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tv   Fox News Live  FOX News  December 11, 2021 9:00am-11:00am PST

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>> fox news alert. devastation in the wake of deadly tornados that ripped through multiple states last night from arkansas to illinois. at least 70 people are dead in kentucky alone, with that number expected to rise as the damage is assessed. welcome to fox news live i'm jacqui heinrich. griff: i'm griff jenkins. and powerful wind hitting a amazon facility in illinois and amy is kicking it off from the weather center. >> griff, let's get to the
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radar. this line of storms continues to push eastward and toward the coastline and producing severe storms. there's a lot to watch. on the fox weather app you'll get your readings real-time we've had almost 150 tornados from yesterday afternoon with the system until right now and the reports coming in are really devastating, in fact, the devastation has been jaw-dropping. with one particular tornado, this was a super cell on the ground over five states, more than 500 miles on the ground and this is a storm that produced much of the damage and potentially deadly in several states. we have confirmed deaths already for arkansas, illinois and also kentucky. top wind speeds of 107 in graves county. and there is the footage that's unbelievable what the storm has been able to do. a lot of the wind speeds could top 150, maybe 200 miles per
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hour. those will have to be surveyed by the damage they've produced. tornado reports are at 37 and that number could grow. tornado emergencies have been eight and that's not been issued for the number in the 24 hour period. the states impacted are seven, that could grow as well and fatalities over 75. and the severe thunderstorm threat is still out there. the timing, in yellow all the way to the east coast, you have lesser, but still a chance you could see severe weather development including a small risk of tornados. here is the future track. we time it out out of atlanta and this will produce some strong winds and severe thunderstorms and potentially even more tornados. it will move towards columbia, south carolina, about 7:00 tonight. it does not clear the southeast coast until 9:00 to 10:00 tonight. meanwhile, the north edge doesn't come through really until later on this evening.
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we're talking about a 2% risk for tornados by the storm prediction center for places like d.c., philly, all the way to baltimore. new york could see big winds coming in just after 9:00, 10:00 tonight. notice the oranges, yellows and reds all the way from boston to maine about of this gets out of here. bottom line, this is a nasty line of storms with us 18 hours producing tornado warnings and the threat is not over. if you receive at warning for a severe thunderstorm or tornado, take cover. get your weather real-time on fox, throughout the day today. griff: a quick follow-up. i remember covering in 2013 the ef-5 that hit moore, oklahoma and i know that debris removal becomes top of line, but sounds like the weather situation now, that may be a problem with debris removal? >> absolutely. you make up a great point here 2013 was the last time we saw
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an ef-5. the damage out of kentucky potentially could be the most recent ef-5 that we've seen. as they're going through the search and rescue today they have to be so careful. they had buildings more than 100 people trapped in mayfield, kentucky and also that amazon building that you mentioned in edwardsville, illinois, they've had several casualties there and people still trapped. so it's going to be a tender situation, removing this, and also a lot of people without shelter, homes completely wiped away this morning. griff: amy freeze live for us in our fox weather center. we'll check back with you. >> you've got it. griff: jacqui. jacqui: griff, more severe coverage of the storms on the fox weather channel and for weather in your city, you can scan the qr code on the screen or go to snoot and
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congress-- joining us is the congressman, i wish we had you for a better story, this one hitting my moment state of tennessee. what are your thoughts on the ground? >> thank you for having me on. it's just a tragic situation, and i've got to tell you with the technology that we all use, we get to our phones and it's good that we get warnings, but these tornados, they moved so fast, and you can only move so quickly. obviously, you can't move a home or a physical structure. we know in this part of west tennessee that three people are confirmed dead. we think that there are still others that are unaccounted for so we can't speculate, obviously, on whether there are additional fatalities, but there's great physical destruction in several of the counties i represent in western tennessee, so many people without power so we have avenue
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got emergency management teams on the ground, sheriff's departments, assessing and looking for those who may be missing. >> we heard, obviously, from kentucky's governor and officials there. what can you tell us about your immediate needs in tennessee, in those counties you just mentioned? >> well, a number of things. one is, we still think that there are people that are not accounted for in the lake county, and maybe in the area, we've got, again, the sheriff, other law enforcement, emergency management making sure that all the areas are checked in lake county, especially, a big tourist area and some of the lodges and whatnot at maximum capacity. we want to make sure that everybody's okay. we've also had, this is really good, through volunteer spirit we've had hardware stores and
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other entities, offering to volunteer whatever materials are needed so that the construction, once it's assessed, it can be rebuilt ap i certainly appreciate everybody offering whatever they can in terms of search and rescue and rebuild. griff: congressman, i believe we have some pictures. you've been documenting the damage. tell us just a little bit. you're looking now at some of the unbelievable, just wreckage, just tore this street apart and the buildings ripped off their foundations and you can see, obviously, the first responders trying to get in there. what can you tell us about some of the areas that were hit. you mentioned one was a tourist area, but describe for us, really, the makeup of these communities and how they've been impacted. >> yeah, so, this tornado, tornado, tornados, moved through multiple county after county and you can see the
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devastation in not only lake county, and also weekly county and another county, fayette county. what we want to do is make sure, obviously, that people are safe, that we can track them and if they are in fact missing and we'll look through and try to make sure that we can sort through the rebuilding process. i'm especially proud though we've got good local, state and federal officials all working together, all working on the same team. my office working with both senator blackburn's and senator hagerty's. >> congressman, the timing of the tornados hitting at the peak of the holiday season. how concerned are you that it will impact the holidays and christmas just two weeks away?
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>> well, so that's a great point, you know, this area of the country, i don't know if there's anybody that gets used to tornados, but we're used to tornado watches, used to tornado warnings, but this doesn't happen very often and in western tennessee we had a very warm day some cities reached 80 degrees on yesterday, december the 10th. obviously this cleanup is going to take a long time. we've seen the devastation. it's to run into christmas day, the christmas holidays, but we need to do what we can, first and foremost, make sure that the people that are unaccounted for right now, we don't know how many people those are, that we find them and certain account for everyone. griff: congressman david kustoff, please keep us posted
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if you have new developments and the needs in those counties hardest hit. congressman, thank you. >> thank you so much. griff: jacqui. jacqui: griff, for more on the destruction on the ground following the severe tornados, charles watson is joining us live with the latest. what are you hearing? >> the south and midwest taking a beating of unusual december outbreak of weather and the city of kentucky, a tornado slammed into a candle factory causing the roof to collapse on top of 110 workers inside. and you see first responders in the rain desperately trying to get to people trapped underneath and the weight of that structure and governor beshear is feared many are dead and across the state. >> we believe our death toll from this event will exceed 50
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kentuckians, probably end up closer to 70 to 100 lost lives. this has been one of the toughest nights in kentucky history and some areas have been hit in ways that are hard to put into words. to all of our kentucky families impacted by this, we want you to know that we're here for you. >> in illinois crews continue sifting through the debris at the amazon warehouse in edwardsville, and one person was killed, two injured when the wind sheared off the billing's roof and the length of a football field people were in there at the time. and a nursing home, killing at least one person and trapping 20 years inside as the 86-bed
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facility collapsed and at least three people are confirmed now ted dead in tennessee and we're working to figure out details how those occurred, jacqui. jacqui: charles watson and the ongoing difficulties to repair and track everybody down as the threat of more severe weather is still on the way. thank you so much, charles. griff. griff: more heartbreaking scenes from the midwest and shots from the severe tornados, and we'll bring you the latest ahead. whoo hoo! ensure, with 27 vitamins and minerals, now introducing ensure complete! with 30 grams of protein.
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a kohler walk-in bath provides independence with peace of mind. call... to receive $1000 off your kohler walk-in bath. and right now we're offering no payments for 18 months. >> so i decided to come down here and see what's going on and i had no idea the building look this bad. and i'm worried sick, that he's okay. jacqui: you heard from a woman worried about a loved one in the amazon facility. illinois, the weather caved in the roof and leaving two people dead. and joining us is rodney davis, representing the edwardsville area. congressman, i understand you just left that facility. what did you see? >> well, the pictures and video that are out do not do this damage justice. it's devastating to see just
9:17 am
the impact on one facility and surrounding area. i've got to give a lot of credit to the fire chief at edwardsville, chief whiteford,'s got command of this post and they're doing everything they can follow through on the search and rescue going on right now. jacqui: and we put up photos your team took during your visit there. what are you hearing from the first responders the ongoing challenges locating people and the cleanup. how long is it going to take and what are the biggest hazards they're facing right now. >> i can't see which pictures of mine you put up on the screen, but it's just a pile of rubble and mesh and there are large concrete structures that will have to be removed so they can adequately continue the search and rescue effort. it's all hands on deck right
9:18 am
there with chief whitesford. i have to commend them. this is a time that politics goes by the wayside and we do what we can as americans to help each other. jacqui: this is just incredible images that we're seeing right now and obviously, this amazon warehouse is coming right ahead of the holidays. how is your community reacting to this and you know, happening just a couple of weeks before christmas? >> well, the good news is just like when any disaster hits in central and southwestern illinois, we all come together and that's what i saw on the ground today, but it's devastating time especially for those families who have already been notified what's happened to their loved one, and i just hope that we continue to keep those families in our thoughts and prayers because christmas again will never be the same for them or any that they know. jacqui: what have you heard from search and rescue crews
9:19 am
and first responders about the state of things? are people still missing? what he is the search and rescue operation looking like? >> there are still people that have yet to be located. we -- i'm not speaking for them in particular about you from my conversations with them, you know, there's a sense of optimism, hopefully they'll be able to get a hold of some of those who may have left the facility without notifying anyone last night, but these are going to continue on the ground with search and rescue until every single person is accounted for. jacqui: are there power outages impacting you. >> and we have crews, and it may have been in one of our picture, there's a major power line that runs along the interstate where the facility sits that was torn up by the
9:20 am
debris that was lifted by this tornado into a retention pond directly behind this amazon facility. jacqui: wow. >> and just the sheer size of this facility is immense so these pictures are just giving you a little bit of a taste of what i saw today. jacqui: how unusual is this kind of weather for your area? obviously, we know that it's possible that one of the tornados potentially across four states, 250 miles long and it's going to take them a couple of days to figure out one tornado or multiple tornados, but for december, especially, how does this compare to past severe weather in your area? >> well, it's not that-- it's not out of the ordinary, jacqui. three years ago on december 1st where i sit in my hometown of taylorville, illinois, we had an ef-3 come through. we've seen storms in years past as recent as 2005, 2006, so it
9:21 am
does happen. we're ready as we into see on the ground in edwardsville, and frankly midwest and mid south, everyone is coming together to help each other. that makes america great. jacqui: what are you asking for for state and federal support to recover from this? >> right now i'm asking everyone to be patient. the search and rescue is ongoing at the site and we want to make sure those are not impeded in any way. they'll begin to do damage assessments and if it reaches a certain level, that is like in congress and ask for a federal declaration. and we need to work hand in hand together, republicans and democrats, if the assessment in my state of illinois reaches a threshold for federal
9:22 am
assistance. we have got to contact the white house to approve those. >> you walked away from the facility and taking all of that is in, i'm sure, surreal. what are you dealing like having just witnessed all of that? >> it's sadness, especially for the families who still don't know where their loved ones are, but i can tell them and i can tell you, the folks on the ground led by chief whiteford are doing everything they can to make sure that we have the utmost search and research effort that can be possibly led at this point in time. >> and can you tell us, share any stories of, you know, who you spoke to and their demeanor, you know, what they're saying about next steps and how they're taking all of this in, anyone in the area and your constituents? >> yeah, i spoke with not just the fire department officials on the ground, and it wasn't
9:23 am
just edwardsville's fire department that was there. we knew mutual aid assistance from places like highland, illinois, st. jacobs, illinois. i spoke with the amazon manager on the ground. they were thankful we were there and that we also weren't getting in the way of efforts. and i also had a chance to speak to amazon workers, one who was called off of her shift and told not to come in and they were standing right outside the perimeter this morning talking to other media outlets and i had a chance to talk to two of them. one again told not to come in last night or would have been in the building and she was thankful, but yet, still wondering what happened to other co-workers and another supposed to come on a later shift. they're concerned. they're concerned just like we are as to where the missing employees are at. >> wow. and i can only imagine, you know, their panic and sorrow as they're searching for their
9:24 am
colleagues and glad someone was looking out for them and they didn't go into their shift last night. congressman rodney davis. thank you for joining us, best of luck to you and those in your communities. we'll keep you in our prayers. >> thank you, jacqui. jacqui: griff. griff: now for a look at some of our headlines, late senator bob dole making a final trip to his hometown of russell, kansas this weekend. you're looking at live pictures of a memorial service held there before his casket travels to the state capitol. the world war ii veteran and hero will be buried in arlington national cemetery. and a critical flaw in a tool used around the world. threatening those, including in the government. one expert calling the single most critical vulnerability in the last decade. and a delivery driver
9:25 am
apologizing for dumping packages in a ditch in alabama. he told he was dealing with a death at the time. the 22-year-old is facing charges for cargo theft. in northern virginia, back in the inspector light. concerned parents are staging a rally in front of the dolly madison public library for the display. the display placed a bible next to two controversial books activists slammed as pornographic material. that was removed, but concerned parents, nonetheless gathering in northern virginia, jacqui. jacqui: the biden administration is ordering federal resources to the areas affected most by the storm and what else they're doing to help the tornado ravaged midwest. their car insurance.
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>> it's a very dire situation
9:30 am
at this point and it may end up being the largest loss of life in any tornado event in a single location again in the state's history. jacqui: kentucky governor andy bashir on the major loss of life with the tornado overnight. and president biden has been briefed on the tornados impacted southern and central states and he's sending them to the ones with the immediate need. >> hi, jacqui, the president is in wilmington, delaware for the weekend, but received a full briefing as you mentioned from his team in delaware, including the fema administrator, and the president putting out a tweet and a statement in the american people. this morning i was briefed on devastating tornados across the central u.s. to lose a loved one in a storm like this is an unimaginable tragedy. we're working with governors to
9:31 am
ensure that they have what they need in the search for survivors and damage assessment continues. the president and his team are continuing to watch. back here when it comes to politics in washington and really the effect of those politics across the country, the president dealing with inflation, the high inflation rate and he talked about it several times yesterday, including the tonight show. >> the truth is, the economy's grown more than it has anytime in close to 60 years. unemployment rate is down to 4.2%, it's going to go lower in my view. we do have inflation on things that, in fact, matter to people's lives. >> the labor department out with numbers that are grim in the last few days, inflation surged to 6.8 p-ers, fastest since 1982 a year after ronald reagan took the oath of office. what to do, the white house says it may not be simple, and proposing build back better. the reason you see stills of
9:32 am
joe manchin, democratic senator from west virginia, he appears to be the likely obstructionist to getting the plan passed in the senate in a timely manner. >> you should look who has a plan here and who is shouting from through a megaphone. it's a problem and who is going to do something about it. >> and they will be speaking with senator manchin and those conversations continue, but ultimately, the president and the senate majority leader want something done as soon as possible, before the new year if possible. >> the high numbers of inflation from the labor department is going to make it more difficult to get senator man chin's vote for build back better, thanks. griff: and storms damaging kentucky and multiple deaths after tornados and severe weather tore through overnight.
9:33 am
misty thomas is on her way to mayfield, kentucky one of the hardest hit areas. but she pulled over to the side of the road for this interview, thank you for taking time. we want your sense how hard your area has been hit and how people can help. >> thank you, griff. for the opportunity. to pull over and share how people can help western kentucky and kentucky as a whole right now. as you heard at the beginning of your news section that governor andy beshear has declared this a historic event if kentucky, a catastrophic event of lives lost is what i heard him say. so right now, we're all in shock of what our commonwealth has suffered. and the red cross is doing what we do. our mission is to alleviate human suffering so our volunteers, they're coordinating and strategizing with our emergency management crews, sheltering on the
9:34 am
ground. assessing their needs. do they have their prescription medicine. do they have their medical equipment? do we have formula and good for babies? >> and so you could be an extension of helping we don't have a full assessment right now, but we're assessing. and 1-800-red cross you can give to the kentucky relief fund and that would be greatly appreciated by our families. griff: misty, as the governor said this could be the biggest loss of life. how are you preparing as the red cross, i've witnessed the remarkable work that the men and women of the red cross do in situations like this. how do you forsee going forward the primary necessities you'll have? >> you know, we do a really good job making sure that immediate needs are met.
9:35 am
what people don't know about the red cross, we have volunteers who actually work with mental health wellness and virtual care, and those volunteers will deploy. they're already deployed and they're standing by to assess our families with emotional and spiritual needs. moving forward we'll continue to do what we do. that's meet with every family that we can and encourage them and make sure that they have their needs met all cross the board their physical needs, emotional needs and spiritual needs, and we'll walk those out. >> you can see the bottom of our screen there, red, if you want to help in mayfield, one of the hardest hit areas, i was looking at the video, the mural on the wall, mayfield where more than memories are made and certainly this unfortunately will be a historic memory for those in
9:36 am
the various hit an immediate need of services, what is your advice to them? >> we would like you to go to red and it will show you where our shelters are set up. if you need a shelter call 1-800-red cross and we'll have people standing by to direct you how to get to where you need to be. once you connect with our national red cross number, then from that point we have a volunteer who will walk you to a safe place and then those volunteers, the boots on the ground will start assessing your needs. >> and i know you can't see this from your car we're showing drone footage over mayfield. it's just leveled. i was listening to the governor's press conference and you can see better pictures of the devastation, the extensive devastation, buildings, structures ripped off foundations and i was struck,
9:37 am
misty by the police chief saying his cars were destroyed, the firemen saying they had to fight to get out of the firehouse to go put out fires, what can you tell us about the extent of the damage you're driving into right now? >> i'm seeing your drone footage and so, i'm seeing that for the first time as well because i'm headed to mayfield. i've seen some photography shared on social media websites, but the drone footage is really giving us a vantage point i've not seen until now. i think the only word that i have is shocked. it's just shocking that we had this tornado come through and do this damage and offer there in western kentucky and cause detrucks. destruction e and we have an emergency app that you can pinpoint where you are and put in the locations of your loved
9:38 am
ones and stretch that radius 50 or 100 miles. and the alerts were immediately where the tornados were on the ground. and it helped me to rearrange some family members driving last night and didn't realize what was going on. please utilize. >> what's that app? >> when you go to it's for your iphone or android, just a red cross, type in red cross and you'll see emergency, there's a blood donation app, a tornado app and the emergency app and the emergency will include tornados, and you can do either of those. who knew this would happen last night? that's one of the things that red cross does, we not only respond, but we try to compare communities because unfortunately these things happen and we want to give you the team that you have in real-time to keep you and your family safe.
9:39 am
>> thank you for all the work that the american red cross does. it's red and if you want to help out. >> thank you all, have a great day. jacqui: blue origin launching six more people into space including a good morning america host.
9:40 am
9:41 am
9:42 am
9:43 am
>> and in arkansas, at least one person was killed after the roof of a nursing home
9:44 am
collapsed leaving dozens more trapped inside. fox weather's hunter davis is on the ground. from that nursing home area, hi, hunter, she joins us by phone and communications are difficult. what is the situation there, hunter? >> hi, griff, thanks for having me on today. you mentioned that communication being a problem and right now that's still kind of the biggest hindrance in the area. people are starting to come out and pick up did he-- debris and in their homes and businesses and what they need is difficult. me and my true had difficulty getting a signal out and why we're having to call in to you guys right now because things are really inconsistent here as far as that goes. we've seen crews working on that. as far as the nursing home, specifically everyone, but the one person that passed away was evacuated proceed immediately. the storm came through and they
9:45 am
hunkered down in the nursing centers and pulled pillows over them and mattresses and the storm went through the nursing home area and then kind of just went on. they said as soon as that happened, as soon as they could get signal back up, they put out an all call on social media and nurses and doctors in the facility, hey, we need help. the nursing home has been directly hit and then said people responded from all over arkansas, in multiple cities and multiple counties and they said they had at least 20 to 30 vehicles that were trying to get into this nursing home parking lot to help get people out. there was just over 60 people in that nursing home that were cared for that were living there and they were taken to local hospitals that they needed help or they were taken to a nearby school to be reconnected with their families so the families could figure out where to take them and we actually just had the governor
9:46 am
here on site, governor hutchinson here in arkansas. he came and toured the facility to really get a good look at that damage, griff and that's the latest we have going on here. >> and now we're looking at footage from that area where you are and tell us just a little bit. you know, in the weather conditions and people are trying to come out to really get a full assessment of the extent of the damage. what is the weather doing for you right there? >> yeah, so we're still seeing those winds pretty high and we've been gusting up to 33 miles per hour today and they are definitely windy and when people are trying to pick up the pieces. and dangerous considering there's debris on the ground, hanging on roofs or limbs and those have been falling or flying into neighboring yards and when the wind picks it up, it carries it on. it's also really cold right now
9:47 am
about 46, but the wind chill feeling like 38 degrees, so it's a very cold and very windy day for cleanup and fortunately, it's sunny so we've got good visibility trying to get everything back together here. griff: hunter davis live for us on the ground in arkansas, stay safe, we'll check back with you as the story develops. thank you. and for beginning coverage of the severe weather it's all on the fox weather channel and for a lot more details from all over the nation, download the fox whether app and check your weather and stay tuned. jacqui: blue origin sent another six people into space, including good morning america's michael strahan. william shatner went up in october. >> good to see you, jacqui, start to finish, takeoff to touchdown, the whole flight lasts a whopping 11 minutes and
9:48 am
after today, well, you can put another successful mission down in blue origin's book. this is the third human submarine -- sub-orbital flight. six new astronauts mach3 more than 60 miles per hour above the earth's surface. experienced weightlessness for three minutes and then fell back to earth pair shueded -- parachuted back down nfl player michael strahan and also daughter of astronaut alan shepard. >> he didn't get to enjoy what i enjoyed. he was all business, i went on it for the ride. >> and now, back in october, blue origin launched
9:49 am
90-year-old william shatner to the edge of space. its inaugural flight was in late july when the company's owner, amazon mogul jeff bezos and his brother made the trip. a trip, by the way, with zero pilots on board, just passengers. the entire system is autonomous. pretty spectacular, jacqui. jacqui: pretty cool, casey. i don't have a roster of all astronauts in history and i bet you michael strahan probably in the running for the tallest person to go into space. >> i think he was, something that was mentioned. jacqui: that's pretty cool. thank you, casey stegall. griff: a search and rescue is on to trap those under the rubble of a collapsed amazon building. we'll bring you the latest after the break. ♪day to night to morning,♪ ♪keep with me in the moment♪ ♪i'd let you had i known it, why don't you say so?♪
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9:54 am
i'm in topeka, kansas and memorial services will conclude in kansas. right now things are underway in russell, kansas and griff, it's hard to overstate the love that the people of russell, kansas, have for their son bob dole. this is a town of about 4400 people at st. mary's queen of angels catholic church. not far from there is russell high school where the senator was a student, star athlete and voted best looking of his class. born in 1923, he grew up in the dust bowl and the depression. a time where the family moved into the basement of the home so as to rent out the upper portion. he went to university of kansas hoping to be a doctor. he left to serve in world war ii in 1943 and he sustained the
9:55 am
life altering injuries that dashed the doctor as a career. the folks of russell collected money in a cigar box to help collect expenses something he never forgot. and when he announced he was running, i was born here, i left for a while, i was hurt and came back and i was helped and healed in this place by mytownmen-- my townsmen, and no failure has ever been so hurtful that this town could not ease the pain and no success has ever been so great that it exceeded the satisfaction of being a part of the people of russell, a citizen of kansas. and griff, once services do conclude in russell, then the senator's casket will be traveled here to topeka where they'll continue the memorial and then he again will be transferred to washington d.c. where he will be interred.
9:56 am
>> and alicia acuna, live in topeka, kansas. thank you so much. jacqui as we look at the live shot, you can see former senator pat roberts delivering remarks there and served a long time in the senate. if you listen to the outpouring of love from his former colleagues you get the full much of the man that bob dole was. jacqui: absolutely, it's great to see everyone come out to the national cathedral, and his farewell letter on social media, i confess i'm curious to see if heaven will look like kansas and if i'll still be able to vote in chicago. >> bob dole, an american hero. jacqui: and tornados left 70 in their wake, death and destruction. (sighs wearily) here i'll take that! (excited yell) woo-hoo! ensure max protein. with thirty grams of protein,
9:57 am
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10:01 am
currently no severe thunderstorms, still producing big wins and lightning within the storm or at times. we'll talk this to the east coast so it's not over yet but it seems like we might have most under our belts. we've already had almost 150 tornado warnings within the last 24 hours and robin 200 severe thunderstorms, this is the area everything started in missouri and moved to arkansas through illinois, kentucky and tennessee, it's been a nasty client of storms. one particular cell became a super self that went over five states literally tracking 500 miles. this is the storm that's producing catastrophic damage we are seeing literally abolishing entire towns in parts of kentucky. grace county we worry, we were able to catch 170 miles an hour where we get the reading off the thermometer. most of the times you can't tell how big or fast or dangerous they are.
10:02 am
100-mile an hour wind will rip a roof off your house. tornadoes, 37 reports. tornado emergencies in the last 24 hours, eight times. that hasn't happened since 1999. this has already been historic. states impacted, seven right now and counties over 75. we're not done yet, areas in red, be on the lookout. thank you whether brought line of storms now, you have a couple of hours before it out of the way. yellow takes us to the east coast. if you are on the northeast, you're not necessarily out of the woods. we'll track this through the afternoon, it starts to diminish through south carolina, once it's passed greensboro, we are in the clear 9:00, 10:00 tonight. showers lingering on the shoreline but after 6:00 p.m., we are looking at d.c. and new
10:03 am
york getting strong winds. this is topline, north end of the front pulling through, it won't be until late tonight until we're out of the woods in boston and rhode island. this is a serious storm system, already historic. december is not known for severe weather but this is going down in the history books likely the most deadly and perhaps most damaging tornado outbreak we've ever seen in december. a lot to come on this but state heads up, if you get warnings tonight, take action. griff: quickly, amy, the amount of time the tornadoes may have spent on the ground part of the historic content. >> when you think about a tornado, it could be a rope tornado lasting no more than a minute or two on the ground. we have large wedge tornadoes likely what they saw, meaning a large path on the ground for a very long period of time. when using the damage, you can see it was a very large tornado and on the ground over several
10:04 am
states, perhaps hundreds of miles the tornado travels. griff: amy freeze, who live in our fox weather center. thank you very much. there's more coverage of the severe storms on the fox weather channel and for details about the weather in your city, download the app by scanning the qr code on your screen there. or go to fox jacqui: for more on the destruction left behind tornadoes, we will go to charles watson with the details. >> the south and midwest taking a major hit from an unusual outbreak, december severe weather and tornadoes. mayfield kentucky in particular, the hardest areas hit with a lot of destruction and damage. overnight, suspected tornado slamming into a candle factory causing a roof to collapse on one tenth workers inside. you see first responders all over the place desperately
10:05 am
trying to get people out of the building where andy says many are feared dead along with dozens more. >> we believe our death toll from this event will exceed 50 kentuckians, probably end up closer to 70 -- 100 lost lives. one of the toughest nights in kentucky history and some areas hit in ways to put into words, to all of our kentucky families impacted, we want you to know we are here for you. reporter: crews continue to sift through debris at this amazon warehouse east of st. louis. officials say at least one person was killed and two others injured when severe weather shared off the roof and a wall the length of a football field,
10:06 am
5100 workers inside. nothing short of devastation in arkansas. suspected tornadoes destroying buildings, killing at one at least one person and trapping 20 others inside. the facility collapsed and there are three deaths across the state of mississippi as severe weather hits, figuring out the details. jacqui: okay, thank you so much for the update. for more on the impact of the powerful tornadoes in tennessee, we are joined by senator from tennessee, marsha blackburn. thank you for taking the time for us. the break ahead of us, we are talking you mentioned you know the owner of the candle factory that was leveled. what have you heard this morning? >> i know they are on the ground in mayfield, they are trying to
10:07 am
conduct the recovery and they are making the assessment. our hearts are just breaking. not only for mayfield kentucky but for all of those who have lost lives and livelihoods, who have been impacted. we are checking, mayfield kentucky, all of these communities in each of these states are going to need our help and we in tennessee, where volunteer state, we show up to do our best and help people recover and we join them in a time of grief and sorrow at a time for recovery and we know that work is going to continue for many weeks to come. jacqui: what have you been hearing from first responders and people in the community about how long it's going to take to assess the damage here? and start to rebuild?
10:08 am
>> all of our county mayors, we have great local elected officials in the state and our team has been working since early morning hours, about 3:00 a.m. with local elected officials making these assessments and the first thing is to get the roads clear and deal with utilities and power. they are doing that. i think we have nearly 150,000 tennesseans that are without power. we also have those working with local officials to get roads clear so they can get in to families, businesses and properly make the assessment. unfortunately in tennessee in march of 2020, we had a very deadly tornado on the ground for about 100 miles into those communities have begun to recover, some of those communities have been hit yet again. then of course jacqui, as you and griff no, we had the flood
10:09 am
in waverley, tennessee earlier this year and that community is in recovery. but we know people are going to show up, people of faith and we are going to get through this. jacqui: you mentioned, it is devastating to know those communities just getting on their feet have been hit yet again by this. you bring up a couple of good points about power outages and removal of debris and as i understand it, even cell phone service in some of those areas is difficult right now. you got to think about where people are going to go in their homes and businesses are leveled, do they have medical support? do they have diapers, formula for babies and families displaced? what are you telling people who are in those positions? >> rights, they need to be checking with their local authorities because there are safe places set up for them to
10:10 am
go and tennessee emergency management association, fema has their website up. people can go there. our governor talking with the president today right about now and then the government is going to be heading out to west tennessee. senator hagerty and his team along with the rest of tennessee congressional delegation, we are working with local authorities to make these assessments so we can figure out the amount of damage and figure out proper requests for disaster declaration and complete that as quickly as we can. we'll be working with fema and homeland security as we go through these issues and make these assessments so it's going to be a full day of work today and tomorrow and of course in
10:11 am
the week ahead to make proper assessments and of course to be sure people are safe and the help that is needed immediately is going to be there for these families. jacqui: how does this compare to past national disasters you had in your area? is this among the worst you've seen? >> it is. i have not been out on the ground this morning. i do anticipate i will do that as soon as our local officials say they are ready for that help. we have to remember president trump came in to tennessee in march of 20 after that tornado hit because of the extent of devastation there. the loss of life that was there, communities were just completely leveled.
10:12 am
when you see this type of devastation, whether it is from a tornado or from a hurricane or from a flood, depending on different areas of the country, you see that power there in these natural storms and these weather events and impacts it's had. now one of the helpful things is technology that we do have available to us now. it enables people, i was awakened this morning by the sirens going off. in my community and the weather alert on my phone. jacqui: you just have to be grateful for that technology these days. it did happen in the middle of the night, the scariest time for something to happen like this but thankful we have that technology available. thank you for your time.
10:13 am
we keep your and our prayers and thank you for talking to us. appreciate it. >> you got it, take care. bye-bye. griff: controversial remain in mexico policies officially back in action. former acting relations and customs enforcement director, tom hogan is on deck when we come back. ♪♪
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10:17 am
get somebody to come and help us. a tornado and the buildings . griff: frightening stuff, i was blacked because they are obviously trapped. a worker in mayfield kentucky, crying out, terrifying screams, total darkness. the building was destroyed, killing at least dozens of workers and trapping hundreds others according to the governor, at least three people have been rescued. ♪♪ turning now to the southern border, the first migrant are being sent back to mexico under the reinstated trump administration policy as officials are still making a
10:18 am
surge of border crossings. bill melugin has the latest for us live eagle pass, texas. reporter: good afternoon from eagle pass where we are right now, it's being it incredibly hard recently. blessed last weekend alone, 3500 illegal immigrants have been apprehended this week. more than 39 different countries all around the world. we want to show you some video we shot from here yesterday. we were standing here next to the rio grande and started watching groups of illegal immigrants coming across the rio grande right in front of law enforcement, in front of border patrol and texas national guard members, mostly family unit coming across but there were single adults as well. once we talked to said they were from haiti and others said they were from ghana but this was all over the rio grande texas for every single thing. look at these photos put out by del rio sector chief of border
10:19 am
patrol. one day this week, thursday could pick up a group of 130 and on that day alone, more than 900 apprehensions in 24 hours. these people coming in from all around the world, whose pakistan, syria, lebanon countries in northeast africa. look at this video here, this is a recent pursuit they were involved in in brockville, 40 minutes away from where we are. this truck being driven by human smugglers, they pulled him over and talk to them and ask if there's anybody inside the truck and they admit there are so they asked him to open up and they find illegal immigrants in the back of the u-haul truck and the guy claimed they were just living in the migrants in the back of the truck were helping them unload which they never bought that story. why would you have them locked in the back of the truck?
10:20 am
they can pull up photos from dps telling as human smugglers are gang members from oklahoma and they have three handguns in their vehicle, two of which were stolen. they are starting to see an increase of american gangs taking part in human smuggling because of the easy cash they rake and. we talk about how busy the del rio sector is, dhs telling us numbers earlier this week reflect 66000 apprehensions in del rio sector since october 1. the numbers reflect to 30% increase over the same time. last year. griff: bill melugin live in eagle pass, great coverage. thank you very much. joining us now to talk more about it, fox news contributor and from ice director, tom homan, thank you for coming and to talk about this. obviously storms are coming in but this is an important ongoing story.
10:21 am
bills report their, overwhelming numbers coming from whose pakistan, syria and the gang members, it's something the trup administration removed 70 and an hour. on record the other day at a town hall meeting saying they are still working to shut this down permanently so they have no
10:22 am
intention of taking action on the border. griff: tom, i was going to go down to the mexican side in places like tijuana, matamoros when the remain in mexico is going to take off and we are expecting floodgates to open but you mentioned small numbers so far. one person who will be in charge of carrying this out is the new cvp commissioner just confirmed this past week, not a lot of news about the former tucson arizona police chief, what are your thoughts on his appointment? >> worst election ever. that's the final nail in the coffin of immigration enforcement on the border. he doesn't like border patrol. he threatened any police officer who worked from tucson to even assist border patrol and refused to work with ice. even if it's a public safety threat in tucson working with ice and border patrol the safety threat was to improve the community.
10:23 am
he refused to work with ice at all. he was stone cold against trump policies and doesn't believe in a secure border and supports things for the city so worst pick ever. border patrol agent already in the toilet. this will kill it. they are very upset and i can understand democrats pushing for open borders, i don't know what susan collins was thinking. griff: she's only republican who voted for him. something i've heard a lot about in the last year covering the border, deteriorating morale. what does that mean? if we talk about the implications of deteriorating morale amongst men and cream and ice officers. >> i was a border patrol agent in uniform, these are the finest men and women in our country who put their lives on the line to support this country and they don't get paid a lot to a.m. while we are sleeping, they are standing on a dirt trail, what's
10:24 am
coming? just illegal immigrants looking for new life or heavily drugged smugglers? they are heroic, abandoned by the present, he accused of them about not caring about dying children from home and security abandoned them, they put their lives on the lights for their morale is nonexistent. god bless them, they are still out on the border every day putting their lives on the line even after the horse patrol was attacked. they did nothing wrong. the men and women in for patrol deserve a better commissioner in a better secretary and certainly need a better commander-in-chief. griff: 30 seconds, how concerned are you that this will have an impact on national security of our country? >> i said all along, i don't care what your thoughts are on
10:25 am
illegal immigration, this border chaos has turned into a humanitarian issue, people are dying. criminals and gang members are coming across, a public health crisis because of covid coming, functional killing 100,000 people this year it's a national security issue, border patrol arrested 15 people on the terrorist watch list, how many 400 thousand got a ways getaways, how many got away? griff: this past week in the rgb, a known guerrilla member coming across. tom homan, former ice acting director fox news contributor, thank you for coming in. tomorrow skyfox news live, who will have an exclusive interview with arizona attorney general mark byrne of edgecombe a lot to say on the border and vaccine mandates. all of this tomorrow 1:00 p.m. on the fox news live. ♪♪ president biden reaching out kentucky governor on the damage
10:26 am
done by severe storms overnight. will bring you the latest. ♪♪ don't take with strong cyp3a4 inhibitors. most common side effects were nausea and tiredness. ask about ubrelvy, the anytime, anywhere migraine medicine.
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10:30 am
promised to stay in contact throughout the day as emergency crews assess the damage done by severe storms. for more on this, david is at the white house. what can you tell us now, the president has been briefed? >> we know about president biden's phone call i suspect we will probably see more governors on the phone with president biden in the next couple of hours waiting to hear from the white house. president biden with the staff, all the capabilities of the leader of the free world, a briefing by the fema administrator earlier today and continuing to follow the update on the devastating story from different states overnight.
10:31 am
i want to rita statement from the president putting it out to the american people on twitter writing this morning i was briefed on the devastating tornadoes across the u.s. to lose a loved one in a storm like this is an unimaginable tragedy. we are working with governors to ensure they have what they need is a search for survivors damage assessment continues. kamala harris also weighing in, the second judgment and i are praying for the families impacted by last night tornadoes. the devastation for these communities is heartbreaking. our administration is working with state and local officials to support immediate assistance and rescue efforts in the affected areas. president biden and vice president kamala harris are watching this and waiting and continuing to seek, who was the president biden has any more to say on that but meanwhile, they will return to the white house tomorrow. another crisis plaguing the administration right now is inflation, the president is dealing with highs inflation rates since 1982 and he spoke
10:32 am
about this inflation rate on the tonight show last night. >> the truth is, the economy has grown more than any time in close to 60 years. on appointment rate is down to 4.2% and we could go lower in my view. would you have inflation on things that matter to people's lives. reporter: the labor department with numbers, inflation at 6.8%. the fastest rate since 1982. what to do about inflation? the white house says it may not be simple but they are proposing something they believe will work, specifically built back better. social spending bill that focuses on childcare, healthcare and the climate. they are also dealing with potential issues with senator joe manchin, moderate senator from west virginia you see right there. right now, he seems to be wavering a little bit as he has in the last few months on this issue here is what jen psaki said about where the state of negotiations stand.
10:33 am
>> you should look closely who has a plan here and who's just shouting from a megaphone about it being a problem. we just need to do something about it. reporter: president biden he will be in touch with senator manchin, perhaps some other senators with the president the next few days as i try to hammer out a deal possibly before the new year but it's going to be tough. griff: david stunt, live at the white house. david, thank you. ♪♪ jacqui: candle factory in mayfield kentucky, level. more than 100 people have died. here is the latest on the search and recovery efforts. >> as hours roll on, resources continue to rush in to mayfield, kentucky and that's exactly what people in the area are wanting to see us another truck carrying a piece of heavy equipment arrived. therapy and quickly sent to work.
10:34 am
i want to show you this scene, we want to keep a respectful distance but what you are looking out over here is a candle factory we understand dozens of people were at the time of the powerful tornado. what's happening right now is a are trying to carefully go through the debris of the factory that collapsed. it was mangled during the storm so inside they are trying to do a search and recovery mission for all the people inside during this period while this large scene is taking place, down the road they are continuing the process for the city of mayfield and cities like it down the road. keep in mind the huge path the tornado took the long tractor tornado took and it's involving several towns similar in size to this one and has affected dozens, if not hundreds of homes in my surveys here today i've
10:35 am
seen homes absolutely level to to their foundation. i've talked to neighbors trying to explain how much the terrain, the look of their town has changed. it's changed forever and in many places the buildings once there are completely gone. this is a very daunting heartbreaking task underway here in this factory and all through these communities. they absolutely need your thoughts and prayers and support. we will continue to bring this story in the coming hours and days here in mayfield, kentucky. jacqui: for continuing coverage of severe weather on fox weather channel, we have a lot more details to follow. download the fox weather app. griff: for more on the situation on the ground in kentucky, we are joined now by kentucky state representatives randy bridges chris freeman. congressman, thank you for taking the time. randy, where are you exactly and
10:36 am
what can you tell me about what you are seeing there? >> we are in marshall county outside the fire department that's been devastated. i'm going to try to let you look at their building, i don't know if we can see that or not. you can see the trucks out in the stalls where they can't get to it. i'm here with chris, we served together in the house for the state, without local people in the western kentucky area. we are assessing the damage at the station. griff: it's unbelievable to see the firehouse you showed us there. we depend on the fire department in a crisis like this and get they are having trouble with their resources. chris, what can you tell us about the reaction from the community where you are? >> this community is unique and they want to do everything they can to help their communities
10:37 am
and neighbors. [inaudible] [inaudible] right now, they are advising people to stay home and let them do search and rescue. then coordination and resources of water and displacement of folks so they can have a place to stay. i encourage anybody who has electricity and running water, open their homes up and invite people to come stay with them. we don't have available hotel rooms, there's not enough houses or rooms to take care of everybody displaced. griff: as you are talking to us, you can hear the wind whipping, windy conditions it sounds like.
10:38 am
what is it like there, randy? >> there are not many clouds in the sky but the wind is whipping and factory is turning over by the hour. it's going to be really tough. yesterday 60 and today 40, supposed to drop lower. those displaced are in a world of hurt. griff: randy, this is really for both of you but we will start with you, randy. have you ever seen anything like this? your governor describing it as perhaps the greatest loss of life, historic storm. what are your thoughts on what you are seeing? >> it devastating like we've never seen. a mile wide, 200 miles long. we watched the newscasters showing on the radar last night,
10:39 am
we knew it was about to happen, it is a sad situation. right now our hearts and prayers go out to those still unaccounted for especially mayfield, they got the worst part. entire neighborhoods are completely gone and houses in the water and the lake. many of these were vacation homes. griff: chris, i know kentuckians are very strong and experience but there's going to be a lot to overcome this. >> it will, this is not something that will be a weeklong effort. this will take many months and it will take lots of resources and volunteers. i know people from other states are coming here, i think there already are. it's going to take several parts
10:40 am
of the state. you've got dawson springs, lyon county and other county i represent. it is a wide area. i think the estimated 200 something miles. griff: chris and randy, thank you very much for calling and. we've got to leave it there. our hearts and prayers go out to the people there where you are and hopefully you can recover soon. jacqui: rising prices, flooded supply chain, alarming business leaders across the nation. ♪♪
10:41 am
10:42 am
10:43 am
10:44 am
i have had to pass on additional costs increase in my trucking prices about 12% just because of
10:45 am
the cost of fuel. >> new rates coming, are minimum advertised price. our margin is the plan first and gone. >> for every $1000, 152,000 people are out of the market. >> business leaders reacting to rising prices. the gop panel on thursday, joining us now, supply chain issues and chief executive officer, eric fuller. thank you for joining us, appreciate your time. >> thanks for having me. >> you heard from that panel, what stands out to you? to me when we talk about gas prices, rising gas prices handed off, that's something everybody can feel. what stands out to you? >> from an inflation field, we are dealing with fuel and
10:46 am
increased equipment costs, dealing with increased pay in the office and a driver's perspective so we are seeing inflation just about and every single line item in our business today. >> we got inflation issues driving prices up the past couple of months the president has spoken about it, something the administration is trying to get a hold on but has not been able to. in the meantime though, the supply chain issue are driving this. one of the biggest problems is labor shortage among truckers. how does the labor shortage of truckers impact the supply chain? >> there's about 3.5 million truck drivers in the united states and we estimate a shortage of about 80000. that creates an incredible
10:47 am
amount of pressure on the supply chain. as customers have demand, whether at the ports or distribution centers, the industry just doesn't have enough drivers to meet the level of demand. until we can find a mechanism to bring more people into the workforce, we are not going to be able to meet the demand, who will continue to have these issues. >> why is it so hard to hire truckers? >> i think up couple of things. one, we've always had this pressure but it's gotten much worse the last couple of years. we are seeing increased retirement, more people are leaving the industry. we are seeing less people in the industry, i do think it's generational demographics, less people willing to do a job in a lot of cases, being away from your family two or three weeks at a time. we are seeing pressure with construction manufacturing which we can see directly again for drivers or employees so we see pressure if there. i think covid created what i would say reevaluation of the
10:48 am
worklife balance and people are prioritizing more and you see across not just drivers but across the whole workforce people reevaluating how they balance their life and they are reprioritizing their family and the job which can keep you away from your family for weeks at a time, it's one greatly impacted by this. >> there's also a letter i want to read to you, repugnant senators are concerned labor shortage will be made worse by the vaccine mandate, if it ends up going into effect, we fear vaccination mandates requirements across the border will exacerbate challenges facing freight workers and supply chain and could further you will inflation and rising prices and americans are already seen. your reaction? >> if vaccine mandate was applied to the entire driver workforce, we estimate
10:49 am
essentially as much as ten to 15% of the drivers will leave the industry so it is incredibly impactful. if it's not apply to drivers, it will be applied to warehouse industry region centers and others that will have to cross borders and those who do business for the government and that's when you put increased pressure on the supply chain and i'm not sure we could whether as an industry or as a country. >> we run out of time, i appreciate the conversation and hope to have you back again soon. eric fuller, thank you for joining us. >> thanks for having me. griff: out west, leadership in california pushing forward with their soft on crime policies, smash and grab robberies search, more on that straight ahead. ♪♪
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just like when any disaster hits in central or southwestern illinois, we all come together and that's what i saw on the ground today but it is a devastating time especially for the families who already been notified of what has happened to their loved one. i hope we continue to keep the
10:54 am
families in our thoughts and prayers. jacqui: thought was republican illinois congressman rodney davis talking about the widespread construction -- destruction left by a swarm of tornadoes. at least two people confirmed that after the roof of an warehouse in illinois caved in. many more people are still trapped and research and rescue efforts are underway. ♪♪ griff: rising crime rates in progressive policies towards crime. especially at the golden state grapples with an explosion of organized smash and grab robberies. christina coleman has more from los angeles. hi, christina. reporter: democrat run cities and counties with areas facing intense backlash from critics who say they are minimizing impacts in this province. while symptoms county district attorney george gascon held a press conference wednesday to celebrate his accomplishments or
10:55 am
his first year in office while l.a. county has a surge in homicides, smash and grab's and 160 home robberies and multiple home invasions including one that led to the murder of a beloved civil rights icon, 81-year-old. fox news chief correspondent jonathan hunt asked l.a. county sheriff's about the progress of d.a. who stands by his criminal justice reform including ending cash bail. >> the reality is from a punishment -based approach won't work, this service will. >> there sending a loud message, policies that are progressive throughout the country has enabled entire criminal communities to realize we can get away with more stuff. >> across the country, philadelphia is a city with a record-breaking homicide rate right now. murder is up 67% from 2019 to the progress of d.a. and
10:56 am
criticism after making this statement. >> basically, we don't have a crisis of lawlessness, we don't have a crisis of crime, we don't have a crisis of violence. >> we have people in the community who say i know i can get away with this or i'll be back out again, they know it isn't prioritized in the same way. >> many police department across the country grapple with severe staffing shortages after the defund police movement including portland, and austin. griff: christina, thank you very much. jacqui, crime out of control. thanks for being with me today. jacqui: that is all for us. fox news live is up next with eric and arthel.l. ♪♪
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i brought in ensure max protein, with thirty grams of protein. those who tried me felt more energy in just two weeks! (sighs wearily) here i'll take that! (excited yell) woo-hoo! ensure max protein. with thirty grams of protein, one gram of sugar, and nutrients to support immune health. tragedy unfolding in the heartland, many that after tornadoes and storms tore through several states. taking a look at the scene in alabama were suspected twister hit a nursing home killing at least one person there and trapping 20 more people under the rubble. rescue teams are coming through, damage in kentucky, illinois, missouri, tennessee, looking for survivors, addressing this unspeakable horrible destruction we fencing throughout the southeast today


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