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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  December 10, 2021 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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>> greg: you will be first in line if no one else is doing it. >> jesse: there's a lot of theories. >> dagen: i can't even look at you in the i am afraid i'm going to turn into a pillar of salt. >> jesse: i'm glad i'm sitting away from you right now, dirty, dirty person. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> good evening, welcome to washington. breaking tonight, runaway inflation. consumer prices surged in november at the fastest pace in nearly four decades. you're paying more for everything from gasoline to groceries just in time for the holiday season. on the potential economic got punch this month, the crime crisis gripping the nation. all of this spells political trouble for president for president biden and congressional democrats have next year midterm elections. we begin tonight with white house correspondent jacqui heinrich.
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>> the president acknowledged with inflation this high may be tough to get votes in the senate for the spending plan he sees as the solution. >> i think you'll see it change sooner, quicker, more rapidly than most people think. >> president biden trying to look on the bright side after his labor department reported inflation surged more than expected last month to 6.8%, the fastest rate since 1982 when ronald reagan was president. >> every other aspect of the economy is racing ahead, it's doing incredibly well. we've never had this kind of growth in 60 years. but inflation is affecting people's lives. >> again blaming the pandemic for the supply chain disruptions that have driven inflation, the white house highlighted bright spots where prices have fallen since that data was gathered like natural gas and gasoline. >> we got the price down below three bucks per gallon but it
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has not gone down quickly enough. >> he acknowledge more has to be done before consumers feel confident about the economy's recovery as republicans continue to hammer the administration. >> you should look closely at who has a plan and who is shouting at a megaphone about it's a problem. we all agree it's a problem. speak of the white house sees spending bills is the biggest tool to reduce costs. health care, prescription drugs, child care. >> the reason why people think economists think it's going to impact inflation is it's going to reduce costs for ordinary people. >> meantime the white house is also facing another rising problem, crime. >> we are committed to, proposed additional funding, we are working directly now and obviously this work is ongoing. >> the white house responded to criticism from law enforcement groups they aren't doing enough. >> we've yet to find an agency that has had assistance in the search of crime by the federal
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government. >> the white house and doj both provided us with lengthy statements highlighted areas where resources have been allocated to address in this including grants to hire more police officers were crime is up and more recently in l.a. having the fbi and u.s. attorneys work with local police to determine if there is a federal nexus to crack down on this rash of robberies. >> mike: did you ask the white house today about the jussie smollett verdict and old tweets by the president and the vice president rushing to support him? >> jen psaki, i asked her if there were any lessons learned since jussie smollett was found guilty of lying about all of this, the president tweeted at the time of the attack, we are with you jussie and vice president harris called it had attempted to modern-day lynching. jen psaki said there were lessons for everyone who commented at the time including former president trump, she said the white house respects the jury's decision and lying about
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a hate crime is shameful making it harder for real victims to be believed. >> mike: jacqui heinrich is starting us off on the north lawn, many thanks. stocks were up, the dow gained 216, the s&p 500 finished ahead to a new record close. for the week, the dow surged four percentage points, the s&p 500 was up just under four, the nasdaq gained a three and two-thirds. a partial win for both sides tonight in a ruling from the united state supreme court on the texas abortion ban. justices are letting the law stand but giving opponents the right to sue over it. correspondent alexandria hoff has the details. [chanting] >> in a split decision the u.s. supreme court ruled that lawsuits challenging texas is controversial abortion law can continue but so can the novel enforcement mechanism that incentivizes private citizens rather than state officials to issue violations.
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the conservative majority prevailed but in partial dissent chief justice john roberts wrote the nature of the federal right does not matter, it is the world the supreme court in the constitutional system at stake. justice sonia sotomayor or put further adding it would have far-reaching repercussions, i doubt the country is prepared for them. while the justice department's request to pause enforcement has persisted, the high court has allowed private abortion advocates to sue over the law, it went into effect nearly three months ago and makes abortions illegal after the detection of fetal cardiac activity typically around six weeks. >> it's good news because the law will remain in effect as it has for quite some time. already saving thousands of lives. >> vice president kamala harris said the ruling threatens 50 years of precedent. >> we will continue to fight for the constitutional right of all women to make decisions about their own body.
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>> a september fox news poll shows 65% of registered voters feel roe v. wade should stand as is and for the first time that includes a majority of republican voters. but another case being weighed by the supreme court could strike down the 1973 decision. mississippi's dobbs v jackson women's health organization challenges the state's 15 week abortion ban. if upheld, it could effectively remove the nationwide constitutional guarantee of previability abortion. a decision in the mississippi case is likely to come sometime in the spring but as for texas tonight president biden said he's very concerned about this law are remaining in effect as legal challenges continue. >> mike: alexandria hoff live at the supreme court, many thanks. a horrible tragedy tonight involving migrants headed for the united states, more than 50 are dead and dozens injured after a transport truck crashed in southern mexico. the incident underlines just how dangerous that journey can be.
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>> a woman weeps at the site of a grim scene in southern mexico on thursday, that's where a tractor trailer carrying up the 200 migrants crashed while taking a curve, at least 54 migrants died with more than 100 others injured. the mostly central american migrants were headed to the united states when the truck crashed, the accident one of the deadliest involving migrants in decades. in bracket build near del rio, texas dps pulled over a u-haul truck driven by two suspected human smugglers who claimed they were just moving. the driver admits to a trooper that he has people in the back of the truck. >> how many? >> i don't know, total. there's some people in there. >> from where? why are they in the back?
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>> multiple illegal immigrants were found in the back. the driver and passenger both arrested for human smuggling. dps tells fox news both men are crips gang members from oklahoma and had three handguns with them, two which were stolen. in yuma, arizona, border patrol resources are completely overwhelmed. the mayor says over 6,000 migrants have passed through the city in recent days. more than 2000% increase. some people appear to be walking around the city with no border patrol to apprehend them. the mayor has declared a local state of emergency saying he had to do to the unprecedented number of migrants entering the city prior to being processed and released by border patrol. earlier today i did reach out to both of arizona's democratic senators to ask them what
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comment do they have with what is going down in yuma right now? senator mark kelly's office got back to me and told me he has already spoken with dhs secretary alejandra mallorca's and urged him to take immediate action by sending more federal resources down to the yuma area. when it comes to senator kyrsten sinema, i never heard back from them when i reached out. >> mike: thanks very much. tonight wikileaks founder julian assange may be one big step closer to extradition to the u.s. a british judge has thrown out a lower court decision that could've kept them in the u.k. greg palkot does in london this evening. >> time might be running out for wikileaks founder julian assange. a high court in london overturned his earlier ruling that the u.s. prison system would be too brutal for the 50 year old and he would represent a suicide risk for his jailers. he would face a total of 175 years in prison on 17 counts of espionage for posting online a
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slew of classified u.s. government documents especially those pertaining to the war in iraq and afghanistan. >> the united states department of justice under two administrations now have said this is the largest compromise of classified material in the history of the united states. >> after hearing u.s. lawyers saying he would be treated humanely and he could serve the time in his own country, the judges found there is no reason why this court should not accept the assurances at meaning what they say. there is no basis for assuming the usa is not given the assurance is good faith. for many he is a champion in free speech. >> every generation has an epic fight to fight and this is ours because julian represents the fundamental of what it means to live in a free society. >> his lawyers say they want to appeal any served time could be shortened, he's only been in jail for two and a half years and held up in the ecuadorian
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embassy where he was dodging assault charges in sweden, now dropped. but he always feared being sent to the u.s. >> this extradition saga is about to end. he's a smart man and a complicated one, for some is a hero, for others he's most definitely a villain, he could soon be facing his reckoning. >> mike: greg palkot in london tonight. up next, georgia governor brian kemp about the primary challenge he is facing a next year's midterm election cycle. first, beyond our borders tonight to pick world powers in iran are back at the bargaining table in talks to provide a macro five at 2050 nuclear deal. a european source working from text to discuss the five months ago, iranian officials say they are sticking to a tough stance. finland agreed to buy lockheed martin fighter jets to replace its aging fleet of combat planes. the $11 billion deal for new f-35 a fighters is the finnish military's largest purchase
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ever. former israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu defends congratulated president biden on his victory, axios reports president trump was upset with him after making a video message for the new president. benjamin netanyahu said it was important given the prominence of the u.s.-israeli alliance. some of the other stories beyond our borders tonight, we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ oh, it's just a cold. if you have high blood pressure, a cold is not just a cold. unlike other cold medicines, coricidin provides powerful cold relief without raising your blood pressure be there for life's best moments with coricidin. now in sugar free liquid. (vo) with verizon business unlimited plans, you can get 5g, truly unlimited data, and more hotspot data. because every business deserves better. and with plans as low as $30, better costs less than you think. visit us in store or book an appointment to save time and money.
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with a 2-year price guarantee. give your business the gift of savings today. comcast business. powering possibilities. >> mike: the house committee probing the capital why it is issuing six more subpoenas demanding information from witnesses including some top aides from former president trumps white house. among those on the list, brian jack who is the president's white house director and running for a house seat in ohio with mr. trump's endorsement. also subpoenaed to come former fox news executive brian lewis and moms for america leader kim fletcher. ♪ ♪ tonight midterm focus looks at the governor's race in georgia, here is my colleague bret baier. >> in tonight's special report spotlight on the midterms we
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turn our attention to the governor's races. currently republicans controlled 27 governorships to democrats 23. 36 states will hold elections for governor next year, 20 are led by republicans. democrats are defending 16. but only 7 are considered possums right now. in what's become a battleground georgia, democrat stacey abrams announced she is running, she wants a rematch with our guest, governor brian kemp. she lost in 2018 in a nail-biter election, but before she gets that chance, brian kemp will have to fend off a challenge. former senator david perdue announced he wants kemp's job. thanks for joining us. are you surprised you're getting primary in this race? >> i've been preparing for 30 years for a tough reelection cycle, this is a battle for the soul of our state, nothing surprises me in politics these
3:18 pm
days. i've been in the fight to keep our economy up, keep our kids in the classroom, make sure our church is never close in georgia. i've been in a fight standing with law enforcement officials and our men and women on the ground every day. the other side wants to do exactly the opposite of that, that is what the fight for the soul of this state is going to be about, them wanting to close down and not having our kids in school, not wanting our church is to be open. not having a great economy. defunding the police. if anybody else is getting in that fight you have to ask them why. >> bret: david perdue and his announcement for running in this primary slam do you take a listen. >> unfortunately today we are divided in brian kemp and brad raffensperger are to blame. i like brian, this isn't personal. it's simple. he has failed all of us and cannot win in november. >> bret: what is your response to that? >> he can't get over the fact that he lost to a 33-year-old
3:19 pm
nobody and is trying to find blame on anybody and he's not being truthful with people. while david perdue has been playing golf for nine months, we passed the election integrity act. his campaign and his lawyers could have been on the court room and saw these things going on, they could've challenged the election. they could have asked for a recount. he's out to blame other people, i'm not doing that. i'm going to be running on my record which is a good one and i'm looking forward to talking to the voters about that whether it's against him or anybody else in the primary and it certainly stacey abrams. >> bret: do you feel you are running against former president trump? he's weighed and already on this primary and he weighed in saying this would be interesting and i can't imagine brian kemp has hurt election integrity can do well in the ballot box unless the election is rigged. he cost two senate seats and a presidential victory in the state of georgia. that's the former president weighing in on the republican race.
3:20 pm
>> i can't control with other people are saying and doing, i'm worried about what people in georgia think. i'm running to be there governor, not anybody else who lives around the country for anybody who's not concerned about this race. you look at the election integrity even when i was secretary of state, we didn't have any of these issues going on. i sued the obama justice department to make sure we had a citizenship check. i defended our photo i.d. requirement in the court of law and won against the obama justice department. we are going to win against the biden justice department who was suing over our elections integrity act. every single republican in the georgia general assembly voted for the election integrity act and they ran on the record in november 3rd and had a great night in the state of georgia, even when people like my opponent lost to a political novice. >> bret: do you think this primary, the fact that it's happening hurts republicans overall in the ultimate goal to
3:21 pm
win back the governor's race against stacey abrams? >> we saw in virginia when everyone is united that can be very powerful pushing back against the federal overreach in the disaster we've seen at the border. georgia has had national guard troops down there supporting the border patrol mission. we saw the disastrous pullout in afghanistan. we've seen the policies of the biden administration and the leftists in d.c. cost 30-year inflation and supply chain issues, it's been republican governors including myself that have been providing solutions for those issues. when we talk about that, we can win. when we get distracted and fight one another, obviously that's not helpful. we are going to win the primary and beat stacey abrams in november just like glenn youngkin did. speak to the atlanta braves won the world series after the all-star game was pulled out of georgia. the georgia bulldogs are in the ncaa finals even though they had a bump against -- bump on the
3:22 pm
road against alabama. it seems everything is going right in georgia but it could be a nasty fight. >> republican primary politics is tough. i've been through that before, not scared of that fight, that is a decision someone else has made it to create that fight, i can't control that. i'm going to continue to talk to georgians about what i think they care about. a great economy, having schools open, having secure and fair elections. there's no doubt about it, i'm frustrated like everybody else. i worked extremely hard for president trump and our two u.s. senators but also our whole to get up and down the ballot. we saw mechanical things we needed to fix and we did in every single republican voted for it to. we've also been doing great things with rural broadband to strengthen rural georgia, we had great economic development announcements here. if we are doing great stuff with transportation and logistics. you look at our port in the
3:23 pm
state of georgia come our two ports versus l.a. long beach and other ports around the country, we are thriving. we are moving goods and making sure that santa claus is going to be present at christmas and delivered at christmas. we have a lot of things to be optimistic about and that is a message i'm going to be running, not trying to blame someone else for my problems or tough times that i've been through. >> bret: governor bryan camp of georgia, we appreciate your time and we'll all this race. >> mike: thanks. >> it's being treated like retail theft when in fact this is part of a coordinated effort. >> mike: up next, retailers beg congress for help fighting a spike in crime during the crucial holiday season.
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to act as a surge of smash and grab robberies and democrat-controlled cities leave sphere and economic peril in the christmas shopping season. congressional democrats are supporting policies that many believe are contributing to the crisis. >> at a time when crime is spiking in major cities, progressives on the hill are focused on criminal justice reform and the speeding up the process of clemency for criminals. >> this administration has
3:28 pm
repeatedly expressed no commitment to racial justice. >> even though their democratic colleagues are concerned about the crime surge -- >> we need to invest in more and better law enforcement. >> progressives are carrying on. >> one has nothing to do with the other. >> that is giving republicans more ammo as the g.o.p. lays the blame for surging crime squarely on democrats. in a statement shared exclusively with fox, house minority leader kevin mccarthy said that criminal smash and grab robberies, deadly attacks perpetrated by criminals out on bail when they should be behind bars, refusal to prosecute crime by far left prosecutors in big cities, and a wave of law enforcement retirements and resignations are taking a tragic toll on our communities. congressional lawmakers are under in pressure to do something about the jump in retail theft as of 20 ceos of the nation's largest retailers
3:29 pm
like target and nordstrom sent a letter to congress to pass the informed consumers act, a bipartisan measure to increase the transparency of online marketplaces like amazon to try to stop at the sale of illegal products oftentimes stolen in these smash and grab us. they say implementing basic transparency and verification protocols is essential and will finally expose criminals who are selling consumer domestic consumers stolen, take products. >> that they are funding things like guns on the street, human trafficking, terrorism and a lot more. >> the informed consumers act is sponsored by consumer protection share, it has passed in committee and next up is the house floor. >> mike: many thanks. for the pennsylvania supreme court has thrown up a statewide mask mandate for schools, justices ruled the requirement which also applies
3:30 pm
to child care facilities is not valid because it was imposed by democratic governor tom wolf's acting health secretary without legal authorization. no comment so far from the governor's office. medical experts are predicting two new pills to treat covid-19 will change daily life and go a long way toward restoring normalcy. here is correspondent gillian turner. >> two new coded antiviral pills are on the verge of fda approval. public health experts say the drugs are game changers that can get americans back to normal life. hhs secretary says they can accelerate our path out of this pandemic. both cut the risk of hospitalization and death according to clinical trials. pfizer's drug it slashes risk by over 85% and merck by 50%. even more promising, pfizer's ceo says americans with access to drugs might not have to worry about variants like delta and omicron in the future.
3:31 pm
>> resist the antiviral effect -- >> hospital officials say the pills will render the covid threat more ordinary like the common cold or flu. >> this a lot of attractive features about it's just like there is for influenza. >> public health experts claim the pills are easy to take. >> people can have these pills ready to go in their medicine cabinets and if they then discovered that they are symptomatic with covid and they test positive, they can start taking the pills right away. >> taking them early on in an affection within five days of the start of symptoms. this means patients at the do a test, get a prescription and fill it fast. now the billion-dollar question is how much americans will have to pay. the federal government placed advanced orders for 1.7 million doses of the pill at $530 per course and 10 million of merck
3:32 pm
at $700 per course. >> we will ensure these medicines are available to the hardest hit communities in america as well. >> the fda has given emergency authorizations for 16 and 17-year-olds to get a third dose of the pfizer vaccine. pfizer is the only booster option available for americans other than 18, next of the cdc needs to weigh in. >> mike: gillian turner in washington at night, thanks very much. of the federal aviation administration says it has found no safety issues after investigating allegations made against blue origins human space flight program. the faa said in september it would review safety concerns raised by former blue origin employees. it said today it found no specific safety issues and is taking no action against the company owned by amazon founder jeff bezos'. up next, saying goodbye to legendary senator bob dole.
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>> mike: most of the top political figures in the u.s. were on hand to pay tribute to the late senator bob dole. congressional correspondent chad pergram looks at today's memorial service. >> bob dole laid in state at the capitol rotunda, his final visit to a building where he forged a legacy. political friends and foes squeezed into the pews of washington's national cathedral to bid farewell. >> bob was literally the master of the senate. >> president biden served there with dole for more than two decades, he was surprised to learn he cast a decisive vote to save amtrak. >> why would you do that? he said the best way to get
3:38 pm
joe biden out of here at night. >> i will miss him, so much. i think i will still talk to him every night. i love you, dad, i promise you will never walk alone. >> it was bob dole who raised $200 million in private money to build the shrine. >> he did all but mixed the concrete himself, which he may have done had he had the use of that right arm. >> it took years. >> some things take a long time and you've got to be patient. >> dole said he learned patients recovering from his war injuries. brad hammer schmidt's grandfather attended high school with him in muscle kansas. >> it just goes to show you some times experienced defeat in life but you've just got to make the most out of it and he sure did
3:39 pm
the. >> dole is now offering services of his beloved home state. ♪ ♪ >> taps is now sounding for this giant of our time and of all time. >> at the world war ii memorial, and inscription reads "here we mark the price of freedom," the marble towers are a thank you note to those who served, those like bob dole. >> mike: a giant in american politics, thank you. up next, the panel on the big inflation number, the big supreme court ruling on abortion, plus winners and losers. here's what some of our fox affiliates around the country are covering tonight to pick outfox 5 in york as governor kathy hochul issues and indoor mask mandate for all public places that do not require proof of vaccination. she says the measure is to prevent the spread of the coronavirus during winter months, it will be effective during january 15th.
3:40 pm
box 2 in san francisco as the american red cross issues an urgent call to donations for their blood, platelet, and plasma supplies which have dropped to dangerously low levels. the red cross says the drop is due to increase in blood drives because the pandemic. and this is a live look at denver from fox 31. the big story tonight, denver officially reports his first snowfall of the season with three tenths of an inch measured at denver international airport shattering and 87-year-old record for the latest first snow of the season. the last date of measurable snowfall in the area was april 21st, the 232 day gap marks the second longest such streak in city history. that is tonight's live look outside the beltway for special report, we'll be right back. ♪ ♪
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3:45 pm
it's a real bump in the road. >> the building back better plan has no impact on the kind of inflation we are talking about right now. it doesn't make it better, it doesn't make it worse. what it does is it eases long-term inflationary pressure. >> do not sell allied to the american people, it is a lie to say these programs cost 1.75 trillion because it's a lie. the combination of historic ties in inflation and the true cost of this bill should require the democratic party to abandon build back better. >> mike: consumer prices surged at the fastest pace nearly four decades in november, let's take a look at the numbers year-over-year. up 6.8%, energy up 33.3%. gasoline up to 58.1%, and beef up nearly 21% two with that, let's bring in our panel, ben
3:46 pm
domenech, and juan williams a fox news analyst and panelist, welcome. then, leave us off on the issue of inflation. >> i think you have to start with an acknowledgment on the part of president biden that this is a bump in the road. i still don't think he understands how big of a bump it really is. the fact is mike emanuel i turn 40 in january, congrats to me and it's the largest increase of inflation in my lifetime, i think that is something that says a significant question should be raised about the way the biden administration has approached trying to correct what they view as the economic woes in our situation. when it comes to the build back better plan, the news that we got today from cbo really does vindicate every concern that has been expressed by
3:47 pm
senator manchin and others about the ultimate costs of this plan. what their expectations ought to be in terms of what should add to our debt and it really can't satisfy any of the concerns among members who are deeply worried at least behind closed doors, some expressing it publicly that the administration's approach to economic policy has only made these problems worse. >> mike: you made reference to build back better and senator joe manchin, here he is. >> we got three major changes in this build back better that we should all be very careful what we do. there's a major change in our tax structure, major change. a major change in social services that we provide and there's a major change of the whole approach to climate and the energy sector. that's major. we get any one of those wrong and we are in trouble. >> mike: what does that say to you? >> i think similar to the infrastructure bill, the problem the democrats have had is the fighting has been within their
3:48 pm
own party on these bills. you can see it right here. david drug the infrastructure negotiations out for months so that by the time they actually passed something it was met with a whimper. i think similar to build back better, it's very hard even if they are able to pass it, it's hard for this to get through to the american people, you have a cnbc poll saying 56% of americans disapprove of biden's handling of the economy and for voters who say the economy is their number one issue, republicans have over 20 points, 25-point advantage -- that is not how you want to go into the midterms and for whatever reason whatever bills they are working on, the inflation and other noise in the economy is canceling out any wins they get. >> mike: i'm hearing senator manchin's tone, does that suggest waiting until next year and see where we are? >> i think what it suggests is joe manchin is in a point of
3:49 pm
negotiation with chuck schumer and joe biden's white house and he is holding a very strong hand. let's be clear, inflation is real. i don't think -- transitory headed to the dustbins of history. the white house make this point and they will make it strongly to joe manchin that right now the job market is strong. we've seen very good numbers in terms of unemployment, we seem good numbers in terms of wage gain and we've seen good numbers in terms of the gross domestic product. the economy continues to grow strong. the political impact is very real and i think that's where you come to people like joe manchin and build back better. the economists still say as we just heard on the program that the build back better program is not inflationary and in fact it will help to get more people back into the labor force. we had a dearth of workers so we can use that. i think that is the message to
3:50 pm
joe manchin. it's not as if it's going to kill build back better but i think it gives him a stronger hand to make more demands and shape the bill. >> they need every democratic vote to pass it in the united states senate and he is clearly managing a hard bargain. let's shift gears and go on to this texas abortion ruling in the united states supreme court. here are some of the back and forth on that. >> the president is very concerned by the supreme court's decision. the ruling this morning is a reminder of how much these rights are at risk. >> this case is not about the substance of whether roe v. wade is going to be overturned, it's about whether the federal government has standing to sue me the attorney general who has no authority to actually permit any of this. >> what is your take away from today's ruling. >> there are number of takeaways from today's ruling, this is a
3:51 pm
technical, legal ruling as opposed to something about the merits of the law in question. it will allow continued challenges to emerge from it, to effectively short-circuit what texas did. here's the thing to keep in mind, no matter what happens in the outcome in the mississippi case which everyone should be focused on, within the next several months we are going to see abortion politics in this country change fundamentally. either the court will rule in favor of mississippi and ultimately send this issue back to the states where it will become a hot-button issue in many of the states across the country if not all of them, or it will rule in a different direction raising questions about the entire conservative legal project that has led us to this point of even having the question of abortion being for the court, potentially rolling it back to the states and allowing people to decide. we are headed down the situation here which i think very few politicians currently understand and many are waking up to.
3:52 pm
abortion politics in america is never going to be the same after next year. it is going to change fundamentally in one way or another. >> final ruling expected of the end of the session right in the heart of the midterm campaign. >> 1% of voters are saying in the polls this is an issue they care the most about compared to other issues and i think ben hit the nail on the head, i think we are going to see that 1% to cup extremely on both sides of the aisle. >> mike: let's get your thoughts before we move on. >> i think the key point for people is that the law is allowed to remain in place in texas but the suits are now allowed to proceed to. that's a partial victory if you will for the majority of americans who think that abortion rights should remain in place. the reality is everybody should be paying attention to that
3:53 pm
mississippi case. >> mike: time for winners and losers, bend, lead us off. >> my winter for the week is joe manchin who as i said, it was vindicated by the cbo's ruling when it came to build back better and the questions he had raised. my loser of the week is anyone who was naive enough within the media or the celebrity class to go out and defend jussie smollett whose case obviously resulted in the kind of conclusion i think we can all say, this is actually what happened. anyone who was out there defending them has to be questioning things today. >> mike: morgan, you're up. >> my winner of the week is vladimir putin, he is able to amass troops on the ukrainian border and he gets reprimanded but he suffers no repercussions, no sanctions and he gets face time with biden. my loser of the week is china. the u.s. and u.k. and others are doing a diplomatic boycott. >> mike: bring us home. >> i think it's obvious bob dole is the big winner, his legacy,
3:54 pm
president biden praising him as a great patriot. this is a fun friday, she's no loser but i think taylor swift suffered a loss of this week. she's going to have to go to court and testify in a copyright infringement case for her famous song "shake it off." >> mike: my winter, rutgers scarlet knights beating number . when we come back, notable quotables. so they only pay for what they need. (gasps) ♪ did it work? only pay for what you need ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ spider-man no way home in theaters december 17th
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(vo) with verizon business unlimited plans, you can get 5g, truly unlimited data, and more hotspot data. matching your job description. because every business deserves better. and with plans as low as $30, better costs less than you think. visit us in store or book an appointment to save time and money. ♪ ♪ >> mike: it's friday, time for notable quotables. >> the biden administration will not send diplomatic or official representation to the beijing 2022 winter olympics, standing up for human rights is in the dna of americans. >> if we see tanks in the streets of kiev, it will be because joe biden surrendered to
3:59 pm
putin. >> if, in fact, he invades ukraine, there will be severe consequences. >> jussie smollett is guilty of the first five charges. >> given the speed of it, emphatically rejected his testimony. >> i am pro-vaccine but i am anti-mandate. >> just keeps getting weaker on crime and softer on public safety. >> crime is down but for homicides. >> it will do more to lower cost than any piece of legislation in american history. >> we had 17 nobel laureates saying it's going to be no problem. 17 nobel laureates were wrong. >> bob will be with us always cracking a joke, moving a bill, finding common ground. a genuine hero. >> the memory and conscience of the man himself will always be here as long as there is an
4:00 pm
america. >> mike: monday on special report, china's campaign to influence american state and local governments. on fox news sunday, new york city mayor bill de blasio and south carolina senator lindsey graham are chris wallace's guests. my special guests will be arizona attorney general mark byrne of edge. thanks for watching special report, i'm mike emanuel in washington. fox news prime time hosted by tammy bruce starts now. >> tammy: tonight, more fallout following that jussie smollett guilty verdict exposing another media driven hoax, another false narrative and an effort to write the story before facts come in. the scandal is also a media scandal with the press so eager to use everything and anything to bludgeon donald trump, his supporters, and conservatives, even the most dubious suspicious claims about an alleged hate crime are bolstered through