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tv   The Five  FOX News  December 15, 2021 2:00pm-3:00pm PST

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analyzed if a lot of these programs didn't expire as they are intended to, what would be the real cost of that package and they came up with something closer to $5 trillion not the $2 trillion that it is billed for. and anyoneflationary environment that is definitely not the news you would like to hear. but for now, the inflationary fight is on. we will see how that goes with the fed. ♪ ♪ >> dana: hello everyone i'm dana perino, with judge jeanine pirro, jesse watters and brian kilmeade. this is the "the five." democrats accused of being outright delusional after the latest by president biden despite sinking polls and tumultuous afghanistan and the border and now problems with the economy. president biden claims his party is poised to win big in 2022 and
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even tell republicans they need to watch out. >> now we look at 2022. i want to tell my republican friends get ready, pal, you are going in for a problem. we have to keep making the case if we could i believe we are going to win. let me say this again for the present. we are going to win in 2022. as democrats, we know what we're for. what republicans don't seem to be for anything. name me something they are for. they're against everything. i don't know a single solitary world leader who wouldn't trade the problems of the president of the united states has for their problems. i don't know a single one. >> dana: and speaker nancy pelosi is gushing over the job president biden has been doing. >> they are blocking every effort to provide -- >> -- it's an honor and pleasure to be here at this time of challenge and with the coronavirus the national disaster, our country could not be more -- could not be better served than with this most
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experienced capable hands than your president biden. he is just perfect. the timing i'm inspired by your work for the people as you continue to be an invaluable partner to president biden. >> dana: while the president and speaker pelosi are predicting big things, squad member cori bush is preemptively blaming biden and moderate democrats for potential losses that's super interesting. we are going to talk about all of this. let me start with you, jesse, they are going to say this no matter what because they have to. >> jesse: right. >> dana: do you get the sense that they believe it? >> jesse: when the donors are there you have to say we are going to win. especially if you have all these democrats, what are you going to say you know what? i'm unpopular, crime high, covid cases you guys are on your own. pass the eggnog. like, that's not going to fly. it's like a pep rally. even if like the team is down, four touchdowns in the fourth quarter still got to be pompoms,
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you have to root for the team. i understand that. can't blame republicans, sinema, mansion, the squad, the but dogs are slowing down his agenda. why would the republican party strap their lassos to this train wreck? look at this guy. he is unpopular. his policies are making everything worse. if he was popular and he was doing good things, you would probably have maybe 10 to 15 senate democrats joining that agenda. but you are not going to see that and that's clear. nancy pelosi, prosecute mr. perfect i am old enough to remember when a couple republicans were a little praise worthy of donald trump at a cabinet meeting and it was like the media framed it as a bunch of suck-ups to a dictator. remember that whole thing? mr. perfect of all people? >> dana: that's you. >> jesse: you don't use that word lightly but only in politics do politicians just like go around and just kiss each others butts. would we do that at this stage
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you are perfect brian kilmeade. >> brian: we are the king of sarcasm when when it comes to compliments. a couple of things. if they called donald trump perfect we would have laughed -- at this table because no one is perfect except you. but i want to just answer a question what are republicans for? i'm not in agenda just by listening to the interviews they like to drill. they would like to get the energy costs down so they can do that by getting l and g. stop the nord stream 2 pipeline. went out of the way to arm the ukrainians and put advisers on the ground to let them know what's going to happen. also investigate china and the origin of the covid virus and finish the wall. after all we have the receipts, it was paid for. that's what they would be doing. it's not what they are for. s they are for these things that's just off the top of my head. >> jesse: that's good for to have off the top of your head.
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>> dana: one of the things they started to do the build back better bill has been languishing for a while. not going to pass before christmas. many democrats saying we should really work on the voting rights piece of our agenda so they are shelving build back better already so, to me, that means like the longer this sits out there, the longer he might look like a lame duck president before he even gets to the first state of the union address. >> he is like a lame duck president because even the "new york times" is writing an article about who should run for president telling him not to run for president. cori bush one of the squad members or one of the radical congresswomen is saying we're loading in 2022 because will joe biden. what we have are all of these people that already know democrat. he kept talking about, kept saying to myself what is he saying, why is he saying he is going to win? what he was saying was we stand with the people. we made historic progress. that's exactly my point.
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he says things that mean nothing. and, yeah, republicans are for nothing. well, we are for law and order to begin with. we are for the wall. we are for education. we are for people making a responsible salary. this guy is all for inflation. the bottom line is yeah, i have been in politics. i ran five times. you really try to, you know, puff things up a little. but those people that he was talking, to even they don't believe it and nancy pelosi coming out and saying that she is inspired by kamala harris' work. that's a quote. what work? i think. >> brian: hubble telescope to find the work? >> judge jeanine: it's all nonsense and smoke and mirrors and they are losing. >> dana: generic ballot the congressional ballot has republicans historic high like not ever seeing numbers like this. if you are a republican, you should run in vermont. you never know. republicans could win
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everywhere. >> geraldo: i didn't take any of that rhetoric seriously. to me it was all kind of flamboyant irony. >> jesse: so unpopular let's say we are popular ha ha inside joke and go on. but i don't know the mechanisms of the economy. i don't pretend to. i'm not a businessman. you know, but i am an investor and the stock market was up almost 400 points today. historic highs because of the fed. if the fed bales out the democrats maybe our presumption that they're going to be routed in november will be tested. as things stand, beyond how you could possibly be optimistic holding the hands that the democrats are holding. look what just happened we will talk later in the program about the mayor of san francisco completely walking away from her policies from a year ago and as if it never happened. i believe that democrats will do that increasingly. that they will just stop this isn't working let's move on.
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>> brian: cori bush still says defund the police. believe me, every time she has a microphone she says the same thing which joe biden passes outer time she says it. >> dana: they also say if you do not cancel student loan debt you will not get the democrats to vote. progressives are saying you are not going to fire up the base. >> jesse: young people don't vote in midterms. i don't think they will turn out for joe biden. that's not going to drive them to the polls. so they have to pay what they were paying a year ago, big deal. >> brian: there were 35-year-olds who would be outraged the loan they just finished paying off was paid off all these 23-year-olds get their loans paid off. a lot of people take great pride in paying off their debt. out of everybody that could replace joe biden, the one guy that i think could,. >> geraldo: gavin newsom? >> jesse: i predicted that. that was my prediction. >> brian: i don't agree with you, joe manchin. >> judge jeanine: get out.
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>> brian: joe manchin. >> judge jeanine: we like him. we will have our own candidate, a republican candidate. he can't get enough from the right or the left to win. >> dana: i'm going to give you my answer tonight a block. that's i will be on tucker talking about this very. >> brian: so deep it's too two shows away. >> dana: what happened blaming everything on the pandemic. hot white house says is at fault for surging prices. ♪ run, run rudolph ♪ santa's got to make it to town ♪ santa make him hurry ♪ tell him he can take the freeway down ♪ run, run rudolph ♪ i'm reeling like a merry-go-round.
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♪ >> geraldo: thank you, mr. chairman. everything cost too damn much first it was the pandemic fault and now big meat. who knew? biden's white house blaming the soaring cost of meet on the greed of producers, hold that thought, as the administration presides over inflation bloated
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economy not seen in 40 years. >> the president, secretary of agriculture have both spoken to what we have seen as the greed of meat conglomerates, that san area where people go to the grocery store and trying to buy a pound of meat, two pounds of meat, 10 pounds of meat the prices are higher. that is in his view and the view of our secretary of agriculture because of you could call it corporate greed, sure. >> geraldo: corporate greed and big meat. blaming big meat. instead republican senator tom cotton says they should be blaming their own policies. >> they are blaming everyone for this record inflation when it just goes back to democratic policies. look, we have had this pandemic two years. first it wag oil and gas gas companies. meat conglomerate next week elf on the shelf when there isn't enough christmas gifts under the tree. >> geraldo: who is your run for d.a.? how did you portray the democratic rival. >> judge jeanine: i always portray the rival as someone soft on crime.
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>> geraldo: bad as meat. light on meat. >> judge jeanine: about how strong i was. my record. what i can i didn't really spend a lot of time trashing. >> geraldo: politics not -- the negative. >> judge jeanine: can i talk about this? >> geraldo: go ahead. >> brian: jeanine's career. >> judge jeanine: here's the bottom line. they are always looking for an excuse. he doesn't want to admit that it's him. that it's his policy. >> geraldo: politics. >> judge jeanine: that's not politics. >> geraldo: always blame the other guy. >> judge jeanine: $3,500 that the average american family has to pay this year just to survive compared to last year. last year was really bad year, you know. the pandemic and everything else hit. but with joe biden in there put money into the stimulus, into the infrastructure, this, that, and the other thing his so-called biden piper infrastructure and the bottom line is that with inflation at
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the highest it's been in 40 years and at 6.9%. you know, he keeps wanting to pour more money in and that means your money is worth less because there is a lot more of it. >> geraldo: i want to stick with political stereotyping, dana and the reagan administration. remember welfare queen? he portrayed a whole class of people who became the enemy of the republican voters in a very succinct way by focusing on one purported wealthy and did the story didn't even pan out. it was very effective politically. that's what you do to your rival. don't you define your rival big meat, big meat is something people can remember. >> dana: they are making up a rival. like big meat is not their rival. the rival is their -- are the republicans, but it's also the fact that they have 69% of people in the abc poll saying that they are disapprove of the way the biden administration is handling inflation. that's a huge wake-up call. where else can you get 6% of americans to agree on today. they agree on that?
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what happens? a progressive group puts out poll tested messaging and says here's what you do to fight back. you just blame all of the private sector for being greedy. and they tried it with the energy company. now they are trying it with meat. i'm not saying that there isn't a problem especially when it comes to the producers, like the cattle ranchers. that is a problem, i do think, that's one of the things that both the trump administration and the biden administration are looking into. but when it comes to consumer prices, all these other things fall into it. you have got to get the cows to market. you have got to get the trucks fueled. all of that stuff adds up. packaging is more expensive. the supply chain, all of that happens. if you ever wondered how the democrats get on one -- on the same page and they are all singing from the same song sheet it's because you have a poll tested thing that goes out greed. that's it, go out and talk about greed. >> geraldo: every morning. >> dana: last thing is the problem is initially they said inflation wasn't happening. then they said
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transitory/temporary. well it's going to get better after the first of the year. now they are saying actually it's the greedy meat packers. >> geraldo: so funny how the issue has to hit exactly right for it to be want economy so we have to be the economy at that moment for it to be the pandemic, whatever. and it just seems it's such a resolve the dice. do politicians ever take responsibility? >> jesse: no. >> judge jeanine: i did. >> jesse: did you but you were a judge. >> judge jeanine: i was a d.a. >> jesse: you are perfect. >> judge jeanine: makes three perfect at this table. >> jesse: couple. >> judge jeanine: not a couple. >> jesse: dana says something and she is right. the guy at the supermarket the price gun shoots it on the meat, gets a note from big meat every week what the price of the steaks is going to be. where do you think that price comes from, increased transportation costs, labor costs, packaging costs, fuel costs, energy costs.
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it's all expensive. big meat is carrying a lot of costs so they are going to raise prices. you don't get to become big meat by selling meat for free. if you become meat for free you become little meat. you don't want to be little meat. >> geraldo: do you have that funky graph on how the price of gas has really plummeted. look at that looks very dramatic. >> jesse: that's not dramatic that's 10 cents. >> geraldo: wait a minute. put the graph back, please. it looked like a dramatic drop in the price of gasoline. as my young colleague points out, that's only 10 cents. they have vertical to make that graph like the price is plummeting. >> jesse: it's a slick sales job. i already knew it but now the audience knows how slick the democrats are. it went down 10 cents in two weeks, geraldo, is that because big oil is less greed j? no, omicron has all the oil
2:21 pm
traders. >> judge jeanine: with big meat i don't like the idea that john dutton from yellow stone is rising prices and doesn't fit in my head. >> brian: i have not seen yellow stone, meat isn't the big problem but used cars is up 31%. gas is up 58%. meat at 15%. then furniture following right behind that, jewelry. effects everybody, $3,400 per family. i get it you don't have to have all the answers but you have to try. the minute i think you just diminished your argument when you set up somebody as the fall guy and in this case it's corporations, big meat and corporations big oil. and you don't have to create an enemy. the other thing is and no offense but the press secretary should not be answering complex economic problems. have the treasury secretary out there. >> dana: that's a problem. can i tell you something how that works? >> brian: big meat statements that people mock for 24 hours. i would like to have an expert knows more than the reporters out from front. >> dana: let me tell you what happens when the economy is good
2:22 pm
and good news you can find anybody from the treasury department. >> brian: they don't want to come out. >> dana: they are busy. they can't show up. tell you something that what happened in the fall of 2008 i was learning what a credit default swap was every day. >> geraldo: didn't you at the story of the day was. jimmy carter was president and in latin america covering his trip to south america. and somebody ran through the hallways at 4:00 in the morning the story is amy carter. the story is amy carter. everybody wrote about amy carter that day. the press can be easily stirredd to cover. >> brian: not anymore. >> jesse: it doesn't make your meat bigger. [laughter] >> geraldo: they call me big meat. [laughter] when defunding the police bites you, liberal city mayor whining about the crime wave after cutting money to the cops. ♪ i can see it in your eyes ♪ that you disguise the same old lies ♪ you heard the night before
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♪ and though it's just a line to you ♪ for me, it's true ♪ and never seem sod right before ♪
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♪ ♪ experience the power of sanctuary at the lincoln wish list event. brian i did not pick the song. i'm filling. in you don't get to pick songs when you are filling. you reap what you sow. london walter reed learning the lesson the hard way after defunding the police force by $120 million in 2020. we remember that now, after a series of insane smash and grab thefts which are not slowing down all of the sudden she wants to get tough on crime. listen. >> it's time that the reign of criminals who are destroying our city it's time for it to come to an end.
2:28 pm
it comes to an end when we take the steps to be more aggressive with law enforcement, more aggressive with the changes in our policies. and less tolerant of all the [bleep] that has destroyed our city. >> brian: where did this come from? nancy pelosi who represents san francisco can't seem to figure out what exactly is behind the crime surge? >> it's absolutely outrageous, obviously it cannot continue. but the fact is that there is an attitude of lawlessness in our country that springs from i don't know where. maybe you do. and we cannot have that lawlessness become the norm. >> brian: you empty the prisons, you don't prosecute anything that doesn't result in the death of somebody else, and, of course, you defund and defame the cops. here is their reforms. the crack down one of four things going to be doing. the other three securing
2:29 pm
emergency police funding, amending our surveillance enforcement so interrupt crime in realtime. put that down they weren't able to say that before. disrupting the illegal street sales of stolen goods is this the beginning of a ripple effect, jesse. soon we will have a philadelphia d.a. speaking out, mayor speaking out and then new york, we have got a new one come in. and then chicago and then los angeles. is this going to be a ripple effect? >> jesse: every city will reach a breaking point. reach it differently in different cities. philly reaching it very quickly. bismarck,. >> geraldo: bon. van morrison. >> jesse: i think i said von. fools learn from mistakes. wise men learn from other people's mistake. london walter reed is a fool. she has a cool name. >> geraldo: cool name. >> jesse: sounds like aville flan a batman movie. everyone knows you defund the police and do what you do you
2:30 pm
will have a crime surge. you can't do this without the same outcome. i blame the san francisco voters. put a fool in office a fool is going to do what a fool do. they have destroyed a crowned jewel of california. it is now basically san francisco a tech mecca surrounded by a filthy moat of degeneral wase,. >> jesse: and drugs. what happened here. what really happened a bunch of business people said we are going to get out if you don't fix this her poll numbers are obviously going to tank. she is not going to be a national politician if she is going to ruin this city. look what happened to de blasio. tried to run for president got laughed out of the room. >> brian: he will get laughed out of governorship, too. is that one off one speech or do you see something happening beyond. >> dana: something happened. a straw broke the camel's back. it wasn't when the walgreen's got looted. when the high end stores got looted. business owners and some of her
2:31 pm
donors probably saying the city, you are going to lose everything if you don't do something. she has a problem in that the prosecutor is the one -- he is under a recall. that doesn't happen for another several months. even if it would pass, i don't know if it would. that's the problem she needs to fix. last thick i would said many of these -- often you have seen women politicians when they get into the position of something being tough, that they like want to curse like that to sound tougher. and i think it actually diminishes their power and their dignity. >> brian: real quick, for you, judge, i watched william bratton one hour ago on this channel. he said i don't care about the mayors or police chiefs. i only care about the d.a.s. >> judge jeanine: that's exactly the point. as a former d.a. myself, what i can tell you is when this mayor said that she basically said i hope that our d.a. will prosecute, she said we expect
2:32 pm
law enforcement to react the way should and i hope the d.a. will prosecute as the mayor she has got some skin in this game and she can force the d.a. in ways that you and i can't figure out to prosecute. and make no mistake. lawlessness begets lawlessness. what's going on around in san francisco where fentanyl is killing kids, they are not necessarily overdosing but they are dying because it's murder, and then in addition to their selling stolen goods and counterfeit goods, you have all of that crime and in that area she either believes all are rapists or murderers. >> geraldo: or she changed her mind because she understood
2:33 pm
finally. >> judge jeanine: how long took years? 456 people were killed in san francisco in a year. >> geraldo: when i interrupted dana i think it was when that security god the cop ex-cop got shot outside one of those stores when the gang looters were there the number one job of government is to keep people safe. whatever her aspirations, wasn't kamala harris the d.a. of san francisco also and a crime buster. she was a real buster when she was the d.a. there. >> judge jeanine: not really. geraldo geraldo she had a really good reputation. the city was safe. weren't all the homeless around. i'm okay with london walter reed as jesse points out greatest name in politics. you know, i'm okay with her being born again. let her be born again. let them all be born again. >> brian: you want to see action? >> geraldo: i want to see people being healed responsible for the crimes they commit against society. society being safe against people who are degenerate and dysfunctional and greedy.
2:34 pm
>> brian: republicans have so much money flowing into their party they never take a serious run at d.a. positions. they don't take run at the no infrastructure for the republicans to run. so, therefore, people have no choice. unfortunately, i have to leave it there. maybe because it was such a great point i dumbfounded the whole panel. up next, dot dot dot. billionaire elon musk destroys senator elizabeth warren in a response you have to see. ♪ ♪
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♪♪ this flag isn't backwards. it's facing this way because it's moving forward. ♪♪ just like the men and women who wear it on their uniforms and the country it represents. they're all only meant to move one direction which is why we fly it this way on the flanks of the all-new grand wagoneer. moving boldly and unstoppably forward.
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>> judge jeanine: the richest man in the world elon musk not taking crap from liberal senator elizabeth warren as she tried to call him out on twitter, quote: let's change the rigged tax code so the person of the year will actually pay taxes and stop free loading off everyone else. musk hitting right back with a link to the time when warren claimed phony indian heritage and adding this comeback quote: please don't call the manager on me, senator karen. all right. well that's an interesting back and forth between the senator and the richest man in the world who is worth, what, $252 billion. who is right and who is wrong there? >> well, put it this way she does not like wealth. he is playing by the rules. is he not cheating. is he playing by the rules. he takes his money and does things like we all should do. get a space program like we all should do. come up with an electric car that according to jesse's latest stats he provided me burns
2:40 pm
clean. isn't that the goal for everyone? all he does is innovate and hire people and create industry. and when it comes to paying taxes you go ahead and invest rather than pay out the money. so, to me, it's the same game. so she wants to change the rules to stop innovation, this is capital liz stick socialist. vilify the rich. this is back to the earlier block. >> judge jeanine: that's right. one of the things capitalist vs. a socialist is she is saying there is an article foo says musk paid 68,000, 65,000 in 2017 and none in 2018. now, i don't know ifs that accurate or it isn't accurate. but, it may be and then people have to scratch heir head and say wait a minute, i'm glad he is an innovator. i'm working hard and paying. >> geraldo: senator warren has made a great point. >> dana: one of their best arguments. biden say rich need to pay more. a lot of republicans say that, too. that would require a change in
2:41 pm
the tax code. that means people have to get together and try to do it. she is very much a bully on these types of things. she comes out swinging she never really gets any pushback. all of a sudden elon musk said i'm not going to take it anymore. is he funny. and the humored lightness of it drives even more coverage. between her being in the news and hillary clinton being in the news this week, it's like. >> judge jeanine: hillary clinton was a gold mine for me on saturday night. [laughter] >> brian: she is going to run again. >> judge jeanine: i hope so. i really do. not her but, jesse, look, here's the bottom line. if the top 1% pay $163 billion or don't pay that in taxes, missing that from them. they pay the mounting share, the largest share of taxes, that's equivalent to the lower 90%. you know, how much more can we tax him. >> jesse: not much more. i plan on being in that top
2:42 pm
percent and probably lose it that's america, did you go up, you go down. and that's part of the game. i love when members of congress complain about the tax coat when they write the tax code. she has been in the senate for 10 years rewrite the tax code. not only that the democrats gave tesla, what, $5 billion in taxpayer subsidies to make elon the richest man in the world? and now she is complaining after giving him all that money? come on, they are always complaining about something. he has a $15 billion tax bill that's due next year. he just had to sell a bunch of tesla stock to get that 15 billion. what did that do send the shares of tesla way down. that's takes your 401(k) down. probably liz warren's pension came down. all the tesla employees lose money. that's the game. get dumped on by this guy. >> judge jeanine: she talks about a rigged tax code. jesse's point is a good point. they complain about it but they don't change. i doubt she has the support but
2:43 pm
is it a rigged tax code? >> i think it is. a couple of things. first of all elon musk is the most charging rich person on earth, i think. he richly deserved the "time" magazine cover. i loved him on "saturday night live." >> jesse: geraldo wants to go to space. >> geraldo: i would love to go to space. and senator warren reminds me of mrs. folly my english teacher in suffolk county. when she came into the room you just -- you were terrified to pick on you. but she is absolutely right. i mean, it should be minimum corporate tax and minimum personal tax on people who make over a certain amount of money. it's just essential fairness. it will never happen because washington is a corrupt town run by lobbyists. as soon as you try to do anything innovative. anything that's truly helpful to the people like prescription drug prices it gets stymied by creeps who are bought off. >> judge jeanine: well said. the fastest is up next.
2:44 pm
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♪ ♪ >> jesse: welcome back, everybody hates that song. time for the fastest. i loved it the pandemic can't end soon enough. outgoing national institutes of health director francis collins serenading the american public with this pretty cringey song. watch. ♪ somewhere past the pandemic ♪ let's end covid now. >> jesse: jeanine? >> judge jeanine: i have nothing to say. so disgusting. >> geraldo: it wasn't disgusting. >> judge jeanine: that was beautiful. i'm sorry. he should be at lincoln center this summer. [laughter]
2:49 pm
>> jesse: it was melodious. got to give him that. >> geraldo: a sweetness to it >> dana: if you are going to pull something like this off if you watch any of the contest shows, you have to pick a song that's upbeat and that's how you win. >> jesse: that was little sad. brian he wouldn't have won the voice. wasn't that judy garland? >> brian: is he the architect? is he anthony fauci's boss? isn't he? >> judge jeanine: nih? that's why i don't want to watch him. >> brian: this is how he congratulates himself leading the world in per capita death. >> geraldo: come on. >> brian: no use for this totally tone deaf. i can't wait for him to retire.
2:50 pm
>> geraldo: we have to have a little comic relief. >> brian: i will take kevin james and dave chapelle. >> dana: needs a nap. >> jesse: geraldo so did spike lee. average tv host just as smart as any other surgeon or market scientist. new study reveals the brains of doctors and scientists and engineers are no different than those of any other profession. who did this study? i feel like it wasn't scientists doctors or engineers. >> brian: the whole theory is the average person is just as smart as a rocket scientist and brain surgeon. so this is true. >> geraldo: anybody could do it. >> jesse: us weekly spreads. >> judge jeanine: it's not supposed to be that way. >> brian: we want them to be smarter. i want somebody operating on my brain that's smarter than me. [laughter] [laughter]
2:51 pm
>> judge jeanine: i'm a doctor of law. >> geraldo: jewish doctor? >> dana: oh my god. >> geraldo: lawyer, that's right. >> jesse: dana? >> dana: i was relieved when i read this because i thought okay, what they're basically saying we all have the same type of brain but they have better use of the skills in that part of the brain than we do. >> brian: they work harder and better -- >> judge jeanine: have you figured it out? >> dana: i just read the article. >> jesse: so did we, dana. [laughter] >> jesse: one more thing is up next. ♪ ♪ i wish that i was good enough ♪ if only i could wake you up ♪ my love ♪ my love ♪
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>> dana: time now for one more thing. i will go first. you may remember in september i spilled the beans that jessica tarlov was going to have a baby. now she has had said baby. my ma kin that born december 11th weighing 8 pounds 7 ounces she was the tallest baby born at mount sinai that day. she said they are both doing well. jessica's mom brought her a sandwich at the hospital. and her middle name markie's late father who died a july. jersey hair which is great. the other thing i thought was quite sweet. i checked in jessica today. one thing pretty neat she moves her arms and legs just like she did when she was inside the womb. really special connection. >> geraldo: take her worldd.
2:57 pm
word on that. >> jesse: feeding frenzy, here we go. kraft mac and cheese seasonal flavor package for full mac and cheese. comfort, cheesy pizzato, tangy buffalo and creamy ranch. i know brian wants the creamy ranch. they are not going to be in stores for another two weeks. so let's give this a try. i'm going to go pizza, all right? i'm going to go pizza, come on, guys, let's go. >> geraldo: i'm going to dinner. >> jesse: one bite. >> dana: pizza is delicious. >> geraldo: this is ranch? >> jesse: pizzato is really good. have the pizza flair it's very good. >> dana: i saw this advertised on tv i like this idea. >> judge jeanine: i lived on mac and cheese in law school. there goes my phone.
2:58 pm
>> judge jeanine: one more thing i found the cutest video of a dog that plays lazy fetch. okay? it's a new way of playing fetch. so three and a half-year-old golden retriever lives in new york city likes to play lazy fetch with his owner. he lies down on the floor haphazardly catches tennis ball before laysly pawing the ball back to his mom. >> jesse: have a weight problem. >> geraldo: that's a lazy dog. >> judge jeanine: push it look, he takes it out and then pushes it. >> geraldo: i wonder how they invented that game. >> dana: that's the opposite of percy's energy right now. who do we have? geraldo? >> geraldo: that is geraldo's news with geraldo tonight featurings geraldo's daughter sol another episode of great youtube food channel sol food drops today. has dropped now. go on to youtube, search youtube sol food.
2:59 pm
she is working with a wonderful genius tina shammoon, 33 lebanese restaurants. you would love that in the cleveland area. including the high end one. they are making tabuli. making casta all things judge jeanine loves. >> judge jeanine: i make them. >> geraldo: sol have this great, great video tonight two parter. lebanese food. she is doing all the ethnic restaurants in the cleveland, ohio area. >> dana: brian is getting anxious. >> brian: here we go. make history on friday night. is there something to do in broadway in nashville the answer is usually no not anymore. redneck rivera. john rich decided 8:15 after everyone has gone home after happy hour i will be signing the president and the freedom fighter and over to ohio go to joe beth rock wood over in cincinnati and then to dayton
3:00 pm
the who listeners are hosting me there brian number 8 in the country. >> jesse: selling books at the bar. i think that's going to go well. >> brian: a book a shot. i will try any type. >> judge jeanine: fabulous. >> jesse: buy a shot if you buy a book. >> dana: that's it for us. "special report" suspect next. bret, you have got to try this next time around. >> >> bret: has brian fact checked the baby announcement? >> brian: i have a person on it. by the end of "special report." >> bret: that's good. congrats to jessica. good evening welcome to washington i'm bret baier breaking tonight just released fox business polls indicate continued dissatisfaction with president biden's economic policies and real concern around america about rising prices. almost half of registered voters surveyed say the president's actions on getting inflation under control are actually hurting things. just 22% think he is helping.
3:01 pm
36% of those participating in the poll


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