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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  December 14, 2021 7:00pm-8:00pm PST

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you never miss an episode in the meantime let not your heart be troubled. laura ingraham is start standing by. i have the record, i have over 1200 tracks messages private ones released publicly. i'm in the lead right now. you are catching up. >> with an address later on my show is what this really is all about. what is really going on with liz cheney and the media. >> release yours i want to see yours. >> i have no interest in reading any of their text messages because it also aggressively boring. [laughs] there are the most people you're so predictable. >> there is a part of this that does suck and i will tell you this. had to give up email, i don't do social media.
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>> not talk about that. i don't like that word so don't say that i hate that word. >> i read ago i'm late. i'm laura ingraham is the ingraham angle. your knocking out miss my takedown of liz cheney and the media's obsession to myself to >> laura: alcove it will be behind us maybe it'll be after omicron though still be fewer, and fewer states with mandates or restrictions. i know you can't wait for the new normal to be back. horrible airfare. the freedom to move around without a mask. without having to show your card. we are all looking forward to the end of shaming and
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discrimination. before you get all excited let me tell you what the organized left has planned for you. first, an end to private vehicular travel. listen carefully to trudy harrison, who works for british prime minister boris johnson. >> would get a transport system that sits for the future and free of fossil fuels. gets us away from 20th century thinking, centered around prideful ownership. his is personal choice. >> laura: the ccp would be so proud. better flexibility she says with personal choice. but whose choice is it exactly to go carless? not mine, not yours. but decisions on how to restrict and track your personal travel are being made right now by global bureaucrats.
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the trendy climate change thinking in europe is already here. it's wrapped in a public health emergency. just another attempt to hoist new rules on you without your consent. now their ultimate goal limiting their ability to travel with convenience. when you want, when you want. this would mean an end to private car ownership as we've known it and loved it for decades. the about it this way, if the image of the middle-class american dream though a job to support your family, buying your own home, and your own car. the liberal have hated for a long time you've heard about gun buybacks. i think the doing a car buybacks. why not. because they prefer that we all run around on these and crocs may be a sweaty hoodie. that we can all live like the urban dwellers. or happy to stay hungry during covid, growing herbs and the
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little pots on the little balconies playing fortnight. this government dependency mind set existed before covid. but now it's worse. team bite and the democrats are hoping to exploit this dependency that they've grown going into 2,022. and later in 2,024. and sometimes using a little too pessimistic whatever to go to the way of that. when two strong and independent. after watching our public responses to some of the scope it controls have to tell you i'm not that confident. think about how many americans are rushing out to buy electric cars because they think electricity will be cheap and even may be free. tens of thousands of charting stations across america how awesome is that. it's pretty awesome. once you realize the democrats plentiful europe and make electricity far more expensive here as well.
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ideally they like to restrict supplies, what is happening in europe right now it's terrifying. european union live labor commissioner said on sunday that there are already millions of people in europe not able to heat their homes efficiently and this number could rise further. i've another question what happens when the wind doesn't blow? bloomberg notes that low speeds have reduced output and then they cite years of lower investment and oil and gas. whose fault is that. europe is now finding itself unable to affordably heat their homes. the bureaucrats just run things and they're just all twisted. the french transport minister actually bragged about eliminating travel options for travelers. >> would get a lot of attention for shorter flights to get the
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train to an half hours should be strengthened. whenever competition between high-speed rail in the planes, the real wins. >> laura: they don't like the free market that's why. we were any time a democrats use a push on popular unwise policy just as with covid school closures -- for electric school bus. >> more than 25 million children's and thousands of drivers ride to and from school on diesel buses. breathing toxic fumes. making the switch from diesel to electric is about improving the health and well-being of our children. of our future. >> laura: no applause there. that stupidity doesn't scare
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you. just a member will be in charge of the biting, harris plan. >> i think i'm a good friend she is referring to. i'm the secretary of energy in this class a truck as a fuel-cell vehicle that were about to arrive in. are you not excited? we have a bipartisan remark deal. we do when it's awesome. >> laura: i know what you're saying here is our and kodaly people. they are not alone. who that a former rhodes scholar should have such foresight. >> at the people who stand to benefit most from owning one of these are often rural residents of the longest instances to drive. they bring the most gas. >> laura: being from indiana does he not actually realize that farmers often need to drive long distances for which a
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battery is not always practical. maybe the farmer should all travel on something a little more creative. cool. can you imagine joe on that contraption by the way? he's busy reading scripts that other people wrote for him including a recent litany of things that you will get if you buy an ev after this bill back or passes. including a tax credit at the vehicle is built domestically with union labor. an obvious payoff to the union. which one of the smart innovators on the planet elon musk it doesn't much like. he recommended that biden killed the bill. >> i would say honestly i would cancel it don't pass it that's my recommendation. >> laura: the billionaires of the world economic forum believes that they do know best. they spoke openly earlier this year about a wholesale transformation that is necessary among independent nations across the globe. >> 2,021 will be important to
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reestablish trust in our ability to shape our common future in collective and constructive ways. >> cannot be a mere restart. reconstruction must be transformation. >> sp some of that works for everyone. >> laura: a true resetting of capitalism requires smashing the united states. it also mean that everyone standard of living here will necessarily go down. as prices for energy go up. that means wasting billions on things a building ev charging stations across five military installations every year. outside coming in over his head, joe biden openly revealed the goal to fight climate change was to get as many cars off the road as possible. >> we will take a literally millions of automobiles off the road, off the road.
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saving tens of millions of barrels of oil. dealing with cleaning up the air. this not a hyperbole, this is a fact. these are facts. >> laura: here's another fact joe let me be clear. i like tesla's a lot, i like biking, like the bike lanes. a slight traditional combustion engine vehicles driving wherever i choose. the government has no right to tell us what to do on either front. picking winners and losers, no way because they declare another emergency, no thanks. the coming lockdowns it may a lot different. but the effect of the same. you have less freedoms and a lower standard of living. all because the cut government decrees it as such. we must never allow this to happen in our country and show, he should hear from every concern voter and west virginia. over this bill back better in your career in office is over.
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politicians are supporting this must be beaten at the polls and beaten badly. we don't want to be california with the rolling blackouts, huge spikes, economic losses intriguing population. will not be locked down again not by a covert emergency and not by climate emergency. that is the angle. jeremy now is a host of the podcasts. people think that this couldn't happen here. could it and what you think? >> i could have been here and it would be tragic because the car has been the symbol not just of geographical mobility america but a social mobility. a century ago most americans lived in small towns and they live most of their life pretty much where they were born. the idea that you can go someplace else, go to the city mode for a job create a family, settle somewhere else. the car symbolizes all of that and what is interesting about it
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is that this attack on cars in the idea of the freedom and body cars is not new. woodrow wilson, more than a hundred years ago when he was president tech the idea of the automobile which is just beginning to be seen on streets in new york and new jersey. he basically said that this is a rich man's toy. we can make do with a horse and carriage, loony cars. thankfully henry ford didn't listen to him and made the model t it's a social revolution that is equalized chances and prospects around this country, that's what the car symbolizes and that's with the left hates. the car ultimately allows you to be free and allows you ultimately to also be free of government control. >> laura: you can move and get out of a situation in a car. it was none electric car and there's gas available, you fill your tank and go. if you're plugged in or you have to plug in and for some reason the grid has to be paused or
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temporarily shut down, you are not charge not going anywhere. >> there is an element of tennis chuckling as i was listening to the clubs were planning because if you step back is that there's an element of comity to all this. trying to convince someone hey i want you to stop driving a car because the temperature of the earth is changing. how much is it changing? change about a degree, degree and a half over the past 100 years. it's really not obvious how that translates into hey, you need to stop driving a car. there's a level of kind of surreal insanity and what of these politicians are saying. they say with urgency and gravitas as they tried to intimidate the ordinary guy the thing that you don't understand but of course we do. >> laura: it is downright giddy at the prospect of destroying our energy industry watch. >> if you don't think that electric vehicles of the future, get with it folks.
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we need to move quickly and we need to move fast and equitable sustainable, smart, convenient way because once you do you're never going back to fossil fuels that's all there is. >> laura: dozen that by the very logic of what she's saying or illogic mean that america's standard of living is going down under any calculus of her she saying? >> it does and it also mean something else. that means that we are seeing an attempt to create a great transfer of power away from the entrepreneurial innovative private sector toward the government. if this is the point that elon musk stressed we said that listen, if entrepreneurs know what i'll allocate capital. government is notoriously bad at doing that and it government is determined to transfer the decisions about capital allocations away from the people who've prove they know how to do it into the hands of people who have manifested vliet of it. >> laura: great to see you
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tonight. i left as catch even during the pandemic. they are already planning for the next pandemic. "the new york times" is calling omicron variant a dress rehearsal for the next pandemic saying that is also a call to action. whatever progress we have made is not enough. i ask along with the show long ago that this is about control. not really about public health joining me now is alex. alex, they are prepping for the next pandemic i joked on twitter i think it was 2,022 or we can overrate for the presidential election? >> look i want to say something which is thank you. you tucker, and a handful of people number three on amazon kindle so is the best nonfiction book in the united states right now. it's like a best-selling book is
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robert f. kennedy's book. people are aware that they are not getting good information for most of the media. they're desperate for sources. they know they've been lights over the last two years. they know they been misled. they are as you said, the authorities -- i hate to say that they're disappointed that's coming to an end. it's hard not to have that feeling sometimes when you hear that they're already looking for the next -- whether it's omicron of the next pandemic to scare people with. we really do need to be aware of all the lies they told, all the mistakes and all the misjudgments that were made in the last two years so that when it happens again if it happens again we will be ready to sort of stand up. >> laura: the cdc director rachel on cbs talk about the new normal alex watch. >> were not really gonna get it back out there which of the face the fact of her and at the level
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at this true? >> i think that's too true but we have a lot of control and power to do that as we come together and as we get vaccinated, as we get those prevention things that work to protect one another and ourselves and our families. >> laura: alex is on the just a clear signal that the masked man states, the vaccine mandates of the lockdowns that's our new normal. so they prefer. that's the world that they prefer to live in. >> it is deeply ironic. none of it worked. nothing worked. the lockdowns and work, the mast mandates and work, the vaccines at best or a short-term fix. it's basically faded 20 watch why they're desperate to get you boosted. it's not clear that that works. the consequences of all the stuff has been real and devastating for the united states and it is astonishing that none of these people will admit any of this. they're happily telling you what a good job they did when anybody with eyes can see that the
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response has been disastrous both in the united states and worldwide. >> laura: he is still lashing out at the unfaxed for his own failed policy prescription. >> wising on any better in term of the overall death toll? does it all surprise you? >> it doesn't because there's two things that are converging here jim. one is were dealing with delta. it superimposed upon that we had optimal and plummeted vaccine program, those numbers up and down. with you better than that if he really want to get this thing over with. >> laura: no vaccine all last year but lower death, how is a sodium vaccinated fault? >> is he aware of what's happening in europe more vaccination rates are potentially complete for most of western europe for adults. driving huge spikes in cases. lots of deaths. the vaccines just don't work for very long. the sooner the admit this, the better off we were all be. they just won't do it.
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>> laura: alex we appreciate it, congrats on the book we will see you soon. you may have heard that some my communications from january 6 were handed over to liz cheney and the january 6 committee. and he also heard that it was twisted character rations of those text messages. it was time for me to set the record state is only i can do. stay there.
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he is destroying his legacy. >> laura: dissent left wing media hack in to spin into fame mode. of course the regime media was trying to twist this message to try and harm me as a liar, hypocrite. the big lie was peddled by "the washington post" who grossly mischaracterize what i said in an attempt to smear me. he was not alone. cnn's chief propagandist ryan
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joined on the smear fest writing that they all knew the truth right away by the end of januar. let's be clear paraded into d.c. based on a lie cheapest push over and over again. the lie is that it was stolen away from trump through massive voter fraud. a conspiracy theory i in fact did not push. as for the nt for bit i was referring to other accounts that were reported that they which we later clarified is not substantiated. another inconvenient fact of little man left out. had they bothered to actually watch what i said the night of january 6th or read any of my public tweets from the afternoon of january 5th and they could've denied the truth. first here's the opening of the show on the 9th of january 6.
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>> the capital was under siege with people can only be described as antithetical to the mega movement. now there were likely at not all trump supporter's were some antifa sympathizers may have been sprinkled throughout the crowd. we will have more on that later. >> laura: if you're trump supporter trying to display your support for the president today's and takes at the capitol did just the opposite. those who preach the capital security day whoever they were they were criminals. i've been a literally dozens of trump events on the criminal actions we saw today do not represent this movement. >> laura: does that sound like i was downplaying it to you? no here are my tweets public tweets. from earlier that afternoon. 2:37 p.m., security breach at the capital is disgraceful to present needs to tell everyone to leave the building now.
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2:44 p.m. and one thinks is is gonna the mega movement is delusional. it hearts the movement, the trump legacy and of course the country. 2:53 p.m. the president should order u.s. troops, meaning national guard to secure the capital immediately. 3:14 p.m. when there's any big crowd there invariably be bad actors, but blaine will be laid at the feet of the white house and capital not cleared quickly. now this is all public record kids obtainable through a quick google search. you've heard of that? of course it's what they wanted and never will be. both publicly and privately. i said what i believe. of the bridge of capital on january 6th was terrible thing. crimes are committed, some people on fire fairly hounded and persecuted and prosecuted. it was on an insurrection. to say anything different is beyond dishonest and ignores the fact of that day.
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as a practical matter there's this inconvenient truth. democrats actually listened to liz cheney in the lincoln project and have gone all in on this january 6 narrative for the entire year of biden presidency. that's a good that's though. the mother they talk about january 6th, the stronger the trump and the g.o.p. are becoming at the polls. so why does the party want to become an echo chamber of msnbc? what happen to bring the country together. lapin is shutting down covid? has anyone seen msnbc's ratings? they are all so out of touch. this afternoon that network literally ran a segment about how the u.s. media is tougher on biden that it is on the g.o.p. the entire january 6 campaign has become one of revenge deformation. if r's characterization and false equivalency.
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their entire focus was portraying all republicans as january 6 riders. if that's what democrats wanted. all republicans they see our white supremacist. that essentially what they want to say. they want trump barred from ever serving in public office again. people like liz cheney will soon liz her wyoming primary. would prefer the voters could out him. it will both end up probably as msnbc product commentators. they'll both become democrat lackeys like nicole wallace, bill kristol, the whole crowd. largely irrelevant with no real constituency. pretty handsomely paid. the real big lie is the expansive narrative of january 6th. these clowns have made the center of the political existence. so it's time to face facts. shutdown the false narrative entry cheney and her class the american people treat them by tuning them out.
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jenna me now is byron. also with me ohio congressman jim jordan was the house district community ranking member. let's go to you first. my tweets, i think is one of the first people on twitter who were known to be supportive of president trump to really put that message out there i believe but i might be wrong one of the first. did they get a look at any of the public statements on this? >> obviously not the important thing is that they were public and other we know since yesterday what you said in private texts, we can evaluate the text and say who can disagree with the word of the text that you sent. would've a much better for everybody president trump follow that advice immediately. many forceful call for people to leave the capital immediately.
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that was good advice and you and other people including the presidents son were giving it to them. that is a separate issue from this reflective opportunistic anti-fox criticism that you're talking about today is just another day and that. it is a new example there will be something else next week and the week after that. it just another effort to go after fox. >> laura: congressman jordan was amazing to me is the regime media spends this courtesy of chaining. the white house picks it up today, so she just repeats what all the other liars said watch. >> it's disappointing unfortunately not surprising that some of the same individuals were willing to warn and condemn horror over what happened on january 6 in private were totally, and private were totally silent in public. or even worse were spreading
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lies in conspiracy theories and continued to. this is just say much and it's not working more importantly >> real take away here laura is what they were doing to a good man. understand and i've said this on the house for what they're doing today is trying to put a good man in prison because do we really think that is the same guy that took all of five days to go to she parents his terrace because some left-wing political organization broke the right house and asked him use the patriot act score for mom and dad. do we think that is not to put mark meadows in prison for what? for putting a good public servant. this is crazy. we weren't allowed to know who the anonymous so-called whistle-blower was during impeachment but then they get to eviscerate executive privilege some that's been around since george washington started. this is crazy with the democrats are doing in the american people i think get it but unfortunately the hard left to control the democrat party, the things that
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they're seeing. they're gonna keep doing this kind of stuff if we don't stop them. with the speak out him a should for the next election i think it's coming in the work to be willing to say time out to garbage. take principles and presidents that we've had in this country since the very first president. >> laura: the executive privilege question certain communications is a little bit murky we will see with the court goes on that. i will say this. the strategy of following liz cheney and adam kinzinger, twitter earlier tonight do you think that obama or clinton would have been that stupid to follow those two anywhere? for strategy or deliberation? >> there are some worries in the democratic side about what is going on here. it is actually connection between the haze that you see in there pursuing this executive
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privilege case and of course mark meadows has the strongest case was a white house chief of staff at the time. if anyone has a case for executive privilege it would be meadows and one could wait for the course to finally put to be. the haze that you're seeing does reflect a worry that they're going to stretch this investigation into next year. of course it is meant to ultimately damage formative president trump and the republican party. the worry is that it will damage democratic fortunes in the midterms as well. as if we know anything right now is that voters are concerned that the economy. they are concerned about inflation they are concerned about their standard of living. that is the issue next year and they are worried about on the wrong side of it. >> laura: this is just a loser strategy it's good for the republicans but is terrible for the democrats in the country.
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this was kathy with the way it is. thank you both so much. >> laura: they continue to make lame excuses as i just mentioned. tom cotton is here. stay there.
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>> laura: it was up 1.9% year after year as of november going at the fastest rate ever measured. don't worry because the white house is a very convenient scapegoat for rising prices. >> the secretary of magical sure have both spoken to what we've seen as the greed of me conglomerates. that is in his view or the view of our secretary of agriculture's because we could call it corporate greed sure. >> laura: senator tom is with us from arkansas. i've heard a lot of things before but now it is the meat
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conglomerate. >> they are blaming everyone for this record inflation and it just goes back to democratic policies. we've had this been done for 2 years. we didn't have record inflation in 2,020. willie had in 2,021 the democrats are in charge spending trillions of dollars. to make sure there is more money chasing fewer goods because of all the lockdowns and the capacity restrictions you still have in the democratic government states. first is oil and gas companies. notes me conglomerates. maybe next week to be the elf on the shelf with his honor of christmas presents under the tree. >> laura: the elf on the shelf, and you have to bring that up senator? it was a dnc holiday party tonight either of us have been invited but joe biden was there. >> who won as a unified party more unified as ever. i would look at 2,022 went to my
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republican friends get ready pal to enter a problem. we need to stay unified. you have to keep making the case and if we do i believe are going to win. >> laura: last time i checked the democrats are having greater doubts about joe biden than ever before. there off the charts again joe biden's job approval. dizziness and we got a poll? >> at the democrats are to be unified in a be a massive historical fee next november they continue to pursue this massive and reckless tax and spending bill. which is that they eliminated all the budgets it would be $5 trillion impact. child care. but implement major parts of the green new deal to make it more expensive to pick up trucks trucks and suvs.
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and of course it would continue to add more fuel to the fire of inflation that's hurting so many families. the american people spoke pretty clearly last month and new jersey and long island. minneapolis, even seattle. the democrats don't want to hear they're going to face a big surprise come november. >> laura: i thought i heard it all until less on msnbc with a try to point out that the real problem with biden's agenda is that they are not getting enough credit from the media for all of their accomplishments. >> he is love the not seen a good headline and i would say maybe six months. the reality also is that the press is simply covering joe biden the way that his opponents would want him to be covered. nothing positive that he has done has gotten any coverage. >> laura: what positive has
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joe biden done? as i should try to think of that today. i can think of much. >> i'm sure msn bc will believe that. but for the rest of us just a matter of looking at the scoreboard uses eight football games. scoreboard is online. the good that disaster is an humiliating withdrawal from afghanistan earlier this year. a record inflation come in november they said he to do something after was an ounce of weed record high inflation 30 years. now december we have 40 year record highs of inflation. look at the crime of that continues to crash across the country. they've got left-wing looting mobs going out, the first route from home depot all the crowbars and the hammers and only use those to go rob the jewelry stores and electronic stores. joe biden and the democratic party this year have delivered failure cap, after failure. that's why the american people aren't buying with the democrats are saying.
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spill my fescue really quickly about liz cheney and off-the-wall obsession with text messages to mark meadows come on a piece summer i read all my tweets moment public tweets that day the completely match what is at the meadows and at night. she is like a woman obsessed every check on her lately or chatted with her on text messages? , to see her text messages senator. >> i did see what you said earlier this evening and i saw what sean hannity said the same is true about ryan. he apparently texting mark meadows to encourage him to try to get arounds under control. that's exactly what you and sean, brian is so many of us set on january 6. we cannot tolerate any kind of writing or violence, or chaos. at the same things over his head throughout thousand 20 we had left-wing blm robs going through our crowds and creating arson.
7:46 pm
understand the media's obsession today with you, and sean and brian, and others. saying privately exactly said publicly on january 6 of this year. >> laura: think you started. i appreciate it. as the update of the transgender university summer the teammates aren't exactly okay with what's going on there so stay tuned.
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♪ ♪ >> the team is been unbelievably supportive. teammates and coaches i will. i feel very supported and treated like other member of the team. >> laura: thomas' team h actually don't feel the same about having a biological male on the team. i'm telling out kicked a pretty much everyone individually has spoken to are coached about not liking this. so i met her teammates feel so discouraged because no matter how hard they work or they put in their going to lose. shoot me now is selena who is a student athlete at florida atlantic university. selena, someone who's gone through these female swimmers are facing, you went through it on the track for track and
7:52 pm
field, what is your response to what you just heard from the transgender athlete? >> it is very frustrating that this has happened in another sport in college. i'm very proud of those girls for target of the coaches and i encourage them to go public even more than being anonymous. as for furnace to be returned to their sport. >> laura: the summers are actually in my mind for it is publicly. look at what they did to celebrate author j.k. rowling? they tried to shun her and she is a multi-billionaire. though it's probably to slice and dice these girls. >> it's very disgraceful that woke ideologically athletes are saying no to men in the sports. you and i both know this is happening across the country and
7:53 pm
other contracts as well. they're trying to say no to men in their private spaces. so we need reality based laws that reflect that men and women are different. i commend these young moment for standing up and pushing back against men competing in their sport. >> laura: were anything about how hard i know i was an athlete a pretty decent one how hard it is to compete against other women. it's very difficult. but now you're competing against biological male athletes who actually swim as men biological men. just set on an athlete level selena how does that feel? >> it's very demoralizing experience because no matter how hard the girls trained we will never be able to beat someone who's biologically male no matter how many hours, and hours report and it will not matter because there's no way that we can compete with them
7:54 pm
physically. >> laura: didn't you lose a couple of your records to these biological male athletes? i do not lose any of my school records but their estate records that were broken i believe it was 15 state records that were broken between the two of them. so the statewide record is broken, even worse. leaders will be following this and tracking a thank you both tonight. update on the meadows content vote that's happening right now we will bring those to you and moments.
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>> laura: we have a historic jump in prices for america we have gas prices through the roof, we have people desponding about christmas, their kids future. and this is what these bozos in the house are doing. this january 6 committee sam continues even at this hour. these democrats they don't care
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about inflation, and eau claire about your life is. there were a hold mark meadows in contempt because they think it's in her trunk. they're worried that he is come back i guess beat them all again. let's efforts tonight. never forget shows what you know at stake of buying your u.s. a freedom gear. all the proceeds goes towards us. we school musical [cheers and applause] >> greg: happy tuesday everyone and it's time for my favorite show. >> is time for the. speak to our world is


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