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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  December 18, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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be sure to follow me on facebook, instagram and twitter. "justice with judge jeanine" is next. remember i'm watters and this is my world. [♪♪♪] judge jeanine: welcome to "justice." i'm judge jeanine pirro. thanks for joining us tonight. let's get right to my open. tonight's open is a christmas carol to nancy pelosi. a christmas carol of course was written by charles dickens. in it scrooge, an elderly man is visited by ghosts of of his past
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and confronted by mistakes he has made in the past. you know who won. >> humbug. judge jeanine: the question here our own nancy pelosi is whether redemption is even available to her. the first ghost to visit nancy pelosi is the ghost lawlessness in america. nancy as the lead democrat in congress, you could have stopped this. but you refused to do so. in fact you say you don't understand where this lawlessless comes from. >> it's absolutely outrageous. obviously it can't continue.
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there is a attitude of lawlessness in our country that springs from i don't know where. maybe you do. we cannot have that lawlessness become the norm. judge jeanine: nancy, nancy, nancy. you don't know where the lawlessness comes from? it was your city of san francisco that was once breathtakingly beautiful where people don't even want to walk their dogs because of human feces on the street, needles lining the streets. and people don't want to get caught up in the crime in every big city run by democrats. the only reason you mention lawlessness now is because you democrats see the polls. the american people are fed up with the loss of law and order and the rampant chaos on the streets. the unprovoked assaults,
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convicted felons let out of jail long before their release date by democrat prosecutors and governors. could it be when the organized d retail theft stores the got hit like louie vuitton. it got too close to home? the cash bail has created a revolving door of criminals walk in and out of police station, never to return. criminals are allowed to steal less than $1,000 repeatedly and not even be arrested. so they repeatedly and serially hit stores and then sell the stolen goods on the streets of san francisco while you look the other way. yes, nancy, you helped create
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the lawlessness that is destroying my country. the other ghost to visit you is immigration. while we suffer hoardes of illegalling coming into our country. our children are dying from fentanyl sent by china through the mexican cartels secretly added to counterfeit pills like xanax that kill our children in their undeclared war on americans. they maim and kim innocent americans. what is your answer about ms-13 members? and when you were asked about the thugs who maim and kill as part of their initiation, you say they are all children of god. >> we believe, some of us who
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are attracted to the public arena and to government and public service that we are all god's children. there is a spark of difficult -f divinity in every person on earth and we have to respect that. judge jeanine: and nancy, the ghost of greed comes to visit you. that's a big one for 2 and your husband. you made. you knead millions. you went into congress of moderate means and cover each others' backs so you can reap rewards americans can't. 49 members of congress and 82 senior staffers violated the stock act, the insider trading law. >> should members of congress be
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band from trading individual stocks while in office? >> into, this is a free market and we are a free market economy and we should be able to participate in that. judge jeanine: this brought a huge response from fellow democrats not in congress. >> this was one of the most disappointing and disgraceful comments and views i have heard is powsd on this issue. judge jeanine: to put this in context, since becoming speaker of the house in 2018. nancy's total assets went from $114 million to 271 million in 2019 to $350 million in 2020. "60 minutes" accused your husband paul of insider trading. and nancy, thrieght american
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public is another ghost that will haunt you. as speaker of the house you set the tone and policy for all of us. your lies are too many to identify. but this week my favorite one is this one. >> mr. president, it's an honor and pleasure to be here at this time of challenge and the coronavirus. our country could not be more -- could not be better served than with the most experienced, capable hands of yours. president biden. he's just perfect. the timing couldn't be bert. and madame vice president we are inspired by your work for the people as you continue to be an invaluable partner to president biden. >> the president a perfect president, the vice president a perfect vice president. nancy, the ghosts of of christmas past are all around you. i have no idea how you can
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change what already happened. i have no faith that the lies will even ebds. but scrooge seeks redemption. i am not see so sure that's how your christmas carol ends. but it's the christmas season and anything is possible. let's my open. joining me now with reaction to my open and much more. senator lindsey graham from the great state of south carolina. thanks for being here. you know from my open i don't think nancy pelosi has a clue about crime other than she is doing nothing to stop it. what say you? >> if you don't understand what's going on in america regarding crime you probably shouldn't be speaker of the house. at the end of the day you don't need to be sherlock holmes to
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figure this out. recidivism rates are through the roof. in 2020 we declared war on the cops. we have revolving doors with it comes to bail. we are eliminating cash bail. criminals believe they are not going to go to jail and stay in jail. they come into a store and wipe everything out and nobody goes to jail. so between trying to destroy policing and being soft and crime. it's time to take it car keys away from the democratic party. they are returning our country into an inflation ditch and the border is broken. to the american public, you need to stop these people before they ruin our country. judge jeanine: they have prosecutors -- in california, if you want to talk about nancy pelosi, where they are going in
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with criminals, their appeals have been denied, and they are just letting them out early. it doesn't matter. it's insane what's going on and they are putting the american people at risk. i want you to listen to what joe biden thinks about the democratic party and their chances for 2022. >> i want to tell my republican friends, get ready, pal, you are in for a problem. name we something they are for. we need to keep making the case. if we do, i think we'll win. we'll win in 2022. judge jeanine: does even he believe that? >> he may be the only guy in town who believes it. i'm for controlling the border, president biden. i'm for change our border policy so we are not being overrun at the border. i'm tore standing up to radical islam, not laying down in front
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of them. i'm for making sure iran doesn't get a nuclear weapon. i am for controlling inflation without expanding the goafnt more. i'm more china not invading taiwan. president biden has been a disaster for this country. in 2022 it will be a wipeout. you are letting criminals out of jail and you are making it hard to be a cop. that's a formula more disaster. look at our southern border. the man predicting the democrats will win in 2022 is the guy who said there is no al qaeda left in afghanistan. judge jeanine: the polls the last week indicate the american people are very unhappy when it come to crime, immigration, inflation that's affecting every american family. we don't stand for anything, we
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can start with law and order. i want to ask you about the united states and where we are in terms of the world, in terms of the national stage. how safe is america today given what joe biden has prove on the world when he exited afghanistan? >> we lost control of the streets. when you can go in a store and basically rob the store blinds and nobody goes to jail, it's hard to stay in business. when you allow russia to threaten the ukraine after ukraine gave up their weapons with the agreement that their sovereignty would be protected. i think 2022 could be the most dangerous year. you have taiwan threatened by china. you have afghanistan in disarray with al qaeda glowing influence. you have the iranians, the
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ayatollah marching towards a nuclear weapon. then the arabs will get their own nuclear weapon. how much longer to you allow the ayatollah to enrich uranium before the israelis have to attack. joe biden is the weakest commander-in-chief in my lifetime. he doesn't know how to keep america safe at home and abroad. judge jeanine: he has done everything he can to prove to the world how weak he is. senator lindsey graham, thanks for being on justice. merry christmas. we told you last week about kids being vaxxed without their parents' consent. next we delve into another outrageous story every parent
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needs to hear. the reality of how the border crisis is impacting your child classroom right here in the u.s. stay with us. gives him a tight seal. to help block out food particles. so he can enjoy the game. super poligrip.
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>> i describe the border as chaos. >> this is the largest surge of migrants i have seen in my career. judge jeanine: the borderers in absolute chaos. , the influx of unaccompanied minors is impacting your child's classroom. jessica vaughn, thank you for being with us. i understand in addition to the alarm by the border authorities, that we have this year a jump unaccompanied children that's enormous. this year fiscal year 2021. unaccompanied children, single
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minors, 146,000 compared to last year it was 33,000. jessica, what is the impact of this alarming number of children and minors on our education system here in the united states? so well the effect on the schools is huge. it's one of the least talked about aspects of this border crisis ban one that affects families all over the country. the problem is people coming here and allowed to enter by the biden administration, they are not staying in the border areas. they are spreading out to locations all around the country. the kids understood our constitution are allowed to go into public schools. and the schools simply have to absorb them whether or not they have funding for them. the new arrivals are not paying taxes to cover the cost of educating their kids. that's falling on u.s.
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taxpayers, and school districts are generally unprepared to handle this. the kids coming have not had the same kind of education as kids in american schools. so they have special needs. they needs new problems and teachers and teachers aids. counseling programs. support for the parents. a lot of the schools report they need gang prevention programs that they didn't need before because of the particular nature of the kids who are arriving either on their own or as part of families that are arriving. it's costly and it comes out of your kids' education. judge jeanine: what about translay towards. how do you decide if the migrant child, immigrant child is 8 years old, but only speaks at the level of someone in kindergarten, does the 8-year-old go to kindergarten.
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>> sometimes they will place them in a different grade level. it's happening more at the other end when you have 19 and 20-year-olds being put into 9th and 10th grade situations with american kids who are 15, 16, something like that. a number of school districts have had trouble trying to juggle that. judge jeanine: i don't mean to interrupt but i don't have a lot of time. if a 19-year-old is in class with a 14-year-old in high school, they are doing the same social things together, are translators required? who pays for the extra help in the school district does. i understand some school districts have tried to pay for it and give us an example of the consequences to them. >> they have to take money away from other programs that were
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planned whether it's from the county school system or sometimes it will come from other parts of the budget. tino places where they have had to give up buying new fire trucks because of having to absorb so many of these kids or cutting salaries of municipal employees. and the quality of education is affected as well. there are not dollars raining down from the heavens to cover the cost of what's happening. which is completely preventable. judge jeanine: can the local jurisdiction sue the fed for the money. the locals are paying for it through property taxes, but the feds are letting 100,000 unaccompanied minors come in. >> understood the obama administration the was the
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department of justice suing the school systems for not main streaming these kids and providing them with enough services. because the test scores were going down because they weren't prepared for the american curriculum. >> jessica vaughn, thank you so much. confusion as usual out of the white house. don't know anywhere.
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[♪♪♪] ashley: welcome to fox news live i'm ashley strohmier. the stage is set for a possible show glown the supreme court over the federal mandate. employees will have to be vaccinated to keep working.
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republican led states and other individuals have filed suits. kentucky's governor says all the people reported mission after last weekend's tornado flurry have been accounted for. 75 people are confirmed dead in kentucky. in tennessee officials report a fifth person has died as a result of the same storm system that swept through six states. i'm ashley strohmier. now back to "justice with judge jeanine." judge jeanine: mixed messages from the white house on what the story is and if biden and kamala are really running in 2024, they seem to think he is. >> i can't speak to a conversation the vice president and the president have.
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i can only reiterate what jen has said and what the president has said. that he's planning to run for reelection in 2024. >> he means with harris on the ticket? >> yes, he does. there is no change. yes. judge jeanine: kamala told the "wall street journal" this week they haven't discussed it. tomi lahren and leo terrell join me with more. kamala says she hasn't discussed it. she says they are busy with the pandemic. what do you say? >> i don't know what they are busy with. it's probably destroying our nation. the democrat bench is so weak, it's so bad. back during the democratic debates they tried to sell us a
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whole bunch of socialists and the american people weren't having it so we chose dementia joe. they thought they would prop up kamala harris in his place until they realized what a disaster kamala harris is. and i think it best they can come up with is pete buttigieg. they will need a christmas miracle for the next three years. judge jeanine: maybe it is buttigieg. >> he took a leave of absence when we have cargo, freight off the coast of california. he basically was dereliction of his own duty as secretary of transportation. joe biden is not going to run. kamala harris is unlikeable. there is no one on the democratic bench that could run for president. it's basically the left wing of the democratic party that is in
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control of the democratic party. if bernie sanders is resurrected, i welcome it because there will be a republican in the white house in 2024, and hope tonight's a trump guy. judge jeanine: we were talking about the fact that joe is just not with it. the truth is that bernie sanders i think is even older than joe. but bernie sanders can go 100 miles an hour. we just want to see people work as hard as we do. let's move on. let's talk about the crime in america. and right now they are saying amid a spike? violence, nancy pelosi says she doesn't flow where it comes from. i have got a call board here that talks about the spike in crime and vehicle break-ins. in your state of california, the
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spike in vehicle brokeins, bay area car owners are leaving their trunks open to avoid forced entry by thieves. they are putting down their windows so people don't have to smash and grab what's inside the car. >> let me tell you right now. california is the crime capital of the world. george soros got prosecutors who will not convict or try to imprison these criminals. what's the purpose arresting anyone when they will be released within 24 hours. if we don't turn it around in 2022, i want tomi to find a location by her so i can move. judge jeanine: tomi, you are in
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tennessee, right? >> i moved to tennessee from california. i spent three years in california. it was three years took long but i learned a lot. we have california that's the crime capital. we know new york is bad as well. but even near nashville, tennessee, the culture of lawlessness is spreading our way as well because it comes from the top down. when you spend an entire summer coddling criminals and thugs. people are unafraid. they know they can commit crimes and get away with it. the california model is moving here. it's affecting texas and florida, and the liberals are coming along with it. if they are going to vote the same way, we don't want you. judge jeanine: what breaks my heart is the people victimized
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by these thugs. it's da's like george gascon. and mayors in cities where homicides are up. tom pirks and leo, happy holidays, merry christmas, got bless. street justice is finally back. peter navarro on biden's inflation nation.
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judge jeanine: you asked and we answered. treat justice is back. this week i hit the treats to ask americans if the supply chain crisis played a role in their shopping leading up to christmas. here in the middle manhattan trying to find out whether the supply chain crisis we have has
6:40 pm
impacted their lives and their christmas shopping. you will be amazed at what they said. i was. is the supply chain affect your shopping? >> no. >> you got it done early? >> no. judge jeanine: why did you get it done early? >> i just did. judge jeanine: is there a problem with the supply chain? >> oh, my god. i can't even get a car. everything is shot and gone. judge jeanine: has the supply chain affected your christmas shopping? >> not so far. judge jeanine: is the supply chain affect your christmas shopping? >> i didn't buy any gifts. >> it has totally affected my christmas shopping. the people in charge, they don't know what the hell they are
6:41 pm
doing. we need to figure it out immediately. judge jeanine: here with the latest to break down ways happening with the staggering inflation numbers, former white house trade advisor, peter navarro. what's the deal with the supply chain. most of the people i talked to said it wasn't bothering them at all. i don't know if it's because they were drinking or they are not shopping. >> kinds of a 50-50 split there, judge. inflation is bad, getting worse. milk, butter, cheese. houses, used car. this is the joe biden and communist china made disaster. let me explain why. joe biden, when he signed the order banning the ketone pipeline that only in the raised the price of gasoline, it also
6:42 pm
spiked food prices. you talk about the used cars, check this out, we have a supply chain crisis because we offshored our jobs to china. now we can't get computer chips. that drives up the prices of new cars and used cars and that reduces the number of used cars that gone it crab and that drives up scrap metal prices and steel. you see how complicated it is? these people don't know what the hell they are doing. judge jeanine: a poll says getting inflation under control, biden's actions, 47% said they are hurting from inflation. 32% say it's helping. no difference, 28%. the panel of american person is paying an extra $3,500 for the
6:43 pm
same stuff they bought last year so it's attacks by the biden administration. >> inflation is the controllest tax. they are not living off their 401k. they can't have their smart d smartmoney on wall street. if your paycheck is going up, inflation is going up faster. it's joe biden's energy policy, his food policy, and when congress throws all that money at the economy, and jay powell at the fed accommodates that by printing money, it's like printing inflation. if the money was doing any good it might be one set of facts. but it's very poorly targeted. this is like the 70s on -- on
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steroids. this is a very complex macro economic problem and they have no clue how to connect the dots we just did here on judge jeanine. judge jeanine: with respect to inflation, more and more people are recognizing as things go up, they not only are able to buy less, but it's not stagnant, it's not temporary. it's going to increase. do you believe that? >> the numbers we are seeing today are lagging. whatever you see today, it's going to be much worse over the coming year. we'll look -- remember the misery index in the 70s? reagan ran against carter. the unemployment rate, the -- te
6:45 pm
inflation rate hit 20%. the unemployment rate was at 22%. it doesn't count the discouraged workers who dropped out of the labor force. the printouts you will see, it's double-double digits across the board on many commodities. this will get worse. the problem is the people in the white house don't understand basic economics, they didn't when they were there with obama and they don't understand it now. judge jeanine: when you put it together with the other stuff they do like going soft and crime and letting criminals rudy giuliani rampant, you have to wonder what their intent is. you know him from his world retown book, "tuesday's with
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maury." justice is back in a flash. [ chantell ] when my teeth started to deteriorate, i stopped hanging out socially. it was a easy decision -- clearchoice. [ awada ] the health of our teeth plays a significant role in our overall health. chantell was suffering, and we had to put an end to that. the absolute best way to do that was through dental implants. [ chantell ] clearchoice dental implants changed everything. my digestive health is much better now. i feel more energetic. the person that i've always been has shown up to the party again.
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judge jeanine: welcome back to "justice." during the holiday season we all spends have time reflect on what's most important. i had the opportunity to interview one of the most beloved authors of our time. joining me is number one "new york times" best selling author mitch albom. we are honored to have you on. your book "tuesdays with morrie" is the best selling memoir of all time. we are delighted to have you on
6:51 pm
in this holiday subsequent release of your new book "the stranger in the life boat." why don't you tell us what story it tells. >> it begins with a luxury yacht owned by one of the richest people in the world. he gathers his rich and influential friends on it. it explodes, every one is killed except for 10 people. five staff, five rich. nobody is coming for them. they are crying out for help. they see a body in the water. they pepper him with questions, he doesn't say anything. one of the passengers said thank the lord we found. and he said i am the lord. it goes from in what happens with all the people in the boat
6:52 pm
because they don't believe he is who he says he is. it's a parable what happens when we asked for help from good and what happens when it doesn't come in the form we expected. how did you grow up? what were you like as a kid? did you know you were going to do this? >> no. i was training to be a musician. i loved stories and story telling. when i failed at music i started writing and i have been there since. judge jeanine: the 10 books, are they all the same genre. >> two of them are fiction, the rest are novels. when i sat with tuesdays with
6:53 pm
morrie as he was dying from lou gehrig's disease. stranger in the lifeboat, it's a daunting thing because i get to put all the questions we would ask of a god like character if we had time with him. they ask him, do you answer prayers. he said i answer all prayers, but sometimes the answer is no, which is something i found in my life. they ask why do people have to die. it's a question i have been exploring with tuesdays with morrie. one said why did you take my wife? the response is why do people on stay why did god take somebody when they die. the question should be what did we do to deserve them and their memories and sweetness. people on crime when somebody dies or i can assure you they
6:54 pm
aren't crying. i go through that when people die. i lost a little girl that we adopted from haiti. we had to come to grips with that's from a perspective of why was she given to us, then you look at it differently. so i try to incorporate life lessons into my books. judge jeanine: you are an inspiration to so many people. i know you operate an orphanage. you are an incredible human being. mitch albom, god bless. take care. next i have exciting news on where i'm going tomorrow morning and how you can join me. keep it here. we'll be right back.
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judge jeanine: finally tonight some exciting news i'll be part of turning point usa brand new
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event in phoenix arizona, "americafest" it is streaming live on fox nation today through december 21st. it is a celebration of our constitutional rightings and freedom featuring the best and brightest speakers in country thousands of freedom loving patriots and introduction with special concerts sign on to fox nation to catch me, tucker carlson greg gutfeld jesse watters and many and and never miss a show and catch more of me at jeanine and if you're looking for a christmas gift look no further my latest "new york times" best seller, don't lie to me is available everywhere and makes perfect stocking stuffer. thanks so much for watching, dan bongino is coming up i'm jeanine pirro advocating for truth, justice and american way and i'll see you next saturday night and in the meantime for all of you engailged in my instagram give away those free books are
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gobbing out this week so you get them by christmas. thanks for watching god bless merry christmas happy holidays, you're the greatest, thank you. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ dan: easy to get caught looking at everything that biden administration is doing wrong. but today i've got some silver lining you may not have known former nfl star walker joins me with his take why tide is hopefully turning plus bubba wall son taking a lead from yous jussie smul et case pete hegseth with here with his stake and offering text messaging from jim jordan for january 6th witch hunt and congressm


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