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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  December 12, 2021 12:00am-1:00am PST

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going to hell and handbasket and you know it. america today is a land of total chaos and confusion career criminals maniacs burn down christmas trees and then
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random unprovoked is the new norm. this is a result of idiotic democrats who lie about what we can see with their own eyes and after held on the commander in chief who has no idea how to command. >> now is the county executive in jackson county he will as well he has done it all. >> look we are in a situation where we have known of infrastructure problems for a long long time just like our
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mayor. >> this is united states of america for god sakes. >> if you think that's a problem look at the one of the president who last i saw was wandering in the woods with her dog asking herself what happened and then coming up with 1000 reasons why she was stopped i tell you, stopped from being coordinated. >> my —- chlorinated. now this loser is teaching a master class on the power of resilience she keeps popping up and will not go away no matter how hard the democrats try and as the secretary is set in 2021 she gives her acceptance speech five years later take a look at the cash grab she's trying to make off of this speech but thankfully she never gave on election night 2016. i guess the clinton foundation has run out of cash may have
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gone belly up. >> as hard as it is to imagine your daughter will grow up to become the president of the united states. to gather we will make america even greater than it has ever been. judge: why does this woman keep ringing bogus reasons why she lost? i told you four years ago why you lost. >> you can blame everyone but yourself we have had it with the nonsense that you lost because people don't like you it is under your watch those brave americans that died in benghazi and you told the woman in your book by saying you won't give them absolution that they must live with the consequences who you thank you are?
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god? i for one have missed hillary she was by far my favorite. i even tried looking for her after the election. see here im in the woods looking for hillary. i cannot find her. hillary? is she in the woods? i bet she is in the words. hillary? come out. come out. do you think she is at home writing another book? what happened? you cannot figure out what happened. judge: back to america. the mess we're in is attributable to people like george guest on the l.a. district attorney who had the audacity —- audacity to call up press conference for all of his accomplishments. >> so to set a path for ourselves with that legal system in the country that would become more humane more equitable and above all to
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create a safer environment for all of us. judge: humane? safer? really? not according to the victims and the victims families who are siding with the criminals. you are a rogue prosecutor intent on undermining the rule of law and endangering the rest of us. i guess you forgot the fact you put a ban on trying juveniles as adults which continue to post their allegiance to games on social media while in custody. a 40 -year-old man whose car broke down in the wrong neighborhood in south l.a. common area controlled by the same gang while the man who was waiting for help from aaa for crips gang members spot him, pull-up and shoot him at least 36 times as for the
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policy they will not be tried as adults instead as juveniles and that they get out of jail at 21 it will not seek punishment under california law under gang membership. those and around the nation funded by george soros who seeks to undermine the american justice system they need to be recalled and removed from office if not just a question of time before your life is impacted if it hasn't that already with that long distance in the country and that is my open let me know what you think i'm a facebook and twitter #judge jeanine and now with my open much more executive vice president of the trump organization donald trump junior joins me now. i have to tell you i cannot
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imagine you are missing hillary? >> not at all i figure the only thing she is qualified to do a master class is how to never become president of the united states. there may be a couple things about taking out your political enemies but give me a big break. resilience? i don't know. judge: let's talk about america. it's all about law and order to respect the police and the military and the american flag right now george soros is the world prosecutor undermining the rule of law and please are saying you may want to rethink coming to l.a. we cannot keep you safe even if we can arrest the individual that causes a problem they are walking
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before they finish the paperwork. >> the democrats of fallen so far at this point they are dissenting pedophiles and calling them heroes. you saw the outrage i saw the first one to call that within a day or two of the incident does anybody actually believe the story they were trying to cancel me i was a terrible human being spreading conspiracy theories with jussie smollett. is all obvious with that nonsense democratic narrative we have a chance to maintain the freedom of free speech of all of the things that made america the greatest country in the world the democrats don't care about that they are literally pushing lawlessness trying to turn into the proverbial country.
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judge: 12 cities in america with the highest entries of high homicide rates have one common denominator and that is the democratic mayor who gets to decide whether or not police will stand down they decide to the police chief will be. we are in a little - - a lot of trouble but i want to talk about a newook called our journey together to talk about your father tell me about this book. >> it's a great book it started off with my father talking about the great achievements and contrasting them to the disaster that has gone on. when you have the media as your marketing department there are so many stories that even i did not know as an insider going to these pictures we have to make this our journey together so you
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can see the accomplishment you can see american greatness in this book when you compare that to what is going on in the last ten or 11 months under the democratic regime you realize that we had a what we are missing i'm even seeing it missing in the reporting even the mainstream media has a hard time to put a positive spin on the lunacy we are seeing on a daily basis. so this the you can get at 45 it is just as you of the trump presidency all of the accomplishments that the media never show you. because they were too busy making up lies and too busy per pushing russian collusion and anything possible to undermine the first president in a long time he was actually
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put america and the american people first. as an american patriot i miss that america. judge: a lot of us do. as you are showing pictures on the screen. it is a beautiful book. it is something you can certainly enjoy. i will. donald trump junior thank you for being with us tonight. here with more from the less radical agenda putting america last former director of national intelligence, you heard my open. it is crazy. we had cities across america, some of the biggest cities across america suffering the highest homicide rate in years. and this is intentional i will not even ask you it is. when you defined police when you tell them to stand down when you touch an individual you are about to arrest the wrong way we will arrest you then there is no motivation to
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say if police do their jobs. talk to me. >> i think the left has lost the idea of consequences for action and certainly what we have seen is the radical policy has consequences and we see that unfold. take for instance the radical policy at the border has created chaos. no one in america thinks it's good to have a open border look at the radical policies when it comes to gas prices. they are cutting back on supply. they are a thing every regulation possible and of course what happens, the price increases it is pretty basic but that radical policy of what they are doing in washington is creating high gas prices. i can go through inflation with ukraine and foreign-policy you have to understand you actually then
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have to deal with the implications of those radical policies when you see chaos around you because people are implementing the chaos. >> the whole idea of coming out to say as a da, my job was to prosecute and punish criminals not to let them out my job was to lift up the crime victim but biden in the whole administration is ahead of blue-collar jobs and now inflation and now at the highest and 39 years and they are coming on television july to us and tell us don't believe your eyes that is where we are now they lie about everything.
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>> first of all and ten or 15 years ago they cannot get away with this because the media and washington dc would have put a check and a balance now we know this working for the ruling party in dc it's time we stop asking reporters to somehow be balanced and will never be balanced. this is who they are we need to realize they are advocating for a political party stop expecting them to do anything else. judge: we will talk about this later but jussie smollett hook line and sinker it didn't matter what the facts were. to them it was about this is our guy even if he is lying the jury found beyond a reasonable doubt we are with jussie smollett. >> but let me make one point. because the entirety of msnbc
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of that decision, the court decision. nobody mentioned at night. nobody mentioned it. nbc news has a real problem. because they own msnbc. must be very clear when you are watching nbc news in the morning, they are bringing in msnbc house into the morning shows the cross pollination is real. they own all of those decisions. and something like jussie smollett that they pushed and manipulated and then the decision comes down he is guilty everyone in msnbc at night ignores the story, americans need to wake up it is not a news network it is working for one political party. we have to be very clear about this and start pushing back if you are sitting there get it from your couch and get involved.
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judge: always good to have you. thank you. up next what are your kids learning in school thanks to the woke left?
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judge: the fight for parents is far from over when it comes to what their kids are learning in school it is just one of the latest examples reinstating to controversial books. gender queer and lawn boy to the library shelves that have been condemned by parents as seen and had a feel it. my next guest has been visiting campuses across the country discussing the dangers of crt another controversial content being taught in schools. charlie kirk joins me now. what we have got now is we are back in virginia we have the school board calling parents domestic terrorist with the attorney general following up sticking law enforcement on them and parents that condemned the two books now we find out they are back on the shelves? tell us about that.
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>> they were headed is pedophilia. it is disgusting one has a passage of a very graphic description of the relationship between a boy and a man. why do people in high school in grade school need to be exposed to this? what is most disturbing is a sent a political message. and then you see the public schools doubling down after that message. to define the needs and interest and i i knew governor of virginia will do something about this with whatever authority he has at his disposal. this is just beyond crt and we talked about this is just very basic morality which is how does this develop the character of the next
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generation? parents are right to be outraged they see this every single day a turning point usa i wish they were listen to. so the work at the high schools these two books we are showing on the screen they were condemned and removed as gender queer and along the way and now the school board has returned back to the library and ashes not the relationship between a boy and a man. and then with images that we can see on the screen. they don't care what we say in the elections. >> i hope he acts i don't want
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to conjecture but why would the school board consider this the hill to die on? pedophilia has no place in our skilled school system business they are doubling down why? what type of constituency how do they create better citizens are people that are more likely to go into the world to understand right from wrong? and to be with a family-friendly show in don't want to go into the exact details but and then to read this on air. judge: we are showing the images on air because they are high school in grammar school can get the image then our audience needs to see that is to know what is going on. so with turning point you are now in 1000 high schools with
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turning point and i realize. >> we have 1000 high schools across the country thousands of college campuses across the country running many different programs to empower and educate people. you will be there it will be amazing december 18 through 21 we have over 8000 students from across the country people can check it out. and then to get 25 percent off so now we see something so amazing happening with young people are starting to take ownership the energy and the enthusiasm is something that is unprecedented. >> thank you for being with us. you can stream turning point usa and i will be speaking there.
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next, jussie smollett found guilty of staging a hate crime but who fell for it the line and sinker and an outrageous story out of california every parent needs to hear. a 13 -year-old vaccinated in exchange for pizza without parental consent. back on that in a moment.
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with judge jeanine. judge. >> the jury has spoken finding former empire start jussie smollett guilty on five out of six charges that he staged a racist anti- gay hate crime attack on himself and lied about it to the police to the media and to the world. police worked hard in solving
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the case the judge worked hard and moving the case the jury worked hard at deliberation and the nation was divided because of the hoax. this is what i would say at the sentencing if i was the sentencing judge. >> i what you to think long and hard of the next ten minutes of your life as an african-american you are born with dark skin you are also born a gay man. sadly in our society both of those demographics have been marginalized by ignorant people you serve were a member of both groups and i have no idea how that impacted your life. you have on the other hand a wonderful appearance and substantial acting skills you have many supporters they say the crimes you have been charged with and convicted of could never have been perpetrated by you.
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but the evidence against you is not only substantial but it was overwhelming. right now, right here i am giving you a choice and attrition is good for the soul tell the world right now these words. i'm sorry and i will treat you accordingly. you will be vilified for a month on social media but then he will be praised as someone who came clean and succumbed to the pressure of being in a world where publicity and back victimization are important that you are a man who write to the wrong and apologized and asked for forgiveness and i will forgive you. but if you decline and choose to continue this charade, i will sentence you commensurate to the pain you have caused the money that was wasted when police should've been investigating real crime and the lives.
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your choice, serve. choose wisely. "fox nation" host tommy laren and leo terrel are here to react. talk to me. >> [applause] brilliant. brilliant. i love it. you gave him a choice. to use the blackness to lie and provide the choice but if he doesn't apologize, you lock him up. lock him up. people died for those civil rights laws. people died to make sure they were treated equally and fairly he uses race and sexual orientation to exploit those laws besides. judge: one —- jussie smollett kamala harris, joe biden, good morning america, they are all guilty because they promoted the big lie. think goodness our jury system works.
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that was a perfect, perfect statement to jussie smollett. i suggest he thinks about it long and hard. i am so glad to be back with you. judge: we love having you back. but one thing before i go on. i have been saying this forever the juries do the right thing you have written house you have this trial, injuries don't care about color or agenda they care about the fact he double down and took the stand and lied that infuriates me it's one thing to plead not guilty it's another to have the prosecution if you get on the stand and you double down when it was so ridiculous? >> and to be very specific and arrogant but you hit on
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something that is very important for the american people to understand. this is even bigger than the jussie smollett case this is how profitable victimhood is. he paid folks to stage a hate crime against him at nearly four grand that is how much he was willing to pay to get his name in the headlines and be a victim he is so celebrated that people are willing to go to this link for some publicity and public pity and furthermore what i would add to your statement i know it has been a rough you weeks but don't be yourself up over it. [laughter] judge: i just got that. but in the end there is a community that will absolutely be leave him to the end. and unfortunately stamens like this hurt real victims of hate crimes but enough about that.
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>> you are right. black lives matter. they double down and the jury not only did not believe jussie smollett but the police. especially the one in chicago will talk about california. what a mess was listen to the sound we will come back. >> the lady that gave him the shot and sign the paper at her to know he got a shot without my permission or to sign any papers jussie smollett. judge: what she is talking about is a headline the california school offered a boy a pizza to get vaccinated and then tell him not to say anything to his mother.
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>> i am a teacher i live in los angeles i am embarrassed judge, this school employee took the kid health condition at risk. she had no medical condition or no knowledge whether or not he would have an adverse reaction. and then to force them to have the mandate without notifications it is inexcusable i live in the worst stay in the country with the school district out of control. >> great - - welcome to the great state of tennessee. [laughter] nothing says health and wellness quite like bribing students with pizza for them to get a shot that they may or may not need. i'm not sure that's really the
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way to go but bribing them with food? this is all part of government control that cradle to grave government control they are seeking starting with the education system. may want to play parent and be the parent and then to get more involved don't listen to the fbi to call a domestic terrorist you need to know what is going on is screaming from the rooftop because it's up to you to make a change. judge: thank you so much. up next, had a hard time trying to get cream cheese on your bagel are chicken nuggets hard to find? we will dive into the latest supply chain crisis with
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judge: welcome back to justice. there is a shortage here in new york city as bagel shops all over saying they are having a hard time stocking up on cream cheese with the supply chain shortage cheesecake chocolate doritos even canned cat food. tyrus is joining me now to break down those shortages in the supply chain. what is going on in your family are you missing cream cheese and chicken nuggets? back unfortunately no because i am gluten-free. so i have to say that those are first world problems. we can figure some other stuff out if we had to. but what i'm really concerned about is the cause and effect in one of the things are not talking about is how inflation on top of supply and demand has really hurt the consumer
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especially middle-class americans if you want to buy a new car today the typical car was $30000 for a small family car that will be 75000 so you sign on the dotted line now western as you drive off the lot not a 30000-dollar car is 15 now you cannot even trade that in not to mention how much that will cost to put gaston on —- gaston it. for get cream cheese on the bagel the entire economy is in danger because we can't get goods and inflation is so high mom-and-pop shops are on red alert. judge: he had been beaten down by the pandemic i watched a member of the biden economic council build back better is
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the answer to our inflation problem it is the worst it has been in 30 years and this guy gets on television for the economic council and says build back better will solve our problems when it comes to inflation are they stupid? >> no. stupid is as stupid does stupid at least you can make an excuse they know exactly what they are doing they are just trying to spin and i called them the woke administration. americans continue the pitch they cannot circle back but inflation is a good thing. for who? even billionaires are saying even elon musk says this is terrible. this administration has dropped the ball you are a stickler you take it from nobody let bygones be bygones not only affecting my
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communities and neighborhood ice people trying to decide to even bother with christmas presents because we cannot pay for a simple thing and for them to say build back better? even if that is ten years away you cannot add infrastructure with no workers or gasoline with a bulldozer to build anything they fill us with fantasies give us one thing if you want to build back america tighten up the borders and watch the domino effect borders get tight, law enforcement is in which communities get better the economy is better they go back to work. judge: they don't want america to be that america anymore now it is a global landing spot that is a mess. >> operation welfare state. judge: without a doubt. the christmas traditions from around the world that might
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surprise you
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judge: christmas is a time for family celebration and traditions but how is it celebrated around the world you might be surprised.
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authors of all-american and christmas and they join me now. thank you so much for being with us. how many children do you have? >> nine. judge: how do you shop for nine kids? >> it is complicated. [laughter] amazon has been a great invention. >> i look to rachel to make sure she does all that she needs to do to hire the else to make that happen. i am a minor player. judge: does santa help? >> santa is the best. we always rely on santa. he makes it all happened. judge: do you have any special traditions for christmas?
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>> sean is from wisconsin and the trees are very tall there. >> we cutter on christmas tree that is the focal point of our christmas. we cut it down and put it up and it is such focal point just like the fox news christmas tree that people rally around it's no different but we love to go into the woods to cut it down and get a fresh christmas tree. judge: you cut it down yourself? >> i do. this year i had to use a saw cannot bring the chainsaw with me i did have to use of muscle. judge: a lot of muscles. and you know, he is a world champion lumberjack. yes. he has. >> when i was younger and
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thinner. judge: you like pretty young and then to me? >> now i hear there is another tradition. >> what we do the littlest ones we dress like the holy family joseph and mary and baby jesus if there is no baby that year we use a baby doll and i say jesus sometimes is very big. >> but that is so impressive that is not keeping religion and jesus in christmas and that is what it's all about. america falling apart it is crazy even in the traditions that you were saying.
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>> absolutely. you just talk to tyrus earlier in the show how some people want to change america there is a deliberate plan to tear down the cultural heritage this is what the secularist and the marxist want to do with america we want to tear it down and build back better but guess what? we like the christian catholic tradition we don't want canceling christmas or easter or anything else it is imperative as americans to hold on to our traditions to keep that going. judge: you are so right. trying to bring down everything that is a part of america but while i was doing research in japan they celebrate christmas by going to kfc that's a great way and
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then if there are good they get candy if not they get potatoes and a new zealand to go to the beach so what would you like to do? >> i like iceland because either they get a potato or candy.
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judge jeanine: finally tonight it is the christmas season and one of my favorite times of the year. so i want to share a gift with all of you, head over to my instagram at judge underscore jeanine tag a friend behold like my book don't lie to me, and i'll pick a few probably 20 winners to receive a signed copy just in time for the holidays. and don't forget to set your dvr
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so you never miss a show and catch more of me at jeanine thanks for waving i'm jeanine pirro advocating for truth, swrts, and the american way an i'll see you next saturday night. ♪ ♪ dan: yes, sir, they've done it again, the left moves the covid goal post as predicted, this was as we saw it coming kentucky senator ranked paul call out move designed for power and control plus -- crime is surging. small businesses are hurting. criminals getting free pass. former nypd commissioner ray kelly coming up on how to fix the krill crisis now. and remember we were told the student loan forgiveness program would saves us a bunch of money did you fall for that? bill is due and we c


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