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tv   The Five  FOX News  December 17, 2021 2:00pm-3:00pm PST

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movie like spider-man. >> if you build it, directed, produced it, act in it, they will come. thank you very much. merry christmas if we don't chat again. very successful. i wanted to end on that note, that we are still a nation pent up to have fun. given the opportunity, we will. here is "the five." ♪ ♪ >> jesse: hello, i'm jesse watters along with dagen mcdowell, richard fowler, kennedy, and greg gutfeld. this is "the five." ♪ ♪ president biden is preparing for a new covid stirred by doing what he does best: attacking and blaming everything on nonvaccinated americans. delivering a doom and gloom morning, while only focusing on vaccines, and ignoring the many therapeutics available to fight the virus appeared >> it is here
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now, and it is spreading, and it is going to increase. for the unvaccinated the, we are looking at a winter of severe illness and death. for ourselves, families, and hospitals, they will soon overwhelm, but there's good news. if you are vaccinated and have your booster shots, you are perp protected from severe illness and death. >> doctors are pointing to the science that says this new variant is less severe. >> it is replicating at a higher level in the nose, but at a lower level on lung tissue. that is where severe illness occurs. it explains why we do not see cough and fever as often with omicron and why we have more spread, because we are blowing it off more so the upper respiratory package. >> and, of course, the biden administration is not ruling out new lockdowns and mandates. >> if the counts keep going up and test positivity keeps going
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up, we may need to be more restrictive. mandates -- that is a radioactive word -- people seem to respond better to that. they work. we are never going to get out of this outbreak if we still have 50 million people who for reasons that are difficult to understand refused to get vaccinated. >> is he holding out for the possibility of more lockdowns? >> absolutely. control equals power. these scarecrows are addicted to it. they are -- about the wrong thing. first up, they are hung up on a masking and boosters for young people. masking, how low are we going to go with covid. it's never going to disappear. it's never going to change. "i am vaccinated. i had covid. i'm not wearing a mask to avoid
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what the cdc describes as cough -- digestion and runny nose, which is what i get every winter anyway. number one. number two, there is no need for boosters in the young folks. there is zero risk of dying in people under 30 who were fully vaccinated. zero. that is in "the new england journal of medicine," but what is unconscionable is the fact that this pfizer drug, an antiviral, it has 100% reduction of death. you pop it if you get covid. it works on all the variants. it has been sitting at the fda on somebody's desk, waiting for emergency authorization for a month, so people are potentially dying, and biden, he could move on this. then, we could get into the damage done to children, and a
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study that has been done about potentially irreversible develop metal damage to kids born during the pandemic. verbal, motor, and overall cognitive performance, compared to children born before the pandemic. they don't know why, but it could be because adults are wearing masks and not picking up on visual and facial cues. they are always talking about the wrong thing. >> richard, what did you think of biden's -- he had the black mask, "we are all going to die this winter." do you think that is the correct posture for the president? >> richard: i am no master of body language. >> jesse: you know all that stuff. >> richard: what we know is this: is it omicron continues to rise, the number one variant in the united states is the delta variance. it is ugly. people are still dying from covid, catching covid, and they are having very harsh symptoms. i think one of the best tools we have -- my mom would always
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say -- if we are going to prevent getting this, then getting boosted as a way to go, getting vaccinated is the way to go. there are other medicines and treatments that are working through this process. we have to remember that the fda process -- doctors have to review data and make decisions. they are not influenced by who is in the white house. >> jesse: iron number it being very political last year. your reaction to what you have heard thus far. >> i thought we were in a new era of medicine/government interacting with the fda were we can move things through quickly that would help people live. that is what the last administration did. i hope this one does the same thing. i hope they get off their keister's. the whole blaming everything on the unvaccinated, that is like this version of root causes with immigration. they know that whoever has been vaccinated -- a lot of people
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who are nonvaccinated will stay unvaccinated. it's easier to blame them and use them as a giant strawman, instead of saying honest things, like "this is what the science tells us about kids and masking. it does not make a difference in terms of preventing them from getting sick, but it inhibits their intellectual growth, especially for babies and toddlers. we saw that out of a university study. this whole thing is about control and straw men, and not acknowledging that the omicron variants, and there are a few doctors have said this -- this could be a blessing. the fact that it is highly transmissible and people are not getting sick, that means more people are going to get sick, which could be good if they are not dying, not landing in the icu. that means you have a larger section of the population who is protected, but they are blaming the unvaccinated. they are still not talking about natural immunity.
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we are still not having an honest conversation on a national level. >> greg: it might have been a month ago when i said that. with a high transmission strain, i was lambasted in the media, as i often am, for being way ahead of the curve. what you are talking about raises an interesting question. if you urge a booster, does that mean you are going to end up preventing a more effective vaccination, nature's vaccination, which would raise the natural immunity in a safe way, but with a booster, that may not be that effective. why would you get a booster about what is, effectively, could be a booster. call me a quack. i don't care. here is the poop, literally. in florida, they looked at symbols of wastewater, and they found that 100% of samples had omicron and its, but not in hospitals. people were not going to the hospitals with it, which means
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that everybody has it, but it's so wild, people are handling it on their own. i think that makes joe biden a despicable nonleader. he hears of omicron, high transmission, low severity, andn end instead of trying to regain america's sense of normalcy, he defines it as an error of death. a leader is supposed to understand risk management and embrace it. a bureaucrat operates on a panic. because they are not being held accountable, this could go on forever. the restrictions could go on forever, which leads to airlines. the science is telling them that the masks -- it is incredible how effective the airline cabin is in eliminating contaminants. why are all our homes like this? we know that masks are not necessary, yet they are saying "put on the mask." they are yelling at you if it slips below your nose, because
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they are getting money. the government is telling them to do it. it is time for airlines to grow some -- stones -- and tell them to stop. >> jesse: great circulation on there. we also spend billions to give schools money, by dominic buy new eight tracks, air filtration systems. that has to work unless they embezzled it. >> kennedy: the ceo of southwest, who'd just tested positive for covid -- i don't laugh. i would bet he did not get it on an airplane, but he might have gotten it in the halls of congress. >> i think congress is exempt from these mandates? they do not have a vaccination mandate, richard. >> richard: they got the vaccine first and most of them took it. >> greg: of course they did. >> jesse: coming up next, democrats tearing themselves apart while president biden fails yet again.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> dagen: a full-blown civil war breaking out among democrats now that joe biden's build back better is a dud. socialist bernie sanders blasting moderate democrats joe manchin and kyrsten sinema for not doing exactly as progressives want. >> you've got to copeople saying "if you do it my way -- i don't care what the president wants, i don't care what 48 of my colleagues want. it's my way or the highway." i regard that as arrogance. you can disagree. i have disagreed, as you well know. you fight for your ideas, but you don't say "my way or the highway." >> democrats bickering over the direction the party needs to take. despite the dysfunction, democrats are still trying to
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claim joe is doing a great job. >> this is the first year of the biden administration, and we have passed huge pieces of their legislative agenda. frankly, they dwarf the first year compliments of many other demonstrations. it has been a year of substantive progress. >> inflation at a 40 year high, well done. >> voters are getting crushed by inflation, but all they care about is january 6th. until they wake up to how dangerous inflation is, they are hopeless. it's funny to hear bernie complain about people being a problem in the senates. ask obama what he thought about bernie when obama was president. he hated bernie. then, you have joe manchin, 60% approval right now, a state trump won by 40 points. he's not going to be the last vote to destroy the dollar, destroy voter i.d. he is dug in.
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then -- this is a state that puts out liberal republicans, like mccain appeared she is like a conservative democrat, right in that sweet spot. she is fine. democrats complaining about mavericks? welcome to the republican party. you have ten senators that are always joining democrats on infrastructure, debts, health care. >> welcome to my world. [laughter] enough, they are going into a midterm year with only two things: they have got covid relief and an infrastructure build where you are not going to see a project finished for at least a decade. they've got nothing. >> they have a 50-50 senate. senator said "a 50/50 senate sucks." you know it sucks more for democrats? if it is 51-49 when joe manchin turns republican during an election year. >> i don't think he will turn republican, but i agree with jesse on this point. i've done some reporting around
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how people on the democratic base and feel about the party, specifically african-american voters. african-american voters are dissatisfied with where the party is. one, they don't feel that the party is talking to them. more importantly, i don't think they believe that their party is listening to that. they are not listening to african-americans. this week, when the president came out and announce that student loan repayments would start again, that was to the chagrin of a lot of african-americans. the president made a commitment during the american election that we would give thousands in loan debt, and now saying that we have to repay it. i think there's many voters saying "come on, joe. we voted for you, and you now have to at least give us something so we can turn back out for you in the midterms." if the democratic party does not have a conversation with its base soon, the midterm will be worse than it looks now. >> greg: i don't think it was about student loans. it is about crime. blacks and hispanics are to stop because they are being ignored, because they are living in the
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neighborhoods that are deeply affected by this crime wave. just what you mentioned about the mavericks, let's not forget that all these people complaining love john mccain when he did this. remember how that was everywhere? now, that is happening. the big failure here, joe was supposed to supply some calm. he was supposed to be some comfy old sweater after the biker jacket that was turned. now, he is like a corset made of wasps. [laughter] it's safe to say that he might have the worst first year of any president. he basically wandered through 2021, like he does in the white house garden when he is trying to look for an entrance. he has left a trail of chaos, massive denial, unaware that the country is suffering. go back to the most important thing in my head. it's the crime. everybody knows somebody that has been a victim.
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right now, if -- they've got to do something big or they are going to get destroyed for a long time. >> you have got bernie talking about arrogance? i don't know -- since one is voting your conscious stomach conscience for your constituency arrogance? >> i don't know who these people are, but this is disgusting. [bernie sanders impression] americans want socialism! [laughter] socialism is based on arrogance. it is based on the idea that we, the few technocrats, we will decide what to do for you for the rest of your life. we will create an entire nation of victims so we can solve all of your problems. but, it's not problem solving. it is controlled. is taking your money with your high taxes and creating systems and entitlements that make you
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beholden to the government in every aspect of your life, regardless of what normal, rational people think. that's the arrogance of socialism: shouting your point constantly to make it seem like your loudness equals a large base. it does not expect that is why the president and the vice president and congress have horrible ratings right now, because people have woken up to that. they don't want their money stolen, so the government can tell them what to do in every area of their life. it's utter arrogance. of course, he knows something about that, because he has been steeped in this socialism his entire life! he went on his honeymoon to the soviet union! >> he is not even a good socialist. he has a mediocre lakehouse. >> my only point -- i hear your argument. i would agree that the president has a low approval rating. of the things that are in build back, whether it be helping families deal with child care or
2:22 pm
making sure people who are on medicaid or medicare -- >> are you talking about the child tax credit? >> oh, one year and then take it away here >> these are all popular things. >> maybe, we could give to ford classes to senior citizens if we were not raping the economy with these arbitrary climate mandates. >> a corset made of wasps. [laughter] lace it up tight, richard! [laughter] >> to greg's point, public safety. it's public safety. where they failed: border, afghanistan, could not keep our soldiers safe -- crime, and then they look at the american people and lie about them. what you are seeing, it is not happening. you know that border agents -- lie after lie. >> you were mad as they saw that a haitian migrants. >> it never happened.
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where is the investigation? they tabled it because it didn't happen. next. the alec baldwin shooting, which did happen, the investigation takes a major turn. why cops may not be buying his story about what went down. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [text alert] ♪ son of a bi— beth? if it's “i thought we said no gifts” season, it's walgreens season. fine, no one leaves the table until your finished. if it's “i thought we said fine, we'll sleep here. ♪♪ it's the easiest because it's the cheesiest.
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>> i would never point a gun at someone and pulled the trigger. someone is responsible for happen, and i can't say who, but i know it's not me. >> a new twist in the alec baldwin shooting saga. investigators believe there are key conversations from his
2:28 pm
opponent related to the death of the film's cinematographer. baldwin also returned to twitter to deny claims that it was related to him asking for a bigger handgun before the shooting. what we also know is that he released a statement to fox news earlier today, his lawyers did, saying "we are confident that the evidence we will show to mr. baldwin, he is not responsible civilly or criminally for what occurred on october 21st." greg? >> greg: the "civilly" thing is interesting. i think there's going to be a load of civil suits. he did make mistakes as a producer and the one handling begun, and also with an interview with george stephanopoulos. if you have sympathy for baldwin, and i do -- he is living in a particular kind of hell. he killed somebody. in that interview, he lost a lot of sympathy by saying he wasn't not responsible. there was a chain of responsibility. everybody who touches that gun is responsible. i'm a broken record: how do you
2:29 pm
prevent this? across the aisle, enlist the nra. they are happy to train new so this never happens again on a film set. it doesn't happen much at all anyway, but -- if you do not demonize the nra, you would have somebody there. >> richard: to that point, kennedy, in the interview, do you think he made himself more criminally liable by airing out what happened? >> kennedy: there was no upside for him. he was indulging his own narcissism. it's such a bad idea. it was incredibly insensitive. to greg's point, he did not make himself out -- he made himself more of a victim. he raised more questions than supplied answers. at the end of the day, it is like slamming the door on your neighbor when you had a fight, and then going into the window and going "i will tell you one more thing." that's what he's doing on twitter. they shut down their twitter accounts, but the foundation still has one. he was trying to counter -- he
2:30 pm
said he wanted a bigger gun, ordered a bigger gun. he said "that's not true." something happened, and to say -- you don't feel bad about it, don't feel responsible for it. that makes you look like a bigger jerk than if you had said nothing. >> richard: jesse, what we also found in this case is what you realize what's happening on the set -- there was a lot of cutting corners, they travel 50-60 miles to lodge. is there something with independent producers like baldwin cutting corners? >> jesse: this does not usually happen with independent producers. he is sloppy and reckless, and now someone is dead. he's got to pay for that, civilly or criminally. this guy is being treated like a civilian, and expects to be treated like a celebrity. for a guy that has gotten vip treatment his whole life:
2:31 pm
chauffeurs, free clothes, get out of jail free card -- >> it is over. >> jesse: -- right, it's absolutely over. for a celebrity, you would think he would have some graciousness for being treated so nicely his whole life, but he squandered it. every time he sees a paparazzi, he punches them. he kicks random people. he yells at family members. he goes on social media and tears people's there. do you think people feel sympathy for him? she kept a producer accidentally -- i am sure she feels sorry about it. alec baldwin does not deserve the sympathy most normal people would get because of his past behavior. to indict him -- she must be under a ton of pressure. he is a well connected guy.
2:32 pm
i'm sure she has been offered favors and winks. i know there's a ton of pressure. >> richard: is there enough grace to spare for alec baldwin? >> dagen: for me? zero. by the way, betty white would have checked the gun. [laughter] i do not think that alec baldwin could become more unlikable, more viable, more grotesque after, particularly the george stephanopoulos interview, which was the equivalent of george stephanopoulos giving baldwin a pedicure with his mouth. [laughter] >> kennedy: wonderful. >> dagen: he is out by his suv. "don't get near my car!" and his wife with the fake spanish accent is walking around with her phone any time anybody is them. these are journalists from "the new york post" who are trying to get them to answer questions.
2:33 pm
i think he's done. the only way he might get a job on a movie is if he produces it, but nobody is going to work for him as a producer, because he runs cheap, unsafe sets. then, he is going to blame the victim. the woman is dead because of the gun he was holding. he blames her. let's see that lawsuit come from her family. >> richard: "the fastest" up next. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> man: what's my safelite story? my my livelihood. so when my windshield cracked... the experts at safelite autoglass came right to me... with service i could trust. right, girl? >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ [♪♪]
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>> when i am sitting in between jesse and greg, it's a boy band. [laughter] it is time for "the fastest." first up is kim kardashian, secretly a republican? probably not, but she did say some things about cancel cancele that liberals won't like. >> it's ridiculous. i am about rehabilitation, freedom of speech. if we cancel someone for something they had done or said in their past, we are not inviting them into the conversation to really understand. >> how do you feel about that? she said she had not told kanye to feel take off the red maga hat. >> i can't speak to that, but i agree with her. my opinion on cancel culture has never changed. canceling somebody should be reserved for the most heinous people. i think if there is a space -- my rule of thumb is this: god has given me enough grace. i am still alive and in the land of the living.
2:39 pm
i think we cancel people, often times, too willy-nilly. we should save the canceling for the worst, most heinous of people. >> is it happiness that kim kardashian is the most evolved person in our society? [laughter] >> they do suck everything in in the right places, so i am grateful for her doing that, creating that. the videotape too, that is a winner for me. [laughter] i guarantee you that if the cancel policy came for her, she would be the first person to say "i'm sorry that my contacts, my comments might have been hurtful to some people. i retract what i said." when they come for her, she is going to lay down like she did.
2:40 pm
>> they have come for her before! >> done more for terminal just to rho forma van kamala harris. >> to your point, i think she was trying to name it -- kimono, and they made her change it, because the japanese were upset. i thought that was a nice play on words, because her name was kim. >> she said "i was sensitive to the cultural appropriation." >> they tried to cancel her. >> they tell kylie that she is black all the time. >> she made a great point. what it is is when you are watching the decline over these decades of traditional religion, it has been replaced with wokism. localism is the religion, and cancellation is the ritual. the ability to cancel people means there is no need for
2:41 pm
forgiveness, and forgiveness is what you find in traditional religion. if you are talking about the ability to forgive, that's what's missing in our modern, progressive life. this is not coming from the right. it's coming from the left. there's no way to call yourself back into society. what you said was exactly right. >> that's the deepest thing you've set all week. [laughter] but it's true! >> she was talking about forgiveness, that everybody has to have the potential to be forgiven. without that, you are no longer a society. >> we have to have the capacity to forgive people. next, he is a ladies' man from united airlines -- after fashioning red underwear into a mask for his wife. he said it was an act of protest. what creative things have you used for a mask on an aircraft? >> well, granny panties.
2:42 pm
[laughter] those were apparently big enough to not get me thrown off the plane. i will go back to what greg was saying. all. all those airlines, ceos, going in from congress saying that masks don't add much, if anything come against cove 19 on planes. as they did this song, it's plenty big to cover this guy's schnoz. >> he will never fly united again. he is on a airline no-fly list. >> high compare him to rosa parks, he did that. you are just a guy wearing a thong on an airplane. >> maybe not rosa parks, but it is a seminal moment in the mask mandates counterrevolution. if everyone started wearing thongs on their faces on airplanes, people would see the ridiculousness of this cycle. it would be amusing, and it would be great for us. >> i will buy you some thongs.
2:43 pm
[laughter] >> at the fda, if everyone wore "free tibet" on their shoes, maybe it make an impact on china, but when one person does a -- >> everly had asked to share the risk for everything. it does raise the question: if he is wearing a thong on his face, where is he wearing the mask? >> greg! i was just thinking about that. [laughter] my brain burned thin. "fan mail friday" next. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ kim is now demonstrating her congestion. save it slimeball. i've upgraded to mucinex. we still have 12 hours to australia. mucinex lasts 12 hours, so i'm good. now move! kim, no! mucinex lasts 3x longer for 12 hours.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [laughter] >> fan mail friday. i am derek aristotle. [laughter] a toy company made an action figure of you, what two accessories would it come with? that's a great question. kennedy? >> a wool cap and a pair of roller-skates. [laughter] >> nice!
2:48 pm
>> i would have a more effective form of locomotion. >> that's pretty good. i love that. jesse? >> hair dryer a sword. [laughter] >> richard customer >> perfectly tailored coat with nice shoes. >> he blinds you with his beauty. >> a dog. a little dog. it went under my arm, and a cocktail. >> i set a bottle of pinot and a corkscrew. [laughter] patty asks "if you were the richest person in the world, what good would you do with the money?" >> i would spend it. [laughter] >> the economy! >> i would shower my favorite businesses with it. [laughter] >> bloomingdale's.
2:49 pm
[laughter] >> no, i would give it to cancer charity. >> water, i would make sure as many people as possible have access to clean and potable drinking water. >> i would start a foundation, and then i would have, you know, a foundation vent yearly. >> it would be in aspen, the events? >> i would sit there in my chair, and i would wait for all these people to come to me and tell me why their charity deserved the money that i had. then, i would decide who to give it to. [laughter] >> that would be great for your ego. [laughter] kennedy? >> i would go the elvis route. i will generosity mixed. i would buy people that i only know a little bit lamborghinis. they would love it but be slightly uncomfortable. [laughter] they wouldn't quite know what to do with it, but they would be happy about it. [laughter] but really poor wow perplexed like "does that mean we are
2:50 pm
friends" question mike no, i don't want anything from you. [laughter] >> if i was the richest person in the world, i would use my money to live forever. i'd be putting so much research into taking my brain out, putting it in a vat of biochemicals, and -- what else would you do? >> you don't want to live forever. >> i want to be in a vat of -- sit there and have injections of amazing chemicals into my brain. i don't have to go anywhere. that's what i'm doing now! >> you want to live in the matrix? >> yes! that had a happy ending. [laughter] >> who cut your hair when you were growing up? >> my dad. i had a bowl cut. he put a bowl on my head and cut around in a circle. >> wow. kennedy? >> my mom's friend sharon appeared >> i told you, mom's friend. did a lot of things. [laughter] >> richard? >> though barber. listen, a black man and a barber, they are synonymous. [laughter]
2:51 pm
>> my mom, i had bangs that were crooked. it was a disaster. >> i had a guy in my class whose mother did it for $3. all she did was try to get gossip out of me about what was going on in class. eddie's mom. >> knowing you, you told her everything. [laughter] why do i or number that? >> you doxxed her. [laughter] she was probably cute, in her '20s. i'm trying to or member, i was like 6-7. you know how you did not know what cute was? now that i'm thinking back, she was kind of hot. [laughter] "one more thing"'s next. >> let's call her. [laughter] ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> time for "one more thing." >> tonight on "gutfeld!" what a show we have planned. it's a barn burner. i don't suggest burning barns. let's go to this. ♪ animals ♪ ♪ are great ♪ >> you have to watch tonight's show. the best animal video of all time. it's so disgusting. check out the segway. baby armadillos are insane. it's like a little egg and opens up. its dad's name is scooter and mom's name is vespa, so his name is segway. >> do you feel them as pets? >> no.
2:57 pm
they are cannibals. i don't know. they get big. >> i would have preferred the mom and dad mating. >> [laughing]. >> all right. >> armadillo porn. >> [laughing]. >> we told you yesterday with save our ally the organization that we had 57 americans still stranded in afghanistan. we raised $100,000 from last night's announcement and they got them out. put them in the planes. they are on their way back. thank you guys. save our allies. all of you who donated. we appreciate if you would watch "watters world" 8 o'clock saturday night it mark levin and newt gingrich. >> the greatest decade might have been the 1970s. it brought us richard nixon. look at this. a woman bought a house in 2020 and decided to fashion the entire thing in it the '70s.
2:58 pm
so many vintage fines. put her house together like this. i celebrate every room. the afghans. >> remember that sink? >> yes. >> i grew up in that sink. >> [laughing]. >> oh, crocheted fern holder. my sisters had that. this brings back toxic memories. >> i love everything about this. >> there you go. >> today is national ugly sweater day. there you go. this one is a medium so i can barely breathe. over the last decade the ugly
2:59 pm
sweater theme created a culture around christmas. we at "the five" are celebrating it. >> pulled it off. >> would like to pull it off. >> dagen mcdowell? >> you got problems? you have nothing on graham spencer in singapore. a jogger ran through the group of otters and the otters attacked him just taking his daily walk. it's not funny. they bit his ankles and pushed him to the ground. >> not true. >> yes, they bit his ankles and legs. no serious injuries but $1200 if medical bills. this is a huge problem. these suckers are mean. >> i love otters. first kim kardashian and now the otters. they are adorable. >> until they eat your eyes.
3:00 pm
>> when they get together in a gang. everything in a gang is back. >> like rogue male chimps. >> they were out on low bail. >> [laughing]. >> that's it for us. see you back here on monday. have a great weekend. >> ♪ ♪ >> welcome to washington i am bret baier. breaking news growing fears of the covid-19 pandemic with the new omicron variant. it's setting the stage for another difficult winter in america. president biden is warning of what he calls a winter of severe illness and death. his administration is pushing vaccines, boosters and mask mandates. new york state had more than 21,000 daily


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