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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  December 14, 2021 9:00am-10:00am PST

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>> most mandates are making a comeback with critics now blasting the true blue states that are we imposing indoor masking for everyone including the vaccinated and even in areas with low covert infection rates. this was "outnumbered." i'm emily compagno jordan bone my cohost harris faulkner, fox business correspondent lauren simonetti and in the center seat pete hegseth.
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check out the growing number of democratic states requiring masks indoors regardless of vaccination status with the new rule set to take effect in california tomorrow. it but it's already in pace of my place in new york and they are lashing out against the policy that has the mast at their desk for upwards of eight hours a day. it today's "new york post" front page submitted up this way, "face it, this is ridiculous. it did no one's surprise, there is still a lot of confusion over this so in new york city where we sit, there is yet to be guidelines issued by the city in terms of enforcement. we know that it carries a violation of $1,000 or a fine of $1,000 per violation but we don't have those enforcement guidelines so what are the city workers supposed to do? 's >> harris: is that per worker, per incident, is it a pe on? if you've got a budget and what small to midsize business
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doesn't, even the big ones, you're going to need to know. i call this mass confusion because that's what it is. and it feels political because a lot of it is taking effect in late december when some democrats are coming in and out of office mayor de blasio of new york city folding and more and more mandating so the big question is how much of money does this because the economy and why is it that we can figure out how to at least make things better for our children? forget about us for a second, we've done nothing to improve the lives of the little ones who go to school and wear masks all day for eight hours anyway. >> emily: harris brings up the economy and business owners and frankly there's a heavy burden on business owners struggling with rising costs and inflation and a diminished retail season in one business owner here in
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brooklyn said i'm not telling them to put a mask on, i'm not telling you what to do, i'm a business owner, not a law enforcement person. >> lauren: and why would you tell your customers what to do when 9 out of 10 new yorkers are fully vaccinated and many are boosted? what exactly is the problem or is the solution by these mandates? you are boosted, but you still have to wear a mask when you come in here. that hurts everybody. the unemployment rate in new york city is almost 9.5%, just 8% of office workers are at their desks five days a week. these numbers are terrible. you want new york city to be hustling and bustling again and felt like we were kind of getting there until a few weeks ago, this is the christmas season, kind of quiet and rules like this do anything but help the economy of the once bustling new york city.
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>> emily: building on the lawrence stats, we mention california, officials there are citing a 47% increase in infections since thanksgiving, that is why they say they're implementing that mask but the lawrence point here in new york, there are less workers and the adult vaccination rate is 90%. the covert positivity rate is at a state low here in the city of 2.8%. this order here goes further than cuomo ever that even when new york city was the highest rate of covid infections and seeing a stricter rule now. why is that? >> i wish these blue state governors would take the rising crime rates and murder rates in their state seriously as they supposedly take covid. a >> harris: preach it. >> i would also say someone pointed this out on twitter, but they kept showing in hollywood in new york these gobblers and events where you have people who
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are working standing up -- i used to be a waitress, he is to be a server's, but they are all messed up and then you see the celebrities on the politicians without the mask and it's just reeks of elitism and really just looks terrible to have working people in masks while the elite and we see this every day are running around with other mask on. it's very hypocritical. finally, i would just say you talked about regional approaches could never be more happy to be in the great state of tennessee then right now and it will be fascinating to see you in a few years how many people we had moved out of the blue states into red states because of some of these mandates. >> emily: the economic and mental health ramifications are. i wanted to ask you about the military, so the air force has just discharged 27 of their service members and what we think is the first of its kind, the first to be removed for
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disobeying the mandate to get the shots. none of those service members requested religious or medical or administrative exemptions and we don't know what the air force discharge looks like. we know legislation has winding its way through congress to ensure an honorable discharge or one that is not dishonorable but we don't know the circumstances surrounding what will be the civic penalty on the livelihood penalty on these guys and this might signal a wave of deeply troubling when it comes to our military. >> pete: you're right, this is just the beginning. the air force is the first, every other branch is going to have their own way in which they enforce this. i don't like it at all obviously, has nothing to do with readiness and personal health, nothing to do with service to your country and how that's done honorably. it has everything to do with the absolute control the military does have over your life when you sign on that dotted line. as much as i take great issue
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with what is happening in these eight states the mothers not a lot of recourse, i can't even count the amount of vaccines that were jabbed into my arm before i deployed multiple times most of which i had no idea what they were. now an experimental vaccine, they can make an objection, probably will be constitutional challenges but there are limited recourses and chain of command says you will do this. hopefully the backlash of getting rid of seasoned professional experienced members of our military because they already had covid and they want to make a personal health choice, that backlash is real and doesn't help our country. on the overall aspect, this is all punitive. this is all punishment. this is trying to fit in the vaccinated against the unvaccinated ultimately for a
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strain of omicron which is not deadly at all, extremely mild, thank goodness. very transmissible but extremely mild and we know that they can both transmit and yet you're telling people are vaccinated to put a mask on and ostracizing people who aren't for choices they've made, it's all about punishment and it's all punitive and it will stop at nothing to get what they want. >> harris: if you would allow me, i like to step in for one second because what pete is talking about is what we've known since the beginning of november because south africa was open and transparent when omicron popped up which was yes, it is quick spreading but didn't know scientifically if it would out jump the reach of vaccines but people who are vaccinated were probably going to do better with it and turns are any of covid can be deadly, we pray this one stays where it is but today, going in the opposite direction. it's not becoming even as widespread as delta and pete is
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speaking the truth when he says this. the question is, why are the rest of us being told this by the white house? they are setting things into motion and is said i'm doing with the president can't do, i'm going to do even more with vaccine mandates. it's like a performative broadway hit of can i outdo you on controlling people's lives from the left. we'll have to see how that works out for them but if people figure this out and it hurts them in the pocketbook, 2020 is going to look worse than ever could. republicans will be eating popcorn when people go to the polls. >> emily: and in the midterms in 2022. the commensurate public confusion grows wider with the mandates growing tighter and stronger and bigger then so too is there an erosion of people's ability to take exception. it has been eroded for their
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leverage... religious beliefs, there is zero inclusion for those frankly millions of americans who take substantive worthwhile exception for reasons that up until now were protected and now seem to be ignored. it's >> pete: zero exemptions, zero consideration, 100% compliance is all they demand. it that's what we are looking across the horizon at and it is starting to pick people's against each other in a way that it shouldn't. we are going backwards and what are we undermining more than anything else? public health confidence. now when you were telling vaccinated people to put a mask back on at their desk, you are demonstrating how this has nothing to do with science, everybody knows it, it has to do with control. in >> lauren: just to say quicky to remind everyone, talk to your
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primary care doctor. operation warp speed happen under president trump, president trump got vaccinated, make this decision with your doctor. >> emily: great conversation. coming up, police say social media is playing a major role in the troubling wave of smash and grab robberies as looters use messaging apps to get dozens of people to target a single store at a time. that's next. graine medicine. it's ubrelvy. one dose can quickly stop my migraine in its tracks within 2 hours. don't take with strong cyp3a4 inhibitors. most common side effects were nausea and tiredness. ask about ubrelvy, the anytime, anywhere migraine medicine. ok everyone, our mission is to provide complete, balanced nutrition for strength and energy. whoo hoo! ensure, with 27 vitamins and minerals, now introducing ensure complete! with 30 grams of protein.
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comcast business. powering possibilities. >> harris: social media fueling the crime crisis taking over many democrat lead cities. it policing california say some recent smash and grab robberies including an attack on that luxury store in san francisco where organized online with messaging apps like snapchat
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brought complete strangers together to commit a common crime. and a crime in common. the suspects often don't know each other at all and what police are saying is that they've never seen anything like this and it makes catching the suspects even more difficult. remember, bill reform means if you do catch them, they get right back out but you've got to catch them first and this makes it hard. around 90 people ransacked of bay area nordstrom last month taking more than $100,000 worth of merchandise and escaping in 25 separate vehicles the only three suspects were arrested in all of this and in suburban minneapolis, a large group targeted three separate best buy stores on like friday, still no arrests at all and that. district attorney is investigating and says "this isn't the godfather by any
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stretch, it's the modern version of there's a party tonight and suddenly you have 100 kids showing up. it but the parties crime. >> pete: it's one thing if these are games and organizations leveraging opportunities but it's another thing of its regular people ultimately inclined to commit crimes seeking brand-new opportunity, a brand-new wide open space where the police have been told to effectively stand down or they've been defunded so there aren't as many of them, they can't be everywhere and then you have a catch and release policy where people are let out right away so there is effectively no consequence so i wouldn't forget together, look at this guy right here, he is very covid compliant and the other on his forehead. it it's true, i've seen it a bunch of times where the only thing covid has to do with it is they've got the masks, covid has
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nothing to do with this. it is everything to do with left-wing democrats making crime easy, making target soft and telling law enforcement, making it impossible for law enforcement to do their jobs. now put apps together to organize, just too easy. >> harris: i want to stay with you for a second, keep these pictures up for a moment because what you're describing is really what we saw during the breaches of the peaceful protesting post-george floyd last year. you had of rioters, looters, and violent criminals among them doing this. this is just now a bit more organized and make no mistake about it, they may have been happening at 3:00 a.m. and this is happening in the daytime, all of it is dangerous. >> all of it is dangerous and this is a result of no consequences from the left. we saw headline after headline of das being no charges will be brought from rioting, for looting, for arson and when you
9:19 am
get away with that type of stuff, why not go into a prada store, jewelry store, 20 minutes from where my parents live. it is total opportunistic and they think they can get away with it. >> harris: imagine being in a store where that is unfolding. that is my greatest fear because when you've got 20, 30 people going into a home depot which also happened in the minneapolis area or wherever it's breaking out, nordstrom and california, wherever it is. you have people in those retailers when those guys come in, you don't think that they plan to leave? they will do whatever is necessary to get out of that store whether you are in the way or not. >> lauren: and ends any store you go into. it's a louis vuitton and his walgreens, you name it. they are doing it because they can. part of the solution is federal money for cities like
9:20 am
san francisco and los angeles to put more cops on the beat. there is an anti-cop sentiment. in dozens more in those cities, that's great, they will do those jobs and arrest those people, the problem is the das aren't doing their job, what they were elected to do than putting them right back out on the streets. so it's like a revolving problem and the tourists and shoppers are staying away an intern that hurts the cities because it hurts their economies especially the small mom-and-pop stores because that's how you get the traffic. people stay away, that hurts the big on the small businesses alike. >> harris: so what can we do with platforms like snapchat? do we hold them accountable for being the platform where people create a flash mob to hit the nordstrom or whatever it is or do they play no complicity at all in any of this?
9:21 am
>> such a great question and one that is playing out right now and multiple regulatory investigations including by congress into the social media platforms to say you do hold responsibility for people using your platforms to commit crimes large and small. i really love that quote about this isn't some type of organized cartel crime although we see them too using our social media platforms to organize and recruit, this is absolutely like join us here and here but here's what's interesting and in this situation, the snapchat books person came out and said we didn't find any evidence of that. in contrast the law enforcement saying there's a ton of evidence of these kids using your platform to result in as you know assault and battery and even death in one of those stores so i think we're going to see an interesting nexus, but stay tuned for them to be held accountable because as of now, they say they have none. >> harris: so it's interesting
9:22 am
because snapchat has fashioned itself as one of those platforms like instagram story that things go away in 24 hours but that doesn't mean that you can't snap your own chat. i see something and i want to snap it, that lives in my phone forever and i have to imagine that's what the cops are doing and if they can find it, certainly snapchat another platforms can come up with an algorithm to have the evidence held on the server or on somebody's phone. it's not brain surgery. >> morgan: on twitter, they can flag or suspend his account when they don't like an arbitrary tweet by him. so if they can block a pete hegseth wheat, they can work with the authorities to stop rampant crime in our major cities. they have the capability to do it, don't let anyone fool you, they can. >> harris: it can end in harm
9:23 am
and death. you get that many strangers together, you don't know which of them walked in with a previous crime he wouldn't want to be associated with. we'll move on, just ahead vice president emily harris all charged up about the bite and build back better and electric car charging stations but what what should be without another awkward moment? we mean that with all sincerity because it can happen to anybody but it seems to happen to her and what did she do? she giggled. that's next. helen knew exercise could help her diabetes. but she didn't know what was right for her. no. nope. no way. but then helen went from no to know. with freestyle libre 2, now she knows what activity helps lower her glucose.
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>> we want more families in america to be able to afford an electric car that is made in america.
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>> emily: vice president kamala harris pushing biden's massive spending plan and the push for electric cars but the vice president also turning heads with this awkward moment when she showed how to use one of the cars. >> there we are. >> that's it. >> there is no sound or fumes. >> that's nothing, that's all there is to it. >> you can usually smell it and you can hear it, can hear the guzzling sound, none of that. how did i know it's actually working? >> it is. >> emily: pete hegseth, your thoughts. >> pete: when i sat on the bench in three years in i went to my coach and said coach, why don't you play me? and he said pete, if you are a good player, if you are better, i would play you. this is an example of she's just
9:29 am
not good at her job and these news reports keep coming out that she does and prepare very well, doesn't read the briefing book, you put her out to sell something and suddenly she unsettles it and makes herself the story and then awkwardly laughs so you can't ask her a tough question, she doesn't know what she's really selling and we get to pay for all these electric charging stations across the country. electricity which is powered by something other than that which is a different energy source which may or may not be clean but they don't want to talk about that. >> emily: despite the obvious and everything that pete pointed out, there are many media outlets that come to the vice president's defense and as she faces those low approval ratings speech is mentioned, we have political writing it's not all her fault, her boss' numbers are slipping and she has been handed a portfolio of friction filled policy issues like immigration and voting rights. she's also taken heat from media that her defenders say is unique
9:30 am
to the first female black and south asian vice president. >> morgan: i think there are two different issues going on here. as it relates to her popularity or lack thereof, i would say that she is in my mind too focused on potentially running in '24 and getting people to like her. and when she's actually the most effective if you go back and look at her grilling people when she was in the senate on the judicial committee, she is tough as nails. i would not want to be across from her, she's a prosecutor, attorney general and i wish she would stop focusing on trying to have people like her and focus on the things that actually made her effective from her party's perspective in office. also remember that democrats running for statewide office in california have endured since ronald reagan, had complete autonomy of this state except for one republican governor. so they're just not used to having to deal with republicans, they're not used to having to speak to both sides because the
9:31 am
fight in california is in the primary. finally, electric vehicles, you guys know i look at everything from an international perspective, canada and mexico are really hot to trot over this proposed subsidy that biden is putting forth, it would violate usmca which is the free trade agreement that replaced a nafta which president trump negotiated so there's a lot more on this issue that we will have to pay close attention to on the policy side. >> emily: what are your thoughts on that especially the impact on domestic economy here? >> the push to go green is real and the goals to have electric vehicles on the road are really robust by automakers. it's the american public where the politicians are and the automakers are following, i'm not sure. a lot of polling does show that if you can make the cars and build the batteries here in the u.s. that more americans would be inclined to buy an electric
9:32 am
vehicle and of course, you get the subsidies. the deal with vice president harris and i appreciate her demonstration. we are going green, we need more charging stations but this push is miss aligns her with where the public is in the white house is so concerned about two things. going green in social justice where americans are concerned about inflation and their safety because of crime. so there's this massive on alignment between the vice president and the people right now and that explains why her poll numbers are lower than her bosses. >> emily: harris? >> harris: so no one thought to give her a quick one paragraph arm when you plug-in your toaster and push it, does it make a noise? car works the same way if it's electric.
9:33 am
right? no one thought to tell her that for a while when they were starting to make cars, people were so confused by electric cars since some of them have a fake sound in them so you can hear the turnover of the fake engine so that people know that they are on. that way, she could have may be made a joke like they didn't put that in this one so it sounds like my toaster, silent. there is a weighted and he wants this and make it fun, fresh, and funny. that's even necessary. i don't think it is. i think that the president has driven an electric car lately so now she drives an electric car. i wish she would go to the border so she would go and solve some issues like someone start, let her follow and give her an index card with a few good notes. on the how stuff works. >> emily: the point you're making is dovetailing to what morgan said when a "wall street journal" op-ed by peggy noonan said why is she trying so hard to be likable when americans are just desperate for her to do her job?
9:34 am
if she was half as earnest about actually doing her job as she was about trying to have people like her and be relatable in these awkward moments and videos, the american people would be a lot more grateful and see a lot more results but instead, we've got nothing to show for anything in the media simply defends her. some parents are reportedly furious and schools give teachers more days off. that's next. we've been waiting all year to come together. it worked! happy holidays from lexus. get 1.9% apr financing on the 2022 es 350. ♪♪ kim is now demonstrating her congestion.
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9:39 am
off and extending their holiday time to try to believe pandemic burnout. in detroit, for instance, there is no in the classroom learning every friday for the month of december. it's reportedly getting some parents very angry at their kids about missing even more school. and this and make concerned students have already fallen behind in many areas of the country after more than a year of remote learning in the days off also have parents scrambling for child care. one frustrated parent told "the washington post" "instead of finding other creative solutions, the first thing they do is post school. pete hegseth, you have an inordinate amount of beautiful children and you know this subject well, what is going on now? >> what's going on? teachers unions have a ton of power, we know that, way too much power and had the power to
9:40 am
keep kids in masks and schools closed for far too long in ways that have overwhelming negative consequences on kids. we couldn't get our kids off those zoom calls fast enough, couldn't get them out of their masks fast enough in the hopes that they have a regular learning environments of this has been a wake-up call for parents from covid to crt to gender studies, all the things, parents are leaving in droves. but you want to take a profession and make an argument about time off? last time i checked, they get the summers off. they get every holiday off, weekends off, there's a lot of time off and involved in education and i say this is someone who has family members in education and do it for the right reasons and they are wonderful. a lot of our viewers are wonderful people who teach into it for the right reason but if you're looking at the schedule with a lot of time off including the whole summer, that's teaching. suck it up come up with the kids first, get in the classroom and
9:41 am
graph the next generation, just don't indoctrinate them in the process. >> harris: i hear you clearly come i don't think humans to wear there. >> morgan: i have a lot of empathy for teachers because now they have become mass police at schools in d.c. kids having to sit outside and have their peanut butter and jelly so in addition to teaching, the mass police trying to keep the little kids social distancing, it sounds absolute nightmare teachers unions are actually putting teachers through and i think as pete said, it's a wake-up call in this country that our education system is completely broken and the reality is, not any of our kids on the show that are going to suffer because you know why? thank god we have the resources,
9:42 am
it is the kids in underserved communities, the kids whose parents were single parent doesn't make a lot of money. those kids are underprivileged kids in this country that are going to suffer, going to be a generational effect on these children and everyone involved should be ashamed of themselves. >> harris: i do want to say and i don't know how everyone is here but i do have one child in public schools, she has always been and there is a difference but there's also a big difference from where public schools are in part of the country and in detroit for instance in some of these areas when you look at the economies of those areas, it is tough to think about what i'm i going to do with my child because they've been telling me i am an essential worker down at the whatever, now what do i do that their home every friday, with my tell my boss? >> not to mention if your own child has a runny nose, you have to go get a covid test so you are keeping your kid home because they are slightly sick
9:43 am
because that's what you have to do these days and then when the school is doing half days in additional closures, parents are just pulling their hair out. for my daughter who is in public school and i went to help with something in the kids were all in masks. i could not hear what they were saying to me. i asked one little boy and then i got embarrassed, i couldn't ask any more, what his name was because i had to write it down on a pumpkin, i couldn't hear him. he was in a mask and i said to the teacher i give you so much credit, how are you teaching young children when you need to wear a mask and with them wearing a mask? but i want to add one more thing here. covid rules, protocols are always changing and that's hard on the teachers. the violence in schools is really, really bad and the curriculum that's been politicized is another headache. >> harris: last word on that.
9:44 am
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>> another busy afternoon for america reports, waiting for the shooting suspect. will there be enough probable cause and they're very unusual case? will be watching for that. plus, ari fleischer about california re-imposing its indoor mandate. the post calls it ridiculous and nikki haley will sit down with us for her first interview since joe biden went one-on-one with vladimir putin. senator rand paul, bret baier, our econ panel and more coming up in a jam-packed two hours. join us top of the hour. ♪ ♪
9:49 am
♪♪ silent night, holy night ♪ ♪ shepherds wake at the site ♪♪ >> harris: so funny. as seen from the movie "love, actually" one of many loved christmas movies being targeted by the woke. here's one particularly nasty tweet. this is treason. it's not cute, it's endearing. he's a creepy blank in love with his best friend's wife. no for me. that's hardly the only movie facing the wrath of cancel culture. it's being accused of promoting toxic masculinity. the santa claus allegedly fat
9:50 am
phobic. even it's a wonderful life accused of misogyny because his character yells at his wife and kisses her without her consent. is that you laughing in the background? >> morgan: i think we are aware. harris, i hope they don't get after "christmas vacation." that is totally not pc and it's a great movie but here's what i'm really worried about. i love the christmas movies, i'm a big fan of all of them. i think we have them all on fox nation but i think you're going to fill me on this one. i'm worried they're going to come after war movies. you're worried about toxic masculinity, probably nothing is more toxic than all the world war ii movies which i am very weird and this is what i watch in my free time so just leave christmas vacation alone. it's one of the best movies ever and leave all my world war ii movies alone. i love them. >> harris: so what you're talking about is this crowd might be offended by the greatest generation.
9:51 am
i don't know. pete? >> pete: good point. so many angry people out there with so little to do in their lives. and isn't santa claus fat? isn't he supposed to be fat? that's okay. he eats a lot of cookies and if you're santa claus, maybe you don't want to be as fat as santa claus and that was the plot but you don't have to watch these movies if you don't want to. i'm with morgan, you'll have to pry these christmas movies out of my cold dead hands but they do now live at fox nation, a lot of great ones people should check out and the network should try to recreate the success of the hallmark channel which makes great idyllic christmas movies, they are all watered down week themed, they can't do it. >> harris: i would say this to gave a shout out to clint eastwood in his famous line don't touch clint. i wish he would actually do a
9:52 am
holiday movie, that would be cool. to make the hallmark movies are the best movies of all time and that seen in "love, actually" oh, my god, i'm dying right now. that's the best scene of all time. i was in love with that character. i think i still am. i can't even. so go ahead and come for everything, never going to be enough, never going to be satisfied but every year i will watch all of these movies happily and gladly and i'll walk them all year long. >> morgan: have already watched the holiday. i'm jumping in here because i've already watched the holiday again two times this year. i have no idea kate winslet being taught to be the leading lady of her own life and cameron diaz having that great hollywood job.
9:53 am
how is that in the misogynistic category? they are strong women. >> harris: it's so true. pete, you get the last ten seconds. >> pete: i think what you just described is toxic femininity and we should be okay with that, it's fun. all good with it. >> morgan: thank you. >> harris: more "outnumbered" after this.
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for people who could use a lift new neutrogena® rapid firming. a triple-lift serum with pure collagen. 92% saw visibly firmer skin in just 4 weeks. neutrogena® for people with skin. >> i had the honor of -- nypd detective ramos was tragically killed along with his detective on december 20, 2014 in a deadly
9:58 am
ambush simply because they were police officers. his amazing wife wanted to ensure his legacy lived on and launched this foundation for families and to provide scholarships and financial assistance in the wake of the loss. the top goal is to heal communities by bringing law enforcement and the community together. honored with well deserved awards at will gala. this foundation has done amazing work. it was incredible night and i felt blessed to be part of the larger community supporting this foundation. >> i the amount you give back
9:59 am
and support law enforcement is phenomenal. kudos. his wife is a really impressive lady, had a chance to interview her before, she carries on the legacy of her husband and the detective. they have the backs of law enforcement members. a tragic story turned into something beautiful. well done. well done. >> emily: thank you. i'm humbled by the law enforcement officers everyday and his wife who chose to do good with legacy and help others to help in tragic moments. harris. >> harris: well, i mean, it is important for all these organizations to be talking about support for our officers right now because there is such a drum beat to annihilate their
10:00 am
reputation and muzzle what they can do to protect the rest of us. during america's crime crisis, we talk about it daily on fox news, knowing protectors are there to mro tekt and serve and lift them up at times with needed, it is great to be part of that. >> amen. thank you to everyone. now here is "america reports." >> sandra: well done. we begin with fox news alert. crime crisis rocking the holiday season. huge groups of people overwhelming retail stores and brazenly stealing as much as they can run off with. >> john: police in california say coordinated thefts are by people who don't even know each other and are organizeod social media with many being set occupy snapchat. we'll have more on that later this hour. >> sandra: we begin with fox news


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