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tv   Hannity  FOX News  December 17, 2021 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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we'll be back 8:00 p.m. to show that is the sworn enemy of lying lying, pomposity, groupthink. have a happy, contented, anxiety free weekend with the ones you love most. we'll see you later. have a great night. ♪ ♪ >> welcome to this special edition of "hannity." i'm jason chaffetz in for sean and tonight, joe biden's build back better social spending spree appears to be on the verge of collapse in the united states senate. democrat divisions are as stark as ever. joe biden and joe manchin are reportedly still weigh apart on key provisions. the senate parliamentarian issue democrats a brutal reality check
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reject being the latest scheme to sneak amnesty in the build back better bill, the immigration plan would outweigh the budgetary impact with the reconciliation process. the decision is a major step back and likely to fuel party infighting. capping yet another rough week for president biden. earlier today, biden had another stream of baffling moments. during his remarks to students in south carolina state university, have a look. >> all kidding aside, president harris -- i'm going to congratulate you but let you know that your country, this is not hyperbole, it's counting on you. they are counting on you. to change the turn on the dial at a moment we have a chance to do it. i share the frustration. i know the family well.
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i got started in politics because of the civil rights politics. i'm sure what some of your wondering, how does he know the black national anthem? i sat in a black church after going to at 10:00 on the east side getting ready to go out and desegregate restaurants. >> jason: to be clear, there is no record with joe biden ever desegregating restaurants during the civil rights movement. whether it's on messaging, on policy, or everything in between, the biden presidency is imploding. his approval is slumping. his agenda is in peril, americans are losing confidence in his leadership abilities by the second. it's a massive failure on every front. and at a time when joe biden is desperate for a political win, things are only getting worse. all while democrats and the media are pointing fingers and
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attacking senator manchin for being a voice of fiscal sanity. for example, take a look at this piece from the associated press, "in an extraordinary display of political power in the easily split 50/50 senate, a single senator is going to set back entire presidential agenda." no. there is actually at least 51 senators, a majority of senators, probably even more that's opposed to this reckless spending bonanza. amber presented in ocasio-cortez when she tweeted, the fact is when leadership is set on something, they use a huge amount of procedural resource duels to force votes in very powerful ways. they do it all the time. now they need to do it with build back better. but worst of all, the media still can't come to grips with biden's failures and wants to blame everyone at the man
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himself. for example, far left cnn to to fareed zakaria, he's paying the price for the obligated times that we are living through. no. he's paying the price for his self-inflicted policy failures. the cub look at we been living here, caused in large part by joe biden. radio host dana loesch along with fox's contributors charlie hurt and joey jones. i want to start with you. this whole idea that, you know, the media... boy, they have not been getting this right. they've just been so harsh. when they see that stuff, what comes to mind? >> merry christmas and early happy new year.
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i kind of wonder what media they are watching you. i think this president has gotten such an easy ride by this breaths. i don't think i've ever seen anything like it. he could fall down the stairs -- in fact, he's falling down the stairs and people were like, no big deal. donald trump grabbed a handrail and everybody lost their mind. he was in loafers and didn't want to slide down a ramp. it's insane in such a disservice to the american people. when they are speaking about him reporting about him glowing terms that he hasn't quite turned to be frank, that's why nobody trusts left press. nobody trusts them. >> charlie, do you think it has some to do with being a uniter and bringing people together, nothing was really attempted and maybe the policies that he implemented where of failure.
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they guy is acting like he had a mandate but he never did have a mandate. >> no, he really didn't. goes back to the entire campaign in which the media lied in every single moment of the campaign and sold american voters this candidate that didn't exist. he didn't campaign himself. they did it for him. and, of course, we are coming to realize at the media lied all along. but i have to say, the tweet that you read from aoc, i think she does have a very good point and i think it goes to the heart of just how badly the biden agenda is collapsing. of course, joe biden and the democrats promised that they were going to grant amnesty to everybody, give everybody free health care, give everybody -- do all of these -- basically implement this massive socialist agenda and solve global warming and yet democrats in washington, you know, they are not... they are not going to break the
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glass to get any of those things done for the only thing they are going to break the glass to do, they want to force the senate to pass this "border rights bill" was has nothing to do with all of those issues that they are te weird little base wants. at the end of the day, aoc is right for him that's all joe biden and democrats in washington actually care about. >> jason: joey, do you think the lack of confidence comes from the inability of joe biden to actually communicate and may be kamala harris, her inability to run an office with a couple of dozen of employees? >> there is a saying, if someone is a good salesman, they can sell officially to someone from the north pole. you can get someone to believe that what you believe is saying so much they believe it as well
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and joe biden doesn't have any of that. you can't stand in front of 445 people or 300 million people and sell them on ideas that you don't know if you believe them yourself. the better part of 50 years, these haven't been there positions this entire time. this time with obama, you saw how acting there ended for all of us. the problem is that it's hard to show confidence, to bring confidence into what you are doing if you have it. i don't think these are joe biden policies he's championing. started day one of his presidency to do what most presidents do at some point, which is to have a legacy. this is how the presidency is an attempt to ride the legacy he has from a lot of failed attempts in congress from a crime bill to the way justice
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things like that, exactly what he's trying to do, he's trying to create something that people will remember of him but doesn't exist and he's failing at that. >> it's difficult to watch. it's avoidable. they want to blame everything on joe manchin. they seem to forget that there are 50 other senators that are also in opposition. it's entirely unfair to say that it's all based in one person and they act as if they have mandate that they never did have. >> they don't have a mandate and it's not only unfair to blame it all on joe manchin, but it's also a maturely ignorant to blame it all in joe manchin. democrats have only the claim of any inclusion of moderates in their party because of the presence of joe manchin and kyrsten sinema, maybe a couple of others.
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joe manchin is from a state that went for trump by double digits. a guy able to remain competitive, remaining in his seat, and maintain a favorability rating statewide. people like joe manchin. his voters like him. it's because he was able to thread that needle during a very interesting general election still in this area of new politics in america. joe manchin was not able to satisfy his base, able to bring them moderates, republicans, even the libertarians. there is no one in the democrat party can do that. instead of blaming joe manchin -- by the way, i don't agree with the men on everything, but instead of blaming joe manchin, democrats better be looking at his strategy so they can remain competitive and have some kind of heartbeat after we shellacked them for midterms. >> jason: i do think they are in for a rude awakening in 2022.
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also they'll blame covid. look, it's a tough reality. it's a dangerous deadly disease. but the promises that joe biden made are far different than the reality of what we are doing. >> we have seen that there is no qualms whatsoever about trying to use the pandemic to change the way we vote and to change elections, they can get the crazy electoral rules in place and they will stop at nothing to do that again and i do not think that's enough to stop this red title wave the democrats are looking at and i think you're exactly right. democrats are going to completely take the wrong message by taking on joe manchin paid what they should be looking at is that they have an avowed socialist as their budget committee chairman in the
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united states senate. it is not kyrsten sinema and joe manchin. >> jason: that's right. bernie sanders wasn't even a member of the democratic party. you served in the military, thank you for your service. i got to tell you, joe, if you look at joe biden and kamala harris, that segment of america who has served or is serving right now, there is no confidence in this commander in chief right now. >> there are two ways to look at this. his strategy, how he's operated as a commander in chief which made incredibly reactionary, showing little purpose, it's left a lot of grief on the shoulders. the other side of it, the side i think is important, this entire narrative of the democratic party is to be ashamed of this country because it every mistake is made in its path. you can't have patriotism in this country anymore because we are just so evil and capitalism
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take advantage of people and treated people wrongly and you look at the one class of americans who had so much belief in this country that they were willing to lay their lives down for it, they are not going to buy that. even if they are socially liberal or fiscally democratic and believe in a more progressive idea, they are going to draw a line when you start telling them that our country is rotten to the core in its inception and that's the words we hear from people. i proceeded to leave. the squad also drew has driven the policy bus in a lot of ways. not just serve the military, talking about first responders. even teachers. sacrificed hundreds and thousands of dollars per year, they'll take a second look at a party and people who basically tell them that this country isn't worth that anymore and needs revolutionary change to be worth their effort? that's a big part of what we don't talk about enough.
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there is a reason why they are so fascinated and the school board because the complete lack of understanding of how important patriotism and loving this country is. >> jason: again, thank you for your service. before we go, we should mention that dana is the coauthor of the children's book "paws off my cannon." >> thank you! >> jason: charlie hurt, joey jones, dana loesch, thank you for joining us. joe biden continues to struggle to present a clear foreign policy vision, as the biden team has retreated to tired political platitudes, threatening sanctions, but with little might or action to back
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it up. tonight, nato is one in russia that there will be massive consequences if russia invades ukraine, further stoking fears of wider conflict in the region. but i want you to ask yourself: what is the biden doctrine. what is it? what is the course of action is biden does invade? it's not just russia. biden continues to stoke fears of a so-called reunification with taiwan and continues to little or no consequence, but there is good news. as the senate has passed marco rubio's bill which will prevent the export of goods from china to the united states from regions of china using forced labor of uighur muslims. for a reaction from a security supervisor for president trump robert o'brien. ambassador, thank you for joining us tonight. there is a lot going on in the world stage, but this idea that
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we can do something tough to russia... look, joe biden can even protect our southern border. what makes him think he can protect taiwan, protect ukraine. can't even protect texas. >> it's great to be with you, jason. early merry christmas and happy new year to you and your viewers. we know what works in international affairs. the ronald reagan doctrine of peace through strength, that's the doctrine that president trump employed. when america looks weak to our adversaries, whether it is china attempting to rebuild its empire, russia trying to recapture the soviet empire, iran and trying to rinse it to the old persian empire, when they look at us and we look weak, that's provocative. we need to make sure that we end that appearance. it's not just the foreign policy white papers, it's the fact that
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inflation is running rampant. when president trump left office, oil was roughly $20 a barrel and it's on its way to $100 per barrel. we were energy independent. it's a fact we canceled keystone pipeline. the fact that the southern border is totally out of control. it is a debacle that occurred with the evacuation of afghanistan. our adversaries look at all those things beyond the system of the foreign policy white papers, which may not be terrible, and they smell weakness and that's provocative and that's the sort of thing that could end up pulling us in some sort of conflict and we have to be extraordinarily careful. speed would be sure saying there's going to be sanctions, but how many hundreds of times give me say that sanctions, sanctions, sanctions against russia? did they really have any effect at this point? is it really a deterrent. does biden sit back and say, another sanction! look out.
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what are they going to do? speak a great question for vladimir putin said the loss of the soviet empire was the greatest geopolitical catastrophe of the century. so he liked to nip belarus, the baltics back into his empire and we've got to stop it. i'll tell you one thing is in the works, the pipeline sanctions in the trump administration, we stopped north stream two in its tracks. they couldn't get it through into denmark's waters, they couldn't complete the pipeline. unfortunately we gave them when president biden took office, we give the north stream pipeline and got nothing in return. didn't get security guarantees were ukraine, nothing else in turn. i do not think xi is concerned about and oligarch in that
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nature, was concerned about north stream too. there are other steps we can take if we did move on ukraine like cutting russia off from the international banking system. >> jason: biden early in his presidency gave the north stream pipeline back to russia for absolutely nothing as you pointed out. it's one of the great mysteries. the guy has never negotiated anything and that's what you get. now we are in a tough spot. we don't have that as a card to play. ambassador, merry christmas, thank you for joining us on hannity. we do appreciate it. also tonight, far left democrats just can't let go of their pandemic power grab and stand down my can't stop feeling more fear, hysteria, panic about all things covid. despite evidence that the new omicron variant is more deadly, that's not stopping team biden fueling speculation about new lockdowns. have a look. >> are you going to
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categorically go out the possibility that we might be locked down for this winter, especially when we had the tech to be here? >> this is what i was trying to convey to jeff as he asked me this question. we've been very clear: dr. fauci has been very clear, dr. delma public health experts have been very clear, we know what works and we'll continue to do what works which is making sure that we do everything we can to get folks vaccinated. >> of the test positively goes up, we may be more restricted. but for right now, people who are vaccinated and boosted should feel reasonably comfortable. the risk is near zero, that's for sure. >> jason: dr. fauci being clear? that's a new position to take to the white house. let's remember that joe biden campaigned on having a secret plan to shut down the virus. he told americans that they
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would only have to wear masks for the first 100 days of his presidency, and he told us back in may, the rule was vax or masks. here we are, one broken promise after another pair joe biden and kamala harris inherited three vaccines, therapeutic, monoclonal antibodies, and still squandered most of it. counterproductive rules, ever-changing guidance, politicizing vaccines, cores of mandates. do you know what they don't have a question better testing. the response barely more than ever in new york city several broadway productions are canceling shows. at least three games have been postponed. new york state which has some of the most strictest rules in the nation, they recorded 21,027 new
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cases in a single day this week. the highest since the start of the pandemic. and remember, the biden promised about easy access to home testing kits at no charge? well, that appears to be hitting hurdles too. here is what biden said about two weeks ago. >> we are going to make free at home has more available in america to better protect and detect the delta variant, i'm going to make testing more convenient. increasing production of rapid tests including at-home tests. bottom line this winter, you'll be able to test for free in the comfort of your home and have some peace of mind. >> jason: here for reaction, republican congressman and new york of editorial candidate lead i want to start with you because i wanted to go get a covid test, went to the local pharmacy.
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big national chain. guess what? it was not free despite having a blue cross blue shield insurance and i've got to tell you, the fda has a new warning out too. >> that's right, jason. first of all i can tell you the moment that president biden said that at-home tests were going to be free and through your insurance, i think every single medical provider like myself did a little chuckle like, that's not going to happen. the paperwork associated with that is astronomical so it's not surprising that it's already being rolled back. interestingly, yes, rapid tests are hard to come by but very expensive. the fda announced today that three commercial testing units, not exactly the at-home testing but three commercial tests for covid is not detecting the omicron variant. this is on the administration to make sure testing, at home testing, rapid testing, pcr is not only widely available, acceptable, affordable, but also
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accurate. jason, i do have to go back to what you said. i don't care who is president now or then, covid is going to covid and president biden, his entire administration is about messaging and the politicalization president trump, his focus was making sure the science was underway making sure that there's a parallel manufacturing in the event that great scientist could actually come up with vaccines in treatment, which they did. it's quite miraculous what happened. president biden may have had it easier but at the end of the day, no resident is going to snap this virus from circulating. it's highly transmissible and americans are going to do what they want to do. >> jason: thank you for your expertise. testing is absolutely a disaster. we have to take a quick break but we are going to come back to congressman lee zeldin who will join us with his response after this message.
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>> jason: welcome back to the special edition of "hannity." joining us now is congressman lee zeldin. he's from new york, he's a congressman, he's also a candidate for governor. you see what's happening with covid. we heard from dr. nicole saphier. you want to be the governor of new york. what should be happening that's not happening because numbers out of new york are stunning and the confusion is just massive. >> jason, as you are talking to dr. saphier, talking about ideas, testing them at home,
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access to treatment, access to vaccines. these are all ideas, all levels of government, different parties, they had been talking about what happened the last few months is change for people like a bill de blasio, kathy hochul, joe biden, all their ideas fit under the box of threats, mandates, lockdowns, fines, firings. i think they've actually run out of ideas on how to do some thing productive to combat covid short of going individual lives putatively. trying to compete again each other in a way where new york city's bill de blasio has a new vaccine mandate on all private-sector employers going into effect. there is a statewide mask mandate the governor implemented an gavin newsom, they are
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talking about school is going to remote learning, we are going backwards and what we should be talking about is, good news, omicron appears like it might be a milder reaction. it's contagious. that would be good if it's causing milder reactions. let's talk about natural immunity. maybe then there shouldn't be fired if they just had covid. or israel or elsewhere. and that they feel like they might haven't more protection and if they get the vaccination they're entitled to at least their respect of dialogue from government. and they're not getting it. you see people in government instilling fear in the population. instilling fear in the population, using omicron to make people scared. if you are a leader in government, you're making people calm and implement anything what you talk about, testing,
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therapeutics. what we are seeing is government at its worst. >> jason: the shame is testing is not a new phenomenon. for the president weeks ago, a promise that it was going to be free and available. where had they been the last year if not helping to perfect testing and making sure that it's readily available, one of the most important things that people need to know is that they are infected. thanks to dr. nicole saphier who is with us before the commercial and congressman zeldin. switching gears, the defense rested its case in the manslaughter trial fatally shot down to write back in april while he was resisting arrest and potter said she meant to grab her taser, but pulled the gun by mistake today. she took the stand and broke down in tears describing the shooting. here to break it all down,
11:33 pm
fox news' legal analyst gregg jarrett. you've been following this case closely. how do you read this gathering now and this emotional testimony that was given today? >> it's always a risky decision, jason, to take the witness stand if you are the accused. no telling how the jewelry dell make sure he will read your jury will read your testimony. she broke down and sobbed and apologized repeatedly, i'm sorry, i never meant to hurt anyone. she reiterated she mistook her gun for a taser. prosecutors say that's impossible for an experienced veteran police officer who is highly trained in these things every year for the use of a gun in the taser. the side-by-side pictures of the two may tell the story to the jurors. they have a different look, size
11:34 pm
size from, different weight. one is yellow, the other one is not. they say that her mistake is more than just an accident. it is gross negligence and recklessness with constitutes manslaughter. the defense on the other hand tries to blame dante himself, fought police, jumped in a car and attempted to flee the scene as sergeant michael johnson was leaning in trying to handcuff him, johnson took the witness stand and said, i feared for my life. i thought i was going to be dragged to my death as he pressed the accelerator of the vehicle and further testified that kim potter was justified in using her gun to shoot dante right, albeit mistakenly appear that was also confirmed by use of force expert and the chief of police, both of whom said that she was justified in using her gun.
11:35 pm
there is a fine line between an accident and negligent conduct resulting in death, struggle to differentiate between this and as a consequence, jurors also agonize over that decision. going to be very difficult when the case goes to the jury next week. >> always tough cases. adrenaline flowing, even a veteran. it's a difficult, difficult situation. it's sad for the loss of life. gregg jarrett, thank you so much for joining us tonight. democrat run cities from coast to coast are seeing crime surges great cities crumble, the chaos ruling the streets. for example, 12 cities grow, side records all run by democrats and you see the video. smash and grab theft, continuing to plague retailers, as defund police policies continue to make cities left safe, less secure,
11:36 pm
more dangerous but thankfully republicans aren't standing up far left lawlessness like arizona senate candidate and state attorney general mark brockovich who has a new piece titled "smash and grab: we take retail theft seriously." here to explain more is the attorney general mark brockovich thank you for joining us on "hannity." i didn't think it was controversial to prosecute crime even if it's petty, democrats are making a living saying lets up the dollar amount and if it's less than a thousand dollars, have added, we aren't going to come get you and we aren't going to prosecute you. but that's not really working well, is it? >> absolutely not. always good talking to you but what we've seen is the far left has taken over the democratic party and as a result of that we've seen policies throughout this country where
11:37 pm
they are raising thresholds to what constitute as property crime. when you don't hold people accountable, when you don't punish them, you release them into our communities, you see more crime. you see increasing prices, you see lost jobs, and you see higher prices for hardworking taxpayers. as a result of failed democratic policies, you see more crime, more danger in our communities. as a former gang prosecutor, it breaks my heart when people are basically stigmatizing and demonizing police departments that are trying to keep us safe and basically enabling this crime that spreading throughout this country. >> jason: we've only got about 30 seconds, mr. attorney general, but what's the core difference between the way arizona is handling this and how california is handling us? >> you've got to hold people accountable appear the number one deterrent to crime is police presence. i ask everyone out there who is
11:38 pm
trying to defund the police department, trying to ded mean the police department? the far left, the democrats in congress but we have to enforce the law and hold people accountable. property rights are fundamental not only to political freedom but to economic prosperity. that's what made this great. >> jason: they not only need to catch criminals but they need to prosecute them. you get george guest on who works hard to get criminals out of jail, harder than working with the victims for that's the cause of increased violence and it doesn't need to happen. mr. attorney general, thank you for joining us tonight. coming up, the left radical policies and their failed results are once again on full display. we will explain as aaron perini and leo terrel join us with their reactions. stay with us.
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>> back in june, joe biden made >> jason: back in june, joe biden made a very strange comment about blind entrepreneurs black huntsmanyours and lawyers. he repeated it again. take a look. >> young black entrepreneur ors are just as capable to succeed as white entrepreneurs are. they do not have lawyers, they do not have accountants. they have great ideas. folks, what have we learned? we learned there is no difference between a black entrepreneur and a white entrepreneur's success except the black entrepreneur usually doesn't have a lawyer. >> jason: with a reaction,
11:44 pm
vice president of tag strategy aaron perini and fox news contributor leo terrel. leo, i'm going to leave that one to you. >> yeah, thank you. he's in a 1950s time warp. he is vice president is a lawyer, jason. i'm a lawyer! there are plenty of black lawyers. this guy is not all there. he's lost it. he's actually lost it. what this does, it's so black professional, black doctors, black lawyers, black teachers, black professionals. joe biden is just not all there. it's so obvious. what's so bad about it is he uses black voters to get him elected and look what happened to these democratic cities? black on black crime who was being hurt by all these crimes? people of color paired schools being closed. who's being hurt by schools being closed? people of color. these guys are bad for america and bad for black americans.
11:45 pm
>> jason: there are a whole set of gaffes, there's not enough air time all the gaps we are going through and some of the radical policy agendas they are putting in place. the fda for an instance announced that they to allow abortion by pill through the mail as a permanent status rather than having to see a doctor before this. abortion on demand via the mail without a doctor involved! >> it's absolutely insane. the idea that this country and democrats went from abortion being rare, legal, and saved abortion on demand by mail shows how far to the left they swung in the country, these are the same democrats that say things like the governor of virginia saying possible infanticide, talking about protecting life here in this country. we need to make sure that every
11:46 pm
life is protected and anything other than that is actually going to be an issue and you should absolutely talk to a doctor. it's unbelievable that they want to be air dropping abortion pills on demand to people. it's unbelievable. >> it truly is. the congresswoman out of massachusetts was quoted today saying that she said today that student debt is violence. that's what she said. student debt is violence. >> i read it and it's crazy. this is the squad, the progressive extreme left, they want to use terms to scare and intimidate. policy violence? it makes no sense, jason, whatsoever. joe biden lied to the american public. running as a moderate. when you hear this type of nonsense, this rhetoric from the squad, it just tells you how far
11:47 pm
left the democratic party has gone. i'll tell you right now, 2022 is very critical to this country to bring it back to what it's about. liberty and freedom. >> jason: will have a little bit more time next time. thanks to both of you and leo for joining us tonight. we've got to go. straight ahead a made a number of ongoing crises, the obama's have decided to focus their attention into the world of pop culture. we'll explain as larry elder joins us next.
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>> welcome back >> jason: welcome back. as the biden administration please continue to wear down our nation's economy, biden's older
11:52 pm
friends the obama's are continuing their foray into pop culture. former president barack obama announced his annual list of favorite songs and this year it includes "montero, call me by your name" by lil nas x. the song depicts the artist descending into hell and giving the devil a lap dance. viewer discretion advised. ♪♪ call me by your name ♪ ♪ tell me you love me in private ♪ ♪ call me by your name ♪♪ >> jason: he's not following in the footsteps of jimmy carter, i can tell you that. here with reaction, former california gubernatorial candidate larry elder. i've got to tell you, thank you for joining us tonight on "hannity," i have no doubt that
11:53 pm
the obama's will continue to go hollywood. but i want to focus your attention on kamala harris. she's supposed to be the rising star, she supposed to be the wing man for joe biden, she supposed to be the future for the democratic party. can even organize her office let alone weigh in on weighty issues like immigration. >> interesting, you are finding of this subtle count about them throwing her overboard for the 2024 election. it is not going to happen. i will tell you why. black female voters constitute the strongest while kamala harris' poll numbers are 20% or so in the nation, she enjoys a 72% approval rating among the black spirit wasn't broken down by gender but among black female voters, her popularity is higher. when purpose with all the
11:54 pm
comments that the biden administration, this black female was quite angry about the treatment of kamala harris pointed out what i pointed out about how loyal black females are, i think the democratic party will fear their wrath in the event that kamala harris assuming joe biden does not run again in 2024 and the prospects of that are quite likely that she's not the person who will be running as president in 2024. they are stuck with her, they check all the boxes. black, person of color, wasn't because she was confident, didn't win the first caucus in iowa out, couldn't raise any money, that's irrelevant. this list of replacements are most of them white men? that's not going to fly. they are stuck with her. >> we only got 20 seconds here
11:55 pm
but there's a lot of talk that if biden gets a supreme court picked, maybe that's the way out of this. >> would you do that if you were kamala harris? she doesn't want to sit on the supreme court, she ran for president, wants to be president, she's this close to being president assuming joe biden can't make it, assuming she can beat the republican rival with no doubt. between now and 2024, there's a lot of time. >> jason: yeah. larry elder, thank you for joining us. i hope you have a wonderful holiday and merry christmas. more of this special edition of "hannity" after this. stay with us. ..
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>> ♪ ♪ >> ♪ ♪ >> welcome back to "hannity." many thanks to sean for letting me sit here. that's all the time we have left this evening. check out my podcast.
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jason in the house. this week i have an interview up with bill rising star at fox news. thank you for joining us. i hope you have a wonderful holiday. merry christmas. stay tuned. laura ingraham is up with "the ingraham angle" next. have a great weekend. >> ♪ ♪ >> ♪ ♪ >> laura: i am laura ingraham and this is "the ingraham angle" from washington. laura: this is the ingraham angle from washington. why does a study that looks at whether ivermectin can treat covid suddenly shutdown? the man who invented themrna vaccine says this amounts to a cover. here's to tell us why plus my naps commencement in south carolina didn't go according to plan it is bill clinton suddenly hard for cash.