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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  December 10, 2021 7:00pm-8:00pm PST

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as always you make the show possible and we can never thank you enough. set your dvr and never miss an episode. it let your hearts not be troubled, the "the ingraham angle," laura ingraham coming up. we will see you back here another day. ♪ ♪ >> laura: on laura ingraham, this is "the ingraham angle." after a very busy week former presidential will be joining us tonight to discuss everything from why the republicans are helping democrats but the whole debt ceiling thing to his exclusive reaction to the jussie smollett verdict. a case that exploded during his time in offense. you're not going to want to miss it. just how different do christmas specials look today? weil, plus biden stumbling through his democracy summit,
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raymond arroyo has at all with "friday follies." but first, heading to the cliff, that's the focus of tonight's "angle." as "angle" noted, democrats are earning hypersonic panic in the mid terms of 2020 form. they know they are headed for a crash which is why they convene their so-called summit for democracy yesterday. they are engaged in what i think is an elaborate but quite transparent attempt at preemptive spins. >> double the number to prevent voting discrimination, provide baseline for assessing and accessing the ballot box. it's because the anti-voter laws that many states passed are part of the intentional effort to exclude americans from participating in our democracy. our congress must act. it's going congress must act, they knew the putrid bills are going nowhere and buried
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him all that's left is this. the jussie smollett defense losing. in other words, we are not losers, we are victims. victims of a recent system that perpetuates white privilege that somehow elected barack obama twice. this is the party of hope for change or at least it was? that's really funny. what's clear is that democrats are headed full speed ahead to the cliff's edge. not only are they not hitting the brakes though, they cut the brake lines altogether. the old party of fdr and jfk, now more like the party of soma louise. you think i'm exaggerating here, the g.o.p.'s leading the democrats now by double digits in the generic ballot for the first time ever the cn bac all-american survey. that's a ten-point lead. biden's approval rating remained set a pathetic 41%.
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the so-called urban ring county, surrounding cities now prefer a republican control of congress by five points. do you remember all the articles about how they g.o.p. has lost the suburbs forever? as hard as it is to believe, it turns out that a lot of serb overnights like a strong economy and border, you bet. according to the same poll them in the most important issue are inflation, immigration, and of course safety, crime. it democrats have bombed each one. on the economy, biden's approval is underwater by a whopping 19 points. probably going to drop further on today's inflation announcement. >> up 6.8, and of course this is a new record the highest level since june of 1982.
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food and energy year-over-year it's up 4.9. that's the highest level since june 1991. 30 years. >> laura: anyway you slice it, inflation is raging, devastating workers wages, and family savings. but after the white house invited reporters over recently for a special off-camera briefing, magically, the press found reasons for great optimism. >> to me we have the strongest economy i have ever seen. >> people are confident about their jobs. they can get better ones if they want to. if they are spending more than i've ever seen, and doing so in a roaring '20 style. >> the national average for a national galant lowest since october. look at that. >> laura: falls.
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how insulting and monstrously out of touch. about elise joe biden has a smart number to trim behind him can step into offer sage advice in difficult times. oh wait, kamala harris, the democrats are between a rock and a hard place. if something should happen to biden, or if he doesn't run for reelection, which he won't, they are stuck with an unqualified, unintelligent, and completely unlikable woman as their presumptive front runner. in a hypothetical matchup, trump receives 50% support, harris 41% support. trump would win the electoral college by a landslide with that margin. with a suppose a backup plan, mayor pete, democrats are in need for deeper trouble buried in the matchup, the former president receives an 11-point
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margin of victory. okay. this is what happens when you put diversity over merit, talent and experience in the end always win out. it turns out my or nardi value confidence and resolve, just as just as much as anybody else it makes sense that with the biden wreckage piling up, the g.o.p. is seeing a huge gain among hispanic voters. a recent "wall street journal" poll notes hispanic voters are split in their choice for congress, 37% said they support the republican congressional candidates, 37% said they favor the democrats. now in 2020, biden beat trump among hispanics by 30 points. but in a head-to-head matchup, the journal recorded the votes evenly split. 43-43. that is stunning. we are not just talking huge gains in texas, florida, big
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gains for republicans a part of the northeast as well. the lesson for republicans is obvious. trump policies work the mother is no going back to the old perpetual war open borders, globalist views of yesteryear. soon, they should if they are smart, unveiled a new 20th century contract. revive the oil and gas industry through exploration, shake off education, advance small businesses, reinvigorate american manufacturing, it is all a winning strategy. any republican who goes down the path of liz cheney, well, we'll just be joining the democrats in their soma and louise ending. ♪ ♪
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and that his "the angle," there they go, joining me now is ari fleischer former white house press secretary and fox news contributor. lisa boothe, and fox news contributor. stephen miller, former senior advisor to trump an american first legal founder. ari, now the democrats keep acting like this is a messaging problem. but what is at the root of this plummeting series of polls for biden, common law, and the rest? speak of the root cause is that joe biden is the president of the united states. he's in over his head. but every one of the major issues of consequence that you cited, look at what joe biden has done inside. he said illegal immigration to america with seasonal, but it's not. he said that inflation was transitory, but it isn't. he said that he would get all americans out of afghanistan, he didn't. he said that nobody told him to
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leave 2,500 troops in afghanistan, but all the generals did. he said he wouldn't impose vaccine mandates, but he did. every issue of consequence, joe biden has been wrong. and there is the personal side of joe biden who said he was arrested in south africa during his 2020 campaign. he said he used to drive an 18 wheel trucks, said it recently. he said he went to visit after he didn't. i'm sorry, laura, but he keeps coming up a few front-row short of a happy meal. that's the problem. >> laura: despite the terrible inflation news, biden was bragging about the economy today. watch. >> every other aspect of the economy is racing ahead to, it's doing incredibly well. we've never had this kind of growth in 60 years. of all the other things are in the build back better plan, reducing costs for ordinary people. reducing costs for ordinary people. >> laura: stephen, reducing
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costs. this is stunning. >> this man is delusional. if we are more than 3 million jobs short of where we were before the shutdown, the lockdowns primary in blue states put into effect. that means if joe biden had just done nothing, zero, we would have more than 3 million jobs and potentially a lot more than 3 million jobs than we have today if he just stayed the course with trump's policies. for the build back better plan, we have an accurate score that shows these things going to add $3 trillion to the deficit despite the massive crippling tax hikes. that means everything in america is going to be more expensive, because when the government plows money into things like they have for example in higher education, what happens? bills go up and then on top of that of course runaway inflation which means that everything becomes out of reach for hardworking americans. >> laura: lisa, there is also
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a stunning moment from samantha power at the democracy summit today. look. of speak of the rise of new technologies over the past two decades parallels the democratic recession are discussing, the abuse of technology and personal data to spread the information, pitting citizens against one another. if there are problems i can start at our shores and spread abroad. >> laura: lisa, about cycling speech ahead of 2022 and 2024, online and elsewhere apparently. >> stifling of freedom that we have scene, stripping americans of their freedom. i think the biggest problem democrats are facing is that they are simply too woke. a perfect headline to summarize today's democratic party was back in may when aoc illegally parked or $60,000 tesla outside a whole foods. that's today's democrats partner insistence on calling hispanics let next when 2-4% like the
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term. or critical race theories, 12 points. this has become a part need of coastal elites and liberals and what they've done this left the rest of america up for grabs. that's why we have seen the republican party really turned into the multiethnic working-class party and winning back congress if they just stick to the basics and freedom, law and order. reducing the financial burn in and they win. >> laura: the big issues in the poll that i cited on "the angle" and i'll ask president trump about this in the moment. inflation, crime, the border. inflation, crime, barter, those are bread and butter issues, those are kitchen table issues. african-americans, hispanics, who says they like to live in the work world is lisa said.
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i was a lower standard of living good for anybody? speak of the thing about inflation and crime, they cut you every time you walk out on the street, those are tangible real issues that people suffer from. of course immigration too send you the signal we do not follow the laws in america anymore that people can come here illegally and nobody cares. it's a sense of right and wrong. the issues pileup and pile up to joe biden taking the wrong side and the democrats have taken a wrong sign on so many of the issues. they change and hispanic voting if it lasts is so significant, it is vital to the future of the republican party. what do you think? hispanic americans care about these things, not just because people cater to them on hispanic issues, they are american issues, daily life issues. democrats are increasingly out of touch on all of them. >> laura: i remember when you and i were working on one of the
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old amnesty proposals trying to defeat it when it was gurgling up through congress. at the time, a lot of republican bigwig said you can't win the hispanic vote if you're strong on the border. if you come across strong on immigration you can't win that void. how many times did we hear that and what do the new numbers tell us in the turnout for trump and in the polls that just came out in the last few days? speak i remember well and they tried to throw us out of the republican party for standing up for sovereignty and strong borders. the trump revolution proved that hispanic voters care about the quality of life. that means safe communities, it means strong borders, it means a rising standard of living and growing wages. what does uncontrolled illegal immigration do? it makes everything more difficult for working hispanics and makes it harder to get a job and harder to get health care. harder to get a quality
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education, harder to be safe, harder to have drug-free communities. if it's an attack on working people. we are seeing what happens we have globalism under biden instead of america first trumpism. we want to be safe and prosperous. >> laura: lisa, looking at the numbers for the 12 cities that have the highest murder rate, they all are run by liberal democrats. every single one. when are they going to wake up and when are they going to throw the bum out? >> i don't think they care, because this is a party that worships at the altar of criminals. remember, kamala harris told jacob blake that she's proud of him. a man who showed up to re-victimize a woman who pulled a knife on police officers. it's a political party that puts a statue of george floyd who is a criminal. i don't think they get it because they don't care. they worship and then they wonder why we have such problems with the criminal activities and
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all that different cities along the southern border. i agree with white's ari and stephen said, let's get back to the kitchen table issues in the issues that impact americans, the border, law and order, reducing financial costs. republicans, will win the house and the senate. of >> laura: panel, excellent discussion you will not see anywhere else. in moments, my exclusive interview with former president trump area to his thoughts on the new g.o.p. coalition of voters that he helped create, and the recent waves of crime hitting democrat run cities, the jussie smollett verdict, and a verdict and court decision that went adverse his own decision. stay there. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> laura: we are now pleased to be joined by former president donald j. trump. he just announced the upcoming release of his first official book since leaving the white house, it's called "our journey together." over 120,000 copies have sold in just under two weeks. if you can get yours at 45
7:22 pm mr. president, congrats on the book. thank you for joining us tonight. we will get you the books in the next segment but i want to start with something i touched on and my angle earlier which is the forty-year high in inflation right now. the prices going up, biden's blaming it on the pandemic and then you have folks like jim cramer and cnbc saying it's the best economy ever. he is gushing and your response? >> mr. trump: it's not the best economy ever, and we have inflation that's killing our country. if you saw what inflation did to jimmy carter's presidency. we will have worse than that and you look at gas prices. if gasoline was at $1.87 a gallon and now in california it's over $7. $7.77 to be exact. it will be catching up with a lot of other parts of the country.
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we are not doing well, we are doing horribly in terms of image all over the world with the afghanistan disaster. the border with millions and millions of people pouring into our country. i think we're in a very low point in our country's history and a very embarrassing point. >> laura: i want to get to something that mitch mcconnell said just a few months ago. about bailing out the democrats by agreeing to raise the debt ceiling, he said your lieutenants on capitol hill now have the time they claim to lack two address reconciliation and the tools to do it. if they invest another crisis and asked for my help. speaking then to chuck schumer. but now, he flipped on that. what's your reaction to mitch mcconnell reneging on the pledge? >> mr. trump: as usual, he gave up and he's done a terrible job. if i call it the bill because
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it's not infrastructure, it's about anywhere from 9% to 11% infrastructure and that's got past. he has the build back worse bill and that's worst for our country. he announced it's going to be over $5 trillion. $1.7 trillion, no it's over $5 trillion in other people agree with that. it's absolutely killing the fabric of our nation and what we stand for. which mcconnell should have used the debt ceiling -- i watched you arguing with a certain senator from louisiana and i'm not talking about the great senator kennedy who is doing great job. oh, he's a disaster. of >> laura: when you're talking about my back and forth -- you're talking about my back and forth with senator cassidy of louisiana where he said agreeing to the first so-called infrastructure bill would not be a pass to the $4 trillion they say is $1.7 trillion social spending bill. it will help them stop this
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social spending bill. if you predict that joe manchin will cave, correct on that? >> mr. trump: i'll tell you what, i watched the back and forth with cassidy and you should replay it for your audience. he made a total fool out of himself. it made it much easier to get the second bill through which is really bad. they did things like all of a sudden congress is writing the rules of the senate and what mitch mcconnell has done is incredible. he gave away our biggest and strongest organ and chip. if have gotten rid of the build back worse bill as i call it, and that's exactly what it is. if we could have won everything, and he gave up, just gave up the best chip that we had to. the debt ceiling chip, it's not even believable when he did. i'll tell you why he ought to be replaced as the leader, he can't lead. he leads by handing out campaign
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contributions to senators. that's the thing he does. when he did by giving up on the debt ceiling and by the way, i know plenty of democrats, the democrats can't believe they got it. they got nothing for it and he would have been able to absolutely kill -- now they're going to use it for the supreme court and even worse than that, they're going to use it for the so-called voting rights which is a disaster for our country and certainly a disaster for the republican party. >> laura: i don't think that will pass but arizona and west virginia. if what's your message to the voter in both states because kyrsten sinema seem to be a little bit stronger on the spending side of things then joe manchin. they both stalled but it looks like joe manchin ultimately will cave on build back better. what's your message to the voters of both states who obviously aren't approving of things going right now? >> mr. trump: basically it's don't let your senators do it. don't let it happen. it is a disaster for the
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country, two great states and one i won by tremendous amounts and the other one i believe i won very substantially arizona, west virginia. i think that they are very counting on their senators not to allow this to happen. if you look at polling, that's absolutely so. they cannot let the senators cave because it will be so destructive for our country. by the way, you talk about inflation, that will double the number on inflation. and inflation ultimately is bigger than any tax that you can impose on people as you know. >> laura: horrific. mr. president, hispanics are flocking to the g.o.p. especially in your old hometown of queens, new york. the precinct where at least 50% of residents where there are hispanics swung towards you by 18 points. the shift was more pronounced in precincts where at least 75% of residents are hispanic, which had a swing of 25 points toward trump, the new analysis by
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matthew thomas of the election results. do you think that this is the beginning of a great reforming of the republican party started by your policy? >> it's a game changer, and texas, the border states, the biggest vote since they call it reconstruction that means the civil war. we've got the biggest number since the civil war. i'm very proud of it. hispanics, they are ambitious, they want security and safety, they understand the border better than anybody and they are very entrepreneurial. if they do not want to see what's happening and they do not want socialism. they understand better than anybody and i would like to take full credit for it and i will, but they are flocking -- i saw that in my area of queens, there really flocking going and a number that nobody has ever seen before. i will tell you, there incredible people and their coming to the republican party. >> laura: doesn't it say that
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we have 12 senate seats in new england. republicans seem to give up on new england and california every single time with the shift in the hispanic vote in the growing population, does this not make the case for a state strategy a real strategy for the republican party moving forward to? including old new england? >> i think so and you look at california where they sent out , 38 million ballots, those are numbers that i don't believe. nobody's going to tell me the republicans lose california by that number. of then california now, you have an increasing number of hispanics where if we do well. but those are phony numbers, rigged numbers, there is no way that the republicans do so badly in california. i think we do well and now we are going to do well. you're going to be sending out 36 and 38 million ballots and nobody knows where the hill they're being signed, you're getting fake results.
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>> laura: a lot in my pals houses. mr. president if you stay with us, if you were to come a lot to get to including your reaction to jussie smollett, and that verdict. february ruling, and a lot more coming up. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> donald trump created an environment where hate crimes were on the rise. >> the only reason jussie smollett thought he could take advantage was for the environment, the toxic environment that donald trump created. when he said happen to him sort of fit in with a narrative -- not a narrative, but a reality. a lot of people in the country since president trump was inaugurated. >> laura: duck with me as former president donald trump and mr. president you heard the left blame you for the phony race attack. of course you sound guilty lying
7:36 pm
and with five and six accounts lying to the police. reaction to the verdict more importantly. >> mr. trump: is a disgrace when happened. he said margo country tried to hang him that maga country was bad and if somebody -- if he was a republican or on the other side, he would be in jail for 25 years for hate crimes. when he dated, they attacked him. two friends, painted with house pate, faces white and they put red hats on. make america great again hats. turns out they were caught and that this happening. it's so crazy what's happening and he'll get away. the jury got it and they got it strong and he was convicted. he was convicted of almost all the counts >> laura: president trump , they tried to blame you for this. this is rahm emanuel, this is before the campaign before i got
7:37 pm
kicked off but this is part of the narrative all along that they wanted to tie the republican party, the trump voters, they don't want to run on the issues, running on fake race attacks. >> mr. trump: we did better with african-americans than we have done before, we did much better with hispanics, hispanics made record numbers as we just discussed. this is an absolute con job. he was a con man and he wanted to try to get sympathy so he can have his contract renewed for a ridiculous television series but that didn't work out too well. on top of it, he got caught and it's interesting. he would not have been caught except he pressed it all the way, pressed it too far. he wanted apologies and everything else in the police came into and did an amazing job and caught him called and he deserves it. but this is a hate crime. this is a hate crime, sort of a hate crime in reverse and he's
7:38 pm
not going to get away with it. >> laura: he's not going to be pursuing anything on the federal level, but mr. president i have to ask about the federal court of appeals ruling. unanimous three-judge ruling against the legal teams request to withhold certain presidential documents from congress january 6th committee. a lot of legal court watchers say the supreme court will agree, we'll affirm the court of appeals said here in the executive privilege in biden's decision to release the documents. your reaction tonight? >> we will see what happens. if you look at the protests, it was the protest, the insurrection took place on november 3rd which was election day. this is a protest on a lot of innocent people are being hurt, a lot of innocent people are being injured, and i would say the panel of judges that we are talking about did not exactly like trump. if you look at the appointments, you can figure that out for yourself. but this was an absolute protest and people being treated very
7:39 pm
unfairly. if the rates are being taken away from them and the other sie are not. you look at what's going on with blm and antifa what they did in portland, minneapolis, seattle, nothing happens. by the way, people were killed. nobody was killed here other than ashley babbitt who was shot violently by a man that should have never been able allowed to pull the trigger. >> laura: mr. president, liz cheney is saying that you're trying to hide an obvious gait and delay. because they documents claim under executive privilege will be bad for you for of the potential presidential run, that's her point today in a tweet. >> mr. trump: and she was losing to somebody that's going to be a great congresswoman and she's losing big. which is a great state for me, wyoming, but she's losing so big
7:40 pm
because the people can't stand her. she wants agoura to war with everybody and let everybody die as far as she's concerned. she is a warmonger, she is a person who is absolutely in my opinion made a fool out of herself, and not a republican i can tell you, trying to lead the committee. pelosi picked her and can's anger. it's not working out too well. if very unfairly. we cannot even put -- he had, laura, we could not even put a person on the unselect committee. we've got liz cheney and kinsinger, two people who should not be on the committee. if i call it the unselected committee of democrat partisans, it's ridiculous what's going on with it. it's like russia, russia, russia which turned out to be a hoax.
7:41 pm
a like impeachment hoax number one, impeachment hoax number two, the mueller report, it's all a big hoax. >> laura: this seems to be their way of trying to prevent you from running in 2024, this is part of the same thing is that not? >> you know what it is? >> laura: do you think the nominees to the court are going to uphold your claim of executive privilege? in this case? >> mr. trump: i hope they do but i will tell you, the biggest loser would be biden because if it ever changes, i think it will, he won't be able to use it with respect to hunter and all the things that are going on that are so terrible. i would think you would want to see this upheld frankly. it's really important to him and honestly, i have nothing to hide. i wasn't involved and if you look at my words and what i said in the speech, they were extremely calming actually.
7:42 pm
i think that democrats would like to see it and secretly they would like to see it upheld. >> laura: mr. president, finally, your book is already a massive best seller, 120,000 copies. flying off your website. why did you decide to write this now? was there anything that you did not put in the books that you wish you did? there i am. >> mr. trump: it's actually 150,000 copies, and it's going really well. but it's a picture book, really, it's a book of beautiful pictures because when i look at what's going on now and have had so many people asking me to do weights, when i look at what's going on now, our country has never been so embarrassed in our country has never been so low. i watched it the other fiasco a couple days ago, putin and biden together what was conceded and what was not said that should have been said. but when you look at the afghanistan disaster, you look
7:43 pm
at millions and millions of people coming in unvented, you talk about vaccines and you talk about mandates. nobody needs mandates or masks, or anything. if you come through the southern border, it's a disgrace. what happened to our country is a disgrace. our military is being laughed at and i rebuild our military, i rebuilt it to a level that's never been that before. now, they're laughing at the military because of what happened in afghanistan. if we wanted to do a book where we can show we had a beautiful time for four years despite the witch hunts, despite all the horrible things they tried to do. i turned out to be a total hoax, a scam. of those people ought to pay a price for it. >> laura: mr. president, we appreciate you spending so much time with us and we did not get time to get into covid but next time. congrats on the book. >> mr. trump: thank you very much, laura, thank you. >> laura: some big name singers collaborate on a anti-christmas song.
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♪ ♪ >> laura: it's friday, and that means it's time for... ♪ ♪ of course it "friday follies"!
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i always try to trick you. we turn to our fox news for jupiter and author of the huge best seller, raymond arroyo. there is a new christmas single out this week. if i heard you're not a fan of, i can't believe it. >> that's putting it lightly and you know i love christmas music but there was a time when celebrities got together for an original christmas tune it sounded like this. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> but that's not what you get now, laura. jimmy fallon has written a new song called "it was a masked christmas" joined by arianna grande, can the stallion ♪ ♪
7:50 pm
♪ ♪ >> what happened to tidings of comfort and joy? nothing says merry christmas like we are obsessed with the coming of a new variant. jimmy, right of funny song about christmas, covid were to signal he is and what americans want or need this yuletide. >> laura: it's just not funny. there is nothing about it that is funny, cute, clever. i mean, i think they should just like go on and do something else. the whole singing it's not working. >> jimmy fallon, he's got so much auto to an on his voice he sounds like an oscillating fan. you can write an appealing christmas song and this is in it. apparently tv hosts singing have now become a thing.
7:51 pm
even in cnn. >> the lowest since october, just look at that. >> laura: raymond, that's not the first time that he has shared his greeting skills with the audience. ♪ ♪ >> there's no fry in the kitchen, please don't burn on the grill, take a whole lot of crying, just get up the hill. >> was that about jussie smollett, paid attackers crying just to get up the hill? i can't wait for the music video, laura. >> laura: oh, my god. this was -- and this is supposed to be a joyous season. ray meant, even biden's throwing down this week about the falling gas prices. >> today, the average price you're paying here in kansas city is below $2 a gallon -- $3 a gallon, $2 again.
7:52 pm
what was that? >> not even a steady beat could help make sense what biden's trying to say. everything is a word salad. i dare you to discern what he means in this introduction to the democracy summit. it's also this week to marquis mullarkey. >> a bunch of mullarkey! mullarkey! soon, i hope to sign in law they build back better plan. following the lgbtq+ community. i'm looking for a productive discussion we will have over the next two days. today, i'm proud to launch the presidential initiative for democratic renewal. thank you so much for kicking off. >> you know, laura, when people don't believe what they are
7:53 pm
saying or lying, they literally choke on their words. they subliminally repeat these hand them out gestures, and we wonder why china and russia are acting up. lee simply don't believe what they are hearing from joe biden. they know he's reading a script very badly i might add. >> laura: he seems like he's struggling with the most mundane phrases. and any time a number is involved, it could be number one trend or the number 3. it sends him into a complete fog of confusion, the poor guy. >> lgbtq is still a problem for him. a serious story that i want to discuss. in washington this week on the ground of catholic university, the virtue of a mock statue of virgin mary was smashed by a hammer. you can see the breaking the face off the statue and he
7:54 pm
strolled up broken hand so they cannot be repaired. there are some spirit loose in the country now that seems to be moving all of the lunatics. we saw the fox tree burning and all of this, we have to pray for these people, some things out there. >> laura: raymond, when it became okay to tear down statues because you did not like them or somebody told you that you should at like them or you're offended, somebody told you if you should have been offended, and nobody did anything to you. there were never prosecuted and you are celebrated for doing so, why not start taking down statues? nothing's going to happen to you. probably not. all rights to my raiment, where's the book to where going this week? >> we will keep the spirit of christmas alive. if raymond, see you tomorrow for the book signing. >> laura: i'm teasing, have a great time out there as always. something just in time for the holidays! stay there!
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>> laura: that's it for us tonight, remember your freedom matters gear is on , great christmas presents, christmas ornaments, you love it all. remember, it's america now and forever and greg gutfeld is next. [cheers and applause] ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [cheers and applause] >> greg: happy glorious friday and what a friday it is. it seems like only yesterday that the media had made a fuss over jussie smollett. >> i don't like that it's being put out in the media that's a possible hate crime. >> i know jussie


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