this final hour of fox & friends i'll send it back to you guys in new york. steve: it's not greasy bacon it is candied bacon with brown sugar and syrup according to the menu. lawrence: that is true. the trick is though you've gotta have a little grease for the flavor. steve: absolutely that's why we love it. thanks, lawrence. ainsley: okay, 8:04, it does look good. it's four minutes after the top of the hour let's turn to this now. crime is going up, all across our country. the white house though is
5:05 am
doubling down. steve: yeah, the biden administration insisting it's already doing its part to fight crime, despite the national sheriff's association says the white house isn't helping. will: peter doocy is live at the white house, as major retailers join the growing calls for action. good morning, peter. reporter: good morning and we've heard officials around here saying they think crime is going up because of covid, so they are making sure that covid stimulus money is going out to localities to keep cops on the beat but the national sheriff's association is disputing that. they have a new statement where they say we are unaware of new funds and programs that put greater emphasis on prosecution sponsor prevention. the doj does say they're going to give more than $17 million to the protect safe neighborhoods program, and that happens as the national retail leaders association complains to congress about those smash-and-grabs, "retail establishments of all kinds, have seen a significant up-tick in organized crime, and
5:06 am
communities across the nation, criminal networks and businesses have exploited a system that protects their an onimity to sell unsafe, stolen or counterfeit products with little legal recourse." >> what we need to do right now is support police, support law enforcement, and support a judicial system that gets to the crux of the matter about whether you're guilty or whether you're innocent regardless of the color of your skin, regardless of how much money you make. reporter: president biden is not looking at these issues directly today though, and instead his focus is on problems with the whole world. he's going to give the closing remarks this afternoon at that summit for democracies, via zoom back to you. will: thank you so much, peter. let's bring in now gop iowa senator and senate judiciary committee ranking member, senate budget committee, senate finance committee, senate agricultural committee, senator chuck grassley. steve: what committee are you
5:07 am
not on? >> [laughter] well there's 12 more committees. steve: okay. >> by the way, merry christmas to you. ainsley: merry christmas. steve: thank you very much. will: you heard peter's report and the white house say they're directing funds looking to help this crime spike across this country. what's your reaction? >> you could double the amount of money going from the federal government and be a spit in the ocean compared to where the police get their money. most of the money comes from a local or state source, and so the president of the united states says he's against de funding but the best thing he could do is everyday from the bully pulpit peach to all the mayors that want to defund police, don't defund police and preach to the d. a.'s most of them democrats, that are in these big cities, that say we aren't going to prosecute this crime or that crime or another crime. it's okay to have prosecutorial discretion and you might not punish some, but you don't tell people that you aren't going to
5:08 am
enforce the law because if you don't enforce the law it sends a signal to the criminal element, i can go into stores in san francisco, take out up to $950 and i'll never be charged. so it's a ridiculous attitude that we have in this country of wild west law enforcement. steve: well, you know, speaking of d. a.'s soft on crime there was a vote this week in the u.s. senate to confirm as u.s. attorney from massachusetts rachel rollins. you did not vote for her. last night, tucker was talking a little bit about this case. a lot of people don't know about her, back in january, she was accused of a road rage incident and then some video surfaced where she chews out the reporter you didn't vote for her, why? >> well, part of what i just said. there's a lot of people that ought to be enforcing crime and prosecuting the crime. they say that there's a whole list of things, we aren't going to bother to prosecute.
5:09 am
it sends a signal, we aren't going to enforce the law, you can break that law and you won't be punished for it and she did that as the local da and then she even said to us very clearly to the united states senators, there's certain crimes i'm not going to punish and she's one of 94 u.s. attorneys in the united states that you have to count on to enforce and prosecute the law and then she has this bad thing on her record of imitating a policeman as well, et cetera, so all 50 republicans voted against her and it took the vice president of the united states to break the tie to get her into that position, so just see what a bad signal that sends about whether if you're a democrat you're going to enforce the law or not enforce the law. people take an oath to uphold the law and they ought to be not saying things like that. ainsley: what was your reaction to this senate passing this bill to allow the debt ceiling
5:10 am
increase without a filibuster? >> well, i don't like a process like that that says we're just going to do it once, because 10 years from now, somebody is going to say on december 9, the united states senate did this , we can do it again, and it sets the stage for increasing the debt limit. now, you do have to increase the debt limit from time to time , but every republicans voting against it because of this tax and spending spree of the majority democrat party, there's no end to the amount of money they want to tax and spend , and they want republicans to help them increase it for $6 trillion. now its got to be increased a little bit, but we're not going to us 50 republicans backup that wreckless tax and spending spree steve: so if they are going to pass it they are going to do it all by themselves, the democrats >> yes. steve: senator i remember back in the day when i was a reporter at the abc affiliate in iowa i covered the first time you ran
5:11 am
for congress you wound up in the u.s. senate and for many many years, you worked alongside senator from my eventual state i moved to, kansas, which is bob dole. today there's going to be a funeral tomorrow, i believe, in kansas, and today at the national cathedral there will be a memorial and the president of the united states is going to speak. >> yes. steve: tell us about bob dole. >> okay, well first of all, he was a person that could work across party lines, something that is missing in the united states senate now. he was very much a person that came out of lower income families. he didn't forget where he came from, whether it was the plains of kansas or his own family economic background, and he tried to help those people, farmers, low income people, people that were disabled, and then of course he was a war hero we have freedoms and liberties today because he just about gave
5:12 am
his life on hill 9 113 in italy at the tail end of the war, and three years in a hospital, getting back to normal and never did get back to normal with his right hand, and so he's a person that we ought to honor and he was a mentor to me and i learned a lot about being a good u.s. senator by listening to bob dole. will: senator grassley thank you for sharing those thoughts with us this morning, the nation remembers bob dole as well. we appreciate you jumping on fox & friends. >> thank you. steve: thank you, sir. ainsley: hard to lose a friend. let's hand it over to carlie she has headlines for us. reporter: such a sad story here, tragedy rocking the nfl, former pro-bowl wide receiver and super bowl champion demarius thomas is found dead in his suburban atlanta home. police say his death appears to be related to a medical issue. his family telling the newswire he has been suffering from seizures for over a year. thomas spent most of his career with the denver broncos.
5:13 am
he last played in the nfl back in 2019, with the new york jets. he officially announced his forp >> check out this video, winds atman chester airport in england tossing this plane around like a fries bee as it tries to land. the pilots dealing with strong cross-winds as they try to keep the plane centered on the runway the adverse conditions were cause by the second wind storm to hit the area in less than two week, wow. >> okay, so if you like oreos, you might soon be able to have them in liquid form. nabisco teaming up with bare
5:14 am
foot wine for an oreo thins flavored red wine just in time for the holidays. according to the wine makers, the red blend includes flavors of chocolate, which is not bad, cookies and cream though, that flavor also in there, along with notes of oak, the oreo thins wine debuts this week, creativity points, maybe? steve: listen, at my barber where i go, historically, they have a setup around christmastime where they have all sorts of wines and liquors to toast each other. ainsley: where is this barber shop? steve: in new jersey but they've had chocolate wine, and i thought oh,, weird. i tried it. it's delicious. will: really? ainsley: they have port wine. sweet wines you drink after you eat. steve: this is chocolate wine so oreos might be on to something. >> i don't know about the cream in there though. ainsley: what if you pour it over ice, it be like a kaluah. steve: can you tell it's a friday? ainsley: we'll try anything.
5:15 am
will: justice in the jussie smollett trial as a jury finds the former empire actor guilty of faking a hate crime. geraldo rivera reacts to the verdict, next. steve: plus a touching tribute to fallen service members will be on display at this weekend's army navy game, joey jones and the veteran behind the patriotic display will join us live, coming up on fox & friends. >> ♪ before nexium 24hr, anna could only imagine a comfortable night's sleep without frequent heartburn waking her up. now, that dream... . her reality. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts, for all-day, all-night protection. can you imagine 24 hours without heartburn? superpowers from a spider bite? i could use some help showing the world how liberty mutual customizes their car insurance. ow! i'm ok! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ only in theaters december 17th. ♪ ♪
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this is elodia. she's a recording artist. so visit a cadillac showroom, and start celebrating today. 1 of 10 million people that comcast has connected to affordable internet in the last 10 years. and this is emmanuel, a future recording artist, and one of the millions of students we're connecting throughout the next 10. through projectup, comcast is committing $1 billion so millions more students, past... and present, can continue to get the tools they need to build a future of unlimited possibilities. steve: well the verdict is in, jussie smollett found guilty on five of the six charges for staging his own hate crime in 2019 and then lying to the cops. the disgraced actor facing up to 15 years behind bars, but
5:20 am
remember when then senator joe biden and kamala harris jumped to conclusions in defending jussie smollett when they were running for president and vice president? here with reaction is fox news correspond correspondent at large geraldo rivera. coming up on two years ago, joe biden then running for president tweeted out what happened today to jussie smollett must never be tolerated in this country, and then kamala harris said, this was an attempted modern day lynching. okay this was shortly after it happened. there was a rush to judgment and their judgment is he was a victim. now, we know he is a liar. geraldo: a lying punk. going back to that line, steve, this was an attempted modern day lynching. this was an attempted modern day lynching. that made me think of a real live lynching of a chicago ladd, a teenager, emitt till, who left
5:21 am
chicago to go holiday with his family in mississippi. he allegedly flirted with a white girl in her family store, as a result of that, emmit till was lynched. he was lynched. it was his memory that his punk, jussie smollett, must apologize to. he tried to ride the coat tails of these civil rights marters to generate sim path it for his own fading career and to lie so bold faced and to try to contradict every cop and every witness presented, i think, was really really appalling. usually, a case like this , steve, would end with the defendant, once convicted, being sentenced to probation, but his lies were so blatant and so steadfast and he's refused to apologize for them. he can almost be charged with perjury again, i doubt that will happen but i think that the judge will, in some ways,
5:22 am
throw not throw the book at him because he could get three years for each of the five offenses but rather, give him a sentence where it is more serious than just probation. steve: well, i'm sure you heard black lives matter is standing behind him because they say they can never trust the chicago police, but jussie smollett's attorneys now say forget about what happened yesterday in the courtroom with the jury. we're going to appeal, and because they're doubling down. he's 100% innocent. geraldo: well, i think first of all, in order, black lives matter, has really revealed themselves in recent months to be a radical group, not a civil rights organization, but rather, a bunch of people who want to make a political point. they are, i think, in many ways, undercut their own mission, over shadowed by their own excesses. i think black lives matter, like
5:23 am
defund the police, like bail reform, will go down as failed civil rights slogans. in terms of this jussie smollett though, there is no appeal from this. i mean, he can, if he is insisting and he has the bank roll to take the court's time, but there's no out from this. he lied, he lied, he lied, he lied, he lied, he lied, that's five counts of disorderly conduct, steve. steve: geraldo thank you very much for the analysis. have a great weekend. geraldo: you too, buddy. steve: coming up the president's approval spiraling down as the supply chain crunch cripples the christmas shopping season. dana perino on the crisis at the white house, where she has worked. she's coming up, next. good morning! >> ♪ do you struggle with occasional nerve aches in your hands or feet? try nervivenerve relief from the world's #1 selling nerve care company.
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ainsley: tis the season to shop and christmas is only 15 days away. will: shipping companies are working as fast as they can to get all the packages delivered on time. steve: grady trimble is live at a dhl sorting facility in illinois where shipping volumes are rising to record levels
5:28 am
because tis the season to be shipping, grady. reporter: [laughter] good morning, steve, ainsley and will. well it sure is and i'm told this is the calm before the storm in about 10 minutes or so these conveyor builts will be cranking, packages coming in from all over the world will be sorted, loaded on to the dhl van s that you see in the back and delivered to their final destination. shipping deadlines are approaching you guys do mostly international but all the ground carriers say mid-next week is when you have to get the package s out and you guys are doing record volumes so it's extremely important for people to heed those deadlines. >> yeah, for sure. you know, projecting about 13% inbound today, or over peak and then about 15% on the inbound side so really definitely if you're looking to get something out internationally, you've got somebody overseas you want to get them presents to definitely start now, don't procrastinate but mid-next week if you want to guarantee it's there by
5:29 am
christmas have it in our hands. reporter: these are big increases from a record year last year. this years going to be another record. you've brought on a ton of people to help out. >> right. we've been living peak for almost two years now so with the pandemic, we hired about 3,000 people last year and then this year, to really support kind of this boom that we've seen we added another 2,000 people across the u.s. to really support the industry. reporter: so, steve, ainsley, and will, the message is they've got the people to get your packages to you, but it is up to you to get them out, make sure they get under the tree in time. steve: and of course that's the stuff that santa doesn't bring, so that's everything else grady thank you very much. ainsley: while the supply chain crisis threatens christmas cheer , biden's poor polling is instilling even more fear. steve: the president's latest poll numbers showing a majority of americans disapprove of his performance. will: here to react, america's newsroom anchor, dana perino, also featured in the
5:30 am
all-american christmas book. good morning, dana. dana: i really love that graphic, supply crisis before christmas. very clever, very well done. yes, i really love it. i hadn't seen that yet. will: dana, the poll numbers for president biden are not good 43% approval rating, and most of the anxiety is around the state of the economy, around inflation , and this isn't the administration chastising the press, get on board here, help us out. dana: yes the number that surprised me the most this week was that only 36% of independents approve of the president, so if you're going to win a national election you have to win the swing voters often swing voters call themselves independent. 36% is not great. i know that the white house is going to come out today and say look the lowest job numbers okay yes but also the highest number of job openings, inflation number comes out what will that do and they aren't meeting the people where they are and you can't just tell people, there's no problem here, because they're feeling like there is a problem so i think they are in
5:31 am
for a little bit of a hurt. i went to a dermatologist this week and wear your sunscreen, everyone. they can't find supplies for all their needs in the medical field. so it's the supply chain is happening all across-the-board and for the supplies they can get , there's 50% higher, so you pass those on to the patient. steve: sure, because people are seeing things with their own two eyes, they see the cost of gas is up $1.50 a gallon, the shelves there's no gatorade in the shelves, however, no supply chain problem with the all-american christmas book. she is actually the very first chapter in the book and it talks about your christmases out on the ranch, back in the day. dana: those are my favorite memories. so my migrate grandparents were in new castle, wyoming and when i was a kid, my sister and i, we went on european vacations i don't think i saw the beach until i was 16, we would always
5:32 am
go to the ranch and spend a couple weeks there for that holiday vacation and christmas break, spring break, summer break, but christmastime was super special. my grandfather was amazing. steve: leo. dana: yes, my dad is also leo, i was the oldest grandkid of seven i believe and we would have these old fashion wooden to boggans, and he would drive us up to the top of the hill and my uncle to sit on the back of the toboggans to make them heavier and then we would slide down and when we got to the bottom we would pile back in and drive us backup and then call my grandma and say get the hot chocolate ready. steve: you and jasper were in the book. dana: yes, let me tell you about jasper, my friend, he live s out in colorado, stays anonymous but sends me those cute little pictures to use. ainsley: and new you have your new dog. ainsley: yes, percy is bringing us a lot of christmas joy. it's a big seller for gifts.
5:33 am
steve: absolutely. dana: i've been signing a few of them so i'm happy to sign any of yours you have purchased. ainsley: what's coming up on america's newsroom? dana: we'll have the judy miller news but also jerry bernstein of the white house, he's the economic advisor , find out what he thinks about what's going on in the world of work and the economy. steve: have him explain why there's no cream cheese in new york, okay? dana: i know that's a hot topic and i'll make sure to make that question number one. steve: speaking of number one the book was number one, is number one, this holiday season, sign up for fox nation and use promo code "celebrate" and get 35% off and a yearly subscription along with the all-american christmas book for a limited time at foxnation .com. dana thank you very much. dana: thanks for having me merry christmas, everybody. will: a solemn salute to those who made the ultimate sacrifice, joey jones and the man behind the powerful memorial joinses us live on fox square. ainsley: let's check in with lawrence jones and a few other special friends at the pancake
5:34 am
pantry in nashville to see what he has on tap. lawrence? lawrence: the biden administration say they have crime under control, and the crisis under control and the republican response to this , senator marsha blackburn all coming up.
5:35 am
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5:38 am
ainsley: just an incredible tribute to our fallen heros an american flag made of more than 7,000 dog tags will be on display at the army navy game this weekend but first, it's making a stop right here on the fox square, as you can see. the man behind this memorial, retired u.s. army captain, and president of the veterans and athletes united, james howard, whose a captain, joins us now, along with as you know, fox news contributor and retired marine bomb tech joey jones. thank you both for being here. good morning. ainsley: captain tell us about this display how you came up with this idea. >> yes, so i have a lot of
5:39 am
friends on this flag myself and always wanted to pay tribute to them and their families and we came together through our all volunteer veteran-run profit to build this memo completed it in 2018, it's made of over 7,063 dog tags as of september 2021, and behind each tag is a personal story of heros and at the end of the flag, you can see their blank tags so sadly as the war continues we continue to add tags and have the ceremony. but it travels all over the country we're looking to build a second version of it to keep out west and continue to bring awareness of all of the fallen heros and their families. ainsley: it's shaped obviously as an american flag but one that be over a casket. >> yes, that's correct. ainsley: what's the reaction when you travel around? >> it's pretty amazing to see , humbling to be a part of it and see gold star families when they see veterans that have loved ones on this flag and people
5:40 am
they served with, but everybody it hits them in a different way but they are able to find their tags and it brings reflection and healing and educate future generations on honoring this flag and what it means to those who have served and fought for it. ainsley: joey i'm sure you have friends names on this. >> yeah, i haven't had a chance , we were just talking i'm going to take a little walk and find some of my buddies on there but you'll have this out at the army navy game is that right? >> that's correct. ainsley: you're going to be there right? >> we'll be there doing fox & friends coverage so wake up early and we'll be talking to really interesting people involved in the game and maybe see some of the new uniforms, the army has the cool uniforms this year, fortunately but they look really cool. you guys are you may not know this the army is honoring the four soldiers this weekend so their uniforms mimick that, you know, captain in the army here as a marine i don't have a home i'll cheer for the navy so we might be enemies for a couple of hours. ainsley: who has the better team >> i think the army does right
5:41 am
now. ainsley: do you think the army will win? >> i hope so. ainsley: this is beautiful. thank you for honoring all of the people who made the ultimate sacrifice . god bless you for everything you've gone through too. >> our privilege, thank you. ainsley: if you want to go to his mission go to thank you, joey, james, let's check in with our senior meteorologist janice dean for our fox weather forecast isn't this gorgeous? >> it's amazing, thank them for their service and come on over here and see your fans, right here, on fox square. >> [applause] >> hi, you guys were you at the tree lighting last night? was it fantastic? hi what's your name? >> ryan. >> where are you from? >> oceanside. >> did you see the christmas tree? >> uh-huh. do you like it? >> uh-huh. >> awesome you're waiting for santa? >> uh-huh. >> anything you want to say hi to santa? okay, all right we'll talk about it later all right, because i'm going to do the weather for him on christmas eve. so let's take a look at the forecast everybody. it's really nice in new york
5:42 am
city almost not very christmas- like. we've got record warmth across the south, and that is going to travel in towards the east coast so the army navy game tomorrow is going to be really weirdly warm. the problem is with all of these record highs like the temperatures in the 90s in texas is that we're going to deal with the potential for severe weather all right so we've got this area of low pressure that's bringing snow on the back side of this and that cold front that's going to interact with that warm, humid air mass, severe weather including tornadoes so if you live anywhere from texas all the way up towards the great lakes, you need to pay close attention to those watches and warnings, not only the threat for tornadoes but heavy rainfall , fox by the way will have all of your weather alerts and then on the back side of this we got really cold air settling in and the potential for very heavy snow, maybe even blizzard conditions today, so lots to take a look at in the weather department and the record heat is really incredible across portions of texas today, so fox where you get all your latest updates. are you guys having fun? >> yeah!
5:43 am
>> thank you so much for coming it was just a wonderful night last night to relight the all-american christmas tree. right? where is she, where is my little girl, where is she? i was going to ask her if she knew what she was going to ask santa for. will, you gotta company out here , my friend. will: i'm on my way, janice. off to a fox news alert. the core price index, key inflation indicator, rising sharply in november, up .8% versus an expected .7% we go live to the pancake pantry, where lawrence jones is talking to diners and lawmakers about the top issues facing our country. lawrence this has got to be one of the big issues you could be talking to, republican tennessee senator bill haggerty and marsha blackburn about. good morning, lawrence. lawrence: good morning, brother you're right, i've got the senators here, i want to go straight into something that is dear to your heart and that's the supply chain crisis. we have this beautiful diner.
5:44 am
some of the stuff that they normally would have they don't have, so what do you say to your constituents about this? >> look, they're very upset and very concerned. the policies that we've seen coming out of this biden administration have absolutely driven inflation through the roof, they created shortages , and if people anticipate that goods cost more tomorrow than they do today, they are desperately buying it, inflation is a self-fulfilling prophecy and that's what's happening right now and we've incentivized unemployment, lots of people aren't coming back into the workforce and we've seen supply chain dislocations that's true but we've also seen massive increases in prices, think about what biden is when he killed the keystone xl pipeline, he's done everything to wage war on the oil & gas industry and gas prices are through the roof. everything that we buy here in america has got to be transport ed it has an inflationary impact hurting us all. lawrence: senator blackburn it seems like the white house strategy is to deny what the american people are feeling right now. >> sure. lawrence: in a tax on your
5:45 am
constituents right? >> oh, absolutely inflation is a tax because every time you go to the gas pump, the grocery store, every time you get ready to order something online, everything is costing more, so inflation is a tax that everybody pays, and if the democrats get their way, if they pass the build back broke plan, as i call it, then inflation is going to even go up more, and you're going to continue to see these pressures on what we have available to buy. lawrence: you talk about pressure. another pressure point is the crime in america. it used to be just in the liberal cities but now it's spreading to the suburbs and it seems like the white house doesn't necessarily have a response, whether it's defund the police, deny that the crime is an actual problem, they said the republicans are the ones that want to defund the police, we know that's a lie so what do you tell your constituents about this issue? safety is key. >> you know, and for women,
5:46 am
security moms, number one. they want their kids safe at school, they want their community safe, and security moms are coming back. you've gotta go secure that southern border, because until you do, every town is a border town, every state is a border state because of drugs and gangs and human traffickers, sex traffickers, so that be a great place for this administration to start, but they're refusing to do it. lawrence: last question to you senator the drugs that are spilling across this border, the fentanyl is literally taking people out. >> absolutely and it's coming from china. they're shipping the drugs right into mexico, flooding across the southern border like senator blackburn said, we've got to security and every month we don't, we're seeing drug increases flowing, people are dying. lawrence: it's a big issue, every state is a border state, every city is a border city. thank you all so much for joining me i'll send it back to you guys in new york. will: one last happy birthday to you, thank you. a dynamic country duo set to
5:47 am
perform a hit that's perfect for the countdown to christmas. rodney atkins and rose falcon join us live on fox square. >> ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
5:48 am
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5:51 am
ainsley: rodney atkins and rose falcon are coming together with their celebrated country music skills for a new christmas tune. will: the music duo, rod & rose retail the christmas story in their first original holiday single, " mary had a little lamb " and they join us now. good morning to both of you. so happy to have you. i believe right off the bat, we have a surprise for you guys, i mean ainsley has it. ainsley: would you like me to grab it? can i carry this? janice i might need your help, here we go. will: is it heavy? ainsley: the recording industry association, they are presenting you, rodney's other gig as a solo artist and this morning we're presenting rodney with this plaque to commemorate 14 million certified units across two gold album, a double platinum album, a gold single, three platinum singles and four double platinum singles, congratulations. >> [applause] >> thank you, guys oh, my god, didn't expect that. ainsley: do you have a place for this in your home? >> absolutely.
5:52 am
aniston because they are married with two little boys. >> tell us about the first time you performed here on fox & friends. >> we were pregnant with our second baby, we performed here too so this is so special to us. will: tell us about mary had a little lamb as well. we're going to hear that song today but tell us how it came together. >> you know i've had this idea for years, and it just kind of never really wrote it the way that i thought it should be, and then as we started working on this project together the record label said we'd love for you all to have a christmas song. i told her and our third writer on it that the idea and they both kind of laughed at me and said yeah, that's a nursery rhyme. >> rose, how many times have we sung that song to our little ones and i never thought about mary and joseph and jesus as the lamb. >> me neither. i was like whoa when he finally explained it i was like that's incredible and the most important thing in our lives is the birth of christ, and it's
5:53 am
just amazing. will: we're about to hear a little bit of mary had a little lamb we're excited guys take it away. ainsley: congratulations. >> ♪ where she laid down and the sleigh bells ringing, no decorations, and just a mother and child, tender and mild, that holy night in bethlehem, holy angels sang, mary had a little
5:54 am
lamb, and jesus was his name ♪ ♪ that newborn baby, our saviour, that holy night in bethlehem, all the angels sang, mary had a little lamb, jesus was his name ♪ ♪ jesus, jesus, that holy
5:55 am
night in bethlehem, all the angels sang, mary had a little lamb, jesus was his name ♪ ♪ that holy night in bethlehem , holy angels sung, mary had a little lamb, jesus was his name ♪ >> [applause]
5:56 am
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a mountain of toys to fulfill many wishes must be carried across all roads and all bridges. it's not magic that makes more holiday deliveries to homes in the us than anyone else, it's the hardworking people of the united states postal service. >> lawrence is down at the pancake pantry in nshville and today is his birthday. happy birthday. ♪ happy birthday to you, happy birthday, dear lawrence, happy birthday to you ♪ >> we love you, lawrence.
6:00 am
oh, they are singing to him. he didn't want that. too bad, lawrence. rodney and rose and good friends with joey jones, god bless you. thank you for being here. make their single number one. happy friday. >> bill: good morning, everybody. fox news alert. new inflation numbers, feels like 1982. the november consumer price index showing prices rose 6.8% over the past 12 months. the largest spike in nearly 40 years. it affects everything, the price of beef is 25% higher. used cars more than 30%, gas whopping 60%. inflation is a hidden tax that affects everyone. so how does it affect the biden agenda? more on that in moments. first however the verdict is in. three year


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