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tv   FOX and Friends Saturday  FOX News  December 18, 2021 3:00am-7:00am PST

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>> when they get together in a gang. everything in a gang is back. >> like rogue male chimps. >> they were out on low bail. >> [laughing]. >> that's it f ♪ [national anthem] ♪ [national anthem] ♪ [national anthem]
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♪ [national anthem] ♪ [national anthem] ♪ [national anthem] ♪ [national anthem] ♪ [national anthem] ♪ [national anthem] pete: good saturday morning. our nation's anthem, the perfect way to kick it off. a tradition here on "fox & friends weekend." let me say, guys, our viewers not the absolute best, i will confirm those are all viewer
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pictures that played during that nation's anthem of just absolutely beautiful. it is december 18th, year of our lord, 2021. and it is 6:00 a.m. where rachel is, it is 5:00 a.m. where will is. and it is 4:00 a.m. where i am mountain time because i'm at the turning point u.s.a. america fest which kicks off today. registration starts in a few hours. and it is covered all by fox nation. so fox nation has got exclusive coverage here of that entire event. but, until then, we have four hours of "fox & friends," rachel, will, good morning. will: good morning, pete. rachel: good morning. will: if not a show that represents america coast to coast thanks for your clarification of the time zones we represent at least three quarters of america this morning with our presence. we represent all of america with our views and our news. glad to be with you both again this morning as we stretch out across america. good morning, rachel. rachel: good morning, and i have to tell you i nearly teared up
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seeing some of those photos. they get better every single week so please keep sending them in, we say it every week. we mean it from our heart it's part of our show. pete: it really is we will say it again in the 9:00 hour. if you don't dvr shoat show, drv on saturday and sunday. the send in photos appeals court rules in favor of biden's vax seen mandate. business groups are ready to take it all way to the supreme court. do or die. the vaccine looms very large. our own alexandria hoff with the details. >> good morning. the biden administration has said that they are ready to defend this mandate all the way up to the supreme court where this is headed. yesterday, the sixth circuit of appeals in ohio ruled 2-1 in
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favor of the president's vaccine mandate for companies that employ over 100 people. the majority ruling, quote: recognizing that the old normal is not going to return, employers and employees have sought new models for workplace that will protect the safety and health of employees who earn their living there. this dissolved the decision out of a different federal court put the mandate on pause. larger private businesses must either have their employees get vaccinated or have them tested weekly. if they don't do that, that will result in fines. the legal challenges have not let up. more than half of u.s. states have sued over this rule. according to politico, 27 businesses will take their challenge over the mandate to the supreme court. noting, quote: it will impose substantial noncompliance costs on those businesses. those businesses will be faced with either incurring the cost of testing for employees and passing those costs on to consumers in the form of, yet, higher prices in a time of record inflation or imposing the
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cost of testing upon their unvaccinated employees who will quit en masse. the requirement this does take effect on january 4th, many businesses have struggled with all the back and forth to try to set their policies but january 4th, once again, that deadline. guys, we will send it back to you. will: all right. thank you so much, alexandria. pete, rachel, here we are. pete: here we are. will: beginning of 2021 beginning to feel like december of 2020. it feels like we are slipping, falling, maybe, quickly, spinning into where we were at the height of this pandemic. and now this federal appellate court says that the occupational safety and health administration, osha, has the power to compel private employers to either vaccine-vaccinate or test. understanding i have never had. but from a practical perspective, you know, rachel.
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i don't know that we can we her have a problem creating a full labor force. now we put further pressure on people coming back to work. just overall picture of what is going on. i thought that the whole purpose of government was to help us to pursue happiness, to make our lives easier, to help us to provide for our families and enjoy our families and create more opportunity. this administration has the most perverted idea of the purpose of government. and you are right. it is going to kill small businesses. it is going to make amazon richer and pharmaceutical companies richer and people are going to stay home and it's going to hurt businesses. can i just tell you really quick, i was in north carolina
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for a diner last monday, and that's -- right next to christmas town. and christmas town was canceled last year. it's back this year. but guess what? my diner couldn't take advantage of that because when does christmas town light up? at night. she can't find employees beyond 3:00 p.m. so she is open for breakfast, she has got the afternoon covered. and she would stay open for dinner and try and get all those people with all that pent up christmas energy going into christmas town u.s.a. she can't do it because she literally can't find the workers. this is going to make people like her hardworking business, small business owners, making their life more difficult. pete: you are right. we are doing it to ourselves. we know omicron is more mild. more people vaccinated and more people have natural immunity and better understanding of therapeutics, who it effects. yet, here we go again. will, i have a legal question for you though legitimately. the fifth circuit counter of
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appeals stated, meaning it was blocked. because acknowledging that even ron klain and others have said this is a work around. they found their own way to create this edict. now the sixth circuit says they have overruled that. i don't know how that works it goes to the supreme court now. how quickly could we get a decision there? will: i think it could move to the supreme court quickly. you point out the conflict between the fifth circuit centered in new orleans and sixth circuit centered in cincinnati. when you have that kind of conflict between two appellate courts, it compels the supreme court to resolve that conflict as quickly as possible. pete: interesting. in the sixth circuit, it was a trump judge who voted against it. it was an obama and bush judge -- obama judge and bush judge that ultimately to uphold this mandate which hopefully, as will said, the supreme court will still look at. well, representative lee zeldin out of new york, the state where the most draconian of these measures in place the governor
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forces in mask where you are. how the biden administration is handling all of. this do you see people in government instilling fear in the population. they are using omicron to try to make people scared. if you are a leader in government, you are making people calm and you are implementing what you talked about. testing, treatment, therapeutics. that's government at its best. what we're see something government at its worst. rachel: that's right. government at its worst. so, by the way, lee zeldin running for governor of new york. who knows if the people of new york will wake up and wants a little bit of sanity back into their lives. we shall see. so far i have been pretty surprised and disheartened at how somal how divisive the new york citizens are. so, anyway, another place where government is failing the american citizens is, of course, at the border. we have a full blown as you
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know, 170,000 migrants made their way to the border last month. set a shocking 140% spike compared to last november as texas breaks ground by the way on a new border wall. i want to take you guys to take a look at some of these numbers in november. 173,600. in november of 2020 it was 72,000. that's a 140% increase. will, this is unsustainable. it's very obvious to me that this has a lot to do with a voter -- an election play on the part of the democrats but governor abbott in your state, will, is saying hey, we might be able to solve this ourselves if the federal government stunt step up. let me play you this clip and get your reaction. this is governor abbott. >> the land building on is owned by the state of texas. second, there are so many large landowners on the border who are
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so fed up with the biden administration they are allowing texas to build the border wall on their property. we have 100 miles or so of land that's being donated to the state of texas for us to build the wall to build our border. will: so, you know, pete, rachel, here is what is fascinating about what governor abbott had to say to tucker last night. hate that i have to break things down into two categories i have conversational ocd as you both know that. pete: don't worry about it. will: as a moral perspective bravo good for texas stepping up in vacuum created by the federal government. not only a moral imperative, i need to see that kind of leadership from governors across the country. of course we have in place like florida and perhaps in places like texas well. what's fascinating, pete, is the practical perspective. the problem with building a border wall is how you get the land right, how you get the
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easement. a texas owns a good amount of land and b, more interesting, private land owners so fed up they are willing to donate a portion of their land to build a wall. i will just leave this quicklily pete's, maybe we can talk about it more throughout the morning. i was hosting "primetime" this week. one of the leading cause of death. the leading cause of death, number one in the united states of america for people age 18 to 45 it's not covid. it's fentanyl overdose. it is fentanyl overdose. flooding over that border. poisoning our people are being poisoned with an illicit drug flowing over our southern border. if that's not a crisis, if not the preeminent crisis i don't know how you define crisis. pete: such a great point. you did a phenomenal job all week on "primetime." will: thank you. pete: here we are snuffing out a milder form of virus we are
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living with for two years while we ramp up the shear open borders down south. i know a few people down in texas that own some land. people don't give up their land in texas voluntarily very often. okay? it's just not a thing. so how bad it must be for them to say please, build a wall on my property, as if texas needed another reason to act like a country, here they have to. because the federal government isn't doing the job. and it is -- it's just when you can't get worse it does. texas is having to step up more and more and it's one of those crises where you look down the barrel and you don't see anything changing or getting any better so you have to keep reporting it. but there is no way to see how anything improves. rachel: you know pete and will, the only thing that's going to change possibly change this trajectory, this policy that the democrats have in place, to basically open our borders, are some of the shocking, incredibly
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shocking numbers that came out of a "wall street journal" poll. support among hispanics for joe biden has absolutely cratered. and i believe the biden administration thought by opening up this border they could get new citizens in and that they could, you know, hold on to power that way. by having these new citizens and diluting the votes of so many u.s. citizens; however, i don't think it's working out the way they planned. these numbers that we have seen in the "wall street journal" poll, i want to pull them out because they are just absolutely astonishing. so last election, 63% of hispanics voted for joe biden. right now, there was a poll taken, the split is half. that has never happened. that has never happened. this is proof that the republican party has an enormous opportunity here to trulien the party of the working class.
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to be the party of people who want opportunity and who aren't as craving for power as the democrats are. pete: want basic law and order. rachel: hispanics are seeing this lack of law and order. they escaped countries like that. and they came here for law and order and they came here for opportunity and they are seeing the results of the democrat party this is one of the political explosions we have ever seen. i don't think the democrats have really wrapped their heads around it and i don't even think the republicans are ready to take full advantage of it this is one of the biggest stories i have ever seen. by the way, verbal -- griff jenkins joins us live from rio grande. he's in texas. he is going to join us at 8:00 a.m. eastern. will: all right. before that, we have a few additional headlines for you, starting with this. former minnesota police officer
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kim potter giving tearful testimony over the moment she allegedly shot and killed daunte wright during a traffic stop. potter says she mistakenly grabbed her handgun instead of her taser. watch. >> i remember yelling taser, taser, taser and nothing happened. and then i shot him. potter saying the fateful moment was chaotic and she was trying to keep wright from driving away. she is facing first and second degree manslaughter charges. senator minority leader mitch mcconnell is in home state surveying devastation from the historic tornadoes this past week. the kentucky republican touring bowling fry green and hit mayfield and dawson springs later today. six suspected looters are arrested for trying to steal damaged cars and copper from the
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rubble left by the destructive storms. and this incredible surveillance video from a bank showing the moment a deadly tornado ripped through mayfield. at least 77 people in kentucky were killed in the storms. nicholas sandmann says he settled another defamation suit against the media. this time with nbc. the covington catholic high school graduate tweeting that the terms of that deal are confidential. outlets face legal fraction sandman after lambasting him viral video at the 2019 march for life rally. he says he was portrayed as a villain in this interaction with a native american activist. the suit against nbc reportedly asks for $275 million in damages. sandman already settled with "the washington post" and cnn for undisclosed amounts over their coverage of the incident.
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bravo for nic sandmann the pursuit of accountability. i'm denying to know what these suits have been with the three different media organizations. pete: i hope he took them to the cleaners. rachel: i want to know that myself. that's exactly what i was thinking i want to know how much he got. he can't get his teenage years back. they really did mess with this much kid. i'm glad he is getting money there is no compensation for the abuse he took. i think kyle rittenhouse is paying very close attention to this right now. all right. president biden's latest gaffe had some wondering who is really in charge. >> but, all kidding aside, of course president harris is a proud howard alum. rachel: the vice president gets heated when she is asked who the real president is. >> whose the real president of this country is it joe manchin or joe biden madam vice president. >> come on sherman, it's joe
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biden. rachel: is joe really running the show? we break did all down for you next. stay with us. ♪ holly jolly christmas ♪ it's the best time of the year ♪ i don't know if there will be snow but have a cup of cheer ♪ have a holly jolly christmas ♪ and when you walk down the street migraine medicine. it's ubrelvy. ♪ one dose can quickly stop my migraine in its tracks within two hours. unlike older medicines, ubrelvy is a pill that directly blocks cgrp protein, believed to be a cause of migraine. do not take with strong cyp3a4 inhibitors. most common side effects were nausea and tiredness. ask about ubrelvy. the anytime, anywhere migraine medicine. woah, this is so cool. ask about ubrelvy. oh yeah, yeah. ok, well it's time to go. -no, no, no, no, no! dad, we have to go back to lowe's.
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♪ ♪ ♪ pete: welcome back to "fox & friends," philadelphia. live christmas shot as we are just one week away from christmas and we will be covering it. of course, because santa is coming. the packages are coming, kids. he is on schedule last time i checked. [jingle bells] >> ho ho ho. pete: toba, any time you want to interject christmas theme music, sowntsdz inside this program especially when will is talking. >>
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rachel: santa only comes if you are nice or naughty. [sighs] pete: no comment. on behalf my kids they have been very naughty but they will get something we will see. i was thinking about this as we were coming back from break. because normally commencement speeches come in like mayish. apparently for winter students there was a commencement address in december, just yesterday at south carolina state and tis the season for those peaches speeches and so joe biden went to south carolina state, put on a black robe and gave a commencement address and he said something that he said a couple of times before so listen the first bit is from yesterday. >> president harris and i took a virtual tour of a vaccination center in arizona not long ago. >> i still confidence in the
3:25 am
confidence. president harris took hers for the same reason. will: why does the word vice keep sleeping his mind. why is that a verbal faux pas. that's fascinating and a mystery. we might not have the answer. to say here is another mystery for many on the left. who is actually in charge? but they don't mean joe biden vs. kamala harris. what they mean is joe biden, perhaps, against joe manchin. char la main la god who hosts a show called the god's honest truth had the vice president on his show he asked her who is in charge. watch this, something fascinating to take out of this exchange who is the real president of this real president of this country joe biden. >> no, no, no. it's joe biden. don't start talking like a
3:26 am
republican about ask whether or not he is president. >> it's joe biden. i'm vice president and my name is kamala harris. will: oh. tense. i hope she didn't create any people faces there that's her ultimate weapon the people. you know, i have two observations, rachel, first, there's this. you know, for all the talk of democracy. all the talks have of ending democracy. there isn't an institution they are willing to undo. the supreme court, the filibuster, the number of states we have. i find it fascinating they are so upset that one senator dares to stand for the people of his state and not the national party. the joe manchin dares to represent the people of west virginia and not the the other take asway kamala harris media savvy is completely on point.
3:27 am
rachel: you know, as soon as i saw the clip i wrote down i'm talking. i'm talking. will: exactly. rachel: for about a week i was saying that to my kids, i'm talking. i'm talking. she is just so degradingly horrible. charlamagne that god he needs to watch schoolhouse rock. he doesn't understand how bills are passed as you said. he is with the people of west virginia. i stand squarely behind him. i want to bring up the point this was in the article. charlamagne said this to kamala harris risk losing support of the midterms next election with the quote stuff manchin is holding up the progress. hurting people, hurting black people in particular.
3:28 am
i read that and i read that in the context of the "wall street journal" poll that i brought up. here is what i think and i say this as hispanic woman. i don't think the democrats, no matter what they do, is going to lose the support of black voters. they vote lock and step with the democrat party. watch out for hispanics, they are clearly in play. they are clearly persuadable. they are clearly looking at the very terrible policies that are going on in the biden administration that are hurting their small businesses because, as you know, hispanics are the most entrepreneurial demographic in all of the united states of america. they have seen the religious liberties trampled on. they don't like what's going on in the border law and order. you could go on and on and on and on. i think that if i was the republicans right now, i would be 100 percent focused on the hispanic vote. i think i have talked to you
3:29 am
about this, pete, before. one of the mistakes the trump administration did you only have so many resources they focused a lot of policy and political and financial energy onto the african-american vote, which hasn't shown that they are willing to move. the hispanics are where it's at. that is where the focus should be when you have a finite amount of energy and money and i think charlamagne is wrong. they are not going to lose the black vote over anything they are doing right now. pete: condescending to ask a republican question because they are asking a question about something. get ready for this. buckle up. she cleared out her comms team. do more interviews like this which means we get to do more segments like this. her skills are not going to improve any time soon and there you have it. all right, we have got more on the program about 29 minutes after the top of the hour. and an elderly couple in minnesota they had their groceries run over because they are pro-police? and police in virginia say they captured a serial killer known
3:30 am
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these victims on dating sites which is not terribly unusual. we have read about this and heard about this before. and i have been involved in investigations where dating sites or the internet social media were a means of meeting your victims. great way to profile your victims, a great way to find vulnerable victims in the most dangerous thing about these serial killers is they can inat a time normal. they have a superficial charm. the fbi has study deed these serial killers and have these common characteristics combined with a total, obviously, lack of remorse. rachel: everything that you just said is absolutely terrifying for women, for mothers who know their daughters are on dating sites, it's just frightening do you believe there is more victims out there? >> unfortunately i do. these types of serial killers don't just spontaneously come bust. they develop into who they're.
3:36 am
and they tend to get careless right before they get caught. ted bundy was like that. he was a prolific serial killer but they get so compulsive and irrational towards the end that they get caught. i'm afraid this person is old enough to have had other victims. he is mobile enough and it's going to take a lot of coordination between several different police departments and across the country to locate other victims but i'm afraid there may be more. rachel: investigation cell phone locations are really important. they use the victim and the will killer's cell phone location. how important is that becoming to solving cases like this? >> absolutely critical. that's become one of the most important crime solving tools that law enforcement has in their arsenal. the other one, of course, is electronic evidence, digital evidence, internet social media sites that sort of thing, g.p.s.
3:37 am
g.p.s. in everything now and cell phones, you can triangulate and see two people same place at the same time. looks to be that's how they may have identified this particular serial killer. rachel: can i ask you really quick. i don't have a lot of time left. i think it's so important. what is the most important thing protect us online? >> interest to trust but verify. they have to know this person is meet them in public places, very public places. if you are going to meet someone. tell someone you are going there even have someone even at least at the first meeting be present out in the parking lot. you have to be so diligent these days with the social media dating sites child predators are there. all dinner kind of predators con gel gait on these sites. >> we have scary. thank you for joining us, and
3:38 am
merry christmas, chris. >> border patrol under stafford and over worked. takes matters in own hands doing what the biden administration refuses to do. build the wall. retired acting ice director tom homan says biden and harris nowhere to be found. he is next. ♪ all right now ♪ baby, it's all right now i also love cooking with heart-healthy, idaho potatoes. always look for the grown in idaho seal.
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♪ will: nearly 174,000 illegal immigrants were apprehended at the border last month. that's more than double the number of encounters from november of last year. so, with border patrol overworked and overwhelmed, texas is breaking its own ground and rebuilding the border wall itself. >> never before has a state of the united states of america had to step up and build its own border wall. there are so many large landowners on the border who are so fed up with the biden administration, they are allowing texas to build the border wall on their property. will: here now is retired acting ice director and fox news contributor tom homan. tom, good morning to you. let's talk about problem and then solution. here's problem. take a look at the rio grande valley. i mentioned some of these numbers. this is in particular the rio grande valley 2020 to 2021. this year, almost 48,000
3:43 am
encounters, 17,000. as i look rio grand sector the rio grande valley is up 175%, yuma up massively. all border sectors up across the border but some more so than others, how is it that the illegal immigrants focus on some areas, why in some areas versus others? >> well, look, the criminal cartels pay attention to the border patrol resource and where they are. let me say something straight. the 173,000, that may be accurate number on encounters. that's not a total number of illegal crossings in the united states. one thing this administration is doing. they are playing a shell game. they will say okay, the numbers went down from 212 to 180. yeah, the number ever arrests went down. but the number of got-aways increased because what the border patrol is doing, like they did in yuma last week. they had so many people crossing the border in yuma, there wasn't any border patrol agents on the line. they are all processing people. when they do people.
3:44 am
more people come across and got-aways. less encounters means more got-aways. you talk to border patrol agents on the ground they will tell you that numbers are not decreasing, 1.8 million encounters under president biden. you add to that over 400,000 got aways, will, we are talking about 2.2, to 2.3 illegal entries under this president on purpose. they have purposely unsecured this border. will: tom you and i both mentioned yuma worth putting that to numbers. a year ago something like a thousand encounters in yuma. up 2,000% in the sector. i want to focus on texas for a moment, tom. governor abbott says the state is going to take over building some sections of the border wall. now, i believe he said they can start with a 1.7-mile stretch. that the state owns land that the state owns. what will texas be able to accomplish? either through private land or state owned land in recreating the border wall?
3:45 am
how patchwork? how what will a that look like, tom? >> look, for every mile of wall they put up, lives are saved and there will be less illegal immigration, less illegal drug flow. texas is going to use their land so they can build this wall. using the same it will the administration used build it on their own land no, problem. they also have ranchers donating land because they are sick of what is going on. another thing we need to be reminded of is that the federal government seized a lot of texas land, last year to build the wall eminent domain. since this administration has chosen not going to build that wall. that land needs to be returned to the ranchers and the state of texas so we can build the wall. another thing i noted watching what's unfolding down there is you have got tens of millions of materials sitting on the ground rotting that the taxpayers already paid for. but they won't sell it to texas to put the money back in the taxpayer coffers. they will let it sit there and
3:46 am
rot. taxpayer purchased materials while the governor has to buy new materials to build his wall. ridiculous strategy from this administration to let that happen. will: that's fascinating. texas apparently is using the same contractor as well. the same contractor pick up the same supplies and start building on texas land, no, you must buy new supplies. tom homan, thank you. >> thanks for having me, will. et. will: you bet. pete, over to you. pete: of course you have to buy new supplies. turning to additional headlines, a attack caught on doorbell camera. warn viewers the could be describing. a woman crying out for help on a doorstep in north carolina before a man quickly throws her to the ground striking her multiple times dragging her away. police say they found the suspect and the victim who was taken to a safe location. the suspect now facing
3:47 am
kidnapping and assault charges. let's see if they stick. crazy you have to ask that question these days. and police say an instacart delivery driver attacked elderly couple's groceries because of this blue lives matter sign in their driveway. the driver reportedly told them to take a look at the receipt, which included a message calling police pigs. the driver could face disorderly conducted and criminal destruction of property charges. instacart says the driver has been removed from their plat gorm and they are in contact with the couple to issue a refund. attacked the groceries and those are your headlines. let's turn now to chief meteorologist rick reichmuth for our fox weather forecast. rick? >> good morning, pete. we have had obviously all the severe weather, had the area saw the severe weather last week now going to get rain, a little too much rain and flooding as well.
3:48 am
take a look at temperatures as you are waking up. really cold across the par north planes, 5 degrees in fargo and 63 in atlanta. 63 in memphis, the heat is onto the south of where this line of storm is breaking some records today. >> we have heavy rain moving in exactly where we saw those tornadoes and one other story we are going to be watch something our first significant snow snl across the northeast. good news if you want a white christmas or ski some spots 6 to 12 inches where you see that pinch, pete? >> thank you, rick. >> more and more americans are bidding farewell to deep blue states in search of lower taxes and crime. talk to a successful restaurateur who packed his bags for a booming new hot spot, nashville. ♪ nodding my head like yeah ♪ moving my hips like yeah ♪ got my hands up ♪ they are playing my song ♪ know i'm going to be okay
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♪ pete: americans are on the move to music city, nashville tennessee. becoming a booming new hot spot as blue state residents look to flee crime and homelessness. our next guest is a former san
3:53 am
francisco restaurateur says people are planting roots in nashville because of its affordability and quality of life. christopher escada joins us now. christopher, thanks for being here. i appreciate it you made the move in 2019 from san francisco to nashville. let me start with the obvious question. why? >> i think for the same reason a lot of people are moving out here now. cost of living is a big one. quality of life and the idea of home ownership is something that you never really considered living in san francisco where the cost of a home was, you know, north of a million dollars. after being in san francisco almost 13 years, it seemed like, you know, i didn't know if that was my american dream anymore and i wanted to try some place else. pete: you mentioned the cost of living median sales price between homes in nashville and san francisco.
3:54 am
staggering 1.35 million is the median in san francisco. 355,000 in nashville. so you are right. if you want to own a home, and not be in debt forever it's an obvious choice. you mentioned quality of life. what is it about san francisco that drove you out and driving some others out? >> yeah, i mean, i was paying $3,200 a month rough part of town, stepping over homeless people a lot of needles you start to kind of wondering is this, you know, is this what my idea of the american dream is? is this what my life is, and you start to compare that to other places in the country and think, you know, what could i get for $3,300 a month. and you know my home mortgage is a fraction of what i was paying for in rent. and i don't have to step over homeless people. i haven't seen a needle in two
3:55 am
years. three years. and so that was a big motivating factor for me. pete: not to mention state income taxes in the state of tennessee zero. quite a contrast to what it was in san francisco. >> correct. there is no state income tax here which is a huge driving force to why we are getting a lot of people coming this way. i definitely feel like we are a little more business friendly. and then also, you know, property taxes are much less than what you are going to find in california all those things factor. in so, when you end up out here if you can keep the same job or a similar income level, it's almost like you get a 10% to 20% raise for living out here. pete: you are a real estate agent in nashville. when i make the room i'm coming to you.
3:56 am
christopher, great stuff. >> thank you for having me. pete: speaking of nashville will, rachel and i will be ringing in new year's eve from nashville hosting a new year's eve special. you can catch right here on the fox news channel. we don't just hang out together in the morning. now we are bringing in the new year together. we hope you will join us. more "fox & friends" live from turning point u.s.a.'s america fest coming up. ld trust. right, girl? >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ your record label is taking off. but so is your sound engineer. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. indeed instant match instantly delivers quality candidates matching your job description. visit ♪ ♪ 'tis the season to break tradition in a cadillac. don't just put on a light show—be the light show. make your nights anything but silent.
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♪ cowboy christmas going on ♪ ropers and wranglers wrapped up for everyone ♪ there'll be country cooking on the stove. will: great song right there as pete pointed out at the top of our 6:00 a.m. hour we are one week away from christmas. hey, rachel, pete, that's a problem for me. we are one week away. quickly last weekend gift-giving is hard for me. i would like to think it's because i put too much into it.
4:01 am
too much thought and therefore i can never get off the starting block. i will tell you, i don't do this every year. this year with several different elements of the family, we are doing the white elephant thing. and i'm excited about that. that's easier for me to buy for. i don't have to think about anybody in particular. of course i love the competition and game my occasion aspect of it. i'm excited to do a white elephant everybody loves bitcoin. pete: my wife jen it done shopping for weeks. we have a white elephant amongst our family she is mortified. she doesn't know what to get and fighting over it and the uncertainty of it. movies and shows like ncis within an hour full story
4:02 am
unfolds clean and done good guys wins. she doesn't like the anxiety and the mix-up of it. i feel you. rachel: can i just say something really quick? i love how on the last segment you secured a real estate agent for all of us when we are in nashville. pete: absolutely. rachel: we all live on the same street? pete: we are going for new year's and searching for homes is what the plan should be, ought to be and we have got our guy who left san francisco. rachel: i see another reality tv show in my future. [laughter] pete: i like it. by the way, guys, i'm here n phoenix for turning point u.s.a. i thought i would show you guys. this you would like it. any event that has signs that says america, the greatest country in the history of the world. okay. they just lead with the truth right there on the sign. it's going to be awesome, guys. thousands of young people here, fox nation covering it exclusively. charlie kirk what is he building
4:03 am
is impressive. sorry, i had to share that. >> i love it can't wait to see it today. will: yeah, we watching that on fox nation. and then as you mentioned watching the three of us from nashville on new year's eve. but we start this morning with this. so the pentagon is being pressed on if they will help the more than 60,000 interpreters, who remain in afghanistan. jennifer griffin pressed the dod press secretary john kirby on the 60,000 allies left behind. >> 60,000 afghan interpreters who had applied for siv visas remain behind in afghanistan. 33,000 of them are cleared for vetting. will the u.s. military be helping with evacuating those people? >> i have seen the press reporting and i certainly would refer to you state department for validation of the numbers, jen, as you know that program is not administered by dod. that said, the secretary continues to believe strongly that we have a moral obligation
4:04 am
to help those who helped us and especially interpreters and translators. i do not foresee a u.s. military in terms of facilitating the physical relocation of these individuals. we have been -- we, as a government, have been doing this through commercial and industrial aircraft. not using military aircraft. rachel: that was pretty it. the pentagon saying we don't leave anyone left behind but we're not going to do anything about it. go call the state department. really glad that jennifer griffin is asking this question. i doubt any of the other networks are following up. that is a huge number of people who worked with us, who sacrificed with us and we left behind. meanwhile, ari fleischer -- do you know what, pete? i want to hear what you have to say about that. pete: i appreciate it, rachel. john kirby is a flack. absolute flack. stand at the podium and say anything he needs to do for the administration which he serves. the reality is a couple other
4:05 am
data points, recently the white house, pentagon state department acknowledged that 900 american citizens have been returned from afghanistan since we left. so horrifically. yet they said only 100 were there at the time. so they have known all along there were thousands more americans still are today that have been left behind that want to leave. that number, 60,000? 30,000 of which have gone through the special immigrant visa process meaning they were translators for us like guys i served with who were vetted to leave? then who is on airfield? who got on the air planes? who did we let out so we could juice the numbers 120,000 biggest airlift in american history? they are sitting still on our bases across america. some in wisconsin, rachel, some in new jersey, some in texas, across the country, they were not vetted. they never worked with americans, and what are we going to do with them now? these type of acknowledgments are acknowledgments of the utter, i mean the cascading
4:06 am
effect of the failure of what joe biden unleashed in afghanistan. it is a sin that these people were left behind to be hunted when the people who did make it over were part of an absolute chaotic scene at the airport. that's why you mentioned it, rachel, ari fleischer, a former white house press secretary, knows a little bit about answering tough questions, honestly. he talked about how afghanistan really was a signal of a larger downfall for the biden administration. take a listen. >> it really began with afghanistan. that broke all the dams. joe biden was given a task with the american people largely wanted to accomplish withdrawing from afghanistan. he had bipartisan support. and he botched it he did it terribly. and that just opened up the doors to all his other botches starting with covid. he made the most irresponsible promise that any politician has ever made when he said i will shut down the verizon. he hasn't come close on the issue that many people care so much about. he has just made things worse.
4:07 am
so, issue after issue like you walk through inflation, the southern border, afghanistan, the virus. crime, this country is off on the wrong track and people are blaming the president for it. will: ari fleischer points out that what starts with afghanistan ends with covid in terms of broken promises. and we talked about this a little bit earlier in the show. december of 2021 is beginning to feel a lot like december of 2022. there is an atmosphere of fear around the country. at least in certain pars of the country at least as in certain parts of the country anticipation of shut down return. so we are almost two years in. covid shut downs and cancellations, perhaps coming back. because the omicron variant spreads across the country. alexandria hoff is live in washington. alexandria? >> well, here in d.c. and the d.c. area. thousands of parents are scrambling with logistics of school closures once again. prince gorgeous county in maryland those schools will go
4:08 am
virtual on monday. that's going to last through mid january. the statement atringted the move to increased covid-19 positivity rates. cases within the school were not noted the district did say the threats of causing u.s. health officials are endorse ago different approach to all of this. cdc director dr. rochelle walensky test to stay is an encouraging public health practice to keep our children in school. test to stay means even if a child was potentially in contact with an infected person, a negative covid-19 test would allow them to stay in class. the cdc got on board with this after schools using the method did not have any increase in cases. there is no test to stay option sadly for new york holiday's favorite. yesterday it was announced that the rockets christmas spectacular will end 2021 season early due to break through infections among crew members. this as new york, of course, is dealing with a steep rise in cases. it's changing plans for a lot of people all over this christmas.
4:09 am
a lot of businesses emphasizing proof of patrons being fully vaccinated but, will two shots still cut it? here is dr. fauci. >> whether or not the cdc is going to change that, it certainly is on the table and open for discussion. i'm not sure exactly what will happen. but i think people should not lose sight of the message that there is no doubt that if you want to on tim mali protected you should get your booster. >> dr. fauci says that a booster helps restore the body to the level of protection needed against the omicron variant. on thursday a cdc recommended the pfizer and moderna vaccine over johnson and johnson will, rachel, pete? rachel: alexandria a thank you for that report. really interesting stuff. really upset about the rockettes being canceled. people flying across the country ex150eu69ed to take their kids to the show. canceled over a virus that, you know, i can't imagine having to explain that to the kids
4:10 am
teacher's union, some emails recently released from health and human services showed school reopening guidance projected to roll out on friday. we had some homework assignments. eduardo is going to connect ton major labor union issues ongoing across the country. we need to think about this in the broader context of teacher contract negotiation. pete, i have been, i mean, sometimes when you ever doing the news, you go, you know, nothing shocks me anymore. but i have to tell you, i have been shocked at just how much they are willing to for power.
4:11 am
the teacher's union. they are considering teacher contracts and salary negotiations instead of what is good for our kids. has the curtain just been pulled back entirely on the teacher's unions? have they lost all credibility with parents and students now, pete? >> well, of course, you know who they haven't lost credibility with the people they are beholden to and beholden to them democratic politicians they elect. it's pay back time. it's not about kids or instruction. this is about political power. you see that at the end of the statement. we need to think about this in the broader context of teacher contract negotiation unless teacher contract negotiations have nothing to do with science and nothing to do with kids a and nothing to do getting people in the classroom. just getting this email now in december february. conversations they are having right now about what they will do about omicron and, you know, keeping our kids in masks or shutting down schools. there is even reports of school
4:12 am
out in d.c. now shutting down for the month of january because of omicron. are we really going back to that? that's what these types of statements preview is a reality that the unions are in charge. science this. will do their will, that's where their bread is buttered, will. will: here is a statement from health and human services. they told fox news the following. this reflects standard logistical and operational planning around the rollout of new policy. including ensuring bipartisan governors, mayors, members of congress, and stakeholders knew about the updated public health. pete: yeah, bipartisan. will: of course, the biggest stake in this entire educational equation is the children coming up a little bit later by the way we will have a parent panel karol markowicz, asra nomani. return to paranoia, return to
4:13 am
hysteria. rockettes being canceled as you point out, rachel, prince gorgeous county beginning to go remote. all the focus you will notice is on cases. why? why have we returned to the focus on cases? while cases, for an example in new york city are up. what do you think has happened with hospitalizations? they're less than half of what they were one year ago. the point was not to protect everyone from ever getting sick. the point was to, i thought, bend the curve. but i don't know the point anymore because just to button this up. rachel pointed out the cdc now says that j and j is unsellable. moderna and pfizer are. never mind for nine months they recommended any of the three shots. now, trust what we are saying today. yeah, but i'm curious, what will you say tomorrow? i know one thing, it will only be geared towards hysteria and fear. pete: unless, unless, will, will
4:14 am
we are not hearing a lot reported about whether or not the people who have the cases now are vaccinated or not vaccinated. hospitalized or not vaccinated. they don't want to talk about the numbers and science when it goes against their narrative. you are not hearing about that at all that much these days. turning now and you have a smart husband. turning enough to to a few additional headlines. rachel: is he cute, too. pete: i will let you say that. all right, two men are charged in connection with the ambush shooting, terrible. a baltimore police officer key own that halle, that officer, a mother of two, is now on police say she was shot in ambush attack while working an extra shift she volunteered for. as policing shortages and surging violence plague the city. the suspects are also facing murder charges in the shooting that took place thursday night. and the defense in the sex trafficking trial of jeffrey
4:15 am
enstein ghislaine maxwell, i think that's how you say it legal team expected to call nearly three dozen witnesses over the course of six weeks, but, just nine witnesses were called. the trial lasting only 16 days, defense saying they struggled to get witness tolls show up to testify. i wonder why. the request to delay the trial was denied. closing argue. s are set for next week take a look at this. a white tailed deer in canada squaring off with a plastic rudolph in one festive christmas display. look at that. staring him down. got him. the homeowner says christmas time is also mating system, and the vengeful deer likely cease their red-nosed counterpart as competition. he said the plastic rudolph is attacked every year by the confused animals and now held together by glue after losing his legs and even his head. that is in the teleprompter.
4:16 am
pete: that's amazing. rachel: that is the best. >> makes me want to go out and get one of those reindeers. that sounds like the next decoration i need. rachel: somebody else put together a list of the worst christmas rolling stone they said the worst -- let me show you the list because it's interesting. the number one worst christmas song is jessica simpson singing the little drummer boy. the second is maroon 5 happy x mass. and then band-aid do they know it's christmas. and number 4 is seth mcfarland and seth it's cold outside. and number 5 is elmo and patsy grandma got run over by a reindeer. i would have put grandma got run over by a reindeer as number one. i don't know about you, will. will: i don't remember worst.
4:17 am
i don't catalog i catalog best. i don't catalog worse. i don't know that i have ever heard rachel like okay here is jessica simpson and ashley simpson performing little drummer boy. i don't think i have ever heard, this pete. watch. pete: i don't think i have, either. ♪ baby boy ba. >> you want to focus on what who sapping it you have not heard johnny cash sing little drummer boy it's on my play list. it's awesome. that one did sound a little whiny with jessica. i would put grandma got run over by a reindeer so degrading and annoying. i know every kid loves it but i can't stand it. [ laughter ] will: everybody wakes up on
4:18 am
christmas morning and puts music on, right, while you unwrap presents or whatever it may be. my favorite, my favorite is two categories i do love country music christmas songs like george straits christmas. rachel: me too. will: 1940s or 50s. bing crosby baby it's cold outside. that genre that would be my nomination for best category. pete. pete: i can with respect that. i don't respect any list coming from rolling stone ♪ baby it's cold outside. will: i will stop talking ♪ baby it's bad out there. pete: it feels like christmas, right? you don't remake this song. and that's why, you know, seth mcfarland and sara are not going to win because you can't beat this. pete: there it is right there. i'm a fan of jessica simpson and ashley simpson. ashley got a raw deal.
4:19 am
will: of course. pete: of course you know that i think it's unfair to them they are right there on the list. i do love little drummer boy original amazing. o holly night and i like mariah carey, i could listen to that song all christmas long her famous rendition. rachel: not sure about that. i think that's part of your like britney obsession. it's all in there somehow. pete: yep, that's true. rachel: i'm going to tell you guy as little bit about my book because it is now i'm so happy to say number one book. we knocked out pete and will, we knocked out the 1619 project. number one spot on the "new york times." and now, guess what? america loves christmas and there are still copies available. it's made in america. it's the easiest christmas book on your list. keep it number one. keep 1619 project off the number one spot on the "new york times" best seller list. if nothing else, do it for that
4:20 am
reason. will: nice. look at that very good. congratulations. number one. pete: four weeks on the list and fourth week you go number one. that means you are up. mine just starts here and goes right down like that. whatever you are doing, i want more of it, all right? congratulations. will: congratulations to the duffys. rachel: thank you so much, guys. will: more "fox & friends" coming up straight ahead. ♪ ♪
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4:24 am
. >> stopped doing your job completely. you didn't communicate what happened over the radio, right? >> no. >> you didn't make sure any officers knew what had you just done, right? >> no. >> you didn't run down the street and try to save daunte wright's life, did you? >> no. >> you were focused on what you can had done because you just killed somebody. >> i'm sorry it happened.
4:25 am
[sobbing] i'm so sorry. rachel: former police officer breaking down in tears on the witness stand as she recalls the moment she fatally shot daunte wright. pete: here with what's next fox news legal analyst gregg jarrett. greg, what is next in this case as you watch. >> well it, will be up to the jurors come early next week when they get the case and deliberate. you know, it's always a bold move to put the accused on the witness stand but also perilous. you never know how the jury is going to react to what you just saw? was she feigning tears or was it genuine and sincere as she sobbed and repeatedly apologized saying i'm sorry i didn't mean to hurt anyone. you know, there is a very fine
4:26 am
line between a mistake and culpable negligence or recklessness, which is manslaughter in this particular case under minnesota law. and, you know, the law struggles to differentiate between the two and so do jurors when they come to deliberate. will: greg, you make an important point that differentiation for our viewers, different so many other cases that make their way to the news cycles. this isn't about intentional murder or homicide. this is about manslaughter and it's an attempt by the jury to differentiate between accident which kim potter says it was an accident and gross negligence, or recklessness. so what tools, what evidence, what do they use to draw that line? >> well, one of the important aspects of this case was the testimony of sergeant michael johnson who was there on the scene. he was leaning through the car window attempting to handcuff
4:27 am
daunte wright who was resisting arrest, fighting with police and attempting to flee and johnson said he pressed the accelerator of the vehicle to get away and johnson said i feared for my life. i thought i was going to be dragged to my death. and kim potter, he said, was justified in using her gun, albeit mistakenly. use of force expert as well as the chief of police said the same thing, that she could have used under the law either her gun or the taser. so, the defense is attempting to lay much of the blame on daunte wright himself for resisting arrest and attempting to flee. rachel: greg, it's really clear to me that she didn't do this intentionally. it was kind of damning when they said listen, after you shot him you didn't immediately go to help. you just immediately talked about yourself. and what was going to happen to you. and you were going to go to
4:28 am
prison. do you think that's really going to hurt her? >> she explained, through her attorney, that she was traumatized. and in shock. she was mortified that she had mistaken her gun for a taser. i will tell you, rachel, what really concerns me, troubles me, is this unique minnesota law called spark of life. it allowed the parents of daunte wright to take the witness stand and talk about the importance of his life. which is fine. but it also allowed them to portray their son as this angelic person. the jurors don't know, for example, that he has been accused of shooting a teenager in the head, accused of shooting a man in the leg during an attempted carjacking, and robbing a woman in her own home at gunpoint and allegedly sexually assaulting her. you know, if a trial is the search for the truth, don't the jurors -- aren't they entitled to the the whole truth should
4:29 am
the law be exploited to deceive the jurors? that troubles me. pete: that's where the law is, so fascinating they don't know that but get to hear from the parents. so interesting. thanks for breaking it down. gregg jarrett. appreciate it. >> my pleasure. pete: is three shots the charm? pfizer testing a third dose for kids, yes, you heard that. despite rising concerns over side effects. and the doctor, well, she is in. nicole saphier with what you need to know about that and more. who else is pushing vaccines to younger audiences? >> are you vaccinated? >> yes, sir. >> yep. >> do we get it? >> we got it. pete: it's the newest member of the joe bros. joe biden.
4:30 am
4:31 am
4:32 am
4:33 am
4:34 am
rachel: pfizer saying two shot vaccines didn't perform adequately in children ages 2 to 5. instead they are testing three shots. here with what you need to know for your kids fox news medical contributor dr. nicole saphier. dr. saphier. always great to see you. welcome and merry christmas to you. i want to ask this because i'm confused. there have been no long-term studies on this vaccine. normal healthy children have virtually no risk or symptoms. why are they pushing this, you know, parents to give their kids the vaccine and pushing mandates on children to get this vaccine? i'm thoroughly confused by that. >> well, good morning, rachel and merry christmas to you and your beautiful family as well. first of all, we need to say it very important to have a safe and efficacious vaccine for people of all ages as those who live with chronic co-morbidity
4:35 am
are at risk for covid-19. children as a whole are extremely low risk of i will i illness. important we have a vaccine for them. pfizer earlier this week said their two dose low dose regimen of three micrograms in six months to five-year-old or less than 5-year-olds did not produce a robust immine response. expanding clinical trial to test out a third dose. that's not so uncommon for childhood vaccines, many others that require third doses, mmr, hpv and other. we will see what their data does show for that i can say six month to 4-year-olds have a higher rate of hospitalizations from covid-19 than that 5 to 11-year-old age group. but i will also say, rachel, this week, pfizer announced they are now starting to test a third dose regimen for 12 to 17-year-olds, which seems like a good thing, seeing as the cdc has already recommended 16 and 17-year-olds get that third dose
4:36 am
a little bit of a cart before the horse if you ask me. but glad to see that pfizer is now going to actually look at the safety and efficacy data on that as well. rachel: i still remain confused, doctor, we need to have the vaccine for the small percentage of children that are vulnerable but the vast majority don't. so why are we doing this one size fits all. and to that point, we are now seeing that heart inflammation cases are emerging among 5 to 11-year-old kids after the shot. and by the way, they disproportionately hurt boys. i think this is the new war on boys that, you know, if there was some vaccine that was disproportionately hurting girls we would hear a lot more about it. it's boys so who cares? >> rachel, as mom of three boys of course this has concerned me throughout the entire course. this week it has been reported about 8 cases of vaccine associated myocarditis in 5 to 11-year-olds who have received the vaccine at this point about 5 million children have gotten the vaccine.
4:37 am
only 2 million have received that second dose. we don't know if the cases came after the first dose or the second dose. if it equates to what we see in adolescents it's more than likely the second dose. going to be watched closely. quite possibly the tip of the iceberg as high as adolescents 1 in 6,000. i don't think it's one size fits all when it comes to vaccinating our children as i have written in many opinion pieces that i think that vaccines in kids should be risk-based and should also be inclusive of natural immunity. rachel: and how about long-term studies? i just -- i just am so confused. but you have helped me with a lot of information. i really appreciate that, dr. saphier. >> thanks, rachel. rachel: take care. all right. just in time for christmas. tunnel 2 towers is helping the family of a fallen u.s. navy commander. founder frank siller explains how next. ♪ a mountain of toys to fulfill many wishes
4:38 am
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4:42 am
frank, as always, wonderful work. tunnel 2 towers is doing. we want to get to that in just one moment. but, justin would love to learn more about your friend, commander buschwa what can you tell us about him. >> we called him boosh. that's how many everyone knew him in the military. it's an honor his family asked me to represent him here today. it's too soon after his death for them to talk about it on tv. but, i'm honored to do so. i first met brian in seal training back in 2004, and we have been bust buddies ever since. he is one of these guys within moments of meeting him, no matter how were, you were thinking this guy is awesome. he was extremely kind, always had a smile on his face. he was known for his friendliness. he had tremendous courage. and just was one of the best men
4:43 am
ever served with. will: i know you too deployed to iraq on four different deployments together. frank, now bourgeois is going to be receiving aid from the tunnel 2 towers. tell us what you are here to offer to the bourgeois. >> i reached out to "fox & friends" when why learned he gave his life for his country and had five kids left behind. can we do a campaign to pay off his mortgage by christmas like we did for the singh family years ago. the police officer was that killed on christmas day and, of course, as fox as usual and "fox & friends" viewers stepping up to the play. so we're about a little over half way there. each mortgage is about 450, $350,000 and this is in that range. so we ask everybody to go to t 2
4:44 am and donate. you will see a landing page there just for commander bourgeois. do $11 a month not just help him but others along the way. we delivered 200 mortgage free homes this year. it's a barometer miss when i talked to his widow meghan i said that the tunnel 2 towers foundation is going to pay this off by christmas and it's definitely a promise that we are going to keep because the kindness and generosity of your viewers. will: a promise you kept on many, many hundreds if not thousands of occasions we know that, frank. the viewers that are watching have come through. halfway there. you know what to do "fox & friends" fans. t 2 get the family a paid off mortgage before christmas. what would that mean for the family? >> so, you know, brian and
4:45 am
meghan have five children, oldest one is 19. despite life insurance that the military provides small check. five kids through college is quite the burden. bougeois five children for the family. get these kids raised and into college and feel secure in doing that. and i can tell you and the viewers firsthand have done a tremendous job brian and meghan of raising their children. it's oldest son spoke at the memorial last week in virginia beach and it was extraordinary testament to brian and meghan's parenting skills. this young man showed tremendous courage and represented his father very well. and these are the kind of kids that i hope my kids grow up to be more like. that's how brian was. he was the kind of person you
4:46 am
hope your children grow up to be like or grow up to spend their lives with. so, these are incredible people they are great americans. hope can come together and help their family out right now. will: great american gave so much to this country and now this country's turn to give back to him. judson, thank you for telling us about commander bowrges this morning and putting a human being behind the picture, the face and the name that we see. frank, as always, thank you so much for everything you do. i know the viewers will come through and help out the family. thank you so much. >> absolutely. will: more "fox & friends" coming up. hello, for the last few years, i've been a little obsessed with chasing the big idaho potato truck. but it's not like that's my only interest. i also love cooking with heart-healthy, idaho potatoes. always look for the grown in idaho seal.
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senator minority leader mitch mccon is on the ground serving his state. the republican is touring bowling on friday and set to hit mayfield and dawson springs. looters are arrested for trying to steal damaged cars and copper from the rubble left by the
4:51 am
destructive storms. this incredible surveillance video from a bank showing the moment a deadly tornado ripped through mayfield. at least 77 people in kentucky were killed in the storms. let's now turn to chief meteorologist rick reichmuth for our fox weather forecast. rick, you have been so great on this kentucky tornado and tell us what you got on the weather right now. rick: yeah that storm, the national weather service officials have been out the preliminary reports from that tornado that it was on the ground for 165 miles started across parts of far northern tennessee that same cell had produced a tornado before but it looked like that tornado lifted. that -- at any one point about 165 miles that it was on the ground that cut through mayfield up through dawson springs and in towards bowling green that caused destruction and loss of life. incredibly tragic. that is the exact area right now where you see big temperature contrast. that means we have moisture
4:52 am
coming along as well. just to the southeast of that we are going to be breaking record temperatures again. high temperatures across parts of the south, 70s and 80's incredible here for mid december but watch record breaking temperatures. this is that front and the rain that's headed right towards the made area, another day of rain today. it will be out of there by tomorrow and we get a little bit of a break. something to look forward. to say same system is up across parts of the northeast and bringing some snow across areas of new england, not across the cities, new york, it's going to be rain and rain for the most part in boston, maybe a little bit of snow, heavier snow once you get up and across parts of vermont. pete, send it over to you. pete: thank you, rick, appreciate it well, just in time for christmas. you can watch washington's christmas crossing right now on fox nation. take a look. >> washington men's on christmas night ice and snow in the middle of the night. having to maintain secrecy and silence. >> captain, which way are we going here? pete: surprise on the enemy.
4:53 am
it was not forgone conclusion it would be successful. thank god it was. pete: that was me in the middle of the river at the annual reenactment or rehearsal of it of washington's crossing of the delaware. my next guest was right there with me. a veteran who served in the vietnam and gulf wars. he has been doing reenactments for over 20 years. frank lyons joins us now. washington crossing he place colonel john glover in the reenactment. sir, thank you very much for being there. you are the reason i was there you have been great part of this effort for 20 years. for our viewers, tell them why the washington's crossing, this film your reenactment is so important and so needed today. >> thank you for having me, pete. pete: of course. >> i want to compliment how great you looked. you looked like right out of 18th century painting of revolutionary war soldier. why is it important? in the long march of human endeavor, you can point to point to perhaps 10 convenience that truly changed the course of
4:54 am
world history forever. and one of those was washington crossing the delaware. another reason, we seem to have a shortness of heroes today. we need real heroes, and these men were true ofly some of the greatest heroes in our history. they weren't fighting for a land a kingdom. they were setting for ideals. they called it the glorious cause. it's a timeless story. and we need to educate our future generations about this and that's what we do at washington's crossing park. we keep that story going. pete: such a beautiful message. i really selfishly encourage everyone to go to fox nation. the christmas crossing. it's worth your time. it's worth reminding yourself, your kids what those men did so many years ago. frank, two quick things, 250th anniversary of the crossing is coming up very soon. i know you are preparing for that and fox has stepped in once
4:55 am
before. about 10 years ago i believe it was sean hannity and others who helped save the washington crossing park there, right? >> that was 11 years ago. the state of pennsylvania had closed washington's crossing park due to some budget short falls. and a group of local citizens stepped in and founded the friends of washington crossing park of which i'm a member. i'm on the board. and it was fox that helped really kick start the effort. we were on "fox & friends" and we were on the hannity show. and as a result of that publicity, we were able to generate a lot of donations and we were able to generate a lot of interest. and so really, that partnership with fox started a long time ago. and really was part of our beginning. pete: let's do it again. the park needs more improvements. the anniversary is coming. washington crossing if you want to support it. ever in that area near washington crossing park between
4:56 am
pennsylvania and new jersey, it's worth seeing, it's worth seeing the rehearsal what i took part it in and actual reenactment takes place on christmas. amazing thing to see. go washington crossing to check it all out. frank lyons, thanks for having me. you are a great patriot and great friend. appreciate you having me. >> thank you, pete. pete: coming up next, griff jenkins live from the border. lpe control of your symptoms - and ask about vraylar. some medicines only treat the lows or highs, once-daily vraylar is proven to treat depressive, acute manic, and mixed episodes of bipolar i in adults. full-spectrum relief for all bipolar i symptoms. elderly patients with dementia-related psychosis have an increased risk of death or stroke. call your doctor about unusual changes in behavior or suicidal thoughts. antidepressants can increase these in children and young adults. report fever, stiff muscles or confusion which may mean a life-threatening reaction,
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whose resumes on indeed match your job criteria. visit and get started today. ♪ ♪ i wish it could be christmas everyday ♪ let the bells ring out rachel: welcome back to "fox & friends." it's 8:00 eastern time. and i wish it could be christmas everyday. listen, i can feel the pent up energy for christmas. i think that's why my book is number one on the "new york times" betts seller. i think people are ready for christmas. they don't want to canceled anymore. be separated from their families anymore.
5:01 am
and i am sad to be separated from you and pete and will today. we are all in three different states for the christmas spirit. welcome, pete, welcome, will. pete? pete: good morning to you both. absolutely. it's 8:00 on the east coast. where you are rachel. it's 7:00 in texas where will is. and always wants to be if he can be. and it's 6:00 in phoenix here because i'm in phoenix, arizona for the turning point u.s.a. america fest. which fox nation is broadcasting all weekend long. in fact tonight, guys, it kicks off with charlie kirk running the whole thing. some guy named tucker is going to be here. and you know the crowd is ready to hear him. we are going to broadcast that life for sure. it's "i'm sad to be away from you guys, you are absolutely right. i will mention this too, will, before i toss it to you, we will be together on new year's eve. so we're going to see each other soon in nashville. if you haven't seen the promos yet on the channel, will, rachel and i are hosting new year's eve for the fox news channel, so
5:02 am
we'll be getting up early and staying up late and having a little party. maybe waving goodbye to 2021. will: the promos are on air should we rank acting skills among the three of us. rachel: mine are so bad. i have to tell you the first time the promo aired seriously my kids were like, mom, that was so bad. i feel so bad for you that it's airing. that's what they said to me. that's how having kids keeps you humble. pete it does. rachel: i'm a host not an actress. pete: i will say as someone more an observer than a participant will, clearly had to do the most acting in the starring role and i thought did you a phenomenal job. every time i sat in rachel, i thought you did a great job acting. maybe that's a bad actor critiquing a bad actor. i thought you were great. here is the promo i think we have it let's play it and let the viewers judge. will: that's nice. rachel: hey, will, what's you
5:03 am
doing? will: new year's right around the corner. rachel: we're not going to be here. will: will you help me get this place ready. pete: are you having fun here? will: no time for fun. pete: you know we are doing the show in nashville? will: nashville? pete: how many times did i have to say that live? rachel: i can't even watch it. pete: how many times did i have to say that hey, buddy, what's you doing? 10 times, 15 times? will: none of us are familiar. director going okay that was great. do you that one more time. pete, can we get you to do that just a little differently this time? every time. will that was great. keep doing what you are doing, pete, i'm going to need a little faster, a little slower. this time believable. just a little bit believable. can you do it for me. rachel, i thought you were great. i disagree with your kids. rachel: listen, you got the most direction. i think it should have come my way. i think i needed more direction. all right. we're we are going to begin this
5:04 am
hour with an exclusive look, first look at the border wall being built in texas by texans taking border security into their own hands. griff jenkins is live at the border with more. griff. pete: i don't think we have griff. like our viewers, i'm waiting for it to hit because i really want to see this. this is significant development that texas is doing this. if we get griff back live on the ground, we will bring him back as soon as our producers are working on it but, will. do we have him? okay. i think we have got him. griff? great to have you back. start roll it from the top, brother. griff: i just want to tell you i am at the wall that governor abbott is going to unveil for the world. this is the first time, pete,
5:05 am
will, and rachel, that a state has taken it upon themselves to defend from the crisis at the border. i got an exclusive ride yesterday in a helicopter dps over this wall. and i can show you exactly what it looks like. the wall is identical to the trump wall and abbott is building the wall because the biden administration seized the seizeceased the construction oft wall. look at the aerials, just a small portion of it. they are building a football field a day. and it is a very welcomed addition to this area. because agents here told me that since midnight, right where i'm standing, they have apprehended more than 250 illegal crossers. we saw three walking up the road when we came in here to do this live shot. guys, i have spent all leak long here in the border talking with dps agents going out in the field and actually appear apprehending the migrants. we can show you some of the
5:06 am
video. it is a 24-7 an absolute on slot of people crossing this border. i have seen the weapons. i have seen the drugs that have been apprehended and doing all of this. and let me show you numbers that we got, obviously, more than 173,000 apprehensions in the month of november. that's 140% increase from this time last year. last year was the highest ever on record with more than 1.7 million apprehensions. this is the low time of year. there should not be 173,000 apprehensions in november and it hasn't stopped, obviously here. we are doing this for fox nation. for a special that is going to air january and we are giving a first-hand look. if you remember, pete, will and rachel. i came down here, the first reporter in the nation, in march to show the crisis happening. it has not slowed down since then. governor abbott is taking matters into his own hands, doing everything he can. we did get a chance, by the way, to get an exclusive interview
5:07 am
with someone that rarely ever goes on the air and that is a cartel smuggler. we went into new mexico, the across the border. met with smuggler. he wouldn't give us his name. he wouldn't do it in public. we had to go to a hotel to reveal it. he did reveal a lot particularly how much money is he making. let's take a listen. [speaking spanish] >> if we do a lot of the money and i don't understand how people sell their houses and everything to get to the american dream. i do it mostly to help the people. we earn a lot of money. griff: so the event here will be at noon eastern. governor abbott will be here. i will will be broadcasting the fox news live 12 to 2:00 p.m. live, governor abbott live on tv. along with george p. bush the
5:08 am
land commissioner from texas. is he a big part of burning behind this along with several members of congress. it's really a significant event because this is the case of the states doing what the federal government won't. border security is a federal -- it is a federal duty to protect our nation and as we saw, in the last -- it is anything but under control. the border is wide open. and so governor abbott has allocated money to get this wall started here. since i have been covering the border for more than 10 years, i have heard one constant thing from border patrol officials. they need three things to secure our nation. they need manpower, technology, and infrastructure. infrastructure means that wall right behind me. will, pete, rachel? will: hey, griff. i'm curious. this project has begun on state land, building this wall on texas state land. i have been to the border in arizona. met with the rancher who was very excited about the existing
5:09 am
wall that he had on his own land. and i understand texas will be making deals and working with private landowners to extend this wall beyond state land. what's the reaction you hear from private landowners? are they excited to contribute an easement? contribute some of their land to a border wall? griff: will, here in your home state of texas, the land owners are exstatic that governor abbott is doing this we were over in kinney county a little west where you saw us chasing those migrants. the rancher we spoke to there tells us, lisa conley, she tells us it's never been this bad. the day we went to interview her earlier this week, she had a migrant about three hours earlier walk up and frighten her at her front door. she had to get her gun. her husband and her son who are ranch hands were out. she was all by herself. she has lived there her entire life. fourth generation ranch in kinney county. that's just a snapshot of the folks here. governor abbott, who we will
5:10 am
talk to later today, has been saying all along that the private land owners certainly in this area and else where along the border are more than willing to work with the state to try to get something built. it's interesting by the way, we can't really show you because it's dark. but the trump wall, the existing trump wall just down the way from here, we can't connect to it because it's on federal land. the feds won't let the state connect to it. get as close can as they can. they will fill as many gaps as possible. this will go about two miles to the east and really hit the hard-hit areas where it is known human and drugs and weapons smuggling, because they want to get this done. the landowners appear by and large ready to participate in any way they can. this son state land where we are standing right now. and that's why they are starting the project right here in rio grand city, one of the hardest hit areas. ground zero for president biden's border drivers. a quick note if i can just add. the state of texas went to the federal government and said can we use the existing wall panels?
5:11 am
all these wall panels, you have seen them tens of millions of dollars rotting, the feds said nope, can't help you. they had go and get their own panels. seems like a bit of a waste to me, guys. rachel: it's disgusting, actually. it's absolutely disgusting. and it's an insult to the taxpayers who paid for those panels. quick question, by the way, i love that you got a chance to talk to the cartel smuggler. what are you hearing on the ground about, you know, how we are enriching these cartels and how that is possibly destabilizing mexico, possibly turning it into a narcostate? >> well, you are right, rachel. look, the cartels have so much control right now. more than they have ever had and that's why have an unprecedented border crisis. and the only reason why that smuggler, we assume would even go on camera, and evan working with my mexican -- for more than a year to try to get one of
5:12 am
these folks to actually talk. we had negotiations with people in mexico city. this was a big operation to get this individual to talk to me, and he was at great risk in the interview he said he would talk, i have said too much, i have said too much. the only reason why he did talk they are so emboldened. they are showing how much control they have. he made the case to me, rachel. that actually because the cartels have so much control, and it is such a big business, that it is safer for the migrants who would otherwise be traveling by themselves. they control it nothing crosses that border behind me without the cartel knowing it. and if they did and the cartel didn't know it, they would pay a heavy, heavy price. pete: griff, phenomenal work. have you covered this so well and in-depth and put yourself in the middle of it to get a real feel and texture for it underbe more complimentary. real quick, would he don't have thatch time. i see that wall being built on state land, will the federal government accept that's happening? could they attempt to bring a challenge? you see how ardently they fought
5:13 am
against any border security at all. could they try to turn around and say you can't do that? griff: the governor's office and texas dps folks tell me that the challenges are lining up. and will be a mile long by the time they get this going. but at the end of the day, they are going to press forward and not pull back despite the legal challenges they expect for this wall, pete. pete: good for them. be. pete: thank you very much. appreciate it. ainsley: thank you, griff. rachel: he has been doing a phenomenal job. i just want to say because we have been covering crime scenes all across our country smash and grab videos, subway muggings this is massive crime scene on our southern border that american citizens have to sleep with pistols because they are afraid. they can't walk their property, their ranches without feeling like they need weapons with
5:14 am
them. part of those families have to live in fear. and that these people, how disheartened must you feel that the federal government cares nothing about you that they won't even let texas borrow panels. that they have abandoned to help protect you? as somebody who came from a border state, to me it's personal. i see what people in yuma, friends of mine are experiencing. this is a massive crime scene. other than our fox reporters, very few people are covering this. >> that's right. people like griff jenkins have been doing it along time. all right, we move to this. an appeals court rules in favor of biden's vaccine mandate. but, 27 business groups are already ready all the way to the supreme court. alexandria hoff is live with the details this morning. good morning alexandria.
5:15 am
>> the sixth circuit court of appeals in ohio ruled 2 to 1 in favor of vaccine mandate for companies that employ over 100 people. the majority writing quote recognizing that the old normal is not going to return, employers and employees have sought new models for workplace that will protect the safety and health of employees who earn their living there now, this dissolved the decision made out of a different federal court that had put the mandate on pause and it allows for osha to enforce it. the requirement mandates that larger private businesses either get vaccinated or have their employees tested weekly. it will but the legal challenges haven't let up. more than half of u.s. states have sued over the rule. according to politico, 27 business also take their challenge to the mandate to the supreme court noting, this quote: it will impose substantial nonrecoverable compliance costs on those businesses. those businesses will be faced with either incurring the cost of testing for the millions of employees and passing those
5:16 am
costs on to consumers in the form of yet higher prices at a time of record inflation or imposing the cost of testing upon their unvaccinated employees who will. businesses struggling staff right now this requirement takes effect on january 4th. guys, back to you. pete: alexandria, thanks very much. will, as you said, it feels like we are going back to the future. it's mandate, mandate, mandate. lock down, lock down, lock down. and vaccines which were important and developed by the trump administration through operation warp speed and saved a lot of lives. now we're pushing it faster and faster to younger and younger, a decision which is irrevocable, which you can't undo once you have decided to vaccine -- vaccinate a 5-year-old. it's a full-court press. even though omicron is different and delta and all the other things we have known and talked about. full-court press has made its way to the white house and to
5:17 am
some tiktok stars who like to sing. here are the jonas brothers were joe biden. watch this. >> bing. are you vaccinated. >> yes, sir. >> hey, yep. >> who is the president, man? who is the president. >> who is the president. >> biden. >> what do you want to tell joe biden right now. >> whattens up, take me out to continuer. >> did we get it. >> we got it. pete: got it yeah, you got it all right. >> to the point of returning to the past, here we are, 600 days or so into this pandemic, isn't it fascinating -- isn't it fascinating that the goal to quote unquote, bend the curve has totally been lost, but the solutions never change. if we just mask and if we just vaccinate a little harder, i'm sure we won't make it to 700 days. i'm sure we will bend this curve. >> yeah. i was just going to say this is so embarrassing to see our
5:18 am
president and hollywood doing the bidding of big pharma commercial for them. weird and creepy. i have decided to omni cold. that's what it is a cold. i think about you, pete, in that outfit. i think was it frank lyons, the man that you met with in that piece that was so great. you are right. you looked like the guy from the washington's crossing. it was pretty awesome to see that where are those young people? i see so much fear. i don't want the joan mass -- i don't expect them to safe this country. i actually really troubled by the beta male complex that's going on. the fear that young men have like that of getting a cold. all of this is very troubling to me as a country. thank god we are not in a world war ii moment. i don't know who would step up at this point. pete: rachel, you asked the perfect question, where are
5:19 am
those people? they're right here in phoenix, arizona. young kids part of organizations like turning point that will be here for america fest. that's why we are here for fox nation. covering the stuff that no one else in the media is going to cover. you need to be reminded that there are those folks out there. forget the joan mass brothers. charlie kirk and candace owens, people like that are out there leading the charge for outcome people, reminding them that freedom is not something to take for granted. so i think people will draw some inspiration, i will take your point a lot of inspiration out of fear. rachel: i hope you are right. we have got fight for our country and fight for our family. enough of this. it's omi cold. pete: it is. you are remember nicholas sandmann who the media gross prejudged now he has settled with another media outlet. pallets of cash for him. sean duffy will react to that coming up next.
5:20 am
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5:24 am
with nbc. pete: join a legal sandman after condemning him for viral video with native american activist for the 2019 march for life. >> rachel: here to weigh is fox news contributor and prosecutor my husband who has joined me here in the studio sean duffy. sean, i want to know how much money he got. what do you think? >> we don't know, right? rachel: it's under confidentiality. it's got to be a lot under secret, right? sean: not necessarily. some say it could have only been $100,000 per settlement and could be upwards of multiple million dollars per settlement. regardless, you start stacking up multiple settlements, fifth settlement cnn and "the washington post" and now nbc. he is making some money off the media right now, which i think is really good thing. by the way, remember this story. this was horrible. you have these covington catholic students went for the march for life. they stand there with a
5:25 am
pro-trump make america great again hat. and they were the victims of professional protesters coming up, getting in their face, yelling racial slurs at them. they didn't react. they basically stood there like you would hope your own child would stand there and not do anything but the media totally lambasted them. misrepresented them. demonized them. and so i'm proud of nic sandmann for going after -- they are going to be -- they are still going to be left leaning but you have to be fair to people. you can't demonize young american kids and -- i'm happy he settled. will: sean, i am as well. it's some form of accountability, will it actually change the media's behavior? will it change their journalistic malpractice? we will wait and see the answer to that but back to the idea of the settlement sean and what you said to rachel it could be 100,000. it could be 100 million.
5:26 am
people often think settlements are admissions of guilt. they are not admissions of guilt. they are basically an economic calculation, right? what's it cost for me to make this go away? my suspicion is, sean, that means the number is fairly large. were small and 100,000 would be small for these companies, they just fight it out or something. small nicholas sandmann-think the cost reward the buying off of nick sandmann, my thought is it has to be a pretty strong win for sandman. would be my suspicion. >> i agree with that. perspective, will. if you are cnn or nbc, this doesn't come cost free. we don't know the number. they know there is going to be stories. and admission of guilt. most americans think this is an admission of guilt. they did something wrong. if they didn't, what these networks will do is say i don't want to have a cascade much copy cats. other people suing us thinking they are going to get a payout. we are not going to settle with
5:27 am
anybody. settled and got the bad story. i agree with you. i think the number is probably very real for the sandmann family and hopefully, again, i don't know they are going to change their ways. hopefully they will think harder the next time before they smear a young american. pete: that's all you can hope for proven incapable of restraining themselves as we know. so,. sean: sean i'm hopeful, pete. pete: for the past two and a half hours rachel has been taking credit for if "new york times" best selling book she wrote it all herself. your side of the story? sean: if you ever see the book, right there you see it rachel is the top line. i'm a little smaller print at the bottom, pete. rachel: jesse watters tried to start that fight by the way. we had him as one of our first guests when we were promoting. rachel's name is on top trying to cause discourse. sean: i'm so proud of this book. i hate to cite the "new york
5:28 am
times." we are the number one book on the "new york times." i'm pretty proud of that. pete: should be. sean: whole fox family participated. it's a celebration of christmas. we love that a christmas book beat out the 1619 project as the number one book. we're proud of that as well. again, we are celebrating this history, this culture, this heritage and our great faith. the christian faith in this book. so, i'm proud of it and by the way, if you are looking for a christmas gift. will: you should be. sean: rachel got the two of you the book for christmas exchange. stocking stuff. pete: always closing. i love it. sean: i learned from you. pete: you should be proud. you should be proud. sean: can i say one thing? i know -- i don't normally get up this early. but rachel got me up at 4:00 in the morning. if i look a little tired i'm like her producer this morning. printing stuff out and getting her ready i'm a little tired. i apologize. i can't complain to you guys
5:29 am
because you guys are up at 3:00 in the morning. pete: every saturday. will: that's four of us then. all right, sean, great to talk to you. pete: thank you. will: coming up, the state of the unions, the will caught cozying up the to the largest teacher's union. guidance to reopen schools. that's next. ♪ flush
5:30 am
5:31 am
5:32 am
5:33 am
. will: new emails revealing white house prioritized teacher union labor disputes before releasing guidance to reopen schools. the a biden administration official writing quote: hey, team, just got off a call with the white house and the department of education regarding the school reopening guidance that it's projected to roll out on friday. we have some homework
5:34 am
assignments. edward dorks a white house employee is going to connect with a.j. on some of the major/labor unions, mayor/labor union issues that are ongoing across the country. we need to think about this in a broad are context of teacher contract negotiations. our parent panel joins us now to react. karol markowicz kisha king and asra naomi. i finally get to host one of these parent panels. i'm soaks sighted. asra, i wouldlove to start with. teacher union being prioritized over the best interest of children. >> it's just outrageous. will, i covered the labor unions is at the "wall street journal" for many years randi weingarten the head of the american federation for teachers and national education association they're the new union boss in america today. they are the ones that are keeping schools loised.
5:35 am
the white house, unfortunately, is working with them in order to basically set education policy in america. and, unfortunately, it's meaning that kids are failing, and so the homework assignment really needs to be with the white house and deciding how they are going to get out of this really diabolical alliance they have right now with the teachers unions at the detriment of our kids. will: yeah, quisha, this is what hhs has to say to fox news this reflects standard logistical and operational planning around rollouts of new policy including ensuring bipartisan governors, mayors members of congress and here is the key phrase stakeholders knew about the updated health guidance from cdc. the question, quisha, which stakeholders do you prioritize? >> i thought the stakeholders were the children? certainly those are my stakeholders so the aft or the
5:36 am
nea gets off not prioritizing children. but, i guess, you know, it's kind of in the name, it's teachers unions, it's not children's union. i don't think they are focused on the teachers either. i think they are focused on themselves. it is appalling. just like asra just said they would not take the most important people that are supposed to be their focus and into consideration when they're considering guidance. they like talk about science but it doesn't seem like they considered the science at all. they considered themselves. will: or the children didn't consider the children. at all. karol, quisha just brought up randy weingarten and asra brought up randy weingarten. she is being celebrated in the "new york times" keeping schools open. those who fault weingarten for closed schools misunderstand the role she has played over the last 20 months. rather than championing shut downs she spent time in
5:37 am
introduce in public and behind the scenes trying to get schools open. your reaction, karol? >> yeah. randy ryan garnett wins the award for the biggest gaslighter of 2021. this is all lies. it's hilarious lies, actually. because we know the truth. we actually know all the evidence. in february of 2021, randy weingarten sat down with the cdc and helped them craft policies that would help them keep schools closed. a month later when the cdc was moving to change the guidelines from 6 feet of distance in classrooms which kept kids out of classrooms to three feet. randi weingarten fought that. she continues to implement measures all across the country that keep kids from learning the intense masking in class. the masking in new york city. the eating lunch on the ground. that all stems from her. she is the one pushing these insane policies. so, you know, the headline was can this woman save public education? yes, she could because now more americans believe in school vouchers, more americans believe in charter schools. more americans home school.
5:38 am
she is going to save public education by destroying public schools across the country and showing parents they need a choice that randi weingarten is completely not involved in their kids' education. will: wow, very, very well said. karol, quisha and asra i thought this was a pete heg oden segment. i thought he trademarked t i saw cracks in the wall i saw rachel hosted one or two and now a complete jump ball i'm in on the game and it's a jump ball so i was excited to talk to the three of you this morning. >> thank you, will. will: thank you for your time. >> we love it thank you so much. will: straight ahead, the fight for free speech, the shocking story behind one police sergeant now under investigation for investigating turning point u.s.a. her exclusive message to "fox & friends" after the break. ♪ as a dj, i know all about customization. that's why i love liberty mutual. they customize my car insurance, so i only pay for what i need. how about a throwback? ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪
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a mountain of toys to fulfill many wishes must be carried across all roads and all bridges. it's not magic that makes more holiday deliveries to homes in the us than anyone else, it's the hardworking people of the united states postal service. pushings white supremacist and white nationalism is very disturbing in and of itself and clearly makes the argument why this chapter is so important to create in the first place. but now she is the one facing
5:43 am
scrutiny because she voiced support as a police officer. here with reaction turning point u.s.a. founder charlie kirk. charlie, thanks so much for being here. we are going to talk about america fest here in a moment. this particular case, a police officer speaks out on behalf of a chapter her kids want to start at the local school now the police are investigating her? >> yeah. it's not as if there is widespread crime in chicago, other things they could be investigating. 825 homicides so far just in calendar year. and what's the priority of the chicago police department? let's go investigate one of our own because they decided to support an organization that wants to talk about the constitution and free markets in a local high school this all started at william howard taft high school where the principal decided to try to, i don't know, posture as if he is some sort of tough guy turning point u.s.a. is against the values that william howard taft high school. i said what exactly do we believe in against your vools? a celebration of america? freedom of speech in the constitution? separation of powers in the idea
5:44 am
that we should understand history that we want to equip our citizens with how to be actually be involved in the process? very simple thing he said turning point u.s.a. has no place at william howard taft high school and we are used to that. we can navigate that. it's disappointing but not shocking. we know the left hates the idea there are other ideas. they get so threatened in the city of chicago there might be one group that talks about the constitution. where the story took unprecedented turn for us and we have dealt with this all across the country from banger maine to berkeley, california now one all of the sudden one of the people involved supported the group police officer, they have first amendment rights, freedom of speech rights and then you have the chicago police department saying we are going to do an investigation into our own police officer because they support an organization where students want to study the constitution. while chicago has one of the deadliest years on record. not just murders though, the smash and grabs happening at magnificent mile. i grew up in chicago.
5:45 am
what has happened in chicago is so sad for me. once great city like alexander instead of the gulag because of the ideology, because the chicago machine politicians they put preference to some sort of abstract ideology over what's actually good for every day citizens. pete: they use the -- this is their diversity and inclusion guidelines to exinclude a group. >> supposed tough guy who runs the william howard taft high school, again, we deal with these sort of very unimpressive school administrators all the time. he says turning point u.s.a. is not for diversity and inclusion. i say wait a second, which is the person not for inclusion? us or the one that you are actually rejecting from us to come to this high school? pete: so true. we reached out to the chicago police department for a statement we haven't -- good for the student, good for the police officer. i hope it works out the right way. we are here in phoenix because you, this is america fest from turning point u.s.a. and fox nation is broadcasting all the
5:46 am
highlights of it i'm honored to be here, kayleigh mcenany will be here as a co-host to cover it as well. what are folks going to see here in america fest. >> going to be amazing. watch the entire thing stream it live at fox super thrilled to be partneringg with you guys. large e.est pro-american. stupidity-focused of all ages in the country. over 10,000 tickets sold. here in phoenix, arizona. we have "tucker carlson tonight" and some of the biggest country music artist that's can put together. really putting together the cultural element also kind of some of the traditional more freedom elements but we what we are is going to see is thousands and thousands of patriots that love their country and they want to celebrate america's history or our culture and also come into agreement that we need to make some changes as far as the trajectory of our nation going forward. i'm so upset and tired of having us always having to play defense as if america is some sort of controversial 50-50 issue. no more. america is the greatest nation to exist in the history of the
5:47 am
world and start -- pete: amen. real quick only have 20 seconds. those who don't know what turning point does kids and grandkids. >> we play offense on college and high school campuses to make your kids and the next generation love america again. >> we have simply we believe america is going in the wrong direction and we have to pass down values of pro-constitution conservative value to the next generation. pete: i love it helping shape the next generation. charlie kirk. honored to be here. code america for 30% off. watch everything going on in phoenix at america fest. with one week to christmas, it's day six of 12 days of giving colonel dan rooney is here to those who have given all for our country ♪ born and bred in the u.s.a. ♪ from her sexy long hair to her sexy long legs ♪ my baby is american made ♪ ♪ ♪
5:48 am
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5:51 am
♪ the snow's comin' down ♪ -mommy? ♪ i'm watching it fall ♪ watch the full story at ♪ ♪ rachel: it's day six of our 12 days of giving and today's nonprofit is familiar to "fox & friends" viewers. folds of honor gives scholarships to parents and
5:52 am
children disabled service members. founders of folds of honor lieutenant colonel dan rooney joins us now. first let me say happy birthday and happy anniversary. that's amazing all in the same day. how did that happen? >> i make bad decisions. couldn't decide to get bausch to get married on my birthday but, yeah, i'm so blessed. going to be 49. i am 49 today. 23 years of marriage to my heroic military spouse jackie who is raising our five daughters. a shout out to her and all the military spouses throughout including jackie. rachel: happy birthday, you look great. tell me about, dan, i know some of our viewers are familiar with your organization. do bring me back to the moment you decided that you needed to start this organization. >> yeah. i love it. because christmas is about parables. right? people listen to stories. they live in hearts and minds and for me, i was actually on a commercial airline flight with corporal brock buckland who had
5:53 am
been killed in iraq and identical twin brother brad brought him 7,000 miles home. i watched that family on the darkest night of their lives out the right-hand side of the aircraft and including his 4-year-old son as brock's american flag-draped coffin inched down from the cargo ramp. god gave me a calling in my life, rachel, we started folds of honor above our garage 4 years ago. i'm so glad to have the fox family supporting us for about 12 years now. educating military families, someone killed or disabled defending our freedoms. and today it's just amazing, 35,000 scholarships out the door. $160 million in life-changing education. and if you would have asked me 14 years ago sitting above my garage i would never believe it, in the spirit of christmas, when god is with you, extraordinary things can happen in our lives. rachel: you are right.
5:54 am
it is in those moments that god speaks to us the challenge is are we listening and are we going to act on it? you did. so many families are blessed because of it you also talked about the power of stories. tell me, you know, about a story that you have followed up -- that you have heard of that you followed up on from somebody who received folds of honor scholarship that will inspire some of our viewers to, you know, to know for certain that their donations are making a difference. >> well, number one, 91 cents of every dollar raised goes directly to fund these scholarship programs, your donations are making a difference. you covered earlier today, commander bourgeois, his family, navy seal commander who was killed and tunnels 2 towers is paying off his mortgage. folds of honor is coming around the flank if you will and giving scholarships to his family. immediate stories are real. these are life-changing scholarships for these families. rachel: it's so true. you lose a loved one, by the
5:55 am
way, i'm a military brat. it's on the mind of anybody who serves. if i'm gone, what's going to happen to my wife and kids, and, of course, the education of your children is so important. both those organizations, tunnel 2 towers, folds of honor, these are indispensable to valuing our military and making sure that those families know that he this be taken care of should something terrible happen. i'm so grateful that you answered that call. give us some last thoughts. because this is such a great cause to donate to just before christmas. >> yeah. so i'm wearing a shirt. it has the word volition. a little education this morning. it's the power of choice. thank god that will country wakes up every day and chooses to defend our freedoms. there is a consequence. freedom is not free. tens of thousands of military dependents who have been left behind. that's where folds of honor steps in to honor that sacrifice and educate the legacy. we have got a really cool
5:56 am
program called the squadron, rachel, that's $13 a month. we are asking people to join that this holiday season. and anybody that signs up this morning, i will send them a book fly into the wind, giving the gift of education to a military family. folds of to join our squadron. rachel: thank you, dan. more "fox & friends" next. ..
5:57 am
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or if you had a vaccine or plan to. emerge tremfyant® with tremfya®... ask you doctor about tremfya® today. ♪♪ ♪♪ the mood is right ♪♪ we are here tonight ♪♪ will: thanks for joining us as
6:01 am
always, i'm to blame for the fact we are at america first for turning point us and fox nation. will is in texas. rachel somewhere near new york at an undisclosed location, an underground bunker. we are promoting a couple things, one, that if you don't catch the anthem at 6:00 am which includes your pictures, every saturday and sunday morning, dvr "fox and friends" weekend so you can watch it because it is one of the coolest things on television and not just on our show but original photos from our viewers every time. keep sending women, friends little certainly, i think the next time i might see you both is in nashville on new year's eve because our viewers don't know it yet, you get "fox and friends" weekend to bring in the new year of 2022 live from nashville, rachel, will and i ringing in the new year. i'm excited.
6:02 am
i did new year's for fox three years ago and then we didn't do it the next year which made me feel like i killed new year's but we get a second chance. will: we will do it in "fox and friends" fashion. there will be musical acts. we will find ways to compete with one another ringing it in from nashville. it is not coast to coast, the show brought to you from flyover state, the heart of america, all across america. rachel: i'm not in a bunker. i'm in my home studio, the 6:00 and 7:00 hour it was very quiet and i am hearing little feet above my head because i am in the basement. i know someone is awake. a lot of them are awake. will: i know that feeling
6:03 am
indeed. there are critiques about our acting in the promo spot that ran. universally recognize that will is the best actor among the three of us in a good way. rachel, i thought you delivered and i just watched. >> they are talking about us in the green room, about our acting. pete: a little bit of a tease. will training we didn't go to nashville. i will tell you we have to take part in a gutfeld special, we did some more acting. a surprise to, new year's but i never have been part of it. we will have a gutfeld bit for new year's as well. will: you brought your a game that day. make sure you tune in on new year's eve.
6:04 am
i will go ahead and take the reins and bring in dan bondgino saturday night on the fox news channel along with a ton of shows. the rest of this segment, dan bondgino, he is everywhere. merry christmas. >> merry christmas. your acting is spectacular. this will resonate with you. what reminded me about, a playoff, it was great. the acting is hilarious. pete said before, in 20 takes the acting is good. i'm considering coming up and visiting you live in tennessee.
6:05 am
i am supposed to do a face time but we should hang out with the crew. they are buddy buddy and everything. i love you guys. i am seriously considering it. i will email fox if i can make it happen. pete: pete and i agree thanksgiving and fourth of july of the top of a from the calendar. i think new year's is the most overrated but not this year. if you come to nashville i guarantee you it will exceed your traditional new year's. >> my wife's go the puppy -- colombia tradition, you have to eat cakes. this could be so awesome. new year's can be a parade but i love you guys and it would be
6:06 am
awesome. pete: we will make new year's great again. you did invite yourself. and we want you. we knew we would call you in person. dan bongino, thank you for joining us. if you are perusing the washington post there is an acknowledgment that president biden is not popular and kamala harris is lower but this op-ed caught our eye, the puzzle of president biden's unpopularity. i was going to say he's never cnn same but here's what he wrote in the op-ed. i find president biden's unpopularity puzzling. he is roundly out his first year in the white house with the lowest end of year approval rating of any elected president of modern times with the
6:07 am
exception of donald trump. why? biden is genial, likable person, presidents often get rewarded and in president biden's case, he mostly handled his up with intelligence but is paying the price for the complicated times we are living in. apparently those complicated times have nothing to do with president biden is doing. >> if this isn't chica media, why is president biden unpopular? i don't know. if there was a book out there, 15 steps to destroy america in a year or left, president biden is -- a 100 page book, he's on page 99.72. only a paragraph left to right. what is this guy done right? i read this article this morning and trying to think i am not kidding, at least one thing during the obama presidency, there was one point
6:08 am
obama spoke out about the invective hurled in vietnam veterans when they came home and i thought i don't like anything obama did but he should have done it. i cannot think of one thing, think about it. everything he does wrong he blames someone else. the inflation date, blaming big meat and big everything, a daily returned out the input prices for producers were higher than the output prices on consumers so he is trying to blame big business and other stuff. they are paying more while you are not paying as much. maybe there has to be foreign policy, even though jen psaki couldn't answer about foreign policy, if i know, let me ask joe, that is going to go nowhere, he doesn't even know his own name but i thought about foreign policy, he has a
6:09 am
meeting with putin, couldn't have so little regard for him, i am team america. president biden is not my choice for president but i don't want to see the united states become a subject of power to these idiots but the day after the meeting putin says 10,000 troops to the ukrainian border. the double barrel family-friendly middle finger and then meets with china and they send more flights into taiwan, nobody respects this guy. his presidency is a cataclysmic apocalyptic disaster like out of an avengers movie. that is how big this is. >> i think people are surprised how bad it has gotten. even people who voted for him didn't expect to get bad this fast, afghanistan opened people's lives, even people who voted for him, what? they could see this was going
6:10 am
to happen with the 13 heroes that were killed. everyone can see that was going to happen a few days before and to leave our weapons in the hands of our enemy. the total incompetence in afghanistan is sort of emblematic of everything else he is doing. >> that is such an excellent point. americans are very forgiving even of people like president biden. i am a conservative but americans are forgiving but they are not forgiving about getting people killed because of our own stupidity. on a serious note, the patriot awards, the moment you were on stage and behind you on that massive screen, i did not read the script, you had gone through it a few times, i didn't realize they were going to play imagery of the 13 heroes the died in afghanistan. i'm sitting at a table up
6:11 am
front, i didn't know the table next to me was the families and all i could hear the entire time was people crying and sobbing. i only figured it out halfway through that that was the families. i've got to tell you my wife turned around with a tear in her i and i looked at her, i can't believe this. that -- i was so humbled to be in their presence. they've given so much. that is the kind of thing americans, we are not going to forgive you for that. really sorry. rachel: we were sitting at a separate table and because -- behind us for the cries of the newborn baby son of one of the fallen. it was awful. >> it was devastating. you saw it. those families, 13 families,
6:12 am
one of the most joyous times of the year and an empty seat with no one in it, think about that year and it was done because of the stupidity of people in charge, apocalyptic we bad decisions, that is the kind of thing america ever forgets. your analysis is 100% right. pete: apparently an instant cart driver, one of the delivery services like uber eats trash is a couple's groceries in a parent rage because they had a blue lives matter flag. look at the sign they had up and you can see on your screen the remains of the grocery the driver allegedly ran over. she left a note on a receipt, drivers are your servants, in reference, police officers as pigs.
6:13 am
what is your reaction? >> in one of my first books i wrote a story about my childhood, how the cops were a symbol of reverence in the old days, powder blue uniforms, dark blue now but when they showed up everything was good all of a sudden. you went from red line, peak anxiety to the police are here, they were like greek gods to me when i was a kid and i was younger, hard to deal with that kind of anxiety and what was happening at the time. when the cops showed up, a female police officer and a male, the images tattooed on my skull. i remember it and thank god for these guys, they stopped what was happening and everything, how do we get to the point if you support the police officers they attack an instant cart
6:14 am
driver, that is got to be deliberate, that is not natural to hate the protectors. starting at half $1 million salaries, they are there, i was eating breakfast at a local restaurant, the sheriff's department, the deputies, i said in the restaurant like i'm in a dangerous area but i love that the police are here. how do we get to the point? because of the liberal forest fire cancer eating the country live where the good guys are the bad guys and bad guys are the good guys. it is up to us as parents to fix it and set our kids straight so we don't have another generation of the stupidity. pete: exactly right, well said. tonight must see tv always 10:00 pm eastern time unfiltered with dan bon gino. >> trying to promote the folks, i think our best debate yet, a
6:15 am
leftist who doesn't know what to do when i confront her with facts about climate change and the tornadoes, a great interview, fox nation patriot awards, one of the winners of the year, the lipid gold medalist, so inspirational, gave me goosebumps, tonight at 10:00. will: she was phenomenal and a phenomenal representative of our country as our you and hope you join us in nashville on new year's eve. rachel: come to nashville. >> the pro-plaps are outweighing the cons, i will let you know. pete: have a great saturday. turning to a few additional headlines. california governor gavin newsom is approving $300 million in additional funding for police as crime
6:16 am
surges across the state, following other democrats about-face on the stupid idea of defunding the police which was never going to work so it led to more crime as brazen criminals go unpunished. critics say the policies democrats push caused the crimes in the first place. the state senate leader saying newsom's plan, the criminal first agenda turned once majestic state into a sanctuary for criminals. kind read irving is coming back to the team, refusing to get a covid vaccine, he is banned from home games but 7 of his vaccinated teammates are out because covid tm sean marx recognized the need for players saying irving has full support to play, okay. we need a player on the road. rolling stone releasing the list of the worst christmas songs of all time. ranking at number one worst is
6:17 am
this one. ♪♪ a newborn king to see ♪♪ pa rum pum pum puym >> jessica simpson at the little drummer boy featuring her underrated sister ashley. rounding out the top three, happy christmas, the wars over and band-aid, do they know it's christmas and those are your headlines. you sent me in the break of a heckuva christmas song i never heard before, a texas version, don't know what it is but everyone has their favorite. rachel: that is a good one. pete: merry christmas from the family is great. you are here to defend ashley
6:18 am
simpson but i do think you don't sexy up little drummer boy. it earned its number one rating. will: you are probably right. it is when you try to re-create an original but someone already loves, there is rachel. they took me full. we will try to get rachel back. is she there? i'm here at turning point, the backdrop behind me, america first live on fox nation and bring you the biggest hits. there will be good christmas music, amazing bands are here also. we will get rachel back in a moment. chicago neighborhood, crime in the windy city is so out of control, chicago alderman joins us with what can be done to
6:19 am
stop the lawlessness. biden ashley this blunder has some wondering who is really in charge. >> president biden: all kidding aside, president harris is a proud power room. pete: he said it again and many times before, president harris. we will break it down for you coming up. ♪♪ baby it's bad out there ♪♪ to be had out there ♪♪ i wish i knew ♪♪ to break the spell ♪♪ l, so we only pay for what we need. -hey tex, -wooo. can someone else get a turn? yeah, hang on, i'm about to break my own record. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ a mountain of toys to fulfill many wishes must be carried across all roads and all bridges. it's not magic that makes more holiday deliveries to homes in the us than anyone else,
6:20 am
it's the hardworking people of the united states postal service.
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6:23 am
>> chicago community taking safety into their own hands, hiring a private security firm to control their neighborhood and incur lawlessness in the windy city. alderman brian hoffman's board encompasses bucktown and joined me now. alderman, thank you for joining us. the crime rate over the past year in chicago, everything is up, robbery, burglary, theft, 66% to 79%. what does it tell the people of
6:24 am
chicago that it is time to take your security into your own hands? what do we take away from bucktown? >> the neighborhood that has been under siege, those crimes are a problem but certainly it has been carjacking, armed robbery and carjacking. the two are connected because the armed robbers use cars they obtained earlier in the carjacking in this neighborhood has the purpose for the circumstances. it is relatively affluent and right near several major accepts to expressway system so thieves know they can go to this neighborhood anytime of day, commit their armed robbery and make them escape -- their escape immediately and we have a policy in chicago, the police are not allowed to chase criminals. they know this.
6:25 am
it is easy pickings and we are trying to hire a off-duty security force with a measure of protection to the community. will: what can this private security operation do? how can they help? >> there are number of neighborhoods doing this for years, the state of illinois for security guards. these firms specialize not in hiring security guards and off-duty police officers, in some cases other jurisdictions, not necessarily chicago. they have firearms and they can make arrests. off-duty police officers in illinois have full arrest powers even when they are not in their hometown, it remains to be seen. in this case they will encourage the behavior or not but clearly risks associated with that when you have an
6:26 am
off-duty officer engaging in criminal activity. if anything it is more dangerous than when uniformed police are doing it. there's only so much you can get for $50 an hour and that's the going rate for a service like this. i tried to because this with neighbors that are doing this to not give them false expectations that this will solve the problem. i support what they are doing but there are obvious flaws. will: it can serve as a deterrent and life-saving measure when something is wrong in one of these carjackings. you mentioned that town is an affluent neighborhood. this is an absolute -- the wealthy can hire their own security and the poor suffer under a defined the police movement. appreciate you letting us know what is happening in chicago. thanks for letting us know what is happening. 60,000 interpreters left behind
6:27 am
in afghanistan, abandoned by the biden administration were 13 us troops were killed during the disaster its exit. we will be joined by man making sure their ultimate sacrifices are never forgotten. ♪♪ in an extraordinary police ♪♪ and the eagle flies ♪♪ r maggie gronewald knows how to handle dry weather... ...and dry, cracked skin. new gold bond advanced healing ointment. restore healthy skin, with no sticky feeling. gold bond. champion your skin.
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6:32 am
darrell spector joins us now. thank you for being here, you live in the area, glad to see one set. >> i love it. it clearly informs your passion of the top. you decided, and why did you do that. >> i to the families to know. their communities, they are not forgotten and there are those of us who appreciate their sacrifice. pete: we remember everyone who gave their life but there was something about that incident. >> the fact that it was unnecessary which really bugs me and i want people to know how much their family was appreciated. pete: you have a woodshop, people can go to and order from you, you do not just
6:33 am
military but law enforcement as well. >> a lot of badges throughout the country and other things i can carve. pete: your own service is part of the reason you are so dedicated. what is it about putting on the uniform a lot of people miss these days? >> it is what you said, service, dedication, appreciation for what we haven't helping keep that alive. pete: have you been able to deliver these to the families? >> i have all 13. i'm looking for someone to help me get these to a family. pete: right before this segment we are going to work with our producers to get those locations discreetly. >> i would appreciate it. pete: we talked this morning a couple times about half a dozen of those families at the patriot awards and it is unreal for them. knowing they are not forgotten.
6:34 am
what is your message on law enforcement? the final watch or end of watch? when their career is over you provide something? >> end of watch is those who die in the line of duty. i can't keep up with all of them. i don't have the resources but i tried to get out as many as i can and i get some nice thank yous. pete: i bet you do. that is all people want, to know they are remembered. the owner of honor carvings, go to if you want to do something similar to a loved one who served, thanks for what you are doing. a lot of times is the simple things that mean the most. >> it means something to the families. pete: he does it again, the big guy, president biden referring to his second-in-command as
6:35 am
president harris. we will ask the big saturday show coming up next. ♪♪ e high blood pressure. they may not be able to take just anything for pain. that's why doctors recommend tylenol®. it won't raise blood pressure the way that advil® aleve® or motrin® sometimes can. for trusted relief, trust tylenol®. what do we want for dinner? that advil® aleve® or motrin® sometimes can. burger... i want a sugar cookie... wait... i want a bucket of chicken... i want... ♪♪ it's the easiest because it's the cheesiest. kraft. for the win win.
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>> president biden: when president harris and i, president-elect harris took it
6:39 am
history of accidentally calling his vp president harris, making the mistake again yesterday. kamala harris gets heated when asked who the real president is. the exchange happening as it appears her staff tried to stop the interview. >> i want to know who the real president of the country's, joe biden or joe manchin? >> i'm so sorry -- >> you can hear me. they are acting like they can't hear me. >> i can hear you, come on, charlemagne. rachel: let's bring in fox news contributor charles hurt and fox news contributor joe concha. seems like her spokesperson simon sanders tried to stop the interview and it was hilarious how charlemagne was like they are trying to cover up for her.
6:40 am
>> charlemagne is not new at this, he knows what he sees and actually, simon would have let her continue one. i noticed once she did start to answer the question it was different than we have seen in the past, meaning her reaction when she is thrown a question meant to throw her off balance she didn't respond with an uncomfortable laugh that we often see, she actually had a moment where she seemed prepared but having this cut off, let's stop this, pretend she doesn't hear it, undermines everything and it is a moment for the democrat party they don't need this. >> he came out schooling him, mad, an absolute train wreck. one of the other things, you can recall the time during the campaign when resident biden told black people if you don't vote for me you ain't black. she came back at charlemagne for daring to challenge her,
6:41 am
stop acting like a republican. >> a telling part of the interview, if you oppose us you are a republican. polls show, if you're kamala harris pulling a 20% approval that is more than just republicans, that is independents and democrat having buyers remorse. i'm amazed at kamala's handlers. that is a remarkable thing to do, usually would be the reaction when she gets an uncomfortable question. why did kamala's handlers end the interview, this is a former prosecutor, attorney general, she can't have a simple question on her own. it was a good question because it is one many americans have, who is really in charge? as it biden? the white house chief of staff, susan rice? you can find james r hoffa before you find susan rice. and one poll out this week found one in five americans,
6:42 am
22% want biden to run again in 2022, 36% of democrats want biden to run again which is 8 points lower than the juggernaut character named someone else. kamala did more interviews in the wall street journal, charlemagne the god. her have understand hiding her is not winning strategy so they are putting her out there but she doesn't have many good answers on covid, inflation, the border, numbers are the numbers and they were not spun. >> the only person lower than president biden is kamala harris. and andy turned out to be a disaster, are they going to keep her in the basement. >> i don't think any practice is going to help kamala harris. and that is a problem for the democrats.
6:43 am
they are very well-known quantities and they don't like them, and president biden came into office with this enormous reserve of goodwill. he got elected because he wasn't the jerk. there is this enormous goodwill and i thought it was going to be impossible for president biden to burn through that goodwill but he has managed to burn through the goodwill. at no point at any point except in washington among the supposedly smart people in washington has, harris -- tried to pump her up as and clearly even democrats don't like her. the think about president biden continuing to confuse who is president, it is awkward. anybody who loves old people hates to see president biden go through this. his family should intervene and
6:44 am
do something about it but it is an important question, who is president? is making decisions? based on what we see in public it is not president biden. rachel: you are absolutely right. as a foreign political spouse i would never do what was done to him. i would never put my husband in that position. anyway, great takes on all of this, all three of you tonight on a big saturday show at 5:00 pm, it is always fun and joined by tammy bruce so thank you and merry christmas to all of you. >> congratulations on the book. >> thank you. you got some headlines for us? will: i do have more headlines starting with this. two men charged in connection with the ambush shooting of
6:45 am
kiona holly. she was taught shot in a targeted attack working next to shift she volunteered for as police shortages and surging violence plagued this speed. the suspect are facing murder charges in a shooting that took place on the same night. progressive los angeles da george gascon will not prosecute juveniles for a range of felony offenses according to a leaked memo, it should not be punished for sexual battery, assault, burglary, and several of the crimes under his expanded justice program. the levels will juveniles possibly apologizing for returning stolen goods or somehow mediating the situation. two us servicemembers are permanently reunited with feline friends they first met on deployment overseas.
6:46 am
spca called operation baghdad pub helped servicemembers helped the abandoned kitten, she met her kitten in with the way near, they are in their forever homes in florida just in time for the holidays. operation baghdad pub has helped 1000 servicemembers adopt pets they met on deployment. those are your headlines. i have to start missing with pete about cats. the cat lovers are upset i met with pete about -- will: the love of cats endures geographically. we had a cat, my company in iraq, named frankenplus and was a stray cat and probably didn't survive the deployment but it was a nice cat and should never come to the united states. rachel: i would like someone to
6:47 am
adopt me and take me to florida. pete: i believe we have chief meteorologist standing by with our fox weather forecast. >> thank you for the warning. i'm not going to disparage pete's cat even though we know dogs are far superior. i'm not going to do it at all. cats are nice too. we have cold air across fargo, 5 in denver, we will break records across the southeast today, really warm temperatures. this is a week when everyone is wondering i'm going to have a white christmas? we have snow on the ground across parts of the west, sierra nevadas across the cascades, that is where we will get snow but we are also going to get our first real snowstorm across the northeast today into tomorrow. some spots 8 to 12 inches and
6:48 am
by the time we get to christmas this is your likelihood of a white christmas, chicago, detroit, milwaukee nothing. flagstaff and prescott, arizona might have a white christmas. pete: a new twist. rachel: nothing like a white christmas. pete: a new twist on a classic song. mary sarah performs her new version of take me home country road next. ♪♪ ♪♪
6:49 am
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pete: in 2016, mary sarah became a household name when she competed on season 10 of the voice. now she is helping to celebrate christmas performing in a christmas version of the classic take me home country roads. ♪♪ i'll be home for christmas ♪♪ ♪♪
6:53 am
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6:54 am
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6:55 am
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minute gift for everyone on your christmas list. will: and don't forget to catch all three of us on i new year's eve from nashville, live, an all-american new year. pete: for sure. and, by the way, don't miss america's best live on fox nation starts today. tucker carlson kicks it off. 5:00 mountain time, don't miss it. ♪ ♪ neil: here we covid again and again. word now that the nfl is canceling three games, the nhl, the nba postponing several games. nine broadway shows canceled, one nixing a performance with the audience already seated. new york's famed rockettes hanging up their tap shoes, nicking all christmas shows because of covid in the house. france is blocking entry to u.k.


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