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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  December 20, 2021 9:00am-10:00am PST

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>> emily: at the white house, the media and the far left are now going after senator joe manchin. blasting his character, painting him as duplicitous and even calling him a threat to the future of democracy. wow. all this after the modern democrat definitely came out against the president's massive social spending plan. here's what he told "fox news sunday." >> i have always said this, brett. if i can't go home and explain it to the people in west virginia, i can't go for
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it. and i cannot vote to continue with this piece of legislation. i just can't. i've tried everything humanly possible, i can't get there. >> you are done, this is a no? >> this is a no on this legislation. i've tried everything i know to do. >> kayleigh: and just like that his agenda sidelined. america fast in phoenix, arizona, and my cohost harris faulkner is in our new york studio along with a host of kennedy on fox business, kennedy. fox nation host tomi lahren and in the central virtual seat fox news radio host, fox news color contributor and contributor of, guy benson. joe manchin said his decision came after months of her trying to reach some sort of compromise on the bill but the white house claimed it was taken by surprise. press secretary jen psaki fleming joe manchin for his
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"sudden ending inexplicable reverse oil on the bill back better. but going even further and slamming him. take a listen. >> i think what senator manchin did yesterday represents an egregious breach of the trust of the president and also this is exactly why it's an outcome that we had warned about. >> we all knew that senator manchin couldn't be trusted. if you know, the excuses that he just made i think are complete [bleep]. >> we cannot allow one lone senator to obstruct the people's agenda. >> i hope that we will bring a strong bill to the floor of the senate as soon as we can and let mr. mansion explained to the people of west virginia why he doesn't have the guts to stand up to powerful special interests. >> kayleigh: that white house
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calling it sudden and inexplicable, and we will put this up on the screen between schumer and manchin, you can say that the top of the letter. on top line at $1.5 trillion and of the bottom of the letter, senator manchin does not guarantee he will vote for the final reconciliation legislation if it exceeds the conditions outlined in this agreement. but they knew this back in july. >> harris: they know it back in july and he's been telling them ever sense and even moved off the number a little bit, and said no, it still costs five times at much almost because you have to add in the years and you guys did some trickery with the numbers. he is in the middle of a swamp and this is what's warm creatures do. they just ignore the creatures that are telling them look, this doesn't work out. and it's not going to work on joe manchin and it's not going
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to work on kyrsten sinema either. who has voted to previously along with trump ideals 60% of time down in arizona. they are not listening to the members of the party because those aren't the woke focus screaming at the top of their lungs and cussing at the rate of us wow rest of us like ilhan omar in minnesota. these are the people that are doing the job of representing their voters and apparently they thought they could ignore them. and what you do when you don't get your point across is, you go out and you talk about it. he was on the radio again today, doing what he said he didn't need to do. so you want to be completely transparent about what's going on here. and he's not them. and if this isn't over yet so let's see how it shakes out. >> they continue with their deception telling us that it doesn't add to the deficit and a cost $0, i believe this
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roll call had lined that accurately points out that cbo says otherwise. they write cbo only extended the reconciliation bill which cost 3 trillion, yet the white house is telling us it would cost nothing. if they leave it to joe manchin to point out the gimmicks and all of it. and that cost won't be realized in tall president biden leaves office and that's what so shady about these long form pieces of legislation is the negative impact until the person who pushes them is long gone. they only care about what affects them and their political movements, not what is going to affect generations. i'm glad that someone is standing up to the big spending because it is this massive inflationary spending in the concert with the government printing money that is exacerbating inflation that is hurting low income earners the
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most. so joe manchin knows that and he has people in his state who are hurting and he understands the short term harm, but the long-term gain by stopping and ending this irresponsible spending. i'm glad someone is doing it. >> kayleigh: recently guy benson, and the last hour or so, we have a new clip out from joe manchin on metro news and he points the blame at someone very specific. let's take a listen. >> it is fast, it's stat driven. i understand that, they drove some things and put some things out there were absolutely inexcusable but they know what it is and that's it. the staff, guy benson, and of the president. >> it might be the press secretary that he is referring to but that statement that he put out was blistering and i would say somewhat shocking. joe manchin's decision was not shocking because you are right, he's been telegraphing it for
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months and he put it in writing. in a statement signed by chuck schumer, he knew what his demands were and build back better did not come close to those demands so they decided to pull the plug. maybe we will see something next year very pared down, not really close to bbb and more in line with what manchin said to come up with his decision was not shocking. like i collation of the white house that was mind-blowing. they still need joe manchin's vote on literally everything, they are accusing him of being a liar and acting in bad faith. in that same interview there is an interesting quote that i will read it. he was talking about his place moving forward within the democratic party and he said, i would like to hope that he still belongs to the party but talk about progressives, if there was no democrats like me then they come up meaning the progressives, which is an eyebrow raiser, is it not?
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a >> kayleigh: a great find with that guy. not just progressive but the media, do you remember when the media called essentially john mccain a maverick for stopping president trump's bill on obamacare? you pointed this out on twitter and all of a sudden joe manchin is the one they are after and they are going to attack. we have this tweet, what's worse, that manchin is killing the legislative the legislative agenda and perhaps a future of democracy, too, or that he wasted most of this year to do it or half of the time that dems control congress and the white house. we also have the clip from carl bernstein, let's take a listen. >> this also goes to the question of voting rights because unless there is something that can be done about the filibuster rule in the senate, which manchin again has indicated he will not change, there's not going to be an effective legislative means of
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doing what needs to be done to guarantee american democracy through the right to vote for all americans without being suppressed as we are seeing now. >> tomi: it sees continual intimidation tactics at the far left progressives are going to use but he is the embodiment of democracy. i think the democratic party though, they believe the answer to the media but they only actually answer to the people. you and i talk about the forgotten americans but those americans are also democrats. lots of moderate democrats that believe in what he's doing that don't believe in build back better. when's the last time you saw someone walking around with a build back better hat on? never, that's the answer to that. they might be on social media, they might be on the aoc followers on instagram live but the forgotten americans who will vote in 2022 and 2024, they
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don't want the big social spending package. they want to believe in capitalism and freedom and they also want to have a budget that make sense on they want to have people in congress into the white house that makes sense. so good for him for standing strong and we hope he maintains that. for those forgotten americans out there that may not have voted for trump because i wanted a moderate, look at what you're moderate is doing in the white house. time to make a better decision in 2022. >> tomi: sometimes i confuse joe manchin and joe biden. coming up, dr. fauci says face masks will likely be part of our lives pretty much forever. his pandemic prediction as president biden prepares what the white house calls a stark warning for unvaccinated americans. ♪ ♪ t she didn't know what was right for her.
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>> president biden: we've dealt honestly with the american people and we will never, ever, ever quit. that's how we will shutdown this virus. i'm not going to shutdown the county, i'm not going to shut down the country. it will shutdown the virus. i said before, i'm not going to shut down the economy, i'm going to shut down the virus. >> harris: it well, that's unfortunate because that's on what happened. then candidate joe biden promising voters that under his watch, covid-19 will become a thing of the past. he's not basing anything on science. it is the flu a thing of the past? the rapid spread of the omicron variant has rapidly change the outlook for things in president biden and sutton addressed the nation tomorrow. i'm a stark warning for
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unvaccinated americans and dr. fauci says this about wearing masks particularly on planes. >> are we going to get to the point where we won't have to wear masks on airplanes? >> i don't think so. i think if when you are dealing with the close space even though the filtration is good at, you want to go that extra step and masks are prudent thing to do and we should be doing it. statement we will get to the forever wearing masks on planes in a moment but where i want to start with you kennedy is the idea that a man in the white house who is not a scientist or god or superman was going to make something go away in nature. the flu shot, different every year as it keeps up with strains and variants. it's with us to stay. this could be somewhat like that. how did he think you could change it? space 20 >> kennedy: i don't know. it seemed like when he was talking about that in october of 2020, he was going to take the
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virus into a pool full of jell-o and wrestle it. it would have been just as effective as what they've done. we know the virus is changing, it's mutating. if you listen to some researchers, and that's the interesting thing about science is, people can have different opinions about the same data that they see and some researchers are saying that the omicron variant actually might be a blessing because it is highly transmissible and it appears to be less deadly. a 40% of the people who have it don't even know that they have it, and if the president is saying that it's only unvaccinated people causing the problems and it's a small group of people who were exposed to it so more of them are going to get it. if that's not the case then that means that the vaccines aren't working. so they are sort of undermining their own message which they don't understand in the first place. so maybe the jell-o pool is a good idea. the big. to layer them on a little bit,
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dr. marc siegel was here on friday and he's had another reason omicron might be a little bit of a silver lining is because there will be so much of it it will technically crowd out a much deadlier version of coronavirus, delta. and he said that could actually be a better thing if this continues to prove less keller than delta. it will crowded out and it will move on to the next. unfortunately, there may be a next. dr. anthony fauci contradicting vice president, harris after she told the "los angeles times" of the white house didn't really know about covid variance coming. we didn't see delta coming. i think most scientists didn't. upon whose advice and direction we have rethought mike relied. we didn't see delta coming, we didn't see omicron coming and that's the nature of what this is. this awful virus as it turns out has mutations in variance but now dr. fauci says this. >> we definitely saw variance coming. i think what we referred to and
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what was not anticipated was the extent of the mutations and the amino acid substitutions and omicron which was really unprecedented. it kind of came out of nowhere. >> harris: i want to be fair. kamala harris isn't a scientist either but what must it feel like to have the white house now dr. fauci, several people working to clean up your house seven? >> it seems to have been a fair amount of the vice president and this is the least example. harris, i want to go back to another clip of fauci that we played in just a moment ago, the airplane masking clip. because a question was pretty broad, are we going to get to a point where we will stop wearing masks on airplanes and immediately the doctor says, i don't think so. now i think, i would maybe guess that he was talking about during pandemic times but that's not what he said. one of the big knocks on fauci is that he wants a pandemic level of fear that we have all experienced to continual because he remains influential and
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powerful and relevant in all of those things and he i think played right into that narrative by giving what seemed to be a sweeping answer that one of the off ramps that so many of us are waiting for is not coming anytime soon or perhaps ever. it was perhaps i think a really damaging thing for him to say and another reason why a lot of people are tuning him out. >> harris: it's consistent with more of a scare tactic to get people to change their behavior and we have seen that that has really stopped working. it's just a lack of tactic to get people to change and i don't consider it to be something that is going to change anytime soon. >> kayleigh: i'm coming to you because, there is nothing new the landscape that biden has brought us to fight this war on covid. he still using the number one weapon that was given to us by donald trump, former president, the covid vaccine. >> kayleigh: that's right, and operational warp speed. the only thing that
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president joe biden has brought to this are angry old man tirades against the unvaccinated and mandates on private sector businesses that are just hurting the economy. if you want a preview of what the president is going to say tomorrow, look no further and what's on the the covid coordinator came out and said this. for the unvaccinated you are looking at a winter of severe illness and death for yourself, your family on the hospitals that you may soon overwhelmed. this from the administration, the president was going to be the great uniter. it remember what he announced the first mandate? he said the vaccinated have a right to be angry at the unvaccinated. the unvaccinated, be prepared to pay. this is a kind of language that does nothing to incentivize someone who is on the backs and we had to get vaccinated but if someone new element that joe biden brought mike plan. >> harris: what it does do is divide us further. and most of us aren't scientists
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and since that's the case, what was he doing? he was trying to get us to do his job. with better messaging. can you come up with the way to get people vaccinated? now fight. tomi lahren's. >> tomi: it you can be triple vaccinated and mask and still get covid so that's a fact that we all need to accept and move forward with the fact that we need to be safe, we need to be responsible, we need to listen to a majority of scientists and we need to really pursue our lives in a way that is responsible. we also need to understand that we need to get back to living. what i think the reason for this continual covid fearmongering is not only because fauci wants to remain in the spotlight, but i'll believe democrats want to continue the sphere up until the midterms and of course through 2024 so they can justify mass mail-in voting again. i believe that is another thing that they really want to go for and they can't get rid of the fear because then people would live their lives and they would realize what a horrible mess
9:23 am
joe biden has made of this country. so they have to keep covid the number one scare tactic. >> harris: but fear is like any other emotion. one day, any day as unpredictable as human beings, we can stand up and say we are tired of being scared and i'm going to make a different choice. no matter what happens, people will stop listening to him. coming up, new trouble for the vice president. oh, my goodness, again with a heated interview. and claims her staff i'll try to cut it off short by faking technical issues. they didn't just try, they were doing just that. we have the tape. ♪ ♪ ys get customized car insurance with liberty mutual, so we only pay for what we need. -hey tex, -wooo. can someone else get a turn? yeah, hang on, i'm about to break my own record. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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9:28 am
charlemagne when the host asked about who holds a real power in washington. it's part of their heated exchange. >> i want to know who the real president of this country is. is it joe biden or joe manchin? >> i'm sorry, we have to wrap. can you hear me now? >> can you hear me? >> i'm sorry, we have to wrap. >> they are acting like they can't hear me. >> i can hear you. >> so who was a real president of this country, joe manchin or joe biden? >> come on charlemagne, it's joe biden. no, no, no. it's joe biden and don't start talking like a republican about asking whether or not he's president. and it's joe biden and i'm vice president vice president and that my name is kamala harris.
9:29 am
>> kayleigh: guy, i was stunned on many levels and is all about this weekend and one reason is because i sought him a lot of interviews, and there was times when i would have loved to have intervened and said we are cutting it off here but you don't actually do it. simone sanders just me that problem worse. >> and harrison gately says i can hear you come up for the interview goes on. my theory of this actually is that harris saw this as an opportunity to try to smooth over part of this proxy war that has been through the press of the last couple of weeks through leaks and counter leaks about the role the white house, the white house team, with people sort of whispering to reporters, i think she actually may be whatever kurt preferred her aid because she and she said no biden as president and it sort
9:30 am
of a team unity link for the democrats and i got overshadowed by the weird fake technical issue thing. and it's like everything bad seems to befall this woman and ultimately that has to point to her eye would say because she is the common denominator. >> kayleigh: every single time. tomi, you know a little bit about charlemagne. >> tomi: we have kind of had us borrowing history and almost a great friendship at one point, but i give him credit and a lot of respect because he was able to do in that 20 slow mod minute interview what so many so called have been able to do for the last 11 months of this administration which is ask a difficult question, not back off event and wait until you get an answer even when you have, as aides giving up on the technical
9:31 am
issue. he pushed back and held her feet to the fire. i would like to see charlemagne doing that with joe biden, with pete buttigieg and several others because he's a great example of somebody that's not necessarily in an esteemed area of journalism, the white house press corps, but is asking the tough questions and i give him credit for that. we need more of him. congratulations charlemagne, even though you called me donkey two or three times at this point in the past i give you a lot of credit for it. >> kennedy: taking the high road, maybe we should sends charlemagne over to the white house briefing room. what you prefer, this the nervous laugh from the vice president or this angry tirade? you know inside she's going, don't cackle, don't cackle. simone sanders has quit so she no longer works with the vice president and now we see why. you don't pull something like that but charlemagne because he's going to call you on it in the moment and he is not beholden to anyone.
9:32 am
he's very interested in parlor tics and one of the few journalists who not only had access to all the candidates but remember he was a one he was pressing elizabeth warren about why she was republican in the 90s and she can come up with an answer and he won't stop. he kept pressing and pressing and there are questions, he wants answers to. he's also a fan of hers but just because he's a fan and he respects her career and the fact that she has been in the vice presidency, he stole going to call her out on everything. >> harris: i just wanted to piggyback off of something that can a just said. and because at times i seen charlemagne give the best interviews is with you kennedy. part of it is because you are both are very similar in this way and it's not like the likability of the person you are sitting down and across from bette about holding a person you like so much to higher standards because you can. this isn't the first time we seen him do this with this
9:33 am
particular group of people. we saw it within canada that goat joe biden when he said if you don't vote for me then you're just not black. that's a little paraphrased but it's the gist of what he said. in many of us spoke up. i think i was maybe the only journalist who did because that requires a kind of follow-up that the president got come up president at that time or a candidates and feel like he needed to answer. kamala harris new that if i let this loop go on with fake technology problems, i better speak up. the part she loses is when she plays the asked from the movie the president, while i'm the president. it like what is she doing? candidate, i want to share a little bit of my time with you on that. >> kennedy: she's grasping at straws here and all of her reactions have been bad. she knows it's about ideas and she knows that this is part of
9:34 am
the interview that everyone is going to be talking about. it doesn't matter who the interviewer is or what the subject matter is or who the congressperson is trying to run interference, somehow she always ends up on the wrong side of it. we talk about her blowing something or her incompetence and she wants to rehabilitator image. >> the common denominator in all of this is kamala harris. so is this time for a mystery vy lap? the highest inflation in decades, and disaster of an exit from afghanistan. that's up next. ♪ you've got to try a little kindness ♪ ♪ yes, show a little kindness ♪ ♪ just shine your light for everyone to see ♪
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>> kayleigh: axios has reported thought what white house has put together a list of president biden's so-called accomplishments and his first year and office. among them work on vaccines to beeson, thank you president trump for that, reopening schools and of "the aggressive action and it took on inflation and the supply chain crisis. but here's a reality check. empty store shelves on higher prices are still a problem in the united states despite the administrations words. the border remains en masse and conspicuously left off the list, biden's chaotic exit from afghanistan which involved a 13 u.s. service members, our heroes, losing their lives, while hundreds of americans were left behind. in fact the white house's jen psaki skipping afghanistan altogether in a listing of biden's biggest foreign policy wins. this list of accomplishments went out to democrat lawmakers and it seems like it would maybe be more useful if you give them a list of how to respond to all the crises rather than a list of
9:40 am
accomplishments. >> harris: so there's a little bit of just plain old facts and what you are saying and then there's some irony, not to. because they are going to need that comes the competition for the senate and house for 2022. they are going to need that. because i don't see in a minute immediate answer back, and we are looking for it as journalists are always reading everything but there's not a 1-1 match to the inflation situation that we have right now. there's not a 1-1 match to turning back the clock before august 30th of this year and bringing 13 americans home alive and making that situation better. it is not a one-on-one match for the crisis unfolding dumping record numbers of funds and onto the country. on the faulkner posted the mic focus we scrolled all those things because a rest so many things. but i would say they are going to need those talking points. it lets conflicting in all this is that the president happens to think that has less of accomplishments will help them rather than hurt them, because
9:41 am
it causes them to look blind at the matter which is going to bring some criticism for them on the trail i would imagine. or for them. >> kayleigh: guys interestingly, jen psaki said she wanted to be more thoughtful about the foreign policy announcement and among the accomplishments she listed as there were about three. the top one was it restoring alliances in europe which i found really curious because there's been lots of reporting on this politico disbelief in betrayal and there have been myriad it german lawmakers and u.k. lawmakers are criticizing even the u.k. parliament holding president biden in contempt over his actions in afghanistan. so it was a curious accomplishment i thought. >> guy: right because it was deflection between the central foreign policy made by this president which was to get american troops out of afghanistan. a lot of americans supported that idea in theory and in practice, you have to do it competently and obviously that's
9:42 am
not what happened. there was a "wall street journal" story a few days ago detailing how they were up to 66,000 u.s. allies still stranded in the country. so they will get out of afghanistan, and they called it in an extraordinary success and at the end of the accomplishments, that tells you all that you need to know about what they understand it, the nature of that fiasco truly was. if they had done it the right way, they talk about it and they might be touting it much more strongly. but they did it the way they did and the american people watched in horror. >> why didn't that extraordinary success using their words and of kinston to make the list? >> i think they are trying to get people to forget about it and that really wasn't current turning point in the administration where they biden administration lost a lot of democrats. not only are they looking at
9:43 am
store shelves and sing into our mind to wait at chili's because no one wants to go to work but it's a very hard thing to hide. the things that we see every day and the lawlessness in our streets, the shortages and the fact that we've been doing this pandemic for two years and almost nothing is changed, we are going back to masking on lock down in some places or talk of locking things down or infringing even further and everything has been an epic disaster. have you ever asked a biden voter what their accomplishment has been? if only we could be so lucky to have donald trump because our country would be in much better shape. >> kayleigh: and kennedy if we have off foreign policy check, we have russia who -- and the result is north korea back to their antics and it's not good.
9:44 am
>> and with china, not only the virus and the potential leak from the wuhan lab but also that human rights atrocity particularly with uighurs. john kerry who is the claimant on bay was oppressed. he was pressed whether or not whether he talked to china about the human rights violations and slave labor being used to make these panels, he is like it's not my land. it he failed in so many areas, and i'm certain you would have had a list, a number of things at the ready at the moment and she couldn't answer. that's why she had to cobble something together to release, to try to make it seem like this administration is not a total failure.
9:45 am
that wasn't his lane but he found time to do it. just ahead, new york city mayor updates is vexing that saying that leaders need to go even further. as of now he still moving ahead with the times square new year's eve celebration. where someone million people will cram together in midtown. the panel weighs in on that, next. ♪♪ this flag isn't backwards. it's facing this way because it's moving forward. ♪♪ just like the men and women who wear it on their uniforms and the country it represents. they're all only meant to move one direction which is why we fly it this way on the flanks of the all-new grand wagoneer. moving boldly and unstoppably forward.
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>> dr. marc siegel reaction tells us how we can prepare to celebrate with and friends and family safety on the holidays on this monday before christmas. plus joe manchin tearing into the white house staff and fellow democrats today blaming him for his decision not to support president biden's massive spending plans. jen psaki with her press briefing 2:00 today and that the first time we will hear from her since joe manchin said he was a no on bill back at her. and biden's crisis shows border security and national security, concern. tom homan reacts. come join us on "america
9:50 am
reports" at the top the hour. >> we know people respond, if your paycheck rate depends on it or your ability to enjoy life and do things hope you want to do, people will make the practical decision overwhelmingly and go get vaccinated but we are pushing hard enough, we have to go further. >> harris: of the new york city mayor bill de blasio telling us the meaning of being a human being defending his sweeping vaccine and saying it's the answer to protect all new yorkers. however with new york once again, a covert outbreak epicenter and new year's eve just a few days away, mayor de blasio seems ready to let someone -- a million people come on million of us, cram into times square on the last night as a mirror to ring 2022. so look. it's an outdoor event, i'm not a scientist obviously and you are having an outbreak. they are forcing people to do things that are making them
9:51 am
really push back. how would you describe what's happening in new york city under this mayor, who by the way it just has a few more days in office? some of get a few more vertical crumbles into the mix? >> i will probably never say this again in my life but if he does allow it to continue, good for you. i believe you have to be vaccinated to go to the events and at some point we just have to move on with our lives. this has been two years, and it's -- it's the duration of my daughter's life. i want her to live in a normal country, be able to go to school and i don't want covid to be the new normal for the perpetuity of her life going into adulthood. so good for you mayor de blasio, i'm skeptical that he actually well but he has political ambition of super far less than running for governor and it's never going to happen. >> i did appreciate the part of that interview where he was congratulating himself on the success of coercion. he was like oh, well, if you
9:52 am
can't feed your family then we will do the thing we force you to do. i don't know how compassionate or levelheaded that it is but he was boasting about it in that interview. to me this comes back to something you mentioned earlier in the show which is, it feels like we're just kind of stuck as a country. how has the biden administration or anyone else helped us move forward? we now have good treatments, that's true. why not nationalize that effort or make sure like monoclonal antibodies and the new pfizer bill get those things in operation work speed, widely available? testing. it's crazy that we still have people lining up for hours and hours just to get tested at this stage of the pandemic, that's nuts. i think that's a failure at the national level in the state and local level given the fact that we are two years into this thing and we are just sort of in this weird stasis where they keep talking about vaccination, which i'm totally in favor of. there are other opportunities available to us as well and i
9:53 am
feel like the ball has been dropped. >> harris: i want to stay with you for just a second because you said something that really resonated. we are being treated like joe manchin. it's how they treat him. no matter what he says, no matter what he does and in his words, they are browbeating them. and we could have widespread treatments that are readily available. and it's not working and there are better solutions out there and maybe, maybe the present will start to turn that corner tomorrow in his speech, we will see. >> kennedy: bill de blasio was a horrible mayor and i'm delighted he will be out of office. he will never win as new york governor and everyone in new york city will vote against him and probably everyone else because they have seen his silly mug on tv enough and know what he says is ridiculous claptrap.
9:54 am
>> harris: i love it when politicians try to tell us that we are human beings and try to describe what that word means. >> this is a bullying tactic and and you are not going to bully people in tennessee or texas or florida or south dakota, you're not going to do it. i have a feeling that californians are living under these mandates, and how do we know that? because we are all leaving. that's what it's going to take for these politicians and places like new york and california and understand those mandates and infringements are not selling well to people. maybe to go to the new year's eve celebration but people are not going to california, they are fleeing those states because they believe in freedom, and that's why they are not staying in
9:55 am
these blue states. >> harris: so they want to buy it in the white house and it sounds like some people want to manchin it. more "outnumbered" and just a moment. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> harris: right after "outnumbered," our own kayleigh mcenany will host fox nation's all access live from turning point usa and phoenix. she is also set to speak. take the stage tomorrow. in fact, our friend you are with today, pete hegseth, was bragging on you about that. >> kayleigh: i heard on "the faulkner focus," you mentioned a lot of the young students remind me of me. they certainly do. he knocks out of the park. i hate that i have to follow him, but you can watch us
10:00 am
together today,, get a free 30 day trial of fox nation. a whole lot of fun here, harris. so many smart, energetic, passionate students. to give me so much faith in our country in the future. >> harris: amen. give everybody are best from "outnumbered." everybody, thanks for being here. that's going to do it for us. now here is "america reports." >> sandra: thank you, harris. thank you all. watching the dow, it's taken a hit this afternoon as the omicron variant sparks a winter surge and their growing concerns over further shutdowns. uncertainty raveling the markets as the pandemic about to enter its third year. >> all this as americans wait in long lines just to get a test ahead of travel and holiday gatherings. we will have more on this in a moment. >> sandra: here we go. progressive democrats on the attack after west virginia senator joe manchin says he will not support president biden


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