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tv   Hannity  FOX News  December 14, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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guy. he was just candidate because he didn't want the injection. turns out he is one of the most articulate defenders of american values we have talked to ever appear that's going to be on fox nation and and now our friend, the great sean hannity takes over the airwaves for the 9:00 p.m. hour. >> sean: thank you for reaching out and asking actually what did i say. nobody else in the media data. i called him hank >> tucker: i called you this morning. i wanted to know what that was about. and you sounded in that text like he did on television. >> sean: exactly. and i'm going to play. but i appreciate it. i said journalism is dead. not completely. a little frogman laughed. we have to hang on as long as we can. anyway, thank you as always. and welcome to "hannity." and tonight, i will address liz cheney, i will address the shannon january 6 committee. i will address the dishonest media mob and their bff friends
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in the democratic party. to begin tonight with an important number. the number is 574. because that is how many violent riotses reps to this country in the summer of 2020. 574. now, dozens of americans were killed during these nights of terror. more than 2,000 police officers were injured. some were run over by cars, others stopped. pelted with bricks and rocks and water bottles and frozen water and molotov cocktails. you had a police precinct literally and minneapolis burnt to the ground. another precinct in seattle was seized and occupied in that chaz chop autonomous summer of love is owned by riot-you rs for weeks. courthouse in portland but on fire. 14,000 arrests made during these riots reading kenosha, 35 businesses were completely destroyed. in minnesota, nearly 100
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businesses were burned to the ground. all told, damaged 4,000 businesses, 4,000, and cause more than $2 billion in damage. americans work hard. their livelihoods, their dreams, all up in smoke. and worst of all, dozens of americans, they never made it home. but on capitol hill, there is no committee, there is no commission for any of these victims. there is no investigation at all into the 574 violent riots that your media mob described as mostly peaceful whatsoever. no probe into politicians like kamala harris when she promoted the bail fund for rioters, giving them the freedom to commit more acts of violence. no honest questions about why it then candidate joe biden all but ignored these riots for months on end. didn't even mention in his dnc speech. instead, there is only one commission, that is for the ride
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that occurred at the u.s. capitol building january 6th, 2020. that is because these lawmakers, they don't really care about you. if they did, they would have a committee, they would have a commission. they care about their house, not your house. they care about their neighborhood, not your neighborhood. they care about their office, not your office. they care about their lives, not your lives. otherwise they would have equal treatment for every ride. now, all riots are bad. all of them. and on this program, we strongly condemn the violence on january 6th, just like we condemn all of the violent riots from the summer of 2020. we have remained and will be forever consistent. for example, here is how reacted in real time. this was happening during my radio show on january 6th as this riot started to unfold. take a listen. i've seen one or two videos of some vandalism. every good, decent, honorable american would condemn all
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violence and urge any protesters that want to go down that road. i see a lot of older people, moms and dads and families and stuff, but there's always going to be the agitators and some of these groups. the people that seem to always want to praise peaceful protesters are the media. in the democratic party. they went to great lengths -- and even in instances when there were violence, they didn't confirm it. it is that simple. we have to protect everybody, and i don't care whether you agree or disagree with somebody. you have to protect our police, kids at this rally, older people at this rally. i was on my radio show as this was all enfolding. that night, right here on this program, we covered january 6th, and this is what i said that night. take a look. let me stop here and be crystal clear. those who truly support president trump, those that the
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believe they are part of the conservative movement in this country, you do not -- we do not support those they commit acts of violence. people we don't believe should be vandalizing our nation's capital, attacking the brave men and women that keep us safe of law enforcement, and all of today's perpetrators must be arrested and prosecuted to the full extent of the law. every good and decent american we know will and must condemn what happened at the capital and moving forward, we have got to do a dramatically better job of protecting the innocent men and women who work there. we have to protect our law enforcement officers. we have to protect every single elected member of the congress and senate. this is not politics. they deserve to be protected. the world, our enemy, saw weakness and a vulnerability that should never exist in our nation's capital. we need to fix that immediately for everybody's sake. we all need answers on what went
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on a lack wrong and how did this happen and how do we prevent it from ever happening again. in other words, i can then their on january 6th the exact same way i condemned the riot in the summer of 2020. i said, and i believe, we must always protect our american institutions and every elected official. that's why we all, on this program, did call for an investigation into the summer riots of 2020. that did not happen. as well as a serious and thorough investigation into the security breakdown of the u.s. capital. and for good reason. there are so many unanswered questions, and i don't think we are going to get them from this bias committee that has already has a predetermined conclusion. like on january 6, and the number question we have to ask ourselves, where was the national guard? given what happened over the summer, both president trump and chief of staff mark meadows called on congress to utilize the guard in the days before
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d.c. was set to host this massive crowd of demonstrators. everybody knew that there is going to be a big crowd on january 6th. everybody knew there would be a march to the capital. in the lead up to january 6, the capitol police chief actually requested national guard assistance six separate times. he was denied all six times. then in the middle of the crisis, as it was unfolding in real time, the police chief again begged five more times for backup before his requests were finally granted. so who turned down these critical requests? the president requested that, mark meadows, the chief of police for the capitol police. someone needs to ask if they want the real answer about january 6th, we need to investigate nancy pelosi because she is the one in charge of the capitol police. she, as a speaker, had and has oversight over the capitol police. she was in charge of the
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so-called leader. if this was an honest investigation, the liz cheney, as adam kissinger committee would demand nancy pelosi's testimony. her emails, text, and phone records. if this was an honest investigation, the committee might also ask a few questions about the left-wing activists name john o'sullivan who brought a megaphone and a camera and proclaimed he was there to instigate -- if there is an honest investigation, they would surely seek testimony may capitol police whistle-blower that we now know exists who is now worried that the committee is going easy on the capitol police. if this were an honest investigation, they would look into more dull -- more deeply into the d.a. task finding that found ropes and climbing gear were prepositioned and used to breach upper levels of the facility and bypass security. oh, that would mean it was planned ahead of time by some
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people. who are they? can we find out who they are? if this were honest investigation, they may actually listen to donald trump's words that day on january 6th. when he told his supporters many of you will not peacefully and patriotically march to the capital so your voices may be heard. not your fists, not a riot, your voices. watch. >> i know that everyone here will soon be marching over to the capitol building. two peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard. >> sean: sadly, the hyperpartisan january 6th committee is not conducted an honest investigation. that is a problem for the outcome is predetermined. i've been saying that for a long time. report frankly is already written. hey trump, hey trump, blame trump, blame tron. the committee is and has been a sham. it is dedicated to this merging and despairing donald trump and everyone in his orbit. and as soon as congressman jim jordan and congressman jim
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banks were kicked out of the committee, the die was cast. this would be a partisan witch hunt, once again, used to bludgeon donald trump politically. only the world's two most those dedicated never trumper republicans were allowed on the committee. adam kinzinger and liz cheney. so out goes jim jordan, out goes jim banks that might actually look into -- if anyone request a guard, why didn't you call them on? they might want to talk to the whistle-blower that was saying they were told to stand down. by the way, and comes lives and adam. where is the committee that is looking into the summer of 2020 writing? adam and liz, they have one obvious goal here. their goal is to purge the republican party of donald trump and his supporters and make it impossible for trump to run again for president. that, sadly, it's what they are doing here that's what i have no faith in the committee, that's why it is a sham, that's why it is the latest witch hunt. we have had how many witch hunts for how many years?
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last night in a weak attempt to smear yours truly, and presumably i guess president trump, congresswoman cheney presented one of my text messages from january 6th to mark meadows. surprise, surprise, surprise, i said to mark meadows the exact same thing i was saying live on the radio at the time and on tv that night. no mike on january sixth and welby be on january 6th. by the way, where is the outrage in the media over my private text messages being released again publicly? do we believe in privacy and the squad to my country? apparently not. it's not my first rodeo, like the thousands of "hannity" text messages released to the public over the years, employer requests, honest leaks. i'm an honest, straightforward person. as a dissenting and private i say to all of you. liz cheney knows this page he doesn't seem to care. she is interested in one thing and one thing only. smearing trump and purging him from the party and now she is pardoning with the very same
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people, interestingly, great question for a veteran no mike someone ever gets the chance to partner , -- why would you referred to the people as a murdering war criminal and a creek in order to take one last shot at the former president? according to my sources, this is just a few years after liz and her family begged and begged donald trump to pardon scooter libby, which donald trump data. and in the interest of full disclosure, i would like to see any communication between the cheney family, that means liz, that means her sister, mom dad anyone in the family, that they had with president trump on behalf of scooter libby or any other matter. let's release any and all emails and texts. liz, let's release your phone records and text and your family discussing donald trump. considering you are so free to release everybody else's. clearly, liz cheney has lost her way. she will lose her seat, and then answer probably make a fortune like her father at halliburton
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or some other big conglomerate and make millions probably doing next to nothing. and meanwhile, one of chaney's no-name democratic colleagues has apparently never watch this program. i will address this. take a look. >> this would be a good time for these to use their platforms to tell the american people the truth. just like they were privately texting mark meadows the truth on that terrible day. >> sean: hey, jimbo, i have no idea who the hell you are. i've always been consistent on january 6th and every other right. did you speak out about the summer of 2020 rights? if you finally turn off fake news once in a while and maybe watch this program, you would know all of this. and then you can stop speaking out of your adam schiff-hole. in the meantime know that i have your question. i do question for you. have a verb called for a commission on the 574 riots of 2020? if you didn't, that tells me you have political motivations.
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liz cheney, have we ever called for a committee of rights of summer 2020. adam kinzinger, have you? last year i spoke with just gentlemen. his -- he was murdered and that seattle wallace autonomous chaz chop summer of love zone. do any of you even know who that is right there, this man and a heart-wrenching interview? i will tell you one politician that does no, his name is donald trump. how do i know? because he called horace lorenzo anderson himself. are these rights not worthy of a committee investigation? and what about this man? this retired police captain, david. he was shot during that right st. louis. liz, do you care about the dozens of lives that were lost in the summer of 2020 of the billions in property damage, the thousands of cops injured, or is your hatred of donald trump and desire to purge him from the
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republican party, is that more importance, liz? but i do owe you a congratulations. you are a rock star now to the media mob. temporarily. they will turn on you again. and inside the democratic party. i hope you like joe biden's foreign policy. i know how much they chaney's care about foreign policy. everyone is talking about right on january 62020. while we are doing that, we're not talking about a 39 year high of inflation. not talking about wholesale prices up nearly 10% this month. the highest increase in more than a decade. we are not talking about the supply-chain crisis. we're not talking about the crisis at the southern border. we're not talking about the crisis that is the lack of law and order and safety and security in many american cities because the defund, dismantle, and no bail laws. we're not talking about abandoning all those americans in afghanistan. we are not talking about rising tensions with china, russia, and iran. we are not talking about joe biden's cognitive decline which seems precipitous and
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democrats in the media mob, for them, this commission is a welcome political distraction at a time when they have nothing positive that they can offer you the american people. here with more is the man who is kicked off the committee, and deena congressman jim banks. i would like your take on it. i really uncalled for a commission. i want to commission and a committee for the rights in the summer of 2020. but once they kicked you in jim jordan off, and replaced it with two truncating republicans, i knew that the fix was in and it was a predetermined outcome. am i wrong? >> you are exactly right. today we had over an hour of debate on the floor and there was absolutely not a word spoken by liz cheney or the democrats about anything related to protecting the capital, the breakdown of security at the capital on january 6 or what we are going to do to make sure that another january 6 doesn't happen at the united states capitol. they don't care about that. the only thing they care about
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is tearing down their political opponents, and in this case, putting their political opponents in jail. they know that mark meadows is a good man because they served with him for seven years. he actually wrote over 40 bills would liz cheney herself and introduce those bills into congress. he worked across the aisle. he traveled with democrats, he worked with democrats. they know he did nothing wrong, but because he is associated with donald trump, they want to put him behind bars. imagine if they could do that to mark meadows, imagine what they can do to any of you just because you disagree with the democrats are you supported donald trump where you are republican that supports the trump agenda. it's absolutely shameful. >> sean: no donald trump, mark meadows, the capitol police chief, they all requested the guard be brought in, and in ligt of what happened in the summer before, it makes sense. just in case something went wrong. crowds were going to be there, could be the potential trouble
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whenever you have crowds that big. why was that request denied, and in my right and my understanding that nancy pelosi is in charge of the capitol police? >> this is exactly why nancy pelosi kicked jim jordan and i off the committee. because from the outset, the moment the kevin mccarthy and the provoking leader appointed me to lead the republican side, jim jordan to serve on the committee, he started asking this question. the trail leads back to nancy pelosi's office. she is in a position of authority over the united states capital. we have the leadership of the united states capitol police union tell us that they weren't prepared for what happened on january 6, they want to quit for, they weren't trained for. even though there was intelligence weeks before january 6th that something like this could happen. we were asking those questions, and that is why pelosi immediately fired us from the committee. >> sean: let me ask you this. last question. ask a question. can you jim jordan, and kevin mccarthy do a real commission
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and answer those questions so this never happens again, and can we have a commission on the 574 riots in the summer of 2020? i think that would be fair. >> yes. and we are. we are continuing to interview and conducts her own investigation on her own side to secure the capital, prevent something like this from happening again. and also telling the american people the truth about what this fake, politicized commission that pollutes the end liz cheney and others are leading. liz cheney is now the new adam schiff. she has her hands on emails and text. she is leaking them. she is using them from political purposes and abusing her power. we are digging into the facts about what happened on january 6th. we can secure the capital, change the bureaucratic mess that allowed that travesty to happen and make sure something like that never happens again. >> sean: jim banks. thank you. look forward to your report instead of this predetermined outcome report. you are now the host of --
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geraldo rivera. let's start with you. for both of you. if were going to have a meeting, has to be fair. they stack the deck. have a predetermined outcome. this is a waste of taxpayer time and money. dan, you go first. >> this committee is an embarrassment. it's an immoral, unethical, constitutional disgrace to come entity. what liz cheney did last night was disgusting. liz cheney should never be welcomed in polite company in the republican party again. what she did, she runs on dad's last name, never had a serious job. she has disgraced herself so she has decided yesterday to go and read people's private text messages, pursuant to subpoena powers they don't have in congress. remember, the supreme court is artie ruled they are not law enforcement entity. it is congress supposed to have some legislative intent. can i ask you this, what was the legislative intent to read sean hannity's texts, laura ingraham's text, and
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brian kilmeade's texts, what was the legislative intent? can anybody answer that? this is one thing and one thing only. this is an attempt to silence conservatives like you and i for communicating before the 2022 election. that is all this is. and it's a message being sent to anyone who supports donald trump even now or in the future that is open season on you. it is hunting season for your private communications, don't you dare talk about your intentions. don't coordinate or do anything together to get a republican elected again because liz cheney will make sure that they subpoena you and make your life really miserable. screw and this is the second time this has happened to me. last time it was about 1200 of my personal private text. i thought we had privacy in the country. geraldo, the big question here is what is the point when you have been abusively corrupt, biased committee like this and how come they only investigate one riot and there were 574 riots that heard thousands of cops, because billions of dollars in damage, and killed
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dozens of americans. can you explain why? >> let me answer the second question first, because the obvious difference between the riot that happened on january 6 and the 500 odd that you correctly cited concerning and damaging to america, to our psyche, to our physical well-being, is that this was a riot that was unleashed and cited, and by the president of the united states which targeted american democracy. the targeted -- >> sean: no, stop here the president said peacefully, patriotically march to the capital. that is your opinion. i don't even want to go down the road. this not the question peer the question is this corrupt committee. the question is why this right and not 574 other riots. the question is is there any privacy in this country anymore or did they get to release
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thousands more of individual private citizens' tax. >> i beg you, sean, to remember the frame of mind you weren't when you wrote that text on january 6th. and when laura did. and when brian did. and when don jr. did. remember that concern you had. remember the frustration you had at our beloved 45th president. why doesn't he say something? >> sean: but the point is he dead. >> you saw unfolding before your very eyes and attack on democracy. an attack on the constitution. >> sean: he said peacefully and then he did do it. dan, you have less than a minute. we are running out of time. >> geraldo, we have been arguing about this forever. the backstabbing of the president you are engaging in is really disgusting and truly vile that you pretend to be -- >> i resent that.
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i really resent that. i supported donald trump. i supported donald trump until he abandoned democracy. he abandoned the election results and he refused to accept the will of the american people. >> sean: nobody can hear you. we have to leave it there. we will be back. thank you. ♪ ♪ straight ahead, the media having a complete meltdown over mark meadows' text. going to play the insanity. mike huckabee -- we will get you the truth you will never get from the media mob straight ahead. thank you for being here with us. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> sean: predictably, nine, the right field's media mob is nothing done over new text
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messages revealing prominent conservatives including myself were deeply concerned about the january 6th right at the capital and called on and sent a note to mark meadows to get the president to hopefully have some influence of it was possible, which by the way, he did do. here is just a small sample of fake news and some of the coverage. take a look. >> we all knew it was violence, we knew it was wrong, we knew it was undemocratic and un-american. so did the host at the fox propaganda network. this is the really stunning part because they pretend like it wasn't a big deal. >> i am for one am shocked the fox news house was saying stuff in private different to what they say in public. shocked. >> they were lying. they knew instinctively in real time that this was a desperate moment that the capital was being attacked. there were pleading to the president showing that they were really functioning as political functionaries, nothing resembling journalists in the administration. so all their public denials both in congress and on tv are all
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lies. they all knew the truth in real time because it was self-evident and they tried to create a false impression going forward to protect the president, protect the administration, to protect their own reputations per day played their audiences for fools. >> sean: these are the same dolts that during the writing in the summer of 2020, a big city on fire, mostly peaceful protesting. okay. probably one of the reasons nobody watches these people. unlike democrats and the mob, we have been consistent here on this program as i laid out my opening monologue, we condemn all violence, condemn writing everywhere and being honest and real about dangers of a breakdown of law and order anywhere, anyplace, anytime. jen psaki lies herself, revealing more lies like they don't need a covid test because they are not going to be here very long. anyway, this is what she said about the aftermath of january 6th. take a look. >> and a response the
6:31 pm
revelations that g.o.p. lawmakers were texting chief of staff meadows along with prominent fox news host head of the january 6th riots? >> is disappointing and not surprising that some of the same individuals are willing to warn, condemned -- in private were totally silent in public. or even worse, were spreading lies and conspiracy theories and continue to since that time. so disappointing, not surprising, unfortunately we have seen a trend from the same individuals. >> sean: and i accept your apology, jen psaki. i'm sure it is forthcoming. we have condemned january 6th. we did at that day as it was happening. we did at that night on the show. just like we condemn the 574 left-wing riots in the summer of 2020 that your boss barely talked about, never mentioned even at the dnc convention, and by the way, the word vice president helped fund a
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bail fund to get some people involved in the activities out of prison. you know, instances of torching the city, all the financial damage, dozens of dead people, thousands of injured cops, billions in property damage. here with the reaction, fox news contributor's mike huckabee, joe concha. job, we will start with you. it is predictable to me -- i barely take attention to them. i think they have to run ox personalities and talk about fox personalities because their ratings are so bad there is nothing they can do otherwise that will get them any viewers anyway. >> i think the funniest thing is watching the guy from cnn when he was trying to talk about the fox news personalities and lying and dishonesty and i am thinking, the people that are on cnn make jesse foul jesse small it looked like abraham lincoln and for them to even possibly act like there was something nes going on, it was simply a mattef
6:33 pm
people saying look, this is getting out of hand. it is going to hurt the president's legacy and his reputation. all of that was true. i don't know what the big deal was about. i don't. it sounded like people who care deeply about the president and the country and about what was going on and is viewed said repeatedly tonight. every conservative i know has been very clear in condemning what those chuckle had stayed when they broke in, put their feet up on somebody's status, and broke windows. but what i don't hear is equal outrage and concern that the only person who was really hurt that day was ashley babbitt. trump supporter, air force veteran, shot down unarmed. to my knowledge, not one firearm was found among the protesters, so this idea that they went in to commit an insurrection, that is the lousiest insurrection in the history of mankind. they didn't even take weapons they are going to try to take down a country that has nuclear arms. the whole thing is just a political game that the democrats are playing.
6:34 pm
>> sean: and with a predetermined outcome. joe concha d, you cover the media. this is even new low for them. but what was i saying privately, okay, they want to violate my privacy, that doesn't shock me. they didn't speak of the last time when 1200 text messages a month for release. i don't expect their help. i don't care. but they had an opportunity here that they could have gone back and actually watched my show from january 6th, they would've heard what i said, they could have tuned into my radio show and not taken out of context what i said because i've been consistent the entire time. >> the white house press secretary jen psaki and those at her former network, they are lying again, which means it is a day ending in y. for her to say and for those on cnn to say that you and others on this network cited in this text dating condemned january 6th on the air and publicly right after, it is simply a lie because there are these things called transcripts
6:35 pm
and archive video that proves otherwise. you just played the video of your comments to millions after the capitol riots occurred both on radio and on television. those match up with what you wrote mark meadows on text. again, that is all documented. and my sentiment on this network at the time was the same. this was a horrible day for this country. the president needs to concede right away. anyone involved in injuring or attacking on enforcement on that day should have the book thrown at them and then some. no ambiguity. no excuses bear that's what i said then, that is what you said terms of this riot being a bad day for this country and this is not a good thing. to that end, it is patently ridiculous that this was a lead story today, a top story on cnn and other networks for hours. starting with its morning news program by the way. think about it. what story was pushed aside at the top of many news programs, many news run downs. tornadoes that devastated kentucky and four other states killing at least what, 88 the people, including several children.
6:36 pm
cnn put that on the back burner. they don't lead with that. in several hours of their newscast if you want to call it that without strategy as it is still unfolding for the dead still being buried. ari fleischer said it best and i will leave you here, "the real reason left in the media are up in arms over some fox who was calling on trump to stop the ride is the left wants to paint the right as pro riots." we will leave it there, sean. >> sean: well said. joe concha, mike huckabee. thank you both. when we come back, liberal leaders continue to push their draconian covid agenda and it it's getting worst and service members are now are being discharged from the military because of the vaccine mandates aired but jen psaki says it is no big deal. excuse me? dr. oz will wish and on that and the fact that the philly will no longer call him dr. peers straight ahead
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♪ ♪ >> sean: big blue states cannot let go of their pandemic power grab. drew coady and shutdowns. california, new york now re-imposing their own unique indoor macs, mask mandates despite little signs were dated to back it up. to get this. just a day after the mandate went into effect, the new new york governor, kathy, appear to walk back saying the state will not be enforcing the order and that it is subject to individual counties. what is driving democratic efforts to keep the pandemic going? and to stand in the way of a full recovery and a return to normal. we have vaccines, we have boosters, we have monoclonal antibodies the democrats and joe biden never want to talk about it biden mentioned monoclonal antibodies one time. that is it. democrats, well, they can get a
6:42 pm
mike let go of therefore left to lock down dependencies and tonight we are learning more about the 27 u.s. air force service members who were administratively discharged for refusing the vaccine. here is what circle bag jen psaki had to say that kind of fits in with a comment that the tragedy of the treadmill. take a look. >> has the president commented on the first group of service members who have been discharged for refusing to get the covid vaccine? >> right of course refer you over to the to the department of defense and my understanding is that 99 of the air force has been compliant. as the secretary of defense i'd come the will help ensure readiness which is what the american people expect from the armed forces and are encouraged by the high level of compliance. >> sean: here with dr. oz. we've gone over all your positions on issues. one thing we haven't talked about since the early days of the pandemic when you would come on the show is where we are with
6:43 pm
covid. and we have the omicron variant, we are reading a lot about it, learning a lot about it. but vaccines, boosters, there are still breakthrough cases. how come there is so little talk about monoclonal antibodies. anecdotally, vaccinated people come unvaccinated people, pre-existing conditions, comorbidities, compromised immune systems, i know a ton, every one that got the monoclonal antibodies infusion or shot early, all of them did find without exception. am i wrong on? >> i have had the same experience and i think it speaks to the fact that we completely missed the ball. we have been talking that vaccines are great but you want to have therapeutics. actual treatments when people get sick that way if you have breakthrough cases, if the virus mutates, no -- we are not held hostage for the efficacy of the vaccine. pfizer has a pill that was today released data, 90% reduction of
6:44 pm
death and hospitalization. 90%. mark had one last week that is getting reviewed. 30 to 50% reduction per the merck bill existed before that pandemic started. that's right. we had a pill that has been in existence since before the pandemic started that we never used. what took so long? and i will tell you what is going on. you mix politics and medicine. we talked about this. to get politics. that's why i'm running for the senate. we cannot the process of science. to me these decisions are seemingly made arbitrarily with a lot of arrogance and not a lot of understanding about what really would drive success. any doctor knows, give me the vaccine to prevent problems but they are going to be kids as i have to treat. give me the tools. give me the pills. giving the substance. >> sean: i think the issue, the debate is over. i think everybody has made up their mind. the people willing up to give up their salary, their benefits, and their pensions, they have made up their mind. but now whether you have a breakthrough case which is
6:45 pm
happening almost everyone i knew who has a is vaccinated. but everybody gets the infusion is better within 48 -- no later than 72 hours. they feel like they beat this thing. why hasn't the end discuss more? and you are talking about this merck pill. is that is effective as regeneron and eli lilly -- -- >> eventually valuable for high-risk people. i'm in the hundreds and an agreement with you. when we are not talking about and it seems strange because we should all be rooting for solutions. but people either read for vaccines or -- we should be rooting for vaccines and solutions like the regeneron and the antibody cocktails as well as the pills that we are now discovering. i never understood from the very get go why we weren't all on the same page on this. we want those to exist. and these kinds of messages are frustrating for me because i talk about them and these are examples of how we can unleash the power of innovation.
6:46 pm
i've been traveling around the state of pennsylvania and i feel so optimistic because people of great ideas. but we find political issues, though mike suffocating these ideas, holding us back on we find people reading for solutiot solutions based on political ideas. that is harmful. >> sean: by the way, i have been watching with some amusement why you would ever leave this great, highly successful show to run for office. that is your choice. i admire the fact that you want to serve. but the idea that they are not going to call any of the candidates doctor, you earned that title. he went to what, four years of medical school, internship, residency, 4,000 or 5,000 heart operations. i forget the exact number. i think you deserved the link deserved to be get call dr. as does every doctor. >> they clearly are in a panic. they don't -- but facebook i have 20 times more follower than the inquiry they are not letting
6:47 pm
me put my ads up anymore. so go to dr. to fight back against big tax. they are in a tizzy over what is going on. they are being duplicitous. >> sean: this seat is pivotal for gout by weans of they want to take back control of the senate and the midterm. dr. oz, thank you. when we come back, kamala harris continues to face mounting current of my criticism. the latest plunder -- leo terrell 2.0 will join us
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♪ ♪ >> sean: turmoil for the struggling vice president tonight. this evening the media mob is being forced to acknowledge that whatever appeal harris once had his cratering by the second. a new piece in politico calls
6:52 pm
her "a one time political rock star who is having a brutal season at the polls." in the baffling moments that are showing no signs of slowing down. watch vice president harris struggled to charge an electric vehicle. you can't make this up. >> you can usually smell and hear it. you can hear the guzzling sound. none of that. >> so typically you come in here -- with this car and what we do the light turns green. >> sean: great job. here with direction, fox news contributor's leo 2.0 terrell and jason chaffetz peer jason, you go first. >> this is the person supposedly in charge of the national space council. her job is to it buys the president on how we're going to operate in space. she can even put a plug into a
6:53 pm
car. she is such a joke. she should have hired those child actors to show her how to put a plug into an outlet. >> sean: the child actors would've been better. that was the ohmic part of the p.r. image makeover. nobody wants to work with her. they say it is a hostile work environment. leo, your reaction. >> look, everybody knows the facts. she was selected for vice president for two reasons. gender and skin color. she is not an expert on foreign policy. she is not an expert on criminal justice. she was picked for the wrong reasons. and look, she runs away from a tough issue here at immigration. the border issue. she can't -- he doesn't even know what to do with an electric car. that she hold the pump forever and ever? she is clueless. i said this before. her political career is over in 2024 because she is unlikable. >> sean: she is losing all of her voters staff.
6:54 pm
she is hired p.r. people, fired communications people. nobody wants to work with here. they're using the term a soul crushing bully. is that our vice president? she takes over if something happens to joe and joe into looking to get these days, jason. >> she did redecorate her office, so that was part of what she did. she redid that. and going into the nomination, she was listed eighth place in her home state of california. even the california democrats figured out that she wasn't worth -- worthy of this position. >> sean: leo, we will give you the last word tonight. so crushing. ouch. >> it's a nightmare. it's a nightmare when we have to wake up thinking either biden or kamala harris, two of the worse of all time and two of the most powerful among powerful positions is a horrible choice between the two of them. >> sean: do you think
6:55 pm
joe biden -- real quick, jason chaffetz, the fact that he kind of moved away from her and they didn't seem to acknowledge each other at bob dole's funeral. >> yeah. clearly the president was supposed to sit next to kamala harris and then he whispered over to jill biden and said we need to switch seats. he didn't need to shake your hand, didn't acknowledge her and certainly did not want to sit by her. >> sean: unbelievable. >> he was forced to make her choice as vice president. why was he force? because of all the identity politics, he was forced to take a female minority. he didn't want her. >> sean: all right. thank you both. more "hannity" right after this.
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>> we hope you set your dvr so you never miss an episode in the meantime let not your heart be troubled. laura ingraham is start standing by. i have the record, i have over 1200 tracks messages private ones released publicly. i'm in the lead right now. you are catching up. >> with an address later on my show is what this really is all about. what is really going on with liz cheney and the media. >> release yours i want to see yours. >> i have no interest in reading any of their text messages because it also aggressively boring. [laughs] there are the most people you're so predictable. >> there is a part of this that does suck and i will tell you this. had to give up email, i don't do soci