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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  December 17, 2021 3:00am-6:00am PST

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joining us. >> thanks, guys, great to see you. todd: to your point i think you are going to hear it's production' fault, let's blame them. let's blame the pandemic. they are going to do this. they are not going to take the blame themselves. as result, i think the american people see through that and that's going to hurt them in 2022. carley: great spending two hourh you on a friday morning. "fox & friends" begins right now. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ be. brian: brian there you go. that is our christmas tree. tradition has it has to get on a ladder and put the star on top of the tree.
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steve: how tall are you? 6'8", woe. >> ted was in the nba for, what 15 years? he really did a great job. brian: have a program you go right from the league. ainsley: stright fox news. brian: here for 10 years. ainsley: ted, did you play basketball? >> yes. how did that work out for you, ted? >> i'm here. [laughter] brian: fantastic. ainsley: we glad you are. ted is one of the nicest guys. how many years have you been here, ted? >> 15. steve: welcome back to ted talk. [laughter] brian: very inspirational. steve: today is one week before christmas eve. ainsley: gosh. steve: so thank you very much for joining us and at the end of today's telecast, we're actually putting together our year end where you see all the stuff that's going to be coming up.
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brian: not today. steve: one day soon. brian: got to keep people off balance. not tell you exactly when. just be ready, fire up your vcr. steve: 8:00 last night. brian: tell us what's on. steve: meanwhile, let's talk about something that's going on and that is covid. brian: opposite of ted talk. steve: the big story all across the country again. they are worried about what is happening, new cases are up 40 percent in two weeks. and the number of deaths up 34%. and the number of hospitalizations up 21%. they are expecting and this is why joe biden was very bleak yesterday, they are expecting, given the way covid is acting right now, 15,000 deaths per week in about two weeks. ainsley: gosh. steve: it's back in a big way. ainsley: the president is warning all of us that we could experience severe illness and
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death this winter. listen. >> the unvaccinated, we are looking at a winter of severe illness and death unvaccinated for themselves, their families, and the hospitals they will soon overwhelm. but, there's good news, if you are vaccinated, you have your booster shot, you are protected from severe illness and death, period. brian: i love to see their pew dicks, pfizer has a pill and others have a pill you take right away. ainsley: regeneron. brian: knocks it down the chance of hospitalization almost zero percent dr. makary told me oned radio yesterday. for some reason they don't seem to have accelerated push like the vaccine to get that to market. steve: here is the thing regarding omicron the symptoms are milder, it seems to be resistant to all four vaccines and they say that the booster shots only give you a slight bit of protection. brian: by the way, steve, that is totally contradictory what
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dr. fauci said over the weekend. get your booster shot it's effective against omicron or whatever you call it now they tell us it is not effective. steve: brian, the president the united states yesterday was talking about the vaccinated people cannot spread it. that is not true. these things, you know, the stuff we saw a year ago, a lot of it has not turned out to be true. that's one of the reasons why so many people are steamed at the president because he got hired to fix it and it ain't fixed. ainsley: omicron detected in 36 states. 3% of the cases over the united states. higher estimates in new york and new jersey. some health officials say they are optimistic about this because they say the strain could be a significant step in the pandemic transition to becoming an endemic instead of a pandemic. they say it's an ideal situation for a virus so we can live a more regular life. more similar to the flu than what covid has looked like in the past. brian: here is what -- people
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look at the president. these are the polls that are out. reaffirm it. we went over this. the president looked at the coronavirus. everyone optimistic it was donald trump's problem. once we get a more traditional president things will really be understood. plus we are rolling out the vaccine and he is going to do it right. even though there were a million shot in arms when he took over. that's why when it came to the coronavirus joe biden kept talking about it. because he had 64% approval rating. ainsley: back in may. brian: very important point. now in december according to reports, we are in now, can i confirm that 47% approval rating. steve, what you just said earlier, i dollarly understand we are in a brand new pandemic. china started it. still hasn't told us how it began. we have to do reverse engineering. the thing that gets people soup set is that they never admit the misinformation that they give us. they want to point out something on social media or something that somebody said that sin accurate. but when you come out and say the thing we are concerned about what's coming out of south africa is it seems to be vaccine
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resistant. okay. so get a booster. why? next week we found out the booster shots help you go against the runny nose omicron okay, fine, but now you want us to get a booster found out it's effective, turns out it's not effective. this is a pandemic of the unvaccinated not really because so many people we know have been vaccinated and still are going -- getting hospitalized that is just not true. and you have never admit that it's not true. steve: one of the things that i read today, and keep in mind, we have never seen a pandemic like this before. so, the information is changing. that's why people are frustrated, i read this morning apparently we are -- given what the resistancey with omicron, we could be two vargses away from the medicine not working at all. and that's the worry. the worry. brian: the medicine or the vaccination? steve: the vaccination. vaccines don't work.
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if we get two past omicron nothing will work right now. that's the worry. that's why they're trying to get handle on omicron. ainsley: starts to act like the flu. steve: we just don't know. ainsley: doctors say more kids die of the flu than covid. brian: and drowning. here is another whole category of it, too. steve: the thing going on right now omicron is like what did i hear 70 times more catchy, it's easier to get. that just amps up. ainsley: that's the fear. steve: that amps up. think about if 70 times more people get infected the hospitalization rate is going to go up, the death rate, that's why they're are projected. brian: i don't think that's correct. steve: 15,000 people a week are going to die in the united states. brian: a lot of doctors are saying because it is cycling and easier to catch, the symptoms are milder and milder. there is a real sense that this is the more it cycles through and the variants are getting
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less and less severe and omicron is the first indication of that. ainsley: right. brian: after delta is a different challenge. steve: hope that's true. ainsley: journal of medical association why parents still hesitate to vaccinate their children against covid-19. >> it talks about how 2.3 million children between the ages of 5 and 11 have gotten covid. 209 of them have died. only 27% of parents with kids ages 5 to 11 are willing to immunize. 30 percent said they definitely will not vaccinate their children. one third say they will wait and see. they say why? parents are not familiar with it because because if you look at polio vaccines. if you look at mmra vaccine they were created in the '60s. then this vaccine was created a year ago. so parents are hesitant because they don't know enough about it. brian: there is nothing wrong with that there is nothing wrong with being hesitant and having questions. steve: one of the doctors at
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aclu commented on this particular article and said there is nothing paradoxical about parents who are vaccinated themselves wanting to wait for more or longer term data from fully powered rcts or randomized controlled trials before having their kids receive a new emergency use authorization vaccine. on the contrary, it makes great sense given the extremely low risk of harm of covid-19 to 5 to 11-year-olds. as a physician, scientist and left leaning human being who believes in the social contract and i never let my kids miss a vaccine i'm extremely frustrated seeing such a biased article published in jama. they are absolutely right. you know, a lot of parents will do things to themselves that they would not subject to their children to because they just worry about the long-term effects. i have a very good friend reluctant to have their daughter get the shot even though she is in her teens because long term
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you don't know how it's going to impact reproduction order anything else. ainsley: i have a 6-year-old. i'm in the middle of it where the vaccines were just approved for younger we are wondering are we supposed to get it talk to one physician who says one of my friends who is a pediatrician i say how is this going to affect them long term when they want to have babies? how do we even know this was discovered or developed a year ago. the reason we have to get boosters is it gets out of your body out of your system quickly it will get out of the kids' system they are only getting a third, a half. another doctor tells me just get it because you want your child to have a normal life so they don't shut down everything. you worry long-term effect. completely valid for parents to worry about it i agree. brian: university of hong kong doing study on omicron does not invade the lung tissue the respiratory tract. superficial symptoms in the nose and wrong can you say.
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bronk can you say. big athletes not giving it in eu people under 30 seeing flood on the lung around the heart among the extremely athletic. seeing european soccer players having all of a sudden these heart issues after getting vaccinated that's what the league mandates. ainsley: people are upset mad at china for developing this we are so ready to get on with our lives. we are sick of the shutdowns. we feel awful about all these deaths and hospitalizations going up. you talk to anyone and what is so bizarre is everyone has a different story. the first shot made me i was in bed for hours. the second shot i was fine. the booster i was fine. then you talk to the next person i was fine with the first shot, the second shot it was this then
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the booster i was in bed for -- it's crazy how different everyone's story is. steve: absolutely. but everybody's story at the end of next week is people are going to be gathering together for the holidays. our point is because it's out there, you just have to be careful. ainsley: numbers will go up in january. steve: a lot. all right. coming up on this friday. ainsley: terrifying moment for two teenagers. look at this video as they're dangling out of their apartment window with smoke and flames taking over that building their daring escape straight ahead. brian? brian: rift in the white house appears to be growing. get this, the vice president said she never discussed running for vice president again with joe biden in 2024. despite joe biden saying she is already on his ticket. can someone please get these guys a communications therapist? ♪ go your own way ♪
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join over a million members by signing up for free on the xfinity app. our thanks. your rewards. carley: fact with a fox news alert. a threat being called a challenge claims multiple school shootings will happen today. law enforcement agencies in several states say the threat originated in arizona and is not credible. still, schools across the united states have increased security and issued letters to parents as a precaution. the justice department is suspending settlement negotiations with families separated at the border. this comes after the white house was slammed over reports they were considering payments of up to $450,000 for some illegal
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immigrants. the justice department saying quote while the justice department reach a global settlement agreement at this time we remain committed to engaging with the plaintiffs and bringing justice to the victims of this abhorrent policy. watch this dramatic video. two teens climb out of their apartment window in new york city as flames and black smoke r into the building. climb down four stories on a construction pole to safety suffering only minor injuries. one man is dead and a man in critical condition after that fire. it is still under investigation. fire officials say multiple electric bikes were found in the apartment. and in the nfl los angeles chargers in stable condition after appearing to be knocked out on the field. the tight end being taken off the field in a stretcher after head collided with the ground. both teams scoring early but kansas city pulling out the win in dramatic fashion shy of ottis
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taylor kelsey still going, still going kelsey good night, touchdown, chiefs win it. carley: chiefing claiming seventh straight winning winning 34-28 in overtime. brian: they are on baftd a roll. top record as you know in the afc. carley: yep, i know it. [laughter] steve: let's go from the world of sports to the world of politics. over the last couple of weeks people have been talking about is joe biden going to run and then yesterdayed we told you about the "new york times" having an article bret stephens op-ed page he should not run so can run on the top of the ticket. "wall street journal" spoke to kamala harris and they asked her if she assumed joe biden would run again and she had this to
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say. ainsley: she said i am not going to talk about our conversations but i will tell you this we do not talk about -- she did talk about their conversation nor have we talked about re-election we haven't completed our first year and we are in the middle of a pandemic. we are building back our economy and reestablishing america's role in the context of our allies and partners around the world. brian: how are all those things going? first off pretty amazing. not going to talk about what we're talking about but here's what we are doing. that's the easiest question in the world to answer. once again created more doubt by answering it in a bee fuddling way what you say is we have every intention of running together. i'm honored to run with him. i can't see a scenario we don't run together. more focused on what is happening now. no question we have an 8-year plan to do that we have got to get through these first four years. use that as a way to launch into
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what you are going to do and what can you claim you accomplished in the first year. i have no idea that anyone briefed her about possible getting questions, easy, middling and hard? steve: we heard that article that came out about two weeks ago talked about how she, the vice president, lashes out at staff members who prepare briefing loobletion for her she doesn't look at them and caught flat-footed. nonetheless she gave that answer and everyone is scratching their heads. brian: someone else should resign. steve: deputy press secretary was queried about that yesterday from the briefing room. watch this. >> i'm hoping you can clear something up here when it comes to the question of 2024. the vice president did an interview with the "wall street journal" and she was asked if she assumed that biden will run again. she didn't say yes. she just said that the two of them hadn't talked about it, y'all and the president himself has said he does plan to seek re-election. so what's the disconnect here? >> i can't speak to the
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conversation that the president and the vice president has. reiterate what jen has said and what the president said himself that he is planning to run for re-election in 2024. i don't have anything more to add. >> just be clear when the president says he means to run again he means with harris on the ticket? >> yes, he does. there is no change, yes. yep. brian: as a tribute to the vice president she giggled before she answered. absolutely. so, the president of the united states looks detached and isolated suddenly axios has a story how the president is traveling on air force one with congress people. at which time they all said to a person he was so engaging, he listened, he wanted to know really what is on their mind and what was happening in their district more engaged goes on the ground in kentucky after a couple of days and looks like he has got it together. one thing to keep in mind and going to be speaking in south carolina state this weekend to an all-black college traditionally black college. he is basically losing the black
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vote that propelled him into the white house. evidently al sharpton was quoting as saying we have been stabbed in the back and bleeding. he wanted police reform they wanted voting reform neither of which he delivered. ainsley: 79 years old. old east president ever. many democrats are doubting that he is going to run again people elected him either referendum on donald trump. miranda devine says the democrats have moved so far left they have made themselves unelectable, listen. >> i mean, the only research that joe biden was volted in last time was because he was presented as a moderate, as a unifier, people were crying out for some sort of unifying president without really realizing that that's a mirage. so maybe if the democrats repudiated their progressive, their radical distances, i mean, in the primaries, it was
3:24 am
incredible. all the ideas like stacking the supreme court and abolishing the electoral college and so on, these were all mainstreamed by those candidates. the democratic party has been pulled so hard to the left that it's become -- steve: that is one of the reasons why this brand new politico poll came out this week and says only 60% of democrats think that man, joe biden, should run for re-election in 2024. ainsley: i'm surprised it's even that high. the rivalry over who would replace him? who else is there? there is kamala harris and she has terrible poll ratings. she is 457. pete buttigieg 39 years old but extremely progressive. brian: he crashed and burned and was unable to get fiscal cliff the black vote, which is key for a democratic victory. ainsley: there is always hillary. brian: hillary is loom not guilty background she makes it clear she would love to do it. steve: against trump. brian: you want to know about the fracture on the left. all you have to do is see bernie
3:25 am
sanders yesterday joe manchin and kyrsten sinema not pushing his agenda no. to bernie sanders, never accomplished anything. said the same thing over and over again since 1972. none of your plans and ideas haven't ever been implemented when joe biden tried is he going up in flames. one bipartisan thing he did in june he had uj that was a huge compromise. bernie sanders upset with the two people that actually could save their party, sinema, they have an idea what the american public want. steve: remember it, walls a year ago, year and a half ago bernie sanders was leading the pack until people realized wait a minute we can't have a socialist. brian: is he terrible. steve: that's why joe marchen ultimately could not be the -- joe manchin because some democrats hate him like bernie sanders. ainsley: they would get a lot of moderate republicans if he -- maybe. steve: joe manchin. the progressives are not going to vote for him.
3:26 am
brian: keep on implotiond and people see what's going on in all these major cities and democrats have got to understand and eric adams is successful in new york as a common sense democrat. that might open the way for a former governor who understands energy, they would insist on being a. >> ironic some of these stores, these businesses that are getting looted, smash and grabs were the one for defunding police. steve: we are going to talk about that in the next segment. in the meantime todd has got a story for us. actor alec baldwin is disputing reports that he asked for apparently a larger prop gun just before the fatal shootings on that movie set. ainsley: actor tweeting about it just hours after authorities issued a search warrant for his cell phone. brian: he should really stop tweeting. todd piro, give us an update. todd: baldwin calling for reports that he asked for a larger prop gun a lie. tweeting it any props to by me for rust were made weeks before production began. to suggest any changes were made
3:27 am
before the fatal shooting is false. the tweet coming just hours after police in new mexico issued a search warrant for his iphone. gives police permission to review all texts, emails, phone records on that phone. he maintained is he not at fault for the shooting that killed elena hutchins and injured a director. >> tim nothing with a charge at all a flash round. the idea that someone put a live bullet in the gun was not even in reality. >> do you feel guilt? >> no, no. i feel that there is -- i feel that -- that someone is responsible for what happened and i can't say who that is but i know it's not me. todd: but this search warrant is not stopping baldwin from stepping out on the town. you can see the actor here with his wife hilaria outside their apartment shortly after news of the warrant broke. investigators say they asked baldwin to hand over his phone voluntarily they are told by his lawyers they would have to get a warrant. keep in mind this is a common practice from lawyers they want to make sure that search warrant
3:28 am
is narrowly tailored can't just give the phone and find anything they want on that phone including stuff that doesn't have anything to do with the case. back to you. carley: according to the daily mail they did request a warrant. they got the warrant from a judge. it was granted and they have access to his texts, call records, contacts, phones, i mean photos, videos and geological locations. todd: right. that does make sense, again, as long as that is specifically tailored to the nature of events surrounding the event itself not hilaria, we are going to a yoga class. i understand why the lawyers wouldn't want that in there. brian: when you give a text messages to investigators they never get out. that's always top secret. don't worry about that. steve: thank you, todd. brian: straight ahead some of the big box retailers who supported the defund police push are now asking congress for help with smash and grab robberies. oh the irony. steve: for the first time since summer the number of illegal migrants appear bree had ended
3:29 am
at our southern border actually up again. we are going to bring you the brand new jaw dropping numbers straight ahead on this friday "fox & friends." ♪
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steve: looks like time for woke up call. supporting defunding the police a year ago. now those retailers are begging congress to help smash and grab robberies impacting them. big names like target, home depot and nordstrom calling for new regulations as thieves sell their stolen goods online. but our next guests say they need to act ask for a police refund. sean primped and l.a. protection league president lapd lieutenant craig lally join us live. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. steve: sergeant, let's start with you there were a lot of
3:34 am
organizations and retailers that did not call for defunding the police why did these that i just listed why do you think they did it and are they regretting it now? saw these leaders jump on the woke bandwagon. groups supported defund the police movement and all in the hopes they wouldn't be labeled a racist. >> you told one of our producers yesterday maybe the president should create amnesia vaccine for those organizations. >> yeah. that's correct. i'm going to send a letter to president biden he is going to have to move at warp speed to
3:35 am
create a will amnesia vaccine claim they advocate not to defund the police they just wanted to, quote, reimagine policing sean let's talk about we have seen particularly san francisco, it seems to be the pirnted of the smash and grab stuff. what is going on in your neck of the woods regarding this organized retail crime. >> listen, we are seeing the same thing that cities across this country are there is just no accountability. now corporations are crying out for help to the government when really they should be asking for a refund for all the money they have pumped into groups like the aclu and these left wing district attorneys chesa boudin in san francisco gascon down in l.a. their only focus has been defending the criminals. steve: lieutenant, last year, that's when the defund the police movement really took hold after all the protests on the streets and all the trouble that
3:36 am
we saw last year. now people are realizing hey, wait a minute, there is a direct connection, you don't have as many police, you wind up with big problems. and, in fact, you are in los angeles, the l.a. black lives matter movement called for l.a. to defund their police was it 90%? black lives matter that organization lies all the time. currently today they want to cut the lapd budget by 90 percent. that's barely a thousand officers to keep the second largest city in america safe. that's 90% of murders, robberies and rapes that will go unsolved. that sounds like a great plan for blm. >> well, given if they had a do-over, i wonder how many of those retailers would say, you know what? we're not going to donate to these organizations. have to ask the top guys there sergeants and lieutenant, thank you very much for joining us from the west coast. >> thank you very much.
3:37 am
>> pleasure to be on your show, thank you. steve: you get. 25 minutes before the top of the hour. pop culture icon calling out cancel culture. >> if we cancel someone for something that they had done or said in their past then we are not inviting them into the conversation to really understand. steve: kim kardashian on cancel culture joe concha reacts live next on studio m. ainsley: joe. >> sorry. the experts at safelite autoglass came right to me... with service i could trust. right, girl? >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ find your rhythm. your happy place. find your breaking point.
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and i've seen how one element has secured their portfolios, time after time. gold. an element so agile and liquid. a proven protector. an ever-evolving enabler of bold decisions. an asset more relevant than ever before. gold. your strategic advantage. brian: keeping up with cancel culture always a challenge. kim kardashian keeping one celebrities on threats from the left. >> i think cancel culture is the most ridiculous thing.
3:42 am
i'm always about rehabilitation and freedom of speech i believe that if we cancel someone for something that they had done or said in their past, then we're not inviting them into the conversation to really understand. brian: kim kardashian also regrets telling her ex-husband kanye west not to wear a maga hat on "saturday night live." media columnist on the hill joe concha. again, kim kardashian making loot of sense. >> she is, isn't she. for years she would be a punch line. cheesy reality star. look whether a she is doing now just passed the baby bar exam in california. helps get people out of jail with president trump. and she is right about this. but cancel culture the whole trick is never back down, never apologize. particularly for something like wearing a maga hat in public. right? that's a benign thing to do.
3:43 am
i will leave you with this. harris just did a poll. they found seven in ten registered voters cancel culture unfairly punishes people for past actions or statements. how true is that? by past actions we are talking about something they said in high school. something they said on video or college. that destroys your career now? enough americans are getting it this is -- brian: kevin hart something he said five years ago keeps him from hosting the oscars. bari weiss, what advice. listen, let's watcher. >> i didn't want him to wear the red hat. i'm not a rule breaker. that night i was very forceful with him and arguing with him about, you know, you have to take that hat off. and now looking back i thought should he take that off if that's what he believes in? why can't he wear that on tv? half the country voted for him. clearly other people like him. brian: can you imagine that?
3:44 am
someone saying something rationale like i wore the hat because he's the president of the united states? >> amazing bari weiss she resigned from the "new york times." she said it was a toxic environment over there remember that tom cotton op-ed, should use when riots get under control the editor much that piece for the "new york times." got fired. you know, he won a pulitzer. opposing view not welcome. brian: tom cotton is like moster dam must predicted wuhan lab where this all started. i have a special coming up at 10:00. not just me emily compagno, david asman, gerri willis the weather machine janice dean. brian: joe piscopo. >> the guy is ubiquitous, is he everywhere. all the things about christmas that make it great. we talk about the christmas
3:45 am
specials from grinch to rudolph it's a wonderful life to elf. we talk about how christmas carol something an excuse to do a bar crawl around your neighborhood, right? those carol carolers don't leave. 12 days of christmas that goes on for nine minutes. most of all we talk about the fruit cake, brian, the fact that the fruit cake is synonymous with christmas the way turkey is with thanksgiving. how did christmas get saddled with horrible dessert. horrible to look at. there is really only one fruit cakes it just gets passed. brian: don't give away your special special sunday at 10:00. >> sunday on the fox news channel. i suggest a couple eggnogs before watching this. brian: congratulations on that and kim kardashian probably the coolest celebrity right now. sign up for fox nation, use promo code celebrate and get 35% off a subscription only on fox all right? meanwhile, joe, according to
3:46 am
reports, carley shimkus is poised to give us the rest of the news. >> in orange, apparently. carley: that's right. hi, brian, good morning to you. we have got turn to headlines now. listen to this, moved to new york city says she is lucky to be alive after being put in a chokehold. punched in the face and robbed on the subway she joined "fox & friends first" earlier to discuss this horrible attack. >> that this happened to me is not supposed to happen to anyone at all. i just want to catch the guy as soon as possible so this kind of thing not happen to anyone else. carley: police have not identified this violent mugger. peloton featuring sex in the city chris on and off, saying in naunce the encounters were consensual. difficult not to question the timing of these stories coming out. the accusations coming on the
3:47 am
heels of return to one of the most famous roles of sex in the city killed off in the first episode after working out on a peloton bike. harvard university is raising act and sat requirements for students for the next four years. at least, the elite colleague saying the decision is an extension of the school's covid era policies as some high schoolers have had limited access to testing. this comes after accusations that top universities discriminated against asian-american applicants in favor of less qualified candidates, those are your headlines, brian, over to you. brian: all right. thanks so much, carley. >> we have professionally done. speaking professional, that's how i describe senior meteorologist janice dean who is out and about somewhere in new york city in the dark. janice: i didn't have to pay you this time to say that. brian: no, at the end of the show. janice: you are the best. take a look at the maps. it does not feel like christmas right now. thank you so much, sir.
3:48 am
62 here in new york city. 52 in raleigh. and behind that really cold air and some snow. along the cold front, the potential for hail, damaging winds and some tornadoes today so these are the areas we want to watch from texas all the way up towards arkansas and fox by the way download that app. give you the latest watches and warnings, it's free. behind that cold air see snow for christmas yes indeed for upstate new york, parts of new england, new york city not getting any snow just yet. there are your daytime highs. we are going to set some records ahead of that cold front. 60 in new york. 69 in atlanta. 38 in miami. and see those showers and thunderstorms along the front and the northwest is going to remain active over the weekend. keep you up to date. fox i know you have it on your phone brian kilmeade. brian: absolutely i do. i will be active this weekend as well. there you go. we are celebrating national ugly christmas sweater day. the founders of ugly christmas join us live with some very ugly sweaters.
3:49 am
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♪ steve welt, today, as you can see. we are celebrating national ugly
3:53 am
sweater day. ainsley: yours has safety pins in it. steve: here on "fox & friends." watch this. >> maybe this was a mysterious mr. right evan waiting my whole life to meet. >> speaking of the bridges. ainsley: unlike thrilled to have ugly christmas some of famous sweaters come every year we love having you all here. how long have you been around? >> the company started nine years ago. we have been coming here the past five years. ainsley: it's great. everyone loves an ugly sweater. >> yes, definitely. steve: this year is different. because, just like ugly sweaters. all the sweaters are stuck on container ships off the coast of california. what sort of supply chain problems have you had with the ugly christmas sweater? >> so there has definitely been tons of supply chain issues.
3:54 am
fortunately we weren't able to get the majority in. and, you know lots of retailers struggled and it's unfortunate but at the same time, i think we were able to get enough in where we have had enough inventory to fulfill tons of orders. steve: people order they will get. >> the video you just saw you are wearing this sweater people come up and they punch, what are those called my daughter loves these toys. >> pop its. >> people come up and touch your stomach. >> they do sometimes. ainsley: you don't mind. >> i don't mind. steve: one of the hottest ones baby yoda sweater? >> correct. ainsley: oh it goes in the pocket. steve: are these made to be ugly or was it kind of a quasi ugly sweater that you added something to? >> they started off with hipsters wearing their grandma's ugly christmas sweater that had the funky designs and then turned into more of a trend that they are not really ugly
3:55 am
anymore. but just, you know, wild and crazy to where people get a reaction. ainsley: in the 80's my mom loved them. really large. steve: they didn't refer to them as ugly sweaters. ainsley: my grand mother would wear the vest. steve: something like this? ainsley: look athis one. exactly. that is really funny. how did you all come up with this idea? >> we have been in the manufacturing of apparel business for a while with costumes. this kind of like a costume, you know, it's fun, if he has been and exciting. steve: this year you have corporate sponsorships and partnerships? >> we made sweaters for a bunch of different companies like budweiser,. >> popeyes. steve: swiss miss. progressive insurance. >> yes. steve: holy cow. ainsley: what do you mean made sweaters for them. >> it's a great promotional item. a company either for employees or put on social for sale and
3:56 am
creates a buzz and helps, you know, typically you look at a social media post of their typical post the engagement is so everywhere higher on ugly sweater. ainsley: guys, you are going to develop a company ugly sweaters not going to do well and here you are. >> we started in our parents' basement. ainsley: that's always the story. steve: we always love to have you guys. stop by the couch for smokes who would like to get one of their own ugly christmas and they have plenty on stock. bret and mark, thank you very much. ainsley: always fun to great to see you what off and on segment. steve: ho ho ho. ainsley: what is this? steve's has safety pins in them. day five of 12 days of giving. coming up, you will hear how one of our favorite barbecue restaurants is donating a million dollars to honor one of our heroes. ♪ with competitive prices.
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4:01 am
seeking information in the shooting death of halyna hutchins. todd: two of america's biggest adversaries. >> china and russia side together. >> our focus continues to be diplomatic progress and deescalation. >> here is still going, still going. kelsey, good night, touchdown, chiefs win it. ♪ ♪ ainsley: it is friday. everyone because of that and it's christmas. one more week, a lot of people are taking next week off, last alarm clock for a while. steve: i think you are speaking for yourself. brian: absolutely. ainsley: i love my job. excited to sleep in a little bit and just enjoy the christmas
4:02 am
holiday. employees and friends. we just had ugly christmas sweater day. brian: for ainsley sleeping 5:00 a.m. steve: that is sleeping in. ainsley: i have a 6-year-old who hates to sleep. that's okay. we have a lot of fun. brian: most damaging thing is for me to get too much sleep. so damaging because i actually feel after sleeping than i do after working out. my body does not want to sleep. ainsley: on the weekends do you wake up early? brian: sore. if i sleep until 6:00 or 7:00. my back is killing me as opposed to working out. steve: to your pointed, if i sleep till 6:30 on a weekend, it's sleeping in. because then we get 3 or 4 extra hours in the sleep bank. and then, unfortunately, if we get up at 6:30 in the morning on a saturday or sunday, it's hard to go to sleep that night and it's hard to get up the next day. brian: i always like to address the american public someone in your house that works our hours
4:03 am
or hosts a morning show. steve: talking to the milk man. brian: you don't want to hang out with us on friday night after a couple beers around 10:00 or 11:00 okay. i need a day in order to have somewhat. ainsley: it's true. by 10:00 i'm like. ainsley: out. brian: nodding off. steve: you are speaking swedish. ainsley: you work the night shift, you understand. in order to do the night shift job you have to not require a lot of sleep. i'm a five hour girl. four or five hours. that's all i need. steve: news breaks and they call us all the time and we are up every morning to give you the news. brian: name of your sequel biography five hour girl. i think it's good. work on it. ainsley: working 6 to 9 what a way to make a living. steve: now, 7:00 during our 6 to 9 shift. let's tell you a little bit about this. remember a couple months ago we
4:04 am
told you about a "wall street journal" story that said that the biden administration was thousands of migrants who are sprayed children separated from their parents going to pay each family $450,000 for every parent and $450,000 for every child separated. well then you know period doocy, our white house correspondent asked joe biden, why are you going to do that and he goes that's not going to happen. it's a garbage report. and then the aclu came out and they said well, apparently the president, doesn't know what his administration is doing. because the administration. ainsley: shocker. steve: the doj is actually negotiating things. and then joe biden walked it back and said i was just saying the figure was garbage. well, now,. brian: no one believed walked it back. he didn't know what the heck was he talking about. steve: as it turns out when joe biden said it's not going to
4:05 am
happen. turns out he's right but only because things caved and now they have pulled the plug on the whole program. ainsley: that's right. the biden administration were about 5400 children that were separated. 9940 filed lawsuits. that infuriated republicans. the aclu says politics has gotten in the way of helping little children deliberately abused by our government. brian: meanwhile still a mess at the border and they want to focus on what happened early on in the trump administration saying this about the talks and what happened. well, the parties have been global settlement agreement at this time. we remain committed to engaging with the plaintiffs and to bring justice to the victims victims of policy all the unaccompanied minors flooding in here and detention centers. today, meanwhile, if you want to know how things are going toe border, can you underline -- write this down and circle it: not good. in november of 2021 the number is stunning, 173,000, 600 apprehensions, which mean they said take me, i'm yours.
4:06 am
as opposed to the got-aways are the people we need night vision glasses to find and often don't. in 2020 it was 72,000. ainsley: more than double. steve: it's up 100,000. brian: all preventable. they have no commitment to doing this i have no idea what the agenda is, but it is not for our country. steve: there are going to be a lot of republicans this morning taking a victory lap and say we were able to -- the administration to pull the plug on that program. why should somebody -- keep in mind the average family would get $900,000, 450,000 for the kid. $450,000 for the adult close a million dollars for coming into the country illegally. ainsley: mom and a dad? >> they have two kids. or they got five kids. ainsley: true, true. what's going to happen now. instead of a global settlement as they refer to it, where everybody gets that amount of money, depending on the number of people it impacted, the department of justice and the federal government will defend
4:07 am
each count in court and there are thousands. keep in mind, we heard about this, because apparently the aclu and about a dozen big law lawfirms were negotiating with e federal government. those big law firms are not going to get a wig payday. that we will have to defender one of them in court. ainsley: people had a major problem with this. the administration knew this was going to hurt them in the midterms or if he runs again in three years. steve: when you couple it with these pictures, absolutely. ainsley: when you think about illegal immigrants getting more than a million dollars as a family, and then a 9/11 victim or someone who has lost a loved one fighting for our country, fighting in afghanistan, they get a lot less than that. so that's why the american public said wait a minute, why would they get -- you don't test them for covid. you pay them unless of dollars yet you test us for covid. you putt us in lockdowns and you don't pay us if our loved one.
4:08 am
steve: standard $450,000 a person they were separated forever? they can't find the child? they can't find the parent or was it they were separated for an hour? there was no answer. ainsley: if i were separated from my daughter, i can't imagine that. steve: it's terrible. ainsley: it's terrible. they were the ones who chose to come over illegally and they knew that might happen. brian: right. by the way there is a lot of -- there is a lot worse pictures than we saw. we saw that one child crying as the parent being taken away fine, not good. what about the pictures and video of children being dropped over a wall, two or three of them at a time. ainsley: left by themselves. brian: cataclysmic for anyone with a heart that cares about kids and that's what happened. i want to say, this as bad as the separation policy was, how many families did not come because they said it's not going to work infed come one, come all which this administration is doing. and we can't even get them to pay attention. to say brandon judd knows the frustration of having the border sealed and then having it open
4:09 am
up like a can opener, listen. >> what they are going to do is continue to pander to their base. they wanting. >> the fact remains when you look at what they are doing, they are lying and deflecting. when they lie they are talking about root causes. root causes have existed forever for as long as i have been a border patrol agent. and then they talk -- they refuse to talk about what's actually taking place here in the united states, catch and release program. when they deflect. they blame president trump for everything that's going on when, in relation, president trump gave them the most secure borders that ever existed. every single place that we built walls, it's worked, that's the evidence, yet the democrats refuse to provide evidence to the american public. steve: things that joe biden does he have, very poorly on. there is a brand new fox business poll that talks about another top story.
4:10 am
and that is the crime wave that is -- take a look at this. close 60% of registered voters do not approve of the way the president of the united states is handling crime across the country. you know, couple this with the defund the police movement and you have got all of these smash and grabs all across and people feel like there is widespread lawlessness everywhere and that's why they feel frustrated and scared. ainsley: look at the fox business poll what percentage of you are extremely or very concerned about these issues? when it doinelsflation and higher prices 84% are. when it comes to crime rates 77% are worried about it. or extremely or very concerned about it. amount paid in taxes 71%. and then the list goes on. federal deficit, coronavirus, being able to pay your bills. neighborhood crime. brian: right. meanwhile. some of the major issues that people care about. a lot on people's mind. when it comes to the now
4:11 am
suddenly oh my goodness, i can't believe my lax policy prisons and not prosecuting any crimes is causing a rise in smash and grabs now all of a sudden have you this one mayor starting in san francisco and maybe starting to work way across the country cracking saying okay now we are going to refund the police, bring back more money. bring back more people and provide the money. now, the problem is you fill the academies i'm not sure you will. these cops don't find do something wrong, they don't want to end up in jail. if they have to know that that executive has got their daca if there is a situation there that may need a fair look at. they don't want this anti-cop attitude. railroads route to prison. not arrest anybody for in thing a crime except for violent crime there is a huge problem after two years saying i want to refund the police.
4:12 am
they have pride, too. they have been deal funded and defamed. steve: look at some of the smash and grab video going on largely on the west coast. a word to the control room. could you probably get the graphic that we did the intro on the -- as you look at these retailers who are struck, you know, there are a number of big retailers who a year ago, were supporting the defund the police movement, and so now these same retailers are asking congress to act and help them out. big companies like, for instance, target, supported the national urban league, home depot supported the laurels committee for civil rights under law and bail reform. nordstroms, supported black lives matter. ulta beauty, equal justice initiative and levi strouse supported the aclu. so all of these were talking about defunding the police. we talked to a couple of cops
4:13 am
from the west coast and they had this observation about what is going on. >> we saw these different corporate leaders jump on the woke bandwagon and they started writing checks really blindly to these groups that supported the defund the police movement and all in the hopes that they just wouldn't be labeled as a racist. now these corporations are crying out for help to the government when really they should be dueling refund. >> i'm going to send a letter to president biden because he is going to have to move at warp speed to create an amnesia vaccine because it seems that affected a lot of ceos. defund the police. they just wanted to quoted policing. >> same thing people you ask cori bush and aoc. ask any of the squad, they still
4:14 am
they -- they say elon. on that list. they say the president never supported defunding the police and things like that. it's interesting that last fellow we saw just a moment ago is he a lieutenant out in los angeles. he also said that l.a.'s black lives matter chapter literally advocated to cut the budget by over 90%. that's one of the ways. one of the reasons we are where we are today. ainsley: california is such a beautiful state. just the coast line new york is such an amazing city. liberal policies are forcing people to leave these amazing places. prop 42. it's 42, right? prop 42 said if you now shoplift under $950, no longer is that a
4:15 am
felony. it is now a misdemeanor. you have all of these groups organized running in, smashing and grabbing. steve: sure, you know, the cop on the beat. is he not thinking that's 9' $5 worth. i need to go after him it could be 10,000. ainsley: then they go back to the station. they fill out the paperwork. then they add it all up. and person back out on the street. steve: unfortunately, a lot of them they are just like what are we going to do? our hands are tied. brian: speaking out on the street. carley shimkus came from the street. carley: the president needs to make a smeech about this. he made a speech about omicron. last time i checked more people have died of crime crisis across the country. ainsley: mayor in california and san francisco is talking about it now. carley: d.a. chesa boudin and do you know what guys? we have to goat a fox news alert now. listen to this. a baltimore police officer is now on life support after being shot multiple times in an ambush thursday morning. the family is pleading for
4:16 am
leaders of the embattled city to do more. before she is a police officer she is a mother. she is a daughter. step up can do better. >> authorities have offering $118,000 reward for information leading to an arrest fda says can get the abortion pill in the mail. taking the pill at home will not have medical supervision when taking the pill and can get a prescription through tele appointment. critics say edge richings of hemorrhaging and complication dangerous. the fda ruling comes as the supreme court considers major cases that could change abortion laws across the country. cleveland browns quarterback baker mayfield firing off a tweets.
4:17 am
make up your damn mind making only three teams test. also you can keep the game as scheduled to make money mayfield will miss the browns game against las vegas raiders tomorrow. among 75 nfl players tested positive over the past few days. actress betty white is turning 100 years young. celebrating one night only event that will air in about 900 theaters on her birthday januar. the special screening will showcase highlights from her lifetime in hollywood and going behind the scenes with guest appearances from celebrities like ryan reynolds, tina fey and many more. tickets are going on sale today. and those are your headlines, guys, she is turning 100 years old. steve: she has been here a couple of times couldn't be nicer. ainsley: i grew up watching her i loved her. have you ever met her in person. carley: one of the beloved
4:18 am
people dolly parton i would put that category. brian: great on password with her husband. celebrate password. ainsley: do you know why people love her so much she is nice but also funny. she doesn't take life so too seriously. brian: two things be nice and funny. steve: and happy birthday betty white. ainsley: yes. we love you. south dakota's governor kristi noem answering the call for action in the fight for fairness. she joins us live on her initiative to ban transgender athletes from competing in female sports. brian: yes, plus china and russia showing united front as tensions rise against the u.s. general jack assesses the threat to our nation coming up. ♪
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4:23 am
it. brian: vitter tall summit as tensions rise with the u.s. they wanted everyone to see this. as the west wing says they are keeping an eye on both countries. meetings this week. it's not a new alliance it's the strengthening one. let's bring in fox news strategic analyst four star general jack keane. general, this is not new. it's s. it concerning? >> yeah, it's very concerning and certainly the united states government, the state department, pentagon, intelligence services all have a growing concern over this relationship. i mean, they have had historical differences certainly in the past. and they are willing to put them aside. what is bringing them together? it's the undermine the united states global leadership of like-minded democratic countries. and maintain a world order as we know it they want to fundamentally change that world
4:24 am
order, have spheres of influence themselves. china having control of pacific region. putin wants a sphere of influence over the former soviet union states. he certainly recents the fact that many of them were r. in nato. undermining those that are in nato and those that are n nato he is attempting to align with himself. we see that going on in ukraine, belarus, this is a major concern for us, certainly, and if rewoo very conflict in one region, let's suppose the conflict is over taiwan and south china sea and united states is involved in that we already have said many times here, the balance of power has shifted to china. they have more airplanes, more ships, more missiles, more submarines than the united states has in the region. that would be formidable. it would take most of our resources to deal with that as well as our allies. with that incentivize putin? to move into the baltics into a
4:25 am
nato country recognizing that this is his chance, to fundamentally underline mine nato because the united states would not be a major player, those are the kind of scenarios that the pentagon certainly works on and concerned about. brian: so, general, we see that we're begging to get back into iran talks a sit there in auxiliary office hoping they will let us back. in saw the embarrassing vaccination of afghanistan, we look vulnerable. how do you change that worldwide sentiment about america right now and let them know russia and china that we're willing to make a stand? >> well, i don't think we're going to change it in the near term. i really believe the reason -- the reason why putin has got all of those troops back in around ukraine again and i believe the accelerant for that was the collapse in afghanistan. because he was there in the spring, he postured he didn't do
4:26 am
anything, now he is there again seeking concessions from what he believes is a weakened united states. he sees it, i think, for what it is. the iranians are hardliners, this is the scenario that bothers me the most. brian: yep. >> is iran. they are in pursuit of a nuclear weapon. and they are going to be able to get there much quicker than anybody realized. if they get that nuclear weapon, israel is likely to react to that. that could spread into a middle east war and the long range outcome if they acquire that nuclear weapon is that now we have a nuclear arms race in the middle east which is the most dangerous still neighborhood in the world and we cannot have everybody in the middle east armed with nuclear weapons, what that portends to the world is incredibly dangerous situation that we haven't seen since world war ii. steve: 100 percent right. iran boxed abraham accords and
4:27 am
allies to israel and armed the ukrainians and we had finally confronting china and all of that has been reversed. general jack keane, thanks so much. >> yeah. great talking to you, brian. have a wonderful weekend. brian: soon we will have good news on this friday. right now it's very worrisome. meanwhile, coming up tonight, john rich, who is part of the fox family, you know the pursuit. he has got this bar called redneck rivera, i'm going to be signing the president and freedom fighter 8:15 on broadway. finally bringing books to that central. saturday all about ohio. first stop will be dayton, ohio and then cincinnati. go to brian and sign up. we need to know you are coming. thanks so much for everyone who supported the book. the president and freedom fighter. abraham lincoln and frederick douglass battle to save america's soul. as we move ahead in this show. vast majority of americans disapprove of joe biden wants economic policy. but the mainstream media is shocker twisting that narrative. wondering why americans are so upset.
4:28 am
could it be record inflation a disastrous supply chain? will cain, rachel campos-duffy and pete hegseth react next separately. plus, it's day five of "fox & friends" 12 days of giving and one of our favorite barbecue restaurants is sharing their $1 million mission to honor our heroes. ♪ new vicks convenience pack. dayquil severe for you... and daily vicks super c for me. vicks super c is a daily supplement with vitamin c and b vitamins to help energize and replenish.
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4:32 am
this holiday, ask your doctor about xiidra. umph! ainsley: consumer still reeling from record inflation as the fox business poll show the vast majority of you dies approve of biden's policy. brian: many did not get the memo. a new "los angeles times" op-ed praises the economy writing quoted u.s. unemployment is at its lowest since the pandemic hit. wages are on an upswing. 6.8 million jobs created. growth expected to reach 6% this year after inflation. what's not to like? steve: yeah, right. let's bring in "fox & friends weekend" co-host. we have rachel campos-duffy. we have got will cain and pete hegseth.
4:33 am
good morning to all of you. ainsley: hi, everyone. >> good morning, merry christmas. steve: one week until christmas eve. will, let's start with you. what's not to like other than inflation which is killing us. will: yeah, right. other than that, how was the play, mrs. lincoln? the inflation rate which is higher than being reported is being felt by americans. just being obfuscated by the media. i i believe it was brian who said the press hasn't got -- in fact they did get a memo from the white house that said hey, pump up our economy. make it look better. you are not telling the right story. boy were they dutiful in responding from the cnbc to the "l.a. times." the press is on the mission. ainsley: rachel? rachel: i couldn't agree more. wage games eroded by inflation. do you know what really worries me is in the long term. i think so many americans are
4:34 am
sitting home, who could be working. it's hurting small businesses who can't get enough employees, i think we are really doing some real serious damage to our american work ethic. there are a lot of people who are young people especially who aren't learning how to work now. they are just sitting home and lowering their expectations on life and just sitting around and waiting for a government check. that's not it good for america. brian: pete hegseth you have never sat around and waited for a government check. steve: when he was work for a government he did. [laughter] brian: i also read the "new york times" said why are joe biden's numbers so low? he is doing so good. why is most people can say things like this but his approval rating continues to drop? do you think the majority of the american public is shutting off elements of the media and making up their own mind, finally? pete: yes. because real people see what gas prices look like and food prices look like and look at the people
4:35 am
in their own lives choosing not to work and look at the press coverage as will pointed out and does not comport at all with their life around them. and they have already been attuned to the reality of fake news as trump talked about. peddling lies on behalf of a political narrative. here we go nor narrative here. i don't buy it the economy is not good. and the uncertainty of lockdowns and things like that on top of it. they can try but it's not working. steve: pete hegseth plenty of narrative live from vears turning point u.s.a. america fest. will, what else is happening this weekend on "fox & friends weekend"? will: dr. nicole saphier, dan bongino, mike huckabee, and congressman byron donalds. steve: very nice. brian: that leaves seven hours. what else are you going to do, rachel? rachel: i don't know. [laughter] brian: okay, fine.
4:36 am
ainsley: rachel, your book, all-american christmas. you and sean wrote it together and interviewed some people at fox news about our christmas stories. it is number one in the country. rachel: i know. i'm so excited about it but i have to tell you i don't think it's about me and sean. i think that there are so many people out there who are just excited about christmas. there is pent up energy around christmas after our government tried to shut it down for two years now. and i think people are saying no more we want our traditions back. we're not going to let the government cancel christmas. and i think that that's what this is really about. and about holding on to our christian and american cultural heritage. brian: sean takes full for it that was nice of to you be deferential. brian: when i was signing books i get this picture of pete hegseth in a colonial uniform i said what's this? they said it was washington's crossing. i wrote you and you said it's amazing. what can we look forward to that's streaming on fox nation? pete: streams today on fox
4:37 am
nation washington's christmas crossing. i went down on the delaware river where they crossed from pennsylvania into new jersey on christmas night and they reenacted it and had a chance to ride with washington in the same durham boats they rode in. you will see it all. two other specials legend and lies, america's first christmas by kelsey grammer narrated by kelsey grammer wells the crossing. amazing depiction of washington's crossing. three options for you on fox nation as we approach christmas and america's first christmas with washington saving the revolution. steve: pete hegseth moves to new jersey next thing you know he is on a boat crossing. brian: without an engine with a row. steve: sign up for fox nation and use promo code to get 35% off yearly subscription. ainsley: jeff daniels very from dumb and dumber to washington.
4:38 am
brian: out of the three-peat is the cutest. ainsley: not talking about these three. brian: when i saw those three promos side by side by side i thought pete by far the cutest. ainsley: pete, brian thinks you are cute. ainsley: all right. 7:37 on the east coast. calls amplify to get children vaccinated despite parents' growing pushback. but with all the risky side effects, is it -- the shot, is it worth giving it to your kids. dr. nicole saphier is going to join us live to weigh in.
4:39 am
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4:43 am
vaccines for our children as young as 5 a good idea. dr. saphier joins us now. >> good morning, ainsley. ainsley: good morning. let's tackle j and j a lot of americans who have already been vaccinated they are worried because they have gotten the j and j. what do they do when it comes to booster shots. >> ainsley, what's taking over the news of the morning is that the fda, now the cdc has put forth new clinical preferences. not any strong wording but really they have said that they recommend that adults receive the mrna vaccine pfizer and moderna over johnson & johnson. pretty par for the pandemic is that he they're months behind canada and several european nations because as there were reports of this very specific clotting disorder, other countries decided to tailor their recommendations. what it turns out data when you look at it 4 per 1 million patients who get the johnson & johnson vaccine are developing these rare clotting disorders.
4:44 am
now, this happens within a month of being vaccinated. for the 16 million people who have already received the vaccine, you are greater than a month out, you don't have anything to worry about but, of course, you always want to talk to your doctor if you have any symptoms of anything but you should not be having any long-term effects. you tailor it down and look at the actual age risk if you look at people 30 to 49 their risk of that clotting disorder is much higher about 1 in 100,000 that may be higher risk than the severity of covid itself always trying to balance that risk benefit ratio. i wish last spring they would have made recommendations and said johnson & johnson vaccine should not be used in younger adults especially women. ainsley: will protect you from covid but these blood clotting issues we have to think about. when it comes to kids getting vaccinated according to jama there was an article just released. we are divided into thirds one third basically willing to immunize the children.
4:45 am
another third says they definitely will not vaccinate the kids and another third said they will wait and see. what do we do when it comes to little ones? >> ainsley, every parent is going to have to make the right decision they believe for their child and it is my personal opinion that when we talk about vaccinating our children against covid-19, it should be risk stratified. >> unequivocally children who have co-morbidities overweight, as marks heart disease, kidney disease and many others, the benefit of vaccination far outweighs the nominal risk that comes with the vaccines because they are at significantly higher risk of severe covid-19. when we are talking about otherwise healthy younger children he is think i think that's when a conversation needs to happen. where is the data on benefit of vaccine in young kids who have already recovered from covid-19. those children who have already recovered and have natural immunity and then got vaccinated do they have a higher rate of having side effects? pfizer has the data. they will didn't release that data.
4:46 am
and it makes me wonder why. we know after the second dose you have a higher rate of side effects. if they had existing natural immunity will that vaccine cause more severe side effects. they have the information. the cdc. carley: sorry to interrupt you before we run out of time i want to ask what about long-term effects all of my mom's friends saying we are probably going to get it what about 20 years trying to start a family or something like that? >> great questions, great concerns, i can tell you historically over 99.9% of all side effects that come from vaccines happen within six weeks following the inoculation so long-term effects have never been an issue historically. but of course we can't say for certain with these vaccines but just historically speaking it is unlikely that there will be long-term effects. ainsley: which makes sense that's why we have to get the booster it leaves our body after a while. >> that's right. ainsley: thank you, from dr. sapphire. sorry to cut you off.
4:47 am
i wanted to get that question in because that's what all the moms are wondering have. great weekend. merry christmas. >> merry christmas. ainsley: thank you. hand it over to carley who has headlines for us. carley: start requesting a fox news alert. school districts across the country are on high alert over an anonymous threat made on tiktok. the threat being called a challenge claims that multiple school shootings will happen today. law enforcement agencies in several states see the threat originated in arizona and is not credible. still schools across the u.s. have increased security and issues letters to parents as a precaution. incredible footage capturing a brave store owner as she chases away two smash and grab robbers in california with a stool. the store owner says that they used a ham are to break open a display case and make off with $250,000 worth of jewelry. her daughter joined "fox & friends first" earlier. it? >> is a big hit.
4:48 am
my mom shouldn't be in a position where she had to defend her store. i wish there was more security in place. more, you know in place to protect the tenants. >> police are still looking for prospects. broadwaylate in the day positive test result in the company. mulan rouge one of the few shows new york hadn't canceled due to covid-19. president biden awarding three medals of honor in a ceremony on thursday. master sergeant early plumley receiving the top honor for depending off an attack by taliban suicide bombers in afghanistan. the medal also going to fallen sergeant first class christopher selez army ranger who died leading an evacuation in afghanistan in 2018 and fallen sergeant first class alwyn cash
4:49 am
mortally wounded protecting others in 2005. first black medal of honor recipient since vietnam. those your headlines. ainsley: thank you so much carley. we thank them for their service. authorities issue a search warrant for alec baldwin's cell phone. the evidence police believe it contains in the rust movie set. day five of "fox & friends" 12 days of giving and one of our favorite barbecue restaurants is sharing $1 million mission to honor our heroes. ♪ ...
4:50 am
no one can deliver your mom's homemade short ribs. that's why instacart helps deliver the ingredients. and you add the love.
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4:53 am
>> hello, good morning, everybody, happy friday. look at everybody that's here today, his, what's your name? >> macy's. >> where are you from? >> louisiana. >> where are you from? >> ohio. >> what are your names? >> rachel. >> very nice, names and towns? >> randy from minnesota. >> kim from minnesota. >> you guys over there? >> emily, we're from michigan. >> very nice. >> i want to give a shout out to my mom mary joe. >> very nicely done, hi, guys. >> i'm john.
4:54 am
>> let's take a look at the map it doesn't feel like christmas in new york it's 59 currently but we have a cold front plowing across very warm air and bringing potential for showers, thunderstorms, severe storms as well we'll flirt with record highs look at that 72 in raleigh , d.c. 61, new york jfk 58 so we're getting close to a record we're also going to see the potential for severe storms, isolated tornadoes from texas up towards arkansas and missouri and there is the future track as that cold front moves through and tomorrow across the northeast maybe a little bit of snow let's take a look at it yes indeed if you live in up state new york and new england over a foot of snow so that'll be good for crist nasdaq but your forecast today very warm for areas across the south, southeast up towards the mid-atlantic it doesn't feel like christmas but it will for some folks as we get into the weekend. wave to carlie, everybody. do we love carlie? >> hi, carlie! >> hi, ainsley. ainsley: hi! >> hi, brian and steve.
4:55 am
reporter: they're saying hello. we all love them. janice we've gotta turn to headlines and you'll love this. you could get another chance to be a toys "r" us kid. the iconic toy retailer is opening a new u.s. flagship store at the american dream mall in new jersey. it will feature a two-story slide, an ice cream parlor and more than 10,000 toys. an opening date is not yet official. ainsley is very excited about this. and also this. an adorable video going viral for wrapping christmas presents, watch this. >> ♪ i don't want a lot for christmas, there is just one thing i need ♪ reporter: the cooperative mix named grace turning into the perfect stocking stuffer and the video racking up over 40 million views. look at him. he's so perfect. >> exactly.
4:56 am
steve: looks like a pug, or is it a chihuahua? reporter: a chihuahua mix named gracie. ainsley: my dog would jump out of there in two seconds. steve: thank, carlie. brian: it's day five our 12 days of giving and this morning we're highlighting mission barbecue again. reigns the restaurant opened its doors on the tenth anniversary of september 11 and its been committed to helping our heros ever since. steve: joining us are the founders we've got bill and steve newton, along with the president emeritus of the global war on terrorism memorial foundation retired green beret michael rodriguez and they all join us from maryland. guys good morning to you. >> good morning. steve: bill, let's start with you. you've been trying to raise money for this new memorial that will be on the mall to remember the people who fought in the global war on terror, and in
4:57 am
particular, you had the american heros cup, and i think about half of the purchase price went directly toward that memorial, right? >> steve, that's correct. the mission of mission barbecue is to serve, honor, and thank our american heros and we don't see anything more fitting than something as permanent, something as lasting, and something that's as significant as the building of a memorial for this generation of war fighter on the national mall in washington d.c. ainsley: it's beautiful and we see these memorials we have to think about all of the lives that have been put on the line for our country and for our freedoms. michael, tell us about what the memorial does. what it means to you. >> well first, you know, coming from a multi-generational military family and my father served in vietnam, my grandfather served in world war ii i can't imagine what it would have been like for my father to watch me go fight or my grandfathers who watched my father go fight the nazis, but
4:58 am
that is the current conflict. it's the best analogy i can come up with to describe the 20 year war we're going while i served for 21 years and deployed 10 times, you know, my son now i had to give him that hug before he deployed, to go be deployed and got assigned hunting down the same enemies that i hunted down and to even build on that my son's mother served for 21 years and deployed several times as well, so it means a lot not just to my family but we're just everyday americans doing the best we can to serve this nation and it's very important as a nation to honor, heal, empower, unite the brave american men and women that stepped up to serve in our nation's longest war. brian: so steve what do you plan on doing? >> so the tireless work of our teammates, the unwavering support of our customers has resulted through the sale of our
4:59 am
american heros cup, we're proud to make a check presentation today to the global war on terrorism memorial foundation in the amount of $1, 403, 348 in hopes that we can be one of those that really gets this project moving forward to ultimately get it designed, funded, and to have it be built on the national mall. steve: unbelievable. michael, real briefly. how will that money help you? >> oh, wow. you know, i'll try not to cry on camera for you guys because you know, just this gesture is speaks to mission barbecues dedication to serve your american patriots and this is going to help us secure the legacy of all my brave brothers and sisters who have served in this 20 year war. steve: fantastic. brian: bill, final thought? >> if you ever want to really
5:00 am
experience mission barbecue at its best, come join us everyday at 12 noon, where we shut our kitchens down, everything comes to a halt. we make an announcement and play the national anthem, and play that national anthem because we can because we're free and we're safe because hero s like michael and so many like him, we're proud to be doing what we're doing, and to everyone out there, we say merry christmas. ainsley: it's beautiful. so michael, i was driving my car and i heard the song "american soldier" which i love, and it reminds me of what you just said how you have to go and fight and say goodbye to your own children who are going to do the bravest thing anyone could do and the lyrics, some of the lyrics say and i'll always do my duty no matter what the price i've counted up the cost i know the sacrifice, oh, and i don't want to die for you but if dying is asked of me i'll bear that cross with honor, because freedom don't come free. what you do is amazing. thank you for remembering our soldiers and for being one yourself. steve: absolutely if you would like to, the mission bbq website is, and if you
5:01 am
would like to contribute to the memorial, go to gwot, global war on terror memorial foundation. bill and steve and michael, thank you very much for joining us live. >> thank you all very much. ainsley: merry christmas you too steve: it is 8:00 in the east, final hour of fox & friends for this friday, starts right now. >> poll numbers for the white house. >> 49% of those surveyed disapprove the job mr. biden is doing when it comes to handling the pandemic. >> undocumented we are looking at a winter of severe illness and death. >> democrats on different pages >> kamala harris is claiming she and biden have not even talked about running for re-election. >> the democratic party has been pulled so hard to the left that its become unelected. brian: china and russia showing a united front as tensions rise against the u.s.. >> this is a major concern for us they want to fundamental ly change the world
5:02 am
orders. steve: kim kardashian on cancel culture. >> it's the most ridiculous thing. >> she's right about this but cancel culture, the whole trick is never back down, never apologize. >> [applause] >> still gone! still going! kelsey, goodnight, touchdown! chiefs win it. >> ♪ steve: well it is seven days, one week, until christmas eve. that means it's six days until i actually start shopping, welcome to the final hour of fox & friends for this friday before christmas eve week. ainsley: that's when the women get the good presents though when the husband waits until the very last minute. have you shopped for kathy yet? steve: yes. brian: if you wait until the very last minute it's 7-eleven or a wawa.
5:03 am
don't wait until the last minute ainsley: here honey here is your whopper. steve: i never think of wawa, because in the past the only place open was pep boys. brian: right there you go. steve: honey i got you a muffler no not that kind. brian: how would you like to kiss your air pressure 24 hours a day? ainsley: my dad requested a vacuum. i was like really isn't that the gift you're not supposed to give anyone? brian: no for guys? absolutely. ainsley: it's like the dyson thing. they are expensive. steve: they are pricey. ainsley: they are wireless that's why he wanted it. so it is 8:03 on the east coast we're a few days away from christmas and listen to us. here is a developing story. students across the country are staying home today as tiktok warrants possible school attacks steve: the threats online are being "called a challenge." brian: carley shimkus is here with the latest. reporter: the anonymous post
5:04 am
circulating on tiktok and other social media platforms warn that schools would receive shooting and bomb threats today. the post also encouraged student s to stay home. police say they believe the threats are not credible, and the department of homeland security says it does not have information about any credible threats to schools. still, several schools are closed and police departments around the country are stepping up their presence at schools, ready and alert for anything out of the ordinary. it comes as police in california have arrested a 14-year-old boy for making threats to commit violence at his middle school, now parents are being asked to keep an eye on their children. >> i would advice the parents to talk to the children, the children will educate you but also like i said be aware of threats in the event that you know a threat or if your child knows of something going on in the school to make sure that you report it immediately. reporter: tiktok says it is working with law enforcement to investigate. so, uncredible threat according
5:05 am
to investigators but something that's affecting schools across the country. brian: how do you ignore it? reporter: you don't and they are doing the right thing to investigate. ainsley: hopefully they can find out who started all of this. steve: and the key points are you said not a credible threat according to law enforcement, and yet, a whole bunch of schools are not open today because of it, and one of the things about it is the threats are very vague. they don't pertain to one particular school, you know, and that is why so many people on this friday morning are actually saying do you know what? ainsley: not worth it. steve: you're going to stay home today. it is something that everybody is talking about whose got school-aged kids on this friday. brian: yeah, as we're closer to christmas and a lot of colleges already said go home because they are worried about the virus which brings us to our next topic with only eight days until christmas president biden kind of had a grim message for the un vaccinated as usual. ainsley: and some doctors are slamming parents for waiting to vaccinate their kids. steve: jacqui heinrich joins us from the north lawn of the white
5:06 am
house on this friday with the latest from the president. reporter: good morning, steve, ainsley and brian. yeah, president biden gave a pretty bleak forecast for this winter, for those who are unvaccinated, imploring people to get the vaccine as omicron is surging. >> we are looking at a winter of severe illness and death, but there's good news. if you're vaccinated and you have your booster shot, you're protected from severe illness and death, period. reporter: but try, as he might, to prove his polling, president biden still lagging even on his handling of coronavirus, which just seven months ago he had a 64% approval rating and now it's at 47%. breakthrough infections among people who followed all of the white house and cdc guidance are driving part of that, so are concerns about school closures and more shutdowns but there are still many people who refuse to get vaccinated. a recent family foundation poll showed only 27% of parents of five to 11-year-old kids are
5:07 am
keen to immunize their children. 30% said they definitely won't, and one doctor who wrote about it in the journal of american medical association is now facing pushback from peers. they write, there's nothing paradox about parents who are vaccinated themselves wanting to wait for more/longer term data from fully-powered rct before having their kids receive a new emergency use authorization vaccine. as of this week, there are only about one in six people across the country who are fully vaccinated and boosted but that number we have seen come up recently as cases are surging in new york and increased by the positive increased by 40% in just one day. back to you guys. steve: that's right, thank you very much. new cases are up as jackie said 40%, deaths are up 34%, hospitalizations up 21%. what the president was trying to say was, you know, it's going to be a rough couple of weeks given those numbers. they are expecting 15, 600
5:08 am
deaths a week and so his message was, if you're not vaccinated, get the vaccine. right now, and we were talking about this about an hour ago. with omicron, the effectiveness of the shots is up in the air. they aren't really sure about it but when you've had the vaccine and the boosters, it does give you protection against delta and right now, in this country, it's delta that is out there and it's delta that's killing people. ainsley: yeah, there is an article this morning about parents with their hesitation about getting their kids vaccinated and it says we're split in about thirds. one-third says yes, i'm definitely getting the vaccine for my kids and that's about 27% 30% said they definitely do not want to get the vaccine for their kids and another third said we're going to wait and see but then they say why, why is it that you're hesitant and it talks about not being familiar with it, this was created a year ago, that kind of thing, because when you look at the other shots, mmr and polio vaccines, about 93%, for mmr have gotten those vaccines, but they've been
5:09 am
around since the 60's. steve: what's interesting, ainsley, about what you just said is a lot of people are worried about long term effects of the vaccine on their kids, but when you talk to dr. sapphire she said something i never heard before. ainsley: she basically said if you look at the history of vaccines they don't stay in your system forever. that's why we have to get shots every year. steve: so any side effects be in the next month or so. ainsley: correct. that's exactly what she said. that's why we have to get boost ers because the effectiveness wears off. brian you talk. we've talked a lot. brian: here is dr. sapphire. >> every parent is going to have to make the right decision that they believe for their child and it is my personal opinion that when we talk about vaccinating our children against covid-19, it should be risk- stratified. children who have co morbidities such as being overweight, as majority, heart disease, kidney disease and many others, the benefit of vaccinations far out weighs the nominal risk that
5:10 am
comes with the vaccines because they are at a significantly higher risk of severe covid-19, when we're talking about otherwise healthy younger children, i think that's when the conversation needs to have. brian: i think we've gotta look at this omicron which is coming here i guess it's up 15% in new york, 15% of the cases overall in one week, the cases were up 6.9%, deaths were up 7%, and that number could rise but you gotta keep in mind, big difference between the delta and omicron. omicron you get mild symptoms, spreads easier, but i think you've gotta also look at the types of quarantine that goes with it, when you don't have any symptoms at all for a virus that seems to be, according to experts, just because it passes quicker, the fact that the symptoms are milder shows perhaps we're getting better and better and closer to the end of this. right now there's 61% of the country is fully vaccinated but if you look at the seniors they're way over. you know if you're susceptible. you know if you have an underlying condition, and that's going to be key, so far only 27% of the country eligible
5:11 am
for a booster has gotten booster s so i think that the one thing you'll see with governor desantis, governor of texas, governor abbott, okay, here are your facts, now act accordingly. when you have this governor hochul whose trying to out- liberal a outgoing mayor who embarrasses himself on a daily basis, she's missed a lockdown, let's start getting involved and having inspectors out to make sure people are complying, just creates this hostile atmosphere, on top of the pressure of the holiday season, on top of the pressure that comes with this pandemic. steve: well and brian, to your point about desantis and abbott. they have both said get the shot keep in mind, you got the omicron out there, but it is the delta that is killing so many people and the shots work to prevent hospitalizations largely with delta. brian: but this president never , i would love to see the breakthroughs with him to address all the breakthroughs that result in hospitalizations
5:12 am
with the vaccine and the un vaccinated. i have not seen any data that backs up whose in the hospital and whose not, and when you don't admit when you're wrong, it creates so much distrust and makes you wonder what you're saying now if it's indeed true. remember, this is a pandemic of the unvaccinated. if that was true, we wouldn't have every nfl player and every nba player coming down with this virus because there's proven vaccination there unless all of the vaccinated people are lying about it. ainsley: you mentioned ron desantis people are wondering is he going to run for president in three years, is donald trump going to run for president, who be his vice president if he did and we're wondering also if joe biden is going to run again because it's mixed. there are a lot of democrats that say he's not up for the job , and they don't want him to run. will kamala harris run? will she step up to the plate with these terrible poll numbers so she was asked about it in the wall street journal and she says i am not going to talk about our conversations but i will tell you this , without any ambiguity, we do not talk about, nor have we talked about
5:13 am
re-elections so i'm not going to tell you but i am, because we haven't completed our first year and we're in the middle of a pandemic. we're building back our economy and we are reestablishing america's role in the context of our allies & partners around the world. brian: now ask yourself, if you asked dick cheney, joe biden is vice president or mike pence, are you running for re-election, the president made it clear right away, i'm running again in four years, he setup his organization to run again. there's so much doubt because he had been so ineffective, and she has been such a letdown. she was on the threshold, the launching pad, to take over in four years for president that even describes himself as a stop -gap, as an interim president, as a transitional figure, and she's been so horrendous and lazy and would not even understand the issues and this was a layup. are you going to run? we don't talk about it. my goodness, why not just slam that door open. ainsley: i bet they don't though because he doesn't know, i don't , i think he's looking at
5:14 am
her poll numbers saying maybe she's not the right one next time. brian: but ainsley she already said he's running again. of course we're going to be running again, we're so busy governing, we're not focusing on re-election but we're running. ainsley: she said i don't think about it. who doesn't think about that when you're vice president you don't think about that? am i going to have to go through an election again in a few years steve: here is the thing. that is not true because if you live by re-election, you're going to think about your next cycle. you're going to think about it, so i do not believe, you know, i bet if kamala harris got a do- over, which you don't get enough these days, she probably would not give that answer, because there was clean up in aisle one yesterday, the deputy press secretary was asked about this baffling thing the vice president said during briefing room yesterday in the brady room. watch this. >> i'm hoping you can clear something up here when it comes to the question of 2024. the vice president did an interview with the wall street journal and she was asked if she assumed that biden would
5:15 am
run again, and she didn't say yes. she just said that the two of them hadn't talked about it. of course you all and the president himself said that he does plan to seek re-election , so what's the disconnect here? >> i can't speak to a conversation that the vice president and the president have i could only reiterate what jen has said and what the president said himself that he is planning to run for re-election in 2024. i don't have any more to add. reporter: just to be clear the president said he plans to run again he means with harris on the ticket? >> yes, he does. there's no change, yes. steve: so politico did a poll able people running in 2024, if it were kamala harris she would only have about one-third of the democrats responding they would vote for her, 31%, pete buttigieg 11%, elizabeth warren and aoc tied at 8%. brian: i just laughed at elizabeth warren is like i might run again and all of these other , pete buttigieg. steve: worked out so well before brian: they actually, they went
5:16 am
nowhere last time. what has changed? when the time they needed them most when pete buttigieg he went on paternity leave for three months and didn't tell anybody. is that the guy you want in charge? ainsley: he's so progressive they loved him. brian: right. but who likes him, the squad and supporters? ainsley: yes, all of the progressives. steve: regarding the squad, the big difference of the people i just mentioned, they've all run for president except aoc. aoc has not run in the past because she was not 35 years old she is now. she could run. brian: right. she'll bring her little queens to possibly to the white house. steve: she's very popular with certain parts of the democratic part chi is important during primaries. enough politics straight ahead, we're going to talk hollywood. embattled movie star alec baldwin now in damage control disputing claims that he apparently reportedly asked for a bigger prop gun before the fatal movie set shooting. i said prop gun it was a real gun. geraldo rivera on deck with that
5:17 am
, coming up. ainsley: plus kim kardashian is keeping up with cancel culture. >> cancel culture is the most ridiculous thing. ainsley: behind the pop culture icon fight for freedom of speech brian: i'm going to shorten that sound bite. your record label is taking off. but so is your sound engineer. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. indeed instant match instantly delivers quality candidates matching your job description. visit entresto is the number one heart failure brand prescribed by cardiologists and has helped over one million people.
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5:22 am
tweeted,"the choices regarding any props by me for the film rust were made weeks before production began, to suggest that any changes were made before the fatal shooting is false. this just hours avenue mexico authorities issued a search warrant for his iphone giving them access to his texts and his photos and geolocation, stuff like that. here with reaction, fox news correspondent at-large, geraldo rivera. good morning to you. geraldo i'm surprised they didn't ask for his phone earlier geraldo: me too, they should have, key evidence, not only talked about who he was speaking with, and his texts also gives geographic location. it's a plethora of vital information, but what it indicates to me, steve, is that the slow-moving investigation as it grinds on still very much has alec baldwin in the cross hairs. it may not be that he's the only one they are targeting, but it is pretty clear that they still are very very interested in what
5:23 am
he did, who he spoke to, where he went, and alec baldwin, i think, steve makes the most provocative statement. he said to someone's responsible for what happened and i can't say who it is but it's not me. so clearly, the actor believes that there's someone criminally responsible and remember that criminally neglect homicide, that involves manslaughter still hangs out there, steve. steve: yeah, and during that interview, i think he was asked about do you feel guilty or things like that and just if you're involved in something like that, you would feel really really bad. why did he go on abc and tell that story? >> i think he wanted his story on the record in a forum that was a friendly forum where he could get , you know, his most sympathetic portray all. he's an excellent actor, i'm not saying he was insincere at the
5:24 am
time. he came across as being very sincere but he wanted his point of view on the record and also the key, another key point that was missed is remember his emphasizing that he did not pull the trigger. the gun, the hammer was cocked somehow, he never pulled the trigger. how did it go off so was indeed who pulled the trigger was the hammer cocked? who put that live round in that weapon? i think that that is the key. who did that? who sabotaged if that's what it was, that day, that took the life of helena hutchinson in such a butyl brutal fashion. steve: geraldo thank you very much for joining us live from ohio. 8:24 in the east. out west, arizona law enforcement describing the absolute chaos at the border is more than 170,000 migrants were apprehended just last month , 170,000. yuma, arizona mayor douglas
5:25 am
nichols responds to that jaw dropping number, coming up next. hello, for the last few years, i've been a little obsessed with chasing the big idaho potato truck. but it's not like that's my only interest. i also love cooking with heart-healthy, idaho potatoes. always look for the grown in idaho seal.
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ainsley: it's absolute chaos down at the border and that's how a yuma law enforcement official is describing the ongoing crisis, and when you see the numbers, you will understand why. nearly 174,000 illegal immigrant s were apprehended in november. that is more than double from the same time last year, about 100,000 more, and it's forcing y uma, arizona to declare a local emergency. yuma's mayor douglas nichols joins us right now, good morning to you, mayor. >> good morning. ainsley: these are new numbers they just came out this morning what's your reaction? >> well, we know its been extremely busy this last year,
5:30 am
in comparison to the previous couple years, so while the numbers staggering, it's not that surprising given what we've been dealing with here throughout the region. ainsley: so biden tried to get rid of the remain in mexico policy, the supreme court says no, it needs to stay in effect, biden is still trying to kill it they aren't in favor of it but when you look at these numbers they are just the ones we have apprehended. what do you do with these individuals when you do apprehend them? >> well, most of these, well all of these apprehensions are through the border patrol system and the customs system ultimately through i.c.e. so all we are in that role or in that system is support, and so we currently have like most of these in the country, a struggle , or staffing level isn't as high as we'd like and so any time you get additional incidents to support, it just stretches things even thinner, however i will mention on the remain in mexico program, as it gets implemented, the yuma
5:31 am
sector will only have 10 slots a day to put people into the program, so 10 people a day, when you have about a thousand people crossing. ainsley: are you serious? >> it's not the same program we used to have. ainsley: only 10 people a day? yes. ainsley: wow and these numbers are staggering if you compare october of last year and october of this year, in your area, in yuma, last year 787 apprehended, this year, this october, 21, 623 how do you do your job? i know they are overwhelmed you said staffing shortages and then they can only send 10 of those individuals? is that for the entire state or is that for yuma? >> that's just for the yuma sector, so there's two sectors in arizona, and the yuma sector there's about half the border, that's the number that we're given. ainsley: are you overwhelmed because you want to do something about this problem affecting your state and community and the people are crying out, please help us, we feel abandon ed but yet the administration doesn't support you. >> well we reach out frequently
5:32 am
to the white house and to dhs secretary office and we have a lot of conversations. we have seen some movement lately after i declared my local emergency as we've had some additional searches of the border we've had a lot of different conversations, but the long term issue is still something we're dealing with, so it's something that we have to focus on day-to-day, so we don't have the large numbers of people coming through our community as we did last week, week and a half ago. ainsley: okay, mayor nichols thank you so much for joining us >> thanks for having me on. ainsley: south dakota governor kristi noem answering the call for action in the fight for fairness. she's joining us live on her initiative to ban transgender athletes from competing in female sports, that's next.
5:33 am
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steve: president biden yesterday with a warning to unvaccinated americans, winter is coming and it's going to be bad.
5:37 am
>> for unvaccinated, we are looking at a winter of severe illness and death for themselves , their families, and the hospitals that will soon be overwhelmed, but there's good news. if you're vaccinated and you have your booster shot, you're protected from severe illness and death, period. ainsley: this as the president's response to the pandemic gets its worse marks to date. a new fox business poll shows nearly half of you, half of america, disapprove of his performance on covid now. brian: here to react south dakota governor kristi noem. so it's going to be a dark winter it looks like, governor. what do you plan on doing to your people? >> we plan on doing business as usual, and celebrating christmas. i think the president's outlook is focusing on the negatives. this country needs hope. they need to remember the promise of christmas, and the love they have for their families and friends and enjoy the season. brian: but the numbers are ris ing and he's concerned. are you? >> we're always concerned.
5:38 am
we're doing the hard work of taking care of people, letting them use personal responsibility , to make the best decisions for themselves and their families, and then focusing on how we can get through challenging times together. south dakota has been an example to the country of how you do that with common sense, and protecting freedoms and i would encourage the president to consider taking some of the actions that we have. steve: for instance what? because to brian's point the numbers are rising, the number of hospitalizations in last two weeks up 20%. they are expecting, governor, in about three weeks, the death toll, because of covid, largely, delta, will be 15,000 per week here in the united states. so what common sense things is south dakota doing that the president should do? >> we will continue to do it. we've done throughout the pandemic and that's to inform people, give them data, focus on the science, encourage them to consistently wash their hands like we did throughout the
5:39 am
pandemic, to make sure that they're not feeling well, they should stay home, protect the vulnerable individuals, and choose to get a vaccine if they would like to. if they don't, then go into this knowing that they should focus on exercising, taking their vitamins, and being very healthy people. ainsley: governor, i know that you want to introduce the girls sports bill. tell the folks at home what this is and why. >> well, we did file that bill this week. we go into session in january, but this bill would essentially take the executive orders that i put in place last year and codify them into state law and what they do is protect fairness in women's sports, for girls. make sure that they have the opportunity to be successful so we only have girls playing in girls sports. it would address it at the k-12 level but also at the collegiate level here in our state. steve: it's complicated because there are now trans-athletes competing in sports in gender, in the categories for genders
5:40 am
that they were not born as , people who were born as boys are now trans and now competing with women. >> there are very physical differences between males and females, and that is one of the issues that we're talking about as the biological differences and making sure that we're protecting girl's sports so that girls have a level playing field. they have the opportunity to be successful, and that's something that was fought for many years ago that we, here in south dakota, will protect that right for those girls. boys should play in boys sports and girls should play in girls sports. brian: just leah thomas is the swimmer at the university of pennsylvania switched sexes and now a woman, competing and blowing out the competition, and turns out a lot of the teammates , a lot of the parents of the teammates of our own teammates are upset about this. they had their own goals and they had races they wanted to win, and here is a quote from a female swim swimmer speaking out against thomas. it's hard working your whole
5:41 am
life at a sport going to the big competition seeing someone more physically talented than you however it's more discouraging to have them right next to you knowing you won't ever be in the same physical level as them. so that is exactly what this is about isn't it? >> it is and i think a lot of people across the country are trying to take this issue and make it into personal beliefs or to send a message on a different issue when really, what this comes down to, is fairness. fairness for girls, giving them a level playing field so that when they compete in these sports they can be successful and they have the opportunity to go on, go to college, get scholarships, be a professional, and make sure that they're competing against someone whose given the same gift and the same level of physical abilities that they were. steve: governor, before you go, we'll have you weigh in on some politics, over the last week or so, there's been some speculation about whether or not joe biden would run for re-election and in fact the
5:42 am
new york times on the op-ed page said joe, don't run but tell people now. what do you think is going to happen on the democrat side? >> i think the president and the vice president have discussed this issue. i think they disagree on the best path forward for their party. they've got a lot of division going on and it'll be interesting to watch what they do in the future. what i know is the policies of republicans are working. they're creating opportunities, our economies are growing, people are successful, and republicans and conservatives are happier because we recognize that what we believe truly does protect what makes america so special. brian: so you believe there's division between joe biden and kamala harris? >> i do. you can see it between them. they aren't communicating. they aren't getting along and i think there's a lot of division in the white house right now between those two. ainsley: he says he's running again and she said we haven't discussed it. does that mean he's possibly looking for another candidate to be his vp? >> well look at the democratic
5:43 am
party. their leadership obviously has poor ability to decide when to step down. they got nancy pelosi, steny hoyer, joe biden, they've got young leaders that are frustrated because they've got a very different agenda for this country. it's interesting to watch what's going on in the democratic party because i don't believe it reflects america right now and the american people is waking up to it. that's why parents are showing up at meetings, school boards, city councils, they're taking their country back and i think that means that it's going to be a great mid-terms for republican s. brian: they feel optimistic about the house and we'll see what's going to happen in the senate. ainsley: remember in loudoun county that parent panel, like 12 of them they all said we didn't even know who our school board members were and now we all speak out at the meeting. steve: to your point a lot of frustration. governor thank you very much for joining us today. ainsley: merry christmas governor. >> merry christmas you guys have a wonderful holiday. brian: indeed. speaking of wonderful carley shimkus is here. reporter: thank you, brian we gotta get to this because there's a story unfolding out of
5:44 am
california. one person is in custody and a manhunt is underway for another after a california highway patrol officer is shot. authorities say the officer was investigating a previous shooting when two suspects opened fire. one of the suspected shooters was arrested at the scene. the other fled on foot. the injured officer is expected to be okay. >> and developing right now, a firefighter is injured in a massive fire in boston. the fire department responding to an eight-alarm fire early this morning. fire officials say shifting winds made it nearly impossible for first responders to see through the smoke. the firefighters condition is not known. officials are investigating the cause of that fire. >> 103 marines are discharged after refusing to get the covid vaccine, and the army announces it has relieved six leaders including two battalion commanders for also refusing the shot. the army says nearly 4,000
5:45 am
active duty troops have still not gotten the vaccine, but the pentagon says nearly 98% of army service members and 95% of marines are vaccinated. >> spacex founder elon musk, musk now in a war of words with msnbc after he called senator elizabeth warren senator karen. watch. >> being a free-loader and a selfish and disrespectful one and for miss appropriating black vernacular, elon musk is the absolute worst. reporter: musk responding on twitter saying lack of joy reed is a lobbyist for senator karen and also, in china, a man dubbed yelong musk is going viral for looking just like the tesla ceo. how is that not him? they're identical. guys? over to you. ainsley: his hair is a little darker but they could be brother s. brian: i have to give joy reid credit. i don't know anyone that's called elon musk a free-loader. reporter: do you think yelong
5:46 am
musk is also angry? i'll check with my sources. steve: here is the side by side. maybe that's one of those deep fake things. reporter: it looks like tax i'm on board with you. ainsley: i just don't understand it's almost like everyone is jealous. they want him to give over his money. he's worked really hard for this brian: this is why i always refuse to be time man of the year. it brings up too much division and discussion. ainsley: you just don't answer the call. brian: right i say listen go to the number two and right here number two is elon musk and now you see some of that. ainsley: i have a feeling you will never be time magazines man of the year not because you don't deserve it but because these liberal magazines. brian: if you think she's wrong , write us, and if so, what year do you think i'll get it? ainsley: [laughter] let's check in with our senior meteorologist janice dean. >> you've got my vote brian
5:47 am
kilmeade. ainsley: ask the people behind you. >> hi you guys how are you? do you think brian kilmeade should be time man of the year? >> yes. >> absolutely. >> listen, you have a birthday to say hi to? my moms 89th birthday in las vegas, nevada she's the most beautiful woman. >> what's her name? >> olga. >> we love you and another birthday here? >> happy birthday, mike. >> all right, mike what a crowd today did you see our new all-american christmas tree? do you love it? >> yes! >> i love it. i love you guys for coming out let's take a look at the map it does not feel like christmas here in new york city 59 right now but we do have cold air moving in, 27 in chicago, so it's on its way and that could produce some snow, we got a couple of clipper systems that are on the move this weekend. rain and the potential for showers and thunderstorms along that cold front, and here is an area of concern as we go through oklahoma throughout the day today. know what to do if there's a watch or warning because we could see rough weather later on this afternoon even into the overnight and i mean crazy warm. 20 to 30 degrees above average today, that's going to happened
5:48 am
to and tomorrow, and then that cold front is going to move through and we'll see temperatures a little bit more seasonal. tampa, florida 86 today, houston , texas, 80 new orleans 75 so we'll flirt with daytime records but you know what there's some changes on the way. we could get a little bit of snow in the northeast next week, so stay tuned for all your latest weather. will you say hi to our friends steve, ainsley and brian? >> hi! we love you. >> hi, everyone. >> merry christmas. steve: very nice, thank you, janice. ainsley: it's 8:48 here on the east coast and keeping up with the cancel culture why kim kardashian is calling left movement ridiculous. but first let's check in with dana perino for what's coming up at the top of the hour. dana: i want to know if kim kardashian this brian should be man of the year. brian: that be great, can you ask hemmer to find out. dana: he's on it. ainsley: i think she might say yeah, why not. dana: she might, well the white house is stuck in 2021 comes to an end, newt gingrich on what you need to know about that. then the friday money team will
5:49 am
explain how the economic posture will affect you at home, and with cases going up for omicron, are public health officials overreacting or do we need to buckle up dr. marty makary on that, the white house ends talks to pay migrants. we'll discuss all of that and a little christmas spirit, see you at 9:00. look! oh my god... oh wow. ♪ i want my daughter riley to know about her ancestors and how important it is to know who you are and to know where you came from. doesn't that look like your papa? that's your great grandfather. it's like opening a whole 'nother world that we did not know existed. ♪ you finally have a face to a name. when you give the gift of ancestry®, you give the gift of family. ♪
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steve: it sounds like kim kardashian really wants to be a lawyer. she announced earlier that she had passed the baby bar out in california, and she's going to study hard, and try to join the bar in some fashion. ainsley: she's done a lot with prison reform and getting individuals the president's attention, president trump's attention and getting people who don't belong behind bars for the rest of their life for minor crimes, getting them out of prison. brian: yeah, cancel culture has gotten under her skin like it was bill maher's skin as kevin ha the's skin, a lot of celebrities are saying wow why are you canceling me in fact she's actually criticizing herself about the why she treated her ex-husband listen to this. >> i was very nervous. i didn't want him to wear the red hat. i'm not really a rule breaker, so my personality be like okay
5:54 am
you don't like the red hat i'll take it off. i remember other people were around and it became a thing where he wasn't going to go on because he wanted to be who he is, and i'm very neutral but i was very that night, i was very forceful with him and arguing with him about, you know, you have to take that hat off, and now, looking back, i thought why should he take that off if that's what he believes in. why can't he wear that on tv half of the country voted for him, so clearly, other people like him think cancel culture is the most ridiculous thing. ainsley: even to take it a step further there are a lot of people that like president trump here in new york, but they were too scared to wear the red hat. what would happen to you if you're on the subway and in a red hat? steve: and the reason she was talking about that was because she was trying to talk her husband out of wearing the hat on saturday night live. keep in mind, saturday night live is doing a pairity of the time that kanye west went
5:55 am
into the oval office with the president of the united states and he was wearing the red hat in the oval. brian: right the best open from snl all year was kim kardashian. she delivered like a stand-up comic and this because she doesn't have to do her reality show anymore. ainsley: i really am liking her. i did watch the reality show and chris has been on our show and she's wonderful. they are christians and talk about their faith a lot, i just wish them all the best. brian: pete davidson and they are dating, took off a lot of his tattoos. steve: how do you do that? brian: it hurts. ainsley: it's very painful they say. brian: you can unink yourself. ainsley: i think it's a lot of sessions. brian: you lose your whole epid ermis. steve: maybe you shouldn't get them put on in the first place if you get them taken off. ainsley: he has a lot of them. brian: joel do you know how many tattoos pete davidson has? >> i don't know. brian: if you know, write us. steve: somebody knows. anyway that's the latest with kim kardashian we'll step aside
5:56 am
back in a couple of minutes with more fox & friends for this friday. >> ♪
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free shipping. >> dana: hat, oven mitt. >> this is soft and hugs your body. >> this is really soft. hugs your body. you don't want that. >> it shapes you. >> ainsley, have a great vacation. >> love you all. see you in 2022. >> see you on radio. >> bill: good morning. here we go now. eight days away from christmas. america staring down the barrel of another covid surge prompting an ominous warning from the white house as we say -- >> dana: i'm dana perino, this is "america's newsroom." there is a lot happening. everyone is wanting to know what's happening. cases are up nearly 3% from last week. the president's assessment on that is not exactly comforting. >> president biden: unvaccinated we are looking at a winter of severe


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