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tv   The Next Revolution With Steve Hilton  FOX News  December 19, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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purchased your copy of american marxism it all starts here china and the weakening of the united states and so forth over one.2 million copies number one book in 202150 percent off on amazon right now. a perfect stocking stuffer. god bless each and every one of you have a wonderful merry christmas and i will see you in the new year. steve: good evening welcome to the next revolution. i am steve hilton. this is the home of pos itive populism, pro-worker, pro-family, pro-community, and especially pro-america. and is not often we start to show with something from cnn that is actually true. but credit where credit is due. check this out from the chief national correspondent a couple of days ago. >> the biggest first-year priority from a president's calling card was to get things done remain unfinished business. president biden said elect me i can get things then
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democrats run i understand it's highly complicated that to get to the substance of this pacific's but this is a major failure. steve: a major failure that's what the biden regime so when you look at the metastasizing number and then to come to the conclusion the whole biden thing let's keep burning out by completely corrupt this whole biden thing is a total failure. it's not just a failure of the legislative agenda, that is the good news. any reasonable person would want that to fail the giant spending bill to send america into european centralized welfare state everything running from washington dc by a monstrous federal bureaucracy and the voting rights bill of blatant attempt by democrats to read election rules nationwide and then to
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save the republic for their democracy in the 2020 election. yes it saw historic numbers of people voting include among all racial groups and as the end of america or something. so the failure of the legislation is the failure we can take but with the rest of bidens failures hurt. they hurt americans and america. remember this? >> i will not shut down the economy or the country but i will shut down the virus. [laughter] steve: what a joke one year into it the biden regime handling the pandemic is a complete fiasco to use the language they use about trump, biden has now killed more americans even though things to try blasting through the bureaucracy from the first pandemic that same 400,000
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have died we have double that in less time. blood on his hands. bidens entire pandemic response is a giant bureaucratic mess of incoherence and misinformation. just this week he said this. >> about making sure you are vaccinated to you don't spread the disease to anybody else? what about that? steve: what about that? that is not true you useless lying fool. even your cdc director said it is not true. >> things are working exceptionally well they continue to work well with the delta. but what they cannot do anymore is present on —- prevent transmission. steve: nonstop lies and misinformation. he is stumbling around to say this. >> this is a pandemic of the and vaccinated.
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the unvaccinated. not the vaccinated. that's the problem. steve: is that? really? do bidens nurses even tell him what is in the news? now it was just reported 900 new cases 97 percent of the students vaccinated almost every case they been found in fully vaccinated students even down had three shots as instructed and then those who run cornell sent everyone home even though the students were there because like so many others in the ruling elite two years into the pandemic pushing the utterly failed and discredited fauci dogma of trying to stop all infections instead of protecting the most vulnerable. it is the biggest public policy failure in history. instead of correcting they are lying to justify it. none of that works or makes
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sense. unbelievably fauci is pushing mask wearing even though it is totally developed - - debunked. >> if you're outside in congregant settings, if you do not know the vaccine status of people, then you should be wearing a mask. steve: he knows masks don't stop the virus he sets on the beginning. i don't know we could do about someone who lives like this. the cdc on study published may last year says there's almost no evidence that it works. that is not medical misinformation it is medical fact. it is science and to hear the absolute definitive science -based case against forced mask wearing do not miss the extended conversation with doctor scott alice on —-
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atlas. >> the argument of masks is over. number one because widespread masks don't work besides the viruses smaller than the hole in the mask. if you have ever worn glasses or sunglasses while wearing a surgical mask like me then they fog up. doesn't take a genius to realize the viruses in the air. but it is just common sense and that may be asking too much. steve: he took it through all the studies and all the evidence. make sure you follow on all the usual places. bidens entire pandemic response is a total failure just as his economic policies is a total failure, like what he said about inflation.
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>> it just pops up a little bit. that was germany and now half a year later 39 year high. to put out a massive rescue bill with the economy is already recovering to wage war on domestic energy production and to pay workers to stay home and the cosco up in the prices go up. the ford in portland —- the foreign-policy is a total failure. to surrender to the taliban with the disastrous afghanistan withdrawal guess what biden calls it? >> and externally success of the mission. steve: such a extraordinary success, the parents in afghanistan are selling their own daughters for food the entire population will fall into poverty. everything collapsing in
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disarray. russia and china policy and even the french caved to the germans and the australian prime minister name was announcing a new alliance. biden ran on uniting the country that's only thing he ever said while he was talking about the soul of america. >> we must and the and civil war that pits red against blue. rural versus urban. and conservative versus liberal. steve: failed at that also. thanks to him we are more divided than ever and it is his policy now there is 37 percent of young democrats saying they will be friends of people who voted for the other side compared to just 5 percent of republicans. these are those who lecture the rest of us about intolerance and divisiveness and hate. it's hard to believe how bad
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this is. with the biden regime coming up on the pandemic response in the economy and foreign policy but yet there is even more control over the things they don't run now just to show how much they can screw that up? crt in the classroom and traffic jams in the ocean outside the port. then biden tried to fix it. everywhere you look it is falling apart. failure after failure. everything they touch turns to crap. easily the worst present we've had and now his own party is asking if we can take it much longer. tell us what you think and share this message when we post it. now let's bring in our first guest, author of laptop from hell, miranda devine. i was thinking about this in your brilliant book about hunter biden we may be better
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off if a pet hunter biden in the white house at least there would be fun along the way. [laughter] >> that is true. he is a lot smarter than his father. but it is really sad this has happened. and i think the reason biden voted particularly and independence to be disillusioned with the president is because his big promise as you just said was to unify the country and bad divided country already. and then to exacerbate those divisions, he has done it not inadvertently but to pit american against american basically slandering 75 million trump voters as white supremacist.
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he has put his doj onto moms and dads protesting at school board meetings against the leftist brainwashing of their children. he has demonized the unvaccinated but for some reason he thinks they are synonymous with trump voters with the demographics are quite different. he just seems to be a person perhaps in his old age that harbors resentment against people who disagree with him. and as the polls think deeper his anger and resentment. but he is angry and shouting. and it is quite terrifying. steve: at such a good point it was an emotional aspect as to the anxiety that people feel.
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so it makes me think in the end, it is about the person. he is talentless. a machine politician. whether we agree or disagree if you look like someone with bill clinton that is politically skillful and then to appeal, there was something about him. he made early in speeches if it was obama. he was a family man. there were things about other people when he got to this position to say i get it but with biden there is nothing. >> absolutely. every other president has been exceptional in some way but joe biden is not and hasn't
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been. we can put that back to the media it is their fault for not doing the due diligence on a candidate for office. they were so determined to get rid of donald trump and they thought that all the other democratic candidates or the more talented ones were just too far left that they were not palatable for what the electorate that is moderate mostar centrist so they put forward joe biden but it wasn't the real joe biden but it was the mess with a moderate politician who is tough on crime and disinterest guy and those who had suffered great tragedy. none of these things have panned out. in fact he is a nasty person. he is failing and he is
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incompetent. that is evident to his entire career and underneath it all it's what i wrote about. his influence peddling throughout his whole career in internationally when he was vice president is now impacting on his presidency because he is compromised in the eyes of china and russia. steve: exactly. and then what you person on —- brilliantly laid out in your book it's the best example how you are not vetted properly. that's why the whole thing was so outrageous. >> here is a bombshell story. barely any coverage whatsoever according to a new report several top executives at nike funneled more than $60000 to
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the reelection campaign of democratic senator from oregon over the course of just a few days back in september and then just this past wednesday we found out why. he blocked the league of forced labor prevention act with the democratic-controlled house passed unanimously the day before. the bill would have required products from factories from china to provide clear and convincing evidence of customs authority their product had no ties to forced labor how does nike play into this last year the executive commission found nike was suspected of employing slave labor or also getting materials for those who use slave labor this brings us back to the oregon and senator. and then to force congress
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with the extension of child tax credit eventually he did cave that ron wyden what american corporations use overseas slave labor to manufacture their product but all while he incessantly virtue signals about the travesty of injustice in america. but the corporate hypocrites like nike and their ceo shame on ron wyden and shame on nike and the media for not covering this absolute scandal. here with reaction senior fellow, melissa i am glad you are here what do you make of this? >> i think this story demonstrates a quote i really like. that the capitalist will sell
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us the rope that we will use to hang him. so senator wyden accepting $50000 from nike executives and then for the campaign contribution. this is just a terrible precedent. >> this has everything, the total hypocrisy the way people virtue signaled the most about how woke they are and is completely inconsistent with that corruption and this is so true of the china issue because nbc for example puts up the screen with the golden globes but with the winter olympics from last year the tolerance for what china does
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in terms of rates abuse and so on is unbelievable. >> you are absolutely right. nike coca-cola and that "the new york times" report found they lobbied against the bill they were trying to pull back against certain measures and claim this bill would affect their supply chain. obviously they mean it would affect the process. it is horrible to see that at the end of the day these businesses to care about the social issues so there is actually modern-day slavery but yet they have the gall to push back against this bill and lobby congress. for once congress did the right thing and passed a bipartisan bill.
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it took two years but they actually passed a bill. i am shocked this is happening. steve: use summed it up perfectly. it is so disgusting to see this. but that is what we have come to expect great to see you tonight. thank you so much. we will be right back.
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steve: my home state of california has the distinction to be at the forefront of woke madness with coast-to-coast with california's ridiculous that the shining. kinds are also the most corrupt. just this week doctor lee california's first ever deputy superintendent for equity was supposed to resign that he was not living in california cashing in his $150,000 per year paycheck from philadelphia. why did he get the job? the turns out him and the california school superintendent have been friends for more than two decades. he paid it played a key role
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in hiring the job is never open to other applicants and the department of education could not have anybody else interviewed. there is equity. and those fight to bring this in a victory lap. but it is a small victory for people in california and taxpayers. you almost cannot make it up at this point. it is so typical we have a corrupt political class in california that things they can get away with absolutely anything. and with the school's chief has gotten away with shutting down california schools longer than any stay in the entire country just to please the biggest donor in the teachers union so as the groomsmen at the wedding we see this every
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single day and if they think they can get away with anything they turn the state government into a massive piggy bank with the most homelessness the highest unemployment right now roads falling apart and failing public schools. you name it. steve: but the corruption is fine because of equity. >> of course. just call it equity and everything is fair. the fact that ahead of equity was higher than the most equitable and equitable fashion for a side gay can just underscores the endemic corruption in our political system. what is this position anyway what is ahead of equity i want a superintendent of excellence. our schools are failing in california we are among the worst in the nation. the fifth largest economy in the world.
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with a budget of $80 billion this year for education and our children are getting d's and f's and what does the state do? we will get rid of those that don't worry mom and dad now we got rid of the grades we will only give them ac. congratulations. steve: weight. >> this is crazy we are getting rid of the d and the f. i am not making this up. there are school districts around the state that are getting read on —- getting rid of the grades d and apsley can probably announce their students no longer get that. this is what we're doing with math. you cannot make it up it is outrageous and the people who are suffering are the children who are captured by these corrupt institutions our children are also failing in math and we just determined math is racist getting a correct answer is racist so
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now we will not teach math that way anymore we will not say there is a right or wrong answer. we will reward you for what? i don't know. the process. so we redo the system and then proclaim a win and then the children suffer. it is outrageous. steve: everyone is aware of the craziness in california but it's going nationwide because they constantly brag even policy or harris or whatever starts in california leads the way. it is coming to you. >> absolutely. you see people like kamala harris failing up to the national level i think her approval rating is 20 percent that is when politics go national. but you do see plenty of examples. it is important. but you are trying to lead the fight here in california to make sure we root out this corruption.
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i have seen things get worse and worse during my five years in the legislature but the people in california regardless of what party they affiliated with, they have had enough in 2022 is the year we will see major change when we can say what i believe is changing the state of the country. steve: fight back. that is what we are doing. great to see you both. we will be right back. ♪♪ this flag isn't backwards. it's facing this way because it's moving forward. ♪♪ just like the men and women who wear it on their uniforms and the country it represents. they're all only meant to move one direction which is why we fly it this way on the flanks of the all-new grand wagoneer. moving boldly and unstoppably forward.
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>> welcome to fox news live president biden prepares to address the nation as the legal showdown over the covid vaccination mandate he will hit the airwaves on tuesday to explain what his mandate involves and a federal appeals court the right to implement the mandate that several republican-led states file lawsuit saying it could be headed to the supreme court the asked minnesota officer would be in the hands of the jury for which jury deliberations what heart accused of first and second degree manslaughter for shooting and killing a black motorist. now back to "the next revolution".
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steve: this show is the first to lay it out the most likely origins with a gain of function experiment commissioned by fauci with obama and the trump administration but the pandemic virus most likely leaked from the lab and wuhan when experiments were being carried out and how the theories for one year or more big tech insisted the only explanation it's still not anything close that now nearly two years after the start of the pandemic a new book viral the search for the origin of covid-19 aims to get to the bottom of how this virus appeared in the city of time before spreading around the globe changing the face of life on earth as we know it. here is the co-author of the new book, it's great to see
6:37 pm
you matt. you have been relentless in the face of some incredibly aggressive attacks. tell us what your conclusions are so far in the arguments you layout in the book. >> of course we don't know what happened. but we have set out to take out the market food theory and the laboratory accident seriously we investigated those as hard as we could and relied on real estate but also leaked information and of secure information coming off of the chinese website. we came to the conclusion that the idea that this came through in the market it could not yet be substantiated and the longer this went on for two years without us being able to find a single animal infected with a virus before
6:38 pm
human beings were, the more unlikely it seemed that was the explanation there are things that no longer add up. meanwhile the evidence about what experiments they would do with how they had the closest relatives of the virus in their own freezer and how they were collecting viruses all over southern china and then for the experiments that were done by the security levels. all of that began to add up. that is more likely it came up as a result of the laboratory accident that we don't know for sure. steve: do you think we ever will? what are the next steps to get to the bottom and also the implications for the continuation or stopping that kind of research?
6:39 pm
>> first of all my co-author and i do believe we will eventually find out. there was a case of anthrax in the soviet union 1979 killing 80 people and was denied to be anything to do with biowarfare and even survive the international inquiry with the nobel prize winner who said no. then the soviet union collapsed in a scientist came forward and said yes it was our fault we released it. but it is a change of regime to happen. we think there are people who know enough from wuhan that will come forward at the moment and then that will allow them to get the information that they need. and here are the two things we really do need to know. who were the early patients what were their professions and where were they?
6:40 pm
the intelligence community say three were scientist at the institute of virology. we cannot check that but that is interesting. so we don't know the names in 2016 there was a huge database in which pandemic are they waiting for? steve: it is really important i'm so impressed with the way that you approach in a way that is fair and that is what is so compelling i urge everyone to get your book and we really appreciate you joining us tonight. great to see you. we will be back after the short break.kiunde so he can enjoy the game. super poligrip.
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steve: after the second world war young british buyer fighter pilot became concerned of the direction it was headed after the election of a socialist government he fell all the freedoms he and his generation fought for were being undermined so he would to see the most prominent academic advocate for freedom at that time friedrich hayek who was at the london school of economics fisher told hayek he wanted to get involved in the fight for freedom and run for parliament. did he have any advice? hayek's advice is very direct. don't do it you will change if you want to politics. first you have to change the climate of ideas so anthony fisher went away and started business to make some money and then did what hayek recommended founded the institute of economic affairs one of the most influential organizations in the 20th century. a young politician, margaret
6:47 pm
thatcher was a regular at the events and devour the publications at the fisher institute of economic affairs was the birthplace of the free market revolution that swept the room world read by thatcher and reagan. anthony fisher then started a free-market think tank here are in america. the manhattan institute. to this day it is a vital voice and policy debate with as influential writers such as heather mcdonald does have done incredible work exposing critical race theory. why am i telling you this? because anthony fisher had a daughter who had a even remarkable more impact her name is linda whetstone and she is my mother-in-law and this week she died suddenly and unexpectedly. she came from a background the conventional thing to do would be to throw yourself in a local community and the english countryside where she lived with her family and she
6:48 pm
did those things. she did something else. she built a what her father had achieved. over the course of the last few decades she herself became one of the greatest and most indefatigable champions for liberty in the world. that is because she focused on the places in the world for people need freedom the most. through the atlas network across africa, asia and eastern europe she helped people start movements and organizations to fight for freedom and opportunity. property rights, rule of law, a free society in a market economy. she taught me these are the foundations of our wealth and opportunity we taken for granted that many countries just don't have them. linda whetstone change that and inspired so many people in so many places. she was working in afghanistan to help build freedom and prosperity to empower women to do it.
6:49 pm
she was organizing seminars on the rule of law to challenge the dictator. and to teach muslims around the world how their religion is compatible with freedom. one of the first projects working relentlessly to put together all of the great writing for liberty and free market adam smith the federalist papers and milton friedman put together on a cd to places like iran and pakistan. since she died a few days ago the messages from the people she inspired and helped directly most of them from the poorest countries in the world every race and background has been completely overwhelming. linda was extraordinary from the most conventional english background ended up running the most revered and respected intellectual institution.
6:50 pm
she was a true force of nature and an enthusiast whatever she experienced was the best thing ever. it made her the most brilliant person and alongside the most fun and loving grandmother. nothing she enjoyed more than making a bonfire with the grandchildren on a winter afternoon my sons will not get to do that with her this christmas but they are so lucky to have known her and we are so lucky that they are people like linda whetstone in the world who don't care about the femur the glory they just want to help people and solve problems to make the world a better place and then get on and do it as linda would say. that's really changes the world. this country is full of them that is why liberty matters what works those who can do
6:51 pm
great things if i just have the freedom her father anthony fisher who did so much himself to change the world died in 1988 is daughter, my mother-in-law one of the things that matter most to her was the thought that he would be proud of what she did and he certainly would be. we all are. stay with us. much more help. ay for what we need. -hey tex, -wooo. can someone else get a turn? yeah, hang on, i'm about to break my own record. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ ♪ you've got to try a little kindness ♪ ♪ yes, show a little kindness ♪ ♪ just shine your light for everyone to see ♪ ♪ and if you try a little kindness ♪ (vo) for fourteen years, subaru and our retailers have been sharing the love with those who need it most.
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steve: welcome back to last show before christmas so who else could we possibly have as our closer? no more than a family rapidly becoming the mariah carey of fox news with their complete dominance of our christmas celebration. [laughter] >> gearing up with their nine children in their new book all-american christmas. your book just became a bestseller it seems like people are into the old-fashioned christmas spirit you write about. >> absolutely. new york times bestseller list number one. we knocked out the 1619 project off of the number one spot. [laughter]
6:57 pm
steve: that is such a result that is the best christmas present. fantastic. i love it. just you want to talk about it so tell us something we haven't seen so far in the conversations we have had about this wonderful book. >> this goes into your conversation with our heritage and her history and people try to take that away from us. so to preserve that you have to fight back and celebrate christmas and family and anti- fauci that is why we are so happy it is number one. there so many great stories and what we learned from our fox colleagues we had no idea. do realize how people were raised and whether they are rich or poor what traditions they have. >> it was awesome.
6:58 pm
i will tell you a very quick one from our family story my daughter wanted to be virgin mary in the play she wasn't picked she played the sheep we were at st. patrick's cathedral and i said you should pray about this. if you really want to be the virgin mary. she got picked to be the sheep i said i felt like i was ruining her faith and god. but then a couple days later she comes running out of school and she was so excited and said mommy mary wants to be a donkey. and it turns out the girls who was chosen to be mary decided she wanted to be a donkey and not mary so then my daughter ended up getting to be mary
6:59 pm
after all. christmas miracle. [laughter] these are fun things you read about in the book along with a playlist in the picture so many great pictures and it turns out everyone at fox loves christmas obviously the book is number one and i agree we want to hold onto these traditions it all starts not with the government but the family. we need to start in the family. steve: will you embrace this going forward that keying and queen of christmas for many years to come? >> rachel could probably do it. [laughter] >> . steve: i appreciate that. and a lot of stories in this book for those who have hardship at christmas and i
7:00 pm
know how hard that is and condolences go out to you. steve: you sent me a beautiful message and i appreciate that and we appreciate you both so much for what you are bringing for this very special book. merry christmas to all of you watching. set your dvr and we will see you next sunday with "the next revolution". >> here of 10 most merry, magical jolly, peaceful, snowing unwrapped, angelling angelic tallies of the holidays, who could forget. are you ready for christmas. >> are you ready to deck some halls? >> ♪ ♪ entire evening of


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