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tv   The Five  FOX News  December 11, 2021 2:00am-3:00am PST

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were out of time. i'm greg gutfeld. i love you, america.
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investigated, but that is where everybody was looking at it at the time. >> jesse: accusing president trump of falling for the hoax. >> in my office today which is between you, jesse and you, greg. >> jesse: first of all, we are sorry. >> kayleigh: thank you because i hear you guys a lot. you more than greg. >> jesse: you can hear me in my office? >> i can hear you, i snoop on your conversations. >> jesse: oh, boy. >> kayleigh: i hear what i think is the hardest take, shameful cells are, they say the right is going to use this as an example of why not to trust the media and then jen psaki says
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this is all trumps fault. her boss is the ultimate ray spader. any number of issues, mitt romney will put them back in chains, the shameful "you ain't black" comment in the shameful accusation of this jussie smollett crime, only to be surprised by kamala harris who said this is modern-day lynching along with cory booker. not to trump's fault, sorry. >> jesse: trying to spread the gullibility around like it was everyone who fell for the hoax. it was pretty much everyone around the left and left-wing media figures. >> harold: when the allegations came about they were explosive, divisive, anybody would be touched to their core if true. it turned out not to be true. no one should now defend this. i think there are actual attacks based on someone's sexual orientation come actual attacks, people being attacked based on race and even gender.
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this effort here by this young man who i don't know, i don't know why he did it, what would make him do it but if researchers and casts doubt even more so on some people who may not be inclined to believe that hate crimes actually take place. at some level i think at his core he probably wants to try to advance the quality and help the country move forward on race and gender issues and sexual orientation issues, but he shoved us back here. anyone who doesn't say this was wrong in the jury spoke in he will face the consequences is not doing right by those in this country who want to ensure that people of color, who have a different sexual orientation are protected. >> jesse: you heard race relations in the country into harold's point, any time another allegation of a hate crime you see on the tv, people are going to scratch their heads because this was so high-profile it raises doubt every time going forward.
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>> dagen: not if you send the message of sending jussie smollett to the -- for a little while. >> jesse: we might not seem any more hoaxes. >> dagen: jussie smollett learn to exploit racial tensions for his own benefit and gain from the very people you just saw on the tv. what he did was, he could get a year or two. first-time offender would get probation but he committed perjury according to andy mccarthy. he could go away for a couple of years. what he did was he pushed and pedaled a hoax designed to rip a country apart that was already tearing at the seams, he threw kerosene on already a burning fire, so i call him a civil unrest arsonist. he was perfectly happy to see chicago, the murder capital of the country and even the rest of the country besieged by violence, go
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call them smolletts. >> dagen: this will not get solved because they are reversing all of her policies but what can happen as the federal reserve can start hiking interest rates, totally get rid of the bond buying in, reduce the balance sheet because of the economy is really so strong, it can take it, number one. number two, the governor of new york, the lunatic that replaced sandy cuomo, she's going to do the hole, let's not talk about inflation but let's go back to lock down worry about
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this new variant more than absolutely necessary. she executed a new mask mandate for all indoor places that don't look for vaccines. some of the outcome of both of these is going to be a nightmare for the democrats. >> kayleigh: and the solution we hear from the ceo, build back better, yeah right, it's going to add $3 trillion, but we've got to build back. >> harold: if gas prices are dropping maybe we shouldn't salute or praise president biden, probably deserving a little before break. 5 million jobs have not been created, whether they left her came back, by definition anytime you create jobs those jobs did leave and you're trying to create others on top, hopefully a new regime of innovation and growth. we have to get there. i think one of the things we should do and the president believes that the build back better plan is going to help cities build their infrastructure, build up their infrastructure, make them more attractive for investment and perhaps being innovation centers.
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i think the number one thing we should think about is what president trump did with operation warp speed, which you guys did. >> kayleigh: thank you for the credit. he accelerated the way we do vaccines beauties take 5 to 7 years and you did it with the help of our pharmaceutical industries in a year and a quarter. if you think about how to make memphis, atlanta, how to make them advance innovation and manufacturing center so we can ship some of what we have over in asia back here in the united states but we have to build the infrastructure and baltimore, all of these cities are capable of doing these things and creating jobs and making america more competitive in the 21st century. that is what i hope this white house focuses on even more. >> dagen: maybe they better pipe down about all the businesses that actually employ people in this country. >> kayleigh: i love that you give credit appearance before i think we should do it more. >> kayleigh: i love it.
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♪ ♪ [laughter] >> harold: welcome back. if you could only hear this. time for "the fastest." dating is getting a lot harder in our polarized world. 71% of young democrats that they would not date a republican. you are happily married and you have a beautiful family but if you were single could you date a democrat? >> jesse: if i were in college and antifa walked in the bar and she was good-looking, i'm buying her a shot. who cares customer gets dating, not going to marry her.
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i guarantee you put a girl who is so far left, you give her a few cocktails, some stud walks through the bar, tall, humorous, makes eye contact, athletes, done. >> harold: dagen mcdowell, would you date a democrat if he were single and in the dating scene? >> dagen: i'm not picky which based on my history i think it's pretty clear. i think conservatives should be careful about really getting serious with a democrat because you are taking gender studies and you are paying $300,000 for that degree, never going to be able to support yourself, you're going to get hooked up with that wind up having to pay for her or his -- >> jesse: marrying debt. >> kayleigh: i dated a democrat earlier in life however i am married to a camo wearing conservative, mark levine, republican. that is where i was always meant to be. however more of the liberal
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democrats supplemented they would date a republican woman, so they may have a hard time. >> greg: won big findings it reverses the stereotype. republicans are actually open-minded and the left are intolerant. their version of tolerance is being tolerant was somebody you already agree with but the real lesson here, it is not actually about the political affiliations, it is about the severity of it. i dated mostly all liberals but i would never date a hard left activist protester because there is something wrong, there is a survivalist, something wrong going there too so when you go to the extreme edges they always tend to meet. there is crazy, they are just mirrors of a different kind of crazy. that is what you avoid.
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it cans of for christmas. >> greg: you have your wedding and a bomb shelter. >> harold: jessie, you're pretty stylish. >> jesse: yes. >> harold: male leggings or "meggings" are seeing a huge boost in popularity of men wearing them outside of the jimmy and how often do you -- >> jesse: i bought leggings or jeggings or meggings because they are called, but i wear shorts over the meggings because i don't want to just a -- >> harold: why is that? [laughter] >> jesse: so it's cool. >> greg: no, i have to say every decade we keep edging closer to walking around in long johns. i'm okay with this if we have a flap in the back. just go full lawn -- but we are going to hell in an emasculated handbasket. let's go back to hats and smoking cigarettes in the bar.
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>> jesse: i don't know, you wouldn't look good in meggings, that is why -- >> greg: you are trying to get me in a pair of meggings, that is what you are trying to do. >> jesse: you got me. >> kayleigh: i text my husband and asked and he sent me a picture exactly what you described, he was an athlete so he had on the leggings or meggings with the shorts over a period that is hostile. >> jesse: it is style. >> dagen: man or woman, i don't need to see all that. >> jesse: also at the airport she said i wasn't allowed to wear flip-flops as a man. >> dagen: unless you're going to the beach i don't want to see toes on men. >> jesse: i have very nice needs. >> dagen: i'm sure you don't. >> harold: "fan mail friday" is up next. ♪ ♪ ♪ my songs know what you did in the dark ♪
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>> greg: let's get to it, this is a good question. other than going to the dentist, what is your least favorite
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thing to have to go through? >> at risk of sounding gross, i guess the ob-gyn, what you guys would know apsley nothing about. >> deeply offended, what about you? >> i've had two, colonoscopies. >> greg: i love going under, when you get knocked out you feel great but the night before, you've got to prepare for that. >> you don't know if you're fully there yet? >> it's disgusting and god forbid your bathroom is next to the bedroom, it's disgusting what happens. >> jesse: i've never been to the ob-gyn -- i've never gotten a colonoscopy. >> greg: it doesn't have to be a medical procedure, it could be something you just don't like to do. >> jesse: traffic, obviously.
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>> i would rather get a colonoscopy or go to the gynecologist before i go to whole foods on sunday afternoon. i was going to keep talking about -- the ob-gyn is better than the colonoscopy. >> greg: i haven't answered! the producers are going let's go on -- none of you guys mentioned the puff in the eye at the optometrist. >> jesse: you like the colonoscopy before that? >> greg: the pressure of having to decide which one is better, is this one better? is this one better? the producers aren't telling me to go on. what did you think was going to be amazing but turned out to the other way?
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don't say your first marriage. >> my 20s, i thought it was going to be action time. >> greg: what about you, jesse, what did you expect to be amazing? >> jesse: med school. just kidding, i've never done drugs. my friend told me about mescaline, it seems better than it was. >> greg: but that's not you! >> jesse: with the question again? >> greg: forget it, this is the worst friday ever. this is a game show from hell. they all want to go home.
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i'm going to say road trips, you ever go on a road trip in your head to come of the road trip is amazing and you're on the road trip and you're like i'm going to turn around -- going for a long run and then suddenly realize you have to run all the way back? >> my wedding day i got to marry the love of my life, -- had to get an iv. i had a stomach bug. >> greg: that's when you don't wear white. one more thing is up next. ♪ ♪ as a dj, i know all about customization. that's why i love liberty mutual. they customize my car insurance,
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♪ ♪ >> jesse: that was the worst. i'll go. as everybody knows -- eating healthy. >> greg: now time for "one more thing." >> dagen: as everybody knows him into eating healthy and finding out what's good for you and i found out my latest inspiration, check out max stanford from london, he sat down with a goal of eating 400 brussels sprouts in one sitting. this is where you can pick it up. >> jesse: so he ate a bunch of sprouts. we got kayleigh mcenany, adam corolla, we have annexed jewelry thief. the guy stole about $50 million worth of diamonds and gold and he gives us the inside story of smash and grabs, it's
2:57 am
fascinating. >> greg: this sunday i will be in new work, you can still get tickets come alive with me and tom shillue, go to the show, it's hilarious. i will be in phoenix in march in salt lake city. watch my show tonight, we have lots of people i can't remember right now. let's do this. greg's smash and grab news. we thought it had died down but apparently this dangerous crime trend is spreading to animals. check out this little guy, going back to the same place and taking anything he could find to. one's stopping him. he hasn't stolen $900 worth of stuff yet. it's going to take him approximately 3 to 4 days, the security guard is standing there, he doesn't care. this guy is like what the hell.
2:58 am
america is going to hell in an emasculated handbasket. >> kayleigh: my new book is out, my journey through the white house and beyond and where jesse's book is competing with reese witherspoon, i'm competing with the 6019 project. we have to drive this to number 1, wherever books are sold and waters world is going to take it to number 1. >> jesse: i think you're going to get there. beat the 1619, whatever that is called the. >> dagen: i see your criminal puppy and i raise you a sad bear. i mean really fat bear. this is in minnesota, this was caught on a wolf project camera run by the university of minnesota. they said this is the fattest bear they've ever seen. had worked hard for that body.
2:59 am
i am an honorary bear, may be i'm here, maybe i'm not. >> greg: shade me curious. >> harold: god rest of the soul of the great bob dole. here is a creative way to countdown to christmas. a printing company in the u.k. has created a giant 10-foot high advent calendar filled with bags of chips including doritos. it's so huge, to open the door you have to use the latter. it boasts a whopping 18,000 calories behind its doors. the creator andy phillips says he simply likes building big, festive treats and thinks this is the world's biggest chip advent calendar. >> greg: probably because there's only one. >> harold: that the competition you want.
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>> greg: you will be first in line if no one else is doing it. >> jesse: there's a lot of theories. >> dagen: i can't even look at you in the i am afraid i'm going to turn into a pillar of salt. >> jesse: i'm glad i'm sitting away from you right now, dirty, dirty person. ♪ ♪ pete: we begin with a fox news alert. tragically more than 50 people are feared dead after 24 tornadoes rip through the central u.s. overnight leaving a trail of catastrophic destruction in their wake. will: a state of emergency declared in kentucky the national guard is being mobilized to help first responders. >> ashley strohmier joins us live with a breaking news update. ashley? >> yeah, guy, kentucky governor andy beshear sharing devastating news at a press confere


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