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tv   FOX News Primetime  FOX News  December 16, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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is he joe manchin. >> bret: quickly mollie. >> americans are wondering whether football games will be played as the milder covid variants works its way through. >> bret: that's it for "special report" fair balanced and still unafraid. "fox news primetime" hosted by will cain starts right now. hey, will. >> will: hey, bret. thank you so much. good evening and welcome to "fox news primetime" i'm will cain. tonight, shocking new video that raises the question what have we become? what happened to us? why did we allow them to allow criminals to freely terrorize the streets while police then in turn terrorize unvaccinated. police deployed to arrest anti-mandate protesters who peacefully sat inside a restaurant. this whole story started on tuesday, six people were arrested at a cheese cake
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factory after committing a crime seemingly worse than murder. ordering food while unvaccinated. >> ask you to leave. we're going to give you every opportunity to leave but if you refuse to leave when we tell to you leave, we will be arresting you for criminal trespass. >> will: they were hoping, the arrest, the authorities would deter any further speaking out against the mandate. they did the opposite, in fact. >> more protesters showed up the next night. this time at an applebee's and they performed another peaceful sit-in where four more people were arrested. chain restaurants, the site of the modern civil rights movement. now, this is where our police resources are going. this is a harsher response than that will respond to a home invasion. trust me. i know. i don't recall seeing this many arrests in the summer of 2020 when buildings were being born down and stores being looted. in fact, i think those were
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called peaceful protests and if you criticized them, you were a racist. i want to remind you, these aren't anti-vaccine protests. these are protests opposing the government stripping away your right to an applebee's cheeseburger if you don't get their shots. it's unamerican. but, our dear leader doesn't seem to think so. he says who cares if you are losing your freedom. what's the big deal? >> everybody talks about freedom and not -- to have a shot or have a test. well, guess what? it's -- how about patriotism? how about making sure that you're vaccinated to you do not spread the disease to anybody else? what about that? what's the billing deal? what's the big deal? clearly he has never had that spinach art choke dip. why are they dedicating so many resources to hunt down the unvaccinated? in truth, it's not complicated, it's pretty simple, power, finding people beneath you, it's a war on the deplorable, the people think think are worse
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than them and they don't deserve the same rights. lay it out for you david forum a columnist at the atlantic, he summed up the position perfectly saying let hospitals quietly triage emergency care to serve the unvaccinated last. triage. meaning die in the parking lot. vaccinated person with a splinter, come on in. unvaccinated person with a gunshot wound, you are going to have to wait last. i wonder if he hears the evil he is. if not, he could see them play out of in southern california. according to police, paramedics in southern california refuse to enter into a care facility where a man was having a heart attack because of, quote: a state covid guideline. so, police on the scene as well, were forced to move the patient's bed. it wasn't on wheels. they had to scoot it. push it down the hallway. outside the building where the paramedics waited all the while
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nurses staff performing cpr on this dying man. it's deplorable. we have body cam footage from that night. >> they are not going to come in. they are saying it's a state law that they can't come. >> in 911. cardiac arrest. he is out. we are doing -- we cannot move him. >> that man sadly died 30 minutes later. it appears the paramedics may have been following some old union glide dance that stated, quote: all dispatch centers will be requesting the facilities to move patients to the door or outside the location, this entire tragedy is currently under investigation. but, hey, on the bright side of things, bail reform and defund the police, well they have advanced racial justifiable or something. and by the way, there are no reports of those paramedics getting covid so sunny skies. look, there is a culture of sickness and it has nothing to do with covid that has taken over this society and turned people into mindless robots.
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enforcing policies that literally kill, follow our rules no matter what here to respond republican candidate for u.s. senate in ohio j.d. vance. j.d., great to see you don't what are we doing harsh stance with people can particular healthcare perspective? >> yeah, think about what all these rules and restrictions do to basic human morality, right? if you are a paramedic, if you are just a normal person and you see somebody in pain and see somebody suffering and see somebody hurting, basic human ethics, you help that person, right? you do what you can within reason to try to help that person but covid rules as you see are asking paramedics to first basically have a person show them their papers or to determine their worth as a human being based on whether they got the shot or not. that's not just bad for our society, it's not just bad for
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the people who are affected by it. it turns all of us into people who see our fellow americans not as citizens, not as people to be, you know, cared for as we share this country together but as first or second class citizens based on whether they did what the government told them to do. that's totally unacceptable. >> will: you know, j.d., you are right. it definitely divides a power line between first and second class citizens also inherently dee dehumanizes us. as i watched that video from cheesecake factory, those police officers don't want to be enforcing these rules. they don't want to create a tiered system of class. but this is what happens when you have arbitrary rules. is it not? everyone just has to turn into i'm just doing my job guy. that's what everybody can say. i'm just doing my job. >> that's exactly right. one of the big problems in our country these days is that you have left wing billionaires who are funding these prosecutors who are soft on crime or at least soft on normal crime like, you know, attacking a store or
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hurting someone. the crime that we all thought of as children as the crimes you are not supposed to commit. but they're really aggressive with people who are committing this new form of crime which is resisting the covid hysteria. and so why is it that we have an entire class of people who have gotten rich off of this country basically funding lawless prosecutors even as they make normal americans unable to live a good life in their own country. illustrates one of the big problems in our country, will, is the combination of big government and our biggest corporations joining together to take americans' rights away from them. it's really disgusting to see. it's why we have got to fight back against it. >> will: you know, j.d., i don't know the last time i got speak with you, but i have wanted to ask you this one personal curiosity i have had for quite some time. i read the quote from david forum over at the atlantic. it's the kind of place that used to love j.d. vance. when you came out with hillbilly
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eller guy you were the darling of the tried this elite intelligentsia. i have got to tell you, man, no one gets more scorn than do you why do you think that is? why have you become public enemy number one. >> they hate my guts because i have gotten more political and outspoken about the problems of our country. think about five or six years ago, i was a guy who wrote a book over the last several years. i see our country going to crap. and i don't like it. and i have been unwilling to shut up about it when you see normal americans unable to go a store because their store fronts were looted and burned down and the people who did that are getting bailed out by the sit be vice president of the united states. you starts to ask yourself do we want our kids to grow up in a good country or grow up in a country where people remember the good old days. if we want our kids to grow up in a good country, people like me that have a platform we can't
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shut up. it's a good thing that they are so scornful they hate me. maybe i'm making some progress. >> will: i have a theory as well j.d., they can't forgive themselves for at one time inviting you into elite circles. unsenel and decided to return to their roots. they can't forgive you. that's exactly what happened. and which is also good thing for you. thank you, j.d., great to have you on the show tonight. all right, also here tonight, wabc radio host james golden aka bo snerdley. good to talk to you tonight, bo, glad to have you on the show. what do you make of everything that's happening on this society? everything you just saw on your television screen, what could wo you make of that? >> everything seems to be totally out of phase. most americans look at this and totally stunned. if this were a regular, normal weekend occurrence that you could see where, you know, you get your average 60 or 70 murders in chicago, get your average 60 or 70 murders in atlanta or new york, fine.
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but you see smash and grabs going on in affluent areas of american cities, you see crimes spiraling out of control. heinous crimes. you see all this disorder at the border. and any number of other problems, and then you look at a cheese cake factory in new york city and what do you see? police officers telling people cheesecake you are under arrest because you didn't show your vaccination card. >> you know, it's about freedom, the locals of freedom. the loss of choice, and this all shows the intolerance of the left not just the intolerance toward people who want their freedom. the intolerance of the left toward the very idea and nature of freedom that under pins this country. >> how do they -- i understand that, bo. i understand that and how it's applied to people attempting to go to the cheesecake factory. what about the freedom to walk the streets without your life
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being in danger? how do they rationalize a disproportionate use of force, of flooding a cheesecake factory with cops while letting criminals out on the streets? >> well, because the criminals out on the streets you see if you try to put them in jail, you are a racist. don't you know? if you try to actually put criminals who did something in jail and keep them in jail, and not let them go with low bail, you are racist. if you do almost anything that they don't like you are a racist. but this low bail movement that has up ended now i believe 13 american cities, where you have record homicides, and what are the democrats talking about? they are not talking about that. they are not talking about anything but how to spend more and more of your money on other recklessness that will ruin the economy. they are not even concerned about inflation. they are not concerned about crime. they are not concerned about any of the concerns that americans are facing in this post covid
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world. >> will: that's showing up. it seems the american people have noticed. that's showing up in every poll that has taken the pulse of this administration one year in. james golden, aka bo snerdley. >> yeah. imagine the poor people no worked in the hospitals before there were vaccines who risked their lives to help other people and now these people are being character rised as almost being criminals. some of them who choose for their own personal health reasons not to get a vaccine. this is insanity on parade. >> will: thank you so much. great to have you on the show tonight. thank you. >> thank you. >> will: coming up biden's sycophants in the mainstream media now suggesting potential replacements for joe biden. there is no doubt they are sending him a message. they want him to step aside. the question now is will he listen?
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power your whole home this holiday with wifi speeds faster than a gig. click, call, or visit a store today. sing 2 >> will: for a guy who seems to be bungling everything in the present joe biden sure talk as lot about the future. >> now we look at 2022 i want to tell my republican friends get ready bough, you are in for a problem. >> will: get ready bough you are in for a problem. 2022. what about 2024. there is a lot of speculation by the media whether or not joe and kamala get the band back together another run. now, if you ask kamala harris, the answer is i have no idea in a new interview with the "wall street journal" kamala says she and joe biden have never spoken about heir re-election.
4:19 pm
she claims she has been too busy to even think about it we do know she has been work okay finding the root cause of the border crisis or maybe she is busy doing more important things like this: >> there we are. >> that's it. >> and there is no sound or fumes. >> will: that's right, kamala, there is no gurgling. here now to react rachel and sean duffy the authors of an all-american christmas. rachel, sean, great to see you this evening. thank you for doing the show being here. you not side by side. i are in different pods. i don't know what to do with that. >> rachel: we are not in pods at home. we do sleep in the same bed but in the studio we are in pods. >> will: masked, of course i'm sure because the newest guideline is that you should probably wear a mask while home for christmas. sean, i'm sorry for that. and i will start with you. in fact, because of that. what do you think, sean, is it
4:20 pm
true a is it true they are not thinking about 2024 and b what do you think the likelihood is there will be a joe and kamala ticket? >> i'm surprised that you could smell electricity charging a car that was odd to begin with. this is how strange this is, will. anyone that is part of a great team where you work together, vice president and president, and you are symbiotic and things are going well the normal response to that question would be of course we are running. of course we are a great ticket and great deem and we are going to run in 2024. that is the right answer when you say i don't know. i think what we know, you know, from those who have, you know, given some insight into the palace have said, listen, joe biden's team doesn't like camla. joe biden is sitting there with unbelievably low poll ratings and you look around maybe my vice president could help lift me up. no, she is actually lower in the polls than you are. she is not a strong leader. she hasn't accomplished the tough goals that joe biden has given her. and then she is just really annoying. the cackles and the laughs and
4:21 pm
smelling electricity. all those things, will, don't work for the biden administration. they are like, you know, let's push her to the side. if we want maybe we will find a new candidate to help us out. >> will: they need to be careful, rachel, it sounds like many in the media are entertaining the idea of pushing joe aside. cnn had an article up of 11 alternatives to joe. the "new york times" had an op-ed up the other day. joe shouldn't run in 2024. it feels, rachel, work is being layed to replace joe biden. >> rachel: it does. and by the way can i just say that kamala said that the reason that her and the president don't have time to talk about his re-election they are still busy building back the. the economy precovid was the greatest economy history in america. they are destroying it every single day the democratic party is disappointed. they thought that just not being trump was enough and it turned
4:22 pm
out of that poles matter. i think americans, even americans who voted for joe biden and kamala harris can't believe how bad it has gotten so fast. it's just unbelievable. and this inflation is getting away from them, will. they wish that it was transitory it looks like it's going to last for a while. >> will: i hope this isn't too big of a bite at the apple in a short segment. rachel, you and i have so many conversations on and off cameras on the weekend on "fox & friends weekend." one of the things we talk about is whether or not there is a real marxist ideological push behind many of these policy movements. do you know what i have been thinking about rachel. as you think about the idea of replacing joe biden. i think it becomes even more simple. it's all about power. the permanence of power. what can we do to retain our position of power and right now the answer seems to be replace joe biden. >> rachel: yeah. i think you are absolutely right. they don't want to change the policies. they just want to hold onto the power and they think they can just say well, it's just joe
4:23 pm
biden. it's not the policy. i don't think american penal are going to buy it i see a lot of buyer's remorse out there, will. i think people are saying we need to return to what works. i think the republicans are salivating at what they think is going to be an even bigger wave than the one that brought my husband sean into office back in 2010. >> can i -- i think you are both wrong. this is about the policy. you look at joe biden and cnn, they agree on policy. they want a new face. maybe a younger face, a more cognizant face but the policies that cnn supports are joe biden's policies. and so it's not about power. it's about fundamentally transforming america. making sure we are not a free enterprise and country make us a socialist marxist state. these policies may help get us there joe biden may not be the right face for it they will find someone else. policies americans now see fail. that's why the crime, the
4:24 pm
border, energy, inflation, they are failing on everything because these policies that they pushed they have never worked. no matter where they have tried. they won't work for any economies they believe in them. >> rachel: willing to put through this to get to the other side. fundamentally transform america. they are willing to watch americans suffer economically, with crime, with an open border, whatever it takes. to get to that fundamental transformation. i think sthawn is right. >> will: sean, you might be right. i will ask you one quick question, sean before government i never like it on tucker carlson hey will you are a lawyer. don't sully my reputation here. so, sean, you are a politician, or at least you were at one time. i don't say that undercut you here. you were a politician. maybe again one day. do you ever not think about running, sean. >> i say i'm a prosecutor. i was a former prosecutor. that polls better than i'm a lawyer and former politician. i do believe you need really good people to step up and to run and lead this country. i do think it happens in states
4:25 pm
more so than the federal government and a lot of good people out there. they get beat up and bashed. we need people to stand up. if every single american stands with good leaders, we're going to change this country. we are going to get it back. if we have people cower to the mob, we are going to lose it. this is the critical point right now in america. can we save it? can we hold the democracy? can we keep the experiment alive or does it fail? >> rachel: that was a very political answer. >> will: no, no, no. good stuff. i have to run. i will continue dog to you guys both on tv and off. she is the best swimmer in the ncaa and none of the other girls can catch up. also, she is a biological man. so, should he be allowed to compete? we'll break down the biggest firestorm in college athletics, next.
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>> will: once again a transgender athlete is dominating women's sports raising more questions about the fairness of the competition. listen to this. 22-year-old trans gender woman leah thomas previously will thomas is a swimmer at the university of pennsylvania and already shattered numerous college records including three earlier this month at a competition in ohio. but it's no surprise. before transitioning, thomas was will thomas a male swimmer at the school for three years. now he is competing against females and thomas is, of course crushing the competition. university of pennsylvania parents are outraged by this. they have written a letter to the ncaa demanding the rules be changed. its current policy allows transgender students to compete without transgender surgery as long as they identify as that particular gender so nothing is being done about it and biological male also continue dominating women's sports.
4:32 pm
madison kenyon is a college track athlete who also competed against biological males. she joins me now to share her story along with her attorney kristin wagner. thank you both for being with us. i should say while leah thomas hasn't had gender surgery he did have a year's worth of hormonal treatment which is what is required it doesn't change the biological fact that he is a man. he went through pursuant as a man. he has muscle structure and everything through 22 years of his life as a man. madison, have you competed against this exact situation in track. you have competed against transgender athletes. >> yeah. i think i missed your question because it gliched. you might have to ask it again. >> will: sure, would you tell all of us watching right now what is it like to go into a competition against a transgender athlete when you know the outcome ahead of time? >> yeah, it's extremely deflating. i have experienced it five times.
4:33 pm
and each time i lost to biological male. and the fact that that is still happening, that women are still losing to biological male unless their own sport shows why we need more female athletes to speak up about this. i want to say to the female athletes in pennsylvania, don't let anyone silence you. speak up. tell the ncaa your athletic directors and your coaches that you wants fair competition because doing this is nowhere near as scary as it seems and the amount of support is overwhelming. >> will: madison, i'm just curious, you ran track, right? what was your event? >> so i did the 3 k indoor track and the 1500 and i also ran cross-country. >> will: when did you start running? when did you start competing in track how old were you. >> it gliched. i ran -- i'm sorry, you will have to ask the question. i don't know what you asked? >> will: i will ask you one more time and see if we can work through this glitch. how old are you when you started training for competition in
4:34 pm
track? >> oh, i started cross-country in middle school and track in high school. so around 14. >> will: so you started training at the age of 14. and within a matter of, i would assume a couple months a biological male stepped in and beat you after all of your years of training. >> yeah. so my first collegiate race i rationed against a biological male and they beat me. >> will: to your point janet evans, missy franklin, katie ledecky somebody has to step up and say this is not right this ♪ right. mrs. wagner i would love to get new on this. i mentioned what the ncaa rules are about hormonal treatment and different states, high school level have different laws. what should the laws be when it comes to this? >> they are simple, the law should be that biological women compete against biological women. and the ncaa policy doesn't require the university of pennsylvania to deny a fair playing field to women. it doesn't require that at all.
4:35 pm
in fact, what it is doing is prioritizing activists over women athletes and by denying them a fair playing field they are refusing, again, to recognize legitimate biological distinctions and that hurts women and girls the most. >> will: you know, and i think many are guided by empathy. but prioritizing empathizing with one individual over the hundreds, the thousands of madisons out there that have trained their entire life. >> we have selective in where you apply your empathy. by the way it's the end of women's sports. madison and kirsten, thank you both for jumping on with us tonight. >> thank you. >> will: the story doesn't stop by the way, california school is being accused of coaching a middle school student through a gender identity transition. get, this without the knowledge or consent of that girl's parents. mother jessica conan alleges that teachers convinced they're then 12-year-old daughter to change her name and pronouns. the indoctrination allegedly happened when the girl was introduce introduced to the
4:36 pm
school's equality club and this week cone anyone showed up to the school board meeting to confront this insanity. >> you my ability to parent my child before i had he any knowledge i didn't get to show support. you ask for support, i didn't get a chance. you plant the seeds. and you. your job was to educate my child in math, science, english, et cetera. do your job and let me do mine. >> will: joining me now to react debra, podcast host and the end of gender. thanks for being on with us. why is this a role for teachers? >> thank you so much for having me back. not an educator's job. this is wholly inappropriate. this happens very common these days unfortunately. i feel her pain and the betrayal. i'm assuming this parent is
4:37 pm
experiencing as a result of trusting educators with the job of teaching her child only to find that something that she had not signed up for was going on behind her back without her awareness. i do think that many people going along with transathletes competing in women's sports. i think many people are being motivated by compassion and empathy and wanting to do what they feel is the right thing in terms of supporting young people who experience gender dysphoria and supporting them in wanting to identify as the opposite section and maybe in terms of transitioning without informing the parents but there are going to be huge ramifications unfortunate consequence what is we see happening curly. in my book the end of gender i talk about why early dorance session is not appropriate for children. seeing a huge uptick in the number of people detransitioning
4:38 pm
as a result of this climate and i mean it's considered transphobe bic to say these things but it's not backed by science. >> will: freely made decisions of adults is one thing. the manipulation of a child is a whole other thing and how did this end up -- i thought school was about math and science, reading. i thought it was about english. when did it become about changing your jernd. how is this a role that the school has taken on. >> i think activists have been very sneaky. this has been going on for decades. only i would say in the past few years that we have really started to notice it because of the fallout and because we do have children who have now transitioning increasingly younger ages not just about gender but races as i'm sure you know dismantling norms. deconstructing. in the minds of activists is
4:39 pm
this is a good step in terms of the utopia they're hoping to build. >> will: yeah. that's one heck of a utopia. look at that family at that school. look at that mother. her daughter has been taken away. debra soh, thank you so much for jumping on the show tonight and giving us your perspective. >> thank you so much. >> will: all right. next, the first governor to take a definitive stand against critical race theory. coming up after the break. ♪
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>> will: critical race theory
4:45 pm
continued its slow creep into all facets of american culture, especially our classrooms and places of business. thankfully, some people are fighting back. this week, florida governor ron desantis introduced the stop woke act, which will ban crt from being pushed in schools and in workplaces across the sunshine state. the governor has been one of the most vocal opponents of critical race theory calling it, quote, a moral threat to the united states. christopher rufo has aided desantis in preparing this legislation. he joins me now. chris, always great to talk to you. first, how would this work? so, tell me about desantis' law. tell me about going on the offense. how do you keep critical race theory out of a classroom? >> well, it's very simple. the public schools our public institutions are responsible to the legislature and voters who get to determine the values that those institutions transmit. the stop woke act just abolishes and bans racialist abuse in the classroom and in the workplace. it codifies exactly what that means and then gives parents and
4:46 pm
employees the actual ability to sue schools and employers that racially stereotype scapegoat or demean them on the basis of race and so this is common sense legislation. basically evens the playing field of our civil rights law and i think it's a huge step forward. >> so, chris, every other parent in the united states, i have dealt with this with my own children's education. and i talk to other parents and they are all very, very frustrated. they want something done about this. one of the hard conversations i had with them is this whole ideological movement. i know you know more about this than anyone else. it's a ground up level movement as much as it is a top down level movement. meaning there are teachers who buy into this ideology and we can play the videos of who are avowed to wring it into the classroom. so does this law help that way? i can see how we would stop a curriculum. how does it stop awoke teacher from teaching neo racism to my children? >> well, it makes the practice illegal. so parents can actually take
4:47 pm
this to the principal school board attorney general and into the court to say if you are promoting racialist ideology, you are abusing kids, you are violating the law, and then the parents can actually win legal fees in return, but the legislation is very simple. it just states that this is what we endorse as a state, as a country. this is what we do not. this is what we will not permit to happen in the classroom. and so what it does is it gives power to parents to enforce it at the very local level. another element of upcoming legislation in florida, other states is transparency. every parent has a right to know exactly what's being taught in the classroom. so parents and schools and teachers can negotiate it at the very local level. it's about taking power away from unaccountable bureaucrats. giving power back to parents. >> will: let's illustrate what we are talking about here. let's illustrate how this happens. what it metastasizes into. this is from colorado. this is crt inspired segregation. this is an elementary school
4:48 pm
playground event for parents and it was, quote: for families only for families of color. so, chris, by the way, there are so many questions about this what does that mean? who counts as families of color? i don't know who is in and who is out on this segregationist policy. but this has got to be -- this is segregation returned under the name critical race theory. >> yeah. actually this practice is already illegal in the state of colorado under their civil rights laws and constitution. but what we see over and over is that critical race theory is resegregating the institutions of the united states. i just broke a story today where they're actually holding a racially segregated field trip in suburban, chicago. this is a practice that is pernicious. it's designed to divide us, we have to put our foot down. and parents need to rise up and say we won't tolerate racist abuse. we won't tolerate racial segregation and we won't tolerate a curriculum that trarns the united states and seeks to destroy our fundamental
4:49 pm
and funding institutions. >> will: chris, you have read about these policies all across the nation. do you know the answer to my question who is in and who is out? what would be a playground night for people families of color. who would that include and who would that not include? would asian families be invited to that? >> i don't know. my family, my own family is biracial. i'm not sure if some of us could go but i couldn't go. it's so toxic. it's so absurd and ridiculous. it's even disgusting we should have to consider that we should have public institutions for everyone. they should treat everyone equally as an individual. >> will: that's exactly right. you expose how disgusting it is the minute you start asking questions like well, do i get to go as you point out your family is by racial. does elizabeth warren get to go? who gets to go on the people of color night. maybe it's easier to say who doesn't get to go. i want to say one last thing, chris. you have been in debate whether or not it's appropriate to go on offense. william f. buckley once said the purpose of national review in that case stand before history
4:50 pm
yelling stop. we need do more than yell stop. we have to go on offense to your point, chris. nice work. >> that's right. unfortunately the william f. buckley ideology was standing before history yelling stop and they got ran over. it's time to move forward. it's time to fight. it's time to push. and thank god for people like ron antioxidants. desantis.chris, great to talk tu tonight. thank you so much. blow up dolls, cheese cake and stupid bank robbers. johnny joey jones is on the clock for those topics tailor made for him, next. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> a few minutes left in the show. four topics. 60 seconds each. let's do this. topic one, donald trump's journey to perfect hair may be
4:56 pm
running into a roadblock. >> showerheads, you take a shower. the water doesn't come out. you want to wash her hands, the water doesn't come out? what do you do, you stand there longer or take a shower longer? my hair. i don't know about you, but it has to be perfect. [laughter] the biden administration has reversed the -- do you have one coming on his hair before i sit the story? >> let's hear this stupid rule? >> layer reverse the trump administration rule that increased how much water we could use in the shower. >> i pay the water bill no matter what so if i use 100 100 gallons in the shower or ten gallons, i pay the price. i know if there's a drought, you can't sprinkle on your lawn in a subdivision but when you pay a water bill, you pay a water
4:57 pm
bill. there's a couple ways around this. i am a plumber buddy that will help me out. >> multiple showerheads. that's how you do it. next up due to the cream cheese shortage you probably won't be able to put cheesecake on your christmas table. you are in luck because craft will literally pay you for every desert you make that does not contain cream cheese. >> this is not an empty shelf. it's a holiday tradition waiting another year. having a hard time finding cream cheese on shelves means having a hard time putting cheesecakes on tables and we get that so let's do this. you make it, we'll buy it. get a store-bought and pretend you baked it and move buy it too. >> it's all yours, 15 seconds. >> hardly run out of cream cheese. of all the things in the world. cottage cheese, buttermilk. don't take cream cheese. why did we mess up and forgets
4:58 pm
do cream cheese. it's a manufacturing problem. people were making breakfast at home. i think they didn't make enough of it. they are not going to buy my cheesecake. >> don't take buttermilk. i love buttermilk pie. a supervisor was caught using a blowup doll in an attempt to use the hov lane. the guy claims that the doll was there for the company and it's not an attempt to cheat the hov lane. somehow that feels even worse. the blog doll is there for the company. >> at the end of the day, this person was more afraid of getting a ticket for being illegal in the hov lane than the other people in the city of new york for stealing or committing murder and that's the problem. cops have to go after the criminals that will stop and let them write them a ticket rather than those doing really bad things. it probably is -- traffic cops are probably worse than they have been because that's the one
4:59 pm
place that police can still make an impact. north was really sad. >> i'm pleased that that was the picture. i thought it was going to be a different kind of blow up. that was tasteful. finally, the dumbest thing ever. delaware man allegedly robbed a wells fargo bank and deposited the money in the atm outside the bank. i love this guy, i don't care. i love this guy. >> did somebody get set up here? the guy who got the deposit robbed the bank? trying to set somebody up, this is how i would do it. launder the money back over to myself. if this is what it is, you're right, it's the dumbest thief on record. i hope they're all that dumps we can catch them all. >> something endearing. he wrapped it and turned around and made the deposit. may be stupidity in a weird way can become enduring at a certain
5:00 pm
level. >> ignorance is bliss. at the end of the day, i don't trust atms or banks anymore anyway. that's what mattresses are for. you're going to steal money, put it under your mattress. >> joe's operation down in georgia, i bet it's well protected. thank you for watching fox news prime time. see you back here tomorrow. tucker carlson. ♪ ♪ steel we are proud to say that our documentary on kyle rittenhouse came out today. it's called "the trial of kyle. you can get an exclusive preview in a moment. good evening and welcome to tucker carlson tonight. here's a question. what happens when you crush entire sectors of your own economy for nearly two years and then to compensate for your crime you decide to inject trillions of dollars of freshly painted cash into the system. what happens if you do that?


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