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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  December 20, 2021 2:00am-3:00am PST

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carley: it is monday, december 20th. and this is a fox news alert. democrats are scrambling to keep president biden's social spending agenda alive after moderate joe manchin deals it a death blow right here on fox news. >> if i can't go home and explain to the people of west virginia, i can't vote for it. >> you're done? this is a no? >> this is a no. todd: republicans calling manchin's christmas present to the country but the progressive left says with the new year comes a brand-new fight.
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>> the decisions he just made i think are complete [bleep] >> if he doesn't have the courage to do the right thing for the working families of west virginia and america, let him vote no in front of the whole world. todd: joe manchin just unslowed things. you're watching "fox & friends first" on this monday morning. i'm todd piro. carley: i'm carley shimkus. let's get to alexandria huff in d.c. over the fallout over manchin's bold decision. good morning, what's the latest. >> reporter: you can hear it in senator manchin's voice, knows it's no small thing to break away from his democratic colleagues but ultimately he said he couldn't jut at this phi the -- justify the cost of the legislation and the far left has no tolerance for that. >> to be clear, my lack and deficit of trust was about senator manchin. he has continued to move the goal post. he never negotiated in good
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faith. and he is obstructing the president's agenda. >> reporter: white house press secretary jen psaki reacted with this, quote, weeks ago senator manchin committed to the president to support the build back better framework that the president subsequently announced. senator manchin pledged to negotiate on finalizing the framework in good faith had. the framework which democrats pushed as a way to expand the social safety net and bolster climate action came at a cost. $4.5 trillion as determined by the congressional budget office. manchin said yesterday that his democratic colleagues were not transparent about this price tag. for that, republicans reacted with gratitude. >> joe manchin has said for months exactly what he said today. at a time when we have almost $30 trillion in debt, this bill would add $5 trillion to it. we have the worst inflation in 40 years, the bill would add fuel to fire of inflation. >> it was a terrible bill. it would have added to our current inflation. i think it actually collapsed
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under its own weight. it was a bad, bad, bad bill. >> reporter: but democratic senator bernie sanders still wants a vote on it even without manchin's support. >> i hope that we will bring a strong bill to the floor of the senate as soon as we can and let mr. manchin explain to the people of west virginia why he doesn't have the guts to stand up to powerful special interests. >> reporter: there are democrats who still think that manchin could be swayed. house speaker nancy pelosi wants to pass the president's agenda in some form in the new year. senator manchin said if fellow democrats want to hold a vote, then they should. todd, carley. carley: thank you so much. so joe manchin has spoken shall he is a no on build back better as it stands right now. on the other side of the aisle, white house press secretary jen psaki responded saying just as senator manchin reversed his position this morning, we will continue to press him to see if
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he will reverse his position yet again to honor his prior commitments and be true to his word. the white house says they're not backing down even though manchin definitively said no on this, had they say they're still going to try to press him to change his mind. todd: to that end, you're going to hear a lot of lines of attack like joe manchin is beholden to special interests. since when are your and my future kids and grandkids special interests. my kid doesn't have a lobbying group. this is for the future of americans so we're not saddled with debt long into the future. you're going to hear this line of attack, oh, he had an obligation to the country. no, he has an obligation to the people of west virginia. he represents the people of west virginia, 75% of the people of west virginia vote conservative or feel a conservative leaning, he did what those people wanted which is his job as a senator for that state. carley: for the past few months for joe manchin and kyrsten sinema have been awful, you think of the harassing videos,
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everybody has been harassing senator joe manchin wherever he has gone and that isn't letting up. take a listen to what congresswoman ilhan omar had to say about senator manchin yesterday. watch this. >> we all knew that senator manchin couldn't be trusted. you know, the excuses that he just made i think are complete [bleep]. it is really disheartening to hear him say that he has been trying to get there for the people of west virginia. because that's a complete lie. carley: when it comes down to it, joe manchin was really clear yesterday. he said the reason he is voting no is because he rea liesed that democrats were sort of disingenuous with how they were doing the matt had. it wasn't that they were cutting things out. it was they were adding these essentially fake sunsets so rather than saying that you're going to fund something for five or six years, they cut it down to one. and his bottom line is that he
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is worried about inflation and what inflation is already doing to the people of west virginia and what it will do if this social spending bill passes. todd: i think the attitude you hear from ilhan omar rubs so many people the wrong way because you represent a very small portion of our country. why do you and your fellow squad members think you deserve, you're entitled to this outsize influence on how our country proceeds into the future. you are not. if you want that, go run for senate. let's see if you win. me thinks you won't. i think this is why we're in the pickle that we're in because these individuals, the squad, the progressives, the liberal left has an outsize influence in the democratic party and that's not what the american people want. read this new york post op-ed. democrats and the media again, we stutter, will portray joe manchin as a grinch. he's done them a favor. the american people elected joe biden for a return to normalcy. biden instead took a razor thin
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house majority and a tied senate as an excuse to push through the largest expansion of social welfare since the new deal. this is not what the american people want. joe biden has messed up so much in the first 11 months, combine this in there, this is the reason republicans are going to roll come 2022. carley: if you look at the fox business poll that just came out, the question was biden's social spending plan would and 61% of people said it would either hurt the economy or make no difference. so when you hear people say that joe manchin is, you know, thinking democrat -- sinking democracy because he's not voting for this, he's really going forward with what a majority of americans want. i think americans are really smart. they recognize that this bill is not paid for and that when you talk about giving away free money, it's never free. obviously it's going to be back end with taxes and the inflation issue is a major one for manchin as well. todd: did you say a majority of what the american people want? that sounds a lot like
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democracy. carley: coming up, congressman michael burgess, we'll be talking of to him about this in much more later in the show, don't miss it. and in the meantime, let's talk about covid. senator elizabeth warren and corey booker tested positive for covid-19, they say they're experiencing mild symptoms. both attribute their mild infections to being fully vaccinated an having received their booster shots. news of their infections come amid a nationwide surge in case is. and president biden will address the nation tomorrow as covid caseses across the u.s. surge. todd: this comes as many americans are losing confidence in his ability to handle the pandemic. ashley strohmier here with the latest. >> reporter: the presidents' address as critics slam limb for failing to deliver on one of his biggest campaign processes. >> -- promises. >> we will start on day one doing the right things. we'll let science drive our
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decisions. we will deal honestly with the american people and a we'll never, ever, ever quit. that's how we'll shut down this virus. i'm not going to shut down the economy. ism not going to shut down the country. i'm going to shut down the virus. >> reporter: a fox business poll shows 49% of americans do not approve of biden's handling of the pandemic this comes as vp harris says the administration wasn't prepared for new variants of the virus. harris telling the la times, we didn't see delta coming, i think most scientists did not, upon whose advice and direction we have relied, didn't see delta coming. we didn't see omicron coming. her comment prompted the white house to issue a saying which says they were ready for new variants and harris was referring to the exact kind of mutations while dr. anthony fauci also clearing up the vice president's comment. listen. >> i think that the vice president's statement was taken a bit out of context. i believe she was referring to
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the fact that the ex extraordiny number of mutations and amino acid substitutions, particularly with omicron, no one had expected it that much but we were well-prepared and expected that we were going to see variants. there's no doubt about that. >> reporter: tomorrow president biden will announce new plans to fight omicron and build on his winter plan that will address booster shots, lockdowns and mask mandates. back to you guys. carley: ashley, thank you. todd: tiger woods back in his signature sunday red less than a year after a car crash left his future in golf uncertain. woods teaming up with his 12-year-old son charlie to set a new championship record with 11 consecutive birdies in the final round. woods finished in second place behind john daily and his son. woods still recovering from injuries, riding in a cart instead of walking during the tournament. he nearly lost his leg in the crash and not only is he back,
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well, first of all, the kid is amazing, his kid is kind of carrying him. carley: his son it good? amazing. his son is adorable too. i love that he's good at golf. i guess no surprise. the time is now 10 minutes after the hour. as we mentioned a minute ago, the biden administration's top scientists are playing damage control as covid cases spike, just before christmas. so should we expect more lockdowns and mandates in biden's covid address tomorrow? we're talking to dr. marc siegel about that coming up next. todd: kurt the cyber guy, joe concha, rachel campos duffy all live over the next hour of "fox & friends first." ♪ lean on me
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(sfx: orchestra warming up) where's tommy? (sfx: stage doors opening) i thought he was with you? no jack! (sfx: piano plays "twinkle twinkle little star" tommy? (sfx: audience laughing) go get him! don't stop. keep playing. (sfx: pianist playing masterful duet) here we go here's the fun part
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did you do this? great job! (sfx: audience applause) todd: president biden expected to announce new covid measures tomorrow, but the west wing not on the same page as the white house after the vice president's latest remarks on omicron. carley: here to react, dr. mark see gel, fox news -- marc siegel, fox news medical contributor. president biden is going to make another speech about omicron tomorrow. what would you like to hear him say? >> let's start with the idea, carley, good morning, that the vice president was way out of line saying nobody had a clue this was coming. even dr. fauci said wait a minute, we did have an idea this
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was coming, because a lot of the world is vaccinate -- world is not vaccinated. that's number one. number two, i think it's extremely important and i'm hopeful, not really hopeful that the president will understand once and for all that what works isn't threats, isn't scolding, isn't saying do this or that, it's offering something. now, what might the president offer? how about if he offers monoclonal antibodies against omicron. there's nothing out there. we need a public/private partnership where you pay in advance to make this stuff. there's a new pill from pfizer is ready to go but the fda hasn't actually even approved it yet. we need it approved right away. they pre-bought 10 million doses of this. we need 100 million doses of this. this works against this variant. that's number two, more rapid tests so you know if you have it
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or not. no closures. i wouldn't close schools, i wouldn't close universities. he's almost sure to say that but i don't think that does anything except spread virus. todd: you said what he should say. what do you think he will say? >> todd, i think he's going to say, you know, no gatherings, everyone stay at home, wear a mask. i think he's going to be talking about closure, about schools closings, about businesses closing, all of which cost us so tremendously before in terms of economically and psychologically. everybody's afraid. he should talk to the fear and say this, todd. he should say, look, the vast majority of the time if you had a booster, if you had the vaccine, if you got over covid, if you had a shot on top of it, the chances are extremely likely you're going to have a very mild case of this. he needs to cut through the fear instead of cause the fear. but he's always -- the president's always caused the fear.
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he stands up thereon the lectern and the country gets afraid listening to him. let's have somebody that holds hands and says this is going to be mild in the vast majority of cases, let's give credit to the prior administration for giving us a vaccine as a tool that actually works. carley: let's talk about the origins of the pandemic. dr. francis collins was asked about it yesterday and he called the wuhan lab leak theory a distraction. watch here. >> i'm really sorry that the lab leak has become such a distraction for so many people because, frankly, we still don't know. we won't know unless china decides to open up about this which they have not done and shame on them for that. carley: what's your reaction to that, doctor? >> well, first of all, china's never going to open abouts this, number one. number two, when i interviewed francis collins a few months ago he said the lab leak theory was definitely on the table. he doesn't think the virus was bioengineered but he thinks lab leak was a possibility. when i interviewed him i thought that made it more of a
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possibility because he's a top geneticist talking about it. it changes the way we look at the virus, doesn't it. if it does more and more things we're not expecting it to do, if it spreads asymptomatically, that's what they weren't expecting, if it causes for inflammation and disease it makes you think it could have occurred in a lab. that is very important going forward to prevent the next pandemic. this is hugely important. to say it's a distraction is not correct. todd: i don't know why he would say something like that despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary. we appreciate your time. >> thanks. carley: the time is 19 minutes after the hour. forget vaccine passports, how about being microchips. we'll tell you about a company that says it's developing just take. todd: kurt the cyber guy bailing out the christmas procrastinators, his list of the perfect last minute gift ideas,
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and go live your life. head to now to join the over 2 million people who have found the right way to lose weight and get healthier with golo. todd: california governor gavin newsom plans to combat the wave of smash and grab robberies with a $300 million proposal. the owner and operator of a retail cannabis business joined us earlier to discuss the plan. >> criminals have taken to retail theft as the new way to make money, so we definitely need to do something and we appreciate the governor stepping up. >> i do agree with what he's trying to do. i think the laws need to be changed and it needs to be classified as armed robbery, not just property crimes. todd: more than half the democrats' spending proposal will place local law enforcement officers in stores. i feel like we could have avoided this program.
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a very serious story, have you ever read a better name than tucky blunt junior. carley:s his name does stand out above them all. let's talk about christmas. ♪ carley: you still haven't bought gifts for anyone on your list this year? no worries, kurt the cyber guy has you covered with last minute ideas. what do you have up your sleeve. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning to you. you wake up and you say i might have one or two more things i need to do to wrap it up. there's a whole other group of people that are waking up this morning saying oh, i haven't even started shopping and guess what, they might be the smart ones. last minute deals, procrastinators are winning out. things that were out of stock might be back in stock. we'll start with some really hot ones right here, it's picaru, it's part panda, part kangaroo. it's got a soft plushness to it
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and get it as late as christmas eve for $399.99. final fantasy 14, this has been the absolute hit, the in-walker part of the franchise it just dropped a week and-a-half ago, it's going gangbusters. you can get this at i'm talking christmas morning for somebody by downloading the digital version of this. it's a new expansion pack. super popular. find it all at we'll show you how to shop at the last minute and really win this time. carley: those are all such great ideas. thank you for helping all the procrastinators out among us. >> reporter: i'm trying. carley: you're doing a great job. todd: let's switch to weather now. meteorologist tucky clutch junior with the forecast. sorry, i'm done now. adam, good morning. >> my career would have went to the moon if that was my name. carley: like that thing that kurt had in his hands, okay, hi. >> good morning, guys. a little bit of a christmassy
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feel out there this morning as the cold air settled in across the country. we begin with the temperatures and, yes, a lot of folks down at freezing or below freezing, we see 28 degrees in new york city. 31 in chicago, 12 and 13 in far he grow and running up into -- fargo and running up into the billings area. the big systems mostly happening out west, we have rounds and rounds of rain in the pacific northwest. that's going to linger into the mountains and that is going to turn to at times very heavy coastal rain and then eventually some snowfall. we've got winter storm watches and warnings stretching across the area, into the mountains where some of the snowfall is going to be piling up and that is pretty much where the wet winter or the white winter, excuse me, is going to be contained, mostly in the western united states because as you see otherwise across the country things are looking mostly clear here today. we'll be warming up in the next day or so in the middle of the country so white christmas, mostly in the western u.s. todd: it's beginning to feel a
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lot like march, i think, when we get to the end of the week. what are you going to do. carley: thanks, adam. todd: time now, 29 minutes after the hour. the media is in meltdown mode after joe manchin says he is not signing off on joe biden's social spending spree. carley: the next warns one issue will secure a democrat wipeout in 2022. joe concha lays out his new year's predictionses, coming up next. ♪ since you've been gone. ♪ ♪ get groceries, gifts, & more fast and easy. so last minute guests are the only thing you'll be waiting on. ♪ joy. fully. ♪
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todd: democrats scrambling to keep president biden's spending a -- agenda alive. carley: lauren similar net at this is here with -- lauren simonetti is here with more. >> he said it's too ambitious, adding it's not genuine to keep cutting the timeframe for when the programs will be allowed in order to keep the costs down. the progressive left, they feel betrayed. >> my lack and deficit of trust was about senator manchin. he continued to move the goal post. he negotiated in good faith. >> he has been crystal clear for months about the size and scope of the bill. it seems democrats misjudged him or maybe they thought they could
2:35 am
bully his vote. that didn't work. the wall street journal wrote a piece about this, the no vote gives the party a chance to change course and moderate because that's why president biden was elected to be a moderate democrat. imagine that. carley: if joe manchin votes no it could help democrats because this would totally increase inflation. todd: they should thank him. his is kind of weird, could microchipping be the next front in the covid debate? >> i hope not. there's a swedish company and they're putting implantable microchips. the implant shows your covid-19 vaccine status. i've seen it written about in movies. here we are, i know it sounds completely crazy but this has been done in the u.s. before. five years ago, a company out in wisconsin called three square market, they tried it, not for covid but for convenience so
2:36 am
people could get around the office easier, not have to remember their passwords. this is what the ceo predicted back then and i quote, eventually this technology will become standardized, you allowing you to use this as your passport, public transit, all purchasing opportunities, et cetera. i just think it's a big price tag to pay for not having to -- carley: if you think vaccines are controversial, trying microchipping people, not going to happen. let's talk about tsa. >> 6 and-a-half million people flew between thursday and saturday, that's more than 2 million each day as you see here, screened by tsa. and in some cases, this was double last year's number. i want to point out, it's still less than 2019. not by much but less than pre-pandemic. i think it shows that despite omicron, people are committed to normal life. we want to see family and friends for the holidays. i looked at the numbers, i said
2:37 am
these were big so many days before christmas. maybe people got a jump start on the holiday or maybe they just don't care. [laughter] carley: maybe column a, column b. todd: we appreciate it. thank you so much. progressives are not the only ones lashing out at joe manchin, the liberal media ain't happy. they're furious. joe concha joins us now. here are some of the fear mongering questions. this is from msnbc, manchin is killing the biden legislative agenda and perhaps the future of american democracy too. jennifer rubin, who considers herself a conservative republican, if manchin is no on both bbb and voting, biden is done, democracy is hanging by a thread. joe, why do these people always go democracy is dead, that root, when manchin is literally exercising, oh, i don't know democrat you sigh right in front of our -- democracy right in front of our very eyes. >> i'll take hyperbole for 500,
2:38 am
todd. look, i love this threat to democracy argument. what joe manchin and kyrsten sinema are doing here, along with 50 other senators, is the essence of democracy. 52 senators oppose, 48 support. 52 is more than 48, it's called a simple majority. the end. in poll after poll of, it shows the american people do not support this bill after understanding the cost. what it will do to inflation like you guys were talking about earlier and who really pays for it. by the way, this must have really hurt. like pouring salt and pixie sticks into a wound that senator manchin decided to make his announcement on fox news sunday with the great journalist, his name is bret baier. this ain't hyperbole now. this marks the beginning of the end of the biden presidency. nancy pelosi will be retired after a red tsunami sweeps her out of the house next november. mcconnell will be the majority
2:39 am
leader and the party will revolt against joe biden and find another ticket to run in 2024 because if you can find me a worse first year for any administration that has gone as poorly as this one, you can't. blame joe manchin all you want. this is all on democrats for pushing such a massive bill without a mandate, guys. todd: i know the american people don't want what is in the build back better bill. i hope they can see the democracy is dead shenanigans and democrats bring up voting rights in 2022. voting rights means democrats get whatever they want for here to eternity. it doesn't mean voting rights. i want to get to your op-ed quickly. what do you say will secure the democrat wipe-out in 2022, joe? >> oh, it's the crime issue. you know, we talked about inflation. it's a one-two punch, basically. is the country more expensive to live in? yes it is, is it less safe to live in? yes, it is.
2:40 am
this is spilling over to towns across the country, people feel this stuff and for democrats now to act tough on this, it has nothing to do with principles. it those do with the fact they know how to read polls and this will come back to haunt them when that red tsunami comes in 2022. todd: quickly, did they not see this happening as they were doing it or was that desire to be so twitter popular really cloud all their vision? >> oh, boy. you know, it was fashionable to march with black lives matter and relax bail laws and cut funding to police. they're all at the front of the line, that's democratic leaders and mayors across the country, governors across the country and now they see what's happening, they hear from their constituents and it's too little too late. todd: joe concha, we appreciate it. we'll see you tomorrow. >> all right, man. see you tomorrow. todd: still ahead, the outgoing nih director telling fox news that the lab leak theory is just a distraction, but republicans are not buying it. how they're preparing to uncover
2:41 am
what really happened in wuhan. plus -- carley: all right, well we're going to hear that coming up next because our very own rachel campos duffy first introduced us to the navarro farm which provides a haven for kids with special needs. thanks to you at home, we have a very special christmas surprise for the organization and rachel joins us live to share it. ♪
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(beatrice) my son didn't know i smoked. he saw me out the window and the next day there was this letter asking me to quit smoking. the thought of my boys not having me around... i can't, i'm sorry. (announcer) for free help, visit todd: former nih director francis collins doubling down on dismissing the covid lab leak theory. carley: as the gop begins preparing for the investigation into the origins if they win back the house next year, brooke sigman joins us with more. >> reporter: francis collins is not holding back on how he really feels about the wuhan lab leak theory on his last day as director of the national institutings of health. >> i'm sorry the lab leak has become such a distraction for so many people. we still don't know. there is no evidence that this was a natural way in which a virus left a bat, maybe traveled through some other species and
2:46 am
got to humans. >> reporter: former president trump is adamant covid originated in wuhan. >> i think the origins are so obvious. they came out of the wuhan lab and i think if anybody thinks anything differently, they're just kidding themselves. >> reporter: fox news medical contributor dr. marc siegel joined "fox & friends" first to weigh in. listen. >> if it does more and a more things we're not expecting it to do, if it spreads asymptomatically like they weren't expecting, if it causes for inflammation and disease, it makes you think it could have occurred in a lab and that is very important going forward to prevent the next pandemic. this is hugely important. so to say it's a distraction is not correct. >> reporter: meanwhile, axios is reporting that house republicans are mapping out potential investigations if they win back the majority in 2022. gop members want to look into the origins of covid-19. all this coming on the heels of
2:47 am
a newly surfaced october 2020 e-mail from collins to dr. anthony fauci on the great bearing ton declaration, a at statement rejecting lockdowns and in favor of the herd immunity strategy. it reads this proposal from three fringe epidemiologists who met with the secretary seems to be getting a lot of attention. there needs to be a quick and devastating published takedown of this prem sis. when collins was asked about the e-mail he refused to apologize. carley: brooke, thank you. todd: "fox & friends" viewers giving back in a big, big way, donating $100,000 to navarro farm, a haven in frankfurt, illinois for kids with special needs. carley: rachel and her daughter learned about the important life skills kids learn at the farm and even joined their special christmas celebration. and rachel campos duffy joins us now. what an awesome farm. it was so incredible to see you
2:48 am
highlight it, rachel. >> it was such an incredible experience and i'm so grateful that i had the opportunity to go there to take valentineo there. this farm services kids who are 14 and up. that's so important because that's an age where they really need to start learning these life skills so they can live more independently. but just as importantly, and this is something that was really something i didn't know until i had a child with downs is that there comes an age where your child stops getting invited to do things, stops getting invited to birthday parties, so many social things start to fade away, you can imagine with the pandemic that it went exponentially. navarro farms started last summer. they're providing tons for kids to learn how to farm and do things and sell and they're going to use this money to buy a food truck and eventually they have plans to use that lant land to -- land to build a community where they can actually live on this farm and work right there.
2:49 am
but it's just been incredible. let me show you what happened when i went to the farm. take a look. >> we're watering it right now. >> navarro farm is a nonprofit organization that teaches life skills through farming for teens and young adults with special needs. >> god put someone in front of us and said it would be amazing if we could teach our individuals with special needs how to farm. >> the idea hit home. damian and sharey have three kids and their son has downs syndrome. in july the program opened and since they served over 85 individuals with special needs. >> we all want to have a sense of purpose. it's the same with our kids here. they want to come, they want to be able to work, they want to be able to feel a sense of ownership. >> the farmers grow a variety of things. >> fruit trees. >> picking the broccoli,
2:50 am
picking the peppers, the tomatoes. >> carrots. lettuce. >> they work with animals. >> she's curious, amazing, smartiest goat ever. i love her so much. >> and sell products at carter's corner farm stand. >> everything we have we turn around and sell for a donation which goes back into the farm. >> why is the farm such a great place to learn these skills? >> where do i start? most importantly they're working on social skills. >> we started doing movie night and dance party night. tonight we're doing our santa at the barn event. >> a truly big evening with train rides ornament making and even real reindeer and of course a special santa experience for a very special group of people. why were you so excited to meet santa. >> i'm a big fan of santa. >> we told him you were his biggest fan. >> the social event at navarro farm aren't just fun for the farmers. >> merry christmas. >> merry christmas.
2:51 am
>> it's a gift for their parents as well. >> my son, he wants to come and work. he loves to work. he'll tell you work, work, work. >> i got to witness the magic of navarro farms firsthand with my daughter, valentina. it's valentina's turn to meet santa. look, who is that? >> ho, ho, ho, merry christmas. you want santa to give you a present? >> she got a navarro farms. you guys are so sweet. thank you, santa. ho, ho, ho, merry christmas. >> hey, guys, that was just the most amazing experience. these are very god-centered people. they prayed for this to happen. i think that our viewers have more than exceeded their expectations. i mean, it was at 1530, now it's
2:52 am
at 100,000. we have the absolute best viewers on the planet and all i can say is this is a truly pro-life organization. this is a population that if you look at abortion rates, are aborted at over 90% rates. they are discarded by so many people and this is an organization that says every life values and i can tell you from having a child with downs, she's the only thing our family agrees on. she is absolutely an angel. she's an angel. she makes you realize what innocence and pure love truly is about and so good for navarro farms and good for our viewers. carley: and good for you too for highlighting navarro farms because so many of us across the country wouldn't know about this place if it weren't for you so you are a gift as well, rachel. thank you so much for joining us. todd: check out all american christmas, -- >> don't forget to get the christmas book. merry christmas to both of you. todd: democrats turning on joe manchin. the far left says the fight is not over. does the bill stand a chance in
2:53 am
the new year? texas congressman michael burgess is next. . .
2:54 am
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♪ todd: new spikes of covid having a major in the nfl postponing three games. browns and raiders are going to play later today. tomorrow the eagles square off rams. latter two games are on fox. nhl suspending all games between canadian facing possible restrictions between. outbreak of code in the league. brooklyn net stars protocol. milwaukee bucs going through the league protocols. three christian ministries are asking the supreme court to block the biden administration's covid-19 vaccine mandate for all companies with more than 100
2:58 am
employees. the request coming after appeals court ruled to reinstate the mandate on friday. the organization representing those three ministries saying, quote: our clients simply cannot comply with a government mandate that forces them to violate the conscience rights of their employees. the supreme court must act or there will be a constitutional crisis. all right, with that let us deal in the congressman michael burgess who joins us now live. we have a few minutes with you here had a few problems with the shot. get you in right now. the democrats going absolutely insane after joe manchin tanked the massive build back better social spending plan. democrats say they are not stopping what do you think? is this just bluster or do you legitimately think they are going to try to hold on to this in the new year. >> they will try. but they don't have the votes so right now it does for all the world look dead in the water there have been some times that i thought they couldn't get
2:59 am
something done and then they did. but senator manchin left yesterday. i thought it was absolutely clear he has been clear for months. look, back before the american rescue plan in february, their own side this amount of spending on top of the spending that has been done in the previous administration, this was going to be massively inflationary. and it turns out it was. and it's not just temporary. this is endemic now. those of you was who lived through the 70s we know how hard it is to get this stuff unwound. todd: these democrats seem to have a sense of entitlement when it comes to joe manchin like he owes them his vote not the people of west virginia. obviously that is not correct. how much are you bracing yourself for the democrats to do something to change the rules of the game let's say on voting rights or something similar? 20 seconds to you, congressman. >> they could, but, again, they don't even have 50 votes for what they are trying to do and what is a painful lesson that he
3:00 am
would learned in the first two years of the trump administration. if you don't have at least 50 votes in the senate, even under reconciliation, you can't do it. todd: it's called democracy. don't understand why democrats are saying this isn't democracy but it sure is. congressman michael burgess sorry to give you the bum rush right there. with that "fox & friends" starts right now steve, brian and a familiar face. >> joe manchin appears to deal. >> president biden's social spending agenda. >> a death blow. >> if i can't go home and explain i can't vote for it. bret: you are done. this is a no. >> this is a no. >> the president expected to unveil new covid measures in a speech scheduled for tuesday. >> they're not doing their job. they don't know what the hell they are doing. the mandates are killing our economy. >> tsa screening more than double the number of passengers this year than last year heading into the final week before christmas. over 6 million people went through airport security thursday through saturday. >> took a lot of


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