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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  December 17, 2021 1:00pm-2:00pm PST

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that is "the story" for this friday, december 17. as always, "the story" goes on. thanks very much for being with us today. hope you have a fantastic weekend. we will see you back here on monday at 3:00. stay tuned. "your world" starts right now. >> neil: here we covid again. a broadway show cancelling a performance with the audience already seated. the rockettes hanging up their tap shoes and nixing four christmas show because of covid in the house. citi group telling staffers in new york and new jersey that they can work from home. ditto j.p. morgan chase and morgan stanley and apple. franks blocking entry to u.k. tourists. canada now considering the same for any tourist. universities going online with
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classes. cities and states reimposing indoors mask mandates for the masses. all because of the variant and growing concerns out of a pandemic party that won't last. i'm neil cavuto. a busy friday. probably doesn't help matters any when the president of the united states talks of severe illness and death for the unvaccinated this winter. let's savors didn't need to wait until the winter to sell off in droves on fears today, the same with holiday revellers are cancels on concerts that they paid for. they don't care if they ever get their money back. right now they want their lives back. we have you and them covered with the outgoing director of the national institutes of health, dr. francis collins when that might happen. susan li on the financial fallout if it doesn't happen. rich edson at the white house on how the president is determined
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to make it happen. we begin with susan in new york. >> neil, christmas has president been cancelled just yet but it's under threat from the omicron spread. the latest being the rockettes cancelling their traditional holiday extravaganza a few minutes before the first scheduled performance. an outbreak among covid cases with the cast members and the orchestra forced the last-minute decision. the curtain falling on the rockettess and their famous how kicks but for several other shows. that includes hamilton, harry potter, and in each case, one or more crew had tested positive. the metropolitan opera now requiring booster shots for their staff and its audience members that are eligible and the new rule will go into effect mid january. the met says that they want to set an example for the rest of the city. this is after new york reported a doubles in covid positivity rate. a trend that the city says they
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have never seen before. new york is a popular global tourist destination this time of the year and the u.s. has restricted travel from south africa and several other nations. other countries have been imposing more severe restrictions. france suspending all-nonessential travel and japan shutting down its borders. major league sports are also trying to prevent omicron from interrupting their season. the nfl just delaying three games. the nhl now shutting down colorado and florida games and the nba says that all players will be tested daily after the highest number of players entering covid protocols this week. so it's tough on the players and tough on the fans and concerning for the population, neil. >> neil: to put it mildly. have a great weekend. susan li on that. now to rich edson at the white house. >> white house officials say
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they expect omicron to be the dominant variant in the united states in the coming weeks. they're stressing that americans should masking and social distancing now and getting tested so that they can gather next week safely for the holidays. while this looks like last year in the u.s., white house officials say there's a difference. >> unlike last winder, we now have the power to protect ourselves. our vaccines work against omicron, especially for people that get booster shots when they're eligible. if you get covid, your case will be likely be asymptomatic or mild. >> fewer americans say this pandemic is under control. that's according to the latest fox business poll. 8% say it's completely under control compared to 10% in october. fewer than 1 in 5 say it's mostly under control. 44% say somewhat and more than a quarter, 28%, say not at all.
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president biden's top medical adviser, dr. fauci, says those that are vaccinated and boosted should feel reasonably comfortable though he says if cases continue rising, the government may have to be more restrictive. our fox business poll found that 49% favor, 47% oppose cities and towns requiring proof of vaccine for indoor events or private business mandates. more than 2/3s favor a mask mandate for travelers on planes, trains and buses. the white house press secretary, jen psaki on air force one on the way down to south carolina today with president biden said that the white house is going to continue to pursue what they say is a tried and true strategy and that is masking and testing and vaccines. she says she has no time line of when there's more announcements from the white house on mandates or strategies. back to you. >> neil: thanks, rich. with the uncertainty of this was weighing on the markets today, this might not be so far very
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dangerous variant to deal with, but it is impacting those that are worried that will slow the economy. ken, there's the worry, right? >> you know, i think that was the worry today. they succeeded with the headlines about new york is getting ready to close down and l.a. is closing down and they're more worried about the pace. if you want my opinion, i think the underlying issue is not that at all. the underlying issue is much more the recognition that the fed is going to move faster than what they expected. one of the fed governors said you could expect rates to move in march, which is two months of what jay powell said two days ago. i think the issue around it is more focused around the fed. omicron is adding to that conversation, because it's negative. the tone is negative right now.
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so it's helping. but if you ask me, i think it's more about the fed than omicron. >> neil: could be the worst of both worlds. all of a sudden you're worried about higher prices and a slow down in the economy. that sounds like stagflation. you're still a young pup. but i can remember that quite well. what about you? >> listen, i so appreciate what you just said. >> neil: are we re-visiting that? >> look at this. >> neil: what are we looking at that? a slowing economy? stagflation? it's not a good environment. >> it's not a good environment. i'm not sure i'm ready to go down that stagflation argument yet. what you have to bo worried about is the turbulence that come in january. once we get the new year, they've been trying to control the narrative the last two weeks to prevent the market melt down as we go into the new year. once you get to the new year and
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the slate is clean in january, that's when the fed talk will get more aggressive and that's when the market will hit turbulence. then you're going to add in the they shut down the big cities and mandating people to stay home and locking people down. it's only going to feed itself for sure. i'm not really sure i'm getting the whole omicron thing. while i understand it's transmissable, we have therapeutics now. we have vaccines. the booster. we're in a much better position. people -- this is not covid 2020 where we had nothing. this is a new variant, which we get, that doesn't seem to be as deadly as the first round. people that are vaccinated have some protection. >> neil: we shall see. kenny, great talking to you again. if we don't, have a merry christmas. we'll be talking to the retiring nih director, dr. francis collins what he makes of this surge after this.
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senator, you're confused by what -- the message they're sending. can you explain? >> yes. the cdc says all workers should feel good about going back to work. the best we can tell, cdc has not instituted that policy. when i asked the director if it was true, i heard as many as 75% of their workers are not back to work. she couldn't tell me. i later learned that she's not back at work. in atlanta, teachers are back to work. i say this because if anyone is going to be vaccinated, it's cdc workers. if anybody needs personal protective equipment, you assume they have it. they're the front line of the public health war and it's unclear how many are back to work. it's frustrating. >> neil: let's say a goo many of them, half or more are not. then what? >> yeah, there's no way you keep
1:14 pm
up the energy of an organization by zooming from home. it's hard. in my office, very small, we make sure we have an intern by zoom. but the director from massachusetts? there's no way you overcome the inertia hoff an organization. we're in the public health equivalent of a war and we don't know how many people are on the front line helping us battle. that is not the way it should be. the federal worker is a servant of the people. you can't serve as effectively if you're not showing up for work. >> neil: so if the backdrop is a lot of companies delaying their own people returning to work or reimposing those restrictions that they shouldn't go to work, what do you make of that? >> hospitals are showing up. if we're talking about healthcare, saying to a doctor, my colleague, the nurses, the
1:15 pm
ward clerks, the janitors show up to work every day. if you have a public health entity that presumably everybody is vaccinated, it's the law of the land, the president told them to, you have all of the personal protective equipment that you need if you're in a laboratory, you should be back at work. yes, you can zoom some days. yeah, you go to a conference. i get that. day in and day out, people need to show up for work. yet they're asking the rest of the united states to do so. that's my take. >> neil: senator, there's a report out for the house select committee investigating the nation's covid response dating back to the trump years since to indicate the trump white house made deliberate efforts to undermine the covid response. what did you make of that? >> you know, i have not read those reports. i can't comment on that. i can say that operation warp speed by everybody you talk to in healthcare was an amazing operation. if there is something else that
1:16 pm
undermined, that was wrong. i don't know -- i don't have knowledge about it. >> neil: got it. all right. thanks, senator. bill cassidy of louisiana. >> thank you. >> neil: there's so many companies fighting for a protection to deal with this virus including moderna. the ceo chatted with me early on the new case omicron namely that it is so contagious. >> the problem with omicron is the transmissibility. 14% of those in south africa are in icu. so it does have the ability to hospitalize people for sure. as it comes to the northern hemisphere where we have different demographics, people with comorbidities as they get infected, let's not forget that delta is still very present in the u.s. and around europe. as the people get infected in
1:17 pm
large numbers, it's going to strain an already burdened healthcare system. so that's the issue. that's what we have to protect against with simple measures and vaccination and boosting as well. >> neil: so whatever is out there, duke and the nih have looked into a study that shows boosting shots are highly effective in dealing with this including moderna's. i'm wondering, is there anything ohm only related or targeted only for this that would be beneficial or down the pike any time soon? >> today, neil, i think the best thing we can do is hand washing, mask wearing, some distancing. get vaccinated and get boosted. get educated. websites, make it your where people can get educated. it's powerful. down the road we at moderna are working on an omicron booster. we continue to do that. we're a leader in the field in
1:18 pm
mrna vaccines and therapeutics and it's our responsibility to do this. we don't know where omicron is going. and we take this responsibility seriously and working on that vaccine. >> neil: what does that mean, doctor? we see the studies that say a booster shot, yours included would be 50 times more effective at dealing with omicron. does that mean that the third shot or a fourth shot is in order? what are we looking at here? >> i think it's confusing, neil. what the data broadly tells us today is that after two shots compared to your two initial vaccinations, if you get a booster, you can ramp up levels of anti-body by maybe 50 fold, which is great. get into a zone that is likely protective. quill get people through the holiday season and the winter months. as we go into next year, we'll see what the data shows around the world. academic and independent centers do we need a fourth booster
1:19 pm
then, when will we need it, how will we want to use an omicron specific booster. those are questions, neil, that we just don't have answers to yet but will be critical. >> neil: do you think some of the measures that are being taken worldwide doctor, including france putting a lid on visitors from britain because of the spike there or a lot of businesses the united states keeping remote work going for at least the next couple months in the case of apple, an indefinite suspension of such policies. we heard four shows are cancelled in broadway because one or several cast members had omicron. i'm wondering if this and these type of reactions are making people more anxious? >> well, i think they probably are. the data is making people
1:20 pm
anxious. you mentioned it earlier. doubling up maybe every two to three days compared to 7 to 14 days. transmission is very high. i think what everybody has to do, what governments are trying to do, states, governments are trying to do is to protect their healthcare systems. trying to keep beds up. people will get sick for many other things and we need to protect everybody. so the measure that's are being taken are very important. we can do those simple things. this is not a time now to let our guard down. >> all right. interesting talk from the medical officer at moderna. is he right when he says we have to get used to this? this will be around awhile? we have dr. francis collins after this. >> man: what's my safelite story? my my livelihood. so when my windshield cracked... the experts at safelite autoglass came right to me... with service i could trust. right, girl?
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>> neil: nearly 8 out of 10
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>> neil: all right. read it and maybe weep. 77%, nearly 8 out of 10 americans are worried about crime and what is now rampant in a dozen u.s. cities looking at all-time high spikes in serious crime, murders and robberies. james craig, the former police chief. not surprised by those findings. chief, it's very good to have you back. the biggest sort of read i got from a lot of these polls and these numbers out of fox business is that people are beginning to fear the government is losing touch with how serious it is. they're worried about it and not sure elected officials are. >> first off, merry christmas to you. thanks for having me. when we talk about crime, i want
1:26 pm
to offer my prayers out to the baltimore city police officer that is recovering from the cowardly act where she was ambushed last night. no, i'm not surprised. this doesn't surprise me a bit. let's start with the white house. you talk about crime, jen psaki, the white house pivots. they don't address it or talk about the real issues. as tragic as the situation was last night, mayor says i don't want to get into propaganda. we've been talking about it. we have to continue to talk about really what is driving crime. we have rogue prosecutors, rogue judges that are not doing what is right. a mayor in chicago that says the best thing to do is retailers go out and hire security. she's lost sight up that she's a public servant and her responsibility is to create public safety. why is it okay to dismiss it?
1:27 pm
the philadelphia district attorney makes a statement that is squishy when talking about rising homicides. the bottom line, we have to stop evading the real issue because i don't care how much money you thought law enforcements, the issues are still the same. police officers are resigning and the pipeline to hire them is not there. >> neil: so what happens if this is not addressed? we don't look at underlying issues and arresting those that might steal up to a certain amount. that's not happening in california. i'm wondering where this goes. >> it's going to continue to happen, neil. if you ignore the thefts in california and say, well, we don't want to worry about that but we've seen instances where the suspects engaging in this
1:28 pm
activity are getting more and more aggressive. so we can't ignore it. it's the broken windows. we have to get to the core issues. the white house has to address it. the so-called moderate democrats can no longer sit back and say nothing because they're complicit. i listened to the mayor in san francisco saying enough is enough. it's not enough. you have to do what is right. look, this is a concern for all americans, this is not about party. this is about what is good for our country. this is about what is good for our state. when folks that sit in these seats, political, they're political, politicians, they are not addressing the core issues. >> neil: that's the fear and proven in polls. james craig. thanks very much. have a merry christmas. we have more coming up including read on omicron and how long this thing sticks around.
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united states postal service. >> neil: if the chief medical officer is right at moderna, that he thinks omicron and covid-19 will be around awhile, what does francis collins think about that? dr. collins, great to see you. what do you make of what he said? >> you know, i don't think anybody really can make a hard and fast prediction at this point. we've known about omicron less than a month and clearly it's very contagious. you can see it's doubling every two or three days in south africa, the u.k. and now the u.s. but to look in the crystal ball and say what this will look like in three or four months? they're guesses. everybody has their guesses. we have to take it seriously. it will be with us for a while.
1:34 pm
we'll have a tough couple months here as omicron spreads across the country. because it's so contagious, people do get sick. the good news is with vaccines and boosters, if you get sick, you're not going to get very sick. that's the main message. >> neil: a lot of people want to get tested for this. what do you think you should, doctor? i hear a lot of mimic cold-like symptoms. what do you do? >> i think somebody that has symptoms needs to go and find a test. you can get a home test. many pharmacies have them in stock. there's a run on them. that's the easiest way. do it at your kitchen table or go to one of the tens of thousands of places that are offering testing that is free. may take you longer to get in
1:35 pm
the cue. it's possible. somebody has symptoms, that's the thing to do. find out if you have an infection with covid. that means you need to be isolated and keep from infecting other people, especially vulnerable people. >> neil: so wouldn't necessarily delineate if you have omicron or a variant. it's just that you tested positive for covid in that event. >> right. to figure out if it's delta, which is still with us or omicron, takes more sophisticated test. we're trying to work out a quick way to do that. we want to know. in reality, if omicron is as contagious as we think it's going to be, by january pretty much all infections may be omicron. we'll see what happens there. >> neil: you're probably aware of this report was down for the house select committee investigating the origins of covid and our response to that
1:36 pm
as a country. in it it claims that the trump white house made deliberate efforts to undermine the covid response. is that true? >> i'm not familiar with that particular claim. i was part of the trump administration. part of the obama administration. new i'm part of the biden administration for two more days. so i'm trying to stay out of the political side of this. i think you better find somebody else to answer that question. i'm not sure what they're claiming. >> neil: i'll elaborate. one has it that you, sir, called for a quick and devastating publish take down of the herd immunity strategy that the trump white house was pushing. that you disagreed with it strongly. thought it sent the wrong message. >> well, okay, if it's that specific. there were people, dr. scott atlas that said don't worry about this business of putting on masks or asking people to isolate themselves or stay distanced. let it rip.
1:37 pm
let this virus run through the country until everybody has had it and we'll have herd immunity. the consequence of that would have been hundreds of thousands of additional deaths. that didn't make sense to me. >> neil: so the other efforts the white house was taking, pro moding hydroxychloroquine and plasma and all that, were you concerned about that at the time? dr. birx was. others working at the time with you. what was your take on that? >> i'm a scientist. i wanted to see the data. the data for hydroxychloroquines was never there. the more studies that got done showed it wasn't providing. with convalescent plasma. everybody wanted it to work. i was a skeptic. yes, i think i got a little hot water by not being willing to say in had been proven successful when the data wasn't
1:38 pm
there. >> neil: doctor, i apologize if you've not had a chance to read this report. but since your name was mentioned, i did want to pursue one other part of it. that there was pressure for you to fire dr. anthony fauci. did you ever consider it? did anyone tell you to consider it? >> no, i was never asked to do that. there were a lot of rumors flying around that that was about to happen. i think i did several instances say i would not be willing to do that. here's probably the most respected knowledgeable infectious disease expert in the world who is basically getting in hot water because he's speaking the truth to people that don't want to hear it? is that a reason for me to relieve him of his job? no. i would not have been willing to do. that would have had to fire me first. >> neil: so you stood by them then and stand by him now? >> i do. i think he's discharged his
1:39 pm
duties as a public servant in remarkable ways. it's heart breaking that people decided to demonize him for political purposes when he doesn't deserve that and his family is under constant attack and requires 24 hour security. what is happening here? why is it that we find it necessary to blame something that is just trying to tell you the truth? >> neil: is that part of the reason why this is your last week day on the job? >> no. i've been on the job now, neil, for 12 years, which is about twice the length of any previous nih director. it's a long time. organizations like nih need new scientific leadership on a regular basis to keep it energized. i felt some time ago that it was probably time for me to step away. seems like this is the moment. nih is in great shape. we're doing our job as far as the science of covid. i can step away with absolute
1:40 pm
confidence that all of that momentum will be continued. i'm ready to try something else. i don't know what it is, by the way. i don't have a clear plan. i'm going back into my lab. i'm going to think, write, maybe get some sleep and try to figure out what it is i'm supposed to do when i grow up. >> neil: as you look forward to the future. do you feel vindicated with your stance on herd immunity thinking that that would be the magic bullet and promote that notion? it's not turned out to be the case. we still have the overwhelming number of americans vaccinated and a good many fully vaccinated and yet the so-called herd immunity has not taken hold. if anything, these cases are spreading like wild fire. do you feel that your original doubts about embracing that have been proven out?
1:41 pm
>> you know, there's plenty other reasons to question that proposal that theory about herd immunity. didn't make sense. it would result in the sacrifice of hundreds of thousands of lives. what we have found since then is that the virus is so capable of shape shifting it gets in the way of herd immunity. we might have herd immunity to the wuhan virus but not to omicron. it's like we have a new character here, a screwed up sibling of what we started with and our immune system has potential to fight it off but it's challenging. so the herd immunity concept immunes that you deal with the same virus all the way along. this has not turned out to behave that way. >> neil: you worked with three different presidents dealing with viruses and far worse. any advice for future presidents how to handle crises like this?
1:42 pm
>> well, of course, i will say if you're the president of the united states, the most advanced technological country in the world, you want to be sure you surround yourself with scientists that know what they're talking about and willing to tell you when you're about to make a bad mistake and willing to listen to them even when they give you information that you didn't want to hear. otherwise, you're making stuff up. our country desperately needs to continue to anchor itself on what is true and what can be demonstrated by factual evidence to be reliable. there's a lot of people now that seem to be happy to go with opinions especially if they come from their buddies or particular bubble. that's not the way a country can make progress. yeah, presidents link up to the people that you know are going to give you the facts even if it's not the facts you want to hear. >> neil: when a president or his key people around him are trying to push a line or story line,
1:43 pm
doctor, that you don't respond favorably to that or bristle at trying to promote that, do you worry for your job? >> you know, for me as a physician, as a scientist, my anchor, also a person of faith, my anchor is truths. if i'm sticking to the truths and am not welling to compromise for some other expedient reasons, i think i'm doing the right thing. you know, if i lose my job on the count of standing up for the truth, okay, i should lose the job. >> neil: did you feel that was ever in doubt in the trump administration? >> i was in hot water a few times. i don't think it ever came to the sort of sense of oh boy, i'm about to get that call. i got yelled at but i never got told you're out of here. >> neil: he yelled at you, the president? >> oh, let's not go to for down
1:44 pm
that line. but yeah, he was unhappy with me a few times. >> neil: dr. francis collins, thanks. enjoy whatever is next in your life. that guitar things comes to mind. very good seeing you. >> good to see you too, neil. >> neil: more after this. >> a privilege to have time with you. >> neil: same with us, doctor. thank you. i use liberty mutual, they customize your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. wooo, yeaa, woooooo and, by switching you could even save 665 dollars. hey tex, can someone else get a turn? yeah, hang on, i'm about to break my own record. yeah. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty. ♪ ebenezer. only pay for what you need. ebenezer. ha ha ha ha. marley? first you will see the past.
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>> neil: you know, this is how big a deal sean duffy and rachel campos duffy have become. they're media stars. that you know. they also have the best-selling book in the country. no one is selling more. they did that. they're here. rachel and sean duffy, "all-american christmas". how they celebrate the big holiday. congratulations. good to have you. >> thank you, neil. >> thank you. >> merry christmas. >> neil: to you too. i kept looking through the book and looking for my name. >> next one. we wanted to be best sellers so you can be in the big book next year. >> neil: very well-played. it is intriguing here. i'm very worried about kilmeade
1:49 pm
and this kind of confirmed it. but that is a separate issue. are you surprised with the reaction this is getting? >> you know, i want to tell you, your red jacket is classy. thanks for wearing that. >> neil: anything i can do. a subliminal way to help you. >> exactly. >> neil: i think because of the lockdowns and the shut downs and people being separated from their families, i think americans are ready to lean in to christmas, to celebrate their traditions and heritage. they're ready to see their families, this book kind of channels a lot of rachels and my stories and fox's favorite people including you, neil. there's stories -- but how they grew up and what it was like. people were poor and lost loved ones and share those in this book. they're heart warming. it comes down to faith and family that is so central to this holiday season. >> neil: rachel, think about it.
1:50 pm
we've all grown to know and love your family, your 48 kids and all that. how do you juggle that? you know, obviously reflecting on others you profiled here. but it says something that in these times we're worried about inflation and everything else. you got your priorities right. how do you handle that? >> you don't want to know how the sausage is made, neil. this book proves american loves christmas. americans were upset about their traditions and so much of their cultural heritage being interrupted or cancelled by the government. it comes down to family. self talking in these stories. it's not about the presents, exceed for brian kilmeade, but everybody else is talking about family and faith. you learn so much about not just
1:51 pm
the faith and traditions that our co-workers have. i'm proud to work for a company that allows -- not just allows but encourages us to share and celebrated that part of who we are and so many of our colleagues are so many beautiful stories to tell. it's just beautiful. let's lean in to christmas. everyone loves it. never cancel it again. never try to cancel it again. again, all the glory to god. this be is a beautiful season where god gave his most precious son to us. that's what we're celebrating. not to leave out my jewish brothers and sisters. we have a great chapter on geraldo how -- >> neil: how did he worm himself in to this book? look at that. >> where is geraldo? >> yeah. i want to answer a question for you. rachel and so many women in america work their tails off.
1:52 pm
i don't know how she does it. she makes our house nice and the faith is the center and food and warmth. i think so many spouses in america, women, do that for so many men. i'm grateful that i have her. i could never put this together, neil. never. >> neil: it works. i like two guys, no matter what they think of fox, they do see this bond among people here and particularly among the two of you. the things that matter. when you can get passed that and people say i like them, you know, i think that resonates. they don't say that about me but i'm sure it's a matter of time. maybe in the next book. >> in the next book. but neil, really quick, faith, family, traditions. these are the things that last. this is what matters. that's why it went to number 1. people are ready to just enjoy christmas. >> one last parting nod for you. if you haven't gotten any gifts
1:53 pm
for family members, this makes a great gift, a stocking stuffer. just grab it. >> it's easy and quick. >> neil: i cover business, guys. you're good at the business part of this. so way to go. rachel, sean, congratulations. much success. can't wait to be the lead story in the sequel to this. until then, merry christmas, guys. >> we're going to name it all-american cavuto. >> neil: i have some ideas. we'll talk off air. have a merry one. thanks again. the book is out. it's number 1. i tell you, i makes you feel good. more after this. growing up in a little red house, on the edge of a forest in norway, there were three things my family encouraged: kindness, honesty and hard work. over time, i've come to add a fourth: be curious. be curious about the world
1:54 pm
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>> if you need proof that theaters can get filled again, "spider-man: no way home" had record turnout yesterday. imc is becoming a big theater chain, right now the stock is soaring just on that news. the internet radio sensation that is kind enough to join us is not surprised at all. first of all, did you see the movie? >> it came out last night, i did not see it. i have tickets for it tomorrow. the thing with this movie, when the initial tickets went on
1:58 pm
sale, there was such a high demand that it crashed many websites. then, people went on the secondary market to buy tickets. a single tickets were going for hundreds of dollars. that's how high demand this is. i am not somebody that guarantees or bets a lot unless i know i'm going to win. neil, i guarantee this will be the biggest film for the last two years during the pandemic, because the facts are on my side. this debuted in wednesday in the united kingdom. it was the biggest opening day ever in the u.k. yesterday in the united states, it made over $50 million. neil, that is the third biggest thursday opening ever, ever for a movie, and we are still supposed to be in this pandemic. >> that kind of puts to rest of this notion that theaters cannot attract people. it is up to the film. if the film is good enough, they will come. the notion that -- that was disproven. it just has to be a compelling
1:59 pm
film. >> as long as hollywood gives us something we care about, people will see it. i am in new york city. covid is everywhere right now. it is everywhere. >> you are hiding in your basement. what are you talking about? [laughter] >> i have no friends, neil. that is my problem. [laughter] here's the thing, if you go to the theater it is probably safer there, but if you want to wear a mask, wear a mask -- versus going to a crowded bar of 150 people that are all screaming and singing songs and drinking. you are probably safer inside a movie theater, trying to space out from one another, wearing a mask, but the bottom line, expect this movie to make over $100 million, the first time out of any movie during the pandemic. it's going to be massive. comic book fans will walk in their bare feet through a blizzard to see a comic book
2:00 pm
movie like spider-man. >> if you build it, directed, produced it, act in it, they will come. thank you very much. merry christmas if we don't chat again. very successful. i wanted to end on that note, that we are still a nation pent up to have fun. given the opportunity, we will. here is "the five." ♪ ♪ >> jesse: hello, i'm jesse watters along with dagen mcdowell, richard fowler, kennedy, and greg gutfeld. this is "the five." ♪ ♪ president biden is preparing for a new covid stirred by doing what he does best: attacking and blaming everything on nonvaccinated americans. delivering a doom and gloom morning, while only focusing on vaccines, and ignoring the many therapeutics available to fight the virus appeared >> it is here


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