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tv   FOX News Primetime  FOX News  December 13, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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consequences on vladimir putin if russia invades the ukraine. >> bret: all right. and brit? >> the biden administration proposes new changes to its build back better plan instead of 10 years of taxes and other money raisers to pay for three years of spending, it now says that 10 years of taxes and other measures will be used to pay for one day of spending, cbo officials with tears of laughter streaming down their faces yes, that would be paid for. >> bret: there you go. panel, thank you. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. thanks for being fair balance and unafraid. i stepped into it but freedom fm "primetime" started with will cain. >> good evening and welcome to "fox news primetime" i'm will cain. we have been telling you about the mayhem engulfing america's streets. crime rates skyrocketed in major cities as democrats
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simultaneously pushed to defund police all across america. but tonight, we have some good news in the liberal war against law enforcement. minneapolis the epicenter of the defund police movement has done a complete 180 they have reversed a year of policies defund the police. it includes over $191 million for the police department restoring its funding to nearly the level it held before george floyd was killed in 2020. so, essentially minneapolis is right back where they started from. but, at what cost? in the month that the city council looked to hamstring their own police department, countless lives were needlessly lost in minneapolis including 6-year-old aniah allen who was fatally shot while eating mcdonald's in her family car. or 9-year-old trinity smith whose life was tragically cut
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short while jumping on a trampoline at her birthday party. these children were the cost of the minneapolis city council chasing a trend, a perverted fad to buy off votes and popularity. how did we get here? we will take a look back to the summer of 2020. it was a feel good time for the left full of burning government buildings, police cars on fire utter lawlessness and an era the democrats would fondly call the summer of love. to deal with that chaos engulfing their streets, liberal leaders had the great idea to defund their police departments. now, as we told you, it didn't pan out. it ended terribly. curbing the resources of your police force didn't suddenly stop criminals and as any logical or sentient person would know, it had the opposite effect. in june of 2020, the minneapolis city council had, quote, unanimously approved a resolution declaring the intent to create a transformative new
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model for cultivating safety. well, it proved disastrous. since 2019, the last full year before the defund movement, homicides in the city jumped from 37 to 79. while violent crimes surged from just over 3700 to 4800. when it comes to murder, that is 47 lives that were needlessly lost. 47 people, 47 families that paid the price of that perverted fad. so, after finally enduring this crime wave, they restored police funding. now, i'm glad. i'm happy for the people of minneapolis that they are more safe today than they were before this movement. but how do you explain that to the citizens who lost their loved ones? how do you explain that to that 47 families? just collateral damage? the price to pay in being
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popular, incurring a little more, a little more of your voting base? it's not just minneapolis either. how about oakland. oakland california also the stupidity at this of the defund movement. >> just last week their city council backtracked on cuts to police funding and voted to add officers to the streets why? of course you know why, surging crime rate, again, i'm happy for the people of oakland, but what was the price just ask one media crew, how about the nbc sports crew who was in the city this last weekend. they were robbed at gunpoint saturday morning trying to do their job to cover something in oakland. not isolated by the way. this is the third robbery of a news organization in oakland in two and a half weeks' time. we have gotten to the point where the media is part of the story but not in their traditional way of being advocate in the media. takes place in studios here in new york city but becoming a victim in this story.
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they are now part of the story in oak atlanta. and if you thought this was just violent crime? think again. how about this? the ceos of target, best buy and cvs, other retail chains, they are asking congress, they wrote a letter to congress asking for help amid the surge in retail threat from their stores. you have seen the smash and grab videos by now. you can't get batteries. i can't go to cvs without it being locked up. the deodorant is under lock and key. these are the same companies by the way that paid ransom to blm and now want protection from the policies that they paid for. at least the leaders in minneapolis and oakland have come to their senses. they have taken the o. they have moved on. how about those ceos? here in new york city by the way outgoing mayor and world-renowned big foot impersonator bill de blasio is turning a blind tie crime. filled the streets of the big apple under de blasio murders have jumped significantly from 269, that's back in 2017 up to
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443 this year. still a couple of weeks to go. how does de blasio by the way respond to that spike in murders? >> 8 years i have been mayor, index crime, major crimes in new york city down 11% over 8 years. and we did it bringing police and community closer together. so, the key is to overcome this horrible patch we have had in the covid era all over this country. the bottom line is that there is today in new york city a much safer city than we were 8 years ago. >> will: it's safer except for, you know, murder. and the families of those victims by the way here in new york they know firsthand that bill de blasio is lying and will continue to lie. now, what's most troubling about this it's not new. democrats have been soft on crime not just in big cities but all across this country and the american people have completely
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lost faith in the ability of democrats to keep them safe. hook at this poll from abc. 36% of the americans approve of the way joe biden is handling crime. 61% disapprove. so, how did biden and democrats convince people they can keep your streets safe? well, maybe by starters, they could actually take crime seriously. for example, maybe joe biden and kamala harris could visit waukesha, wisconsin. you remember walk saw the site of the christmas parade massacre described by cnn as a big car accident it wasn't, it was a massacre. and the white house is responding by sending in the first lady jill biden and second gentlemen doug imhoff to the site of this tragedy. now, if you are one of the families of the dancing grannies who were murdered is that who you want to see the second gentlemen? look, we are not hating on doug here but can you think of a
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title that carries less gravitas, second gentleman? by the way could you pick doug imhoff out of a lineup? let's try. take a look here. which one of those guys is doug imhoff? just pick one. can you really do it without going to google right now? i think it's not the one on the far right. my suspicion is the people of waukesha won't know who they are talking to either. and they will have to be told oh it's the second gentleman. oh,look, maybe if democrats took crime seriously they would send someone in who could actually change policy. a politician who cares. a prosecutor willing to prosecute crime or a radical idea. how about a cop to stop crime before it happens? how about not the second gentleman? how about not the second string for a photo op.? let's turn now to a friend of the program. let's turn to dana loesch
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nationally syndicated radio host. dana, always great to see you. i think i'm going to ask you the toughest question. >> great to see you as well. >> will: i don't really honestly know the answer, to dana. why? why are democrats not just tolerating what we have seen over the past year but i think encouraging this kind of lawlessness. >> that's the million dollars question and so good to see you will, thanks for having me. it is the million dollars question. i would hate to think that they just want do aseed chaos but at the same time, what could they expect when you have weak judges. when you have weak district attorneys. in fact, the common sense institute out of colorado just did an amazing study. they did a deep dive into colorado's crime which i think you can pretty much extend to the rest of the country and actually look at what democrats' idea of quote unquote restorative justice what it's actually doing to recidivism. what it is doing to violent crime. overall nationally, we have this a decree in crime. there are major cities that have this restorative justice problem
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that they are about coddling the criminal over actually following the law and making sure that victims receive justice and it's interesting that the highest homicide rates are coming under some of these d.a.s that are the weakest when it comes to criminality. when you couple that with we have had the defund the police movement now that you are seeing everybody is refund the police and complete encourage. by the left to drop confidence and loss of morale in our policing. what do you expect? of course have lawlessness like this and it's preventable. can. >> will: let me see if i fully understand the concept, dana. restorative justice. this is the belief that many on the left, i believe have that we are going to skip of stage of accountability and go straight to the stage of reaction. it's important by the way. we all agree that rehabilitation is an important part of the
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punishment process of crime. prosecutors were completely skipping the accountsability step. >> you are exactly right. i wrote about this in my newsletter chapter and verse and can you see it with walk saw and see it in the d.a. there. in fact, one of the reasons that the parade murderer was out on the streets is because he had his bail reduced we all the agree in redemption. can you believe that but you also have to recognize that justice and grace can coexist. and they need to coexist in this country, not just for the sake of law and order but also for the sake of justice for the victim. i mean, otherwise, our system, our system is a republic found on laws, we are all equal before the law and all equal beaten neath the law unless you are hunter biden when you violate it this is why this is so incredibly important. you are right. it skips through the justice part and it goes right to healing for the criminal and the
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victim. you have to -- northward to have healing, you will have to have some reconciliation here. you have to have a sense of justice. we can't have weak d.a.s. people need to pay attention who they are voting for in local elections. they matter. >> will: one last question i pointed to the fact that the second gentlemen will be going to waukesha. i'm just curious. what can you say to these families? same thing in minneapolis by the way after defunding the police and you rise in the murder rate by 47 individuals, 47 people. i pointed out children here in both instances waukesha and the city of minneapolis who lost their lives. what is there to say to the families of these victims? >> really what they need to say, will, they need to say we are sorry our approach to law and order is not working and so we need to go back to stronger deterrence. furthermore, maybe we should encourage some things that the private sector can do in the community to maybe raise up generations of people don't feel
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that lawlessness is allowed and rewarded with weak deterrence. when you talk about strong family homes. when you talk about virtue. i mean our founders didn't believe that a remust be biblical could exist without the principles of virtue. maybe get back to some of these things godless vitterless government can't give to the people. that would be a great start. they could apologize restorative justice and weak law enforcement. >> will: you start with i'm sorry. thank you, deign. >> that thanks, will. >> will: also here tonight michael shellenberger san fran sico. why progressives ruin cities. there is a question, mike, why? >> thanks for having me. well, in san fran-sicko why is it progressives care so much about the victims of the police but less so or not at all about victims of other civilians so 30
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times more african-americans are killed by other civilians than killed by the police. and progressive d.a.s have put in a southwest rules and laws. they have administered the laws in ways that basically let criminals off the hook without restoring justice to the victims because they view the criminals as victims of the system. and we see this time and time again. we have seen felonies reduced to you misdemeanors. we see misdemeanors basically dismissed by a progressive d.a.s, i mean, you mentioned before apologies to the victims. i think we need to apologize to our police, police were demonized, demoralized. key funded, now some of that money is coming back big part of this is congress is call impact on police. many police forces lack 300 or 400 or 500 police officers short of the minimum that they need. we have to restore some confidence and faith in our police because they're essential
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to stopping crime. >> will: i want to follow up on something that you said and i'm sure you wrote about in san fran sicko. you have done the research and looked into ideas. their belief is that the system is evil and the true victims are the victims of the system. we all by the way think the system can be improved and aspects of the system that we all have deep disagreements with. but to say that the system and in case you are talking about the criminal justice system is evil, is quite an indictment, and i have to believe ultimately this does gravitate back towards race. what is it about the system that they would indict as evil? >> well, it is about race a bit although it's really paradoxical. what we saw last week is philadelphia's white progressive district attorney completely deny that philadelphia was having record homicides. the former african-american mayor of philadelphia attacked district attorney saying that he was diminishing the problem he
4:16 pm
pointed out that when he was mayor they made progress on reducing police violence but it wasn't by tearing down the system. we see this again and again by demonizing the -- our entire capitalist democratic system and leading to radical solutions. that's how we got rid of psychiatric hospitals. that's why they are getting rid of police stations. that's why they are getting rid of so many of the institutions we need for a safe and funsing society. >> will: as you pointed out and so did i the victims of these crimes are more often than not the very minorities they pretend to protect. mike shellenberger, great to talk to you tonight. >> thanks for having me. >> will: when we come back, kamala tries to gas up electric car. you got to see this. you have got to hear this next on "fox news primetime."
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>> will: kamala harris has disappointed i think it's fair to say joe biden has given her from outer space to the border. that' doesn't stop her from getting more jobs. today she became america's first electric vehicle czar. kamala snows next to nothing about electric cars and honestly who does, i don't. that's not keeping kamala from trying. watch. this it's plugged in. plugged in to normal electric socket, flight there we are. >> that's it. >> and there is no sound or fumes. >> there is nothing. >> for all of us used to filling our tanks, you usually can smell it and you can hear it. you can hear the guzzling sound. >> right. >> none of that. so how do i know it's actually working? >> it is. [laughter] >> will: no sound or fumes.
4:23 pm
i can't hear it gurgling how do i know it's working? so relatable? at least she likes to snift gas. everyone likes the smell of gasoline that's relatable. charlie kirk and fox news contributor mollie hemingway. good evening to you both. charlie, how does she manage to be so relatable? >> yeah, you know, she a woman of the people woman of the people there is that laugh again. put her in charge of electric cars she knows nothing of. progressive starter pack you have to properly know how to put on a mask go to the juice bar. also know each other's pronouns and how electric vehicle works. current aspect of this regime change everything to electric cars. i don't know, kamala, when you plug in your iphone does it make any noises? that's actually how electricity works. this is no surprise she has no idea what she is doing with anything they task her with. deeper thing at play want to
4:24 pm
get. to say nationalize electric vehicles. get away from the privatization of it have people like fauci running electric vehicles and less like elon musk. >> will: i will get to that in just one moment. you pointed out something charlie insane part of that video. mollie she is wearing her mask outdoors. here is maybe i guess for politico the more serious point. kamala's image is a problem this relatability thing is a problem. it was blamed on staff. she has had almost a complete staff turnover, so it really can't be her support staff that's the problem, can it? >> no. and, you know, making her a czar over electric vehicles which isn't part of our economy that's actually going pretty well and doesn't need a czar. czars are put in charge of complex situations where you need to navigate multiple agencies and deal with complex problems. she was put in charge of one ever those difficult things which was the border. she could have taken that opportunity to show herself to be a serious person who has the
4:25 pm
chops to become president. everybody knows that joe biden, who is also struggling mightily is probably not going to make it to a second term. she is a natural person you would think through but she has to show that she is up for it even though she is a former senator they haven't put her in charge of any legislation. point out you compared this to the previous administration. we were told that this administration, the biden-harris administration was one where the adults would be in charge unlike the previous one. well, in the previous one president trump trusted mike pence to work on legislative issues that were very important like corporate tax reform, covid relief was the thing he did in the last year. he was a former governor. he worked on very serious issues. this woman, who is a former senator seems to be given busy work because she is such a disaster any time she touches anything. >> will: that is exactly what it looks like by the way busy work. let's go what charlie alluded to here. go to the deeper point you talked about elon musk electric cars.
4:26 pm
the guy in charge the biggest electric car company in the country seems fairly uninterested in the biden administration's help. watch this interview with the "wall street journal." >> what do you need? what are your needs. >> we don't think about it at all really. don't touch it that's my recommendation. >> what about the support bill for the charging -- i mean there are parts of this bill. >> unnecessary. >> no? >> no. i mean, you know do we need support for gas stations? we don't. delete it. >> there are good things in bill some would argue, a lot of the money earmarked for r and d. would you want to put that towards something? >> no. >> will: delete it delete. charlie, get to your deeper point here. elon musk is uninterested in build back better and uninterested in federal subsidies. >> yeah. i think that elon sees a trend that he wants to prevent which is the same way that we had amtrak along the eastern corridor of the united states which is incredibly inefficient,
4:27 pm
corrupt and never on time. worried about with the federal government intervening have a taxpayer federal government takeover of what is now a largely market dominated industry. and i think that's one of the reasons we are a world leader in this industry. and elon musk is far more innovated and works a lot more harder and entrepreneurial than anyone who would work for the department of energy or e.p.a. elon is blunt straight to the facts nature is something that most journalists is not used to. >> will: disinterest in getting government money somebody stands to benefit here. elon doesn't seem to be one of those who want the benefit. >> you know, the rest of that interview was interesting where he talked a little bit too favorably toward china, i think. >> china of course is benefiting mightily from the expansion of electric vehicle and tesla has a lot of its work there, too. it would be nice to see the biden harris administration tougher stance towards china stands to gain from cold war with the united states.
4:28 pm
>> will: always someone to benefit. mollie and charlie we benefited from you both being here tonight. thank you both so much. >> thank you. >> will: we have the latest on the devastating tornadoes that destroyed multiple states and took the lives of at least 74. while families mourn democrats run surprisingly using the strategy to push their twisted agenda. find out how next. ♪
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♪ baby got back by sir mix-a-lot ♪ unlimited cashback match... only from discover. ♪ >> will: fox news alert. parts of the south and midwest are completely destroyed after a string of tornadoes ripped through several states this past weekend. kentucky saw an immense amount of damage where at least 74 people have been killed. fox news correspondent mike tobin on the ground in mayfield, kentucky and he joins me now. mike? >> i can tell you the power crews are still coming and going but the big shovels and trucks hauling away the debris they have all stopped now as night has fallen over this region. mostly what we see are big piles
4:34 pm
of bricks. twisted steel. the exception in mayfield if there even is one a building not significantly damaged because of the force of this tornado. some of the rescue crews were working today specifically saw task force one out of missouri with the rescue dog note i said rescue dog not cadaver dog because the officials out here are still holding out hope despite three cold nights out in the elements there could be void spaces in the debris where you still could possibly find survivors. i talked with one restaurant owner today who lost the entire building. he said that business got tough during the pandemic. still he intends to rebuild. >> was your insurance all paid up? >> for what we had, yes. during the pandemic, you know, you got to kind of let things slide a little bit because there was no business. >> now the governor of kentucky said the death toll today rose to 74 and it could continue to rise because you still have 109
4:35 pm
people who are ununaccounted for. victims include children and even infants. that fact came a little too much to bear as the first lady participated in the emergency briefing. >> as a mom, wife, daughter and friend, -- >> as a mom wife daughter and friend britney can only imagine the grief that kentuckyens are still feeling. >> 500 homes without power and another cold night setting in out here. will, i have got to tell you this tornado of all that i have covered is unique because generally you will see a tornado will bounce along and cut a short path of destruction. oftentimes they touch down in open areas and don't destroy anything of civilization. this was unique because it got a foot hold to the southwest of here. and just cut a path like a lawn
4:36 pm
mower for 227 miles causing so much destruction. really haven't seen anything like this before, will. >> will: just awful. so sad. thank you, mike. what happened there in the south and midwest is absolutely tragic. but, of course, joe biden and democrats never let a crisis go to waste. so this weekend he used the destruction of the storms of an opportunity to push his climate agenda. the intensity of the weather across the board on the planet and climate change. the specific impact on these specific storms i can't say at this point. i'm going to be asking the e.p.a. and others to take a look at that but the fact is that we all know everything is more intense when the climate is warming. everything. >> will: joining me now to react douglas murray the author of
4:37 pm
"madness of the crowd" in a way democrats have been honesty about their philosophy never let a crisis go to waste whether or not that's a mass shooting. stand on the graves of children and push for gun control. a pandemic you push for policies. a tornado you push for climate change policies. >> i can save president biden the having to ask experts on this. there is abundant evidence that there has been no change in the frequency of tornadoes in the united states of america in recent decades. that is not my view. that's a view of, for instance, the economist magazine that wrote this only recently the economists is not a far right publication. it's a center left publication it was clear about that. the data shows that. no increase no change in the number of tornadoes affecting the united states in recent decades. give you another stat but, again, the democrats never want
4:38 pm
to dwell on this because they have forgotten that there have always been throughout human history been what we used to call natural disasters. natural disasters are used by democrats and people on the climate left in particular as just another opportunity to push a particular political ideology. there has, for instance, been no -- there has actually been a reduction since 1900 in the number of hurricanes that make landfall in the u.s. a reduction. when is the last time anyone heard that from a democrat or official. all it is rehear whether it's a fire, whether it's a hurricane, a tornado, all we hear this is why we have got to do more on climate change. >> will: you know, douglas, and by the way the president wasn't even the worst offender of this take a look at quick tweet by actor mark ruffalo. this is what it looks like. only worse for me.
4:39 pm
now is time to fight for suffering and despairing youth. your look is madness of the crowd. most definitely when they are driven to panic and fear by would be leaders and pandemic and gun violence and climate change how does a crowd not go mad when fed this kind of fear? >> that's right. look at that tweet you just quoted our despairing youth. why would youth in america be despairing? what have they got to despair about? compared to any generation in american history before this one, they have got less than anyone to despair about. if there are despairing youth then we discussed this before, the stats show that significant young people are indeed in a kind of panic because they have been told by the adults to panic. they have been told they were going to burn to death or get blown away. this has to be addressed.
4:40 pm
you can't have despair in youth. you have got to get the facts to the young. >> will: douglas murray, always wise. thank you so much. speaking of what douglas was just talking about, fauci, by the way, tried to play the role of boogie man and scare the hell out of children. why? in service of boosters. shots, maybe every year. every month? why not every week? dr. scott atlas is up next ♪ limu emu... & doug ♪ ♪ superpowers from a spider bite? i could use some help showing the world how liberty mutual customizes their car insurance so they only pay for what they need. (gasps) ♪ did it work? only pay for what you need ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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♪ >> will: over the weekend a mother and daughter in texas were killed after a human smuggler crashed into them with his car while he was fleeing border police. fox news bill melugin joins us from the texas border with the latest. bill? >> will, good evening to you. we have learned that the suspected human smuggler involved in this cash is an 18-year-old hospitalized due to his injuries and because of that he was not able to be arraigned on those charges today. we will get right to the horrible story and show you the video. take a look at this. that was saturday afternoon down in the rio grande valley mission, texas. law enforcement telling us a human smuggler was fleeing from police when his car was loaded up with illegal immigrants.
4:46 pm
he flew through intersection and slammed into a vehicle belonging to texas mother and daughter none of them survived that crash. they were ages 59 and 22 you can see some of the photos. one of the migrants got launched through the windshield of that human smuggler's vehicle. again, the mother and daughter locals from mission, texas but six illegal immigrants and the driver were all arrested but the driver has not officially been charged yet because he is still in the hospital. one more thing to show you, talk about how busy the border has been lately. this is del rio, sector where we were last night. we went out in the late early morning hours elite units working the private ranches in kenny county. 10 miles inland from the border. illegal immigrant runners. dressed in black and camo not giving up. not claiming asylum. not turning themselves. in these people want to get away. just in the span of a couple hours we saw troopers arrest dozens upon doesens of people
4:47 pm
out there. all of the single adult men are not being handed by border patrol by the state of texas. texas is arresting and jailing all of them for criminal trespassing and back out here live we're going to go out with those troopers again tonight. we will see what we get the del rio sector has been incredibly busy the dh source telling us more than 70,000 apprehensions since october 1st, that's 235% increase over the same time frame last year. will, send it back to you. >> will: thanks so much. bill. i have seen that insanity, those load out vehicles racing down the road. you have no idea the impact that has on local communities. so, speaking of insanity, you have seen what's happening with the new omicron variant democrats across the country using it as justification to bring back all of the height of the pandemic rules all the restrictions of course, of course more shots. never mind that omicron appears to be mild and maybe insignificant maybe not not fair because it could actually be good.
4:48 pm
get back to significance in just one moment. let me tell you one thing, dr. fauci is he loving every minute of this. >> he talked about the advantages of the booster. should would he be thinking about three shots now as the standard of care? >> well, i certainly think, george, it's the optimal care. if it becomes necessary to get yet another boost and then we will just have to deal with it when that occurs. >> will: joining me now dr. scott atlas former member of the white house covid task force and plague-a-thon. great to speak with you tonight. small numbers, 43 omicron cases in the united states. 34 people who had already been vaccinated. 14, a third of those had already received their booster. so how is the answer always the same, no matter the question, more, more shots. to the exclusion of anything else. therapeutics or any other treatment always more shots. >> well, thanks for having me. i think you are pointing out
4:49 pm
what i saw when i was in the white house in looking -- sitting on the task force there is a lack of critical thinking. there is a difference between casessenned cases severe disease or death. in south africa had this almost four weeks now. the cases are mild. there are no deaths there. we have to think about this. why would the cases be mild? a, it could be that the variant is mild. b, it could be that the expected protection from natural immunity is there for this and, therefore no, severe disease and no significant death. or it could be the vaccine itself has significant protection against severe disease and death. this is what the data shows by the way. so, you know, there is no reason to change policy right now or to panic. there is another reason not to. it's not just that we don't know. it's that one thing we do know there will be more variants. this is what happens, this is medical student immunology first year when you are coming out of
4:50 pm
a viral pandemic virus mutates more variants and as we expect with this variants are less lethal. someone in public health leadership at some point should set the americans straight on what to expect. this is expected, that there are variants. and it's expected that they are less lethal. so let's see what happens here. we don't have all the data but, you know, this kind of like you said are we going to get a booster every month? every three months add infinitum forever is that what we are going to do as a society. >> will: i have go to run more mutations and variant it could be the end of the pandemic as it gets more mild. dr. atlas i have much more i would love to talk to you about. we will do it some other time. thank you for coming on with me tonight. >> okay. >> will: football fans take the game in their own hands. my buddy pete hegseth goes on the clock next. ♪ ♪ christmas music ♪
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>> there's only a few seconds left in the show. in fact, i'm getting yelled out during the break for burning too much time that's why we are down to three stories, 60 seconds. you know how it goes. i am getting berated about how much time of burned. humanlike new robotic head looks and moves, talking about a robot here. at that. do you see that on your screen? my goodness. >> i'm prepared. >> are you prepared to fight it, make it your best friend, are you prepared for the invasion? >> any of the above. i'm actually prepared for it to replace us because when you came on fox & friends, there were actual cameramen behind the cameras so the camera men became robots and now they are robots and you just mentioned how the producers were yelling at you because you are using too much
4:57 pm
time. that happens to us all the time on fox & friends weekend they would wrap perfectly, stay on perfect time cues, would never miss a headline i never miss anything. so i give us four or five years before fox and fox & friends weekend is run by robots that look nothing like us. >> i predict you will have a house full of robots that never question your authorities. >> that would be a dream. >> up next, overwhelmed after receiving a $2,200 tip from customers. we talked about this but this is new, the good times didn't last. she was fired days later because the restaurant and said she needed to split the tips. what she did as she went back to the table and said they're going to make me split it with the rest of the staff and the customer said that's not right, we will make it straight out to you so she was fired from her job for sharing that with the customer. >> the policy from what i understand reading the story of the restaurant as they never
4:58 pm
split it amongst everybody for some reason in this instance, a group of 40 people, her and her partner both serve the table so she wants her key. it i don't know. it sounds like there's a little bit more to the story because the other server got to keep the 2,000 and is still working there. i'm a fax guy, i don't like to speculate usually come in this case, i'm going to hold off. >> i could go 10 minutes on this, i could do 10 minutes on this story with you and the ethical nature or unethical nature of splitting tips but we are going to move on. check this out. this is a georgia high school state championship game, football, american sport. it came down to the wire. watch high school students start running around, sprinting around the stadium because they are trying to distract the kicker. in you were a basketball player and this is what they do when you're taking free throws are you guys behind the free throws
4:59 pm
distracted? with this distract you? >> in high school, i was taking the free throws and in college i was on the bench but what i will say is this is georgia, they love their football. a lot of commitment. another detail because i'm prepared shockingly for tonight, the kicker had not tried a field goal all year long. he'd only kicked extra points of the georgia football finals so you give the students a little bit of credit and you've got to love the dedication. the thing is, the game was only seen by a few people because it aired on cnn plus so there's only a few people. >> this actually hurts me a little bit and i've told you this, i've got an eighth grader who is fashioning himself as a punter and it's his first year and i don't want them doing that to him if he is never attempted to kick all year. so much pressure on a kicker, so little reward. >> stick with theunter, so
5:00 pm
much less pressure on a punter than a kicker. >> we will see you tomorrow night. thanks for watching fox news prime time, don't forget to check out the will cain podcast, new episodes every monday, wednesday, and friday. good interviews, more takes, more hanging out with me but for now, i'll be back here tomorrow and you get to hang out with tucker carlson which starts right now. ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight," happy monday. so imagine this happen to you. you are sitting on an airplane taxiing down the runway on a trip out of the country. all of a sudden, the plane stops and is surrounded by military police, armed men stormed the aircraft and drag a man from his seat so of course, you assume at first terrorism has just been averted. the passenger must have been trying to blow up the plane with a shoe bomb or something.
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