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tv   Unfiltered with Dan Bongino  FOX News  December 12, 2021 1:00am-2:00am PST

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so you never miss a show and catch more of me at jeanine thanks for waving i'm jeanine pirro advocating for truth, swrts, and the american way an i'll see you next saturday night. ♪ ♪ dan: yes, sir, they've done it again, the left moves the covid goal post as predicted, this was as we saw it coming kentucky senator ranked paul call out move designed for power and control plus -- crime is surging. small businesses are hurting. criminals getting free pass. former nypd commissioner ray kelly coming up on how to fix the krill crisis now. and remember we were told the student loan forgiveness program would saves us a bunch of money did you fall for that? bill is due and we can't pay for
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it the fiery rebuttal with the democrat you've got to see. and justice finally catches up with juicy smollett and siting what would have been the 2016 victory speech i would also have an election victory speech i never got to give either. you're going hear it, tonight. white is the left keep moving the covid goal posts. well, it's right here. >> it is a matter of now when and not if the definition of fully vaccinated changes? >> my own personal opinion is what you said is correct a matter of when, not if. we told you did i tell you goal post would move or not, of course, they were going to move. they surprise some of you but it is very little to do all of this goal post moving with the vaccine or science. it is nothing to do with that. it is everything to do with something i heard once from a local politician and when i was running for office there. i asked them name is chuck i
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said listen what's the deal with government getting bigger was making small talk getting government getting bigger and continuing to grow you would think people want to be free right? chuck said something i'll never forget. he said you know dan government gets bigger and bigger and bigger because there's no power in yes. what do you mean by that? what he meant was that government officials derive power from ability to tell you and their constituents no and then making their constituents you, lobby them and kiss their collective butts to yes that's power what does that do with covid goal posts constantly moving once you've met metric they've let out doesn't matter max, double mask whatever once you've met that metric done what they've told you to do they have no more power over you. think about it. they give an order you said yes.
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but they claiming power more than anything they love it. being able to tell you what to do to get a vaccine to put a mask on. thatthat's what they love thosee power approved narrative with left right now. get a vaccine and put a mask on shut your mouth speaking of nothing else. so what happens? the goal posts move again and again and again, so they can issue more mandates feeding their power obsession like pop eye needs spinach except theirs is power here's the goal post moving right here example pfizer ceo says fourth covid vaccine dose may be needed and sooner than expected due to omicron. oh so just here to warn you and sound alarm listen to me. this is never going to stop. i'm not the only one sounding alarm about this either about these constantly moving goal posts. here's florida governor ron
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desantis echoing the exact same sentiments. >> those individuals who have been gone through a normal vaccination series for covid -- you will be determined to be unvaccinated very soon they will do that and they'll tell you you're unvaccinated and you have to get a booster. dan: get a load of this. after desantis said this check this crap out he was immediately fact checked here it is fact checked falsely claims vaccinated social citizens witht booster claim unvaccinated and lose their job and independent embrace dr. fauci statement as truth here fauci predicts if fully vaccination includes three jabs what is this? what is it? both of those headlines can't possibly be true. but that's kind of the essence of fact checking isn't it? we have to put air quotes on pangt checking confusion that is essence of fact checking it is really opinion check ppg
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pressure campaign always evolves they call you everything when you don't comply immediately unhaven'ted anti-vaxers, racist and science deniers i'm not making any of this up. you don't believe me we always bring rekreepghts here. here they are they've called you all of these things. but left love it is these terms but keep in mind they love to character assassinate ewe. that all of these things they call you science deniers anti-vax remember they're all just synonyms for noncompliengt because remember there's no power in yes. not for the government. and remember when months ago mere merriam-webster stay tuned i have something too. remember when they updated definition of anti-vaxer to mean person who opposes use of vaccines or regulations mandates vaccination.
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convenient timing, no. so to be clear if you believe in body sovereignty left considers you anti-vax according to democrats as bad as being a flat earther but don't take my word for it. >> some of the anti-vaxers here in this chamber reminds me of what happened 400 years ago when people were clinging to the fact that the sun revolves around the earth. they just didn't believe science. or 500 years ago when they were sure the earth was flat. folks you see what's happening here. dan: in front of your eyes eroding freedoms one creep smallings step at a time. this is -- back in 2016.
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then i'm going to wait and i'm just going to do that forever and before you know if you're going to be back three miles from where you started and done it one step at a time and then you'll go how did i get here and that answer was well i pushed you a little further than you should have gone and you agreed so i pushed you further than you should have gone again and you agreed. >> that's right. while we're expected to comply, good luck seeing any of of the science before they're constantly shifting demanding look fda wants 55 years to process not peef years that's two fives to process four request freedom of vaccination act over vaccine data. we record an interview with kentucky senator ranked paul about coronavirus before deadly
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tornadoes ripped through state of kentucky he released this statement to us about deadly tornadoes, quote, our hearts are broken for all of those suffering from last night's horrific storms and my team will assist our local and state officials. as they lead the immediate response and we will aggressively help families, citizens, and officials access the federal recovery resources. now, here's senator rand paul moving to goal post on coronavirus. >> senator thanks a lot for joins us really appreciate your time. >> thanks for having me you know my colleague chuck schumer left out one thing when they were denying that the earth went around sun it was government denying that and it was an independent scientist trying to set them straight to danger qhs you let science be controlled by government or by one sort of monolivening individual like fauci it doesn't have anything to do request science. science usually discovers truth eventually but when science dictated by government that's when you get, you know, flat
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earthers. >> yeah. they seem to love the character assassination insults senator but listen as you know being active proponent of god given rights and liberty it is a zero some gain you can't have a big liberty and big government at the same time and that's concerning is he's constantly moving goal posts not grounded in science at all keeps shrinking sphere of individual liberty and empowering more and more government and it is not beginning to stop until we stop it and doesn't seem to be an end point here. >> i don't think it has been about science for a long time it is really the about conditioning the american -- individual to submit to government you're right it never ends. the goal post will continue to change, and ultimately more and more of your health care will be controlled. you know under socialize medicine when we socialize all controls most of the decisions are made by government bureaucrats like fauci so you'll love when fauci is in charge of who can be --
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in england they wouldn't after age 50 because they thought you don't have much to lives and over 50 you're over hill and i resent that now that i'm well past 50 but thing is nobody in government should be making those decision and once they do, it gets into rationing and arbitrary decisions by little autocrats like fauci it is a huge misattack to let this happen and we need to fight back. >> i would love to get you your thoughts on this this was a mother of a student secretly vaccinated behind her back. take a listen to this. >> lady that gave him the shot and signed the paper was one that told my son please did not say anything i don't to get in trouble. it hurt to know that -- he got a shot without my permission without me even knowing or signing any papers for him to get the shot. >> senator, this is -- i mean that's a redline no one should cross. now you're messing with people's kids behind their back in a matter.
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your thoughts. >> so if you get a kid to take a vaccine for pizza wonder what you get for ice cream to take testosterone and give her a test. where's the end? it all is really about consent children cannot consent we've always said they can't consent when i was a physician in the emergency room and someone came in with a small laceration we still didn't sew them up until parents there and discuss with parents what was going to go on for minor injuries now it is the opposite. we're telling parents that they have no right to determine their children's health care and children can take hormones sex hormones puberty blocking and enough test testone that a girl can grow a beard without the parents permission but even if their parents say no. the government and these crazy looney left wing people are saying oh government has no right to tell that that's a terrible thing to let parents
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come in and decide what type of medicine so we're at the beginning of a slippery slope that is incredibly dangerous. dan: senator rand paul thank you for keeping up the liberty in the swamp doing a great job. thank you. >> absolutely. dan: you got it coming up on unfiltered first you don't need an id to vote now you don't need to be a citizen. a hot take on the left new rules for new york city. that's a nice truck. yeah, it's the chevy silverado. check out this multi-flex tailgate. multi-flex, huh? wow. it becomes a step. mom, dad's flexing again. that's not all. you can extend the bed for longer stuff. is he still... still flexing. that's right! and, it becomes a workspace... you can put your laptop here. i'm sending an imaginay email. hey dad, dinner! hey! look who stopped by daddy's office. wait, you work here? the chevy silverado with the available multi-flex tailgate. find new flexibility. find new roads. hi. i'm shannon storms bador.
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dan: welcome back to unfiltered it is time now for hot cakes. some outrageous stories you may have missed this week and we're here to catch up joining me for reaction is "fox & friends" co-host pete hegseth get to story number one. pete, citizen ship thing is totally overrated in new york city new york city city council wants to give 800,000 noncitizens the right to vote. pete, here it is, man they seem to be worried about foreign interference and elections. but what's to stop you from coming over here and voting in elections in new york city anybody thought of that? >> absolutely nothing, dan. it is not even illegal to do illegal things in new york anymore. why qowld it be illegal to do things that legal citizens are only able to do, of course, it is the logical extent and it
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reel views a bit of a motive about what's going on in our southern border. why would you seal border when you think you're getting future voters who can land in new york city and continue to allow you to do your bidding as you wreck the city? so this surprises nobody and reveals everything. dan: well, that's great you went to that angle and segues into second story so joe biden is extremely popular. just not here -- in ghana, so this is a video of a migrant from ghana thinks joe biden is polling well over there. check this out. [inaudible conversations] very good -- amount of people. dan: a man of the people pete he's just not the people of the united states and everything, you know. >> just not the whole we the people thing it is just any people -- is good to go. we should sending our fox news polling team don to next caravan
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and see what kind of poll numbers he's got. he's 38% here at home kamala fix root causes but that's great for them in the 70, 80% all future voters as it pertains to the last segment so all good for them. >> so here's my third topic one of the golden rules i pull out on podcast one of them is we think generally democrats are people with bad ideas. so we debate them on ideas they don't think same about us pete they think we're bad people with ideas in other words the ideas don't matter. here's the proof, i brought receipt tonight college students wouldn't be friends with someone who voted for the opposing presidential candidate only 5% of republicans said the same. there it is receipts right there. >> and there's another question about would you be willing to date a republican or a democrat numbers are just as stark even worse. your rule of them is precisely
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correct, i mean, look at anyone who is been a conservative never tried to work at cnn they hate it. okay, but if you're a liberal who works at the fox news channel we throw birthday showers for you. and we -- we they love working at fox because we're actually toll rant people we believe in the difference of ideas and not the demonization and democrat dos they target you and destroy you and dehumanize you. i hope we never stoop to threafl but man their intolerant that left is exactly who they are. dan: we have real liberals at fox well cnn has fake conservatives at cnn makes that point eives more pronounced doesn't it? i'm in the green room and no royal rum nbl there pete is correct everybody gets along we're not crazy people. pete thanks so much. i really appreciate your time as always. >> thanks dan. you got it. dan: you got it coming up on
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unfiltered democrats over rising crime and looting we can see with our own eyes it is on the screen so why are politicians so afraid to fix it? former nypd commissioner ray kelly weighings in on why left needs to get serious about rising crime.
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♪ ♪ dan: folks i never thought i would see myself in in front of a camera really. really it was never in my play book i wanted to be a police officer, federal agent, you know i was a kid we played a lot of cops and robbers and i enjoyed being cop never the bad guy. there's been no experience more rewarding in my life than taking someone from position of life-threatening danger you show up and then being able to minute you do -- to just put them at ease right away. happened to me when i was a kid when i showed police and take them from a redline maximum anxiety to position of calm like that minute you show up and that blue uniform. it is indescribable. the emotional reward you get from that, i've never experienced anywhere else. largely explains my interest in this growing crime rice crisis in big cities across america and so deeply troubles me and added
1:26 am
touch politician and district attorneys that are just making it worse. you know, folks noting politicians are out of touch it is not breaking news here on the fox news channel. candidly i have not seen comments from politicians on crime as out of touch on grand scale as i've seen in the last few weeks. >> what extent do you and your policies there and responsibilities for that? >> actually none. actually -- most crime is down. but for homicide -- this is not unique. violent crime and private crime for example higher in texas than it is in california i don't see that. >> i think important that we don't let this become mushy and bleed into the notion that there's some kind of a big ?iek crime there isn't. listen i'm a conservative okay it is not a secret. but i mean when i say it -- there's no kind of time for cheap partisanship people are dying assaulted robbed their killed livelihoods and families are being ripped apart.
1:27 am
and elected democrat wants to take a stand a bold stand for public safety and rights to citizens to live in peace in their communities i'll have you right here on the show. sadly it is just not happening in mass. look at this map a u.s. city of major crime surges. inconveniently all of these cities are run by democrats. but disturbs me is this is all preventible i was a police officer during cleanup in new york city. during broken windows policing get to more of that in a minute. the essence of it is when you ignore small stuff is goes into the big stuff later and it was a revolutionary idea. here's a career criminal in new york city. he was arrested for flashing people outside the maxwell trial in new york city. but pursuant to soft crime policies in new york, he was immediately put back on the street. and what happened next? all american christmas tree outside fox head quarters in new york city was set on fire.
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this is in not a small deal a major fire in middle of manhattan outside major company where people could have been hurt or killed you think this would be a moment for unanimous condemnation against this individual who literally put people's lives at risk. instead the guy was immediately back on the street again. here to address broken windows policing and current crime wave is current police commissioner ray kelly commissioner thanks for joining us we really appreciate your time. >> good to be with you, dan. and congratulations -- on all of your accomplishments. yeah, you know -- dan: both malloy guys -- that's i totally forgot about that. you got me there. commissioner, you were in charge for a number of years in new york city, the police department. you did an amazing job, and the broken windows policing policies you supervised which i'm sure
1:29 am
you can attest to was a revolution at time. you know, when you were young police officer, the idea was leave the small stuff alone you'll pull a cop off the street you want to be there for the big stuff. you guys got in charge you said no, no, no small stuff turns into big stuff that turnstile jumpers guy who commits robbery on train. that was a revolution at the time wasn't it? >> yes. it was. and you know, quality of life is so important to peel's lives. things what that on subway for instance -- they have to be addressed because as you say they grow into much bigger much more serious things minor violations don't stay minor very long. and that did change increasing significantly and, of course, that's not going on now. you know, that the police have been forced to pull back. they're not doing any of the proactive strategies that have worked so well in a decade in new york city.
1:30 am
so i don't see an end to this in near term frankly unless there's a major change in the midterm elections which certainly hope they are. but we are going to be stuck with these minor violations with the feeling of danger that we have on the streets of new york city now. for a while to come. i hope new mayor can turn that around. we'll have to see. dan: commissioner, i'm with you it is just not a partisan issue these are people's lives you lived this for decades and solutions are right there. commissioner you can walk in tomorrow to any mayor governor across the country, and lay out the, you know, the jack maple kelly rudy giuliani plan for broken windows give them a literal template to slice crime almost in half in a period of a month and it seems they don't want to take it.
1:31 am
answers are right there has to be frustrating for you. >> yeah absolutely right. because i've done just what you've said i'm not going to mention the city. but the mayors, the political leaders have made a judgment. that they rather see crime up than have an -- with perhaps questionable shooting or that sort of twhing police. no, they are comfortable with crime at elevated level. and that to my is amazing and stwengts not putting enough pressure to make necessary change. you know that's a very basic thing to be done very we cannily that would turn a lot of this around. but they're just not open to it. happen in the short-term that's for sure. dan: sure thank you for your time and thanks for your service to country and to new york city as well i deeply appreciate it. >> thank you, dan. good to be with you.
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dan: you got it. you got it like wise still ahead president obama promise to rescue americans in a student loan forgiveness plan. remember that one in so why now? why did democrats want taxpayers to foot the bill here? fiery rebuttal with the democrat, coming up next.
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dan: welcome back to unfiltered remember when president obama sold his student loan
1:37 am
forgiveness program as a way to save everyday americans money? why now democrats demanding government just forgive the loans? joining mow new for rebuttal is democratic strategist crystal knight thanks for joining us again, i really appreciate you coming back. you know, my question to you about this student loan payback scheme here is, the numbers are in crystal and this payback scheme largely benefits the rich and professionals who took out more money in student loans i don't get it liberals about taxing rich or are they about giving rich another government benefit on the backs of the poor? why one is it? >> well i'm not sure that i would call it characterize it scheme 46 million americans are affected by student loans every single day this isn't a partisan issue but something that government absolutely needs to address because if we address student loan forgiveness, we can ensure that more americans can poor into the economy like buying housing and buying other
1:38 am
big ticket items that they're hindered from because they're swallowed in debt from students from student loans. dan: okay, listen i understand your point there but here's the issue see the stat appearing on screen there crystal 22% of the people who are being helped by this -- are the wealthiest among us and 8 and a half% of people helped by student loan scheme here are in the bottom 20%. so this is a program i just gave you the numbers. that almost exclues ofly benefits people at the top because people at the bottom are paying taxes to pay off the loan for the people at the top. so i don't get it like what is it? >> well, that's just not true. there are many americans who are benefiting from student loan forgiveness, those who have, you know, permanent disabilities loan forgiveness programs that president biden current president is attempting to address improving those programs making sure that people who have permanent disabilities they're t their student loans are erased
1:39 am
to say that top percent of americans are benefiting that's not true. dan: no crystallest that not what i said primarily benefits the retch i gave you numbers -- you glossed over. i gave you the numbers. >> refuted that claim wait a minute i refuted that claim stating there are permanent residents in this country who have permanent disabilities through a targeted loan frissons program and loans are being erased. so you cannot say that -- you cannot say that only rich people or that the top earner -- dan: i didn't say that. i didn't say that. look i didn't say that. >> i'm here to really address that. dan: it is not okay you ignored my point again trying to get to bottom of that rich people largely benefit from that you ignored numbers this is on house floor i gave you numbers but we're not getting anywhere on that. here'ses to pay off student loan too.
1:40 am
check this out. >> and i still owe 70,000 dollars and most of it was interest. most of it was our government making profit off of me. dan: so crystal obama student loan takeover is not making government money. tlaib is lying we're in significant amount it is of debt because a lot of students didn't pay back the loan so why should we pay her loan? she's making roughly $200k in congress. >> right 200,000 in congress is a nice salary for an average american or someone. but people are, you know, drowning in debt again this is something that affects multiple, multiple americans long after they finish college and so, if we're really saying that we want people to poor back into which economy during a pandemic mind you that started under trump administration. then we can't just continue to go back and make these false claims that this is something that only happens and only been
1:41 am
affected by obama era something that every single president is going to have to address. dan: mow is that false claim government is losing money -- >> target loan forgiveness programs. dan: but government is losing money that's a fact that's not an opinion. government is losing money. all right -- yeah. unfortunately but government -- >> the economy. the economy is losing money because people can't afford to pay back student loans also can't afford to buy houses. so -- which do you want? dan: paying off rich people professional degrees but thanks for coming back you're a good sport i appreciate it. thanks so much. >> thank you. dan: you got it coming up on unfiltered dems posting their elves including hillary clinton reading her 2016 victory speech which she never got to give. >> as hard as it might be to imagine your daughter will grow up and become the president of the united states.
1:42 am
glf sorry. dan: that never happened i have emotionally charged speech of my own you don't want to miss.
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need a remind where you do something stupid kids these days say posting a l a loss when it comes to dems in left nobody post more l's than these people let's get started here l number one if you talk about george orwell because when biden took office he's clearly modeling the society in the book on how to run the country. but he's a classing and latest to reference to the classic novel. george orwell estate approves retelling of 1984 from a woman's -- [laughter] i can't. so just to be clear. a book about propaganda being propaganda the propaganda itself. did anybody catch that talk about posting an l that's a monster l right there. here's l number two. looks like justice finally caught up with juicy as he was found guilty of stages hate crime and lying to police and prosecution they want to thank juicy defense attorney since hi basically confirm it was a hoax
1:47 am
in his closing arguments. saying this -- you think he's dumb enough to go into obama city and pretend they're trump supporters running around with maga hats give me a break. yeah. apparently dumb enough. we gave you a break. the media did for a long time. now he's guilty. now he's a convicted hoaxer not alleged one -- and there's a cost to juicy's lice, city of chicago have to continue to pursue its lawsuit against him and cover cost the police department spent while investigating the so-called hate crime. and finally, l number three, hillary clinton is teaching a master class apparently how to lose a presidential election and she read her would be presidential acceptance speech if she had won the lex against donald trump. >> i dream of going up to her and sitting down next to her taking her in my arms and saying look at me. listen to me.
1:48 am
you will survive. you will have a good family of your own. and three children, and as hard as it might be to imagine, your daughter will grow up and become the president of the united states. [laughter] so i thought about this you know i ran for office in maryland didn't work out but i never got to read mine either so here it is folks. dear maryland ten years i've been here i've felt your pain. as you've been under a constant state of occupation by these crazy lunatic democrats they've taxed you on everything. from income, to the ring that really happened by the way. i'm not joking. pregnant pause -- rick -- i'm sorry wasn't supposed to read that part this isn't a joe biden speech. back to the speech thank emotion turn it on.
1:49 am
always dark right before the dawn. i heard that in a love song somewhere. maybe air supply. maybe not -- start crying oh did i read that again start crying, hello -- [crying] but it's going to be an honor to serve you. asas your next representative in the 6th district in maryland, thank you. okay i can turn it off. sorry. i want to introduce you a good friend guy who also put his name on ballot jesse kelly jesse you ran and had guts to do it and didn't work out find yourself a radio singed kateed host right now. do you have any words from the speech and you want to share with us? >> i actually do dan -- see not only did i lose twice. in stunning fashion -- i still walk around with actually my victory speech in my back pocket assuming bill ushered to be president any day now i have delusion like that so
1:50 am
here's how something like mine would work. i had some fake years like yours built in there just because -- for a pangt it always works out so i would start out and i would be ladies and gentlemen, sorry -- sorry i just need a moment. i need a moment. i want you all to understand that -- now that i'm in office, i lied about every single thing i promised you in the campaign you how i pretended to care about all people, kids, all of those people i find them lonesome i will not help out anyone now that i'm in office. i'm going to start a foundation call it the kelly foundation. and it's going to solicit huge -- huge dollar amounts from foreign entities often time ones that hate the united states of america. i'll call it a charity and when i retire when i retire, i'll be worth about $125 million. and any political opponents in mind well we'll find a boy to get rid of them one way and i'm
1:51 am
jesse kelly and i thank you all for your vote. >> dude that might be honest acceptance speech and you have to promise me this for some stupid bizarre reason you run for office again because guys like you and me will never win not cut out for that crap -- you have to promise you'll give that speech. it would be -- i got over the rona a tickle let's get to other topic because i want to get your commentary so justice -- jesse caught up with jussie convicted of a staging a fake hate crime here. you know, i got to -- you have to admire the griff he's not giving up story. juicy is not going to give it up no matter what he's sticking to his guns mad respect. >> i know, best part dan was when i heard he had a rehearsal this moron in a city all big cities have cameras every now they're all just you mention
1:52 am
orwell all surveillance states he did a dry run before hand like bank robbing crew dining dry run day before. with no masks on so he's one, very, very dumb and two it does show how sad many this country -- that now being victim is the greatest thing you can be. remember people forget about this dan lebron sports media covered it up he said someone vandalized his mansion in brentwood and by time cops got there he said we spray painted over it remember stupid thing in europe with the purse oprah did it what everyone wants to be and this loser -- isn't even relevant enough to pull that off i'm glad he's going jail i think it is hilarious. dan: sticking to it i'll tell you it does say a lot about america just not what left thinks about it. jesse thanks so much for your time i appreciate it. good seein you, man. >> you're good my brother. dan: you got it coming up on unfiltered lightning round full of biden blunders including his
1:53 am
favorite lie he just cannot stop telling. >> walks up to me goes joey, baby. joey, baby, joey, baby.
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dan: time for our lightning round well we pack in as many stories into the show as we can we dongt waste any time story number one we know joe biden can't keep his stories straight even ones he tells million times. >> and then one of the senior guys on amtrak angelo was from you remember walks up to me goes joey, baby, joey, baby -- grabbed -- joey that's the big deal? >> big deal -- big deal. >> a million miles on air force 2. you know how many miles on amtrak jo by? you travel on amtrak true story.
1:58 am
serious. swear to god true story. told that story on wednesday again. for the sixth time. or in joe biden language for the sixth time. but here's the kicker. the story is not true. angelo had retired by one version of the story's timeline and was deceased by other version of the timeline. where is the fact he canning army on this one nowhere he'll keep telling story and forgot he told it. >> here's story number two clearly things are not going smoothly between joe and kamala but check out this awkward cringing moment from bob dole memorial and first lady walking in and there's the first gentlemen social dancing what exactly is going on there and look, let me get out of the way there she's running full mechanism there through the offensive line and look at each other.
1:59 am
look scare, turn your head to the mike no, my god. so awkward. he's too really probably can't stand each other. story number three -- so the v.a. black box for earth that will record climate change data for future generations. supposedly this black box putting out 33 feet long located on remote australian island and built some time next year. company says it will give, quote, unbias account of the events that led to the demise of the planet. holding accountability for future generations and inspiring urgent action, ladies and gentlemen, i promise you the human race will outlive this environmental black box in the desert and we will be cleaning this thing up and for environmental refuge and recycling in 100,000 years we will outlast black box don't tell that left is invested in climate like covid fear as well.
2:00 am
before we go, remember you can stream my show dan bongino show on fox nation weekdays from 123 123 -- 12 to 3 and don't forget at fox. that does it for us tongts on unfiltered see you back here next saturday night at 10:00. it all comes back to my term but they are just reaping what they felt the need with the back to


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