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tv   FOX News Primetime  FOX News  December 20, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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and those families. wreath retirement will be held saturday, january 22nd. if you are interested in volunteering they take them off. information available on the holidays on wall streets across america website. tomorrow on "special report" president biden outlining his response to the omicron surge. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight that's it for "special report" fair balanced awneld and up afraid. "fox news primetime" hosted by brian kilmeade starts this week right now. >> brian: great final segment. real awesome. also great to see you without aa tie and rarity and something to look forward. to say i will see you tomorrow. we will get started good evening, everyone. and welcome to "fox news primetime" as bret gave away i am indeed brian kilmeade. >> the reason we are not going it back to a shut down we are now in a very different place we were in a year ago. >> we should avoid lockdowns. we should avoid shut down, we should avoid restrictions. >> we are shot shutting down
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radio city rockettes canceled already. christmas spectacular only comes up once a year. 10 broadways shows including my favorite hamilton has already been canceled postponed until after christmas. cross border nhl games canceled. three games in the nfl have already been postponed. already talking about doing the same thing in basketball is already taking place. talk about dropping the ball anonymously with nobody there again for the second straight year. that's what's going on. is this called not canceling? anything. it's getting kind of scary. i guess in a way omicron variant what is it. >> doesn't look like omicron is really contagious. more than twice as contagious. that's really not goods. >> experts warn the omicron spread is likely out pacing the nation's ability to track it. >> clear that okay job is extremely contagious variant so it doubles every two to four days and you just have to look
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at the projections of what that means and, yeah, we are in for a lot of cases people getting infected with this virus. >> brian: cases, people, infected. this is what we really know about the omicron variant. >> if you are vaccinated or got over covid and you get omicron it's definitely mild. >> don't see hospitalizations overrun with omicron. mild infections and tend to be upper respiratory like an okay my cold. that's how i described it to my patients. >> information coming out about omicron is very encouraging specifically that it has a more milder illness, significantly less hospitalization rate. significantly less death rate associated with it. will. >> brian: you just heard medical experts not hysterical people. symptoms are usually mild. look at the numbers most recent
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cdc report there have been this many deaths, zero. and hospitalizations one. good news, right? so why are we panics at this point? it seems like the facts and what we are hearing are two different things. and it's causing a lot of confusion. a lot of angst across this great country. now tomorrow president biden is set to address the american people on this very topic. but if we have learned anything from his past addresses or his past statements over the last book this administration always leaves more questions than answers. they continually are contradicting their own messaging, case in point. opposite stories coming from haven't harris and dr. anthony fauci on the administration's preparedness for the delta variant that's ravaged this country the last seven months. on friday the v.p. told the "los angeles times" quote we didn't see delta coming. next day? fauci contradicted that statement. >> we definitely saw variants
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coming. what was referred to what was not anticipated the extent of the mutation or the amino acid substitutions in omicron which is really unprecedented. we certainly were anticipating that there were going to be variants. i think that the vice president's statement was taken a bit out of context. i believe she was referring to the fact that the extraordinary number of mutations and amino acid substitutions particularly with omicron no one had examined it that much. we were well prepared. >> brian: what is he even talking about amino acids building up omicron. the question was the delta variant we didn't see coming. it's up to people like dr. fauci to admit you missed it or say people aren't listening. you can't say i took the -- the vice president was taken out of context in a print story when she was not said i have been taken outs of context in a print story. we get this kind of mixed messaging all the time from this administration and things are so important to be clear. even there is nothing wrong with
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once in a while saying we don't know. will biden's message be more candid. will he finally tell measure we have to live with this virus not run from the china virus. bring this up with chris christie author of the republican rescue. governor, do you share my frustration? >> i'm very frustrated and i have been talking all weekend with friends and family members. different message whether you are talking about omicron variant or delta variant it is the same message. this is a pandemic of the unvaccinated, brian. if you are vaccinated, it doesn't mean you won't get it but if you get it, it will be something less than the flu. and we need to stop scaring people. and leadership is not about scaring people leadership is telling the truth.
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vaccine wasn't sold you wouldn't get infected what it said was nearly impossible for you to have to be hospitalized or die from covid-19. those are the things that we should be fearful of. excess of hospitalizations or death, obviously. so, what the president's message tomorrow should be is be very clear. we need to move on with our lives. i urge every american to get vaccinated. and make sure that if you get that vaccination, and you are eligible you get a booster shot. because, what the statistics show is that if that happens your likelihood of getting sick from any of these variants is almost zero. >> brian: 98, sometimes 95% effective and we both know so many people with break through cases not ending up in the hospital but a lot of break through cases and there seems to be a lack of acknowledgment of the number of break through cases and i'm really concerned about the data we are given is
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anybody crosschecking it. >> the government should continue to update levels of effectiveness. how do you define effectiveness to me in the midst of something con teenagous is it doesn't get you -- look, we take a flu shot every year. at least i take a flu shot every year. some people choose to some people don't. sometimes i have taken the flu shot and gotten the flu anyway. it doesn't mean i don't take the flu shot anymore. because most years it's been very helpful appreciating the flu. that's what we have to look at this now, brian. we have to stop the hysteria. the idea that we are worried about going out in public again it ridiculous and absolute overreaction by the government. >> brian: two things one thing i enjoyed about the trump administration they let the locals take care of it why isn't the government taking more of a
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lead. you are the governor of new jersey and florida. you know your people and area and need. there is no more conferences between the president and governor. there is a lack of communication. even the ones that were critical of trump are saying that they get no communication from this administration no what this administration wants to do is run the entire country from washington, d.c. they have shown how effective that is from the build back better plan which is now dead and buried for 2021. and what they are showing is that they don't have respect for the local government the fact is the governors and mayors of the local cities should be making decisions. school boards should decide. whenever a federal government is taking over a large part of decision-making which get to the local level it turns out to be the biden administration a complete disaster. >> brian: absolutely. we are seeing with sports now on a regular basis and we see
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governors wondering what they should do. right now what we know of this virus. it gives you a low grade fever, and a runny nose. nfl don't get tested unless you feel symptoms. i love this idea. how do you feel about it. >> i think it's great idea. the fact is that what we know what we know if you are vaccinated ability to transmit the disease is less and get very sick is much less. these are the things we should be concerned about here. nfl changed their policy in that way i think it would be a smart thing and lessen the degree of hysteria that we have around the country. >> brian: stop tuesday and wednesday night football although it is enjoyable to have it seven days a week. and your cowboys won yesterday and i have no bitterness towards
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you. >> that's true. >> brian: giants are just terrible. [laughter] >> brian: don't laugh. >> thanks for having me and merry christmas. >> brian: happy about buck show walter. he is now on the board of the new york mets. now covid hysteria is not exclusive to sporting events and broadway shows. also front and center in our schools and mask mandates are dividing parents and administrators. so, let's follow the science. in september cdc director are a chilly walensky hailed a study arizona masking played a large role in keeping covid out of the classroom. >> the study done in arizona published on friday demonstrated that in jurisdictions that had masking in school year were three and a half times less likely to have outbreaks in the school. >> brian: really? interesting. the numbers way out of proportion. hit the airwaves to tout this number and this study on cbs on
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msnbc, and maybe in her household. they used it to justify masking on every kid from 3 to 17 when a journalist tried to look at the data it was overrun with errors. >> no one actually had data on the number of outbreaks and the enrollment sizes or the mask policy. no one can see it so when i emailed back and forth with the authors they essentially said there are no errors. >> brian: but there were. the cdc is standing behind a flawed study to mask mandates. what other faulty science are we forced to live with. let's ask former hhs secretary testing czar under president trump admiral brett giroir they said this study was 880 schools. perfect schools they opened up in the summer july 15th to august 31st. the problem the schools did not open up until august 1st. and it was only 840 of them.
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and some of them were remote learning centers and some of them were vocational schools. they didn't hold up to the test admiral. this is why the american people are so distrustful of the mandates coming down from on high. do you blame us? >> i don't divlam you i was embarrassed to draw the conclusions that they did. it was really in line with modus operandi to take whatever pieces of data and fit them into the data they want and masquerade that as science this was a terrible study. i'm not saying masking particularly in older children in certain situations may be somewhat helpful but they totally overstated this there are so many flaws. i could go through all of them a terrible study. >> no conclusions can be drawn from that period, none. >> brian: two things that you would include in president biden's speech tomorrow as a country looks on and wonders what their winter is going to be like. >> first thing i would include is some honest and not
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politicization. be frank with the american people. as governor christie said with you we need to be careful about omicron and it's probably as serious as the others but if you are if you have been infected with the virus or got a vaccine or full with the boost chances of hospitalization or i do regular very, very low. just getting a cold or sniffles is not a success or failure of the vaccine. don't scare people. number two, i would, again, stop politicizing, stop claiming credit, stop blaming the trump administration were all in this together. he sold snake oil to get elected. just elect me and it will go away: >> bret: dr. collins said yesterday it doesn't matter it's a distraction whether this virus came from the lab leak or a bat.
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is this a distraction? i always thought a scientist would like to know where a pandemic started to help stop the next one. did i just not pay attention? >> if your institute may have led to the development of it i would distract too. we have to know where this came from. i do admit it likely came from a chinese lab probably by accident. what you have to know atribulation is and have to know how to prevent this in the future. remember, wherever it came from in china, the chinese communist party covered it up for two or three months and relost precious time that could have saved hundreds of thousands of people. >> brian: they still have not told us where it came from which means we could hit with another one and we are still dealing with variants because of that unbelievable. and we have to come up with a vaccine to solve it, they can't even do that it's always great to see you, admiral, thanks so much. >> thank you. >> bret: all right, meanwhile. coming up, a major national
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security risk on southern border how a potential terrorist from saudi arabia ended up all the way in ers a. but, first, the left loses its mind over senator joe manchin and minority leader kevin mccarthy here next to talk about where the republicans go from here. at vanguard, you're more than just an investor, you're an owner with access to financial advice, tools and a personalized plan that helps you build a future for those you love. vanguard. become an owner.
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♪ >> who is the real president of this country joe manchin or joe biden madam vice president. >> come on charlamagne it's joe biden. no, no, no, no. it's joe biden. and don't start talking like a republican about asking whether or not he is president. >> do you think joe manchin is a problem. >> and it's joe biden -- and it joe biden and i'm vice president and my name is kamala harris. >> brian: brian kilmeade, we are
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naming everybody. and nobody in washington is more heat from democrats right now than senator joe manchin west virginia. he single-handedly broke the democrats' whole agenda yesterday after saying what he was saying all along he was going to vote know on biden's multitrillion dollars socialist spending package. immediately the squad and others came out to attack manchin personally for party line. >> mr. manchin, explain to the people of west virginia why he doesn't have the guts to stand up to powerful special interest. >> we are not going to let people play these games anymore because they are relying on norms of the old boys club. >> he is obstructing the president's agenda. >> we all knew that senator manchin couldn't be trusted, you know, the excuses that he just made, um, i think [bleep] >> do you believe this? these lawmakers are already saying manchin is contributing to the end of democracy.
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one example is jennifer rubin, listen to her from "the washington post. tweeted this out. if manchin is not on both build back better and voting biden is done. democracy is hanging by a thread. hard to think of anyone more destructive earlier today comma manchin stood by his decision and with firing back. >> surely to god we can move one person. surely we can badger and beat one person. surely we can get enough protesters to make that person uncomfortable enough they will just say okay, i will vote for anything, just quit. guess what? i'm from west virginia. i'm not from where they are from. they can beat the living crap out of people and think they will be submissive, period. >> brian: remember they harassed him on his house boat. they harassed him at his garage. they were following senator sinema into the bathroom. here now is minority leader kevin mccarthy. leader mccarthy, welcome. how significant, how surprising was yesterday's announcement with bret baier? >> it was surprising but if you
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listen to joe manchin, one thing about him he has been exactly and consistently honest all the way through. he said he would and even signed an agreement he would not go higher than the $1.8 trillion. will made a fatal mistake and nancy pelosi made a fatal mistake. they all said they wouldn't pass a bill in the house until it already had been conferenced in the senate and make sure it passed the senate. she had all of her democrats and there were no joe manchins over there that would stand up. only one would. and now they have voted for the 87,000 irs agents to spy on you. they they voted to open the border and make people legal citizens when they came here illegally. they secreted to take away work requirements. this is a very bad vote. but joe manchin kept his word. now, i didn't think it would happen. i thought the odds were that they would get something through. this is a real defeat all around and they overplayed their hand. and for those who thought they would intimidate joe manchin in west virginia.
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they ought to look again. joe manchin is more popular in west virginia today because what he said yesterday. and they are not going to intame inintimidate him. more people will stand with him in west virginia. making a lot of noise against people who do buck the party. do you think if president trump reached out to joe manchin and said i will go out of my way to make sure you are unopposed if you come over to the republican party? that would move the needle for joe manchin and get him out? clearly they don't like him. >> i have talked with joe before. and when president trump was in, joe manchin would be at the white house many times i was down there. he tried to work with him on a lot of different issues. we were successful. remember, we had an individual reregister from democrat to republican and i think there are a few other democrats out there that are thinking about it. why? not because they changed but the party has changed. the democrat party is no longer the democrat party of old. this is a socialist democrat
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party. bernie sanders says it aoc and others. and that is out of step with the mainstream of america. that is their problem. they are letting that wing of the socialist wing of the party dictate their policy, dictate the intimidation. lucky for us joe manchin stood up to it. >> brian: if joe manchin ends up being the leader of the party reasonable common sense democrat like the one possibly my fingers are crossed became mayor of new york city. your name came up on another network adam kinsinger a fellow republican said this about you. >> kevin mccarthy himself, i think, made donald trump relevant again when two weeks after january 6th or so he went back down to mar-a-lago and brought him back to political life by putting his arm around him. taking that picture and basically sending a signal to the rest of the republicans that were pretty quiet at this moment that we got to get back on the trump train. >> brian: did kevin mccarthy
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resuscitate president trump? >> well, the one thing i know president trump is more relevant and especially his policies are more relevant today and a lot more relevant than a member who is quitting congress. >> brian: adam kinzinger was on another network. looks like is he going to be retiring. i appreciate the way he fought for the country. he and liz cheney seem to be at odds with you guys. kevin mccarthy running a commercial saying you are going to be the next speaker. you are optimistic. >> i'm running commercials saying let's take this country back. if republicans are able to take the majority, we will make america energy independent. we will secure the border. we will stop this run away inflation. we will make america proud again around the world and all you need to do is go to fire fire to join this movement to change this country in the right direction. >> brian: all right. leader mccarthy, thanks so much. appreciate it. >> thank you. >> brian: four minutes before the bottom of the hour. potential terrorists at the southern border. i'm not kidding.
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wife the biden administration's lax immigration laws are putting american lives in danger. can someone build a wall we paid for it? we'll talk to tom homan about that. ♪ what do we want for dinner? burger... i want a sugar cookie... wait... i want a bucket of chicken... i want... ♪♪ it's the easiest because it's the cheesiest. kraft. for the win win. ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ experience the power of sanctuary at the lincoln wish list event. ♪ you've got to try a little kindness ♪
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♪ yes, show a little kindness ♪ ♪ just shine your light for everyone to see ♪ ♪ and if you try a little kindness ♪
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♪ >> brian: experts have been saying for months that president bidenens border crisis has major national security implications. kind of left it off, right. many people overstating it to get attention. guess what? last week a 1-year-old potential terrorists with terrorist ties captured long the border after illegally entering into saudi arabia. linked to several yemeni on the terror network. wearing jacket with american flag patch and another that said central oneida county volunteer up in albany, new york. the good news is, he was quality. given the biden administration's effort to declaw our border patrol. is it a matter of time before someone like him breaks through or did they already? joining us right now tom homan
4:33 pm
former acting ice director frustrated and fox news contributor. tom, when this news crossed you were one of the few that was not surprised, right? >> right. i have been saying all year long when you open up the border to illegal immigration which takes half of the border patrol off the line, you open up to criminals, you open up to human trafficking of women and children and open it up to terrorism. border patrol already arrested over 15 people on the terrorist extreme data baits. 15. this is just the latest. we know they released 600,000 into the country this past year. we know there is hundred thousand got-aways. people didn't get apprehended and escaped. we know he that from camera traffic, drone traffic, sensor traffic. terrorists don't want to get arrested. how many of that 400,000? didn't get arrested and they are terrorists are. >> brian: i want to bring up something else over the weekend face the nation new drug czar we know what's going on with fentanyl killing teens and young
4:34 pm
adults dizzying number and record pace. we know china makes it and gives it to the drug cartels in mexico and comes across every major city and small town in america. do you know what they forgot to ask margaret brennan? what does it mean to have the border wide open that the cartels are able to make more money easier and get more fentanyl across without even fearing any type of retribution? >> well, exactly like i said, when you open the border to illegal immigration, i know for a fact 40%, to 50% of border patrol is not on the line. yuma last week nobody on the border for days tight. del rio surge land last month in 224 miles of border unguarded for days. so being look, the border is wide open. i'm telling you d.e.a. is on the record, 95% of the fentanyl that enters this country comes through the southwest border. we have over 100,000 fentanyl overdose deaths. it's not a coincidence in the same year illegal immigration numbers at the same time have historic fentanyl deaths.
4:35 pm
it's not a coincidence. that border is open to drug smugglers and the cartels know it. >> brian: it's not democrat or republican. it's right and wrong. it's not even hard. are you pro-crime or against crime? are you pro-opening up our country's security or against it? it's not even hard stuff. i think the american people are waking up because sadly fentanyl is affecting so many people and so many different walks of life. thanks so much tom homan. i hope people start listening to you soon. >> thanks for having me, brian. >> brian: all right. so that's tom homan, meanwhile, this: a recent poll found that 72% of americans believe that covid originated in the wuhan lab maybe because it did. another factor is that china has stonewalled investigators into the lab only makes skepticism grow on daily basis. but yesterday, in his final day of nih director, dr. francis collins tried to dump cold water all over that theory. >> i'm really sorry that the lab leak has become such a distraction for so many people because frankly we still don't
4:36 pm
know. there is no evidence really to say most of the scientific community, myself included, think that is a possibility but far more likely this was a natural way in which a virus left a bat. we won't know until -- unless china decides to open up about this which they have not done. >> brian: with all due respect to the retiring dr. collins, the lab leak theory is no distraction. it's the essential part of ♪ coronavirus ♪ came from overseas ♪ infecting folks across the land ♪ seattle nyc. >> brian: what an embarrassment, joining us right now is senator tom cotton, senator, that video was hard to see. and his statement was hard to digest. a distraction to find out where the lab leak came from? and you were the first one to say and took all types of slings and arrows from people like him? look at the lab, look at the
4:37 pm
lab. >> yeah, brian, it's not a distraction. and there is no evidence to suggest that this virus came from a bat which don't live within hundreds of miles of wuhan or that it came from food market which wasn't even selling bats. i said from the very beginning of this pandemic we should obviously look toe laboratory where they were researching bat-based coronavirus in the middle of a city where this outbreak originated. i think dr. collins and dr. fauci don't want to look at that lab because they were responsible for sending u.s. tax dollars doing dangerous research to make coronavirus more transmissible or more lethal there. but the american people deserve answers and china deserves to be held accountable for unleashing this plague on the world. >> brian: senator, in order to make more sense of the vice have you been tempted to take guitar lessons and sings about it. >> i have been not been nor i do think it's appropriate for senior public health officials to be making light of it
4:38 pm
especially when some of them both funded dangerous research at those labs and spent the first year and a half of this pandemic essentially covering for their chinese counterparts caring more about the reputation of the science capital rather than getting to the bottom of what happened in that laboratory in wuhan. >> brian: the "wall street journal" had a story today talked about china. things aren't as great as they seemed. they are cracking down free market principles and free market tendencies that brought them onto the world stage. they cut out weekend educational series. limiting the amount of time people can stream. cutting back on jobs on the same thing. real estate agents say the market is dropping significantly. they are laying off tons of workers. jobless numbers among the young, especially in the urban income the growth is slowing. they have some real problems over there they don't talk about them. but they are cracking down on the things that brought them into the main stage that is personal ambition and
4:39 pm
capitalistic tendencies. they are trying to gut that that is our best hope to stopping this behemoth. don't you think? >> yeah, brian, it's an important trend in china. china is a communist country. they always put the party above the government and certainly ahead of the public dr.. we should do everything we can take advantage of these trends by reducing our reliance on china for things like advanced technology but also life-sustaining drugs or life, you know, sustaining medical devices or medical equipment. we should not continue to have sump a huge and entangled trade relationship with china. we should bring more of that manufacturing and rely more on our allies do everything we can to heighten these tensions inside of china to put more pressure on the communist party there. >> brian: if president biden wants tom cotton on his side if he decided to put together a plan decided to get manufacturing out of china and brings it only home. you would be the first one at the white house, right? >> i would with anyone willing
4:40 pm
to reduce our reliance on china for critical technologies or life sustaining source material. i don't think that joe biden is going to do that though, we can always hold out hope for christmas miracle christmas season. >> brian: senator tom cotton, thanks so much. appreciate it? >> thank you, brian. merry christmas. >> brian: same to you. coming up straight ahead, james murray the important one in that cast is going on the clock. first her approval rating is in the 30's. she ruined her own surprise party and she is still looking for those pesky root causes of immigration. buff somehow kamala harris is the most powerful vice president since nixon. well, i will tell you why only on this show. ♪ ♪
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[laughter] [laughter] [laughter] [laughter] [laughter]
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>> brian: despite all the giggles and some blunders tanking poll numbers the media still trying to sing kamala harris' praises and believe it or not the liberal media has something new to add to kamala's resume according to salon magazine she is the most powerful vice president since richard nixon are we watching the same movie here? they point to her number of ty breaking votes in the senate. clearly that doesn't paint the whole picture. the only power that the vice president has is her ability to just be unlikeable so far with drones of staffers leaving her office and her poll numbers almost to the floor. below joe biden. if indeed possible. host of the great podcast called cut the bull charles glove and shamika joins us now. first to you, you saw the salon story, do you see the analogy since nixon and 2020 kamala harris? >> you know, a woman, especially a black woman, it's hard for
4:47 pm
knee say anything negative about kamala considering she fell hand and knee to get where her is. and sex work is work. however, i don't think anyone believes this rhetoric. the only people falling for this are those that mailed in two ballots. you know, i just think it's funny that they want to like someone who is just truly unlikeable. >> brian: she mika. we don't want to make any references to that could you see young nixon with older eisenhower and see the analogies. >> i get what they are trying to do what's funny to me is you know they talk about the number of tiebreaking votes he you talk about and say she is chasing number one. the only one she can take down is -- appropriate since you know, he had his racist issues and the progressive race today approach race in the same
4:48 pm
fashion that he did. but, i don't think that's a win. that's based on the split of the senate. it's just a luck of the draw. if the senate was heavily biased to one party, then you wouldn't have that power. that's not additional power that's just where you happen to be. didn't she disappear a couple months ago and didn't show where she was and now they are saying she is infallible. >> brian: woe know san francisco chronic "l.a. times" do something with face the nation. desperate to raise her profile. will it be effective stories like this too? >> shemeka is a tough act to follow but i have some real questions on this. i think it's pretty obvious with v.p. harris that biden picked someone in large part because he wanted a diverse candidate. obviously she is african-american, she is asian-american, she is a woman, but, let's remember that kamala harris ran for president. i mean, in that race where she initially competed with uncle joe in the democratic primaries, she was polling at, i believe 2% before leaving the race.
4:49 pm
she left the race before getting to her state. we will have to see beyond that level. >> brian: i want to get to another topic. one of the top selling books in the country again is the 1619 project. shemeka is that something that you would like to see the curriculum into schools or does it concern you? >> it definitely concerns me, brian. again, i have always said that i don't want my children taught that they are inferior because of their skin color. i don't want anything taught about the 1619 project. i think that's ridiculous. i think we need to stop it in its tracks. >> brian: charles? >> jones attacked will and i and unfortunately blocked him so he didn't get a chance to respond. she claims to be historian i asked her simple historic questions and she has yet to answer. hopefully she will. the book is going to be negative it has nothing positive to say about america and how is that true history? >> brian: professor reilly i kind of know where you stand, you definitely think it's negative, right? >> yeah, i mean, i think the
4:50 pm
u.s.a. obviously literally began in 1776. but i also think as per that discussion on social media, charles mentioned that there are a lot of very practical problems with 1619. >> brian: right. thanks, guys. i have to end it there. we are up against a break. but figured cut the bull podcast. great to see you guys together again. thanks so much. meanwhile talking about the history in a complete way through frederick douglass' eyes and abraham lincoln that's the president and freedom fighter put that ahead of the 1619 project but necessary selled behind the christmas book by the duffy's. meanwhile, go to brian for more. meanwhile his name is james murray his friends call him mur. he told knee call him james murray. he goes on the clock. with service i could trust. right, girl? >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪
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[♪♪] did you know you can shorten your cold with cold-eeze® lozenges? cold-eeze® can shorten your cold by 42% try cold-eeze® the number one best-selling zinc lozenge. and try new cold-eeze® ultramelt™ chews in a great-tasting orange flavor that quickly dissolves on your tongue. >> ♪ ♪ >> ♪ ♪ >> brian: it's time to put comedian james murray on the
4:56 pm
clock. are you ready to go? >> i am ready to go. merry christmas. >> brian: the top christmas movies. number 1 is a wonderful life. absent is the holiday classic? >> my name is fred claus. i am santa claus's brother. >> brian: what is your top one? >> we all love miracle on 34th street. it's a fantastic movie. die hard is the greatest christmas movie of all time. john mcklain. no shoes and bare feet on and has to walk through the glass with no shoes on.
4:57 pm
it's great. greatest christmas movie of all time. >> brian: next up, you are looking to move. a new listing popping up on the north pole. look at zillow. you have a garage with a sled full of presents. on 25 acres, would you take this home in the north pole? >> i will compare zillow listings to you. if you look for a house on staten island where i am from, the same price as the christmas santa claus village right here. it's 1.2-million dollars. >> brian: are you kidding? >> it's half acre of land. 2 bedroom house and 1.3-million dollars.
4:58 pm
are you kidding me? i could own santa claus's house for less than that? let's do it. it's crazy. it's a steal! >> brian: so get it. move in with santa. >> absolutely. >> brian: with the new york giants the football season ending, the team decided to reward season ticket holders with a free medium pepsi. only the winners get the large. it went as bad as you can imagine. just one member of the family. what is your reaction to this? >> i tell you what, if you had not been to giants stadium, i will show you a medium soft
4:59 pm
drink. this is a medium. don't get me started on the small. this is a medium. ration your beverage during halftime. >> brian: [laughing]. that's a medium? >> that's what they have on top the scope. it's not a medium. the weirdest encounter on tv was at giants stadium. >> brian: we ran out of time. tell me real quick. >> a man in halftime in the men's room turned to me at the urinal and said am i on tv? i said you are on giants stadium halftime in the men's room. >> brian: that's a weird story. james murray, thanks so much. good luck with the north pole purchase. thanks for watching fox news
5:00 pm
primetime. you can see me on fox and friends tomorrow. with 17 seconds left. the man with gray hair and a wonderful monologue. you will hear a guy play the snare drums like nobody else. something special is about to happen. 3, 2, 1. >> ♪ ♪ >> ♪ ♪ >> tucker: welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." happy christmas week. it's coming. you may have not noticed because people diverting your attention are working over time. joe biden's political support is in the process of collapsing completely. a new poll shows only 29% of independents support joe biden. th's


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