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tv   Watters World  FOX News  December 11, 2021 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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♪ ♪ >> greg: we are out of time. thanks to the great harold ford jr., joe devito, joe machi, kat timpf, our studio audience. "fox news @ night" with evil shannon bream is next. i love you, america. ♪ ♪ it all comes back to my term but they are just reaping what they felt the need with the back to the with the masses
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and also both trump heating our success of russian buyers same to their industry one convicted and then another. >> i was talking to a friend. >> abc did not save them. just looked in their face and now they are facing national scorn and possible prison time. the media and other liberal institution terminally ill and in no shape for anybody that now chris cuomo facing his own sexual misconduct allegations and cuomo will soon cnn once the contract paid out.
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cnn said it's about to get ugly. unable to crack 1 million voters in one hour of the day now they put someone else in cuomo spot someone else facing a nasty nasty sexual assault allegation. cnn doesn't come on anymore so now nobody will be watching them. cnn can also lose millions after rittenhouse takes him to the cleaners for defamation. [laughter] >> liberal cities turned into war zones. twelve american cities smashing murder record so far this year all these cities run by democrats. philly, my hometown, 524 homicides. with the radical district attorney does not see the dead bodies. >> we have a crisis of lawlessness. we don't have a crisis of
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crime we don't have a crisis of violence. >> the streets call him uncle larry because they know they will let him out he is buying often causing a crime wave. >> smash and grab this has nothing to do with covid they are not stealing vaccines they are costing businesses millions of dollars shutting down shopping districts but aoc says don't believe what you see with your nice. >> a lot of these allegations but aoc is trying to play for a fool. and jen saki said at least the biden administration is sending support to do with the smashing grabs but she lied the national sheriffs
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association but the white house played you for a fool them immigration to remember when, went to guatemala? that is how harris has been figuring that out. >> in meeting with the kamala harris that is the only communication from the biden administration over illegal immigration. >> guatemala hasn't heard since june but the entire vice presidency and then in afghanistan. >> slowdown everybody. [laughter] >> can i get a witness? [laughter] >> she falls for every hoax. and now saying just these
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small that words innocent. but the resignation just keep piling up and so does the bad press former staffers in the "washington post" quote it is clear you're not working with somebody who was willing to do the work. with kamala harris you have to come up with the constant amount of soul destroying criticism and also her own lack of self-confidence. so you are constantly propping up the bully and it's not really clear why. the biden administration even the democrats know it and politico spoke to several democrats this week that they are trying to distance themselves or president biden and then to overturn the backs mandate and that's how bad things really are.
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>> and withdraw from afghanistan over the summer there are increasing tensions now you have from the border on the ukraine and there is a pledge to restore america's credibility with farm policy are they living up to the pledge quick. >> she had no answers i'm not even going to air anymore of this it would just give you a headache but wherever you turn in liberal america is not just by critical race theory and then to be on trial for underage sex trafficking and michigan of all the mandates clocking in with the highest case rate which is artie - - obviously silent and then with these ex-cons sex offender who murdered six innocent americans during a christmas
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parade in waukesha wisconsin blamed the suv and blacked out the rest. as a deranged freak burn down our tree this week top-notch security tackle them in the fire department put out the blaze. but the arsonist walked out of jail the next day because the democrats have hotwire the laws around here and in "the new york times" actually wrote the tree caught on fire maybe we should blame the deck lighter now a new tree was up within 24 hours and while the fixing problems but now he is taking the media to hold secret media to bank for better coverage. how bad is the democratic president have to be doing for him to bay democrats and the media for a better spin?
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and then to stop the fact checking? i'm afraid to ask a better coverage will look like that the media has lied about so much already russia and of course they went. dana milbank the "washington post" said i'm estimate and another hack says the biden as the west call. >> economically for millions of americans have been dealing with soaring energy prices. the cost at the pump with the national average with regular
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falling at $3.35 which is the lowest since october look at that. [laughter] that was steamed economist elevating the price of gas coming down sentences after gas went up over one dollar since the biden inauguration. not to be out more hacks stood up. >> why don't people want to hear the good news? don't we need to hear something good happening? that people are not taking up on the good stuff i believe that's because the media is not trained. >> they are minimizing what he is doing. >> when republicans take control of the country can we understand we're done as a country. jesse: with friends like dana and i enjoy who needs enemies keep telling americans they are great. keeps saying how great things
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are and see what happens in the terms. everything on the left is collapsing across the board. they cannot rescue this time in the rain just as much trouble as you the press with all of their decrepit institutions inspired to knock trump out to force a suit on the country and they know it in the country is paying for it. now it is payback time. here with cofounder of the intercept we have fox news contributor and the hill media columnist joe concha. you have studied the media for quite some time this is a new situation. from the behind the scenes briefing and a preview of the state of the union speech to get on their knees and say can you save me? >> that is the relationship
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between the media and nine government with the war on terror with the aftermath of 9/11 with george bush and then to urge them to get better messaging with the war on terror and to suggest if they didn't with the media on the one hand and the government on another. and then to be openly and aggressively hostile at the trump presidency now simply to return to the model to act like those are there partners and to take messaging orders from them even though it is traditional to look so extreme to watch them do a 180 and the comparison of the last few years. >> literally days after the
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meeting people are popping up out of their seats raising their hands saying things are great. i have never seen anything that dramatic. >> yes then the problem people have with media not just trust or bias but they insult our intelligence. talk about it before that if you sent drop at the pump is a game changer that comes from don london who presides and is not pumping his own gas? told it to the people who fill their tanks and see no difference tell that to the lower middle-class who are experiencing a forty-year high inflation. and more and more americans
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are now saying they don't want the current president even to entertain the thought of running again. so people ask and those in the ratings and how they are beaten by the food network , paramount tv, tlc, to, channels archer jenna pair tree. this is how because nobody trusts the network it's not journalism anymore and for good reason they not trusted it is just activists. jesse: it is the repeat of martin which is not a bad show but it is a repeat of martin. [laughter] so in your opinion define the relationship right now and with the biden my house and the media i see that as getting a divorce. >> joe said earlier she thinks the reason that people are losing trust in the media is they are constantly insulting the intelligence of the public
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and that with that column in earnest to create the narrative that the media was treating joe biden worse than they treated donald trump for the first year of his presidency and obviously everybody who is intent that they are claiming the data proves that. the media in the trump years by into the overarching view that the trump presidency and the movement that poses an essential threat to american democracy that there is some sort of a fascist movement never before seen the united states. and it is their moral duty to do everything to undermine the trump movement which means helping the democratic party so that is what those meetings are about is to tell the media that if you continue to criticize us you are that it
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jesse: jussie smollett found guilty for the hate crime and this was just the gift that kept on giving i'm sorry to see it and but the truth was has to come out. he took the stand in his own defense one of the worst mistakes i've ever seen in court. actor should never ever testify in own defense because the jury cannot tell the difference between acting and lying. he testified he would never fake a crime because he doesn't like attention. and actor who doesn't like attention. that is a new one. he played paid the brothers for personal training if you ever heard of anyone hiring to personal trainers?
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to say 1000 percent i have your back because that's a normal thing to do when people jump you. and then many change the story. do they look pale to you? and the only injury was a scratch. they really jumped him he would have more than a scratch. the motive? he claimed that the they beat him must because they wanted him to hire him as bodyguards because most bodyguards jumped future clients to get hired. this is what he told abc news. >> why do you thank you were targeted? >> i just assumed. i come really really hard against 45. i come really hard against the administration. and i don't hold my tongue. jesse: he is wanted to frame supporters to get attention and apparently the story never added up.
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>> and for some reason we were oddly quiet. [laughter] we were so quiet that the gay community started to accuse the african-american community to be homophobic for not supportive. they did not understand that we were supporting him with our silence. [laughter] because we understood that this was clearly lying. >> they just cannot wait to eat the story up. one of the biggest injustices of the year is that there were not cameras allowed in the courtroom because that would have been the levity mediated.
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>> exactly. i was thinking about it philosophically everybody was angry because jussie smollett was trying to enrage the united states and pulled a band-aid off of racial justice to everyone that is rightfully outraged for what he was attempting to do to start a huge racial fire in this country was think about cnn, msnbc, "usa today", l.a. times, think about what they did with the michael brown case. and the gentle giants shot in the back. and those that are outraged over jussie smollett have been lying all along. so think about what they are doing they are stoking much more anger in the black community and much more disharmony than jussie smollett could ever have done.
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jesse: why does the media try to stoke this anger in the black community? i thought they do it to keep the african-american vote upset at the white establishment and that the system so every four years when elections come around, they are motivated to give it back to the man because the democratic party will be there to protect them against the white supremacist system. >> i live in california we just tried to recall the governor gavin newsom the l.a. times call the middle-age black man running against them , the new black face of white supremacy. meanwhile larry elder we have no power in my sister's house. my house no power.
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all on the day of thanksgiving that larry elder's is talking about infrastructure and the power grid. gavin newsom and the l.a. times call larry elder a racist and meanwhile the power goes out every 20 minutes that is exactly who it is. and the people in california are so dumb they vote for the guy who called him a racist calling the black person a racist rather than keeping the power on those are the two parties. >> going back, the allies that he perpetrated on the country and the fact to say yes my new trainer and dietitian told me to go get a subway sandwich at 2:00 o'clock a.m. but yet still the corporate media boxes they just didn't have any streetsmarts where they knew it was a lie that they pushed it anyway? >> they put corporate media in
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a really bad place and that really bad place is if there's ever a story that has a racial component you must believe that her client and sinker or you are a racist and that is tantamount to me of the woman says she is inappropriately touched even if the story doesn't hold together, you have to go all in. so if you think about it how can we ever get logical answers if the predicate was you have to go all in on one side even if the story sounds like it will hold together? if it has anything to do with the woman or the #metoo situation or anything with a racial component. of course you will get it wrong all the time. jesse: race baiting destroys the logic. that's what they want people thinking clearly. adam corolla check out the show thank you for coming on the show.
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jesse: hillary clinton is crying. it is unbelievable. >> as hard as it might be to imagine, your daughter will grow up and become the president of the united states
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>> fox news alert jon scott new york the number of dead are raising after last night severe tornado outbreak. the twisters killing dozens of people leaving a miles long path of destruction president biden has approved an emergency disaster declaration for kentucky and the governor since he is certain more than 70 people have died. the powerful storms have leveled homes and destroyed buildings including in mayfield where the roof collapsed on a candle factory trapping more than 100 workers inside. in illinois six people are dead after a tornado struck and amazon warehouse northeast of st. louis. several workers are still missing but the fire chief says rescue operations have shifted to recovery operations. and arkansas suspected tornado destroyed a nursing home. i am jon scott. now back to "watters world".
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jesse: crooked cannot let it go. hillary decides to deliver the 2016 victory speech she decided to read on that fateful night five years ago. >> today, with your children on your shoulders and neighbors at your side, friends old and new standing is one, you renewed our democracy. and because of the honor you have given me you change the space forever. i think about my mother every day in a dream of going up to her and sitting down next to her. taking her in my arms and saying look at me. listen to me. as hard as it might be to imagine, your daughter will grow up and become the president of the united states. jesse: here to react fox news
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contributor lara trump and kayleigh mcenany with heard book her journey through the white house and beyond. am i being mean? she is talking about her mother. and my being mean? >> not at all. this is the woman who has a blame problem she blames jim comey, the gullible voters in the list goes on and on. you should be over this. four or five years out and start crying about this up for hillary? i don't know. jesse: is that what you think lara trump? >> i went to a couple of phases with this video. i did feel a little that sat for her but then she started the russian collusion and host.
5:33 pm
and then to get over that and then i transition to being slightly upset because women in politics don't need hillary clinton up there crying about losing the presidency. one - - what else have you ever seen a man run for president weeping while reading there's a posted victory speech? what a stereotypical woman is what they will say. but maybe she is on to something maybe there's a lot more going on at home than we know about. maybe somebody needs to reach out to her. >> with another conspiracy theory may be the most dislike politician only surpassed by kamala harris and you can see how unlikable kamala harris is and she is staging and come back. jesse: breaking news. crooked we all want that rematch.
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now another woman who was a federal prosecutor in massachusetts getting out of her car fox reporters wanted to ask her a question. >> so as a black woman in this moment in this country, if i get hurt or harmed because of this you are on the record for that if my kids are killed then if you scare my children eyes were together will find your name. jesse: i have done hundreds of these ambush interviews some inside the house and outside there is nothing racial about it. i don't know why you play the race card in the situation. >> that this woman plays the race card continually even more than cnn does and where
5:35 pm
district attorney said maybe we should reconsider radical criminal justice reform and with the paraphrasing so those increases of homicide in crime for two which they responded we really don't have much time for white man communities of color mean. so have that history of race baiting. jesse: good choice. he really knows how to pick these people. >> this is the example of a calm and unbiased individual. by the biden administration so congratulations to massachusetts is in order but the irony of the whole situation you can see her getting crazy with this woman this woman and threatened her but the district attorney herself if you go back and look at her track record has a history of not even trying to
5:36 pm
pursue criminal charges against people who have trespassed which they alleged and a whole host of different things which she has failed to pursue charges on. so the irony is there she is ranting and raving at this reporter for something that she refused to take a handle level in every they have the opportunity but this is what you get with the biden administration. jesse: at such a time for this congratulations. go check it out we've almost heard enough of this it will do well. thank you. jesse: next inside the smash and grab game. and how to stop them. ts is different than other money managers. (other money manager) different how? don't you just ride the wave?
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jesse: smashing grabs despite with those are saying across the country brazen gains to use steel thousands of dollars of merchandise it's pretty much everywhere retailers pay a big price and so are the holiday shoppers shocked at what they have been witnessing. most of these robberies happen in blues cities run by soft prosecutors and our next guest knows a thing or two about crimes sentenced for stealing roughly $15 million worth of diamond and gold and holding
5:42 pm
jewelers at gunpoint and now a you advocate larry lot and joins me now so what do you observed when you watch the smash and grab quick. >> thank you for having me. that could be prevented. that is number one. number two, they are organized so it could be getting initiations or a couple other ways they are doing it. and i think it is preventable by the police themselves. i think the police could be more proactive. listen. three can keep a secret if two are dead. that's a saying imprisoned. there is no way someone is not talking before hand. this is terrible. it should be prevented i feel bad for the owners i do a lot of jewelry robbery prevention so this could be prevented.
5:43 pm
jesse: you said gang initiation? so then it used to be you have to beat somebody up you say now you have to commit a smashing grab? >> or other things. i know they have those they have to do a crime with another partner or multiple people. smashing grabs have been going on for a long time. and what they did to stop them back in was smaller groups they would put the buzzer on the door see you had to be left in that now in malls they don't do that. so smash and grabs are not out of the ordinary. that the multitude of them all over the country and the amount of people doing it. >> it's interesting because they are spread in different directions when they leave the store with the merchandise. is that because it's harder to catch one or they won't rat on each other?
5:44 pm
>> first of all they will rat that is a whole other show so you can get one and start going to others. there's no problem with that but so they could sell what they haven't helped the other one out with money for a lawyer. they raise the minimum that 950 and don't think that matters and it is still happening they don't care enough scared of the system the police are not proactive forget defunding the police we need to give them more money. we don't need tanks we need intelligence. jesse: you are selling it on the black market? you think they have buyers
5:45 pm
wherever they sell it? is that the game? >> when i did it i had buyers before what i did was different they might artie - - they may be doing and on the streets. getting 10 percent on a dollar with the thousand dollar bank and then to have 50000 bags is not like we have to have an operation so getting rid of them obviously everybody wants one. >> especially when his girlfriend is asking for a christmas present around the corner. and the mask mandate they are just sliding right in with the mask mandate. it is outrageous. >> i am against mask mandates
5:46 pm
period. that mask mandates is not right because of this you can wear a mask anywhere around even in florida where i am from. but in the colder states you won't know and then to disguise it easy. but intelligence should get these guys. >> . jesse: anthony county messes around with christmas and transgender swimmers are breaking records triple play is next with carley.
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jesse: time for triple play. did you hire a bouncer for christmas dinner because according to doctor fauci that you will have to do if you invite guests over for the holidays. >> when you get vaccinated and you have a vaccinated group in the indoor setting you can enjoy the nursing gatherings people should over to their
5:51 pm
home essentially ask them or require that people show evidence they are vaccinated. jesse: here to break it down we have carley shimkus i'm not posting outside the door to check uncle larry's vaccination cards. >> each said just a few weeks ago we may not be able to celebrate christmas together. remember the no handshake? does doctor fauci know quick. >> with a these comments are a four or five it when it comes to doctor fauci you either love that guy or not because if you are the medical advisor people should not have strong feelings there in the background may be they do or do not doing the medical thing fortunately those do have strong opinions.
5:52 pm
jesse: my mother is a huge fauci fan and that is a big red flag. >> everybody likes watching me getting it handed to me. so now born a male now transitioned to a female swimmer at university of pennsylvania, shattering records. how is this happening? >> this is a big topic this weekend and controversy because beating by 38 seconds. jesse: that is a long time in the pool. >> one of her teammates says they know that this is wrong but the coach just like swimming in other words of donald trump maybe this is too much winning. jesse: and it's not for - - fear for the women that she is smoking because they don't have that. >> is not even a competition anymore. >> .
5:53 pm
>> i have experienced a lot of muscle loss and strength loss struggling to be anywhere close to i was previously so it's interesting the guidelines that set forth and then to do a very good job of promoting exclusivity while keeping competition integrity. jesse: i want to be respectful because of what this person to have a nice career swimming that if my daughter is racing against her and they are losing by 38 seconds i feel they are getting robbed. >> caitlin jenner has some thoughts on this and she said that she starts to transition when they are young when they are little, then she thinks a person can compete as a woman but if you transition later , it is not fair.
5:54 pm
jesse: i think everybody else agrees. >> 38 seconds is not even a competition. jesse: a big dating paul it turns out democrats don't want to date republicans. republicans will they anybody that democrats. >> are they the exclusive party? >> so first of all give it time. because democrats you are in college saying they don't want to be republican they will be republican in ten years but also a lot of them are lying. >> in college after a few drinks i don't care. >> i was going to ask if you thought about politics. >> i never thought about politics at all in college. thank you for coming on. >> up next last call.
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jesse: it's time for last call. check this out. a pet groomer transforms this little dog into the grinch. that's right just in time for christmas. the grinch stole christmas and he probably stole your shoe. i think judge jeanine likes to spray paint her dogs maybe she can look at that and get a green spray paint bottle after the show? of all for tonight. judge jeanine is next and remember i am watters and this is my world
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going to hell and handbasket and you know it. america today is a land of total chaos and confusion career criminals maniacs burn down christmasre


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