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tv   FOX and Friends Sunday  FOX News  December 19, 2021 3:00am-7:00am PST

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be sure to follow me on facebook, instagram and twitter. "justice with judge jeanine" is next. remember i'm watters and this is my world. [♪♪♪] ♪ [playing of the star-spangled banner] ♪.
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♪. pete: we request and you deliver yet again, our nation's anthem on this sunday morning, december 19th, year of our lord, 2021. welcome to "fox & friends." thanks for being here. we have four big hours for you. as always wonderful to be here
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with my dear friends will cain, rachel campos duffy. how are you doing? rachel: could the pictures get any better every single week? i will tear up, i saw the veteran for 98 flags for my birthday 98 birthday. by the grave stone of a vet rang. we love it. keep sending them. that is purple, viking cover, right, pete? pete: close, close. a lot of people. rachel: good morning, everybody, merry christmas. looking forward to the last weekend before the holiday. will, how are you doing this morning. will: several of the photos look like stock photos. they're not. they're user photos. you're wonderful photographers with wonderful moments. speaking of patriotic i can't wait to hear from pete in just
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moments from the speech you gave out there in arizona. pete: don't get ahead of yourself, will cain. my speech is today. will: is it really? pete: any input what i should say would love to take input from either ever you. i will channel your guidance. today, kaley, you see on the screen, hosting access time, 2:00 p.m. in arizona, 4:00 p.m. eastern, we'll highlight some of the speeches. you can sign up for "fox nation." last night it was tucker, brantley gilbert, a huge country music concert on stage. americafest, not just a speeches but concerts. donald trump, jr., marjorie taylor-green, jim jordan, panel
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on how marxists hijacked america jeanine pirro, matt gates. i have to go after all those people, they will have said everything already. no pressure. they have said everything. what in the world will i say after that? it is an amazing atmosphere here. we had a chance to talk to some of the students here at turning point. turning point, a student led organization. trying to fight for the basics, what america represents. we talked to some of the students about their friends and their perception of joe biden whether they have maybe some buyer's remorse. here is what some of the students said. >> appears they may have supported joe biden in college, are they regretting that? are they looking what is happening in the country or digging hair heels? >> i think they are. we did a free speech table.
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students could write anything they want. students write i regret for writing joe biden. >> i had people who voted for biden, who said to me, why did i do that? >> i think so, when biden won, everybody was toasting, finely an adult in office. >> i had multiple friend, made the wrong choice. so sorry. >> two friends voted for biden. i don't know what i was thinking. i was like, i told you, but you didn't listen to me. will: pete, what is fascinating for interactions, interviews you had, we wonder what the future of america will look like that. is predicated on young people. rachel talked about the value of education what is happening in american schools, the impact on young peoples minds. you had a chance to speak to many young people. it is important to hear where are they? one thing i will say, young people are often rebellious, if there is a thought maybe inside the home, rebellious against the
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parents, maybe a system as well, a system that says you're only allowed to think one way. will they be rebellious towards the cause of freedom? rachel: i wish i was this optimistic as you are, pete and will. i feel like, first of all i think it is great turning point is going, they used to go to colleges, high schools, now they're moving into junior highs where you need to start, the marxism being taught in schools keeps going younger and younger grades. you have to capture them earlier. i'm encouraged what i see at turning point. i want to hear what you have to say, pete, more about what these kid have said. are they the minority? what is going on? i've seen a lot of complacency, a lot of submission when i have gone to college campuses this year, over the last couple years in particular. maybe it is not their fault. maybe because young people think what happened over the last two
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years is, you know infringement on our liberties, this surveillance culture on campus, that that's normal to them now. they don't know anything different. i don't know. i am really looking forward to hear what unfolded for you, pete, and if these kids are an aberration. pete: that is a great point, rachel. i don't, i used to consider myself an eternal optimist, you look these days it is tough to be. these kids give you a lot of encouragement. they're the new rebels, new anti-establishment for sure as they are conservatives on high school campuses and college campuses. a lot talk about covid mandate. as unvaccinated student i had to go out in public in front of my peers, to test twice a week, which was intentionally done to invade my medical privacy. they wanted to shame me for being one of those students. there are a lot of people waking
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up to that reality. they definitely acknowledge they are a minority but with something like turning point does emboldens them, almost like a giant therapy session, oh, there are others out there in this country that believe these things, believe this in america. we are behind the curve on college campuses and high schools. great to see someone mobilizing to fight back. encouraging to see even if we are outgunned right now on these campuses metaphorically speaking but one guy who fights back every night is tucker carlson. he was the keynote last night. we had a chance to sit down with him. i asked him, amongst many things, what is his message to young people as he steps on stage. here is what he said. what is your number one message right now to young people? >> we're probably at the worst point. probably not going to get worse than this.
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the most important thing society cares about the people who will continue that society, who will lead it, who will perpetuate it for 100 years, 300 years, we hope, they don't care about that at all. they're really upset about it. i personally think it is not a sustainable system. you can't always be governed by 81-year-olds. nancy pelosi doesn't care about your kid. she is too far away. she doesn't care. i don't think this will last. will: you know, pete, i heard tucker make that point on his show not long ago about, look, i don't think it is ageism to point this out, rather to show the lack of diversity, when it comes to america's leaders, everyone, especially at the highest level of our governance, tends to be, i don't know, north of 70 years old. not that there is not a lot of experience, knowledge, wisdom earned through life but there is
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various perspective as time moves on and there is very little input from the younger generation when comes to our governance. people with vested interest. people with children. people too young to have children. there is very little power, that is the word, very little power for younger people. the. rachel: i don't know. i feel like i'm such the contrarian today. i know lots of grandparents who are deeply, deeply worried about the future they're leaving for their kids, especially their grandkids. so i think that she represents a different ideology, that is just about, i don't know, herself. i think maybe she is selfish, i don't think it is about the age. i know so many grandparents who want to pass off the same america that is full of opportunity and hope that they had. go ahead. will: what i would say, it's not to suggest that there aren't people in the 70s or 80s.
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obviously we met some of them. we know them. we're related to them. we talk to our viewers. not that there are not 70-year-olds, 80-year-olds, who don't believe in cause of freedom. simply observation, if you're led by one category of people, raise, gender, you leave out a universe of perspective. look at the nancy pelosi, joe biden, house, senate, executive branch. find me the diversity of age. find my the diversity of age, ask yourself are we really getting a true representation of what could be a diversity of stakeholders in this country. rachel: you have someone like aoc who has espouses the same views as, as nancy pelosi. it is just as destructive. it is pessimistic about kids and the future of families. i don't know if it is an age thing. i am concerned about someone
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like randi winegarten who has no kids, really destroying the lives of kids last couple years. somebody who i think has no real stake in the future for children. but i don't know, i don't know if it is an age thing. i think marxists are marxists, communists are communists. pete: that is a good point. ultimately what tucker said, we'll play more from the interview because he had a lot to say, the system is unsustainable. the whackiness is so illogical. his sense it can't perpetuate itself. something changes. what that change looks like, could be revival of conservativism and american values? possibly, that is what would one would hope. or more thor tehranism. that is the what happens after the breakdown. that is the question is trying to answer, part of the question here at americafest. that is an interesting indulgence. it is playing a lot like
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march 2020 as covid-19 cases spike in parts of the country. alexandria haugh as the white house announces new measures that could change christmas plans for some america families if they comply. reporter: president biden is expected to make the announcement on tuesday. he previously said he would not shut down the economy or the country. some are bit concerned about planning though after vice president kamala harris, told "the l.a. times" that the administration was caught off-guard. we didn't see delta coming. i think most scientists did not. didn't see delta coming. didn't see omicron coming. the white house responded saying the vice president comments refer to the exact kind of mutation. they new mutations were possible. the reason we ordered extra tests, extra gear, extra ppe as omicron overlaps the existing
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delta variant a plethora of colleges and universities weighing or start plan the spring semester remotely. they are considering return to remote learning. due to existing staffing problems exacerbated by the progression of the virus. nfl and other professional leagues have had their code schedules interrapted. "new york times" is calling on all sports leaks toing shut down. the president's tuesday announcement will include a warning to the unvaccinated. without two shots plus a booster this winter will be one of severe illness. will, rachel, pete. pete: alexandria, thanks. we talked about it again, "back to the future." omicron rachel you dubbed. yesterday, omni cold. rachel: i'm waiting for media matters to do something about
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that. pete: places with the looniest left ward thinking, our college campuses reacting to shut down among the healthiest people who are mandated as well. where us did the logic ends how this cascades? will, what in the world is joe biden going to say on tuesday. this guy said he would crush the virus which was always a false promise to begin with. like the kid who runs for high school class president, promise as vending machine in every hallway, never could do that. where does that lead, will? it is amazing. will: pete, what will he say on tuesday? how do you come to any conclusion it will be incredibly ominous. i almost hear the music from "star wars" as we lead up to tuesday. there is something coming. it is not sounding good. not talking about omicron. i feel us slipping back into smut downs. college campuses, harvard
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through january, remote learning. pete: what do you expect. will: no one who hates sports more than sportswriters. they are always ready to shut it down once again. i think it is time to shut it down they write. i can't believe it, but here we go again. pete, if you announce you're going to say something on tuesday i doubt it is going to be, omicron doesn't look as serious as we might have suggested. sounds like we're headed toward a conversation, announcement about lockdowns, rachel. rachel: these schools, universities, are doing exactly same things they did last time that made no sense. let's isolate these kids more. i don't know if you know they're all going to where their food courts are. they can't sit down among each other. they have to grab-n-go, eat by themselves in their rooms. that is one of the rules they. are closing fitness centers. why are you doing that, when you know obesity is contributing
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factor to being dying, being affected by covid. cutting out sports events. mental health issues, all the social activities give people something to live for on college campuses. let's shut them down, let's depress them. get them hooked on drugs and anti-depressants this is absolutely insane. by the way if you lock down our country again i want to get the answers you never gave me the last time. i want to know who of all is getting omicron. from what i can tell from the people i know, everyone i know who is getting it has been vaccinated. everyone like me and pete who already had covid has not gotten it. i never heard of anyone with natural immunity who has gotten recalls omni-cold. stop talking about cases. who is dying. i want to know about masks. i gave a lot of money we borrowed from china on the backs of our kids, where are the studies on masks, where are the studies on early treatment.
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we can't lock down without our government answering the questions they never answered. we have two years. we should have data by now. we don't. by the way on early treatment, notice they're pushing early treatments that the big pharma now is put forward. what about the cheap early treatments that they tried to squelch last time? i want to see studies on that as well. i feel like, i'm being taken for a ride here. pete: we'll see what joe biden says on tuesday. what is so depressing about it, it feels like there won't be any of those. it will be all of the same shaming from the podium, the same stuff we've heard time and time again. you know what? maybe things can change. maybe we will be an optimist on "fox & friends weekend." >> i he feel like debbie downer today a. pete: i will try to feel like the resident optimist. rachel i feel you. rachel: coming up california governor gavin newsom finally
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♪. rachel: welcome back to "fox & friends." will, pete, as you know there has been a wave of crime across the country. probably nowhere is it more pronounced than in california. governor newsom at first was denying, backtrack, it is not a big deal. he must be feeling the heat. suddenly has come up with a plan to combat especially smash-and-grabs. his plan includes funding the police t includes 255 million for local law enforcement officers to put them into stores. 18 million to launch a new organized theft unit in the
3:24 am
state attorney general's office. a grant program to help victimized small businesses. will, why is he doing this now? i have to believe he must have done some polling or something. this is a complete turnaround from the way he was reacting to the rise in crime just a few months ago. will: not unlike what weigh saw with mayor london breed in san francisco, who did a little bit after 180 this week as well. i don't know if you need a poll. you might need a television screen. you might need the crime stats from your local and state police. you might need to see what is going on in your community. it is not safe. it is increasingly dangerous and increasingly violent, both property and physical harm. that is only tenable. quality of life issues is the number one issue. if you lose people's sense of safety which they rely on almost exclusively the government for? you lost them. we did the story out of chicago where private security firms are being hired. that is for the rich.
3:25 am
back to our conversation earlier, rachel, about age or ideology. that is another dividing line. wealth, elitism. why are we always run by people who are only wealthy, who can provide their own private security? what we're looking at now finally this chicken coming home to roost. i think even no matter your ideology you can say i might have to keep my people safe,. pete: pete i don't know who is exactly mazlo but i know his hierarchy of needs. you need to feel safe and security, everything stops being important. in california, major democrat run cities, people don't feel safe. so gavin newsom's attempting to address that. exempt if you just supported the police and funded them properly and gave them the tools in all these cities and didn't have sanctuary cities and bail reform which is a giant leap in a lot of these places look how specific it is. 255 to have officers in stores, not on the street, but in
3:26 am
stores. victimized small businesses. how about they don't get robbed because you don't let people out of jail? it is a patchwork attempt to look like you're tough on crime but ultimately you're still tolerate agriculture of crime. so you will never actually address the real problem. joe concha was on the big show whether democrats can face the heat or reality about crime. here is what you have to say if. >> when you try to spin this there are cameras everywhere. social media makes this stuff go viral. every politician sees this, can't deny it or downplay it, because the images are the images. gavin newsom throwing all the money at it now. this has nothing to do with him morphing into clint eastwood. the governor reads polls. black lives matter, relaxed bail laws, defunding police, newsom and so many others are in front of the line, crime threatens
3:27 am
their power. even their shrinking base is threatened with it. now it is time for them to act like they care about the problem. rachel: you will, made a great point for the rich people can afford private security. if you go to third world, latin america, rich people have the private police. police are not well funded. go figure. that is what it is like. we're slowly but surely turning into a third world country. when you talk about the root causes of this, yes, it is the policies of, that are going to be put in place by d.a.s that have been funded by george soros and eric holder that is certainly part of the problem. but the other part of the problem, i wish we could play the video of smash-and-grab, those are peoples kids. there is a breakdown of the family. there is a breakdown i think in, you know, that is a spiritual moral problem in america right now, that people feel free to do
3:28 am
that. that people are going online, on to amazon and other sites and purchasing the stolen goods. this is a much bigger societal issue and we have to get to the root causes of all of this. t feels very overwhelming, suppose you start with the laws, but ultimately this is a moral crises in america as well. pete: great point, rachel, ultimately individuals in on the screen are making a personal choice what they think is best for their lives. they're choosing to break into stores amongst others. it goes deeper than, it goes even deeper than a bail reform law, even though that is important and consequences are important. that is a great point. still to come a faith based business is taking the department of defense to court after they were blocked from making dog tags with bible verses. the fight for our religious freedom coming up.
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♪. pete: welcome back. well the defense department is facing a federal lawsuit after it blocked bible passages from being printed on dog tags with military tray marks. faith based group, shields of strength, was served a cease and desist order for printing tags like the ones you see on the screen right now because the department of defense claims it violates department policy. the company's owner, kenny vaughn, joins us alongside mike barry from the first liberty institute. thanks you both for being here. before i go to you, kenny, i want to get the legal side of this right. shield of strength was able to do this for 20 years. department of defense knew about it, they were fine with it. why did that change? >> thanks, pete?
3:34 am
why did it change? because of one complaint. if china fire as hypersonic weapon around the globe or north korea threatens a nuclear weapon that is not what causes our department of defense to worry. it is somebody says hey, there is a bible verse on a dog tag. that causes the pentagon to shake in their boots to raise the white flag of surrender. it is absolutely ridiculous. pete: unbelievable. kenny, your reaction overall, you have been doing this. servicemembers appreciate it. rightfully so. now the defense department is saying stop? >> yeah. i'm going to tell you exactly what happened. so 15 years of my life i battled fear in a big way. i was an athlete. my girlfriend, now wife of 25 years, wrote scriptures on my equipment. peace of god's word set me free from that. i want ad daily reminder, i was putting them on dog tags, daily anything that i wore, we're in
3:35 am
afghanistan, iraq, our soldiers are battling fear. wish we could do something phone rings, kenny, the army is on the phone. get on there, a chaplain calling me from the battlefield. he says hey, you know, some of our guys got the dog tags, they have josh 1:9 on them. want to get some more. i got $500. how many can i get? are you kidding me? how many soldiers are with you? 10,000 in my division. so 10,000, you keep your $500. that is how it got started. literally everyone we made we made because they called us and asked us to do it. two million of them we donated the vast majority of them because they didn't have funding, getting funding. never a single complaint. one complaint and the pentagon jumps to attention, it is fear. i tell you it is rooted in fear. fear is doing what is best for self without regard for others.
3:36 am
love does what is best for others without regard for itself. it the most selfish thing i have ever seen in my life. at love those dog tags we made, those guys still have them, guys and gals. unfortunately a lot are hanging around the necks of gold star family members to remind them of own the courage their own family members had in battle. why would anyone ever be so selfish? i don't understand it. pete: kenny, powerfully said, i guess my question to you why, why do you think the dod is doing this? >> fear. pete: one complaint? >> it is fear. listen to me. pete: fear of complaint? >> fear of bad press. fear what it will cost me. the medal of honor is given for people who do this with no regard for their own life they do what is best for someone else. if you gave the medal of honor today, it would be for someone
3:37 am
who would, who does what is best for themselves without regard for the people around them. so fear is the feeling but when we follow it, we're selfish. we love ourselves. love dies to itself. it does what is best for you, best thing you can do for yourself, but not -- listen i wrote a book on it. literally, called the right fight. how to live a loving life. if fare rules your life, you will live a selfish life. your commanders, leaders unfortunately doing what is best for themselves without regard for others. we made more for the secretary of defense than anyone. pete: mike, real quick, last word, where does it go legally? >> they feared a lawsuit. that is why they said they capitulated to the complaint. first liberty institute, we took them up on that, filed a lawsuit. go to first you can see a copy of the lawsuit. how you can support kenny. patriotic american. love our troops.
3:38 am
loves our country. we need to put a stop to this nonsense. first, follow the lawsuit. we'll win this. pete: as always first liberty on the front lines for folks that need the help. what a powerful story. thank you for kenny, for everything you do, why you do it. great example of our country. god bless you, kenny. got it. up next, a new danger flowing across our southern border. former law enforcement officer sounds the alarm on a spike in deadly fentanyl coming to the u.s. get more with neutrogena® retinol pro plus. a powerful .05% retinol that's also gentle on skin. for wrinkles results in one week. neutrogena®. for people with skin. ♪ ♪ 'tis the season to break tradition in a cadillac. don't just put on a light show—be the light show.
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♪. rachel: texas governor greg abbott slamming the biden administration handling of the border crisis while debuting the first completed section of border wall made by the state of texas. >> this unprecedented action is needed for one single reason, and that is because the biden administration has failed to do its job, as required by the constitution, as required by laws passed by congress, to enforce the immigration laws of the united states of america. rachel: meanwhile the dea is warning against a different threat pouring across the border, deadly fentanyl pills. more than 11,000-pounds have been seized just this fiscal year.
3:43 am
joining us with reaction, ed calderon, a former state police officer in mexico. ed, so great to have you on the show. today i don't know if we could have found a better guest on this top -- topic. let's talk about fentanyl and the cartels. in your experience as a officer in mexico have you seen the cartels richer or stronger than they are now? >> no. this is a perfect time for them as far as them taking advantage of the surge of just humanity going towards the border wall. and the apparent invitation that a lot of them are, are under the impression of, that it is, it is, the coast is clear to go. the cartels are basically utilizing that humanity to do their, their thing. it is a distraction. it is christmas for them. rachel: exactly. it is christmas for them. how destablizing is that for mexico?
3:44 am
i'm worryied about mexico devolving into a market state, with the cartels as power gulf as they are right now? >> it is, it is basically giving them the momentum to not only take control over vast sections of the border wall, as far as their ability to penetrate it and at that take control of local drug markets around the border, but it is also given them, low gist tall advances as far as being able not only to procure fentanyl from china but also fabricate it. and not only fabricate it but make the whole thing now is making medication that is legitimate looking, things like oxycontin and creating fentanyl laced versions of it being distributed in the united states. rachel: that is so scary. as we mentioned in the read-up
3:45 am
to this, we have record breaking drug overdoses in this country. really quickly, something that you, that you're concerned about. that is chinese state actors are actually assisting the cartels. can you tell me how, whether you think this is a national security threat for america? >> it is a open secret, chinese banking apps are being utilized by the chinese state actors in conjunction with cartel organizations in the united states to move money around. once the money hits chinese banking apps it basically turns invisible to the united states. the fact that america, that mexico specific ports every closed because of covid, it gave a major cartel growing expansion
3:46 am
ly new generation cartel comes out of specific ports. without china knowing about it, there is, there is a big brother is very much a real thing out there. so can't see how they can be unaware of the fact that they are providing logistical support out of their country into mexico to create this epidemic in the country right now. rachel: ed calderon, everything you're telling me is frightening. i'm glad you're on the ground letting us know what is going on. our government certainly isn't. vice president kamala harris our border czar failed miserably addressing the quote, unquote root causes. ed, thanks so much for joining us today. merry christmas. all right. pete, you have got some headlines for us? pete: i do, thank you very much, rachel, great stuff. appreciate it. now to a few headlines. democrat senator richard blumenthal expressing regret spiking at an event linked to
3:47 am
the communist parity. the connecticut lawmaker saying in a statement, my understanding was that this ceremony was strictly a labor event. if i had known the details i wouldn't have gone. i'm a democrat and a strong believer in american capitalism. blumenthal was slammed by republicans for attending his state's annual amistad awards whose organizers are affiliated with the communist party usa. another mistake. not a vietnam vet either. new crisis before christmas as business owners say they're facing a major shortage of candy canes. the sweet treats are in short supply due to a 25% supply in peppermint production over the past decade. who knew. that is what added to it. supply chain issues from the pandemic are making it nearly impossible for some to get their hands on the yuletide snack. rick, you got to help me here. i will turn it over to you for weather. i didn't know there was a decade
3:48 am
delay development of peppermint? is it a plant? i don't know. rick: i didn't know there was pepper mint in the pepper mint candies. i thought it was artificial. you could probably do that, we would be non-the wiser. not like we eat them for the health benefits of it. tin degrees in fargo. temps across the plains. 77 here in miami 6:48 in the morning. temps drop mind this front. temps have dropped around 25 degrees in little rock, nashville. behind the front that brought rain yesterday. this is that storm. it is moving really slowly. as it does throughout the day, rainshowers, nothing too severe cutting across parts of georgia. eventually this cuts all the way through florida. it will drop our temperatures down a little bit. the northern side of this brought pretty significant snow across parts of new england. we've been so dry.
3:49 am
not really much snow at all. all the ski resorts, especially during the holidays. get revenue from the people skiing. 8 inches in killington. probably not anymore snow through christmas. if you want white christmas, pete, you will not get anything in jersey. pete: i used to be about white christmas. there was no white snow at the original christmas in bethlehem. rick: nor is santa. pete: you could have been there with the shepherds. could have been. thank you, rick, thank you very much, appreciate it. still ahead, the best breakfast recipes to help maintain a healthy holiday weight and start the new year on a lighter note. we'll bring it to you. ♪.
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♪. will: almost new year's. believe it or not just two weeks away but you don't have to wait for new year to start eating healthy. here is one tip, start with a healthy breakfast to set your day off right.
3:54 am
here with more, to help us get an extra boost every single day all the way through the holidays through the new year, alana heck, with the stylish spoon. how do you help us set out on the right foot before 2022. >> hi, good morning, will. that is exactly right, this is the right time to eat healthy. i have an immune boosting smoothie to kick off breakfast. starts with adding almond milk, or a different milk you like too use. a cup in a blender. a cup of spinach i never have to worry about having fresh on hand. you can add fresh as wealth, put that in the blender. use cup of pineapple. my daughter actually came up with this one more me for my birthday. i'm copying her. this is easy to make.
3:55 am
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3:56 am
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4:01 am
now. pete, will, good morning, pete. pete: good morning. rachel: you're in phoenix right now. pete: i'm in phoenix. the turning point event. americafest. huge event. tucker spoke. brantley gilbert performed. a great slate of folks on tap. watch it all on fox news if you're not able to be here. shows the christmas tree, will, makes me wonder, it is a beautiful tree. we rebuilt it. why are all the toy soldiers british? i have toy soldiers at my house that look british too. what would an american toy soldier look like? i don't know, maybe we need updated version. rachel: like you. pete: i'm not criticizing, it is tradition, but we could do a little update. will: well, but are you suggesting they're british based upon the uniform? obviously they don't talk? pete: uniform, the wig thing and top hat, the uniform.
4:02 am
will: okay. i didn't, i didn't think about that. never once has that occurred to me that could be a british uniform. i guess i thought it was a fancy uniform. will: but i can do this. go down the rabbit hole quickly. so you give us, what is the fancy american military uniform this we should put on a toy soldier. what would that be? pete: you got it. go for it. rachel: i think it should be pete in that outfit he wore for crossing washington's crossing. i think that would be perfect. pete: good idea. revolutionary war uniform would be the way to go. maybe george washington's uniform. he was the only one able to wear a light blue sash that could be true. i can't believe i'm saying this as a army guy, but the marine corps uniform is really sharp. marine corps uniform or revolutionary war. next year, if anyone is watching that is who will be guarding the
4:03 am
all-american christmas tree. rachel: how are you enjoying the lit up seguro cactuses there? reporter: blowing my kids minds. kids from new jersey, minnesota, never seen a cactuses before. lit up cactuses. cacti. we went horseback riding yesterday. we're maximizing phoenix, arizona. it is amazing how hot the sun is in the middle of the day and how cold it is at night. i know you know but us norwegians we learn about this by experience. will: everybody's image of christmas is a white christmas. it's a snow, it's a northern, minnesota, wisconsin perhaps image but it is fun to see to your point arizona or maybe palm trees in hawaii or florida decked out in christmas lights. it is fun to see christmas across the country. we move to this by the way, speaking across the country, we move to the southern border where texas governor greg abbott
4:04 am
unveiled the first stretch of the state-funded border wall. we talked about where texas is stepping in where the federal government is failed. they will build a border wall along state texas land. a border agent has done so with fiery resignation letter. he says, we'll get to that resignation letter in just one moment. i want to show you exactly what happened at the southern border as far as migrant encounters this is a line graph we'll show you over time from november 2018 up through november of 2021. you know, if i'm recalling the phrase correctly, rachel, that is a hockey stick. that is what you would call that. that is a hockey stick graph. not in terms of climate change the way al gore used it, that is a hockey stick of migrant encounters over a three-year period. rachel: it is truly unbelievable. people who live along the border, who live in arizona, texas, california, they will tell you they're feeling the
4:05 am
consequences what i'm calling a mass crime scene. it's a crime to cross our border illegally. it is happening frankly our government is enabling it. our government is partnering with the cartels in human trafficking and the trafficking of children that many of them end up trafficked sexually as well. our government is complicit in this. they're doing the last leg of the journey for the cartels. they're taking our tax dollars and flying the people that you're seeing on the screen right there who have no regard for our laws flying them wherever they want to go in the country. governor greg abbott said enough. we're sick of waiting for the federal government to do something. we know they have no intention of doing it. so we'll take this into our own hands. here he is. >> because of the tragedy that
4:06 am
has occurred because the biden administration is not enforcing immigration laws, we have drug cartels, we have human trafficking, we have fenn at that brought across the border there is devastation every single day because the biden administration is not doing its job to secure the border. so texas is stepping up to do the federal government's john. never been this bad. there is reason for it because the border has never been this open. pete: great show with griff jenkins live from the border interviewing governor greg abbott. the state is having to build the wall the federal government is refusing to build even though they have the materials to do it. we see that line graph which my bitcoin account looked like that line graph going up that way. that is an illegal immigration line graph that should be going in the other direction. that is the tragedy of it. will, you mentioned it though, it is the border patrol agents who swore an oath to defend this
4:07 am
country who dutifully want to do their job but are being held back from doing it because of the radical policies in washington saying effectively leave the border wide open. one of those border patrol agents, joseph, wrote a resignation email and obtained by "the washington examiner." here is a portion what he wrote, why he is resigning from the border patrol. he said as the patrol and u.s. government slip more and more into the unrecognizable, unclear to took a oath what i promised to defend starting in 1986 as a navy corpsman. fear of infringing the law, fear of what is taking so long with their right to unconditional a simulation. have we become handmaidens to their. incomprehensible. rachel, he is putting to words, will, he is putting to words what we talked about. it has gone from this is an
4:08 am
illegal act we'll prevent you from doing, to how can we quickly help you get into the country and babysit you along the way. he is giving words to what a lot of people are feeling right now. will: yeah. you know it is one thing to hear it from me or rachel or you. it is another to hear it from a man whose job it is to enforce these laws. pete: true. will: he is telling you directly what happened to that job. telling you my job now is to just sit and watch, or worse, in his words to be handmaidens to active illegal immigration. that is a fascinating, important perspective to hear with this one agent. agent joseph. no longer going to be his job. he can't take it anymore. i think, if there is one voice that we should all be listening to through this, this crisis, listen to those who are tasked with trying to stop it. telling you not only they can't do so, they're not allowed to do so, rachel.
4:09 am
rachel: i was in arizona. in phoenix at a turning point event myself. it was for hispanic freedom fighters that was this summer and i spoke with border patrol agent art del cueto. he has been a guest of our show, a friend of our show for a while. he is with the border patrol union and he told me that what was shocking to him the most was was the arrogance, change in disposition of those coming across the border. he told me an incident of 11-year-old boy was basically schooling hill. i will actually post that interview on to my social media today so other people can see what art del cueto told me. owe said basically this 11-year-old kid. your president biden said i'm here and he will fly me to north carolina where my family is. he said, the child was dressed very well and, he was not poor. he had very nice sneakers, a
4:10 am
very nice sweatshirt, a name brand. there is a shift. 10 years ago the people who came across were people desperate for work. this is a new class of people who are coming across our border. they're arrogant. they feel self-entitled and they understand that this administration has put the welcome mat out for them and they're in control. and our border patrol is not. and it is very demoralizing for those, for those border patrol. they are the greatest humanitarian organization in the western hemisphere. they save those people when they fall into rivers. when they're left abandoned in the desert. and they're treated, frankly poorly not just by the migrants but by the biden administration. it is really pathetic. pete: it is pathetic. fascinating. i look forward toe seeing the video as well. rachel, you mentioned turning point. they're here again in arizona, in phoenix for americafest.
4:11 am
we're covering all the speeches. one of the young men taking the stage tomorrow actually is kyle rittenhouse who was found innocent in his trial of self-defense in kenosha. you know, tucker had exclusive access to kyle throughout that trial. he has a fox, tucker carlson original, called the trial of kyle. watch it right now. 25 minutes, fascinating breaking down all the aspects, not just of the trial and what happened to kyle but how it is emblematic of larger things in our culture and also other cultures that faced similar issues. trial of kyle. check it out. when i spoke to tucker carlson i had a chance to ask him more about kyle rittenhouse, what it is like to chat with him. if he offers any signs of hope based on what happened and the outcome. here is what he said. >> here is a guy who defended his own life against three people trying to take it. that is beyond dispute. it is on videotape and indicted
4:12 am
for first-degree murder anyway. what does that tell you? the phrase we did not make up, i think a handy explainer for what we're seeing. anarchy for them. favored class gets to live without law. the rest of us labor under the yoke of tyranny. that is what happened, the good guy, working class 17-year-old cleaning up graffiti. >> former lifeguard. >> the cops were not there. the governor wouldn't call in the national guard. watching your town get burned by lunatics from out of town. this is not just about kyle rittenhouse but about you, me, all of us. do we still possess the oldest right of all, right of self-defense? i think it's a fascinating story. i think he is a very appealing person, much more than i have realized. i think the whole thing is amazing. it is a sign of hope. will: so that is a fascinating conversation, pete. i think tucker points to only
4:13 am
one aspect of the kyle rittenhouse saga that represents hope. he points to the right to protect your community, right to protect yourself when confronted with chaos and violence. i find an additional source of hope. i'm sure tucker does as well. we all do. when a avalanche of lies are told about you in the moment that you are, that you are engulfed in, when an after launch -- avalanche of lies supported by billions of dollars underneath the media industrial complex, not to mention the power of the government, that is what a prosecutor's office is, it is the power of the government, all descending down on one 17-year-old, right? so all of the lies that could possibly muster through money and power, descend down on one 17-year-old, you know what wins? what provides hope? the truth broke through. justice based upon the truth broke through. that is incredibly hopeful to
4:14 am
me. obviously, rachel, kyle rittenhouse is not the lone situation where a a avalanche of lies should be something breaking through, the truth. rachel: we saw that in the covington case, where that young man as we know now has been able to extract money from of those people who tried to tell lies about him. curious, pete, in particular, he is speaking tomorrow at turning point usa. you're in phoenix, arizona. kyle rittenhouse wants to go to arizona state university which is my alma mater. received a lot of backlash, students threatening him. do you know, how is he being received? i imagine very well at turning point. do you know if he is going to continue to pursue his dream of going to arizona state university? despite i think the threats? pete: interesting you mentioned that i don't know that he arrived yet. speaking tomorrow. i don't know his itinerary. i would imagine it is quite
4:15 am
private at this point. maybe we get a chance to talk to him. i did get a chance to talk to the head of the arizona state university chapter of turning point. she said when the backlash happened against him, turning point mobilized counterprotests on campus. my understanding, he has withdrawn his enrollment at asu. it was only just a virtual enrollment. he would be an online student of asu ultimately. i think he is choosing a different path. rightfully so, if that is the way you will be treated. the administration wouldn't show support. groups like turning point that did stand behind him in that moment. maybe he will have more news in the next chapter coming up next couple days. will: check out the entire interview between tucker carlson and kyle rittenhouse.
4:16 am
and soon the americafest starring our own pete hegseth. we have a few headlines. an organization evacuates 39 citizens from afghanistan through operation domino. they arrived at the jfk following morning. two volunteers flew to kabul to put the americans in a safe house. the citizens were trapped in stan tan for nearly three months after the taliban take over in august that sounds like a hollywood movie. the show must go on, "saturday night live" airing not so live limited program after a covid outbreak within its cast but actors tom hanks and tina fey, to rescue the show's final episode of the year with host paul rudd. watch. >> "saturday night live" planned to do our big christmas show, induct a new member into the five timers club but covid came
4:17 am
early this year. in the interest of safety we do not have an audience. we sent home our cast, most of our crew. will: wow, so like, i a cappella group? i don't know how that would work. there were no musical guests. the show relied on prerecorded sketches and old favorites. that is probably a ratings hit because the best of the "saturday night live" is from the '70s. i don't know how far they went back. holiday sticker shock in new york, the finest christmas trees cost as much as 1200 bucks. one new york city selling a 14-foot frazier fur for that price and offering premium grade 10-foot trees for 8 to $900. the high prices are attributed to longstanding christmas tree shortages. peppermint, christmas trees, cream cheese, add it to the list of things we're losing to the
4:18 am
supply chain crisis. this dates back to the 2008 financial crisis. those are your headlines. pete: wow, i did buy a 14-foot christmas tree this year. i will say that i think we have video later in the show of us attempting to put it up to put the star on top. did not pay $1200 that is a lot of money for a christmas tree. rachel: pete always trying to beat me. i got biggest tree i ever got, only 11. pete: pete you chopped it down. i bought it from a lot. rachel: i did. i married a lumberjack. so it got chopped down. take another holiday theme here because some of the stars of classic christmas movies have actually shared what their favorite christmas movies are. so let's take a look at this. till allen, who of course played santa claus in the santa claus. picked white christmas, pete and
4:19 am
will somehow have not watched completely confuses me. i don't know how you can be an american not watch the "white christmas". scott schwartz who played flick in a christmas story picked "elf." beverly d'angelo, wonderful as always in national lampoon's christmas vacation, she picked, did she pick christmas vacation, her own movie? pete: picked her own movie. rachel: amazing. rita moreno, she played beverly in a gift of miracles, she picked the "the four seasons." pete: the four seasons, being a lit mass test for being american is watching "white christmas." i know that. that is fair. my favorite christmas films. go with "national lampoon's christmas vacation." i watch it every year.
4:20 am
"a christmas story." after if i, red rider bb gun. big began ever the grinch. all iterations are good. i'm accused of being a grinch, i don't support that but i do like the film. rachel: will? will: every christmas my mom tries to entice everyone later on christmas morning into watching, i "it's a wonderful life" or ""miracle on 34th street"." my tastes are not stow fist indicated. it is without a doubt "christmas vacation." absolutely the business. rachel: i'm with the classics, i'm with your mom. i like "it's a wonderful life," "white christmas". "rudolph the red-nosed reindeer" "miracle on 34th street," the one with shirley temple and
4:21 am
super hunky mcdermott. he is gorgeous in the film. if for no other reason, watch dylan mcdermott in "miracle on 34th street." will: maybe we'll expand our offerings this year but more "fox & friends" coming up in moments. ♪ just shine your light for everyone to see ♪ ♪ and if you try a little kindness ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪. rachel: los angeles county district attorney george gascon back in the hot seat after launching a so-called restorative justice pathway for minors charged with felonies. the program announced last month, allow kids accused assault, vehicle theft, robbery, arson, even sexual battery to avoid criminal charges if they participate. former l.a. district attorney steve cooley joins us now to react. steve, tell me how this works and how do you become part of this program? restorative justice? >> well, first of all let's start with the word restorative justice. it is another nice word that gascon puts on a terrible program, part of the overall effort he has undertaken to dismantle l.a. county's criminal justice system. if he just diverts these individuals before they go to
4:26 am
court, there will not be a judge to oversee an individual, a minor on probation. you will not have the services of the probation department. you're not going to have the ability to violate minor who is on probanks if they commit a new crime. it is basically a disaster. another disaster, created by george gascon and his policies. rachel: so the people of los angeles voted for gascon to be in charge of law enforcement there why are they -- are they still in favor of what he is doing here? is there any pushback on it? what's going on? >> george gascon will be recalled if he is placed on a recall ballot. i have seen the polling. he will be overwhelmingly recalled. he will be slaughtered. the only objective now is to get him on the ballot so the voters can fix the mistake they made. they want to fix the george gascon mistake.
4:27 am
they realize now the damage he has done. he has done things he never mentioned during his campaign but he is now advancing sort of the george soros dismantle of the justice system policies and the public has woke up and realize they have the worst d.a. in los angeles county history. rachel: have the citizens of los angeles connected the dots back to gorge soros and eric holder and that effort to put gascon and other d.a.s like him in place? >> i don't know about eric holder but certainly figured out that george soros is, has caused, brought about our george gascon phenomenon because george soros spent millions of dollars supporting gascon along with a few other billionaires who thought they were reform-minded. so yeah, people are making the connection and they get it and they're not going to let their justice system be bought by the george soroses of the world.
4:28 am
rachel: talk about the charges not eligible for this restorative justice. apparently if you've been charged with forcible sexual assault, use of a firearm, attempted homicide, those are not eligible but you know, all these other ones, i mean, assault with a firearm, theft, grand theft, sexual battery, arson, all of those are eligible. how much longer than the people of los angeles you know, you knw withstand this, and is the recall effort is happening in the near future? >> the recall effort is underway. gascon was petitioned a week ago. he has been formally notified to the effort. he has a few days to respond with a rebuttal. then the petition for people to sign will be distributed and within 160 days if there is enough signatures he will be on a ballot in november of 2022. i can tell you most people can
4:29 am
hardly wait to recall george gascon. you listed those various crimes. you missed a couple big ones, residential burglary, that is a serious offense. that is the list of divert and not file. robbery, that is on the list of crimes he will divert, not file. these are serious crimes. these are part 1 crimes according to the fbi, he is saying he will not file them against juveniles. rachel: all right. steve cooley, great information. we wish the city of los angeles all the best. merry christmas. >> all right. we need all we can get, thank you. rachel: yeah. for sure. elections matter. up next as americans face rising prices on every day goods senator elizabeth warren blames grocery stores for charging more but are they really at fault? we'll discuss that coming up. ♪.
4:30 am
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♪ pete: oklahoma city bringing the christmas feel. i love it. good morning to everyone in central time, excuse me, 6:34 a.m. in oklahoma city. we hope you're watching. will, that is your time zone. i'm even earlier, 5:34 in phoenix, arizona. rachel, you got to sleep in. i don't know how that time zone's work. that is what i think in my mind. by the way, i looked ahead in the run-down, i like to peek ahead in the show, so i know what is in the show later on,
4:35 am
one of the my favorite things end end of year wrap up, year in review at end of "fox & friends weekend." don't go away. always one of my favorite things. will, the first year we were on we were on lockdown. i hope we're not going in that direction. it wasn't as fun. this year we were out and about doing our thing. we have fun stuff on the end of the year review. stick around everybody. will: excited to see that. pete: it will be good. i hope they feature all of my victories and winning of trophies but none of yours. i have a feeling they starked it against me in your favor. it is all biased, i understand. we have a topic this morning which is basically for everybody, which is the rising cost of food. if you've been to the grocery store recently, to buy basic necessities it is expensive. these are a couple items to remind you. these are basically the five food groups in my house.
4:36 am
bacon, milk, eggs, is up in my house. the it is more expensive for everybody. you know what? will, we can, we're on tv. we get paid handsomely we can afford it. people living paycheck to paycheck, many i know went to high school with, grew up with, that is a real hit on their livelihood in addition to gas prices, heating prices. a lot of americans are looking around to see why this is happening. will: senator elizabeth warren of massachusetts pete, has an answer why this is happening. she is blaming not federal government policies but blaming grocery stores, they're to blame for rising prices. that they are price gouging consumers. she sent a letter to she said the following other major growsers reap a benefits after
4:37 am
turbulent 2020 appear to be passing costs on to the consumer to preserve your pandemic gains and even taking profits, i believe, i'm caught up, even taking greater burden of inflation that could have retained lower prices but instead they passed them on to the consumers, granted massive payouts to top executives and investors. it is disappointing she said that you would do this. that you would put, you would put your customers and workers first. you would not put them before, i guess rising prices. this is what i would say. rachel, you know, american corporations sure have cozied up to government the last two years but a like having a pet dragon. you feed it. one day it turns on you. it should been expected. you had a pet dragon. american corporations should understand government is not their friend. they will turn on you the minute they blame someone else for their problems, blame the unvaccinated.
4:38 am
blame the unvaccinated for the pandemic problems. no one ever looks at policy perspectives. it's a childish blame game. american private business should get ready they will spread the blame to you, for rising prices, american corporations. >> it is so true, when i read this letter, it just reminded me of all the things we've seen in latin america and socialist countries. they create all those socialist, communist policies that create scarcity and disencourage you know, all kinds of production of goods and they, they take things out of the private sector, they do all kinds of things that create problems. then they go to those people, they blame them, they say, you know, it is your fault. then they put in pry controls. with elizabeth warren and bernie sanders in charge, we have no idea what is coming down the pike. there are some things we thought would never happen in america that have happened. this does concern me. it is also in the letter she says it is disappointing that you chose not to put your
4:39 am
consumers first. boy, pot calling kettle black. this is the administration that completely dismantled the america first policies of the last administration. she ought to worry about the customers, the american voters, that she has absolutely turned her back on. they are, elizabeth warren specifically, bernie sanders, aoc, that whole progressive wing of the democrat party, are 100% responsible for the inflation we're seeing, for the supply chain crisis we're seeing, for the energy crisis that is raising as you pete, point the out, not just the food, heating costs for people that live in wisconsin, south dakota, minnesota. elderly on fixed incomes who can't afford any of this stuff. it is directly at the, their feet, the responsibility for this. pete? pete: rachel, you're exactly right. pocahontas wants price controls. she is a socialist.
4:40 am
ultimately they fall back on. you can sum her whole letter up in that idea. up next america's businesses are fed up with biden's vaccine mandates. some of them are attempting to fight back. carrey severino and alfredo ortiz take their legal challenges all the way to the supreme court. ♪. t there is one van equipped to handle them all. for over 120 years, mercedes-benz vans have been built, upfitted and ready to go. because we believe dreams - should never stay that way.
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♪. will: 27 businesses are filing an appeal to president biden's vaccine mandate and they're taking their fight to the supreme court. this comes after circuit judge allowed the administration's mandate to resume, he said, quote, the harm to the government and the public interest outweighs any irreparable financial injury to the individual petitioners who may be subject to vaccination policy so here to react is the judicial crisis network president carrie severino, president of the job creators network, al grade dough ortiz. great to have you with us this morning. we have a conflict, carrie, between the 5th and sixth circuit. we go to the supreme court to find out whether the vaccine mandate is constitutional. where is the on constitutional authority for osha to make private employers put in place a vaccine mandate? where can we find that
4:45 am
authority? >> this is the problem. the government does not have the authority to do a federal national vaccine mandate. chief of staff ron claimed a mitted this is the ultimate workaround to find a way to bootstrap their way in. it is in fact a huge power grab. osha doesn't have the authority. they are job to do work place safety, mandating hard-hats or mandating respirators, working g with chemicals in the air, not like vaccine mandate. like the moratorium the government tried to overstep its authority, the supreme court batted that one down and you think it will do the same thing here. will: alfredo, talk about the impact on businesses. take it in a microcosm and take it at a nationwide level because new york city is employing something even more generous, i assume we'll see a exodus in new york city. tell me an impact that has on an entire nation, an entire country of businesses. >> well, thank you.
4:46 am
talking about putting coals in the stockings of our small business owners across the country, millions of small business owners, impacting over 80 million workers across the country and you know our greatest concern are those small businesses 500 employees or less, even by definition of the small business administration, that is considered a small business. this is not the largest employers of our country like coca-cola, delta, united we're worried about. we're worried about the small businesses between 100 employees and 500 employees. this is a real significant impact, will, in terms of what it will do, in terms of difficulty of the labor shortage, inflation factors, mask mandates, et cetera. these guys are being pummeled. this is just another example of biden and the democrats war on small businesses. this is going to be debilitating for those small businesses. will: carrie, can i go back to the legal analysis for a moment? you said osha's authority
4:47 am
traditionally to insure you have a hard-hat on. that you're not injured at work. now the argument here is, well the unvaccinated at work need to be protected by forcing them to get a vaccine. what is the closest, so the supreme court will probably look for some kind of precedent, some kind of an example. what is the closest osha walked to this line, this is one little step forward to make this mandate constitutional? >> that is part of the problem. this is not typical osha regulation. this is done on emergency standard. only supposed to be done for cases necessary to prevent grave danger. hard for the administration to make that argument we're two years into that pandemic. they waited a year after the vaccines were already available. even after announcing the order it took them about two months to come up with the order. so the idea this is really an emergency, and also the idea that it is a broad brush grave danger, unvaccinated, 18 to
4:48 am
29-year-old range are same risk of death as a vaccinated 50, 64-year-old. the fact they're trying to tweet those all equally, than being more precise about it, one of the reasons it will fail. only 10 times in history has osha tried to do this kind of emergency regulation, half of those have already been struck down by courts. i think this will go the same direction. will: real quickly. >> 11 judges actually chimed in already, weighed in this is illegal. only two judges determined it is illegal. those two judges have lifted the stay. this is absolute ridiculous. we're -- will: chance it survives. it will be fascinating. thank you both for your time. we'll be back with chip wade on "fox & friends". s. that's why instacart helps deliver the ingredients. and you add the love.
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if muck. ♪ muck and this christmas will be -- ♪ a very special christmas for me. ♪ ♪ will: good morning, and welcome to "fox & friends." shot of colorado springs this morning as we wake up across the country. you know, throughout the last two days, rachel and pete, something near and dear to my
5:01 am
heart, we had a list yesterday about the best christmas songs. today we had a list of our favorite christmas movies. we've asked for them from time to time, here comes the shameless plug, rachel. i may have to do this on the will cain podcast. top five christmas movies, top five christmas songs. i don't think there's not worthy of the top five list, rachel. and maybe we need a new category. movies, it's the time for lists, i think, rachel. rachel: okay. how about this shameless plug? number one on christmas books -- [laughter] right now on "the new york times," "all-american christmas." thanks for the set-up, will. will: you're welcome. [laughter] rachel: what better way to celebrate christmas? pete: will, you do have a fascinating and unique ability to build lists and analyze the analysis of the lists.
5:02 am
it's fascinating and interesting. you should check out the will cain podcast, which is excellent, and you should check out rachel's book which, clearly, hundreds of thousands of people have because it's number one on "the new york times" list. it's awesome. ing now it's my turn, because we are here at america fest in phoenix. you guys should come, you know why? great egg fights in the green room, and they even brought my diet mountain dew. it's in my contract now that of they have to provide it -- rachel: he's turned into that guy. [laughter] pete: slowly becoming that guy, yes. [laughter] but it's been fun. we've got a couple of other special guests coming up on the program. kayleigh mcenany and i will be hosting all access live which is a fox nation show, so, yes, watch the speeches, but we're going to play some of the highlights and have some great guests at 2:00 local time, mountain time, 3:00 central. and you can get a free trial.
5:03 am
these are the kinds of speeches we need to be motivates, inspired and reminded of what make z this country so great. and you can see the great list of speakers at turning point's web site, donald trump jr., sarah palin, jim jordan, greg gutfeld, judge jeanine pirro, and then after all of them, then i speak at 3:20. is i'm going to juggle to keep people entertained after everyone else has spoken. but it is a wonderful event. 10,000 registrations here, and they did it up big. next hour i'm going to walk you into the hall which is right behind me and set the scene for what these speeches are like. yesterday i got a chance to chat with some of the students, because this is ultimately a student-led organization, high schoolers, college kids even though this event is open to everybody, and i just asked them an open-ended question. what motivates you, what are you most concerned about in this
5:04 am
country? here's a portion of the answers we heard. >> that the governor works for us -- government works for us, not the other way around. >> your peers may have supported joe biden, let's say. are they regretting that? >> you had a few students, like, i regret voting for joe biden. >> i have had people who voted for biden who have said to me, why did i do that. >> i have multiple friends who were, like, made the wrong choice. i'm so so sorry, you were right. >> i don't know what i was thinking. pete: why are you here? >> i love america. >> we're celebrating america, the greatest country in the world. >> at the end of the day -- [inaudible] and that's all i've got to do. and i don't have anything to worry about. [laughter] will: you know, pete, i think -- i find a great amount of optimism and hope in those
5:05 am
conversations you're having in arizona. and that's a conversation we've been having throughout the morning, optimism versus pessimism. youth versus age. it's a conversation that goes back to the top of the show this morning. also i think heatism versus -- elitism versus the common man. here's what i want to say about this, i think young people -- and, rachel, i'll direct this to you. undoubtedly through the education system are getting a far less message on a regular basis, but i also think young people have a tendency at least early on in their lives to go with the flow, go with what is cool, right? and i think that can change not only as you get older, but as culture changes. and, you know, pete had a conversation with tucker which we played a bite of earlier this morning where he talked about how the last two years has really changed what is cool and what is acceptable. to see what covid has done, what we've readily accepted, i do think that our culture, i think
5:06 am
that our country is changing. but not just in multiple ways is my point, rachel. and i think it has the opportunity to open the eyes, to shine the light for a lot of young people. and, pete, i hope those conversations that you're having reflect that. maybe it's an act of rebellion. or maybe it's a moment of charity. but i do think, rachel, what's happened in the last years has had the opportunity to open the eyes of a lot of young people. rachel: there is an opportunity. look, face it, it's at college footballs that we first started hearing the let's go brandon chant so, clearly, some young people are not happy with this administration. when i go to see my children who are in college, it seems to me that there is a level of submission, of compliance, of resignation to what the rules are are that are coming down from the administration that are clearly unconstitutional. many of the kids, you know, professors are afraid of their students. they're often being turned in by
5:07 am
their students. there's a surveillance culture on campus where other students are turning in their fellow students if they're not wearing masks properly. it's all very strange. they even have passes that you can't get into certain buildings even if you paid tuition if you didn't comply with all the covid mandates. my message to young people when i talk to them is these last two years are not normal. this is not what america has ever been like. and i think if young people can understand how abnormal the last two years, there is hope. but i do think that there is something, like, a creeping thing that can happen and they start to think that this is just the way life is. that's it, pete, you talked to tucker carlson. he says that this is a cultural movement that we're in, that this is a time for us to change the culture. it's not really political.
5:08 am
>> two years ago when things really started to change, charlie kirk was the only person in that world that noticed and said, wait a second, america's changing. some of the assumption ises i had weren't quite right. i don't normally go anywhere, but i wanted to come here because of that. pete: it almost feels more cultural. it's for families and very virtues. >> 100%. on the things that matter. and the number one thing that matters as adults is your kids, how are your kids doing. what's more important than that? there's nothing -- your job is not more important than that, like, nothing, corona isn't -- how are your kids doing. and it's one of the questions that we don't ask for some reason. but i think it's, a lot of the people here know it intuitively. they don't need to be told that's really the only important thing. pete: very well said. and, you know, by the way, look at that stage.
5:09 am
that's a rock star entrance if i've ever seen one. the roman columns in the background, i love it. i'll say this, there's no doubt that this -- we talked about the two-year time frame, that's the covid time frame, mentioned it kind of the covid 1619 moment where parents woke up to, were confronted by the reality of what's in our curriculum and the way teachers teach. and if we don't take this abnormal moment, rachel, to your point, not normal, and use it as an opportunity to put a microscope on what's actually being done and what our kids are receiving through their phones as we hand them a phone and say you get two hours, those are all things as parents we have to confront, otherwise they will go with the cultural flow. and when i consider the kids that are here, i consider them survivors of that education, totally controlled by progressives. it's going to be the kids, the young people that are the beginning of a cultural comeback. and what charlie's doing with turning point and others is so
5:10 am
central to that. otherwise, we give it away. we'll have more from that interview with tucker including, he ghei a little shout -- gave a little shout out to "fox & friends" weekend. we'll play that later on. more news as well this morning. contractors in texas break ground on the state-funded partial border wall. its goal? to stem illegal immigration largely ignored by the joe biden administration. fox news correspondent bill me hue gin is at the border in -- melugin is at the border. >> reporter: saturday afternoon when texas governor greg abbott came down to tour this construction site and look at the very first panels going occupy. it was six months ago in june when he first announced texas' intention to build its own border wall. now it is happening. take a look at this video of the construction site. this is the initial 1.7-mile stretch of wall that's going up here in star county in the rio grande valley, the busiest section of the u.s./mexico
5:11 am
byrder. it's being built on -- border, it's being built on texas land with texas money. governor abbott says they have to do it because he says the biden administration is failing to secure the border. talk a listen. >> this unprecedented action is needed for one single reason, and that's because the biden administration has failed to do its job as required by the constitution, as required by law as passed by congress, to enforce the immigration laws of the united states of america. >> reporter: and upon talking office, president biden immediately halted all construction of the federal wall, the trump walls that were going up down at the border. what you're looking at is a result of that, piles upon piles of steel just going left completely unused at federal storage sites here in the rio grande valley. we are talking tens of millions of dollars already bought and paid for by u.s. taxpayers that have essentially just been left in the sun ever since january. and on saturday i asked governor
5:12 am
abbott, can the state of texas use any of that steel? will the federal government sell it to texas at all? governor said they've reached out to the feds, they haven't heard anything back, and he says that is a disservice to u.s. taxpayers. take a listen. >> if they want to be responsible stewards for taxpayer money, they should be providing that material east to the state of texas or to the contractors working with the state of texas. otherwise the biden administration has on its resuée wasting billions of taxpayer dollars doing absolutely nothing. >> reporter: bottom line, when it comes to all that steel is the federal government has already said they have no intention of building a federal border wall and no intention of using that steel. so despite the fact that the state of texas is building its own wall, they would love to use that steel, potentially purchase it from them, all that steel already bought and paid for by u.s. taxpayers, it's just going to continue sitting and baking out in the sun with no use whatsoever. we'll send it back to you. rachel: wow.
5:13 am
that is an amazing report. you know, just a little chain-link fence surrounding those panels. i wonder, pete and will, those are our panels. we paid for them. i don't know why the state of texas has to ask bear mission to get them -- permission. they're ours, we paid for it. why don't they just take the panels? will: that would be a fascinating conflict between texas and the federal government over whose property that is. but to the point -- rachel: it's our, it's our property. will: sure. it's the people's property. right. rachel: right. will: but bought with federal tax dollars, not texas state tax dollars. by the way, it's a procedural argument, it's a technical argument. it's the argument that should be had, but to your philosophical argument, yes, it is the people's property. and what it serves to highlight more is why then would you let the people's property waste
5:14 am
instead of being put to use by a different party, in this case the state of texas, rachel, who actually put it to use and do do the job that you will not perform. rachel: yeah. earlier i spoke to -- oh, pete, go ahead. pete: go ahead. no, no, no, please, i want to steal your -- who spoke to ed? rachel: i did. pete: okay. former state police officer in new mexico talked about the cartels, and, rachel, please reabout on the other side. >> this has been a perfect time for them as far as taking advantage of the surge of just humanity going towards the border wall and the apparent invitation that a lot of them are under the impression of that it is, the coast is clear to go. cartels are basically utilizing that humanity to do their thing. giving them the momentum to not
5:15 am
only take control over vast sections of the border wall as far as their ability to penetrate it and so take control of global drug markets around the border. rachel: you know, pete, ed calderon actually worked in mexico. he was very informed, knowledgeable about what is happening at the border with cartels in particular. he said the cartels have never been more powerful, they've never been richer. i asked him if he was worried that mexico would become a narco state, that we are through these open border policies that we're destabilizing mexico, and he said 100%. he also said that the cartels are coordinating9 with the chinese. this is actually a national security issue. it's actually outrageous. pete? pete: it sure is. and to your earlier discussion about the border wall, that discussion is only important and only matters if you assume one
5:16 am
side of that equation actually cares about the border. you guys both know that. they don't. so of course they want the panels to sit there, of course they're going to find every reason not to use them. and it is those on the other side with the various intentions who include the chinese who would love to destabilize, and they're doing just that, will. will: yeah, absolutely. we move to this, by the way. speaking of destabilize, how about president biden's economy which finds itself on the naughty list this year? and it's not just on the naughty list, it is providing a shortage of almost everything you could hope for when it comes to food at the holidays. first, look at just the rising price of foods we love year round. bacon, beef, ham, eggs. this is breakfast, basically. this is what you're cooking right now as you're watching "fox & friends." whole milk, everything up as much as 20% when it comes to beef, 21%. when it comes to bacon. finish so everything,
5:17 am
everything -- you're probably in the kitchen right now making for your children -- has gone up extraordinarily this year. and that then, pete, brings us to the holidays where we already know, by the way, we're suffering through a cream cheese shortage. so no cheesecake for christmas. but that's not the only holiday food item that is feeling the supply crunch, pete. pete: it's true. i didn't know it until today's show, but there is a candy cane shortage. i mean, put out the apb for stand. mitchell cohen is the owner of economy candy, talked to the new york post, said this: we've only received half of our candy cane order for the holiday season and sold out almost immediately. we currently have zero in stock, raw material and ingredient shortages globally have had quite an impact. rachel, i didn't realize this because when we deck rated our tree, we opened up the boxes of ornaments from last year, and there were a ton of candy canes
5:18 am
from last year, so i just put those up. they're a little stale, but they work just fine. so i haven't bought new candy canes this year, but who knew? i mean, everything. rachel: well, that's the kind of resourcefulness we need at the board err. we already have the panels for the wall. you're using the candy canes from last year, i like it. that's the american spirit. [laughter] i personally don't like candy canes, but i feel very sorry for -- [laughter] i mean, candy canes aren't going to sell after christmas -- pete: you don't like candy canes? can we talk about that? rachel: i know. i'm not a candy cane person. pete: i'm not either. you don't need them any oh time. will: that makes two. i'm with rachel. not a huge candy cane person, but here is the way you use them, use peppermint, love peppermint ice cream. crunch those bad boys up and put them into some ice cream, and you're good to go.
5:19 am
pete: it's like candy corn. you only eat it for halloween, but it tastes like christmas. just one for a week. rachel: it is. let's just face it, pete, you have the diet of a 6-year-old, so it's probably on the menu for pete. pete: and my 6-year-olds benefit from that diet. they love it. and i love it too. [laughter] we eat together. you're exactly right. all right, up next as covid cases spike across the country, the white house is gearing up for new measures that may spoil the christmas season. dr. marc siegel on what he wants to see from joe biden's administration. with liberty mutual, so we only pay for what we need. -hey tex, -wooo. can someone else get a turn? yeah, hang on, i'm about to break my own record. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ are you taking a statin drug to reduce cholesterol? only pay for what you need. it can also deplete your coq10 levels.
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♪ ♪ will: well, it's beginning to look a lot like 2020. the president is expected to unveil new, stricter covid measures in a speech scheduled for tuesday. this is as businesses and colleges begin to shut back down. not just colleges, by the way, in some cases elementary schools and entire school districts because of a rise in covid cases. here with more of what you can expect, fox news medical contributor dr. marc siegel. dr. siegel, great to see you. what do you think we're going to hear from president biden on
5:24 am
tuesday? it doesn't sound like we should expect good news. >> absolutely, will. i think you already covered it. we're going to hear more restrictions, more closures, more shutdowns for a virus that you actually can't contain that way, right if if you close a university, the kids bring it home, and then it spreads around communities. we've seen that over and over. this virus, this variant, omicron, looks like it's as contagious as measles is. now, what could they do? first of all, i would like it if vice president harris didn't start off by saying nobody knew this was coming. scientists were predicting this for months, including me, that variants were going to come from areas where there isn't a lot of vaccination, like africa. and how about praising president trump for once and saying that we got the vaccine, let's call it the trump vaccine, we got it in nine months. if you're boosted against this variant, by the way, you have an 85% chance according to a new study from the u.k. of not getting a severe case.
5:25 am
and lastly, where are all the biotechnology we need, will? they've got it, but they're not bringing it out to us. will: hey, dr. siegel, that -- you know, i want to come back to that variant conversation in just one second. i want to save a little time to ask you about kamala harris. why the focus on cases? we are talking about cases rising. with omicron cases don't seem to be a good measure because it's mild. why no conversations about hospitalizations and death? cases drive everything now including shutdowns. >> including fear. really great point, you know? mild cases of this are not what worries me. what i'm concerned about are hospitalizations. now, the best way to prevent hospitalizations are to have that pill out there that pfizer already gave to the fda. where the heck is it? it isn't approved. and another thing, the biden administration could buy millions and millions of doses in advance and distribute it to every american along with testing to figure out if you
5:26 am
actually have this virus. that pill could be a game-changer here. you don't hear the stuff you heard under the trump administration about the public/private partnerships. will: right. >> that's what we need. will: really quickly, because i think this is fascinating. we have, like, 30 seconds, but kamala harris, vice president, said we didn't see the variant coming. she's trying to walk that back, her office is saying we didn't know about this particular mutation. how can you know so little two years in when you're in charge? you know, the biden administration, you're in charge -- i think he said of shutting down the virus. >> we knew, will. we knew this variant or something like it was going to come with a lot of mutations, and they have a monoclonal antibody against this also that they've only bought 50,000 doses for. are you kidding me? this is the federal government. this is a disgrace. president of the united states has got to get this monoclonal antibody, millions and millions and millions of doses available.
5:27 am
again, praise the trump vaccine, get this antibody, get the pill out there, get the testing out there. that's what the government's supposed to be doing. will: absolutely. dr. marc siegel. the blame game, that's a what politicians do. thank you so much for jumping on. >> thanks, will. will: great to talk to you. straight ahead, a chicago police officer is now under investigation for supporting turning point usa. she joins us live with her fight for the freedom of young minds coming up. plus, governor mike huckabee on "fox & friends," straight ahead.
5:28 am
5:29 am
5:30 am
5:31 am
♪ pete: welcome back. we're following up on a story we brought you yesterday. chicago police department confirming to fox news they're conducting an internal investigation into a sergeant with the chicago pd who voiced her support simply for the formation of a turning point usa chapter at an area high school.
5:32 am
amy kessum, who is also a 20-year veteran of the force, praised the local are students on the facebook page writing in part: i could not be more proud of them in a city where liberal progressives have continually and unjustifiably attacked the characters of conservatives, i'm certain these students realize that this will almost certainly be scrutinized. finish amy kessum joins us now. amy, thank you so much for being here, and i know there's an investigation, and it wouldn't be prudent for you to comment on that, so we'll set that aside. that is what it is. but the particulars of this case, you're the mother of a student who wants to form a turning point chapter, and you simply expressed support for that, and that's controversial? >> yeah. well, good morning. thank you for having me on. apparently, it is controversial. [laughter] i am absolutely baffled by it. i was doing my job as the
5:33 am
republican committeeman supporting my constituents, but more importantly, supporting my daughter in her endeavors. pete: i was remiss in, first of all, not thanking you for your service and everything you do for your community. and you obviously serve in civic life as well. what's happening at the school? are they open to having a turning point chapter, or is -- what's the result of what the students have attempted to do? >> so, yeah, it's very confusing because literally 15 minutes after i had picked my daughter up and she was told that they could have this chapter at her school, 15 minutes later i picked her up and i got this scathing e-mail from the principal saying that they were concerned -- they didn't name the organization, but we all knew what they were talking about -- was associated with their school, and they claimed this organization did not adhere
5:34 am
to the values or the mission of cps which, again, i'm completely baffled by because it absolutely does. turning point usa's mission is to teach kids about free markets, upholding the constitution, limited government control, and those are the things that we value in our home and i value as the republican committeeman. we want these kids to have a different point of view. they're getting inundated by school administration on socialism, things of that nature, and we think it's important for these kids to learn another, another ideology. [laughter] so the principal -- pete: you mean, the things that our country was founded on. that's the baffling nature of this, that's ultimately what they're fighting for the right just to represent and have a chapter, let alone speak and operate freely. just the particulars. as a police officer, i know it in a military context, not in a
5:35 am
police context. are you allowed to post on facebook support for a particular group or a particular cause? is that something other officers are able to do as well? >> well, i'm not allowed to speak about policy regarding my employer. pete: sure. >> but, you know, anytime anyone makes a complaint against an officer, it is the department's position that they have to look into this. so that's all it was. it doesn't necessarily mean i did anything wrong. pete: got it. okay. makes sense to me. well, hopefully they stand beside you in this, and keep us posted on what happens with the school chapter. i know charlie kirk and others are used to that, but it's baffling to the minds of so many that simply starting an organization -- and they use the ideas of diversity and excollusion to exclude -- inclusion to exclude groups from the schools. we all know where that's coming from. sergeant, thanks for being such a wonderful spokesman and representative for our country. we appreciate it. >> thanks for having me. pete: thank you. up next, the lone star state
5:36 am
unveiling its first portion of the state-built border wall. mike huckabee reacts to texas taking matters into its own hands. plus, oh, brother, the internet going wild over what can only be considered a cringey video featuring joe biden and the jonas brothers. >> are you vaccinated? >> >> yes, sir. >> did we get it? >> got it. [ marcia ] my dental health was not good. i had periodontal disease, and i just didn't feel well. but then i found clearchoice. [ forde ] replacing marcia's teeth with dental implants at clearchoice was going to afford her that permanent solution. [ marcia ] clearchoice dental implants gave me the ability to take on the world. i feel so much better, and i think that that is the key.
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rachel: we are back with some headlines. texas is suing the defense department for ordering them to stop making religious-themed dog tags with military trademark. the company's owner, kenny vaughn, joined us earlier on why he is fighting back. >> a lot of those dog tags we made, those guys the still have 'em, guys and gals. unfortunately, a lot of them are hanging around the necks of gold star family members to remind them of the courage of their own family members had in battle. why would anyone ever be so selfish? rachel: vaughn says he sold the military dog tags for years, but a single complaint is what toppled everything. what a shame. biden's latest vaccine push has critics saying, oh, brother. >> you vaccinated?
5:41 am
>> yes, sir! >> yep. >> did we get it? >> we got it. rachel: so embarrassing. the tiktok video featuring the jonas brothers widely mocked on social media, and that includes former white house press secretary sean spicer who tweeted, quote: covid cases on the rise, but the focus is on cute tiktok. and those are your headlines. pete: you know, i agree, obviously, on the larger point, but i kind of like the video, i'm going to be honest. i actually think joe biden did some good acting at the end. probably better than our acting for the new year's eve special -- [laughter] at least mine, i would say. you were phenomenal -- rachel: oh, stop. pete: emmy-winning performance. check it out. it's so bad -- rachel: wait a minute. so joe biden, who's barely alive, is a better actor than any of us. i love it. pete: it's true.
5:42 am
a weekend at bernie's thing. [laughter] all right. texas governor greg -- we better move on before we get in more trouble. greg with abbott unveiling the first stretch of the state-funded border wall as biden's emigration crisis spirals out -- immigration crisis spirals out of control. >> we have drug cartels, we have human trafficking, we have fentanyl brought across the border. there's devastation every single day because the biden administration is not doing its job to secure our border, so texas is stepping up and doing the federal government's job. it's nebraska been this -- it's never been this bad. will: here to react, former arkansas governor mike huckabee. governor, great to see you this morning. merry christmas. we always love having you in the show. you heard there, governor, you heard the governor of texas, greg abbott, stepping up where the federal government has left a vacuum. what do you make of the entire situation? >> well, it's tragic that the state is having to do the job
5:43 am
the federal government is supposed to do and that federal taxes pay for. you know, joe biden has this two-word line, got it. of course, it took him 37 takes to get it right, but still he did get through it -- of. [laughter] and it was beautiful. but the fact is what joe biden needs to be focused on is not the jonas brothers, but it's the wall, it's the border security. we have hundreds of thousands of people coming across. i was just in south texas last weekend doing some deer hunting, and one of the things we had to do was go up there and see if somebody was hiding because it was 30 miles from the border. the ranchers are being overrun by illegals, and it's a dangerous situation for the illegals, it's also a dangerous situation for the people who live down there. and joe biden, who's not been there, kamala harris who's not been there, are oblivious to it. rachel: yeah. it really is -- you bring up such a great point, governor, that these people are sleeping with their rifles because they're afraid.
5:44 am
they can't walk their properties without a gun because they're afraid they might run into somebody, a cartel member, somebody nefarious. they're afraid for their children. we've had ranchers on who are petrify about, you know, their kids. this is not a way to live, and they feel totally ignored by the government. the other group of people that feels totally ignored by the federal government are our brave border patrol. here's -- i want to read you a quote from a border patrol agent who gave a resignation, and here's what he had to say. he said as the patrol and the u.s. government at large slip more and more into the unrecognizable, it's unclear what i took an oath to defend starting from way back in 1996 as a navy corpsman. the undocumented -- of infringing the law to brazenly quiring about what's taking so long? have we become hand maids in
5:45 am
their cause in incomprehensible. governor, aye spoken to border -- i've spoken to border patrol agents who say that the migrants who are coming now, the illegal migrants coming over now have a sense is of entitlement that he never saw in earlier waves of migration. >> well, why wouldn't they? joe biden has become the minnie pearl of the southern borders. his basic cry is y'all come, and they have by the hundreds of thousands, and as a result we see people who feel like they have a right, expect democrats back them up on it. they essentially say, yeah, you come on in, we'll get you housing, we'll provide education. but, by the way, don't worry about getting vaccines or having to wear a mask or anything else because you're not going to be subjected to the same thing that the rest of america is subjected to. and that's another point of contention for so many americans, the hypocrisy of this administration when it comes to covid and the border.
5:46 am
pete: golf, on another -- governor, on another topic, i didn't realize my mic was hot, i said what else do we have for governor huckabee? [laughter] we have a second topic. we're remote here, but it is christmas, and you're a musician. you know music very, very well. rolling stone revealed its list of the 20 worst christmas songs. here's what they deem to be the top five worst. jessica and ashlee simpson, the little drummer boy. happy christmas, marine five, band-aid, do they know it's christmas, and grandma got run over by a reindeer. what would your worst be, governor? and then maybe some of your best. >> well, actually, the rolling stone list is just full of balloon juice. here's a tie for the three worst ever. one is bruce springsteen's merry christmas, baby. it's horrible. it's basically something that goes on forever. springsteen needs to stick to
5:47 am
what he's good at, rock and roll. he fails as a christmas singer. and then one that i think -- we need to look at the lyrics of santa claus is coming to town. think about it. he sees you when you're sleeping, he knows when you're awake, he knows that you've been bad and good. what that reveals is santa is a voyeur. [laughter] and the third is i saw mama kissing santa claus sung by andrew cuomo at the christmas party -- [laughter] i do have also a quick list of the best songs if you want to hear those. the most original, creative song, little drummer boy, absolutely spell binding. mariah carey, all i want for christmas is you. darlene love's christmas song. sandy patty, anything she does, but especially bethlehem
5:48 am
morning. and andy williams, when he was on my show at fox years ago, the first time i ever played that song in my life was standing 4 feet from andy williams singing this iconic classic, and i was scared to death -- rachel: wow. >> -- that i was going to mess it up. he's the greatest guy in the world. we miss him, host gone, but his music lives forever. rachel: yeah. his name is synonymous with christmas music for so many people because he is amazing. he and bing crosby are just the classics. pete: and you did the not mess it up at all. [inaudible conversations] will: thank you, governor. we should have known that. [laughter] pete: he delivered. >> thanks, guys. pete: governor, merry christmas. thank you as much. rachel: merry christmas, governor. pete: let's bring in chief meteorologist rick like muth who has -- reichmuth who has an update on how his weather man
5:49 am
umbrella is helping folds of honor. rick: we did our give back, you know, our reveal to major dan. take a look and what watch what happened just a few weeks ago. dan, this is for you, $40,000 that has been raised largely because of our amazing viewers right here who have purchased these umbrellas. another $40,000 -- get this, $270,000 in four years that we've been able to earn. all right, update, our viewers are so amazing, and this umbrella which is now our best selling -- and we still have them, which is amazing, can you see that there? not sure. up to 80,000 now that we're donating to folds of honor from weatherman umbrella which is amazing. it brings us to a four-year total of $310,000 which is just an incredible, incredible dream. listen, we still have them. we have free two-day shipping, use the code 2 day, everything
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is in stock, you can still get them in time for cast. we're honored. $80,000 keep it going. thanks, everyone. more "fox & friends" coming up in just a minute.
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rachel: it's day seven of our twelve days of giving, and this morning we're highlighting a program that's been delivering christmas joy for 74 years. that's right, it's the marine corps toys for tots program which has distributed, get this, more than 600 million toys to date. and here with more, toys for tot president and ceo retired lieutenant general jim lasser. general, thank you for joining us and merry christmas. it's an amazing number, 600 million. this pandemic's been tough on a lot of families. 8 million americans have fallen into poverty. we have inflation, so families are stretched more than ever this christmas. tell me what toys for tots is doing to meet this growing demand. >> well, first of all, merry christmas to you and thanks for having me on the show. rau e ray of course. >> as you know, toys for tots goes back to 1947, and since then to this day we have reached 572 million children. you know, i like to say that
5:55 am
marines always accomplish the mission, and last year with the pandemic we were able to adapt and overcome, distribute our best year ever, 7.4 million children reached reached. this year we got ahead of the supply chain problem by ordering toys and books ahead of time to push to our coordinators for distribution. and we're doing other things as well. just this morning we have sent eight truckloads of toys and books to the tornado victims. and i have waived the less fortunate caveat for that. any child that's a victim of those tornadoes, we're trying our best to support and help so they have something on christmas. we also supported about 17,000 afghan refugee children this year across the nation. so we're accomplishing the mission. but one thing that i would say is we can't do it without the
5:56 am
support of the american people. so i'm very grateful for their generosity. please keep it up. rachel: yeah. it's amazing what you're doing, and you're right, a lot of people think you're just a holiday program. you're not. you're helping people across the country throughout the year. good on you for getting ahead of that supply chain crisis. leave it to the marines to solve that problem. thanks a lot. but it's not lik's my only interest. i also love cooking with heart-healthy, idaho potatoes. always look for the grown in idaho seal. . . . >> man: what's my safelite story? my my livelihood. so when my windshield cracked... the experts at safelite autoglass came right to me... with service i could trust. right, girl? >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ before discovering nexium 24hr to treat her frequent heartburn... claire could only imagine enjoying chocolate cake.
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tell your doctor if you have an infection or symptoms or if you had a vaccine or plan to. emerge tremfyant® with tremfya®... ask you doctor about tremfya® today. ♪ shake up the happiness. ♪ waking up, weak up the happiness. ♪ come on, y'all, christmas time. ♪ shake it up, shake up the happiness. >> good morning, welcome to the fourth and final hour of this "fox & friends weekend" on a sunday, beautiful shot of the all american christmas tree. december 19th, less than a week until christmas year of our lord 2021, fourth hour, rachel, will, good morning.
6:01 am
all great to be hosting with you. rachel: good morning. will: good morning to you as well. merry christmas, rachel. rachel: merry christmas to both of you and, pete, how are you loving my home state of phoenix, arizona? pete: i'm loving it. christmas in arizona is the way to do it. i'm telling you. they do it up. the festivity in a warmer climate, i could go for that. that's a little bit more biblical, you might say, considering what bethlehem is like in december. i'm just saying, it's in keeping. by the way, stick around for the end of this hour. we're playing the hits of the last year of "fox & friends weekend" at the end of the show, it's always a lot of fun to see the fun we've gotten into over the last year and by the way, one more shameless plug, you'll be ringing in the few year with rachel, will and i, the special hosted by us in nashville, another warm place where we would prefer to be. if you would indulge me for a minute and brian kilmeade is going to kill me, he believes he
6:02 am
has exclusive access for walking and talking on television. i'm going to attempt to show you what it's like to be at america fest. i have my badge. we're if front of the step and repeat of fox nation. we're just outside, if you follow me in, the main halls of america fest. over there is the vip lounge. will, that's probably where you would be hanging out, rachel maybe. i don't think i'm allowed in there. we are allowed inside the main hall. jamie, thank you very much. we're coming into a black hole. i'll move fast here. if you can see in the distance, it's a big old stage. if there's one thing you do at america fest, you don't do subtle. you do america big and you do america loud and that's exactly what they're doing at turning point america fest. huge stage, more lights than i've ever seen. and brad a, my friend brad is with mosaic, does an amazing job with the production company. you did the fox nation patriot awards as well. would you mind cueing up your favorite video that you have.
6:03 am
they're going to roll the video for us right now. this is what some folks here might see when yours truly walks to the stage. i mean, they queued it up for me, what can i say. it's the closest i will ever be to being a rock star, let's be honest. i'm never going to be on stage doing anything that's real rock status. they do it big and loud and large here, a lot of your fox favorite. it would be will and rachel if it was all, but a lot of your fox favorites. when you look at the crowd, you've got the seats and a set of risers. they have 10,000 young people and adults for this one of. it gives you a lot of hope and inspiration that freedom is not dead, that our constitution does still matter, that free markets are important, that as the slogan goes at turning point, big government does stuff and you're going to hear that from the stage from a lot of speakers and you'll be able to watch it live on fox nation. the partnership between turning point and fox nation is
6:04 am
phenomenal and so if you want a sense of optimism to believe in your country, to remember what it's all about, tune into fox nation. all the great speakers this morning will be on there and then myself and kayleigh mcenany will host all access live, 2:00 local time today, 11:00 local time tomorrow, we'll play the hits, sort of like a sports center if you will of fox nation for america fest. it will be a great event. we're honored to be a part of it, fox nation as well. end of shameless plug. i did have a chance yesterday to talk to tucker carlson, as he spoke last night here on -- you can see that on fox nation as well. i asked him, i said you are one of our most -- you are our most famous alum of fox and friends. he gave a shoutout and compliment to what we do in the morning. take a listen. >> ladies and gentlemen, tucker carlson. we love you. by the way, alum of "fox & friends weekend." >> the hardest job there is.
6:05 am
there's no harder job in television. try to get up at 3:00 in the morning and sit on a couch with no back for four hours, going from cooking segments to world news with two other hosts with no scripts. pete: you know, first of all, awesome tour. thank you for that, tour, pete of america fest. the best detail of that clip of tucker carlson of explaining the "fox & friends" experience is this. a lot of people do difficult jobs. i want to put it in context. we don't do any mike rowe dirty jobs but the couch does have no back and i've seen people -- you check social media, like will, pete, why is your posture so bad, why are you leaned over? it's like sitting on a park bench for four hours and you're looking for every possible posture that you can over that time. because that couch has no back, rachel.
6:06 am
rachel: it's true. but i'm going to tell you this. i don't know what tucker's experience was on "fox & friends weekend" and how it was for him. i can tell you that these are the four fastest hours that go by because of you two. i really love working with you, will and pete. and you guys make it fun and you make those four hours fly and we have great conversations in between our segments and we run out and get food for each other and we complain about no coffee and then we get coffee sometimes and it's kind of crazy but you guys make it fun. pete: well said, rachel. it's not work at all to get to work with the two of you for sure and it's fun looking at the flashback photos. rachel: my house is work. pete: interesting point. true. but i was just new on the show when tucker was still a weekend host. it was fun and fascinating to host with tucker carlson in the morning, those four hours also went quickly and he taught me --
6:07 am
he goes pete, i'm a better host when i don't prepare. i prefer to learn about the show as the show goes along. it makes it more interesting. [laughter] pete: so he would pick up the script and be like what's next, okay, let's see. sometimes when i don't want to prep i say i'm going to take the tucker carlson approach today. rachel: yeah. that is definitely -- the boys do that more than i do. i'm a girl and i'm a pep pairer -- preparer as pete knows. i have pens and organizers to keep things organized. pete: we mock you because we love you. speaking of tucker, by the way, he had a message on the stage last night. but he also -- i asked him about what is his message to young people and here's what he said. >> what's your number one message to them right now, young people? >> that we're probably at the worst point, probably not going to get worse than this. the most important thing society
6:08 am
does is care about the people who will continue that society, who will lead it, who perpetuate it, carry on its values for another 100 years or 300 years or forever, one hopes and we don't care about them at all and they know that and they're really upset about that and i personally think it's not a sustainable system. you can't always be governed by 81-year-old nancy pelosi who doesn't care about your kids. she's too far away from it. she doesn't care. and i don't think this will last. will: i a agree, this will not last. i have spent the morning trying to be the optimist among the three of us. i will say this. my turn for just a moment of pessimism. my turn for just one moment. i'm not sure tucker's right that this is as bad as it gets, that we're at the worst moment. i do believe it's unsustainable and it will turn for the better but like any addict we have to hit rock bottom and i think every single week seems to bring another i can't believe we're here.
6:09 am
i can't believe we're shutting down over omicron. i can't believe the conspiracy theorists have proven to be right. whatever it may be, i feel like i'm met with a series of i can't believes and i'm not sure we're done quite yet. i share tucker's optimism that it's unsustainable and as soon as we hit the rock bottom hopefully we return to the principles, course, values and identities of who we are as americans. rachel: tucker has given many speeches to young people. i've watched several of them. one of the things he tells young people is get married and have babies. i love hearing it because i feel validated like with my life choices. [laughter] >> if you want to watch tucker's speech, which he goes into greater length and depth about this very topic for young people, you can right now, no excuses, fox nation. all of the turning point america fest speeches are live there so you can watch it as well as kaley and i on all access live.
6:10 am
she'll be here in a second. i will say it's a question of when we hit rock bottom, right, guys? it's not a whether, is that now or is that a year, is that two years from now, how much worse can it get? we catalog the crazies on the show. it seems we go one rung lower every weekend. the question is when and are we prepared to rebound from the chaos or does the chaos create an authoritarian instinct. i think there's a real discussion to be had about that. groups like turning point are trying to be a part of creating the foundation on that. rachel: i believe the last two years has been an exercise in normalizing that authoritarianism for young people and i said at the beginning of this pandemic, i remember going on tv and saying to stuart varney, i'm really worried, i'm really worried we're going to come out of this pandemic looking more like china than america and i hoped that i would be wrong. but i'm not.
6:11 am
i believe we are more like china. we have a more surveillance type system. we are seeing the beginnings of a social credit score system in america. we do have big tech censoring. we do have young people who have been so normalized to censorship that they self-censor which is the real danger. so i am worried. it gives me hope how many kids are showing up to turning point. doesn't surprise me it's happening in phoenix. the west has always been a place that loves freem, especially -- freedom, especially the southwest and all the wide spaces. that said, i think a lot of our young people with turning point kids and others as the exception have normalized this you authoritarianism, this big government system and it's -- and socialism. and i'm very frightened for it. >> a lot of that that
6:12 am
normalization has to do with where you live. you live in florida, texas, you live in other places and it's been open and it's been free and a people have rejected it and rightfully so and politicians have reflected those values. it is geographic at some level too. we'll see where it goes. nobody knows. all right, well, also beginning to look a lot like, to your point, rachel, march 2020 as covid-19 cases spike in parts of the country. alexandria hoff is live as the white house prepares to announce new measures on tuesday. help us out, alexandria. >> reporter: good morning. on tuesday president biden will announce additional steps the administration plans to take to combat the spread of the virus. he previously said he was not going to shut down the economy or the country. right now there's questions about proper foresight that comes after vice president kamala harris told the ll times that the administration was caught offguard. quote, we didn't see del the
6:13 am
take coming, i think most scientists coming. we didn't see omicron coming. well, the white house responded saying the vice president's comments referred to the exact kind of mutation. the administration knew mutations were possible. it is the reason we ordered extra tests, extra gear and extra ppe. as the highly transmissible omicron variant now overlaps with the existing delta variant, a plethora of colleges and universities are either weighing or announced plans to start the spring semester remotely. school districts across the country are considering a return to remote learning and much of this is due to existing staffing problems, now exacerbated by the spread of the virus. it's a regression felt in just about every sector. the nfl and other leagues have had schedules interrupted. the new york times is calling on sports leagues to be shut down. according to the white house, the president's tuesday announcement will include a warning to the unvaccinated. the administration is adamant that without two shots plus a
6:14 am
booster, this winter will be one of severe illness. will, rachel, pete. rachel: thank you, alexandria. so upsetting. all right. we're going to move now to some headlines. we start with a fox news alert. a rapper dies after being stabbed in the neck at a music festival in los angeles. tmz reporting rapper drake the ruler was stabbed back stage when the fight broke out. he was taken to the hospital where he died. snoop dogg, ice cube and 50-cent were supposed to take the stage but officials shut down the event. it's not clear whether police have anyone in custody. california governor gavin newsom plans to combat a rise in violent crimes, brazen robberies and smash and grabs in his state with a $300 million proposal. the plan outlines $255 million to put more law enforcement in stores, $18 million for an organized theft unit and a grant program to help victimized small
6:15 am
businesses. we'll see if that works. stars of your favorite classic christmas movies reveal their holiday favorites. tim allen picks white christmas. scott short who plays flick in "a christmas story" picks elf. ellen griswold actress picked her own movie, christmas vacation. and rita moreno chose the four seasons. we have -- we have your favorite movies e-mailed. let's see mary said "a christmas story," you'll shoot your eye out. david writing, a christmas carol is the best with scrooge and tiny tim and jay chiming in with it's a wonderful life, a classic story of redemption and a historical glimpse of world world war ii america. and those are your headlines. very cool.
6:16 am
they chose the classicses there. i'm with ellen griswold, though. if someone asks you guys what's your favorite tv show wouldn't you say "fox & friends weekend"? you're not going to say, well -- i mean, you're going to -- she goes with her own movie. that's right. >> that's respect. and she's correct. we both agree, pete. pete: and she correct. will: sos she's also correct. pete: and also actually correct, yes. rachel: i will say elf has become a classic, i think. i don't know how you guys feel about that. >> i agree with you. it's moving its way up the ranks. it takes time but it's getting there. rachel: i love it. >> well, now to this. trying to find a sunny side. after losing both parents to covid-19 in a nursing home. janice dean's sister-in-law is working to give back to the senior community this christmas. the mickey and dee charitable foundation's operation gifts for seniors collects donations to bring gifts to local nursing homes and senior centers.
6:17 am
donna johnson joins us now with more along with janice live from their wrapping facility. janice, good morning. god bless you. so wonderful to see you. >> nice to see you all. merry christmas to you guys. thanks for doing this story because you know i've been really vocal about what's happened here in new york for the last year and-a-half and what's happened in nursing homes. but my sister-in-law, donna, has taken her grief and turned it into joy for others. and i'm so proud of her. tell us what's happening today. >> today we are wrapping up the gifts for about probably 200 seniors. we have everything. we have blankets, toiletries, pajamas, clothing, sweatshirts, anything you could possibly need, slippers. it was all donated and we'll be packing up at least 200 bags. >> when did you start? >> i started it in -- i started the foundation in february. before that, last christmas, we
6:18 am
did -- i did gifts with other people and when valentine's day came around i wanted to do for the people in the homes especially the people who have no family. so they were busy. so i just with my daughter, we just made some and got some gifts and we delivered it around to some nursing homes and from there it just grew. we did st. paddy's day next and i reached out to friends and family to he donate for mother's day. father's day we did haircuts. veterans day we donated to the local vfw and we got some poppes on memorial day and wrote letters to the veterans in the veteran nursing home in suffolk county and wrote them letters and sent them a poppy. >> how can you donate? >> go to all the information is there. and this is a project that goes on throughout the year so don't think you're too late for
6:19 am
christmas. i just want to let you know, your viewers are absolutely amazing. your one viewer, christine in new jersey, we became friends back in september and christine, her family, friends, behalf of the mcgee foundation and in honor of her dad, she collected over 100 gifts that she gave out. >> our viewers are spectacular. i want to thank amy and chris, our elves today. donna needs a light shown on her. she's a wonderful angel here on earth. rachel: no question about it. i'm so glad you guys are doing this. this is an amazing charity and our seniors have been forgotten in this pandemic. so many of them are suffering in isolation. thank you for what you're doing. you really are a great american. >> can i say one more thing? when i started this, i used to use hashtag we care and i got that from then governor when he went on television and said who
6:20 am
cares. so i started hashtagging we care. what i've learned now, so many people care. so many. >> we care. we care about our seniors. >> so many, especially your viewers. everyone cares. >> we love you guys, merry christmas. rachel: we love you guys. thank you. great work. >> merry christmas. phenomenal. we love it. coming up, still 40 minutes to go. one of the biggest stars at turning point usa's america fest is fox news' only kayleigh mcenany, the outnumbered co-host joins me live from phoenix, coming up next. no one can deliver your mom's homemade short ribs. that's why instacart helps deliver the ingredients.
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6:24 am
>> your peers who may have supported joe biden, let's say, in college, are they regretting that, are they looking at what's happening in the country or are they digging their heels in. >> i think they are. >> i had had people who voted for biden who said to me, why did i do that. >> i think when biden won, everybody was posting like oh, my gosh, finally. >> i had multiple friends who were like, i made the wrong choice. pete: those were just the ones we put on camera. we have others that say i have buyers remorse, here at america
6:25 am
fest reflecting on joe biden's first year in the white house. look who is with us now, kayleigh mcenany, she is author of the best selling new book, congratulations. she joins me on set. great to see you. >> good to see you. pete: once kayleigh showed up, all the fans showed up. >> no, they just opened the doors. pete: i didn't know. so great to see you. i'm excited to host with you. it's an amazing event. when you hear that from young people that their friends and others are saying man, i thought i was getting one joe biden but i got another. >> it's interesting to watch. fascinating that you were able to find those consecutively to say we have buyers remorse. how could you not? look at the economy, these individuals, going out into the workforce and they can't afford to buy various goods at cvs and the grocery store because of the inflation, opportunities squandered when compared to the trump economy. it's not surprising to wake up to see that, young people have
6:26 am
got it together, they're getting it together. pete: they're getting it together, helping their friends get it together, slowly but surely. you're going to speak to those young people on tuesday. you're one of the final speakers, saving the best for last. what's your message overall to young people? >> to be hopeful. i spoke at the women's turning point usa in dallas. one of the things that stuck with he me is a young woman who said we need hope, we need optimism. if i'm a young conservative, i feel stifled on my campus, i hate what's going on in the white house, we don't control any branch of government. give us hope and optimism. this time around instead of talking about the problems we have, i'm going of to talk about hope, optimism. we have midterms coming in 2022 and i'm quite optimistic republicans will prevail. pete: a couple students we talked to referenced roe v wade. what was the hope 10 years ago that you would ever get the chance to overturn that.
6:27 am
enter trump and we've got a whole different ballgame. >> totally. the kids are so passionate. they go on the campus in a far left institution, i was at three of them, they're very far left these days, not too long ago, a few years ago and they're bold. and they're courageous. they talk about pro life values, conservative values. it's not easy to do, to be a young person and be the one who speaks up. this is a group of young people who speak up, do it boldly and confidently and passionately. pete: it's a beautiful thing. you can watch kayleigh mcenany's speech live along with our all access live show we're co-hosting today and tomorrow, check it out on if you sign up today you get a free trial, use the code america 30. do you know who we have on the show? >> i do not. i know jason aldean's wife. pete: we have a great list that's been produced that we'll
6:28 am
be ready to deliver at 2:00. >> you're testing me already pf .pete: it will be a good show. if you can't watch it live, it will live on fox nation as well. you can go back and check it out. we'll see you in a few hours. up next, carissa thompson joins us live with a preview of the biggest nfl games on fox this weekend, plus monday night. ♪ we're going at it tonight. ♪ there's a party on the roof top, top of the world [clapping] “we will rock you” by queen ♪ the new gmc sierra with hands-free driving offers the most advanced and luxurious pick-up in its class. ♪ yeah, it rocks.
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6:31 am
>> last night three people were shot. police say they charged a 17-year-old with murder.
6:32 am
>> attention all football fans, america's game of the week is the packers versus the ravens. that's just one of the nfl's must see matchups in week 15. here to break is down is fox sports charissa thompson. i always love talking to you. casual football fans, die hard, gamblers, fantasy football player, we all need you today because we have saturday, thursday, sunday, monday, i
6:33 am
think tuesday football. covid's rescheduled everything. i don't know how many players are out at this point. so i don't know how you're going to make your picks, charissa. but i can't wait to hear it. >> i think every day but wednesday we have football. it's my favorite week, because we get football almost every day. that covid list is constantly changing. what isn't changing is your matchup with the cowboys an giants. i like the cowboys by 10 in this one for a lot of reasons. they had that week five game where they beat up on the giants. the giants lot three of the last four. the cowboys haven't been playing great football as of late, tax daxprescott completed 56% of the takeses. tony pollard is questionable in the game, tyron smith is out but i like the cowboys by 10 in this one. will: how about the cardinals versus the lions? >> well, bad news for the
6:34 am
cardinals. diondre out for the season. the cardinals started red hot, 3 and 3 over the last six games, 7-0 on the road. they're taking on a team that won one game in the lions, i like the cardinals by 14. 14.will: packers versus the ravens. >> i asked for the update on lamar. lamar jackson never missed a game because of an injury. he has a bone bruce on the ankle. -- bruise on the ankle. it will be a game time decision. if we know lamar, via feeling he will be out there. the packers, david bosiare is out. the ravens are beat up. i like the packers in this one by two scores. will: if we like your picks, we can play along. what's at stake this week,
6:35 am
charissa? >> 'tis the season. how about this. we're giving away a house. you heard me, an actual house on christmas day. all have you to do is download the fox bet super six app and opt into the home for the holidays christmas contest. the winner is chosen at random. how amazing is that? will: i'm not sure how it works. do had they deliver the house? is it mobile. do i have to move to a new town? >> read the fine print, will. the headline is we're giving away a house. >> i agree. i agree. all right. charissa. thank you. confusing but exciting week in the nfl. thank you so much. coming up, maria bartiromo has an exclusive interview with president trump and he gives us a preview, next. before nexium 24hr, anna could only imagine a comfortable night's sleep
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as a dj, i know all about customization. that's why i love liberty mutual. they customize my car insurance, so i only pay for what i need. how about a throwback? ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ >> we are back with a fox news alert. senator joe manchin reveals he is a no on joe biden's domestic spending bill. with the senate split at 50 democrats and 50 republicans, the west virginia senator represents the key vote for the white house and its 1.75 a trillion dollars proposal that's actually more like 4 to 5 trillion. he's a no. that's big. you can catch the full interview with senator manchin at 2:00
6:40 am
p.m. eastern here on the fox news channel. huge development. and the spirit of giving being felt by an illinois farm this morning after a segment right here on "fox & friends." last weekend rachel introduced you to a farm where kids with special needs experience the magic of santa. since the piece ran, "fox & friends" viewers, all of you have donated $100,000 to the farm. so it can continue its mission. and those are your headlines. rachel, look at that how about that, unbelievable. rachel: oh, my gosh. god is so good. i'm going to tell you, this farm had a santa for the kids, a party for all these young adults who have often not many social outlets once they get out of the teen years into the teen years and beyond and so this is an amazing thing that has happened. they teach them how to farm,
6:41 am
they give them an opportunity to work and learn life skills. they have plans to create an actual community for them to live on the farm and live more independently. i've met these people. they are the real deal. these are god fearing, good people who said they were answering the call of god. thank you to all of viewers. they are the best viewers in the world that you responded with this kind of generosity, especially at christmas time. i can vouch for this. they're doing amazing work. wow. i'm overwhelmed. >> can i say, you know, i think in this time and we've talked about this and people search for so much or they need positivity, can we just take a moment and just say the "fox & friends," the fox news viewers and the "fox & friends" viewers in particular, you are the positivity. i mean, we sit here for four hours. i get to see this over a four hour period but from folds of honor to the weatherman umbrella to novaro farms, you are the
6:42 am
positivity, you make as positive change in this country, at least on an every weekend basis. i know is more than that. it's an everyday basis. it's truly inspiring. truly inspiring. >> exactly right. rachel: truly in the christmas look at that -- christmas spirit. look at that. they're an amazing organization. this is a truly pro life organization, taking people that the rest of the culture wants to discard and servicing them and making sure they have a wonderful life with lots to look forward to and lots of opportunity so thank you to everyone who donated, thank you to novaro farms for doing this wonderful work. it's a week until christmas here, less than a week. you still have time to get the all american christmas book, it's available and it's a great quick gift especially if you're running low on time. you can get on with enjoying the holidays and put away your
6:43 am
christmas list. i'm giving you that tip as well. >> congratulations, rachel. there's only one number one new york times best selling author on our couch and it is you. congratulations. rachel: thank you. pete: thanks to our viewers for buying that book. it's awesome. rachel: merry christmas, you guys. we're going to move to another topic here as border apprehensions surge to record highs, donald trump is doubling down on his criticism of biden's, quote, open border policies. >> how you doing? >> the drugs are coming in, the human trafficking, mostly in women. they traffic in women, children to a much lesser extent. they traffic in women and what they do, they'll put six women in the trunk of a car. i mean, what they do, these are an a malls. and we -- animals. we had it really largely stopped. it would have been just about stopped.
6:44 am
these people got into office and they he destroyed it, they're destroying our country. rachel: donald trump will have more to say in this morning's exclusive interview with sunday morning future's anchor maria bartiromo and she joins us now. maria, you're a broadcasting legend. that's why you got the big interview. tell us what else we can expect. maria: thank you so much, rachel. we took a trip to mar-a-lago where president trump is spending his time in beautiful palm beach, florida where freedom and liberty is the priority and i got to see what president trump has been doing. it's incredibly luxurious. it's hard to believe he's going to give all of that up and run again in 2024. but many people believe it to be true. we talked about all of the crises that are currently facing american families right now, the border being one of the most important. i asked the president what he thinks is most important, is it the inflation crisis? is it the border? is it all of the national security worries with the
6:45 am
botched withdrawal from afghanistan and the china threat? we talked all about that. we also talked about 2024 and 2022 because the president has been endorsing a number of candidates for the senate and for the house and i asked him what it is that he is looking for in these candidates that he endorsing because a lot of outsiders have been doing really well. we're going through some of the areas what that he believes are vulnerable for the democrats in the senate. so we talked a bit about that. we also talked about what's ahead in 2022 for the economy, crypto, it's a long ranging interview. we're going to talk about it. but most importantly in the hour ahead we are zeroing in on florida because florida has had the lowest number of covid cases even as now we have this new worry over the omicron variant surging in places like new york but we are going to talk about florida with the governor, governor ron de santis will join
6:46 am
me in the next hour. he is joining me live at the top of the show. then we'll have my exclusive sit-down from mar-a-lago with president trump. and we're ending the show with florida congressman byron donnels he. he will give us a sense of what the new congress will look like. what are the priorities. we're getting new information that the gop is planning a new investigation once they do take the majority in 2022 which is widely expected. so we've got a big exclusive show coming up with president trump, governor ron de santis and congressman byron noddel -- donnels coming up. the border is one issue. the fentanyl coming over the border has killed 100,000 americans so far because of the overdoses, why is this administration ignoring what is happening at the border? it's absolutely incredible. so we'll see you in 10 minutes. rachel: you got a jam-packed show and a-plus guest list. thank you, maria and merry christmas to you. maria: thanks, rachel.
6:47 am
merry christmas, everybody. rachel: still ahead, it's always a good time when you spend your mornings with friends. we take a look back at some of our favorite moments from the last year. you've got to stay with us for this. ♪ don't stop me now. ♪ because i'm having such a good sometime. ♪ i'm having a ball. ♪ don't stop me now. ♪ if you want to have a good time. ♪ give me a call e want, and nee. and we need more time. so, we want kisqali. living longer is possible and proven with kisqali when taken with a nonsteroidal aromatase inhibitor in premenopausal women with hr+, her2- metastatic breast cancer. kisqali is a pill that's significantly more effective at delaying disease progression versus a nonsteroidal aromatase inhibitor alone. kisqali can cause lung problems or an abnormal heartbeat, which can lead to death. it can cause serious skin reactions, liver problems, and low white blood cell counts that may result in severe infections. tell your doctor right away if you have new or worsening symptoms,
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>> well, from welcoming rachel to the team, to endless eating competitions of course and other competitions, we've had a lot of fun this year on "fox & friends weekend." this is always my favorite segment of the year. let's take a look back at some of our favorite moments from 2021. watch. welcome to "fox & friends," will cain, pete hegseth and rachel campos duffy. >> join us for the four hour tour. >> no idea what you'll get. >> rick reichmuth is here as well. we're one big happy family. let res do four hours. rachel: let's do it. this is going to be a good show. >> here we go into big bill's garage, talladega. >> here we are, "fox & friends." >> you guys came in slower than
6:52 am
i would have liked. >> shake and bake. >> we have a spot for a picture of the weekend crew. everybody. rachel: here we go. >> i wasn't looking. >> that will be on the book shelf. >> you're super team hosts, "fox & friends weekend." >> we didn't mean to look like flight attendants this morning. rachel: someone on twitter said i look like their manager. [laughter] >> it's also national sports day. national dictionary day. >> international talk like a pirate. >> national tequila day. >> national pancake day. rachel: already eating. will didn't get any. >> i think i ate them all. rachel: mac and cheese ice cream. >> turkey and gravy soda. it's a little early in the day for slurpees, don't you guys think? rachel: we're having hot dogs for breakfast. sounds pretty good. ♪ hot dogs, hot dogs. ♪ what's the --
6:53 am
>> all together now. ♪ t hot dogs. >> i've got to go to a pickle eating contest in a minute. >> you guys have all the fun over there. >> and rachel, not bad, coming out of the gate, look at that. i'm proud of you, rachel. >> we'll do grilling tomorrow. i won the "fox & friends" grilling contest with a cheeseburger. >> you're not going to win tomorrow. rachel: tomorrow's the contest. >> who is the big winner, rachel's lamb? my steak? or will's ribs? >> i think the public has spoken. i really hate to do this, i wanted to give it to you but -- >> ♪ all we do, win. ♪ all we do, win. rachel: will loses gracefully. pete can't even win graceful hey. complaining but you did win. rachel: no competition between
6:54 am
these two. >> there's all types of competition throughout the morning. ♪ >> today are the finals of the 61st lumber jack world championship. >> there's a world champion speed climber, sean duffy in 1994, climbing to the top of a 90-foot pole at record speed, sean. >> oh, boy! oh, there we go. >> don't lean too far over. >> grab the horn. >> yeah, one hand, one hand in the air, buddy. >> he pulled the horn off. >> this is not going to work. >> it's barely moving. >> reverse it. >> all right, one, two, three, go. >> oh, yeah. it counts. rachel: congratulations, will. it was really fun watching pete lose. >> we all got kiddos coming
6:55 am
tomorrow, the halloween parade. >> how you doing? i'm will. >> clark, actually. >> good to meet you. this is my son of. first we have rachel's kids. >> finally, it's the ghost busters, pete and his wife jen and 1,000 kids. >> we are pardoning turkeys live on fox square this morning. what is the name that our viewers came up with? >> 42.5%, one of these guys -- i hereby pardon thee, you get to live, congratulations. rachel: he gets to live. >> pete and will you're going to live. >> absolutely. ♪ >> that is the fox nation, fox news all american christmas tree
6:56 am
right here and we are outside. >> where we continue the most beautiful tradition in television. unless there's breaking news, we will play the national anthem and we will play your viewer photos as the anthem plays. the photos are so awesome. rachel: 4th of july every weekend. >> "fox & friends" doing it like no other show i'd like to think, honoring our nation. rachel: we're not ashamed. we're moments away of the start of the tunnel to towers walk. >> they walk to remember what happened almost 20 years ago on 9/11. >> god bless "fox & friends" for all you do. >> dan, this is for you, $40,000 that has been raised, largely because of our amazing viewers. >> look at the empire state building lit up in red, white and blue, celebrating the 25th anniversary of the fox news channel. >> is that for us? rachel: yeah, isn't that awesome? we're red, white and blue here. >> we're grateful for you. we don't have a job, we don't
6:57 am
have a network without you and we don't have the number one rated cable news show, and that's all we have. >> let do it tomorrow. >> bye, everybody, have a great sunday. rachel: that was so fun. >> you know, i think rachel made the comment this morning. we said it several times, the four hours flies by together. had that shows a year, a year together has flown by. i can't believe that it's almost over and it's been a year. you two along with rick, this truly is along with our viewers and the producers behind the scenes a "fox & friends" family. i can't believe we wail on each other. that was my take-away, look at him punching me with those giant gloves. i can't believe he's allowed to do that. rachel: there's a lot of pent-up energy that goes on in the competitions and you see these two guys are very competitive. you may see inflatable things
6:58 am
that seems all fun. it's not fun and games for those boys. they're absolutely determined to beat each other in every single one of those competitions and i actually took a hard hit from pete one of the times that we had competition. he kind of forgot. pete: it was in those inflatable -- in the inflatable balls. i kind of took you off your feet. you kind of -- this is -- it's a new world. that rodeo bull, you notice, rachel, yours was on fast forward and you still stayed on locker than mine which was -- longer than mine which was in real-time. so you absolutely clobbered me. we should say it because it's worth saying and with a spirit of gratitude, i'm so grateful for the both of you, for the opportunity to work with the both off, to live in this great country, to be celebrating christmas. what a blessing. so thank you both, and thank you to our viewers who support us. we love them, and without them
6:59 am
we don't have a job. rachel: yeah, we don't. so we love you guys. we love all of our viewers, we love all of our producers and, again, a pleasure to work with you two, as always. really quick, i just want to remind you, you can get all-american christmas available at or anywhere you buy books. it's a great last minute gift for anyone out there. [inaudible conversations] pete: new year's. will: i was going to say, this party doesn't stop. we just looked back at the past year, but it doesn't stop going into the new year, because on new year's eve, the three of us together in nashville, the wild horse saloon, ringing in your new year. come hang out with us on a friday night to start 2022. rachel: dan bongino's already said he's coming. you remember that from weed? pete: he is. he invited himself, and we happily accepted the invitation.
7:00 am
there's some tricks up our sleeves -- by the way, huge shout-out to all the producers of the show who stay up day and night, who find the topics and stories, we've got nothing without them, so thank you to all of them. and we've got some tricks for new year's as well. check out america fest, have a great sunday, go to church. ♪ ♪ maria: good sunday morning, everyone. thanks so much for joining us. welcome to "sunday morning futures," i'm maria bartiromo. today the white house is predicting a stark winter for some ahead of new restrictions expected to be announced on tuesday as the omicron variant spreads. coming up, christmas in florida. freedom, liberty and a whole lot of jobs. we're taking you to the sunshine state this morning where the economy is thriving with tens of thousands of new jobs. the lowest covid infections and the highest construction of n


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