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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  December 16, 2021 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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at the end of the day, i don't trust atms or banks anymore anyway. that's what mattresses are for. you're going to steal money, put it under your mattress. >> joe's operation down in georgia, i bet it's well protected. thank you for watching fox news prime time. see you back here tomorrow. tucker carlson. ♪ ♪ steel we are proud to say that our documentary on kyle rittenhouse came out today. it's called "the trial of kyle. you can get an exclusive preview in a moment. good evening and welcome to tucker carlson tonight. here's a question. what happens when you crush entire sectors of your own economy for nearly two years and then to compensate for your crime you decide to inject trillions of dollars of freshly painted cash into the system. what happens if you do that?
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we don't know what happens when you do that because no one in history has ever been stupid enough to try it. it's going to be years before he really understand the consequences of all this, our governments or reckless coronavirus policy. in the meantime we can say with total confidence that the american economy is getting very weird. not all of it. some of what we are seeing isn't weird in the slightest. it was entirely predictable. if you create trillions of u.s. dollars out of nothing, u.s. dollars are going to be worth less. much less. this is called inflation. we are suffering through it right now. inflation very simply as a result of too much money in the system. if you have too much something, its value falls? supply and demand, remember? this is what's causing the rise in real estate prices and bitcoin and other assets investors want to when they no longer trust the country's currency. why can't you afford a house right now? simple. washington printed too much money. no one should be surprised by this. the cycle is as old as money itself. political leaders devalue the currency for short-term game.
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in the end, this leads to long-term collapse. debasing the coinage, that's what they used it to call it. by the middle of the third surgery, the rome into the area, the silver coin was 2% silver. the entire roman empire blew up in the barbarians took over. it wasn't just the romans who did this. every government devalues its currency at some point. they do it because of the irresistible. you can't not do it. if you do it you get free money don't have to raise taxes. seems like a good idea but in the end every government pays the price for doing this. more precisely its citizens do. the current inflation, horrible as it is, hardly unexcited. you have to be a fed chairman not to have seen it coming. what's confusing as hell is our labor market. the underpayment rate is higher than it was before covid. not a ton but some. that means fewer people have jobs that did two years ago. labor force participation, slightly different measurement,
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its way down and that means your people are working or even looking for jobs. so that's the picture on one side of the labor market. and yet, this is the truly bizarre part, we are simultaneously experiencing a serious labor shortage. we have a shortage of labor and neglect of labor simultaneously. in some places, businesses have shut down because they can't find employees, as you well know if you live here. so again at the very same moment, we have both too many workers and also to fewer workers. that does not make sense. how can that possibly be happening? and again, we are going to be honest and tell you we are not entirely sure how it's happening. no one is entirely sure. but we can tell you it's definitely not natural. this is not how markets are supposed to work. this is not a good sign. if you are running the country and you would be responsible person, you'd be concerned about a trend like this but the leaders don't seem especially concerned. a professor of economics at michigan state university, cook
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has advised joe biden's economic possibly. she is considered a shoo-in for a plumber to the federal reserve board. lisa cook will be one of the people in charge with fixing the mess. how is she going to do? the early sides are not especially promising. not long ago cook and other faculty members at michigan state got an email from their school. "all residential dining halls could use your help." it turns out food service staff weren't showing up to work. partly because of the economic policies that the weight has had enacted on the advice of lisa cook. as a result of that the cafeterias desperately needed faculty to pitch in and help to feed people. the most basic job of all. and yet as far as we know, lisa cook despite her perfectly suited last name, did not help. she stayed home. in case you think we are sing going out lisa cook, to be fair, a lot of people are staying home these days. they're not pitching in. the number of americans who have jobs has dropped by nearly 5 million people since february
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of last year. none of these people according to the government assessment is looking for a new job. why? lots of reasons. some of them have retired. others have moved on to work it's difficult for the government to keep track of. not always a bad thing. if you have left a soul crushing job at citibank to tent an organic apple orchard, it's kind of hard to see how that is a net loss for society. we should be celebrating. good for you. the problem is with all the rest. some large percentage of able-bodied americans have just decided to stop working at all. now in the long run, this is a big change. it's not good for the national character, for example. healthy societies value work. they believe it confers dignity and meaning. but in the short term as an economic matter, it's killing small businesses. seeker there is a driver shortage in this country and it's not just hitting transporting goods. school bus drivers are in short supply too. >> and the manager works the register.
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to cover short staffing, a fact of life in so many businesses. >> some walgreens pharmacy drive-thru is like this one in green bay i've been blocked off recently. signs posted on the window say they don't have enough staff. >> certain job sectors like retail, restaurants and hospitality are understaffed. no matter how you slice it. >> the government has incentivized people not to work, so it's really tough to get people to work and once they are here, to stand for more than six months. >> tucker: why is this happening question again, the signs of it are everywhere. there is no room service and your hotel, in case you haven't noticed and that is the least of it. one of the reasons this is happening is because government put out some really destructive policies. here is bill kane to explain. >> this is kathy. this is the sign you had up front and we came in.
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we are short staffed. please be patient with the staff who did show up. no one wants to work. they would rather draw on employment. >> that's true, that so true. i'm so tired of all of it. quit giving all this unemployment. they are getting unemployment. they are getting stimulus. why work. they make a lot of money. they are quitting just so they can get on employment. still one so you never hear anybody on tv say that but if ye around people with what we used to call working-class jobs, you hear it all the time. you hear it a lot. people are mad about it. at the international house of pancakes in wasilla, alaska, it's not always possible to get pigs in a blanket. here's the message. due to the fact that biden gave out way too much free money and nobody wants to work anymore we are forced to reduce our hours during the week. so there is some truth in this. at times over the past two years, some people were making much more in government unemployment benefits and they had been making in the jobs that they left. one analysis found that thanks
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to the so-called tears act, restaurant workers nearly doubled their weekly pay when they became unemployed. the government was literally making it more lucrative for people not to work and stay at home. that's the definition of insanity. not only do policies like that wreck our economy in close ihop, there is an obvious moral cost, what is the message the government is sending? the messages sending that you would have to be an idiot work. you've got to wonder what damage that message has done to the country's attitudes about work. here is one measure of the damage potentially. supplemental unemployment benefits ended this fall. they were so clearly nuts. yet a lot of people didn't go back to work. in fact even more americans quit their jobs. one poll found 73% of americans are thinking about quitting right now. again, this isn't all bad. it's complex and we want to be honest. some jobs aren't worth having peer we wish people would quit. it would great to see a mass
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exodus of diversity officers. they can do tile work. we hope they will. and we must be honest, people who do want to work, it's a shrinking number. there's good news for them. wages are up dramatically. pretty clearly at the bottom end. some fast food workers are making 18 bucks an hour plus signing bonuses and that seems like something to celebrate but of course no one in washington is celebrating. it's a victory for americans don't have college degrees and that's a defeat for them so in washington they are thinking of ways to use mass integration to shaft workers out of their gains. immigrants could fix u.s. labor shortage read a recent headline. the head of domino's pizza grease. he would like to pay his employees lesson he would like to use newly imported foreign workers. how does the white house feel? biden is on board. he wants democratic voters from foreign countries. what you are looking at is the perfect alignment of malignant
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motives. expect the borders to stay open. when no one in washington is thinking about and what we should all be thinking about is why is this happening in the first place. why are fewer people choosing to work? and have been for a long time by the way. this is not a new trend. our labor markets have been getting sicker for generations. this is one measure. this shows the labor force participation rate of american men. what do you notice, the line goes straight down. this is the labor force participation rate of women in america. that line moves in the opposite direction. as you can tell for 70 years we've been losing men in the workforce. many call this progress on the assumption that anything is bad and degrading for men must be good for america but it is not progress. it's a problem. the average man defines himself by his job. men and women are very different, extremely different. society is built on their differences. every society is in the thing about men as they kind of need
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to work. they tend to fall apart when they are unemployed. not all of them do but enough of them do that we should be worried only see trends like this. but leaders aren't worried. heedless of the consequences, they use covid to accelerate the trend. here's one example. who is hurt most by vaccine mandates? of the group least likely to get vaccinated, working-class men. what percentage of "new york times" reporters have obeyed joe biden had been injected with the vaccine? probably around 100%. among men who work in oil fields the number is closer to 10%. a massive difference. massive disparate effect. like a lot in american life, there's actually a class war in progress here. just beneath the surface. when you fire people for not taking an injection by the way doesn't work, you're not hurting the private equity people. you're hurting blue-collar people. maybe that's why they are doing it. either way, here is the core. the incentives that we have constructed in this country over
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a long period of time. accelerating recently have a very specific effect. those policies reward people who don't want a job and they punish people who do want a job. what they do is they degrade work. they strip it of its inherent meaning and that's a problem in a country that's running out of things that have inherent meaning. they are telling you that your religion means nothing, your patriotism means nothing, your family means nothing. now they are telling you your work means nothing. what does mean anything on how long can a society continue the doesn't have meaning? and that doesn't review your work. there's probably no one at a better position to answer that question than micro. micro was and is now once again the host of the acclaim show "dirty jobs." started a very successful foundation whose job it is to match willing workers with skilled work. mike, thanks for coming on.
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the surf is super complicated and i hope that we didn't simplify it to the extent that we have distorted what's happening. there's a lot of that no one understands but if you step back you see the government diss incentivizing work, incentivizing idleness, sending a message there is no dignity and work and no meaning and why bother and what effect does that have? the effect was encapsulated perfectly and everything that you just said. not to blow smoke or show too much of my own bias. that's the greatest monologue i've heard you do. this is no longer a matter of a skills gap or a few million people unemployed and employers frustrated because of the mismatching skills. this is a matter of national security i think because i think it goes right to our identity as a people. when i started that foundation,
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mike rowe works, 13 years ago on labor day we had record high unemployment. every morning i woke up. i was shooting "dirty jobs" and i would look at the headlines in the paper and it was always a click up. 8%, 8.5, nine. everywhere he went on "dirty jobs" we saw help-wanted signs. it became obvious something else was happening in the country. there was some other alternative narrative going on regarding opportunity. the point is that was 13 years ago and there were 2.3 million open positions. today it's 11 million. 11 million. 12 million people quit their jobs in the fall. so your right to wonder what is going on and is there an explanation that goes beyond money? the answer is yeah. it's our whole relationship with work. so look, it feels very political
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because everything today is very political. the skills gap shouldn't be. one quick point, all of my buddies on the left tell me that the reason for all this opportunity is because employers are fundamentally rapacious and greedy. all of my buddies on the right tell me all of this opportunity is a function of workers being universally lazy and shiftless. they are both painting with too broad a brush. the answers as you said are bit more complicated. >> tucker: i think that's exactly right but at the heart it's the question of national character. is this a country that respects labor? i don't mean organized labor. maybe that too but the act of labor, creating something that didn't exist before. >> part of the fault in our stars is that we come to resent
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the very things we rely upon so when the power goes out for three or four days up here where i live, people shake their fists at the line into because they are frustrated but the linemen are trying to get the power back on. we don't really respected. in fact skilled labor, all too often reminds the rest of us of what we are fundamentally lacking. the thing that scares me more than anything in the reason i started the foundation when i did was 13 years ago for every five tradesmen that retired two replaced them. this is what abraham lincoln called a terrible arithmetic. if that was the only thing going on today, we would have cause to be concerned. to your earlier point, it's not just the boomers retiring earlier. it's real fear of covid that's been infecting us. it doesn't matter whether the fear is justified or not. it is there. it's real. the class thing that you
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mentioned, whether it's true or not we have been told that the reason we are unhappy is that our bosses make too much and so forth and so on. it's a big, complicated mess. >> tucker: it is but we should care. i know you do. mike rowe, thank you. >> any time. >> tucker: mike rowe, who was of all things and accomplish opera singer has recorded a new song with john rich called "santa has got a dirty job." it seems spicy. it's reach number one for multiple days on itunes. you can download your copy today. proceeds benefit mike rowe works. kyle rittenhouse went to kenosha last august because rioters were burning the city to the ground. he worked there. why were they burning a question like the people in charge of our country did nothing to stop the violence. they encouraged it. we thought the story was interesting enough to make a documentary about it. it is called "the trial of kyle."
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we took a close look at who was responsible for the deaths in kenosha that day. here's a look. the chaos in kenosha was not accidental. >> it's a movement. they are not going to stop. everyone be aware. they are not going to stop before election day november and they are not going to stop after the election. >> democrats, media activist groups and their corporate sponsors directed the attack. they inspired their foot soldiers by lying about the events that started the riot. the shooting of jacob lake. >> witnesses say blake had broken up a fight and he did not appear to be armed. >> they said blake was unarmed, that he was there to break up a fight. >> someone who was trying to break up a fight between two women. >> tucker: all of it was a lie. here's what actually happened. officers in kenosha responded to a call of domestic violence. the mother of jacob blake's children told the police "he's got my kids. he's got my keys.
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close with the officers believed blake was trying to kidnap his own children. blake had a knife and he was wanted for sexual assault. he resisted arrest. officers tried teasing jacob lake but that didn't work. those are the facts. as they emerge, the media narrative crumbled but by that point it was too late. the left was already using nonprofits like gofundme to give cover for logistical support. >> professional agitators is what we call them. they don't care. >> tucker: more than half the people arrested in the riots weren't from kenosha. first the media blasts false propaganda to incite violence and then the criminals are let loose. nonprofit groups are activated. the state abdicates its responsibility to stop the chaos, to enforce order, and then self-defense is framed as murder. the purpose of all this is demoralization and pacification.
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>> tucker: you can watch the first 4 minutes before committing to a membership. go to if you like it, you can get a fox nation's obstruction for free at their website and watch the whole thing. the state of florida where everyone has died of covid, cnn has told us, in fact has one of the lowest covid infection rates in the nation. how did they manage to do that without forcing everyone to get a shot they don't want? the surgeon general of florida will be here to explain next.
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xfinity rewards are our way of thanking you just for being with us. enjoy rewards like sing family fun nights! rent sing for $1, then belt out all your favorite tunes from the movie with sing karaoke. plus, see sing 2 in theaters with buy-one-get-one free fandango tickets. join over a million members by signing up for free on the xfinity app. our thanks. your rewards. ♪ ♪ >> tucker: we seem to assume that getting hysterical about covid reduces covid. is there any evidence for that? biden is more hysterical about covid than donald trump was but many more people have died under bite and than trump. florida has rejected vaccine mandates, masking. we were told everyone in florida was going to die but the state
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has one of the lowest rates of covid in the country now. covid cases are spiking in new york which has vaccine passports and has for months. everyone is vaccinated in new york, triple vaxxed and they all have the rona. what is that? dr. joseph ladapo joins us. thanks for coming on. as a physician, is there a connection to how hard you hyperventilate about a disease and the incidence of the disease? >> him i would say in this country it appears there is a relationship between those two. the hysteria does seem to induce additional cases and additional measures that didn't work the first time. but we are going to do them again anyway. >> tucker: as an epidemiological matter, if something doesn't work and it continues -- you continue to do it, is a proof of insanity? >> [laughs]
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i might leave that question to my psychiatrist colleagues. my opinion would be that it's not healthy. >> tucker: no. definitely not healthy. it degrades reason which is scary. what is the state of covid in the state of florida? >> tucker, we have, first of all i want to acknowledge governor desantis' leadership. you have a guy who never spent the day in medical school but he managed to basically implement a more effective public health program for the coronavirus than any other state in the country. what does that mean? we have made vaccines widely available. we have prioritized seniors. we have stepped away from mandates. they only have brought division and really increase the politicization of the pandemic. and he has made monoclonal antibodies available. early treatment. the idea that it's message we heard nationally that you should go home and wait if you are high
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risk and contract coronavirus, it's terrible medical practice and its terrible advice. it resulted in a lot of people dying who didn't need to die. governor desantis led the state in helping create monoclonal antibody sites and encouraging clinicians and people who live in florida to seek therapy. >> tucker: if you get monoclonal antibodies in the first four or five days, your chances of dying from corona are much reduced, are they not? >> tucker, what you're saying is it's so simple that it's hard to reckon something that is so simple and is true. what you said is absolutely true. with the fact that no other states in the nation have been as proactive and letting their citizens know about the availability of early treatment. you're right. >> tucker: i cannot wait until you run hhs. i will come to your swearing in.
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doctor, thank you. >> let me add one other thing. to say that even if our cases increase, which we expect that's going to happen around the nation, it does look like the omicron variant is more transmissible. our answer unlike other states is not more restrictions or more mandates. it's really just early treatment. we're going to be making sure that's known blanket or throughout the state. >> tucker: amen. thank you. good to see you, doctor. >> thanks, tucker. >> tucker: here's a piece of advice. if you find yourself living in a place where people are still talking about covid nonstop two years and, it's time to move. not just because your neighbors have been brainwashed off easily they have been but because your neighbors are boring. at this point it's simply not an interesting topic for your private life. yes, covid has killed a lot of people. so has prostate cancer. imagine telling people about your prostate everyday for the next two years. people would know you were a narcissist. no one would sit next to you at dinner.
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you would be boorish. that's exactly what covid talk sounds to the well-adjusted among us. when we talk about covid incessantly, we miss everything else -- the real point. this is a big and complicated and completely fascinating world. babies are born. the elderly die. in between all kinds of things happen. we succeed, fail, skin, aspire, fall in love, great things, we have deep and valuable insights into life itself. human beings do a remarkable variety of legitimately interesting things. talking about corona is not one of them. so let's stop. one of the goals of the blm movement has been eliminating the nuclear family. a new effort to fight back and protect the family. thank god. that's straight ahead. home
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>> welcome to fox news live.
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the mexican authorities issuing a search warrant for actor alec baldwin's cell phone. they say the phone could hold evidence that might be helpful as they investigate the deadly shooting on the film set. baldwin was holding revile trickle revolver when a fire. baldwin maintained he did not pull the trigger. no charges have been filed. the biden administration endings settlement talks with migrant families of the border. an agreement could have led to billions of dollars in payments. talks stalled after a leak in late october suggested that parents affected could be paid up to $450,000. that's going to do it for this update. i'm kevin corke. back tomorrow "tucker carlson tonight." ♪ ♪ >> tucker: on its website, they are not hiding it, blm has
5:37 pm
called for the emanation of the nuclear family. they are not the only ones. this is a big theme on the left. children are burden to the environment. don't be loyal to your family. a rutgers professor called brittany cooper said "we don't need traditional nuclear families." contributor to "fearless with jason whitlock." he joins us now. thanks for coming on. she is speaking, this rutgers professor, they are always the worst, speaking specifically about the black family. i think you could say -- i think it's true for all people. address what she said, if you would. >> sure, thank you for having me, tucker. professor cooper's thoughts really epitomize one of the major themes on the left. it's not just her. people like another professor who you've had on the show before. the black lives matter movement.
5:38 pm
they all seem to have a particular view of the importance of the nuclear family and father's specifically. so when professor cooper's as we don't need the nuclear family for black children to thrive, she's really speaking her native tongue. i don't know why they are so committed to going against the natural family unit. men and women raising their biological children which really is the bedrock of any society. that unit gives children a type of safety and security they need to learn, to love, to explore. we have seen particularly in the community the impact of the disillusion in many respects of the family over the past 60 years. as i said, people like brittany cooper or michael eric dyson will go and participate in a panel in which they dismiss the importance of fathers, particularly black fathers. they mockingly referred to them as the magical black daddy myth.
5:39 pm
but michael eric dyson comes on your show and promotes his idea of individual reparations accounts for black people that white people will pay into. that really gets to the heart of this problem. the left thinks that the biggest issues facing the black community are racism and wealth inequality. that's why their preferred solutions are bigger government and better white people. my point is that children need their fathers. they need strong families. the bigger and stronger the family grows, the less need they have for government in their individual day-to-day lives. >> tucker: you have the evidence on your side. what they are tending to do us harm. it's like telling an emphysema patient to switch to nonfiltered. our social problems are the result of no fathers in the home. that's been proven. it seems like they want to hurt
5:40 pm
people. >> if you're really sort of tracing the entire movement, you see how we talk about the nuclear family. it also traces to abortion. the left seems to think that fewer black children born in this world is a sign of liberation and the people who want more black children to be born are fighting on behalf of white supremacy. >> tucker: [laughs] i know! i don't think we should abort millions of black kids. you're a racist. [laughs] okay. that's totally insane. great to see you tonight. jonah squires. thank you. city transportation official caught with a blowup doll. we will leave it there and force you to stay through the break to find out what that means. we'll be right back.
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♪ ♪ >> tucker: here is a story that could have only happened in new york. a blowup doll appeared alongside a government worker in that city. probably not the first time.
5:46 pm
we are not judging anyone. we understand this is common. we would like more details. fox's matt finn is on the story. >> a new york metro transportation authority manager was caught on camera pulling into his brooklyn office building with an inflatable blowup doll and his passenger seat. "the new york post" reports. he claimed the doll was for the company and not an attempt to ride the hov lane with what appears to be a passenger. he is the general superintendent with the mta buses department. paid $122,000 per year. former nypd cop who has been with the mt for a decade. when the post confronted him about the doll, he said it's for the company, asking, have i ever lie to you. inflatable dolls and dummies are a common scam to skirt hov rules. the dollars available online for about $15.
5:47 pm
one of his colleagues told the post it was weird when they saw the doll in his car and asked why anyone would have it except to cheat the rules. a union official said it's unbecoming of a manager, begging the question what else he might be doing in secret. the mta says they are investigating. we'll keep you updated. >> tucker: there is an epidemic of creepiness in this country i have to say. i'm not going to ask you to comment on that, matt finn. your job is to just reported. thank thank you for doing it. the national archives just released more than 1,000 pages of newly declassified documents related to the kennedy association. joe, thanks for coming on. >> thanks for having me. >> tucker: there is still documents that haven't been released, am i right? >> yeah. it's astonishing. 15,000 documents haven't been released. these documents were sealed
5:48 pm
before you and most people who now cover the case were born. decades. >> tucker: you wrote a very famous book called "case" or" arguing that the warren commission was right in its assessment. there has got to be some reason to keep these things classified. >> part of it is the bureaucracy of the intelligence services. they won't give up on documents. if they think there is something in there they want to keep secret, even if it happens to be the name of a former agent or a way they spied on embassies from cuba and the soviets. they locked those up. they keep them confidential. they fight against their release. i thought it would take a president like trump who was president in 2017 when this issue came up to say no, i'm not buying the old excuses for confidentiality. release them. they convinced him to hold on to them and then it came up in october of this year with biden who has been there long enough in washington that he's comfortable with those intel services.
5:49 pm
so most of them stay sealed. what are they going to tell us? it's not a smoking gun of a conspiracy but i think it could be hiding the evidence that the cia in particular had information that oswald was potentially dangerous, might act out, and they didn't do anything monthly for the assassination when he had a job on the route that the president's motorcade was going past. >> tucker: pearl harbor. can i ask, you went through the documents that have been released. what jumped out at you? >> what jumped out at me is this the not the way to do a documentary really released. you get a document, "the new york post" and the daily mail running headline saying that oswald was in touch with the kgb agent a month before the assassination. that is one of the document said but it's old news. it was released in '98. what was new was one sentence about the cia spying on foreign embassies. so unless you go back to the old documents and compare them, you
5:50 pm
don't know what's new. the archives could do a much better chance of making this simpler for transparency's sake for historians. >> tucker: and our journalists could do a better job. on many levels. >> i think that's true. as we were talking about, most journalists weren't even born when kennedy was killed. they aren't in the weeds like i am on the case was hard for them to know what's new versus what's old news. >> tucker: great to see you. thank you. really an amazing story that has gotten virtually no attention. u.s. army veteran who served in iraq and afghanistan rotting in jail tonight for the crime of defending himself and his family. very straightforward case of self-defense. he is still in jail. why is that? we'll speak to his lawyer straight ahead.
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>> tucker: one of the saddest thing about the kyle wren house
5:56 pm
trial as it was political. immediately, people broke into particular sides in the ebb skewed the truth which from the first day which it was self-defense. the story, from our protective, which is not political. we don't think anyone involved in this is conservative. as a matter that -- here's the story. the u.s. army veteran served and not iraq and afghanistan is facing the first-degree murder charges in the city of baltimore after he shot a known gang member who attacked him with a club. the gang member also threatened his family. so he has taken this up as an attorney. a friend of his and representing him. we are grateful to have him on the show tonight. thanks so much for coming on. >> thank you, mr. carlson. >> tucker: i only read the account of it. but from what i read, this was very straightforward self-defense. am i missing something? >> he came home and started a
5:57 pm
business, teaching at risk youth how to box. he is a boxer. and he -- the story is a little bit more complicated than this, but for time concerns, going to consolidated. decided to visit his mother with his two children. a trip to grandma's house in baltimore. and he arrives there and they notice cabs hanging around his mother's first four patio. and she is not a cat lady. so they asked why are all the cats here and they see it and she says oh, my neighbors upstairs, they don't like to take their trash down. so they can leave it stacked up on the balcony and a leaks garbage down onto my patio. i feed the cats keep the mice away. he says why don't you talk to them? she said i tried, he is in his 20s, not respectful. i am 66 years old. what am i going to do? he says i will try talking to him. and sure enough he comes out on the deck and he calls up to them
5:58 pm
and start a conversation with him. a respectful conversation. and this young man went off the rails. i told your mother she wasn't going to be living here anymore, told her not to disrespect me. he just exploded at him. he told him right there that this was going to be taken care of. i will be right down. he is no fool. he grew up on the main streets. he knew what he was dealing with, he knew he was dealing with the gang member. at that gang member was calling for backup. so he did, as far as i'm concerned, what he should have done. he started packing his kids in his car, told his mom to hurry up and pack her dog up -- they were leaving for new york city to visit his grandmother, at his great grandma's house. he grabbed a 9-millimeter his mother kept on the bookshelf next to the door for her own self protection because he knew while he was loading things up things could go sideways and he is a protector. and he has his kids, its fiance, his 66-year-old mother. sure enough, he is putting his
5:59 pm
kids in the car when they gang member for monsters comes down and dashed downstairs with a giant wooden chair, crashes into, picks up one of the heavy wooden legs, in the front yard is probably 20 feet square and it's down a hill. so three or four steps in this guys on top of them. and he is coming at ten with the club raised. he shot him three times. cleared the chamber, drop the gun, got in his car, got his kids to safety. they didn't want the additional gang members coming back. then there was a real shoot up and who knows what happens. he ended up driving back to georgia and getting his kid safe, getting his fiancee's head, checking himself into the veterans administration's hospital because this was a difficult situation and he called and turned himself in. >> tucker: n/a put him in jail on first-degree murder charges. i hope that you will come back.
6:00 pm
because this is one of those stories that i want to keep tracking because i think it is really important. it sounds like an amazing man. thank you. >> thank you mr. carlson. >> tucker: we are out of time. the trial of kyle is out today on fox nation. hope you watch it. we will see you tomorrow. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> sean: welcome to "hannity." a busy breaking news night tonight. assure sworn has been issued for alec baldwin's phone and connection with the horrific fatal shooting on the movie set back in october. we have a lot more coming up on the shocking development. that is straight ahead. but first, our account, sadly, there is no more of us. it continues. >> americans held hostage behind enemy lines.


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