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tv   Fox Report With Jon Scott  FOX News  December 11, 2021 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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dean, her in-laws both died at the time. it is a disgrace that he was trying to do that, chris cuomo deserved to be fire and that's my flop this week. that's going to do it for us. see you back here at 5:00 p.m. eastern time for the big sunday show. the fox report with jon scott start now. ♪ ♪ jon: severe tornado outbreak tearing through several states overnight killing dozens and leaving miles long paths of terrible destruction. good evening, i'm jon scott and this is the fox report. ♪ ♪ jon: president biden approved emergency disaster declaration for kentucky where governor andy basheer say that at least 70 people has died as a result of the storms. the governor expects that number will rise. the the powerful storms leveled homes and destroyed buildings throughout the state including in mayfield where the roof collapsed on a candle factory
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trapping more than 100 workers inside. in neighboring illinois, at least one person is dead after a tornado struck an amazon warehouse in edwardsville, northeast of st. louis. in arkansas, a suspected tornado destroyed a nursing home in thee city of monette killing at least one person. fox team coverage beginning with steve harrigan live in mayfield, kentucky where the factory roof collapsed, steve. >> steve: john, the sun has set here in mayfield, kentucky, long, cold and difficult night for first responders and national guard who are here on the scene of that candle factory. you can see behind me activity of the cranes has slowed. it's been 15 hours since anyone was pulled alive from that factory. it is one of the largest employers in this town of 10,000. more than 110 workers were inside the factory working an overnight shift. many of them trying to earn
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overtime to christmas when, of course, the demand for christmas candles is at its highest. people told of their ears popping, many taking refuge in a safety room before the factory itself just collapsed. you can't even see it now. it's just a parking lot. there's about 7 or 8 feet of piled metal and the metal piled upon 110 workers. at least 40 were rescued. the fate of the 70 others still unclear at this point but this might be the deadliest point of this storm. when you go through mayfield itself, it is remarkable. usually if you have seen tornadoes, they might hit one house and then leave another aside but there's major destruction across entire blocks of this town, jon, back to you. jon: steve harrigan reporting live from mayfield, kentucky, steve, thank you. the governor of illinois is giving update of amazon collapse and right now some of the first responders are participating in
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the news conference. let's go there live. >> so far we identified 45 personnel who made it out of the building safely. one who had to be air-lifted to regional hospital for treatment and 6 fatalities. we are continuing to search the site for evidence of life and we will continue recovery operations until all personnel are accounted. at this time, estimates are the recovery portion of the incident will take about 3 more days. after today we are going to move to ten-hour operational periods from 7:00 in the morning till 5:00 in the afternoon. basically daylight hours, we will continue to search. after that, we don't want to put our personnel at risk. it's expected that madison county will apply for disaster declaration. we like to thank you the community for outpouring support. we have received donations of water, gatorade and food. we ask that if you are
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considering donating or help out through the effort go through our established volunteered partners, american red cross or salvation army that way we can ensure that the efforts are appropriately directed. at this time, i would like to specifically thank technical rescue teams from st. louis city, st. louis county, st. chair county and madison county along with amber&electric, donations of heavy equipment of local construction firms and mutual fire, police fire who helped out immensely. >> good evening, my name is arse and last night we had multiple
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tornadoes that devastated amazon facility. today i'm asking you for your thoughts and prayers for the victims and their families. not only in our city and state but also remembering those in kentucky, mississippi, arkansas, missouri and tennessee. we are all suffering a great loss tonight. i want to thank governor for offering immediate response for recovery efforts and in addition i want to thank state and local officials for offering tremendous support, many which are here tonight. most importantly, i want to thank all of our first responders, our policemen, our firemen, our public services employees who have been working tirelessly for over 20 years ho tokeep our residents safe. i've been getting phone calls on what to do, i can reiterate what you said, if you like to deliver
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food and water, recommending red cross and salvation army. the most important thing that you can do is pray for the victims and their families. now i'd like to introduce governor prisker. governor: thank you, mr. mayor and good evening to all of you. i'm here at the madison county public safety building in edwardsville with the illinois homeland security adviser and director of the illinois emergency management agency, our general alicia and additional statewide and local ima personnel. we are joined by edwardsville, of course, mayor art risavy whose leadership has been important in the last 20 hours, senator rochelle crow, county
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board chair kirk, incident commander you met just moments ago chief fire -- fire chief lightford and local officials from madison county and edwardsville fire and police command staff. thank you to all of you for the work that you've been doing. i really am tremendously grateful to our state and local teams who are on the ground here through the night working to save lives. last night severe storms swept through central illinois and metro east with a tornado touching down in madison, cast, shelby, coles and fayett counties. amid the condition the edwardsville community experienced great tragedy. the structural collapse of an amazon warehouse with workers inside. it brings me great sorrow to confirm that at this time 6 individuals have lost their
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lives in the collapse with an additional person receiving medical treatment. search and recovery operations are ongoing. this is a tragic day in illinois history and i would like for a moment to speak directly to the families whose loved ones lost their lives in this disaster. there are no words to sway a pain even when the lost comes to suddenly. everyone assumes that they'll be safe at work. families say good-bye in routine fashion when their loved ones go off to their jobs. we don't think that they'll never come home. it's devastating. and i cannot imagine the pain that you are feeling at this moment. please know that the people of illinois stand with you.
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we are one illinois. in this moment and in the days, months and years to come, you are not alone. we will stand with you to help you through your grief and then to honor your loved ones. may their memory be a blessing. i want to recognize the tremendous overnight efforts of local emergency responders here in edwardsville who moved quickly to assess the situation, locate those who are missing and save lives. so many have been engaged in assisting in these efforts including st. claire county and st. louis city and st. louis county, madison county emergency management. madison county sheriff's department, pontoon beach, illinois state police, mitchell fire department, alton fire department, hamil fire department. madison fire department, glen
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carbon fire department and numerous other police, fire, ems agencies and machinery experts. all our neighbors working to respond to this devastation demonstrating that especially when tragedy strikes, we are one in our response. earlier today i spoke with president biden and fima director to make sure officials are coordinating with our illinois management agency. the president offered to assist with whatever we may need to recover. in addition, senator tammy duckworth has been monitoring the situation and will help us get whatever federal relief is necessary. i also spoke with amazon earlier today and implored them to provide every assistance to this community which they have said they intend to do.
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iima continues to work with officials to actively monitor storms and their impact throughout the state especially in central illinois. that includes coordinating with utility companies to ensure that power is restored as soon as possible to illinoisans who lost it. approximately 50% of those who lost power had it restored by 7:00 a.m. today. and utilities are working around the clock to bring that to 100% restored as fast as possible. this storm system hit many other communities and we are in communication with all of them to help meet their needs. at this time, no additional region has requested resources from iema though we stand ready to assist. i am deeply thankful that at this time there are no additional injuries or deaths reported due to the storms.
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to anyone who experienced damage to your home or your business, we will pursue all available resources to help you recover. our iema teams on the ground have been in constant communication with local jurisdictions to support the emergency response by whatever means necessary and will continue to do so. my administration is committed to standing with edwardsville in every aspect of the immediate recovery as well as on the road to rebuild as a community. you are not alone. finally, i would like to ask every illinoisan in every corner of this state to take a moment to offer a prayer for the edwardsville and pontoone communities especially for families grieving today as well as all american who is have suffered at the hands of these
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weekend's storms. this is a difficult end to a difficult year. unfortunately the people of this state have been asked too many times over the last few years to persevere during difficult times but time and again, illinoisans find a way to do just that lifting each other up and on nights like last night, literally offering a hand to their neighbors trapped in the wreckage. we should remember during this holiday season that even during the worst of days illinoisans find ways to show the best of themselves. during a time when much is made of what divides us, that gives me hope. i pray it does for you too. thank you. and i'm happy to take any questions and, of course, the leaders locally too. >> you talked to amazon, did
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they talk about putting employees in a safe place, is there anywhere employees can go to take shelter? >> we did not talk specifics of where the movement of employees were but as i said, i implored them to stand up for this community, to make sure that the families get whatever they need in this community and they've offered to do so. >> can you tell us how many workers are estimated to be unaccounted right now? >> i would like to leave that to the incident commander. maybe you would like to -- >> i'm sorry, the question was. >> do you have any idea on all workers are unaccounted? >> we do not for numerous reasons. the warehouse doesn't have a specific count of how many employees were in the building at the time that the storm hit so we are unable to determine how many may be missing still. >> what can tell you us about -- [inaudible] >> we are not prepared to say
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any information like that at this time. >> search a rescue or search and recovery effort? >> so at this point we have transitioned to search and recovery. we don't expect anyone could be surviving at this point. >> did amazon get -- [inaudible] >> can't speak to that. that's internal policy. not something that we discussed. [inaudible] >> no. >> did they offer to send anyone? >> not that i'm aware of, no. >> can you tell us why -- [inaudible] >> can't tell how many employees -- >> there are several different reasons. there was a shift change going on, it's my understanding. they have vans that come and they drop off the vans and people get in their cars and
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leave. so as the shift change is going on, the number of people in the building was varying. so that's part of it. they have part-time workers as well. >> can you tell us fulfillment center where they loaded the packages on to the van, what was happening at this specific building? >> that's correct. this is a facility where they load, divide up the orders into routes that they're going to take, load them into the vans and the vans leave from there to do deliveries to home and businesses. [inaudible] >> so the scene out there, there's about 150 yards of the building that were impacted by the tornado. the walls on both sides of the building collapsed inward. the roof of the building collapsed downward, so most of the way to the building landed centrally into the building. the walls are made out of 11-inch thick concrete and
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they're about 40 feet tall so a lot of weight when that came down. [inaudible] >> one moment, please. >> so the call came in at 8:35 last night. we had our first units on scene 6 minutes lathe and we started search and recovery immediately. we had some police officers that helped pull people from the rubble along with some of the workers from amazon that got initial people out. after that it became more technical. we had some concerns about safety of our workers because the building was still charged with electrical at that time in addition to water that was leaking, the mains had broken to water was pouring into the building and we also had gas leaking from natural gas. so lots of hazards that were going on in addition to the things hanging overhead from partially collapsed roofs and we
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had to move very slowly and methodically to make sure that we weren't injuring any of workers. [inaudible] >> they will be wrapping up about now. we are working daylight hours moving forward. >> chief, from what i understand, the facility, routes by third party, amazon distributor, have you spoken -- [inaudible] >> no. [inaudible] >> we found two location where is we had victims so far but we are not done yet, so -- >> was there a designated shelter in there? >> i can't speak to that. [away from microphone] >> no. to my knowledge there's no basement in the facility. >> what do you say to family of loved ones --
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[away from microphone] >> yeah. mike, you have details on the unification center? >> so pantoone beach has graciously assisted throughout this and madison office and we set up a reunification center there. it's still gone oink. -- ongoing there. we can provide them with information to -- to respond to that center. again, we would ask, it's an
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ongoing process. we understand that if their loved one is missing, our hearts go out to them. part of our first responders, we have to make sure it's a safe environment in order to get them in there but they-they'll be able to respond there and we have chaplains there along with corner office to get further information from them to figure out if their loved one actually was at that center and how to go about identifying where they're at and make sure that we can resolve that issue for them. >> do we have a phone number or address at the unification center? >> the address for pantoone beach i don't have but i can give the fen number (618)616-2131. we would ask folks if you're missing a loved one, reach out to our dispatch.
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if you're looking, again, our dispatch has been inundated with media calls as well as citizens wishing to assist and we would again ask for anyone wanting to assist to reach out to red cross or salvation army and they can -- they can get that help better directed and that would free up our dispatch center to address the citizens, the families that are looking for someone or other things they need to do. >> i have a question for the governor. who did you speak with at amazon and what exactly you want them to do? >> so one of the leaders in their worldwide operations who covers this territory and during that phone call i asked them to help the community recover and be part of the recovery efforts especially those who lost loved
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ones and injured and make sure that the community as a whole can recover and they offer today do that. >> does that mean financially and did you ask them to let amazon workers in other facilities? >> i didn't have a specific conversation about the hours of their workers or whether they would be going home today. i can only imagine that most of them are but what we spoke about was the financial assistance and amazon's presence being engaged with the community in the recovery effort. >> thank you. jon: somber news conference in edwardsville as there have been string of tornadoes hit at least half a dozen states in the south and central u.s. less than 24 hours ago and have learned from jb pritzker that six peopled were killed in the amazon warehouse and they have not yet accounted for everybody who was working there at the time.
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40-foot tall walls of 11-inch concrete collapsed inward on the structure and they are fearful there will be other fatalities. at least one person died and multiple others were injured when tornadoes devastated a nursing home in north eastern arkansas. in just a bit we will talk with congressman rick crawford that represents the district where the storm destroyed the home. first let's go to hunter davis who was on the site earlier today with arkansas governor asaa hutchison. >> definitely lots of water on the ground here. yeah. >> a chance to see the hallway and the residents came out to protect themselves here and same on the other hallway. and then, you know, once the tornado went through, i mean, you can see, you know, totally devastated and we had to move 60-some residents out of here to
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other facilities in the middle of the night. and so that's an extraordinary effort in response and quick response and so today it's totally empty, totally destroyed but the people are safe. >> are you surprised at all by the response of people in this community that kind of arkansas strong attitude, are you surprised that so many people responded? >> not at all. that's an arkansan for you. it's a neighbor and as the mayor said, this is a small community and we know each other, we care for each other and immediately respond and once that tornado goes through volunteers are out to see, look at the damage, but to see how they can help their neighbor and they did in this case and also we had our state police that were here and had to mobilize, you know, larger number of transportation and so this not only had to be a volunteer effort but an
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organized response effort as well by our first responders. >> well, thank you so much, governor. i'm going the send you on your way. i know -- i'm sure that you have plenty to do and i'm actually going to go ahead and as we are kind of rolling on this inside here, this is the first look we've gotten inside of this nursing home. barbara earlier told us that nursing station down this hall here and nursing station directly on the other side that looks very similar is actually where the residents huddled together to, you know, stay safe during this storm and then, of course, right here is where everybody was able to exit through that searching and rescue portion of things after the storm rolled through. so really just getting those -- those first looks at what this nursing home looks like on the inside, guys, back to you. jon: hunter davis from fox weather, hunter, thank you. the white house now tracking the devastation from this tornado outbreak with president biden confirming he's been briefed and is working to deploy federal aid to wherever it is needed most.
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david spunt live at the white house with more on the administration's response. david. david: jon, the president has message for americans specifically those affected by the aftermath of these deadly storms. help is on the way. >> i want to emphasize what i told all the governors, the federal government will do everything, everything it can possibly do to help. this is one of those times when rearen't democrats or republicans, sounds like hyperbole but it's real. we are all americans. we stand together as the united states of america. and so i say to all of the victims, you're in our prayers and all those first responders and emergency personnel and everyone helping fellow americans that this is the right thing to do at the right time. david: the president received full briefing including head of fema and continues to be in touch with governors of all the states affected. when the president signs emergency declaration like he did today in kentucky, assistance comes in at 75%
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federal funding, we are talking about tens of millions of dollars. vice president kamala harris also tweeting the second gentleman and i are praying for the families impacted by last night's tornadoes, the devastation of the communities are heartbreaking, our administration is working with state and local officials to support immediate assistance and rescue efforts in the affected areas and within the last 20, 25 minutes or so homeland secretary alejandro mayorkas will personally be visiting kentucky tomorrow with the fema administrator to meet with governor basheer and offer any assistance necessary from the administration, jon. jon: david spunt at the white house this evening, thank you. joining us nare arepublican congressman rick crawford, he represents the district where the nursing home is or maybe i should say was. congressman crawford, we have heard that there was only one fatality at the nursing home.
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given the devastation there, that's nothing short of a miracle? congressman: i have to agree but we are up to two. sadly that's -- that's unfortunate. but you're right, this could have been so much worse and -- and the comments were made earlier and the governor spoke to this about the strength of the community and how this community rallies around. this is -- i'm very familiar with this community and i was over there this morning, looked at the nursing home myself, talked to the administrator there and talked to the county judge and -- and many of the citizens around there and, you know, it's a devastating thing but it's -- it could have been so much worse and this is where really the damage started to begin. this tornado tracked for about 200 plus miles to the north and east and everything in its path, i mean, through illinois and kentucky and so you've been covering this at length and so
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this is where it maybe originated but ultimately it's not nearly as bad as to what happened to the north and east of us. jon: yeah, that's the strange and frightening here. we are acostume today seeing tornadoes in the springtime but december? congressman: yeah, we had a 25 temperature swing as the storms were colliding and it's all night and it's amazing as you said that there wasn't more damage and unfortunately that damage seems to have gotten worse as the storm built on the north and east track. jon: so we are less than 24 hours into this, depending on where the geography of these capricious storms put them on the ground, but 24 hours or so into it. what do your constituents need most right now? congressman: power and we have seen the electric companies have been out restoring water and always water is a concern and
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the main thing that we have been telling folks, try to find the appropriate channels to help. you don't want to go where we see power lines are down and everybody is in a hurry to go and help folks. that's what we are seeing, outpouring of support in these neighborhoods. neighbors helping neighbors. it has to be directly appropriately or we may end up in a situation where people may get injured and cause more harm than good in trying to help their neighbors. so we are asking the to the reach out to county officials and every has management agency, red cross, salvation army has been mentioned before and those are always good sources. and so be smart about how you help. we encourage people to help and provide resources and even volunteer when it's appropriate, but make sure you're touching base with the proper authorities to do it. jon: americans are big hearted people. to go through red cross, salvation army, write those checks, send those donations there at least for now. >> absolutely. one thing i want to point out is i was at a home in truman,
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arkansas, this path was deep and wide. i mean, it ran a pretty long track in arkansas and i stopped at -- a family standing in the rubble of their home and they walked out and they said we are glad that we got our family together. we can get another house but we cannot get another family and the message was repeated throughout the day as i stopped in different towns along the way and -- and it just speaks to the resolve of these folks here in arkansas and the resilience of the small communities and they're all helping each other recover. jon: yeah, when you look at some of those place where is there are multiple fatalities you know there's a lot of grieving. congressman: absolutely. that's right. we certainly pour out our prayers for those folks that are suffering right now. jon: the next steps for -- for the state, for washington to help you recover? congressman: well, as the governor indicated, he has the
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authority to make the request for a federal declaration. we think that's coming. that's been taken care of in kentucky and illinois, i believe, i think we will probably -- i don't know if we will reach the threshold immediately or not. there has to be further assessment to the damage, but whatever the case we are going to see the state of arkansas and the community around here will rally to support these folks and in the meantime we have been contacted, my office has been contacted by white house staff and so they are very much aware of what's taking place and are offering what assistance they can and what's available. jon: we will continue to watch as your community rebuilds there. arkansas congressman rick crawford, thanks for joining us. congressman: you bet, thanks. jon: i want to go back out with steve harrigan, he's live in mayfield, kentucky, steve. steve: john the flood lights have been put up. this is clearly a recovery operation at this point. they are going through tens of feet of metal of what used to be
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a candle-making factory that collapsed. this was no small operation. this was one of the largest employers in the town of mayfield. overnight, 110 workers at least inside that factory, many took shelter in the safe room but the building collapsed and some people say their ears popped before it did and many were killed instantly and some buried by the rubble and other broadcasting on facebook live on their phones calling for help and some of the first rescuers were actually coworkers, friends with family who rushed to the scene in the darkness to try to do what they can. now we are seeing heavy equipment and first responders from all across the state have come here but it's been 15 hours since anyone else was pulled out alive. of the 110 at the time, at least 40 were rescued so the fate of the other 70 still uncertain. one to have highest death tolls of any location in this storm. when you look at the town itself of mayfield, when you drive
3:34 pm
through to get here, there is just near complete destruction especially in some of those main town squares, courthouses, fire department, police department, churches, just as if they had been scraped off the pavement. no trees down, really the geography, it's disorienting to try and drive around or move around. many of the roads blocked without electricity, pitch black to try to move around and make sure people are safe and warm. jon, back to you. jon: you say it's a recovery effort now, steve. a lot of people are going to be surprised by that. they would assume somebody might find a void and find survivor hidden in the rubble. jon, there's been no official declaration that the shift has been made but clear from the movement and activity that there has been a change in pace via viandthe first responders are nt
3:35 pm
moving and much of the work we have seen is the coroner's office at this point. we have seen bodies being removed and put into refrigerated trucks a. at this . at this point it's recovery effort to make sure, 70 people still not accounted for in that factory. jon: the candle factory in mayfield, kentucky. steve harrigan live, steve, thank you. i'm jon scott. if you're just joining us now at the bottom of the hour, i want to recap what is -- what we know about the devastating tornado outbreak that hit the south and midwest last night. major damage in kentucky where governor andy basheer says at least 70 people are dead and he fears the toll could top 100. in illinois amazon warehouse roof collapsed killing at least 6 people. in an arkansas tornado tearing through a nursing home leaving at least two dead and killing
3:36 pm
another person at a store in nearby town. charles watson live in atlanta with more on the terrible string of tornadoes. >> hi, jon. we heard from illinois officials that efforts transitioned to recovery efforts in edwardsville that suffered roof collapse after two suspected tornadoes hit the building and we can confirm now that at least six workers were killed and one injured at the warehouse just east of st. louis. officials say that a couple of tornadoes hit the building and collapsing a portion of the wall the size of a football field, at least 50 were trapped inside the building at one point and officials say all have not been accounted for yet. we heard from illinois governor jb
3:37 pm
pritzker. >> there no words to sway the pain of losing a loved one and even when the cost comes so suddenly. >> yeah. >> tell me about that. one of my best friends is inside there right now i'm assuming. we haven't heard from him since the tornado hit about 8:30 last night and it's about 2:30 right now and i still have no word from him. >> nobody has heard from him? >> his girlfriend, his mom, nobody. >> local hospitals have been checked and he's not there either. >> right, no. charles: governor says he has been in contact with amazon and to stand up and support families in the community who are in need right now. in the statement amazon tells fox news, quote, our thoughts an prayers are with the victims,
3:38 pm
their loved ones and everyone impacted by the storm. we also want to thank the first responders for ongoing efforts on scene. we are continuing to provide support to our employees and partners in the area and bordering missouri, you can see a large tornado carving a path of destruction through the state at the height of the storm. seeing some of the worst damage as officials confirm at least one fatality there. you see homes lifted off their foundation and mountains of metal. the death toll there is now up to 3 and, jon, crews certainly have their work cut out for them. more than 74,000 people across those 3 states still in the dark right now, jon. jon: charles watson reporting live from atlanta, thanks, charles. charles: cleanup is underway in several portions of arkansas that were hard hit by the tornadoes. the same twister that killed one person at a nursing in monett
3:39 pm
also killed a woman in dollar general store. joining us now mayor rodney robinson. our condolences to you for what's taking place in your town, how are the residents handling it? >> well, they are handling it real good. we just -- we've been fortunate that the place and first responders and the county officials have stepped up to help us get through this. it's been a devastating thing to our small community. jon: tornadoes are a fact of life in your part of the country and they don't usually hit in december. did you get warning? i mean, was the weather service putting the warnings out? >> yes. yes. he was right on top of things. jon: so you knew it was a possibility but in a situation like this, if the storm is going to drop down from the sky on top of you, there's -- it's pretty
3:40 pm
hard to hide. >> yes, but they -- our local tv affiliate kept us normalled at all times. jon: what does your town need right now, what are you going to be asking for? >> we have a lot of people come clean up and we've had trees down, houses damaged and a lot of people moved to different areas to live and a lot of people stepped up to help us. jon: housing after this kind of impact has to be difficult. do you think you're going to have enough housing for those who have been displaced? >> yes, yes. we are going to have plenty of housing. they've been working on that today. we've had a lot of power lines down. we are without power right now. they are talking about we might have power restored 3 to 4 days. they've got about 100 crew coming in tonight to start tomorrow restoring our power in
3:41 pm
leachville. jon: wow, looking at some of the pictures of what you've been through, it must have been terrifying. >> it was. it's something that i've never been through like that and we were very fortunate it wasn't worst than what it was. jon: how big is your town, mayor? >> we are a population of 2,023. jon: so this storm has touched just about everybody in town? >> yes. it's touched everybody. jon: but the town is rebuilding resalute and getting back on its feet it sounds like? >> yes, we lost one of our residents in town. jon: that was at the dollar general store? >> yes, yes. jon: yeah. it's so frightening when these storms come especially when they roar in out of the darkness especially like this one last
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night. >> we were very fortunate that there weren't more fatalities than that. jon: yeah, absolutely. if there's a sell vir lining you can put on a terrible night like this, there is that. >> yes. jon: the mayor of leachville arkansas, rodney robinson, thanks for spending the time with us this evening. >> thank you. jon: for complete storm coverage you can download the fox weather app. use qr code on the screen and visit the app has 3d radar and hour by hour weather updates. you also can stream live updates and forecasts with our fox weather meteorologist. the app is completely free and available to download on apple and android devices and we will be right back.
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jon: at least 22 people are dead tonight after monster tornado tore through 200 miles from western kentucky last night. president biden already has approved emergency declaration for that state as crews continue to search rubble. much of the death and destruction at candle factory at mayfield, kentucky that was completely decimated. fox weather robert ray near where the candle factory once stood, robert. reporter: jon, good evening. dark has fallen here in mayfield, kentucky and temperatures have dropped, very different from what we saw last night where the temps were high in the high 60's, low 70's which created this energy that created this incredible disaster here in mayfield. that candle factory you were referring to behind my camera right now in the darkness as search and rescue crews, you can
3:48 pm
still hear running through area and the neighborhoods and in the factory trying to listen and potentially find survivors. that's the hope. but if you look around here at the destruction, there are people's belongs, these are photographs from an album that i found in the debris behind me. this little girl's name is ashley and says on the photo, i certainly hope that she and her family are okay. the aerial video of this town is simply take your breath away kind of stuff. the swath of this tornadic system came through and we know the national weather system is looking potentially this is an ef5 tornado, 200 miles per hour the wind of an ef5. it appear that is the destruction could be that. the governor of kentucky saying there may be up to 100 or more people that have lost their lives here in the state and they will continue to do search and rescue throughout the night into
3:49 pm
tomorrow. just two weeks away from christmas simply just an unbelievable sight here. tornado that hit missouri ten years that was ef5 and when i arrived a couple of hours ago, is this lacks exactly like the devastating scene that killed scores in may of 2011. so we can just cross our fingers and hope that the search and rescue crews throughout the nighand into tomorrow find survivors and find family members because a lot of belongs are laying around here strewn in the mangled mess of homes, wood, nails and just a significant tornado came through here taking so many lives, jon. jon: and cars and trucks piled on top of other cars and trucks. the veracity of the storm it's just absolutely unbelievable. reporter: simply remarkable.
3:50 pm
and to think, this is a storm that literally went on for nearly 500 miles, tracked all the way down off the gulf of mexico through here into the heartland where we are near the illinois, tennessee, kentucky border here in mayfield, kentucky. just a phenomenal system, many communities not just here in mayfield affected by this outbreak and it's just -- it's just two weeks before christmas. you just think to yourself, here are people trying to hunker down, trying to have a good time, coming down of covid after a tough couple of and now this town of about 10,000 people going through this. i talked to some of the residents throughout the day today, just a few hours ago, and they are just absolutely devastated. as a matter of fact the neighborhood behind me, jon, there was a mother and a son i spoke to. they know a family that is missing here. they went into what is left of the house, not much. they found the kitchen counter
3:51 pm
and they found the man's cell phone sitting on the kitchen counter untouched, of all the things. the mother said, that's not a good sign. he never left his cell phone there on the counter, so clearly very nervous tonight and certainly hope that those folks that they know show up okay. jon: robert ray, thank you and we will be right back.
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jon: top story tonight. the roof and walls of an amazon fulfillment center collapsed. dozens are also injured and some workers might still be trapped in the debris. charles watson live in atlanta with the latest, charles. charles: hi, jon, we heard from illinois officials moments ago who tell us that search and rescue teams have transitioned to recovery efforts at edwardsville amazon facility that suffered the collapse after suspected tornadoes hit the building. we can confirm at least 6 workers were inside at the time were killed and one injured at the warehouse just east of st. louis. officials say couple of tornadoes hit the building and collapsing a portion of wall the size of a football field. at least 50 people were trapped
3:56 pm
inside all have not been accounted for. we heard from illinois governor moments ago who said the situation could have been a lot worse had it not been for the quick actions of first responders. he also implored amazon to stand up and support the families and the community who are suffering a whole lot, jon, and as the crews continue to swift through the debris out there, they have to deal with power outages. at least 74,000 customers out in the dark with illinois and missouri. jon: so much heartache in so many states. charles watson, thank you. that's how fox reports on this saturday, the 11th of december 2021. i'm jon scott. thank you for joining us this evening. we will see you tomorrow. gutfeld is next. ♪ ♪ ♪ and you add the love.
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