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tv   Hannity  FOX News  December 15, 2021 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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we will see you tomorrow. watch our full conversation on tucker carlson today and trial kyle ou we'll be back 8 p.m. the sworn enemy of lying pomposity, smugness and group think. now, ladies and gentlemen, the great sean hannity. >> sean: thanks, welcome to "hannity." we are tracking multiple stories surrounding joe biden. the sham january 6th committee. a new scheme from elizabeth warren toe pack the supreme court. we begin with a brief update from afghan >> day 123. >> sean: 136 days since joe biden promised not to not only are our fellow americans trapped in afghanistan, the administration still doesn't know how manyic americanss were left behind. ths
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arrogant retort from jen psaki from the biden white house should bring comfort to all especially the holidays for those suffering in afghanistan with no hope on the horizon whau take a look. >> i would reiterate the united states did not put a tracker on american citizens traveling overseas in afghanistan or any country around the world. that would be quite a fox news story. >> sean: you don't put trackers on peopl what jen said the biden administration has written our fellow americans that they abandon off completely and hesaying to them drop dead. you are on your own. jen psaki doesn't care. she is tired of a questions about the human tragedy caused by her boss and according to a new report the
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biden administration is making it impossible for even private rescue organizations to remove those threatened with retribution by the taliban for their work with the u.s. that would include american citizens that they left behind thousands of green card holders. even military families and our afgha the state department is blockin them from negotiating flights t third party countries. wow! this is a self-inflicted disaster. betrayal on a level i can't bring words to. america's enemies smell blood in the wate don't be surprised if israel an iran are in a conflict soon. china is getting a free pass for the global pandemic. they
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planned the entire thing. joe biden thinks this is funny. i don't see anything funny about you decide. >> the coronavirus pandemic, are you being transparent on the origins? >> sean: there is no good answer. after promising to shut down th virus as a candidate, more people have died from covid-19 this year under biden, 2021 tha under donald trump in 2020. according to joe it's not his f it's not china's fault. it's your fault. you the american pe you just value your freedom way too much. i believe in freedom. i believe in medical privacy. i
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believe also in doctor-patient confidentiality but that's a rare concept these days. take >> this is a pandemic of the un that's the problem. so everybody talks about freedom and to not have a shot or a test. guess wh how about patriotism and making sureut you are vaccinated so yo do not spread the disease to anybody else? what about that? what is the big deal? >> sean: what about the big deal? the vaccinated are getting covid and boosters and more boosters and vaccine passports and 5 years old need to get their shots and mask mandates are back. draconian measures for ever and ever and no end in sight. with democrats in charge this country will never return to no they won't allow it. there will always be a new scary variant
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and life will be put on hold again and always be mask mandates and employees shortage and massive government spending inflation will get worse. 39 year high. joe biden thinks this is all funny somehow. take a lo >> there are still concerns about the supply chain issues across the nation. do you feel comfortable speaking to parents and telling them gifts won't be a problem foree santa on decemb >> they won't be. they will be available and cost you money. [ or cost santa money. all kiddin there are problems with the supply chain relating to food and used cars and oil. >> sean: blame the american consumer. i don't know if it's his cognitive decline or if joe biden is
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really that dumb or maybe a combination of both. he is living in an alternate reality. case in point this mid-terms prediction from joe biden just mlast night. you have to listen to this clip very closely. he messed it up bad. take a look. >> now we look at 2022. i want tell our republicank friends, gt ready, bal, you are in for a pr >> sean: if i want president biden to sound tough, bring in a body double. according to nancy pelosi joe biden is perfect for this job. >> mr. president, it's an honor and a pleasure to be here at this time of challenge and the coronavirus and financial insecurity for families. our country could not be more --
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could not be better served than with this most experienced capable hands of yoursot presid >> [cheers and applause]. >> he is just perfect. >> sean: he's whatever they were serving at that party, i want some. nancy pelosi has been drinking too much spiked ice cream. doesn't realize inflation is out of control, a massive crisis on the southern border. a supply chain originating at the ports in her own state. spiking crime rates, pelosi has no idea how this is defund the police. no bail lawse i am just guessing. >> it's out obviously it cannot continue. the fact is there is an attitud of lawlessness in our country that springs from i don't know maybe you do. we cannot have
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that lawlessness. >> sean: nancy, it's not rocket science. criminals are not prosecuted in places like your home state of california, new york and other those that are charged with a crime, they let out with zero if you steal under $1,000 in california, you won't even get . if you don't been forced the laws, guess what, lawlessness will take over. it always was and it always has. here with reaction kellyanne conway, and co-host of "fox and friends" weekend pete. all of this is collapsing in terms of the poll numbers. something you're an expert at. they can't even get it done in congress. it looks like build back better is dead for 2021. >> yes, americans
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lost total confidence in the competence of the biden/harris the democrats who continue to support them, i am amazed there are so many moderate democrats who are going to risk their own careers in 2022 to be part of the build back better plan that goes in the wrong direction for our country with inflation and rising prices under joe biden. it's f the wrong thing to do to spend money we don't have on things we don't need. joe biden is channelling his inner kamala harris with all of this laughing of late. we have stranded american and w allies in afghan international groups are tracking this. jen psaki can joke about and have fox news de
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the fact is we have about 10,00 afghan american allies who qualified for the sid. and thousands more family members. they are facing a taliban controlled winter. there are food shortages and human rights abuses and we left american equipment there. 600,000 small weapons and 75,000 vehicles. these are real facts. americans are saying to joe biden, you are not doing anything well. you have these liberals networks, they are obsessed over who can succeed joe biden. they don't think joe biden can succeed. and russia is salivating over ukraine and china looking at taiwan and iran staring at isra
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donald trump sent anti-trump weapons to ukraine and joe bide sent blankets. look at the difference in the way presidents have dealt with that region. the polls are catching up with him. the center collapsed for joe bi any president needs the support of independents, which is a non-partisan group. they left joe biden. on covid he lost ind and generation-z is done with c. they're going to be mad at the democrats. they ruined their high school and college years. >> sean: when
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she says about abandoning americans in afghanistan, we don't put trackers on american citizens or we are not ups, we are not the post office. because we have supply chain issues. it's not even sarcastic. it's rude and out of touch.ot it's tt typical democratic coastal elitism you see that is dominating the democratic party >> it's divisive. they know they won't be held accountable. no one will question why they said a couple of hundred of people are still there. now there are thousands of americans that can't get out. they count on no across the board. nancy pelosi stands at a podium and says he'
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she is lying through her falsea teeth and knows she is lying. every democrat wants someone else to run in 2024. as a representative of san francisco, the mayor of san francisco said crime is out of mayor breed had a press conference and said i don't car if the left didn't like what i have to do. our city is out of they are telling the american public don't believe your lying eyes from crime to inflation an covid and what we know about omicron and it may be transmissible but not as deadly pay no attention. we are in cha build back better is the answer they know voters are going to reject that. just like in virginia where they rejected the critical race just lie in new jersey where they almost beat phil murphy. they have to
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lie and pretend they feel good. they know they are not. if they can't get build back better, they will go for a voting bill because they are worried about the ballot box in 2022. they know bad news is coming. they will still press forward. >> sean: joe disagrees but i don't think he knows what day it is. thank you. good news from capitol hill. biden's 5 trillion dollars build back better new green new deal is officially stalled in congress. democrats are very angry with joe manchin for refusing to bend a knee to their radical plans. manchin is feeling the heat and lashing out at reporters. they are stalking
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him for several months. manchin doesn't answer to the media mob or to joe biden. he should answer to the people of west vi if this bill passes all middle and lower income americans will suffer more from higher inflati impacted by joe's increase in energy and the increase of prices of everythin we buy. new taxes and the irs a auditing you. you will get the here is lindsey graham. i am hearing thatha build back better green new deal is dead. that doesn't mean it's going away. i watched manson -- mansion today. manchin said it's bs because democrats turned on him and the are trying to make the case he
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is trying to kill the child tax that's a lie. he's always been for that credit. his own party turned against him. he iswn looking out for the energy sector which is such a big part of the west virginia economy. > i think build back better is dead forever. let me tell you w joe manchin won't vote for a bill that will add to the def well, build back better ads 3 trillion dollars and makes inflation worse. the child care provision in build back better religious institutions from receiving money. if you have a child in a religious institut providing childcare, you won't be eligible for money from the government because that child goes to a religious institution it increases the wages of child care providers so the families
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will have to spend $13,000 more it's an inflation bomb. at the end of the day joe manchin promised the people of west virginia i will not vote for a bill that adds to the deficit and full of gimmicks. i think it's dead forever. >> sean: oka now the question is what do we do in the meantime isn't republicans much to my chagrin allowed for the democrats to raise the debt ceiling. it comes up again next in february. chuck schumer is signaling he wants all of these radicals including the fcc head to get through to go through. will republicans support all of t those radicalsn joe's list? >> well, the fda
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director, joe manchin won't support it. to they have out the people to put into the governme let's slow down. the build back better was the signature issue of the radical left. it died in the senate because of the cbo which i don't control. democrats say it's a fake number. it used to be the gold standard. they looked at the bill as if all of the programs like child tax credit go for 10 years and not child tax credit is 1.6-trillio the bill is written in the senate is a lie. the cbo exposed that lie. it adds $3 trillion to the deficit. the cbo and inflation numbers killed build back better. they were trying to pass a lie. god bless joe manchin for sticking to his guns. >> sean: i will make predictions on foreign policy and hope i am wrong. with
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the new news out of afghanistan we can't get anybody out now. every person joe biden abandone is stuck there and many will di putin will invade ukraine. there will be a conflict with israel and iran in the near future and last prediction is after the olympics, china will fulfill their territorial taiwan. am i i hope i am? >> i hope you are here's what i think to be hones with you. you are probably more right than wrong. we left so many people behind in afghanistan that bought bravely with us without a plan to get them out. israel is closer to make a bomb. one holocaust is e i will introduce sanctions to hit russia. if we don't get this
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right, taiwan will be invaded by china. there is so much at risk in this world. here's the good news. i think build back better is d the path to socialism has been for the rest of the congress. pray for the people left behind in afghanistan and our friends in israel. i am going to israel christmas day to let them know along with many republicans and some democrats have israel's ba i will tell the iranians -- >> sean: wait a minute. i have their back. joe biden i don't believe has their back. >> well, if iran doesn't believe joe biden's has isreal's back, there will be a war between israel an they won't allow iran to have nuclear weapons. >> [overlappin >> sean: we can't save more americans in afghanistan. putin
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will invade ukraine and after the 2022 olympics, china will can take over taiwan. i hope i am wrong. >> the only thing tha change is biden to let them kno we have red lines too. i'm going to go to israel and tell the iranians if you cross these linesou we will use military fo >> sean: we ought to produce enough energy and supply our western european allies to bankrupt putin. if china has am stop importing their products. their economy relies on imports the iranians, put sanctions bac
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on them. have a safe trip to is thanks for being with us. as the left continues its january 6th political hit job, the corrupt liar adam schiff continues. he distorted texts between mark meadows and jim jordan. we will weigh in next straight ahead.
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it turns out that schiff claime to have text message evidence from a congressman, jim jordan. texted the former white house chief of staff mark meadows to instruct mikeie pence to overtu the election results. that was an utter lie from schiff. he misrepresented and doctored what the message said. it was the summary of the legal theory. it was not from jim jordan but a washington lawyer. there were no instructions coming from jim just like we have been telling you, this investigation is a sh has a pre-determined outcome. schiff and company are creating fake text messages to hold meadows in criminal
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all because they hate donald trump and want to purge him from the republican party. joe biden's reaction today? i am not sure he knows what day i >> what was your reaction? >> i don't know. i have not spoke t he is worthy of being held in c >> sean: we ought to have a no confidence vote. ask yourself. if this were a serious investigation, wouldn't they focus on protecting the capitol from future attacks? there were requests from president trump and from mark meadows and the police chief and the national guard knowing hundreds of thousands of people were coming to town. in the background was all of the 574 riots of the pre they were told again and again to have the guard ready. guess they didn't do it. all just
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a giant distraction from the failures that is joe biden. their failing covid policy and vaccine mandates and knocked down in the courthouse. begging opec and russia to produce more oil because they lost american abandoning americans in afghani 39-year inflation high and supply chain chain disaster and we open borders caused by joe b the media mob looking for anything else to talk about. here is jim jordan himself and lara trump. when you and jim banks were kicked off this committee to investigate, what happened on january 6th, were you given a reason why? >> no, the reason is what you said. it's partisan. after this story,
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here's what the select committe we are responsible for the erro that is a fancy way of saying w we got caught lying. this is a 10 years ago the irs targeting they lied to the fisa court. two months ago we caught them doing going after moms and dads at school board meetings because o their lust for power. they are afraid president trump and know he will win if he does. yesterday they tried to put prison and hold him in contempt. it is
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disgusting. >> sean: steve bannon just before meadows, they have not done that since 1983. we know it's political. i would like a lara, there is an interesting p your father-in-law said days before january 6th, knowing wha happened in the summer of 2020 that the national guard should be on the ready.enth mark meados said the same thing. the capital police chief requested over 6 t everybody was denied. the person in charge of the capitol police is nancy pelosi. i doubt this liz cheney and i hate trump committee has any intention whatsoever of getting to the bottom of why nancy pelosi did not bring in the national guard as everybody requested. >> well, that's a great question. i think you are right. we would love a
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investigation as to what happened on january 6th. these people know whether it's adam schiff or liz cheney or others, they know donald trump didn't tell people to go to the capitol and break in. he said peacefully let our voices be heard. he tried to warn them. so many people tried to warn nancy pelosi. why didn't they have added sec they know the answer. with this group of people the outcome is it's what you said and what congressman jordan said. they are petrified that donald trump will run again in 2024. they know he would win. in 2016 he won, he started to peel back the onion and expose the swamp. they know if he gets back in the game
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is over for them. they are doing everything to prevent him from running in 2024. it doesn't hur a distraction from joe biden. everything he touches turns to he hasn't had one accomplishmen he can point to. everything is bad for americans. they want this distraction. they won't find what they want. at the end of the day they willct never fit that anybody said do this. no one wanted to see this sort of thing happen. it's a shame we don't have a full investigation we would all love to see why this happened. >> sean: i would like liz cheney now that she is private text messages. i would like to see all of her t family text messages and phone calls
11:34 pm
and kissing donald trump's ass to get a pardon for scooter lib let me ask you. executive privi this is important. if you eliminate that and everybody giving advice to the president knows at some pointt down the line what they say might be made public, that will probably prevent people from being totally honest with a president with advice that might be crucial in terms of even national security. that's why executive privilege should matt nobody is discussing that aspec of this. >> you're absolutely r the supreme court has been clea executive privilege exists for we the people and not the presi it was first asserted in 1794.
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george washington asserted it. democrats will destroy it. what they said yesterday with whatl they did to mark meadows. adam schiff can have a whistleblower and use that in secret hearings in the basement of the bunker of the capitol to impeach the president of the united states, but we will destroy executive privilege and alter documents to go after mark meadows and president trump. it's sickening the american people see it for what it is. >> sean: you and ji should lead the committee and release the same things. why doesn't nancy pelosi call up the guard as everybody asked her to? i'd like an answer to that. set up a commission looking in the 575 riots that killed dozen of americans and resulting in
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billion dollars of property damage and injured thursday of i want that committee. coming up the left continues to push their radical court packing agenda. mark levin weighs in on that an his thoughts on january 6th and the corrupt committee of liz cheney straight ahead. >> \m \m cheney straight ahead.
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>> ♪ ♪ >> sean: now with the democrat build back better spending in peril, elizabeth warren is endorsing a radical court packing scheme to add 4 justice to the current court. the court doesn't have enough far left
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liberal activists that don't believe in separation of powers mark levin's book not only was number 1 on the "new york times list for 10 weeks in a row, it the number 1 best selling book of all books for the entire yea he hosts life, liberty and levi on the fox news channel. i call him the great one for a reason. that's a monumental achievement >> thank you. let me unravel th adam schiff doctoring evidence. adam schiff is a lawyer and has a license in california and maybe other places. rather than us just whining about this unethical hack, let's do something about it. lawyers are not free to doctor evidence
11:42 pm
particularly when they are doctoring evidence for the purpose of putting people in pr that's what adam schiff and thi committee did with these text m they removed paragraphs and changed punctuation. they made it public. they use it as the basis to vote against mark meadows to seek criminal contempt, the democrat house doing the same thing. it's time to people file a serious ethics complaint with the supreme court of california. seek the license of adam schiff. and enough is enough. he can whine about it all he wants. he doesn't deserve to be a member of thef bar. he is woe than a slip and fall lawyer. number 2, ladies and gentlemen, if you want to see what the old soviet union was like. look at
11:43 pm
the january 6th committee. you have clowns makings pronouncements about the guilt of individuals whom they're supposed to be investigating. they want their text messages and emails and going to phone companies to get their phone ca they want to get to the bottom ofs. the insurrection they say. for what proper? what law are you going to pass? liz cheney gave it up the other day. they may look at a criminal aspect forr donald trump. dereliction . congress does not have the power to do criminal action investigation. dereliction of duty is nancy pelosi in charge of protecting the house of representatives. she was offered the national gu that's all the president can do she didn't call in more capitol they report to the democratic mayor did not call in
11:44 pm
more police. the nypd warned about more people coming. why didn't she call in the national she doesn't like the national g she doesn't like the insurrection act. she was attacking trump along with the phony generals in the media usingt. the insurrection act to stop them during the summer. she said no. if she brought in the national guard, what a hypocrite she would look like imaginedgu if she called in mor federal cops to protect the federal building, storm trooper she was not going to call in th storm troopers or the national she, liz cheney, has been derelict in duty. there are no criminal statues whatsoever that apply to this former president donald trump. none, period. if
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they are, they are hiding with weapons of mass destruction in . maybein her brother can help her find those. the fact that of the matter is there are not. this committee is violating th bill of rights and due process. this committee is on a criminal hunt to get people embarrassed. whyba would you have a vote for criminal contempt on a serious issue like executive privilege that applies to former presidenu of the united states. the supreme court said so. separation of powers carries forward whether you are president now or later. they are holding people in contempt. the fraud who is the attorney general who wants to put parent in jail using the patriot act, he indicts steve bannon and wants to indict other people. this is an issue before several judges that has to be adjudicat the extent of executive privile we have two obama judges and on
11:46 pm
biden judge and they say the current president hasn't assert he is in the best position. no he's not. that jerk announced he will run for reelection. he doesn't care about executive pr he is working with pelosi to go after trump. to hell with the separation of powers and the rest of it. back to elizabeth warren and the supreme s court f united states. elizabeth warren is a thug and a liar. she got into college lying about her ethnicity and continued to lie. she does not use her brain. she tried to use native-americans to get to where she is. she wants to add 4 seats to the u.s. supreme court and to the u.s. s enough seats until they control
11:47 pm
that's totalitarianism. i am do >> sean: congrats on the book. the number one but for the entire year. as questions about biden's cognitive function mount, some of the media mob are begging him not to run again. newt gingrich. . newt gingrich react.
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click, call, or visit a store today. sing 2 >> sean: the media mob is comi to terms with what we have show you night after night. joe biden weak and frail andde deterioratg daily with his cognitive abilit look at this new piece: biden
11:52 pm
should not run of again. calling him alarmingly incoherent. that's an understatement. at fake news cnn they are floating possible 2024 replacements for biden includin names like failing vice-president harris. beto o'r even failed gubernatorial candidate stacey abrams. here with reaction an author and fox news contributor,newt gingrich. they are following your lead and thinking beyond biden. i don't see any good options in the cnn i don't think there are any goo >> first of all it's crazy to suggest before he finished his first year that he announce it he will be a lame duck for 3 ye
11:53 pm
he would have no authority to d. if he is collapsing at the rate that they are suggesting, the question is does he need to be relate replaced now. the problem is that kamala harris is more dangerous and goofier than joe biden. in the sense, she is the insurance policy that will keep him at an office. as a historian i am worried. we have the american system for national security purposes. as a deliberate term. george washington was the commander in the revolutionary war. they knew what they were writing. if we end up in a situation where the commander-in-chief is incapable of doing his job, the world gets very, very dangerous people like putin and the
11:54 pm
chinese dictator and the head o north korea and the ayatollah i iran, they are all watching thi >> sean: okay. let's assume that these policies continue their trajectory which will i think will fail. let's assume republicans win the house and maybe the senate in 2022. do you believe the policies that worked under president trump, if president trump wants a comeback, will people who had issues with his style, not the success, would they openly be cheering for somebody that can form a sentence and fight for the things that he promised and be engaged in day-to-day activities and job of being the
11:55 pm
>> yes. first of all, if president trump decides to run, i think that will depend on his health as much as anything. if he reaches the conclusion me can do the job, he doesn't want to become another joe biden. i think he will be the republican and the republican nominee in t this setting will be a big government socialist no matter who it w we will go into a couple of years of really bad having a really bad effect on our lives. >> sean: no way for them to reverse course unless they goli back to trump policie i don't see that happening. beyond biden, book stores every thank you. more "hannity" next. more "hannity" next.
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>> sean: time flies. unfortunately, that's all the time we have left for this evening. as always, we thank you for joining us, you make this show possible. we help you set your dvr so you never ever ever miss an episode, and in the meantime, well, the great news is let not your hearts be troubled. "the ingraham angle," laura ingraham is next. what's a snappy comeback tonight, come on. >> laura: i can't -- i'm crying. i'm crying, and very tina and, i am crying, very upset. i've got to compose myself. i don't think liz cheney likes us. i've tried my best. i really hard, tried to be -- don't think she likes us. i don't think she likes us. i don't know why. >> my heart goes. better.


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