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tv   Hannity  FOX News  December 20, 2021 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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>> tucker: jenny burton is someone who was lost and now found it. this interview is worth watching. we are out of time. 8 p.m. see you tomorrow. >> welcome to "hannity." i am tammy bruce in for sean. the biden presidency is in tatters. the border and foreign policy. joe biden promised the world and failed to deliver. now the build back better bill imploded. joe manchin announced he was a firm no on the 5 trillion dollars spending proposal.
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the news was met with horror by the so-called journalists in the media mob. >> breaking news, senator manchin is a firm no on this legislation. rachel, you said for sometime it was not a matter of if but when this legislation passed. what do you think now? >> it's time to reassess it. they have a big problem. >> tammy: they were surprised. the last straw for manchin he was unhappy with what was directed to him from president biden. the white house accused manchin of betrayal and demanded he explain his decisions to the millions of children who will be ruined without build back better. other top democrats rushed to
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the camera to vilify manchin and promote their opinions about what the people of west virginia really want. take a look. >> we knew senator manchin could not be trusted. the excuses me made are complete [bleep]. it's disheartening to hear him say he's been trying to get there for the people of west virginia. that's a complete lie. >> we have been dealing with mr. manchin for month after month. if he doesn't have the courage to do the right thing for the working families of west virginia and america. let him vote no in front of the whole world. >> the bill has already been retrofited to joe manchin's liking. let's make that extremely clear. >> tammy: all the people americans don't want anything from are angry.
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jen psaki struck a similar tone seething with rage, she snapped at reporters and stormed out of the room. >> might we hear directly from the president about what happened yesterday? >> i think you will hear from him on how we will get the agenda done. >> will he take questions? >> he takes questions multiple times a week. >> it depends on what you ask. >> tammy: joe biden has been missing in action since build back better imploded. today there was just a pre-recorded video announcing joe biden's dog. it's still year 1 in the biden white house and it's not going well. joe biden might be the worst president in modern american history. joining us now with more the
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author of beyond biden, fox news contributor and former house speaker newt gingrich. that new puppy might be the one success that joe biden is going to experience this year. both of us have seen a lot. all of this is still shocking. what is your take about the event of the last 48 hours with this implosion? >> well, i think the left ought to relax and accept the fact that joe manchin has been telling them for 6 months now that he won't accept the kind of big government socialist bill they want. at the same time, i think everybody who is conservative ought to relax and accept the fact this is the most dangerous and destructive presidency since
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buchanan in the civil war. he was amazingly bad. the biden administration is bad and dangerous. china, russia, iran, terrorism, north korea. the border that is uncontrolled. you look at the inflation rate. our stupid and self-destructive energy policies. this is an administration that is in its destructive capabilities far and away the most dangerous we have had in about 160 years. >> tammy: we all have disagreements with presidents even those we supported. this combination of events it's almost as though it's willful. that anyone not in a coma sees the danger you describe. that's why we see the polls you see. why you explain why this is happening?
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what the intention is for the american people? >> two different things. you have to assume if you are a big government socialist whether you are bernie sanders or aoc or joe biden or kamala harris, you live in a fantasy world. don't understand anything of the things that are happening. they all seem strange to you. why can't putin be nice? why can't the inflation rate go away? why can't we have green energy at a reasonable price you? are dealing with people who are out of touch with reality. there is one piece of that i am fascinated by. the white house staffs very often forget that they didn't win an election. that's the president. the white house staff is staff. the attitude they have towards joe manchin will alienate
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senators and house members because these white house staffers think they are more important than the people who are selected by the american people to come to washington and make decisions. it's a very bad formula for the biden administration. >> tammy: especially they are acting as though they are the president. that's the other problem. if they are actually -- if they thought bureaucracy could run the country and it's also with the people who are upset over what happened. ilhan omar and aoc. there is a malevolence towards this country is racist and homophobic. started with hillary. there is a real resentment. then with trump. they are embarrassed by the fact that trump was right and successful. they are enraged at that. it's as though they want to punish us.
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is that a bridge too far? >> no. you have to start with the notion that these are people who need therapy. their level of anger -- i am serious. we try to deal with this as though it's a political problem. it's not. it's a mental health problem. people are crazy. people like aoc are so out of touch with reality. you can't have a political conversation with them because you are not on the same planet. they are planet fantasy left. i tell people, these are folks who saw the lion king and thought it was a documentary. they are shocked to discover that terrorists want to kill you and rapists want to rape you. that's not the disney movie they went too. joe manchin believes in balancing the budget and no
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inflation and limited government. what kind of guy is that? >> tammy: he is still a liberal. we will look back at this and see mental illness masquerading as political operations. that's a mistake. it's prefer for you to bring it up. newt gingrich, thank you very much. i appreciate it. tonight, just when you think the biden administration could not get any worse, kamala harris finds a way. watch this. >> who is the real president of this country, joe biden over joe manchin? >> [muffled audio]. >> she can hear me. >> can you hear me? >> they are acting like they
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can't hear me. >> i can hear you. >> so who is the real president joe manchin or joe biden? >> come on, charlamagne. it's joe biden. no, no, no, no! it's joe biden. don't start talking like a republican about asking whether or not he is president. >> do you think joe manchin is a problem? >> it's joe biden and i am vice-president and my name is kamala harris. >> tammy: here with reaction, kellyanne conway. and fox news contributor ari fleischer. kellyanne conway, when you sound like a 7-year-old insisting who you are you have already lost. i don't recall president trump needing to remind someone when the president was. this is an extraordinary display about the problem with the white house.
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first the effort to stop the conversation which is remarkable. and then this implosion because he is asking who is the president and he didn't bring her up. that was one of her issues. >> i think the latest valuable player of the first year of the biden white house has been kamala harris. she doesn't do anything well that we can see. the things they put her in charge of bear no fruit. we see no solutions or actions. the congressman who represents a border district said i am done dealing with her. she has the title but doesn't want to do the work. most of the negative words said about kamala harris don't come from republicans. they come from inside the house. scathing article after article of people who work with her
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quitting and leaking to the press she doesn't want to do the work. take a look at kamala harris's public schedule every weekend. there is nothing on it. her private schedule doesn't have her hold up with books or being tested one-on-one in mock interviews so the next time she represents the united states of america she can say something that is meaningful to the rest of us. joe biden's weekend schedule. he moon lights aside the mayor of wilmington. when they let her come out. work on the border. and gave her some russia terms. fentanyl is the number 1 killer in this country. i am mad about it because we worked our tails off in the donald trump white house. i never hear her say the word.
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it would be fun to mock the vice-president. these are serious times. when people say the vice-president doesn't matter. maybe this doesn't, but the vice-president does matter. this country is searching for leadership. a 28% approval rating. they are watching interviews like that scratching their heads. >> tammy: ari fleischer this was brought on from her own behavior. anybody who cares about politics, i am excited to talk about these things. i am excited to talk to you about them. to hear what other people are thinking. with preparation to figure out what is going on. when you see what is happening. she is divorced from what. what must be happening in her
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office? maybe she feels this is the road to the presidency or it's been promised to her? >> well, something that kellyanne conway said that joe biden acts like he is the mayor of wilmington, that's too big for joe biden. kamala harris, 2 things went wrong. one her press secretary jumped and tried to pretend kamala harris could not hear the question. she could hear the question. it was of a phoney effort to stop her boss from taking a tough yes. the second thing is kamala harris is saying my name is kamala harris. i don't get that. we know that.
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what did that advance? even when she makes the case for her boss, she blows it by saying that. i will say this. she was articulate to a point and not giggling as she defended her boss. that's the job of the vice-president to stand up for the president and say the president is in charge. she took that on with some level of emotion and strength. i credit her for fighting for her boss and making the case he is the president. you are never winning when you are asked that question. >> tammy: the question was who is the president her or him? that's important. it's the international dynamic. the bad actors around the world watching this like we are.
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the danger that comes up that is presented because of her behavior. it's a reflection of american leadership. that does extraordinary damage. >> we should remind everybody that if charlamagne sounds familiar to them, he was the interviewer in may of 2022 home joe biden said if you can't figure out if you are for me or donald trump then you ain't block. joe biden had to apologize to the black community for that horrible comment. in this case she proved she can tell the truth. she told the truth when she said in the media tour they were not prepared for the delta variant or the omicron variant. no kidding, lady. and they sent anthony fauci out to clean it up. well, we will wear masks forever.
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with she goes off the talking points, she says things they don't want her to say. but you are absolutely right, if kamala harris has a 28% approval rating, that's historically low. a historic figure, you bet she is. historically disapproved vice-president. in modern times. if we look at her with the independence, which is greater, what do the leaders of iran, china and russia, what do they think is going on? she doesn't even take the traditional vice-presidential trips to visit the country. she has been on two and one was to guatemala where that president said i only talked to her one time. >> tammy: extraordinary. thanks for joining us. lots going on.
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coming up. last year it was biden's dark this winter. this year the winter of illness and death. but joe has a plan. a song from the jonas brothers and later former president donald trump is suing the new york city attorney general leticia james. stay with us. as "hannity" continues. ♪ ♪ ically shown to cause fewer ulcers than plain aspirin. vazalore is designed to help protect... releasing aspirin after it leaves your stomach... where it is absorbed to give you the benefits of life saving aspirin... to help prevent another heart attack or stroke. heart protection with your stomach in mind. try new liquid-filled vazalore. aspirin made amazing!
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>> ♪ ♪ >> tammy: t >> tammy: tonight the biden covid response failures are as obvious as ever. the president continues to spin in circles issuing conflicting guidance and fuelling panic trying to divide americans just in time for christmas. the white housee is under fire for this doom's day message about americans who are unvaccinated. look at this. >> we are intent on not letting omicron disrupt work and schools for then vaccinated. we have done the right thing. we will get through this. for the unvaccinated, you are looking at a winter of severe illness and death for yourself, your families, and the hospitals who may seem overwhelmed. >> tammy: merry christmas, you are all going to die. do you feel the unity yet? every major public health mst
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official in the country suggested that vaccines stopped transmission. but here we are more mixed messages. the biden team tragedy to bring in more hollywood court gestors to tell you to get boosted. jesters. yet >> who is the president? >> joe biden. >> do we get it? >> we got it. >> tammy: that's the question of the year. who is the president? here is the pennsylvania senator candidate dr. oz. thank you very much for joining me. we have that video with the jonas brothers and national -- natural disasters and terrorists attacks
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and waukesha and the borders are open. we have the kentucky tornadoes. kellyanne conway mentioned, from ages 18 to 45, fentanyl is the leading cause of death. it's an extraordinary unfoldingf of catastrophes here at home. we are not started yet. what is your take on what the american people are facing and what we can do about it? >> we need leadership. omicron is contagious. when it gets cold outside we get virus numbers. what is surprising is how unprepared the biden administration is. they were given the vaccine by the trump operation warp speed. where are the testing kits? i could not find any anywhere. these are rules not based on science. at this point, the government's fault for not knowing what the medical impact of these
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decisions is. the depths of despair by the fentanyl deaths are higher than the people under age 50 who died of covid. we need to empower people. go to my website. stop scaring them into submission. president trump got his vaccine booster and told everyone. that will get people boosted. >> tammy: one of the benefits oe having president trump as the president just before biden. b people realize that leadership matters. decisions can be made.
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from are decisions being made. it seems like they want the worst case scenario. biden has been in government for half a century. they know it takes depth to be leaders. but they are taking with one narrative that requires for americans to be afraid and submit. other issues, the pill that pfizer has and getting people out of drug addiction that frees people from government control. >> and it gives them dignity and purpose. people won't leave their homes because they are scared of going to work. you sit at home and take drugs or commit suicide and divorces are increasing. they are ignored because of this myopic perspective about a single approach.u
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every doctor knows you take every approachesea to an illness as as possible. it's not one side fits all. >> tammy: we have the framework. we talked about mental health with newt gingrich. people delaying basic checkups. this is like the never ending cycle. people think it's all politics. we know omicron is here. people are still dealing with delta variant. do you think we need to just accept it being here and focus on treatments at this point? >> i think that is clear. initially people were hoping for herd immunity. that's not how this virus is. i think this virus is here to
11:30 pm
stay. let's get past the virus and focus on saving lives in different ways. brings joy to people. it's the holiday season. i want folks celebrating with their familieses and heading ino the new year realizing we are americans. when i travel i hear that refrain over and over again. let us be ourselves. get back to normal. >> tammy: the american people are not buying this attempt to gaslight us into depression and retreat. thank you very much for highlighting that. merry christmas. joe biden has broken every major campaign covid promise.k he had a plan to shut down the virus. back in may he said vaccine or mask. that was a lie and told americans they only had to wear
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masks for the first 100 days of his presidency. that was a lie. dr. fauci. >> will we get to a time when we don't have to wear masks on airplanes? >> i don't think so. when you are dealing in a close space even with a good filtration system, masks are a prudent thing to do. and we should be doing it. >> tammy: the never ending panic doesn't stop there.. that guy is a menace. a far left mayor is declaring a state of emergency for covid and imposing a mask mandate and booster shot vaccine. here for reaction, we appreciatr
11:32 pm
you taking time to be here with me. the bad guys won't stop so we won't other. governor, we have politics in everything. what fauci said is contradicted by the airlines ceo's. flights have not been super spreaders. but there has to this be this control. what is your take on the impact of the american people with this constant control? >> i think you said it well, tammy. we don't have a super spreader
11:33 pm
event from an airplane. i am on planes every single week of my life. the mask is a menace. i will begin to think that maybe dr. fauci ought to wear not 1, 2, or 3 but 10 masks so we can't hear him anymore. i am sick of it. i am tired of hearing him say the world can be renewed by wearing masks. we have been vaccinated. we had we washed our hands until they there comes a point where the americans say enough. we will take some risks. we will live our lives. we are going to not find ourselves curled up in a fetal position under our christmas tree all by ourselves. tell fauci to go home and be quiet. >> tammy: kayleigh mcenany, one
11:34 pm
thing i was thrilled about was the fact that the american people have not collapsed. we take things seriously andhat care about our lives and our children's lives. s they are going to school boards and speaking up. it's exciting moving into the christmas season is that the average person is not putting up with this. we are taking care of ourselves still. i find that inspirational. >> so true. i worked with dr. fauci. this man wants mandates and masks. he told us no masks. he said no masks because he wanted to save them for healthcare workers. then 1 mask and then 2 masks and now many masks forever more on planes.nd for dr. fauci, wearing a mask on a plane means his television bookings are there forever more. there is egotism at the heart of these mandates. i was suspicious when the
11:35 pm
liberal polling told us that people wanted vaccine mandate. now the polling tells us no one wants vaccine mandates. the american people want freedom and personal choice. i chose to get the vaccine. that's not everyone's choice. we have personal choice and freedom. americans want freedom. >> tammy: an excellent point. pam, we have this environment. we remember president trump. we enjoyoy him and expect to eny him in the future. his point is why i admired him so much, this is about loving the country. doing things to set people free. trump time on the vaccine. facing down the enemies.
11:36 pm
the american people were the focus to elevate. here it's the opposite. it's the government looking to keep us down. the american people, maybe it's because of the 4 years of donalt trump, wait, this doesn't have to be this way. do you think it has this lasting impact? thi >> i think the american people have seen it since afghanistan started.
11:37 pm
they have seen it throughout the bide presidency and donald trump's policies remain strong for americans. they have to come back to our country. we have to get his policies back. that's so important. president trump do the the vaccine and said it was his choice. it's not about big brother or gig government, power and control. that's what the democrats are all about. it's a shame for our country what has been happening. dr. fauci, i guess he never had a 2-year-old on a plane trying to wear a mask. he said on "60 minutes" cloth masks don't matter. they don't make a difference. we will do anything to get himself on tv. florida doesn't lead to dr. a on fauci, thank goodness. >> tammy: we have seen that the country other than new york and california and london have moved on. it's a reminder about the core of the security of this country. the patriotism of the country. the part of the country that kept the world safe for 200 years is keeping the country safe. but we must remember that. especially during this time of year. families are getting together. they want us to be miserable. due to the work of the three of you and of president trump that continues and all americans who just want to be able to live theiro t lives.
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that's the best christmas gift we can ask for. thank you very much. shifting gears to more breaking news. former president trump is suing new york attorney general leticia james in an effort to halt the latest trump witch hunt into his businesses. it argues that the probe is a violation of the former president's constitutional rights and laying out how the investigation is designed to advance political goals instead of having a legitimate purpose. the new york attorney general revealed herself to be a far left activist. look at this. >> i will never be afraid to challenge this illegitimate president when our rights are at stake. i believe the president can be indicted for criminal offenses. >> [overlapping talking]. >> [bleep]. >> tammy: here to break it down is donald trump's attorney.
11:39 pm
i found this to be very important. americans realize while we love law and order there are some prosecutors and the justice system is not always fair. we saw that played out with the rittenhouse case. we have seen it play out with the jussie smollett case. americans are looking at situations that seem like they should not have happened in the first place. can explain more on this being a constitutional issue and what makes the attorney general of new york a problem in this regard. >> absolutely. it's pretty clear cut. the attorney general is supposed to be an impartial person whotte
11:40 pm
took an oath to bring justice. she is supposed to focus on taking criminals to justice. that's not donald trump. he is an honest person. it's no different than rittenhouse and anybody else that has a different opinion. it's called viewpoint discrimination. it's unconstitutional and leticia james has to be stoppedf >> tammy: people were doing a lot of interviews. she runs for office. has to raise money and get elected. part of the foundation what have she was doing were likeon many people who felt like attacking donald trump will move them along the political framework. it was perplexing how you could declare someone guilty of then investigate them. i decided they were guilty and then find the manner to implement that.ui is that part of the problem your filing addresses?
11:41 pm
>> 100%. it's not just about leticia james. it's about all attorney generals that are corrupt. donald trump is fighting not just for himself. >> tammy: we lost you for a second. keep going. >> she is putting her politicalt vendetta against an individual. donald trump will fight for everyone that is put in this position. the news likes to pretend he is trying to avoid it. this has been 2 years. have been over 8 million documents produced. she keeps doing a fishing expedition to find something. there is nothing there. >> tammy: as we hear this, we
11:42 pm
have to reflect on how many investigations there were about donald trump. the russia dossier and the mueller investigation. good luck to you. the justice system needs serious reform. donald trump in front of it. coming up, as biden's border crisis lingers a terrorist from saudi arabia was just apprehended at the southern border. with violent crime plaguing the city of chicago, a pastor is taking a stand from his own roof. he will join us. stay with us. ♪ ♪ nurse mariyam sabo knows a moment this pure... ...demands a lotion this pure. new gold bond pure moisture lotion. 24-hour hydration. no parabens, dyes, or fragrances.
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gold bond. champion your skin.
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>> ♪ ♪ >> tammy: big breaking news on the southern border tonight. a p >> tammy: big breaking news on the southern border tonight. a potential terrorist from saudi arabia with ties to yemen was caught trying to cross the southern border in last year. here's bill with the latest. >> border patrol arrested a potential terrorist at the southern border. look at these photos out of yuma. they arrested this 21-year-old saudi man on thursday crossing illegally from mexico. border patrol says this man has ties to subject of interest in yemen. this jacket belongs to the volunteer ambulance corp.
11:49 pm
they are based in upstate new york. we called them and their chief has no idea who this man is. they don't know how he got this jacket begin they are in new york and this happened in arizona. critics of president biden's immigration policies warned that the border is open to threats like this. thankfully in this case border patrol washr able to nap this potential terrorist suspect. >> tammy: thank you very much. he got caught. the question is, what don't we know? that's the question. now from the border to covid to rising crime in democrat run cities.
11:50 pm
the biden/harris agenda is failing everyone on every front. just now look at the city of chicago which mayor laurie lightfoot delivered an address about the crime taking over the city. this weekend 2 dozen were shot and 4 killed. and gun d a violence is explodi. at least 3 neighborhood saw a 100% spike in shootings since 2019 and one chicago pastor is fed up and is embarking on a 100 day rooftop vigil to raise funds to build a community center to curve the violence. here is that pastor cory brooks. may i call you pastor cory? >> absolutely. >> tammy: we go through so muchi every day in this country. you are in chicago. violence and destruction is happening to real people. your stand it to move money for a community center you want to
11:51 pm
build. what are you trying to accomplish there? >> i am on this roof for 100 days until february 28th to bring attention to the violence we are dealing with in chicago every day. i stay in this tent. they call this o-block. the chicago sun times said this the most dangerous neighborhood in chicago. we want to change it to opportunity block to transform lives. >> tammy: chicago is a great american city. a big american city. it has all kinds of money. and here you are in the heart of winter, you made this commitment -- i will be like your mom and say getting out of the freezing cold. we need men like you. you are in a city thatd could build a community center. why do you have to do this? >> i decided i won't wait on
11:52 pm
government. if you wait on government, sometimes you will be waiting forever. we are not expecting super man to save us. i wanthb to take responsibility for my neighborhood. i want to make sure we build this center and not wait on the government to help me build. i am asking people from across america and here in chicago to help me do something about. it's a sense of urgency. when have you 57 kids shot and killed in chicago who have not even graduated from high school yet. >> tammy: horrible. your situation is what many americans are moving toward. we are sovereign and responsible for our home and family and community and faith. to act on that. the government seems want you to wait. you are a dangerous man if you
11:53 pm
take things into your own hands. this is the kind of thing that would help save lives every day. >> absolutely.nd this is the type of thing that would help save lives. in all of us in america would take responsibility and not wait on the government to solve our issues. we could do something about every problem we are faced with. one reason i love being an american is because we are resilient and tough and smart about solving problems. that's why i am on this roof in chicago for a 100 days to solve the problem this this community. >> tammy: someone like you should run for office but that it would dilute your power. you have been getting a good response to this? >> yes. i thank fox for the platforms they give me every morning. i am on fox news. i will be on this show probably this week.
11:54 pm
i am grateful for that. it's because of americans helping us to do what we are doing and that will help us build thiss system. >> tammy: god bless you. more "hannity" -- what a fabulous man -- after this break. stay with us.
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♪ ♪ >> tammy: welcome back, everyone, the "hannity." unfortunately, that is on the time we left this evening. as always, thank you for joining us. before we go, make sure you
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check out my program. i'm wearing the same jacket. stream right now on fox nation. and you can find me on local at tammy bruce dot from a social media work is. i want to think the entire team here. alyssa, drew, ben, stephanie, andrew, alyssa. i will be back hosting "hannity" on thursday. jason is in for laura tonight. jason:you always do a great job. >> an honor to hand off to you. this is the ingraham angle. joe manchin gave americans two early christmas present sending the squad into a rage. congressman michael walsh is here to react. we will show you the disturbing op-ed published by the washington post, victor davis and breaks it


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