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tv   FOX and Friends Saturday  FOX News  December 11, 2021 3:00am-7:00am PST

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line if no one else is doing it. >> jesse: there's a lot of theories. >> dagen: i can't even look at you in the i am afraid i'm going to turn into a pillar of salt. >> jesse: i'm glad i'm sitting away from you right now, dirty, dirty person. ♪ ♪ pete: we begin with a fox news alert. tragically more than 50 people are feared dead after 24 tornadoes rip through the central u.s. overnight leaving a trail of catastrophic destruction in their wake. will: a state of emergency declared in kentucky the national guard is being mobilized to help first responders. >> ashley strohmier joins us live with a breaking news update. ashley? >> yeah, guy, kentucky governor andy beshear sharing devastating news at a press conference a
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short time ago. he said more than 50 people are feared dead in his state alone and that number is expected to go up. the kentucky governor also shared that news at the press conference. let's take that soundbite if we could. >> and as we are setting here today -- and this is before day break -- we believe our death toll from this event will exceed 50 kentuckyens end up with 50 to 100 lost lives. >> the town of mayfield, kentucky was hit hard. a candle factory completely leveled by a tornado with 110 employees trapped inside under the debris. went to facebook live to beg for help. listen to this. >> please send us some help. [crying] >> somebody please send us some help. we are trapped.
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the stuck on me. we are all in the -- the whole building fell. >> so thankfully, the woman who posted that, she posted another video to say she had been rescued. crews are still working to get others out. emergency crews in southern illinois are working around the clock to rescue workers after the roof of a massive amazon warehouse collapsed. right now it's unclear how many people were killed, but officials have confirmed there are fatalities. and one person is confirmed dead. several others are hurt after the roof collapsed at a nursing home in arkansas. a local official in the area telling the associated press that the building has been cleared and everyone is now accounted for. officials say they really don't know the true scope of the devastation until day break when they can better assess the damage and the potential for more severe weather will continue this weekend as the storm system moves east and, guys, i'm actually from hopkins county, which is a county in western kentucky that was hit especially hard.
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i have got calls in to my grandparents and my aunts and uncles right now. so it's close to home. will: our thoughts and prayers are with you. with all your coverage this morning, you bring a great perspective to this having known exactly what's taken place. we are praying for your family this morning. let's churn to chief meteorologist rick reichmuth for more. rick: this one tornado what we saw has caused most of the damage large track tornado for on the ground for 200 miles. they goal out and do that investigation to see if it was on the ground that long. but it would be talking about maybe one of the longest tornado tracks we have ever seen in this country, at least on record. now, that was overnight when the storms happen overnight they are especially deadly. people aren't aware. they don't have as much kind of warning in these. you can't get any visual cue that you have a tornado going. in december people may not be aware what's going on.
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tornado warn storms with this. you see this still across parts of kentucky there and across parts of tennessee as well. one that was a tornado warn storm cutting from mississippi into alabama that one is just now a severe thunderstorm warning. but take a look at this. most of this coming from one strong line of storms that cut right through around the boot hill of missouri. this is this very long slow track of this. you get the idea. one storm right there that started to develop and just continued on the ground for probably over 200 miles. guys? rachel: wow. pete: rick, when you consider the level of the devastation was it totally unexpected. did it sneak up on them? rick: not really. we knew last night was going to be potentially really dangerous night. you know that potential is there. you hope it doesn't happen. this, in fact, has. we haven't had really significant fatalities from tornadoes in able of in years. part of that such good warning system now there are so many storm chasers tracking these storms. when you get into overnight hours and in december when
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people aren't accustomed to it one of the worst outbreak nasa area right there exactly had been in december as well. will: how many states now are you talking about this line of tornadoes covering? >> that one storm cut through arkansas, missouri, tennessee, and into kentucky that one right there. but there were multiple other tornado warnings stuff go through nashville last night as well. because it is still dark and these storms happen at night we don't really have a full sense. you see a few pictures there where somebody lights something up in one spot. throughout the morning on this show we will gate lot more images coming in. it will be very scary and reports on how people are doing. by the way, fox weather is our own weather app. amazing meteorologists right there. download the fork weather app. in app. store amazing meteorologists part of our meteorologists here at fox tracking the storms as well. rachel: great resource for everybody, especially that area right now. thank you, rick. pete: tough to segue into
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another topic after that. go good morning to both of you. tough news to start out this morning. amp the lights turn on there, we will bring it to you. we do have an amazing team of meteorologists there on the ground and elsewhere who will talk about the tragic reality. rachel: absolutely. pete: on another topic which is the cover of the "new york post" this morning which says the price is fright. if you look at anything you are paying for these days, it is higher than -- really any time than the three of us have been alive for the most part. it's at 39 year high inflation in this country. it was announced and just look at -- it was a 7% over the last year which is historically high. here's a few particular industries, i mean, gas you have seen it. you see it at the pump 58%. energy, how we heat and run our lives, food, household items, everything is massively up. yet, and this white house, guys, is attempting to explain it away which is pretty tough. rachel: what they want to do is talk a lot about covid and
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distract from it and ratchet up the fear on covid so people don't notice this but guess what? people notice it because they feel testify single day. they feel it at the pump and grocery store. if their car is not doing well they have to buy a new one. i had to buy a new washer and dryer because mine went out. boy, you felt it these are real, real things. last night on tucker carlson, you had a great segment on why the cpi index is just not accurate. it doesn't really reflect -- it's a government number that's meant to protect people in the government from the bad numbers. you just said, you know, 58% with gas. we know that meat is up, you know, 20%, 30%. these are really tough numbers. and now the biden administration is feeling it in the poll numbers. will: they are beginning to feel it in the poll numbers, arab ra. last week the biden administration pushing the press to begin to give them positive coverage on the economy. boy, how the press responded.
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it was a fascinating week where you saw just as an example cnbc jim cramer suggesting it's the greatest economy of his lifetime. and then in a matter of hours these inflation numbers come out, not unlike his prediction with berry stearns and within a matter of days bear stearns goes under. the press is working for the biden administration against what you might be feeling. what you feel is showing up in joe biden's approval numbers. look at them right now 41% approval. 50% disapprove. let's move specifically to the economy. 37% approval with 56% disapproving of the way joe biden is handling the economy. rachel: you think they would be able to get away with it a little better if we hadn't just in such recent memory lived through the greatest economy in american history. so just before covid hit, that's why donald trump seemed inevitable. we had never lived so well in america. not just anybody. we are talking everybody.
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people in the lowest wage brackets, their incomes were rising the fastest. they were doing better. minorities and the working class. manufacturing was coming back. there were great energy and gas jobs that were, you know, the democrats talk a lot about, you know, family supporting jobs. those were family-supporting jobs. those are gone now. so, you know, it's not surprising that people are responding in the polls because they are not -- this isn't like we did well like 10 years ago. it was like two years ago. pete: they look around and say what's the answer to it? the biden administration says our build back better plan, of course. there's a new cbo score that actually plays out what it will cost when these programs stick around. they have been selling $1.75 trillion price tag. it's actually 5 trillion when you look at it. it would add 3 trillion to the deficit. they say it wouldn't add any.
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rachel: print, print, print, print. pete: add together inflation and money printing people aren't buying it thankfully a silver lining of this that bill is on life support if it ever had a chance to start with. will: the sales pitch is still on. joe biden went on "the tonight show." -- "the tonight show" where he attempted to address his low poll numbers. watch. >> bringing class back to the office. how much do you pay attention to approval ratings. >> well, not anymore. [laughter] >> i'm joking. [laughter] [applause] >> pay attention in the mid 60's. now i don't pay attention to them. >> i appreciate the honesty. you came in, you came in hot and then now you are at a low. you just got keep your head down, right, and keep doing the right thing. >> people are getting so much inaccurate information -- i don't mean about me but about their situation. and -- so they are -- you know, they are being told that you
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know, armageddon is on the way. the truth is the economy has grown more than it has any time in 60 years. pete: what a lackey. rachel: that's so embarrassing, actually. it's like a parent just keep your head down and keep going. will: he's doing the right thing. rachel: like he is talking to a child or confused grandpa probably is more accurate. it's embarrassing. it's sad and it's actually really bad advice. to keep doing what you are doing because what he is doing is killing the economy. it's killing american families. what he is doing is -- everything that we are seeing is the agenda that the senate budget chairman, bernie sanders wanted. and, you know, bernie sanders was the biggest cheer leader for venezuela. i mean, he's on record when venezuela, you know, had this socialist government in place before the you know what hit the fan he said it was the greatest place. he said the american dream could be found in venezuela and not in
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america. this is where we are heading, america, if we keep going as jimmy fallon is telling joe biden to do. will: use the word embarrassing. that's the word that president donald trump used last night on ingraham. >> it's not the best economy ever. and we have inflation that's killing our country, and you saw what inflation did to jimmy carter's presidency. we are going to have worse than that you look at gas prices. the gasoline was at $1.87 a gallon and now in california it's over $7. we're doing horribly in terms of our image all over the world with the afghanistan disaster and the border where millions and millions of people are pouring into our country. no, i think we are at a very low point at n. our country's history and very embarrassing point. >> it is embarrassing and entirely unnecessary and product of policy and total reversals as you said, rachel, rightfully so, just a few years ago we are the polar opposite. we saw the polar opposite
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result. there is an ongoing obsession with covid. there is even a new -- the governor of new york just put in a new mask mandate indoors in new york for like three weeks, three weeks to stop the omicron even though everyone is -- what are we doing? will: we have more on that coming up in a few minutes. to me, also, the major lesson here is that you can't shut down the world's largest economy, completely shut it down and spend your way out of it you can't do that without real world repercussions. pete: spend your way out of it with other people's tax dollars. stay with us this morning, 13 minutes after the top of the hour and few additional headlines for you. authorities release terrifying body cam showing car wash in florida the moments a gunman fired 72 rounds nearly hitting three sheriff deputies. watch. >> drop it! [gunfire] >> he is shooting at us. shots fired, shots fired.
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>> he reloaded. >> he is coming back out. [rapid gunfire] pete: miraculously no one was hurt and the suspect was arrested. officials say he was having a mental health crisis. and governor ron desantis calls for $8 million to remove illegal immigrants from florida. >> any of these contractors that are facilitating biden's illegal policies. anyone who is doing that forefits the ability to have contracts with state and local government in the state of florida. and they are going to be responsible for providing restitution. pete: i like that. if you're the ones flying the flights in the middle of the night, we are coming after you. in mexico a massive illegal caravan brings a highway to a stand still. hundreds of migrants overtaking the streets, some resting on the road. others latching on to moving cars. as they make their way to our southern border.
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and later this morning, fox sports michael strahan will be one of six people heading to space on a blue origin flight. strahan's flight set to launch at 7:45 eastern time. the faa has cleared blue origin of safety allegations brought about by a whistleblower in september. later in the show we will have a flight from texas take off and have our expert space panel bringing you live coverage of the launch. those your headlines. yet another example if you are on the sports side with the cool kids you can go to space. [laughter] rachel: why didn't they invite you? will: by the way, that's not a small thing. it's like i got to go to the sidelines on a cool game. i got to go to space. we don't get coffee and they get to go to space. pete: it helps to win a super bowl. will: one guy though has a pretty cool assignment this morning let me tell you it's joey jones. one of the biggest rivalries in sports the black knights take on
3:16 am
the midshipments of the 122nd installment of the games. pete: joey jones is with us for what the game means for our country. joey, good morning. >> good morning, guys. it's not too bad to go on the sideline for a cool game. i was an astronaut once 1.5 seconds rocket propelled. i can keep up with michael strahan there. this game is going to be a big deal today. not only the 122nd annual as you guys just said metlife stadium in new jersey in honor of the 20th anniversary of 9/11. yeah, i have got some stats on the game, pete, i'm happy to go over them. might not want to hear it though because even though army is the seven point favorite it's look good for navy right now. will: looking good for navy. you like navy today, joey? it's in east rutherford. pete: come on, how is it looking
3:17 am
good for navy, 8 and 3 navy is 3-8. what are you talking about? you are making things up. >> i led that in and i was hoping you would bite. i knew you would. navy on a tear 16 of 17 out of the last five games navy has only one one game of the guess what that was the last time i was at the army-navy game. i get the feeling 7 point dogs are going to pull it out today. the navy has gone 3-8 this year. had a really close game against number 4 cincinnati and army done really good. pete: you are talking to a viking fan explain away his entire season we are great but we are 6-7. that's what you are doing with the midshipmen. we are great but 3-8. let's see what happens today. you are right, if you are a good luck charm that does hurt us. will: i heard you yesterday, you are pulling for navy. you said marine -- i don't know if that's marine connection to the navy historically or just
3:18 am
personal preference but i heard you say you are pulling for navy. >> marine corps we usually pull for the navy. there is a lot of men playing on the navy's team that will go into the marine corps. we pull our officers from the naval service academy but, you know, i visited west point this year and i was a big fan. i'm probably a little bit more neutral today than i have ever been for this game. this is the one game in the entire year that everyone playing on this field, when they're done, they will fight for this country and be willing to die for the people in the stands. that's no small thing. make no mistake, today will be a battle on the field as well. these guys come out here and pass less than 100 times all year for post teams. this will be a ground and pound old school football game. probably a lot of bloody knuckles and fans here have a great time. pete: do you know what they call the marine corps the men's department of the navy. [laughter] pete: i will give you that definitely will check in with you, man. appreciate it. >> all right, guys. pete: as we alluded to earlier
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here we go again indoor mask mandates coming back to the big apple as the white house defenders those schools making kids eve eat lunch outside in the cold. rachel: i have hate being cold for these poor kids. plus, santa making sure boys and girls of all abilities have a merry christmas. ♪ santa claus is coming ♪ >> we all want to feel like we contribute to society. we all want to feel like we make a difference. rachel: going to take you on a tour of an incredible farm that makes holiday dreams come true. ♪ you better watch out ♪ you better not cry ♪ better not pout ♪ i'm telling you why ♪ santa claus is coming to town ♪ he's making a list ♪ and checking it twice ♪ig ♪didn't even notice,♪ ♪no punches left to roll with♪
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>> you got to go north? pete: we are back with a fox news alert. 24 tornadoes and severe storms leaving a trail of catastrophic destruction across the central u.s. the state of emergency has been declared in western kentucky and the national guard is being mobilized to help first responders overnight. the governor warned the death toll in the state is expected to
3:24 am
exceed 50 and could reach as high as 100. will: meanwhile emergency crews in southern illinois are working to rescue workers after the roof of a massive amazon warehouse collapsed. right now it's unclear how many people were killed but officials have confirmed there are fatalities. and one person is confirmed dead and several others are injured after the roof collapses in a nursing home in ackerman. a local official in the area telling the associated press everyone is now accounted for. officials say the troop scope of the devastation is still unclear. we will keep you up to date on this story all throughout the morning as the sunrises. unfortunately, we will be met with what we expect to be somewhat bad news in a storm that appears to have crossed four, five different states. pete: that is one of the sobering parts about this morning's show whether it's tornadoes or storms like that as the lights turn on, you get the pictures and, man, it starts to soak in.
3:25 am
rachel: even that video in the dark of that woman screaming how terrifying it must have been. you are right, as the sun comes up, we will see what really happened. we have great crews on the ground right now and we will bring that to you as soon as we get it. meanwhile, here in new york, the governor has reimplemented an indoor mask mandate in public places as the nation's second largest school district in los angeles stands by its vaccine mandate for staffers but may delay the mandate for students and the white house defenders schools making children eat outside. will: so insanity from coast to coast. rachel: absolutely. will: enough, enough. so,. pete: thank you. will: the new york governor is reinstituting a mask mandate. enough. and i'm serious. at some point rational people have to put their foot down. this is -- we are returning to the height of the pandemic over omicron which the evidence is in is incredibly mild. pete: i know.
3:26 am
will: enough. pete: i was talk to jen who does our makeup in the morning she says why did i get a vaccine? rachel: exactly. pete: if you are going to put a mask back on me preemptively on a strain of the virus that is far more mild than the one before, what are we doing? rachel: the superintendent, by the way, in los angeles, her name is meghan reilly, she says that they are going to lose employees over this. she says parting ways with individuals who choose not to be vaccinated is an -- is extremely difficult but a necessary decision to ensure the safety of all our school communities. we can talk about the teachers and i feel bad for teachers who will lose their job. there are lots of healthcare workers getting put out of work and as we covered many police officers and firemen as well. lots of people over the vaccine. there has not been enough emphasis on what this is doing to our children. just this past week, the surgeon general issued a report warning that mental health issues with
3:27 am
children high. there aren't enough mental health professionals to deal with how many, you know, problems these kids are having. this is such a disruption of their childhood. it's so evil what's going on. and i expect that from randi weingarten who has no kids. the head of the teachers union. where is the media? where is the media covering what is happening to our children and their childhood and their sense of normalcy and the fear and the paranoia that they're instilling in these children making them sit outside in the cold to eat lunch? in some cases telling them they can't sing, they can't talk to one another. this is crazy town. will: rachel, we are going on two years of this insanity. and you are absolutely right. it is child abuse. rachel: yes. will: no other wave to describe this except child abuse. the picture you were describing was one and i'm sure you may have seen it by now children
3:28 am
sitting -- looks like under a bridge, sitting on asphalt on buckets separated, socially distanced, i don't know, at least. pete: eating a ham sandwich. i'll. will: eating ham sandwiches during lunch. jen psaki by the way the white house spokeswoman, was asked about that image. >> sometimes children are required to eat outside or not talk to each other while they are eating. want to see those rules lifted as well to get back to a more normal school experience. >> schools are taking steps, especially since we have only recently approved through the cdc and fda vaccines for 5 to 11-year-olds. they are not approved for kids younger than that to keep their kids and students safe. i will tell you i have a 3-year-old that goes to school and sits outside for snacks and lunch and wears a mask inside and no big deal for him. i'm not saying that's the case for everybody. these are steps kids are taking to keep kids safe. i think the vast majority of parents appreciate that obviously we want to get to a
3:29 am
point where we are turning to a version of normalcy for everybody, right? where you are not sending your kids backpacked with seven extra masks or adding two hats so they are warm outside for a snack. rachel: do you know why she is saying it's no big deal for her 3-year-old? that's all her 3-year-old knows. her 3-year-old has no sense of what normalcy is. i have seen it with my own 5-year-old. when my little -- when this little thing started my little one was in kindergarten. by the way the older ones were more resistant because they knew what school was supposed to be like. they knew they were supposed to smile and talk to their friends and be around each other. my littlest one, like her little one, like jen psaki's little one, she would come in the car and she would wear her mask all the time and i would say you can take your mask off. take it off. and then she would take it off and she would cover her mouth like this. this is what they're doing to our kids. this is not normal. this is bad for their psyche. this is bad for their mental health.
3:30 am
this is bad for interaction. it's crazy. and by the way, can i say i even brought in valentina once to, you know, my little one she had speech therapy, tiny one, and the person had a mask on. i'm like the therapist. will: speech therapy. rachel: yes. this is crazy town. pete: 2, 3, 4, 5-year-old. wear a mask like it's nothing. i will say take that thing off. so you have got kids who are not at all vulnerable to this. and then you have omicron which is far weaker, putting their percentage of health risk at .00000 -- whatever and, yet, we are doing this to them. unbelievable. rachel: they are doing it for a reason. they are doing it for politics and ideology. and it's so cruel. you are right, it's child abuse. will: by the way your children are under no risk for covid. do you know what the biggest risk for your child right now those policies. that's the danger to your child.
3:31 am
pete: absolutely. pete: adam schiff pulled out for pushing the russia probe but giving a pass. holding his feet to the fire and joining us live. pete: can wall street continues despite inflation despite hitting a 40 year high? our man brian brenberg next. rachel: hi, brian. ♪ money, money, money ♪ in the rich man's world ♪ just stop. go for a run. go for 10 runs! run a marathon. instead, start small. with nicorette. which can lead to something big. start stopping with nicorette.
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>> go north? you got to go north? rachel: we are back with a fox news alert. 24 tornadoes and severe storms leaving a trail of catastrophic destruction across the central u.s. a state of emergency has been deglard kentucky and national guard help first responders overnight. the governor warned that the
3:36 am
death toll in the state is expected to exceed 50 and could reach as high as 100 meanwhile crews in southern illinois working to rescue workers after a roof of a amazon warehouse collapse. it's unclear how many were killed officials have confirmed that there are, indeed, fatalities. one person is confirmed dead and several others are injured after the roof collapsed at a nursing home in arkansas. we'll be covering this story all morning so stay with us. pete? pete: thank you, rachel. all right, just when you thought our economic crisis couldn't get any worse, well, grim numbers reveal just how bad inflation really is. fox news contributor and kings college executive vice president and our friend brian brenberg joins us now to break it all down on the big wall. 39 year high of inflation. do the numbers tell the whole story? >> look, inflation is high 6.8%. we haven't seen that in almost 40 years. here's the problem.
3:37 am
you live in the midwest, you drive a car. you got a family five kids. you are buying chicken and beefing 6.8% not as bad as you have it people who depend on fuel and depend on feeding a lot of kids. they need meat they got to appliances rachel mentioned it earlier they feel much, much worse. pete: the white house says this is cyclical is this inevitable or a result of policy. >> getting some inflation out of this shut down craziness for sure. it's gone on much longer because of the policy. you have 11 million open jobs in this country, 11 million open jobs that's why you have a supply chain problem and you have inflation. how do you get people in those jobs? one way you don't do it is put mandates in place that confuse employers and confuse workers and keep them from death together and filling those jobs. that's it. pete: turns employers into
3:38 am
enforcers: certain industries hit atlantic hard, you look at energy and gas the policies being pursued. >> >> this is a policy issue. look at this one right here, think of day one of this administration. if you want to solve the inflation problem, power america, produce energy. the problem is right now the president has all oil producers, gas producers on notice i'm against you. and they say well, why am i going to invest? why am i going to increase production? you have got to stop that and get energy flowing and workers back on the job. the president has got to do a 180 on everything he has prioritized. the problem is he is beholden to the left. that's the issue right now which why is he has no credible policy to get out of this. pete: can't do that 180 at all. the s&p 500 hit a record close. why would that be in last light of the last -- all this bad news, stocks going up and this
3:39 am
is what is going on. this is crazy. traders coming into yesterday thinking inflation was going to be above 6.8%. so that was actually a good number. >> they actually looked at 6.8 not a good number. it's not a good number. they look at it and say we thought this was going to come in about 7, okay. if it comes in where it came, in we expected that doesn't change our projections better than where's news. that's a bad spot to be in. the stock market is cruising because this this economy is awash. you have got to park your money somewhere, where are you going to tut in the bank get it inflated away no stocks, in the house. that's why the prices are rising. pete: put it in the bank to get inflated away. >> that's the world we live in now. seniors and the least well off. pete: good point. brian brenberg has a big brain and bigger bank account.
3:40 am
>> that is not true. pete: except for bitcoin. thank you, brian, appreciate it? >> you bet. pete: back to our top story a monster tornado obliterates a kentucky candle factory one of two dozen with twisters obliterating kentucky and the south. comer joins us next. than anyone else, it's the hardworking people of the united states postal service. hey, hey, hey! check it out! it's the hardworking people at lowe's were home to great values, during the holidays and every day.
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>> send some help.
3:44 am
somebody please send us some help. we are trapped. the wall is stuck on me. we were all in the shelter place. the whole building fell. will: we are back with a fox news alert. you just heard audio of a woman trapped under debris caused by one of the 24 tornadoes that let catastrophic destruction across the central u.s. overnight. a candle factory in kentucky was completely leveled by a tornado with around 110 employees inside. thankfully that audio you just heard, that woman was rescued. meanwhile, rescue workers after the roof of an amazon warehouse collapsed. officials have confirmed there are fatalities at that location. and one person confirmed dead and several others are injured after the roof collapsed at a nursing home in arkansas. a local official telling associated press that everyone is now accounted for. the severe weather is expected to continue through the weekend.
3:45 am
let's turn now to chief meteorologist rick reichmuth who is tracking this storm. rick: we will see more severe weather today. i think the set-up is a little bit better. we shouldn't see anything as severe as what we saw overnight last night. that is the worst of it. we have a number of hours here. we will start to see the sun come up and get a real sense of exactly the daniel that happened. that mayfield, kentucky, that's a pretty small town. the town of about 10,000 south of paducah. temperature-wise see cold air mass across the west and breaking all kinds of warm temperature records across the south and eastern part of the country. that, over all, is going to continue to be our set up. you will notice that cold air that continues to come in behind this storm and i point this out because tonight temperatures will drop below freezing for most of the people that had this tornado damage. >> we have cold night ahead. probably a lot of people without power for a while and people still, you know, trying to dig through their stuff in very cold conditions. these are all the tornado
3:46 am
warnings, all those red, 145 tornado warnings issued by the local national national weather service offices in all of these areas. most of those overnight. about an hour ago, we still had some tornado warnings watching most downgraded to severe thunderstorm warnings. strong winds and likely a little bit of hail. no tornadic conditions going on right now great news. continue to watch this pull off to the east today and mid-atlantic will probably be another spot later on today just a heads up that we will be watching for potentially tornadic activity. guys? will: thank you, rick. let's do this. let's bring in now kentucky congressman james comer. congressman, glad to have you with me this morning. this is, we have seen these storms destroy or bring destruction to, i don't know, at least five different states but kentucky seems to be one of the hardest hit. the governor there saying at least 50 people have lost their lives. the numbers could go up towards 100. what are you hearing? what can you tell us about the
3:47 am
state of kentucky. >> well, those storms were in my congressional district. the one you spoke of earlier make co, kentucky, western kentucky, great community. we have been on the phone all night with first responders there at that candle factory. they have been pulling people out from that collapsed roof all night and still currently doing that. there are still many unaccounted for. just devastation all throughout west kentucky. so, of course our thoughts and prayers are with all those people and especially the first responders and those that have losted loved ones. will: absolutely, congressman. forgive my ignorance but i hope you will indulge my curiosity, how big is mayfield? how big is this community that the storms have ripped through in your district? >> mayfield is a city of less than 10,000. the county there is about 30,000, 35,000. small town. everybody knows everybody.
3:48 am
people that weren't even first responders have been up all night trying to help their friends and neighbors and family, just a devastating thick to go through the community. and it's just something that you hope you never have to witness. will: i know those kinds of communities. i have grown up in those kinds of communities and putting context into what the potential damage is. as you point out how those communities come together to help each other is something we need to be watching in the coming days as well. congressman, i want to ask you about this while we have you on the program this morning. you had a moment this week where you were in a confrontation with congressman adam schiff over russia. his constant allegations of collusion. even as they fall apart all around him. and you also challenged him on hunter biden. let's take a look back at what happened on thursday and get your reaction today. >> every ever time the chairman schiff rises to speak on a bill about intelligence and security and holding the president accountability i get excited
3:49 am
hoping we are going to hear about that evidence of collusion. are you aware of president biden dealings. are you aware of the it's son's art dealings? are you aware of the president's son's dealings in congo with the cobalt mine? are you aware of the dealing in ukraine? will: congressman comber, doesn't seem to be much curiosity lax of evidence on the russian collusion. did you get any answers? >> adam schiff was sponsoring a bill on the floor. all the people in congress to file a bill like that. adam schiff would be the least credible person that i can think of to do it. he spoke for the second time. i was leading the opposition on the republican side. you don't need to give him an opportunity to explain the
3:50 am
steele dossier, to explain the overwhelming evidence that he had that he never brought forward, explain what happened with the whistleblower. and then explain what he is doing with hunter biden. and he just brushed everything off. he has no -- he has no shame for what he put the country through, the millions of tax dollars he wasted on the baseless investigation of trump. and it was just another example of his arrogance. will: congressman, i want to end where we began thinking of your district this morning sending your thoughts and prayers and we appreciate you being with us this morning. >> thanks for having me. pete: we will stay on top of that breaking news. 50 people feared dead and live report on the ground next. plus a local emergency declared in huma, arizona. migrant surge why the governor says the white house isn't doing enough to stop that crisis. ♪ ♪ my songs know what you did in the dark ♪ ♪ so light 'em up, up, up light 'em up, up, up ♪ ♪ light 'em up, up, up ♪
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>> you got to go north? >> yes. rachel: we're back with a fox news alert. major tornadoes rip through the central u.s. overnight. the governor of kentucky warning up to 100 people could be dead in his state alone. pete: the devastation stretching across five states. in arkansas, one person is dead after the roof of a nursing home
3:55 am
collapsed. will: hunter davis with fox weather is live outside that nursing home in monette, arkansas. so, hunter, it's still dark there this morning. but you imagined, i'm sure, to n some of the damage have you seen. >> it's difficult to get that really clear picture of what all we are going to sees a that son comes up. i mean, just pulling up, even though it's dark, it's -- honestly it's an extremely humbling scene that you are seeing out here. i think especially when you take a look at -- we a blanket from this nursing home sprawled out into the parking lot. i think sometimes in these natural disasters it's really hard to look past the debris. so i think seeing those kind of really personal items help us remember that these were people that were, you know, in this storm line last night. they were evacuated as quickly as possible. search and rescue teams moved in because doctors and nurses
3:56 am
immediately started calling for help as soon as they could get any sort of signal out. we do know at least one person died. we're still waiting to hear more on kind of the extent of what we saw here i think also worth mentioning this morning, it is still about 17 to 33 mile-per-hour wind gusts here. you will kind of see that as we continue into this live shot. so, as people wake up and start to really clean up and assess the damage, it's going to be kind of difficult for these really early morning hours. especially -- it's still really chilly out here sitting in the 50's right now. expected to warm up a little later. those conditions are not looking favorable especially because you want to make sure you can be safe as we stand out here debris is still kind of moving around and flying around the parking lot. you can see, i mean, really just the impact mother nature can have. these windows completely blown out of this car. and this is probably 10 that i can see here. branches are completely snapped
3:57 am
over here. we have a nursing home bed. there was about 80 residents, more than that, actually, here in this home. and one of these beds is just sitting now in the parking lot just kind of reminding us exactly what happened here. that people went through this storm and needed help pretty immediately. i know that my photographer and i were over in memphis about an hour south of here. tornado warnings went off there. that was terrifying enough. and we didn't even see close to what they saw here in monette. humbling, it will get more and more clear as the sun comes unjust how strong this storm was tracking 500 miles as it was dropping tornadoes. at least one of which we have seen on video was a monster. so we're still going to wait to get those specification from the national weather service but this storm really going to go down in history, guys? pete: you know, hunter, you are right. so powerful to see the personal items a bed like that out in the
3:58 am
parking lot. it gives you a bit of a sense of the power of that storm you are in the area. you drive up to this location. how wide is the path of this tornado? give us a sense. >> yeah, that is kind of what is interesting, especially when you cover tornadoes. you know, other natural disasters like hurricanes, you are going to kind of see a war path that stretches for miles. a situation like this though, we were nursing home and things looked normal. occasional downed power line or maybe lack of power in the area. you really didn't see anything that would cue you to the fact that there was a monster storm that came through this area. it's kind of just a really interesting experience as you drive up to these scenes to see the absolute worst stretch for miles. they stay really really contained and that's what we are seeing here as we drove up this
3:59 am
morning. rachel: hunter, i know that the people in the nursing home, the residents were evacuated. do we have any idea how much notice they had? i'm actually amazed when i see the debris there that they were evacuated in time. what do you know about that? >> so, it's still tough to say. we're still kind of putting all the pieces together this morning. we did hear from the county judge who said that they were actually here when the storm went through. and it wasn't until after that storm came through that they were able to call out for help. calls went out over social media. doctors and nurses were calling out to see if anyone in the area could come help with those search and rescue efforts. so, it appears from what we're hearing that people kind of just hunkered down and it wasn't until after that storm moved through and it was a little safer that people were able to get in here. but the line of first
4:00 am
responders -- i mean, there was all the way down this roadway which, again, is extremely dark. so it's kind of difficult to tell, but all the way down 20, 30 vehicles from emergency responders to just people that wanted to come help really kind of descended on this area extremely quickly to do so. and that's one thing that i have noticed as people were preparing for this storm and the storms that have hit this area because they are not, you know, unfamiliar with this territory. i have noticed that like to help the second disaster happens and call goes out people respond immediately. that's something we will notice throughout the day as it is safe for people to get up and get out. i think we are going to see volunteers coming from everywhere in the south to all of these states that have been impacted to help in any way they can. will: hunter, one more question for you. so hard, again in fact dark but
4:01 am
as pete the swath of the storm, how targeted is it even at that nursing home? is it the entire nursing home that was destroyed? is it portions of the nursing home? if all the residents to rachel's point are still in the building, how much of the building was destroyed? >> so, from what we can tell, and, again, hoping to get a clear picture as the sun starts to come up here in a few hours, but from what we can tell the entire nursing home was impacted. there is not much of a roof left at all. we are kind of trying to take you a little bit inside. you can see this was an interior portion of the nursing home, photos are still kind of hanging on the wall. you can see those frames kind of in the back. again, it's a little dark. but you can see. chairs still sitting in their place in some occasions i'm seeing wreaths that are still hanging up. this was an interior portion of the nursing home and as you can tell it is completely exposed.
4:02 am
and this is really a good picture of what the rest of the nursing home looks like. at least from what we can tell right now this early in the morning. rachel: wow, hunter, thank you so much for giving us those images and your firsthand account of what happened there. thank you. appreciate it rick, we're going to turn to you. you are our chief meteorologist. rick, really quick, what does that sound like when -- i can't believe these nursing home residents were there. >> i have never been through a tornado. what would that feel like. rick: everybody always says that it sounds like a train coming through which is the best thing. so much debris that gets wrapped up in tornadoes. you have all of that debris banging against each other and that's largely what creates that sound: monet is over here in northeast, arkansas. kind of at the beginning of this track that probably a tornado on the ground likely for over 200 miles. so 200 miles on the ground. enough to, it can be fairly narrow in some spots. but, we won't know exactly for
4:03 am
sure but probably maybe up to about half a mile wide that kind of line of destruction. as hunter was just talking about where you have damage. i have been in so many tornado scenes and can you have a house that looks absolutely untouched and the house right next to it is completely demolished. it just depends on where that exact, you know, where the windy -- where the tornado cuts through to the outside of it there isn't any damage. where it hits, everything is completely destroyed. so you probably have a fairly narrow band but about 200 miles long, at least just from that one tornado where everything in its path is destroyed. unfortunately, it hit towns directly. so it's not a huge population zone. but if it hits the town, you are going to have a lot of damage. mayfield, kentucky, which is just to the south of paducah right here. that's one of the towns that took a direct hit. they went for almost an hour without any communication from that town after that storm went through. so, obviously this all happening in the dark. we will start to see the light come up right here.
4:04 am
now, she is absolutely right when you have these storms everyone wants to rush in and help and they do and bring their chainsaws. first thing you have to do is clear the roads so people can get in to start rescuing people. one storm a lot of areas needing the help. red cross will be out there helping folks. but, really rough day ahead. hunter was saying how it's capitol hill right now. tonight most of this area dropping below freezing. so, matthew. you don't have a home, imagine everything is very wet right there and now you will have wind and cold and no power probably for these people for quite a while. all of those power lines down as well. will: another risk obviously is fire in the wake of these tornadoes as buildings are torn apart. really quick, rick. i'm fascinated at the bottom of our screen it says 24 different tornadoes. i heard you rescue one tornado that could have spanned 200 miles. so, is it your anticipation there starting in monette, arkansas, that's one tornado
4:05 am
with two or three other ones spun off. rick: those numbers are really premature that will change over time. every time a tornado -- if it pulls up off the ground and drops again they will consider it another tornado. what we are probably seeing here and they will get and investigate this throughout the day and tomorrow see if that tornado was on the ground that entire 200-plus miles. in which case this could go down in record as the longest tracked tornado in the history of our country. so we are going to be, you know, getting that information in very quickly. but, that said, that was just one tornado, then there were a number of other tornadoes that happened along this line of storms as it passes through. we will over the next couple of days get those numbers verified it will probably well be over that 24 nun. over 145 tornado warnings overnight from these storms. pete: rick that was my question. you said there was advanced warning. how much? are we talking minutes? are we talking hours? it's the middle of the night, right? are they getting the alert on your phone? rick: yeah.
4:06 am
pete: paint a picture. rick: most people get alerts on their phone or tornado warnings. we were very well aware of this set up. concerned it was going to be a dangerous night. people in that area, i'm sure where this is coming, potentially coming, that said, you go to bed, you think you might be okay. maybe 100 you, couple hundreds yards wide, half a mile wide, something like that. if it doesn't hit you, you don't have that damage. but, you know, if it does, it's a big story. now, we did have plenty of warning the national weather service office domestic violence a great job during the overnight hours. keeping people aware of this on fox weather or fox weather app. which you should download so you can get all of this information as well as well as the warning, live coverage of the event live all morning long covering this plenty of warning for people. that said, a tornado of that size and that strong hits you where you are very, very difficult to make it through those. rachel: hunter said she expects people out to be helping. i know people from kentucky they are the most wonderful,
4:07 am
big-hearted, kind people that america has. and so i expect to see that for sure. rick: absolutely. rachel: meanwhile -- thank you, rick. rick: you bet. rachel: in yuma, arizona there is a different kind of emergency. there is a border town surge. there is a surge of migrants crossing in yuma. it's been happening for a while. by the way, i have a lot of friends in yuma who have been telling me about the problems in yuma for quite a while. the governor of arizona, can you run that back here for me? governor ducey of arizona is demanding that the department of homeland security secretary resign, meanwhile florida governor desantis plans to do -- he plans to provide $8 million to remove illegals from his state. pete: yeah it, san emergency and one with absolutely no solution, at least in the immediate term in sight. when you have got and some of the pictures and images i have seen on this, you have got thousands of illegals entering
4:08 am
into yuma. there is no border patrol, there is no walking the streets. walking down the highways and the local roads. 6,000-plus into yuma in this past week alone. rachel: imagine. pete: to declare a state of emergency as a mayor you are simply saying the services we provide in this town are insufficient to meet the needs not only of our citizens but also of thousands of illegals crossing with no social services no, where to go, no transportation. and no border patrol ultimately as well. this is what a crisis looks like. will: governor doug ducey, he was on with neil cavuto he says it's time for mayorkas to resign. watch. >> i have worked now with three presidents, obama, trump, and biden, the biden administration is far and away the worst. secretary mayorkas needs to resign. he is in phoenix or he came to phoenix but hiding from the border. he took a flight to san diego
4:09 am
and san francisco, this administration is completely nonresponsive so, yes, we are surging state badges to the border. we are trying to support the brave border patrol and customs and border protection along with ice. but they are undermanned and they are under resourced from our federal government. rachel: again, i would have to emphasize, this is terrible what happened, this surge of 6,000 just in a week. it's got to be overwhelming. this is a crisis that has been building up for a while. i have a friend in yuma. she said one of her friends had a miscarriage and had to carry the dead baby for days because she couldn't get into the hospital because the hospitals are overrun. in that area and in other area, people are having to travel a hundred miles away to get their child into a doctor because their hospitals are overwhelmed. people that i know who work for the fire department in yuma, finding dead bodies, you know, in the dessert. i mean, this is -- this town is
4:10 am
not set up to deal with this. this is a border community in -- under senile, really. pete: you heard the governor say a surge of state badges. that means state law enforcement. just like down in texas having to fill the gap because our border patrol is overwhelmed. and effectively told to stand down. you also hear ice, immigrations and customs enforcement effectively deporting nobody. they have been told to stand down as well. rachel: can we bring back those images of the fence that you have there that were just up? it was like a half done like the fence is not completed? we just had it up there? in yuma, people were calling me, my friends saying those were jobs. those were jobs in yuma to keep -- you know, infrastructure jobs. now those people lost their jobs and now there is nothing to hold back this surge. will: to your point, pete, about states stepping up. state of florida governor desantis has said we are going to take on this responsibility in the state of florida. put it into our new budget.
4:11 am
we are going to remove illegal immigrants. listen. >> now we are in a different situation where we need all entities in florida helping to fight back against the federal government ineptitude and inaction. that will be important. we are going to provide resources. we are going to provide money to be able to -- what we don't want is incentivizing people to be coming to the state illegally. and we also, in yesterday's budget, i put in $8 million for us to be able to transport people illegally out of the state of florida. if you sent to delaware or martha's vineyard or some of these places, that border would be secure the next day. that border would be secure. but, instead, they are imposing the results of their policies on stays like florida. >> of course that's true. if you ever said it to a politician's backyard it would all change. they never do. it is a tale of two worlds. you have got florida and desantis saying listen, we believe in citizens, taxpayers.
4:12 am
and we think illegality should be illegal will. then new york city saying not only is it illegal not to be illegal -- you can do illegal things and not even illegal anymore. if you are an illegal you can vote in municipal elections. that will soon be law in new york city. i mean, there has never been a moment where who governs you at the local level has been more important. rachel: these are resources and ron desantis talked about this in an interview he had with tucker carlson. when they divert funds to deal with this surge of illegals coming in, being flown in by nonprofit organizations, that's services that aren't going to foster children, to children in need, to families in need. so he is saying our tax dollars here in florida are for our florida citizens. we can't afford to take on all of these people and divert services over to them. tucker carlson then asked him if
4:13 am
the federal government going to sue you? he said no, we are going to sue them. [laughter] will: i love how you described that a tale of two worlds. it's so clear that's what's taking place in the united states right now. not immigration alone but covid. people realize it they are being sold such a false reality. you can have jimmy kimmel or whoever going on and making fun of ron desantis. but people are moving to florida right now. the u-hauls are being packed up right now they are being packed up and moved to florida. they are moving to texas. people can see the different lifestyle choices. and you have a choice. do i want to have the pretense of government? do i want to have pandering and demagoguery about, you know be afraid and get a new shot and wear a mask? i do want to live in this environment anymore? do i want to live in an environment where there is actual governance taking place like you just heard on your television screen? television is going to tell you one thing, the vast majority of television is going to tell you one thing, but people's choices are telling you something else.
4:14 am
rachel: that was what was so interesting in the -- when president biden went on jimmy fallon's show and he said the president said to jim i can't fallon well, people, they just believing all this stuff, it's not really happening. it's like no, no, no. people aren't dumb. they are exactly as you have said. they can feel what is happening in their town and they are making decisions based on that whether it's inflation that's happening or services they are not getting in their community. people are reacting to it. they see leadership. they see where there is not leadership and they make decisions. pete: you mentioned people are feeling it they feel it in their wallets as well. cover it in the "new york post" this morning the price is fright because inflation has reached not just, you know, a monthly high, a 49-year high. inflation in our economy, according to the labor department. and here are just a few of -- we have done this but it's worth doing again, different items that are a lot more today than before. beef 20%.
4:15 am
men's outer wear, i guess that's a jacket. 14%. cars, tvs, coffee, gift wrap up 7%. sports equipment, jewelry, flour, you name it, it's up. it means your dollar what you are making is not going to go as far and that's with a looming potential of tax rate hikes if they were 'to get this bill passed. all things considered, your money doesn't go as far you are going to pay more in taxes. rachel: great interview you had with brian. brian talked about if you look at all the things going up. if you live in rural america, you are feeling it more. you have to drive more. you probably eat more meat than they do here in the city. that's up like 20%, 30%. so people are absolutely feeling it and brian says that this is a direct result of president biden's policies, take a listen. >> get some inflation coming out of this shut down craziness for
4:16 am
sure. it's gone on much longer because of the policy. you have 11 million open jobs in this country. 11 million open jobs. that's why you have got a supply chain problem. that's why you have got inflation. how do you get people in those jobs? one way you don't do it is put mandates in place that confuse employers and confuse workers and keep them from getting together and filling those jobs. if you wanted to solve the inflation problem, power america. produce energy. the problem is right now the president has put all oil producers gas producers on notice i'm against you. will: i saw some analysis one bank of america or jp morgan chase one of the big banks, the anticipation now the admission is inflation isn't transitory. the admission is it could last into april of 2022. the question is if that's how long it lasts how high does it go? rachel: hurts people that are
4:17 am
poorer and people on fixed income, the elderly the most. it's going to be troubling to see these fuel costs but also the heating costs for a lot of people on fixed incomes. pete: sad part is, i asked brian, okay, how do we reverse this or how do we change? the biden administration would have to reverse 180. they are not going to do it. so that's -- for those of us and for everyone that sees these impacts, you realize there is no change of heart in the white house. rachel: do they want -- they want energy costs that high because they want -- off of it. pete: i don't want them pillly speaking it's a terrible thing for them. rachel: is it part of the climate thing though? pete: absolutely it is. you make it so expensive that electric alternatives are more viable and then you subsidize it all with the $12,000 they are providing in the infrastructure bill. it's all meant to get us away from that yet, they won't build nuclear power. you are looking at it going what are you doing? will: today is one of the best days in sports. army and navy go head to head on
4:18 am
the gridiron for all the bragging rights. pete: it's the only sporting event where the members of both teams are willing to die for the viewers. rachel: and joey jones is life in east rutherford, new jersey with more. tell us what you have got. >> good morning, guys. listen, we are out here for this game. i'm pumped for it i tried to tell them i can play football if you let me out there. i can't run real fast. i can kick i have an iron foot. they won't let me on the team so i guess i will report on it today is all about the uniforms. that's one of the big stories of the day. since 2008 both teams have donned what you call alternate uniform that symbolizes something. these two schools heritage and history is everything. the schools' uniform is unique. start with the army's uniform. they are honoring the horse soldiers 20 years since we sent army special operators in afghanistan on horseback. if you have seen the movie 12 strong, it honors that story and the uniforms going to wear mimic
4:19 am
that camo. going to have deo libre on it united we stand on the back. probably the best uniforms since 2008 since they began doing these alternate uniforms. and then in a little bit less serious way but actually kind of exciting to me the navy is going to wear navy aviation the f-18 team hornets what they're honoring or playing homage to is naval aviation taking off of from a ship with an airplane. what way to do it top gun movie coming out. that's what inspired this. horse soldiers, top gun, the uniforms are going to be awesome today. rachel: joey, i don't comment on the sports seconds of this show since you brought up fashion i think the navy won that is a very sharp uniform. i love the little thing on the sleeve there. joey: it is good. i'm favoring the army's.
4:20 am
pete: they do look good the hat at this point to the soldiers. rachel: i'm not saying that. will: top gun girl. rachel: i love top gun. i love anything with tom cruise. i'm just saying. >> will: appreciate your contribution this morning. rachel: you didn't know you were doing a fashion statement today. pete: that is a fun thing. i have looked every year every year what's the emblem. they do a great job with it. will: the president laughing off his sinking poll numbers. >> how much do you apay attention to approval ratings? >> well, not anymore. [laughter] >> i'm joking. rachel: that's funny. pete: it was actually. biden looks comfortable hitting softballs off of jimmy fallon. when the get going serious about our nation's crisis? what then? we will dig into it coming up. ♪ ♪
4:21 am
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pete: we're back with a fox news alert. authorities just confirmed at least two deaths at amazon warehouse in southern illinois after severe weather brought the roof down. emergency crews have been working around the clock to rescue any workers who still may
4:25 am
be trapped. in arkansas, one person is confirmed dead and several others are injured after the roof collapsed at a nursing home. we were just there. we will bring back. a local official telling the associated press that everyone is now accounted for. 24 tornadoes and severe storms leaving a trail of catastrophic destruction across central portion of the united states. a state of emergency has been declared in western he kentucky and national guard is mobilized to help first responders overnight. the governor warned the death toll in the state of kentucky alone expected to exceed 50 and could reach tragically as high as 100 as we get more details and that's a live shot we'll bring it to you. on another topic joe biden pushing his build back better initiative on late night joining jimmy fallon on "the tonight show" to tout his massive spending plan. >> please welcome president joe biden. [cheers and applause]
4:26 am
>> and you have been working hard on the build back better plan. simple way to break it down have their cost of living cut significantly. every sync gel bit of that bill is paid for. >> definitely not true. joe biden's multiple crises are no laughing matter. the latest one is a 39-year high inflation rate. here to react fox news contributor joe concha. joe, i'm guessing you saw the interview. there was a portion slightly politely joked about approval ratings. jimmy fallon said you keep your head down and keep doing the right thing. >> right. i love that line where he keeps repeating it, pete, you just grumbled about it as far as build back better trillions of new spending will all be paid for. two days after the cbo, right, congressional budget office, it
4:27 am
willed a $3 trillion. they keep ar consults back in charge that's what we kept hearing joe biden back in office. inflation 39-year high the president runs not to chris wallace or bret baier or "60 minutes" or podium to do an actual press conference but to jimmy fallon. i like jimmy. he is there to entertain. is he not there to grill the president on inflation, border crisis, afghanistan beback, education. we have serious problems and need serious people to solve them. the president's handlers don't understand that this looks tone deaf and out of touch just like it did remember nancy pelosi during covid and went on another late night show and had ice cream freers behind her bigger than my apartment in hoboken, new jersey. what are you going to do to lower my gas prices? are you going to get americans out of afghanistan? why is the border overrun?
4:28 am
and instead they do this for, i guess for like a cheap little soundbite people are going to shake their heads and so no, no,. pete: they wanted people watch go on gutfeld and actually have real eyeballs considering great point right now. i have got to get your take on another topic because titlist, they make golf balls, golf equipment. they are now blocking customers from personalizing golf balls with let's go brandon and rachel was telling me peloton has a #where so many people were using let's go brandon that they banned that, too. in the place of peloton or titlist there is no error message if you want to have antifa put on your golf ball or f trump or kill cops. so, let's go brandon is brand but nothing else. >> it's amazing. lets' go brandon is a things right? people want this on their stuff. i was at a devil's game, new jersey devils hockey down 3-1.
4:29 am
let's go devils was replaced by new jersey blue state let's go brandon chants. this is a very real thing. unfortunately, pete, i was able to get this for an uncle who is a big fan of the slogan and i was not stopped in any way, shape or form black market i believe i got it don't tell anybody. that's where we are at at this point. can i tell you one quick story and then we have got to go? >> i tried to do this with cubs jersey. the guy who 2003 kept going to the world series and major league baseball wouldn't let me do that barton, brandon, it's a thing. some speech is better than other speech. go figure. pete: go figure. it is so telling of how actually afraid they are. cowardly they are about the reality of the person they are propping up or attempting to, it's amazing. pete: joe, thank you very much. i almost called him joe biden.
4:30 am
i hesitated. rachel: the more people ban it the more people want it. pete: so true. staying on top of this weather breaking news. it is tragic, it really is lights turn on metaphorically speaking in kentucky and arkansas, tragic. 50 people feared dead. we have live photos there. that's what they can light up with lights. it is devastating. it is tragic. and we have got fox weather meteorologists and reporters on the scene. we will bring it to you throughout the morning. plus, jussie smollett will soon find out whether he will serve hard time after being found guilty of making up a hate crime. a complete hoax. the attorney for the brothers involved in the incident speaks out about the verdict and what's next for her client. ♪
4:31 am
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4:34 am
are [crying] >> somebody please send us some help. we are trapped.
4:35 am
the wall is stuck on me. we were all in a shelter place. the whole building fell. rachel: we're back with a fox news alert. you just heard audio of a woman trapped under debris caused by one of the 24 tornadoes that left catastrophic destruction across central -- the central u.s. overnight. candle factory in kentucky was completely leveled by a tornado with around 110 employees inside. thankfully, that woman was rescued. meanwhile, authorities just confirmed at least two deaths at the amazon warehouse in southern illinois after severe weather brought down the roof emergency crews are working to rescue any workers who may be trapped. one person confirmed dead and several others are injured after the roof collapsed at a nursing home in arkansas. the severe weather is expected to continue through the weekend so we're glad that we had chief meteorologist rick reichmuth with us who is tracking that
4:36 am
storm. rick? rick: good morning, rachel. we will see severe weather today and probably a few tornadoes. i don't think we will see anything -- the set up is different today not as dangerous as it was last night. set-up was really perfect for very large tornadoes and that's what we saw. one of the ingredients is the cold air, you can see that the cold air mass to the west of the storm. and we have been so warm across much of the southeast breaking all kinds of temperatures. you see still watching those warm temperatures. that's that dynamic. one of the pieces of the ingredients that causes. this 145 tornado warnings yesterday and at least 36 tornadoes so far. they will go out and do the investigation. come up with a final total. but it looks like one of those tornadoes likely on the ground for over 200 miles oit would be a wide torpedo on the ground for a long time. you can see how that played right there cutting across marker arkansas, missouri, tennessee and into kentucky. that's just that one storm. now, from this we have got the cold side. we have a lot of snow we are dealing with across parts of minnesota and in towards
4:37 am
wisconsin. the severe side still dealing with this. one tornado warn storm that just became a severe thunderstorm about the last five minutes or so. so we still are watching these dynamics for that severe weather and throughout the day today, we will see the severe weather as a line pulls off towards the east and later on today as it gets towards parts of the mid-atlantic we will see a little bit better dynamic potentially for a learned to around the baltimore d.c. area. be watching for that will, send it over to you. will: thank you, rick. jussie smollett attorney looking to appeal found guilty of five felony charges hate crime hoax. now he faces up to 15 years lawyer. next up lawyer for osundairo brothers who claimed you jussie recruited them for the fake hoax attack. good morning to you. this high profile trial was different than other trials that have been in the news cycle lately. we got to be inside the
4:38 am
courtroom when it came to kyle rittenhouse's trial. we didn't when it came to jussie smollett. i'm curious. what would we have witnessed? what would we know had we seen his testimony? had we had seen this trial unfold inside the courtroom? >> well, thank you for having me. and it's great to be on "fox & friends." if you were there. what you would have seen is a circus. let's just call it what it is. there were supporters in and out that were there for jussie. they were just causing a ruckus. it was more of the same of what had been going on in this case from the beginning. just a lot of chaos. the testimony that came out, you know, the defense found to be surprising for some reason. and they really didn't have a rebuttal. they weren't able to clap back to any of the information that was coming out.
4:39 am
and it really was two sides of a very different coin. on the one hand, you would have seen the office of the special prosecutor delivering a surgical type of presentation. i mean, everything that they had was just precise. on the other side, defense counsel was kind of everywhere. even when they were trying to grab exhibits, it just wasn't seemless like the osp did. will: you ever obviously an attorney. i'm an attorney. i think we can both speak with some experience here. it's extraordinary when a defendant decides to take the stand and testify on their own behalf. what was jussie's testimony like? i mean, he clearly was -- he is clearly practiced in putting on a performance. how was his performance before the jury? >> i will say this: his performance in front of the jury was outstanding.
4:40 am
it was -- if you were to suspend logic, okay. if you were to just ignore all of the hard evidence that corroborated the facts from the osundairo brothers. if you were to do that, and suspend that logic, then you might have found him convincing. i mean, he did put on a really good presentation when he was in the witness stand. and that was the problem is that there was nothing else other than what he was saying to convince the jury there was no surveillance video that matched what he was saying. there was no other kind of corroboration that came to pass. and ultimately, the jury, they couldn't buy his story. as great as he was selling it. will: quickly before we go, we have less than 30 seconds your clients the osundairo brothers, what's next for them? >> bola is actually fighting tonight for the national championship with usa boxing, so
4:41 am
go bowlla. and ola he is still with his home renovation business they are thrilled and grateful for the results. they respect the jurors they are glad they sought real truth and glad to take it behind them. >> thank you for taking us inside the courtroom and letting us know. a little bit what we weren't able to see. >> my flesh and fell louise navidad to everyone there. will: merry christmas. enes carnt freedom joins us with the ongoing human rights abuses. and why he is now calling out venezuela. and devastation america's midwest and south. the breaks details on the tornadoes devastating the heart atlanta.
4:42 am
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knowing where you came from, it gives you a sense of “this is who i am”. oh my goodness... wow, look at all those! you get hungry for more and then you're just like,
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“wow, i'm learning about my family.” yeah, yep. which one, what'd you find? lorraine banks, look, county of macomb, michigan? look at grandma... hey grandma! unbelievable. everybody deserves to know who they are and where they came from. this whole journey has been such a huge gift for our family. ♪ >> go north? you got to go north? pete: we're back with a fox news alert. at least 50 people are likely dead after multiple tornadoes barreled through southwestern kentucky. governor andy beshear says he fierce up to 100 people up to 100 people could be dead. up to four tornadoes may have hit the state including one that was on the ground for more than 200 miles. rachel: the town of mayfield, kentucky hit particularly hard. a candle factory collapsed with
4:46 am
100 employees inside. we are also monitoring a situation in southern illinois where the roof of an amazon factory collapsed killing at least two people. will: in arkansas, one person was killed when the roof of a nursing home came down. at least 24 tornadoes reported across five states. arkansas, illinois, kentucky, missouri, and tennessee. we are following all of the latest developments as a severe weather expected to continue. pete: yeah, it's tragic. and as the sun comes up, we will learn more but -- and i -- having been in some strong winds but never something like this, even just strong wind gusts, you know, get your mind going, i can only imagine. will: have you both asked, we have had rick, we have had reports on the ground in arkansas which we will continue to bring to you this morning. you asked about warning. you asked about how much warning residents -- having grown up on the southern tip of sort of
4:47 am
tornado alley and north texas, you are used to hearing the sirens go off in town. sometimes, you don't get that sometimes very little warnings. it remains to be seen what type of warning they had whether it came to this storm. pete: our own hunter davis with fox weather is live outside the nursing home that was hit in monette, arkansas, hunter, good morning. >> hi, good morning. the sun finally starting to come up here. we are starting to get a better picture of what happened last night. still seeing wind gusts earlier they were measuring between 17 and 33 miles per hour. it's definitely a chilly start to the day. but nonetheless, it is still going to have to be a clean up day there is a lot to be done here. i also want to mention before we get too far into this, service not only for my team but in general shear a little rough. so, we hope to get this live shot out to everyone. but that's just something to note not only are we dealing with that but that's something that residents here are going to
4:48 am
be dealing with as they wake up this morning and get started on that clean up. taking you back to the scene now. we have showed you guys -- or shown you guys these cars. and as i said, as the sun starts to come up. we are seeing some more images. taking you guys kind of through this debris field as carefully, of course, as possible. we step up here, this is really a good look at the inside of this nursing home. this appears to be an office area that is now completely exposed, the brick wall that was on the outside completely gone. the roof covering that area also completely gone. we are going to keep giving you a tour around this building, we showed this a little lighter outside. probably a little easier to see. another interior part of this building. christmas decorations buried in this rubble. remember, we are just two weeks out from the holiday. people were preparing for that. and not necessarily for december historic storms.
4:49 am
a wreath still stuck to the wall, which just shows, you know, things can be powerful but tornadoes really just pick and choose. and that's kind of what we have seen all morning. some areas absolutely devastated, others maybe some tree branches down. showing us the power of the storm. again, this is really the first look at this side of this nursing home that we have seen. this looks to be an hvac system. no expert, of course. but that's what it appears to be. thrown out here into the parking lot. again, back over here to these cars, like i said, this is the first time we have been able to come this far down at this nursing home area. so this is really our first look at some of this stuff, too. the trees, of course, i feel like this is that natural disaster image, showing those trees ripped out of the ground, i feel like this image may get a little tiring. it's the best way to show the shear power of these storms. we have got 3 or 4, 5 trees
4:50 am
ripped completely out of the ground sitting in front of us. some type of trailer mangled into those trees up there as we come down to the other side of the parking lot, and we kind of start to pan over to our left here, we have got wheelchairs, kind of hanging out in the parking lot here. because, remember, there was about 80 residents here that were hunkering down during this storm that wind starting to pick up, of course, too a that we have been mentioning. there was about 80 residents here during this storm. they were evacuated but really this is just a sobering image of the people that were here. trees down there. also again. ripped completely out of the ground. and if we look next door to the nursing home, really the first time we are getting to see in this morning, completely demolished, looks to be like a silo over there. really hard to kind of make out exactly what these things were. before this storm came through. but, like i said, as the sun starts to come up, we are getting our first look around
4:51 am
this nursing home. now had that we can see a little more clearly and the images just keep getting worse, which san unfortunate scene here and unfortunately it crossed multiple states that were in the path of this storm, guys. rachel: i just am having a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that these nursing home residents rode this storm out. i mean, i'm shocked that only one died. how -- how did they survive this? it looks like there is not even a roof over the heads of them there. >> your guess is as good as mine when i pulled up on the scene i absolutely was shocked as well. we are still kind of piecing together exactly what happened here. we have been talking to the county judge who has been able to give us some sort of information. but, we are still trying to piece together exactly what happened here. i think one of the biggest things i can say, especially for this part of the country, is they stand pretty strongenned in
4:52 am
helping one another. so, i would imagine that that played a pretty big factor here. i mean, just outside the nursing home we have got some scriptures right here. just kind of shows where this country stands and how they feel. so i would imagine helping each other was probably pretty big because across the street as well, that neighborhood has definitely been impacted. but those were some of the people that were coming across the street to help. according to those social media reports that we have been seeing. so, we are still trying to get all the pieces put together here. i would just imagine some southern love is kind of what helps everyone get through this. will: hunter, however are we down the road from when this occurred? when was the tornado? when did it hit that nursing home and when were the first responders there helping everyone out? >> so i think you guys are talking to me about timing. like i mentioned our service is
4:53 am
a little bit spotty and those winds aren't helping much. timing of when we were through here, again, not confirming that a tornado specifically hit this area. we know that a tornado warn storm definitely came through here. but, that the timing looked to be just before midnight central time, which was really kind of the beginning of this storm. i mean, this storm is still going. it's just moved onto the east of us. so this was really kind of in the early hours as i was watching while we were stationed over in memphis. this was one of the first places that i can remember we heard casualties from. this was one of the first confirmations that something happened here. people needed to be rescued. and there were definitely casualties. i know originally they even said mass casualty at one point. so we were super happy to hear that that wasn't the case, unfortunately though, someone did still lose their life here, but looking at these images, it could have and likely should have been much worse.
4:54 am
pete: hunter davis thank you so much for that report on the ground in still tough conditions. we really appreciate it. will: thank you, hunter. rachel: thank you. will: let's turn now to chief meteorologist rick reichmuth on the latest on severe weather. rick: what you heard hunter just say confirmed it's a tornado. national weather service goes out and does an investigation we generally won't call it a tornado until they have gone out and maybe determine for sure that it was versus just straight line winds. all that said looking at the damage clearly a tornadic storm from that and it's what we saw. we ended up getting a lot of video, even though at night, but when lightning would strike you would see this wedge tornado. >> we have large wedge tornado that went across an entire area likely over about 200 miles long in that path as it moved from southwest towards northeast. now, behind it the cold air is in place and it's going to be coming in tonight across that area. temps are going to be below freezing for people now without power over 400,000 people without power at all and it's going to take a long time to get
4:55 am
that power restored when you have these tornadoes, everything gets completely destroyed in its path. first go in and cut their way through everything just to begin to get in to get power in and obviously doing search and rescue efforts at the same time. 145 storms were warned as tornadoes during the last 24 hours. and this is really that one that you see that cut from parts of arkansas up in towards kentucky, also areas of missouri in around the boot hill and then towards tennessee. that's not the only spot we saw tornado warnings. saw it as far north the chicago area east of chicago and very far to the south. right now only some severe thunderstorm warnings. that said, those are winds over around 60 miles per hour that will certainly -- could cause some damage in the right spot and maybe some hail from this as well. later on today we start to see that tornado threat start to become a fact for for us again. not as big of tornadoes i think we saw areas of mid-atlantic potentially on track here and fox weather will continue to keep you up to date on that. make sure you download that app. so you can watch live coverage
4:56 am
continues, guys? pete: rick, thank you so much. appreciate it amazing. and details on the full extent of the damage from across the midwest and south coming up in a minute. ahead, a live report from kentucky. where a candle factory was leveled. don't go anywhere. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ experience the power of sanctuary at the lincoln wish list event.
4:57 am
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5:00 am
>> heading north? pete: back with a fox news alert. at least 50 people are feared dead after multiple tornadoes barreled through southwestern kentucky. the governor there says he fears up to 100 people could be dead. they don't know yet as the lights turn on and sun comes up. we will know more. four tornadoes hit the state including one on the ground for more than 200 miles. >> the town of mayfield, kentucky was hit particularly hard. a candle factory collapsed with about 100 employees inside. we are also monitoring a
5:01 am
situation in southern illinois where the roof of an amazon factory collapsed and that killed at least two people. will: in arkansas, meanwhile, one person was killed when the roof of a nursing home came down. at least 24 tornadoes reported across five dinner states, arkansas, illinois, kentucky, missouri and tennessee. we will following all of latest developments as the severe weather is expected to continue. for more on that, let's turn to chief meteorologist rick reichmuth who is tracking the storm. rick? rick: good morning. just to give you a sense of this. basically the entire country is broken up into local national weather service offices. those are the guys who determine if a storm needs a warning or not. there were 145 of these storms yesterday that got warnings. this right here around jonesboro, arkansas. it cut all the way through here likely one storm probably on the ground for over a couple hundred miles. they goal out and determine if it was on the ground for that long. but this potentially will be a tornado that would go down in
5:02 am
the record books. that said, take a look at this, tornado warn storms down across parts of mississippi and then even in areas across iowa. all part of a really dynamic system with cold air behind this storm warm air unseasonably warm air just to the east of this. now, you can see that storm right there. that's the one that started to drop all of those -- drop that one tornado and caused all of that damage that we are just now beginning to get the pictures. this is that overall pattern. a lot of snow over a foot of snow to the north of this. and the warm air in front of this storm. causing all of that still severe weather that we're dealing with not as much tornado activity this morning. we might see a little bit more later on this afternoon. especially across parts of the east. this is the future radar watch how this goes does begin to weaken as it pulls off towards the east. we will see some scattered rain showers all the a across the northeast and cold air comes in behind it at least temporarily so. we will warm right back up, guys, and be back into the same exact pattern again by the time
5:03 am
to we get two to three days now with warm air across the east and very cold air across parts of the west. we could be seeing more severe weather hopefully not like what we have seen now but in the a pattern that brings us severe weather. rachel: thank you, rick. will: rick, would you mind distinguish a tornado warning for a watch rick ring so glad you asked that question. storm prediction center monitors the national weather picture and they give watches to bigger areas. a few days ago said hey we are going to be watching really active pattern right now. we knew we were going to have a really active pattern that storm prediction center issues tornado watch in that six or eight hour period. then the local weather offices take over and when they see one specific cell that has rotation they issue warning out and goes tout that local area. that's the way this things works. tornado warning is more imminent. a tornado watch is hey to be watching for this the next couple of hours. warning is hey right now take
5:04 am
cover. rachel: great clarification. thank you, rick. pete: thanks, rick. rachel: bring in representative rodney davis from the great state of illinois where an amazon warehouse in edmundsville collapses and kills two. congressman, welcome and thank you for joining us this morning. i know it's terrible news. tell us what you are seeing and what you are hearing about what's going on there with this horrible tornado. >> rachel, it's great to speak with you again. i wish it wasn't over an issue like this. tornadoes as rich just said just ravaged our part of illinois amazon warehouse where an estimated 50 people dr. inside was hit directly by this tornado. the roof was ripped off of a part of that very large facility. and a wall collapsed. two confirmed fatalities right now. which is sad and they are still conducting search and rescue efforts. pete: representative, to that point, what does the response
5:05 am
look like? what are you hoping to see coordinated both in the immediate term and in the next few hours but also as this plays out? cold weather is coming. it's christmas. what do you hope to see? >> well, i'm seeing what i hope to see already right now, rachel, pete, and will. this is when politics goes to the wayside and everyone comes together. i certainly hope our local and state resources are, you know, accelerated at the fastest level that we can see. but, right now on the ground, it's all hands on deck. everybody is there. mutual aid assistance has been activated. you will see if you are -- your cameras are able to link up to that facility, you will see the devastation. but you will also see what happens here in america when disaster hits. we come together. will: yeah, congressman. as you are speaking that's up on the screen. we can see first responders there at that facility. you know, pete brought up we're approaching christmas, what a terrible time that amazon facility, i'm sure, was very
5:06 am
busy. people working late into the night around the clock. i'm sure. so, on that note, just to gather a little more scope to the extent that you have been able to bring in this morning, how bad or how broad was the damage in your district. i know the sun is coming up. we are gathering more information. we know about this amazon facility. what about the rest of the town? what about the rest of the area? >> well, will, you mentioned it. it's daylight. just now. i'm going to be on the phone. as soon as i'm off this call with my good friend brad schiavoy who runs a disaster response team where i guarantee they have been traveling throughout the night to get to the areas where they have been told is the worst damage. i will get a good assessment. any time you have a storm like this, as you all know, there is a lot more devastation than what is in one camera shot. have you you gotten calls from the federal government saying anything what they're doing to
5:07 am
prepare to help. >> i have not yet. i was up late last night to get assessment of the damage and how the search and rescue efforts were going. the sad part is the federal law when it comes to disasters like this in our part of illinois we are unfairly punished because the city of chicago has some millions of people and disaster relief from the federal government is baited on a statewide basis. some of the most economically devastating disasters happen in the rural parts ofism know where i live. pete: congressman, i don't know that part of the state as far as how likely something like this is to happen. do you get tornadoes like this often. are people prepared for it? >> we are prepared as we can be, pete. this just one of those situations where we had that warm weather and the storms came right behind it. just three years ago my hometown of tailorville where i'm sitting today hit by ef 3 tornado on
5:08 am
december 1st. something that we don't necessarily see on a regular basis, but, it happens with the weather patterns that come through the midwest. but we are much more prepared in this area. we are much more ready as you can see from the response, everybody is working together. will: congressman, i have had the privilege of driving through illinois spending a night in cairo, illinois. i would love to know who are the people in your district affected by this storm? >> oh, will, that's a great question. the people i get a chance to represent, and keep in mind for your listeners, or for your viewers. edwardsville, illinois is just right across the mississippi river and about 20 minutes away from the st. louis metro area, one of our fastest growing areas in the state of illinois. we have the best people that live in central and southwestern illinois. and it's an opportunity to talk about they are just good people. they just have great common sense. and when disasters hit, there is
5:09 am
no red shirt, there is no blue shirt. it's everybody working together to help one another. and you are going to continue to see that and that's why i'm just so proud to live here in central illinois and southwestern illinois and really proud to represent them in congress. rachel: yeah, congressman. i know you personally. you are one of my favorite people that my husband served with. and that common sense and that kind heartedness has always shown through you and your beautiful family. so, thank you so much for, you know, all the information that you are giving us here. is there any last words you want to give us about what our viewers should know about what's happening or how they could possibly help? >> well, there is going to be a lot of focus on the devastation at the amazon facility today as there should be. but, keep in mind, lives, homes, property, have been destroyed all throughout this great country because of these storms. not just here in my home state of illinois. keep every family who has been affected in your prayers. and make sure that we continue to highlight what good happens
5:10 am
when a disaster hits the united states of america when we all come together. rachel: the best part about america. pete: so true. representative davis thank you so much for being on. will, you asked a great question about it the idea that individual homes affected just as much. your home is affected, are you able to -- before we go real quick, representative, are you able to coordinate, how do you identify each each individual home? i know that's not your responsibility. how can you identify who exactly needs additional assistance? >> that's where my friend brad shivey and his groups disaster response team they immediately go to an area and begin an assessment. they partner with state and emergency management officials. and they begin assessing the damage, what needs to be done. what could be uninsured and what is insured. those assessments have already begun, i guarantee, before sun up. and i'm hoping to get a good report on what is expected as
5:11 am
the day continues to move on. will: all right, congressman, thank you for being with us. rachel: our prayers with you. >> thank you for talking about this and highlighting it too. will: you never want to live in fear you want to live in preparation. one of the things i learned even being a are the path the show the last 18 months. rachel: we do a lot of preparation. will: it is always better to be prepared. whether that comes to your own personal defense or comes to dealing with natural disasters. one of the ways that i think you can help be prepared is knowing what's coming. and there is an app. that can help with you that it's the fox weather app. it's our new service. it's digital. you can say up to date with anything that could be coming your way. down load the appear at fox pete: they do a really nice job. rachel: they do. pete: we move on and attempt to cover other topics this morning.
5:12 am
morning shows you start the morning you really don't know what's coming. we were down there at 5:15, 5:30 looking up and the governor is giving a press conference and to the credit of our producers and others it starts to sink in like this is a huge story. and this is affecting a lot of people. rachel: as the light comes up, we also got to see just how much damage there was. pete: for sure. pete: so he wool continue to cover it remainder of the program we have just under two hours and the latest on the ground. if you happened to be watching your tv last night. jimmy fallon had joe biden on his program. and smothered him with love and softball questions. here's a quick portion of that exchange. >> bringing class back to the office. how much do you pay attention to approval ratings? >> well, not anymore. [laughter] i'm joking. [laughter] [applause] >> i would say in the mid 60's.
5:13 am
i don't pay attention. >> i appreciate the honesty. you came in, you came in hot. and then you got -- now you are at a low. you got to keep your head down, right, and keep doing the right thing. will: we spent the morning talking about the american people. we talked about people moving from north to south, from new york to florida. california to texas. people making their choices. by the way they are making their choices on how they feel about president biden right now. here is what those approval ratings a look like that fallon is discussing. 41% approval rating for joe biden. 51% disapproval rating. what people choose is also fascinating when it comes to television consumption. it defies all market odds that every single quote, unquote, late night comedy host would be of the same ideological bent. it defies any type of explanation that joe biden would be received with smothering praise, whether or not he would have done that show on abc, nbc, or cbs.
5:14 am
and by the way also the only rational explanation in this entire observation is that greg gutfeld's ratings are now rivalling and beating the top of those shows on a nightly basis. it's just amazing that that's where we are. rachel: it's interesting he opened up this line of questioning and this topic. he said to the president: you are bringing class back to the office. this is what they care about. by the way, i don't know if jimmy fallon has seen the laptop from hell. not so classy. do you know what else is not classy is selling out to china. that's not very classy either. that is the stylistic points that they care, about they impair they thought that donald trump was, you know, you know, not as, you know, sophisticated as all of them. and what they're missing is the policies. because prior to covid, we were living through the best economy in american history.
5:15 am
and it was a widespread, you know, economic growth. it was impacting the lower classes as well as the high classes. in fact, the lower classes, the lower wage earners were seeing wage increases at a faster rate than any of the other demographics. so, that's what they care about, class. policies, inflation. open borders, afghanistan, that's just, you know, who cares. pete: bringing class. bringing naps back to the white house. pretty much what they have accomplished so far. you mentioned just rattled off the list of things. reason why there is urgency right now from inflation at 39-year high to a cbo score number for the so-called build back better that's actually 5 trillion when they say it's all paid for, it's not true. there is plenty of serious -- we talked about yuma, arizona and the absolute surge of our open borders right now. a lot of things to be serious about. so joe biden heads to late night comedy. joe concha was on earlier. so-called comedy. not comedy anymore. you got to watch gutfeld to
5:16 am
will's point if you want real comedy. goes to the old format for comedy and appeared a little tone deaf. listen to joe concha. >> we keep hearing that the adults are back in charge, right? that's what what we heard when team biden took office. on a day announced inflation 39 year high. the president runs not to chris wallace or bret baier or "60 minutes" or podium to do an actual formal press conference but to jimmy fallon. i like jimmy. there he is there to entertain though not there to grill on gas prices, afghanistan crisis debacle, education. we need serious people to solve them. of the president's handlers don't understand this looks tone deafned out of touch. pete the old formula go to the sunday shows or late night. it doesn't work. people get their information in different ways. and the types of problems we are feeling right now, to your point, people feel themselves. rachel: it doesn't matter if jimmy fallon tells me everything is okay when i go feel up my gas
5:17 am
for my car or go to the grocery store or i see every, you know, small business struggling to stay open because they can't find anyone to work because the government is paying everyone to stay home, then -- pete: if jimmy fallon is telling me everything is okay i know it's not okay. rachel: he is living in a beverly hills hills bubble and doesn't know what's up. will: 7% inflation. one of the biggest rivalries in sports. army and navy face off for all the marbles on the grid-ron today. rachel: but it's way more than a game for all of those who are fighting for our freedom. pete: someone who knows that firsthand joey jones live at metlife stadium in east rutherford, new jersey. good morning. joey: good morning, guys. the sun is up. not quite out yet. a rilts rainy here this place is starting to come ha life. a lot of energy already happening. just had a flyover, probably a commercial jet not ready for the big jets yet. we are having a good time out here. the energy is starting to pump.
5:18 am
i have got some really special guests come on with me here later on in the hour. and what's really great about this event are all the things that kind of hand around it. it is truly an event not just a football game. and military nonprofits and people who support our military so many different ways that come here and share in the excitement and one guest we are not sure about is joe biden. we are not sure if he is going to make it to the game or not. will: yeah, i don't know if i would hold my breath for that. >> might be a lot of nascar chants. rachel: that might be why he doesn't want to go. pete: doesn't want to hear the first in person one. will: joey, we will check in with you later have fun in preparation for that game today. we're staying on top of the breaking news. the weather news with 50 people feared dead. we have a live report from kentucky next. pete: plus, the cost of day care skyrocketing as inflation from
5:19 am
biden's build back better act, potential for it hits middle class parents. sean duffy and jackie d'angelis are on deck to react right here. ♪ that's a nice truck. yeah, it's the chevy silverado. check out this multi-flex tailgate. multi-flex, huh? wow. it becomes a step. mom, dad's flexing again. that's not all. you can extend the bed for longer stuff. is he still... still flexing. that's right! and, it becomes a workspace... you can put your laptop here. i'm sending an imaginay email. hey dad, dinner! hey! look who stopped by daddy's office. wait, you work here? the chevy silverado with the available multi-flex tailgate. find new flexibility. find new roads. chevrolet.
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give you a little bit of the scene. candle back tri a pile of twisted metal. over here to the right of the screen is a parking lot. there is a school bus tossed on top of these cars. i'm not zooming in too close because we want to be respectful to what is happening. because this is an active search and rescue. there could be upwards of 50, 60, maybe 100 people in this area right now. we see a line of ambulances there in the distance. what they are trying to do right now is bring in large equipment to try and search for survivors. the folks, you know, neighbors here coming up and shaking their heads in disbelief as they take a look around this i'm going to pan around the rest of this scene. this landscape just wiped clean. in the distance there, that is the town of mayfield trees torn down.
5:25 am
look at these john deere tractors absolutely just mangled. real focus on your screen is that candle factory up to 100 people believed to have been working inside at the time the roof collapsed and then everything caved in around them. there are resources flooding in as we speak for the different counties that are trying to come in here and offer their resources. we will have ongoing coverage of this streaming live for you right now in your fox weather app. will: will, we keep hearing the number of -- >> -- very, very. will: i'm sorry, will. cutting in and out just a tad b.i.d. bit but it's working here incredible footage incredible report. hearing 50 to 100. any idea what is the potential loss of life in how many people are still missing?
5:26 am
>> we have not had a briefing yet. as we are speaking dozers and ambulances still arriving. in mad rush to get into this building and search. what they are trying to do -- there has not been overall accounting yet. not been the situation where they have been able to take a step back and try to figure out those numbers because this is such a raw. pete: will, i don't know if you can hear it and images are stirring candle factory in the middle of the night presumably. do we know what kind of warning they got shelter in that building? any details about the circumstances. >> unclear about a shelter. we understand they did have about 10 to 15 minutes of warning. you know, there in a largely
5:27 am
steel building no shelter inside. what can you do in those moments, there is a lot of pap nic with that keep a lot of look here. this is a farm implement and a car crashed crushed together. blissitt power a row of dozen ambulances in the distance. keep our respective distance. this is a scene trying to go through here in unbelievable landscape. heart out of the town of mayfield. you can see it in the disappearance that is toward the courthouse you saw images courthouse missing steeple. that's in that direction there. a clear path leading to more scenes in the distance there. will: more on the scope then, the focus as you said is on this candle factory. you drove into town town we heard earlier the town, they
5:28 am
lost contact with the town for a better part of the hour, heard from no one in town. give us the breath of this damage and how it's affected mayfield. >> absolutely through the heart of it i had to reroute through the scene because the road is covered. this is the roof of the building sitting here. it's all over this equipment. it's been carried for miles in either direction. there are telephone poles down. big tennessee valley transmission lines down blocking roads. that will stop power to hundreds of thousands of people. this is a long track. talking possibly 200 miles when all is said and done the track of this tornado. that is a long path of debris to try to clear through and unbelievable. rachel: when you were driving and trying to find your way to this candle factory where we knew that this kind of
5:29 am
devastation was going it be. did you see any homes along the way or damage to individual houses? >> absolutely. dozens of home destroyed capped off or destroyed completely. the death toll unfortunately the casualty of this storm is going to rise. it's going to be a tough day for this state. it's going to be a tough day for the mid south. you can imagine a close knit rural town like this come into on area where you have friends brothers and sister and friends working in a place like this. one event collapse this building and around them. what it does to the heart of the town like this. what this has done to families in just an instant. the power of these tornadoes moved through here unreal. look at the lives that can possibly be saved and certainly
5:30 am
trying to recover those who can't. so they can find peace with their family. this is a powerful it is going to impact this town forever. powerful seen. pete: souls potentially still in that break damage. that's what we are dealing with right now. i have got to imagine immediate search and rescue. bulk of the search and rescue just now begun? >> i would say so. because we can still hear sirens in the distance. there is still ambulances arriving here to the scene this is one area. this is a somewhat small down. they don't have hundreds of ambulances at the ready. they are having to mobilize resources from every adjoining county and also adjoining counties are dealing with their own disasters. that's why you are hearing the governor go ahead and mobilize the national guard for the
5:31 am
situation like this the local resources overwhelmed because of the amount of loss they are having to deal with and the incredible path that this storm took and they are just try right now to account for as many people as they can and really recover as many people as they can at this point. will: incredible report. thank you so much. in my mind thinking about local search and rescue have to be overwhelmed that's assuming the hospital and fire department were spared. it's not built to save an entire town. bring it in from outside and how about those areas outside of what we are seeing what type of damage are they suffering? feet pete a lot of average people probably waking up if their house was spared and saying, you know, whether it was saturday or monday, you know, my day is scrapped. i'm doing whatever i can to contribute to huge part of the fab grik of our country.
5:32 am
rachel: let's bring in my husband sean and jackie d'angelis with fox business. these images are crazy. sean, your colleague congressman davis was on just a little bit earlier what is he going through what are the leaders of these communities doing right now. >> our government resources are tapped. what you see is this heart and soul of america where people get in the pickup trucks with their chaps and chainsaws. they are going to destruction sites and they the ones pulling back trying to save people, save their neighbors and if their town was spared and the neighboring town was destroyed, they are traveling 20, 30, 60 miles to help their neighbors out. that's what i love about this country is we rally around these disasters and help people out. that's what you will see. people brought in and do the job
5:33 am
that government can't it's a beautiful thing. pete: jackie we are focused on saving lives and the emergency response. but for a town like this. already when the economy, struggle this is a devastating financial impact. >> absolutely, look. the loss of life comes first but i have covered hurricanes on the ground so i have a little experience with this long after news crews leave communities are devastated. not always the government that steps in to help. it's the community, the private sector and they rebuild things and it costs hundreds of millions of dollars and takes a long timing to recover. this kind of story devastating on so many levels. thank god here in america. we have a private sector step up and do that and help spend the money and help people rebuild after this. rachel: reminds me, sean, a tornado that went through our
5:34 am
district and foster friess who recently passed away stepped in. self-made millionaire. >> giving money out to help build and jackie made a good point. we have had this in wisconsin. actually we don't live in tornado alley. one community was completely destroyed comes back and looks different. it's the private sector that rebuilds that lean into the community. i don't know that happens in everyone's world, a unique american thing. as conservatives we don't believe that government is the answer to everything. men and women that live next to each other rally around that community. bill. will: about to see that play out in realtime around here. jackie, let's stick with business and talk binflation. another big thing in the news this morning, 6.8%, approaching 7% inflation 40 year high. there is a lot of talk this is a tax on the middle class. we can start doing the math gas,
5:35 am
meats, buying a car. your dollar is not worth what it was before this inflation took over. >> this is a transitory and going to take a lot longer for this to come down. the democrats love to number that strips out the food and energy. those are the costs that impacts people the most gas prices are down 9 cents from as lo month but up 1.70 from last year. people are feeling it whether it's every week or several times a month whatever it is answer is not spend $2 trillion more. it's not build back better it's not going to fix the problem it will make it worse. the "wall street journal" did an article and looked at a sliver, looked at the child care cost and said portion of america because we are going to year haul the system see most people see a tax of anywhere from 20 to $30,000 pay more for their child
5:36 am
care costs. rachel: how does he get away with saying that? child care costs is a cost for a lot of people. they are selling this lie we will make it better. inflation is going up. but, with build back better, we are going to make your child care costs go down in fact overregulate it and raise the cost and making it harder for people to find help in different ways. >> the journal pointed it out and i thought it was a great analogy. think back to obama the affordable care act. some people did get help with health insurance premiums capped on the individual market. they went up over 100 percent that's imoocketting people. they lie. pete: they do. the "wall street journal" build back better could actually increase costs by more than 120% for a family with an infant and 4-year-old additional annual expense of up to $27,000 if they
5:37 am
don't qualify for subsidies. sean, the other analogy i think of is student loans. the government is going to step in rising cost of healthcare drive down the cost of education by putting more money into it and net end result is, actually costs costs rise. cost of these child care, again, a small group of people they lower end of the economic spectrum going to be 75% of americans don't see costs skyrocket. new rules and regulations and pay structures. pay more. americans can't afford it when i look at thinflation number and how stupid can democrats be. so, you know, one they are paying people to stay at home then they have the vaccine mandates. taking people out of the workforce. we need more people in the workforce to help with the supply. as jackie mentioned trying to spend all of this money. spend money. no one likes taxes.
5:38 am
you can borrow it or prohibit it. they are going to borrowing and printing, which is just going to drive inflations further. and, again, the federal reserve when i was in congress, i was on the financial services committee, they were talking about the target of 2% inflation. 2% inflation because of all the bad policies throw the energy. boggles rockets, fuse is burning, burning, burk and all of a sudden we have seen the bottle rocket launch. when there are rockets in the air, it's hard to get it to come back down again this gets out of control. this is why we get so concerned about inflation and bad policy from the fed and from the congress because what it takes off, again, you can't reel it back in. rachel: that's why, sean, when our washer and dryer started giving us problems i said let's buy a new one now. >> i was like no, i was looking at cars with rachel and looked all around and shopping for
5:39 am
cars. see the sticker price and get a price lower than the sticker price. not now. 10% above the sticker price because they have no inventory. will: i just bought a car they told me you can put your name it but there will be people that will follow chairman to the dealership and say i want that one. >> cars are up 30%. will: used almost the level of new. >> used car was the price of the sticker price of the new one. i would pay 10% more. that was in new jersey. my wisconsin car dealers are not doing that by the way just so you know. rachel: we will be shopping for cars in wisconsin. will: see them on the big saturday show. rachel: merry christmas by the way. >> merry christmas. pete: as we talked, there is a line up today at 5:00 p.m. don't miss it. we have been talking about it all morning, massive tornadoes demolishing swawts of the
5:40 am
central u.s. staying on top of the u.s. live report from arkansas. will: plus a giant among men refusing to be silenced as he works to convince athletes and the world to stand up to communist china. enes kanter freeman joins us live. rachel: that's going to be awesome. stay with us for that. new projects means new project managers. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. when you sponsor a job, you immediately get your shortlist of quality candidates, whose resumes on indeed match your job criteria. visit and get started today.
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rachel: we're back with a fox news alert. we continue to follow the breaking news after multiple major tornadoes rip through the south and the midwest overnight. governor of kentucky is warning that up to 100 people could be dead in his state alone. pete: a heart breaking scene playing out in monette, arkansas after the roof of a nursing home collapsed kill one person. will: hunter davis with fox weather on the ground there hunter? >> >> hey, guy, good morning. the sun finally starting to come up here and we are really shedding some light on exactly what this storm did to this nursing home this storm traveled over 500 miles still on the ground actually, dropping tornadoes along the way and really impacted multiple states, thousands of people, in fact. illinois congressman rodney davis calling this an all-hands-on-deck situation.
5:45 am
will: all right, hunter thank you so much. >> on deck. there is going to be a lot of focus on the devastation at the amazon facility today as there should be. keep in mind lives, homes, property have been destroyed all throughout this great country. >> and bringing it back out here to where we are in monette, first of all, kind of addressing the obvious signal for my team here already really difficult this morning. that's what residents are going to be dealing with as they wake up and kind of assess what their damage looks like. here at the nursing home though we will try to get this picture back to you guys as clear as possible. we showed you guys the tree earlier that was ripped out of the ground. this one though, that's leaning on the top of this building, i mean makes that tree look like a twig. bring it back out so we can show
5:46 am
you guys this tree leaning on the roof top of this nursing home. if we come over here, can you see the base of this tree. i'm standing next to it just for some comparison for just how big this tree is. which really just gives us a great image of how strong this storm was when it came through. you can still even hear some winds lingering, we have been seeing gusts 17 to 33 miles per hour. it's also still pretty chilly out here this morning as people are waking up. we are showing you now some of the rooms that residents rent. i want to walk over here. we are getting as close as we can while maintaining some safety as we kind of show you guys these images. looking inside these rooms, these were rooms residents were in. if we kind of come this way, you can see open drawers showing those personal belongings for residents. really just reminding us that there were people here. they were hunkered down through the storm. i actually spoke to a gentleman who came out here.
5:47 am
he was looking -- if he was okay. and he just looked at me and he said this is very bad. he didn't want to talk to us on camera, which is completely understandable. but he said his wife was here. she works here. he pointed to her car that was still parked in the parking lot. and we asked him if he was okay and that feels like the silliest question to ask these people. and he just looked at us as serious as he could and just said this is so bad. and we ran into another gentleman who actually works here. he said he wasn't here last night but he did respond when the calls came out over social media from the doctors and the nurses. to come to this area to try to help. he said he responded as quickly as he could. he gave me the same answer saying that this is just very bad. no one so far wanting to talk to us on camera. they are kind of taking these images in for themselves for the first time. we're also kind of doing the
5:48 am
same thing. i actually want to bring it back over here as we are taking all this stuff. in you can see this kind of pink blanket right here. we like to show these personal items because sometimes looking through this damage and all of this debris, it's really difficult to remember that these are people. these aren't just mangled metals and broken down buildings, these were people and these were lives. and so much of what they built for themselves has now been lost. again, kind of getting us close to this building as possible. we are now getting a look at the back side of the nursing home. and one of the things to point out is the fact that some of this metal that is hanging on the roof is still kind of flapping up in the wind as we get these big gusts. so that's something, of course, that people who are waking up are going to have to be careful with, just kind of looking out for those debris that could still be flying, given the fact that we are seeing those pretty big wind gusts. can you also hear -- i'm going
5:49 am
to be quieted for a moment while nathan kind of shows you guys around. i'm going to do this for 20 seconds. because i want you to hear this scene. i want you to hear what people are hearing this morning. there are alarms going off in the background. for 20 seconds i will be quiet so you guys can be in this scene with me. and that wind kind of dying down now. that's really what we have been dealing with since we got here this morning about three hours ago. and, again, it is still chilly as well. about 50 degrees this morning. it is expected to warm up throughout the day, hopefully giving some more favorable conditions for people to kind of get out and start picking up their lives. but, these images this morning that we're starting to see now that the sun is coming up are really just such a reflection of
5:50 am
what so much of the central part of this country has seen as this storm really just ate through everything that was in its path. guys. pete: hunter, thank you so much. powerful scenes, powerful sounds. and thank you for reminding us continually about the human aspect of it just to imagine being there. what you articulated as far as that husband going up and his wife's car is out there. can you imagine? rachel: or the employee who came by to see what his fellow colleagues and the residents went through that night. it's hard to believe they rode that out. will: very hard to believe that people sat there in that building a the storm went through. enes kanter freeman putting china in a full-court press. not everyone is playing along. rachel: kanter says members of the nba have begged him to take off his custom shoes that call out the ccp. wow, that's unbelievable. pete: now raising his voice for venezuela trying to live the american dreams like himself.
5:51 am
mr. freedom joins us now. it is an honor on behalf all of us to have you this morning. if i may, when the members of the nba beg you to take those sneakers off, what do you say to them? >> i would like i'm getting ready for my citizenship test. 27 amendments. first amendment the greatest amendment of all time freedom of speech i pretty much told them listen, whatever happens i'm not going to take your shoes off. tell your boss. they said listen, this might get new trouble. you might get, you know, bagged. i don't care if i get bagged or fined. i am putting something on my shoes people need to know what's going on around the world. i'm not breaking rules i had conversation with adam silver the commissioner. he said i'm not breaking or violating any kind of rules. i'm not taking off my shoes, go tell your boss. and they said okay.
5:52 am
will: i want to ask enes this because it's important to dive into his political opinion and his political positioning and rachel is going to do that in just one moment. enes, we are met once before. i spent years covering sports. i can't tell you, i'm fascinated by this angle of this as well. your teammates, the locker room, you have definitely taken a stand where you stand alone right now. how is that for you inside your locker room with your personal relationships? >> you know, my teammates are my biggest motivation. they always have -- stand right beside me. and obviously not just my teammates but the many of the players around the league are reaching tout me and saying thank you, finally. you know, i am often asking them listen, why don't you just join me in and many of them says these are not my teammates. these are the people -- other players around the league are saying that these teams. if they talk about stuff or issues that you are talking
5:53 am
about, you are not going to be able to sign a contract next year or endorsement or sponsors who are going to go crazy. that's why many of the athletes around the league actually are reaching tout me and handing me -- saying what about this? what about this guy? what about this sponsor? i said i have no problem with calling out the nba. this is what needs to be done and someone has to do it. rachel: wow, i mean, i have to tell you like my hearts is so big right now listening to you because i'm just so inspired by you. first of all, i want to say i lived in turkey for three years. beautiful country three years growing up as a military brat. you inspire me and i think that what is so interesting about these conversations that you are saying that you are having with your teammates you are a new america. yet, you seem to have the american independent rebel
5:54 am
spirit and so many of them are choosing money over morals and freedom. what does that make you think about in terms of you being a new american? >> oh, man, you know, i remember first time coming to america back in 2009. one of my teammates criticized the president. i was so scared i turned around and said dude, what are you doing? they are going to come and put you in jail and he says listen, brother, this is not turkey. this is america. you have freedom of speech here. it's so amazing. people don't understand how blessed and lucky they are in this situation. so many -- all around the world. america has its own problems but people need to feel lucky and special to be in this situation because have you freedom of speech, religion, press. and democracy. you got rights. ains.
5:55 am
rachel: you are going after venezuela as well. nicolas maduro is a very evil dictator. so you are seeing a rise of authoritarianism not just in china and venezuela but around the world. what else do you plan to do to stand up to tyranny? >> you know, first of all, you know, dictatorships are happening not just in turkey and china but all around the world. in recent years, more than 6 million venezuelans have been forced to leave their country and looking for a chance to survive. many of them live now as refugees or illegal immigrants around the world. you know, my goal was to not just, you know, talk about turkey or china but all the dictatorships around the world. i will get them one by one. platform given to me by god. i'm not scared of anything by god. generation high what when we
5:56 am
need. to please let me know. rachel: freedom. pete: thank you so much. will: sun comes up devastation from tornado that hit overnight. keep did here for the lacy irs from the heartland. ..
5:57 am
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learn how abbvie could help you save on humira. will: back with the fox news alert, the son revealing the devastation left behind by tornadoes and severe storms that hit the central united states overnight. one person killed when the roof collapsed at a nursing home. local officials say everyone is accounted for. >> authorities confirmed two death that an amazon warehouse after the roof collapsed on workers.
6:01 am
family members left waiting for information on their loved ones. >> i decided to see what is going on. i had no idea the building looked that bad. i'm worried ck and wants to know if he is okay. will: a candle factory in kentucky leveled by a tornado, 110 employees inside. we will continue to monitor this story all morning long. pete: our meteorologist has the latest. >> the cold air is coming in, it is a little chilly. tonight will be cold. this hermas that is part of the reason we had this traumatic activity will pull to the east and as it does, tonight, temperatures will drop below freezing it almost everywhere that had these tornadoes during the overnight hours. today is really important on so many storms where if this happens in may and is fairly
6:02 am
warm, not as bad as when it gets really cold and temperatures drop below freezing. likely tonight in search and rescue efforts with anybody who is trapped there will deal with temperatures below freezing making it that much more dangerous. not all tornado warnings are the same. when it is large and destructive they call it a tornado emergency. from 1999 until 2020, in 21 years there were 7 december tornado emergencies. last night there were eight in one night. giving a sense of how dangerous this tornado that came through was from arkansas through kentucky. storms still pulling to the east, tornado warnings later in the day, dealing with a tornado threat not as big, and a smaller tornado, be careful there. that will continue to pull to the east.
6:03 am
we see a big warm-up across parts of the east and we will see this overall weather pattern. not saying we will see severe weather like we saw but conditions will be in the place we could be seeing. will: i have been wanting to ask this all morning long. i grew up around tornadoes, largely a spring event, not something you saw in december. what created these conditions, the warm air you are talking about? >> generally you need a clash of two air masses, one of the things that will happen and you see that in spring largely, most active month for tornadoes is may. you have residual winter cold hanging on and you start to get this warm-up across the southeast, the gulf of mexico, that warm body of water bringing humidity into the area and this cold air, still in the spring hanging on across canada
6:04 am
towards alaska, causing storms. we have to reverse that, warmth from summer hanging on and we are in this anonymous warm period but it is winter, colder to the north, this time of year, spring is the busy season, we see another fall season not as active in december not unheard of, one of the worst tornado outbreaks in kentucky was in december. rachel: learn so much from you. pete: earlier we had representative james comeare from kentucky come his district affected by the events of these now tragic tornadoes. first responders have been actively at work including at the candle factory we talked about. >> we've been on the phone all night with first responders as the candle factory, pulling
6:05 am
people out, all night and currently doing that. trying to help friends and neighbors and family. a devastating thing to go through the community. something you hope you never have to witness. rachel: the candle factory, working through the night. will: thing with amazon facility in illinois. pete: i believe hunter was giving her report mentioned 15 minutes notice. put yourself in the situation, the middle of the night 15 minute notice on what appears to be aluminum or steel building, what do you do? hopefully there was a shelter plan but if you have 115 people you don't get in your car and
6:06 am
drive so you get a sense of the human side of the devastation. rachel: even individual homes. you have kids, both of you, 15 minutes to put your family into safety. will: 15 minutes to convince yourself we are in imminent danger. we all live in a state of it won't happen to me. crime or natural disaster the idea that it is bearing down on your home or your place of business is hard to convince yourself of when time is ticking away. rachel: especially if you live through false alarms or survived a couple of them before. tough stuff. will: we have more reports from the ground and will bring them to you. let's bring in dan bonngino. your response as someone who has been in law enforcement, you've been to the scenes of tragedy but on the natural disaster side.
6:07 am
>> reporter: this is the kind of thing if you live through it, respond to it, when you see it you can't un-see it. it scars the soul. living in florida, a constant hurricane season, we get 7 to 10 days notice about a hurricane, max you will get 150 mile an hour winds. these tornadoes what do you get? a siren and a minute and 200 mile an hour winds. one of the unknown things about hurricane zones is one of the biggest threats in hurricanes is tornadoes. they are superdangerous. i want to admit god rest the souls of these victims who in the last seconds of their life didn't know. i woke up this morning learning about it like you did.
6:08 am
rachel: i kept thinking of residents in the nursing home, we see the devastation, the aftermath, hopefully they will find out where they sheltered them. it is terrible for that resident who died but when you see the devastation, giant tree flew out of the ground, laying on top of it. it is terrible. will: infrastructure torn out for extended periods of time, supply chain networks disrupted. this is a catastrophe on an apocalyptic scale. pete: we are about to see the power of the private citizen, what america is all about and the meaning of the word community. we've seen images where an entire town it appears,
6:09 am
possibly an entire town has been levels. that means services, public services, ambulance, fire, police all tasked to their limits. even if they survived whether the fire station is still standing your calling in from surrounding communities. as someone who has been a member of first responders, what a moment to be totally taxed. >> reporter: a lot of these areas, at one point we had upwards of 30,000 uniformed police officers, how anonymous that is. that was one of the -- we used to joke that it was one of the world's largest standing armies. a lot of midwestern states tragically in the path of a destructive tornado they don't have those assets.
6:10 am
entire state trooper forces a fraction of what the in way -- nypd or lapd have. this is one of those components we remember the concept of federalism that in the end despite all the political differences and there are many, we are still a country. we are a country comprised of 50 states with different ideas of how to do things but this is time to shake hands and give everybody a big hug and say we are here for you and this is where we avoid federal assets. you don't see other states in the area dedicate their assets. search and rescue still going on. this is a major endeavor. search and rescue is a very specific field. is not a thing where you have two minutes of training. you have electric lines, standing water, objects that
6:11 am
are delicately balanced, they could cause another disaster, specific field around the country. you know the united states does the right thing in the end. carley: the police department you talk about in new york city, people in these communities who don't have these big forces are very resourceful anyway and they help a neighbor and we expect, this is what we are going to see next. the american people, the compassion, the can-do spirit come forward, people with pickup trucks and equipment from their own garages coming in helping friends and neighbors. >> reporter: we've seen it before, the cajun navy, not even a component of the united
6:12 am
states navy, just american citizens, people who need help and we are going to do it. we've seen it before and i'm sure it will happen here. will: you went where my question was leading, first response, happened at midnight, talk about power lines and all those things. how do you go about search and rescue. average citizens diving into places and things like that. if you're a local sheriff or local cop how are you organizing that? >> reporter: the first response is securing the scene first, or massive medical emergency, you don't just waltz in without making sure the scene is secured first about a catastrophe like this where you have people trapped under
6:13 am
collapsed buildings that's not really an option, search and rescue is a complicated requirement, hundreds of thousands of specific training, to make sure you're not causing a situation for yourself. think about it. if you don't know what to look for, a team of four five search and rescue specialists, you defeated the purpose, such a specific field with expertise. i admire these guys. i am clabic, severely claustrophobic. do you know what kind of spaces the guys walk into, incredible danger, the men and women who do this. will: appreciate you, watching you tonight and filtered and
6:14 am
always appreciate your perspective. pete: i will make a plug for the fox weather apps. as someone who made the switch to the fox weather apps, live content, live data for your area across the country. will: a more positive note from the world of sports, a football game day. pete: highlight a veteran to sacrifice for the country. before joey jones rachel: joey jones is live, love him, joey. >> i told you we would have a special guest. i've got lee greenwood, the most patriotic moment in television right now, to perform, yesterday you are reforming.
6:15 am
>> reporter: privilege to be there, elizabeth and bob both asked me if i was sick at a funeral. i'm loyal to them and said absolutely, beautifully done funeral. i give credit to president biden, he did a great job honoring the family and being there for president clinton, here we are at the halftime day today, really exciting. did i say navy? army-navy game. i give a shout out to my friends in new york. lee greenwood signature. i want to make sure i know who liked it. getting loud out here. i want to point out at west
6:16 am
point, veterans with nonprofit. >> reporter: thank you so much. a pleasure being on a show with you. the most altruistic way we know how. we help them find their purpose again in business ownership. one of the first veterans we ever served. >> absolutely. i started the company, use metal, vehicle serve battle, army-navy game. >> that metal was from vehicles that were -- >> absolutely. >> reporter: we are ready to have a party here. jason alderman is going to sing. back to you and we are ready for football game here too. >> army 52, navy nothing. >> the champion tonight. will: i love it.
6:17 am
we did receive bottles of alcohol signed by him on the bottle. and we sampled it. it was delightful. will: a lot going on later this hour, fox sports's michael stranahan will be heading to a blue origin flight at 9:45 eastern time. the faa has cleared. origin of allegations brought about by was lower in september. later this hour a live report from texas. we will have our expert space panel bringing you live coverage of the launch. rachel: we will cover will who is really jealous. will: "fox and friends" said you get to go to space i am in. rick is running out here. pete: rick came around the corner.
6:18 am
rachel: he things he owns space because he does the weather. will: how does space affect the weather. sound like a big segment. anything about space that impacts the weather? >> feels like you are asking you should not ask. rachel: rick loves this topic. come on, rick. will: the story of the morning, tornadoes swept across the heartland in the dead of night. we are getting the full picture of the damage. rachel: jussie smollett not ready to face the music after the guilty verdict in his hate crime hoax. leo terrel talks about his attempt to appeal and the mainstream media's refuel to own up to major mistakes. can't wait to hear from him. ) like what? (burke) well, you'd get a discount for insuring your jet skis... and ...home and more.
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6:22 am
>> we send us some help. somebody please, we are trapped. the wall is on me. the whole building cell. will: a fox news alert. you heard audio a full and trapped under the because i of the 30 tornadoes the left catastrophic destruction across
6:23 am
the central us portion of it overnight was a candle factory was leveled by a tornado with 110 employees inside. thankfully that woman was rescued. rachel: live look at southern illinois, two deaths at an amazon warehouse in southern illinois after the roof collapsed on workers. pete: and arkansas one person was killed in a nursing home. local officials say everyone is accounted for. you can find more coverage of the fox weather apps. let's bring in a friend of the show who sometimes has harsh words for pete and i but leo terrell joins us now. that with this serious news in your reaction to the storms across much of america's heartland. >> thank you for having me.
6:24 am
i have been glued to "fox and friends," devastating, completely devastating and this is where we set aside any and all differences and get as much help to these areas that have been hit hard by what i've just seen, and that lady begging for help, everyone set aside their differences was my heart goes out to all those individuals. it is devastating. during the holiday season, never time for any kind of disaster this is where we need to pull together to help these areas. rachel: it's where we do best as americans but americans are known for stepping up in these situations where we show our true colors. another topic, jussie smollett trial. he could face 15 years in prison.
6:25 am
i've been following you on this story because of your legal background. you say he should be in jail, and spend some time there. >> let me be as clear as i can. jussie smollett could have been a role model. he has disgraced the black community, lgbt community because he lied on issues people struggle for decades to have. equal rights, fairness, equality. he has disgraced the community and he deserves to be in jail because he doubled down and went on the witness stand. he lied under oath. i hope the judge take that into consideration and put him behind bars. he needs to feel the lowest of low and hopefully can humble himself. i'm begging that he apologized to this country for his lies.
6:26 am
will: this is a very convenient -- forgiving country when people own up. his team has vowed to appeal. where does that go? >> nowhere. 30 years of being a lawyer, that appeal is nothing but a pr stunt. it goes nowhere. he has 0 chance of being reversed. this is where he goes in the face of denial. has to come to realization there is no way out. all his political friends, and failed. i tell you something else. kim fox x should be having a reality check. you know what she did? she failed to address this case as a colorblind case, equal justice and this verdict is an
6:27 am
indictment against prosecutor kim foxx. will: that is the bigger story. jussie smollett deserves his own conviction in his own justice but let's not talk about kim foxx, the president of the united states, the vice president of the united states had something passionate to say about the allegations. and now that the truth is undeniable, we get nothing but silence. >> you are spot on. we are getting crickets. let's be very clear. starting from president biden, kamala harris, bernie sanders, robin roberts. they tried to divide this country on race, they rushed to judgment, had no facts, gave jussie smollett a platform to lie and guess what, when the
6:28 am
verdict came down, crickets. what jen psaki did, i'm sick of them trying to throw trump under the bus. jussie smollett and the left wing media and the democratic party tried to divide the country on race, tried to claim people who support trump did some damage to him, they are all lies and they deserve and need to apologize. rachel: so interesting, the real target was they had a political objective. they wanted trump out of office. if they could smear, the maga had in the story, the story was so unbelievable from the get go, i live in the midwest when this happened. there was a polar vortex. my daughter was in chicago. there is no way, no one would leave to go to subway in the middle of this. it was such an unbelievable
6:29 am
story from the get-go but robin roberts, the president, president biden, kamala harris, the media, everyone went with it because they thought it would help get trump out of office. >> you hit it on the head. it is all politics, nothing more to advance their fake agenda. they believe this country is racist. you just had enes kanter freedom on. they want to play the race card. as a black man i am sick of it. they played 24/seven. cases like this, smollett verdict, five felony convictions proved they were lying in the american public will face a tsunami on november of 2022. will: always clear with us. >> wait a minute, wait a
6:30 am
minute. rachel, if will and pete treating you great it is a yes or no question. rachel: will was making fun of the way i eat a burrito in commercial break. >> i'm coming to new york, i'm serving you papers. i'm coming to new york. pete: when you come to new york i have a favor to ask. we bring a broom and dust pan 2 feet took up the food on the floor? is going to be a cross-examination and pleaded guilty to messy but read oh eating. we need a dog in the room. make sure the floor gets cleaned up. rachel: what kind of a lawyer
6:31 am
are you. >> thank you, one at a time. pete: he knew he didn't have a case. rachel: the case of the messy the read oh and my lawyer left me. will: don't do this now. oh, man. tough morning but we got to laugh sometimes. leo is a wonderful human being, new video of today's. origin carew, one of 6 people heading to space in 15 minutes. at 9:45 eastern time, live report from texas where the flight will take off, and hear about the expert space panel morning, we bring you live coverage.
6:32 am
>> first responders in arkansas and kentucky after tornadoes, for the devastating storms ahead next. ray loves vacations. but his diabetes never seemed to take one. everything felt like a 'no'. everything. but then ray went from no to know. with freestyle libre 2, now he knows his glucose levels when he needs to. and... when he wants to. so ray... can be ray. take the mystery out of your glucose levels, and lower your a1c.
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this holiday, ask your doctor about xiidra. umph! will: a fox news alert. we've heard all morning long audio of a woman trapped in debris and that is the reality across parts of the midwest hit by tornadoes, catastrophic district and across the central us, a candle factory in kentucky completely levels, 110 employees inside when the tornado struck. thankfully most people in the building were rescued. rachel: that woman was rescued. we take you to southern illinois, authorities confirmed two deaths from inside that amazon warehouse after the roof collapsed on workers.
6:37 am
pete: in arkansas one person was killed at a nursing home. local officials say everyone has been accounted for. storms left three did in tennessee, that is coming in. we will monitor the major breaking story and you can find more coverage at the new fox weather apps. rick, the news from tennessee is the latest spanning across five states. >> when the storms happen and that you wait until daylight. they knock everything all over the trees and you need chainsaws to get them off the roads and gets where people are trapped and rescue workers are doing amazing work, really rough day ahead of them. this cold air mass will be moving in and temperatures below freezing. look at this. this is across the eastern seaboard breaking all kinds of
6:38 am
records, high temperatures this time of year before the front moves in, this kind of heat to get colder behind it and that clash is one of the ingredients that made this setup dangerous. this is where we see severe weather, dynamics are very different. we are not looking at that threat for large destructive tornadoes but still have a chance for smaller tornado which if it hits your home can do a lot of damage and that will be the case later this afternoon, storms ahead of the front start across the mid-atlantic and washington dc, baltimore, philadelphia, jersey shore. this is the main tornado, supercell that moves 550 miles with a tornado associated with it, potentially talking about a tornado on the ground for 100, 200 miles and cut across that exact area. incredible storm, they happen in december. it is not completely unheard-of but this will be a strong
6:39 am
storm. this is the front, the cold air behind it brought a lot of snow across parts of the far northern plains and we have severe weather to get through and a rough day with cold temperatures tonight. will: you have severe weather, talking about extreme cold and heat. do you anticipate, we could have some but could we have a do over of this? >> the dynamics are very different, takes more than those two clashes of warm and cold air mass. that setup is not for us today. the tornado we saw we won't be looking at something like that. a smaller tornado that goes over where you are with loss of life and could do damage but we will probably see a tornado or two throughout the day but nothing like what we saw. pete: it has been an anomaly in a lot of ways to see this in december.
6:40 am
that is unusual. to see this span five states from arkansas through tennessee, kentucky and illinois unusual. for tornado to go to hundred miles, it bounces up and down but they seem much more fragile, to sustain a 200 mile distance. >> it doesn't happen often the editor get set up that you can be watching the storm that goes that long and stays intact is what we saw last night, a tendency we might see happen to her 3 days a year, generally we see that happen in the spring, april, may, june kind of thing. where we see at this late in the year but it is not unheard of. we have an overall those two clashes of air masses, that warm air across the east part of that circulation is high-pressure that starts to feed off of the gulf of mexico and pull up moisture. not he is visit warm but more humid than you would get this time of year and another upper-level disturbance. all of those things get going
6:41 am
and the wind direction changed with height and that changing of wind direction causes the rotation and you can get that, not super common but all the ingredients were right. i did little but of research, you were talking how much morning they had in mayfield where we have a candle factory with rescue efforts, 25 minute warning for tornado warning in that area, three minutes before it hit, the morning was upgraded to a tornado emergency. 25 minutes for people to get into place but a tornado that strong coming through and if you're building isn't strong enough options are limited. rachel: this area has seen tornadoes coming through, those people at shelter, a place to go to. i have to believe that happened with that nursing home. i want to get more information on that. we will go to hunter davis. thank you, by the way.
6:42 am
hunter, what more do you know about the kind of shoulder that was available for those who were in that nursing home. when i see the footage you have been showing us all morning i can't believe these elderly people wrote this out and am i correct that everyone was recovered, nobody was killed? is that correct? >> reporter: we have confirmed one death. the county judge confirmed that for us. there may have been some other injuries but we haven't heard anything additional which is kind of unbelievable when you look at what we've been seeing this morning. we've spoken to some people who worked at this nursing home. we are across the street to give you a different vantage point. we worked at this nursing home and they said how sad this wasn't how unbelievable it was
6:43 am
the people were able to make it out, and so many people made it out. taking you across the street we are getting some daylight, this is the first time we have been able to look into this neighborhood across the street which kind of giving us what we saw at the nursing home, things spread everywhere. a debris field stretching for miles, downed power lines a big issue is people are trying to get up this morning and connect with others to help with recovery. we seen crews out trying to restore that power so hopefully that is something they are working on this morning. no word how long it might take or how many people are without power this morning. you see in front of you, all over this yard a reminder so many people lost so much, so
6:44 am
many people's lives spread out across this area. it will be days, weeks, months before people can get everything back into place and reminding everyone we are two weeks before christmas and people are picking up devastation this morning instead of putting up holiday decorations and everything they would typically be doing in this area because it is so unseasonal. those preparations they would normally have, warning signs they would be listening to those definitely didn't happen because this one came in overnight. will: thank you for bringing us the latest. the distraction is so indiscriminate, you just can't know. rachel: they don't have power or heat. will: the latest spaceflight set to launch. michael stranahan is one of the 6 passengers ready to head up.
6:45 am
rachel: casey steagall has more on this flight. >> 9 minutes ago the crew capsule was closed and they said they were ready to go in a few minutes after that they were put into a brief hold which we are still in. launch is going to be pushed back a little bit, but it is really cold out here in the desert of west texas. the winds have subsided although temperatures are in the low 30s but it is the winds which postponed the launch. originally this was supposed to happen on thursday but the winds were so heavy it was moved to today. former nfl and tv host michael stranahan and his fellow passengers were going to fly thursday so it was pushed, the crew has been here training and
6:46 am
making final preparations. the other special guest on board is laura church lady, the daughter of nasa pioneer alan shepard and she's taking the mementos of her with her. the new shepard suborbital rocket system propels them 62 miles above the earth's surface at speeds of 3 times faster than sound. experience weightlessness for a few minutes, and then they will make a parachute landing not far from the launch site behind us. all told everything from liftoff to touchdown lasts 11 minutes. the bulk of the spacecraft is reusable. that is what is fascinating here. the capsule, the booster, the parachutes. all of that stuff was used in the october flight when william shatner went up and on its inaugural flight for humans when jeff bezos went up in
6:47 am
july. we are waiting and we will keep you posted. and exciting day, no doubt about that. will: from kickoff to take off, michael strahan is one of the guys making his way into space. we have with us eileen collins, the first female commander of the space shuttle along with terry virts, space station commander and tom jones, space shuttle astronaut. what is it like? >> any time you launch people into space it is a huge event. they are very excited. i'm sure the heartbeat is going hundred miles an hour, a short flight but taking a risk. got to hand it to them, getting more flights, this is a good thing.
6:48 am
rachel: they are excited, a lot of stuff going on. what do you think, is the weather right? is everything going to go as planned? >> they were postponed thursday in high winds. they got the launch commit criteria, whether or not it is safe. whether it is safe to go it is a beautiful day now. when they cross 40 or 50 miles the sky is going to be black and they will see out the window they are actually in space. they will have a few minutes 0 gravity and then go through g mode and if the g load varies they are back in the vertical and they will have a little bit of a shock coming back. i want to say william shatner flew a couple months ago and he had the best line, he said i
6:49 am
hope i never recover from this. he said it better than i could have. will: you've been an international space station commander, terry and piloted the spatial. tell us what they are going through, the preparations that everyone is going through as they count down to lunch. >> it is a matter of waiting. the capsule is completely automated. there are no switches or controls, nothing for them to do other than sit there. my first flight i had a list of doctor jokes in the hours leading up to lunch. will: i want a backup plan, not just a computer. tom, your former nasa astronaut, you are an astronaut. your job is to understand and be prepared for space or spaceflight. michael strahan is a great football player, never been to space. what is like for someone who hasn't, what is he about to experience?
6:50 am
>> he is physically fit for this ride. we know he has the physical feel for this but he is going to experience an amazing acceleration, four geez -- a lot of vibration from the rocket and all of these people on board, laura shepard churchly, they will experience the heightened senses that come when you are strapped into a rocket and fly into space. everything will be hypersensitive. everything you hear and sense, the vibration levels, even the smells of the interior of the capsule will be burned into your memory. i think he will experience a real adrenaline rush with fellow passengers on the new shepard and the thrill of seeing the curvature of the earth, there is nothing like your first view of space. when i got to orbit the first time and looked out the window, couldn't see a think the totally black outside and then
6:51 am
the sunrise began to race towards us at 5 miles per second and when you see the curvature of the earth and the sun rising above that it is something that takes your breath away it brings tears to your eyes. will: i want to pull up on the physicality. i had the pleasure of going up with fighter pilots in the air force. i did 9 gs and there was a lot of preparation for that, i had to wear a g-suit, physically, how i would breathe in order to survive, not survive but endure what could be a blackout. i'm curious, four gs for what period of sustained time and on reentry, you had serious gs, is michael strahan going through the same exercises, how to breathe, don't know if there are g suits to ensure they stay conscious, what demands are on him?
6:52 am
>> the nice thing for the guests aboard new shepard is they are lying down so the g forces are coming through your chest this way rather than what you experience from your head to your toes, the g-suit you were was to keep the blood pumped up to your brain, that's not happening here. all the g forces are coming this way into your chest and head so it is not a severe physical trial. you will feel those g forces, like two or three people are standing on top of you for two or three minutes and as they come over the top of the trajectory arc as they hit the atmosphere again they will have to decelerate and take the same geforce is lying down. it's not a big problem, just hard to breathe, no real pain but a lot of physical pressure on your body. rachel: i lived on edwards air force base where the space shuttle would come down. i have a lot of experience of all the things going on, you talked about your heartbeat, the nervousness. what about your family? i keep thinking how nervous they are. >> great question. we feel like we go out to the launchpad, we are confident and
6:53 am
ready to go, something we've been planning for for years but the families are out there watching, they remember the challenger accident, the columbia accident and worry about it even though we tell them all these problems have been fixed. we bring them into our training sessions, the families know each other, we have parties together and they are still nervous. that is something we just have to live with. we are explorers. our job is to get out there and learn about universe we live in. people have got to take risks and we choose to do that as astronauts and our families support us and we thank our families for going through that with us and eventually we retired. i have retired but hopefully i can go back into space again. will: i have a feeling you're going to. will: i want to thank all our guests, the space expert panel, thank you for your expertise and taking those risks on behalf of us, thank you all. we've got more "fox and friends" hours from monitoring
6:54 am
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>> you got to go north. will: back with fox news alert, the son starting to rise and reveal the devastation left by 30 tornadoes and severe storms that hit much of the central us, 62 been impacted. a candle factory in kentucky was leveled by a tornado, 110 employees inside at the time. the governor of kentucky warning 100 people dead. rachel: in southern illinois a massive amazon warehouse collapsed, traffic workers, four people have been confirmed dead. pete: in arkansas one person was killed when a roof collapsed at a nursing home. local officials say everyone is accounted for.
6:59 am
three people have been confirmed dead in tennessee. this storm spanned five states across america's heartland. >> the really large tornado we saw out of jonesboro, arkansas, the beginning of that supercell across central kentucky. of that line of storms on the move pulling it to the east. today still more severe weather, mostly strong winds and hail but later this afternoon a little bit of a chance of tornadoes across the mid-atlantic. right now the storms we've been watching are not tornado which is good. some wents in the 60 mile an hour range. we will continue to track it throughout the day. rachel: glad to have you here today. will: the pictures barely do it justice.
7:00 am
pete: a live look, any minute at the top of the hour, blue origin will launch michael stray and into space along with five others. that launches moments away. can you imagine the anticipation? strapped in. rachel: on autopilot as we have learned. that is it for "fox and friends". have a great day. julie: we are following the third mission for blue origin with michael strahan on board and alan shepard's daughter and three prominent business venture experts, those who paid for the ride, expected to be $28 million for each of them.


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