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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  December 16, 2021 3:00am-6:00am PST

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kaepernick's mouth. i applaud her for it i hope she goes on and does more great things and becomes a leader in the movement for righteousness in this nation. >> clay travis was saying the same thing he thinks this move was her choice. best of luck. jack, thank you so much for joining us, merry christmas. >> god bless you. merry christmas. see you too. >> polling shows more than two thirds of americans face soaring inflation has caused them financial hardship. >> those very same voters are blaming the biden administration for making things worse. >> nancy pelosi represents san francisco can't seem to figure out what exactly is behind the crime surge. >> there is lawlessness in our country that springs from -- i don't know where. >> it's staggering that never didn't think their policies would have such a detrimental effect. >> president biden touring hardest hit areas of kentucky after last weekend's tornadoes. >> i intend to do whatever it takes as long as it takes. >> mask mandate for air travel
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being questioned by the southwest airlines ceo. >> masks don't add much if anything in the air carbon environment. >> florida governor ron desantis introducing a new bill called stop woke act to ban critical race theory. >> no taxpayer dollars should be used to teach our kids to hate our country or to hate each other. [cheers] ♪ ♪ sweet surrender what a night. ♪ steve: as you listen to december. it's december 2021. it's december 16th. that means there are nine days until christmas. that means there are seven days until i start shopping. ainsley: that we panic. every time i hear this song i think of the jersey boys and going to see them on broadway.
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i took my parents when i first moved new york. i scrounged my money together because i wasn't making a lot of the money. rent is expensive here. i gave them the good seats and they sat next to the stage my mom and dad and they were on cloud nine. every time i hear their songs it brings back that memory. steve: go across the river and meet a lot of jersey boys. ainsley: to do something for your parents after they have done so much for you gives you satisfaction. they had great night. thank you, jersey boys. brian: especially in south carolina i can't believe they elected jersey boys with that chip on the shoulder they had. ainsley: we love them. brian: number two, you took are from that song december. steve: that's the title. brian: i'm thinking what a night. what are we referring to. steve: christmas tree what a night. brian: today i don't take anything for granted it's still up. not on fire. that's great. [jingle bells]
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brian: we hired four giant linebackers to tackle anyone who gets close. steve: we relit it 47th and sixth avenue. brian: only cost the company $500,000 which brings us to. ainsley: inflation. brian: thank you. ainsley: in order to light your christmas tree much more expensive because your energy bill halls gone up. gasoline has gone up. everything at the grocery store has gone up. inflation nation. brian: what i can't believe too the wharton business school looked at inflation and said okay it's a 39-year high. it's costing every family 3900. we get it guess what, they did the numbers. according to the wharton school or the university of pennsylvania. inflation hurting low income harder because they spend more money on energy and the energy sector has been hurt the worst. and the service sector is usually where the middle and upper class uber eats to going out. that's when they have the least effect. so how unfair is this?
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steve: can we put that number up one more time when joe biden says nobody is going to be impacted by his policies if you make less than $400,000 a year, the average u.s. household is going to have to spend $3,500 this year to just keep pace with inflation. that's at 6%. that's baked into the cake. for low income families. it's going to be 7%. and because of all of the inflation problems. the fed announced they will be raise raising interest rates probably starting in mid march, raise interest rates three times next year a quarter point every time. ainsley: buy a house right now if you are planning on it because it's interest rates are going to go up. steve: if you can find a house. ainsley: that's true. you can here but not in florida. steve: at the top of the market. ainsley: the bottom% of the income earners saw their rates go up 6.8% to $2,120 per
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household. the top bracket. you saw 6.1% increase or almost $8,000 per household. middle income earners which is where most people are saw increase in expenses spending 4351 more dollars this year which is an increase -- steve: that's just to keep pace. it's to be at exactly the same place you were last year. it's not to get ahead. it's simply so you don't fall behind. the average family will have to pay $3,500 this year just to stay where you were last year in 2020. ainsley: it's an added tax. steve: it's absolutely a tax. ainsley: how much taken out of your paycheck for taxes additional almost 7%. brian: fox business did a poll. we appreciate it has inflation caused you financial hardship over the last six months? look at that 67% say it has. also on getting inflation under control is joe biden hurting or helping? 47 percent said he is hurting. only 22 percent said he is
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helping. that is pretty substantial. larry kudlow is really good at math. that's why donald trump hired him and then we hired him after that. >> beat inflation foferlts around the country, the best number one inflation forecast, senator joe manchin. numero uno. i don't even know if he talks to economists since last winter when the 2 trillion-dollar democrat so-called relief package was implemented joe manchin has been warning about inflation. and that's why he has argued consistently all year that biden's big government socialist bill should be paused until inflation is clearly falling, which by the way, it is not. steve: another one of the findings from the fox business poll when queried registered voters, what do you think the major reason for the labor shortage is?
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to larry's point they said the big government benefits. this question is very telling, have you been helped or hurt by joe biden's economic policies? only 17% say they have been helped. and 40% say they have been hurt. brian: joe manchin deserves a huge credit because joe biden was about to bury this country with his build back better plan another 2 trillion if you do the math and play it out over 10 years 4.4 trillion. made it clear using explicative and the word is from the hill and others that he has broken off talks. he is not doing it this year. without joe biden you don't have billed back better. and kirsten sib ma said oh yeah on blowing up that filibuster i told you i'm not into that. those two senators are saving the country. ainsley: energy prices up 33.3% year over year. gas price suspect 58.1% lier than last year. food prices up 6.1% and used car and prices up 31%.
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my brother wanted to buy a car he said you have to get on a list to get a new car. he said i'm trying to buy a used car but you can't get them. if i wanted to sell my two cars right now he and his wife's cars he said i could make like 30% more i would make a mint. the problem is if i sold those and wanted to use those buy another car there are no cars to buy. brian: what about buying a horse? that's what we should go back. to say think about that for a second. steve: the cost of hay is through the roof. brian: i didn't figure that. steve: this comes down, to you know, joe biden was hired a year ago to be president of the united states. brian: i heard. steve: because he said he was going to help get us out of the pandemic. you know what? the administration so badly botched the recovery, you know, americans were locked down for over a year. and suddenly there is such demand for so much stuff. that's why there are these supply chain problems. i know they are trying to gloss over there aren't as many ships
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waiting outside the port. 150 miles out. there are still the same number of ships out there. but the problem with cars, is no ships. because they make them over there luckily, some american businesses are wising up and they are going to start making some in texas and also florida and across the country. so this will never happen again. but this is where we were at the beginning of the pandemic with, hey, where do we get an n-95 mask? oh, china. because they are the only people that make the fabric. brian: what has he done to rectify our supply chain issues we all were focused on because we couldn't get anything. we have done nothing. if you want to pay more, i would pay more and i think so many others would if it was helping to bring the supply chain back to america, pharmaceuticals, the masks, everything when possible but there has been no movement on that, no condemnation of the people that caused this strife and that is the chinese government and that wuhan lab and lastly, i think it's important to bring up, that the
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country is further divided from the small business to the small family on mask mandates and vaccine man dates. regardless of how you -- where you stand, one way or the other, the president has gone all in on mandates, the other half of the country is all offended by that. and now small business is in the middle from restaurants to gyms, they are tearing each other's eyes out. ainsley: i will tell you what's happening in new york, the city, you can't take your kids into a show. you can't take your kids into a restaurant. you can't take them into anywhere unless they have had their first shot by december 14th. i think everyone has to be fully vaccinated by the 27th. what's happening? they're beating us down now. so all the parents are calling their physicians and saying what do you think? do you think it's okay to send -- to give the shot to my child? because we want to have a normal life. so where do you -- they are forcing you to do it because you want your kids to have a normal life. but you might not agree with the vaccine. but they're beating you down.
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brian: as soon as they will start beating us down with booster 3. variant 4. and now every week we will just be getting a different shot every dave in order, to i don't know, be able to go to, you know go, to the local fridays down the block. steve: the problem is right now, as the president and the administration are talking about the omicron variant is really coming back. it's roaring. and hospitalizations are way up across the country. have to be careful. brian: not hospitalizations for the omicron virus. ainsley: the delta. they are seeing. brian: not the omicron. ainsley: huge increase in delta. they are not testing every sync gel strain. brian: the omicron virus be prepared for a runny nose. crime spikes in san francisco. desperate residents keeping their cars unlocked and trunks open, i'm not kidding, in order to avoid having windows smashed. nancy pelosi says she doesn't know what's causing the crime surge. ainsley: are vaccine mandates giving criminals a get out of jail free card.
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or high blood potassium. just for being with us. enjoy rewards like sing family fun nights! rent sing for $1, then belt out all your favorite tunes from the movie with sing karaoke. plus, see sing 2 in theaters with buy-one-get-one free fandango tickets. join over a million members by signing up for free on the xfinity app. our thanks. your rewards. >> we are back with a fox weather alert reek wree wreaking havoc across the heart land more than a dozen tornadoes reported in iowa alone. >> not over historic winds nearly 100 miles per hour new mexico and kansas leaving hundreds of thousands of people without power. these strong december storms
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also leaving widespread damage in parts of minnesota. steve: this all on the heels of last week's tornado outbreak that killed nearly 90 people. let's turn in the studio to senior meteorologist janice dean for the fox weather forecast. i was talking to my sisters in kansas they said they could not believe how the strong the wind was blowing. janice: over 100 miles per hour. tree damage and power outages for millions of folks. tornadoes nebraska and in towards iowa. not done yet. over 400 reports of very strong winds in some cases hurricane-force winds for colorado. new mexico, kansas as steve mention the so this is really incredible. >> we have widespread when it comes to damages, hail over 4 inches, hate in kansas, and that's going to cause some damage as well. you can see the temperature difference very cold air behind very warm air record breaking temperatures here across the
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ohio valley and northeast. today's threat not as severe. we still could see the risk of strong winds certainly hail, isolated tornadoes, heavy rainfall for parts of the southern plains, temperature departure. one of the ingredients we need for tornado outbreaks is very warm air ahead of a cold front that's exactly what we are dealing with today some cases 20 to 30 degrees above average. that's going to continue friday into saturday. we are going to set some records today for parts of west virginia, rochester, new york, 62 degrees. it's really incredible for mid december. forecast today 74 in dallas, 63 in atlanta, 61 in new york. and then we have got very cold air behind this system bringing the snow. right? so, the area of low pressure that brought us all of those storms now moving into canada, the great lakes, the trailing cold front, pushing across ohio, tennessee and mississippi river valley. next system coming in from the west and next weather maker as we go through the next couple of
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days and very biz dr. travel. keep you up to date fox weather app. everything you need at your fingertips. ainsley: is this normal for this time of year? janice: above average but we have been in a tornado deficit this past year so we are catching up rapidly. ainsley: we like a tornado deficit. janice: yes, we do. steve: it was year ago when the protests were on the streets demanding to defund the police and a lot of big liberal cities did exactly that. that is what has caused so many police departments to be short-staffed. that's why so many prosecutors have put no consequences in crime. it's so clear to some of us what is causing this crime outbreak except to the speaker of the house. she can't figure out where it's coming from.
3:20 am
watch. >> it's absolutely outrage just, obviously it cannot continue. but the fact is that there is an attitude of lawlessness in our country that springs from, i don't know where. maybe you do. and we cannot have that lawlessness become the norm. stealing something to go home because they don't have the money to buy. this is about stealing for profit, they have to prove where it came from. it's outrageous and i agree with the mayor, it must be stopped. it's not just san francisco. it's in our entire country. ainsley: it's in the democratic run cities that wanted to defund police and now they are seeing the consequences of that. and she is only making these comments because a democratic mayor of san francisco finally stepped up to the plate and said her name is london breed and pushed to crack down on crime. now nancy pelosi thinks that's her window to now go after
3:21 am
crime. because no one has talked about it everyone has been silent. they wanted to defund no. bail. empty out our prisoners and this is what you get. brian: i was watching bill bratton on with martha. he said listen, i don't care what the mayor says, i don't care what the police chief says, it's going to come down to the d.a. not prosecuting anything. cops aren't going to do anything if you are going to have the cashless bail and not going to get back up on the streets. you can put more cops on the street if you don't empower them, it is useless. and he would know. he turned around los angeles as well as turning around new york city. and new york city in particular murders were up 50%. chicago, just an example of how bad it is in rich areas. there was a smash and grab twice in the same day at nordstroms, in terms of san francisco, you are looking at a situation where there is 8,000 homeless, what do you mean she doesn't understand what happened to the city? she has been living in the city for five, six decades, the most
3:22 am
powerful democrat for the last 25 years. she could have changed things. what are you want to say about chuck schumer, he ferries too much money to new york. she ferries almost nothing to her people at the same time doesn't do anything for law and order because she is high and mighty on a hill and her husband's a billionaire mysteriously as she becomes speaker twice. steve: in san francisco, the police there because in addition to the smash and grabs, also so many people are getting their cars broken into because apparently thieves now have a device where they can drive by your house and they can tell if you have a laptop in the truck. there is a smash and grab right there. the police have said don't leave anything in your car and that includes don't tuck anything under the seat which of course everybody does. now san francisco residents are taking drastic measures so people don't break into their cars and break their windows so they are leaving the windows rolled down and the trunks open and the cars unlocked so the thieves don't break into their cars and steal stuff.
3:23 am
here's the problem. then the car is wide open. you can steal the battery. you can steal the tires. you can take the stuff out of the glove compartment that shows where you live. this is the situation. this is life in san francisco right now. people are leaving their cars wide open and taking the keys out but wide open. ainsley: san francisco the break-ins of car up 32%. oakland, californiaics up 27%. the oakland interim deeply police chief says manage having to clean out your car and leaving it open in public so people won't break your windows. brian: i thought the thing in the 80's no car radio because people kept stealing your radio. need a backpack go-to-go to the deli to take all your belongings, pictures, everything. meanwhile on unrelated story. the university of pennsylvania has a swim team and i'm not saying they have a great swim team that one thing that stands out they have a sweep team with a transgender swimmer, first name leah.
3:24 am
and he was highly recruited. ainsley: she. brian: he was highly recruited athlete in high school. became a woman. and continues to swim and it's destroying all the competition. while on her team, there must be such outrage, parents have written, 10 says of parents have written to the ncaa asking for a change in policy because she is literally pun intended lapping the field. ainsley: she broke two national records and beat her teammate out of first place by 38 seconds. the parents are saying they don't want their names out there. we don't know who they are. brian: they are scared. ainsley: their kids they said they are all talking about it on the team but they don't want their names out there. they don't want the coach to know or anyone to know which players are having a problem with this because they are scared. >> leah thomas born male and now she competes against female athletes. she was able to switch from the male team to the female team
3:25 am
after completing a year of hormone treatments which is how the ncaa regulations read right now. so these parents are outraged and they want to hear from the ncaa and the daily mail spoke to a number of them. part ever their letter reads like this at stake here is the integrity of women's sports. the precedent being set, one in which women do not have a protected and equitable space to compete is a direct threat to female athletes. in every sport. what are the boundaries? how is this in line with ncaa's commitment to providing a fair environment for student athletes? u penn sent apparently, according to the daily mail, a terse response to the letter the school is doing what it can to help school athletes navigate leah's success and shared a link to mental health services. ainsley: parents said we are paying $80,000 for our kids to go to school there.
3:26 am
brian: university of pennsylvania nonathletes don't know what it's like to compete and be successful and find out the game is rigged against you. that letter was sent december 5th. the ncaa has yet to respond. knowing them, they probably won't because they feel as though they can't win. i will say this. i think since when do women sports not matter? i mean women's national team soccer doesn't get paid as much as the men's team. international cause of iniquity. have protest and kneeling. now you have a group of ivy league athletes, ivy league athletes, top athletes who just want to chance to be successful and can't with these rules. nothing against the transgender swimmer it's not fair to the others. does that matter? steve: one of the other penn swimmers on the team said that everybody is frustrated but the coach just likes winning. and winning they're. because so far she has won two national -- two championships and is headed for the national championships in the female
3:27 am
swimming category in mash of 2022. ainsley: a lot of pressure on coaches to have a winning team. steve: anyway, that's something that's going on in the world of sports. brian: right. probably effects you. we have seen this over and over again not just at college and ivy leagues schools but around the country. i think women sports matter. ainsley: of course they do. brian: outrageous. steve: meanwhile, let's go back to the topic we were talking about a moment ago. dangerous criminals may get out of jail free if corrections officers don't get vaccinated before the new year. the safety threat is posing to one arizona county that may start releasing inmates on the street. do you like that? ainsley: sounds like new york. steve: we'll be right back
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carley: we are back with headlines, movie producer wife and 4-year-old son among 6 confirmed dead after a miami private bound jet crashes in the dominican republic. 9 people killed in total in the crash. the aviation group saying they are still trying to determine the cause of that tragedy. a city in california is investigating paramedics who allegedly say a state covid law prevented them from entering a care center to help a man in cardiac arrest. >> they are not going to come in. it's a state law that they can't come in. >> 911 it's cardiac arrest. >> cannot move him. >> police officer on scene said the paramedics refused to say what law exactly prevented them from going inside. that than later died. the paramedics have been placed on leave. urban meyer is out as the jacksonville jaguars head coach after just 13 games. the team's owner called the move
3:33 am
imperative for everyone. this follows recent reports of turmoil inside the jags locker room less than sterile 2 to 11 record in 11 months as head coach. jacksonville's offensive coordinator will take his place until the end of the season. mariah carey this holiday season of course. >> baby, all i want for christmas is you. ♪ ♪ and commuters on the london underground transit system will get this treat. >> hi, darling. make my wish come true and please stand behind the yellow line at all times, proceed with caution and don't forget to ask alexa to play all i want for christmas on amazon music. >> carrie is partnering with mcdonald's to give out free food every day until christmas eve. so mariah carey christmas and french fries over to you.
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ainsley: should we set off all the alexas around the country. alexa, play mariah carey all i want for christmas. carley: i love it i support that. ainsley: it's so good. america is what, brian? brian: awake. ainsley: vaccine mandates could be spending criminals back out on the streets. fema county adult detention center in arizona might be forced to release a number of nonviolent inmates if more correction officers don't get vaccinated before the new year. here to react is the sheriff's labor association of people that county president mike dough mention go. good morning, mike. >> good morning. how people that work there have already resigned? >> we're hearing upwards up to 30 already since the mandate has been put in place. ainsley: why would you have to release -- >> -- and more to follow for sure. basically what had happened was
3:35 am
we at that point we had 220 non-vaccinated correction corrections officers. as a result the county administrator issued a memo basically saying if more corrections officers don't get mandated then they are subject to being fired and there will be no one to monitor the inmates within the facility; therefore, they would have to is there any way to prevent this from happening. >> yeah, they can rescind the mandate. our association and legal representation called in to the board of supervisors sent correspondence to rescind the mandate and issue weekly testing and they still didn't go for it they would rather release criminals. ainsley: why are they saying it's across the board everyone has to be vaccinated i understand county workers who work in a vulnerable population has to get vaxxed by the first of the year. but not everyone in the prison is vulnerable.
3:36 am
>> it's not even everyone across the people that county workforce. correction officers and people in other areas. here's the kicker. we don't support mandates for anyone. we aren't anti-vax but we are anti-mandate our oh. association.he forced to be mant out deputies. one of the contingencies is to bring in deputies to the staff jail if enough corrections officers get fired, it makes no sense. ainsley: these are the corrections officers who worked tirelessly through the entire pandemic. we called them heroes then. what's your reaction from the folks that you are friends with? >> it's terrible. the at more fear, you know, within the fittings is terrible. people know they are going to get fired, their co-workers are going to get fired. it's christmas time no. one should have to pick between a vaccine to be mandated based on political agenda or putting
3:37 am
presents under the kids' christmas tree. ainsley: do you know anyone that is forced to because they feel like they will be out of a job. >> there is a couple that i talked to. with the rising inflation numbers. their only source of income within their family. they don't at this point in time but they have to get it as a means of survival. ainsley: they are removing everything from our lives. forcing us to get it thank you so much, mike, for coming on. >> thank you. ainsley: you are welcome. the white house pointing its finger at meat suppliers for sky high prices. a majority of americans think joe biden is red handed. a chef at one of new york's top steakhouses is going to contract react to biden's blame game and charles payne sets the record straight and tell us who really is responsible for the inflation ♪ blame the band for the song ♪ blame the song for the party that went all night long ♪ but it ain't my fault ♪ ♪ it ain't my fault ♪ do you struggle with occasional nerve aches in your hands or feet?
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people go to the grocery store they are trying to buy 20 pounds of meat, 5 pounds of meat, 10 pounds of meat. you could call it jacking up prices during a pandemic. steve: okay, white house press secretary jen psaki a couple days ago placing the blame for inflation and rising food prices on meat suppliers. they are gouging us. not everybody is buying the biden administration's attempt at damage control as the beefed up prices hurt households alike. joining us now in new york harold moore the chief culinary officer at charlie palmer state one of new york's top steakhouses he joins us live. harold, good morning to you. >> good morning. steve: you know, at the beginning of the pandemic, farmers all across the country essentially started slowing down because it was hard for them to get their products to marketed.
3:43 am
now, here we are coming up on two years later, are the big meat packers gouging america? >> i don't really feel like they are gouging. it's just a supply issue. it's -- they didn't start the process two years ago in a vigorous way and now here we are, there is a lot of demand and just not a lot of, you know, cows out there. that's part of it. steve: all right. we're looking at some of the prices in the grocery store right now. i know you tried to pivot because it's hard to get. you got really good grass fed beef at your place. and so, that's hard to get. so you tried to pivot to poultry and pork. you are a steakhouse. you have got to have steak. >> fair. we have tried. you know, the criticken thing is very popular but it doesn't fill the need. chicken is way, way up there more than double the price of
3:44 am
2019. steve: so for the people looking in and they look at that beautiful cheeseburger that you sell there at charlie palmer and how you flame broil things and things like that. the average person and a beautiful t-bone right there. how do you explain to the person who goes to the grocery store later today why the price of ground beef is up close to 15% or steaks are up 25% or bacon if you can get it up 20%? >> it's part supply chain and also labor, everything is much more expensive. there is not as many people willing to do the kind of work that it takes to bring food to market from delivery to the processing plants and then you also have packaging issues and trucking and all of that stuff and people -- there is just not the same level of labor that there was before. so everybody is paying more to get help, the money has to come from somewhere. steve: right. famously, last week we have been
3:45 am
talking about cream cheese shortage that is impacting so many people across the country. what other things are you having trouble getting for your place? >> really popular liquor brands having a hard time getting the glass that they put their things in. so, specific tequilas or bourbons are not coming to us. so we are having to look elsewhere to sort of find different brands or whatever to bring it in. so liquor is a big one. and if you need like to replenish speaking of restaurants to replenish your glassware or plates or something, the lead times are now stretching out from what used to be typically six weeks to five months, four months, lots of delays in the back end. steve: i would imagine that stuff is coming from overseas and takes longer to make and get to us. it's stuck on a ship somewhere. when do you see this ending for
3:46 am
you. farmers starting to ramp up production and you only buy u.s. meat. how much longer until we see some relief? >> yeah, that's above my pay grade. but, you know, the customers will eventually get used to the new pricing and everything will level out. but typically, in my experience it's going to take more than a year for things to go back to normal because you have to fill the void that was left in this two-year span so it's going to be a while. steve: unfortunately, i think you are probably right. harold ford is the executive chef at charlie palmer's a couple blocks away chief officer there at charlie palmer steak. one of the best steak places in the world. thank you, harold. >> thank you. steve: 14 minutes now before the top of the hour. with one father's simple invention saving people around the world from choking. coming up going to show you how this lifevac works.
3:47 am
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3:51 am
this by the ceo, listen. >> i think the case is very strong that masks don't add much, if anything, in the air cabin environment. >> kelly says airplane filtration systems keep passengers safe. and president biden making a quip on aaron rogers vaccination status while touring damage in kentucky. >> got to get the vaccine. >> biden making light of controversy surrounding rogers after he got covid and admitted he hadn't been vaccinated the packers quarterback refused using therapy or recovered using therapeutics but find for violating the nfl's covid protocol. i believe the president there said tell your quarterback to get vaccinated, brian, over to you. brian: unbelievable. such union fire. every parent's worst nightmare their child choking one simple
3:52 am
device saved this life. [help! somebody help me! help me. [crying] >> he's okay. he's okay. brian: that's a cry that you want to hear. that means the baby is breathing. without lifevac that situation would have been tragic. michael public county is the president of that company, 23 million views last friday. >> actually 39. brian: unbelievable. what are your thoughts as the device you are holding in your hand saved that life. that has hand now how many times. >> about 225 times over 100 children and that's one that we actually had one yesterday as well a child yesterday.
3:53 am
and i still have a difficult time watching them but they are always good endings, so i kind of do because that woman actually bought that after watching another viral video and just a few weeks earlier actually had that experience. we try to keep our kids off of devices our whole lives. we don't want them using them. and then when you see these viral videos we never could have got the word out there that well and here it is. brian: i played soccer with arthur the founder of this since fifth grade. he told me about this thing. have you known him for how many years. >> about 30 years. brian: he told you look at this device, it's going to save lives start with a plunger and saved all these lives, it is now in up to 25 countries, thousand schools, so many fire departments. >> it's really we met at the diner he showed me the first version of this. brian: hold it up so people can see how simple it is. >> first version of this held
3:54 am
together with duct tape and glue and threw it on the table and said we are going to save lives with this, mike. brian: and did you. >> people say i got the heimlich, pound the baby's back and that happens. it's tragic. i don't need this. this is a fad. what do you say to that? >> i say you are correct and rerecommend you go through the bls basic life support heimlich and abdominal thrust first it, works anywhere from 645 to 75% of the time. if you are not this that category, you are not going to make it. brian: this is what happens in the era of the ring doorbell and baby alarms now videos. you are seeing all these things happen. and with this is what i get from people if you are a young parent, especially you are worried about everything, and if you have a senior in your house having trouble swallowing. >> it's actually the fourth leading cause of accidental death in five and under children croak choking which people don't realize. we have had 100 percent success rate. have in your house next to other
3:55 am
safety devices. >> and what i find out, too. is if you are that person that gives that family a lifevac and saves somebody in their house. talk about a gift that keeps on giving. >> we they'll to people all the time and now you will be that person that gets to say that you saves a life because it happens, it has happened a number of times people have seen, this talk about that we are in 20, 25 countries, distributers around the world around pretty small firm in long island. we make these things in new york and two weeks ago we had a save in new zealand. i looked at art and i said new zealand from long island? how does that happen. all because you of what you are mentioning new technology people see and hear about it the efficiencies in this new marketplace are unbelievable. brian: china knocked it off. and amazon is still selling it. again, stealing technology, something like this. china knocked that off. you guys got to fight that. >> we will fight it make sure when you are looking for it because they are not registered
3:56 am
with the fda as we are. brian: michael plunkett so glad you are here. for him doing somebody who has everything or needs something this is it. >> i really appreciate it. >> go get them michael. thanks for telling your story. pushing back against critical race theory in the classroom. ron desantis fighting on the front lines. lara trump reacts to his efforts straight ahead. i suffered with psoriasis for so long. i felt gross. people were afraid i was contagious. i was covered from head to toe. i was afraid to show my skin. after i started cosentyx i wasn't covered anymore. four years clear. five years now. i just look and feel better. see me.
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we don't own it anymore. ♪ ♪ you and me and christmas. ♪ you and me and christmas ♪ you and me and christmas ♪ ainsley: it is christmas time. nine more days to get your shopping in. the tree outside is so beautiful. that's our all-american christmas tree. brian: by the way who is that singing? ainsley: beautiful voice. brian: leann rimes. steve: leann rimes. brian: wow, she is good at singing. steve: she is. what a day to be in new york city. nine days away from christmas.
4:02 am
60 degrees today. crazy weather all across the country. ainsley: we will take it for now. brian: i have tear away pants on for that reason. just wear shorts. steve: you have shorts on under your pants? brian: right. they are tear away shorts. it's the nba principle as they go in and just tear their pants off. steve: ainsley, i don't know if you for this. but brian was married -- tell the story. brian: tell the story. steve: tear away pants at your wedding. steve: at his wedding he wore tear away pants. brian: thought would be good. i was really into sports back then. when they announce your name and you take off your pants and you run out there. and i thought wouldn't it be great if my whole wedding party switched pants to tear away pants. we couldn't get those tear away pants amazon wasn't hot. i actually went to the tailor, bought pants for everybody, and they put velcro and whether they go out they all had boxers on. ainsley: do you have it on video?
4:03 am
brian: yeah. ainsley: will you bring it in? steve: oh, boy. ainsley: what did the crowd do? did everyone laugh? brian they gasped. steve: think about his wife. dawn is thinking i just married that guy? brian: i didn't take -- i'm such a bad dancer then i had a friend of mine put out those insoles to show like where i should step on the floor. box step. ainsley: did not look her in the eye you are staring at the ground. brian: staring at the ground kind of trace. steve: it's kind of warm here today dress appropriately. meanwhile, 7:03 in new york city. we start this hour with big news about the inflation crisis and it's impacting all of us. a fox business poll now shows most americans are extremely or very concerned about the rising cost of all that stuff. ainsley: think president biden's policies are only making it
4:04 am
worse. brian: jacqui heinrich joins us with the latest dismal numbers. >> good morning brian, ainsley, and steve. inflation highest rate since ronald reagan was president and americans are feeling the pinch. new fox business poll shows 47% of registered voters believe the biden administration is hurting the country's ability to get prices under control. only 22% believe the white house is helping. moreover, nearly half of americans, 46% believe the massive social spending bill that the white house is seeing as a solution would only push inflation higher. the impact happening to people's wallets, the penn wharton school estimated going to cost households $3,500 this year to consume the same amount of goods as last year. 67% of americans say biden administration has caused financial hardship. only 17 percent said their lives have been improved by biden's
4:05 am
economic policies and that number ebb is being driven by two thirds of republicans saying they have been hurt by his policies, that's nearly five times the number of democrats and it is that indicator that's making it very difficult to get the democrats social spending plan passed. it looks now that is not in the cards for this year at least. back to you guys. brian: that is stunning. thanks, jackie. there is endless conversations between the president and joe manchin and other members of congress. ainsley: thank you. she was just telling the producers thank you but her mic was still up. steve: good job, toba. brian: who is toba? ainsley: greatest guy in the world. brian: joe manchin said i'm not going to do it. i knew you blow up the filibuster. voting federalize elections republicans are reforming voting in their states and they are not happy with it i told you already, i'm not blowing up the filibuster. so she is not blowing up the filibuster. joe manchin is not going along with build back better.
4:06 am
what 1-2 punch to the solar plexus to the biden agenda because the reality on the ground is that reconciliation package would add to the disastrous inflation. although larry summers seems to like this one. ainsley: the shelves are empty. can't get certain foods. electric bill through the roof and have your christmas tree on throughout the day probably and at night. you talk about going to the grocery store. writing cooking book baking for us and bringing it all in. you are seeing a lot of empty shelves. steve: the worst was a couple weeks ago when there wasn't a gator raid bottle to be found in grocery store. yesterday i was in the grocery store and i saw cream cheese. we have been doing story about how cream cheese shortage smear shortage as we call it in new york city. grocery store yesterday to buy the regular size philly cream cheese spread. it was $5. ainsley: how much is it normally. steve: that's $2 more than
4:07 am
normal. i wound up buying the shop right brand because they were just 99 cents. it's very expensive. that's what i bought yesterday for 99 cents go to shop right and get it. brian: i'm not for buying bagels at a store though. you want them made fresh. ainsley: he buys the cream cheese to cook with it. steve: we're not big on bagels at the house. we will get them elsewhere. ainsley: too many carbs. steve: cream sauces with cream cheese. brian: thanks for the translation. steve: this is christmas holiday tradition millions of american families make cheese cake, the problem is if you can't get the good cream cheese you are not going to make it so craft, the owner of philadelphia cream cheese is coming up with a solution. starting tomorrow, they will pay you not to make a cheese cake? ainsley: watch. this this is not an empty shelf. it's a holiday tradition waiting
4:08 am
another year because having a hard time finding cream cheese on shelves means having a hard time putting cheese cakes on tables and we get that this year, turn that famous cheese cake into those famous brownies, end your meal with a friendly fight over the last holiday cupcake, share some cookies, anything that will make you feel anything in that cheese caked shape hole in holiday heart. seriously you bake it or buy it got gte it store bought and pretend you baked it and we will buy that, too. this year you can't spread philly, spread the feeling. steve: this is a brilliant idea. they know there is a supply chain shortage rather than people get angry at the company, starting tomorrow, you are going to be able to go to their website spread the tomorrow and on saturday and then you will be -- they will actually give a certain number of people 20 bucks to buy a different dessert for christmas. and then you will be able to buy it and you will have a window of
4:09 am
opportunity to upload the receipt and they will send you the money. brian: i don't get it why do they care what they do with their product? steve: it's the goodwill. ainsley: odd they are paying you not to buy their product. steve: because it's impossible to get. ainsley: spinning it to make a positive thing. spread the love. make something else this year. next year. brian: for who? want to leave it for the bailing shops? steve: there is such a shortage across the country. ainsley: they did actually bake something similar to that. steve: down in publix in florida they have a list of like 15 things that are going to be in short supply. one of them cream cheese, cream, things like that. some types of oil. so they are just putting the word out, hey, don't be mad at us, but you have got to understand because of the supply chain, things just aren't there. ainsley: only allowing to you buy certain amount. steve: certain things. kraft's philadelphia cream cheese division people aren't going to be able to find it so
4:10 am
let's just engender a little goodwill give you 20 bucks, you don't have to make that this year. next year have brownies, have a cherry pie it's on us. >> do you think the executives have cream cheese division? i'm in the cream cheese division? ainsley: definitely. the kraft heinz company. >> chunky peanut butter. i'm chunky. you are smooth, right? that's zeroing in. brian: i have been in cream cheese for years. steve: people from the cream cheese division contact brian kilmeade at fox. brian: philly cheese executive. ainsley: stand up. that would be a good one. brian: we will see. i will have so much time on my hands. i won't be making cheesecake. will a conservative columnist writes in the "new york times." big time anti-trumper i have heard sometimes republicans don't like that look up 1-800
4:11 am
liz cheney. bret stephens wrote a column basically saying what a lot of people have observed that joe biden lost his fast ball and sinker at the same time and is he getting up there in age and he can't possibly run again. and here's one of the excerpts from his column from some of his public appearances biden seems uneven on cogent sometimes alarmingly incoherent do his appearances including the gup good ones inspire confidence that the president can go to the distance in the current term to say nothing of the next? no. he should announce much sooner than later that he will not run for a second term. what would that mean for the rest of the biden presidency? far from weakening him, it would instantly make him to be a statesman like character. it would be liberating did. wouldn't being, it would be lame ducking him. ainsley: he said he should announce his intentions as soon as possible so other democratic contender will be able to be prepared. goes on to say if he runs again and wins will it be good to have a president who is 86, the age biden would be at the end of his
4:12 am
second term? i put these questions bluntly because they need to be discussed candidly and not just whispered constantly. steve: not going to announce he is not going to run before the midterm elections next year. bret stephens writes right now he is worse than a lame duck because potential democratic successors are prevented from making calls, finding their lanes and appealing for attention that especially goes for people in the administration who are powerful contenders three names you will start hearing commerce secretary raimondo, transportation secretary pete buttigieg, and infrastructure czar mitch alejandro. he pretty much said kamala harris if she winds up as party's default nominee if biden pulls out late, democrats will have every reason to panic. brian: here is tucker carlson on this topic. >> he has been in office less than a year and already his own
4:13 am
supporters -- of course they are. this was always going to happen. professional democrats are not sentimental people. they are stoney hearted realists. joe biden has served his biological purpose. he stopped bernie sanders in the primaries. he made america safe for private equity. tax code. mission accomplished. it's time to pull joe biden off the stage before he gets even older and less popular. that's what they are thinking. it turns out supporting joe biden was never about any specific ideology we on the right fell for that one. these people have no interest in principles or ideas. loyalty is a foreign concept to them. they care only about power. brian: here's a couple of things. if you want joe biden to go and he doesn't go, i say you are going to see front page of the "new york times," hunter biden stories. suddenly realize validity to it and suddenly pick up miranda devine's book laptop from hell so true and actual emails so
4:14 am
incriminating and link right back to joe biden. two third, 99.9% of the media is ignoring it if they want to get rid of it, that goes front and center. ainsley: i agree with you. do you think they are saying that to him either you get out or we are going to release. brian: if about it was a movie that's the way it would. subtly you will just started seeing sprinkles in the media. steve: when he was running he was billed at not only a moderate which has not been the case. he is transitional figure to go from donald trump to the next person but since he was elected, they haven't really talked about the next person and how long would that be? >> once again, i just don't think he would step out before the midterms because if he stepped out before the midterms it, would be like oh harrison fire look we are losing, i got to get out of here. brian: a lot of people thought he will do four years and then kamala harris will take over. steve: at what stage would you say i'm getting out? that's the big question? ainsley: after midterms. brian: been so effective scary.
4:15 am
steve: i think he wants to stay. brian: new jersey governor phil murphy somebody who thinks he is going to win. that's a stretch. mitch landrieu is this woke mayor that was totally ineffective. ainsley: what about joe manchin. brian: i brought that up last night. mitch landrieu is in charge of that bipartisan the money for the bipartisan infrastructure deal. and all he talks about is gender equity and equity and inclusion instead of just building bridges and getting some door make a road. north carolina governor roy cooper i know nothing about. amy klobuchar has failed miserably. jamie pritzker is awful. what has he done positive which is become rich which is fine. romando seems to be moderate but to people there is no charisma there. i think joe manchin exactly. to me, joe manchin is a business person. he managed to be a democrat in a republican state. he has stood -- he has influence with republicans. ainsley: is he fair and moderate. brian: the most powerful democrat in washington.
4:16 am
steve: that is why so many democrats hate his guts. so if you are a democrat and can't get democrats to vote for you, joe manchin is not going to work. brian: maybe the power of the people. he brings his case to the democrats and independence. steve: the democrats want build back better passed for $12 trillion for six months ago. let's talk a little bit about vaccine mandates. brian: you are not going to make the joe manchin for president? steve: no. besides he has too many times. too complicated. let's talk a little bit about vaccine mandates. abc, disney corporation has a vaccine mandate. >> now actor incorporate go rad mac kerr suing abc over their mandates he was on talking abouw body is owned by government. >> religious exemptions i put in for that and denied. i'm not a person turn a blind eye. to identify fight. if i see, you know, corporations bullying people and coercing
4:17 am
them, i can't just do that i'm adding to the problem there was no choice here for me. if we don't choose what we put in our bodies we don't own our bodies anymore. ainsley: he has been on general hospital two decades if not more than that, 25 years. his parents live in germany. they hike the alp every single day. zero pharmaceutical advanced age and longstanding homopathic. lived a long life. he says this goes against my belief and religion. steve: does he play a doctor on the show? ainsley: i don't watch the show. brian: i just know the thing about these soap operas they can cry on cue. ainsley: how do they do that? brian: i don't know. ainsley: do they put drops in their eyes. like case scenario. brian: really in touch with their emotions. steve: they are good actors. brian: tucker carlson has great interview with him. tucker was pretty astounded by
4:18 am
the depth of his belief because if you are somebody the high paid actor on that set, you are actually speaking for so many other people from the grips to the other supporting actors to people breaking. in he said that's why. he has probably got the power and money to step aside for this. we know we got two shots, now we are hearing about a booster shot. now we got to get one every single year and then have a fourth shot. steve: not just boosters, brian, booster mandates. now booster mandates are sweeping the country. in fact, unless have you gotten a booster, and you are you won't be play come january. brian: no players left. all in protocol. steve: in the nba right now there are so many players out. broadway is closing because of covid. and a whole -- i think 70 players on the nfl are in the covid protocol. ainsley: here in new york. people are saying but you told to us get the vaccine. wife do we have to mask up
4:19 am
again? i did what you told to us do. now we have to wear masks everywhere. brian: i tested positive. i feel fine can i just play? a lot of these guys absolutely fine. elite athletes going to be fine. bo shimkus also elite athlete. steve: the problem right now so many cases covid is surging, hospitalizations are going up 40%. ainsley: we don't want it want anyone sick. steve: people have to be careful. carley: good morning to you all. we have to start with a fox news alert. a police officer is fighting for his life after being shot multiple times in baltimore. the local police commissioner says the officer was on patrol when the suspect opened fire. a manhunt is underway for that suspect. meanwhile in new york city, an off duty nypd lieutenant is in stable condition after being shot multiple times during an attempted robbery in queens. a suspect was shot and later died. police are looking for another two or three suspects in that situation. police commissioner dermot shea will speak soon with more
4:20 am
details on the shootings. listen to this. a brave california store owner chases away two smash and grab robbers with a stool. this hang at jewelry kiosk in san diego county mall. they used a ham tore break open her display case and made off with $200,000 worth of jewelry. police are still looking for those suspects as well. and a u.p.s. driver making an extra special delivery ahead the holidays. darryl it jack russell terror are terrier. the woman told that her dog pete was missing. he ended up spotting pete in a wooded area nearby. he says he used some dog treats to keep -- he keeps in the back of his truck to catch him. pete is now back home and safe and sound. so a win-win-win all around there, guys. steve: and now u.p.s. stands for united pet service. carley: united puppy services as
4:21 am
well. brian: your move, fedex. ainsley: florida's governor ron desantis has plan to keep wokeness out of the schools and businesses and lara trump reacts to his stop woke act next. ♪ ♪ nyquil severe gives you powerful relief for your worst cold and flu symptoms, on sunday night and every night. nyquil severe. the nighttime, sniffling, sneezing, coughing, aching, stuffy head, best sleep with a cold, medicine. real cowboys get customized car insurance with liberty mutual, so we only pay for what we need. -hey tex, -wooo. can someone else get a turn? yeah, hang on, i'm about to break my own record. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ serena: it's my 3:10
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mom, hurry! our show's gonna start soon! serena: ask about ubrelvy. i promised i wouldn't miss the show and mommy always keeps her promises. oh, no! seriously? hmm! it's not the same if she's not here. oh. -what the. oh my goodness! i don't suppose you can sing, can you? ♪ the snow's comin' down ♪ -mommy? ♪ i'm watching it fall ♪ watch the full story at ♪ giving parents a private right of action to be able to enforce the prohibition on crt, this corporate crt, it's basically corporate sanctioned racism. and they are trying to shove it counsel these employees throats. ainsley: governor ron desantis announcing a major crack down on critical race theory. his new stop woke act banning it from florida schoolings and
4:26 am
workplaces, fox news contributor lara trump is here to react. good morning to you, lara. >> good morning, ainsley. ainsley: you left new york. you moved down to florida. you enrolled your kids in schools. what do you think? is he right to do this? >> yeah. well, you can definitely add though to the list of many, many reasons that more people are going to come down to florida and obviously now probably more businesses are going to come down to florida. we are very happy here. we made the move along with so many other people. but this is common sense stuff. look, if you take critical race theory at its own word, it teaches that not only now in school but of course now we see it in the workplace very pervasive that america was based on ideology or the founding of our country. i'm sorry, was based on racism. that ideology says it is pervasive throughout our country that all of our institutions are founded on racist ideas, and so, you have so many people that have seen this and they had said wait a minute, we can actually make money off of this.
4:27 am
let's go to all these companies and we have to have equity training, you have to have equity officers and all of these things as governor desantis talked about yesterday in this speech. so it does become costly very tough for some businesses now to have to deal with these sort of things. and, look, anything that would teach us as americans that we are more different than we are alike, that would separate people based on the color of their skin is flat out wrong. it is flat out racist. that is what critical race theory does. and so, i guess another kudos in order to governor desantis here. this is something that i think is going to be very positive for the -- i think it's only going to further influence people to come down to florida. ainsley: i know you are very happy down there. look at what happened in virginia. they called the republican party the party of the parents. and this bill, it will allow parents to sue school districts accused of teaching crt and then the governor took an t. even further.
4:28 am
he said attorney fees would be recovered when they prevail. what do you think about that as a parent? >> well, i think it's fantastic. look, there is one positive thing i think that came out of the covid pandemic and it's that we all learn so much of what our children were being taught in schools now. you know, since people had to actually teach their kids from home. hear what the teachers were teaching them. nobody knew how in-depth they were teaching our kids this critical race theory. and it is throughout the country in many different school districts. and parents felt helpless, they didn't feel like they had any ability to fight back. now that governor antioxidants has given parents this opportunity, i think it's fantastic, you should have the ability to know what your kid is learning in school and if you don't agree with it, you should have some way to fight back and that's exactly what this is going to do. so, look, as a parent, i applaud this i think there are so many parents that are applauding this as well. it's about time we had somebody stand up against this ideology
4:29 am
it should never be taught to any children ever in america. it is absolute poison. ainsley: lara, thank you, so good to see you. i know you are happy down there. enjoy it? >> thanks, ainsley. ainsley: a new york gym is stepping into the ring to fight covid mandates. why they have decided to defy state orders and not require members to mask up. ♪ give me one reason to stay here ♪ and i will turn it back around. ♪ give me one reasonable to stay here ♪ and i'll turn it back around. ♪
4:30 am
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♪ ♪ brian: we're back with a fox weather alert, life threatening
4:34 am
weather wreaking havoc across the heart of land overnight. tornadoes touching down in at least six states. more than a dozen tornadoes were reported in iowa alone. steve: historic winds near 100 mile-per-hour, keep in mind we are in december, tearing through parts of colorado, new mexico and kansas leaving hundreds of thousands of people without electric power. widespread damage in portions of minnesota as well. ainsley: this on the heels of last week's tornado outbreak leaving 90 people dead at least that we know of. let's check in with senior meteorologist janice dean for fox weather forecast. janice. janice: last hour you were asking me how rare this is very rare especially for places like minnesota. we have never had a tornado hit that state in the month of december for iowa we have had several reports of tornadoes. we have had five since records began in 1950. this is quite an event. can you see that cold front slicing across the central u.s. behind it obviously cold air.
4:35 am
we are seeing wintry weather ahead of it record breaking warmth. so you need those ingredients to give us that severe weather. at least one of those ingredients is the warm humid air mass and the cold air behind it. here is what is left of the system. the low pressure moving into canada, still that trailing cold front across the ohio valley. so far 20 reports of tornadoes for mainly eastern nebraska in towards iowa. again, for this area of the country, very rare event and then historic because we have had over 55 reports of winds, 457 miles per hour plus that's never happened before. can you see most of these records were set in the spring and even into the summer. to see this in december is quite phenomenal. and then we see the severe threat today for texas, through arkansas, across the mississippi river valley. so we will continue to keep you up to date on this historic system still raging across the
4:36 am
plain states, steve, ainsley, brian. steve: all the warm weather is what is firing all this stuff up. ainsley: that's one of the main ingredients, absolutely. steve: all right, j.d., thank you very much. meanwhile, let's switch gears, despite new york governor kathy hochul's mask or vaccine indoor mandate, masks will not be required to enter at least one new york gym despite what the governor has to say. ainsley: that's right. the world gym of greece, which is in rochester, new york, the owners say they are not afraid to fight the mask rules as they refuse to be, quote, controlled by another restriction that could hurt their business. brian: it's only been two years, just take your time lifting it world gym of greece co-owner ron and michelle join us and tim daugherty join us. welcome, so your reaction, first off,. >> hi, guys. brian: start with you, tim. how does the members handle it when the mask mandates first came down. first they shut you down and mask mandates started. how did they react? >> we have a ton of pushback, people don't like it exercise in
4:37 am
masks, exercise is hard enough. and, you know, to make somebody, you know, mask up to run or lift, it's redick luz, they -- there was a lot of push back, we had some people that real avid people that pushed through it. but a lot of people didn't. ainsley: michelle, are you seeing more people where they want to find a gym where they don't have to wear a mask? >> yeah, absolutely our membership has increased dramatically. five sign ups to every one cancel because of the mask mandate. they don't agree with us not allowing it we have increased our membership. absolutely. steve: ron, we see one guy was on the treadmill behind you for a moment. we know that every since the pandemic struck, business has not been great. and i know you have struggled financially. but what about the threat of a thousand dollar fine by flying in the face of what the governor wants you to do? >> you know, when it come right
4:38 am
down to it, you know, back in march of 2020, it was supposed to be a two week shut down to slow down the spread. and that turned into a seven month closed down, which, in turn, has completely ruined our business, never to return to pre-pandemic status. steve: what about the fine? >> the fine is irrelevant at this point. they have already destroyed our businesses. >> can't get blood from a stone. >> my question is this: hey, have you guys researched has the governor actually signed the mandate or is it just propaganda being fed to us? has the mandate been signed? brian: who knows. steve: i think the details are still being worked out. brian: she is trying to out liberal the mayor who says something the day before. meanwhile, you are in the eye of the storm. tim, i know a couple of gym on or abouts that have said that there is a third of their membership that wants you to mask and two thirds don't.
4:39 am
it's created unbelievable tension on the floor with people saying put your mask on. i'm not putting it on. and next thing you know you see clashes on the floor. >> no, actually, we have had none of that the people who are opposed to us not enforcing the mandate, they are just not going to come. that's fine bine brian they are quitting? >> we have had a couple. not a ton. but, you know what? wear your mask, don't wear your mask. that's up to you. it's a personal choice. that's what we are with. we are allowing people to make their personal choice. ainsley: michelle, what they are doing is saying you can't participate in life unless you do what we tell you and you have to have this vaccine and now in new york as you know, your kids have to be vaxxed in the city you can't even go anywhere with your kids unless they are vaccinated. so they are forcing us, they are pushing us to make decisions about the vaccines so that we can have a normal life again. how do you feel about that? >> right. you know, i pulled my kids from school a long time ago because i do not agree with them forcing
4:40 am
anything on my child let alone vaccine wear a mask. i just keep saying to people, you know, your compliance is giving your approval. if you don't like these mandates or laws do not comply because every time you put that mask on, you are giving your approval. >> the cdc has stated that children have a zero percent chance of death from this virus but yet they have to wear masks for seven hours in school? that's complete tyranny. brian: best thing you could do is get in shape. 80% or higher of the amount of people. >> good point. brian: suffer serious or die are in terrible shape. you should be the savior. >> absolutely. >> good point. >> absolutely. >> our business should be thriving right now. steve: we thank you all for joining us live to tell your story. thank you. >> thanks for having us. ainsley: you are welcome. we wish you all the best.
4:41 am
7:40 on the east coast. still ahead a new study says the average household is paying $3,500 more this year thanks to the rising prices on everyday goods. steve: charles payne is going to join us live to talk about the real cost of inflation according to the run down. yes, you are next ♪ i hit the ground ♪ i hit the ground running ♪ i hit the ground running after you ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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4:46 am
charles payne. charles, i realize the federal government finally realized how bad inflation is because yesterday the fed announced, you know what? we are probably going to start jacking up interest rates fly times next year a quarter of a point each time. >> that might be a head fake. they put a thing out with some dots on it that suggests maybe they will hike rates up. that remains to be seen. it's not the big emergency, at least at the fed, because believe it or not they are still putting money into the economy. not as much but they are still actually putting money into the economy. so the federal reserve and the federal government have conspired to flood this economy with so much money and sort of attempt to right the ship. but they have gone too far. here's the most important thing. that fox poll. people know it. people understand it it's not just the fox poll. i have seen polls from cnn. i have seen polls from abc, "the washington post," people are saying president biden's future plans, quote, unquote, economic plan would hurt my family a lot
4:47 am
more folks are saying that than think it will help. steve: one of the finding as well is a plurality of americans feel the number one reason that the job market is so tight is because of all of this government largess. we are writing checks to put in people's pocket. >> it's common sense stuff. by the way, the last government check went out from this new biden plan yesterday, the child tax care that's why they want to push it through. you start to flood the economy when this kind of money, we are talking trillions of dollars, steve, it's going to hurt. we got the most recent inflation number over the last year, meat up 13%. gasoline 58%. utilities is going to be a cold winter, 25% for you to use natural gas. used cars 31%. vehicle rental 37%. this is -- you are not helping me. listen, i know the idea of free money seems like amazing, right? people are learning that there is no such thing as a free lunch. and now they are learning it the hard way. and jeff bezos, by the way, the
4:48 am
guy that president biden always talks about and elizabeth warren that's their new target, he has cashed in $18 billion worth of stock in the last week. so while you are crushing the average american to get those dastardly billionaires or trillion narrows why are paying a heavy price for it don't go after bezos if we have to pay the price. steve: no kidding. charles is going to be working this afternoon on fox business between 2:00 and 4:00. you are a busy guy. >> yeah. steve: with making money right there on fox business. thank you, sir. >> thanks a lot. steve: nancy pelosi is finally condemning crime in san francisco. but she won't acknowledge that the far left policies she hart supported in the past. the packers vs. the ravens on foxment jen hale is going to break down the other smashups you don't want to miss coming up on "fox & friends." ♪ ♪
4:49 am
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4:52 am
>> fox as an early christmas guest, must-see nfl game for week 15, packers against
4:53 am
the ravens this sunday. nfl and fox 5 reporter janet joins us now. always good to see you. let's start with tonight's game, chargers had no problem with the giants. chiefs had a slow start. coverage begins at 7:30 p.m. give me an idea where you sense who has the momentum here. >> good morning. this will be great, too young gun quarterbacks doing it out. patrick is good out of the pocket with his fee, justin herber more or more of a pocket passer and gets the job done just as well. they will be hard to take your eyes off of. i think this comes down to who performs the best in clutch time i have to go with the chiefs. 58% of the time they convert on third down, that's best in the nfl for that reason i'm taking the chiefs by six. brian: the chiefs can't afford to lose because they are tied with a page or ask best record and home advantage may be more
4:54 am
than most. rams see to have gotten it together but they have been hit by covid. >> it's been a crazy situation. they got kicked out of their facility earlier this week. right now 16 of their players are on the covid list. you could have some test negative twice and come back. they don't know. we will have to wait until sunday, but it's a tough road for them. guys like obi j, big names. seahawks may have won two in a row for first time all year with russell william back in his group. i think it's an upset. vegas says the rams and i have to go with the seahawks by three. brian: that would be something. do you get the sense that maybe not everyone was telling the truth when they got vaccinated or the vaccine is ineffective? what are you hearing? >> we will have to see. who knows on that, brian it can be a very personal issue. one thing we know is that it's a difficult situation, not easy to navigate and it's
4:55 am
constantly changing. brian: they had no problem criticizing air-- aaron rodgers for being on vaccinated, packers against the ravers sunday night and packers pull out a victory i guess they do own the bears and ravens covering off a half loss, tough love. >> the ravens are on a slide, but they have been great against nfc teams winning 13 straight and lamar jackson did not practice yesterday due to ankle injuries and he may not go sunday. the guy you mentioned, aaron rodgers, best passer rating in the nfl. i go green bay by seven. brian: i still say ravens out of the best coach in the league. good luck with your rams game. we will be watching. >> thanks. brian: tonight holiday giveaway sweepstakes, fox super six is giving away a house. is it true? is it terry bradshaw's house? we will have to find out. friday night we will
4:56 am
make history, find out when people on broadway used to singing and would rather read a book. on saturday i will be in cincinnati with whio listeners in dayton, ohio to close out the longest to her since the rolling stones in the 1978 tour they put together. coming up on our show, tucker carlson is getting up extra early for us this morning, but more likely for you as in the next hour he will sound off on covid mandates and more on the trial of kyle rittenhouse with his exclusive series that comes to toggle-- tucker carlson today. he's tucker carlson this morning. ♪♪ i may have moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis. or psoriatic arthritis. but we are so much more. we're team players and artists. designers and do-it-yourselfers.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ hey, tam-tam! i was thinking maybe... your mom's car? ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ merry christmas, dad.
4:59 am
5:00 am
steve: foxbusiness poll shows most americans are concerned about the rising cost of all of that stuff. >> people are saying president biden's future economic plans hurts my family. brian: nancy pelosi represents san francisco and can't seem to figure out what's behind the crime surge. >> there is lawlessness in our country that springs from i don't know where. >> staggering they didn't think their policies would have such a detrimental effect. >> "new york times" columnist begging president biden not to run for a second term calling him alarmingly incoherent. >> just 22% of americans
5:01 am
when the president to seek a second term. >> calling on colleagues in congress to extend the supreme court. >> they want to add enough seats until they control everything. you know what that is? totalitarianism. >> ron desantis introducing a new bill. >> no taxpayer dollars should be use to teach our kids to hate each other. >> it's about time we had someone stand up against this ideology. it's absolute poison. ♪♪ brian: wow, christmas tree not burned it down and it's been two
5:02 am
weeks. also, is this angela lansbury? steve: absolutely. brian: she's a singer? steve: she was on broadway for decades. brian: i thought she was just a crimestoppers. ainsley: you can hear in her voice, once you know it's angela, she kind of has that shaky voice. steve: can you throw up the opening of "murder she wrote"? across the street from where we are sitting, the fox bar where we used to have happy hour, land and used to a chair there with her name on it. brian: get out of her? ainsley: if you ever went to meet anyone from fox, just go there. everyone like after work would go there. it was a fun place. brian: three floors, fantastic. ainsley: where's that? steve: you asked were "murder she wrote". ainsley: do it again.
5:03 am
brian: very theatrical. steve: she doesn't sing. brian: does she talk? steve: no, not in the open. ainsley: didn't have a magnifying glass? steve: and no. ainsley: no, it had the magnifying glass "murder she wrote". my grandparents watched it all the time. brian: that's as far as ever gotten and i did change the channel. i know it was popular for a while. did she actually solving murders? steve: every week. ainsley: she was always successful. steve: had to have closure. anyway, the reason we showed all of that and hand angela lansbury singing, and i doesn't tell christmas. if you been out shopping, you know the stuff you're buying this year is costing more than last year. in fact, 10 wharton school has done an analysis and figured out the average middle-class family has got to spend this year $3500 just to be where you were last year, so in other words,
5:04 am
if you don't spend that money and you are level, then you are actually behind the times, you are falling behind. ainsley: the bottom 20% of earners sought expenses go up by almost 7%, 6.8 to about $2120 per household and in the top saw an increase of 6.1%, almost $8000 more per household and then right in the middle where most people are it increased $4351, almost 7%. brian: foxbusiness did an interesting pole. here's one of the questions we will share, as inflation because you financial hardship of the last six months and 67% say yes. most is working class people are the ones playing the bigger prices usually for energy and they say upper-class middle-class are paying more for services, which have not been affected as much on inflation. the other question is on getting inflation under control, are biden's
5:05 am
actions helping. 47% say hurting, 22% say hurting-- helping, 28% say no difference. that's not an effective number. i don't know how many executives jen psaki will blame today for that, but it shows you the american people are making their own decisions even though most of the media won't say much negative about joe biden. ainsley: think about that. almost 7%, so allocate another 7% of your check to go towards inflation with everything more expensive. steve: it is. we were talking to charles payne about 25 minutes ago down in the living room and he said that when people hurt like they do right now, every time you buy something, gas is up like 60% year-over-year. every time you buy something and it hurts you blame someone. in this case, joe biden. brian: gas up 50%, used vehicle 31%, hotels up 25%, meat is up 13%. steve: that was my toss to the
5:06 am
soundbite. brian: oh, you did that? steve: yeah. who do they blame? joe biden, as i said. >> i know the idea of free money seems amazing , but people are learning there's no such thing as a free lunch and now they are learning it the hard way. the federal reserve and federal government have conspired to flood this economy was so much money in this sort of attempt to right the ship, but they have gone too far. here's the most important thing without fox pull, people know it people understand. i've seen polls from cnn, pulls from abc, "washington post" and people are saying president biden's future plans will hurt my family a lot more folks are saying that than they think it would help them. steve: so, that will make it harder to sell the people centers like joe manchin of west virginia. if people are hurting and more spending hurts, why do it? ainsley: we have seen crime go up across the country as well
5:07 am
especially in these liberal democratic liberal cities and nancy pelosi kept her mouth closed about it because a lot of this is happening in her hometown of san francisco until the democratic mayor finally spoke out about it, london read. she pushed a crackdown on crime and then we heard from nancy pelosi. listen. >> is absolutely outrageous. obviously, it cannot continue, but the fact is that there is an attitude of lawlessness in our country that springs from i don't know where. maybe you do. we cannot have that lawlessness become the norm. it's not like someone stealing something is wrong because they don't have the money to buy. it's about stealing for profit. they have to prove where it came from. it's outrageous and i agree with the mayor. it must be stopped. it's not just san francisco. it's in our entire country. brian: in terms of chaos, some
5:08 am
things that were taking place we discussed last hour. i never heard of this tactic and i have heard of a lot when they put down your windows and put up your trunk to show a would-be assailant or attacker or burglar i have nothing in the car and i'm out of glass insurance. ainsley: that's what they're doing in san francisco. brian: because people are just a smashing and grabbing everything. there was a nordstrom's where in chicago they hit the same nordstrom's twice in one day. they don't care because no one's being prosecuted and you could -- good luck with getting more cops this money you suddenly found that you took out of the budget two years ago. these academies, you're not attracting people to become cops anymore. steve: and she was talking about first of all she said i don't know where this lawlessness comes from. it comes from defined the police movement of last year. now, fast forward to the situation in the quad box right there. she also said in the soundbite, people are stealing for profit.
5:09 am
what she's talking about is congress is considering a bill to crackdown on big tech and keep in mind we talked about this yesterday, democrats are elected to do that because they feel a big tech helps them, but big tech apparently snap chat is how a lot of these smash and grabs are organized, and then things like amazon and ebay are being used to fence the stolen stuff. inform active she was talking about essentially makes it impossible to sell things anonymously. do you want to sell something, you have to know who you are in the thinking is then the people who made off with these expensive handbags will be less likely to do it. ainsley: that bill is in the energy and commerce committee. there's another in the judiciary committee called the same shopping the and it will also hold social media platforms accountable. brian: i hope they do. smash and grab and also murderers, which are up everywhere and mainly most cops will tell you focus on the da and who
5:10 am
put those das there? george soros and his fund. liberal das not prosecuting crime that means china or russia or iran could not have scripted a better formula to knock america down at its foundation. you don't have law and order, you don't have a call my country and we don't have long order. steve: we have exactly 10 minutes after the top of the hour and carly joins us now with news out of one of the neighborhoods here in new york. reporter: that's right and staying on the crime topic we have to get to a fox news alert, two police officers are shot overnight first in baltimore. an officer is fighting for his life after being shot multiple times while on patrol. a manhunt is underway for the suspect here and in new york city, an off-duty nypd lieutenant shot multiple times during an attempted robbery in the queens. police union leader reacting calling for change. >> we say it all the time.
5:11 am
we got lucky tonight. it's like when will the luck ran out, change the narrative to get the individuals and the guns off the street. reporter: one suspect was killed by police. several more on the run. and a fox alert, strong storm drinking habit for 100 million people across the heartland overnight. tornadoes touching down in at least six states. hundreds of thousands of people left without power after high wind tears through parts of colorado, new mexico and kansas. the severe weather also leaving widespread damage and parts of minnesota. this, after last week's tornado outbreak that left nearly 90 people dead. and the outgoing nih director raising eyebrows singing about health pandemic life. watch this. ♪♪ somewhere past the pandemic ♪ ♪ masks will come off.
5:12 am
♪♪ correct francisco. he will step down by the end of the year after 12 years at the research center. nicu babies meeting santa claus for the first time. citla brings the scent of magic wearing a red suit for the babies and their families. listen to this. >> breaks my heart they have to be here, so if we can make a brighter and more joyful for them, it's my greatest honor and privilege of my life. reporter: so cute. nurses say families like to include photos in their christmas cards. those are your headlines. steve: you know what they need to come up with? they need a mask that looks like santa's bearded. ainsley: that would be cute. reporter: that would be a winning mask. steve: wonderful program. thank you. ainsley: cute little babies. so sweet. steve: so little. ainsley: adorable. 8:12 a.m. on the east coast and head, bad news for joe biden. a new op-ed is begging
5:13 am
the president not to run for the reelection. the shocking pleas published in the "new york times". brian: plus, general hospital star speaking out after he was forced to quit because of disney's a vaccine mandate. now, he's taking a stand to up others protect them. >> if we don't choose what we are allowed to put in our bodies, we don't own our bodies anymore.
5:14 am
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5:18 am
also a strong critic of former president trump. the headline really doesn't pull punches saying: biden should not run again and it should say he won't. bret stephens argues biden's age and health are fair game to question writing, from some of his public appearances he seems uneven, often cogent, but sometimes alarmingly incoherent. appearances including good ones inspires confidence the president can go the distance in his current term to say nothing of the next, no. and that he says is probably speculation among democrats as well as media reporting about who could run to replace biden if he chooses not to seek reelection. moreover, stephen said biden was elected to be a transition figure meant to deep stone-- dethroned. the president's underwater poll numbers just won't seem to budge and that's even after he passes the genuinely popular infrastructure bill, so why with that hypothetical announcement mean for
5:19 am
the biden presidency? stephen is right, it would make him a lame duck president, but he argues biden as it works right now, far from weakening him, stephen writes, it would instantly allowed him to be statesmanlike and that would be liberating. of course, the white house is predictably unmoved by all of this believing biden's bill will turn things around and head of the. >> i just mentioned it would reduce the cost for american families. we have to keep it in the case and if we do we will win pick let me say this again for the press, we are going to win in 2022. i really mean it. [applause]. reporter: white house consistently says president biden has every intention of running for reelection and they brushed off the recent reporting speculating otherwise, ainsley. ainsley: jen psaki and the president said he would run again, but if they do force him out after midterms, i would assume he would announce after midterms, don't you think? for mac i think he would probably wait.
5:20 am
it would be great if he said no right now. ainsley: was the feeling in washington, because progressively-- progressives probably love him because he's doing everything they want. reporter: their focus is to get their legislation passed. they are trying to not look at anything except getting policies enacted because they believe that will get the democrats the win in 2022 and then from there it will be a focus on 24, but they are looking to build back better, really their big signature piece to carry them through the midterms and hopefully pave the way for 24. ainsley: crazy to spend that money when we are in the middle of inflation and people can even afford their gas. thank you, jackie. it was the trial that gripped the nation and now, we are getting a never before seen look at the real story of kyle rittenhouse. >> i'm going to cut your hearts out you laughing and words. >> at your hearts out? >> yes. ainsley: tucker carlson joins us live to talk about the trial of kyle next.
5:21 am
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5:25 am
>> he said i'm going to f kill you. i'm going to cut your heart out f letter and word. >> at your hearts out? >> yes. obviously i know this, but hearing it is so dramatic, like a dream sequence. >> when you are in these situations, a second feels like five minutes. mr. rosenbaum was chasing me and said he would kill me if he got me alone. i was alone. i was running from him. i pointed at him and it didn't stop him from continuing to chase me. steve: his case gripped the nation and now kyle rittenhouse himself giving tucker carlson his exclusive take in a new
5:26 am
tucker carlson originals episode on fox nation's. brian: long-awaited and tucker joins us now with more on the interview. tucker, good to see you. a quick question, on your phone, do you still have the wake-up time for "fox & freinds" just in case you are called in again? >> it's so shocking to be up before 10. brian: you should have that somewhere in there. so, it you spend so much time with kyle rittenhouse on and off camera. can you describe what you thought and what it was like having on these features and spend the time with him? >> i mean, the whole story was so shocking first of all, it was a tragedy. people died, so that really kind of stopped us in our tracks. any time an american dies you feel sad about it the matter who the person is, but we had the tape within hours that showed this guy was being pursued by three people, all convicted felons who are trying to
5:27 am
kill him. it was a scene that was filled with people with guns running around. here was a kid who was trying to help his own community. he defends himself and he is charged with murder, so from day one it was really clear that this had a deep implication for the rest of us with the media line about what happened and so for more than a year we followed this and i just wanted to sit down with this kid and actually i was totally surprised and impressed by him. clearer thinking, more sincere, ingenuous that i had imagined. this kid who did not expect to be at the center of this story rose to it and explain himself in a way that i found really compelling. ainsley: tucker, have you talked to him since now the school, the asu students don't want him to continue to be enrolled at the school or take classes? >> i have and it's
5:28 am
really the saddest part of the aftermath of this story, i mean, kyle rittenhouse told me that the only moment in the trial where he felt emotional and upset was when the prosecutor suggested he wasn't really enrolled at arizona state university. he was upset because he was so proud. he doesn't come from a family where people go to college. he worked as a fry cook and a janitor in a lifeguard, i mean, this is legitimately working-class kid and really is proud he went to college on his own, genuinely proud. very sweet and now, we can go. you know, what did he do wrong exactly? he cleaning graffiti off the side of a school. lunatics tried to murder him anyone case with the gun. that i was never charged. he defends himself and he's the villain? how does that work exactly? steve: exactly. catch it all on "the trial of kyle rittenhouse" available now on fox nation as part of tucker carlson originals we will check that out. also, you did speak to one of the stars of "general hospital".
5:29 am
an actor by the name of ingo rademacher. he has been let go from abc where he was on "general hospital" for a very long time because he would not get the shot. they have a vaccine mandate. you talk to him about it he said the mandate is about basic human rights. listen to this, tucker. >> they said they would take religious exemptions that we put in for that i was denied. i'm not that kind of person to turn a blind eye-- i have to fight. if i see a corporation bullying people, i can't just do that, adding to the problem. there was no choice here for me. if we don't choose what we are allowed to put in our bodies, we don't own our bodies anymore. steve: and one of the other things he said, he said apparently he said he tried to get religious exemption and he was denied. said that this goes against all of my beliefs. >> this is a guy who is not even from this country. from germany, grew up in australia and he's a
5:30 am
soap opera actor and has been for quarter a century and he articulated the kind of core american belief of personal autonomy, better than anyone i've seen on tv in a long time. the guy was amazing, so thoughtful, gentle soul, not any kind of activist, but they just pushed into his limit and he stood on principle and paid a huge price for it. he loved the job he had for 25 years and he lost it over this. it was really inspiring to talk to him. i have been texting him ever since. what an impressive guy. ainsley: how did they kill him off the shell because if they are like you are done today, he never had a chance to die on the show or disappear or whatever? >> these shows have been going on for over 50 years. one thing they are good at is writing unexpected plot twist's. i don't know the answer because i'm not a viewer, but i'm sure it was good. brian: i am. i watch every day. people go by my office, he's watching "general hospital" again. they will probably do this unbelievable story line where lead actor is
5:31 am
fired for not taking a vaccine. that would be shocking. if i were to write that years ago they would just say those soap operas will-- make stuff up. tucker, yes or no, do you believe transgender's-- they were once man and become women should swim in college, ivy league college conferences with women? >> do i think we should eliminate the category of females from human biology? know, as the father of three daughters and someone who loves women i think it's insane and i think we will look back on this with a deep shame is only people who knew better when along with it and denied basic biology. oh, no that's exactly right, no, it's not. by the way if you identify as a different sex, why can't you identify as vaccinated? brian: good point. steve: the reason we are talking about this is the parents of 10 swimmers at you 10 have written a letter to the ncaa and they are demanding that the league change their rules that currently allow these swim-- the swimmer by the layout leah tom who was born a male to compete
5:32 am
with females and she has since been you know winning everything and everyone else is left behind ainsley: beats teammates out of first place, another woman at a first place by 38 seconds. >> i think the left can stop lecturing us about how they are protecting women and girls because they are not. they don't care. they are willing to abandon them in the name of ideology. i honestly don't think we should ever take a moral expert ever again from these people who defended the death of mary jo kopechne by the way and are now saying that the aspirations of girls are totally irrelevant and that girls don't exist. those people are telling us what's morally acceptable? no, no. steve: apparently one. said her daughter says every wedding-- everybody's feeling frustrated and as for the coach, he just likes to win. right now they are winning. >> he just likes to win. you know, that's the attitude that gets you to places you never expected to be
5:33 am
including-- look, the whole joy of life is the difference between men and women. they are really different, have a girl, have a boy, they are the same. that's beautiful. i think it's quote diversity, totally different and that tension, those differences are the essence of why it's wonderful to be a human being and wonderful we are eliminating those? everyone is the same and we are just waiting to be assembled? no, this is crazy and it hurts all of us. i don't know why no one can say that out loud, but like we should. brian: tucker, will you wear this tonight? >> no. [laughter] brian: are you going to go change? >> i'm going to go take a sauna, man as all americans should every day. brian: steam? >> no, sauna, 200 degrees. opens the pathway. brian: do you read or stare? steve: i am learning a lot. >> i stare. i say my prayers and stare off at the wood for 15 minutes.
5:34 am
brian: tucker carlson today loves would. brian: he has paneling behind him. tucker, thank you. >> great to see you guys. thank you. steve: he will be on tonight at 8:00 p.m. ainsley: i've always liked tucker. great guy. steve: the way tomorrow governor christie know will be on fox & friends and their is a couple hours left, your christmas orders at tucker where you can also sign up for early days of free access to fox nation. brian: by the way, you don't dress like tucker speed when you get all of this stuff. steve: very nice. ainsley: still ahead, vaccine victory, student in la unified school district won't be forced to get the shot just yet after the district voted to delay its mandate. former la teacher fired because she didn't get the shot up next. ♪♪
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brian: welcome back. los angeles unified school district is pushing back the deadline for students to get vaccinated because more than 30000 kids did not get the shot, this is teachers, students and families took to the streets of downtown los angeles in protest. joining us now is the former matt teacher at los angeles charter school terminated after nearly two decades after not complying. angela joins us now. angela, does it surprise you that there were 30000 students not on board with this? >> no, it does not, actually. the mandate was set in place very haphazardly. families were never given a chance to engage in a dialogue and have any say in this process, so no, i'm not surprised. brian: they wanted you to get vaccinated by october 27. why did you not do it? >> well, for me i had
5:40 am
personal reasons that were religious and i submitted a religious exemption and we were denied, a lot of folks in my position were also had also submitted medical exemptions that were denied as well. brian: where was your union on this? aren't they supposed to go to bat for teachers? >> you would think, but unions are actually supporting the vaccine mandate, so it's a very difficult fights. it's a very confusing fight for those of us out there. brian: was the main reason for not complying? >> as a teacher, again, it was my deeply held religious beliefs and a lot of other reasons for not complying, but as a parent because i'm also an la usd parent and i have two children in the system, the whole thing was just done very inefficiently and quite frankly, la usd doesn't have the authority to do this. there are legislators and a process for this. brian: am so sorry this happened to you.
5:41 am
a lot of people are under the impression that donald trump supporters are the ones that don't want to get vaccinated which is crazy because his administration came up with it, but there's a lot of minorities that have deep questions about this vaccine; correct? >> correct. brian: that's what we see in the numbers. >> yes, and we raise these concerns, the data on bears which is a website, we have raised these concerns with the district people, the board, all of our concerns have been completely rejected, not addressed and it's just completely been mayhem. brian: realizing they have no students with 30000 out they pushed it back basically a year. angela, thanks so much. sorry you are going through this hopefully-- you will have to leave the state, but there are plenty of states i would love to have you, i'm sure. >> thank you so much for having me. brian: that's check in with senior meteorologist janice dean for the fox weather forecast.
5:42 am
janice: all of your fans are here brian. do you like brian kiilmeade? your hand. did you see the "all american christmas" tree? >> beautiful. i'm glad they rebuild it janice: me too. where you from? >> new hampshire. janice: thank you for coming. it's very warm here in new york, isn't it? just in time for christmas, it feels like spring time. we had many tornado reports yesterday, over 24 parts of nebraska and iowa. it's a rare event and thankfully we have not heard of too much extreme damage and no lives were lost, so that's a good thing. look at some of these top wind gust hurricane force wind and parts of colorado and kansas, widespread event. look at the temperature difference. very powerful cold front ahead of the cold front we will set records here in the northeast and the mid-atlantic. large hail damaging wind and tornadoes will be possible over parts of the south with that trailing cold front in the area of low pressure is moving into canada and the great lakes where we could see some wintry weather.
5:43 am
temperature change, 34-degree temperature change in des moines, iowa, one of the main ingredients we need for severe weather and we will hit some records today across the northeast. fox if you want your latest weather. say hi to brian. merry christmas, my friend. brian: back at you. good job. take my credit card janice, and get them something nice. you know where it is. still ahead, hundreds of red cross workers are on the ground in kentucky helping with rescue and recovery efforts after those catastrophic tornadoes over the weekend. the group's vice president joins us next with a very special announcement, but first let's check in with bill hammer for what's coming up at the top of the hour. reporter: i'm going to have to fight janice dean for that credit card. brian: i will leave it for you and your fans also. reporter: good morning. folks, you have to squint to find the good news in this foxhole for the biden team and we will run it by james freeman and karl rove coming up shortly. the great reversal on the defund movement
5:44 am
continues. vladimir putin and g talked yesterday as the world pushes-- chooses sides. join dane and me with our special guest today as we make the most of your time coming up in 15 minutes. see you then. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ experience the power of sanctuary at the lincoln wish list event.
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steve: yesterday president biden vowed to send support to america's heartland after the historic outbreak of tornadoes that left as the station across numerous states. alexis adams is live on the ground of mayfield, kentucky, with this morning's developments. reporter: good morning. look around me and you can see there's devastation everywhere. it spans several miles and several counties in western kentucky. i will walk with you and show you what we see on the ground with appliances thrown around , heavy pieces of machinery now picking up the mess. also, people's memories thrown about in western kentucky specifically mayfield, which is one of the most hard-hit areas. national weather service said it was at least a ef for tornado. also look at the fox teams drone camera up in the sky right now and mayfield kentucky. at least 71 people in the area were killed during the tornadoes. to all of those kentuckians who lost
5:49 am
their lives were children. as the community cleans up again today the loss of life is weighing heavy on everyone. people i talked to telling me they are checking every day the medical examiner's report to figure out what they can do to piece this all back together here. biden was here on the ground announcing he did amend the disaster declaration for federal funding and it's now up to 100%. back out here you can see the support pouring in from across the state. ben's basketball team announcing they would wear patches in remembrance of everything that happened here in western kentucky. steve: alexis live in kentucky. thank you. all week we've been covering the rescue and recovery efforts after tornadoes wreaked havoc across that region. let's take a look back at some of that coverage from fox weather channel and fox news channel. >> are you surprised some of the people responded in the middle of the night? >> not at all. that's an arkansan for you, it's a neighbor and
5:50 am
this is a small community and we know each other. we care for each other, and immediately respond. >> this seems to be moving relatively fast. we are talking around 55 miles an hour northeast, so it continues to head in that direction, what you want to do is if you are in the path of it, seek shelter immediately. the basement is always the phases-- safest spot, the innermost part of your home. if you don't have a basement, if you live in a mobile home and you have somewhere safe to go to. this is the video we had out of jonesboro where it was first confirm this from our storm chaser. he described it as a wedge tornado. >> this right here is residential area. you can get an idea from this home, completely destroyed. you get these markings on the side of the buildings and they immediately go through every house in the search to make sure that people are out of here or if there's anyone who needs to be rescued. >> you processed this yet? >> no.
5:51 am
it will be years. there will be times that you know coming into town and it's hard to even right now to come into town. >> i have to ask you, we didn't say this, please tell me their names. >> marshall hall and carol gresham. >> marcia calling carol chris. god rest their souls. steve: indeed. that last emotional interview. now joining me from our sister network fox weather meteorologist jason frazier. good morning. britta, in that report we saw the importance of the fact that people did get a warning, but the storms were so powerful, just going to the bathroom wasn't enough this time because a lot of people were sucked out of the bathroom. >> absolutely. the lead time many of the locations had in kentucky was 20 to 25 minutes, which when we
5:52 am
talk about preparations for tornado warnings that's actually an excellent time, but you bring up a good point, i mean, we have done updates on the pulmonary survey from the national weather service this morning saying at least a ef for when the tornado was in the state of kentucky, that's wind of 190 miles an hour and by the way that's only 10 miles an hour shy of a ef five so when talking about that size of a tornado headed your way, there is few structures that can withhold wind speed of 190 miles an hour, so you may have had 20 minutes, but there's only so much to do to protect your body and the people we talked to that didn't do well, they followed the advice and got to that safe spot. >> steve, this is why we often encourage people not to wait until they get that warning too often think about what will happen if they get that warning a day, a week or even a month prior. steve: and jason, 190 miles an hour is an incredible storm, but it's december. this is a so rare.
5:53 am
>> yeah, and what has typically been happening with these systems, i mean, we have seen and not only with the tornadoes that happened last night across-- possible tornadoes i should say that happened across parts of not only minnesota, but also been reported in other parts of the upper midwest. we have had a lot of abnormally warm temperatures, so we have seen temperatures that we normally see in the spring or even towards the latter half of the fall and that's free much been adding what we has meteorologist like to call the gasoline to these storms. steve: in new york city today it will be 60 degrees, hard to believe nine days till christmas. jason and britta, thank you so much. great coverage over the last week. meanwhile, let's bring in brad keiser and vice president of disaster operations and logistics for the american red cross. brad, we saw that report people as soon as their 10 items hit, the red cross rushed hundreds of volunteers into that area.
5:54 am
>> good morning, steve. we did. you are the description and saw the imagery. it's like a giant walking from arkansas to bowling green across western kentucky and just crushing everything in its path and that's really what we've seen there. we have got over 350 red cross volunteers on the ground in kentucky right now, and they have come from all over the country to help their neighbors and friends in kentucky. steve: absolutely. of course, what you need right now is more volunteers, but you need money. that's why, brad, i'm proud to announce that our company, fox corporation is donating to you american red cross $1 million to help with the efforts in the relief efforts and the rescue and the recovery in that region. >> steve, i got to tell you, the red cross is incredibly incredibly grateful for fox generosity and i can tell you those dollars are going to help people in kentucky recover.
5:55 am
you know, there's over 550 people in shelters this morning, displaced from their homes and others living in homes that have tarps on them and that's the only thing protecting them, so thanks to your generosity and that of so many other donors we will be out there sheltering, feeding and comforting folks from all over kentucky. thanks to you and fox team, very much. steve: absolutely and we know there's a lot of viewers watching right now. they have been watching over the last week and they are heartbroken. if they would like to help your organization, go to red forward to donate. help is needed. brad, when you look at those images particularly mayfield, there is nothing fixable >> no, the situation mayfield, as one of your interviewees described, it's really people from the community coming out and helping each other, but if you think about it, the buildings are destroyed, the infrastructures are
5:56 am
destroyed, no water available and while there's so much aid coming in and everyone helping each other, if you lived in mayfield, you have to literally rebuild your life and that's why we have hundreds of people on the ground to really begin that process. steve, that's not going to be done nine days till christmas, i will be done in nine weeks. it will be a long hall. steve: and we know people will open their wallets. brad kaiser meant for the american red cross. sir, thank you very much. >> thank you, steve. steve: we are going to step aside. more in a couple of minutes.
5:57 am
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
>> we just announced fox is donating a million dollars to help the american red cross in their disaster effort in kentucky and elsewhere. >> red if you want to donate, too. have a great day. see you tomorrow. >> bill: good morning, inflation at your front door. voters say rising prices are causing them pain financially and they argue that president biden is only making it worse. i'm bill hemmer. that's what we found in the fox polling. how are you? >> dana: who are you? >> bill: i'm bill hemmer. >> dana: i'm dana perino. >> bill: it is tough to find good news in the poll at the white house. >> dana: if i was there i would have to work hard to say and the good news is. i would try to find it. the inflation is the biggest surge in nearly four decades and one of the reasons the polls are so bad. americans are


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