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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  December 16, 2021 9:00am-10:00am PST

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better costs less than you think. when i say better, you say business. better! (crowd) business! >> harris: the woke folk are finally waking up. taking notice to the skyrocketing crime rates across america but not taking any of the responsibility for it, not yet, refusing to admit that progressive ideas like defund the police and they'll reform the way they like it are the real reasons things have gotten so much worse. as they now push for tougher policies, here is san francisco's mayor london breed. >> it's time that the rain of
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criminals who are destroying our city, it's time for it to come to an end. it comes to an end when we take the steps to be more aggressive with law enforcement, more aggressive with the changes in our policy, and less tolerant of all the [bleep] that has destroyed our city. >> harris: she is like the second democrat that dropped that word today. joe manchin did too. this is outnumbered. i am joined by emily compagno, kayleigh mcenany, fox business host of american dream home cheryl casone, and that's a great show by the way. in the center virtual seat, former congressman and fox news contributor sean duffy. smash and grab crime is rising across her city and others, murder rates are also climbing. san francisco mayor london breed seems to be trying to gaslight
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america because before all of her tough talk like july of 2020. on another what she was talking about. there was this. >> with this budget we are listening to the community and prioritizing investments in the african american community as a first step in this effort. we will redirect $120 million from law enforcement to support these priorities over the next two years. let me repeat that. this is $120 million. it's a first step. >> harris: is that what they mean by evolution or was that just a plain old flip flop? she was one of many democrats who called for defunding the police and bail reform the way they wanted, still house speaker nancy pelosi is refusing to make any connection between all of those actions by dems in the current crime wave now. >> it's absolutely outrageous.
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obviously it cannot continue. but the fact is there's an attitude of lawlessness and our country that springs from i don't know where. maybe you do. we cannot have that wall business become the norm. >> harris: sean duffy, she paused so the reporters or whoever was there could fill in the blank. actually we do know. sean. >> sean: you have a movement of defunding the police. you mention bail reform, criminal justice reform. no disincentive for bad people to not do bad things. if you maybe can't vote you might have a reconsideration of engaging in criminal activity but you add to that the fact you have woke prosecutors who very well know the criminal records of these individuals and do not prosecute them. they let them out on bail, rarely bring charges.
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you had some of the largest retailers in america target, nordstrom's and others have been funding black lives matter and the aclu, the very institutions that are saying listen, we need to defund the police. now when it's their stores that are robbed, we'd say we need congress to act, more police on the street. the problem is they have so demonized law enforcement, what young man or woman in america wants to go to the police academy or wants to be a cop? they think they might support me today in this moment but tomorrow where the next day you're going to be attacking me, prosecuting me when the mood changes again. no one is going to go into law enforcement unless the real threat they have created over the course of their rhetoric. >> harris: you can't live without law and order. cheryl, i want to take this forward a little bit. what i call the political polka. is this a dance we are going to see democrats who were wrong about how to keep a safe flip-flopping?
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is that we are seeing with mayor london breed? she seemed to know who she was when she was saying those things. i don't know who we are looking at now. is that going to work for democrats? >> democrats are changing their tune. she might've seen what happened with eric adams here in new york city who ran on a pro-police, cleanup crime ticket. i used to live in san francisco. i am personally upset with what's happening. my best friend can't walk her dog on the streets of san francisco. >> harris: high real estate not to be able to walk your dog. >> million-dollar apartments. the disaster of the d.a., he's facing a recall election. he said drug using an drug crimes are victimless crimes. give me a break. there's been protests in the tenderloin area of san francisco that she definitely took notice of besides the louis vuitton destruction that happened in union square. those were people.
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the tenderloin is low income, predominately black. that particular area of san francisco has been so hard-hit. an 11-year-old trying to go to school attacked. drugs on the street. they allow these open-air drug dens. this is what you get. also look at what happened in seattle, okay, 10% of voters voted for donald trump in seattle. they just elected a republican d.a. in seattle. what does that tell you about what's happening? >> harris: they want change. they want safety. they want the government to keep its promise. kayleigh, i'm glad cheryl just went there. i don't know, menu nancy pelosi started to notice more when it was louis vuitton getting hit. i have no idea what flipped the switch but she's acknowledging that crime crisis is happening. on the flip side, these are human beings, those areas that needed the resources of police
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on the ground, they needed the resources of attention in the neighborhood. the most. when liberals were on doing those policies, and putting in place their own, you and i have talked about this time and time again. they hurt the very people that they said they were on the side of. >> kayleigh: exactly. go after nancy pelosi's fancy ice cream and maybe she'll start to notice. we saw that freezer in her house full of expensive ice cream. cheryl brings up seattle. you remember they had that autonomous zone and mayor jenny durkan's came out and said this is the summer of love until the 19-year-old boy got killed and she had to walk back those comments. in some cases it's human cost, human loss of life that causes the reversal but what is so sad and harris, you just summarize it so accurately, the political polka, that's what's driving this. all of a sudden in lockstep nancy pelosi is talking about crime. you have a mayor of san francisco talking about
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crime. i'll have a sudden, guess what, joe biden's approval rating on crime is at 36%. 36%. reminds me of this summer. president biden never talked about crime. we talk about it, homicides and shooting going up. biden didn't talk about crime until june of this year. it took him nearly six months when polling came out and it was the number one issue to voters and all of a sudden the president of the united states started to speak about it. this is the political polka. >> harris: emily, i want to lean on your legal acumen in terms of what really needs to change with the criminals. ari fleischer last hour, we have to believe in their innocence until they commit that next crying. i get that. i do. the criminals i'm talking not, it's already been adjudicated. they are a problem to society. they are ganging up and hitting stores. >> emily: right, baked into the current system as we have it
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is the inability of her judges to make exceptions to exercise discretion and also a narrative that has blanketed the situation. everything that my colleagues has been saying, i echo. in all of the specifics, that's where the g.o.p., that's where the republicans up and playing. the reasonable americans have been operating. we speak of specifics. democrats haven't been. there's been narratives that prevent people from articulating, i don't feel safe. i want to protect my livelihood. it's horrible that my business has been broken down and smashed. i lived 15 blocks from that chop zone and i remember the businesses banded together and sued them near to do her job. they pleaded with her. please earn your paycheck. the first three pages of that lawsuit was saying, just so you know, we believe in what's going on. we don't need anything about the process and we believe in these
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people and we are supporting it because they were so afraid of being canceled, so afraid of the social backlash since the mayor hadn't supported law enforcement, hadn't supported business owners. had instead sort of lifted up the looters have the rands hackers in the criminals. they were afraid to stand up for themselves. we are seeing that flip-flopping. in l.a., the same presser that was a moment of silence for the victims, he calls the sheriff a pig. we need elected officials to stand behind average americans and law enforcement and that's when we will see change. >> harris: the real council culture is going to hurt as one of those kick in. we'll cover it if it happens. coming up, the white house saying president biden is going to run again. 20 to 24. new polling suggests maybe he shouldn't. most voters would prefer he just sit this one out.
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>> kayleigh: lets go, brandon. that was one of the first things president biden heard when he arrived in kentucky. it could be a sign of what voters really think about our commander in chief. a new poll phone 58% of voters do not think president biden should run for reelection in 2024. a same survey found more independents are against president biden running for a second term mar president trump. emily, this same poll found 60% of democrats to want joe biden to run. only 60% of his own party. when i was in the white house we
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were looking at approval ratings among republicans or president trump that were sky high, nearly 90%. only 60% of his own party wanting to run and if he does not run 31% want komal harris, as if kamala harris is the answer. >> emily: so important, the trend. only slightly over half of his own party, this is the commander in chief occupying the white house right now, they don't want him to run again. in terms of favoring kamala harris. 11% would vote for pete buttigieg. that's who they would want instead of president biden. also hovering around the same elements, aoc, elizabeth warren, cory booker. at distance behind, like gavin newsom, eric adams and the like. it's interesting to note that as we talk about trends, as pete buttigieg's surging higher, yes, kamala is the lead but it's a plurality. it's not the majority.
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stay tuned for the upward trend of pete buttigieg and kamala and the downward trend of our president. >> kayleigh: you have cnn paid when you're bossy and inure a democrat, when they are pontificating about your replacement, that should tell you something. cnn wrote a list of 11 names who could run in 2024. here's the list of winners. kamala harris, pete buttigieg, elizabeth warren, amy klobuchar, roy cooper, mitch landrieu, gina raimondo, gretchen whitmer, phil murphy, j.b. pritzker and get this sean, stacey abrams. i guess she will have to leave her spot as governor of join you. governor of georgia. we all know that's what she thinks she is. >> sean: joe biden, why would he care if the american people especially independents don't want him to run for reelection. i don't think anyone is going to take joe biden off the track of running for reelection.
9:18 am
to emily's point, this is horrific. if you say more independence want donald trump and joe biden, you're in the dumpster. the point on the democrat party, they are lost, you have a lot of these socialist progressives out there pushing for these policies. big spending, that's failing because of inflation. and you have these boot wearing union members. what about the party of old that looks out for the american worker? they can't find a unified message to move forward on because their party is split and i don't think that's going to end this year or before the 2024 election. big problems for the party. >> kayleigh: a lot of big problems. you are lost cnn but you've also lost "the new york times." one "new york times" columnist wrote this. "from some of his public appearances, biden seems uneven,
9:19 am
often cogent. sometimes alarmingly incoherent." this is "the new york times." >> harris: the media is actually taking a look at what's going on with president joe biden, that's a rare. but it doesn't solve the bigger issue. that is that the people around him are not being transparent about what's really going on so for them to talk about, we are going to float this out there, it's not a trial balloon. i think sean is right. if he has any idea that he'll run, he'll do it whether it's good for the party or not. the challenge is if and when he fails. he's got to get through the primary in this polling would suggest he may not make it that far. how embarrassing would that be? that they might put somebody up against him. that could actually happen. it would be historical to see somebody run against the incumbent. but who would that be? would it be pete buttigieg? we know it's not going to be the vice president?
9:20 am
would he change the bottom of his ticket? would he kick her off of it? there are a lot of questions. the white house is disingenuous with a focus out there because they want the idea that if you like what's happening now, you're going to love it in 2024. i argue that's a horrific message considering where things are. don't play a game like they don't see the polling. they see it. the question is do they have the policies in the intestinal fortitude to make those policy changes and make the kind of change that could turn things around. i mean, it's a vindicated mess, i guess. it could be mitigated if they are willing to fix it. >> kayleigh: shawna shaking his head. i agree. i don't think they have the intestinal fortitude. harris raises an interesting point. pete buttigieg could challenge biden. he was asked about this. instead of saying why are you asking me if i'm running? he said it's too soon to talk
9:21 am
about 2024. paraphrasing. jen psaki says "the president has every intention of running for reelection." >> cheryl: i take her at her word that he does plan to run in 2024 but kudos to "the new york times" for saying maybe he should not. let's talk about the media elite for a second that refused to bring us these issues. race and "the new york times" editorial about the fact that he would be 86 years old at the end of his second term, well older than ronald reagan was in the early '80s. the press in the early '80s used to question ronald reagan's age. they made it an issue. these days, it's keep it quiet. the cbs sunday morning piece that ran this past weekend. the puff piece. they asked her, what do you say to those that question his abilities, his mental abilities. oh, that's ridiculous. then the reporter just moved on. no one is willing to talk about it but behind the scenes here in new york and other networks, they do talk about it and they do talk about the fact that
9:22 am
maybe he is aging and aging not well. >> kayleigh: i think that's evident to anyone with their eyes open and anyone who's listening. twitter's new ceo bumping up the bands. the new boss under fire after the apple shutdown claims vaccinated people can spread coronavirus. something even the cdc says is possible. the panel weighs in on this next. i felt gross. it was kind of a shock after i started cosentyx. four years clear. real people with psoriasis look and feel better with cosentyx. don't use if you're allergic to cosentyx. before starting, get checked for tuberculosis. an increased risk of infections —some serious— and the lowered ability to fight them may occur. tell your doctor about an infection or symptoms, or if you've had a vaccine or plan to. tell your doctor if your crohn's disease symptoms develop or worsen. serious allergic reactions may occur. learn more at ♪ ♪
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>> emily: critics saying that the new twitter boss is jack dorsey on steroids. the app is banning users that repeatedly claim vaccinated people can spread the coronavirus. an update to the misleading information policy. adding penalties for postal fulsome misleading claims that people whoever received the vaccine can spread or shed the virus to unvaccinated people. this despite the centers for disease control saying the opposite. the official cdc guidelines
9:27 am
outline that fully vaccinated people with dealt variant breakthrough infections can spread the virus to others. for people infected with the delta variant, similar modes of viral genetic material been found among nonvaccinated and fully vaccinated people. sean, what's your take? >> sean: i bet everybody on twitter is walking around vaccinated with masks because they know you can spread covid if you've been vaccinated and you can get covid if you've been vaccinated. right can't understand is why you have a social media platform that's going to attack half of their users. with saying we are going to decide what truth is even though it's untruthful and i think the motivation here is to say that if i cannot let this information my platform and you don't know about the fact that you can get covid if you been vaccinated, you may actually not go get the vaccine. they are trying to control people do. here's what the answer is. you're going to see more people go to places like rumble and get
9:28 am
her and parler. it's the best platform, getter. people are going to rethink the way they've held these positions. >> emily: is a former congressman, you described the market correction. do you see among the numerous regulatory investigations into the social media platforms, and use either there'll there will be a government correction to the magnitude that's required to get these guys in line? >> sean: not until 2025 when you have maybe a republican house, senate and president. until then, nothing's going to happen. i am a free enterprise guy. i think you should have a market correction and thus you have a monopoly and some will argue it's a monopoly.
9:29 am
you have amazon and apple and google being able to take off parler, it's a problem in america that you can't access the american people because of three been very powerful companies. >> emily: kayleigh, we have the national institute for director francis collins leading a very interesting rendition of "somewhere over the rainbow" as people are still coping with covid and regulations and the pandemic and businesses are absolutely dying. can we play it. >> ♪♪ somewhere past the pandemic masks will come off ♪ ♪ no more need for a nose swab every time we cough ♪♪
9:30 am
>> kayleigh: wow. i first saw this clip on gutfeld and i thought that's a good impersonator of francis collins and then i woke up and i see america's newsroom and i see it again and i go ways, it wasn't an impersonator. it was literally the head of the national institutes of health. it doesn't necessarily inspire confidence in public officials. reminds me of fauci who never met a camera he didn't like. we were in the white house working on covid-19 and he is posing for in style magazine and there's a picture, emails about how he looked like brad pitt and looked exactly like me when brad pitt impersonated me on "snl." these are public health officials, americana. america. >> emily: does it inspire confidence? >> harris: i was looking off to the side, in the studio where i am, fauci was bigger than i am in the seat because the wall
9:31 am
picture is so big and so close. for a second i thought he was here with those fancy socks. mixed messaging doesn't do anyone any good. anyone who is potty training a little one knows that. they are doing mopping and cleanups. these messages are colliding people don't know what to do. sean is right, scientifically speaking. i have done 11 pandemic special so i have talked to a lot of doctors and scientists. those are the people that i turn to, not the politicians, when it comes to, should you get something or not? so you're right. the vaccines do not protect you from getting covid or its variants. they make your resistance to dying and ending up at the hospital greater. we don't hear that message enough out of the white house. sean, do we ever hear it? >> sean: no. >> harris: i argue people would probably get the vaccines because they are like, well, if
9:32 am
i do end up going to the hospital i don't want to have to wait in line with the people who are sicker than i am and i am sick and then nobody can survive this. that's because they want the truth. instead they are manipulated. wear your mask even though you have three shots. in the unvaccinated, you can't do anything even though you were doing it before the vaccines where they are. we want to help you. let's test you. no belief in each other anymore. we are in this together whether your vaccinated or you're not. we are in this together. the one thing that bonds us is the truth. truth is any of us can get anything that's out there. you have a flu shot, you can still get the flu. but science says you'll survive it better. why not tell the truth about that? what's wrong with that? >> cheryl: one word on twitter. sean duffy, a much savvier investor then he's willing to admit. the company is in trouble.
9:33 am
the stock is down. no one wanted jack dorsey to stay atwitter. he was halfway out the door. the ceo, the cto. he is a tech guy, algorithm guy. he's only been atwitter for ten years. question about his leadership. he did a huge overhaul when he stepped in. i can't help but wonder the whole disaster with this policy because somebody hit a wrong button, wrote a wrong algorithm, something was going on behind the scenes we're going to find out later but twitter is in trouble and they just want people to stay on the platform and they don't care how. >> emily: interesting. the beginning of the end. fear of flying taking on new meaning for young families because of things like this. >> this comes as the ceo of
9:34 am
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>> kayleigh: the scenes like this are causing a fear of flying. parents worried that their struggles to get masks on their toddlers will get them kicked off a plane. one headline putting it this way. want families to fly again? end the mask mandate. families are driving across the country to see relatives because they were worried about being kicked off lights. this comes as the ceo of southwest airlines questions the need for masks on planes in the first place. >> i think the case is very
9:39 am
strong that masks don't add much if anything in the air cabin environment. it's very safe, very high quality compared to any other indoor setting. >> kayleigh: good for you, gary kelly. cheryl, this is a very relatable segment with me because i have a young 2-year-old daughter who i take on planes often. i like to think that the scenes that we have seen of kids getting hauled off the plane with their parents are the exception to the rule. i think most flight attendants are pretty understanding of young kids. you were a flight attendant. >> cheryl: flew for southwest airlines in my 20s before i got into my television career. gary kelly, i've interviewed him several times. he is as good as it gets when it comes to leadership. that was not a political answer he gave yesterday and he is right on. 99.9% of the air in that
9:40 am
airplane is clean, safe, hepa filtration system. it's heartbreaking. my friends that are still flying for southwest tell me it's awful to see poor little kids struggling with masks. but the faa has put the rules down and clamped down and they want to put more fines on people. they are telling the airlines to deal with it. it's a disaster in the air. but the ceo of american and the ceo of united were also on the panel yesterday. they all agreed with gary kelly that the airplane is not where you're going to get covid. you're better off in an airplane then you are in your office cubicle next to a coworker right now. >> kayleigh: interesting. sean, that image of that little girl, he reminds me of my own daughter when i try to put a mask on her, squirming, not knowing what's going on or understanding. you have nine children. have you tried flying with nine kids? >> sean: when you're flying,
9:41 am
you have one kid or eight kids are nine kids, sometimes i feel like i'd rather have a root canal. it's really hard. every parent knows that. and then you want to put a mask on a 2-year-old, a 4-year-old. if you are seven or eight, those kids can wear masks and i'm fine but if you have a three euro 4-year-old. i have a 2-year-old with down syndrome. they can't wear a mask. you're going to attack me and maybe kick me on my flight and not give me a refund when i bought 11 tickets? no way. if i can drive i'm going to drive. if i'm going new york to california or wisconsin to florida i'm going to try to fly but here's what gets me. dr. mcclary talks about what risk do kids have of dying from kobe. he is not seen any healthy kids die from covid. kids have died but they have had pre-existing conditions with covid. looking at the young people, they aren't getting that sick. if you're older and you are fatter, you get sick and die from covid.
9:42 am
you are young and healthy, you're completely fine. take the mask off. >> kayleigh: i have my daughter, she screamed for seven hours. trying to keep them calm is hard enough. highlight magazine seems to be celebrating kids wearing masks. they have an image of kids wearing masks that got a little bit of blowback. why we show kids wearing masks. the w.h.o., world health organization, they haven't been right on a lot but they are right on this. they write children's age five years and under should not be required to wear masks. this is based on the safety and overall interest of the child and the capacity to appropriately use a mask with minimal assistance. good for the w.h.o. on this one. >> harris: where we have gone to his so far away from the science. that's what i keep coming back to. we are literally in a dogfight over covering. by the way, sean had a really
9:43 am
good point about how old the children are. between five and 11 it's between you and your pediatrician whether or not your child is going to be vaccinated but when it comes to mask wearing, those kids were a little older and that picture. those aren't two to 3-year-olds. it's tough on parents. i feel for the flight attendants. i feel for people in jobs where they have to try to corral us and our kids. my kids are older but my husband and i since the day they were born almost, we traveled with these kids. my little ones have been all over because we wanted them to see grandparents and think the good lord we live that way because when the pandemic hit they didn't get to see grandpa bobby before he died last christmas day. you have to weigh what's most important. we are talking about the 2-year-old wearing a mask or not getting to see grandpa or grandma moved his name we can't drive to california or texas or
9:44 am
whatever. it's a heck of a conversation to have. what i want everybody to be able to do is what sean did, express yourself. if anybody has anything to say, jump in. >> kayleigh: i have been blessed with some awesome flight attendants that i am thankful for. good job, flight attendants. emily, i want to bring you on my next flight and we can have a sip of wine together. you can help babysit. >> emily: any time. i'll be there, especially for the wine. [laughter] the mixed messaging that we spoke about. i used it to commute across the country until september of this year, every week on alaska airlines they would be a video that we had to watch that said about the circulation filtration system. each air thing we brief was a minute and a half old. grocery stores, 16 minutes old. they stopped running them because it doesn't make sense when we all have to be masks,
9:45 am
why flight attendants are not having to see the forest for the trees. i want to throw that into the conversation. per the ceo of southwest, the w.h.o., none of this makes sense but instead we are subjected to a draconian system. >> kayleigh: follow the signs. let's take the advice we say. coming up, senator elizabeth warren and elon musk duke it out over the billionaires tax record and a heated war on words. more "outnumbered" after this. i brought in ensure max protein, with thirty grams of protein. those who tried me felt more energy in just two weeks! (sighs wearily) here i'll take that! (excited yell) woo-hoo! ensure max protein. with thirty grams of protein, one gram of sugar, and nutrients to support immune health. are you one of the millions of americans who experience occasional bloating, gas or abdominal discomfort?
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>> president biden presents the medal of honor to three american heroes. we will have that ceremony. is the tax-and-spend reconciliation bill dead? senator marsha blackburn is here. why is the white house pursuing international crime but ignoring the crime crisis here at home? we also have senator rick scott on the origins of covid and the nfl declaring taiwan to be a part of china. a big two hours ahead. join sandra smith and me at the top of the hour for "america reports."
9:50 am
>> cheryl: the world's richest freeloader evidently has a very thin skin. these guys not only get to rake it all in but then rub everybody else's nose in it. this is wrong. elon musk needs eat a big dish of that out if it's going to make saturday night paper view but that was warren versus musk. senator elizabeth warren going after elon musk in an interview with msnbc after the two had engaged in a war of words on twitter this week. the massachusetts senator called out musk over his tax payments with this tweet. "let's change the rigged tax code to the person of the year will actually pay taxes and stop reloading off everyone else." elon musk responded by saying "please don't call the manager on me, senator karen." sean, what is this about? >> sean: don't get in a fight
9:51 am
with a billionaire who loves twitter wars. elizabeth warren is saying she doesn't like freeloaders. she claimed to be a native american who worked at harvard university. they have an endowment fund of billions of dollars, doesn't pay taxes and she gets a check for $159,000 a year from the federal government. don't talk about freeloading. elon musk in the year that she was referring to, didn't pay taxes, didn't have a salary. he had no income. this year he sold a ton of stock and he's going to pay anywhere from 7.5 billion to $15 billion a year into the federal coffers. this will be the largest payment by any one individual in the history of the country to elizabeth warren's people so she can spend it. don't call him a freeloader. >> cheryl: elon musk who, by the way, elizabeth warren, made electric vehicles ever but he likes and wants to buy. he's created thousands of jobs. if you want to save the climate and i'm pretty sure she's on the climate bandwagon like the entire democratic party seems to
9:52 am
be, why is she complaining about elon musk of all people? what a ridiculous comment she made. good for him. bring it on. bring on more cars. i'm ready. >> kayleigh: elon musk quickly becoming one of my favorite people especially on twitter and i love with "the new york post" said. they described him as the perfect antidote to faddish neo-socialists. he came here with nothing, $100,000 in debt in college. worked two jobs. he is the american dream. well done. >> harris: how worried should we be that a senator can't know what sean duffy just said intimately about how taxes actually work and when he does take income this year what musk oop or have to imagine even just pull that out of a secret box. that's got to be public somewhere? >> sean: he sold massive amounts of stocks. millions of shares. it's going to be significant. >> emily: facts and nuances have never monitored and
9:53 am
matter tosenator elizabeth warr. hopefully she's just another person with a microphone. otherwise setting those policies will be truly frightening. rep is additive dan crenshaw said this week elizabeth warren lied about federal income tax, blamed inflation on a cabal of evil meat-packers, called decentralized finance a scam, picked a fight with elon musk and wrote an op-ed in favor of authoritarianism. >> harris: will give you the last word. just ahead, we have a perfect stocking stopper for you this christmas season. sean's new book is out with his wife of course. it includes an exciting stuff from one of our own outnumbered hosts. we'll learn all about it next.
9:54 am
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>> ♪ ♪ many times ♪ ♪ many ways ♪ ♪ merry christmas ♪ >> sean and his wife out with a new book all american christmas. it's number 1 on the "new york times" hard cover non-fiction list. congratulations. tell us more. >> it's the stories we have from our youth and how we celebrate christmas now. so many of the fox family shared their stories. it's interesting how many people grew up without money and how faith and family is such a big part of christmas.
9:59 am
stories i never knew about. emily, i love your story. you had a christmas where your mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. a neighbor saw you were not celebrating christmas and brought a fake tree over and you put it up every year. we get a deeper insight into who people are as christmas is under attack. we lean into the tradition and the faith. it's so cool. if you are looking for a christmas gift of a family member who loves fox, this is a great gift for the stocking or under the tree. >> thanks for your support. even if they don't love fox, if they just love christmas, family and tradition and everything about all of those things, absolutely. it's an incredible read.
10:00 am
be sure not to miss sean hosting fox business tonight at 5 p.m. eastern. >> whoo-whoo. >> thanks for watching. >> it will be exciting. >> we will all be here for it. thanks to everyone. now here's "america reports." >> sandra: fox news alert. we kick off "america reports." as police in new york city are right now on the hunter for a man who brutally beat and robbed a young model who recently moved to the city from thailand. the attack happened at a subway station steps from macy's in mid town manhattan. >> john: mayors and police chiefs across the country are trying to bring the crime crisis under control. in just moments a live report on why those efforts are falling short. dr


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