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tv   The Five  FOX News  December 16, 2021 2:00pm-3:00pm PST

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they make it together. my grandma, we still tell the story of what happened when one of my cousins brought cream cream cheese that was not philadelphia to the house, she was so upset. >> that is how family fights start, then the move to politics, and then you say "why are we together?" hopefully will not get to that level. thank you. hopefully "the five" will put this in perspective. ♪ ♪ >> hello, jesse watters along with judge jeanine pirro, geraldo rivera, dana perino, and brian kilmeade. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ president biden has a big problems. the commander in chief listing towards the end back of his first year in office, bruised and battered on almost every issue. voters are blaming him. 47% think the president is making inflation work.
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certain prices under his watch her taking a bite out of your wallet. it's going to cost households an extra $3500 this year alone. it is no wonder democrats are being advised to dump the guy. there is growing speculation about a about biden's true 2024 plans. he is telling people he will take another run, but some in the liberal media are telling him to sit out. ari fleischer thinks it would be the kiss of death for the democratic party if item runs again. >> there's no chance he's running for reelection! he is going to be an unpopular president. he's going to be 80 at 30 november election next year, and the american people are not going to go, and the democratic party aren't going to go for an 82-year-old candidate. >> jesse: now, kamala harris is claiming she and biden have not talked about running for reelection, because they are too focused on other issues. dana perino. do you believe her? is this conceivable?
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>> dana: it is, yes, but what's interesting is that her instinct wasn't to say "absolutely, he should run again. we have an amazing record. ."there were a lot of things, ad then the biggest champion is like "no," super awkward. they are ending this year -- this is a bloomberg headline, not just my words -- on a sour note. the things they wanted to get done are not. their poll numbers are low. they had dysfunction within the party, and disagreements. a lot of them are blaming joe manchin because he will not approve the number, but this bill has so many other things they had not even solved yet: immigration wasn't solved, salt taxes weren't solved. many pieces of it cannot get past, and joe manchin sing "i don't think throwing more money into the system is a good way to help the american people."
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if you get 70% of americans to agree that a president is not doing well on the issue that matters most, you are in trouble. >> jesse: judge, $3500 a year for the average family? that's a huge amount of money. >> jeanine: for the same products you had last year. you are not getting anything new. you are just spending more, and it is cutting into your savings or whatever plans you might have had. maybe to take care of the kids, take a vacation. everything is negative. i have to tell you, what's interesting about, dominic kamala, you were talking about her, and we are not even a year in and in the middle of a pandemic. my question is what have you done about the pandemic that you can claim is good? there is nothing they have done in these 11 months that is positive. the only positive thing is joe manchin. joe manchin is going to save the democrats from themselves by not
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allowing them to do the build back better bill. that will put the democrats in a position where it's not going to be 69% of americans who are upset with inflation. it's going to be 99% of americans. >> jesse: have you ever seen this early in a first-term everybody, and not just democrats, but the mainstream media basically tell the incumbents "you are done?" >> geraldo: ari fleischer should be ashamed for elder abuse. i took a personal. [laughter] he made it sound like joe was stepping out of the grave to show up at the oval office every day. >> jeanine: but he's not coherent! that is not what it was about. >> geraldo: he's only eight months older than i am. >> but you are quick. you are different. >> i think what is happening is a covid malaise. i think if we had been beating the disease this holiday season, people would be upbeat.
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i just heard it from my second daughter, she has tested positive. she was a party with two other kids at yale. it preoccupied is everybody and everything. with the cost of living going up, with the holiday season, the uncertainties of the disease and so forth, i think that the country is in a sour mood, and with joe biden -- his misfortune, he is on the receiving end of it. >> jesse: he did say he was going to be the virus. does any of that fall to joe biden? >> good question. yes. it is not his fault that the delta variant was not predicted to. if there's two things he could have done. by deciding to do this mandate: mandate masks, vaccine, he created an adversarial relationship with the american public. it was not trump against biden: it was mandate versus "i want to live my life."
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all of a sudden, it creates division they are. remember, he got that $1.9 trillion pass, even though donald trump gave you a $.9 billion in december. he had to have as 1.9. in june, he gets a bipartisan victory. he refuses to take a bow. those 19 republicans -- then, he is in september with nothing passed. he panics, promises to do something different, can't deliver, knew he couldn't deliver, because he did not budge the two people that needed to budge. right now, he refuses to take a bow in june, screwed up afghanistan in july, and now, we are in a disaster in the fall. man-made disaster! >> and the squad hates them because they did not get what
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they want to. >> the progressives cannot stand him. now, his own party is fractured even more as a result of this passing, one, promising if you signed this they will pass another one. he can't do it. >> jesse: does "build back better" become law? >> dana: no, they won't get it done before christmas. the longer anything like that big languishes, it will be attacked. people will come back, omicron over the holiday, january -- is anybody in a good mood in january? not many but me and i will be cheerful. [laughter] it gets cold, people are going to dig their heels in. i think there's one thing the administration could have done differently on vaccines. that is, they should've done more on international distribution. where are these variants coming from? one of the ways to deal with the pandemic is to try to squash it everywhere by get everybody vaccinated.
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they could have done even more. imagine if they had spent a huge effort all around the world to get vaccines, in terms of diplomacy, instead of the russians and chinese being able to use their vaccines, which are not effective. they could have had hours. looking back, that's what they should have done. it's also something they probably could've done now. >> jesse: we could have bribed at central america with vaccination diplomacy to say "stop the caravans." >> kamala it should have thought of thought of. [laughter] >> jesse: , nancy pelosi says she has no crew where the lawlessness is coming from, but we will help her figure it out. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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it could be the day you welcome 1,200 guests and all their devices. or it could be the day there's a cyberthreat. only comcast business' secure network solutions give you the power of sd-wan and advanced security integrated on our activecore platform so you can control your network from anywhere, anytime. it's network management redefined. every day in business is a big day. we'll keep you ready for what's next. comcast business powering possibilities. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> dana: democrats accused of playing dumb on crime, after speaker nancy pelosi seemed to be unaware of where it's coming from. >> it is outrageous. honestly, it cannot continue. the fact is that there is an attitude of lawlessness in our
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country that springs from, i don't know where. maybe, you do. we cannot have that lawlessness become the norm appeared >> dana: apparently forgetting what members of her own party have been saying for months. >> not only do we need to defund, but dismantle and start a new grade >> talking about the reduction of our nypd budget, defunding a $6 billion nypd budget. >> i support the defund movement. this is about the investment in our communities, which have historically been divested. >> i am for it defunding the police peered >> defund the police does not mean abolish the police. it means a dramatic reduction in the number of police in our poor communities. it >> dana: where could the increase in crime have come from? [laughter] >> jeanine: i don't know what to say. these people are living in another planet. what is so disturbing is that
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inner-city crime, where african-americans and minorities live, they are hit the hardest when police are defunded, when anti-crime units, street crime units are not activated. these people are lying to the american people when they say that defunding the police shouldn't affect, i am reading here, safety. it does not mean we don't want public safety. that is hogwash. if they don't believe that police are providing safety, who do they think is providing the safety? we've got to get people to make sure that this so-called available reform, a euphemism for "let them out of jail," is repeal and go back to bail. and, we've got to make sure that all of these laws in california -- and we started this with nancy pelosi, where she says "i don't know where this came from, do you?" i'm curious as to who she was talking to. when you have a law in a state that says -- in the amount of $950 or less is not
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prosecutable, you have george soros d.a.'s who are not prosecuting crime. he will have lawlessness and anarchy and chaos. it's cannot change until we changed the laws and get rid of these people who, for their own selfish reasons, are deciding or arguing that we are not -- as though they are cereal racist murderers. they are not are not to. >> on many issues, it seems that they never connect their policy to the outcome of. >> no, she only cares about crime when it comes to her doorstep. they smashed and grabbed on january 6th in her office. she thought about lawlessness then. she impeached president, fences of everybody with a mega hat, throw them in prison. kenosha goes up in flames, does not say anything. david gets shot in the head, doesn't say anything. doesn't care what happens to your neighborhood, but when it comes to her vineyard or wherever she works, then, she is going to say something. once you are older, you are
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supposed to be wiser. she has been around for the '70s crime wave, the crack epidemic. she was in new york city in the 90s. the crime bill -- she knows what to do. she is also busy eating ice cream and looking at her stock portfolio. it is worth $100 billion since she became a congressperson. that's lawlessness, a crime. that's what we should be focused on. >> but she doesn't care. >> can you look into that? [laughter] >> geraldo: let me write that down. [laughter] i know where the attitude of lawlessness is coming from. remember, i used to be married to the daughter of kurt vonnegut, the great author of "slaughterhouse five" and many other novels. he was a pacifist family. talking about world war ii, he talked about how the soldiers went, and including some of the pacifist soldiers, they killed the enemy and to the heavens did not open up as they had been taught to the heavens would.
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there was not a lightning bolt. there was no instant punishments for who violated the ten commandments and so forth. i think that is the problem. there is a disconnect between the act and morality now. there's no consequent consequent anymore, because if you don't prosecute, there's no consequent spirit someone figures it out and they say "i can steal that." you've always looked at the gucci bag in there, just to get. you don't have to worry about the morality of it anymore, "law & order" anymore, because it is irrelevant. >> dana: what are the lack of prosecution originate? >> brian: all these das, los angeles, san francisco, oakland, chicago, philadelphia. we find out with waukesha, the attorney general there was like "i gave birth to all these crazy das around the country." don't tell me about the mayor, the police chief. tell me about the das.
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he said that yesterday, and said "it is george soros." call me a conspiracy theorist, but what i wonder is this, and he will be quick to answer this probably, because you always think deep. >> geraldo: i was going to ask you with the qualification was, but go ahead. it >> brian: why is she saying this now? she has never been dominant. she's like "i can't believe people are doing this." it's not because they are hungry. it's because they are making money, because they are selling it. we know this. she knows this. why is she saying this? >> brian: are there is nothing like a 65% disapproval rating for the democrats crime to wake up. >> brian: is she just waking up now? >> jesse: out of control, a reporter asked her about that at a briefing and she had to answer. >> dana: she follows a mayor lyndon reed saying the same thing. >> jeanine: she says it is great that the mayor is doing
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that. people are saying -- they had a press conference today, white house press conference -- they said "more mayors should be asking that question, more local officials should be asking that question." >> totally insincere. >> jeanine: that's my point, it's got to come from the top. you want grants, federal money, you'd better start prosecuting crime. you don't prosecute crime, you don't get the ability to get the money for the federal offices. the das, even if they are not prosecuting crime, they are going over all cases and releasing criminals who are convicted felons, convicted many times. they are letting them out. they are not even telling the victims. they are just open up the doors. >> brian: china, russia, and iran are chief enemies for the destruction of america. they would get rid of our history, try to work up our foundation, and then make a law and order old news.
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we are destroying inside ourselves! >> jeanine: abraham lincoln said it: "if anyone should destroy this country, it will happen from within." he was right. >> brian: did you know him, geraldo? [laughter] >> geraldo: we used to hang out together. we would have been canceled. [laughter] >> dana: straight ahead, goad cove and anarchy, finally -- please -- be coming to an end. what a top ceo just said about covid. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> jeanine: the backlash to covid mandates not just coming through here. democratic governors are getting sick and tired of the nonsense. colorado's liberal governor
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declaring that the covid emergency is over. politico also reporting how other blue governors are acknowledging that their constituents are fatigued. now, a major airline ceo was pushing back on mass mandates on flights, which has been the source of numerous brawls. >> i think the case is strong that masks don't add much, if anything, in the air cabin environment. it's very safe and high-quality compared it to any indoor setting. >> jeanine: dana, i will review the politics of it before i go to with the ceo was saying. all of a sudden, we hear about democratic governors who say "we have got to lighten up on the mandates." what are they seeing? >> dana: in colorado, some things are different. there are vaccines, therapeutics we know a lot more than we did.
2:27 pm
omicron, so far, is more transmissible but mild. i think he was saying "let's be smart, don't throw the baby out with the bathwater, and everyone has to cancel christmas." i think they realized that the messaging from the white house was really poor and they don't want to be associated with it. what the ceo did, politically, was good for all of us. he is saying out loud what everybody knows but is too afraid to say because they don't want to get canceled by a group. >> is this about politics again? >> of course. i don't care what democrats say about covid. i am boosted to. i'm not wearing a mask anymore. i will for storm, i will wash my hands. the virus has been a virus. i am young and healthy. >> if you are older and overweight and smoke -- >> what about your baby? >> jesse: if you want to get vaccinated, that is your choice. i understand that your choices
2:28 pm
affect other people, but i'm tired of being babied. the american people are tired of being lied to. we are tired of experts being wrong. they have been wrong, the mass mandates have not been proven -- that has had a huge backlash. we are not going through it anymore! >> geraldo: the sky is falling and you are ignoring it. >> jesse: i am not. >> geraldo: i am tired of covid deniers! we've got hundreds of thousands of dead people. >> jesse: i am not denying it. >> geraldo: i think that -- >> jeanine: geraldo, go ahead. the voice of reason. [laughter] >> geraldo: dana mentioned that omicron is milder, although more transmissible. they are now saying that it's 70 times more transmissible, so everybody is getting at. this city feels -- i feel this weight on the city.
2:29 pm
>> jeanine: it's your hair. [laughter] >> geraldo: i believe there is an attitude now of like "we cannot beat this, it is going to bite us." we have to do is much as we cannot to be as safe as we can, and soldier through. if we had churchill as resident instead of biden, nobody would be complaining about it. we need inspiration. we need to be jammed up about the disease, and let's beat it. one more push, we can do it. make it patriotic. >> i don't believe any thing you are saying. [laughter] you don't mean any of that. >> this is not -- this is no longer a pandemic for the unvaccinated. we are finding outcome of the stats reveal if you go in the u.k. and into israel, they are showing that this vaccine -- you have an equal chance of getting it whether you are vaccinated or not.
2:30 pm
britain is 90% vaccinated, getting hit with another wave. do you see what's going on? our behavior doesn't matter. florida was getting ripped, and now his number one and least cases. it is wading through. you are the most aggressive guy. you are telling everyone to cower in the corner, don't lift their life. >> you frame it in the wrong way, cowardice, hyper defensive. i see it as being proactive. >> wash your hands! wash your hands! >> jeanine: are we going to have to be proactive for the rest of our lives? >> they call it a cold. basically, we are trying to hide
2:31 pm
from a runny nose. >> jeanine: i want to ask you a question. what's it going to take to make you guys friendly gun? apparently, airline unions are asking for government help, because they want mandatory self-defense training because passengers are wacko. no-fly list. they want no cups of alcohol, and they want to get rid of unruly passengers. >> brian: people have to behave themselves. i don't care if it is a pandemic. the ceo of southwest, i love the fact that we brought that back today. no one challenged when he said it. he looks at the science -- the masks don't work. they are not effective. he says "at the cleanest place to be in a plane." they worked on the circulation. >> .003% chance. >> they had to fight the southwest because of masks.
2:32 pm
[close chatter] >> that solved a lot of problems. >> i want a seat number. >> i could not figure out where i was sitting. [laughter] >> all right, delta, though one. i had, this is rich: democrats claim the g.o.p. is attacking voting rights, while liberals give noncitizens the right to vote! ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ once upon a time, at the magical everly estate, landscaper larry and his trusty crew... were delayed when the new kid totaled his truck. timber...
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[laughter] >> apologist, i like kenny g. i'm against lyrics. while democrats are claiming republicans are killing voting in america, they need to look in the mirror, giving illegal immigrants the right to vote! >> legal, not even legal. illegal immigrants. >> can i continue? >> brian: major liberal sites like new york city, giving 800,000 noncitizens -- is that okay? >> geraldo: thank you. >> brian: -- the right to cast ballots in local elections. is this open going to be over? [laughter] even leading democrats like -- jeffries says he fully supports the idea. is there a worse idea on the planet than diminishing citizenship in america? >> jesse: defund the police. >> brian: how dare you? >> jesse: you cannot push noncitizens to vote in u.s.
2:38 pm
elections. you can't do that. you wonder why the republicans were suspicious about the ballots in 2020. you guys are openly pushing noncitizens to vote in american elections. what if i swim across the rio grande and it started voting in mexico? >> they would throw them in jail so fast. >> how about we vote for them to build a wall for us? [laughter] >> geraldo: you cannot open up and start arguing with me, i'm just talking! >> but he's looking at me funny. [laughter] this is a topic assumption, the road to health paved with toxicity. >> you believe this is a bad move. >> i believe that the right to vote is a sacred right, and i am opposed to this idea --
2:39 pm
it dilutes the power of the vote and discourages people from that path towards citizenship when they are here illegally to work hard. it is a tradition, getting sworn in, it's such a life affirming the tradition in the united states. >> new york passing this noncitizen right to vote, new york would vote to abolish the army if it was on the ballots. [laughter] >> jesse: i apologize for jumping down your throat. >> it was live on television. [laughter] dana, in the real world, we are commenting about how people. how do you feel about this, and are we heading in this direction customer >> you will find that it will be as popular as "defund the police." it also never going to happen. number one, kamala harris is in charge. the democrats, and biden's team is saying "build back better." they are saying the voting
2:40 pm
rights bills is the most important thing to do. the problem is, it doesn't have a lot to do with voting rights. they are basically saying that they do not like voter i.d., they don't like -- the other thing they want, they want to divert taxpayer money to political campaigns. it's a very unpopular idea, but they don't want to talk about that. everybody is for being able to vote properly. >> we have to give crazy bernie's campaign money? >> she will sue. she is litigious by nature. [laughter] >> a newly naturalized citizens, it was the best day of their lives when they were sworn in. in my day, it was the best day as a judge, because i wasn't sending people to jail. they love america. they swear allegiance to this country. they know our history. they know more about american
2:41 pm
history than most americans do. they worked hard, they paid for it, they waited in line. they deserve to vote, and they earn their citizenship. these people have not earned it. if anything, we talk about the results of the democrats' actions. this is it. we are opening up the borders, and now, we are going to start this effort, we are going to have the green card holders vote. if that is local elections. pretty soon, they are going to be voting in federal elections. this is just the beginning. if we give them licenses to drive, a point of identification they can use to register to vote. i've got to tell you, this idea that all of a sudden -- they know that democrats have been sinking in everything. everything is 60%, everybody is against joe biden. all of a sudden, they had to turn it around. "the g.o.p. is killing your voting rights.
2:42 pm
they had to turn it around to get it on the offense. >> i think we agree. i have something that's relevant. i spent wednesday on ellis island with michael wiles, an immigration attorney and historian. when he left -- he's a democrat -- when he left he said "i'm not for this." he said "you swear an oath to the country. how dare you give up the right to vote?" most every immigrant says that one of the things they look forward to most after they get in is voting. that is why i said -- [laughter] >> you know who represented john lennon? i was one of the witnesses. >> did you ask kurt vonnegut for his permission? >> before i proposed? >> yes. >> to his daughter every night.
2:43 pm
[laughter] >> if you missed that, everybody. [laughter] we have been talking about a lot of things. probably the most interesting man in the world. [laughter] coming up, democrat's green energy pushes coming to your kitchen. that's all i have in the prompter. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> my theme song. our heavy-handed regulations the right approach in the fight against climate change? new york's biggest city is banning the use of natural gas hookups for new buildings, which means you can kiss your gas burning stove goodbye. say hello to those bad electric stoves. they feel like a giant toaster. this is in other cities as well. if this is the best way to get folks to go green -- >> disgusting. first of all, i hate cooking on an electric stove. i have to cook on a gas stove. if they take away electric stoves in my building -- but i don't live in a building, so does not apply.
2:48 pm
if they did, i would go outside. electric stoves are horrible. >> you live in new york? [laughter] >> i live in westchester. >> is not the only way? people are not going to voluntarily -- >> what about vaccines, geraldo? i am a judge. you cannot light a cigarette on an electric stove. you have to see some flame. [laughter] >> burn baby burn. speak about half of all home heating source surfaces. we are left with hydro and nuclear. what do we have left? windmills. want to put a windmill in the statue of liberty's torch? [laughter] all of new jersey with solar panels! that is how much you need to come up with that. >> geraldo: the most important point, it's going to cost the people that can afford it the least, the most. the average bill is $865, let's say a month, for the electric bill. it will go up to $1538. people are going paycheck to paycheck.
2:49 pm
how unfair is this? plus, natural gas burns clean. it's american! what is going on? this city -- >> i remember when they closed that nuclear plants, which was providing about 30% of energy. nobody wants nuclear plants. sorry, i should've filled in the blanks. there was a -- i remember the stories. it's about "the new york post," the tabloid stories. the communists are flushing down the toilet. [laughter] it's harder to mandate as my point. >> i think that this is one of the worst ideas that a city
2:50 pm
could possibly do. one, it's bad for your security. you want to diversify the sources of the energy, because you don't know what's going to happen. what if somebody does something to the electric grid do? natural gas burns cleaner. if you want to decrease investment in a city that needs it, this would be the thing to do. i thought he looked disconnected when talking about this. i don't think he agrees with this. i don't think new york has to follow other cities off the cliff with a terrible idea. it should be revoked immediately. speak about, there is an exception to the rule: crematorium's are exempt. >> great point, one i was hoping not to hear. [laughter] more disgusting than the toilet story. [laughter] texas and oklahoma and arizona have barred cities from bar natural gas. that's the attitude we need! >> texas tech night that's right. >> green energy technology is not ready. let's not pretend it is. >> did they get the money for
2:51 pm
the climate police? >> no. >> that did not build back better. >> the climate militia. >> they killed aoc's army. >> "one more thing" is next. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ as i observe investors balance risk and reward, i see one element securing portfolios, time after time. gold. your strategic advantage. .llal .
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>> jesse: time now for one more thing. we had a fun time at fox a town hall for the employees an end of the year get together and our dogs got together for a special animals are great and rookie that's jesse's dog there and percy met for the first time and then i got my little picture taken with percy and rookie got to come up to the 21st floor where he found his dad's office and had a little visit. it was really great. they also saw each other in the green room, percy might only be
2:56 pm
12 weeks old. yeah,. >> jesse: hitting pursuant, i k. >> dana: it seems like it. geraldo geraldo what is this smell? >> dana: really great time and congratulations to the fox employees who won awards. they really deserve them. >> jesse: percy was great. rookie was great. >> jesse: i wasn't going to say it. but thank you for saying it. still americans stranded in afghanistan right now. i wouldn't do this unless i trusted this person but sarah, we know her from the independence fund, she is going with a bunch of special operators to go and rescue about 55 americans who are still stranded there, still. american citizens. they are ready to board a flight. if you want to help. if you want to donate. every little bit counts go save our and you can help be a part of this rescue mission. again, 55 american american citizens get them out. >> dana: why isn't the
2:57 pm
government helping? >> jesse: exactly. >> dana: that's a great o. save our allies. >> jesse: track chairs we have featured on the show good people. judge? >> judge jeanine: what would you do if your rights and freedoms regarding your children's education were chapped? i was in a movie, it's called god's not dead. we the people. and i play a judge in that movie. it wasn't really acting there i am, thank you. it wasn't a lot of acting there was some great people in the movie. i just prayed a mean judge. >> we have normal. you can pick up a copy dvd at favorite retailer amazon, walmart. barnes & noble. i think you have a few more clips from the film. it's a really good film. up to date about schools, the government, the government saying what have you got to teach your kids and it's very relevant. >> dana: put it on fox nation?
2:58 pm
>> judge jeanine: i'm sure they could right now it's streaming and on demand. >> dana: can i watch it on streaming. >> geraldo: how do you feel when they make fun of you on saturday night. >> >> judge jeanine: i laugh. >> geraldo: they make funnel belief once a decade. they certainly got their fill with me. but sometimes get confused with who you are,. >> they got me wrong but whatever. i. >> geraldo: i think it's precious. i was honored to be on dana perino and bill hemmer's show this morning. topic was release of national archives. the reason i am so -- other than i lived through the death of the 25th president of the united states the murder of the 35th president. i was the first one to show these kennedy assassination on the air. you know, experts talked about
2:59 pm
the forensically about the -- i forget who they saul. here is some film. >> dick gregory, the entertainer and activist is here with some unsettling and previously ignored evidence. >> there are 51 documents pertaining to cia intelligence lee harvey oswald national archives. >> geraldo: i want to say despite all my probing and despite all the investigation. all the i believe lee harvey oswald a communist agent maybe but he acted alone. lee harvey oswald is the lone shooter. >> brian: best conference final you will ever see oklahoma against new orleans. watch this, 110-107. oklahoma city down. hit the shot. it's not over yet. then come back to the pelican, watch this shot. this is the. >> game over.
3:00 pm
san antonio wins. >> wow. unrelated note. the president of the freedom fighter my tour wraps up this weekend is going to end up in ohio, friday, job rich is going to be hosting me at the redneck rivera at 8:15 dayton memorial hall and of course cincinnati. >> jesse: buying shots each book. >> brian: that's what i heard. >> jesse: "special report" is up next with bret baier. >> bret: that's a lot of shots. president biden's legislative agenda on capitol hill is stalled. promises by democratic leaders to pass the president's massive tax and social spending plan before the start of christmas break, well, they were greatly exaggerated. it's not happening, the each the president is talking about waiting until. even that seems optimistic to some capitol hill watchers given the road brock in front of the build back better agenda. chad


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