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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  December 17, 2021 12:00am-1:00am PST

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>> sean: all the rights. that is that for mean today and for the rest of the year unless there is big breaking news. thank you for making the show possible and always being there with us. hope you have laura: does this mean tonight is your last show until the new year? the rest of us are going to be toiling away tomorrow night? >> there have been years i got called back from vacation that could happen. laura: 100,000 tiny violins are playing in the other room.
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are you a new year's resolution type person or no? >> i try to center myself, find god and get my creative juices flowing and i already know where i'm headed. i know next year is the biggest most important midterm election year of our lives and i'm going to be focus like a laser beam. >> use of like one of those posters on corporate walls, like it is so perfect. i'm going to have a margarita and go to mass and call it a day. go to a manger scene. we will miss you and i will see you. happy new year. thanks so much. i'm laura ingraham. a group of anti-mandate protesters tried to eat and in new york city applebee's, a
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group of cops could have stopped last summer's rights was one of those arrested is here tonight with all the details and we will bring you in andgraham angle investigation. afghan migrants being kept in swanky hotels and the surrounding community has no clue about it. we are going to take you to bethesda, maryland for an expose you cannot miss but first the reset they need. that's the focus of tonight's angle. it is the number 2 holiday season for democrats in washington. every paul has biden cratering, interparty finger parting over there stalled agenda and the nation is saying we are done with covid and in a major blow from chad program the senate parliamentarian rules the immigration provisions out of order for build back better, today biden formally pulled the
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plug on his social spending bill for the year. this is what happens, the chaos that ensued when you nominate a man as president who doesn't have the stamina to carry out the job. president biden at home and abroad can't persuade anyone of anything. a big problem. at this point democrats know they will get wiped out and the thought of being in the minority with biden in the white house is too much for a lot of and to take. california congressman alan lowenthal, a democrat, announced his retirement ahead of the midterms joining 19 other democrats who are also not returning. i don't blame them. we are the party of the younger, democrats love to say, we're the future, conservatives are so stodgy and boring.
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turns out young people actually value results and think competence is pretty cool. since january biden's approval among adults under 30 has fallen 50 points. today only 29% of that group approves of the job biden is doing. and it is not just the young people who are fleeing biden. is underwater with other key demos as well. women, minus 4 with them, college grads, minus 3.4, the big one, independents, biden is almost 32 points underwater. among hispanics he dropped from a positive 34.7 to a paltry 4.2 net approval rating. this is just a nightmare of a scenario not just for the president and his party but for the country as well.
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sure, republicans are going to flourish in the short term with biden floundering but ultimately we will all be better off if we have two functioning same parties in america. those in the holiday spirit i'm going to offer president biden and the hill democrats important advice tonight now this year is basically shot you need a complete reset in 2022. it is time to move beyond covid, sideline fauci and start working with real republicans, not cheney and ginsburg are on issues like inflation, the border, covid and crime. let's take the inflation issue. you know it is bad and is going to get worse when liberal economist paul krugman, had to do a 180 writing team transitory myself included as i did we are looking at a temporary blessed. so far warnings about inflation have proved right, team
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transitory's predictions would quickly fade have been wrong. at least he admitted it. inflation, simply put is a massive tax on every american and felt most acutely by those who can least afford it. in a report from the wharton school at penn found the average us household will have been forced to shell out $3,500 or more in the past year in order to have the same standard of living they had before, lower income families will spend a staggering 7% more. democrats need to stop trying to shove a round peg into a square hole with the build back better fiasco. it needs to be shown to permanently. even these inflation numbers and the national debt them you just can't do it. time to start cutting spending, not increasing it. inflation is the number one issue for most americans today and as long as the democrats think they can spend their way
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out of the problem they are going to continue to lose. on covid, as we tried to warn biden in the past, the american people have had it. they are tired of covid, tired of talking about covid, hearing about it, changing their lives for which according to trafalgar, 70% surveyed do not want more mandates or restrictions even with omicron. no matter how much hyperventilation they hear on tv they are done but listen to the grim reaper earlier today. >> we are looking at a winter of severe illness and death, unvaccinated, for themselves, their families, and the hospitals they will soon overwhelm. neil: not totally dismissing any protection from natural immunity the previously infected already have. always emphasizing the negative, always what they do. talk about a losing strategy with voters.
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a lot of people have forgotten the vaccine, 57 million have gotten boosted. that number is going to increase but we know this as well. data around the world shows the double vaccinated and boosted people aren't immune from infection, they are still getting it. a virus is going to virus as we say and early treatment and protecting the vulnerable is where biden's focus should be. even former lockdown lover herself gretchen witmer is mixing vaccine mandates for state employees now. this is where biden needs to be added. all mandates need to be dropped nationwide. of people want to wear masks on planes go at it. if they don't don't penalize them. if they have objections to the vaccine they shouldn't be forced
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to get it and should be cut off from daily life or treated like a pariahs. vaccinated people can spread the virus too as we know already know. colorado's governor has realized all this and this week integrated become an emergency over. as bad as biden is doing on inflation and covid he's doing if you can believe it and not even worse on the crime issue. the latest abc poll found only a little more than one in 3 americans, 36% approve of biden is having of crime down from 43% in late october. after the george floyd riots biden's activist base proposed the most idiotic ideas ever, defunding the police. the president claims he was for just reform and not defunding, the public saw his party is joined at the with the blm crown. this trickle down to biden and now has helped fuel the blistering increase in crime across america. murder is up all over the country even in cities like milwaukee which has set homicide records two years in a row now
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and the smash and grab we have seen play out over and over again on tv represent real losses for real people. perhaps the end of retail forever in urban america and it is so bad that far left maryland and breed of san francisco took a hard turn right yesterday. >> it is time that the rain of criminals destroying our city, time for it to come to a end and it comes to the end when we take the steps to be more aggressive with law enforcement, more aggressive with changes in our policies and less tolerant of all the [bleep] that is destroyed our city. laura: sounds like donald trump, any conservative who has been
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talking about this issue but propagandists at cnn are pretending this represents no about-face whatsoever. >> is absolutely right. it's what we have been saying during the pandemic about the rising crime. i think people need to stop listening to the people on all the way far left insanely want to defund the police, bail reform. laura: nice try. all of those shows, there were dozens and dozens of them that were decrying the defund the police effort but nevertheless it is obvious the regime media has begun to realize following the far left means getting blown into political oblivion, none of it is working. as rudy giuliani told us decades
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ago the only way to stop crime is to crackdown on crime. the only way to control the border is to crackdown on illegal crossers. the issue is killing biden. a new foxbusiness paul has and 23 points underwater on the immigration issue, that numbers only going to get worse now that illegals crossing on the rise again. >> migrant families cross illegally into the us and they walk in search of border patrol to give themselves up. and immigration crisis that was once described as seasonal by the biden administration in the spring has shown no signs of slowing. now in the middle of december. laura: cvp arrested 173,600 individuals at the us-mexico border in the month of november, more than double the number from november of 2020. this is infuriating and it is with the open borders radicals in his party want, a borderless world was the only sane thing that happened at the border is the reinstatement of trump's remain in mexico policy but that
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was the court ordered biden to do it. everything else has been a travesty. and on fox media has refused to properly cover the issue focusing almost solely on the humanitarian aspects of the crisis. forget crime, forget the cartels, human smuggling, drug trafficking, american wages, the flood of new workers and the fact that public school classrooms are being overcrowded. when biden wake up, does anyone on his staff not see the heavily his town -- hispanic border counties are turning red? texas congressman henry jen psaki -- cuellar is one of the few democrats sounding the alarm. >> latinos in texas, the last couple days, they know what they heard, they want the border secure. laura: of us biden orders them to return to trump policies that
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work the border will not ever be secured and that is just the way alejandro mayorkas, our dhs secretary, likes it but at least we have a borders are. and thank god kamala harris is on the case arresting all those people down there and addressing all those causes. >>'s vice president harris still in charge of addressing the root causes of migration from el salvador, honduras and guatemala? >> just announced a commitment she's announcing this afternoon. >> weiss that she's not spoken to the president of guatemala since june, 6 months? >> i did see this strange report from the president of guatemala saying he has had no contact with the white house which is inaccurate. >> no contact with kamala harris, but nice try. it doesn't take a political genius to realize biden and his
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party need a complete and total reset in 2022. he talks a lot about his working-class roots. it is time to push policies that actually help the working-class. symbolism alone, spin from jen psaki, profiles by the regime media, none of it will help. only real substantive change, a move to the middle, will. biden will infuriate the squat and some of those are the activists that have driven him into the ditch but this reset must be done. otherwise, the great wipeout of 2022 will send his party back a decade and deeply harm the country he professes to love so deeply and that is the angle. joining his florida senator rick scott, chair of the national republican senatorial committee. is there any indication that the democrats understand why they
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are in such deep pool with the american people? >> it is so bad i called the white house this week about cuba and they hung up on me. is sitting us senator won't take a message or anything, they said no. it is disrespectful to say that they hung up on me. they are not listening to anybody. they don't do anything about the border, they don't do anything about getting gas prices down, food prices down, they've done nothing on the supply chain, i'm not going to let any nominees -- until buttigieg tells us what they're doing on the supply chain. we had a call this week, they have done nothing. there is no -- they are doing nothing on crime, nothing to stop indoctrination of our kids, they are continuing down the path. they are crazy. it is not whatever americans
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want or low income americans want or any american wants. laura: they are losing ground among every key democratic. i don't know of any demographic he hasn't lost significant ground with, we laid out some in the angle but what was stunning to me as biden seemed to be suggesting today that there could be more lockdowns on the way if enough people don't get boosted. watch this. >> if you had your first two shots, if you haven't, get your first shot. it is time. it is past time and we are going to protect our economic recovery, keep schools and businesses open if we do this. laura: if we do this, if people don't get boosted what is he suggesting? and what will the republicans in the u.s. senate do to stop any potential lockdowns or more restrictions?
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>> we voted this week to make sure last week to get rid of the mandate but the house is not going to take that up. just get tired of them saying they care about the poor and hurting the poor every day. look at this inflation. i grew up in a poor family, watched my mom struggle to put food on the table, famous across my status and i have money for gas and feed my kids? the rent is going up. and the biden administration democrats spend more money, cause more inflation, raise their taxes, not for the rich. in the latest bill they want to give the rich in new york and california tax break. charity care in florida and texas and some other states. you can't make this stuff up. the reason why the public is rejecting the biden agenda is it is horrible, it is horrible -- laura: it doesn't work. i will bring up something i
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brought up with every republican senator and congressman who has been on the show. if republicans get control of congress next year, will republicans be ready on day one with legislative act after legislative act to undo the damage they have been doing and put forth a really progrowth aggressive program for the middle class of this country? otherwise we are going to be an anti-biden party without substantive results to show for it. >> i walked in with a plan to get the economy going, improve the education system, reduce the crime rates, invest in infrastructure. that is what we have to do. we have a positive agenda and have to get things passed. laura: mitch mcconnell is on board with this. he will be johnny on the spot. >> we are going to get things
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done, elect people that want to get things done. a lot of people like me come to washington to do something. elect as many as we can. laura: great to see you tonight and you will not believe the next sort, two california teachers taught coaching at 12-year-old to embrace the trans identity behind her parents back, the full identity in moments, us senator soft on china due to donations from us company. we will explain in moments.
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♪ ♪ >> laura: a shocking report out of california laura: a shocking report out of california where two teachers are accusing coaching the young girl into transgenderi is an behind her parents back. what can you tell us tonight? >> the parents of that 12-year-old student unleashed on the teachers face a affirmed their daughter as transgender behind their back, alleging staff at spreckels union school district encouraged her seventh-grade daughter to join
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an lgbt queue club where a teacher told her daughter she was trans fluid. here is a portion of the speech at the school board meeting. >> it took away my ability to parent before i had any knowledge. i didn't even get to show support. you asked for support i didn't give it to you. your job is to educate my child in math, science, etc. do your job and the me do mine. >> reporter: the post-millennial website reports that woman felt blindsided when a teacher and principal informed her that her daughter was trans fluid making her feel, quote, small as a parent for not knowing. fox news reached out, commented with no response yet but here's what he said last night. >> the district addressing the situation in an impartial fact-finding way, a third-party investigative firm out of
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sacramento, available resources regarding students. there is more to this. the author abigail swire reported leaked audio of teachers from this school reveals they targeted certain kids by combing through their history. one teacher reportedly said they intentionally don't keep a record of intendants in an effort not to upset parents. laura: thank you. shifting gears to china let's start with good news. the senate unanimously passed the leaker forced labor prevention act which bans imports tied to slave labor in northwest china but why did it take so long to pass the house by a voice that? was blocked by senator ron wyden. we also learned that nike was also opposing the bill. got to keep the sneaker shipment coming and wouldn't you know nike is senator wyden's biggest
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donor. nike execs gave his campaign 60,$000 was joining me is senator bill haggerty who sits on the foreign relations committee. what were these games wyden was playing on this and as so many are wondering, potential conflicts of interest. >> senator rubio put legislation in response to that legislation to prevent companies from buying products made with slave labor there. senator biden decided to block this and other things, companies in his state and companies across america have benefited from this and it will be signed by president biden. it is 2021 the trump administration at the beginning
12:29 am
of this year named china, the chinese communist party as genocide, and what we have is an opportunity to stop the encouragement of slave labor with this legislation. it should of been passed long ago. >> the idea we are taking any product or any component of the product made by slaves around the globe even our own history with slavery this should be a no-brainer. i saw this and said you've got to be kidding me. another issue where china wants to get its way, five gop senators on the screen now are trying to limit the president's authority to impose tariffs, pat toomey in pennsylvania, who else, bill cassidy, crapoh, mike
12:30 am
lee and ben sass. likely break my heart, doesn't surprise me about cassidy but this would be a huge gift to the ccp. how do we advance our interests when prominent senators still aren't speaking clearly about the threat posed by the ccp? >> i'm for more oversight but in this case i think you have many who felt they should deal with china as they hope they are rather than they conduct business. i view it from the other side. we need leverage to deal with china. the understand strength and power, they don't play by the same rules we do. they use slave labor, deeply subsidize industries, is not a level playing field when it comes to china. what we need to do is click back to where this all started after world war ii, the united states created favorable training terms with any country. now we have developed economies that elect our own that have uniquely unlevel playing fields.
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in terms of trade they are far more favorable. >> dumping product in the united states, spending $5 million at the wto to fight illegal dumping. companies here are getting hammered by the chief imports they are dumping into this country. this is serious issue for the gop to face and they better get it right because we are watching. this is one of the most important issues facing america and american manufacturing. yesterday was aborted members of the uk parliament were told that the lab leak theories most likely origin. reporter pressed biden on china's lack of transparency and here's how he reacted. >> 100,000 coronavirus deaths, why haven't you asked china to be more transparent on the origins. >> he laughs and waves.
12:32 am
he won't take these tough questions, certainly not seriously. >> it is amazing. the biden administration needs to wake up. understand what china really is, almost strategic adversary and they use tools and tactics beyond anything we consider fair in the united states. we need to deal with them from a position of strength, taking leverage off the table. laura: go back to trump policies, they were, thank you for holding firm on this issue and was legacy media brand is the most doom obsessed when it comes to covid? outraged citizens protesting new york city aspects mandate were arrested last night trying to eat at a restaurant. we will speak to one of those that was arrested next.
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♪ ♪ him >> laura: you ever notice that in pandemic reporting, good news, common sense is almost good news is always bearing and
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pessimism in doomsday scenarios dominate the airwaves. take the atlantic magazine. reading the most popular stories of the year gives you a sense of the depressed world they want us to live in and to foist this dark view on all of us. is assembling beginning with the uplifting headline of starting to give up on post pandemic life, despair is not a mild symptom. leading their website is america is not ready for america. new variant poses a greater threat at the collective levels and individual level. and yesterday the atlantic ran with don't be surprised when you get omicron. there is also america has lost the plot on covid. we are avoiding the hardest
12:39 am
questions about living with the coronavirus long-term. misery loves company, doesn't it in the media wants to project their own fears, their own paranoia, their desire to stay home, don't let them. is that is things are with the pandemic and have been they are going to get better, they are already better. the red states across america moved on long ago and soon the doomsday years will be voted out of power in 2022. we turn now to the big apple. during the blm riots in new york last year the police often took a hands-off approach but today walking into applebee's unvaccinated in protest of the vaccination mandate apparently warrants a small army of police officers. >> you guys are making the biggest mistake of your life.
12:40 am
>> i want to eat. >> i can't believe that the scene out of the united states of america. joining me is the woman you saw being arrested and that video, joe roads. the size of the police contingent. i am a big supporter of nypd but the size of that force that showed up, what was that all about. >> i supported nypd last year when new york city was being burned down the road and i was home working remotely. i supported nypd. a registered republican. i even supported trump the ability to the police officers that are supposed to work to protect us are taking orders from the blood in the last year, to allow our city to be burned to the ground. i don't know, we were a group of
12:41 am
teachers, healthcare workers, crime we committed was the fact that we wanted to eat and we're unvaccinated. >> mayor deposit all democrat crowd in new york city really want to make life their extremely difficult for people like you and you are a taxpayer, hard worker as were all your friends i understand. what does this tell you about the united states and a blue city like new york city? >> the united states, supposed to be the most powerful nation in the world and new york the most powerful city in the world. people look up to us for freedom. we are the last the can of hope but we are losing this country
12:42 am
and i always say we lose america there is nowhere else to run. we are going to head into a totalitarian state which is heading that way and this country stands for freedom, the dominican republic, was born and raised in the bronx, a product of the public school system and i used to work in the school system as a powerful professional and it was my last day of working. life and in the video i cannot work and cannot eat. people should be very scared because this is happening in america. we are no longer free anymore. >> what do you say to all the liberals who say you are being selfish, just get the jab. it's going to be fine and you won't infect other people. or potentially infect other people, that is their argument.
12:43 am
>> in 2020, one people regardless of their political affiliation and regardless of their race, people told me i am selfish, that i should die because i'm unvaccinated. i tell them they are hypocrites because last year they were talking about racial inclusion and gender inequality and wanting everybody to be created equal but today i'm saying no to that the same liberals no longer support me and risk from lives matter, now my black life doesn't matter because doesn't support their agenda, discussing
12:44 am
to call yourself a liberal and 20 everyone else to do whatever you want them to do. not all sides are created equal. what is good for my body's and good for your body, my body my choice they say on abortion but we don't have the right to have our medical freedom and liberals need to -- laura: you ever get the vaccine for any reason? may be more time goes by -- >> no. already had the community is not a safe on the science the true immunity, i will never -- the way the biden administration is pushing this to the country, was not going to push this mandate which even if it was a law when the government is being tyrannical and decide what you need to put in your body we are longer free people and last time i checked this was still america and we are going to fight for this country.
12:45 am
laura: are there a lot of african-american citizens in your view in new york who agree with your view on this to you personally know? >> a lot. the majority of unvaccinated population in new york city is black american which is so hypocritical because last year it was all about race and they don't want to hear your black voice. laura: we are getting important information from you and i appreciate your point of view. we are following this issue in your case so keep in touch with us and miles from the nations capital hyatt hotel has been transformed into a refugee boardinghouse a local residents being kept in the dark and exclusive ingraham investigation next.
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♪ ♪ >> laura: >> in the heart of bethesda, maryland, sits a nice hyatt regency was unbeknownst to local residents the hotel is being used as housing for afghan refugees was a tenant who shares the building told ingraham angle the hundreds of afghan nationals have been housed there for over two months and older afghan children living there have been
12:51 am
enrolled in local schools using the hotel is a permanent address. we send an angle producer to find out and she asked the hotel general manager who was evasive about it. we reached out to the hhs's office of refugee resettlement and state department so far no real response was hired's corporate office sent a statement about parent empathy that avoided our question but then we found the truth buried on the website trip advisor. one customer review from november noted the presence of government monitors for the hundreds of afghan refugees who had been there for weeks. a second review from last month mentioned around-the-clock government staff sitting outside rooms, doctors in and out and marines and was a little overwhelming for our 12 and 13-year-old girl, transparency prior to checking it would have been nice was hired's response to this post confirmed our story
12:52 am
saying we sincerely apologize for not letting you know about this prior to checking in. we will take steps to ensure you into the guests are made fully aware in the future. we need transparency. where is this happening across the country? time for answers. joining me as someone who studied the resettlement issue better than most, the director of research at the center for immigration study, how many other apartment buildings across the country are quietly housing or not so quietly housing these refugees? >> 124,000 is what we flew out of the country on an emergency basis without a lot of vetting. we have dozens of places around the country like this hotel. but remember the governor of a state is supposed to be are generally is notified but not necessarily the local government and that is probably what happened here.
12:53 am
laura: back in august larry hogan said this about afghan refugees. >> i was first to say we want to reach out and take more special immigrant visas. we received some into our state and will get as many as we can. laura: he's trying to get as many as he can into maryland. what? what is he talking about? >> 124,000 people were evacuated only a few thousand actually qualify for special immigrant visas. the rest are not qualified to be refugees or have refugee status. we are part rolling them into the united states. congress has allocated $7 billion, per afghan in the united states. that's how they can afford to put them up in a hotel where
12:54 am
dozens of them go across the country so the question remains what is the community's ability to absorb people, simile people communities don't have any rights to say we can't handle anymore or anything like that. it is a refugee resettlement agency that makes that decision. >> the amount of money this costs the united states for unfettered individuals just paroled into the country, no check, no questions, no follow-up is stunning and this at a time we have so many emergency is, this is shocking. thank you so much. time for the latest edition of does biden know who is in his cabinet. the last bite. do you take aspirin?
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the 1911 months in and president biden doesn't know who secretary of defense is. >> president biden: i think of distinguished guests, the
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chairman of the joint chiefs, the secretary -- secretary austin. laura: that is it for us tonight. freedom matters, great products. sam says it is her favorite color, the blue. i wore this to the doctor. go to laura for charity. gutfeld is next. carley: democrats on different pages. vice president harris weighed in but her answer isn't the same as biden. neil: thanks to the funding police and baylor from the left 2022 chances are tanking and -- >> on the edge of the seats. dangling on the


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