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tv   Gutfeld  FOX News  December 16, 2021 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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>> laura: that's it for us to make her remember, freedom matters. great totes, great products. the blue. i wore this today to the doctor. everybody wanted. gutfeld is great and he's next. ♪ ♪ >> greg: happy thursday, everyone. the crime is higher than me. it's getting so bad in california, people are leaving their trunks open. car trunks. with this crowd, i should be specific, the.
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to avoid having their windows broken, they are leaving the car is open telling thieves to take whatever they want. the mayor of san francisco said she has had enough. of the behavior she and others have enabled. for now it's time for the rain of criminals who are destroying our city to end. >> it's time that the reign of criminals who are destroying our city, it's time for it to come to an end and it comes to an end when we couldn't take the steps to be more aggressive with law enforcement, more aggressive with the changes in our policy. less tolerant of all of the [bleep] that has destroyed our city. >> greg: back to planet earth. so it's bull poop destroying your city? take a look at your shoes. i'm pretty sure it's human. might as well start there.
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that is insulting language coming from someone who's proud the city believes in giving people second chances. >> we are city that prides our self on second and rehabilitation. but we are not a city where goes. our compassion should not be mistaken for weakness or indifference. when i am proposing today and what i will be proposing in the future will make a lot of people uncomfortable and i don't care. at the end the day, the safety of the people of san francisco is the most important thing to me. >> greg: wow. did someone replace london breed with an evil twin? someone who is competent? it's not my job to say i told you so but i can't stop it. i told you so. that felt better than a foot massage. this show was repeatedly warned her that the city was in a death spiral. but like kilmeade when we asked them to lay off the aftershave,
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she wouldn't listen. the mayor refused to read the handwriting on the wall but maybe she read the feces on the sidewalk. it's not breaking news that san francisco has turned into a haven for public defecation, i wonder if it hit her street. >> you're forcing the mayor to crackdown. >> i have [bleep] and a lot of people's backyards. joe montana, barry bonds. it's possible i hit her yard without realizing it. >> i've hit all the great spots in san francisco. i [bleep] in the front yard of the house from full house and ran off the edge of the golden gate bridge. they didn't try to stop it. it's on my bucket list but spoiler alert, i don't have a bucket. above ground. i am not a monster. i've got to run. the coffee is kicking in and i have to hit nancy pelosi's house
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before dark. >> greg: is also wrong to criticize someone like the mayor for finally the right decision just because she could have done it far sooner. the fact is every right decision could always be done sooner. true i could have quit doing drugs sooner but doesn't make it wrong that i still quit later or rather plan on quitting later? who in the near future. let's be optimistic. the mayor's comments seem to be affecting the most stubborn democrats living in a state of denial, that state being california. they realize people are dying around them or at least the people they care about, the rich white liberals who make up their tax base. they should attitude of lawlessness in our country that springs from i don't know where. maybe you do. >> there's an attitude of lawlessness in our country that springs from i don't know where.
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maybe you do. >> greg: thank you. that lawlessness mysteriously grew on its own like your eight figure net worth. i guess we should be grateful you didn't blame us for it. but the violence springs from you don't know where? i guess that fridge full of ice cream froze what's left of your brain. it's obvious far left politicians and media cowards pushed for defining the police. they helped raise money for rioters. does that ring any bells for you yet, nancy? let's not forget making shoplifting a misdemeanor as long as you stroll under a grand worth of crap. the leaders didn't seem to mind since the disconnected elites can't imagine anything costing less than a grand parade that is gavin newsom's weekly budget for hair gel. the internal democratic flaw or if user to see how their incentives for bad behavior only create more bad behavior. they are like life coaches for
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criminals. they do overthink to encourage them except stand outside of zales with pom-poms and cheer them on. that's all right, that's okay. just grab the [bleep] and drive away. now they admit the cities being destroyed and nancy is like wow, how did that happen? if her face could move, she would be shocked. maybe pelosi is playing dumb since she already made excuses for may have. remember her response to the mobs destroying public property? >> i don't care that much about the statute. >> done by a commission of the city council. a mob in the middle the night? >> people do what they do. >> greg: people will do what they do, says princess frozen face. i guess under trumpet was easier to side with the mob then take a stand against lawlessness but the but they are getting what they wanted. if the change of heart or whatever tiny organ still beats in pelosi's chest i hope it's
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real. liver after blm protesters demanded defunding, breed announced she would luck longer with budget cuts to the police and the sheriff's department. she was warned that he could hurt the city but she was more interested in appearing woke. i guess you are awake now, london. what followed. crime, theft, murder. violent crimes are lower than historic levels but that's because businesses and residents stopped reporting the crimes because like kilmeade sending out birthday party invitations, they never get any response. >> you have not even introduced me yet. >> greg: i am waiting. criminals tend to hold a grudge. meanwhile in san francisco the rate of arrests to medically decline for many crimes. dramatically declined. the progressive d.a. charge 46%
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of theft arrests. he charged 35% of petty theft arrests. that's not a reduction in crime, that's called giving up. so after all of this, breed is changing her tune and urgently requesting more dough for police. well i want to say you could have done it sooner move you should use a good job. better late than never. maybe this concern a true awakening that the woke policies have wreaked upon every city. people should be waking up and saying what have i done? like anyone who hooked up with kilmeade in the '90s. welcome tonight's guests. he knows stock picks like i know cake mix. i eat it right out of the box! author of the new book "there's no free lunch," david bahnsen. the fox christmas tree saw him and set itself on fire. 's "fox and friends" co-host
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and author of a new book, brian kilmeade. alaskans rate his act slightly below the exxon valdez. writer, actor, and comedian jamie lissow. and she's like a holiday fruitcake with twice the brandy and just as many nuts. fox news contributor kat timpf. how are you doing, brian? >> brian: not as good as i was before i walked in. how did i make your monologue twice? >> greg: you are my perfect punch line. a cheap and easy laugh. i say. >> greg: how dare you? >> greg: i will take the cheap and easy laugh or you are programming you support defunding the police, you must be upset that mayor breed had a change of heart. >> brian: i don't believe her.
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we are not that dumb. nancy pelosi realizing that crime pays. these people are taking it and reselling it. wow. she is 111 years old and she just figured out what's going on in her own town. here's what i'm saying. things are so bad they have to change but don't ask the cops to change. giving them more money. they are out. they dealt them out. they are out. they have no power. they don't have her back and they're not going to do any arrests until you change the rules on show some sincerity. you can hire as many cops as you want. they are not in until they get the power to actually do their job. >> greg: if they make the arrest, why arrest anybody if they're going to be on the street before you even do the paperwork? >> brian: they are not working. i don't blame them one second. it shows the desperation. >> greg: jamie in the green room you said let's kill them all. i didn't know what you meant by them.
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>> jamie: the bugs. >> greg: the bugs on the wall. >> jamie: i just want to let everybody know that i don't have a book out. >> greg: [laughs] why did these cities let crime gets out of control? >> jamie: it's so crazy. isn't it sad to think you have to pull your car up and leave the trunk. it's insane. and windows down. i was in san francisco two weeks ago. i walked home with no pants on. because i was worried about a pickpocket. to be totally honest, that's just what i came up with when the cop caught up with me. putting the trunk open, i don't know if it's a good idea. there's nothing in here. if you look harder, my registration, there's my address. maybe there's some nice things there. as a parting gift, why don't you grab the battery? >> greg: if you're going to leave your car unlocked they're
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just going to find out where you live and less like you come you live in the car. >> jamie: i live in the car. hey, get out of here. what's funny, there's obviously pros and cons to everything i know there's a big homeless problem in san francisco but my buddy who lives there told me he is saving so much money not having to fertilize his lawn. because they are [bleep] on it. >> greg: yes. we got it. david, welcome to the show. you know what i noticed. these cities didn't seem to care until they smash and grab started hitting high-end luxury goods places. it's a most like they could endure the murder but they couldn't endure the wealthy not being able to shop. >> david: you're right. he's a funny lady, by the way. the mayor of san francisco is the one caught dancing at a wedding without a mask on and she said everyone needs to be
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masked and i did take my mask off. i won't apologize because sometimes you just got to dance. the spirit moved in her. i think her attitude to this crying thing is sometimes criminals are just going to be criminals. it's very arbitrary and i think you're right. in higher in neighborhoods. in brian's point is good. a year away from the election. it looks good about a year and a half ago. running is the party of the french revolution. it doesn't look so good now. >> greg: kat, we have a new mayor coming in, eric adams. he was a former cop. nobody is talking about the resistance from their side. the board, whatever they're called, what is it called? board of commissioners? >> kat: i don't think the audience knows or cares.
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>> david: school people. >> jamie: think they call it the board of san francisco. >> greg: the board of supervisors. that wasn't whispered in my ear from a producer. thanks. >> kat: i disagree, mr. kilmeade. i don't think she had to do this. i think that a lot of people aren't doing this. i think she saw some new information and she used that information or change your tone. people almost never do that. i am sure that was really hard for her to do. she could have come out and said this [bleep] on the sidewalks is white supremacy. boom, "new york times" column. it's better than being cori bush and quietly hiring private security for yourself while continued to say that you want to defund the police. it's not always easy to admit that you are wrong. >> brian: she did defund the police. how did she think it was going to turn out? >> kat: she is acknowledging.
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she is not saying i messed up. we're going to do something different. people almost never do that. >> greg: sometimes you've just got to be grateful for whatever you get from these leaders. >> brian: do you think something is going to be executed from here or is that a speech? dana perino, who likes you a lot, she would never admit that on camera. she says it's contrived. >> greg: that's what dano focused on, the cursing. she said the b word. i can't trust that woman anymore. and dana has a filthy, filthy, filthy mouth. the only person on "the five" who has sworn. not me, not jesse. dana twice. filthy, filthy little farm girl. >> david: who are you talking about? you are way off track. >> greg: i was talking about the judge.
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>> greg: is our division so gigantic we will wind up like the titanic? a new study from cornell university, a local trade school, claims political polarization in the u.s. may be reaching a point of no return. furthermore, we go to the polar correspondent. [growling] i bet you didn't see that coming. polar. so polar bear. according to a bunch of signs dudes, their words, not mine. there may be an actual tipping point where no issue can unite republicans and democrats again,
8:21 pm
not even disliking chrissy teigen. once that point is reached, like brian stelter entering a taco bell drive-thru, things become irreversible. so how did they figure this out? like i said, science or what "fox & friends" call hippie death magic. [laughs] >> brian: where does that come from? that makes no sense. >> greg: hippie death magic. i heard you say that. he said it about the vaccine. i am not putting that hippie death magic in my veins. i heard you say that! >> brian: i said johnson & johnson is one child. i don't know how you interpret that. >> greg: you called it hippie death magic. also my jam band. researchers concluded there could be a time when stuff that unites people will have the opposite effect and divide us forever. one doctor summed it up. instead of coming together to
8:22 pm
face, and threats the threat become the polarizing issue. instead of fighting covid, we fight over covid. getting his mother alive at some point. i can dream. is this coming civil war inevitable or is there a way to cool things down? possibly like this. i want one of those. some guy holding me like that. >> brian: tyrus? >> greg: tires could do that anytime he wants. i'm afraid to ask. kat! civil war, yea or nay. >> kat: what do you mean, do i want to start a civil war? that's the kind of question where if i am like yes, that i get arrested. >> greg: that's what i was hoping for. is it overblown? my theory, i'll tell you, people complain about polarization. they were happy when there was
8:23 pm
just one pole. conventional, agreeable wisdom. now you can't have one agreeable pending. you could have two or three or 100. >> kat: they use a lot of science words, like scientists oftentimes do. to explain some thing that we all understand already. except i think it's kind of already sort of happened. things that aren't political at all. we are so polarized that we get to this point it will make it political. what happened with covid? it's a virus and it's completely politicized, polarized, two sides. so i think you can use science words but it doesn't mean that you're not dumb. >> greg: the democrats polarized first and then you get into a polarizing debate over who polarized first. the thing that kills me, david, the media talks about this and they somehow resolve themselves and their profit model. their profit model is about polarization. cnn wants to pit us versus them because then they -- that's how
8:24 pm
they make their money and then they fret about it. >> jamie: you're exactly right. i think the polarization is not perceived to be as bad by people not on twitter and don't watch cnn. twitter reality is different than most people's reality. it's a shame we don't have a president in our country -- a precedent for whether polarization can reject tipping point and we went to war with each other or something like that. the idea that this is the worst we've ever seen is historically ridiculous. but it is unfortunate that after covid, we divided further wears when 9/11, really did unite. but the example of certain issues that bring us back together. crime, trash in the streets or feces but i don't talk the way you people talk. i think you have seen in certain blue cities over the years, certain issues have become totally nonpartisan. they bring people back together. the attack on intrapreneurs, businesses, it's another issue i think moderates just aren't going to put up with.
8:25 pm
>> greg: even after 9/11, you did see there was a future where it became anti-terror versus islamaphobia. it kind of, it took root and it became kind of real. jamie, how do you feel? do you think this is overhyped, the polarization? >> jamie: i think kat nailed it that it's already happening. it's not us versus the virus. it's us versus each other. i was reading brian's first book in the green room, hippie death magic and technology. >> brian: it caught fire. >> greg: do you like fire or does it scare you? >> jamie: we are already at that point. i find trouble -- don't you have discussions with people you know are smart people and there's this divide where you can't get through. there is no middle. there is no overlap. you can't get to it. the only common ground, i was talking to a buddy. he is more on the side of limited capacity for stuff.
8:26 pm
that's the only thing we can find common ground out. i actually am in favor of comedy clubs, they are doing 20% capacity. i like it because it explains why when i'm performing at only 20% of the seats filled. i don't know if you know this but you can get standing room only if you just keep moving chairs. >> greg: [laughs] that's pretty funny. i have a theory, brian. i want you to hear it. the worst part about polarization is that a side could benefit from the other side's expertise. for example, alec baldwin would not be in this horrible ordeal if they hadn't demonized the nra. they could have benefited from the nra being on the set with their real-world knowledge. once you demonize the other side, you can't have the nra. it's a bit of a microcosm, kilmeade. i think it explains everything and i'm not sure i want to hear your response. >> brian: right. you're asking me a question.
8:27 pm
no interest in the response. no penalty for not even close to answering for jamie. all over the place. dave, you are right on the money. thanks very much but you missed the opportunity to plug my legitimate book. the backdrop is the civil war. people say we've never been down this road before. 600,000 plus people died because we were so divided. we came together since. this is nothing in the big picture. what you need is someone like you, leader to bring people together. unlike somebody who's going to win and make the rest of the country feel like everybody lost. somebody who's going to win, get a bipartisan deal like joe biden and say 19 republicans are going to pass the bill. you put your career on the line. not holding onto it for four months. not passive, embarrassed the republicans have that they will never come to the table again. i think i answered a bunch of questions at once. >> laura: you did. >> greg: you did. >> brian: do you want me to
8:28 pm
leave? >> david: in my defense, i felt like everyone was answering questions and i wanted to do something different. >> greg: you wanted to shake things up. shake things up. see seven how dare we stick to the format? what were we thinking? >> greg: all right come up next will have next bond be male, female, or will another prevailrs? vanguard. become an owner. (vo) singing, or speaking. vanguard. reason, or fun. daring, or thoughtful. sensitive, or strong. progress isn't either or progress is everything.
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>> greg: should england's best defender have a different gender? the next spy you love, a man, woman, none of the above? now that daniel craig has officially concluded his 48 year-round as james bond, speculation over who will replace him is in full swing. would be tall or tan, british or brutish. whatever he is he must be gorgeous which eliminates kilmeade. it's a sign of the times that the biggest casting question is should the next below 7b nonbinary? in the time it took to read that
8:33 pm
sentence, china tested a hypersonic missile. nonbinary is someone who identifies as neither male or female. according to bond producer barbara broccoli. she's not totally ruling it out saying i think it's open. we just have to find the right actor. she also said that next bond will likely be a man and should be a dish. imagine if it was a woman and those car chases. stopping to pee, sexist to say. maybe he won't use a gun in the next film. if so it might look like this. >> wears the bomb? you can't get away with this. >> i already have. by the time you tracked me down it will be too late.
8:34 pm
[laughs] >> james comey are so predictable. i'll have to do is push this button and the building will be leveled. >> only one thing can stop a madman like you. >> wait. >> greg: that was good. you don't see that on "fox & friends." jamie, what do you make of this nonbinary option? >> jamie: have to rethink this. i thought nonbinary meant you are bad at math.
8:35 pm
i don't know. i'm not an expert on this area. i feel like if james bond is nonbinary, the audience might be nonexistent. i feel like it's going to be confusing. whoever plays this new james bond, even with just that person talking is going to be a real he said, she said situation. want to be weird? bond. james bond. or bond. jane. definitely bond and then we will figure out the other part. it's a little bit of a weird thing but we'll see what happens. look at daniel crying. >> greg: did you ever see my impression of him? i can't stand him is bond. >> jamie: that's very good. [applause] i just got nervous because i
8:36 pm
thought daniel craig was here. >> greg: he has to purse his lips for two and half hours. see five it's like my sister on instagram. >> greg: he is like a thirsty chick on instagram. >> jamie: he's getting so old. >> brian: do you remember the controversy, could a james bond be blonde? that was controversial. >> greg: this is something i'm going to bring up even though it's change angel. the real story as james bond could be anything but short. we discriminate. we've never talked about the other discriminations are gone. sure people get discriminate in all occupations except of course talk show host. you've got to be good-looking. doesn't matter which gender. you got to be hot and tall. >> brian: i think you're wrong. i'm sure you're wrong.
8:37 pm
case in point: sylvester stallone. america's hero, he wins every fight. >> greg: what era are you living in? did we just fly back to 1978? >> brian: have you heard the word expendables? four in a row. some of which people watched. rocky 6. creed. still relevant, still short. >> greg: you left out cobra. and "stop or my mom will shoot." >> brian: he wanted me to do that. >> david: i think we are missing the side of the story which goes back to our last segment. bringing the country together. come out with a nonbinary james bond and see how quickly this country unites around the absurdity of the idea. >> greg: could bring caitlyn jenner. caitlyn jenner. >> kat: caitlyn jenner is not nonbinary.
8:38 pm
>> david: but is from the same euro of sylvester stallone. >> brian: good point. >> kat: bruce jenner was from that era. caitlyn jenner is later. >> greg: by default, you are young here. is bond just a relic of another era? >> kat: i was going to say i would never watch a james bond movie with a nonbinary james bond but i have also never watched any james bond movie. it is. i am too young for this segment. >> greg: you are. >> brian: is the voice in my head "why am i doing this segment? >> greg: no, i love this segment. coming up, it did criticizing a blm supporter sideline a reporter? i've never woken up like this before. crafted with clinically studied
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>> greg: did she get a raw deal for calling out those who kneel? last month of the nfl sideline reporter gas toasted "the view" and did the unthinkable. she spoke in complete sentences. she had the audacity. >> the comparison he made to slave owners and slaves is not totally unreasonable. >> i support free speech 1000%. i thought comparing it to the slave trade was a little rough. >> greg: smart woman sharing her opinion. like kaepernick during the anthem, the view wouldn't stand for it. "the new york post" was first to report that this season of sunday night football, she won't be on the sidelines.
8:44 pm
michelle was back on tv but was off the air for three weeks in a row leading many to speculate that joy behar had eaten her. or that michelle was sidelined because they weren't happy with her outspoken view. we reached out to her and are still waiting to hear back. michelle, if you're watching, you're always welcome here, unlike joy. here she is expressing her displeasure at hearing the news. that is not joy. that is a seal. david, what is the real story? >> david: it's a shame that in a football season they go 16 weeks that the vacation would be in the middle of the football season when your football commentator as if there aren't 36 other weeks where there isn't football going on that you might be able to take your vacation.
8:45 pm
i can't get straight, what we are supposed to hate these rich white owners for. if they were greedy capitalists who would do anything for a buck but then they don't sign colin kaepernick and i'm pretty sure that if he was going to bring them to a super bowl, he would make them a box. there is some division hear about what's going on. she is 100% right, what she said. you would think they would take her side. what she is saying is that he's offensive to people who actually care about racial injustice. he got 20 million from nike. >> greg: beginning to see that segregation is not just restore gender but ideas. >> brian: i don't know exactly what went on here. >> greg: when has that stopped you? >> brian: please don't encourage him. >> greg: [laughs] >> brian: she's been one of the top two or three sideline
8:46 pm
reporters for the last 15 years. for her to miss a game. she was doing what she does best. she speaks her mind, speaks directly and concisely. colin kaepernick rolled out that documentary. he's talking about. you see tom brady, white guys, black eyes together and they go through the combines and they sit there and they strip you down and see how high you can jump and how fast you can run and that's called investing $100 million in somebody. it's not slavery. >> greg: they strip them down to their shorts? >> brian: you see tom brady in his underwear. got to get that nfl network. >> kat: my first thought was good for her because that job sounds terrible. you have to watch all the football games. you have to stand there completely sober the entire time.
8:47 pm
bad. you have to pay such close attention that you have to be able to ask people questions about it later. what deep, deep, deep circle of hell is that? >> greg: i agree. >> david: there have been plenty of her job that approved you don't have to do it sober. >> greg: i agree. i don't understand. >> kat: congratulations. you're free. >> greg: all right, janie. >> jamie: tom brady is an adonis. sorry. >> greg: the combine. i would like to combine him with a bowl of whipped cream. >> jamie: i felt like i read everything on this story and you still can't figure out what happened. michelle was in the conservative chair on "the view. close but that's the only chair in the studio that's not reinforced. >> kat: is that an upholstery
8:48 pm
joke? >> jamie: i was going to say reinforced for heavyweight. but i just said it. we are live? i don't know how to do this. i don't know where you stand on this. i do appreciate her. "the view" should be called "our view." it should be called the narrow view. they don't let people talk. >> greg: difference of opinion can no longer be tolerated. up next, a test that puts the i.q. debate to rest. instantly clear everyday congestion. and try vicks sinex children's saline. safe and gentle relief for children's noses. as a dj, i know all about customization. that's why i love liberty mutual. they customize my car insurance, so i only pay for what i need. how about a throwback? ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪
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>> greg: do you have to be extra smart to take a a skull apart? researchers asked a group of aerospace engineers and neurosurgeons to take the great british intelligence test and found there was no significant difference in engineer scores versus everyone else. it's another reason to not call jill biden doctor. the neurosurgeons did seem to have faster problem-solving abilities but their memory recall was slower. let's go to the only person in
8:53 pm
history who scored a negative number i.q. test. >> brian: that's so wrong. you're in trouble. you're in trouble. put it this way. your constant barbs have caused an uproar outside the studio and it's prompted t-shirt sales. they are making money off your obsessions. it says greg, please be nice to brian. these are mass-produced from my book tour. my constant question is do you guys really hate each other? the answer is. >> greg: where are you going to be this weekend. >> brian: in nashville. i will be in dayton as well as cincinnati. >> greg: shut up now. jamie, do you regret being a comedian instead of a brain
8:54 pm
surgeon? >> jamie: i do now that i know it is so easy. what the hell? there recommendations to replace the phrase "it's not brain surgery" in the article, "it's a walk in the park." that's a horrible idea. what park? central? jurassic park? what kind of park is it? remember jurassic park for the one dinosaur comes in the middle and gets their attention and the other to attack from the side. you remember that? it's the cast of "the view." i don't know. i don't like any of these phrases. it's a piece of cake. what does that mean, i'm going to be depressed after i eat it and question everything? >> greg: david, what are your thoughts? >> david: it's like any
8:55 pm
profession. some are really smart, some are less smart. and i'll tell you i don't know how many of you have talked to brain surgeons. i would not recommend telling them they are not as smart as they believe they are. they are not under the impression that this story is correct. >> greg: wouldn't it be funny if the brain surgeons were lying and they weren't really doing anything. you're out. >> kat: exactly. i don't know. it's not as hard as our job. >> greg: i don't think so. >> kat: of your brain surgeon, you don't have to worry about being funny. if your joke bombs, they don't know. it doesn't -- you always have to work. >> greg: to make sure that the patient is happy, when you're doing the brain surgery, you put something in there so they say everything is great. >> jamie: if you make a mistake is a brain surgeon, who's going to tell you?
8:56 pm
>> brian: i think you're missing the whole point. i hope the study is wrong. i want brain surgeons and rocket scientist. we need someone to make rockets that we need someone to operate our brains. it can't be ospreys >> greg: don't go away. we'll be right back. one hundred and fifty million meals to feeding america. and now through the subaru share the love event, we're helping even more. by the end of this year, subaru will have donated over two hundred and twenty five million dollars to charity. this is what it means to be more than a car company. this is what it means to be subaru. not only do centrum multigummies taste great. t they help support your immunee than a c defenses, too. because a healthy life. starts with a healthy immune system. with vitamins c and d, and zinc. getting out there has never tasted so good. try centrum multigummies. [upbeat acoustic music throughout]
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boosters keep your laundry smelling fresh way longer than detergent alone. if you want laundry to smell fresh for weeks, make sure you have downy unstopables in-wash scent boosters. >> greg: we are out of time. "fox news @ night" with evil shannon bream. i love you, america. ♪ ♪ >> shannon: hello and welcome to "fox news @ night." i am shannon bream in washington. more plummeting poll numbers for the white house from the pandemic to inflation, higher crime rate. a majority of u.s. voters are extremely or very concerned about issues. our dream team digs into the latest polling. new coronavirus variant spreading.


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