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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  December 20, 2021 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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primetime. you can see me on fox and friends tomorrow. with 17 seconds left. the man with gray hair and a wonderful monologue. you will hear a guy play the snare drums like nobody else. something special is about to happen. 3, 2, 1. >> ♪ ♪ >> ♪ ♪ >> tucker: welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." happy christmas week. it's coming. you may have not noticed because people diverting your attention are working over time. joe biden's political support is in the process of collapsing completely. a new poll shows only 29% of independents support joe biden. that's a very bad number.
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donald trump took 41% of independent voters and lost in the last election. if you are a political consultant, a poll that shows 29% independent support send you to the liquor cabinet for more vodka. a tsunami forming on the horizon. it's terrifying. for joe biden that's just the beginning of the bad news. biden had 33% among hispanic voters. it's hard to process a number like that. it's too far from the conventional view of american politics. is there a single political analyst who would predict that even last week? no. the one thing we have known about latino voters they are democrats because they understand that republicans are
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racist, period. upon that assumption hangs all of the democratic party's hopes for the future. now we learn it is not true. in fact, it's approaching the opposite of the truth. how are democrats going to respond to this new reality? look for cnn contributors to attack hispanics like they have done to it white house. their new enemy speaks spanish. you can't overstate the level of panic a poll like that must be inducing at the democratic national committee. if the democrats are not the party of non-white voters, then what are they? it turns out democrats are what they appear to be. they are the party of neurotic, unsatisfied white ladies who live in the suburbs. those signs you see in affluent
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neighborhoods telling you the people love blm and support dr. fauci, that's the democratic party. it's unappealing to normal people. people with signs on their lawns would never be allowed to run anything because nobody likes them. the advisors around joe biden understand this. if these new polling numbers are right, this is then of the democratic party as a governing majority. it's bewildering but political parties like markets seem strongest right before they collapse. the democratic party is still in power and that's bad for the rest of us. regimes in decline become dangerous. they get desperate. they were rejected by voters so they can't operate in the democratic bounder.
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they serve outside of those boundaries -- and they invent domestic enemies and national panic to keep themselves in charge. that's what we are watching happen right now. as of tonight in this country 334 million people, there are no confirmed deaths of the omicron variant of covid. just this month many thousands of americans passed away from heart disease and cancer and suicide and murder and drug od's and car accidents, alzheimer's. choking to death on lobster just to name a few causes. lots of people still die in america, but they are not dying from omicron. no one in this country. yet omicron is what the leaders are hysterical about. >> we are about to experience
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a viral blizzard. >> an expert warns a viral blizzard. >> it will be a viral blizzard of covid cases. >> the country is facing a viral blizzard. >> it's about to hit the u.s. >> a viral blizzard is about to hit this country. >> tucker: what is this stuff? it's a viral blizzard. is that a scientific term? that's not the way scientists talk. they don't makeup phrases for political effect. they don't design language to be as frightening and imprecise as possible. that's politics. that's what politicians do. consider for a moment who is getting infected with this new viral blizzard.
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ground zero for new covid cases is new york city. the most vaccinated city in the country. in new york you can't have dinner without proving you had a shot. most new yorkers have because they were required to take it to live a normal life and because they were told by cnn that if they got vaccinated they would not get covid. sorry, just kidding. thousands just got covid anyway. we are not attacking new york or attacking the vaccines. this is real. what rational conclusions can we draw? none. cnn doesn't want to talk about the covid outbreak amanning vaccinated people in new york. -- among. they would have to correct too many lies they told. there are more democratic voters in new york city than anywhere else in america.
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cnn identified the real villain to blame for this outbreak. it's not pfizer. not the government of china. it's america's working class, the unvaccinated! on thursday joe biden informed us these people will die for what they have done. >> it's here and it's spreading. it's going to increase. for the unvaccinated, we are looking at a winter of severe illness and death for themselves, their families and the hospitals they will soon overwhelm. >> tucker: it's hard to remember ever in our historian american president saying somebody more dishonest or crueller or more divisive than what you heard. everything about that statement is a lie. the unvaccinated pose no greater
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threat to the vaccinated than the vaccinated pose to them. there is evidence that the millions of americans who recovered from covid and have national immunity are safer than most people. they relied on their own immune systems and were rewarded. joe biden never acknowledged these millions of people exist. joe biden claims the unvaccinated are overrunning hospitals. these are american citizens. they have every right to use american hospitals. they pay for those hospitals. this is their country. they are not overwhelming those countries. since we are on the topic, a question do the unvaccinated overwhelm emergency rooms more than the millions of illegal immigrants joe biden let into our country? or the drug addicts living on our street?
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no, they don't. this is all a lie and it's a scary thing for the leader of the united states of america to say out loud. biden's covid policies are a failure. more americans died from covid under joe biden than under donald trump. that's the truth. look it up on the cdc website. it's a hard number to ignore. biden's advisors want you looking elsewhere. they are working to create a group of sub-humans the rest of us could hate and mock and whose death we root for: the unvaccinated. when someone says let the unvaccinated just die, that's the official position of the democratic party. you are overcrowding the
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hospitals. that's what the president of the united states just said on thursday. if it all juan so -- wasn't so dark, you would laugh. it's hilarious. take the vaccination so you have a right to go to the hospital. cory booker and elizabeth warren now have covid. we wish them the best. but between them they had at least 6 vaccine injections and now they are sick. what is the lesson? that unvaccinated americans should be banned from flying on airplanes in their own country. the airlines disagree with this. swellwell, the most unclean member of congress, members of the jury himself a public health
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official. before we grant swalwell that power, we should see his medical records. whatever personal decisions about the vaccine or covid or how many masks you wear, know what you are watching here. this is not a public health campaign to save you from a variant that hasn't killed a single american. these are the muscle spasms of a dying political party. the people in charge are on their way out. unfortunately they can still hurt you. this is the author of the book "a plague upon our house." there is something about a hysteria about a variant that has no deaths in the united states combined with no guidance
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on how to get treated? it makes me so uncomfortable. i can barely stand to watch. what do you make of this? >> you are right, tucker, this is everything i wrote about in my book. a lack of critical thinking. we have a variant, the omicron variant, there is a disconnect between the cases and serious and illness. a lot of cases, but so far we have not seen a death. if you look at south africa. they had it for over a mong. they are saying it's mild -- month. this is good news. this is how pandemics end. there is no word of the good thing happening at the end of a pandemic from dr. fauci.
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the leaders of public health keep repeating what they said before. keep locking down and issue restrictions and mandates. these policies were implemented across the country and failed to stop the infection. they also failed to stop people from dying in 2020. they don't admit it, but destroyed millions of people. we are seeing a repeat of everything before. a lack of logic and denial of science. >> tucker: it's scary as hell. explain something you comingsed. -- said. the end of the pandemic. what does that mean?
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>> everyone who is a competent doctor knows as a the pandemic evolves. the virus mutates. the ones that are contagious survive but they are less lethal. we get to the endemic where there are very few deaths, that's when there is no more pandemic. the pandemic is not about infections that are not harmful. the pandemic only matters if the diseases or serious or cause death. if you have a lot of people getting a mild infection, that could not panic anyone. that is showing is there is a very, very mild virus which is not the big problem, or there is enough immunity and protection against the severe consequences
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we are good. that's how the pandemic ends. it it's not causing serious illness, that should make people feel good. not a cause for panic. it's the opposite. >> tucker: thank you for explaining that. it should give us all hope. thank you. you have been wondering all year as millions of people come across the border unvaccinated, maybe a terrorist or two could get across. it turns out border patrol just caught a potential terrorist. matt finn has that story tonight. >> a saudi arabia man described as a potential terrorist was arrested in arizona after illegally crossing the border. the 21-year-old migrant is linked to subjects of interest.
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he came from mexico into the u.s. through huma, arizona. wearing a volunteer ambulance jacket. the chief of that ambulance group said the man had no affiliation with them and not clear how he acquired a jacket. >> i am not surprised. when you open the border to illegal immigration, half of the border patrol is no long patrolling the line. you are processing family groups. criminals and gang members and i said all along and terrorists are coming into our country. >> illegal immigration is not slowing down at the border. the november numbers doubled from last year and 4 times
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higher than 2019. the white house did not respond to our request for a comment. >> tucker: thank you. if you are the president of a democracy, you can't treat federal law enforcement like your personal police department. you can't tell them to go find who took your daughter's diary. that's not the crime of the century. otherwise it's not a democracy. that's going on right now. details just ahead.
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>> ♪ ♪ >> tucker: a name you have not heard nominated by biden to serve on the federal trade commission. a lot of federal agencies but this is an important one. the fts protests consumers privacy. it's investigate google in recent years. we believe it's too lenient. a former google lobbyist is
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helping shepherd this person through the confirmation process in the senate. that doesn't seem non-corrupt. robert rayban is the nan's name. a democratic lobbiest in washington. he represents dozens of clients. this man's firm still consults with google. this show was talked that rayban is a sherpa for pedoia. and that's corruption. a massive conflict of interest here. the guy who works for google helping to install the guy who regulates google. a few democrats have talked about breaking up big tech. they don't mean it. how do you know that?
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if this man is confirmed as the fts commissioner do you think he will forget who helped him get the job? the google helped him. the person he is investigating. the crime of the century whether there was a crimal conspiracy behind a biden dairy that has creepy things in about it biden. the fbi invaded the home of a journalist because they thought he had the diary. what is this? this is a country where the fbi is acting as joe biden's
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personal family police department. they appear to be investigating the situation. claiming the diary was stolen. we don't know if it was, but it begs the question: in what world is the alleged theft of a diary investigated by the president's fbi and his department of justice? a diary? this smacks of politics. they never threatened or engaged in any illegal conduct. should they publish news worthy stories without intimidation. project veritas will not back down. >> tucker: an attorney joins us now. it seems like a personal vendetta of of the president he
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is using the fbi to satisfy this. is there another way to it read this? >> there isn't. the u.s. department of justice, but i don't think it's about the diary, ignored the first amendment that protects the rights of the journalists and the press and the donors. it's ignoring the guidelines passed this summer by the current attorney general merrick garland who are designed to protect journalist from this. they are claiming that project veritas are not journalists. this diary was published not by my client but some other outfit over a year ago. they knew our client did not
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have the dairy. they were after project verita's phone records. now you see different stories spun in the media. they are claiming this is a form of extortion. you have journalists saying, yes, this should be extortion. i was a journalist before i became a lawyer. i committed those act of extortion on a daily basis. now i am a person who the press calls and i get extorted every day by the "new york times" and
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politico. this is nothing more than a political witch hunt that is targeted at conservative donors and journalists. people exposing corruption. the diary is simply the hook to get to us. >> tucker: has the white house correspondents association weighed in against this? >> the reporters committee for freedom of the press did file a motion seeking the disclosure of the underlying information. the white house press corp is not sympathetic and rachel maddow is on the opposite side of this. >> tucker: thank you. no one at cnn as died of omicron
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but there is an outbreak of pedophilia there. breaking news on that coming up.
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>> tucker: something strange is going on at cnn, two separate
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cnn producers were accused of child molestation. one was john griffin. we won't get into the details. he was fired. griffin used to work for chris cuomo. then just days after that story, project veritas exposed another creep at cnn. they published graphic text messages that fantasized about molesting the child and saw photographers of that child. we called cnn, we asked is this one of your employees. does he still work there? they didn't get back to us. this seems like a real story. as of today there are more accused pedophiles at cnn than
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americans who died of the omicron variant which is supposed to be so deadly. that's not what they are recovering. -- covering. fox news suffered a week of embarrassing headlines! [laughing]. paging dr. freud. transference is when you take the sins you committed and accuse others of them. nothing better than this example ever. over the weekend we got on the road and went out to phoenix in arizona and spoke to turning point usa run by charlie kirk. people on the right are telling you they are conservatives and kirk appears to be the only one telling you how the country is
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changing. >> you can't have wise leadership from people with unbalanced lives. >> [cheers and applause]. >> you can't. it's not a matter of knowledge and what the data are. okay. you got google? we could find the data but they have been hidden. the facts are there. the question is: what do they mean? that's the question. that's not a matter of knowledge. that's a matter of wisdom. any intern can gather like the data, but it takes someone who understands what is important and understands people and life in its full scope and we will be here next week, let's think ahead to that point. understands we are going to be replaced by other people.
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maybe we should care about them. it takes someone like that to make decisions based on that information. that's what we don't have. we have a town of people who are totally cut off because they live in a medically sealed airless world where they are worried about getting super sick. i am symptthettic to that. that doesn't mean that people who are 25 and at no risk at all should pay the cost for that. >> [cheers and applause]. >> i get that you are concerned. i respect that. i have relatives in that position. i can't overstate how seriously i take those fears. i think they are grounded. i am not making fun of anybody. what is unacceptable is destroying the next generation of americans because you are afraid. it's cowardly and disgusting and one of the greatest crimes ever
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committed. i do think that. it's totally cowardly. i am 52. i am more than halfway there. i would rather leave tonight than see my kids destroyed. any normal person would not hesitate for not one second. well, i could live another 30 years. i will that to it take the weekend to think about it. no normal person thinks that way. if you are in charge of the country you have to think of the country first. it's not about you. you narcissistic creep. we all have rational fears. there are some things to be afraid of. but you can't lead if you are afraid. terrified people should not be
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in charge of anything. this is the most obvious thing in world history. though country puts terrified people if charge. -- in charge. there is no animal species that does that. the whimpering dog will let the pack. no, they get to the back. he follows the big brave dog. how far are you from nature to put a terrified old guy in change of coronavirus? this can't continue. nature writes the rules and we don't. biden certainly doesn't. i we are not in charge of those rules. these are the laws of nature. we are subject to them and we
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can't transition out of them. we can't be exempt from them. they don't change. they don't care what we think. nature, god, is outside of our control. we can only respond, that's it. we can respond wisely or foolishly but we can't pretend we are in charge of it. >> tucker: in new york state one nassau county executive won't enforce the new mask mandate. one of the only new elected officials standing up to the governor in new york. we will talk to him up next. ear,
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the more questions we have. the biggest question now, what's next? what will covid bring in six months, a year? if you're feeling anxious about the future, you're not alone. calhope offers free covid-19 emotional support. call 833-317-4673, or live chat at today.
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>> ♪ ♪ >> tucker: so the unelected governor ever new york whose came we can't pronounce ordered all indoors spaces to require individuals to show proof of the vaccination or wear masks before interesting. who is this person? owners in businesses that fail to enforce this could face a $1,000 fine for every instance and face civil and criminal penalties that. >> if people got vaccinated and got the booster shots i would not have to put in place a mask mandate. it's a mask or vaccine option. you have maximum flexibility. i go to a gym and wear my mask. people in the gym wear masks.
5:48 pm
i think the media could do a tremendous service to help people save lives if they remind people this is a simple act. to wear a mask. >> tucker: what kind of society puts people like that in charge of anything? knows nothing about science. no idea what she is talking about. was not elected to the office and has the gal to lecture about masks. one local official won't enforce this mask mandate. he was elected unlike the governor. tell us why you won't enforce this mandate? >> well, they have the population of 1.5 million
5:49 pm
people. over 90 percent of our adult population is vaccinated. there is no crisis in our hospital. we have plenty of hospital bed capacity. we plenty of capacity in our icu units. i won't enforce the mask mandate because it's not necessary. we are not in crisis in nassau county. people want to get back to normal. this coming week is the super bowl for stores. i don't want to do anything that would interrupt our ability to get people shopping and going to restaurants and with respect to our children, the mask mandate for the school aged kids i feel is wrong. we are stealing the childhood. i asked the governor to allow local control for local school
5:50 pm
boards to determine if masks are necessary. >> tucker: do you think your unelected governor will grand you that right or she will be in charge? >> so far -- grant. everything she does is painted with a broad brush statewide. in buffalo there was a hospital crisis but that's 300 miles away from us. it's closer to cleveland, ohio, than to long island. because they had a problem there the whole state has to have a mask mandate. that's not taking a measured look at things and realizing it's a large state. what is happening in buffalo doesn't reflect what is happening in other parts of the state.
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i won't enforce it. >> tucker: bless you. and for your reasonable response. bruce thanks for coming on. addition is one of the biggest problems the country has. it destroys individuals and whole families. an amazing interview with a woman who started to take drugs as a young child but turned it around for real. one of the great interviews we have ever done. that's next.
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one of my favorite supplements is qunol turmeric. turmeric helps with healthy joints and inflammation support. unlike regular turmeric supplements qunol's superior absorption helps me get the full benefits of turmeric. the brand i trust is qunol. >> ♪ ♪ >> tucker: she is like a lot of young americans. started to take drugs at a young
5:57 pm
age. until 40 a crack addict. in and out prison 3 times. twice there with her mother. at the age of 40 turned her life completely around for real. not in a fake way. we sat down with jenny for a full hour. it's on tucker carlson today. here's part of that conversation. >> ♪ ♪ >> tucker: your second release from prison what was your plan? >> i had only been out 7 months. i had been shot and shot someone else. >> tucker: shot with a gun? where were you hit? >> in the femmoral artery. they were surprised i lived.
5:58 pm
i am not kidding. >> tucker: i don't think that's in my packet. >> most people don't know that. >> tucker: what were the circumstances of the shooting? >> i was in a house. i was arguing with someone. i had just shot at a house earlier that day. there was a question whether i shot myself or somebody shot me. my gun fell down my pants and the bullet went this way out my leg. i was told that somebody else shot me. i don't know. >> tucker: why did you have a gun? >> because i had been raped multiple times. i was living from house-to-house. i did a lot of dangerous stuff. i was a vigilante and i was a woman and by myself. i have to protect myself. it's not a savory environment. >> tucker: no. >> i tried to not sleep.
5:59 pm
not to make myself sound like a victim. i was also a perpetrator. i robbed drug dealers and victimized society. typically the gun was used to protect myself in the subculture of other addicts. >> tucker: are a balanced person? >> you mean now? >> tucker: yes. >> thank you very much. >> tucker: your perspective is very balanced, like floating above it? >> that's the only way we can overcome things. in order for me to move forward i have to recognize that everything in this circle is the result of the decisions i made. for a long time i blamed other people. it was my mom's fault. my first husband's fault. that's not to say the things that occurred in my life didn't affect me, but i made the choice
6:00 pm
to destroy my life. >> tucker: jenny burton is someone who was lost and now found it. this interview is worth watching. we are out of time. 8 p.m. see you tomorrow. >> welcome to "hannity." i am tammy bruce in for sean. the biden presidency is in tatters. the border and foreign balance. -- policy. joe biden promised the world and failed to deliver. now the build back better bill imploded. joe manchin announced he was a firm


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