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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer Dana Perino  FOX News  December 20, 2021 6:00am-8:00am PST

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merry christmas. >> thank you very much. brian: the kurt warner story. >> that's so cool. it's going to be a great movie. steve: what's with him and dogs? american underdog, he did a dog 's purpose. brian: great point. steve: just saying. that's it for today we'll be back here tomorrow. see you then.
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>> if i can't go home and explain it to the people of west virginia i can't vote for it and i cannot continue to with this piece of legislation, i just can't. >> bill: this is a no? >> this is a no on this legislation. >> we all knew senator manchin couldn't be trusted. the excuses that he just made are a complete bull [bleep]. >> i hope we will bring a strong bill to the floor of the senate and let mr. manchin explain to the people of west virginia why he doesn't have the guts to stand up to powerful special interests. >> dana: white house correspondent peter doocy is live on the north lawn. not the outcome the white house expected but should have been prepared for? >> definitely not what they expected because officials here are saying that a couple weeks ago when joe manchin went to joe biden's house in delaware
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he privately delivered a framework for this bill that he could support. so officials here are saying this big no betrays that. jen psaki has a statement where she explains senator manchin promised to continue conversations in the days ahead and to work with us to reach that common ground. if his comments on fox and written statement indicate an end to that effort, they represent a sudden and inexplicable position and his breach to the president and house and senate. progressives are furious. they had been promised by democratic leadership if they supported the bipartisan infrastructure bill they could have a vote on bbb later. now some democrats are calling for a change to senate precedent. >> this idea we can go on fox news or go on any -- legislate through television and say that we are going to threatin' to
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block ambassadorships or threaten to vote no. have that result in institutional inaction is unacceptable. it takes the president of the united states who needs to be more forceful on the filibuster. >> even if they got rid of the filibuster democrats don't have the votes to build back better now. chuck schumer will make edits and wrote to lawmakers senators should be aware the senate will in fact consider the build back better act early in the new year so every member in this body has the opportunity to make their position known on the senate floor not just on television. we are going to vote on a revised version of the house passed build back better act and keep voengt on it until we get something done. president biden talked about this bill as the way to recover the economy post pandemic. so if it is down now, if it is out, they will have to figure something else out. >> dana: they sure will. thank you. >> bill: marc short former
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chief of staff to vice president mike pence mark, how are you doing. good morning to you. what's the hangover effect of this decision now? >> well, i think it's a great day for american taxpayers not to have significant massive tax increases and more spending when they are facing inflation pressures. i think when ilhan omar and bernie sanders go and criticize manchin it helps him back in west virginia. joe biden won 30% of the vote in west virginia. this bill itself was polling at 25% support. 98% of people in west virginia said they're feeling the impact of inflation. this only helps joe manchin in lots of ways. when democrats try to criticize him from the far left it continues to bolster his support in west virginia. >> dana: manchin has been accused of being dupe list us to. telling the white house one thing and public statements
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something else. is that your experience with him? >> no, dana, it is not. even when we tried to negotiate the tax relief in 2017 he was clear as to where he was. he actually said if he had gone up to 25% he could have come along but our position was what are the democrats you are bringing? if there is nobody else why negligent against yourself with manchin. he has been clear. he felt the bill was not good for america and not the right time and he even supported the tax increases in the bill. what he said is i can't support the massive new spending. so i think democrats have a challenge because if they break this up try to move pieces of it there are a lot of senators who have been careful not stating a public position because they liked having joe manchin and kirsten cinema out front. they don't want to have a for vote. >> bill: they make it up into
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pieces. manchin said he and romney have bills ready to go to satisfy the left. manchin is a tour deforce in gas lighting and dishonesty. we have covid but manchin just voted republicans to overturn biden's employer vaccine and testing requirements. we have inflation but build back better who cut costs for millions of working families. manchin doesn't agree with the last point clearly. i don't really think what happened yesterday, if you followed this over the past weeks and months, where joe manchin has been on it. he hasn't changed his mind, marc. >> you are right. he hasn't changed his mind. when the white house puts out the statement like they did yesterday kind of a scorched earth let's go back to the beginning of the year. do you all remember in the very first bill in the stimulus package kamala harris went and did local tv in west virginia, they started this year going after joe manchin.
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they are ending the year going after joe manchin. they only have 50 seats. it doesn't seem like it's a smart strategy. it only helps joe manchin back in west virginia. they don't like the direction of this administration or the policies they are pursuing. every time that the radical left goes after him it only continues to boost his numbers and people in west virginia said he is the independent voice for us. >> dana: he said in the past he won't switch party. a couple weeks ago he softened. could you see him doing like a jim jeffers did in 2001? >> bill: i don't know. the republican leadership said you can have whatever you want and any sort of committee assignment but joe manchin has been clear in the past. i sat down with him and tried to have a conversation about switching parties and he wasn't interested at that time. so i think that may be a little too far. i think he will continue to be an independent voice and i
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don't think he minds the criticisms he is getting today. >> bill: donald trump won west virginia by 40 points and they were 3 to 1 against build back better. >> dana: the january 6 commission. have you been asked to go and visit with them or testify? are you satisfied with how the committee is conducting its business? >> well, dana, i think it's pretty public i have been subpoenaed and not testified at this point. i think i've been pretty open about believing that the president was poorly advised leading up to january 6 and i think he was poorly served in some of that advice. we'll always be proud of the way vice president pence adhered to his fidelity of the constitution. i also can't have a lot of confidence that this committee is going to provide some sort of impartial analysis. i think that when the democrats
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rejected the people that kevin mccarthy put forward to make it a more bipartisan commission it went down more of a political show trial path. i think that you look at the members there now and you have members who in adam schiff, i think, purchase ported the steele dossier when he knew it was a lie and trying to look to impeach the president. and i think, dana, you were part of the 2004 ticket and little has been covered about the fact the chairman of the task force voted not to certify the 2004 results in ohio alleging some sort of claim of fraud when there is actually no evidence whatsoever in ohio of fraud in 2004. so i am very proud of the way the vice president pence handled himself and adhered to our constitution and prevented a constitutional crisis. hard to have a lot of confidence that the january 6 commission will be impartial. >> based on that answer, will you cooperate or not?
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>> again, bill, i've been subpoenaed and my lawyer will continue to have conversations with the commission about that. >> dana: we're coming up on that anniversary. thank you. we'll be watching and see what happens with joe manchin. i just think there might be a little bit of a change there, marc, thank you for being with us. the possibility of manchin making a decision because if you remember back in 2001 and maybe we can show you a little later or tomorrow that clip of when jim jeffers made that decision how that fundamentally changed everything. how chuck schumer is saying we'll do this by piecemeal. that changes. if you don't have the majority you don't control the skilled on the floor. that would become mitch mcconnell's job. >> bill: "wall street journal" headline from the editorial page. joe manchin rescues the op sifmgts it gives biden a better chance to change course. if you are following this manchin argument go back to september 29th. he drafted a letter in which he said we can't even pay for the
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essential social security programs and medicare and to go forward is the definition of fiscal insanity. that was three or four months ago. >> dana: he told chuck schumer and they signed a letter and chuck schumer and both signed it and said we know where joe manchin is and schumer held that back from the squad so they acted like they were so surprised. schumer shouldn't have been surprised. the other thing the point about mitch mcconnell. he made a calculated risk to go ahead and vote for bipartisan the infrastructure bill and to carve that off as a build back better in order to give moderate members a chance to do that and sink the chances of build back better. a lot of people say it was a risk worth taking. >> bill: it took a "fox news sunday" news program in order for this decision to finally sink in. period. >> dana: there you have it. also fox news witnessed nearly
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100 migrants crossing the southern border into the u.s. over the weekend in la joya, texas alone despite freezing temperatures and heavy rain as the state constructed a border wall with its own money. good morning, bill. >> good morning to you. we had some absolutely horrible weather out here all day yesterday. it didn't slow down any of the activity. look at the video we shot late yesterday afternoon in the middle of the pouring rain in the chilly temperatures as usual masses of migrants crossing illegally here into texas where there is no federal border wall. once they cross the rio grande there is little to no resistance. they show up and search for border patrol to turn themselves in. it was a mixture of family units as well as single adults. we saw a lot being shuttled in pickup trucks to be dropped off to border patrol proper sention areas. we had a chance to talk to a man from honduras who just crossed over with his family and told us a cartel had smuggled them over on a raft. we asked him how much did he
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have to pay? take a listen. >> how much? >> $3,000. >> right at the river? >> no, no, i had my family. my stepdaughter is an american citizen. my mom is american citizen. two brothers here that are american citizens, too. >> as you mentioned texas officially building its own border wall now. drone video we shot on saturday. governor abbott was out there himself at the construction site touring as the first panels have officially gone up here in the rio grande valley. it will be a 1.7 mile stretch to start to fill in the gaps where there is no federal border wall and built on texas land with texas dollars. again we mentioned there is no federal wall. take a look at this video. we've shown it to you in recent months. once president biden came into office he canceled the contracts, canceled all the federal wall construction. what you are looking at is the massive stockpiles of steel that are in two locations here
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in the rio grande valley. we're talking hundreds of millions of dollars worth of steel. 42 miles worth of border wall that have been going left unused since january just synth and rusting away in storage locations down here. i asked governor greg abbott is texas able to use any of that steel? can they purchase it from the federal government for the texas border wall? he told me texas has reached out to the federal government to ask that question but they haven't even gotten any kind of response. he says that is a disservice to u.s. taxpayers who have already paid for all that unused steel. take a listen. >> if they want to be responsible stewards for taxpayer money, they should be providing that material either to the state of texas or to the contractors working with the state of texas. otherwise the biden administration has on its resume wasting billions of taxpayer dollars doing absolutely nothing. >> the bottom line what will happen with all that federal steel that has been synth
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around since january? as of right now absolutely nothing despite the fact we're on the hook for it as taxpayers. one more thing to add, a dhs source telling me just here in the rio grande valley since october 1 more than 11,000 known gotaways just in this sector. migrants they see on the cameras and sensors and don't have enough manpower to get to. >> dana: important for all americans to see that steel. >> president biden: i'm not going to shut down the economy or the kun tree. i'm going to shut down the virus. >> zbl* that was candidate bite en 14 months ago at omicron shuts down broadway shows and nba games. do we face a major testing crisis? dr. saphier will talk to us about that. >> dana: we'll speak to someone
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rescued from afghanistan. plus this. >> that is six in a row. >> bill: sweet weekend. tigers woods and his son charlie going on a birdie spree. we'll tell you whether they won it or not coming up next.
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with buy-one-get-one free fandango tickets. join over a million members by signing up for free on the xfinity app. our thanks. your rewards. >> we're in for a world of trouble i'm afraid in the next month or two but there are things people can do and i hope we can talk about that. it has thrown us a new
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curveball and we have to be ready to hit it. >> bill: the warnings keep coming at omicron spreads rapidly. we'll talk to dr. saphier. in new york city covid testing lines are stretching down the blocks. how is it today? >> today is no exception. you can see over my shoulder that there is now a line at this covid testing site that extends at least halfway down the block. this just a few minutes past 9:00 eastern time and there are sub freezing temperatures. this line only expected to grow longer as we go through the day. latest data provided by the city shows the percent of people testing positive is on the rise. seven day average in new york city just over 7%. consider this. one week ago it was under 4. also increasing in the city covid hospitalizations and
6:23 am
deaths. the outgoing mayor deblasio has called on washington to do more to help. >> we need the authorization of pfizer antiviral pill to be accelerated. given the amount that's needed in terms of test kits and vaccine, again would urge that the president invoke the defense production act. >> we expect to hear from president biden tomorrow about what washington will do to combat the virus and surging cases caused by the omicron variant. the president will outline new measures during a presidential address. two u.s. senators are among the latest wave catching the virus. elizabeth warren and cory booker are positive and have mild symptoms despite being fully vaccinated and receiving a booster. cancellations are on the rise. the next games for the cleveland cavaliers, boston magic, philadelphia 76s and two games for the brooklyn nets have been postponed.
6:24 am
a third of all broadway shows have halted production and discussion about canceling or changing the planned new year's eve celebration in times square. the city is days away from implementing what will be the most restrictive vaccine mandate in the country under the plan by mayor deblasio. all private sector employees must have received at least one dose of the vaccine if they want to show up for work as of december 27th. >> bill: a week from today. david lee miller in manhattan. >> dana: let's bring in dr. nicole saphier. a couple things here. we know from south africa omicron is highly contagious but hospital rates are down. we are seeing here in america a lot more people are getting omicron and one of the problems for staffing either at hospitals or at these broadway shows is if you test positive, even if you aren't all that sick, if you test positive the property call says you have to
6:25 am
stay home for 10 days and not enough staff. are we in for a couple of rough months, dr. nicole? >> i think you make a very valid point, dana. the reason a lot of things are shutting down is not necessarily meaningless mitigation measures. some are. when you have so many employees and staff testing positive and they are forced to go into isolation, who is there to run the show? we aren't just talking broadway shows or restaurants. we're talking hospitals and clinics and so forth. the cdc needs to sit down and really look at this and say what is the best path forward at this point? listen, whether you are vaccinated, boosted or not you can still get covid-19. with the vac nailted it will be mild and maybe just a cold. those moving forward we have to be able to continue on with our economy with mild infection. so what is our path forward and we are going to have to just wait from the cdc and white house to give us more direction
6:26 am
on this. >> bill: they've been woefully weak on that information. a week ago dana and i were sitting here and a couple dozen cases. everyone knows someone who has it this weekend. that infectious that quickly. there were a few briefings last week at the white house. not a lot of attention was paid to it. why wait until tomorrow before you get the attention of the american people and saying you are getting together for the holidays within a week's time. here is what we know, here is what we think you should understand and follow with your family and friends. >> you have know, bill, i don't understand. it just increases the hype waiting. at this point everyone has a lot of angst. omicron has the reproductive people are getting it. we need to focus on the 10 to 15 million americans most at risk, those over 55 who have
6:27 am
not gotten vaccinated. the goal of vaccination at this point should be the to lessen severe illness and focus our energy on protecting the vulnerable and allow the milder virus to circulate. i don't know if people are having a hard time getting a covid test and three molecular test are having false negatives and not able to detect omicron. if you are vaccinated and boosted and if you have cold symptoms let's assume you have covid. at that point you shouldn't get together with lot of people over the holidays. this is a highly transmissible virus. it is likely very mild infection. good data out of the u.k. shows that a lot of people will have breakthrough infections whether you are vaccinated or boosted or had prior infection. however, they reported less than 1% hospitalization rate.
6:28 am
zero deaths. let's continue to project the vulnerable, encourage vaccination in those not vaccinated but find a way to move forward with this virus as it becomes endemic. >> dana: a great point about the testing. not to have enough tests available for people to use at this point when europeans have them in is really not good. to say the left. make sure you send us pictures christmas day. i have to see what's happening at your house. >> you know what's happening. >> bill: markets will open amid concerns of the omicron after joe manchin said he won't support bbb. maria bartiromo reacts. george gascon launching a controversial program that he argues will help rehab criminals. others are not so convinced coming up next on a monday.
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up to $60,000 or more, and lower your payments by an average of $615 every month. no one knows veterans like newday usa. >> bill: reent crime spikes aren't stopping one california d.a. from keeping criminals out of jail. the l.a. d.a. george gascon is launching a diversion program moving young people from incarceration to rehab. william la jeunesse follows the liberal prosecute or in l.a. >> it means juveniles charged with some felonies will be asked to apologize to their victims instead of going to jail for up to five years. from l.a.'s progressive d.a. george gascon. it drops charges against juveniles accused of burglary, assault, auto theft, robbery,
6:35 am
arson, and sexual battery which is sex without consent and can include penetration. he calls the program restorative enhanced diversion or youth or ready. >> another nice word gascon puts on a terrible program that is just part of the overall effort he has undertaken to dismantle l.a.'s criminal justice system. >> you can be robbed at knife point, house, business ransacked, daughter sexually abused and car stolen. if the felon is under 18 they will be encouraged to apologize and not face jail. gascon believes this approach reduces crime. >> we are trying to dramatically change the system that has served no one, not the victims of crime, not those who are accused and not the public. >> homicides are up 12%. shots fired 18%. zero bail for many. helping to prompt a recall campaign. it also means minors can't
6:36 am
violate probation giving prosecutors less leverage with repeat offenders. >> the community are scared to go out. all we ask for is to feel safe in our communities, to have safe schools and a safe environment and ultimately for the law to be enforced. >> gascon took office last year supported by l.a.'s mayor and governor newsom with money from netflix founder and billionaire george soros. critics have five months to collect 580,000 signatures to force the recall election. >> bill: william, thank you in l.a. >> dana: markets opening a few minutes ago and quite a lot down. 480 points down right around now. friday the dow lost over 500 points as well amidst fears over the omicron variant and yesterday joe manchin torpedoed a keystone of the biden agenda. let's bring in maria bartiromo.
6:37 am
you watch the markets closely. is it the market's reaction to omicron and the manchin news? >> the worries of omicron are felt across wall street and the country. it started in europe when we saw a lockdown -- complete lockdown in the netherlands. all essential businesses in the netherlands, businesses, restaurants, entertainment venues closed in the netherlands until mid-january. a lot of speculation the u.k. could follow there. then you had wall street. a number of firms telling employees to go back home, leave the trading desk and leave work and start working once again from home. you heard that from j.p. morgan and citigroup and jeffries. investors are worried we'll see a lockdown or potential restrictions that could put a crimp into the economic growth story once again. it's what is playing out. on the build back better agenda you would think that would be a positive because it won't be
6:38 am
stoking inflation if it is in fact dead. but the truth is when you have a massive $5 trillion plan you are talking about a massive stimulus to the economy and without that stimulus money in the economy, there could be some people thinking let me sell now given the fact we won't see the stimulus given joe manchin's pushback on the plan. >> dana: speaker pelosi said there is no reason for members of congress to be banned from trading stock. alexandria ocasio-cortez always has something to sai. this is what she said and get your take. there is no reason members of congress should hold and trade individual stock when we write major policy and have access to sensitive information. many ways members can invest without doing conflict of interest like thrift saving plans or index funds. do you have an opinion on this, maria? >> you know, dana, obviously it looks bad and ethically
6:39 am
speaking it is wrong that congress should be able to trade stocks. that is my opinion. and i think that's most people's opinion because you are talking about people who have access to inside information. earlier this year we know that nancy pelosi's husband bought shares of microsoft, the stock soreed because two weeks later we understood that the company won a major government contract from the department of defense. it is things like that that make you go hum, why did paul pelosi buy microsoft two weeks before a d.o.d. contract came out and he owns shares of tesla. a massive push to buy electric vehicles. as a result tesla shares have soared. many people ask how did nancy pelosi became the wealthy woman being in congress for so many decades. the fact she is allowed to buy and trade stocks is questionable. if you were to have congress
6:40 am
buy exchange trade funds, index funds it would certainly appear to look much better because you are not looking at specific names that you are trading. buying an index that is diversified. you have exposure to the stock market so if it goes up you are still making money but you are not zeroing in on individual companies that may very well be impacted by policy that nancy pelosi is making. you look at something like the build back better plan which, of course, the cbo told us was $5 trillion in cost. many people don't know what's in that plan until it is passed and when it's passed you see industry trading up and down because of the impact of policy changes that came from either the senate or house and that's why the questions around this have been at the forefront. i would say obviously it is ethically bad if not corrupt. >> dana: well, she says it is safe for now but going in the direction of maybe pulling that
6:41 am
back. maria, thank you so much. we'll pay attention to you today as the market now down almost 600 points. thank you. >> bill: thanks. tiger woods, his son charlie playing in the pnc championship over the weekend. they finished only two strokes behind the winners, john daly and his son. woods team posted seven straight birdies in tiger's first tournament since the car crash in february. >> they will never go away. this is my environment and what i've done my entire life. i'm so thankful to have this opportunity to do it again. >> bill: unbelievable. >> dana: incredible what sports medicine can do. he listened to his doctors. >> bill: the plates and screws he has in his right leg and go that within nine months i find it extraordinary. during covid i had a bone break, broke my left ankle.
6:42 am
this bone was so small like an all toid mint. it was six months when you get out of bed and don't feel it. he is doing this after only nine months and i would love to know from one of the doctors on his team, did they expect him to do this or is he exceeding expectations? i have to think it's the latter. >> dana: probably exceeding. exceeding our expectations. we're awaiting a decision from the nhl to pull its players from the beijing olympics. >> general jack keane is coming up. >> we just completed a $60 million package of security assistance to ukraine. it included two island class patrol boats and javelin anti-tank missiles and we haven't taken off the table additional security assistance.
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>> so far the biden foreign policy has been one of surrender and retreat on national security and foreign policy issues. it is not a coincidence that russia and china have stepped off an done joint exercises.
6:48 am
they see an opportunity here with the current administration. >> that is john ratcliffe former d.n.i. under the trump team slamming the biden foreign pollz. -- policy. he says the worst is yet to come. i want to bring in general jack keane. he was talking about china, russia, taliban and others. how do you assess that right now at year's end, general? >> well, we've been looking at this now for almost a year and i think quite indisputable that russia, china and iran have all increased their aggression under the biden administration by comparison to the previous administration. china having its most aggressive intimidation of taiwan that we've seen in many decades. iran trying to kill the iraqi prime minister. attacking the u.s. base in southern syria that we moved our troops out and avoeded
6:49 am
casualties. it emphasizes their aggression and they are in pursuit of a nuclear weapon regardless of negotiating attempts to the contrary. and then you have russia. they have made two military demonstrations on the border of ukraine. one in the spring. another one now much larger. the accelerant for that was afghanistan. they believe the united states has weakened its position globally. there is a pattern here, bill. i don't think it is synchronized. three countries operating within their own self-interest in their regions to accomplish their goals at the expense of the united states and allies. >> bill: kept a lid on it for a while and see how they act very soon or not. now the story from the "wall street journal" and others about military equipment that had been potentially shipped to afghanistan. talking about helicopters and other military equipment may be diverted to ukraine in the event putin goes in or thinks
6:50 am
about it. do you have information to suggest this story is true and if so, what would you make of it? >> well, i don't -- i have no special information on it. a couple things. one, we already know that we've left far too much equipment behind in after aguilera. anything we can use in ukraine is well intended. the lethal aid program to ukraine is one of the issues that putin has on the table. he wants it to stop. the fact that the united states is strengthening the ukraine military and it started under the trump administration, biden administration has continued it. i don't think they've given the ukrainians all the tools that they are asking for and i wish we could actually increase the amount of lethal aid but they have kept it going. and that is very good. also we provide them some training assistance. what is happening here, bill. we've seen this hand before. putin is here and he is pushing to get concessions out of the
6:51 am
united states and the europeans and he sees this as a huge opportunity. he just going to push as hard as he can to get as much as he can. that's what is taking place. >> bill: do you see a difference in how the biden administration is reacting now to putin in ukraine as opposed to what happened under president obama and vice president biden in 2014? are they being more aggressive? >> no, they are clearly being more con sill tory. in order stream was a big win. they went back into the start treaty without laying down conditions. it needed to be improved. we never responded in any way remember these massive ransomware attacks that have taken place. we've been playing a weak hand with mr. putin.
6:52 am
he obviously punches above his weight. no doubt about that. what you have to do. the only thing he truly understands is strength. we have not been displaying that. >> bill: general, thank you, sir. we'll talk later in the week. jack keane on that and more coming up soon. thank you for your time today. >> dana: joe manchin withdrawing support for the build back better. democratic leaders still pushing for a vote on the huge bill. what happens next? jurors in kim potter's trial could get the case today. closing arguments set in 10 minutes from now. we're live outside the courthouse in minneapolis straight ahead. blue line. ha! cupcake. or collaborate with clients from the concourse. and to get your team geared up with the good stuff, book a one-on-one tech check with a business expert. woo! visit us in store or book an appointment to save time and money. because every business deserves better. and with plans as low as $30, better costs less than you think.
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we believe at newday usa ask your doctor we have a noble purpose. our purpose is not just closing a loan. we want to do whatever's best for the individual service person. we want to be known as america's mortgage company for veterans and active-duty service people, and they and their families. we're the ones there to help them. people are doing hard, arduous, difficult, dangerous things.
6:57 am
some of them are giving their lives right now, today, for the freedoms that we have here in this country. they're willing to do that for you, for me, and for our family. so for us, at newday, to have the opportunity to turn around and help those people at this point in time. it's a labor of love, it's a noble service, and that's what we're all about. >> dana: closing arguments set to begin moments from now in the manslaughter trial of kim potter. you may have seen she broke down in tears on the witness stand friday saying she mistook her gun for her taser when she shot and killed daunte wright during an april traffic stop. jurors will likely get the case
6:58 am
today, garrett? >> yeah. the next few minutes the jury of six men and six women will get their instructions from the judge for what they need to consider when deciding the fate of kim potter the former brooklyn center police officer was the last witness in the case. on friday she repeatedly broke down on the stand during her testimony as she recalled the moments leading up to the shooting of daunte wright describing the fear she saw in her fellow officer's eyes after wright broke free, jumped into the car and tried driving away with the officer still leaning inside the vehicle. >> we were trying to keep him from driving away. it just went -- it went chaotic. and then i remember yelling taser, taser, taser, and
6:59 am
nothing happened. and then i shot him. >> on cross examination prosecutors laid out the extensive training potter received during her 26 years with brooklyn p.d. including on the use of force and how to handle stressful situations making the argument that given her experience she should have known better and responded differently before and after the shooting. >> you were focus eds on what you had done because you just killed somebody. >> i'm sorry it happened. i'm so sorry. >> you knew that deadly force was unwarranted. >> i didn't want to hurt anybody. >> after closing arguments the jury will be sequestered until they reach a verdict.
7:00 am
if that hasn't happened by christmas eve the judge will let them go home for the holiday weekend, return on monday to continue their deliberations. kim potter charged with first and second degree manslaughter. she is facing up to 15 years in prison if convicted. >> dana: we'll watch it today. thank you, garrett. >> if i can't go home and explain it to the people of west virginia, i can't vote for it. i cannot vote to continue with this piece of legislation. i just can't. i've tried everything humanly possible. i can't get there. >> you're done, this is a no. >> this is a no. on this legislation. >> dana: senator joe manchin delivering a knock-out blow to president biden's massive spending agenda saying he cannot support the multi-trillion dollar social welfare package. welcome to a new hour of "america's newsroom." i'm dana perino. >> bill: i'm bill hemmer. good morning at home and to you. senator was on with bret
7:01 am
yesterday on "fox news sunday". it made news. >> dana: let's make news. >> you have this narrow democratic majority in the senate. manchin's vote is critical. he is concerned about the cost of all the new government spending and saying it for some time now. the impact on inflation as well. congress has recessed for the holidays. chuck schumer announced plans to vote on a revised version of the bill early in the new year. chad pergram knows it better than anyone. what would be or could be the next step, chad? >> chuck schumer is basically going to dare his members to vote no. in a pre-dawn letter to senate democrats schumer took a swipe at manchin. members will make their position made through voting not television. liberals are outraged and joe manchin. >> what senator manchin did yesterday was a breach of the trust of the president. he has every right to be
7:02 am
furious with joe manchin. it is up to leadership in the democratic party who made the decision to get us to this juncture and how we'll move forward. >> this is why progressives wanted the infrastructure and social spending bills connected. expect criticism for democratic leaders who may have promised their base too much. democrats were trying to accomplish more than their narrow majority allowed. that was the issue with this bill. >> i think it failed on its own weight. it was a terrible bill. it would have added to our current inflation. >> to pass the bill democrats needed everything to line up and finally something did not in the person of joe manchin. >> it shows i think how much power one person can have in the senate to stop everything, colleague used to say 100 human brake pads and joe manchin is showing that he is a mighty big brake pad but he is a democrat in a state where donald trump
7:03 am
won by 39 points. >> democrats must handle manchin with kid gloves. a 50/50 senate. democrats need manchin to maintain control of the senate. so even if the bill was ready to go and manchin was on board, democrats could not have passed the bill this week. senators elizabeth warren and cory booker both tested positive over the weekend and no remote voting in the senate. bill. >> bill: chad pergram on the hill. >> dana: let's bring in the senior columnist for the national journal. what is your take on the political fallout? >> it's a massive political fallout for democrats. one of the biggest mistakes, dana, was that the white house, chuck schumer, nancy pelosi raised expectations on the passage of build back better beyond political reality. you have a 50/50 senate, joe manchin is in the senate, kyrsten sinema is in the senate and divided house. they are facing a political hangover.
7:04 am
they promised things to progressives that were never realistic and they thought they could somehow convince joe manchin to go along even though he gave every signal over the last few months he needed a pared back piece of legislation with a lot less spending and regulation when it came to climate. they didn't listen and wouldn't take no for an answer and now they face a double whammy. democrats disillusioned and may not show up for the mid-terms because they are so disappointed and made democratic moderates take a vote for a vote that won't pass. this is political malpractice at the highest level. they need to reset their agenda. >> the price tag was all over the board. that study at the penn school the wharton school at penn was $4 trillion. nobody could get their arms
7:05 am
around this whole thing. democrats, liberals, progressives, the white house are all fired up for manchin now. jen psaki sent this on sunday. as manchin reversed his position this morning we'll continue to press him to see if he will reverse his position again to honor his prior commitments and be true to his word. does it go anywhere or do they now take build back better and slice it into smaller pieces and try to go at it that way? >> they can start from scratch and have a smaller version of build back better but i don't know if they'll get the support from progressives in the house. the whole problem is getting moderates and progressives on board. if you do that you have to start from square one. i'm pessimistic that will really work out. but look, chuck schumer is bringing up build back better on the floor at the beginning of the year. there is lot of emotions that are governing democratic thinking rather than strategy. he is taking his most vulnerable swing state senators
7:06 am
quietly critical of a lot of parts of this legislation and now he is making them go on record again to pass a piece of legislation that -- not pass a piece of legislation that is going to cause them political heartburn back home. i don't understand the strategy from the democratic party on this stuff. >> dana: two questions. the strategy of mitch mcconnell cog to go forward with the infrastructure bill and allow mod ral republicans and he voted for it. he would call himself a conservative. they voted for it. part of it was a calculation and strategy. a risky one but seem to have paid off for mcconnell. i know a lot of people don't like what's in the infrastructure bill. mcconnell has a strategy he is seeing through. the second question is why wouldn't manchin go ahead and change parties after all of these democrats saying you are a liar, we'll call you out and make life miserable for you in west virginia. that's what bernie sanders said. >> the reason manchin is not going to change parties is
7:07 am
because he loves being the power broker and the defacto president. he wouldn't have that power if he gave mcconnell the majority. i don't know if mcconnell wants to be majority leader right now. he wants to take advantage of the political environment and watch democrats struggle and benefit from that politically in 2022 and i think west virginia democrats are very conservative. it is one of the few states in the country where you can win as a manchin type democrat in a primary. if he became a republican he would have an issue in a primary. so i don't think he will switch parties. maybe he becomes like an independent who caucuses with democrats but i don't see a party switch in the works. >> bill: i want to quote the letter from september when he wrote i've been consistent in my belief that any expansion of social programs must be targeted to those in need and not expanded to be beyond what the fiscally possible. he held true to that with this
7:08 am
interview yesterday. eight minutes past. inflation soaring to the highest levels in 40 years. progressive congressman bowman reportedly asking for more taxpayer dollars requesting another covid relief deal. this even though congress hasn't finished spending the 5 trillion in covid money passed earlier in the year. aishah hosni is on the hill. where is it going? >> after the manchin news spending more of taxpayer money is going to be a hard sell, a very uphill battle. so congressman bowman is ready to spend more of cash, more taxpayer dollars tweeting this. we now lost 800,000 american lives to covid-19. we need federal intervention. our defense budget is $770 billion a year but we are not doing enough to defend ourselves against a global pandemic that is killing us. he may have some wind at his back here with the spread of
7:09 am
the omicron variant but it will still be a tough sell with the rise in inflation. a new fox business poll reveals 68% of americans are extremely or very concerned about covid but a whopping 84% are worried about inflation. so that's where the priority is. congress came together to pass the first covid relief packages but last week minority leader mitch mcconnell reminded reporters that house and senate republicans did not vote for the american rescue plan this year that flooded the country with money, calling that a mistake. >> on a bipartisan basis to spend an enormous amount of money and drive up the national debt a significant amount in the wake of a 100-year pandemic. our colleagues on the other side seem like they couldn't stop, wanted to keep on spending. >> so bill, the house may not
7:10 am
be an issue for progressives but a 50/50 senate and somebody like senator joe manchin will be. bill. >> bill: thank you, aishah hosni ton floor. we'll watch it. >> dana: we have nicknames for everyone. aish. >> bill: one of the stories to watch clearly in 2022 and we talked about this quite a bit is this administration has done a pretty good job of keeping a lid on the democratic party and keeping them together. now warts and all as of yesterday and it is coming out and you just wonder what sort of political civil war could come out of this going into. >> dana: progressives are furious. they said from the beginning if you don't keep the infrastructure bill with build back better together they would end up with nothing they wanted and corey bush, aoc and omar with some choice language all saying they were right. but they also lost it. >> bill: i don't know how you feel about this. to ron klain and to joe biden's credit they bent over backwards
7:11 am
to keep everybody in unison. was that the smartest move? >> dana: over promising to the progressive left was their doom and now they scramble to figure out what to do. a reeling administration. court ruling after court ruling causing confusion of the vaccine mandate. will president biden be able to clear things up when he addresses the nation tomorrow? >> u.s. army veteran fighting to help soldiers exposed to toxic waste on the battlefield and also working to save the planet. >> i don't think it is being recognized that veterans are necessarily getting the benefits they deserve. until the veterans are truly able to file a claim and get those benefits, then we haven't made a positive change yet. ow!
7:12 am
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>> dana: a group of looters caught stealing from homes damaged by tornadoes in kentucky. law enforcement converged on the group after they were leaving the area. in addition to various charges for theft two suspects were charged with possession with methamphetamine. and there you go. arrested. >> bill: 17 past. west virginia senator joe manchin plans to vote no if the build back better bill comes to the floor. getting a lot of reaction from liberal media. some commentators going so far as saying it could ends our democracy. joe concha, i can understand the measure of disappointment by some but some of this reaction is over the mountain. how do you see it? how do you scan that reaction,
7:18 am
joe? >> the whole democracy died today because of joe manchin thing is the kind of thing we're used to hearing on other channels and social media attaching the word racist and racism to everything. now the plan is to portray manchin as the worst person the planet has seen while declaring democracy is dead. fun tweets this morning to share. the white house editor for "politico" said the manchin news is just objectively devastating for the planet. "washington post" conservative funny to say that jennifer rubin headline quote manchin deals a devastating blow to biden and democracy, unquote. here are the basic numbers, the math. josh mentioned before the emotion that is involved here. let's just remove all the noise. democrats need 50 votes in the senate to pass the bill. the math extends to inflation. you talked about it before. cbo says build back better will
7:19 am
add $3 trillion to the deficits and make inflation at a 40 year high worse. maybe, those maybe those covering the story should explore that. joe biden is currently polling at 65% disapproval in west virginia. add it up and manchin is simply using common sense here, bill. >> bill: you mentioned jennifer rubin if "washington post". if manchin is no on both bbb and voting biden is done. democracy is hanging by a thread. hard to think of anyone more destructive. i guess she could also argue that democracy worked, joe. here is aoc on morning joe msnbc a few hours earlier. >> the idea that joe manchin says he can't explain this back home to his people is a farce. it is a farce in terms of plain
7:20 am
democracy. i represent more or just as many or more people than joe manchin does. perhaps more. >> bill: that's pretty bold. >> it would have been nice if the person interviewing her could have asked the whole thing you said about looting not happening in cities around the country, what are you really saying? nothing is asked about that. it was like watching a therapy session that interview. it appears the most powerful joes in the country. joe borough, -- it's where we're @ this point. >> bill: the easy retort on that aoc comment is that but the people in his state went for a president who lost by 40
7:21 am
points. that's who he is representing, joe. >> yeah, not the people of new york who aoc represents. i think rubin is right in this sense. this unofficially marks the end of the biden presidency. nancy pelosi is going to be retired as house speaker. gop has to flip five seats. they flipped 63 under president obama in his first team. senate you only need one seat to republicans there. it goes back to the gop and mr. biden's own party and we're seeing it will revolt on him and seek to replace him as the party's nominee if an 80 something version of this man even runs. 2022 will be ugly, guys. now it is getting personal. >> bill: thank you, joe. democracy dies. nice to see you. >> dana: while the two of you were talking there is reporting out of the hill about joe manchin telling people that he will not detail what the white house did but that they put something out that was, he
7:22 am
says, inexcusable. he said i just got to the wit's end and they know the real reason things fell apart. staff knows what it is. they put out things that were inexcusable from manchin just report evidence when you were talking to the other joe. >> 22 past. federal court reinstating the president's vaccine mandate for businesses. but dana the legal battle is far from over. and apparently a bet is just a bet. bengals, broncos, hemmer, versus perino. we'll settle up at the end of the hour. that's the wrong video there. look, the game was, you know, it wasn't exactly trash but -- >> dana: you said you were bored watching it but you still won. i'm not competitive at all but i love to win. >> bill: all right. back in a moment.
7:23 am
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>> bill: the d.a. estimating 3.5 million troops over the past 20 years have been exposed to toxic smoke from burn pits. the military uses these pits to get rid of household trash as well as things like paint and plastics. sites including iraq and afghanistan. one veteran living with severe lung damage from a burn pit is now doing what he can to help reduce plastic waste and from the pentagon national security correspondent jennifer griffin has his story and more. >> the supreme court is slated to take up the case of a man forced to resign by the texas department of public safety after returning from iraq disabled by his exposure to the military's 10 acre open air burn pit. another army veteran who we spoke to exclusively is fighting to have burn pit exposure recognized. chris served as a blackhawk
7:29 am
helicopter pilot and chief warrant officer at camp spiker in iraq in 2007. that's when he was exposed, like many military bases during the iraq and afghanistan wars, everything from plastic bottles to medical waste was thrown into burn pits, a crude method of trash incineration. it wasn't long after he returned home it started to feel the effects burn pits had on his body. >> six months after returning from iraqi was struggling to run and i was wheezing a lot and coughing a lot. i did a lot of tests and found out my lungs were that of a 70-year-old when i was 33 years old. >> in 2019 when dealing with his lung problems he started sheets laundry club that shies away from single use plastics for packaging. he appeared on shark tank, the founder of kind snacks agreed to back him and his company's
7:30 am
mission. >> tell the story about what he went through. my basic thought i woke up and give back to someone that has so much -- >> a group of bills currently on capitol hill aim to make burn pit exposure a presumptive condition for va health coverage. the cost $282 billion over 10 years. in november the va and white house made covering burn pit exposure a priority. president biden believes his own son's cancer resulted from it. >> we'll follow that man's story. >> dana: a federal court reinstated president biden's maxine mandate for large private businesses. the legal battle appears to be headed to the supreme court. edward lawrence is live from the white house with this. >> you know what? the osha is saying we'll reinforce those vaccine mandate penalties on january 10th now that the court of appeals has reinstated the mandate. the fight is not over.
7:31 am
the three christian ministries have taken it to the u.s. supreme court. at issue is the emergency temporary standard that president joe biden has asked osha to put in place. that standard requires all businesses to have -- with 100 or more employees to have workers vaccinated or the unvaccinated get weekly tests and expected to affect 80 million workers. the department of labor spokesman says this. osha can now once again implement this vital workplace health standard which will protect the health of workers by mitigating the spread of the unprecedented virus in the workplace. the spokesperson goes on to say january 10th will be the vaccine penalties if there is any issue there. osha will then on february 9th enforce any testing penalties that need to go into place. now, there is a grim sort of message change here at the white house for people who choose not to be vaccinated. for the vaccinated the white house will say there aren't no more lock downs or school
7:32 am
closures. >> we're intent on not letting omicron disrupt work and school for the vaccinated. you've done the right thing and we'll get through this. for the unvaccinated, you are looking at a winter of severe illness and death for yourselves, your families, and the hospitals you may soon overwhelming. >> some cities have now gone back to the mask mandates for indoor. there is a feeling sort of we're moving more towards strict measures. soccer games internationally playing without fans. the white house is pushing those vaccine mandates. >> dana: edward, thank you. >> we're in for a world of trouble i'm afraid in the next month or two. this is not one of those situations where we just are helplessly facing the virus. we have things we can do. vaccines and boosters and being careful about masking again. i know people are sick of hearing this but the virus is
7:33 am
not sick of us. it has thrown us a new curveball and we have to be ready to hit it. >> bill: that's dr. francis collins sounding the alarm on omicron. president biden will lay out his response tomorrow. but critics say the strain has already caught the white house flat footed. katie pavlich is here to talk about this. helen jenkins, epidemiologist boston university says tuesday is too late. he should have addressed the country already. quick upticks are cases. >> dana: the markets may think the same thing. >> bill: what do you think of the strategy, katie? >> well, bill, a couple of weeks ago when south africa reported the discovery in their country of the new variant, the white house immediately reacted by issuing a travel ban. that has not been lifted. now, they were accused of overreacting by the doctors in
7:34 am
that country. now the language coming from the white house tomorrow is a very not unifying message. they are uttering an entire segment of the public. unvaccinated saying they'll suffer with hospitalization and death. doctors in the south africa have said it is a pretty mild disease. doctors on fox news, dr. saphier and marty makary who said essentially a cold and they are predicting doomsday predictions. it could change. but for the white house tomorrow looking at what they are going to do i think a lot of americans are sitting back and saying we're doing the same thing we've been doing for two years now without really a different result and there are questions about whether lockdowns or punishment for the quote unvaccinated not taking into account natural immunity will solve the problem. the biggest issue for president biden he made the political on
7:35 am
the campaign trail i'm willing to shut down the virus, not the economy. making promises not having vaccine mandates. the lack of results in terms of stopping the spread and sending a positive message about maybe this variant isn't as bad. we won't see hospitals overwhelmed. if people need to go to the hospital we're prepared. instead they are shaming people into making decisions they probably would have made at this point. >> dana: vice president said this to the "l. a. times" over the weekend. we didn't see delta coming. most scientists did not. upon his advice and direction didn't see delta or omicron coming and what is the nature of this awful virus has been. that's a curious sentence because we all know viruses mutate. you might not have known what the mutation would be called but to say you didn't see any of these mutations coming seems like a lack in confidence of what they are being able to do
7:36 am
at the white house. >> we've been -- if you look at what epidemiologists have said we have known the virus would mutate and how they behave. the white house either isn't competent or they are not listening to anybody except for experts inside of their own government who are very dedicated to and loyal to this doomsday argument rather than taking a look at this and saying we're two years into this. viruses the end to burn themselves out. we are on our way there and they really could turn it into a win. if they recognize natural immunity they would have essentially be able to say that the herd immunity and take a victory lap on this thing. they could say we're at a point we have instigated all these restrictions and they are working and therefore we can go back to our normal lives. when people see the reaction of the government to this disease that's when people i think are
7:37 am
very worried about when you see the people being concerned about covid. bottom line a lot of the country, you saw a piece of this in the atlantic last week has moved on from this. it is a very california/new york, d.c. sent rick blue state focused issue of panic when a lot of the country has moved on without overwhelmed hospitals. >> bill: do we have a time when the president is speaking tomorrow? >> dana: in the afternoon. >> bill: katie mentioned this the atlantic piece. show the headline here. the cdc's flawed case for wearing masks in schools. >> dana: my favorite article from the weekend. >> bill: here is the quote we used then. the agency's director has said repeatedly that schools without mask mandates have tripled the risk of covid outbreaks that claim is based on very aky science, what did you take?
7:38 am
>> dana: the reporter says i would like to get more information, let me look at the data. turns out the data is completely flawed. somebody has a good answer and stone wall the reporter at the atlantic. it does not prove that masks work in school. in fact, it might prove the opposite if they did the study correctly. science was flawed and i think that as katie was just saying as we try to figure out a way to deal with this in more rational ways going forward, especially for children at school, maybe the masks don't need to be there. >> highly contagious we know that. the whole state of new york had 36 cases a week ago and now boom. you see the lines on every street corner where there is a testing site. the lines are down the street and around the block. on the issue of masks, fauci was asked about this on abc on sunday and the issue came up. question came up about airplanes and he pretty much said, dana, that we'll be
7:39 am
wearing masks on planes -- >> dana: he said forever. i didn't like that answer. >> bill: i wonder if he would clarify that forever until we have this or such and such answer. >> dana: take a look at the airline. we should take a look at the airlines talking about 628 points dow down in the last 20 minutes of this show. outgoing nih director collins said there is no evidence whether covid leaked from a lab in wuhan china. he said it is a possibility but much more likely in his opinion that the virus naturally originated in bat. some of what he said on "fox news sunday". >> i'm really sorry the lab leak has become such a distraction for so many people because frankly we still don't know. there is no evidence really to say. we won't know until china decides to own up about this which they have not done. >> bill: don't bet on that, either. olympics are less than two months away look for people already starting to possibly find an out from this.
7:40 am
>> dana: the nhl, hockey league. they'll make a decision soon about even going to the olympics. >> bill: we should see if that affects early february. >> dana: i like watching hockey. >> bill: police in multiple states arresting junior high and high school students last week over a viral social media campaign that sparked fears of school shootings across the country. some chilling details on that and we'll explain what's up coming up. >> dana: more americans were evacuated from afghanistan just this weekend. i'll talk to one of the co-founders of project dynamo and one of the people his group rescued. >> i actually got in to kuwait to go back into the country two months ago. when i was in the u.s. my family was stuck there. when i went in i couldn't get out. earn about covid-19,
7:41 am
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7:44 am
the more questions we have. the biggest question now, what's next? what will covid bring in six months, a year? if you're feeling anxious about the future, you're not alone. calhope offers free covid-19 emotional support. call 833-317-4673, or live chat at today.
7:45 am
>> bill: police said to be arresting a dozen teenagers across many states in connection with the recent threats made on social media. those posts sparked fears of school shootings nationwide. they prompted some schools to cancel classes entirely. others brought in extra security and the suspects range in age from 13 to 16 years old. keep an eye on that story. >> dana: 39 americans and legal residents left in afghanistan.
7:46 am
they are now safe in the united states thanks to project dynamo. the volunteer civilian group is led by military and current reserve members. mohammed is one of the evacuees the group helped. you continue to bring them home and your group hasn't given up at all. >> great to be on the show again. we keep going as long as people need help and we can move them legally and safely we'll continue to do so. we were able to raise enough money and build a big enough manifest with enough act can citizens and lawful permanent residents and we executed. >> dana: what was the hold-up until now to get them back here. >> fundraising is the big one. we're donor funded. there is no shortage of people trying to leave but i don't own an airplane and not a pilot. i don't have covid vaccine so raising money to execute the
7:47 am
operation is always the biggest challenge. >> dana: mohammed, what was it like for you as you waited to be evacuated from afghanistan? >> well, very frustrating and the unknown factor of what other collapse can happen is very intimidating. when you have kids. on your own you can handle it. when you have kids and four of them there is a lot of pressure. >> dana: can you describe the situation with the taliban there? hunger is becoming an issue and security. >> yes. security has been bad the last 20 years. when a government not accountable to anyone it puts an unknown factor. bad relationship with the west has created a hunger situation which is rising and makes things worse. it was -- you go to the street and a lot of stores that are empty and you don't see the foot traffic in restaurants.
7:48 am
it really does put a scary environment around you saying you have had war last 20 years and businesses are functioning. businesses are now failing and what's next? i was stuck there and couldn't get out. that unknown factor of a government where it could collapse. hopefully it won't. there is a lot of fear. >> dana: bryan, the thing is the state department and the paperwork situation i understand they have complications but there are many more people like mohammed who helped us during the war and should have been allowed to come here initially. is the paperwork still such a big problem with the state department? >> paperwork is always a problem with government. it is hard to get a passport today in florida. so the paperwork issue is the -- from the bureaucracy perspective is the long pole in the tent. mohammed is now a good friend, he is an american citizen.
7:49 am
his passport says we the people like mine. i honestly don't distinguish whether he helped us or not. he is an american and an american trapped. that's kind of the beginning and the end of my motivation frankly. >> dana: mohammed you said when you landed you thought you were in a dream. tell us a little bit about your hopes and dreams as you are now back and here and your children as well. >> well, i got stuck there for when my wife and kids went there for my father-in-law's funeral in july. i came back right before the whole collapse. i was here for three months watching my wife and kids and my wife was trying to go to the evacuation site at the airport. it was a mess. i told her to stay put. three months to find a way in. once i got in i couldn't get out with the family. so that's when project dynamo
7:50 am
came in. we were in the evacuation list and manifest for the 15th. on the 13th we got an email all flights are can se.d it was like okay, what now. you have to book a month in advance commercial flight because one flight out. project dynamo when they called me i didn't believe it. i really didn't believe it. i went with it. beggars can't be choosers. project dynamo got us out in three days and it was incredible. my kids have been out of school for six months and i've been out of work for several months and it is very relieving. >> dana: do you have work now? >> yeah, i work with the new -- u.s. financial. i'm a loan officer. >> dana: proud of you, mohammed. bryan. thank you for your works. project dynamo continues to get results. thank you so much. >> thank you.
7:51 am
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>> harris: a big fat no is what manchin is giving biden and democrats for christmas. members of his political party and liberal media tearing into him for refusing the pass the massive spending bill. wearing a mask forever. dr. marty makary and pete hegseth and jimmy failla in "the faulkner focus" top of the hour. >> bill: thank you, harris. new weather worries in time for winter. shortage of snowplow drivers could spell trouble when the storms arrive. dan springer is on that. north bend, washington where is snow is coming down. hello, dan. >> i just got hit with a little snow here. sledding to grandmother's house for christmas. we got a burst of snow here. national snowplow shortage has really been made worse in states like washington where
7:58 am
they have are actually firing employees who keep those roads safe in the wintertime. those unvaccinated workers who drive the snowplows. we've seen the result here in washington state on interstate 90 through this pass. this stretch of freeway which sees 20,000 vehicles a day has been shut down five times due to snowy roads and accidents and spin-outs. the state department of transportation warned drivers back in november that snow row moveal would suffer this year because they're short of snowplow drivers. 150 either quit or were fired for not complying with the vaccine mandate. the d.o.t. doesn't blame the short staff for messy roads but rather bad drivers. >> those closures we have checked to verify due to driver behavior. not the slow levels for our crews to handle that we didn't have enough crews up at this site. it was that people were driving too fast. >> the whole country is seeing a shortage of snowplow drivers.
7:59 am
big reason is people with commercial driver's licenses in high demand and can make more money in the private sector. the problem is bad in states run by democrats who have vaccine mandates for state workers. washington state is down 220 drivers. 15% of its snow removal team. oregon down 146 drivers and colorado short 200 plow drivers or 20%. so as we come back live here we can see the ?oef is coming down today. very good chance i-90 along this pass will be shut down again because the plow drivers aren't in enough supply to be able to keep this place cleared of snow. >> bill: amazing stuff. >> dana: beautiful scene. >> bill: thank you. >> dana: it's like somebody pelted him with a snowball. it slid off the top of the roof. >> bill: before we go. >> dana: what will happen, i have to give you $1. we had a bet broncos versus bengals.
8:00 am
what happened. >> broncos have a great defense and playing at home but your mom and the broncos nation lost. >> dana: here is your $1. i will give it back to jimmie. i would venmo him a dollar. >> bill: does it feel like? >> dana: i have a picture of the group. great soup. see if he likes it. there you go. here is harris. she is next. >> harris: fox news alert senator joe manchin dealing the fatal blow to president biden's massive spending plan. and now democrats are headed into an election year divided without fulfilling some key campaign promises by joe biden. i'm harris "the faulkner focus" and you are in "the faulkner focus". the west virginia democrat announced yesterday with my friend bret baier that he could not vote for the president's enormous spending bill. sparking a total meltdown from the left. progressives lashing out at


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