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tv   Gutfeld  FOX News  December 10, 2021 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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>> laura: that's it for us tonight, remember your freedom matters gear is on , great christmas presents, christmas ornaments, you love it all. remember, it's america now and forever and greg gutfeld is next. [cheers and applause] ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [cheers and applause] >> greg: happy glorious friday and what a friday it is. it seems like only yesterday that the media had made a fuss over jussie smollett. >> i don't like that it's being put out in the media that's a possible hate crime. >> i know jussie smollett is a
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really good guy, i just want justice to be served. >> the media has cast so much doubt on his story which i find it so personally offensive. >> he's given a detail at account, an account that chicago police has been consistent. he has been very cooperative. >> greg: now today, it's as if there is no news on this guy. i hope he wasn't kidnapped by white supremacists. maybe he went on another midnight trip and was attacked by jared to. i kid, he's too old for jared. what is admin? i don't know. didn't he go to court, wasn't he found guilty? it seems like one moment he was everywhere but now he's gone like rollerblades or a cuomo. lets pay a visit to all of those
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in the media who first reported on that racist attack and see what they are saying now. [crickets] >> that's so predictable, we knew the smollett case was b.s. from the start. how about you tell that cnn lady to stop eating my friends. she ate my cousin last week. shout out to will cain, by the way. [laughter] >> greg: that was interesting, big fan of will cain. it's true, they buried the story like it was a friend of hillary clinton. that's because when the media loves the news they scream it from the hilltops but when the story exposes their bias and idiocy, they hide it like brian kilmeade's bald spot. how did the view handle it today? >> it's not kamala harris' fault, joe biden's fault, cory booker's fault, that their natural reaction was to empathize with somebody who we all at first thought was a
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victim. >> it's twitter's fault anyway. >> greg: it's not their fault, just a natural reaction. natural reaction if you wanted it to be true because you invested so much of the notion that america is full of white male racist. this is their ml, turn the news faucet on the magically turn it off because the media is hoping the same people that easily bought the smollett hoax when they champion did want to find it now that their own feverish fantasies turned out to be false. i'm going to tell you the story of smollett from the press view. when the story broke we were sitting around the green room betting how many twist letters dana perino could eat. 400. and we were all thinking the same thoughts. i wonder if jessica's water broke. she wasn't pregnant then. we all knew smollett was lying
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because the lie was too much on the nose, like a hysterical plot point from law and order. but we couldn't say it just yet because we were too afraid of being called racist by other people in the media, even though we knew the story was as plausible as seeing brian stelter at soulcycle. what smollett concocted was the exact kind of story the media preferred and demanded. assumptions of a systemically racist evil white america. is not a hoax if it reflects your own fantasy. it's like a psycho stocking a famous actress in convincing themselves the actress has the same feelings for him. to him, it's not a fantasy, it really exists. i should probably apologize to kathy bates. unfortunately for them, the media's need for racist hate crimes is like xanax at the view, the demand far outweighs the supply. meanwhile some scrappy local chicago reporters bravely chased the hoax down. they need to be commended.
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he was criticized for going on fox news to discuss the rapidly disintegrating hoax. in his defense, fox was the only network to ask him to come on, no one else would. they were too scared their own narratives would collapse. what he was doing was real journalism. no wonder the legacy media didn't recognize it. that's the good news about the press. the bad news, for every one of those guys, there are 300 don lemons. why did the media fall for this? you can't accept a ludicrous story like that unless you have two elements in place. nickel bag and oblong. you need to be primed for it and then you wanted to be true. the priming consists of a repetitive grim narrative pushed by outlets like cnn in which america is full of bigots. this false narrative was the table setting that served up whatever race hoax would pop up. banana peels left outside, that had to be racist because only white people have access to
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fruit. a rope and a race car garage, that was about as similar to a noose as a plate of fettuccine. workout gear in an oakland park also became a collection of nooses, who knew that jacqueline was a klansman. covered furniture became a man and a kkk rope in a hood. is that the grand wizard or a la-z-boy recliner? the media primed the environment. being the anti-debater saw the perfect opportunity to enhance his career, it's what narcissistic creditors do. he could've gotten away with it, but his only problem, he's an idiot. he hired a turtle black guys to play two white guys. it's not only a violation of cultural appropriation, but it's terrible casting. that's like casting gwyneth paltrow to play
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rosa parks. and who was wandering around a frigid chicago night holding rope and bleach? angry penguins that are on their way to clean swimming pools? perhaps the biggest improbability of all, what white maga heads would ever recognize jussie smollett? the media bought it all because like a really bad drug dealer they were getting high on their own supply, feeding off their own fantasy. >> is the problem with your worker's comp. that you haven't been injured on the job? >> that gas station should have warned you not to smoke. >> brothers you hired to pretend you beat you up to testify it was staged after promising not to? >> we will get your money back. >> call the law firm.
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>> and leave the lies to us. ♪ ♪ [cheers and applause] >> greg: the apple was a bit gratuitous but okay. the press enjoys acting smarter than you because i saw this crime coming and they should have since they are the one who created this frankenstein monster. when they got screwed by their own gullibility they fell as silent as president biden looking for shoes in the fridge. if they were wrong about this, what else did they get wrong? covid, immigration, letting andrew cuomo act like a freelance massage therapist. the list is longer than a receipt from cbs. will the press learn a lesson from this? don't make me laugh. i have msnbc for that. [cheers and applause] let's welcome tonight's guest! she's so sharp she's not allowed on inflatable rafts.
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jenny johnson! per show is on so early, let her have the word to. he is my fourth favorite cane behind sugar. fox & friends weekend host will cain. her wit is drier than your grandma's elbow in december. fox news contributor kat timpf. thank you for coming to rest so festive. >> thank you for having me. >> greg: when this was going on i wanted to live inside your brain just to know thought by thought what was happening back in 2019. i don't really even give a damn
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about jussie, i care about the media. how could anybody believe this? >> if you are a part of black america, not the media, not don lemon. if joy reid or don lemons says something automatically black people feel that way -- no. that is not the case. if you want to know how black people feel, go ask dave chappelle. when dave chappelle starts talking about jussie, that's how we were feeling, that's where we were at. we were laughing, we were ridiculing, we were having fun. i think when you talk about cancel culture and how people are afraid to speak up, black men were not afraid to speak up. black men were calling this for what it was at the beginning. because they were, they were called homophobic, they were toxic masculinity. it was something wrong with black men for laughing at what they obviously knew was a joke.
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we got to a point where you realize that joy reid and don lemon speak for us, then i think we can actually have better conversations. nobody look at this like racism. we all looked at this as imbecilic nonsense. we spend very little time focusing on its. we came back to it today to laugh again and we laughed. it is not as big of an issue for us is don lemon and joy reid would have you think. >> greg: it's going to lead me into a sexist question. sunny brought up the point about men versus women and when i was watching the clips, it was only women, only women that were defending this. you couldn't find a male clip, even don lemon was a little hedgy, he was for it and then he was -- >> until jussie threw him under the bus, then he got mad.
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>> greg: white maga supporters threw him under the bus. is that a sexist comment? >> yeah. they were probably all in there periods. they could never be president. >> greg: i agree with you with on that. >> women can never be president because they will be on that period? >> greg: no i was being sarcastic! >> i didn't take it that way. i don't know anything about women even know i am one. my take on the media i think is obviously this would be a great story where they would be able to -- all their notions that we already have, takes they already have, they can insert it in. it was a mad lib, they can insert it as a mad lib and they pump each other up. i think it's less about actually
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thinking about could this have really happened this way and why would this person who was a tv star getting his own subway and why would he need some way that bad to? they are not taking about that, they're thinking about the views and the clicks and they try to one up each other and how hard they will take it. >> greg: the subway thing was interesting. >> he can't afford huber eats? >> greg: you're in the media just like i am. you look great, by the way. you agree with me as the women who fell for this? i'm joking, a sexist would say. what you make of the response? >> i think you nailed it as long as we are trading compliments in your monologue. >> greg: did you see that? >> we'll have to blurt out. i think it's about narcissism,
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you can find clips in the media but i think what is going on is all about narcissism. we talk about this concept of virtue signaling so much. i think the media is full of insecure people looking for external validation and they cast narratives and stories at all times and they cast themselves of the heroes of these stories. i am the virtuous character. i'm sitting on the set of "good morning america" denouncing racism, i am a good person dealing this empty hole inside of myself with a microphone. i think that's a lot of what is going on and they have to keep looking for these stories as you keep pointing out to pick out if it's not jussie smollett, it's bubble wallace, whatever it may be to continue to be the hero of this story. >> greg: i have to say, all jussie saw was a trend he could profit off of. it wasn't his fault, he was looking at what the media wanted to. >> a couple things, not a sexist comment by you.
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i will be perfectly honest when i got the news alert on my phone that said jussie smollett hate crime -- first of all i was like who is jussie smollett? and i believed it because i don't think anybody would ever think that you would stage a hate crime against yourself. that's on him. he is the one that deserves the most criticism here. then when the news started coming out about the details and people started to defend him, that's when it got political. then there are so many other things about this whole trial. the kim fox element where she was -- she dropped the charges and that's why i think he did think he would get away with it because he had been probably coddled his whole life while he took the stand because he thought he could get away with it because he had before. >> greg: exactly. we'll see what happens next. he will appeal it and he thinks he's going to get off but who knows? we are going to get the brothers on, though.
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>> greg: if you don't mask up, the flying fascists will smack your lips. fauci says don't get chummy unless your head is wrapped like a mummy. delta, american, and united airlines have officially lost their minds by reminding passengers to wear their masks in between chewing and sips.
8:21 pm
there's a joke in there. if you are flying spirit if they ask that you please read mask between puffs on your crack pipe errico they are all in compliance with the tsa requiring that masks be worn at all times even while eating and drinking. as with most pandemic policy, this is litigation theater. last year "the washington post" reported in the harvard study that found that when it comes to covert transmission, flying can be safer than eating at a restaurant. in this new screwed up world, even the smallest risk must be eradicated which allows the airlines to treat you like convicted murderers and charge you hundreds or thousands of dollars for the privilege. meanwhile, fauci has a holiday entertaining tips sure to fill your home with comfort and joy. >> let's take the holiday setting. when you get vaccinated and you have a vaccinated group and you are in an indoor setting, you can enjoy as we have traditionally over the years
8:22 pm
dinners and gatherings within the home. that is the reason why people should, if they invite people over to their home, essentially asking to maybe require that people show evidence that they are vaccinated. >> greg: yeah, that's going to happen. show evidence they are vaccinated to. while we're at it, why don't have guests weigh themselves when you walk through the door. you're too fat! obesity is a risk factor for covid, get out, uncle steve! leave the dash if you see dr. fauci under the mistletoe, tell him he can kiss your ass. should have ended the there. finally, i have been the biggest defender of the airline industry throughout this pandemic and i get it, you got $25 billion bailout and so you will do anything the government tells you too which includes treating your customers like kids in
8:23 pm
detention. screw you. the fact is when you lose to delta, you were losing more than a customer you are getting an angry, vindictive elf. i will still fly your airlines but i'm going to eat a gallon of beans before i forward the. have you been yelled at on a plane yet? have you been scolded? >> i haven't been scolded, i have put my mask on in between bites and one time i heard it, the guy next to me rolled his eyes too. >> greg: i got in trouble for rolling my eyes. she threatened to write me up. >> where it is right up ago? i thought she was going to duct tape me. >> can i say the most annoying mask related story that i
8:24 pm
witnessed was a guy had fallen asleep on the plane and his mask slipped down below his nose and another passenger on the flight attendant to wake him up so that he could put his mask back on properly. you got to be kidding me. >> greg: this triggers that kind of evolutionary violence in you. this is not necessarily the flight crews fault, someone, the faa is putting pressure on them and making them the authority. it's almost unfair to them. of course there is a minority of flight attendants who enjoy it, like the lady who yelled at me. >> that's the key, like any authoritarian regime it all comes down to the enforcer. at some flight attendants are clearly enjoying their new power. same with the maitre d' is in new york city at restaurants. some restaurants, they don't need to see your vaccine status come on in.
8:25 pm
others, your children must leave. >> greg: one of the defenses they tell me is that because the city is sending under cover, that's why they are doing it because they are scared of the fines. i got lectured by that at the restaurant i used to go to but i don't go to anymore for that reason, they were like we have to do this if i don't do this i will get fined or thousands of dollars and i said then i'm not eating here anymore and hoping he would say we'll get you a table mr.. never make threats that you don't want to follow through with. >> want to the flight attendant say to you? >> greg: i'm sitting there. >> here we go. 's view on the mask is right here, right? and she goes can you pull it up and i go okay and i pull it up and then she comes back and she does what you want to drink i'll have a wine. she goes you don't have to do that. i can hear you. can you hear me?
8:26 pm
and i go okay and i sit back and my manager is next to me and she goes -- she goes that's your warning. and she goes i'm good to write him up and i'm like [bleep]. this might be a sexist question. it seems to me only female flight attendants are doing this. >> maybe it makes them feel powerful, i saw something similar on the train, the flight attendant -- on the train from the d.c. and new york, there was a couple there who are very liberal sitting there talking about how liberal they are and she was saying how she loves when people yell at other people if their masks aren't on right. of all the things in the world to love. imagine choosing that. there was a moment they were eating and drinking and he still had a mask on and she said to put your back on and he goes i'm
8:27 pm
enjoying my coffee, leave me alone. i was like none of that is about a mask. that is a broken man and she loves being a woman who's breaking him. >> what is worse, fauci saying you have to ask for papers from your relatives of the holiday gathering, or the fascism in the air? >> greg gutfeld making me get on the plane to come in to do the show. that is what is worse, i have to go through it. this fight was a lot better than the ones i had to make it earlier in the year. nobody was saying anything. i was really shocked that nobody was carrying at this point. it is not the laws that make the flight attendants so iffy about
8:28 pm
saying something, it's -- they are not scared of the person they are asking to put their mask up, that person is probably going to be a law-abiding citizen. there scared of the nutcase that sees the mask fall that's getting ready to act a total fool on the plane because they have nothing better to do with their life. that is what the main fear i think has come in, they are more afraid of the karen's and they are of the actual law. when it comes to fees and fines, either we are going to get a government bailout or we are going to keep our customers happy and flying with us. you see when they turned down the mandate, we are not going to do the mandate anymore -- look, government, we're good to make sure we keep the masks on. please don't hold that against us in case we need another $25 billion. >> greg: i'm a faithful customer of these airlines and it's like -- they are all fans
8:29 pm
of fox. i feel bad. it's the pressure from above and there is a tiny percentage of care ands that work there and our passengers. >> i can't wait for the household that follows orders and kicks them out for not having a booster. you've only had two shots. >> greg: i'll give you some shots. mean to drink. up next, do competitors think it's uncool that a trans swimmer dominates the pool? now, there's skyrizi. ♪ things are getting clearer ♪ ♪ yeah i feel free ♪ ♪ to bare my skin, yeah that's all me. ♪ ♪ nothing and me go hand in hand ♪ ♪ nothing on my skin that's my new plan. ♪ ♪ nothing is everything. ♪ woman: keep your skin clearer with skyrizi. most who achieved 90% clearer skin at 4 months had lasting clearance through 1 year. in another study, most people had 90% clearer skin at 3 years.
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♪ ♪ >> greg: is there more to women sports than what is inside your shorts? a trans swimmer makes more than a splash as women records get tossed in the trash. university of pennsylvania says there's a swimmer leah thomas is transgender and breaking more records than i do in the planet fitness steam room.
8:34 pm
that's vague enough, you don't know what i mean. she competed as a man up until this season. she is undergoing hormone therapy that floors or muscle mass which happens to me every time i watch a hallmark movie, am i right? that's little consolation to her biologically female competitors were getting crushed as she smashes records. this is a sport or shaving your arms creates an edge. on a recent swimming podcast -- what's on the new swimming podcast? whatever. >> the team has been unbelievably supportive since the beginning. teammates and coaches, i feel very supportive. treated like any other member of the women's team.
8:35 pm
>> greg: not all her teammates feel the same. i can't even say anything. and out kick exclusive said pretty much everyone individually has spoken to our coaches about not liking this -- that's my favorite parts. our coach just really likes winning. i think secretly everyone just knows it's the wrong thing to do. adding when the whole team is together, we have to be like go, leah, that's great, it's amazing -- it's very fake. i know a lot about making others feel comfortable in the pool. the speedo was never quite big enough and you're supposed to wear it on your lower body. lesson learned. i just assume you're an athlete, women's sports were created so women could not just participate
8:36 pm
but actually win. now even that is collapsing and it's coming from this other world that is conceivable. in every female sport, the winter could be a transgendered player. >> i too liked the quote from the anonymous swimmer on the team who said the coach likes winning. in the words of donald trump, maybe a little too much money. when you are 38 seconds ahead of the next competitor, it's not a competition. it's a predetermined outcome. it's not fair to the other female athletes, absolutely not. caitlyn jenner has talked about this before. her perspective is that if there is a young girl who takes hormone therapy at a young age, then she can compete in female sports. when you are already an adult
8:37 pm
two years ago i think is one leah started taking hormone pills, it's not fair. >> greg: you can tell, the physicality was there. the voice was there, to deny that -- to deny that because you are scared of being called homophobic or transphobic, i'm sorry. that is not feminist. >> you got the reason wrong. they are denying it's because this is the first time an ivy league school can win in this competition. they were honest with you about why, this isn't about her. if this about her ideology, this is about we are going to win. guess what, not only are we going to win but when you look in the record book, you are going to be there and every single time it's going to belong to us. they just own it now.
8:38 pm
the funny part to me is i like to watch progressives get eaten by other progressives. you did this, not let me what you fix it. you created this and they are coming for your institutions, they're not coming for our institutions, they don't want to be there, they want to be with you. they are going to come and they're going to eat you. i'm going to get popcorn and i'm going to watch. >> greg: the left is eating itself. you have been a sports guy forever. >> i was a swimmer. i was a competitive swimmer from about age 6 to 18 and i played water polo in college. there's not a single dude who ever her look of his time and thought i could be winning all of those girl -- i might be an olympian if i were a girl. every high school swimmer is like i could do this. >> greg: is there a solution? let's say it's a team sport and each team has a trans athlete on it.
8:39 pm
do they have to match that a trans athlete, is that how you do it? or do you make everything coed or individual sport? is it only trans versus trans? this is clearly going down a path that doesn't make sense. >> it's wrong and should be called out, not one person of empathy in the entire gender. >> we live in a world where one person's feelings matters more than everybody else. >> i love to spend my friday weighing in on complicated issues i don't need to weigh in on. no one is going to ask me to solve this. i don't know what it's like to be trans, even less know what it's like for swimming to be important to me. i don't know. i think it's bad we can't talk about it. if you want trans acceptance you should want trans acceptance and that's up with same thing as
8:40 pm
fake acceptance. to say it's complicated, it's not as simple as what they were doing now, that's not a transphobic thing. >> its reality. >> i'm pretty liberal socially, i think everything i should be fine with him i like people to have fun. >> greg: we are bending over backwards for a certain kind of phenomenon and a sacrificing something that could be permanently destroyed which is women's sports. but if you don't care about women's sports -- >> i don't care about anybody's sports. this is their ideology, it passes through the culture. if they have to put it into every single aspect of the culture to make sure it sticks permanently, that's what they are going to do. >> greg: here is my favorite story. camels were ejected for the botox they injected. ♪ ♪
8:41 pm
>> man: what's my safelite story? my my livelihood. so when my windshield cracked... the experts at safelite autoglass came right to me... with service i could trust. right, girl? >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ no one can deliver your mom's homemade short ribs. that's why instacart helps deliver the ingredients. and you add the love.
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>> greg: should dozens of camels get dumped for enhancing their homes? camels were banned for the rest of their lives for getting more surgery than the real housewives. not to be confused with what cat smokes during lunch, they have been disqualified from a popular beauty contest in saudi arabia for using botox, fillers and other cosmetic enhancements. some were accused of inflating body parts using rubber bands to make them look better. so that's how it works. roll past that joke. anyway, it's a big loss for the disqualified what they are still eligible for next year's swimsuit issue. breeders compete for more than $66 million in prize money and if they win they can sell a
8:46 pm
camel for a higher price but it raises a question, is it wrong for camels to use the very same tools that humans do to enhance their beauty whether it's botox or fillers. we go to someone who understands this more than anyone. >> i got a face full of surgery. [laughter] i think i would be more voluptuous looking if that was the case. what's up? i didn't get this, i didn't know that a camel could be hot. >> greg: you haven't lived. >> i've never looked at a group of camels who have been like -- that one has "it." >> greg: pretty soon we are going to have trans camels entering the competition. >> we all know hollywood is a horrible place, such a ridiculous story. unattainable beauty standards
8:47 pm
also affecting the animal kingdom now, how dare they. >> greg: that is such a good point, unrealistic beauty standards that we demand of ourselves spreading to the dromedary's. >> nice. >> greg: thank you. >> $66 million. okay, i want to breed some camels, let's see what we can do here. everything that happens over there comes over here. we start thinking about the fact that the tax credits they put out for the llamas and people in california that a two buy llamas, you're going to have beauty contest coming out of hollywood. if you raise and breed llamas on your property especially in california, this a tax credit for it. that's why people start at two buy who wants a llama? >> wide are they running around with llamas? now you're going to have a beauty contest.
8:48 pm
>> greg: what do you think? >> i think this shows any time there's competition you are going to find cheaters. there's another guy who said yes you pumped up her lips. >> i don't know the difference between a hot camel and a camel who is not sexy. >> greg: i could do that with the lights off. and i have. >> if the dollar amount besides the camels worth, that's all i can come up with. spewing up next, don't dillydally, more jokes are right up their alley. not only do centrum multigummies taste great. they help support your immune defenses, too. because a healthy life. starts with a healthy immune system.
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>> greg: the jokes they didn't use this week but now they get a second chance. my first time reading them they may suck, who knows? former staff members for kamala harris described the vice president as a bully. harris denied the rumors and said to an intern i suppose you'll be wanting the entire day off for christmas too.
8:53 pm
one of her current aides tweeted a picture of herself looking happy saying i absolutely love my job. just for that, the guy got an extra food pellet. it was reported this week that the white house was working behind the scenes with the media to get positive press coverage. they sent flowers to cbs, thank-you notes to nbc, hand lotion to cnn. that's more like it. more jokes. hillary clinton released her master class online where you could pay to watch her unused history speech from the 2016 election. for an extra 50 bucks you can also hear her bitch how she didn't get ask with a prom. kiana reeves is back with an updated matrix movie except this time the blue pill is viagra. texas officials announced they seized 160 pounds of fentanyl coming across the southern
8:54 pm
border this year, experts say it's enough to kill 200 million people or give hunter biden a buzz. pete davidson appeared on the jimmy fallon show forming what astronomers call a talent black hole. a bomb squad rushed to an english emergency room after a patient arrived with a world war ii artillery shell shoved up his. the surgical removal of the bomb has been dubbed "the battle of the other bulge. "he later admitted his favorite porn site is the history channel. world war ii ass bomb is the name of my favorite bar downtown. progressives in congress are backing a bill for a four day work week although they are facing opposition from their core voters who don't want their
8:55 pm
work week doubled. alec baldwin and his family were spotted in new york city picking out a christmas tree, they went with the first one the didn't duck when he pointed at it. retiring msnbc anchor brian williams had his final broadcast last night, he said he will find it hard to stay away from the lights and cameras especially since he invented them. he signed off by saying after 28 years at nbc he plans to spend more time lying to his family. that's pretty good, i like that one. finally, new york restaurant juniors is struggling to get the high fat ingredients they need to make their famous cheesecake due to supply chain problems. out of respect, flags will be lowered to half-staff outside brian stelter's office. that's the leftovers. don't go away, we'll be right back.
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were out of time. i'm greg gutfeld. i love you, america. hello, and welcome to fox "fox news at night". i kevin corke in for shannon bream. breaking tonight, tornado said severe weather hitting several states in the sentence west. we will have that coming right up. initial reports coming out of some of these locations. we are talking about dozens of people possibly trapped inside of an amazon warehouse in illinois.


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