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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  December 16, 2021 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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unrelated note. the president of the freedom fighter my tour wraps up this weekend is going to end up in ohio, friday, job rich is going to be hosting me at the redneck rivera at 8:15 dayton memorial hall and of course cincinnati. >> jesse: buying shots each book. >> brian: that's what i heard. >> jesse: "special report" is up next with bret baier. >> bret: that's a lot of shots. president biden's legislative agenda on capitol hill is stalled. promises by democratic leaders to pass the president's massive tax and social spending plan before the start of christmas break, well, they were greatly exaggerated. it's not happening, the each the president is talking about waiting until. even that seems optimistic to some capitol hill watchers given the road brock in front of the build back better agenda. chad pergram starts us off from
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the hill tonight. good evening, chad. >> good evening, bret. build back better is all but toast for the year. congressional democrats don't want to say that they think president biden should say that democrats are now fighting internally. they are seizing joe manchin negotiated with the president for weeks and no closer to voting yes. >> we have talked, we have talked, we have talked. it's time to put it on the floor and vote. >> democrats are trying to coax manchin to support changes in the filibuster in order to approve voting rights. president biden and vice president harris zoomed with democratic senators on voting rights today but the double pressure campaign on manchin is back firing. reporters have hounded him for days. >> i'm not negotiating with you all. can you ask all the questions you want. let me go this is [bleep]. you are [bleep]. okay? i'm done. >> it's manchin spending, the filibuster even renewing the
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child tax credit. >> i went to joe and he said no, i'm not against the child tax credit. then i heard the opposite. i hope joe will consider the thousands of children in his own state that are being benefited by this tax credit. >> progressives like cori bush of missouri lashed out she said democrats were undermining their own power by, quote, placing the fate of build back better at the feet of one senator, joe manchin. manchin worries that more spending could trigger inflation. a poll by fox business revealed that four in ten people believe inflation is the country's biggest issue. the democratic base will explode if the senate fails to pass the social spending bill. but house speaker nancy pelosi cautioned that this is just the legislative process. >> i'm not going to have a postmortem on something that hasn't died. >> if the bill does die, pelosi will have forced dozens of how democrats to vote yes on a bill which was doomed to fail. bret? >> bret: just to be clear.
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senator manchin also a said he is for the child tax credit but wants it 10 years instead of one or two years. and wants it to fall under 1.75 trillion which he has been saying since the beginning. the senate minority leader today, chad, had his end of the year news conference. anything newark you're ears? >> this was a victory lap by mitch mcconnell. blocked democrats on the spending bill and talked about meeting with joe manchin today. listen. >> finally ratling swords about changing the structure of the senate and about changing the filibuster rule. i want to again commend senator senator and manchin for seeming to have some respect for the institution i would remind all of you president trump suggested or insisted that i lead the charge to change the filibuster
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rule answer no. the changing the structure of the senate in order to try to achieve a partisan advantage is a mistake for the senate and a mistake for the country. >> mcconnell says ignored ghirp a politic senate this year, bret. >> stocks were off today. the dow fell 30. the s&p 500 lost 31. the nasdaq plunged 385. one of the most controversial proposals from the biden administration is apparently off the table tonight. at least for now. the president's team had proposed massive financial compensation to illegal immigrant families separated at the border. well, that prompted outrage among many people on capitol hill and elsewhere. now, the deal is falling apart white house correspondent peter doocy tells us why tonight live from the north lawn. good evening, peter. >> good evening, bret. when president biden dismissed reports about this last month, the aclu quickly came out to accuse him of not knowing what
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was going on in his own administration and then these negotiations pin families suing the government. >> folks i'm not going to take questions today. >> the aclu is mad at the biden white house tweeting after our government deliberately abused young children by separating them from their families, today they have walked away from negotiations to help those trauma moo advertised heal. white house officials have defended cash payments to people who came here illegally. >> we took children, the president president trump took children from their parents and some children have never been returned. do we think that's okay? >> and president biden doesn't. >> if, in fact, because of the outrageous behavior the last administration, you come across the border illegally or legal and you lost your child, you lost your child, he's gone, you
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deserve some kind of compensation no matter what the circumstances. >> under no circumstance have these payments been considered for people who waited in line to come. >> why would we be giving people here the right way money. >> why are you giving people here the wrong way money. >> i don't understand the question. >> and president biden has never feared that settle bling illegal immigrants for six figures could be a lure. >> do you think that that might incentivize more people to come over illegally. >> if you guys keep sending that garbage out, yeah. >> justice department says today, while the parties have been unable to reach a global settlement agreement at this time, we remain committed to engaging with the plaintiff and to bringing justice to the victims of the abhorrent holy. be a policy.>> did he change hio longer think these people need. >> this is litigation. i would refer to the doj i can't speak to it from here. >> the first time i asked the
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president about this on an escalator in rome, he literally scratched his head. we later came back to d.c., he called the reports garbage and then officials had to clarify that the garbage part was just that the settlement amount was up to $450,000 per illegal immigrant but it seems that as of tonight, that amount is all the way down to zero. bret. >> bret: we will follow this peter, thank you. the latest numbers indicate another rise in illegal immigrant encounters along the u.s.-mexico border last month. we have new exclusive video tonight from the rio grande valley, the epicenter of the southern border crisis. correspondent bill melugin is in la joya, texas tonight. >> this is a path thousands have walked before during unrelenting border crisis and this morning here in la joya, texas, this very familiar scene played out yet again. large groups of migrant families crossed illegally into the u.s. they walk in search of border patrol to give themselves up. on immigration crisis that was
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once described as seasonal by the biden administration back in the spring has shown no signs of slowing. now in the middle of december. while officials cbp numbers have not been released yet, "the washington post" now reporting that there are 173,600 migrant encounters at the southern border in november. that's a 5% increase over october and a 140% increase over november 2020. it's also the first monthly increase since july. >> in laredo texas, tuesday night. texas dps troopers found 100 illegal immigrants being smuggled inside a suspicious tractor-trailer. they were all locked in from the outside and there was no source of ventilation. troopers around a 17-year-old in connection with the incident. in the rio grande valley last night, border patrol stopped a pickup truck on highway 281 and found migrants crammed into the bed of the truck being smuggled. the driver was arrested. also in the rio grande valley
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yesterday, again, off of highway 281, a source tells us border patrol arrested this suspected human smuggler who had dressed up as a fake oil worker and had actually cloned an oil field truck to blend in while smuggling four illegal immigrants inside of that truck. and perhaps the most bizarre of them all, border patrol near tucson, arizona found six illegal immigrants dressed in camouflage being smuggled inside of a here's. two u.s. citizens were arrested for snuggling them. >> just this week in the rio grande valley sector. border patrol reports they have arrested multiple criminal illegal immigrants including three gang members, a rapist, a child molester and a mexican national warrant out for aggravated sexual abuse of a child. we will send it back to you. >> bret: bill melugin along the border. bill, thank you. the latest fox business poll shows just 36% of registered voters surveyed approve of the president's crime policies.
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57% disapprove. the number one reasonable cited for the crime spike, the break down of moral values coming in second weaker criminal penalties. followed by the availability of guns and decreased police funding there is growing criticism tonight about what many lawmakers perceive as a lack of urgency from president biden about the rash of smash and grab robberies throughout the nation. correspondent gillian turner takes a look. >> ricco was a game changer. >> legal experts say the justice department could bring charges against smash and grab criminals. under what's known as ricco. the racketeer influenced and corrupt organization statute. ricco has liskly been used to prosecute the mob. >> this is organized crime. everything but organized. if you look more closely, you will see that it is quite organized. >> perpetrators across the nation are stealing millions of dollars of good from bring brick and mortar stores reselling them
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and getting away with it. senate republicans say they will come up with a nationwide solution if the white house won't. >> the first responsibility of government to protect people and property. it's government's job to do that. and if any public official tries to blame a victim, shame on them. >> but it's not just republicans who are desperate for a national solution. >> it's not just san francisco. it's in our entire country. and that's evidenced by the appeals that we are receiving from across the country for the legislation. >> justice department says they are looking for federal level solutions to the crisis but the white house so far is leaving it to city and state leaders to fend off thieves and vandals. >> what our focus is on is making sure that the local leaders, the police officers and departments who know what they need for these communities have the assistance and the funding they need. and that's what we are working around the clock on. >> doj has already used similar
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federal statutes to go after parents at school board meetings and experts insist they could also use them to crack down on thieves. >> the white house has ruled oud out two new initiatives targeting 15 criminal organizations overseas and they say more action is coming. so the question now is really when is the white house going to turn their attention to organized crime that's exploding here at home, bret. >> bret: big issue. gillian, thank you. >> you bet. >> bret: up next, the pandemic is not the only major public health crisis in america. we will tell you what else is causing great concern. first, here's what some of our fox affiliates around the country are covering don't. fox 45 in baltimore where a police officer is in critical condition after being ambushed and shot. the police commissioner there says the officer was on duty but not responding to a call around 1:30 a.m. when the shooter approached from behind and opened fire into his cruiser. police have not named any suspects yet and are asking the public for information. fox 9 in minneapolis as prosecutors rest their case
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against a white former police officer charged in the shooting death of a black motorist. kim potter has said she meant to draw her taser instead of her handgun while attempting to stop daunte wright from driving away during an arrest. and this is a live look at the city of new jersey from wtxf. one of the big stories there tonight, multiple grammy winner bruce springsteen sells his master and music publishing rights to sony music. that deal is said to be worth about half billion with a b dollars. that's tonight's live look outside the beltway from "special report." we'll be right back. ♪ i may have moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis.
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♪ >> bret: breaking tonight actually just minutes ago authorities investigating the shooting death of a film crew member on a movie set have now obtained a search warrant for the phone, the cell phone belonging to alec baldwin. the actor was holding the gun that fired the fatal shot, which also injured the movie's
3:18 pm
director. again, breaking within the past few minutes, correspondent matt finn is in los angeles. good evening, matt. >> good evening, bret. this afternoon the santa fe sheriff was granted a warrant to seize and search alec baldwin's cell phone. court documents reveal investigators will download a digital copy of alec baldwin's phone believed to be an iphone. the santa fe sheriff's office is seeking more information in the shooting death of hutchins. the director of photographer on the film set rust starring alec baldwin. she was shot and killed in october when he fired a gun believed to be a cold prop gun. in a television interview baldwin has since denied pulling the trigger no. one has been charged. the district attorney has not ruled out criminal charges in this case the film's director also shot in the shoulder but he has lord. bret? >> bret: matt finn we will follow this one. a deadly tornado hit a candle factory in kentucky killing 8
3:19 pm
workers are suing the owner. their owner flagrant indifference by allowing the workers to go home early preceding the twister. one employee was threatened with dismissal if she left. the company is not responding publicly. at least five people have died as a powerful and extremely unusual storm system swept across the great lanes and midwest. the system was spawned amid unseasonablely warm temperatures forcing hurricane force winds and possible tornadoes in nebraska, iowa and minnesota. storms shifted north today sending high winds, snow and hazard dus conditions into the upper great lakes and canada. the food and drug administration is lifting major restrictions on access to abortion pills. the fda will allow patients to receive them by mail instead of in person. medical abortion is becoming increasingly common. some states that already ban telemedicine visits for medical abortion are expected to pass
3:20 pm
laws making access to the abortion pills more difficult. the coronavirus pandemic is not the only health crisis this country is now facing. we're also getting new information about the epidemic of drug overdoses. here is correspondent david spunt from the justice department. [chanting] we want justice right abe. >> frustration and pain outside the department of justice. victims of another pandemic calling on biden administration officials to take action. more than 100,000 people died from an overdose between april 2020 and april 2021. the highest level recorded. >> finding your daughters on the floor with a needle still in her hand is an image i will never get out of my head. >> patricia lost her 34-year-old daughter cassie to an overdose. she said cassie became addicted to opioids after a surgery and then switched to heroin. >> it's gut-wrenching and you
3:21 pm
can't do anything. i mean, we tried. we tried recovery. we tried intervention. >> she and others want doj officials to continue taking on drug makers and prosecute the sacklers the perdue pharma. the d.a. out with another warning about overdoses. >> this is existential threat to our communities. bringing harm last year they settled. they must january imposed deadline whether to oppose a drug injection site in philadelphia safe house addicts get high under the supervision of staff two similar places opened and advocates say it will help control the overdose pandemic. >> i understand that people who are complaining about what is happening in their neighborhoods but everything that we're trying now isn't working. all we see are the numbers
3:22 pm
increasing. we have to try something different. >> the trump administration sued to block the safe house in philadelphia from opening. if the biden administration sides with the safe house, it will unlock the gates for more of these safe injection sites to open across the country. >> bret: bret david spunt at the justice department. president biden's approval numbers go down over his pandemic response. first beyond our borders tonight. the kremlin says it has submitted draft documents outlining security arrangements it wants to negotiate with the u.s. and its that the nato allies. the proposal comes amid spiraling tensions over ukraine, the kremlin says a senior russian envoy stands ready to immediately depart for talks in a neutral country on that proposal. a powerful typhoon slams into the southeastern philippines toppling trees, ripping tin roofs and knocking out power as
3:23 pm
it blows across the island provinces. nearly 100,000 people have been evaluated there. coast guard personnel chest deep southern p2rorches pounding rains are swamping villages in the brownish water. just some of the other stories beyond our borders tonight. we'll be right back. ♪ to be a thriver with metastatic breast cancer means asking for what we want, and need... and we need more time. so, we want kisqali. living longer is possible and proven with kisqali when taken with a nonsteroidal aromatase inhibitor in premenopausal women with hr+, her2- metastatic breast cancer. kisqali is a pill that's significantly more effective at delaying disease progression versus a nonsteroidal aromatase inhibitor alone. kisqali can cause lung problems or an abnormal heartbeat, which can lead to death. it can cause serious skin reactions, liver problems, and low white blood cell counts that may result in severe infections. tell your doctor right away if you have new or worsening symptoms, including breathing problems, cough, chest pain, a change in your heartbeat, dizziness,
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variant. omicron is spreading tonight in the u.s. concerns over omicron rise. new booster mandates are surfacing around the country. correspondent jonathan serrie also a that story tonight from atlanta. >> in mid january, new york's metropolitan opera and georgetown university will join a growing number of organizations requiring proof of vaccine boosters. the modify follows growing evidence that additional doses of existing vaccines reverse some of their waning effectiveness against new variants. >> our booster vaccine regimen work against omicron. at this point there is no need for a variant specific booster. >> a new fox business poll show
3:28 pm
worry in the variant. under control the same figure as a year ago ago. when it comes to mandates results are mixed. 68% favoring mask for travelers and only 15 approving for vaccine and testing requirements for larger businesses. cdc estimates the omicron variant account for 3% nationwide and expect that figure to increase rapidly. >> in some areas of the country, the estimates of omicron are even higher, including in new york and new jersey. where cdc projects that omicron could represent about 13% of all cases. >> a university of hong kong study awaiting peer review found omicron is 70 times faster than strains infecting and multiplying in human air passages leading to the lungs but much slower infecting the lungs themselves. researchers say this may explain why omicron appears to spread rapidly while causing less
3:29 pm
serious illness. spikes inmild cases among students have prompted several universities princeton and cornell to move final exams online. and the military continues to mandate covid shots as a matter of force readiness with the marines reporting 94% of their ranks are fully vaccinated. late this afternoon advisory panel voted in favor much new language recommending mrna pfizer and mow concern in that over the johnson & johnson shots for adults. meeting came amid ongoing concerns over extremely rare yet somewhat elevated levels of blood clots in some johnson & johnson vaccine remuch sip cents. bret? >> bret: jonathan serrie in atlanta. thank you. let's bring in marty makary. let's start there with the j and j. how concerned should j and j shot takers be and should they
3:30 pm
get the other shot. >> the other vaccines are so impeccably safe the cdc advisers is saying we know about a blood clot complication that's 1 in 100,000 women between the ages of 30 and 50. given that incidence and observation, might as well with go with the safer vaccine. >> we talked about hong kong study and what they're finding about the severity of omicron. how do you characterize it? >> it's really a remarkable study. it shows that it is not infecting the lung tissue itself. it's infecting the wrongous, the nods passages, the upper respiratory. the not the lungs where the severe infections form. this really tells us a lot. it's laboratory confirmation of the epidemiological data that it's not overwhelming hospitals and the length of stay is shorter and fewer people are hospitalized. and, also, it's affirming the bedside observation that these are very mild infections. it's telling us that omicron will probably be the fifth seasonal coronavirus.
3:31 pm
four others circulated for decades. this will become the fifth. 24 cases of the common cold. this is also going to cause a common cold. >> bret: take a listen to president biden halls he characterizes omicron at the white house. >> unvaccinated we are looking a winter of severe illness and death unvaccinated for yourself, families and the hospitals soon overwhelm. >> bret: saying unvaccinated but if you are unvaccinated and had it before, are you destined to severe illness and death this winter. >> no. there is absolutely no evidence that those with natural immunity, their body's t cells active and working and immunity omicron nih study that recently came out. they should feel good about immune. adults with a risk factor that we worry about no immunity no. vaccinated immunity and no natural immunity.
3:32 pm
we are worried about delta and christmas with those individuals. >> bret: so what about folks who have not been infected, who still are unvaccinated. they are on the fence, what would you tell them right now? >> i would say get vaccinated because we have a lot of people who were risk factor like obesity, they come in very swick delta and they have a lot of regrets. they wish they would have gotten vaccinated. >> bret: should people try to get tested before they get together with their family at christmas. >> it really depends if you have high risk vulnerable pima setting. if, do you then maybe it makes sense. if you are around low risk people, people who have immunity, can you feel good good about immune protection. >> bret: this "the washington post" op-ed perked my ears. the biden administration sidelining vaccine experts many people appropriately outranged when the fda and the trump administration made appropriate decisions under what appeared to be extreme political pressure and without advisory committee input. we should apply the same standards to the biden administration as a country we are weaker when we bypass our
3:33 pm
scientific experts. although some may find it convenient to make policy without their input. long-term consequence also hurt public health. do you think this is a big deal? >> yeah, this is a stating op-ed these are top of the top fda scientists who are since left. they point out that the fda bypassed their technical experts, they didn't convene that expert panel that they always convene when voting on a recommendation. and they went ahead and pushed the boosters without convening. a lot of doctors boosters in young people. there is almost no benefit right now, based on the current data. that could change. there are known risks of adding an extra dose to say college students and now a lot of colleges are going to mandate boosters. >> bret: obviously covid overall is very scary 800,000 people have died in country. that's a huge number. what i'm hearing from you omicron is not the big killer, people should still take it seriously and get vaccinated or do their due diligence.
3:34 pm
>> that's right. vaccination is amazing impeccable, strong barrier for low risk people and for older people a booster can help. the data really supports people over 65 or if you have had j and j, the single dose, probably should have been designed as two dose he is. if you had covid, you probably don't need that booster. at least there is no data to support it. >> bret: last thing, are we eventually going to get to a place where this is going to be an annual thing flu shot like a flu and covid shot that's going to be able to provide protection. >> many of us think there has been too much of a focus on the antibody levels, can you boost them and get them up. normally they do down. t cells strong immunity it takes a couple days to kick in once you get the protection. that protects against severe disease. that's probably durable. many students support that and that's why we feel good once people get immune protection. >> bret: we as a country are not taking that into that much account when you look at public
3:35 pm
policy, right? >> that's right. and we could keep giving people boosters forever but we can't boost our way out of any endemic virus. it's already in the water system in florida when they have tested it omicron is already ubiquitous and it will be ubiquitous like coccus 10% of all noses of people in the united states but not causing severe illness. >> bret: dr. makary, we really appreciate it? >> thanks. >> bret: up next, honoring america's bravest heroes. >> each of you know what a someone has spent in a element modify trial. i'm grateful for all that you three have done
3:36 pm
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>> bret: remaining members of a missionary group kidnapped two months ago in haiti. have been freed. ohio based christian ministries saying that the 12 remaining hostages are free. neither that group police are giving any details. the leader of the kidnappers had threatened to kill the hostages. authorities said the group was demanding $1 million per person. senators have given final congressional approval to the uyghur forced labor protection act. barring imports from china's they were produced without forced labor. press secretary jen psaki says the president supports this measure after months of the white house declining to take a
3:41 pm
position. president biden meantime has awarded three medals of honor to some of this country's greatest heroes. national security correspondent jennifer griffin has the story from the pentagon. >> today we honor three outstanding soldiers whose actions embody selfless is service. >> joe biden awarded to master plumley for heroism in afghanistan. sergeant first class al wynn cash and sergeant first class christopher is a lease received the medal posthumously. >> outnumbered for own regard at times warmed only a pistol. staff sergeant attacked the insurgent forces taking him on one by one. >> wearing afghan army uniforms and suicide vests blew a 60-foot hole through the base wall with 400-pound car bomb in gaza any province. plumley an active duty green
3:42 pm
beret killed one afghan insurgent using grenade and another suicide bomber with precision sniper fire. >> it's a life and death profession we are in. you may only get one chance to get something right. so, put your all into it. and do it to the best of your ability. >> sergeant first class all wynn cash is the first black recipient of the medal of honor since vietnam. >> allwin cash was a soldier's soldier. a warrior who walked through fire. >> he pulled out of burning in 2005. even though he himself was drenched in fuel. he died in a u.s. army hospital with burns over 72% of his body. three of the six soldiers survived. he was the youngest of 10 children. >> i took he taught me to live enjoy it.
3:43 pm
>> sergeant first class is a lease put himself between the taliban and rescue helicopter during a fierce fire fight in afghanistan three years ago. >> sergeant used his body as a shield for the aircraft and his crew against the heavy incoming fire. >> he waived off the pilots who wanted to return for him after he had been shot knowing they would all likely die if they did he believed did you good for the sake of doing good. [applause] >> at the pentagon, jennifer griffin, fox news. >> bret: amazing stories. up next, the panel, martise son, mollie hemingway and mark thiessen why one publication says no one is listening to him and the list of potential democratic candidates by another. we'll be right back. ♪ snacking can mean that pieces get stuck under mike's denture. but super poligrip gives him a tight seal.
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3:48 pm
>> we continue to push ahead with the parliamentarian. >> i'm not going to have a postmortem on something that hasn't died. >> bret: well, minutes ago earlier today says the plan to help millions of immigrants, the immigration portion of build back better needs to fall out of the bill. that is not going to work for the senate parliamentarian that is a blow to democrats. meantime, the president has released a statement. this legislation is stalled. he said my team and i are having ongoing discussions with senator manchin that work will continue next week. takes time to finalize the payments finish all the parliamentarian procedural steps to enable a senate vote. we will add advance this work together over the days and weeks ahead. leader schumer and i are continue to see the bill successfully on the floor is possible. not before christmas. and there are questions about where it goes after the new
3:49 pm
year. let's bring in our panel, "the washington post" columnist marc thiessen, mollie hemingway senior editor at "the federalist" and juan williams is a fox news analyst. this is not a good day tore democrats. >> no, it's not. and, look, if the democrats want to win in 2024 maybe they ought to pick up manchin sinema tickets they're the only democrats in touch with what the american people thinking. 64% of americans said in a "the washington post" poll are concerned that biden and the democrats are giving us too much government, getting government too involved in our lives. 46% to 15% they are concerned that this bill is going to fuel inflation and that's one of their number one concerns and in west virginia, where joe manchin, people vote for joe manchin, those are the people he cares about 59% oppose the bill. 50% say make it worse. 75% say now is not the time to pass major spending bills make it worse. i don't know what kind of pressure they can put on him but people are backing him.
3:50 pm
>> bret: juan, senator manchin has made clear from the beginning what his stipulations are under 1.75 trillion for build back better. if you do a program, you got to go the whole way to 10 years, not one year. and, yet, people seem surprised that he is holding the line here. it's probably not only him but that's the one getting the attention. >> i think the primary concern at the moment is the child care tax credit i was at least for that for one year and you know some of that is going to expire so the question is he a man of his word on that point. but the talks continue as you saw in that statement from president biden. and for all the talk about 2024, look, i think first, let's deal with 2022 next year in the midterms. and democrats know history is not on their side when it comes to midterm elections. the party that has the white
3:51 pm
house often loses and given the reality of the moment, it doesn't look good with president biden's low approval numbers. but, having said that, that's a year away even '22 election, much less 2024. i think democrats at this point are strongly behind biden having passed the covid relief bill, having passed infrastructure, biden as the likely nominee going into 2024 they see harris. >> bret: the questions come from some of these left leaning organizations, let's say cnn, for example does this thing who could replace biden in 2024. and has a list of possible candidates and everybody does stories but how about slate? slate is not exact lay left leaning organization but it says why isn't anyone listening to joe? biden's delivery own proposals. that doesn't reassure at work
3:52 pm
unease, lack of fire may be costing him audience he needs to convince nostalgia for a loss and better america strangely reminisce sense of trumps. his party's hopes depend on his ability to break out. mollie, the "new york times" says he should say right now he is not running. >> well, let me just first say i would like republicans not is great the defeat of this spending package prematurely. if you remember, republicans thought they had defeated obamacare, they elected scott brown to the senate and then a few months later even though it was deeply popular package it was pushed through and democrats were able do that. they should be cautious and make sure they see this to the end. but the problems that democrats are saying about kamala harris and joe biden, obviously they are struggling in the polls. they are deeply unpopular. i don't think they are particularly unlikeable candidates. the reason why they're unpopular is a democratic party wise issue. it's the policy. yes, it's partly that we were told that joe biden would be a
3:53 pm
uniter and a moderate and he has governed as anything else but that but the entire democratic party shares his views on rolling back what was working on the border or destroying the pipeline so that our gas prices go up or putting trillions of dollars into the economy and having inflation and costs rise. all of these things aren't unique to joe biden or kamala harris. in some regard, it might even be worse when it go to outside that field and so democrats need to really be honest about why they are unpopular and it's not the personality of joe biden or kamala harris. >> bret: mark, on the ripe in side, it's a big deal that they got through covid 1.9 trillion. the biden administration led the biden infrastructure bill at almost a trillion dollars and trying to for a long time but they died it to this build back better bill and that seems like it's they may not be getting the
3:54 pm
benefits off the infrastructure bill. >> the problem with the bill they poured $1.9 trillion into a $300 billion hole in the economy and unleashed inflation and supply chain crises and a mass labor shortage so that hasn't been a net positive for them because that's what is driving down president biden's popularitying it the bipartisan infrastructure bill one he held held it up. he ask the his own party hold it up as leverage for multitrillion dollars democrats only bill and he should have had four or five things like this. this is what he promised. evidence campaigned on a promise not to bring socialism to america. he said i'm not the socialist, he said i'm going to unite the country i'm going to bring republicans and democrats together to get things done. that's what i did in the senate. all he has is bipartisan infrastructure bill. he could have done police reform on china and whole bunch of different things, that's why is he in trouble. >> bret: i'm saying come march, come april, if you see the
3:55 pm
president at a bridge building in some place swing state. it could be a different deal. when we come back, tomorrow's headlines with the panel. (vo) for fourteen years, subaru and our retailers have been sharing the love with those who need it most. now subaru is the largest automotive donor to make-a-wish and meals on wheels. and the largest corporate donor to the aspca and national park foundation. get a new subaru during the share the love event and subaru will donate two hundred and fifty dollars to charity. tums vs. mozzarella stick when heartburn hits, fight back fast with tums chewy bites. fast heartburn relief in every bite. crunchy outside, chewy inside. ♪ tums, tums, tums, tums ♪ tums chewy bites
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or strong. progress isn't either or progress is everything. ♪ >> bret: finally tonight, a look at tomorrow's headlines with the panel. marc, first toy. >> biden signs bill he didn't want. at a time china threat is rising. defense budget cut defense after inflation. republicans and democrats in congress unite and overwhelmingly raised the defense budget by $24 billion more than he wanted. biden is delivering on promise to unite the country not on the way he intended. >> bret: juan? >> tomorrow's medicine line, i think, is going to say that senator manchin rejects a ban on offshore drilling, bret. the coal state democrat, as you know, from west virginia siding with the oil companies despite increased concern about climate
4:00 pm
change, but he is who he is. is he joe manchin. >> bret: quickly mollie. >> americans are wondering whether football games will be played as the milder covid variants works its way through. >> bret: that's it for "special report" fair balanced and still unafraid. "fox news primetime" hosted by will cain starts right now. hey, will. >> will: hey, bret. thank you so much. good evening and welcome to "fox news primetime" i'm will cain. tonight, shocking new video that raises the question what have we become? what happened to us? why did we allow them to allow criminals to freely terrorize the streets while police then in turn terrorize unvaccinated. police deployed to arrest anti-mandate protesters who peacefully sat inside a restaurant. this whole story started on tuesday, six people were arrested at aes