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tv   Fox Report With Jon Scott  FOX News  December 18, 2021 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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cat that does climb up but, yes, real tree. >> gotcha. charlie -- >> real tree all the way. >> all right, i'm the only one. see you back here tomorrow at 5 p.m. eastern for identity if big big -- "the big sunday show." molly line in for jon scott and "the fox report." molly: a federal appeals court reinstating biden's vaccine mandate for large private company, setting the stage for a potential supreme court challenge from the public. good evening, i'm molly line filling in for jon scott, and this is "the fox report." ♪ ♪ molly: the ruling comes as the omicron variant continues spreading across the country and amid an overall covid surge largely caused by the delta variant. new york state, once the epicenter of the start of the pandemic, reporting record high single-day case totals for the
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past two days in a row. meantime, schools across the country are going back to remote learning. today the white house is clarifying vice president kamala harris' comment that both major variants caught the administration off guard, this as president biden now plans to address the american people tuesday to outline new steps he's taking to combat the virus and these variants. we have fox team coverage. lauren green is standing by here in new york, but we begin with mark meredith in wilmington, delaware, where president biden is spending the weekend. mark. >> reporter: molly, good evening to you. we are going to be hearing a lot from president biden on covid as well as where the country stands in the fight against the pandemic. he's going to be delivering a speech on tuesday. we don't know exactly what time, but we are getting a better idea of what he's going to say from white house press secretary jen psaki who tweeted out what the president will lay out. quote: building off of his winter plans, the president will announce the steps that the
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administration is taking to help communities in need of assistance while also issuing a stark warning of what the winter will look like for americans that choose to remain unvaccinated. the latest data shows 203 million people in this country are now fully vaccinated. that's roughly 61% of the total population, but bloomberg has been reporting some of those numbers may be far exaggerated. we're still waiting to see what the cdc may have to say about that. this weekend the white house is celebrating a ruling from a federal appeals court in ohio which will allow its vaccine mandate to go into effect. the 2-1 ruling means that osha will be allowed to require employers of 100 people or more mandate vaccine or require those people to get tested. opponents have said this is all about government overreach, and that includes missouri's attorney general who is vowing to fight, and he says this is all far from over. eric schmidt tweeting: this case was always destined to go to the nation's highest court, and we will continue to fight to stop this breathtaking overreach.
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now, the administration says the reason they're trying to do this mandate is simple because we want to get the country back to normal, but we have heard from a number of governors who say they think this is going too far and simply an overreach of what federal powers can be. we'll see if the president talks about mandates on tuesday during his speech. he will remain here in wilmington until monday morning with no other public events on his schedule. molly: we look forward to what he has to say on tuesday. mark meredith, thank you. and live in new york city once again slowing a pandemic -- the pandemic slowing things to a crawl here in the city. new york dealing with record levels of new covid cases, and residents are standing in hours-long hines outside to get tested -- lines. even the rockettes impacted. it's also impacting tonight's episode of "saturday night live." new york republican
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congresswoman nicole malliotakis, sorry about that, represents staten island and part of brooklyn and will join us in just a moment, but first, lauren green is live in new york city with the latest on all of this. >> reporter: hey, molly. covid is bringing chaos to the holidays as a rise in cases is causing shutdowns throughout the country for the second year in a row, and word is it's also threatening to shut down tonight's "saturday night live" show. there will be no live audience, and the show will have limited cast and crew. the spike in covid cases in new york has already forced several broadway shows to cancel performances including the famous christmas spectacular for the rest of the season. finish the show is based at rock center: new york posted its highest single-day total since the earliest days of the pandemic. long lines greet people looking to get tested before holiday gathererrings. the highly transmissable omicron
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variant is to blaum for the surge and now -- blame for the surge and now in 44 statements. it forced the postponement of several nfl games and updated safety protocols. >> it's smart go back to the strict protocols -- masks in the building, no eating indoors, takeout service only from the cafeteria. >> reporter: the national hockey league also postponing the games of teams in boston, nashville, toronto and vancouver. nationwide the fully vaccinated make up just over 60% of the population, and medical experts emphasize the vaccine is the strongest defense. >> we've seen cases of omicron among those who are both vaccinated and boosted, and we believe these cases are milder or asymptomatic because of vaccine protection. what we do know is we have the tools to protect ourselves against covid-19. >> reporter: and also harwood announcing that any only can --
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harvard announcing classes will be remote for at least the first three weeks of january. molly? molly: lauren green, thank you so much. let's bring in new york republican congresswoman nicole malliotakis. thank you so much for joining us tonight. you know this city well, born and bred, this is your home. i want to start with covid. just listening to lauren's report, we're hearing very sadly a lot about broadway shut down, the rockettes now, but there's been this soaring hospital rate and restaurants choosing to close their doors. your thoughts on what leadership could be doing now in new york to make things better as we head into the holidays as people are gathering. >> look, they've tried everything from restrictions to mandates, and they continue to push more vaccine mandates and mask mandates. i think it's time for the administration to now turn to therapeutics and treatment. i think it's clear that covid is here to stay, and vaccination --
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which i am vaccinated and, certainly, reduces the level of the severity of the symptoms -- i think that we need to now put that same focus and attention on therapeutics like the monoclonal antibodies, like insuring that the fda rapidly approves the treatments that are pending. i think that that's where we need to go at this moment, and that's what i brought up at a covid subcommittee meeting earlier. i'm very concerned about the president and the mayor's mandates on vaccine, on businesses. i think you see here in new york city we have a very slow recovery in terms of the economy compared to the rest of the nation, and i'm concerned it's going to further that. as a matter of fact, we had a round table with industry leaders in washington two weeks ago, and they said it's only going to further impact our ports, the supply chain. and here in new york where governor hochul fired health care workers, that may come back to bite her now that you're seeing a climb in these rates. we need to have health care
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workers, and some hospitals across the state are having a shortage. molly: well, the biden administration's vaccine mandate for large companies reinstated on friday via a federal appeals court decision, and now it looks like things may be heading to the supreme court. there are those that argue that the mandate is unconstitutional. where do you stand on the mandate, and what do you want to see happen going forward? >> well, i agree that i believe it is unconstitutional. i believe that government should be encouraging the vaccination but not mandating it and threatening to take away people's livelihoods. think about how extreme that is, to fire someone, take away their job. and particularly at a time right now where businesses all across the country are finding it difficult to find employees and retain them. we know what's happening at our ports, the supply chain. we need people to manufacture in this country, work and produce is critically important for our survival. and if we continue to just not
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allow people who are able-bodied to come to work, that's an issue. i think let's focus on those therapeutics and get the fda approval for those two medications. molly: potentially waiting on the supreme court to hear more about this mandate. turning to the crisis of crime in america and specifically here in new york. the variety of attacks, violent attacks, have been headline-grabbing. and, you know, the statistics bear out 2021 was worse than 2020. we saw violent crime spike up here in new york city, and here's what the former longstanding police commissioner had to say. >> new york is at a very critical point. are we going to get a handle on crime, or is it going to continue to be up and to cause people to leave the city. i think the new police commissioner is saying the right things. hopefully, the department will get behind her and focus on violence, focus on guns, take
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care of some of those quality of life issues that really concern people in new york. molly: there is a new police commissioner coming in, a new mayor coming in. do you have confidence in this new leadership, hopes for this new leadership team? >> well, i absolutely have hope, and i don't think, quite frankly, it can get worse. you mentioned that the 2021 numbers are worse than 2020, but they're also worse than 2019. and so 50% enclose in murder since -- increase in murder since the new bail law took effect, double the number of shootings since that took effect in january 2020. we need governor hochul and the democratic-controlled legislature to take action here. we also need the new mayor to reinstate the nypd plain clothes unit which is responsible for getting gangs and drugs and guns off our streets, and we need to make sure that we reinstate the funding that the city council cut. it was one-sixth of the nypd.
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budget. let the police do their job. they're going to have problems. they've seen record number of retirements. we lost very good, seasoned, hundreds of seasoned detectives, and strip ising the qualified immunity -- which is what they want to do at the federal level, and we've been able to successfully stop is them -- it's only had a disastrous effect in discouraging people from wanting to join the force. i think all those things need to be addressed by the new, incoming mayor, and i'm hopeful he will get to it day one. molly: what about the incoming police commissioner, the first woman ever to helm the nation's largest police forces? she has talked about this at length, they need to get a handle on violence in the city. your thoughts on her incoming leadership. >> i think time will tell. i want the best person for the job. we have to give her some time to allow her to prove herself to be that person. she oversaw a relatively small group of detectives in long island. we're talking about tens of thousands of police officers and
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civilians at the nypd, so it's a large group. but if she's going to stand up and fight for the policy changes that are needed to allow the nypd officers to do their job, to have their back, because right now they don't have a major who -- mayor who has their back. we'll see if that changes with eric adams, but that's what we need, somebody who's going to push back against these ridiculous policies that have made all new yorkers less safe and has made it impossible for these police officers to do their job. i wish her luck, and i'm looking forward to working with her and anyone else who will help us make changes needed. molly: congresswoman, thank you so much for joining us on a saturday night just before the holidays. we really appreciate it. >> merry christmas, thank you. molly: merry christmas to you. california governor gavin newsom announcing a plan to spend more than $300 million to combat the spike of smash and grab theft there in the golden state. this as republicans say that liberal policies help contribute to the crime surge there.
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christina coleman is live in our los angeles bureau with the details on this. >> reporter: hi, molly. under the three-year plan, the funds would be used to crack down on the organized crime rings stealing the rampant retail theft. it will be part of the governor's proposed budget when it's released last month. it allocates $255 million for local law enforcement to increase their presence at retail locations, $30 million for prosecutors and $25 million for small businesses victimized by left the. despite newsom's efforts, critics say criminal justice reform like ending cash bail for certain crimes in democrat-run counties like los angeles and san francisco county is leading to more crime due to repeat offenders. san jose's assistant police chief had this to say about the governor's newly-announced plan to fight crime. >> if we're only treating the symptoms and not the cause, i'm not sure that we're going to get the results that the governor is hoping for. if people are arrested and then
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immediately released back on the streets through zero bail or if they're ultimately not held accountable by the system once they are arrested, then there's really not much of an incentive for them to change their behavior. >> reporter: and california's senate republican leader released this statement yesterday saying, quote: governor newsom announced additional measures on public safety despite encouraging soft on crime policies that foster -- for criminals. the democrats' relentless push for their criminals-first agenda has turned this state into a sanctuary for criminals. prop 47, an initiative that voters passed in 2014, downgraded property theft to a misdemeanor for stolen items with a value of $950 or less. critics say it's effectively given thieves the green light to commit more crimes. but yesterday newsom defended the law. >> since prop 47 was passed the last full-year analysis shows that property and larceny crimes
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are down 11%. this has nothing to do -- these laws we putin on the books are side -- put on the books are side shows to what's happening in an organized way. >> reporter: in terms of violent crime, homicides and aggravated assaults are both up statewide. just last month a security guard who was protecting a news crew during an attempted robbery in the bay area, that security guard was shot. he is a father of two and, sadly, he died just a few days later from his injuries. molly? molly: christina coleman live in los angeles, thank you very much. taking the border crisis into his own hands, texas governor greg abbott announcing they are paying to build their own wall town there as the -- down there as the number of migrants hits record levels. we have a live report next. measure ♪♪
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comcast business powering possibilities. molly: construction finally resuming on the southern border wall, contractors breaking ground on a new state-funded wall in rio grande city, texas, which you saw live on fox this afternoon. roughly 8 months after the biden administration canceled all federal construction contracts, republicans say without the wall human and drug traffickers have
3:21 pm
a pretty easy time coming right into our country. texas lawmakers say they were tired of waiting for the federal government to act, so they facebook matters into their own -- took matters into their own hands. bill melugin is live in rio grande city, texas, with more on all of this. bill, to you. >> reporter: molly, good evening to you. what's happening here today is historic. never before in the history of the country has a state built its own border wall. now it's happening here in texas. take a live look at our fox drone right now, you'll see some of the first panels that have gone up here. this is rio grande city, right in the middle of the rio grande valley here in texas, one of the busiest spots along the u.s./members ecoboard -- mexico border. you take a look at this wall, you're going to see the crane here, texas flag on top of it. this is a texas-built wall built on texas land, built with texas money. talk a look at this video we shot of the construction earlier today with our fox drone. again, texas governor greg abbott saying that this had to be done because the federal
3:22 pm
government is not securing the border or. what you're looking at is an initial 1.7-mile stretch of the wall designed to essentially fill in the gaps where the federal government never built a border wall out here. and governor greg abbott was out here touring the construction earlier, taking a look at these first wall panels going up. and he said for any critics who think it's not going to to be effective; think again. take a listen. >> it doesn't look like those bars are all that big. i have with me, this is the steel bar. it's heavy and it's wide. people aren't making it through those steel bars. >> reporter: and immediately upon taking office, president biden halted all federal wall construction, all of president trump's wall construction. so the video you're looking at here is the aftermath of that. you're looking at massive piles of steel just going unused. all of this has already been bought and paid for by u.s.
3:23 pm
taxpayers, and all that steel has just been sitting in federal storage since january when all that construction was halted by the biden administration. so i asked governor abbott today, has the state of texas talked to the feds about potentially using some of that steel or potentially purchasing it to use for the texas wall. he says the state of texas has reached out, but they haven't heard a word back from the feds, and he says that is just not good to go with the taxpayers. take a listen. >> if they want to be responsible stewards for taxpayer money, they should be providing that material either to the state of texas or to the contractors working with the state of texas. otherwise the biden administration has on its resuée wasting billions of taxpayer dollars doing absolutely nothing. >> reporter: and, molly, just a short time ago i heard from a couple of law enforcement sources that in hidalgo, texas, about 45 minutes away from where we are right now, there was just a group of approximately 100 migrants who attempted to rush
3:24 pm
the port of entry, gathering to surge the port of entry in an effort to get into the united states, but i'm told they were held back by the mexican military, and the situation is currently under control. we'll send it back to you. molly: bill melugin, once again, a historic day in texas. your horse -- reporting has been remarkable. thank you again for your efforts today is and a historic day for texas. bill melugin, thank you. >> reporter: thank you. molly: it has been one week since tornadoes tore through several states including kentucky where nearly 80 people were killed. the cleanup, the recovery just beginning, but how long can it take? we'll have a live report from the hard-hit town of mayfield, kentucky, next. ♪ ♪ it's once-monthly injectable cabenuva. cabenuva is the only once-a-month, complete hiv treatment for adults who are undetectable. cabenuva helps keep me undetectable.
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muck molly: i'm molly line in for jon scott, and this is "the fox report." if you are just joining us, here's a look at our top stories.
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lawyers in ghislaine maxwell's trial met with the jury to go over instructions. maxwell is accused of grooming multiple underage girls for sexual encounters with the late jeffrey epstein. she denies the charges. with at least three women filing accusations against chris n or oth -- noth, peloton has canceled their ad campaign. and an annual holiday tradition is back to honor our veterans. wreaths across america helping family members and volunteers lay nearly 260,000 wreaths at arlington national cemetery. the group is shipping about 2.4 million wreaths the over 3,000 locations around the world. for more on these and other stories, download the fox news app, scan the qr code or go to
3:30 pm ♪ molly: folks in kentucky have begun picking up the pieces roughly a week after a disastrous tornado tore through the state. on the left side, you see the destruction right after the storm. roofs completely collapsed and rubble laying on top of the houses. on the right, unfortunately, you see much of the same now as residents start the long process in rebuilding their lives. charles watson has the late from right there on the ground in mayfield, kentucky. charles. >> reporter: yeah, molly, it's such a tough situation for people in this community, many of whom have lost everything. but folks here can rest assured that more federal aid is on the way. that according to or president biden and senate minority leader mitch mcconnell who spent the last couple of days surveying some of the most devastated areas across his home state of kentucky. senator mcconnell on the ground today in mayfield and dawson springs where he spent time with local leaders, volpe entours -- volunteers and
3:31 pm
families who have little to nothing following a string of tornadoes that killed at least 77 people. >> we understand the temptation to get less interested after 30 days. we'll be there. we're going to stay on this all the way to the end, try to find pools of money that are available to help rebuild. >> reporter: this, of course, following president biden's visit to storm-ravaged communities on wednesday where the president pledged to fully fund recovery efforts over the next 30 days. listen. >> i promise you, you're going to heal, we're gonna recover, you're going to rebuild. you're going to be stronger than you were before. we're going build back better than it was. >> reporter: and, molly, as this community waits for much-needed help, we're starting to see the legal fallout in the wake of this disaster. the survivors who made it out of a mayfield candle factory that took a direct hit now taking legal action against their employer. a class action lawsuit filed in state court claimed mayfield
3:32 pm
consumer products showed, quote-unquote, flagrant up difference by refusing to allow employees to leave work in the hours before a powerful tornado slammed into the country killing 8 andtrapping dozens more. we heard from a woman who says she was inside of that factory as all of this unfolded, and while she doesn't mention the newly-filed lawsuit, she does detail the harrowing moments after she and others were trapped below a mountain of debris. >> one minute we're working, everything's fine, and the next minute we're literally -- it was like a horror movie. the worst thing was thinking about my 3-year-old grandson and how it was almost christmas, and my daughter just lost her dad to covid in august and that now she's going to lose her how mom. >> reporter: fortunately, she walked away with her life. robert daniel risked his life to get people in that candle
3:33 pm
factory e to safety, unfortunately, did not. just a couple of hours ago we saw a long line of cars in a procession headed to honor his life and to lay him to rest as a hero. molly? molly: a heart-wrenching situation, and the weather hasn't cooperated in the recent days either as the cleanup's underway. charles watson, thank you very much is. russia, russia today deploying nuclear-capable long-range bombers over its ally bella ruse for the thursday time -- belarus amid continued tensions. ukrainian officials are warning russia may use belarus as a post to invade its country. national security analyst rebecca grant joins us now, she's also the president of iris independent research. rebecca, thank you so much for giving us a little bit of your time on this saturday evening. we really appreciate it. as we're beginning to kind of keep an eye on what's going on there on the ukraine border,
3:34 pm
what happened with crimea, there was a sneakiness to it. this seems to be more open. why would president putin need to be sneaky here? does he have the upper hand when it comes to pushback from europe? >> you're right that the annexation of crimea back in 2014 was so sneaky. it happened right after the sochi olympics. but what we're seeing today and what's new here is putin is being very, very blunt and obvious. he has some ridiculous demands. mainly, he wants nato to promise that ukraine will never be admitted to the nato alliance, and putin was on the phone all this week with european leaders making these demands. then as you see is, the forces really are ringing the ukraine. so it's a very dangerous situation. putin is really just almost delusional on this point about ukraine and the threats that he's making. molly: you know, the united
3:35 pm
states has urged putin to focus on what american leaders perceive the russian people want. here's -- this is a quote, this is from an unnamed senior white house official on russia and ukraine just yesterday. he said this. the russian people don't need a war with ukraine, they don't need their sons coming home in body bags. what they need is better health care, build back better roads, school, economic opportunities. that's what the polling is showing in russia. so we hope that president putin will take this opportunity for diplomacy and will also listen to his own people. build back better, suggests this white house official, is what putin should be doing instead of what he is actually doing. why would putin listen to any white house official named or unnamed? >> well, i'm telling you, the white house is really off the mark here because when putin annexed the crimea back in 2014, his popularity went up. and it's true that the russians
3:36 pm
don't want casualties from ukraine and a bigger war there, but i think it's really not a strong enough deterrent statement. i like what nato's head, jens stoltenberg, is saying we will meet any russian aggression with a really firm response. and don't forget this conflict out in the east has already taken 13,000 lives. so this is no time to talk about polling in russia. we need really strong deterrent statements and the military maneuvers to back them up. molly: all right. a quick switch to iran, the nuclear talks. they are not going well. that is a quote. take a listen, here's national security add a visor -- adviser jake sullivan. >> it's not going well in the sense that we do not yet have a pathway back into the jcpoa. the last few days, i think, have brought some progress at the bargaining table, but in the meantime, since we walked away
3:37 pm
from a deal that had fundamentally put a lid on iran's nuclear program, they have raced that program forward. molly: why isn't iran feeling any leverage here? where are our european partners on this? >> well, what a charade. and sullivan is the one who helped do this deal under the obama administration, so he won't give it up. but europe is really fed up with iran. there is very little chance of any kind of deal coming out of this. and the scary fact here is iran is just enriching more and more uranium. they're up to 60% enrichment. 90% is the threshold for a nuclear weapon, a crude one. so they are continuing to pursue a nuclear weapon, and these talks in vienna are just pointless. molly: just very quickly, has oversight ever been effective on iran, and could it be? >> well, it's not right now because iran has a lot of excuses why they won't let inspectors in, and they have secret sites.
3:38 pm
so we need a much stronger agreement and something that controls the missiles. none of this is heading in the right direction at this point. i have no hopes for these iran talks. molly: on national security and military analysis, rebecca grant, thank you so much as we head closer and closer to christmas. we appreciate it. >> thank you. molly: montana is looking like a winter wonderland as snow blankets the ground, but will other parts of the country see a white christmas? fox weather meteorologist adam klotz will have the answer for us next. ♪ ♪ .is my livelihood. so when my windshield cracked... the experts at safelite autoglass came right to me... with service i could trust. right, girl? >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ jeff's been to the bottom of the ocean. the tops of mountains. and wherever this guy runs off to. a life well lived should continue at home. with home instead care, older adults can stay home, safe, and happy.
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♪ molly: after a nude body was found on wednesday,police in virginia fear there could be more deaths linked to the serial murder suspect they are now calling the shopping cart
3:43 pm
killer. alexandria hoff has the latest. >> reporter: of the four known victims, one had not yet been named, but this afternoon i spoke to a woman who police reached out to believing one of the bodies belongs to her sister. she identified her as stephanie harrison of california and said her sister came to d.c. in september to sight see but never returned home, adding that her sturdied not know the man now called -- sister -- did not know the man, but they did have rooms at the same hotel. >> he's killed four already, and we suspect that he has more victims. he's a predator as all serial killers are. he preys on the weak, he preys on the vulnerable, and he does unspeakable things with his victim. our shopping cart killer does unspeakable things with his victims. >> reporter: the nickname belongs to 35-year-old anthony robinson. he was taken into custody last month, charged in the deaths of
3:44 pm
elaine redmond and tonita smith. two more bodies -- one believed to belong to 29-year-old cheyenne brown -- recovered on wednesday in alexandria, virginia, near the motel where stephanie harrison was last seen. >> after he inflicts trauma to his victims and kills them, he transports their bodies to their final resting place literally in a shopping cart. >> reporter: police are trying to piece together where else robinson has been. he had prior addresses elsewhere such as in new york. investors think that rob. enson connect -- investigators think robinson connected with at least some of his victims using online dating apps. molly? molly: alexandria hoff, thank you. it's beginning to look a lot like christmas in montana. a winter storm making its way across the state dropping up to 2 feet of snow in some areas. where else might we see a little
3:45 pm
weather in time for christmas? fox weather meteorologist adam klotz has the national forecast for us. >> reporter: hey, molly. folks getting snow as we speak, but i'm going to begin across the southeast. at times some severe weather with just a ton of light thing in but if you -- lightning, but if you track it up to the north, we see some snow falling in upstate new york, interior new england. spots where there are watches and warnings are going to last until sunday afternoon. a large area, particularly at some of the higher elevations, that's where we're seeing some of this snow. and we could see spots getting up other a foot particularly into interior new england. that's going to be stretching farther south. if you live right along the coast, it's just too warm, and all of this is going to be rain. if you ask who is going to see snow when it comes to christmas, it's still a week away, but we do have our forecast for a white christmas, and you mentioned montana. mostly folks out west. there's been a lot of snow.
3:46 pm
those are the spots we're paying attention to where you might see a white christmas. molly? molly: they can look forward to that. not for me, alas. oh, well. adam klotz, thank you so much. nearly four months after u.s. troops withdrew from afghanistan and the taliban took over the country, a congressional commission is now set to examine what happened during the or disastrous pullout and the entire war. we talk to one of the congressmen who pushed for that commission up next. ♪ ♪ not only do centrum multigummies taste great. they help support your immune defenses, too. because a healthy life. starts with a healthy immune system. with vitamins c and d, and zinc. getting out there has never tasted so good. try centrum multigummies. - [female narrator] they line up by the thousands. each one with a story that breaks your heart. like ravette... every step, brought her pain. their only hope: mercy ships. the largest floating civilian hospital in the world.
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all while controlling stress and emotional eating. at last, a diet pill that actually works. go to to get yours. >> standing here in december, that strategic decision remains the right decision. for the first time in 20 years, there are no u.s. troops in harm's way in afghanistan this holiday season. we safely and effectively drew down our diplomatic presence. we we also believe that the end to this conflict in afghanistan has better positioned us to take a full scale, comprehensive, integrated approach to the changing nature of terrorism in today's world. molly: that was national security adviser jake sullivan defending the quay yachtic u.s. withdrawal -- chaotic u.s. withdrawal from afghanistan nearly four months after final u.s. troops left the country. many in congress want answers about the pullout and about america's successes and failures throughout the war.
3:51 pm
our next guest is among those leading that charge. virginia republican congressman rob whitman joins us now, a member, of course, of the house armed services committee. thank you so much, congressman, for giving up if a few minutes on this saturday night. i want to talk about what we just heard jake sullivan say. when i think about the withdrawal from afghanistan, it immediately comes to me for me the loss of those 13 u.s. service members at the airport in kabul. so i just wanted to get your reaction to what sullivan said about safely and effectively drawing down from afghanistan. your thoughts. >> well, there is no way that you can say that this was a safe and effective withdrawal. it resulted in the loss of the lives of 13 american service members. it's incredible that they would in any way, shape or form think that that was a success. all this was completely avoidable. this was a dereliction of duty. there was a breakdown at every point. you don't tell your adversaries when you are going to withdraw and not make it
3:52 pm
conditions-based. that put our american men and women in the military at risk. that was number one. number two, the way they went about it in withdrawing from hamid karzai international airport instead of the base at bagram, disregarding the professional military judgment of the leaders that said you need to leave a residual force of 2500 troops in afghanistan. they completely disregarded what the military was telling them to do. instead, they made this a completely political decision, a political decision that led to the loss of the lives of those 13 americans. molly: i would imagine a congressional commission might dig into all of that, and i want to get to that in a moment. but first, jake sullivan talked about leaving america in a better position to address terrorism around the world. your thoughts on that. are we in a better position after the withdrawal in -- withdrawal? >> molly, absolutely not.
3:53 pm
we abandoned what we had on the ground with human intelligence and people that would give us information. we abandoned signal intelligence. we've seen that we couldn't even successfully prosecute an over the horizon drone strike when we tragically killed an afghan humanitarian worker and his family. at everyone turn we have -- every turn we have shown today in afghanistan, i believe, things are more dangerous than they were prior to 9/11. general milley said that within 6-12 months that isis would reestablish itself and that in 12 months plus al-qaeda would reestablish itself. i do not see how we find ourselves in a better position in afghanistan to counter terrorism. molly: now to that congressional commission. what are the questions you believe need to be asked? what do you want to know? >> i was very happy to get in my bill to form this afghan commission. it's a 9/11-style commission that will bring people in across the spectrum and get to the root
3:54 pm
of the questions about how could this have happened, what led to this breakdown in decision making, why did we find ourselves in the situation for this chaotic withdrawal where we find 13 americans killed in a situation that was completely avoidable? we deserve answers to those questions, and i want to hear from everybody up and down the decision making chain, from general miller to general mckenzie who were adamant about saying you can't withdraw this way, to general milley and others. i want to hear from folks in the state department, secretary blinken, i want to hear from jake suggesting van. all those folks need to testify about they they said to the president and how we find ourselves in this position with a complete breakdown in decision making and a dereliction of duty on behalf of this administration. molly: potentially 20 years of lookback, but i want to look ahead to 2022 for just a moment. the supply chain challenges. the ball's going to drop,2022, fresh beginning sometimes it feels like, but do you think that's the case?
3:55 pm
do you think we'll be talk talkg about this a lot heading into the midterms? >> i talked just today with businesses dealing with these supply chain interruptions, a builder who can't finish a project because he's waiting to get materials, his customer can't get into the building. it is having a significant impact on our economy. at every turn i see and hear from people what they deal with with the supply chain, and there's no end in sight. therefundamental flaws in what e happening right now need to be fixed, and i just don't see immediate fixes in the offing. molly: all right. virginia republican congressman rob whitman, merry christmas, we appreciate your thoughts -- >> thank you. molly: -- and we'll be right molly: -- and we'll be right back. 't. i use liberty mutual, they customize your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. wooo, yeaa, woooooo and, by switching you could even save 665 dollars.
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tune in tomorrow for sunday morning futures with marino maria barbara remo's maria barbara remo's. >> it is after about republicans have to get a nuclear. mitch mcconnell allows this to happen, the infrastructure bill, i call it infrastructure. it's 9% infrastructure so that means you take 90%, 91% of the money raised will be thrown out the window to get 9% for structure. there's no way that should have been one 100% for infrastructure. >> more on the exclusive interview sunday morning futures
4:00 pm
10:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. eastern here on fox news channel. that's how fox reports this saturday. i am molly, and for jon scott. thank you for watching. see you here tomorrow. gutfeld coming up next. ♪♪ ♪♪ gutfeld is great and he's next. ♪ ♪ >> greg: happy thursday, everyone. the crime is higher than me. it's getting so bad in california, people are leaving their trunks open. car trunks. with this crowd, i should be specific,


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